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Aug 07 2003 01:02, Thu Jovian   Link
Erika in the HOH with the stooges.
She tells them she is pretty sure they are going to put up Nathan. They concur. They ask her if she wins veto, will she use? Erika says no. They ask if they have her word on that. She says they do. They tell her that it is going to be Nathan and Jack. And if either of them win veto, then they will have to put her up (Erika).

(Ed. Note - These guys reveal waay too much. Basically exposed Ali as aligned with them for stating that Erika will go up if veto is used)

Aug 07 2003 01:10, Thu Babygirl25   Link
Justin, Jee and Rob in HOH
Justin, Rob, and Jee were in the HOH and Erika knocked at the door they were playing doorman with her Jee asked Justin if he would see her and he said yes she had 5 minutes they were all laughing. Erika asked Justin if she was being put up, she said that Dana told her she would be. Justin said that it would depend and Erika asked depend on what? He said what she would do with the veto if she wasn't put up. Erika said she would not use it. They told her that she could probably figure out who they were gunning for,she answered Nathan, they said yes. Erika tried to talk them into not putting Jack up as a pawn but Justin said he had to he couldn't put Ali up because she saved them last week. Erika said she understood. Justin also told her that if Nathan or Jack gets the veto and takes themselves off she would probably go up. This is my first post i hope it's okay.

Aug 07 2003 01:10, Thu I_Should_Be_Working   Link
Jack to Justin, Robert and Jee in the HOH
Just remember guys...if your every in trouble...

I can't get you out of jail!

Aug 07 2003 01:18, Thu DC1 ParentRootLink
He said I Can get you out...not can't. :) NT

Aug 07 2003 01:36, Thu I_Should_Be_Working ParentRootLink
You're right. I really shouldn't be posting this late...sorry! NT

Aug 07 2003 02:05, Thu HafManHafAmazing ParentRootLink
That's a good one actually.
Get in those young guys heads.

Aug 07 2003 01:19, Thu Babygirl25   Link
Erika and Jack in sandbox
I came into this conversation at the end, and Jack was saying that if he goes up against Nate and wins the veto and the stooges give him confirmation that Nate is leaving then he won't exercise the veto. Erika said it wouldn't matter because the would have the votes to get rid of Nathan and that it would be a compliment to him because they would be saying your a strong competitor. Then Erika was called to the diary room and she said, really?

Aug 07 2003 01:26, Thu Babygirl25   Link
Nate and Jun in orange room
Nate is trying to justify to Jun why he used the veto on Ali. He says he felt that he was basically alone and that he couldn't trust Erika and Jack at the time and that he had to veto Ali for himself so he had someone. Jun was trying to explain to him why it made Dana so mad was because they didn't want to see David go yet even though he was a strong competitor. Nathan asked why not go after Jack then and Jun said that David was a stronger competitor than Jack so he needed to go.

Aug 07 2003 01:31, Thu Babygirl25   Link
Allison, Rob, Jee and Justin playing old maid in HOH NT

Aug 07 2003 01:31, Thu Babygirl25 ParentRootLink
Allison lost NT

Aug 07 2003 02:04, Thu max1204   Link
Ali tells Jee, Nate no longer her friend...he was, but "then he turned gay" NT

Aug 07 2003 02:09, Thu max1204   Link
Jack and Erica say they're jinxed
Erica says she doesn't want to see Nate go. Jack says he's enjoyed Nate's company. They agree that everyone who has associated with them has gone (Amanda, David, etc.).

Jack says he'd like to see a headline in the L.A. papers that says "Dark Side makes finals." (Ed. note: Dark Side is the exes and the people they are allied with.)

Aug 07 2003 13:30, Thu _WatchIt_ ParentRootLink
Actually "dark side" was original name for Erika, Jack, Dave, (Scott) alliance NT

Aug 07 2003 02:12, Thu max1204   Link
Erica and Jack whispering
They are talking about a statement Jun made (apparently about Ali, but I didn't catch which one). Jack says Nate and Jun area lying to each other (about what, he doesn't say).

E: Oh my God, we've lost it (she laughs).
(Jack leaves to go to bathroom.)

Aug 07 2003 02:13, Thu max1204   Link
HGs reminded by BB tomorrow is food competition NT

Aug 07 2003 02:16, Thu max1204   Link
Justin says Erica never lied to him
Justin says Ali's lucky she made a deal with the Stooges last week. (They are in HoH room -- 3 Stooges and Ali.) Justin says he values honesty.

Ali is now lying to 3 Stooges about what the Alliance's intentions were. She says they were never really after the exes -- they just didn't like that they were there. She says she wasn't talking "sh*t" about Justin; in fact, she says, she told the Alliance that she complimented him. (Ed. note: BS!)

Aug 07 2003 02:20, Thu max1204   Link
Ali talking about secret deal with 3 Stooges
She says Nate has figured it out; she never told him.

Justin: He's (Nate's) head honcho in his town.
Robert: Sh*t doesn't work out here.
Justin: You can tell he's got 3 sisters. He's got the emotions of a f*cking girl. He's a girl in a guy's body.

Ali brings up the gay thing. Jee mentions Nate flirting with him. Ali says that she thinks she was Nate's "decoy." Ali reminds them of the competition where the question was are any of the contestants "openly gay." Stooges ask, then why did he kiss Michelle? Alison says kisses mean nothing in this house.

Ali says she thinks her boyfriend committed suicide a couple of weeks ago (because of her actions with Nate and others).

Switching feeds...

Aug 07 2003 02:28, Thu max1204   Link
Erica to Jack: "Now they're (Stooges) calling themselves the Dream Team!"
Jack: Oh my God. You know, you get so high the fall is murderous.
E: The fall is so low. Then you realize there are only 2 competing.

Erica says she's been surprised how strong Jee has been in the competitions. Robert has been weak, he says.

Jack: Yeah, he's (Robert) been wrapped around Justin's balls.
E: Ali really betrayed me...I would have never done that to you (Jack), or David.

Erica says since Ali got second chance, she owed Nate. "I think it'll come bite her in the ass," Erica says. "I think it will," Jack says. He says he thinks her chances of winning are lower, adding he thinks Jun would "go after Ali in a heartbeat."

Erica says she will approach Jun later today (after they sleep obviously) and say they need to go after Ali "later." She says she thinks it will be her, Jack, Jun and Jee will go after Ali.

Aug 07 2003 02:32, Thu max1204   Link
Nate's back, talking to Jun
He's talking about when he was sequestered before the show began. Jun says he never looked happy then. She says she thought he was just conceited and "putting on your game face."

Aug 07 2003 02:39, Thu max1204   Link
FOTH all feeds NT

Aug 07 2003 02:45, Thu max1204   Link
Nate talking about HoH competition
He says exes have unfair advantage in the HoH competitions because they know more stuff (about their exes). Jun says Scott should have been an answer today instead of Ali.

Nate says Ali is so dramatic (ed. note: really?). He tells Jun he didn't know she had a boyfriend until like a week or two ago.

They talk about her speech on live show. They make fun of her saying she has to "do anything to get by" (talking to Donnie). They say that's "horrible."

Jun says she's surprised Justin and Dana developed some type of relationship. Jun says Justin said he'd never develop any non-physical kind of relationship (ed. note: this is true, he did say this). Justin said Dana is crazy, Jun says.

They can't believe Erica and Robert went out. They say he doesn't look 33.

Aug 07 2003 02:45, Thu max1204   Link
Ali and Jee in HoH with lights off alone NT

Aug 07 2003 02:49, Thu max1204   Link
Ali talking about her needs in a guy
She says he has to be the center of attention. Jee asks if her boyfriend needs to put her on a pedestal. She says yes. (Ed. note: During this conversation, she talks about Donnie as if they're still a couple.) She says Justin will make some girl really happy someday, but she and he have no chance.

Ali says she got back together in early April with Donnie. But Donnie took a girl to a prom, and she found out through a friend. She doesn't know if they had sex, and she says he lies to her face "to this day." She says Donnie has cheated on her five or six times, and she admits trust is an issue in her relationship but she's so "forgiving." Jee says she's being too easy; she shouldn't give guys that much leeway.

She says girls were calling Donnie leaving messages while she was in BB finals. She says she doesn't think he's being faithful while she's gone.

Aug 07 2003 02:53, Thu max1204   Link
Ali to Jee: "I feel guilty because we (she and Donnie) didn't break up" before show
She says she's been a terrible girlfriend. She says two Christmases ago, he paid for her to fly to Mississippi (ed. note: my home!) where his grandparents live (and his family would be). He apparently screwed around with someone just before she was to go down there.

Aug 07 2003 03:01, Thu max1204   Link
Justin told (in person) sound people asked that he be more careful with his microphones NT

Aug 07 2003 03:23, Thu max1204   Link
Jack predicts he and Nate will be nominated...Jack will be pawn
He says all they can do is go after the veto. "That's what happen when you don't get (HoH)," Jack says. I think (they were whispering, hard to hear) Jack says "your commmitment's up," meaning that no hard feelings if Nate used veto to get himself off block.

(I'm really going to bed now! [Actually, watching tape of live show] Someone else keep posting please!)

Aug 07 2003 03:30, Thu max1204   Link
Justin almost "slipped it in"
He says especially this past week since Dana knew she was leaving. He says every time he got into the hot tub with Dana, they got freaky, including when others were in there -- 5 or 6 incidents. He says that Jun knew what was going on because of the faces Dana made. He would get a boner every time he got in the hot tub with her. "Just my type. Feisty too," Justin says.

The 3 Stooges are celebrating, they announce, since Mo (aka Justin) won HoH.

Aug 07 2003 03:42, Thu max1204   Link
Jee f*ckin' drunk
He says the f- word every sentence. Threatens everyone who messes with him as he brushes his teeth. Other Stooges laugh at him. Justin says about right now, if Dana was in the house, he'd be getting a message and "grabbin' some ass....It was just enough to get me by, you know," Justin says.

Aug 07 2003 03:49, Thu frustratedposter   Link
as i start the feeds, Erika is a the sand box door
NB: text in [] is my comments/opinions

trying to listen to the WetDream Team talking in their chairs near the Bathroom. erika stares in to the camera and gives it a dirty look, since it is making noise following her towards the door.

The WetDream team is very animated, lots of talking all at once, so hard to pick out conversation

Groups moves towards the kitchen, still picking at the food that is left.

Erika and Jack join them for a short time. they start saying their goodnights. They move off, and Jack and Nate are back near the tub for a short time. [i didn't listen to them at that time]

the wetdream team moves out to the BY. the rest of the HGs start saying their goodnights. Ali and Nate are seperated, one in blue room, one in love room. ali says goodnight to nate, he mumbles something. ali says GOODNIGHT NATE and Nate says goodnight

the wetdream team starts doing mock sobriety tests out in the BY, walking a straight line and stuff like that

robert goes on and on about it being a good night. they are very excited. Jee says he is going to have another cig, and Rob/Justin tell him he already had one. Jee doesn't care, and justin jokes "you're on the block, dude"

more talk about how they had a great night. robert is amazed that not only are they still in the game, but that it's all 3 of them still here

Justin is sitting on the porch couch, looking quite pleased. robert and jee feeling quite pleased also. jee still finishing up his cig. justin and rob start going inside, and jee complains that they are leaving him behind. they say he's still smoking a cancer stick. he says they could still wait for him. jee asks just if he's gonna brush his teeth. just says he did already

justin picks up the basketball, jee warns him not to break the mirrors

[jee seems very drunk at the moment]

justin "jee, will you give me head?

Jee "what the foth is wrong with you, you guido

robert at sink, picking his teeth and face in the sink mirror. we are blessed to only see it from the side

Ai, nate, erika nand jack are all in bed. [i assume jun is also in bed, can't seeher]

justin in andout of wc, rob moves to chair, and jee begins to brush his teeth. justin walks away from the others,then comes back in only his skivies. he washes up, while jee continues to brush. justin jokes again to jee not to be surprised if he winds up on the block. justin joins rob in the bathroom chairs, watch jee as he continues to brush his teeth. justin says "come on man, hurry up" all laugh, jee almost falls in to the tub laughing. justin threatens to put jee on the block if he doesn't hurry up. says come on spit man. come already. i'm fothing tired. [the wonderful boy talk starts, i'll spare you the details of their talking about women]

jee still brushing his teeth

justin and rob get up, again tell jee to hurry up. jee says fothing go to bed, what do i care. they get up, laughing in a drunken way and walk off, as jee is [you guessed it] still brushing his teeth

rob and justin stop at the kitchen. justin peeks around the corner at jee. then moves to island. they tell jee to hurry up, they are waiting for him, but jee is.... still brushing his teeth

rob/justin are on cloud 9. they can't wait until they get up. they start examining the cameras in the kitchen. jee finally finishes, and rinses ans spits. then a shot of mouthwash. rob/justin getting impatient waiting, now staring at the memory wall. making comments about the differnt pictures.

jee joins them as they head towards the HOH room. they go in with him to say goodnight. then they leave, turning off the lights as they go. justin lounging on the bed, then gets up, and grabs his headphones and rearranges his pillows. he settles into the bed, on his back, headphones on

Aug 07 2003 03:52, Thu frustratedposter   Link
jee and rob head to the blue room
NB: text in [] is my comments/opinions

jee goes off to the LR, and starts exercising on the floor, behind. [not sure where rob is]

around the house; F1 Jee exercising; f2 jack/erika in sand box; f3 justin in HOH bed; f4 looks like ali in a love room bed, all alone

no talk, so post

Aug 07 2003 04:01, Thu frustratedposter   Link
jee done exercising
NB: text in [] is my comments/opinions

and the house is quiet

[didn't see where jee went, was AFA for a few]

i assume it's like this:

HOH justin w/headphones, alone
Sand Box Jack and Erika in their usual spots
Nate/Rob/Jee in the blue room
Ali/jun in love room

as they are quiet, post

Aug 07 2003 06:28, Thu frustratedposter   Link
jun up, in the BY lowering the shades
NB: text in [] is my comments/opinions

[don't have audio on, so assuming BB asked her to]

Aug 07 2003 09:02, Thu Strange_Brewster   Link

Aug 07 2003 09:03, Thu SleeplessOnLI   Link
BB: "Good morning HG's. You have one hour until the food competition." NT

Aug 07 2003 09:03, Thu BuzzardsCrotch   Link
BB: good morning HG's you have 1 hour till the food comp NT

Aug 07 2003 09:07, Thu Spiderprints   Link
Jack is up and washing in WC, now going back to bed NT

Aug 07 2003 09:07, Thu BuzzardsCrotch   Link
Jack gets up goes into the WC
for a really really long peepee. Then goes back to bed.

Aug 07 2003 09:13, Thu Spiderprints   Link
Good morning HGs it's time to get up for the day. No one moves LOL NT

Aug 07 2003 09:18, Thu Spiderprints   Link
Jack and Jun are up. NT

Aug 07 2003 09:21, Thu Spiderprints   Link
Alison called to DR (medication?) In there for just few seconds, then goes to Kitch and gets a glass of water. Now Jun called to DR. NT

Aug 07 2003 09:23, Thu Spiderprints   Link
Only, Ja, Ali and Jun are up. BB keeps going to FOTH (perhaps they don't want us to hear them yelling at the rest of them to get up?) NT

Aug 07 2003 09:28, Thu Spiderprints   Link
Feeds back, everyone appears to be up now. Jee to Nate: All things considered I feel pretty good.
As he walks out of the bedroom, Jack(I think) yells coffee and Jee yells coffee back. They all laugh. Jee says I don't get hangovers.

Aug 07 2003 09:36, Thu Spiderprints   Link
Jee is sitting in a chair in WC brushing his teeth. He has been doing this for about 5 min.
Jus comes out of HOH with all the empty beer cans from last night. Ro yells Jee look at all the beer you drank last night, you're such a lush. Jee just keeps brushing.

Aug 07 2003 09:38, Thu Spiderprints   Link
Ali, Jus and Nat in LR. Jee still scrubbing teeth in WC with Er. NT

Aug 07 2003 09:44, Thu Spiderprints   Link
HGs sitting in LR (waiting for instructions from BB for comp?) Jun is eating and Ratbert is picking his face. NT

Aug 07 2003 09:46, Thu Spiderprints   Link
Ro asks Jee if he is sorry for what he did last night. Jee says I'm sorry for anything I may have done.
Jun says thats a pretty poor excuse. They are messing with him. Ro said earlier that Jee was asking what he did last night.

Aug 07 2003 10:32, Thu ilsa   Link
Justin wearing a chef's hat...all HG's getting their bathing suits on NT

Aug 07 2003 10:36, Thu ilsa ParentRootLink
Justin says they're getting messy! Yeah! 4 team of 2 people, June partner with Justin, FOTH NT

Aug 07 2003 10:34, Thu SleeplessOnLI   Link
Back from FOTH. HGs jumping up, excited and screaming about the Food Comp ...
Justin instructs them to put on their bathing suits and sit back down on the couch.

HGs are happy and excited - run scrambling.

Someone asks Justin about PB&J. Justin said, "It is always PB&J if you don't do it." (PB&J for the losing team.) He assures them that the prize is good.

From speculation of P/X discussion and PICS forum ... appears that the HGs have to dress up as food in this comp.

Aug 07 2003 10:37, Thu bidz_yo   Link
4 teams for Food comp
Erika and Jack

Ali and Nate

Jee and Ratbert

Justin (in goofy TALL chef hat) and Jun

Aug 07 2003 10:39, Thu bidz_yo ParentRootLink
Jack and Erika are breakfast
Jee and Rat are lunch
Nate and Ali are dinner
Jun and Justin are desserts

Justin is the Head Chef

They have to decide which of the two are "FOOD" and which are the "CHEF"

Oh god this should be good!

Aug 07 2003 10:37, Thu ilsa   Link
each team is a meal, one is lunch, one is dinner, one is dessert, etc NT

Aug 07 2003 10:40, Thu Lola   Link
Jus is explaining the food comp
They are beaking in teams

they have a persone who is a chef and a food on each team

Aug 07 2003 10:40, Thu SleeplessOnLI   Link
Justin instructions: Four teams of Two divide into Breakast/Lunch/Dinner/Dessert teams.
Each team has to have a "Chef" ... and the other is the "Food".

Alison are Chef's

Jun are Food's

Gathering by the backdoor .... FOTH

Aug 07 2003 10:42, Thu ilsa   Link
they are gathered by back door, FOTH intermittent...Jus says good prize if we win, same bad prize (PBJ) if we don't win (whole house?) NT

Aug 07 2003 10:43, Thu Lola   Link
Theres huge bowls of cereal and a dozen or more gallons of milk NT

Aug 07 2003 10:43, Thu frustratedposter   Link
huge cereal bowls and lots of milk in BY for food comp NT

Aug 07 2003 10:43, Thu SleeplessOnLI   Link
F2/3 show gallons and gallons of milk ... 2? LARGE bowls of cereal. NT

Aug 07 2003 10:45, Thu ilsa   Link
rules: bb cooking school, how to cook a hg, fail and pbj for everybody, including hoh NT

Aug 07 2003 10:45, Thu SleeplessOnLI   Link
"How to Cook a HG" ... All, including Justin, will eat PB&J if they lose. NT

Aug 07 2003 10:47, Thu SleeplessOnLI ParentRootLink
If all complete ... BONUS prize (example: Burger King) for the week. NT

Aug 07 2003 10:46, Thu ilsa   Link
bfst team first, then lunch, etc.. chef of team goes toboard to read recipe, one at a time, 10 mins to complete all 4 recipes NT

Aug 07 2003 10:46, Thu frustratedposter   Link
How to cook a houseguest
each meal, must follow recipe, including adding the HG as part of the recipe. they have 10 mins to do each meal or PBJ for that meal. if they get all 4 , get a special outside meal they will all enjoy

Aug 07 2003 10:47, Thu ilsa   Link
pbj will be for any meal they don't win, could win bfst but not rest for example NT

Aug 07 2003 10:47, Thu Lola   Link
Competion Rules
How to cook a house guest
win or whole house gets PB&J for each meal lost
Chef player will follow recipe using food player
each team goes one at a time before next team
If they win all 4 then they also get a special meal for lunch all weekend

Aug 07 2003 10:48, Thu frustratedposter   Link
Justin on PBJ for any meal they don't win... and reminds them that noms are tonite! :) NT

Aug 07 2003 10:49, Thu frustratedposter   Link
BB makes Justin do the rules all over again.... NT

Aug 07 2003 10:50, Thu ktan   Link
BB makes Justin repeats the instructions. Then another FOTH. (Another repeat?) NT

Aug 07 2003 10:51, Thu Mikkie   Link
Take #2 for the instructions NT

Aug 07 2003 10:54, Thu Mikkie   Link
Food Comp's FOTH, no one setting up for interview this week for Dana! NT

Aug 07 2003 10:57, Thu UpAllNite   Link
Jack in a singlet, while Erika making cereal for comp NT

Aug 07 2003 10:58, Thu SleeplessOnLI   Link
Jack/Erika - Breakfast. Jack into a wrestling suit ... a "fruit" suit (Justin helped him figure out how to put on.) FOTH NT

Aug 07 2003 10:59, Thu SleeplessOnLI   Link
All HGs shouting out helpful hints to Jack & Erika. Lots of laughing and encouragement. NT

Aug 07 2003 11:00, Thu UpAllNite   Link
Jack pouring gallons of milk in huge cereal bowl NT

Aug 07 2003 11:01, Thu SleeplessOnLI   Link
Breakfast achieved! NT

Aug 07 2003 11:01, Thu frustratedposter   Link
Erika is chef, Jack is food

jack has to dress in a singlet, he is the fruit

Fruit suit is on
add cereal to bowl


jack sqeezing something into bowl, erika brings milk to him

Justin" how many milks do we need, bb


Get Into Fruit Suit
Add cereal to bowl
add sugar
pour in milk
top with fruit


back, laughter all around

Justin: so much milk

jack and justin pouring

Ali: justin! help! they said you could

Jack gets a strawberry hat on his head, and has to get in

Aug 07 2003 11:02, Thu UpAllNite   Link
Jack chilling in cearal bowl with huge strawberries
Also wearing strawberry on his head

Aug 07 2003 11:02, Thu SleeplessOnLI   Link
Rob in Hot Dog suit. Jee placing large fries next to hot dog "holder". Now ketchup & mustard on Jee. NT

Aug 07 2003 11:03, Thu nojobny   Link
Roberr is dressed like a hot dog. Jun is practically peeing herself and ali is on the floor hysterically laughing!! NT

Aug 07 2003 11:03, Thu frustratedposter   Link
Justin: get into hot dog suit

Jack has to stay in bowl with berry hat

lots of laughing about Jee in hot dog suit, rob is chef (or vice versa, not sure)

Get in to hot dog suit
put bun on plate
put fries on plate
add catsup and mustard
add hot dog
add relish

counting off condiments


Lunch complete

Aug 07 2003 11:04, Thu UpAllNite   Link
Nathan getting in chicken suit NT

Aug 07 2003 11:04, Thu ilsa   Link
now someone's getting into chicken suit, who? NT

Aug 07 2003 11:05, Thu ilsa ParentRootLink
ok, making nathan into a chicken taco i think NT

Aug 07 2003 11:04, Thu SleeplessOnLI   Link
Lunch achieved! NT

Aug 07 2003 11:05, Thu nojobny   Link
Now its dinner and Nate is getting into a chicken suit LOL NT

Aug 07 2003 11:05, Thu SleeplessOnLI   Link
Tortilla on plate ... chicken (Nate) on Tortilla. NT

Aug 07 2003 11:05, Thu UpAllNite   Link
Ali brings out huge tortilla, while ordering Nate to "Get On!" NT

Aug 07 2003 11:06, Thu SleeplessOnLI   Link
Dinner achieved! NT

Aug 07 2003 11:06, Thu frustratedposter   Link
nate gets into chicken suit
ali is chef

get into chicken suit
put tortilla on plate
chicken on tortilla
add grilled onions
add peppers
add guacamole
add salsa
top with sour cream (justin: get him in his face)
roll tortilla

lots of shouting, laughter and glee

Aug 07 2003 11:07, Thu SleeplessOnLI   Link
June in banana suit ... NT

Aug 07 2003 11:07, Thu UpAllNite   Link
Jun getting in banana suit, Justin getting ice cream NT

Aug 07 2003 11:07, Thu SleeplessOnLI   Link
Justin adding ice cream to large dish. BAD INJURY! RING IN FINGER? ALI! NT

Aug 07 2003 11:08, Thu SleeplessOnLI ParentRootLink
Erika interupts ... "We have a really bad injury guys! ... Alison's ring is IN her finger!" FOTH NT

Aug 07 2003 11:08, Thu UpAllNite   Link
Allison is hurt-- "Ring is in her finger!" NT

Aug 07 2003 11:08, Thu KelliGirl   Link
Erika tell BB Alis ring is in her finger! NT

Aug 07 2003 11:11, Thu SleeplessOnLI   Link
Ali had to lift large plastic buckets of sour cream, guacomole, salsa, to Nate's chicken tortilla. Rim of the bucket must have somehow hurt her. NT

Aug 07 2003 11:25, Thu UpAllNite   Link
Feeds have returned, Justin pouring ice cream over Jun NT

Aug 07 2003 11:27, Thu UpAllNite ParentRootLink
Jun exclaiming "Yes! Yes! Yes!" while receiving whip cream NT

Aug 07 2003 11:26, Thu ilsa   Link
they're back w/ Justing pouring stuff on Jun, Jun screaming, lots of laughter NT

Aug 07 2003 11:26, Thu SleeplessOnLI   Link
Feeds back ... Jun in banana split dish, Justin putting fudge, etc. on her. Can hear Ali in background. NT

Aug 07 2003 11:27, Thu SleeplessOnLI   Link
Jun LOVING the whipped cream being sprayed upon her ... "Yes, oh yes" (Think Herbal Essences commercial!) NT

Aug 07 2003 11:27, Thu SleeplessOnLI   Link
Dessert achieved! All recipes in under 10 minutes! NT

Aug 07 2003 11:27, Thu frustratedposter   Link
NB: text in [] is my comments/opinions

jun must get in banana suit, justin is chef

Banana split

get in banana suit
add ice cream

pause for injury
Erika: we have a bad injury, alison's ring is in her finger

FOTH, long due to injury, ali hurt

[waiting to post until return from FOTH]

back at 1:25

put banana in bowl
add fudge
add strawberry syrup
add caramel
add whipped cream
add sprinkles
cherry on top

snacks done

ali is fine, she's playing too

Aug 07 2003 11:28, Thu UpAllNite   Link
Ali appears to be ok, throwing food at other house guests NT

Aug 07 2003 11:29, Thu UpAllNite   Link
Justin-- "We won food comp and get Subway" NT

Aug 07 2003 11:30, Thu UpAllNite ParentRootLink
Subway just for weekend. No PB&J at all for anyone NT

Aug 07 2003 11:29, Thu ktan   Link
They get Subway for weekend. Everyone excited. NT

Aug 07 2003 11:30, Thu SleeplessOnLI   Link
HGs rewarded with Subway as bonus. NT

Aug 07 2003 11:30, Thu frustratedposter   Link
justin going around asking food how they feel
nate, how's that feel
jun, is it cold?
jack, you look great

looking to see what surprise is

for one weekend, since they won the food comp,

BB interupts, foods rubbing together



justin, no pbj, and for the weekend we win

subway! sandwiches and salads

cheers all around

Aug 07 2003 11:35, Thu frustratedposter   Link
all washing up in outside shower
ali screams "they would have killed me if we didn't win it"

cleaning themselves up, erika laying down already


Aug 07 2003 11:35, Thu SleeplessOnLI   Link
HG's cleaning off their bodies under the shower in a small, blow up pool. Lot's of FOTH today. NT

Aug 07 2003 11:40, Thu SleeplessOnLI   Link
Table smaller, less chairs. HGs react. Aerial view of BY ... what a mess! A fun mess! NT

Aug 07 2003 11:41, Thu n2deep   Link
Back inside house the table is now smaller they are saying that is sooooo weird! NT

Aug 07 2003 11:41, Thu callmejenn   Link
All looking at the smaller dining room table, saying how weird it feels now. Jun speculates there are less beds as well. NT

Aug 07 2003 11:41, Thu SleeplessOnLI   Link
Jack: Those tights they had me in ... they were very tight! Erika giggles. NT

Aug 07 2003 11:42, Thu UpAllNite   Link
Erika says she'll never look at Jack the same way again. An FBI guy dressed up as a strawberry NT

Aug 07 2003 11:43, Thu UpAllNite   Link
Justin now eating strawberries. Coincidence?? NT

Aug 07 2003 11:44, Thu UpAllNite   Link
Ali says finger is "alright" NT

Aug 07 2003 11:47, Thu UpAllNite ParentRootLink
Erika says ring broke into her finger. Ali says it hurt NT

Aug 07 2003 11:45, Thu SleeplessOnLI   Link
Erika asks how Ali's finger is. Ali, "It's alright." Jun, "That's crazy" Ali, "Yeah it sucks." Feeds jumping. NT

Aug 07 2003 11:47, Thu SleeplessOnLI   Link
Ring broke "into" Ali's finger. NT

Aug 07 2003 11:49, Thu UpAllNite   Link
HG now talking about Quiznos. All this food talk is making me hungry. NT

Aug 07 2003 11:53, Thu jaylight   Link
Smaller Dineing Room Table NT

Aug 07 2003 11:54, Thu UpAllNite   Link
Erika questions Ali from shower
Erika "Feel better?"
Ali responds yeah
Erika "Are you going to have to take any tylenol?"
Ali "Yeah they gave me motrin"

Aug 07 2003 11:56, Thu UpAllNite   Link
Ali says she's so glad she wasn't food NT

Aug 07 2003 11:59, Thu UpAllNite   Link
Jun exits from shower...
and provides a quick sideview skin flash for the camera while readjusting her towel.

Robert enters shower and proceeds to drop shampoo

Jun tells him to take it easy in there

Aug 07 2003 12:04, Thu SleeplessOnLI   Link
Jee tells Nate he should be next in shower because he had all the sour cream, guac, salsa dumped on him. Jack: "I only had cereal up my a$$! NT

Aug 07 2003 12:07, Thu UpAllNite   Link
Nate gives nod to Robert from shower. NT

Aug 07 2003 12:17, Thu PinkFireFly   Link
Justin Tells Jee....
Justing tells Jee ot apologize for what he did last night, and Jee says "***** No...I wasn't that drunk."

Aug 07 2003 12:22, Thu UpAllNite   Link
Nate and Ali in bed together...
Ali is holding her stuffed cat. Nate says he still smells stuff on him. Each is faced away from another

Aug 07 2003 12:22, Thu Lola   Link
Ali & Nat in orange room
Nat says "Do we have any body spray so I can get this smell off me?"
Ali "You don't wanna smell like a fruit"
Nat "Naw, do I smell bad"
Ali "Noo"
long silence
Ali pouts "My finger hurts"
another long silence

Aug 07 2003 12:25, Thu UpAllNite   Link
Jack to Erika, "It's going to be a different game" NT

Aug 07 2003 12:31, Thu Lola   Link
Er says "Thank GOD for food"
She makes some comment about not wearing her bikini and Jack says her bikini makes the show
Er says "They only do PB&J one week at a time"
Ja says "He's really hungry"
Er says "She's not"
Jack "Did we eat a lot last night?
Er agrees
Jack says how much he likes Ti food and how every time he eats it he thinks about how the people escaped here on boats
Er "I feel bad for Nat"
Ja "Yeah, I do too. He's played hard, played the game hard"
Er "I'm just glad to be here"
Ja "Me too, just glad to be here, stummbling my way to the end"
long silence

Aug 07 2003 12:34, Thu UpAllNite   Link
Erika says she feels bad for Nathan. Jack says he played the game hard. NT

Aug 07 2003 12:34, Thu UpAllNite   Link
Erika now talking about "three amigos" and goes on to say "let them do our ditry work" NT

Aug 07 2003 12:37, Thu UpAllNite   Link
Jack to Erika "...let's let Ali dig herself a bigger hole" NT

Aug 07 2003 12:38, Thu max1204   Link
Jack and Erica talking about letting others do their dirty work
Jack says HoH haven't been important for them to stay in the house, to which Erica replies that everyone else can do their dirty work. Before that (part of conversation missed due to FOTH), they were talking about how it's foolish to betray your alliance this late in the game because the alliances are already in place and the 3 Amigos are "playing by word" (ed. note: I think she means any new alliance with the 3 Amigos/Stooges is by word only and is really just a side deal).

Jack says they should let Ali "dig herself a bigger whole" and not "show their hand" right now. Again they're talking about letting the 3 Stooges do their dirty work because Jack and Erica say they know the Stooges want her out.

Aug 07 2003 12:42, Thu UpAllNite   Link
Justin explaining to Nate how to play Old Maid game
Justin says he played last night with Jee, who was cracking him up. All in HOH room. Nate and Robert on bed together. Justin sits across in a chair. Robert is listening to music.

Aug 07 2003 12:42, Thu max1204   Link
Jack, Erica planning to go after Ali
J says the time to go after Ali would be after HoH next week, unless she gets HoH. They're running through the possibilities of who will nominate whom, and Jack makes a funny: "I'm just going to leave my suitcase packed...I mean, she's (Ali's) got her nose up their (Stooges) ass. It's silly really."

Aug 07 2003 12:44, Thu Lola   Link
Ja & Er talking about strategy
They say how they thought previous HOH comp were critical but that they haven't really mattered too much to them
Er "Says yeah we can let them do out dirty work. Cause if I had it and put up Jus & Ro and Jus went, then I would have Je, Ro and Jun on my ***"
they start to speculate on who they think would put up who
They consider laying low for another week and then talk about who should go out first Jus or her (I think they mean Ali)
Ja wonders how deep Ali & Jus deal is, if it is just a one week deal and if Ali would assume that they would vote with her
Er is talking about not knowing where her head is at (maybe Jun, it's hard to hear, if someone has heard more please follow this post with clarification)
Ja says "If she gets it they can swing with her but if the Stooges get it they can see if they'll get her"
Ja laughs and says he's going to just keep his suitcase packed
Er laughs
Ja says "It's getting down to cutting bait"
Er says "We're actually sitting in a good position"
Ja speculates if Ali would want to consider delaying taking on those guys another week
They conclude that if they just stay out of the way they're ok for another week

Aug 07 2003 12:44, Thu UpAllNite   Link
Justin now talking about when Dave Matthews came to his gym.
Says he kept liability card that he signed

Aug 07 2003 12:50, Thu UpAllNite   Link
Nathan says Ali breathes funny... like Darth Vadar
Justin says she had a nose job. And then rambles on endlessly about he tried not to get too close to her family.

Aug 07 2003 12:50, Thu max1204   Link
Jun talking to the Justin alone
She asks Nate to leave so she can talk to Justin alone, then Nate says he has Justin next. Then Nate asks other 2 Stooges for deal -- to keep him in house.

Aug 07 2003 12:50, Thu SleeplessOnLI   Link
Jun just asked Nate to leave her and Justin alone in the HOH. Nate sheepishly smiles and says sure. NT

Aug 07 2003 12:53, Thu SleeplessOnLI   Link
Nate talking with Rob & Jee in the LR. Trying to sell himself to them. 2 Stooges open (listening) to what he has to offer. NT

Aug 07 2003 12:55, Thu SleeplessOnLI ParentRootLink
Trying to suggest that Jack & Erika are after him (Nate) so if saved, he would go after them. Ali lurking, talk stalls. Nate asked her to leave. NT

Aug 07 2003 12:54, Thu Niki458   Link
Nathan is talking to Jee, Justin, Robert - campaigning against Er and Jack NT

Aug 07 2003 12:55, Thu Lola   Link
Nat is campaing to Je and Rob (he's starts out saying he's not campaigning)
He offers them that if he stays this week and he gets HOH next week they'll be safe (the 3)
he says he realized that he knows he's probably going to be put up this week
He says he doesn't want to campaign but that if Er & ja stay they will go after the 3
Je says it's brutally honest, everyone thinks they are a target
during this conversation he says several times that he's not campagining he's just throwing this up there

Aug 07 2003 12:57, Thu max1204   Link
Nate's conversation with Jee, Robert
He wants to strike a deal to stay, saying Erica and Jack mad at him for David leaving. Nate says Jun is after him. He says Je, Ro guaranteed another week if he stayed. Jee asks him if he stayed and got HoH, who would he NOT put up. He says he wouldn't say who, but it wouldn't be any of the 3 Stooges. He kinds of campaigns against Jack and Erica a little bit, saying "they're due" to win.

Ali comes in, and Nate asks her to leave so he can talk with Ro, Je. "I want to stay another week," Nate says, and Erica and Jack will come after Robert and Jee if either gets HoH. Nate says he knows he might get put on block and he doesn't want to go all Dana and go crazy campaigning to stay in, but he asks them if he could just be able to stay in the house, he'd not nominate them.

Aug 07 2003 12:58, Thu Niki458   Link
Ali approached them and Nate said
"Ali I am not trying to be rude but can you give us a minute - we are talking" when she left he said to her "Thanks - I am not trying to be rude"

Aug 07 2003 12:58, Thu UpAllNite   Link
Nathan campaining to save himself with Jee and Robert
Nathan to Robert and Jee, "I know you guys are probably going to put me up on the block...If you guys wanna futher yourself in the game, if you kept me in the house and we force out Jack or Erika, you're going to have Erika after me, I know she's already pissed off at me. If somehow I survive... if I win hoh next week, I won't put you three up...."

Jee asks who would he put up if he won HOH

Nathan, "I'm not going to say who, but it won't be you three. Jack and Erika are due."

Ali walks in on the conversation. Nathan say he's not trying to be rude, and asks Ali.. "Do you mind?" She leaves

Nathan tells Jee and Robert he hasn't lied to them in the past.

Aug 07 2003 12:59, Thu Lotus   Link
Nate's talking with Je and Ro, and Ali appears, Nat says "Ali, you mind leaving us alone, no offense" , Ali walks off to the bedroom by herself. NT

Aug 07 2003 12:59, Thu Lola   Link
Nat to Je & Ro about Ali "She just talks sh*t about me all the time and I kinda tired of it" NT

Aug 07 2003 13:00, Thu SleeplessOnLI   Link
Rob to Nate: I know your word is good. I trust you, man. NT

Aug 07 2003 13:01, Thu max1204   Link
Nate says he wouldn't use veto
He says he wouldn't use veto if he got it. (Ed. note: He later says he would use veto if he was on block, but otherwise he would keep things as is.)

Aug 07 2003 13:02, Thu max1204   Link
3 Stooges assemble with Jun in HoH NT

Aug 07 2003 13:05, Thu max1204   Link
Jun says she heard Ali tell Nate...
that Erica and Jack want him out. Robert and Jee are relating to Jun and Justin what Nate told Ro and Je. Justin says he won't take Nate's word. "Action speaks louder than words," Justin says. He says it's a "win-win situation" to put him up on the block and then if he doesn't go Nate can honor the deal.

Aug 07 2003 13:19, Thu Niki458   Link
3 stooges are saying Ali fake and so is Erika NT

Aug 07 2003 13:20, Thu Niki458   Link
Justin is agreeing to meet with Nate - but only to hear him out NT

Aug 07 2003 13:22, Thu Niki458   Link
Jun is saying that Ali told her about Jack and Erika's alliance and
they should break them up. The others agree that that alliance is weak and that Nate is the only one that wins competitions in that group and that is what he is worried about getting out of the house.

Aug 07 2003 13:22, Thu max1204   Link
Dark Side meeting breaks up
Justin, Jee, Jun, and Robert agree (with Jun the one saying it) that it does "nothing" to vote Jack out (instead of Nate).

Aug 07 2003 13:23, Thu Niki458   Link
Nate is going in to the HOH NT

Aug 07 2003 13:26, Thu max1204   Link
Nate's plea
Nate: "My deal is pretty much this. I'm not going to campaign against anyone. I know I have a pretty much chance to be put on the block. I feel that if I survive this week" somehow against whoever else is put up "you guys have my word..."

N: "Like I said last week in the hot tub. I wasn't against any one of you guys in here (trying to get any of them out)." He was against Dana, he says, no matter what Ali says. He guarantees if "I happen to win" he won't put any Stooges up. He says he feels Erica and Jack will try to "jump ship with the majority" and go against him.

Justin asks if he would put up one of them (Jack/Erica) if he wins HoH. Nate says yes.


Aug 07 2003 13:28, Thu max1204   Link
Nate's pleas to Stooges continues
N: I'm not going to be pissed if I'm thrown up on the block...If I do, there's always that chance if I survive...If Jack and Erica go up on the block, I'm going to try to get the veto (and he won't use it).

Nate continues that if he gets put up on block he'll go after veto and use it. He says they could always put him up again next week and get him out, but they'll be safe if he can stay another week.

He says "something to think about," and asks them if they understand.

Nate leaves.

Aug 07 2003 13:30, Thu Niki458   Link
Justin and Nates meeting (long)
nate - did they tell you what I said

justin - no, go ahead (they did tell him)

nate - if I could survive this week, I will give you my word that I will not put any of you up. I will guarentee that you should take one of them out and then she will feel isolated and then it will be like that.

justin - so you are going to put one of your people up next week.

nate - well I can't say that I will win for sure, but if win ya'll will stay too. If ali wins you guys are safe. I know that they are pissed that I put David up by using veto, but I will not be mad if I am on the block, but if you put Er and Jack up, I will do my best to get that veto and keep it the same and I am sure you guys will too. I really think that keeping me around for at least one more week, would really help you guys along. (long pause) something for you to think about - alright boys no matter what, we are still cool .

3 stooges - laughing.

Justin - he is really laying it on us. I think that we should get Er and Jack in here and find out what he is saying about putting me up.

Aug 07 2003 13:32, Thu max1204   Link
Justin wants to get some contradictions
He wants to pick Erica and Jack's brains to see who'd they'd put up if they got HoH and see if they can contradict Nate.

Robert says Nate has to go "no question." Justin says he "let" Nate win HoH the first week and he hasn't come close since. So the Stooges decide to stick with their plan and get Nate out. Robert says "you know it's bullsh*t" that he'd NOT put them up next week.

Jee seems to be more trusting of Nate. He says it's Nate's "last attempt and that's cool."

Aug 07 2003 13:34, Thu Niki458   Link
Jee is telling Justin to watch Jun because she is very smart and coniving NT

Aug 07 2003 13:36, Thu max1204   Link
Justin sure the Stooges will be last 3
Robert and Jee are not so sure. They say it's too early.

Justin says Dana and Jun jumping to the Dark Side changed the game.

Robert: After we get Jack out, I don't care which girl we go after next because it'll be all our exes.

(Ed. note: Apparently plan is Nate out, then Jack, then Jun/Erica/Ali with order of girls not yet decided)

Aug 07 2003 14:00, Thu amhlawyer   Link
Stooges talking strategy...
Yep, they're coming to the conclusion that if Jack were to win HOH next time, one of the three of them would definitely be gone. <damn!>

Aug 07 2003 14:16, Thu sheridan999   Link
Everyone whining about being hungry NT

Aug 07 2003 14:17, Thu bidz_yo   Link
Jack, Erika, Nate in BY
Saying how they could never handle being on Survivor and starving.

Jack: "To me, roughing it is running out of ice."

Nate and Erika crack up.

Aug 07 2003 14:38, Thu UpAllNite   Link
Guys talking about Dana's dream
where everyone turns on one another. Robert says it's all part of the game.

Nate says she lost it

Aug 07 2003 14:39, Thu Lola   Link
HG specualte about Dana
Ro says "I'll bet Dana is on the beach right now not missing this place a bit"
They think she's having a great time
some one says that "She's probably counting the waiters heads and thinking their talking about her"
they laugh
someone else says "She said she had a dream where the whole house turned on each other"
some else says "She's nuts, man"

Aug 07 2003 14:40, Thu UpAllNite   Link
Ali alone, lying on couch, says "I just wanna drink" NT

Aug 07 2003 14:42, Thu UpAllNite ParentRootLink
Continues to talk to herself, about how she lost the best thing she every had. And then calls herself a retard. NT

Aug 07 2003 14:45, Thu UpAllNite ParentRootLink
Robert walks in house and asks her if she's okay. Wants to know if she's crying.
She says no. After he leaves, she whispers, I probably should be.

Aug 07 2003 14:59, Thu Lola   Link
Al & Er check out the storage room
Ali says "Look at al the apples and oranges and bannans"
There's pepsi they say with ethusiam
Jun comes in and comments on all the meat
They're having a hard time deciding what to eat and what they should have tonight "chicken"
They are excited that they have eggs
Ro and Ja come in and start checking out all the food
As Ro stands there scratching his nose he asks "What do you need help with out there?"
Jun decides that they should have salmon or halibut tonight

Aug 07 2003 15:16, Thu amhlawyer   Link
Houseguests have been given their food... they've been chowing down like maniacs for 1/2 hour NT

Aug 07 2003 15:16, Thu amhlawyer   Link
now FOTH.... hmmm.... NT

Aug 07 2003 15:22, Thu Lola   Link
Je says he thinks this was the most food they've had in the house so far NT

Aug 07 2003 16:04, Thu ktan   Link
For some reason, feeds 1/4 were zooming in on the neapolitan ice cream in the SR. Is it melting? NT

Aug 07 2003 16:04, Thu FuggyBootnling   Link
The Stooges and Jun in the kitchen
The Stooges and Jun are in the kitchen. Assorted small talk. Justin speculates that a luxury comp could be have no evictions for that week. Ratbert says "That would suck!"

Ratbert sniffs and scratches his nose.

Ratbert to Jun: "Do you think you and Dana will neet in New York?"

Jun says yes, but they don't have enough in common to, say, go out for a night on the town "Maybe a brunch or something."

Ratbert: "I can say we will be lifelong (Jun), Jee, and Justin. I will make the effort to stay in touch." Jun seems only vaguely commital to that idea.

Jun seems to be preparing chicken. Jee is mincing garlic in a garlic press.

Silence. Small talk about food prep.

Talk about the original eight...Ratbert: "That's what was BS about the original don't know these people." Jun heartily agrees. So does Jee.

More talk about food. It's pretty quiet.

Jun says Dana will laugh her ass off when she sees Nate go up on the block.

Talk of PB & J. Jun says she would feel so sorry if Rat had to eat it for a third week. She also states she would actually like to go on the lose about six pounds, she says.

Jack comes in from outside and says "Mmmm...smell that garlic!"

Aug 07 2003 16:13, Thu UpAllNite   Link
HG making sundae for Ali's b-day NT

Aug 07 2003 16:17, Thu UpAllNite ParentRootLink
Ali in a much better mood now
She's breaking open the sprinkles for the sundaes and is happy about the chocolate redi-whip

Aug 07 2003 16:25, Thu UpAllNite ParentRootLink
Ali reminiscing about guy who poured magic shell all over himself in college NT

Aug 07 2003 16:15, Thu UpAllNite   Link
Jun was wondering why they didn't have cake NT

Aug 07 2003 16:26, Thu FuggyBootnling   Link
Jun as Sunday school teacher
As they prepare sundaes, Ali says: "You guys (meaning Jee and Jun) met at Sunday school, right? And they did - Jun was a teacher for four years. Jee says it was to impress her parents, and she doesn't seem to disagree

Ratbert: "Do you get paid for that?" Jun: "No!! Are you kidding? You get paid in the joy of watching these kids sing 'Silent Night' " She then mockingly sings a couple bars of that song. Then there's FOTH (ed: Oh c'mon!! Are you telling me someone "owns" Silent Night??? It was written in like 1830 or something!!)

Aug 07 2003 16:28, Thu pixiegirl   Link
HGs having a pleasant time eating their sundaes NT

Aug 07 2003 16:40, Thu FuggyBootnling   Link
Justin and Ratbert outside
They are talking about Justin moving to LA. Rat thinks a good time is in January after Xmas. How no one ever moves back.

Ratbert: "You just will never feel like an'll see, it's going to be cool...I have a lot of people I know, and once you're in that it will be cool. We have so much to do...we have condos in Malibu. Vegas will be drive there, I drive back."

Jee comes out to complete the stooge gathering. Discuss the sundaes, then working out, and what Jee will do today.

Jee licks his fingers as he eats ice cream and says "Hmph...tastes like garlic." (Note: He was using a garlic press right before this)

Now talk about Nate. How they can't be bothered listening to his pleas to stay in the game.

Justin: "I bet the people who watched last year - Roddy, Chiara - were going 'Ooo, eight person alliance - bad idea!' "


Aug 07 2003 16:54, Thu UpAllNite   Link
Nate, Ali, Erika, and Jun playing game
lots of small talk ensues

Ali asks Erika if she can braid hair

Jun says her mother hates the short shorts she's now wearing. Proceeds to eat two sandwiches during game play.

Erika wraps herself in blanket.

Jack comes over to watch.

Jee sneazes from afar and Ali blesses him, to which he replies, "thank you, excuse me, sorry"

Ali doesn't like the move Erika is about to make and calls her a "snot rocket" and then continues "don't do it... don't do it..."

Erika laughs

Meahwhile Jee is apparently plucking his unibrow off camera, as he chimes in, "I can hear you" when they start talking about him and say he doesn't want to have a unibrow.

Ali asks Nate if he left Dana a good bye speech. He says no and she calls him a horrible creature.

Aug 07 2003 17:24, Thu UpAllNite   Link
Erika comes in from outside all mad that Robert splashed her.
or as Ali put it, he did a scooby and ran. Erika mumbles as she walks through the house, I want to kill him! Meanwhile Ali putting on bathing suit to lay out with Jun. Ali asks who Erika wants to kill and she replies her ex. Ali says she wants her ex too. Erika continues, "AAHHH! He got my hair all wet!"

After Erika blows dry her hair, she goes back outside and tells Robert, "...when you least expect it!"

Robert meanwhile is attempting to swim a mile in the pool or 440 laps. Looks stupid going back in forth in pool one stroke at a time.

Aug 07 2003 17:32, Thu Shadow46and2   Link
4:16 BB time: Ali dancing in kitchen area by herself, goes down hall, says "Hey baby, " kisses her boyfriend's pic, then says "You probably hate my guts - thanks Julie" and walks away. NT

Aug 07 2003 17:32, Thu ktan   Link
Woman at memory wall in front of camera's view of HG's photos. Someone else comes into view moving keys around. NT

Aug 07 2003 18:04, Thu DishManTV   Link
FOTH since BBT 450pm NT

Aug 07 2003 18:39, Thu bruhe   Link
back from foth... stooges in hoh room NT

Aug 07 2003 18:39, Thu bruhe   Link
sounds like jack and nathan are up NT

Aug 07 2003 18:42, Thu bruhe   Link
stooges talking about how they have the experience because
nathan lives in racist country where the neighbors are like miles away. they feel "sorry" for him. and give him "the benefit of the doubt" for coming from the rural areas.
justin said nate played college football as a kicker... that he played hs. football and basketball so he most likely isnt racist. but they are talking like poor nate who doesnt know things like us city folk.
all four feeds on the stooges.

Aug 07 2003 18:44, Thu bruhe   Link
all 4 feeds switch to outside... jack and nate talking.. and working out
nate: the worst is the veto is quioridor (aka corridor since i hate Qs).
they small talk about it will be tough for them in this veto comp. no sign of the girls. they switch weights for jack and continue to work out.

Aug 07 2003 18:48, Thu bruhe   Link
all feeds now back to stooges...
robert justifying what justin just did. jun comes in and the guys say we got them good.
jun says they dont want to hear that they are liars.
robert: but they ARE!!!
nathan supposedly told ali you better work hard to get the veto and save me ... they say that is his worst move.
allegedly ali hates him for it and is mad.
they talk about how ali can move her corridor piece to the corner and not even try.
justin is telling them to screw up nathan first in the game rather than tryin to win. they think blocking him is the first and best choice.
but if they can win it, go for it.
jun is now according to justin the 4th stooge.
they revel in their so called sweep of BB4 and it makes me sick of hearing these gloating jerks so i am posting.
oh btw. jee is afraid of jack coasting by but justin and robert say that jack is first before the girls. that the girls are the most likely ones to slide by.
oy vay. im going to barf

Aug 07 2003 18:49, Thu ilsa   Link
Stooges in HOH room...
worried that Jack could 'slide by' like Will did. They agree he will go before the girls go. They are targeting the guys first.

Aug 07 2003 19:03, Thu bruhe   Link
ok. jun and the stooges talk about nate or jack campaigning. its official . jack and nate are the noms. NT

Aug 07 2003 19:05, Thu ilsa   Link
Jun says they only have to worry if Erika wins veto. Justin says that's ok, he'll be forced then to put Ali up(against their agreement) NT

Aug 07 2003 19:08, Thu ilsa   Link
Ali on couch, upset at Nathan saying something about using veto on her was a mistake NT

Aug 07 2003 19:10, Thu bruhe   Link
ail tells jun she doesnt plan to try to win veto. jun says she wont either. (more inside)
sounds like everyone is going to sacrifice nathan .. better him than us talk.
bb tells ali not to obstruct her microphone and NOW they talk jewelry.
ali now is mad that nathan said he shouldnt have saved her . apparently nathan got bitter (from her end) about it. she says i never met anyone so selfish in my whole life. jun agrees.
ali calls im a Braht (sic) again.
she points out that if she didnt win HoH he would have been gone anyway.
ali asks about vote.. nathan says jun. quiet.
jun: unless something drastic happens, its nathan.
she thinks nathan has a huge following of little blonde chicks and that the show ratings will drop if he goes (lol)
they point out that jack is sneaking through another week. and they laugh at jack losing on the first "f-ing" question in the hoh competition on Dana , the most obvious answer.
too quiet.
switching feeds and posting.

Aug 07 2003 19:13, Thu bruhe   Link
jun now outside with erika jack and nathan.....
shes totally faking talking "S" about the stooges and feelin empathetic for nate and jack.
they comment how the house literally split .. the stooges in hoh and everyone else outside.
erika looks deep in thought. the conversation is stilted.
now silent. posting.

Aug 07 2003 19:24, Thu FuggyBootnling   Link
The workout of the nominated...
Yes, it's Jack and Nathan lifting weights outside. Nate wonders where Ali is. The camerapeople have shifted inside to show Ali on the couch, as Erica says "Ali's on the couch." Good job, editors.

Jun comes nomination discussion. Erica shuffling cards.

Jack is working out, moving this light bar of weights in short movements up and down. Erica stares into space. Long pause of silence.

Now shot of Nate pumping barbell weight in each hand. Erica flips cards.

Nate: "I can't wait to work out with some real weights...I'm bored of this."

Jack still moving that bar in very slight movements up and down. Erica continues to shuffle cards.

Erica brings up getting a scale...they discuss what weight they may be now.

Erica: "These planes take off so fast" as yet another plane flies overhead. (they may not get airbourne otherwise Erica)

Bob: "After Ally got hurt this morning, I heard an ambulance." He says he thought they had called medical people.

Erica: "We should play some cards!" She sounds very excited for Day 34 in the game.

Jack: "I can hear my kids now....two nominations in three weeks? What kind of strategy is that??"

Aug 07 2003 19:25, Thu bruhe   Link
outside: nate, jack, erika. >>
nate lifting. small talk about weights. everyone clearly deep in thought as erika methodically shuffles cards slowly. the snap snap of cards is obscured by an overhead plane.
"i wish they gave us a scale" erika finally says
they agree.
jack: it might scare you.
erika says i was down (in weight) by the potato competition.
small talk of erika losing weight and talk of the effect of the pbj diet (didnt any of them live like a typical college student? lol).
silence now as nathan disappears from view.
jack lifts some more sitting curls.
erika : these planes take off so fast.
no reply to this.
ratboy putting clothes in dryer.. beep beep.
talk of ratboy's pepsi and how it tastes.
jack: isnt it ironic that they bring in pepsi now (that dana is gone)?
silence. rat sits near erika who looks like she laid down.
jack: after ali hurt herself, i heard ambulances in the distance... almost thought it was for her.
erika: that must have really hurt, a ring breaking and going into your skin?
all: i know
erika yawns. now i hear the sirens that prompted jacks recollection.
talk of playing cards later. they find the energy to laugh about the games jack likes to play vs the ones he is bad at.
now more silence.
jack: i can hear my kids.. jesus christ dad what kind of strategy is that.. twice in two weeks?
they all laugh
now talk of sweet sixteen and coming out parties.
nathan comes out.. upset visibly. says "i just hate being in there (with the others)." he shakes his drink as jack works with weights.
"jacks the man!" erika jokes
jack says, nah ill collapse in the heat
erika: you dont know anythin about this game (bb) but you look good
jack: nah i just came in this house to lift weights
they all laugh about this. and go on about that.
they go over the hoh comp again. and the looks on their faces. jack says "yeah, last night.. approaching this very time.." and he is 10 minutes off
nathan: i dunno what BB is trying to pull here but they better get it together. i think they want to see us go"
then nathan goes on to appologize to them about the veto on ali.
they say they understand. nathan feels bad. laying perhaps the pre campaign groundwork.
nathan says that the veto on ali is one he truly regrets tho he normally never regrets his decisions. posting

Aug 07 2003 19:26, Thu FuggyBootnling   Link
Nate outside apologizing to Erica and Jack
About using the veto on Ali (thanks for the correction bruhe). Jack and Erica both said no worries...Jack: "You made the best move for you at the time."

Aug 07 2003 19:32, Thu Fritomade   Link
Ali once again trashing nat(suprise..suprise) telling jus,rob,jee,jun(4 stooges??now)
nat almost made her cry, he regrets saving her with veto(hind sights 20/20),and something about him giving her money in sequestering(?)...oh ok...the HG that get sequestered get 10 thousand dollars for being sequestered and if she had gone instead nat vetoing her, she would not have been a jury member, so would not have gotten the money she now will. Ali and Rob saying nat is selfish(kettle black??)..just more nat bashing..

Aug 07 2003 19:37, Thu Fritomade   Link
ali says maybe she wants to win the veto and not use it to save nat
because he deserves it for talking to her like that today.."and it's my birthday" and he is talking to me like that on my birthday..(I am trying to refrain from Ali says "My boobs are growing" (thanks ali..LOL) jun "why" Ali "because I am getting fat, nat tells me everyday"

Aug 07 2003 20:03, Thu Fritomade   Link
when ali and stooges, jun were in LR talking about nat, ali started
talking about her hurt finger(again...) and talking about when BB cut ring off etc..she says it(ring) hit her bone(yea ok ali) and jus saying it was just a scratch, he didn't even see any blood ..ali says "well ofcourse there wasn't any blood, it didn't hit like any artery"(huh?)LOL

Aug 07 2003 20:36, Thu RMU ParentRootLink
Ali said she talked to 4 people when they were fixing her finger-2 paramedics & 2 BB people NT

Aug 07 2003 20:50, Thu Fritomade   Link
Ali telling jee and rob about her and justin's relationship..(good
They are still talking, but I am writting what she has said so far so I don't forget.
She tells them(rob asked how long it took for them(ali,jus ) to have sex.. she says "It took 1 month, though he would probably say a week, but it was a month" Ali says the first time they had sex was in the shower at his house. That he called her up and said why doesn't she come over and take a shower with him and she did. Rob asks "were you facing towards him or away from him"(LOL) jee says stop torturing yourself, it is hard in this house, sexually that is.(no pun intended..) Ali says that she and justin's relationship was sexual..They would go to parties and clubs and you know, at the end of the night(you know..LOL)They really didn't go out on datesby the way I forgot to mention, that ali responded to rob's question(facing him or away), but could not hear her response due to jee interrupting..maybe another viewer heard her response and will post it[that is if we all really want to know..LOL]) Ali says she is suprised jus has not told them these things..
Then she tells a story, about 3 am one morning she gets a call from a very drunk justin asking to come over..she told him yes..jee asks her did he drive drunk..she pauses and whispers "yea"..she says she always left the back door open for him when he was coming over and it was pouring down raining and when he gets there he goes to her room and he is completely soaked, he had fallen in the snow she says and he says he has to go to the bathroom, he goes and is gone for a while, he finally comes out and they have sex, the next morning she goes in the bathroom and the roll of toilet paper was off and there was a basket sort of thing(decorational)she kept the rolls of toilet paper in and there was the roll of toilet paper completely soaked sitting with the others(ruined the others) she called him and he said yes, he had dropped the toilet paper in the toilet...
This is the best story so far(LOL)
Ali says that they had gone out partying one night and gone back to his place and they of course had sex and after(justin was trashed again)justin went to the bathroom, he was gone a very long time and ( she says she thought maybe he was doing "number 2", she says all justin was wearing was his socks. otherwise he was butt naked)she fell asleep and very early(few hours later)that morning she woke up to justin running back into his bedroom where she was and , she asked where he had been, and he said after he got done in the bathroom, that somehow he had (in his drunken stupor)ended up in bed with his roommate. He had gotten into bed with his roommate(naked except for socks..LOL)thinking he was in bed with her and slept there for several hours...(LOL) Jee and Rob are cracking up..Rob says should you be telling us that?(laughing) Ali says well..he did tell me not to tell anyone though(can you blame him??LOL) (Now here I am spreading the poor embarrasment.LOL) any way, she says they can tell him..jee plans on teasing about it(Good for you jee. about time for some payback.LOL) She tells them some about donnie..that when she came back from finals (BB Finals) and donnie picked her up from airport that donnie had a reply e mail from his ex girlfriend, meaning he had e mailed her while ali was gone..she saying he(donnie) has cheated on her a few times..jee or rob ask ali why she puts up with her..her reply is intellegible..then ali says when the shrink(for BB) interviewed her he told her she was very independent person and she says..that is probably wrong, that she is very dependent and thats probably why she puts up with donnie..,
ok posting now..I am sure I missed alot more stories(darn..)while posting(I am one who has to mute, because I cannot listen to one convo and post another without messing up or forgetting stuff....Yes, call me dense..LOL..Thas okay..) By the way(see, had feeds on mute and till forget to mention stuff) Ali says that she and justin met at a club and she says he made her give him her e mail address and , she gets an e mail from him and it is a picture of him lying on his floor on side, butt naked except for him holding a computer mouse in front of his private(willy?) LOL..Her mother was with her when she got it, and said "who is that?" and Ali says "oh , just a guy I met at the club the other night".. She also Tells them about she and Justins break up(?)..[I did not vatch all of this one]..Something about last time she had talked to him, she had called him for his address so that she could give him a scrape book, and he gave it to her and says, why couldn't you just have brought it over, she says she didn't want to see him..but she never mailed the scrap book.. (OK, I am done now)


Aug 07 2003 20:53, Thu cutiecat ParentRootLink
She was facing away from him. If you want the details. NT

Aug 07 2003 20:51, Thu TheBigSista   Link
ali in BR straightning her hair nate sitting staring into space not a word uttered between them...
then nate gets up walks to the loveroom - fiddles with some clothes on the floor and then looks - i think talking to where the cameraman might be and says 'isnt it ironic'!

Aug 07 2003 20:55, Thu Fritomade   Link
Jun cooking dinner, erk sitting on floor leaned up against wall talking NT

Aug 07 2003 21:22, Thu Jokerette   Link
Nate and Allie.. not happy >>
nate says he saved her.. because she should have put up Justin, basicly

nate says she went behind his back. says he gave up on her, and now she can't be around him, he says he doesn't trust anyone. he says he doesn't trust anyone. if he lives through this week, he'll try to win on his own.

Now Nate saying he's told people when they were safe.. he was honest. Odds are against him to stay, he says. He is frustrated.

Aug 07 2003 21:24, Thu Jokerette   Link
Nate doesn't see how this happened >>
Primary goal was to get them out and theyre in power. Ali wants to talk to them. He says go ahead and turn against me.

She won't and never will, she declares. She will go talk to Justin. Bring up all the points. He told her his goal was to be sequestered but now he wants to win which he can't if Jack stays.

Nate says he won't if she, allie is there either. Allie says she's gonna tell him that tonight.

Aug 07 2003 21:25, Thu Jokerette   Link
Allie lying on top of Nate and kissing him now >
Then she gets called to dinner. Nate doesn't follow as 'He doesn't want any food right now.'

Aug 07 2003 21:46, Thu Fritomade   Link
Ali..more on jus and donnie........jee on GF and jun(long..convo right before dinner continue from earlier jee,ali convo)
Ali says she knew girls who had had sex with justin before.. jee, says oh yea, what did they tell you, was justin kinky in bed?
Ali says no she was the kinky wild one, he was boring. Jee says was it not good, she says yes it was good but(pause)..just wish he was here when we talk about all of this so he can defend himself. Jee asks what the girls said(that ali knew who had slept with justin) she says not much about it, just that it was alot of girls justin slept with, he was a $lut to be honest. She says they went to a party one night at his house and after justin taking a guy home(theo), she says lets go and he says no, for her to wait there and he left, she sitting and looked out his window and on window sill was a piece of paper and it said "World's Dirtiest Dude" and there were 2 names on it, then 3rd name was justin's. When he got back she showed him and said "I'm about to have sex with the worlds 3rd dirtiest dude"(?) She says his friends even said he was a hooker. Jee asks what his friends were like. Ali says she got along well with his friends and even if justin didn't want to go out they would invite her to party with them..they were really cool with her. Jee asks if any of justin's friends ever tried to make the moves on her, she says no they did not, they actually did not let any guy mess with her when they were out, saying ali was Gio's girl. She tells of a party she had at her house for the wrestlers(Justin was wrestler) team. She and her friends got a keg for them for superbowl and she had a big projector screen, and she cooked for 2 days and they(wrestlers) ate all the food and they all had a good time. Jee then asks where was donnie at this time, ali says he was transfered to different school at that time. Jee asks was ali with don before justin, ali yes she was, she started dating justin just days after she and donnie broke up(?) Jee asks how don feels about jus, ali says don hates jus..jee "did they know each other or hang out before you and jus?" Ali says yes, they knew each other but had never hung out with each other, don hates justin because ali had cared for justin and had met her family..he hates him..Jee "Violent like?"
Ali "well
Then feeds switch at that moment, rob had gone in to wake justin for dinner
rob to boring..says he was outside talking with ali and jee..
feed switches again to ali and jee..this is what I picked up when switched back
Ali"can you honestly sit there and watch?"
Jee"NO, my girlfriend(something, didn't catch it)then..she (his GF)calls Jun Buddah girl, because you know, back then jun was a bit fat."
jee says that his GF had asked him, why was he with Buddah(His GF think jun unattractive)
Ali says don't ever tell jun that, have you ever?
Jee says no way, she would come after me, and may backstabb me because she be mad. He says she already B!tches(JUN) at him all the time now every time he opens his mouth..Jun always bringing sh!t up(past).. he says he wants to be civil wth her, but when they get out, they will prob never see each other again.. Ali says that she would like to stay in contact with justin. Jee starts saying, that would not be good, they are interrupted by jack coming out I think(not sure) and then jee"Are you sure you want to do that(contact with justin) That would not be good for you, you know"
Ali "ya, not whle I am with donnie" she saying that when donnie saw justin come in the house, he probably stopped watching the show, but prob still talks to her mom. Ja or jee say, no he's prob watching, they definately would if in that situation..Ali says donnie not like that, he would not be able to handle watching her with others guys, justin....Jun opens door says something and goes in, jee says see thats what I mean(about jun earlier convo) I am not sure what she said, but it may have aggitated him a little. Jack say it(jun comment??) probably reminds him(?)[past maybe] jee says she has always been like that..(If I had understood what she said, these comments would have made more sense..sorry) Jee goes in, ali follows, jun asks jee to wash the lettuce..
This happened about 20 minutes ago(told you took me time to post...)


Aug 07 2003 22:12, Thu Fritomade   Link
Stooges lifting weights
(wow) I think rob just complemented erik..he says "I like your shirt" she says thank you.. not much talk..just weights..Erk watching..(was hoping would get stories of ali from justin..LOL)I will keep a close eye on stooges, because I expect them to mention ali's stories and want to see what justin has to say about it..

Aug 07 2003 22:20, Thu Fritomade   Link
They getting jun to lift weights. She making funny sounds..LOL (
Kind of herbal essence BB"Jun..please go to the diary room"

Aug 07 2003 22:26, Thu Fritomade   Link
ali, erk walking around BB yard and talking game
Ali plotting with erk, saying jun sitting to pretty right now and she is about to sink her teeth into her..saying that erk and them have to win next to HOH's.. and she said something about nat and veto, but was whispering too low for me to hear..Ali saying one of the BB Producers was so hot.. Erik starts saying "Today I was in the DR and some guy..."then FOTH

Aug 07 2003 22:53, Thu Fritomade   Link
Ali and erk talking relationships and love
Ali tells erk that when she was gone for finals(about 2 weeks) she left donnie her car(I also think she said he was dating someone for that 2 weeks..could be wrong, but she said something about he dating someone for 2 weeks) she left on june 5th and came back on june 18th and told erk about e mail that he got from ex GF, a reply from an e mail he had sent. and she said he got another e mail from the girl while she was there. She says that was 10 days before she left for BB. Ali says she doesn't know why she puts up with him, but that he has to put up with her too and she would not want to put up with her(laughs) She says she always pays for everything..she says that 2 times a week she drives 41/2 hours each way, over 16 hours a week to go see him..she says if he wants a shirt, he asks her for money and she gives it to him..for anything he wants.. Ali says how foolish is that..stupid..I'm stupid..would you ever do anything like that? Erk long pause and well, i don't really know.. ali asks erk how many serious relationships have you been in...Erk a few, not many..ali asks how many times erk has been in love..erk says 2, though she has some question as to wheither one was love, it was in high school..ali says her serious loves were 3. 1st she was young and it was very bad relationship..though she not sure(if love) she can't remember much. Her second was with a guy in HS and college..she can't remember much,,was long time ago(3 years ago..That's long??LOL) she says they are still good friends..says hadn't seen him in 2 years(after break up i think) and one night saw him at a club and he saw her and said "You look so beautiful ali, all of my friends told me how good you looked and you are so beautiful" She says how sweet that was and how much he was complementing her and she says she thought(or said?) "OHH, you want me".. then she says of course last there is donnie who she loves.. but donnie is the only one that she is 100% sure that she has actually loved.

Aug 07 2003 22:58, Thu Fritomade   Link
Ali,erk still walking..just small talk..2 feeds on them..
2 feeds on Basket ball court..boys playing, can't see who all,feed far off..jun jumping rope

Aug 07 2003 23:00, Thu Fritomade   Link
erk, ali done walking, ali went to change so they can do some toning.. NT

Aug 07 2003 23:05, Thu Fritomade   Link
all 4 feeds on rob in HT..jee,jus playing B ball..ja and erk outside.
ali went to go change ..BB"Justin please go to the DR"..
have not seen nat, has been MIA for a while, not been any feeds showing him

Aug 07 2003 23:08, Thu Fritomade   Link
Jus walks into DR and still shows him on feed and audio
Jus "Horrible timing dude..horrible"
BB male "I'm sorry man, it was either down to you or.....(FOTH)
LOL BB didn't cut feeds in time..LOL

Aug 07 2003 23:08, Thu Fritomade   Link
Nat no longer MIA, is sitting outside talking with jack NT

Aug 07 2003 23:12, Thu Fritomade   Link
Ali doing weights... erk,nat,ja has started
playing game of cards..jee and rob playng new game(the one BB gave them,can't remember name)..Jun is still jumping rope (you go girl..) they are all outside in same vicinity(patio)..jus still in DR

Aug 07 2003 23:16, Thu Fritomade   Link
ali doing excercise and facing window(she can see herself and looking that way) and as she excersicing, she kind of
fixes her hair(LOL..guess she wants to look good working out.) she kind of smoothed it out and brought it over her

Aug 07 2003 23:28, Thu Fritomade   Link
Once again BB are being Perv's
Jun is jumping rope.(I don't thing she is wearing bra under her shirt..could be wrong..but doesn't look it) When she starts jumping BB zooms in far to close for comfort on 2 feeds(to her breasts bouncing all over the place, and when she stops/pauses, feeds go to table with ja,erk,nat..when jun starts jump rope repeats the zoom..This repeats itself about 4 or 5 times I think..(LOL)

Aug 07 2003 23:33, Thu Fritomade   Link
erk, ja telling nat he will prob have have alot of opportunity outside the the house because
he is all american good looking guy..jack teases as the world turns staring nat..nat says that has a nice ring to it..says Brad Pitt was born in Oklahoma..talking about brad and jen..erk says if nat is in show business, you would almost have to marry another celebrity..nat says no, he would not marry another celebrity..

Aug 07 2003 23:34, Thu Fritomade   Link
ali says they have to make their orders for subway..They talk about what they like
erk loves sweet onion teriyaki(Sp?)

Aug 07 2003 23:37, Thu Grins ParentRootLink
Erika likes the turkey. It was Jun that said she liked the Chicken I think. NT

Aug 08 2003 00:12, Fri Fritomade   Link
Jus ,Jee,Rob in HT (Started about 30 min ago..approx)
The HT is loud and no there is alot of missed convo.
First thing I hear is from Justin saying he wishes dana was there (Hot tub set at 100 and lots of bubbles, not visibility under get the idea) Heard them talking about jee's key being the last one pulled during nominations(laughing) Jee says he laughs now, but not when it happened.
Jun comes over some talking and she says she was going to ask them if they wanted watermelon but they are all(except rob.he drinking coke) boozing it up. Jee is drinking heinekin(Sp?)
Then Jun says to jee something about him apologizing, he gives her funny look and says for what. She says when jee was drunk last night he kept looking at her funny. Jee looks confused and says something,didn't hear and jun says either she told DR this or someone told DR(couldn't understand which one she said....
Then jun says to jee "You were looking at me like you wanted to F!CK me last night, like you forgot I was your EX, and I was like EWWW."
As jun said this to jee, the expression that came over his face was priceless. He looked like someone had just told him he had drank a glass of cat piss.(LOL) (OH if only I could have taken a picture of his face)
For the next few seconds..I myself was dumb founded and shocked, and during the next 3 or so seconds, if there was speech, i did not hear it..(LOL sorry).. I think there may have been smirks from jus, rob...Jee did not look amuzed and I don't think(could be wrong) he responded, he looked ill. Ali saves the day and comes over to take subway orders..

I had to step away from computer for about 5 to 10 minutes after this..

Aug 08 2003 00:24, Fri Fritomade   Link
Jee, rob tell jus their convo with ali earlier
When I came back to feeds they are talking about ali's story about jus e mailing ali the nude mouse photo(see earlier post if you haven't read it).. I hear jus saying no, wasn't that bad(says something else) and then he says, her mother saw it(as though it wasn't a naughty picture) Then they are talking about jus drunk in the socks and getting in bed with his roommate.. He says, no it was only about 10 minutes(he was in bed) and his roommate says what the F are you doing or something to that effect. Jee, rob say no, ali says it was several hours and all of a sudden you come running back to your bed..Jus looks a little embarrased and not argueing his case TOO much (I am missing alot of conversation though because of noise of HT and no Mic's, so he maybe arguing his case more )

[I have stayed up so late just for this conversation to happen, and of course as soon as I have to leave comp. for 5 or 10 minutes, that is when the convo happens..I think I missed alot of this convo and came in at the last of it...)If anyone else heard this convo, please post..

They pretty much change the subject at this point I think.

Aug 08 2003 00:32, Fri Fritomade   Link
Ali,erk,jack,jee HT..all 4 feeds there
talking misc. ..ali talks a little about BF..etc..nothing too interesting at the moment.

[My last feed tonight all. have a good one..night ]