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Aug 06 2003 01:14, Wed livefeedwhore   Link
Ali sitting on living room floor with other HGs, eating her can of mixed nuts
Jun - cashews look like fetuses
Ali - thanks now that I've just eaten about FIVE of them


Aug 06 2003 01:40, Wed livefeedwhore   Link
Jun, Robert, Jack and Nate sitting around in the living room talking about Jee
Jun says that Jee wants to be a guidance counsellor. Jack thinks he would be great at that because he would be good with kids, says he is a very interesting guy that seems to be open to new things. Jun agrees. Robert says Jee is a good kid. Lots of kind words for Jee mixed with a few laughs. Jack calls Jee tenacious, Jun says "ask him to spell that"

Aug 06 2003 01:42, Wed livefeedwhore   Link
HGs razzing Jee about his card tricks, Jee refusing to do any, claims he gets too nervous. Jun says he has stage fright. NT

Aug 06 2003 01:46, Wed livefeedwhore   Link
Erika checking herself out in mirror, Ali hiding behind drawers...jumps out and tries to scare her, Erika doesn't flinch. Nothing major to transcribe.
(but it's nice to see them having fun)

Aug 06 2003 01:55, Wed frustratedposter   Link
Nathan brushing teeth on F1/F2
NB: text in [] are my comments/opinions

Erika done with her bath, and fully dressed again

Lots of laughter all around [seems they are happier tonite than any other nite so far]

Erika asks for Nates toothpaste, Nate kids her not to touch his toothpaste

Justin in kitchen, eating ice cream out of container (same container Jun was using earlier, i think)

Nate walks down hall, Ali hiding by the credenza, and Nate actually scares Ali instead of her scaring him, as planned

[gotta say, Justin does look good in that Cowboy hat]

Jack straightening up the kitchen [perhaps to make his morning a little easer]

Rob and Jee in LR on couches, Jee is trying his card tricks again. Justin pulls up a stool and joins in, while Nate watches, arms crossed, standing by the coffee table. Jack also wanders in to watch

Now Jun in bathroom, washing up. Erika is now in Sand Box, arranging stuff in the semi-darkness. Looks like she is either packing or unpacking, but not sure why

Dana is MIA [already in bed? or just avoiding the group?]

Robert is giving Jee a hard time with the tricks, trying to figure out how he's doing what he's doing. Justin and Jack are laughing at all of this

Ali can be heard all around the house, on or off camera

[really not very interesting, but that's what's going on]

Aug 06 2003 02:09, Wed frustratedposter   Link
Dana has appeared, joining the group in the LR
NB: text in [] are my comments/opinions

doesn't stay long, wanders off to the left, not on cam now

Ali appears to be doing a mini fashion show, deciding on what to wear for the live show. Jun keeps asking if she's gonna wear a bra.

Jack has entered the Sand Box, appears getting ready for bed, taking off shoes and socks, sits on bed, rubbing his eyes

Jun now in LR with Rob/Jee and Dana, Jee trying to do card tricks with her, she looks less than interested

It appears that Erika is simply organizing her drawers. Ali may have borrowed a dress from her for the live show

Jack def getting ready for bed. puts on his pitt sweatshirt [given to him by Justin??]

LR empties out, Dana and Jun are in the Love Room, getting the beds ready for the night.

[it appears we are nearing the end of the night. although they sleep late on Wed, they seem like they may go to sleep soon]

Dana has removed her top, Justin sitting on her ass, getting ready for her daily massage, in Love Room

Nate in Erika's bed in the Sand Box, not really in sleep mode, but looking very tired. Ali is also in that room, playing with her fingers

F3/4 give us two angles of the massage Justin is giving Dana

[pretty boring all around the house]

Aug 06 2003 02:26, Wed frustratedposter   Link
Rob watching the massage action from the door btw the Love room and blue room
NB: text in [] are my comments/opinions

the O8 (-4) now quizzing each other in prep for the HOH competition

[i actually hope it has nothing to do with what they are studying]

Looks like Jun is already in position in her bed in Love Room, covers pulled up so not sure it's her, but it is her usual spot. She's left plenty of room for Dana to climb in after her rubdown (and whatever else Justin has planned for tonite)

Ali has become the quizmaster for the Sand Box study session. All questions seem to be about the house, comps, and current residents [in the past, is seems the quizes at this point in the game are usually about evicted HG, not current ones]

Jee sitting alone in the BY [perhaps planning his last cig for the nite] Rob joins him. They talk very quietly, can't hear well enough to update on them. Jee goes back in house, as robert decides to pick his face in one of the camera windows/mirrors in the yard. Jee returns, cig in hand sits down and lights up. Rob sits and chats with him while Jee smokes. Jee thinks if they loose HOH, he and Justin will be put up. Rob stresses they have to win the HOH

Dana's massage has ended, and Justin now laying next to her, lightly caressing her naked back. The aren't talking [or else are very quiet. actually, the audio on the massage feed is from the BY]

Jee/Rob still seem unclear on POV rules. they are confirming that all can play, and that the POV holder can't go on the block.

Aug 06 2003 02:36, Wed frustratedposter   Link
Ali in BY with Jee and Rob, stopping their HOH, nomination and
NB: text in [] are my comments/opinions

Veto talk.

Ali concerned that somehow Nate has figured out that she has a side deal with the stooges. Wondering who talked? Both Rob and Jee deny it was them, and are trying to figure out who could have spilled the beans.

Rob thinks Dana is the one; says she told Erika that Ali would never put Justin up, at any time in the game. Rob telling Ali not to stress, that Nate doesn't know $hit

Ali telling them she's not worried: Nate and Jack have an alliance

Ali's birthday it tomorrow, she'll be 23. Rob saying it will be great. She got Dana out. It will be great. There will still be a game, but not as bad

Ali wishes them luck and goes inside. Jee getting ready to wash up before bed, and heads off to brush his teeth. Jee follows him inside

Dana and Justin still cuddling under the blanket. Dana slips her top back on.

Rob and Jee in bathroom, Jee rinsing in preparation for his enamel destroying tooth brushing. He sits in one of the chairs [his power brushing takes all his strength]

Jack heads in to WC [so he can sleep for 1/2 or so before he has to get up again]

Aug 06 2003 02:42, Wed Debra_Kadabra ParentRootLink
More on Ali talking about Jack's alliance
She said Jack has an alliance with Nate and Jack has an alliance with Erika. Suggests that it would be a good idea to get rid of Jack because he is the glue that holds "those three" together. It would leave two "stragglers" behind.

Aug 06 2003 02:55, Wed frustratedposter   Link
Rob in his bed in blue room
NB: text in [] are my comments/opinions

Erika and Jack in their beds in Sand Box

Jee still brushing

Jack is assuring Erika that they will be fine. Erika tells him she's not taking the PBJ diet well at all. Erika feels she doesn't want to talk cause what comes out could be cranky or mean, cause her body wants food, and when she gives it food, it's not what she wants. Her body is rebelling, esp since she's so thin, she has no reserve and it's eating at her muscles.

Jee still brushing

F4 Blue room is quiet, but we can hear the the F3 audio on F4

Erika talking about Survivor. It's a million dollars, but those people starve. At least she has PBJ. But Survivor is for a mil, and it's the #1 show. Now she wonders how they are doing in ratings, if people like the XFactor. Jack thinks they do. Erika watched 2 and 3 religiously, unless she forgot to tape an episode, she saw it all. Jack thinks this show has been great, with the Xs

Erika talks about how it started with Scotty. Then the amanda week was kinda boring. Then when Jee was HOH, trying to get Dana put up. Erika felt it just got more exciting after that. NOt that she wanted Dave to leave, but it was exciting, with 3 people total up that week. Jack talking about Dana calling Ali a liar on the live show.

Erika was talking to Justin today and thinks she shed light on some things for him because they were looking at it very narrow minded in terms of maybe Dana didn't have a choice, as she may have been one of the first of the O8 to get booted. Justin argued that she would have been the first of the 8 to go, but Erika told him you can't predict that. the game changes so quickly, from min to min and from week to week. you never know who has alliances, and that the die and new ones come on.

Jack says he told Dana if she thought that she would be the first of the 8 to go, it wasn't really the case. But you can't predict. Erika says you can't predict, nothing goes as planned

Meanwhile, Dana/Justin giggling under the covers in their bed

Jack says someone she trusts, not us, but someone will say to her "what were you thinking. Erika thinks Julie will ask her that [not unless someone writes it one a card for her, actually] Jack says she had one week in charge of the world, and they were all so arrogant. Erika says it's gonna be very different with her gone. Jack says he told robert it will become congenial blood-letting. ERika chuckles. ack says this time tomorrow night, it will be all over, and you will be well fed, if you can hold anything down. ERika says good things come in threes. Jack hopes that good things are gonna happen. Jack can't imagine how Erika feels, smelling the food. Erika asks what they had for dinner. Jack says Chicken, rice and mashed potatoes. Jack isn't in to rice. Erika says how can you not like rice. Says "how can a billion chinks be wrong [arghhhhhhhh, tell me i heard that wrong]. Erika loves rice. Thinks food will taste so good, after a week on PBJ. YOu get a new appreciation for it. She hopes Jack never has to do it. He appreciates that, but feels he should have to at some time, it should be spread around.

Erika asks what Jack said to Dana in farewell speech. He complimented her at having a NY attitude in terms of being a gritty controversial player, and not to take it personally. She simply made a mistake. Says DR wanted him to do it again, encouraged the NY comments. First he said he didn't expect her to make a decision like that, thought they were together.

Jee in LR now, doing leg exercises

Jack says to Erika you didn't say much about Dana. Erika says nope. didn't have much to say. says she warned her. She didn't want to be the one to say i told you so, but i told you so. happened like that (snap) turned around like that.

Jack says she was in HOH bedroom, Julie interviewed her, week later, she's gone. Erika wonders what they will talk about when she is gone. Jack says he said that in DR, but not as part of his message to her.

Dana and Justin still cuddling around. Dana making very strange noises. Jee still exercising

Aug 06 2003 03:28, Wed frustratedposter ParentRootLink
note: i have been told that Erika said Chinese, not chinks
so i'm posting this addendum, and hope that i heard wrong

giving her benefit of the doubt

Aug 06 2003 04:10, Wed frustratedposter ParentRootLink
i have been assured i misheard, so to avoid controversy, please disregard my original terminology
i would edit, but it's too late

Aug 06 2003 03:12, Wed frustratedposter   Link
Erika and Jack quieting down
NB: text in [] are my comments/opinions

Ali on F2 in HOH bed, headphones on

Justin asking Dana to scratch his back, itching from the sun. Thinks it's tan, not burnt, but it itches. Dana has him roll onto his stomach, still rubbing/scratching his back.

Jack asks Erika if she has enuf covers. She says yeah, asks if he is ok. Jack is very comfortable in that room, doesn't know why, but is. Arms behind his head, sign that they will be going to sleep soon.

Dana still rubbing Justin's back. they are whispering, can't hear, but must be funny, cause dana threw her head back and laughed.

Dana says when Julie asks what's up tonite, how will she stop? She'll talk for 20 mins, til julie cuts her off, and she will be mortified

Dana gives Justin a little kiss on his shoulder

Jack snoring, so Sand Box done for the night. Erika will be able to sleep now, she waits for his snore/breathing to fall asleep

Dana doesn't want Julie to tell her where she's going. She wants a surprise. She's excited to be the first one to go out and see the world again [HAHAHAHAHAHAHA] She hopes she gets to watch the HOH comp, or she'll be dying not knowing

Aug 06 2003 03:36, Wed frustratedposter   Link
Justin likes big thick white tube socks
NB: text in [] are my comments/opinions

but can't wear them cause they look so "gay"

Dana agrees, they look "gay"

[so now they are discussing gay socks? geeez, don't they have a vocabulary?]

Dana wishes she had a big t-shirt to give him. something she could leave behind.

Dana thinks that (someone) will have Justin in his phone book as either hobbit or weasel. Justin thinks that funny

Justin up and off to the WC. Camera follows him along his walk. Dana stays in the bed, waiting.

Dana now up, can hear the camera follow her.

Justin does wash his hands and face after WC, then applies something to his face

Dana heads off to the WC

Justin says he's leaving. asks if she is waiting for him to go. Dana says she can't pee if someone is there

Justin heads back, climbs in to his bed. Dana comes back (after washing hands) and Justin asks her to rub some stuff on his back, he's feeling dry. He thanks her, but she's not done rubbing. She says she put a lot on.

Justin asks if Dana sleeps with her bracelet on. She does, ususally. Doesn't bother her, it's pretty loose

Dana now thinking back to where she slept at the beginning. Decides it must have been a cot.

they are now counting beds. perhaps as a possible comp question. decide there are 8 or 9. Dana thinks she's never gonna sleep, but might try.

Justin thanks her again for the cream, back feels so much better.

Justin talking about all the cams and mics, never thought it would be like this. thinks they can throw a bomb party here, with a few kegs. Dana says and people can watch everywhere. BY would be great for music, BB court great as a dance floor

Now talking about Jee snoring, dana was gonna give him a poke. Justin says when you say something to him like "jee shut the FOTH up," he says sorry and stops

Dana accuses Justin of hogging covers. He denies it. Dana says in that bed (points to Jun) you did. Says they were saying he doesn't leave much room. Justin says "really, it's that bad? i'm sorry" she says she didn't care

Justin's feet are freezing. Dana says she is cold also

Dana telling him he looked great in the cowboy hat. he says he'll wear it tomorrow. she calls him a stud

Dana says she's gonna be ready to look the part on the beach or whatever.

talking about prior shows. dana says some dude proposed to someone in BB2. Justin asks if they got married. she says don't think so. he was the one that came to meet her, and put her on the spot in front of julie. Justin says she was prob happy to see his ass leave

[audio cutting out now so post]

Aug 06 2003 03:38, Wed Shadow46and2   Link
About 20 minutes ago, Dana and Justin gave each other hand jobs, both get off, get up go to WC and wash their hands. NT

Aug 06 2003 03:43, Wed Homard ParentRootLink
They were rubbing oil on each other as well, so it wasn't necessarily secretions that they were rinsing off. NT

Aug 06 2003 03:46, Wed frustratedposter   Link
Dana says her friend Jody
NB: text in [] are my comments/opinions

told her she would either go the first week, or to the end. cause people love you but can also hate you

she says, ya know what it is tho... i don't know, it's nothing

Justin talking about the finals, a quick return to pitt, then he was back to LA 30 days later. was there for 10 days before the game. Dana was only there for 7

Justin says he should shut up.

whispering again. heard Justin say "you sound like my mother" but hard to hear the rest

Dana asks why he went back to philly [it's pitt actually] after finals. why didn't he just stay. back to whispering, but something about when he got his key, wanted to call his dad. but no answer. did leave a message that he can't talk, and will see him in 3 months

dana telling her story, but alas, can't hear

Aug 06 2003 04:40, Wed Shadow46and2 ParentRootLink
Yeah, brief argument about when sequester started (June 27th or 28th), Dana was sequestered 7 days, Justin 10 days. Dana says finals week was last week in May, Justin thinks otherwise. NT

Aug 06 2003 03:50, Wed frustratedposter   Link
Dana/Justin starting to quiet down NT

Aug 06 2003 03:54, Wed frustratedposter   Link
Dana moves to Jun's bed' Justin drifting off to sleep
NB: text in [] are my comments/opinions

[updates are over, go in peace]

Aug 06 2003 04:55, Wed Quench   Link
Around the feeds. Not all are sleeping comfortably tonight.
F1 Sandbox Erika having a very restless sleep. Jack is sleeping on his stomach. (first time I've seen)

F2 Ali in the HOH bed wearing headphones and curled up hugging something buried in her blankets. (Nate or Elephant?)

F3 Dana and Jun in Love room double bed. Both of them having restless sleep

F4 Justin in other double bed in Love room sound asleep.

Aug 06 2003 10:38, Wed Anonymous   Link
9:40 BB time and the Bums are still in bed.
hopefully BB decides we need some entertainment for the money we're paying and wake 'em up.

Aug 06 2003 11:41, Wed Lola   Link
BB "HG it's time to get up" NT

Aug 06 2003 11:45, Wed Lola   Link
Jun is in SR. BB annouces that the HOH needs to be cleaned out to prepare for next HOH. Ali says "No problem" NT

Aug 06 2003 11:52, Wed Lola   Link
HG are moving about. Ja, Na, Ali and Jun are up so far. Ali is transferring her things NT

Aug 06 2003 12:00, Wed Lola   Link
Er is also up. It looks like Ali is putting her thinngs in the hall cabinet NT

Aug 06 2003 12:12, Wed Lola   Link
One at a time they're being called to the DR; Nat is shaving; Jun waking around in orange towel NT

Aug 06 2003 12:28, Wed Lola   Link
HG are pulling down inside shades. Jus is making breakfast, still wearing orange towel NT

Aug 06 2003 12:49, Wed Katfsh   Link
No bread! HG's who are on PB&J are complaining that they can't eat PB&J without bread. NT

Aug 06 2003 13:05, Wed Phantom   Link
Ali was speculating earlier about the coming HOH competition.
Apparently she saw into the yard briefly and there were cubes set up (presumably in booths). She and Erika had to take a while to calculate the number of sides that there are on a cube (save yourself the trouble, it's 6), so they were speculating that there would be pictures of HG's on each side for the comp. Erika was wondering who they would be if there were only 6 sides, but Ali insisted that she saw 2 cubes in each position. That could allow for a pic of each HG, minus Scott. That would be fair, they agree. I am posting this now because I saw no mention of it in the PX or Updates when it occurred (maybe an hour ago).

Aug 06 2003 13:55, Wed dianasto51 ParentRootLink
I also heard ali say they needed to cram on evicted people NT

Aug 06 2003 13:24, Wed Katfsh   Link
See turtle eat! - Cam 4 NT

Aug 06 2003 14:37, Wed joannie   Link
All turtle cams switch to FOTH NT

Aug 06 2003 14:39, Wed Lola   Link
For the non feed posters, there's a looong FOTH NT

Aug 06 2003 15:12, Wed Lola   Link
Feeds are back; Er Ja and Ali speculating about comp, lots of whispering then back to FOTH NT

Aug 06 2003 15:12, Wed BuzzardsCrotch   Link
Er, Ja, and Al are talking about a game called "Who said it?"
maybe for the hoh comp? back to FOTH.

Aug 06 2003 15:17, Wed Lola   Link
Feed comes back with someone asking "Did you do it on purpose" and Dana says "Yeah I **** did it on purpose, standing here in my *** towel" NT

Aug 06 2003 15:22, Wed Lola   Link
One on the guys announces that the girls can have the shower all but the last hour.
That an hour will be enoough for the guys.
Then Jus and Dana have a kind of teasing-arguement about her tweezing the hair on her toes
She says "So I'm not perfect, everyone has some little thing. Ya wanna watch, come over her and I'll throw the little stubs on you"
more banter and then she refers to herself as looking like a hairy "Sasquash"

Aug 06 2003 15:25, Wed Lola   Link
Rob is in the shower, Dana is putting stuff on her face, Jus is sitting near by
Dana tells of a friend that did a show called Fear where he had to stay in a coffin with little voo-doo dolls for 6-8 hours with no contact
Rob says I'd never do that
Dana says that he got something like 8,000 for one day
Rob says "Ohhh" like maybe he's considering it

Aug 06 2003 15:33, Wed joannie   Link
Nate and Jack are in the BY studying for the HOH test
They think it is going to be about the evicted HGs. They determine that Amanda is 25 years old because she's 8 years younger than Scott.

Aug 06 2003 15:36, Wed joannie   Link
It appears that Jee has won the practice HOH competition NT

Aug 06 2003 15:43, Wed Grins ParentRootLink
Are you certain you didn't hear Nate referring to Jee winning the Quoridor game instead? NT

Aug 06 2003 15:36, Wed Lola   Link
Er & Al talk about who they want put up next
Er suggests Jus
Al suggests Jun & Je
BB tells Er not to obstruct her microphone
long silence
Ali goes on to say that Jun is the swing vote and that she doesn't trust her
Er says that if Jus does not leave then Jun needs to
Ali says if not one of them then Robert

Aug 06 2003 15:38, Wed joannie   Link
Dana is tweezing Justin's unibrow. NT

Aug 06 2003 15:41, Wed Debra_Kadabra   Link
Ali and Erika
The way I heard it...

Erika says Justin and Jee
Ali says that might not be a bad idea to break up the Jee/Jun alliance but then goes on to say that she beleives that if Justin does not go Jun has to.

Aug 06 2003 15:43, Wed Fritomade   Link
stooges,jun(dan helping) studying for about past HG NT

Aug 06 2003 15:46, Wed Lola   Link
Ja and Er are on patio studying for comp. Talking about colors of shirts, ducks and scores of past comps NT

Aug 06 2003 15:48, Wed Fritomade   Link
Jee is using and electric shaver to shave his toe hairs NT

Aug 06 2003 15:49, Wed Quench   Link
Dana, Jun, Justin and Jee sitting in chairs in the Bathroom area
Jun says I am so full. and groans

Dana says your so full?

Dana who is sitting on Justin's lap. Am I sitting on your full belly?

Justin replies no your sitting on my full unit.

Dana your full unit?

Justin: Ya my full package.

Jun heads to the kitchen.

Dana now sitting on the stool. Shoving a pair of clean panties at Jee while he is shaving his toes.

They are talking about the HOH comp wondering what kind of questions will be asked

Dana just telling them to take their time answering.

Lovely close up of Jee shaving his toes

Aug 06 2003 16:05, Wed Debra_Kadabra   Link
Erika "I don't know what to do" Jack "Go for it, try to win, we'll cover each other" NT

Aug 06 2003 16:09, Wed Fritomade   Link
Ali was called to the DR, to give BB the CD(she had when she was HOH)
she says "They told me to put the case in there, I didn't know I had to give CD back"

Aug 06 2003 16:19, Wed Jovian   Link
Nate tells Ali that he thinks DR was the sandbox last year. She said he is wrong. He says she isnt always right. (lol) NT

Aug 06 2003 16:22, Wed Debra_Kadabra   Link
Nate and Ali in the hammock
Nate talking if they lose HOH to Jun maybe they can convince her to put up Jack and Erika
Ali says Jun won't go for it.
They move on to if Dana stay they know Jack and Erika have doublecrossed them. Nate says Jack and Erika don't need to stay with him and Ali because they know Dana would come after them and Jack and Erika would still be safe.
After some reflection they decide they have to trust Jack and Erika for now

Aug 06 2003 17:11, Wed Twister   Link

Aug 06 2003 17:38, Wed PsychoMike   Link
BB4 Men in Kitchen cleaning... BB4 Women in Bathroom preparing for live show. NT

Aug 06 2003 17:38, Wed bidz_yo   Link
Feeds back, let's check them out...
F1: Justin washing windows
F2: Jee vacuuming, Rat nose blowing
F3: Dana hair dryin'
F4: Jun in BR sitting

Aug 06 2003 17:44, Wed Quench   Link
Justin cleaning the mirrors in the kitchen then moves onto the Sandroom
Erika goes into the Sandroom to make her bed. Justin has put a rubber snake under her covers.

She's on to him. No scream

Lovely shot of Jee Vacuuming the dining room area full blast audio

Now Ali out of the shower. Jun curling her hair.

Robert finished ironing his shirt


Aug 06 2003 18:06, Wed txbluefirefly4   Link
Dana asked Robert if she should wear a small cross necklace.
At first Robert says no then changes his mind. Dana looks nice this evening.

Aug 06 2003 18:08, Wed txbluefirefly4   Link
Jee has lost so much weight that his pants are to big. NT

Aug 06 2003 18:11, Wed txbluefirefly4   Link
Ali and Dana sharing makeup and getting along very nicely. NT

Aug 06 2003 18:18, Wed Quench   Link
Ali and Dana discussing where to put the mic pack. Dana has no room on her dress to put it.
Ali says she had hers under her hair. She only felt it when she leaned back on the couch.

Erika has hers tucked under her dress.

Aug 06 2003 18:28, Wed Quench   Link
Dana saying to Jun that she is leaving Jun's lipstick out to touch up later
Jun says to her. You realize I have to pack my bags.

Aug 06 2003 18:32, Wed Quench   Link
Erika's dress cost her $18 and Jun's cost $13 Ali can't believe it. NT

Aug 06 2003 18:35, Wed Quench   Link
Dana finishes packing and puts her bag by the Door. NT

Aug 06 2003 18:39, Wed bidz_yo   Link
Jee: "You ladies look very nice tonight." NT

Aug 06 2003 18:43, Wed txbluefirefly4   Link
Erika telling Ali that there will only be 3 girls left in the house.
How BB (cameras) will be following them around.

Aug 06 2003 18:45, Wed ktan   Link
As HGs finish preparing, FOTH arrives as expected. Feeds will return at just past 10pm ET NT

Aug 06 2003 19:54, Wed txbluefirefly4   Link
Justin is HOH

Aug 06 2003 19:55, Wed Muse   Link
HOH spoiler
Justin is the new HOH

Aug 06 2003 20:19, Wed capybara   Link
jun in BedR by herself crying, 15 mins after live show NT

Aug 06 2003 20:24, Wed Spiderprints   Link
Jun is now out of bed heading for the......
Kitchen!!! Yep she has grabbed food and is eating as she goes to the WC to hang out with the 3 stooges and start playing the next round of the game.

Aug 06 2003 20:28, Wed Spiderprints   Link
Jus just told Jee that he was putting him up for eviction..
He was only joking. Rob and him were laughing and Jee was getting all upset. Then Jus said I'm putting you up with Nate, don't worry you're safe. Then him and Rob broke out laughing again. Jee wasn't amused.

Aug 06 2003 20:30, Wed Spiderprints   Link
BB: "Houseguests the lockdown is over! Please lift the solid blinds." Jee: Is that a man saying that? They all laugh. NT

Aug 06 2003 20:32, Wed Spiderprints   Link
The Gerbils go outside. The pool has been covered. NT

Aug 06 2003 21:01, Wed jaylight   Link
Ali to Jun :Whats my name outside the house ALI-whora? NT

Aug 06 2003 21:03, Wed BuzzardsCrotch   Link
Jun & Ali in BR Jun admits she was crying...
she said she has a soft side. They are also discussing how they are portrayed on the show. Ali said "what's my name Ali-hora."

Jun is telling Ali that she will be safe this week because she did not put Just up last week.

Ali says to jun "were going to be in playboy together" Jun screams "no, I cant do that"

Aug 06 2003 21:04, Wed bidz_yo   Link
Ali (in reference to there only being 3 girls left) ....
"It's gonna be a big sausage fest in here in a week and a half."


Aug 06 2003 21:18, Wed bidz_yo   Link
Nate: "Man, that question was so rigged for him." (meaning Justin)
Nate goes on to complain about Robert celebrating when he hasn't "done anything"

Nate is off complaining with Jack... Erika in background

Aug 06 2003 21:21, Wed Fritomade   Link
Nat is outside with Ja and he is just going on..and on..and on..and on..
about how unfair the last ques. about ali was..the question was messed up and didn't make sense..jus is the only one who could have known about the ali ques...he just keeps going none stop..ja keeps changing subj. but nat keeps going back. nat is highly nervous and paranoid..

Aug 06 2003 21:22, Wed Spiderprints   Link
Nate says that Jun and Jee are going to be the final two. "Mark my words I'm always right." NT

Aug 06 2003 21:22, Wed Quench   Link
Nate and Jack outside Erica outside but off camera
Talking about how Robert is jumping for joy but he hasn't done anything. He hasn't won any competitions. How they (jack, nate, erika) had their chance last week to get rid of Justin and didn't

They are talking about the veto and food competitions. Whether Quoridor will be part of it. They figure it would be too unwielding to play.

They are talking about BB3 and whether Roddy went the 5th week. Because he was up on the block so many times. Figured it out at Chiara, Josh, Roddy.

Nate says Mark my words. Jee and Jun in the finals and Jee will win it.

Jack saying Jee has outstanding reason for winning the money.

Ali comes out and talking about food and when meal will be here.

Aug 06 2003 21:23, Wed bidz_yo   Link
Nate says...
(paraphrasing) Mark my words, and I'm always right about these things, Jun and Jee are gonna be the final two and Jee's gonna win it cause of the votes.

Aug 06 2003 21:24, Wed Spiderprints   Link
Rob in LR with Je and Jun and says: "I wonder if she (Dana) will be mad when she the DR. When she sees me calling her crazy." NT

Aug 06 2003 21:27, Wed Fritomade   Link
Rob says "I wonder if she'll be mad at me, for calling her crazy in the DR"(dana)[ i doubt it, but the whacked B!tch thing might piss her Awwff] NT

Aug 06 2003 21:27, Wed Quench   Link
Jee Jun Robert and Erika in LR
They were wondering if Dana is going to see the DR entries.

Erika: Feels quiet already

Robert talking about how Dana couldn't handle it in the house

Jun saying Dana said BB put her in the house knowing she would go bezerk

Jun talking about how Ali got called up on her flirting but Jun says we all use our femine wiles.

Erika said she was waiting for the 2nd half of the question Julie asked her about being the Big Sister of the house.

Aug 06 2003 21:31, Wed PsychoMike   Link
Erika and Jun begin talking about handlers and Jun says "John told me..." and then FOTH. NT

Aug 06 2003 21:32, Wed PsychoMike ParentRootLink
Change "handlers" to "producers"... they were talking about what they were told regarding being evicted and being told how to act. NT

Aug 06 2003 21:31, Wed Fritomade   Link
they are talking about BB and jun started saying (one of DR BB?)"John told me"(with a smile) the FOTH AAAHHH... NT

Aug 06 2003 21:34, Wed Quench   Link
Jun mentioning that it feels like she is in a daze. Asking Erika if she felt the same way
the week she was on the block and Michelle left.

Jun glad she talked to Dana and defused some of the anger the day before eviction.

Erika saying BB told her when she was up on the block to be classy, go out being herself. Not angry

Jun:John told me... FOTH

Back and talking about the week Michelle went and how they fooled Michelle and the stooges.

Now talking about Dana and how Dana lost it whenever the exes were talking to their exes.

(this is amusing considering its 2 of the ex couples.)

Dana had bionic hearing. could hear everyone. How she knew every angle of every mirror.

Ali has now joined them

Aug 06 2003 21:35, Wed Quench   Link
Ali's Birthday tomorrow
She says she will be 23 in 25 minutes Pittsburg time.

Aug 06 2003 21:36, Wed PsychoMike   Link
Tomorrow is Alison's Birthday... she'll be 23. NT

Aug 06 2003 21:39, Wed PsychoMike   Link
Just in HOH now...
Got a pocket flask, wrestling shoes, old maid cards, pictures of a Terrier named Logan, Heineken, M&Ms, butterfingers.

Aug 06 2003 21:40, Wed Spiderprints   Link
LOL Jus got Lunchables in the HOH fridge!! NT

Aug 06 2003 21:41, Wed Fritomade   Link
He also got lunables, and his own stock of coke..he got alot of stuff.. NT

Aug 06 2003 21:42, Wed Quench   Link
Justin in the HOH now
Wrestling shoes. Pic of his Dogs. He had a dog a terrier who died last year. His mother sent the dog's plaque which it won. He's had it since he was 5 years old.
Velvet Robe
Jee checking out fridge Heininkin, Butterfingers, Chips Hagan Daas.

Basket contains lots of food

Cards - Old Maid

Aug 06 2003 21:43, Wed PsychoMike   Link
Everybody is in HOH except Nate. NT

Aug 06 2003 21:46, Wed Spiderprints   Link
Everyone has left the HOH room except Jus and Ratbert who has taken his favourite spot in the corner chair. NT

Aug 06 2003 21:50, Wed PsychoMike   Link
Girls in the Orange Room, Stooges in HOH, Nate playing solitaire, Jack-unknown. NT

Aug 06 2003 21:51, Wed Spiderprints   Link
Jack teaching Nate how to play solitaire in the LR.
(I guess he figures Nate will be alone a lot in the next week !!)

Aug 06 2003 21:51, Wed Fritomade   Link
He also got uno..peanut butter M&M's NT

Aug 06 2003 21:51, Wed Quench   Link
Justin lifts up his shoes. had them in high-school
The 2 years he won state he wore them.

Robert talking about getting them bronzed, his mother got his baby shoes bronzed.

Robert says when he was out with Nate he was sitting in the Eviction chair and saying how he would have to get used to it.

Justin saying that at least he knows his place.

Robert and Jee can't eat for another 10-15 minutes and Justin sucking back the M&Ms

Aug 06 2003 21:52, Wed Fritomade   Link
they are waiting for their food(thai) to get there at 9pm.. NT

Aug 06 2003 21:53, Wed Fritomade   Link
Rob says dan is gonna jump up and down and go crazy when she finds out jus won HOH NT

Aug 06 2003 21:55, Wed bruhe   Link
the three stooges think they will be for ever known as the "dream team" going into the VIP sections. more like the "dream on team" NT

Aug 06 2003 21:55, Wed Spiderprints   Link
Ratbert thinks that after the show everyone will call them the Dream Team NT

Aug 06 2003 21:55, Wed PsychoMike   Link
Braveheart Reference
Robert is going on about how Dana will be watching the feeds and will be so happy because she sacrificed herself to save the Stooges.

Justin says "Its like William Wallace, man."

Robert says "we're gonne be called the 'Dream Team' when we get out of this house for a long time." States he is gonna make reservations in Las Vegas for the "Dream Team".

Aug 06 2003 21:55, Wed Quench   Link
Justin explaining Old Maid to Jee but he is not sure how the game ends.
Robert saying Dana went out for a cause. To get us further.

Justin saying to Jee you want some popcorn. Jee saying I can't eat right now. Ya but later

Robert is saying we are going to be called the "dream team" long after we are out of this house (ROFL)

Robert: The Dream Team from BB is coming into the club to the VIP section (ROFL)

Aug 06 2003 21:56, Wed Fritomade   Link
Rob saying people outside the house are going to be calling them the Dream Team
They are gonna go to clubs and VIP sections and people are gonna yell look it's the dream team..(LOL)

Aug 06 2003 21:56, Wed Spiderprints   Link
Jun walked into the HOH room eating!!! (what a shock). NT

Aug 06 2003 21:58, Wed Quench   Link
Jee can now smell the food. He is in heaven. 5 more minutes til they eat
They said to Jun you can't say your hungry when you've been eating all week

Aug 06 2003 21:59, Wed Quench   Link
Justin talking about the rules of Old Maid Ali reading the rules
He is talking about how he played it with his Grandmother and Great-Aunt.

Aug 06 2003 21:59, Wed Spiderprints   Link
Their food has arrived. Someone off camera (Er) says I can smell the food!! Jun says
Oh good as she takes another bite of the food she is already eating.

Aug 06 2003 21:59, Wed Fritomade   Link
Jee says he wants to get drunk tonight NT

Aug 06 2003 22:00, Wed Fritomade   Link
food here, jee runs from the hoh faster than i have ever seen him..(lol) NT

Aug 06 2003 22:02, Wed Quench   Link
Ali playing with HOH key on the ribbon then walks out of the HOH with it to the SR to get the food
Everyone getting food. Nathan still sitting at the Coffee Table. He slowly gets up.

The food is brought to the table. They are Diving in.

Ali says to Justin _ Oh I still have your key like I still think it's mine.

Jee - Oh my goodness looking at the food. OMG OMG he can hardly wait to eat

Ali opening the wine.

Aug 06 2003 22:03, Wed Spiderprints   Link
Ratbert is picking food right out of the serving trays and shoving in his mouth as the others are still taking the covers off. NT

Aug 06 2003 22:05, Wed Fritomade   Link
Ali hasn't touched the food, she goes straight for the liquor.(LOL) There is ALOT of Booze..
They are gonna make me stay up late to watch them get

Aug 06 2003 22:05, Wed Quench   Link
Jack saying - Nice going Jun-Bug. They are all eating Erika scarfing down the food
Jun explaining the different kinds of food. Peanut sauce.

Jee saying there is a dish of cucumbers and onions.

Jee will finish every single one of these to Justin.

Erika back for Seconds already

Nate not at the table. He spilt something - wine - water - soda on himself in the kitchen and on the floor.

Aug 06 2003 22:07, Wed Quench   Link
Jee is eating so fast he is shoveling it in as fast as he can.
He looks like a man possessed. Great fork fulls of food and washing it down with wine.

Aug 06 2003 22:08, Wed Fritomade   Link
Je,er,rob, and jack are so happy now, shoveling food(food does look good)..
erk and rob aren't breathing i think(I am so happy they are eating..i felt sorry for

Aug 06 2003 22:08, Wed TheBigSista   Link
Ali is asking what everything is
has this girl never eaten oriental food - what a sheltered life, nate dropped something in the kitchen but has finally joined them in the eating.

The pb&j folks are really enjoying the tucker.

Just heard junzilla tell nate to try the rice.

ali to erika - your shovelling it in. (hope they have tums on hand!)

and junzilla is eating = does that girl ever get full.

Someone to jee - couldnt hear - jee your already getting fatter.

lots of sound of eating.

Aug 06 2003 22:09, Wed Fritomade   Link
Jee looks like a chipmonk his mouth is so boy was starving) NT

Aug 06 2003 22:12, Wed Spiderprints   Link
Jus: Slow down Jee, slow down. Ali: Breath Er breath. NT

Aug 06 2003 22:12, Wed Fritomade   Link
couple of people say "slow down jee, slow down"(LOL) ali says "breathe erika"lol NT

Aug 06 2003 22:12, Wed Quench   Link
The quantity and spice of food has now hit Erika. She has slowed right down and now holding her head
Justin telling Jee to slow down. He has been eating non-stop for at least 10 minutes

Aug 06 2003 22:13, Wed TheBigSista   Link
justin chomping away like the neanderthal he is! you could almost visuals the knuckles scrapping on the floor as he walks! NT

Aug 06 2003 22:13, Wed Fritomade   Link
Jun "I wonder if they all laugh watching us eat" Then she says "seeing us all run out with tinfoil" NT

Aug 06 2003 22:14, Wed TheBigSista   Link
Nathan sat as table drinking but not really eating. NT

Aug 06 2003 22:15, Wed Fritomade   Link
jee and rob putting more food on their plates..lots of beer cans on the table..1 bottle of wine(almost empty..spicy food makes drunk people.LOL) NT

Aug 06 2003 22:19, Wed Fritomade   Link
BB did not give them any coke for dinner, only alcohol(rob does not drink..inconsiderate..I have to bow to this man for still staying sobber
in that house.) Jus gave him one of his HOH cokes..(very inconsiderate for rob BB)

Aug 06 2003 22:20, Wed Spiderprints   Link
Nat called to DR. He walks in, FOTH. Feeds came back and showed him sitting in DR saying What's up, the FOTH! NT

Aug 06 2003 22:20, Wed TheBigSista   Link
Nathan called to DR i think he is relieved....
that he no longer has to pretend to eat the food - he got up cleared his plate and went -

Jee just asked what he ate - ali and jun both said chicken and steak and at least he ate something.

Aug 06 2003 22:21, Wed Fritomade   Link
they say nat only ate chicken and steak..wouldn't try anything else (crazy..that food is making me NT

Aug 06 2003 22:23, Wed Fritomade   Link
Jee "are they gonna show this on TV, because I just ate like a beast"
ali "I hope they show it on TV"
Jack "the internet people"
[Thanks for thinking of us Jack ]

Aug 06 2003 22:24, Wed Fritomade   Link
Looks like jun may be the only one still eating...jee says he gonna eat more(after he rests his NT

Aug 06 2003 22:26, Wed Spiderprints   Link
Er looked like she was about to throw up, then started eating again NT

Aug 06 2003 22:28, Wed Fritomade   Link
jee back to eating (even though they say they are
erk says it feel good to feel full like she does.

Aug 06 2003 22:28, Wed Spiderprints   Link
Ok, now it's official. Jun is the last one left at the table eating. Looks like no leftovers tonight NT

Aug 06 2003 22:28, Wed TheBigSista   Link
the last person at the table is...
JUNZILLA everybody else has left but she is still chomping away!!

Aug 06 2003 22:29, Wed Fritomade   Link
Rob and jee joking..rob to jee
"I don't ever want to be on your team again, I never want to see your face on my team"
Jee "I never want to see you packing a pipe again" ( comp)

Aug 06 2003 22:31, Wed Fritomade   Link
jee to jus and rob
"Now I am going to go have a cigarette, this sh!t deserves a cigarette..I don't care what anyone says" LOL

Aug 06 2003 22:38, Wed Fritomade   Link
stooges and jun outside talking nat,when jus won hoh, etc..
they thinking jack and nat up..with nat to leave...

Aug 06 2003 22:43, Wed Fritomade   Link
Jus says he really wants to be the one to take nat out..
[I would really love to stay up and listen to them talk and get drunk,but east coast is very late....sorry..Good night all]

Aug 06 2003 22:44, Wed Quench   Link
Jun Jee Justin Robert in BY Jee having after dinner smoke.
Jun saying to Justin to put up Jack. Robert saying Jack thinks he is gunning for Erika to go. Justin says he is buddy with Jack though. They are saying it's a game nothing personal.

Jun says earlier about how Dana said she had OCD like 80 thousand times while she was here.

Robert thinks that Dana is partying and having a great time.

Talking about the HOH comp and how Justin won it

Justin saying Jee would you win something already. Jun saying we are 4 and they are 3. (She is forgetting someone. Or maybe she is adding Ali on their side)

Feed cuts to LR Jack Erika Nate talking about how Ali screwed up last week and now Justin has won the HOH. And how they have to win the competitions. doing the what if scenarios.

Aug 06 2003 22:51, Wed Quench   Link
Nate mimicking Robert " That's so great. That's awesome." Feed cuts to BY
If Erika wins Veto and uses it. Justin will have to put Ali up against Nate. Jun says Ali will go. Justin says no. I want Nate to go first.

Jack freaks Jun out. She feels uncomfortable the way he talks to her or touches her.

Robert thinks the longer they are on TV the better. Now they are saying Erika said that too and they are calling her a freak.

Note: Ali is no where to be seen anywhere.

Erika comes out and sits on the sofa beside Jun. The conversation switches to the amount of food they have eaten.

Aug 06 2003 22:52, Wed Quench ParentRootLink
Ali was in the DR. Justin now to the DR NT

Aug 06 2003 22:52, Wed Quench   Link
Jun : Man I am Full. NT

Aug 06 2003 22:53, Wed Fritomade   Link
while I was writting last post, the feed changed to nat ,erk,jack in LR
Nat is so ticked that the stooges now have the upper hand..he upset with ali that they are in this position..he knows he is going up and ja says he messed with dana(when dana was paranoid) yesterday, to throw them a loop.They know that right now the other side is outside making plans on who is going up. nat mad cause they are happy(stooges) Nat then started making fun of Rob when jus won hoh, jumping ,laughing, hugging jus..nat is really worried and very aggitated right now. When talking about rob when jus won hoh he says"Oh why don't you(pause) just do something Rob"(?)[not sure what he meant by that, but was aggitated when he said it, don't think he knew what to say..he says he was thinking that when rob was happy with jus winning]

Aug 06 2003 22:57, Wed Quench   Link
Group now outside - Ali going to set up the HT. Justin in DR
Talking about the Food competition tomorrow and do they think they will use the Quoridor game. They think that might be used for the luxury challenge (so they know one is coming).

Trying to figure out how that would play out with that many ppl.

Feeds timed out

Aug 06 2003 23:00, Wed Quench   Link
Speculating whether Dana's friends/family were there to meet her.
Jun saying that we all know from now on we will be sequestered.

Jee:It's good for TV to have someone from your family there

Jun: But they don't want them to be whispering anything to you. But you might get a letter or phone call.

Aug 06 2003 23:06, Wed Quench   Link
Justin out of the DR. Robert goes to get the Butterfingers from the HOH room
Nathan calls as he is going in. Ya bring out all the Butterfingers.

Robert hands some to Nathan when he came out. Nathan says Thanks man appreciate it to Justin.

Aug 06 2003 23:09, Wed Quench   Link
Ali is in her bikini covered up by a sweater and pair of shorts trying to convince the others
to come into the HT with her. She won't go in by herself she keeps pacing the BY. From Nathan to the loungers where Jee and Justin are sitting. Robert has now shifted to sit beside Jee and Justin. Leaving the others by the chairs and sofa.

Jun cuddled up in one of the arm chairs drinking a coffee.

Aug 06 2003 23:13, Wed Quench   Link
Jun talking about how Ali gets asked a question every week from Julie
America loves you Ali. You put on your pageant face when you are talking to her

Ali talking about her conversation with Julie in the HOH tonight She asked me about the Bible, Jun has stunned look on her face. Asked me about Nate.

Jun gets up and says yet again. I need to digest. Starts walking around away from the group.

Aug 06 2003 23:23, Wed Quench   Link
Ali talking about when he was signing the contract at her house
Sitting at the kitchen table with her dad and Donny. Her dad saying that if you need to kiss someone to get further in the game that is okay. Donny was upset. They went downstairs in the basement and he started crying. Justin starts laughing -What a bitch He was downstairs. He was crying what a f@ggot

Donny probably not watching the shows because he can't handle it. His buddies probably watched the first show and told him about how Justin came into the house.

Donny cannot deal with it that Justin is in the house. Justin smiling and nodding. Ya he can't handle that sh*t

Erika and Nathan now in the HT. Robert goes over to check the knobs - on the heater.

Ali saying I am not a sl_t I am a flirt.

Now they are teasing Jee about how hard his nipples are. And Rob was the first person to point that out.

Aug 06 2003 23:27, Wed Quench   Link
Ali asking Jun how is she feeling now that Dana is gone.
Better I was feeling uncomfortable because I couldn't talk to anyone without her wondering what I was talking about to ppl.

And now they are talking about how when Dana was leaving and Justin pulled back as she leaned in for a kiss.

Talking about how she looked cute in the dress but not sexy in it. But she thought she did.

Aug 06 2003 23:30, Wed Quench   Link
In the Kitchen with Jee and Justin and Jack
Talking about wine tasting conventions. and the 5 S's