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Aug 05 2003 01:08, Tue babyblue   Link
Last post of my day:
12:Midnight, BBT: Jack, Nathan and Erika remain in the backyard playing cards. Ali has gone inside where the others are still playing Quoridor.
Jun appears to be preparing to thaw food for tomorrow.
and that's all that's happening for the past hour, really.
[if my headache goes away, I'll post more later]

Aug 05 2003 01:09, Tue DC1   Link
Ali is laying on the couch with her head in Roberts lap as he runs his fingers through her hair continuosly. [ed ewww].. NT

Aug 05 2003 01:19, Tue babyblue   Link
Jun and Jee in kitchen side hallway: Talking about Dana again, talking about
the fact that Justin told Dana that Jun was upset about Dana's campaigning against her. (remember, Jun feels it was her place to speak with Dana about it; after all, Dana has spent the entire day melting down about this and pestering Jun all day not to believe that she did this).
Jun feels, again, that Justin should have told her first that he was going to tell Dana about it, so Jun could have done it herself. It was, after all, an issue between Dana and Jun, not Justin, Dana and Jun.
Jun also explained to Jee why Dana was so angry with Erika this aftn/evening. Dana denies having told Erika that she would make a deal for her "team's" votes.
[here I quote from Fritomade's update from 4:33pm today]

"mantroll says she wants to confront Erk that she did not ask for their votes (well, not directly) and her conversation was so innocent with erk that the door could have been open..all she said was that if they are going to vote against her, she would appreciate her and others to tell Jus (now I watched the entire mantroll/erk convo. and not once do I remember her saying "if your voting for me tell justin")".[thanx! Fritomade]

Jee: "why does Dana feel she's still staying?"
Jun: "because she believes you guys are voting FOR her after all that's gone on today, I guess."
[ed.note: poster Kpow, directly above, does a great job of picking up the rest of Jun/Jee's conversation that I have missed. Thanx, Kpow!]

Aug 05 2003 08:20, Tue fitty_little_me ParentRootLink
I must note that I DID hear Dana ask Ericka to let her or, if she feels more comfortable, Justin know if she's going out on Wed. NT

Aug 05 2003 01:32, Tue Kpow   Link
Jun and Jee about Jee's alliance
JU is working on her face (makeup?) in hallway mirror while E, JA, N play game in BY/D, JU, R, A are in living room. JE comes up and they talk about D and "if you're going to be hones, be honest." (The poster below covers this)

JE said that he knows this and that is why he asked her about it. JU says that she knows he honors his alliance with the 3 more than the one the two of them have. JE says yeah. But, she says, I'll assume it's you and me "when the numbers are there." JU thinks about this and goes, "What do you mean the numbers? The Final Four?" JU answers, "Five." JE says okay and walks away. JU continues at the mirror, picking at face.

Aug 05 2003 01:37, Tue babyblue   Link
Jee asks Robert to join him on the patio
while he smokes his last cigarette of the day: [good for you Jee, you're doing really well!!].
Ali and Jun join them.
Jun: everyone has something to 'overthink' in this house.
Robt: there's nothing else in this house to DO but think!
Jun: I just feel like Dana and I have done a 180 right now and I'm the nervous one and she's the happy one.
Jun: Justin needs to stop eating so much ice cream so
Robt: I'm gonna get him a lock for that refrig.
Ali: Maybe we can get him (Justin) to do it too.
[she means vote to get Dana out]
Robt: oh his is, he definitely is too.
Jee goes inside to listen to some of Ali's music
(interruption because my husband's home from work)

Aug 05 2003 01:57, Tue Kpow   Link
D is waiting for Cancun (longish)
Everyone but D and JS are in BY. D and JS are still playing game. Outside JUN sees JS getting some ice cream. She says look at him, I stopped eating ice cream already. A says how he is going to gain so much friggin weight in this house. JUN agrees, JS comes out for a minute and JE hollers at him that he'll gain so much weight at his house. JS goes back inside.

JS is at counter with ice cream. D looks out the door at the group and says she is trying to not let them get to her and that she is thinking about Cancun. After a minute, she says that doesn't really work does it and laughs. D says she used mouthwash cuz JS said something about her breath. She says she doesn't want to be bad breath girl.

A and JUN come thru from outside and go into HOH to look at the pic of A and her BF. JUN asks her if that is what she wore when she was kidnapped and A says yes. A asks JUN in the highest voice I've heard, "Do you think he's cute?" JUN said yeah and A is all, "Yeah, he's handsome."

JUN goes into WC where R is brushing teeth. She says something about them (JA, A, E?) being so cocky and why - they are all out soon. JUN says how they think she is stupid and come up to her telling her stuff thinking it'll get to her. "I listen to them and I throw it in the garbage - they think I'm stupid. When I'm set, I'm set." JUN goes into BR and is changing standing up under her comforter. R comes in and asks her if she wants that backrub. "You probably want it another day?" he asks as she changes. He says to ask for it on a day she can really enjoy it. She says she'll take it now.

JUN goes into WC says to A she'll wait with her while she waits for the hair coloring. R also comes in. They talk about all getting a group tattoo and R thinks it is a great idea. A says how about you give me a hickey to R. JUN says it's been a long time since she's had any. A says JS gave me 2 big hickies on her back for Thanksgiving and how she wore a strapless tube top to the club. Some guy commented on her hickies and her friend said to him that A had Lupus. JUN says she is thinking of a gospel song. A says all she can think of is "This Little Light of Mine." FOTH for 30 secs. The BB voice comes over requesting no singing, whistling and A starts laughing about it.

R says he won't massage JUN tonite, but tomorrow. A whispers about wanting to be safe, R tells her trust him, she doesn't need to worry. They whisper abobut this for a few minutes - A keeps saying how she just wants to be sure about things. They say she is safe. A laughs and says just in case anything happens and this isn't true, "f#ck you." R didn't leave Michelle a goodbye message he was so sure she was staying. He says that JS left her a message how he doesn't believe that it happened if it happened.

JUN says the turtle room is smelly. She says if she says in the DR the turtle room, they'll correct her. A says that BB told her what to say today - A says she said something and the Producer was like "No, why don't you just say this." JUN says she is going to get in trouble for saying that. A says, "But I didn't say what they said to say!"


Aug 05 2003 02:00, Tue max1204   Link
Er, Na and Ja practicing for possible HoH (brains) competition NT

Aug 05 2003 02:01, Tue babyblue   Link
Ali, Robt, and Jun in BR (Ali curling her hair at midnight)
Ali is starting to reeeeally get giddy about Dana's impending eviction. Ali again wants assurances that Robt and the other 2 are voting to evict Dana.
Ali says she just "feels like bursting into song". And she does: she starts to sing "This Little Light of Mine" (FOTH).
Robt says Dave used to call the SandBox the COMBAT ROOM! who knew?
A lot more giddy girlie talk w/Robt. standing by.
Ali: Please understand I'm just going a little crazy right now
Jun: Yeah, well it's only 1 o'clock in the morning is all . . .
(Erika comes in to the BR)
Jun: It's gonna be so quiet in that bedroom - in the HOUSE - you know how it is when you're with someone who talks all the time and won't shutup, and suddenly they're not there?
Ali: I wonder who you . . .mean (that awful Ali giggle, she's soooo high right now knowing Dana is leaving)
Now they're talking about what they're wearing on Wed nite because (Ali)"it's a very special night you know..(the giggle again).
Clothing talk. Robt. obviously bored.
now the feed switches to the inevitable end-of-day practice session in the SandBox with Nathan, Erika, and Jack. :::::sigh:::::
feeds 3/4 show Dana and Justin still playing Quoridor in the low light of the LR. (BB wants them to get to bed, apparently)
next post

well, more lahdi, dah-di-dah.

Aug 05 2003 02:11, Tue babyblue   Link
Jack, Erika and Nathan agree that
they think the competition involving the new game, Quoridor, will be for a luxury comp.
But!(and this is the first time I remember hearing any of this lot express real concern about their abilities)Nathan, especially Jack and Erika are very concerned about their ability to play Quoridor.
(Jun knocks, she has come to ask that they please tape goodbye msgs for her "just in case",because if she is hit with a surprise eviction herself, it would just be "too much, in front my friends out there not to have any goodbyes from the house, cause, ya know, you never know: remember what happened with Michelle". Jack says "we absolutely will. Alright Jun-bug". [ I'm sorry, but I almost teared up, that was so sweet!]
Erika goes to the WC.
Nate: "well, Jack I think we're pretty much ready"
Jack: "I think we are too"
Nathan: "I just want to get past Justin and Robert. I don't wanna go out thinking they got further than me."
Erika returns and they continue their practice session

Aug 05 2003 02:13, Tue babyblue   Link
is so excited, awake, and bored she's trying on outfits for Wednesday night and goes to the SandBox to show E/Ja/Nate!
Nathan: She is so bored! (he seems genuinely tickled by this girly ritual, though)

Aug 05 2003 02:17, Tue max1204   Link
Erica, Jack and Nate plot and talk about Dana
Nate (talking to Erica and Jack) says Dana said she didn't trust the "Dark Side" but then she turned on them. Erica points out that later she said she didn't trust "this side" just before putting Nate and Ali up. Erica said she didn't want to be in "a crowd of eight. She wanted to be the leader of a pack...and she SAVED them." She was on a power trip, they all agree.

Nate says the "three Amigos" will stick together, and no one can split them apart. Now Nate talks about Ali's deal with Justin, and he said he understands why she did it. She was trying to save her own butt. "She's gotta do what she's gotta do..." he says. Jack says "it's another lost opportunity." Nate says when he's HoH again Justin is so gone. Erica says they've heard that story before, but it never turns out the way they think.

Nate says Erica and Jack are "so due" to win HoH. "I would just be smiling the whole time," Nate says. "You deserve it Erica," Jack says.

Aug 05 2003 02:18, Tue babyblue   Link
Jee, Jun, Robt in Orange room
Discussing various aspects of relationships outside the house (boyfriends, girlfriends, men, women) after Jee says he'd like to wish his girl happy anniversary on a live show [i missed this, but apparently, I would guess, his anniversary w/Carmen is coming up].
Robt expounds on his "5-year, marry or break-up" rule of relationships.
Ali comes in to get fashion advice (wear a bra with a tank top or not?).
this conversation continues along these lines for some time

Aug 05 2003 02:21, Tue max1204   Link
Jack says he's sure there is a secret alliance between Jun and Jee
Nate says that would be the "all-time sneaky" Big Brother alliance.

They reiterate that they must break up the "three Amigos" (ed. note: that's their new name for the three stooges). Erica says Robert is the "manipulator" of those three. Justin is "snowed over" by Robert, she says. "Robert functions through Justin," Nate replies.

Erica says she wants to take Justin out, too. "We've got to see the whole picture," Erica says.

Nate promises the other two (Erica, Jack) that he will not make any deals with the other side.

Aug 05 2003 02:26, Tue babyblue   Link
Erika seems to believe
that ROBERT is "the leader of that (the 3 Amigos, as they call them)pack. Justin looks to Robert for everything.
Nate disagrees, that he thinks it's the other way around.
Erika seems adamant that, no, it's her ex who's the manipulator.
Nate gives his word that never will he let "them" make any deals with him.
Erika still reminding them that after Justin, then Robt, then Jee must go.
They seem very very confident about winning HoH this week.
they're winding down, some. Ali came in after her little fashion decision has been made, to give them the low-down about what the rest of the house is doing.
Nathan says: Robt is beginning to believe that Justin is just nuts.
Jack: He...Justin, just needs to beat the sh*t outta Robt.
[i don't know why he said that, maybe I missed something?]
the rest of the conversation consists of both Erika and Ali taking turns dissing their exes.
so, I am done with this feed for now.

Aug 05 2003 02:31, Tue max1204   Link
The Alliance singing their coulda, shoulda wouldas
Nate says if only Jee had listened to him and nominated Dana when he was HoH, they'd still have David, Michelle would still be in the house on their side, Jun wouldn't have sprung to the other side and Dana wouldn't be on the jury (they say they wish it was David on the jury instead of Dana).

Nate reiterates he'll make no deals with the Dark Side.

They're talking about HoH again, and saying they need to get it. Now they say they'll "shock" the other side when they (other side) finds out Jack and Erica aren't pissed off at Nate and Ali.

Aug 05 2003 02:45, Tue babyblue   Link
Robt Jun and Jee still in orange room
Robt telling some really touching stories about how sweet, and sensitive and loving his daughter is. [I'm sorry to all you Robt-haters out there, but I love this side of him]
and heeeeere's Dana! And, the moment is ruined.
She, of course interrupts the flow of the conversation because Dana needs the focus on HER!
(and BTW: Jee has not sat down in almost an hour now)
another note: the F-word hasn't been uttered in this room in all this time until Dana came in. Dang, what a downer she can be.
I have to agree that the vibe in this house will completely be lightened and brightened once this cloud of doom and dementia is gone!
Jee decided he'd rather start calling their group; "The 3 Muskateers"
and (I swear!) Robt. says "no, I prefer the 3 Amigo's" (which is what Erika, Jack and Nathan call them, unbeknownst to them).
Nathan comes in. Finds an opening to make fun of Jee (comparing heights, I believe). [oh yeah, now I remember why he sometimes reminds me of Justin] [Dana has left the room, BTW]
Nate to Jee: "Jee you are PRIME TIME!"
whatever that means

Aug 05 2003 02:46, Tue Hammock_Fall   Link
Jee and Robert speculate how the 3 are portrayed on the internet, "The three....."
They guess, "The Three amigos", and "The three musketeers".

No guesses of the correct "3 Stooges".

Aug 05 2003 02:46, Tue max1204   Link
Jun says Nate's hair makes him look like an '80s porn star NT

Aug 05 2003 02:50, Tue babyblue   Link
Dana, Erika, Ali and Justin in BR
not a word passes btwn them, except when Dana speaks first, and the others respond only to keep from being completely frosty to her.
It's very very very FORCED conversation. Dana keeps trying.
Jack comes in, talking about his card games with Erika and Nate, and Justin feels HE has to talk over Jack, and then dominate the conversation.
Dana's back in the orange room. Ali's the only one left in the BR (besides Jack who's in the WC).
Ali is STILL so wired and giddy re Dana's departure.

Aug 05 2003 02:54, Tue babyblue   Link
and, at 1:52am BBT, BB turns out the lights, and the HG's head to their respective beds
except Jee, who is STILL pacing back and forth in the middle of Orange Room. Even Jun and Robt comment on it.
Jee: "I like sometimes to pace back and forth. Walk around in circles, you know".
(Jee stillllll pacing)
And that is all for me tonight (and I mean it this time!)

Aug 05 2003 03:09, Tue babyblue   Link
Jee's pacing is slowing, slowing . . .
But, still going.
I'm curious to watch and see how long he lasts.
oops, where'd he go?(checking the quad cam now)
He sat down on Justin and Dana's bed (why?).
well, I've finally worn down.
g'nite all.

Aug 05 2003 03:30, Tue Annika   Link
2:28 BBT Dana's hand is giving Justin some loving..chest and rhythmically elsewhere. NT

Aug 05 2003 03:36, Tue max1204 ParentRootLink
Yeah, they're doing something can tell by their breathing NT

Aug 05 2003 03:35, Tue Annika   Link
2:34BBT Justin's hand was doing same as below to Dana...then Robt. comes in and wants to talk??!! NT

Aug 05 2003 03:42, Tue Annika   Link
He's trying to bring her to...
orgasm. He's moving his hand back and forth. Justin asks Dana if she wants him to stop, and she says no. She starts laughing. He asks if she did (orgasm) she said no. He's back at it. They paused a little. They found her mic where they were playing around..Justin says, "it got some good noises". They laugh.

Aug 05 2003 03:49, Tue Annika   Link
Dana left Justin's bed and went in bed with Jun for the night. I'm off to bed..*yawn* NT

Aug 05 2003 03:52, Tue Shadow46and2   Link
Justin gets up, goes to the WC and washes his hands. WELL. NT

Aug 05 2003 03:54, Tue Shadow46and2   Link
Meanwhile, Jack and Erika have been talking about general things. Seems to have stopped for the time being. No snoring yet. NT

Aug 05 2003 04:03, Tue Shadow46and2   Link
All is quiet, All HGs are either asleep or close to that. NT

Aug 05 2003 04:27, Tue Shadow46and2   Link
Didn't see anything about this, so, briefly Jack and Erika about 2ish am BB time, on what Jack said to Dana:
He mentioned the number of ping-pong balls each of the stooges got during HOH, and how it was low, but during their practice sessions, there were more. And he mentioned that the alliance of the "3" is stronger, and always will be, even though she switched sides, and made her think about the loyalties to each other (the stooges) over Dana.

In this, he basically told Erika that he was ALLUDING these things, which apparently brought Dana to the conclusions she had. According to Jack, he never really came outright and said the "harsh" things Dana is saying he told her.

{Does this make sense? Someone please clarify if you heard this convo between Jack and Erika tonight, or even the real convo of Jack and Dana yesterday am}

Then Erika said what Dana did, how she reacted to it just solidified their votes to boot her out then, she can't be relieable and will not go to their side. Jack agrees.

Erika states that she understands how Dana believes Justin (denying everything) when you like someone (Justin) and he liking Dana. She said she would probably do the same thing given the situation if she was attracted to someone in the house, etc. Jack agrees again.

Aug 05 2003 09:03, Tue tntaangela ParentRootLink
here is what I transcribed of the convo on what Jack said to Dana
Jack: I said Dana, I don't know what the vote is, but there are cracks in the group.. think about how many ping pong balls they got, you saw them practice, look how they did when it came down to it... those three guys are not together, they are telling you something that isn't true... she spent the day grilling their asses... ends up mad at us after she talked to Jun

Erika: she wants to believe Justin because she likes him.

Jack: as much as Justin slobbers all over her, he wants to vote her out.. the history of this game is that if you hook up, you are doomed, you don't want to be sleeping with somebody... Dana said I appreciate your honesty but you could be lying to me, couldn't you... and I said, but I'm not.. she wants you and I to save her when the guys she trusts the most are stabbing her in the back, I wanted her to know.

Erika: it just solidifies our votes, makes it more clear that she really needs to go.

Aug 05 2003 06:23, Tue Anonymous   Link
Jun is up and in the bathroom NT

Aug 05 2003 07:12, Tue Strange_Brewster   Link
Everyone back sleeping NT

Aug 05 2003 10:03, Tue Lola   Link
BB "Good morning HG, This is a reminder that today you must cast your eviction votes in the DR" NT

Aug 05 2003 10:14, Tue ktan   Link
BB repeats wake-up call and reminder to vote. Jack was in SR to get new batteries. NT

Aug 05 2003 10:16, Tue Lola   Link
Jack is up and moving around the house. Looks like the others are still in bed NT

Aug 05 2003 10:28, Tue frustratedposter   Link
all feeds on the pool water
[far more interesting than usual]

Aug 05 2003 10:53, Tue frustratedposter   Link
usual morning riturals all around, nothing special, except more smiles than usual NT

Aug 05 2003 10:56, Tue Lola   Link
Jun said there was'nt much to make for breakfast. They have one egg and some bacon NT

Aug 05 2003 11:00, Tue Lola   Link
Ro Ali and Ja on patio
I come into conversation with Ro saying "She dosn't want it to be a tie so we're making sure of that"
Ja says "We're very accomadating"
Al laughs and says "Oh Jack"
camera gives close up of Ro with a huge satisfied grin

Aug 05 2003 11:04, Tue Lola   Link
Nat comes to patio eating cereal and says to Jack
"Tomorrow is going to be a good day. Dana will be gone and we'll have HOH"
Jack agrees tomorrow will be better
Nat speculates that they'll all be sequestered together
Ja jokes that Er is creeping around
Er amuseingly replies "I'm not creeping, I' just walking"
Ja returns "You can walk behind us, it makes us nervous"

Aug 05 2003 11:06, Tue Lola   Link
Jus comes out and asks "Whats up"
Jack says "I'm counting poka dots. I've been counting them since I came in"
Then the cameras ZOOOOOM in on Er bottom, then her top (stays a long time), then the front of her bathing suit bottom"

Aug 05 2003 11:08, Tue Fritomade   Link
The cameramen are perv's. They keep doing extreme close ups of Erk 's body parts (bum,crotch, breasts)
while she is in her bikini, then they keep angling the camera to try to get a better look.(They always do this to the ladies..LOL Sometimes I feel like I'm watching a friggin' playboy movie..LOL)

Aug 05 2003 11:09, Tue Lola   Link
Al says to Jun "I think it's kinda of funny... they're all lined up out there" NT

Aug 05 2003 11:13, Tue mommamia   Link
LOL Dana keeps bitching about "them" all talking, she is not happy. Jun says absolutley nothing!!! NT

Aug 05 2003 11:16, Tue Fritomade   Link
BB "Jack please go to the DR" NT

Aug 05 2003 11:18, Tue TheBigSista   Link
ali erika in kitchen mantroll at table.....
mantroll - i just want today to be a day of no whispering blah blah everyone sitting together!!!

Aug 05 2003 11:19, Tue Lola   Link
Ali and Jun in kitchen
Ali ask for a piece of bacon and then tells Jun how she hasn't slept well for 2 nights. That the camera follow you every time you roll over and it's very annoying
Jun says does it bother you even if you're a deep sleeper
Ali says yeah
Ali ask Jun to play a game and Jun declines
Dana says that she wants today to be a day of no whispering, just hany out cause theres no need for it
Jun or Ali one says that they're probably whispering about what happens after today
Dana seems suprised with "Ohh" as the light comes on and she realizes there's life in the house A.D. (After Dana)

Aug 05 2003 11:19, Tue Fritomade   Link
Dan tells jun, ali "OK, lets not make today a day of whispering"
Then as soon as ali goes outside dana starts talking crap and whispering.LOL

Aug 05 2003 11:19, Tue TheBigSista   Link
mantroll on jack - i thought he was supposed to be an fbi agent doesnt he know how to be inconspicuous..
this is because when mantroll entered a room he left!

Aug 05 2003 11:20, Tue Lola   Link
Jun says she doesn't want to watch peoples faces after they come out of the DR. Dana surprised "YOU Don't?" NT

Aug 05 2003 11:21, Tue Quench   Link
Dana talking about watching the other HG's as they come out of the DR
Jun snarkly says I'm not going to do that.

Jun heads for the BR and Dana heads outside. No one is talking to her

Aug 05 2003 11:24, Tue Lola   Link
Ro to Jun in kitchen
"I've never seen the house so happy" and the gaiety in his voice is noticable
Jun says she thinks everyone is whispering about her
Jus comes in and they keep talking
Ro says "They're mind is made up"
Jun says "Everything doesn't go her way and she hates that"

Aug 05 2003 11:25, Tue RavenLaRue ParentRootLink
They also say how TOTALLY nuts she is and how she cracked on Jack when he was on his way into the DR
MT told Ja-"Have fun, Jack" They all are astounded by how nutsy she is acting. They are also affirming unanimity of voting.

Aug 05 2003 11:27, Tue Quench   Link
Jun comes back into the kitchen chat with Robert
Robert: The house is so happy.

Jun: she is miserable she is looking outside with you guys and Jack

Robert: I can't wait to see that final outcome.

Robert: She is going nuts. She told Jack to have fun. She thinks that we are changing our minds.

Jun leaves the kitchen goes outside.

Robert:We are voting the same way right Justin

3 Stooges talking over each other. Vote the way we are going to vote. It is fate though

We have to leave a nice goodbye messsage

Robert saying he woke up in a great mood.

Is she out there campaigning for the last vote

Aug 05 2003 11:30, Tue Quench   Link
Jack now out of the DR - he has voted.
Jun: did you have fun?

Jack I talked about your wonderful tatoos

Jun: My mother would love that. I promised her I won't get another one.

Jack: they are like locusts.

Jun: I don't want to be a grandmother with saggy tattoos

Aug 05 2003 11:30, Tue TheBigSista   Link
junzilla is..................................
eating at table and talking to jack about her tatoos!!

Aug 05 2003 11:30, Tue Lola   Link
They're talking about their good bye message to Dana
Je speculates that they would not show any bad ones cause that would be rude
Ro says "We gotta be nice, everyone in this house has a vote" (good point)
some silence
Ro says "I woke up in a great mood"
feed switches to Ali and Nat in HOH bed and then to FOTH
Comes back to kitchen where
Jun says "This is going to be one of the biggest evictions cause of all the drama this week. You know the 2 *itchy NYers. The girls are dropping like flies"
One of the guys repeats it.
Ja comes in and Jun amusedly ask him if he had fun
Ja says "Yeah, I was talking about your tatoos"
Jun said "I promised my mom not to get anymore. I just don't want to be an old woman with saggy tatoos"
Ja laughs and says "Tatoos sag like everything else"
Feeds switch

Aug 05 2003 11:30, Tue TheBigSista   Link
Jee please go to the diary room NT

Aug 05 2003 11:31, Tue Quench   Link
BB: Jee to the DR He is still brushing his teeth.
All Feeds switch to HOH with Ali and Nate.
Nate telling her to just relax. She is still nervous it could go the other way.

Aug 05 2003 11:33, Tue TheBigSista   Link
feeds now on nate and ali in diary room....
he has his leg over her ali on stomach - they are not saying much - i think ali is just hoping they all stick to the plan. nate rubbing alis back comfortingly!

Aug 05 2003 11:38, Tue I_Should_Be_Working ParentRootLink
I think you mean the HOH NT

Aug 05 2003 11:36, Tue Quench   Link
NAte to Ali I don't think Jack and Erika will cross us until they have to
Ali says but now is the time. Nate saying no not now it's even. They will stick with us knowing we will be gone first

Talking about who would put them up. Going through the list

Nate: You have to make deals to survive

Ali wanted to go outside. Nate says what we aren't going to hang out and talk. She flops back onto the bed.

They talk about how each are mentally unstable. and emotional giggling all the while and huggy.

Aug 05 2003 11:37, Tue TheBigSista   Link
nate and ali
n - i dont think jack and erika are going to cross us yet
a - what if now is when they have too?

now talking about if stooges get hoh who they will put up - he now says he would make a deal with them if he has to and then break it

n - you have to make deals to survive..

a - i'm going outside
n - stay here we never hang out anymore - no more goodnight kisses (paraphrasing as cant type that fast)
n - when your not hoh where are you gonna sleep
a - jack
n - i think i'll stay where i'm at as i dont want to segragate myself
a - maybe jun

they are now play fighting but ali complaining that he is hurting her they're playing!!

Aug 05 2003 11:40, Tue Lola   Link
Nat & Ali in HOH
Nat says "Jack says there's no way they'd vote Dana in"
Ali mumbles something in reply
Nat ask Ali if she's feeling better today and she says "Yes, but I will fell better after everyone votes"
Nat says "I think she'll only get one vote (to stay)
Nat goes on to say they'll stick with us (I think he means Er & Ja
he starts to talk about who would vote for who
Ali is starting to leave and he ask her to stay
Nat "Why don't you stay"
Ali "You want me to stay?"
Nat says "Yeah, stay and hang out. We never hang out any more, (teasingly) you're always to moody"
She crawls back in bed and they're make small comments when all of a sudden
Ali screams *** *amit, that hurts" after Nat pinches her
She giggles and says "You think that feels pleasant"
They both lay back and Nat says I'm bored
He begins to pull the peach fuss on her neck and she says "Leave the fuss alone, I'm cultivating it"
Nat ask "Do you have some crabs in there"
Ali starts to complain about not being able to stand "These people"
feed switches

Aug 05 2003 11:47, Tue Quench   Link
Dana and Justin playing Quoridor. No real chatter just killin time NT

Aug 05 2003 11:54, Tue Lola   Link
Jun says "She doesn't care about me..."
Jun goes on to says "After everything she said about me yesterday, she doesn't care." Then Jun in a half laughing, half sarcastic voice says "She told me she hopes I make it to the finals"
Ro says "She doesn't giva *** about you. I hope I never see her again"
Jack in a dry joking voice says "I hope she doesn't come in an kick my ***"

Aug 05 2003 11:55, Tue Quench   Link
Feeds cuts into the kitchen.
Jun eating - Robert and jee and jack are at the counter prepping food

Robert says to Jun She doesn't give a F**k about you. I don't care if I never see her again after tomorrow. I dont ever want to see her on the outside.

Ali comes into kitchen area. teases Jee and Jee teases back. Jee asks Ali how many times have you touched your hair?

Jack pipes in saying he would want to touch his hair he doesn't have enough of it.

Aug 05 2003 11:58, Tue Quench   Link
BB: Robert please come to the DR
Jack : I wanted to get the baseball scores but they wouldn't give it to me.

Nate walks by to the Bathroom area to fix his hair. Jack says to Jee just keep an eye on him

Aug 05 2003 12:05, Tue Niki458   Link
Everyone's where-abouts
Backyard -

Nate is sitting on lawnchair chewing his nails.
Jee is eating PB&J watching Dana and Justin play their game
Jack, Jun and Erica watching as well

Aug 05 2003 12:06, Tue Niki458   Link
Allison is lubing Robert with tanning oil NT

Aug 05 2003 12:11, Tue Niki458   Link
Jee and Justin are now playing the game
Dana is laughing with them trying to be involved.
They are being really quite.

Robert went inside to have his PB&J.

Dana just came back into the house and told Robert not to worry he would be eating good tomorrow night. She also asked if someone was showing.

Robert is now taking vitamins; making sure that Jee has taken his.

All cameras are on Robert

Aug 05 2003 12:12, Tue Niki458   Link
Justin called to the diary room NT

Aug 05 2003 12:16, Tue Niki458   Link
Allison, Jun and Erika are all laying out NT

Aug 05 2003 12:23, Tue Lola   Link
Dana is walking thru the house, by herself, talking to herself and talking to photgraphs of her friends NT

Aug 05 2003 12:30, Tue Lola   Link
Ro is talking to Dana
Dana is talking about how she has lost weigh. She says her skirt used to fit her a little snugger in the rear and that she has lost in ber breast.
Ro agrees "Yeah I know"
more talk about how she looked when she came in compared to know
Dana says "I'm like emecated, how do you spell that"
Responce "Emancitated" and spelled out letter by letter

Aug 05 2003 12:47, Tue Niki458   Link
Fight? Nate and Jee
i was switching feeds when I came into Jee saying

"why don't you just sit down and watch the game being played"

and Nate responded with "why don't you quit your crying Jee"

Aug 05 2003 12:56, Tue bidz_yo ParentRootLink
They were play fighting...
Nate had picked up Jee while he was STILL IN HIS CHAIR and pretended like he was going to throw him in the pool. They were just joking around. Nate is bored out of his skull when he is not playing the Quoridor game.

Aug 05 2003 12:55, Tue jaylight   Link
jack wears briefs NT

Aug 05 2003 13:00, Tue max1204   Link
Justin talks with Robert about deal with Ali
Ali's had a deal with Justin since day 2, Justin tells Robert. The stooges will not put her up if she doesn't put them up. The deal lasts until Nate, Jack and Erica are gone.

Aug 05 2003 14:41, Tue _WatchIt_ ParentRootLink
they were talking about this because Robert asked what they were going to tell Jun...
Since last night they were telling Jun that it was the 5 of them and they all tell each other everything, and Jun was questioning it.

(Ed: Jun didn't question who they meant by 5, and it wasn't clear if they meant Ali or Dana, because they didn't say. The stooges have a separate alliance with both Jun and Ali. Jun was apparently thinking the 5 meant Dana, but the stooges stopped telling Dana "everything" 2 weeks ago, and have yet to tell either Jun or Ali "everything", so it was a strange argument to listen to last night)

Anyway, today Robert asked Justin if they should tell Jun they had a deal with Ali, Robert was saying that Jun's with them and they have to keep her, make sure she doesn't go to the other side. Justin said they didn't need to tell Jun about the deal with Ali until later. That "technically" it was a deal from before the alliance "which is true because it was the second day" and it was "mostly" a deal between him and Ali not to nom each other, and then it expanded to the others. "What have we really got?" was what Justin was saying. That it was just that they wouldn't nom each other, and once Jack, Nate, Erika were gone, it would be every person for themselves.

(Don't know why they think either of the girls would buy this, since it's pretty clear the guys would turn on the girls before turning on each other, and there are 3 guys and only 2 girls, and the girls don't have deals with each other. But I haven't heard them discuss this point every time they bring up what will happen when they get to "final 5")

Aug 05 2003 13:05, Tue max1204   Link
Justin says he's anti-commitment, and he was basically playing Dana
He says his relationship with her was great because it was all the benefits of a girlfriend without the hassle of a commitment. He tells Robert it's going to be very different when Dana leaves.

Aug 05 2003 13:24, Tue max1204   Link
Justin telling the other Stooges about Ali
She made him a scrapbook for Christmas, but he got her nothing. He told he doesn't have the room in his life for his girlfriend. He said he'd only see her once a week. Once he pretty much cut things off (or she realized they wouldn't have a steady boyfriend-girlfriend relationship), she'd get all her friends to go out where all his friends would be. "And some of them were pretty hot," he says. I didn't get exactly what Ali's friends were doing that was so annoying, but eventually his friends would lie about where they were going and then go somewhere else.

The Stooges agree that she has a nice body but has "emotional baggage," and Justin says it was nice to screw Ali once a week but he "didn't want to make it routine."

Furthermore, Justin says he would never consider Ali her ex.

Aug 05 2003 13:26, Tue max1204   Link
Robert says they will have chicks all over them when they get out
He says that Big Brother won't be showing any of these segments like what they were just talking about (Ali and Justin's relationship) and that when they get out of the house, chicks are just going to want to "f*ck" all of them all the time. And he says this while banging his fist into his hand.

Aug 05 2003 14:01, Tue Lola   Link
BB "Remember HG to swim one mile in the BB pool you only have to swim 440 laps" everyone laughs NT

Aug 05 2003 14:52, Tue Fritomade   Link
HG are having Steak and grilled Veggies for Lunch(except PBJ people ofcourse) NT

Aug 05 2003 15:00, Tue Fritomade   Link
Ja,nat,ali,jun eating(steak) Dana making herself garlic bread (she just asked the steak people if they want any garlic bread..LOL they said no)
Jus and jee are playing that new game they have in the LR..Erk and Rob are on none of the feeds (they maybe outside so they wouldn't have to see or smell the steaks..Erk usually does that since she on PBJ)

Aug 05 2003 15:02, Tue Fritomade   Link
BB "Rob please go to the DR" Dan says "Ahh and he's in the pool" NT

Aug 05 2003 15:04, Tue Fritomade   Link
BB "ali please go to the DR" ALI "Why, I don't want to talk right now" NT

Aug 05 2003 15:13, Tue joannie   Link
Justin beat Dana twice in a row at the new game. NT

Aug 05 2003 15:17, Tue Anonymous   Link
Ro says that he really thinks Da is crazy NT

Aug 05 2003 15:18, Tue Anonymous ParentRootLink
he says this to June NT

Aug 05 2003 15:17, Tue joannie   Link
Jun and Rob are lying out in the BY
Rob: "I think she's f'ing crazy. I'm serious."

Aug 05 2003 15:19, Tue joannie   Link
Jun : "She needs afrirmation all the time. She can't just chill." NT

Aug 05 2003 15:29, Tue rer33   Link
Er says to Ju, Ro, and Ja that Dana
Er says to Ju, Ro, and Ja that Dana has a lot of pent up anger. They are saying that Dana is evil and knows all of the mirror angles as to spy on people. Er tells them that Dana said she is not campaigning, but Er knew otherwise. Er says that it would have been cool if Ju and Da agreed to fend for themselves, but Da tried to be secretive. And the mantroll walks outside.....

Aug 05 2003 15:30, Tue joannie   Link
Rob thinks that Dana will somehow be brought back during the "twist" NT

Aug 05 2003 15:31, Tue Spiderprints ParentRootLink
No, he said that Dana thinks she will be brought back. NT

Aug 05 2003 15:33, Tue joannie   Link
Dana is ranting that they are out of bread crumbs
like it's the end of the world or something.

Aug 05 2003 15:33, Tue mommamia   Link
Ja, Al, Er, Ro talking about dana by the pool
trashing her, calling her insane etc..Dana walks out and the conversations stops on a dime! Dana talks about how much weight she lost yada yada yada...No one says a word to her!

Aug 05 2003 15:37, Tue RavenLaRue   Link
R~Dana says the show can't go on without her~
Dana told R that the producers would be bringing her back, *if* she even leaves. She said don't be surprised if the announcement on eviction night is that Dana is named HOH> Dana says that her presence on the show is too important because the ratings will drop if she's not there and the producers know this. She believes if she does leave that she will come back or that she will play an active role in the show's day to day filming. They all believe she is mentally ill because she said this in all seriousness. Jack said-Live, from LA, by way of Bayshore Queens- ....
Present and participating in the convo until MT came out to the pool were Ja, R, Er, and Ali.

Aug 05 2003 15:37, Tue joannie   Link
Everyone goes back inside. Erika and Jack bring Cuff and Link. NT

Aug 05 2003 15:41, Tue joannie   Link
Jun tidies up the kicthen. All feeds are on her. NT

Aug 05 2003 15:50, Tue RavenLaRue   Link
Jun washes dishes and puts away foodstuffs everyone else seems to have left on the counters.
A group are playing cards in the LR, but can't make out who they are.
Jun, in black shorts and a stripped bikini top, is very noticeably larger today, for some reason.
Ali walks thru the area and asks Jun the time. Jun responds, It's 2:40.
Watermellon is still guarding the kitchen island-however, Jun is now about to slice into it with a large, yellow handled knife.
Feeds change to Ja and R, who are sitting outside near the backdoor.
Ja says D sure will not go quitely and it took everybody in here to get her out, too.
This is about as unanimous as it gets, Ja says. R agrees.
R_ tomorrow is the 6th, eh? Yeah. We're going to get deep into August, at least.
R-I know when it's all said and done, we'll look back and think it went by so quick. Once we get out, our perspective will be so different.
They sit quietly a moment.
J-it'd be funny if when we're sequestered, we'll be in together with one WC.
They decide it has to be a house because it'll be cheaper.
Je comes out and asks to join them.
Ja what's wrong with us being together and talking about the show while we're sequestered.
He says this to debunk the idea they will be sequestered from each other.
They think their familes now know they will be sequestered.
Je says they should have been given more notice about the sequestration because AS sprung it on them after they had signed all the paperwork.
Je is mad because he didn't get a chance to make preparations for the long stay (what if you win, duh!!!)
Sure, I enjoy your guys' company but this is not like a vacation. I'd rather be with family.
R-says after next wednesday, one more month and we're done!

Aug 05 2003 15:59, Tue RavenLaRue   Link
JE- Sure, we have each other, but no one can replace your gf or your fam.
Jee seems to be stuck on this topic and is repeating the same thing or thought over and over again but in different ways-making himself miserable.
They say it's hot out here.
Je says that R is worse than an Asian guy because his body and facial hair grows patchy.
Jun is called to DR.
I think Jus is out there now but can't see him.
Jus asks R what's up and R says he's feeling weak.
Jus tells him to get out of the F'in heat, man.
timed out.
Talking about taking vitamins.
Ja takes Centrum.
Je says the show thought it all out and gives them all the vitamins they need
Rob goes to relax on an outside sofa (or divan )
Ja reclines on a chaise.
they grow quiet for a minute.
Je now wonders about the crows (are they ravens, tho?)
Ali comes out and Je gives her a hard time about eating choc. He wants to know if that means she has female stuff going on.
I think she says yes. Je says so you guys crave choc during that time? he tells her she doesn't really seem cranky. She says she doesn't get that way. Je's gf gets bad cramps or cranky. Ali says she only gets back cramps. Now, they move on to Jus? farts and how obnoxious they are (not sure it's Jus, tho). Ali talking about someone slobbering all over the pillow.
too much fun~ posting

Aug 05 2003 16:05, Tue Niki458   Link
Ali, Je, Ja, Er, are outside talking
Ali and Je are talking about his girlfriend Carmen - that she is 21 and thier anniversary is coming up. She told him that he would still be here and he told her she would still be here as well. Ali thought it was at the end of the month but Je just said it was the 17th.

Ali is laying in the sun and Je is sitting in one of the chairs.

Aug 05 2003 16:05, Tue Lola   Link
Je says "I feel like a *** Guinne Pig" hes talking about the PB&J NT

Aug 05 2003 16:10, Tue Fritomade   Link
Jee is having really hard time with PBJ diet
Hey saying he hates the control BB has over his life right now. He said F!ck about 4 times in 10 seconds(never heard him curse like that LOL) He says that BB producers probably when came up with BB idea they say "Hey, lets put a bunch of people in a house and starve them" He says he feels like a guinea pig. Ali(who i don't think has ever been on pbj diet) says well it will be hard when i go on diet, but i keep it to myself, i never try to bring people down when i am in a bad mood..(LOL yea ok..) and she says to jee "I wish they (BB) would at least give ya'll milk" Jee says "yea, when your on diet, i'll be saying I wish they would give you milk" (LOL)

Aug 05 2003 16:12, Tue Lola   Link
Er is shown laying in lounge chair. She's doing a great imitation of Jacks' coffin pose NT

Aug 05 2003 16:15, Tue Fritomade   Link
Nat,dan,jus looking at picture of Jacks fam..I think jee just said that one of jack's daughters has "a nice BOD(body(?))" NT

Aug 05 2003 16:17, Tue Fritomade   Link
dan tells jus and jee "when I leave here, you will be missing my a$$" NT

Aug 05 2003 16:22, Tue Niki458   Link
Je, Dana, Jus lying in beds talking
Je is telling Justin that he is a ho and he needs to get this stuff out of his system before he is able to have a real relationship. (all the while, Jus has his hands under the covers around Dana)

Aug 05 2003 16:23, Tue Fritomade   Link
Jee is sexually frustrated for his girl..he keeps egging jus on to mess with
dana under the covers
Jee"graze the nipple(dana's)"(and jus did)
Jee "If I was single and in the bed with a girl I would do it(mess around under the covers)"
He tells jus to cop a feel, he says dana's already had a feel(of justin) now it's jus turn..LOL Dan and jus very cozy and mushy in the bed together.

Aug 05 2003 16:25, Tue Niki458   Link
Jus playing with Je about cheating
he is saying that Je knows he tries to get with other girls. Je is laughing it off. Je just asked Jus and Dana (smiling - "what the F***
are ya'll doing under those covers? Don't make it so obvious dude."

Aug 05 2003 16:27, Tue Niki458   Link
Je told Jus that he knows that he is violating Dana, Dana denies NT

Aug 05 2003 16:29, Tue Fritomade   Link
Jee(to dan and jus) "ya'll have a nasty look on your face, what are ya'll doing under those covers"
Jee to jus "You are making it so obvious"
He was telling them about he and jun's past relationship, when he was 18 he moved in with jun and couldn't understand everything he said but was saying jun was paranoid when they were together always keeping tabs on him..said some other stuff(hopefully someone else will post that convo..) Rob comes in b!tching that ali and others are talking about stupid sh!t(brittany spears) and he says Erk has lived so many years and still talks about stupid sh!t..she is so stupid(Erk)..they all laugh

Aug 05 2003 16:30, Tue Niki458   Link
Dana just told Jun to tell her when she packed - she wanted to pack with her. NT

Aug 05 2003 16:33, Tue Fritomade   Link
All 4 Feeds on Je, dan and jus in BR NT

Aug 05 2003 16:33, Tue Niki458   Link
Jus and Je are talking about the votes - Dana returns to the room NT

Aug 05 2003 16:35, Tue Niki458   Link
Dana got back into bed with Jus and said "we can't do anything
if you are turned that way." He moved over in the bed but kept his back to her

Aug 05 2003 16:36, Tue Niki458   Link
Dana just admitted that "she gets a little possesive" - "duh" NT

Aug 05 2003 16:39, Tue Fritomade   Link
Jee to jus "when ali talks about you she refers to you as her ex boyfriend"
Jus "thats Bullsh!t"
Jee says to dana she had a nasty look on her face when he said that, she said no, she doesn't care..He eggs her on a little more and dana says yes she is a little possesive.

Aug 05 2003 16:40, Tue Niki458   Link
Je just told Jus and Dana that they are boring and he is going to sleep NT

Aug 05 2003 16:41, Tue Fritomade   Link
Jee,dan and jus are supposed to be taking a nap, but they keep talking...dan asked jee if he wanted her
to scratch his back, he says "no, just stay away"

Aug 05 2003 16:41, Tue Lola   Link
Dana is scratching Jus back and Je tells him to go take a shower
Jus says "You've never had your back scratched, it feels good"
Dana says "You've got to stop picking at this spot"
Jus says "I'm not, it's getting better. I've been putting Neosporin on it. I think it a bug bite"
Dana says "I think there's a hair in it too"
after a few seconds Jus wants her to stop
She says "You don't want me to scratch your back any more?" (duh, she's dense)

Aug 05 2003 16:42, Tue Fritomade   Link
dana leaves the room..all 4 feeds still in that room... NT

Aug 05 2003 16:42, Tue Niki458   Link
Dana asked if anyone wanted to play the game with her - Je just
said that he did not want to play with her because the way that she moves annoys him and he doesn't like to watch her play. She told him to F off.

Aug 05 2003 16:44, Tue Fritomade   Link
Talking has stopped with jee and jus..jus lying on his back in deep thought. NT

Aug 05 2003 16:45, Tue Fritomade   Link
can hear loud laughing/talking but 4 feeds are still on je, jus in room NT

Aug 05 2003 16:47, Tue Fritomade   Link
feeds change to nat and ali..ali in pool, nat on hammock NT

Aug 05 2003 16:48, Tue Fritomade   Link
BB"Robert please go to the DR" Ali,nat talking about food..Erk in hammock with nat NT

Aug 05 2003 16:52, Tue Fritomade   Link
Erk explaining her ideal man ..nat saying he is very close to her description..Erk says she has to be(?) center stage
ali says "thats me , Ihave to be center stage"
Erik BF right now is all american, about 6 ft 1 in. blondish brown hair

Aug 05 2003 18:23, Tue bruhe   Link
all 4 feeds show jee meticulously creating a peanutbutter and mayonaisse sandwich (ocky!) NT

Aug 05 2003 19:16, Tue Fritomade   Link
Jee and jun just got into a brutal verbal fight(for real, no joking) NT

Aug 05 2003 19:19, Tue Fritomade   Link
I don't know how the fight started , but jun saying that nat and jee were saying stuff to each other
and jun starts laughing or something and jee got mad..(this is what I just heard jun telling dana I think)

Aug 05 2003 19:20, Tue Fritomade   Link
Jun is laughing about it, but jee is still mad..jun says the PBJ diet getting to jee and he's taking it out on her NT

Aug 05 2003 19:21, Tue LINDY   Link
Jun yelling at Jee in the kitchen just because he is annoying, Jee goes to BY, and Jun and Dana start laughing about it. Jack comes in from the BY
and says man you 2 are really rockin and rollin. (Jun and Dana were laughing loud) Jack goes to the WC.

Aug 05 2003 19:31, Tue Fritomade   Link
Jun saying that BB took all the weights and jump rope. NT

Aug 05 2003 19:32, Tue LINDY   Link
Jee, Justin and pretty boy Nate playing a lively game of Bball outside. NT

Aug 05 2003 19:44, Tue Fritomade   Link
ali to Rob "I've never been called someones worst nightmare...but who knows..I might"
She telling Rob her goodbye speeches in DR to dan and jun something about she didn't think they would end up the way they did(enemies) and to jun that if she is seeing this, then she is going next, "I'll see you next week"

Aug 05 2003 19:44, Tue LINDY   Link
Rob in ho tub Ali sitting on the back of the tub. Says that after tomorrow there will be 3 girls and 5 guys. Jack doing push ups nearby. NT

Aug 05 2003 19:46, Tue LINDY   Link
Rob in the HT, picks his nose as Ali wathces the Bball game. NT

Aug 05 2003 19:48, Tue Fritomade   Link
Ali to Rob that nat could be her brother, he looks like her brother and "He treats me like a little sister" (Really ali?
I hope you don't make out with your brother like you have nat..UUUGGGHH..)

Aug 05 2003 19:49, Tue LINDY   Link
Rob yells, they should have a bathroom out here. Leaves the hot tub and goes inside. NT

Aug 05 2003 19:59, Tue Fritomade   Link
Not much going on 2 feeds on nat,jus,jee playing B Ball, 2 feeds on ali(sitting on HT with feet in)Rob in HT,Ja standing at the HT..No talking except
boys..B ball talk..

Aug 05 2003 20:09, Tue Fritomade   Link
Ali went to kitchn to get M&M's and came back out to HT and tells Rob
"Dan and jun are in there having a talk"
Rob says really, she says ""
(BB Please change feeds....)
Feeds are the same as before ...boring..Is making me tired..

Aug 05 2003 20:25, Tue Fritomade   Link
Dan tells jun that there was 500 thous dollars on the line and she couldn't do it(backstab them?)
she says she could have gone far in this game but she came to care for jun and stooges and she couldn't do it..she says she is a compassionate person..she likes jun and stooges and can't wait to hang with them after the show. she says that if she was to stay in the house any longer she would go crazy and nuts..(ok, i could say something, but i am going to

Aug 05 2003 20:36, Tue Fritomade   Link
ali,ja,jus,nat,jun eating dinner..dan taking shower, rob in HT, jee just called to SR to switch microphone
and erk has been MIA for at least an hour or 2, have no idea where she is.

Aug 05 2003 20:47, Tue Fritomade   Link
ali asks jun whats wrong..jun says"it just drained me" she says she talked to dan about everything
that she(dan) has taken the whole game personal..she says dan said that ja and erk are spinless, jun says she told dan "do you really think they are like this outside of the game?" that people are playing a game to win..jun says dan started getting offended and jun says "see your doing it now, just listen" Jun says dana says why don't people tell me things and jun told her you(dana) are unapproachable because you act upon it immediately. Jun says she told dana that she f!cked the game up for herself..she says that dana seemed to understand and starting to realize how she acted.

Aug 05 2003 20:50, Tue Fritomade   Link
Jee and rob in HT trashing dan..heard rob say(just came to feed) that "she"(dana)"she said she decided who is put up"
jee says something(irritatingly) and rob says she is whacked..

Aug 05 2003 20:53, Tue Fritomade   Link
jun, ali join je and rob in HT..jun telling them about her convo with dan NT

Aug 05 2003 20:54, Tue Fritomade   Link
now jus joins them NT

Aug 05 2003 20:58, Tue Fritomade   Link
HT people are talking about live show tomarrow,what julie will ask etc..
Dan,doing hower routine..Ja maybe about to shower..I just saw erk in a bed asleep..

Aug 05 2003 21:01, Tue Fritomade   Link
jee and jun argueing again about their earlier arguement(other laughing) Jun just told him he is getting to cocky
(they laugh and make fun of jee) jee said that earlier (during argue) he told jun he is gonna bite his tongue and she said "Bite it already" They are messing with jee..alot of laughter and stuff..

Aug 05 2003 21:06, Tue GreenEyes   Link
Everyone in HT except Erica and Dana, convo about nothing specific... NT

Aug 05 2003 21:09, Tue GreenEyes ParentRootLink
Erica comes over to the HT but doesn't get in, she is eating a sandwich. Robert gets out of the HT... NT

Aug 05 2003 21:06, Tue Fritomade   Link
Jee said (earlier argue) that he was calling nat a hobbit. Jee"he looks like a hobbit, i was just kidding with him" and jun was laughing and he told
her to mind her own business and that is how it started...they are messing telling him that he has become cranky and cocky because he's hungry..

Aug 05 2003 21:13, Tue Fritomade   Link
dana starting to pack her suit case ..can see her thongs through her pants(UUGGH)
(someone else is posting night all)

Aug 05 2003 21:32, Tue RavenLaRue   Link
The Happy Hamsters are in the HT (ja, Al, Js, Jn, Je, and Nat, and Er is nearby but out of site, Jumping rope, perhaps. (long)
the noise sounds like a jump rope. Now she;'s standing near ht, with her long leg propped on the edge of it.
They talk about chinese checkers-one of them suggests Korean checkers. Pleasant chatting. E was bouncing BB not jumping rope.
Nat says he blew Je up in the dieary room, callin him a dayum anal bastard.
Jun is positioned between ali and Js--she's mostly quiety but throws in a quip here and there.
Ali is nervous BB will throw a new person into the house.
They speculate how they would react if the doorbell rang one night. Ali wants to beat the person up,.
Now that change to being/feeling secure at home and which of then will be a protective parent.
Js checks HT temp--97 degrees, he informs the others. They are satisfied with it.
Er gives up on BB and lets the ball roll into the grass and over to the side. Nope, she wants more if it. Bounce.
Nat says they asked about Ali's bikini -how she wakes up with it on and it's on when Nate goes to sleep.
Gen discussion that the girls don't wear clothes. BB says the guys don't wear most clothes, either, compared with last year.
Nat says he hates wearing clothes.
Jn says she told em in dr that some should wear more clothes than other.
Ali asks E about working out--E says lets take a break, don't you think?> ALi agrees, right away.
They joke about eating pbj.
Gen discussion about how ali manages to get into her bikini so early in the day.
The bb4 house talk turns to bbwhore house joke rhyme
Don't see justin, actually.
Ali talks about her feet--very long toes? They say they are good for Jump shots, Ja does.
A few are going to take a shower.
Nat asks hows Er. She's ok
Je is happy they get Thai food tomorrow.
Je is really craving food.
E says shes too thin and she really needs to be eating.
Guys talk about eating meet everyday. only Ja, Je, and N left in the tub, at this point.
n says tomorrow will fly by and they get to sleep longer on Weds.
N feels it's been a fast week.
THe pbj people disagree. Nahhhh they say.
Je wanted to cut into and smell something Js had. that's all jee need to feel better.
They thing they are feasting a lot better than last year.
they want to try four player of the new game. THey thing that's really hard. (sounded like fourplay at first LOL)
The game is luck and chance-but they're talking about last HOH at this point.
E never got less than 4, even in practice
All luck--can't aim the jar.

Aug 05 2003 21:42, Tue FuggyBootnling   Link
Nate: "We're like hamsters in here man..." NT

Aug 05 2003 21:42, Tue GreenEyes   Link
Robert asks Erica in the Kitchen if she thinks the game they got is for the HoH. Erica doesn't seem to think so....
This is the most they have spoken to each other in a while from what I can remember.

Aug 05 2003 21:44, Tue Denise   Link
Cam 4-Dana and Jun packing but the mics are out of sync and we hear
Justin, Erika and Robert.

Darn, Cam 4 went to the kitchen, I'm going to Quad Cam.

Goody Goody, we're back to the HT with Jee, Nate and Jack, just general chit chat re: PB & J, basketball, lifting.

Jack getting out of the HT to take a shower.

Nate and Jee (bonding) alone in the HT.

Switching back to Cam 4 to see what Erika and Robert are talking about.

Looks like Justin is officially moving his stuff from the Sandbox to the Stooges room.

Back to Quad Cam (ugh) still Jee and Nate in the HT.

Looks like Justin is being very playful with Erika on Cam 3

Let's try going back to cam 4 again to get off the HT.

Now we have Robert & Justin in the blue room.

Still general chit chat going on.

Nothing major at all to report, everyone seems pretty relaxed so


Aug 05 2003 21:45, Tue GreenEyes   Link
Justin moving his clothes out of the Sandbox and into the Blue room. As he passes Erica
he says he's finally moving out. She says so your not going to spy on us anymore? Justin laughs.

Aug 05 2003 21:51, Tue GreenEyes   Link
Jee telling Nate in the HT that Justin was never in a relationship with Ali, that it was just for hookin up...
Nate says he's not surprised that Ali lied about how the relationship was with Justin. Nate says he might date Michele on the outside. He says that he usually dates older women but when you date them young you can shape them and form them. He says young girls come without a lot of baggage and a heavy past. Jee is mostly agreeing with him. You got to find them young and then latch onto them. nate says he sees jee getting married after he gets out of college. Jee says maybe not that soon, but maybe after he gets his career started. Jee says he wants to establish himself first and make sure he can support his family before he gets married. Nate says he is not sure what he's looking for but he's glad he's out of college and single in the BB house. nate says he is reall picky and if he doesnt' see himself long term with a girl he cuts it off. Jee says he's been with his current gf for almost 3 years and can't find anything wrong with her. Jee says at the 5 year mark if everything is the same he will propose to her.

Aug 05 2003 21:55, Tue capybara   Link
justin finds his FBI shirt , dave did NOT take it !!! Jack gave justin the shirt NT

Aug 05 2003 22:56, Tue TheBigSista   Link
Ali in BY with jack erika and nate she says..................
i really hope dana is going tomorrow as i just said something i really shouldnt have in front of her - i ask jun why she was packing everything (!!!)

Aug 05 2003 22:56, Tue callmejenn   Link
Ali to Jun in front of Dana..."Jun, why are you packing everything?" NT

Aug 05 2003 23:22, Tue Spiderprints   Link
Jun and Dana packing. Jun finds a thong on the floor and asks Dana to come look
at it to see if it's hers or Jun's (like they wear the same size)

Aug 05 2003 23:30, Tue Spiderprints   Link
All 4 feeds on BY with N, Er, Ja, and Ali playing the game. NT

Aug 05 2003 23:31, Tue Spiderprints   Link
Ratbert came outside to refill the HT. Now Ja, Na, Ali and Er are playing Spades. NT

Aug 05 2003 23:42, Tue Spiderprints   Link
Jee in BR clipping his nails on the bed. Dana comes in and says EEEWW why are clipping your nails in bed. Jee says
Watch it or I'll throw a fart at you, I'll give you something to eeew at. It's not like I'm doing my toe nails.

Aug 05 2003 23:53, Tue Spiderprints   Link
Jus and Ro in kitch, ask Jun what she is doing as she walks toward front door with her bag over her shoulder. She starts singing
I'm leaving on a jet plane. Surprisingly no FOTH. BB must be falling asleep tonight.

Aug 05 2003 23:57, Tue Spiderprints   Link
How attractive, Ro sitting on island in Kitch blowing his nose. He was picking it for a few minutes before he decided to blow. NT

Aug 06 2003 00:03, Wed Spiderprints   Link
Ro asked Jun if she was putting soap on the meat. She said no I'm washing my hands. He then asked
if she was getting things ready for lunch tomorrow. She said yes, but I probably won't eat any of it. (Jun pass up food, not likely.) Ro, walked away and Da came up and said she was going to stare at Jun as she worked. Jun said stop. Then FOTH for a sec. When they came back F1, 2 on BY watching Na, Ja, Al, and Er play cards. F3, 4 on Blue BR with Jus and Jee. (Why does BB keep cutting away from Dana and Jun?)

Aug 06 2003 00:13, Wed Spiderprints   Link
3 Stooges talking about if one of them gets HOH
Ro says we have to put a chair outside the door. Jee: Yeah one of us will be there, "You want to go in? Hang I'll check." Ro starts laughing We have to do it, no one has ever done that before. They would show it on TV for sure. ( All they ever think about is how good they will look on tv)