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Aug 04 2003 01:01, Mon KimM   Link
Erika comes in the bathroom...
She points out a scratch (or something...can't see) on Nate's arm. He says, "She's vicious...psycho." (re: Ali)

E goes into the WC. There's some banter between A and N, but I missed most of it...something about his shirt again.

Aug 04 2003 01:06, Mon KimM   Link
Ali and Nat in Kitchen
She's fresh out of the shower and still in her twel. Nate tells her she smells better...much better. She asks if she stank before. He says yes. (ed. <snicker>) She examining his wounds from their battle in the BY. A little flirting going on.

Now Nate is messing with the pictures...moving them around, re-arranging them. He put Rob's picture on top of Erika's. She comes over and says "hey! I know you're going to remove that picture!" He does, puts it next to it and starts flirting/wrestling with Erika (ed. which I can hear and not see on this feed!)

Aug 04 2003 01:09, Mon Phantom   Link
Nat being playful and rearranging the pictures on the wall.
He has Dave and Scott's pics beside Erika's, and has Ratbert's pic upside down and resting on the top of Erika's. She objected to some part of that and he took down Ratbert's pic to set it beside and slightly overlapping Erika's. For some reason, Erika lets it stay that way and they walk off.

Aug 04 2003 01:18, Mon max1204   Link
Feed difficulties,,,FOTH intermittent with feeds NT

Aug 04 2003 01:20, Mon samuraibulldog   Link
Nat, Ali & Er praising Kobe Bryant
saying he is a good family man. (little do they know)

Aug 04 2003 01:24, Mon max1204   Link
Nate went to some Maxim party
He got to hang out with LeeAnn Rimes, and he said she was really cool but her husband was somewhat possessive and jealous. He met a lot of people from Real World: Las Vegas. Erica said she was supposed to be at that party and she would have met Nate.

Aug 04 2003 01:26, Mon Phantom ParentRootLink
Erika would have been working some Maxim party that Nat attended
and would have met him, but for some reason she didn't bartend that night. Nat says that he spends a lot to time at the bar, so he certainly would have met her. Ali comments, "Imaging that" to the comment about spending a lot of time at the bar.

Aug 04 2003 01:28, Mon max1204   Link
N, Er and Ali talking about acting career
Nate says he will give his acting career about 3 years. Nate has some family connections to the entertainment business, including some who live in LA. One of his cousins is an intern at a local ABC affiliate.

Ali says she doesn't want to get married (immediately anyway); she thinks it'd be fun to be a actress.

Aug 04 2003 01:37, Mon max1204   Link
The twist is coming!
Nate says they kept talking in the diary room about the twist, but he didn't freak out about it. In the DR when they told him this, he was talking about Dana's (supposed) impending eviction. As soon as Nate got that out of his mouth, FOTH!

Aug 04 2003 01:46, Mon max1204   Link
The Alliance is speculating on what the twist could be
They know no one is coming back, Nate says. They (Er, Na, Ja, Ali) say maybe the POV will be able to save 2. Ali says they have already had two surprises -- the X factor was one. (Ed. note: They don't say the 2nd twist, but it's that the POV is golden every week.) Ali says she thinks there will be a visitor. Nate says he doesn't see how that would make things more interesting. Then they come up with maybe the visitor comes in for a few days, votes, then leaves. They all agree that would mix things up. They say it could be another X (Nate says maybe his, and Ali says maybe her "current" boyfriend).


Aug 04 2003 01:51, Mon max1204   Link
What (or who) is the twist?
Nate says someone could come in and totally throw the votes off. Jack says if someone comes in and is tied to one of them, it's a biased vote. Erica says it could be a best friend an an ex.

They are fascinated by this possibility. Nate says they would have to bring in the person (or people) really quick.

Ali is really sure that someone will be brought in. She said she fell asleep in the sun today and had a dream that someone rang the front doorbell, and it was a guy at the door.

Jack says bringing someone else into the house would mess up the rules, but Nate points out that the rules were already screwed up because of the X Factor.

"They're plenty of other exes out there that applied for the show." The DR asked Nate about what person would totally screw up everything. He says he talked about Natalie. Erica says maybe she will come in, being paid $20,000, to come in and "stir it up for a week." Nate says the DR asked him about it the 1st week.

Aug 04 2003 01:55, Mon max1204   Link
They're scaring Ali that it could be another of her exes
She's not happy about that. Nate says he'd love to be told he'd be guaranteed money, and he could start the game during the middle of the show. The conversation comes back to how unusual it is that only 3 exes (ed. note: it's really four) came into the house.

They (Er, Ja, Ali, Na) think maybe the person will be brought into sway a vote. Jack says maybe the person won't be able to vote. Nate says maybe they'll give the person some power, like the power of veto. He says his first ex would vote against him, but the second wouldn't. He says that they "tried forever to get in touch with her" but couldn't.

Aug 04 2003 01:59, Mon max1204   Link
Speculation on twist continues
Jack says it would totally screw up everyone's strategy. But Erica and Ali says that disrupting strategy is what they want -- it's in the rules.

Now they're starting to think the twist will be down the road -- "three weeks maybe," Ali says.

N: I honestly think there's a player in the house that they're going to do this to...They've already got it planned out....I think it's one of us.

Nate says his exes could come -- his first girlfriend is a college basketball player and she could come for three days.

Nate says the DR talked about expect the unexpected today. He says he was confident about Dana's eviction, and the people in the diary room were like "don't be so sure."

Aug 04 2003 02:03, Mon max1204   Link
Nate says keeping Dana on the show would be good for the producers
He says that keeping her would keep the house in chaos.

"The audience wants some satisfaction," Erica says (talking about Dana being a bitch and wanting her out). "Damn, I hope she's gone," Nate says. The others agree. Jack says she's gone unless someone is brought in to "corrupt" the rules.

Ali asks Nate if he wants to go pray now that she leaves (she's half-kidding).

Nate says she's crazy -- "that's why she made the show, she's crazy," he says.

Now they're getting tired and talking of going to sleep, but Jack adds, "I don't see it happening." Nate says he doesn't think it will happen this week but maybe next. They talk about Amy and try to remember what week she came back last year. Jack says the producers told him they were not bringing anyone back (ed. note: Don't people in TV lie?).

Aug 04 2003 02:05, Mon max1204   Link
Ali says her boyfriend would vote her out
Jack says he thinks bringing someone in would unify the house into getting that person voted out. Nate disagrees. He says someone like Dana could use that person to try to get a vote. Erica agrees with that.

Jack (who watched the 1st three BB shows) says he thinks that bringing in someone would "corrupt" the game. Nate and Erica (Ali has now left the room) say that bringing Amy back last year shook up the game, causing Chiara to leave.

Erica says they (Big Brother producers) keep saying "over and over" that it's their show and they can "do whatever they want."

Nate says he thinks the producers have an idea of who they want to stay in the house (like Dana, Nate says), and they try to be subtle about it. Erica says the audience needs "restitution" about Dana -- she should go and the audience would like that, Erica says.

Aug 04 2003 02:10, Mon max1204   Link
Jack speculates that maybe us viewers like Dana
He says maybe they've edited the show so that we think Dana is being "squeezed" and we're sympathetic toward her (ed. note: yeah right!).

feed times out...

Aug 04 2003 02:26, Mon max1204   Link
Nate pressing Ali for info on who she's made deals with
She says she made some kind of deal with the other side (didn't get all the details) but Jack and Nate would be put up next week (if other side gets HoH). She says that's the best she could do because as long as she and Nate don't both get put up the same week, she can win POV and get him off the block. He asks (mockingly) how can she be so sure she'll get the POV? "If you can do it, I can do it," Ali replies.

Aug 04 2003 02:38, Mon max1204   Link
Ali says she knows that Nate and Jack have a secret alliance
Nate first says "how do you know that?" Then he denies it. She says she knew about it since the third hour.

(They are on the bed in the HoH room.)

Aug 04 2003 03:14, Mon max1204   Link
HGs in bed
Ali and Nate -- the last we saw them -- were in bed in HoH room, arguing about everything (ed. note: you'd think they were married or something). Jack and Erica are asleep in the sandbox. And the Dark Side are all in the love room, talking. Justin is on top of Dana, giving her a massage. They both have their shirts off.

The members of the Dark Side are talking about nothing of significance.

Aug 04 2003 03:19, Mon max1204   Link
Jun has pictured Dana and Justin having sex
Jun asked Justin if he had first, and he said yes. He says he's thinking of "scratches."

Aug 04 2003 03:39, Mon frustratedposter   Link
Jee/Dana/Justin in Love Room
NB: text in [] is my comments/opinions

Justin and Dana in one bed, Jun in other, Jee on floor between beds

Jee is very hungry. all are also very horny. Jun keeps telling Dana/Just they should just do it. they are half naked anyhow. Dana wants to change her top, but not in front of cams. Jun tells her Justing can just "cup them while you change" Justin likes that idea

Justin now describing the angle of his d*ck to his body, says it's like 17 degrees (or 70) Jee asks what kinda d*ck he has, dude, his is like 90 deg to his body. he can kinda make it jump up and down, but not stand up against his body. repeats, what kinda d*ck you got, dude

Jun asks Jee if he is hungrier, or hornier. Asks Jee if he could have sex or food, which would he pick. Jee says probably sex. lots of agreement all around

Jun up and off to WC, then quick return

Dana asks Jun if she is gonna get in bed with them. She climbs in, says she's scared. someone asks where Justin's hands are. Jun climbs in, then screams and jumps right back out. Dana asks her if she stepped on her glasses when she got up, Jun says i hope not.

Jun now returns to her own bed, [jee may have gotten in to the bed too, don't see him on the floor, or he may have gone off to the blue room]

Jun suggests that Justin help Dana keep warm by just cupping her boobies [seems kinda focused on Dana's boobies to me] Justin says she is so anal about having them touched. Jun says, what? her boobies. Justin says yeah, and Dana agrees.

Jun reminds them taht they are under a blanket. That everyone is gonna assume things so they might as well get some.

Dana either changes or returns her shirt to her body, still under covers and in bed. the talk has died down. Dana and justin face to face under the covers in the bed. seems to be some cuddling going on, but as legs and covers are on the rise, but they are hidden except for heads. Jun is quiet now.

F1 is Sand box, with Erika and Jack, jack snoring

F2 is the blue room, all quiet

F3 is closeup of Dana/Justin heads

F4 is overview of Love room, Dana/justin in foreground, Jun bed in background

quiet now, so post

Aug 04 2003 04:00, Mon frustratedposter   Link
Just/Dana are whispering too quietly to be heard on the feeds
NB: text in [] is my comments/opinions

in their bed under the covers. there is still movement, blanket makeing lots of mic noise, and less talk from the 2

it actually appears that they will be going to sleep, but since it's not quiet yet, will keep watching

more movement, as justin whispers something to dana, and they both laugh a little. [ac noise is louder than they are at the moment]

while we see where this is going, to keep ya current all the rest of the house is quiet. Sand Box and Blue room has not talking, only noise is Jack light snore.

Back to the main feature, as Justin and Dana readjust themselves. Dana is still whispering, no way i can hear what they say. Dana says "you know" Just replies "i hear ya" then back to whispers

Just on his back now, holds Dana's head in his arm. Justin gives Dana a [patent pending eric style] Hi, and Dana laughs.

they move yet again, Dana says "thanks for my massage" and they are again face to face. Dana asks for her glasses. Just retrieves them. Justin's head disappears under the covers for a while. all we can see of dana is her hair hanging over the edge of the bed. both heads reappear, more movement and whispering and some light laughter.

Dana makes some comment about 14 mics around. Dana now up, and moves to Jun's bed. She had asked Just earlier if he was going to be alright all alone in this big bed. Justin says goodnight.

We hear a bang, justin says what the hell is that. Dana says no idea, where did it come from. Dana decides maybe the baby oil bottle fell. Justin retrieves it and safely stows it

[it appears the night is done, all going to sleep]

Aug 04 2003 04:13, Mon frustratedposter   Link
twas the night before the night before voting and all thru the house, not a creature is stirring, not even a

all quiet in the BB house, looks like the end of action for the night, will be all "still sleeping" updates until they wake

Aug 04 2003 04:41, Mon frustratedposter   Link
only activity has been WC visits
Justin, then Jack and now Jun

otherwise all still quiet

Aug 04 2003 06:18, Mon Fritomade   Link
Jun wakes up go Wc and guessing back to bed , feed went off of her. NT

Aug 04 2003 09:48, Mon Quench   Link
Erika up - WC - Back to bed. NT

Aug 04 2003 10:58, Mon Fritomade   Link
F1 & F2 Jack and Erik, F3 Jee and someone else in bed next to him can't tell, F4 Too dark to tell who, but 2 people...all still sleep NT

Aug 04 2003 11:04, Mon Coetzer   Link
"Good morning, houseguests. Time to wake up for the day! NT

Aug 04 2003 12:01, Mon Niki458   Link
Another wake up call has been announced NT

Aug 04 2003 12:02, Mon Quench   Link
BB: Good morning houseguests. It's time to get up for the day
And Jack is stirring. Crossing and recrossing his arms. Erika wakes up. talks to Jack goodmorning

Jun is up

Aug 04 2003 12:02, Mon Niki458   Link
Jack stirs, looks as though he will get up, settles back in. No one else moves. NT

Aug 04 2003 12:06, Mon RavenLaRue ParentRootLink
Jack to E--How are you feeling? E-I'm fine. What about you? J says he's fine but he's eating, not her. NT

Aug 04 2003 12:03, Mon Niki458   Link
Jun goes to SR - looks like she is replacing batteries in her mic NT

Aug 04 2003 12:04, Mon Quench   Link
Jun in the SR changing batteries. Jack putting on his shoes. NT

Aug 04 2003 12:06, Mon Quench   Link
Jun heading to WC area. Audio of Jack in the WC (thanks BB)
Jack says : Good morning Jun. It's always you and I.

Aug 04 2003 12:10, Mon Niki458   Link
Jun moves around the house
Goes to back yard and drops something out there (landry soap?), then heads to the wc area - jack is there washing hands, Jun goes into wc.

Jack brushes his teeth. Goes to sr then to kitchen. FOTH.

Aug 04 2003 12:14, Mon Quench   Link
Jack has to clean out the sink in order to clean the coffee filter and pot.
Jun does the bathroom routine. Heads back to the BR to chose some clothing and gets changed.

Aug 04 2003 12:18, Mon Quench   Link
Now Jack doing up the dishes and Jun dressed is curling her eyelashes. NT

Aug 04 2003 12:23, Mon Quench   Link
Jack and Jun open up the inside blinds and then do the dishes together. No chatter. NT

Aug 04 2003 12:31, Mon Quench   Link
Jack just asking Jun what time she went to bed last night
She is saying that it's hard to go to sleep when you want to back there.

BB: Jun please go to the DR

Jun: okay

Jack: Pill time

She goes to the DR comes back gets a class of water takes her pill

BB: Jack please go to the DR

Jack heads off there now.

Aug 04 2003 12:32, Mon Quench ParentRootLink
Jack out of the DR and takes his pills. BB: Erika please go the DR
Erika is still tucked in Bed.

Aug 04 2003 12:36, Mon Quench   Link
Erika gets up goes to the DR and then heads right back to bed.
BB: Alison please go to the DR. She crawls out of the HOH bed

Jack to Jun: They are waking everyone up. Jun : Uh-huh

Jun is making breakfast. Looks like something on papertoweling on a plate to go into the microwave.

Aug 04 2003 12:42, Mon Quench   Link
Jack having a bowl of cereal. Asks Jun how Robert is feeling
Jun: Robert was feeling pretty bad last night He took some Theraflu and I gave him a massage he said he had a headache. He overdid it with the workout yesterday

Jack: His body is probably shutting down.

Jun:It's stupid to do all that workout as usual

Jun whipping up eggs.

Nathan now up and taking a shower. Ali doing morning routine

Aug 04 2003 12:52, Mon Quench   Link
Ali making the HOH bed. She is wearing her blue and black bikini and her headphones
She is dancing around and it looks like she is spritzing her bed with eau-de-toilet or febreeze.

Aug 04 2003 13:01, Mon max1204   Link
Jack has thought of a way to keep Dana
They could offer the hamsters money to keep Dana in. The producers would ask them in the diary room if they would vote to keep Dana for $10,000 -- or maybe $5,000.

Aug 04 2003 13:11, Mon max1204   Link
The sandbox will be closed, Jack says
He says the BB people have told him they would do it (close a bedroom), and he says they won't want to close the love room because of all the "action." Obviously if they don't close the love room, they can't close the room next to it, so they'd close the sandbox.

Aug 04 2003 13:15, Mon max1204   Link
Ali about Nate: He's such a brat!
"He's the biggest brat ever," Ali says. Erica points out he's the only boy in his family. "They must dote over him," Erica says. Ali says if Nate were her brother, she'd deck him.

Aug 04 2003 13:52, Mon Anonymous   Link
earlier at the outdoor table erica told ali that she likes to mess with jun and she told her that dana told her last night that erica was the next to
go jun was telling ratbert.

Aug 04 2003 14:20, Mon Quench   Link
Around the Feeds.
F 1 & 2 : Dana floating on a airmattress in the pool (no one taking advantage of that)

F3 Robert washing Jee and his sheets.

F4: Jee on sofa playing solitaire and Justin past out on the other sofa Jun wandering in and out of camera view

Aug 04 2003 14:29, Mon Quench   Link
Poor Cuff has tried to make an escape out of the compound. He is trying to climb the wall of the BB BY NT

Aug 04 2003 14:35, Mon Lola   Link
Je & Ro speculating what is going to happen next
Je says they are due for a luxury comp
Je also says it could be a lame comp like the dinner one and that he didn't give a *** about it
They say it probably won't be an animal because they already have some
they talk about Er and how she's good with animals but not with people
je ask if Ro is feeling better and Ro says yeah he'll just take it a little at a time
Je doesn't think his odds of HOH again is likely cause he's already had it but he'll sure try
They talk about how hard it is not to hear from family and being sexually frustrated
Ro leaves to go put clothes in dryer
(note: some one is alseep under blanket on couch next to them, cant tell who

Aug 04 2003 14:58, Mon Phantom   Link
Justin talking to Rat & Jee about votes for Duhna.
She doesn't want it to be a tie, but she does want a sympathy vote. Ratbert hastens to remind them that they have all agreed to vote against her. They were also talking about the girls and Ratbert's desire that Amanda still be there because she was hot. No comment from Jee that the only way she could still be there is if Jee had been evicted. General talk about who they saw during the audition process.

The 'other' alliance is playing cards in the yard while the Stooges play cards in the LR. Duhna seems to still be floating like a discarded turd in the pool.

Aug 04 2003 14:59, Mon Lola   Link
Stooges are rating the female HG
They all agree that Amanda is not
They thought someone was hot until they got in the house (not sure it they meant Er or Al)
Then they go on to who they saw before getting in the house.
Je says he says he saw Ro and Mi and someone else
Je asks Ro what he thought of him when he first saw him and Ro says "chink"
Ro says he saw Ju and Dana and maybe Er but hes' not sure
Ali comes in and they're discussing mikes
Je says I wouldn't touch that mike after she dropped it in the toilet
She denies it and Je says girls never admit anything, like they say they never fart
They go on to talk about various fart mentalites
Je says he never knows when she takes a *** or *** farts
They ask Je if they have a joint bank account and Je says no
He says he won't make that mistake

Aug 04 2003 15:02, Mon Lola   Link
Al & Ro talking about twist
Al and Ro talk about how Dana says that if Jun makes it she will win
They speculate about what if BB offers them something like 10,000
Al says she can't participate but that she wouldn't take it any way
Ali leaves
Jus is listening and he says "She's talking s****, she talks so much s***'

Aug 04 2003 15:03, Mon Quench   Link
In the LR
Now Alison retelling Robert, Jee and Justin what Jack had mentioned about BB offering money for Dana to stay.

She was asked whether she would Ali said that she can't because she is HOH but even if she wasn't she would take the money.

Ali leaves. The stooges talk abou how it's unfair how Dana is campaigning against Jun. It's one of us doing it if lets say Jee and Robert were put up.

Aug 04 2003 15:06, Mon Phantom   Link
Ratbert telling Ali about the report that Duhna has spread the rumour that if Jun stays she will win.
Ratbert seemed to be concerned about what Duhna might be saying to Erika on the subject (not sure if the 2 are talking in the yard at the moment). They all agree that Duhna is desperate and it's her last day. Ali announces to the Stooges about the speculation that BB might offer $$$ to change their vote. She is asked what she would do, and she says that although she can't vote, she wouldn't do it.

All feeds on the Stooges in the LR and Ratbert creating a PB&J masterpiece in the kitchen. They seem laid back. Stooge chat changes to the possibility of 2 Stooges being up together and that they wouldn't campaign against each other. Justin accepts that if he is up, he is gone. Don't worry about it, just vote me out. Their analysis of the current situation causes them to conclude that winning HOH next week is very important.

Aug 04 2003 15:06, Mon joannie   Link
Stooges discuss for about five minutes what time it is. NT

Aug 04 2003 15:09, Mon Lola   Link
The Stooges talk about being on the block
Jus says that he says if he goes on the block he considers himself gone
They talk about preventing anyone of them going up so of course thats why next HOH is so important
conversation goes to being drunk and wetting themself in their sleep cause they cream they're at the bathroom
then they're talking about if they ever got shot or stabbed in their dream
Jus remembers a dream where he got shot and they ask if he felt it
Je says his girlfriend had a cream where she felt she was dying
Jus talks about how he dreams he surrounded by girls but that he knows hes dreaming

Aug 04 2003 15:10, Mon joannie   Link
Nate walks by and beans Jee in the face with a pillow. NT

Aug 04 2003 15:11, Mon Lola   Link
Je says he's going to tell his girlfriend that
he had her followed for 3 **** months and that she better tell him every thing she's done

Aug 04 2003 15:12, Mon joannie   Link
Nate and Ali are in the HOH room.
Ali: "I hate fighting with you."

Aug 04 2003 15:14, Mon joannie   Link
Ali: "At least if Justin gets HOH, we can wheel and deal." NT

Aug 04 2003 15:16, Mon joannie   Link
Nate: "When you're on the PBJ diet, you can't think straight." NT

Aug 04 2003 15:18, Mon Lola   Link
Al and Nat in HOH
Al says they shouldn't be fighting and
Al asked if he is mad
he says hes not but he brings up the deal she made with JUs
She ask him to understand that she did it in his best interest
He asks hows that
She explains that she can get POV and get him off but that if they're both on the block then she gone (like she would save him over herself)
Nat says "So it's like it's you and me again?"
they go in circles some more where Al suggest that maybe they could get Jack to be the target
Nat says "I'm not mad that you did it, I'm a little mad that you didn't tell me"
she says "I did tell you"
They discuss wether Jus will come after Nat and how Dana is and what PB&J does to your ability to think
Nat says the only way he may survive the block is if he's against Er
Al ask if he's gona be nice and he says that he is nice
they leave HOH

Aug 04 2003 15:18, Mon joannie   Link
Nate thinks the only person he could possible beat if he went up against is Erika. NT

Aug 04 2003 15:21, Mon joannie   Link
Erika tells the stooges that Jun thinks that anyone could beat her if she's in the final two
Justin:''Ah! She's campaigning!"

Aug 04 2003 15:26, Mon KelliGirl ParentRootLink
I think she said Dana said that about Jun... NT

Aug 04 2003 16:11, Mon Chef_Du_Jour ParentRootLink
Actually...she said that Dana said that nobody would vote for Jun if she were in the final two. NT

Aug 04 2003 16:35, Mon I_Should_Be_Working ParentRootLink
Dana told Erica that 'of course' Jun would win if she were up against anyone else in the house, and no one wants to have her in the final two for that reason. (Implying that Erica should use this opportunity to get rid of Jun NOW)
Erica found that scenario amusing and laughed about it later with Jack, Nate and Ali. She was trying to repeat this story again to the guys this morning, but it got garbled somehow.

Aug 04 2003 15:26, Mon Phantom   Link
Common ground between Erika and the Stooges.
They are discussing Duhna's campaigning against Jun. A stooge asks her if "you guys" are leaning that way. "Hell, no" says Erika with a laugh. They go on to discuss that they would respect her more if she would just stop saying that she wouldn't campaign. Erika says, or, if she would say I want to stay and that's the game.

It's interesting that there is not even any public pretence that they are all free agents. It is always 'us' and 'them', even with each other..

Aug 04 2003 15:28, Mon Lola   Link
Ja, Nat Ali and Er on patio
Jack tells the rest that he told Dana that the other 3 may not be a solid as she thinks
they're all amazed that he said that to her
Er thinks Jus will give Dana a simpathy vote cause he could not risk not to
they say they can't dare trust to bring dana back cause of Jus
Er thinks Jun is sneaky

Aug 04 2003 15:29, Mon BuzzardsCrotch   Link
Erika suggests to Ja, Ali, and Na they save Dana and bring her back to their side..
nate refuses and ALi asks why would we want to do that. Erika responds "sneeky, sneeky Jun"

Aug 04 2003 15:34, Mon BuzzardsCrotch   Link
Ja and Rat in bathroom. Rat says he gurentees that all 3 stoogers will vote off Dana...
Jack reponds "I guarentee we will too"

Aug 04 2003 15:39, Mon bruhe   Link
robert and jun
he is very animated talking about dana going nuts. every other word is F.
he said dana is accusing the stooges of throwing last hoh in order to let the o8 get it and evict her. he says shes's out of her mind (meanwhile dana is laying quietly on a beach chair sunning). but robert says she has been heavily campaigning against jun.
he tells jun that jack said the votes are still there (against dana) and that they are going to vote her out (the stooges too).
feeds cut back to dana and BY

Aug 04 2003 15:39, Mon BuzzardsCrotch   Link
Jun and Rat in Love room talking about Dana campaigning against Jun...
Rat tells Jun that Dana suggested that they (ju and 3 stoogers) threw the HOH competition because they wanted her out.

Aug 04 2003 15:39, Mon TheBigSista   Link
Rat is really peeved at mantroll and her antics - he is telling jun that she really is safe - he walks off cursing NT

Aug 04 2003 15:49, Mon BuzzardsCrotch   Link
3 stoogers and Jun talking in living room...
They are talking about Dana and that no one would want her on their side. Rat said is Dana tries to talk to him like normal he'll be like "F- you" to her face. Jun comes in from BY after talking to Dana. Dana told Jun "I know what happened come back out and Ill tell you" jun came back in the house and told the 3 stoogers what she said. Jun will go back out to the BY to find out what Dana has to say.

Aug 04 2003 15:49, Mon FrodoLass   Link
Jee: Both teams are in agreement to "get the crazy lady" out this week. NT

Aug 04 2003 15:57, Mon BuzzardsCrotch   Link
Jun and Dana talking in the kitchen...
Dana told Jun that Jack told Dana that they (3 stoogers) threw the HOH comp. Jack told Dana that she thinks that she has a stronger bond with the stoogers than she really does.

Aug 04 2003 16:18, Mon BuzzardsCrotch   Link
Dana joins the 3 stoogers in the LR...
no one acknowledges her presence. She is sitting on the couch looking on while Je and Jus play some game with a marble (like hockey). She gets up after about 10 minutes with a huff. She goes back into the kitchen to talk to jun.

Aug 04 2003 16:24, Mon BuzzardsCrotch   Link
Dana talking to Rat in BY...
She is explaining to Rat why she "blew up" at the stoogers. She is in her own way, saying she is sorry to him. Rat is way too understanding when he just said a few minutes ago that he doesnt like her. Now they are going into the LR together to explain to Je and Jus.

Aug 04 2003 16:25, Mon Lola   Link
Ro & Dana in BY
when I came in on converstion
Dana is telling him that she felt bad and that she still trusts them but just that she she just doubted them for a minute just thinking like what if
She ask him if he will go with her to talk to the others

Aug 04 2003 16:30, Mon Fritomade   Link
Dan keeps saying "why" Ja told her what he did..(maybe cause it's true genius..) NT

Aug 04 2003 16:32, Mon Lola   Link
Dana says I feel like such a dum *** I can't believer I let him get to me that way
Ro & Dana are now in the LR and Dana is second guessing why they told her what they did. She says maybe they were just trying to get her vote in the end and she says like she would vote for any of them anyway.
Dana asks where Je is and if he's mad
Ro says everyone is
Dana says the vote is insanity and it is driving her nuts
Ro agrees and says that is why he didn't get up
Dana whispers something about something depending on whoever wins HOH
long silence except for Ro sniffeling

Aug 04 2003 16:34, Mon Debra_Kadabra   Link
Dana and Rob in living Room
Dana explains jack told her the entire group had met and discussed the vote and told her everyone was voting her out. This shocked Dana. She said she felt so stupid and how horrible it would be if she were being used that way, especially by Justin. Robert is denying and says they won't know until tomorrow.
Dana seems to get over it and says she just wants out and would prefer to have everyone vote against her. Says they are just looking for her vote in the end and guarentees they will try and bring Jun their side

Aug 04 2003 16:36, Mon Bert   Link
Ali said pickle juice shrinks your stomach ...
Jun in the kitchen chopping something. Rat commented that he loves pickles. Ali said she used to drink pickle juice. She said it shrinks your stomach. She went on to say she was anorexic one year in high school. She got down to 90 or 90-something lbs.

Aug 04 2003 16:41, Mon Bert   Link
Dana alone in orange room ...
Looking sad, alternating between sitting and lying on the floor, with her arms wrapped around herself.

Aug 04 2003 16:42, Mon BuzzardsCrotch   Link
Rob and Just in kitchen...
Rob is telling Just that Dana apoligized outside. Justin said he thinks that how she acted was "uncalled for." Jee joins them in the kitchen. Jun is cooking in the kitchen, she says she "doesnt know what the f- is going on." Still no sign of Dana. Jun doesnt understand why Dana is talking to her like she (Jun) is not on the block too. Jun is telling the 3 stoogers that Dana told her (jun) thast if she goes (Dana) then Jun should play both sides. Jun tells someone to go get Dana so they can get it over with.

Aug 04 2003 16:44, Mon Fritomade   Link
Je, Jun, Rob, talking about man troll in the kitchen
and she hears them, she was leaning her head out of bed room door listening...(LOL)

Aug 04 2003 16:44, Mon Bert   Link
Jun said someone should go get Dana ...
Dana still in the orange room alone, now looking at herself in the mirror.

Jee, Rob, Justin and Jun talking about Dana in the kitchen.

Jun saying that the people outside (Jack, Erika, Ali & Nate) are trying to get them against each other and that Jun's not falling for it.

Aug 04 2003 16:44, Mon Lola   Link
Rob is explaining to Ju and Jun but Jus
says he doesn't want to talk about it anymore
Ro says that Dana wants to apoligize and that he has said to her that there was nothing to talk about
Jun comments that she doesn't even know what is going on
They talk about how Dana said she didn't want a tie cause she didn't want to give satisfaction to Ali and they said exactly
Jun is trying to say what Dana told her but the others are talking over her
Je says none of us are happy about the situtation but we all knew it coming in
Jun starts talking about cooking then changes conversation to saying that she(Dana) told her that she should play both sides and that Dana told her that they thought she(Jun) might switch sides again. Jun said she told Dana that she was over-thinking everything
Jun says she thinks that Dana is angry if anything and that this doesn't make sense cause shes on the block with her.
Jus says "Imagine that I went to her and said I have this great idea, I want you to help me get allthe votes...." and then gives a disgusted little laugh
Je tells Jun he admires her for being so calm and cool about everything.
Jun accepts the compliment gracefully and says "What else am I going to do"

Aug 04 2003 16:48, Mon BuzzardsCrotch   Link
3 stoogers and Jun in kitchen still waiting for Dana...
Je and Just are saying that it is not necessary for Dana to apoligizing. Here comes Dana, she says sorry Jee and Justin. Jee says why would you believe anything that he (jack) says. Jee reassures Dana that he is wrong and why would they throw the HOH comp. Thay are saying that it doesnt make sense. Justin has not said one word to her yet.

Aug 04 2003 16:49, Mon Bert   Link
Dana - I'm sorry Jee ...
Dana - I'm sorry too, Justin.
Jee - I've never given you any reason not to trust me.
(Jack told Dana that the stooges threw the HOH).
Dana - he hasn't been talking to me for weeks and weeks, now why is he saying this to me (Jack).
Jee trying to reassure Dana that they are trustworthy.
Dana - the truth of the matter is that he cheapshotted me (Jack). You can't trust anybody. I'm a heated person.
Jee - but I didn't F you up.
Dana - Jack F'd up my program. The sh*t he was saying was not cool.
Jee saying that she should have come to them to talk instead of coming up and accusing them.
Dana doesn't understand why Jack is saying that stuff to her today.

Aug 04 2003 16:51, Mon Lola   Link
Dana comes in a tell Je she's sorry
Je says why are you believing anything that they say
Dana says she was hurt and she felt stupid
Je starts rationalizing how she should have trusted them (the stooges)
Dana says that she didn't even tell them all the stuff that he (ja) said
They ask her why he told her that stuff and she said she doesn't know
She said that she did not say that they **** up her program, that she said that Ja did
She says he wanted to get to her and he did and she was hurt
Je said that she should have come to them
They can't understand Jacks motive at this point in the game
Dana says "Yeah it's not like he **** hates me". she speculates that maybe his goal was to make her regret what ever decision shes made

Aug 04 2003 16:51, Mon Debra_Kadabra   Link
Dana apologising for doubting them
mentions she ws told about throwing HOH and that Jack made her feel horrible. They are telling her she can't believe what they say and to always come to them for the truth.

Aug 04 2003 16:56, Mon Fritomade   Link
Erika on dana veto speech
She is talking to nat and ali..she says that dana said during her veto speech to Ratbert "I know you want to take me off(the block) papi(sp?)" They laugh..(LOL, man troll is so clueless...sad really)

Aug 04 2003 16:56, Mon Bert   Link
Erika reassuring Ali that Dana is gone ...
Ali said she was tired of all the volleying. She wants Dana gone. Erika said she's gone, not to worry about it. Then Ali said it was funny that Jack said that to Dana. Then Ali made fun of how Dana called Rat Poppy at the POV meeting.

Aug 04 2003 17:00, Mon Fritomade   Link
er,nat,nat about dana mistake switching
Erk "Ironic isn't it"
Nat "I told her last week that she would be up the next week, but she didn't listen to me..I even gave her a second chance"
nat and ja say some more then
Erk " She didn't want to be just part of a group, she wanted to be the leader of a pack"

Aug 04 2003 17:01, Mon Bert   Link
Dana is explaining to Jee what Jack said to her ...
Dana said Jack said that the 3 Stooges were in an alliance with Ali and Nate. He asked her why she thought Justin didn't get put up. Jack told Dana the stooges were using her. That the stooges couldn't depend on her because she kept crossing over. Jack asked Dana why did she think that Justin got 12 balls in in the practice HOH comp, and only 2 in the real competition.

Jee trying to reassure Dana. Now Robert trying to reassure he as well.

Aug 04 2003 17:02, Mon Debra_Kadabra   Link
Dana in LR
Now saying Jack told her the plan was always to get rid of her and that wasn't it convenient that she went to bat for them and noone came to bat for her. That it was discussed as a group from the moment she went on the block. Even that it was the plan last week and that the stooges had no fear of being put up on the block this week. She doesn't know what he would get out of it and merely thinking that it could be true is horrible for her.

Aug 04 2003 17:05, Mon Bert   Link
Dana is still questioning the logic of Jack saying what he said to her today ...
She sounds like she still has doubts about the stooges, but also that's she's mad that Jack said what he said. She says he cheapshotted her.

Jee is trying to convince Dana that Jack was just using strategy, trying to get her to go off on the stooges. Rat said that Jack is in a terrible position, and that he thinks Jack wants to be part of their group.

Aug 04 2003 17:08, Mon Fritomade   Link
ali, nat outside
she says something like he had better vote mantroll out, he teasing her (can't remember his exact words)saying maybe he won't, she says something about his testies(?)(poss. hurt them)
she says to nat, why are you so mean to me(ali)

Aug 04 2003 17:18, Mon Debra_Kadabra   Link
Jee spoke for 15 minutes straight about not beleiving Jack. She is on her way to talk to Justin
Jee goes to kitchen joining Jun and Robert.

Aug 04 2003 17:19, Mon Fritomade   Link
Ali telling Erk,ja,nat about Mantroll's paranoia earlier today
Ali says she was in the kitchen with one/some of the stooges(?) and mantroll comes dashing into the kitchen pretending to look in the fridge(LOL) Ali says "She can't even eat anything in the fridge, the jelly isn't even in there." (LOL)

Aug 04 2003 17:21, Mon Debra_Kadabra   Link
F3 Justin tells Dana Jack attacked her because Erika said Dana threatened her NT

Aug 04 2003 17:23, Mon Fritomade   Link
jus to mantroll
Jus "I feel bad for jun"
He says you tell jun "I don't understand why they don't want me here, I can win competitions."(he is upset she said that to jun..)
mantroll says, "well she must have taken that out of context"
(yea..ok can you take that out of context???

Aug 04 2003 17:31, Mon Debra_Kadabra   Link
Justin tells Dana even if it didn't happen it could look like she was campaigning against Jun NT

Aug 04 2003 17:33, Mon Fritomade   Link
Jus to mantroll
"I don't feel bad for me, but I feel for je, rat, and jun"
Dan "why jun" (DUH!!!)
Jus "because you are campaigning against her " (some other stuff, but can't remember
Dan "OH MY GOD...I am not" etc..(mantroll mania)
mantroll says she wants to confront Erk that she did not ask for their votes (well, not directly) and her conversation was so innocent with erk that the door could have been open..all she said was that if they are going to vote against her, she would appreciate her and others to tell Jus (now I watched the entire mantroll/erk convo. and not once do I remember her saying "if your voting for me tell justin")
They are talking alot, repeating, contemplating (blowing crap up each others butt)it's just really repetitive..and sad again)

Aug 04 2003 17:37, Mon Fritomade   Link
Jus telling dan that erk told ja that she (dan) threatened them and dan
says "I didn't know that..I am suprised..I'm not that kind of person(What???LOL)..I just wouldn't do that..I'm not like that"

Aug 04 2003 18:16, Mon TwistedBrother   Link
jacks childish plan to break up tha jee unit sure is they all laugh togother in the backyard NT

Aug 04 2003 18:23, Mon Debra_Kadabra   Link
Erika to Jack in the kitchen "people only beleive what they want to beleive"
but I like messing with their heads

Aug 04 2003 18:41, Mon bruhe   Link
ali calls nathan a "card" and he says he just doen't understand her crazy lingo. lol NT

Aug 04 2003 18:43, Mon babyblue   Link
About 10 min back: Robt to BY, asks Nathan
to please ask Jack, when Dana confronts him later about what he told her this afternoon about the RatPack's intentions to all vote her out, Robt asks Nathan to ask Jack to tell Dana he doesn't really know how they're voting.
yeah, good luck with that.

Aug 04 2003 18:50, Mon bidz_yo   Link
Dana's rectal cameras...
direct Dana quote: "These cameras are all sorts of up my ass today, and it's really startin to piss me awfff!"


Aug 04 2003 18:52, Mon babyblue   Link
Ali to Robt (about Dana): "So, is she working ya?"
Robt: No. Jack just told her not to worry about the voting, cause everyone was voting to get her out anyway" (Dana's been saying to all that she wants to go out w/6-0 vote, not a tie, because she doesn't want Ali to make the final decision).
Robt: " she ****ing freaked-out, she just freaked out. So tonight we're hoping Jack can just calm her down"

Aug 04 2003 18:54, Mon babyblue   Link
JEE-ISM ALERT: Jee to Justin: do you ever
just smell the inside of your nose like that? Just put your fingers up there, and touch it, and then smell it?"
[ed. note: DUDE!!???]

Aug 04 2003 18:57, Mon babyblue   Link
Jun cooking dinner, as usual. Justin 'holding court' over at the couch, w/Dana hanging on his every grunt. NT

Aug 04 2003 19:00, Mon babyblue   Link
Jun washing up in BR, before she started cooking
whispers to Erika to "look out for Dana. She's gonna be on your tail, after today"

Aug 04 2003 19:03, Mon babyblue   Link
Erika to Robt in BR: "When are you gonna talk to him?" ( I assume, Jack)
R: Soon, no, I know, I just gotta get him alone. Soon, I hope"
R to Kitchen:
Jun to R: Dana still wants to ****ing talk to me later. What am I gonna do, lie to her? I don't wanna talk to her.
Robt motions to Justin, Justin follows him to BY, where I think Jack still is.
but the feeds don't follow [dang it!]

Aug 04 2003 19:04, Mon TheBigSista   Link
eauww justine just tasted the sauce junzilla made for din dins and then put the spoon he had slobbered over BACK IN THE SAUCEPAN! NT

Aug 04 2003 19:07, Mon babyblue   Link
Justin & Robt discussing all of Dana's meltdowns today NT

Aug 04 2003 19:17, Mon babyblue   Link
Erika to Ali, in kitchen-side hall: I'm about 4 minutes from just going off! Ali: why? Erika: oh, you know. NT

Aug 04 2003 19:33, Mon babyblue   Link
630pm: houseguests are eating supper early today NT

Aug 04 2003 19:49, Mon ktan   Link
Jack/Nate/Ali/Jun enter storage room and they get the game called Quoridor (It was also given to the HGs last year) NT

Aug 04 2003 20:00, Mon Anonymous   Link
Ro and Dana on being sequestered.
Robert and Dana in the hottub discussing being sequestered until the final vote. Robert saying maybe they won't even be sequestered all together so they won't be able to compare how they will vote. Dana upset at this thought. Was hoping they would be together again. Nathan and Jee playing the game BB gave them.

Aug 04 2003 20:02, Mon bruhe   Link
they SUSPECT (unverified) that they will be playing against the BB4 cast of britain NT

Aug 04 2003 20:03, Mon bruhe   Link
HGs think that the potential TWISTis: the usa cast will play the BB cast of the UK in a game of QUORIDOR .>>> more
the rules of this game are posted here
there will be a contest between the UK and the USA.

Aug 04 2003 20:03, Mon BuzzardsCrotch   Link
HG's are excited about playing the game against BB in great britian NT

Aug 04 2003 20:37, Mon Sunflake ParentRootLink
But are unaware that Big Brother UK ended already. NT

Aug 04 2003 20:32, Mon bruhe   Link
intersting: jee and jun playing the quoridore game closely together on feed 3. they laugh and do familiar handshakes. not typical jee/jun stuff NT

Aug 04 2003 20:34, Mon callmejenn ParentRootLink
They are doing "rock paper scissors" but saying it in Korean. NT

Aug 04 2003 23:45, Mon Anonymous ParentRootLink
That would be Kai-Bai-Boh!! Spelling may not be accurate, mind you. NT

Aug 05 2003 00:45, Tue Tadpole ParentRootLink
You are correct with the words- I am Korean and played that all the time.. ) NT

Aug 04 2003 20:35, Mon antonio2025bk ParentRootLink
it's rock paper scissors in korean NT

Aug 04 2003 20:39, Mon bruhe   Link
around the horn...
feed 1: dana and robert in ht. feed 2: scrambled
feeds 3 and 4, jee and jun playing the game with a brief kibbizt from erika.
the sounds on quad feed are focused on justin and nate "measuring" themselves on the BBcourt. but i point to feed 1 showing a very thoughtful dana. now feed one turns to ali watching "lovingly" or something as she observes the game.
little conversation between jack and robert but its nothing important. ali yawns.
so do i (the only thing we have in common)

Aug 04 2003 21:30, Mon TheBigSista   Link
f2 just came back - all feeds on mantroll NT

Aug 04 2003 21:34, Mon TheBigSista   Link
junzilla is...............................
actually doing some excercise!!!

mantroll and zilla talking 'troll saying she didnt go behind 'zilla's back and the tapes will show (i guess all those drugs have fkd her memory or perhaps mouth moves without engaging brain!)

Aug 04 2003 22:14, Mon TheBigSista   Link
junzilla is now..............................
in the bathroom with the stooges - she said she was peed off with them and they asked why - she said its coz justine told mantroll that zilla knew she was campaigning against her - justine is saying he did it for the sake of the friendship between the zilla and the troll - she has said that it hasnt made her lose trust with the stooges and nothing has changed but she is just disappointed the way they have gone about it. justine has tried to fight the trolls corner but has given up.

Wow jack has done a good job of playing mindgames with this lot and at least it has made for an intersting day.

zilla is saying that the troll is feeling very isolated at the moment esp with zilla working out and the 3 in the bathroom also zilla has to share a bed with the troll tonight!! but she said she may patch things up with her after the show!!

oh the other thing jack has done is bring jee and rat closer and put justine on the outskirts of the 3 due to his relationship with the troll.

oh the 3 are now discussing as to whether they can trust the women but jee says that we just cant get involved in this women sh#t!!

Aug 05 2003 00:22, Tue Jet   Link
Jack, Justin and Robert found a black widow spider (in the same area that the one from last year was) and put it in Buddy's web. The 2 spiders fought
and Buddy (their pet spider) was sustained a leg injury. Not much else happening. Mostly playing their new game. Dana seems to have calmed down and keeps talking about how glad she is to leave tomorrow (yeah, right).