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Aug 08 2003 01:36, Fri max1204   Link
Justin calls Jee a f*g
Because, Justin says, Jee was trying to get some from Nate last night when Jee was drunk.

Aug 08 2003 01:46, Fri max1204   Link
Justin talking about spilling his roommate's bong (talking to other stooges) NT

Aug 08 2003 02:12, Fri max1204   Link
Nate alone in red room reading Bible with Ali's elephant next to him NT

Aug 08 2003 02:16, Fri max1204   Link
BB turns lights off NT

Aug 08 2003 02:21, Fri max1204   Link
Ali joins Nate in red room as he looks at map in Bible
She wants to know where he got the gum he's smacking on. He says he's had it. Just before this, she was looking at a picture of her boyfriend, saying he's the "handsomest boy" she's ever seen and the camera zooms in.

Now they're talking about the antichrist, and Ali wants to know when it will happen. Nate says nobody knows, but some scholars say between 2015 and 2018, he says. He asks her if she ever read Revelations after she asks how they'll find the antichrist, and she says "not the whole thing." Now he's telling her about the details (which I will not recount -- too long, see Bible if you want to know more).

Chit-chat now, posting and having wine and some "Friends" (someone take over for awhile por favor).

Aug 08 2003 02:33, Fri max1204   Link
Jack says he'll work hard (today) to win veto so Nate won't get it
Meanwhile, Nate trying to get Ali to convince Justin to let him stay.

Aug 08 2003 02:51, Fri max1204   Link
Nate and Ali falling asleep in red room, same bed, head to toe NT

Aug 08 2003 05:52, Fri frustratedposter   Link
all HG asleep
F1 SandBox, Erika and Jack
F2 Justin in HOH
F3 Nate/Ali, sleeping head to toe
F4 blue room, Rob, Jee, Jun

[had to post SOMETHING in updates]

Aug 08 2003 08:08, Fri MsB0808   Link
All housetuests still sleeping. NT

Aug 08 2003 09:29, Fri UpAllNite   Link
BB tells sleeping HGs that veto comp will begin in 90? minutes
Not many seem to care. All continue to sleep except Jack.

BB actually tells em this twice. The first time was an aborted attempt, "The veto..." (long pause)then the voice repeats "The veto ceremony will begin in [and I think he said] 90 minutes." Sounded like 19 minutes, but that can't be right.

Aug 08 2003 09:31, Fri UpAllNite   Link
Jack up, brushes teeth, retreats back to bed NT

Aug 08 2003 09:35, Fri UpAllNite   Link
BB tells HGs "It's time to get up for the day"
All ignore this and continue to sleep.

Aug 08 2003 09:41, Fri UpAllNite   Link
BB says all their names and strongly repeats "I SAID IT'S TIME TO GET UP FOR THE DAY" NT

Aug 08 2003 09:43, Fri Kelly   Link
BB"Nathan, Jack,Alison,Robert,Jee, Justin, Erika, and Jun I SAID IT'S TIME TO GET UP FOR THE DAY!" lol NT

Aug 08 2003 09:44, Fri UpAllNite   Link
Jack up, Jun up, Robert stirs.... lights come on in bedrooms NT

Aug 08 2003 09:47, Fri UpAllNite   Link
Alison up, exits bed fully dressed in jeans and top NT

Aug 08 2003 09:49, Fri UpAllNite   Link
Alison making fun of BB voice telling em "I SAID...."
Jun says it's BS and was in the middle of a good dream. Ali says she didn't hear the first wake up call. Jun is wondering why they have to get up so early. Robert up. Erika watches as Alison and Robert get ready. Jee now up, who also moans about getting up early. Briefly talks about his dream.

Robert wonders why it was so hard to get up this morning. Then remembers he went to bed after 1. Jee says he went to bed after 2.

Nathan's up.

Robert channeling the spirit of Dana says this pisses him off.

Aug 08 2003 10:10, Fri ilsa   Link
BB voice 'Justin, I said it's time to get up from the bed'. LOL! NT

Aug 08 2003 10:19, Fri ilsa   Link
Robt. upset that Jee snored badly all nite. NT

Aug 08 2003 10:32, Fri Lola   Link
Ro & Jus are sitting in orange chairs with arms crossed. Je walks over to Jus
and in 3 Stooges style starts doing the whoo-whoo-whoo-whoo hand movements at Jus
Both Ro & Jus ooze of being in a bad mood
Ro says "Lets just get this thing over"
Jus in a dry voice "Yeah..."
They small talk about breakfast and then Jus gets called to DR

Aug 08 2003 10:57, Fri ilsa   Link
Ok, posted in p/x and should have put here also...
20 minutes ago Erika and Jack were sitting in the LR with Nate. Erika told Nate she was sorry they had to vote against him this time. Jack concurred. Nate said it was ok, he understood. He also said this was going to be worst veto scenario this week for their team. Nate seems to be ok with them, doesn't seem to be upset at all this morning. (maybe too tired yet?)

Aug 08 2003 11:06, Fri ilsa   Link
Nate 'I'll be last year's cast was in bed every nite at midnite, and up every day at 9:00 am'. (little does he know! lol) NT

Aug 08 2003 11:06, Fri ilsa   Link
HG's are just chatting, waiting for veto comp to begin. Not much happening. NT

Aug 08 2003 11:07, Fri UpAllNite   Link
Nate revelations about himself
usually drinks a diet coke every morning

says everyone in his family can play a musical instrument but him

grand mother was an entertainer
has two cousins overseas singing
another cousin here is a pop singer and has been on a morning show

has 2 uncles and cousins that have bands

Aug 08 2003 11:11, Fri UpAllNite   Link
HGs want music. Ask for a concert this weekend
Jack counters just because they did it last year doesn't mean they'll do it again this year.

Aug 08 2003 11:14, Fri ilsa   Link
Ali on couch with Nate, tells him 'don't touch me, don't look at me, don't even breathe on me.' semi-joking NT

Aug 08 2003 11:15, Fri UpAllNite   Link
Nate and Ali banter
Ali playfully tells Nate not to look at her, touch her, or breathe on her. She wants him to look the other way if he has to say something

Nate wonders if she woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning

Ali says she woke up looking at him. Well, okay, his feet.

Nate tells Ali "Your husband's going to be one lucky man"

Ali asks, "which one?"

Nate responds, "all of them"

Ali laughs

Aug 08 2003 11:17, Fri Lola   Link
Ali to Nat "Dont touch me...
don't speak to me, don't look at me, don't breath on me"
He ask "Did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed?"
She says "Yeah cause it's a bad day, I had to look at your feet all night"
missed some small talk
then Nat rolls his eyes back and says "How did I get myself in this position"
after a few seconds
Nat says "Might as well get in the right positions" he moves to an orange chair in LR then
he pretend to be making his nom speech "I want to personally thank Ali for putting me in this position, I'm coming for your first born"
Ali retorts "You've just lost all possible rights to an egg donation"
Nat says "I don't want to sit here" and jumps over the the blue section of the sofa

Aug 08 2003 11:18, Fri ilsa   Link
F2 & 3 showed brief pic of something outside on wall (white square w/ blue?) anyone know what it was? NT

Aug 08 2003 11:20, Fri pixiegirl   Link
Alison-Get out of my bed Nathan, you jerk...don't look at me! NT

Aug 08 2003 11:23, Fri pixiegirl   Link
feed scan
Erika and Jack sitting quietly on the couch with nathan, Jee in BR on other 2 feeds

Aug 08 2003 11:23, Fri ilsa   Link
Jack wearing red golf shirt, says it's his 'nomination shirt'. NT

Aug 08 2003 11:25, Fri pixiegirl   Link
Jee and Justin in HOH, Jee says why do we need 2 F-ing hours to get ready? (veto comp) Justin-I dont know NT

Aug 08 2003 11:25, Fri ilsa   Link
Robt '10:20 am, why do they wake us up so f*ing early. Why do we have 2 f*ing hours to get ready?' all HG's complaining about wait for veto. NT

Aug 08 2003 11:28, Fri ilsa   Link
no one saying anything, all feeds on drowsing HG's NT

Aug 08 2003 11:30, Fri pixiegirl   Link
Feeds all focused on Nate, Jack and Ali sleeping on sofa NT

Aug 08 2003 11:35, Fri ilsa   Link
Jee has been in DR, now Robt called in NT

Aug 08 2003 11:42, Fri dianasto51 ParentRootLink
jun NT

Aug 08 2003 11:45, Fri ilsa ParentRootLink
Yes, Jun, thanks! (my fingers sleeping w/ HG's!) NT

Aug 08 2003 11:40, Fri ilsa   Link
Nate now called to DR NT

Aug 08 2003 11:50, Fri ilsa   Link
Erika's turn in DR NT

Aug 08 2003 11:52, Fri ilsa   Link
Ali now called to DR NT

Aug 08 2003 11:53, Fri ilsa   Link
F1 & 2 on HOH room, stooges playing cards, chatting. F3 & 4 on Jack and Nate snoozing on couch NT

Aug 08 2003 11:56, Fri ilsa   Link
Jun says sarcastically 'Veto comp at 10:00' (it's now 10:53 BB time) Jack now in DR NT

Aug 08 2003 11:58, Fri ilsa   Link
BB 'Justin, please go to DR' All HG's in HOH room cheer (ready for veto comp to begin) NT

Aug 08 2003 11:59, Fri ilsa   Link
Jee told Jun she was a pathological liar, like Ali. Jun says, no, I'm a pathological actress! NT

Aug 08 2003 12:01, Fri Lola   Link
Ro Jun Je & Jus in HOH
Ro says "Juns' a pathelogical liar"
Jun says with her nose itn the air as she twirls her pony tail "I am not a pathelogical liar, I'm a pathelocical actress"
Ro asks "Is there a difference"
Jun says with derermination "YES, definitely"

Aug 08 2003 12:07, Fri ilsa   Link
Gone to FOTH NT

Aug 08 2003 12:26, Fri nojobny   Link
Still in very looonnnggg FOTH for Veto comp NT

Aug 08 2003 12:56, Fri ilsa   Link
yep, still FOTH NT

Aug 08 2003 13:29, Fri max1204   Link
For those without feeds - STILL FOTH NT

Aug 08 2003 13:44, Fri Sharky   Link
Another 15 minutes passes and . . . still FOTH NT

Aug 08 2003 13:58, Fri max1204   Link
Closing in on 2 hours...and still FOTH NT

Aug 08 2003 13:58, Fri Jon   Link
I guess that 4 person board game they were practicing takes a long time! NT

Aug 08 2003 13:58, Fri max1204   Link
They're back!!! NT

Aug 08 2003 14:00, Fri max1204   Link
Jack says it couldn't have worked out better for them (he and Erica) NT

Aug 08 2003 14:01, Fri max1204   Link
Quoridor WAS the veto comp. and Robert apparently sucked at it (Jack says) NT

Aug 08 2003 14:17, Fri nojobny ParentRootLink
But Rob won it. NT

Aug 08 2003 14:02, Fri Sharky   Link
Nathan must not have won POV because Er & Jac said to each other "we got another week" NT

Aug 08 2003 14:02, Fri Lola   Link
Ja says that couldn't have worked out better, the ball Gods are on my side NT

Aug 08 2003 14:04, Fri max1204   Link
Jack and Erica assuming Nate is gone
Erica says she won't "risk" giving him a sympathy vote. She says Ali is going to vote him out.

Aug 08 2003 14:07, Fri max1204   Link
Erica thinks they're "sitting pretty" for another week
She tells Jack that if the other side gets HoH next week, they'll put up Ali and one of them as a pawn to get Ali out (ed. note: Not according to the Stooges; they say Jack is next to go). Erica says she, Jack and Jun in best position right now.

Aug 08 2003 14:07, Fri Sharky   Link
Apparently, Ju made a move during POV that ended it for Nathan, according to Jack. Erica said she is going to vote
Nathan out and she said Ali will too. Jack asking if she thought Nathan would come and try for her vote and Er said "no, I don't think so".

Jack said Jee was acting like he didn't know how to play the game (POV).

[My feeds timed out.]

More whispering between Jack and Erica; all feeds are on them.

Aug 08 2003 14:11, Fri max1204   Link
The new Dark Side assembled in living room around couches
Jun, Ali and the 3 Stooges are chit-chatting, talking about food. No confirmation on veto winner yet.

Aug 08 2003 14:13, Fri max1204   Link
Robert won Veto, Nate says NT

Aug 08 2003 14:13, Fri Jovian   Link
Rob won veto. NT

Aug 08 2003 14:15, Fri Lola   Link
Nat comes into room with Er & Ja
Nat says he doesn't want to stay out there with the rest of them
Ja and Er says that he didn't have a chance because it was 3 against one
they all agree it was the worst possible draw it could've been
Nat says he didn't try to help Ja cause he knew that Ja was already boxed in and that if he thought he could've helped him he would have (note: Nat dose not sound believable to me)
Ja says "I appreciate that"
they talk more about the game moves and then Ja says if you leave then you're gona leave me with those guys

Aug 08 2003 14:18, Fri bidz_yo   Link
Alison working Robert and Jee to get Justin to keep NATE over JACK (more)...
She makes the better argument than Nate made...

Jack is coming after Justin if he stays, but Nate isn't. She says if Nate stays and wins HOH, he'd put up Jun and Erika. She adds that Jack is due to win HOH and has been throwing the comps!


Aug 08 2003 14:21, Fri Lola   Link
Ja just said that the delay before comp was because they had camera problems NT

Aug 08 2003 14:26, Fri Lola   Link
Al Ro & Je are on patio talking about Lisa winning last year, how not bringing back Eric was a smart move.
Alie says I can't believe we're sitting here in the same place they were last year.
Then they start talking about how hungry they are and that the food will be here soon
feed switches to LR
close up of Jun, Jus shuffling cards and Jun leaves to lay down until food arrives

Aug 08 2003 14:30, Fri bidz_yo   Link
Earlier in BY, Alison was trying to convince Jee and Robert to keep Nate over Jack (more)...
She told them that if Jack stayed and won HOH, he would be gunning for Justin, BUT if they kept Nate around, he would nominate Jun and Erika, and they'd be safe. Went on to say that Jack had been throwing comps and was "due". Not clear if Jee and Robert are buying it...

Aug 08 2003 14:41, Fri Lola   Link
Ro Jus and Je in LR
They agree that its great the way the POV turned out cause if Er had got it then she would have saved Ja
Jus says "Yeah and then I would have had to put up Ali and that would s*ck. But you know I'm not gona put up one of our own people"
Ali comes in the room and the conversation changes to small talk

Aug 08 2003 14:54, Fri LiLIvers0nboy3   Link
Everyone Eating Subway...yummy NT

Aug 08 2003 14:58, Fri Lola   Link
Al says "A whopper has 39 grams of fat, and thats' w/o cheese. *** that's ridiculous and that's what we had all week!" NT

Aug 08 2003 15:12, Fri Lola   Link
Jun says "You can't eat Burger King everyday for a week and not gain weight"
She goes on to say that these Subway sandwiches are delicious
Ali comments on people loosing weight on Subway
Ali finishes and yells "THANK YOU SUBWAY" and she sounds sincere
they talk about the cookies and say that they look a little red
Ja in a broken voice that sounds like he's imitating a bad commercial "But - if - they - are - made - by - Subway - they - are - tasty - and - nutricious"
a few giggles

Aug 08 2003 15:18, Fri Lola   Link
BB announces that Lockdown is over and they can lift the outside shades NT

Aug 08 2003 15:23, Fri Lola   Link
Je Ali Jus and Er in LR, Ro Ja & Jun on patio. Nat was in orange room alone last time he was seen NT

Aug 08 2003 15:24, Fri Lola   Link
Jus gets called to DR, Ali takes his place playing cards. Je yells "Don't call me to DR, I want to go to sleep" NT

Aug 08 2003 15:35, Fri LiLIvers0nboy3   Link
Nathan doesnt seem very happy...
Nathan is very mad that he lost the veto competition. He is outside with jack and erika playing cards and he is not talking. He has the mean look on his face.

Aug 08 2003 15:39, Fri joannie   Link
Jee, Jun and Justin lounging in the LR. Justin's head is in Jun's lap. NT

Aug 08 2003 15:42, Fri joannie   Link
Justin is telling "Ali" stories.
Justin: "She (Ali) was a f*ckin' embarrassment."

Aug 08 2003 15:48, Fri joannie   Link
Ali is in the pool flirting with Rob NT

Aug 08 2003 15:50, Fri joannie   Link
Rob asks Ali if she slept in the big bed
She says she was in the big bed with Nate. "He kicked me in the jaw in the middle of the night."

Aug 08 2003 15:59, Fri UpAllNite   Link
Ali tanning on lawn as Robert floats in pool NT

Aug 08 2003 16:02, Fri UpAllNite   Link
Robert now tanning along side Ali on lawn NT

Aug 08 2003 16:04, Fri UpAllNite   Link
Jack says he's harmless, only a threat to himself
while playing cards with Erika and Nate.

Nate makes a reference to himself leaving this week

Erika reacts to Nate with a pouty face, knowing that he's right

Aug 08 2003 16:24, Fri Lola   Link
Ro is with Jun on patio
They're talking about how cool it will be to be some of the last in the house cause no one remembers the first few evicted
Ro starts laying on how he thought she was cool but that he didn't talk to her cause she was around Dana. He goes on to say how cool it was that she didn't get any votes against her.
They speculate how Dana felt when she didn't get any votes
Ro says it's good that Jus got out of that (Dana situation) when he did cause it was messing with his game
Jun says that Dana thought that she was a stronger player that herself but she was really weak cause every time she heard something she would go "OH" and then start to believe it

Aug 08 2003 16:26, Fri Shadow46and2   Link
A few minutes ago Justin and Jee were in the LR and they were talking how there is no other option, that "he" must go. I assume Nate. NT

Aug 08 2003 16:36, Fri UpAllNite   Link
Jun talking to Robert
All feeds switched inside the house for about a minute, centering upon Jun and Robert

They were in the middle of a conversation while apparently looking at pictures. Robert wonders how she could ever like anyone in a hat. And Jun counters that she's always liked frat boys.

I missed who they were talking about, but Robert continues on that Jun and ? would have beautiful kids together. He says it's a good mix.

Then all feeds switched to Nate, Erika, and Jack's card game.

Aug 08 2003 16:40, Fri UpAllNite   Link
Nate says "I'm tired of this God-foresaken place" NT

Aug 08 2003 16:46, Fri UpAllNite   Link
Erika preparing area in backyard for turtles to stretch their legs NT

Aug 08 2003 16:47, Fri Lola   Link
Er is using the Chess pieces to form a little play-pen for the tortises to sun in NT

Aug 08 2003 16:48, Fri UpAllNite   Link
Robert and Jee banter
Robert says he wants to see turtle drown

then asks Jee if they yelled at him in the diary room

Jee says he's not comfortable in there

Off camera Erika is moving chess pieces to isolate turtles

Robert says the turtles will move the chess pieces and drown

Erika pretends to be the voices of the turtles, saying 'hey we like this new piece of grass.' Then goes inside to put on her swimsuit.

Ali goes into pool and starts to float around

Jee harasses her a little by calling her "Ali-son"

Then Jee tells Robert how in his culture he would be more respectful to Robert because he's older.

Aug 08 2003 16:50, Fri Lola   Link
Ro & Je are harassing Er
Ro and Je are telling Er that the piece will blow over on the turtle and crack it's shell and then she will get in trouble with BB
She says it will not fall
Theres a close up of Ro and he's smiling, he looks amused

Aug 08 2003 16:55, Fri UpAllNite   Link
Jee giving Robert a geography lesson NT

Aug 08 2003 16:57, Fri UpAllNite   Link
Erika talking about Dave's covert splashing operations
Apparently Dave would be in the house and catch someone on the hammock. He'd then speak into his microphone, letting big brother know what he was up to, before running out and making a big splash. They think it's funny it didn't matter what he was wearing at the time...he could be in jeans.

Jee and Robert speculate that Dave is now on a beach somewhere.

They say they miss him.

Aug 08 2003 17:04, Fri UpAllNite   Link
Nathan tells Jee he snores at night.
Told him twice last night to "Shut up"

Jee asks if he did

Nathan responds, yeah you did.

Aug 08 2003 17:10, Fri UpAllNite   Link
Stooges talking. Jee says "other team is weak. It's not even a team." NT

Aug 08 2003 17:59, Fri I_Should_Be_Working   Link
Jee brushing teeth on four feeds NT

Aug 08 2003 19:03, Fri bruhe   Link
nate and ali talking game
nate basically reaching for ways to stay but he knows he is gone. now hes regretful again living the past over and over regretting it. kinda rubbing it in to ali.. they had the stooges and blew it.
and NOW ali starts talking anti stooge when she cut herself out of play in the alliance
now he relives quoridor game for veto

Aug 08 2003 19:06, Fri Anonymous   Link
Allie and Nate
allie in bathtub, nate sitting on the end of the tub discussing today's veto challenge. Nate is saying this is all Dan's fault. doesn't even want to talk to her when sequestered. Allie agrees she was an idiot.

Aug 08 2003 19:09, Fri Anonymous   Link
More Nate and Allie
Nate said unless BB throws in a twist he doesn't really see himself staying. He says he is not going to beg and plead, and says hopefully Justin will be seeing him in a week and Nate can say "I told you so"
Allie says the stress in the house is unbearable.

Aug 08 2003 19:11, Fri Anonymous   Link
more bathtub talk
Nate telling Allie he can see her and Michelle doing something in the entertainment business. Also sees Erica doing some stuff. Nate says he is almost ready to go because he doesnt really get along with anyone in the house except allie and jack. If he had been there last year he sees himself hanging out with roddy and eric.

Aug 08 2003 19:13, Fri Anonymous   Link
Nate says he thinks Jun will throw HOH next time because she is skating by right now. NT

Aug 08 2003 19:15, Fri Anonymous   Link
Nate's diary room
Allie rinses bubbles off and drains water from the tup.(she has on her black bikini). Nate said they told him in the diary room don't think it is over, this week anything can happen. Nate says that gives him a boost.

Aug 08 2003 19:46, Fri BuzzardsCrotch   Link
F4 jack in diary room but no audio NT

Aug 08 2003 19:47, Fri Debra_Kadabra   Link
Ali gives Erika vital information
Ali lets Erika know that Jack is next on the hit list. Earlier Jack and Erika had speculated together that they would be okay even next week because they thought Ali would be the target and there was no need to go for HOH.

Aug 08 2003 20:08, Fri Michelle_OR   Link
Nathan looks very upset while playing cards with Allison and Erika NT

Aug 08 2003 20:22, Fri BuzzardsCrotch ParentRootLink
Ali and Jun were talking about Nate in the kitchen
Ali was saying how angry she is at him because he was yelling at her during the veto comp. They thought he was outside but he was in the sandbox. He could have heard the whole conversation. They are not sure.

Aug 08 2003 21:55, Fri Strange_Brewster   Link
Robert, Jee and Ju lifting weights. Nat and Ali wrestling in bed. NT

Aug 08 2003 22:00, Fri Quench   Link
Ali screeching like crazy. Nate is pinning her down. Say Nate - Nate say
is the master - She screeches some more

Ali was bouncing the rubber ball used in the veto comp Nate one. This ball saved my life she says. He says you owe me a car.

Nate saying I should call you Mantroll #2 No wonder Jack got that question wrong.

Nate - need some lovin? Ali not from you.

More wrestling fully of giggles and screeches

Aug 08 2003 22:06, Fri Quench   Link
Nate asking Ali what was her funnest day in the house
She says Well Nathan they have all been great but the best day was when I put Dana up on the block.

Then she gets serious and says The funnest day was day 2 when we all got along. Before I knew Dana was a schizophrenic and a bitch.

She then screeches about his stinky feet touching her, her elephant and cat

Nate then asks honestly when I was HOH that first week was that part of your strategy to flirt with me.

No she says. Nate says she is lying to him. Piss off she says. Nate says you said that would be your strategy. She says no that is what my dad said

Jun comes into the love room. Ali shows her Ali's injury from the comp. Then she says oh my skin has come off. oh I should eat it. Ewwws all around.

Ali yells at Nate who is lying right beside him not to touch her. She doesn't like to be touched.

More giggles and screeches.

Aug 08 2003 22:21, Fri Quench   Link
NAte and ali in the love room
Ali not looking for good looking guys

Nate says You want to be centre stage.

Then she says this about Donny He is 21 still in college no job and will not play pro football That won't get me anywhere

Ali then talks about modelling and being in fashion magazines.

Nate talking about the kiss Ali and him shared in the first week.

Ali says Between you and me: That kiss sucked

Now they are talking about how it happened that it was the third day and Ali jumped him and she is saying he jumped her. Nate saying he didn't know she had a bf just thought she was dating.

Nate saying then you met me and it changed your mind

Ali says it made my mind more set. Even his flaws I love. His lips fit perfectly with mine. You are just jealous.

Nate it drives me crazy that you say to care for this guy and you kiss me after 3 days in here

Justin comes in to take the subway orders

Aug 08 2003 22:22, Fri Debra_Kadabra   Link
Jun lets Jack know that Nathan tried to cut a deal
to save himself. He tells Erika, saying it's all right. Jun also told him the deal was refused. Erika now telling Jack she wants Jack to ask Jun the order the stooges want to evict people and tells Jack of her earlier convo with Ali (about targeting Jack) Jack says he doesn't know if Ali is on their side, doesn't trust her.

Convo interupted by Ali and then Justin (taking Subway orders)

Aug 08 2003 22:24, Fri Quench   Link
Justin comes into the love room to take the subway orders for tomorrow
Ali - cheddar bread chicken breast strips no cheese lettuce onion olive pickles southwest sauce cookies and mountain dew

Nathan - whole wheat chicken teriyki strips cheese lettuce and tomotoes no condiments chips dr pepper

Ali and Justin leave the room Nathan goes to get into his shorts to play Bball tells the camera in the corner of the room to not look at him. The camera pans away He says thanks. He turns around looks dead at the other camera and says yeah but you caught me on that one.

He leaves the room to go outside.

Aug 08 2003 22:29, Fri Quench   Link
Feeds timed out on me . When I came back Jun made her order
then Robert ordered

Robert - monteray cheddar bread chicken teriyka all veggies except cucumbers cheese chips coke

Jee - mountain dew Then the girls start talking louder than Jee so can't catch what he ordered. Then Nathan with the BBall

Aug 08 2003 22:31, Fri Quench   Link
All four feeds on Jun jumping rope. Bouncy bouncy NT

Aug 08 2003 22:42, Fri Quench   Link
Ali and Erika now walking around the yard. Jee justin and nathan playing BBall
And Robert in the HT. Jun doing curls. Jack on hammock.

Ali asking Erika how did she hook up with Robert. We met when we were dancing and it just graduated from there. I was on crack. Talking about his drinking problem. But Erkia doesn't want to get into it.

Talking about Nathan and that there is something he is hiding. Talking about he has 3 sisters. The two of them keeps pacing the yard. Erika gets hit with the BBall. She complains that it is wet. then she says it's sweaty. Eww she washes her hand and arm in the pool water. They are talking about the questionaires they filled out before coming into the house. Random stuff they are talking about.

Aug 08 2003 22:43, Fri Debra_Kadabra   Link
F3 Ali and Erika taking their walk
Ali saying how they can make it to the end. Erika wanting to make sure that Justin doesn't convince her to throw next weeks HOH.

Ali relays her coversation with Nate to Erika.
Nate knows he's going, Nate thinks all the guys are dorks. Nate made fun of Robert. Nate asked if Ali's flirting with him in the first week was strategy and she said she couldn't lie to him and that it was. Says he was mad.
Ali asked how Erika ever hooked up with Robert. (didn't catch the answer)
Convo turns to studying for HOH contest while walking

Aug 08 2003 22:46, Fri Quench   Link
Ali - I hope we have a luxury tomorrow.
E: why do you say that
A: I asked Ralphie do we have a luxury challenge tomorrow and he said can't tell you. She said okay see you tomorrow.

Aug 08 2003 22:49, Fri Fritomade   Link
Ja and jun talking toning..weights
Jun now jumping rope.(she has really been working her rear off with working out lately..good job jun..)

Aug 08 2003 22:49, Fri Quench   Link
Ali asking what would you do if you win the money
Erika: Buy my mom a house.
Ali : Pay off my school pay off my brother's school. maybe some CD's
Erika saying buy a condo rent it out have the renters pay for the mortgage. repeat to make a good investment. She doesn't trust Stocks.

Ali how do bonds work. Erika saying I don't know but get yourself an accountant. Erika talking about how she waitressed to get herself through college. Talking about how

Erika reaming off the winners of the past winners. Lisa 26 Will 28 Eddie 21

Aug 08 2003 22:51, Fri Quench   Link
Ali talking about Nate and how he had his college paid for
and that he bought his car with cash.

They compliment Jun on how her thighs are getting toned.

They complain about how much equipment is sexist. Bball, weights, punching bag.

Aug 08 2003 22:56, Fri Fritomade   Link
Ali and erk
I am not sure who they are talking about but here it is
Ali "He is going to be big when he gets out of here"
Er "yea, he looks hoolywood"
Ali "He will probably land himself a soap opra or something"

Aug 08 2003 22:57, Fri Quench   Link
Erika was a huge Survivor fan. And she is talking indepth about the history of BB-US
Talking about how it's not originally an American show.

BB was originally an European show then it came here.
The first year was so different. The public voted ppl out.

How Arnold and Alison took it over. Completely revamped the show. Season 2 the HG were over the edge. and it was run so differently it was polar opposites of the first show. Season 3 was the favourite.

Talking about how they are portrayed. Erika being realistic about it's hard because they are in it. So hard to judge it.

Erika knew it would be Robert who would come into the house. Just in her gut.

Aug 08 2003 23:02, Fri Fritomade   Link
Er,ali talking past BB and survivor
Er telling ali first BB was boring and ratings were not as good as cbs had hoped it would be, telling ali how america viewers voted HG off and all of the controversal HG were being taken off, so all the others were fake nice as to not piss of viewers. erk says she is survivor fan and that last BB was her favorite BB season . Telling ali that survivor and BB were idea's taken from other countries. Ali says that they are the best group. erk says that is because they are in the cast.

Aug 08 2003 23:03, Fri Quench   Link
Ali and Erika have now been walking the yard for 1/2 hour and they want to walk for another 1/2 hour.Comparing them to BB 3


Nathan - Jason / Roddy mix
Jack - Gerry

Justin - Eric

Robert - Marcellas - how in the world did he win anything when he should have been gone.

Jun - Danielle - Always staring.

Scotty - Josh

Erika - Tonya / Lisa - Mature and beautiful

Ali - Amy / Chiara I hated Amy she was a brat

Aug 08 2003 23:07, Fri Quench   Link
Erika saying how she bit her tongue where Dana was concerned
There were times when she just had to walk away.

They don't think that there would be any good shots of Dana on TV she was nuts.

Ali saying that she has forgotten about Michelle and she just left a few weeks ago.

Erika doesn't want to watch the show. I don't want to know what happened behind my back

Ali wants to remember nice thoughts about the show she doesn't want to watch it either.

Ali talking about how she was going on about Justin's ear and how the DR folks were laughing.

Aug 08 2003 23:12, Fri Fritomade   Link
more ali,erk
Erk says she did not like Chiara, she was not appealing to her because she befriended Lisa and then turned on her.
Erk "There are to many girls like that in my life"
ali had said she really liked chiara until that happened.
They both really liked lisa and she was smart, but ali says Lisa became too nice, that she was boringly pleasant. That she hoped she(lisa) would at least kill a bug or something.

Then they turn to dana and ali says that BB probably makes Dana look bad on tv, that there is no way they could make her(dana) look good. Erk says she(dan) was nutty all the time.

Aug 08 2003 23:12, Fri Quench   Link
More Erika and Ali
Ali I am sure if I watch the show I would get mad at myself at some of the things I said.

I don't know how they are portraying Nathan and myself. We are more like brother and sister but the editing would make it like we are a couple

Erika saying BB asked her to use the name Donny when refering to Ali's BF. He signed a release. So they can depict him however they want

Note : The same camera - bob has been following them around Focusing in and out getting dizzy as the women pace the yard.

Aug 08 2003 23:17, Fri Fritomade   Link
Ali erk talking love,divorce,marriage
ali wants to have unbreakable family..etc..afraid of divorce..erk also.
ali says Donnie had to sign a release from BB so that he could be talked about and then she reveils that if she and don are not together when she leaves BB that she hopes that BB makes donnie out to be a jerk.(such a sweet thing to say about the man you love huh?)

Aug 08 2003 23:17, Fri Quench   Link
Ali saying she wants a stable family
Her father is a divorce lawyer (the way she is describing his job)

Erika's mom and dad divorced when she was 2 yrs old.

Justin's parents are also divorced. His dad has a girlfriend and they are happy.

Dating Game - Danielle Steele. Last book Ali read. I am not much of a reader. Unless it's a magazine - What I wouldn't give for a Cosmo. Make up tips would be fantastic
Erika saying she would love to have a magazine to read.

Ali wishes BB would give the girls a makeup day. A big pallet of colours. Now talking about hair dye.

Now they are checking the time. 45 minutes walking. They have just about enough.

Aug 08 2003 23:19, Fri Quench   Link
Ali and Erika finish their walk
Meet Jun in the kitchen She is prepping fwatermelon for midnight snack. Taste testing as she goes.

They are saying she should join them walking. She would rather tone than walk

Erika heads back outside Ali to the WC.

Aug 08 2003 23:27, Fri Quench   Link
Jun still cutting up the watermelon and throwing out the overripe pieces
Talking about the different colours of watermelon and speculating how they make it yellow and orange.

Jun: The more flavours you add to food the better it tastes

Ali: Really?

Jun:Yes but Nate doesn't like that

Ali retelling about the conversation she had with Nathan earlier in the evening. She is embellishing the story for Jun.

Now talking about hair dye and tinting.

They split up Ali to change into shorts and Jun to the WC


Aug 08 2003 23:29, Fri Quench   Link
Jee Justin and Nathan playing BBall for an hour now.
They are all aglow. Sweating and gleaming in the lights of the BY.

Robert still in the HT also for an hour. Wrinkled like a prune.

Aug 08 2003 23:35, Fri Fritomade   Link
Jun was telling ali about her parents, her mother a very good cook, but doesn't cook what jun cooks obviously, her mom cooks Korean food. When jun parents see something they want to try on TV they call jun and ask if she can make it for them and she goes over and does.. ali says that's sweet, how come jun's mom doesn't make it, jun says her mom doesn't think she(mom) would be good at it.
Then they go on to talking of nat... Jun says nat can be difficult when it comes to food, that he doesn't like spices, he is simple. Ali complains that he only ordered bread, turkey, bacon and lettuce from subway today...Jun says nat has changed so much from earlier in the game, that he was so cool before, does he realize that he has changed so much... ali says that maybe his true self is coming out now.

Ali also tells jun that earlir today nat asked her in the first week when she was kissing and flirting with was she just playing the game? and laughs telling jun that she looked at him and said "I'm still here" (with a big grin, sucking teeth)...[I suppose she is proud of that story, keeps telling everyone it seems]

Aug 08 2003 23:40, Fri Fritomade   Link
Ali,Jun,Erk doing crunches NT

Aug 08 2003 23:42, Fri Quench   Link
The guys have finished playing BBall. Justin and Jee do a quick rinse
in the outdoor shower then jump in the pool.

Nathan grabs a towel and starts wiping the sweat off himself he leans up against the pillow on the lounger he is still covered in sweat.

Jack congrats them on a good game and goes into the house to grab a few beers for the guys.

Nathan saying to Jack he can't catch a break in this place. Robert talking about the BBall and I guess they got more points than Nathan.

Nathan says to Jack It's just a BBall game guys.

Aug 08 2003 23:51, Fri Quench   Link
Nate to Jack
N: The guys are wearing me thin Jack. I am going nuts. They are wearing me out.

J: They are going to come at you every way they can.

In the background they can hear the stooges talking

N:I am going crazy in here mentally, physically drained

N:If I go I go. I am not a quitter. But the odds are...

J:You are not pissing me off.

N:It just sucks man.... Ali told me Justin wants me out of here. Because he thinks we are hooking up as a couple

J:I think there is some truth in that.
N: but that isn't so.

J: When you screw around with Dana where to you go from there. That defies description.
You are more of a threat

N: Jackie they are doggin their skills. you have to put them up.

J:you have my word

N:I want to see Justin go after me if I go

J:Ya if you go

N:I wish they would have some twist that would keep both of us here.

J: Maybe the money offer or something.

J: You have my word I will put them up

N: thank you man. I don't want to see them in the end

J: Neither do I

N:If I stay I would do that for you.

J:I would expect no less.

Talking about Nate prospects outside of the house. Modelling etc.


Aug 08 2003 23:55, Fri Quench   Link
more talking Nate and Jack
Nate talking about in the beginning how he hung out with Robert and believed what he said about Erika but now he knows that it's not true.

Nate saying how much he likes Michelle and would like to see her after the show

Nathan talking about how he wants to marry a virgin.

Aug 08 2003 23:56, Fri Quench   Link
Erika saunters over and Jack says
Erika can I interest you in some mixed nuts

Erika replies I have had enough of you guys

Aug 08 2003 23:57, Fri Fritomade   Link
Nat to Ja
Goes to sit next to Ja and says "Triple teaming, thats the story of my life..They have been triple teaming me all day"
Hearing stooges in background..
Nat "It's just a damn basketball game guys"(to directly to stooges, grumbling to himself)[nat is very irritated right now]
Nat "These guys are wearing me out, I am sick of being double's a F!cking game"
Jack says they(stooges) are going to come after you in everyway. Nat says yes they are coming after hin in everything.
pause then nat says he is mentally, physically, and emotionally drained, ready to go. ja says it isn't over and if nat needs to try and camp. for himself he doesn't mind that.

Aug 09 2003 00:00, Sat Quench   Link
Nate and Jack talking about the Quoridor style veto game
Jack saying that game was rigged. Robert shouldn't have won it
Nate talking about How in the DR either John or Dan was pissed and how they knew but something about Ping pong balls didn't go his way today did it.

Feeds timed out just as they were talking about this.

Aug 09 2003 00:06, Sat Quench   Link
California has no water. They are complaining about the state of the grass in the BY
E: California has No water no electricity

Jack:Blame Texas for that

Nate:lot of electricity in Oklahoma hydro dams windmills

Jack and Erika talking about Enron. Nathan doesn't know what that was about. Erika and Jack explaining it to Nate

Jack:White collared ppl piss me off. Because they are all thieves

Erika: saying they have all the money.

Jack complaining about Texas.

Nate joins the conversation - Texas is the biggest state.

Aug 09 2003 00:10, Sat Fritomade   Link
Nat on ali, michelle,future wife and erk
Nat telling jack that ali told him that justin wants nat out because of nat and ali's relationship, he(jus) thinks they are a couple, nat replies to that "That is whacked"
Nat asks jack is the girls in the house are getting on his nerves, jack no, nat says they are starting to get on his nerves.
Nat says he misses Michelle. That he could see himself in a relationship with her. says michelle grew on him, says when she first came in, she was young and he thought negatively about her, but she is beautiful, great athlete.Jack says rare that girls are virgins at her age and nat says he has high standards that he wants a virgin wife, certain body type and looks. He says that he sounds pathetic(yes, you do.nat) that his parents think he is nuts (mother knows best.LOL) and that he sounds like he is trying to breed his wife and kids.
Convo turns to nat saying he used to hang with Rob(earlier in game) and rob said so many bad things erk and he feels bad he had a bad opinion of her, but really likes her now. They were talking about nat celebrity opportunities when he gets out..nat wants it really bad..that erk can help him when he moves out here.. nat says he wants to meet a girl , ja says he will out here. Ja saying nat will do well in hollywood. nat "your not just saying that are you?" Nat says he had 2 dreams to either play Division 1 football then make movies and be on TV.

Aug 09 2003 00:10, Sat Quench   Link
Jack Who knows what will happen between now and Tuesday
(they don't know it's live votes yet)

Erika saying they might throw in a twist

Jack: What the hell - They (BB ) are watering dirt

Talking about Kent stayed in the car the longest in BB2

Aug 09 2003 00:12, Sat Quench   Link
The stooges are in the HT but the others want to go into the HT later
but Jack says it's too cold. So Ali offers to go over and check the tempature and make it hotter.

The shoes and weight bar are soaking wet from the sprinklers.

Aug 09 2003 00:12, Sat Fritomade   Link
Ja wants to take advantage of jun
He asks her if she wants a beer, she says no, and ali says jun doesn't really drink
Ja says "I know, I just keep trying..I want to take advantage of her"(jokingly)
Jun replies "you don't need me to get drunk for that " (lol)

Aug 09 2003 00:17, Sat Quench   Link
Nate plans on getting drunk tonight.
Ali talking about the winning of the car in BB2

Ali talking about how the taxes would be a couple of hundred dollars. Jack and Erika correct her that the taxes would be a couple of thousand

She says that Lori and Jason got an extra $3000 a week last year. (But she is not correct they didn't stay in the house together long enough to collect)

That BB doesn't have anything big for them this year.

Ali saying she is unemployed right now.

Erika goes over to shoot some hoops, the BBall is out of air and needs more.

Now they are talking about their cars

Aug 09 2003 00:17, Sat Fritomade   Link
Ali, nat, ja talking about their cars and what kind they want
Nat "MOM,Dad, please buy me a new car.."sigh (How old is he?)

Aug 09 2003 00:20, Sat Fritomade   Link
Nat on rob
Mumbling shut the F up Rob and calls him the biggest dork and other names..irritated..ja says that rob says he has contact with warner brothers and plans on getting justin a job there. nat says he hopes he does come out and try with showbusiness(?) just so that he can get punked...

Aug 09 2003 00:20, Sat Quench   Link
Nathan saying to Jack and Ali I just wish he (Robert) would shut his pie hole
They can hear the stooges talking in the HT. They are sitting in the loungers by the back of the house

Nathan: He is such a dork . I am going to call him up on it.

Jack saying to Alison - He is telling Justin about his contacts at WB. That Justin is going to have to figure out what Robert is all about for himself

Aug 09 2003 00:22, Sat Quench   Link
Ali used to be a Coors Light Girl
Wearing little shirt little skirt handing out T-shirts and drinks

We were called the Coors Light 6 pack we would wear Silver sports Bra and shorts with Coors Light on it We would dance with the band.

Aug 09 2003 00:26, Sat Fritomade   Link
Ali was a coors light girl
Danced on bars, handed out beer in bathing suit paid $20 hour, plus tips..
Nat "your parents must be proud"(sarcastic)Ali chimes back her parents are proud of her.
Nat says he will be protective of his daughters(Pray no daughters for this nut case..LOL)he goes on..blah..blah
Then pipes towards stooges "oh shut up"(not for stooges to hear, just his own ego)

Aug 09 2003 00:26, Sat Quench   Link
What booze they like to drink
Nathan Bud light - Thinks Coors light is sour

Jack: Bud Light Drinks Straight up whisky gin

Ali: Blue Mountain beer key lime pies and margaritas and raspberry long islands

Erika: Margaritas and key lime pies

Aug 09 2003 00:28, Sat Quench   Link
Erika talking about next week and says something about Jack
Nate says thanks. You never know there could be a twist. (He has repeated this many times tonight)

Ali asks if he is going to leave anything for her Nate replies Ya a mushy sandwich

Aug 09 2003 00:30, Sat Fritomade   Link
Jack says he has had short term memory loss in the house
Says in Diary room, BB asked what current events he wants to hear about and he wanted to know about Saddam(if they had caught or killed him) and he said "I want to know..(then he forgot about saddam's name, his mind went blank)" they all laughing..making fun

Aug 09 2003 00:33, Sat Fritomade   Link
Ali asks erk what her greatest achievement in life has been
erk says so far that paying her own way through college(UCLA ?) was hard and expensive.(I remember he a few weeks ago saying she lived on Ramen noodles in college..)

Aug 09 2003 00:36, Sat Fritomade   Link
Once again, jus winning not fair
ali also saying it was not fair on HOH quest. about her. that they did not know she was on that calendar and jus did.
Nat "H*ll know it's not fair" (pout..pout..)

Aug 09 2003 00:40, Sat Fritomade   Link
Nat says
"Damn, I don't want to be sequestered with dana for a week"
Making fun of dana now, calling her mantroll etc. Ali says how did man troll start and erk says scott started it, he figured her out early on, he hated her.. nat saying if he sequestered with dana, her eyes bugging out saying "I told you so" etc.. alot of making fun of her..

Aug 09 2003 00:45, Sat Fritomade   Link
Nat to ja
"Damn it jack, what the hell is going on in this house..I am loosing it"
They talking about how things have gone
Nat "I am sick of these guys Jack(stooges), I don't see how they made it"
Nat says ali messed up and(grunts in frustration) saying he doesn't see how they have come to the position they are in.
Then says that he doesn't see how they (stooges) will do well in hollywood and he is sick of them.ja says jee will do well in new york, he is funny, weill have a following. Nat kinda grunts(?) He says "I so want to beat them in something"(stooges) They are going to the HT now.

Aug 09 2003 00:49, Sat Fritomade   Link
Nat,jee,ali,jus,erk in HT
nat sitting there with a sour puss look on his face..saying they(stooges) raped him(in Basket ball)..Ali jokes "you just want my eggs"..nat yes, so he can rtire at 45. Jack joins them in HT, They making fun of his shorts.
Ali tells nat "your drunk,shut up"
[he is acting a bit tipsy]

Aug 09 2003 00:52, Sat Fritomade   Link
Ali showing them her finger again
Nat says how would (metal) it come in one end out the other..she did say it went to the bone(nat says) they making fun with her and how she comes running back out wanting to play..nat looks at finger and says yes, it needs 10 stitches(joking)

Aug 09 2003 00:52, Sat Fritomade   Link
They are now talking of food competition NT

Aug 09 2003 00:54, Sat Fritomade   Link
ali brings up her finger AGAIN(will the finger thing EVER go away?LOL) NT

Aug 09 2003 00:59, Sat Fritomade   Link
Nat says he will be closest
to his younger sister..he says his oldest sister is to competitive with him..he doesn't know why..that he tries to hook her up with all kinds of scholarships and stuff for soccer etc..(what is he a recruiter?LOL) he doesn't try to compete with her, she's his sister. Jus left HT about 5 minutes ago.