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Aug 09 2003 01:04, Sat Lotus   Link
Jus came up behind Jun with a towel around his waist and leaned in wearing only a towel. Jun said "I just felt it on my left butt cheek!" NT

Aug 09 2003 01:57, Sat JulieH ParentRootLink
Actually the shocking thing was that he OPENED the towel and then leaned against her NT

Aug 09 2003 01:05, Sat Fritomade   Link
nat,ja,ali,erk in HT
Nat and ali joking around alot.
Then ali"little B*st*rds"(stooges)
saying she can believe there is still 3 of them here.
Nat "I wonder why ali"
ali defends herself that dana was after her
They talking about eviction night and ali says nat gonna say he regret saving her he says hellyea. he reminds ali of what ali said to julie about she does what she has to to stay in the game..etc..

Aug 09 2003 01:06, Sat Lotus   Link
Ro saying Erika is a bartender "making 500 bucks a night, and teaches Pilates once a week" NT

Aug 09 2003 01:07, Sat Lotus ParentRootLink
then says "dont get me wrong, she is an excellent bartender!" NT

Aug 09 2003 01:09, Sat Lotus   Link
Ro says Erika "shouldnt have kids, she isnt good around them" and Justin says "I disagree, she cares for those turtles real well." NT

Aug 09 2003 01:12, Sat Fritomade   Link
nat asks erk about rob
he asked her how long she has been with current BF(HT loud, alot I missed) and she says 1 year. asked about her and rob..couldn't hear some of her answers, but she says something about her and rob being dance partners and she said "It was not like some huge love affair or anything like that" she says he wa a good dancer(rob)
Conv changes nat says he wants to go to a club..some stuff I can't understand..then nat says not with dana..someone jokes why not..he says because she wants to kill me.

Aug 09 2003 01:21, Sat Fritomade   Link
ROB is trashing Erk
Heard jun and rob,jus saying they can't believe Erk lied about her job. Rob saying even when he was with her(erk) his friends were telling him what a crazy winch she was..jun saying about erk posing for play boy or something..that erk body is not that good..the top is good and her abs, but the rest is bad,she (jun) doesn't see how erk is so skinny, she doesn't work out. They are saying Jus does not want ali to win 500 and rob saying erk doesn't deserve to win and that they might vote for jack, but never ali or erk..rob says erk doesn't even deserve 2nd place. Rob says jack is no smarter than them..etc.. they are trashing nat really bad right now
Jee says that nat asks jee if he can come to the bathroom with him. they are talking as if he is gay..
They are just really trashing the others..heads getting bigger with every word that come out of their mouths..(sad really.LOL)

Aug 09 2003 01:23, Sat Fritomade   Link
jee says that BB will have a segment on the stooges
With how they are all working out together etc(more ego)..jun says no, they won't

Aug 09 2003 01:35, Sat Fritomade   Link
Rob about ali,ja,nat,erk "They are all idiots"
Jus says he wants to talk to ja and stir things up....jun says no, won't work with ja..
Jun telling them something about ali and nat convo saying ali saying "trust me"
Jus says, she always say that(trashing her, he and rob) Jus said ali came up to him about 6 times already saying jee and jun had a secret alliance.. jun laughing trashing ali jee says "what would make her think that?"
(hmmm. I wonder) They are making fun of ali and her feet and jun pipes in "Ali doesn't take care of herself they way I thought she would being a pagent girl" , then she starts in on erk, how erk isn't that great etc.. Rob puts in his 2 cents on erk.. how don't let her fool you(erk) about her age, she will be 34 in a few months, she says she is 33.(WTF??) He is basicaly pointing out that she is almost 34 and she is still bartender and she is about to be 34 so don't let her fool you about being 33(??, yea, doesn't make sense to me either)

Aug 09 2003 01:40, Sat Fritomade   Link
They are back to bashing ali again
Jun telling them what ali told them about nat asking ali if she was just playing the game when she kissed him..
Jus says "she is kind of girl that if she F*cks up, she plays it off like she did it on purpose"
Jun and all agree and points to the facts they feel show that..jun says it is messed up to live that way..covering your mistakes etc

Aug 09 2003 01:44, Sat Fritomade   Link
More erk bashing, by stooges and jun
they wre talking about the stupid stuff ali,nat,and erk talk about and how can jack stand it. Rob says erk did not even graduate college..that he has his degree at home and that he asked erk to see her's and she said that the university would not give it to her until she finished paying them what she owed for school..rob says that's BS, the school would not ,not give someone their degree for not paying..he says she lies all the time..Jun puts her 2 cents worth and says yes, erk does lie all the time.
Now they start in on nat again..

Aug 09 2003 01:55, Sat Fritomade   Link
Rob says
WTF is she talking about now(?)..they say poor jack, they like jack..
Jee says that jack told him that in sequestering jack saw jus and liked justin and jack told jee, it is wierd how now jus and jack are on opposite sides. jus says he likes jack and wishes he(jack) had been on his side. (I have quad on, but hear stooge audio) as they are talking,some are getting out of HT now.The stooges say that some(male hg) would always curse BB out, calling them C*ck suckers etc.(don't know who they are talking about) and jun says "I am just glad that he knew how much I hated him before he left"
Ali and Erk come in from outside, and Jun"Hi girls"(why not tell them how out of shape and ugly they are jun?)
They are phoney nice to erk, and they are trying to get jee to propose to carmen when she comes to meet him..he saying he not ready for that yet..they won't drop it..
Jun says that josh (BB) posed for play girl and he was hung, she says he was gross..someone e mailed it her...
Jee explaining why he isn't ready to propose, they are trying to convince him to do it..

Aug 09 2003 01:57, Sat Peachy720 ParentRootLink
Hi Frito, Jun was talking about Scott being evicted ;-) NT

Aug 09 2003 02:07, Sat max1204   Link
Nate says he got kicked off show during sequestration
He says he called an ex-girlfriend to warn her someone might be calling, but didn't say BB was the one calling. He says they were trying to recruit her. (Ed. note: He uses the words "kicked off" and doesn't explain what happened and how he got on show if he was indeed kicked off.)

Aug 09 2003 02:08, Sat Fritomade   Link
Jus keeps saying to jee "make an honest woman out of her"
(jee's GF) Jee says "quit saying that"..they are still trying to convince him to propose to GF. Rob syas that it's just engagement, you can always break it off.(moron)..they just won't let it go.. jun says (whispering) "BB might even pay for the wedding" Talking about how much you are supposed to pay for a ring..jee says lets go outside, i want a cigareete...
rob says jee you take it to serious, I(rob) would do it..even if I met a chic and wanted to get layed it would say "hey, lets get engaged".. jee wants to think about it..
ali comes out and says that nat is pissing her off and would they hide(Booze?) he is pissing her off..she says she tried to go to WC and he kept opening the door..she goes inside and they say she(ali) is retarded and needs drama..
Rob saying something to jee about propose and says "You'll have all the B!tches after you"..because how sweet it would be..
They are talking of veto meeting and what to say..someone said, just tell the truth.

Aug 09 2003 02:10, Sat max1204   Link
A handler told Nate about the X Factor
This was before the show started. But Nate says he didn't know that it meant ex-girlfriends and boyfriends.

Aug 09 2003 02:12, Sat Fritomade   Link
Stooges just trashing everyone..(suprise..suprise..)
Jee "I am so glad that B!tch is leaving"(nat)
They say yea, we got 2 of them out, they got dana out(jus said)
Jee said "that kind of helped us"
Jus "yea, she helped us in competitions and stuff, but we nned people who are going to be level headed and..."

(darn, my feeds timed out..sorry)

Aug 09 2003 02:13, Sat max1204   Link
Before show started, Erica read on the Internet...
that Julie, after flying out of L.A. following BB4 casting, said that the twist in the fourth season had something to do with casting. "That piqued my interest," Erica says, but she added she couldn't figure out what the twist was.

Aug 09 2003 02:15, Sat Fritomade   Link
Jun went to DR to request items
rob and jus still haggling jee about proposing..then FOTH

Aug 09 2003 02:16, Sat max1204   Link
After FOTH, all feeds on Stooges (dammit!) NT

Aug 09 2003 02:17, Sat Fritomade   Link
Rob says that he personally
doesn't take engagements seriously, he could get engaged 50 times..if you get married then you get married. (wow, what a catch.LOL)

Aug 09 2003 02:19, Sat Fritomade   Link
ali makes her way out to the stooges(suprise
talking to jee about his GF and proposal..They start on this again..[changing getting]

Aug 09 2003 02:28, Sat frustratedposter   Link
WetDream Team and Ali
NB: text in [] is my comments/opinions

in BY discussing marriage. they aren't sure they will get married. Rob, if he gets divorced, would never marry again

Rob now discussing Cuba. How beautiful it is. Says he doesn't send money back to Cuba cause it would just help Castro. Has some great points about how sad it is that Cuba was wonderful, and Castro has distroyed it for tourism.

Back to marriage, Jee isn't sure if and how to propose. But he would do a long engagement. the others are saying he can explain that he is still in school, and it may take some time til he gets married.

Justin and Ali are at each other. Justin wasn't sure he would remember what Ali looked like after he first met her and went to meet her again.

Jee doesn't want to make decisions based on being away from her. Tells Jack they are trying to convince her to propose if and when he gets evicted.

Ali :they are so mean to Jee

Rob: here's how i look at it. you are going to be with her, so why not just do it. why not just do it 100%

Justin: it's a win/win situation Jee. if it works out for you you're pimping. if it doesn't work out for you, you're still pimping. now they are going to show this conversation on TV and she's going to be expecting it. they are going to go to NY and film then watching this, and she's going to be crying and saying "i love Jee"

they are telling her don't marry her when she is 21. maybe when she is 24.

Rob talking about bitches again. then explains to jee he doesn't mean just his bitch, he calls all girls that

Jee: i can't do it in front of you guys if i get evicted.

Justin: do it at the wrap party

Jee: i can't do it there. she won't be there. that party is for us, not them

Jee is now saying he is actually tempted now.

Justin: what? you've been going with her for 4 years. no complaints. her parents love you, your parents love her. do the parents get along? hang out?

FOTH, so post

Aug 09 2003 02:36, Sat Fritomade   Link
Jus talk about ali
Cam to feed jus talking about he started relationship with ali before wrestling season started and "it was convienient" and he told her it(relationship) wasn't going to go anywhere when it started. and when wrestling started, he stopped calling(?), he says ali freaked out

Aug 09 2003 02:41, Sat frustratedposter   Link
NB: text in [] is my comments/opinions

Justin discussing how during wrestling season he can't go out. met ali before the season. says he told her at the get go that it was gonna be over when season starts. others laughing that he got to FOTH her for 7 months

Jee: great, now they are going to ask me questions about that

meanwhile, inside, Jack/Erika/Nate/Ali playing Spades. no game talk (well, no BB talk, just spades talk)

Ali: this is going to be an ugly night, between nate and i. i can feel it in the air

back to the BY

Jun now outside with them

Justin saying ali is a tomcat, that's why she stuck around for 7 months. more talk about not being able to go out and meet people during the season. that's why he stuck with her. told her that it wasn't going anywhere. when season is over, he's gonna go out again. when season ended, and he ended it with ali, she went psycho. she was like "you can't FOTH me for 7 months and then just end it"

Jee: now they are going to ask me about it

Jun: what?

someone says jee is going to get engaged.

Jee says he talked about it, so they will ask about it

Jun: nate is going to pick on me all nite

Jee: he's drunk

Jun: he's like, secret.. agent.. lady

Justin: what do you think dana's doing right now

Jun: you ask me that 7 times a day. she's not massaging anyone

Jun: what time is it? she's prob sleeping

Justin: she's prob at a bar, meeting gary

someone says they may not have much freedom. figure if they go out, they will have a handler

Jee doesn't want to just keep talking about a game.

Jee: people are going to be like "justin, can i have an autograph?

Jun: i signed all mine before i left. people were like give me your autograph now. it was funny. just as a joke

Jee wondering what is going on with Jun. she's all googly eye with me.

Jee gives the others permission to do her. they can double gang-bang her if they want. but not him.

Justin asks if he ever saw bob. asking about what he is like. is he italian, or irish.

Justin says amanda was awesome. only turn off with her is she was with crazy assed scott

Jee saying that she's not a bad person, but with her, it's all over.

now talking bout how they talk of the HGs in the DR. do they trash the others in the DR, or not

Jee reminds them they aren't supposed to be talking about this. Jee thinks he is less liberal than the other two. thinks he is supposed to be the nice guy in the house.

Justin: when you think of the other guys, you probably are. Me and rob aren't. nate isn't

Jee: if it wasn't for the fact i was committed, i would be like you guys. would be going for it. the more you get to know these girls tho, the more you get turned off

Rob: they are going to ask us about what happened with the exes. then he makes some [of his infamous] nasty ass skanks.

Jee: i'll be like their personalities FOTHed them up

Justin: the more i got to know the girls, the worse they got

Jee still going on and on about Jun's googly eyes. the other say they haven't seen it

all are saying they are now getting very tired. head on in to wash up

Aug 09 2003 02:42, Sat Fritomade   Link
rob,jus says
amanda was hot, wishes she was here.. saying all the hot chics left..
They say they show all the pics of the girl, but they(stooges) have to wake up to these skanky B!tches. They say after show when BB asks them(interview?) about one of the girls, they will say what pig do you want me to talk about? [they ar trashing the females BAD,all three stooges, calling them B!tches,skanks,pigs..]

Aug 09 2003 02:48, Sat Fritomade   Link
playing cards ...jun is laughing at nat(hypocrite seems to describe jun pretty well) and getting along quite well with them..ali laughs at nat (then runs to stooges complaining about him constantly)Jun is eating again (wasn't she just eating 10 minutes ago?LOL)

[OK , done for the night/or morning..]

Aug 09 2003 02:53, Sat frustratedposter   Link
Jun complaining that Jack did all the dishes an none of the others helped
NB: text in [] is my comments/opinions

Justin washing up at the basin. Rob in chairs, waiting his turn.

Jee decides to at least take out the trash, having hard time carrying it to the SR. asks for SR to open. he touched the bottom of the trash bag, and it's disgusting. Jun laughing at him

Jee preparing to brush his teeth. pre-rinse with mouthwash. then on to the toothbrush [wonder how long tonite????]. jee still rinsing mouth, Justin using elec toothbrush. Rob gets in and gets his toothbrush ready. Jee spits, sits down to conserve his energy for his brushing marathon.

Jee mentions not supposed to waste water, and turns off basin before he sits down.

Justin finishing up at basin, Jee sitting and brushing. Rob just sitting by waiting for the other to be done

Rob wonders how many days they have been in BB house. are we busting 40 yet? they decide it's the 8th, so only about a month so far. Rob surprised, says that's weak.

Justin washing face, as Jee is.... brushing

Justin notices he needs a cut. Rob still sitting and sniffing. Jee is.... brushing

in the LR, spades still being played. Jun is on couch, observing.

justin asks how many days was the last day of the last season. was it like 78?

BB calls someone to DR

the WDT still counting days. think the season is 78 days. Jee stands up, while he continues to brush. amazed they still have 40 or more days

Justin says he's off to hit the hay. Rob complains that he doesn't have his own room, cause their room has high traffic and is always bright.

Jee, meanwhile, is still brushing

Rob and Justin have left him alone at the basin

all feeds now on Jee, who is.....brushing

F2 cuts away to the HOH room, where Jun seems to be settling in with Justin tonite. helping him make the bed. Rob is in his seat in the room, observing, not helping

Jun prepares to give Justin a massage. getting her hands oiled up, justin says "oh yeah"

Jee, meanwhile, is still brushing

Jun is sitting on Justin's bubble butt, still warming the oil in her hands. Rob in voyeur position, his right hand in his lap getting ready for the show.

Jee has finished brushing, and joins the HOH room. Jen tells Jee she can give Rob a back massage while he is sitting. Rob asks Jee to rub his feet. Jee: FOTH you

Jun starts rubbing Justin down. Jee and Rob are watching [kinda creepy, actually]

Aug 09 2003 02:57, Sat frustratedposter   Link
HOH room
NB: text in [] is my comments/opinions

Jee now laying on floor, rob is rubbing his back, jee still wearing his shirt tho. Rob tells Jee his back is out of line [seems it wasn't a massage, just checking his back for allignment]

Jee thinks he gives a kick ass massage. Jun asks who told him that. He thinks he gives good massages

Rob back in his voyeur chair. Jee sitting on floor in front of dresser. Justin talking, but his mouth is buried in the bed, so hard to understand him

Jee rolling around on the floor. Trying to crack his back, cause if he does it when he wakes up it feels good.

Justin can only let a guy rub him if he is dressed, otherwise it's kinda "gay". the other guys agree.

Jun doing a nice job on Justin. Says the guys are so paranoid. if you want a massage, you can give a guy a massage.

Aug 09 2003 03:17, Sat max1204   Link
They're talking about Nate's alleged homosexuality
Erica and Jack, as they play cards with Nate and Ali, say they don't think Nate's gay. Ali says "no comment." Nate replies that just because he doesn't want to "jump her bones" doesn't mean he's gay. Ali says he won't get that chance.

Nate is visibly drunk and it seems to be getting on Ali's nerves; she tells him he stinks and needs to go outside.

Aug 09 2003 03:18, Sat frustratedposter   Link
All feeds still on HOH room
NB: text in [] is my comments/opinions

Jun now pounding Justin's back. Rob wonders what that is for. Jun says it gets the blood flowing. Rob says he likes that, but wondered why it's done. Jun is done. says Justin should drink some water. should have water after a massage. Jun says she can massage one of the others the next day. Can't do two in one night. Jee isn't sure he should let her. Jun says it's just a massage. his GF can't get upset about that. Justin says he will massage jun tomorrow. She says, we'll see

Jun says she is off to sleep. it's FOTHing 2am. says goodnite

The others are telling Jee Jun is still attracted to him. they were together for 5 years. girls can't just forget that. there is a reason she spent 5 years with him. says she was freaked when she first saw him come in, but is not thinking more about missing him

Rob is off on some girl who was telling him she wasn't seeing anyone. the guys think that until they find someone else, girls still want to get a pounding from you, even if you are not together. when they get with someone else, you don't hear from them for a long time

Rob now talking about someone he's been doing for 9 years. only FOTHs him once every 6 months. when she has a BF, it's only once every 9 months. when she breaks up with someone, can be every week or so. she calls him up and says "come on over" he knows a lot of girls, and when Justin moves here, he's gonna be hooked up in 5 seconds

Jee says if he was single, he's move out and enjoy what Rob has.

Rob says there's nothing wrong with Jun being attracted to him. Jee says "maybe"

lights dim in the HOH room. IR cams kick in.

Justin talking bout ali now, how he couldn't figure out where she was with Donny. thought she was single, then she made the shirt (about donny) and he's confused about her.

Rob back to what if Jun is attracted to Jee, what will he do. Jee makes some kind of grunt

Justin starts the guy-talk. bout some hot girl, who was so hot, and in great shape. and when she has an orgasm, she cries. had to split with her, and she cried. and that turned him on cause the crying reminded him of when she had an orgasm. hard to take a girl seriously when she cries if she cries during sex

[these guys are amazing when they are alone. the just know everything about girls. they are da bomb]

Jee is deciding that Jun is just feeling vulnerable being in the house. that nothing is going to happen between them. says that jun can't even compete with his GF. nothing against jun, but can't compete

Rob off on some blond. [too sickening to transcribe]

Rob off on some story about never have a message center on your phone. one morning had a message from the french girl. how the message center, when you pick up your phone, hear the beepbeepbeep. anyhow, on his message center had two messages saved, one of the french girl saying baby wanna come over. he has to call in and enter his code to get messages. he was talking on the phone to some girl, and said he was going to go walk the dog. he gets back, and gets a call. she had a reg answering machine, and she played back the tape, hearing the message from the french girl. somehow the message got to her.

Ali comes in

Ali: what do you call a mexican baptism

all: what

Ali: bean dip, and leaves

Back to Rob story, the girl then demanded that he give her the numbers and code for the message center. he went out one time after that, dancing. and gave his number to some girl. the girl called, and left a message. and his girl called him the next day and asked where he went the night before. more stories about how all his messages were going to the girl.

he says some cousin worked for phone company, and told him that people can get to the messages.

[this is getting hard to follow, but basically, he's saying don't use the phone company message center, you'll get caught] he figures someone FOTHed him good, forwarding his messages to her machine. says he decided that when he was cheating, he kinda wanted to get caught [i'm getting less and less proud of Rob, sober or not] even when he got caught, he didn't care, cause it was all worth it

Aug 09 2003 03:20, Sat max1204   Link
Ali: "Piss on Big Brother"
Erica says they're rebelling if they have to get up early and there's no competition. (Ed. note: I think they're still a little mad about this morning, when they had to get up 2 hours before Veto competition, then it didn't even start on time.)

Aug 09 2003 03:24, Sat max1204   Link
The Alliance is cussing
(Ed. note: I thought I was the only one who said this.) Nate and Jack are both saying "sh*t, fire and molasses." (I think it's a Southern thing). Ja, Na, Er, and Ali are still playing cards in the den, with the Dark Side in the HoH room. Justin comes out for a second and talks to them, but I didn't really hear what he said (actually, I ignored him). (Ed. note: The actual correct curse phrase, which they screwed up, is "sh*t, hell, fire and molasses.) Now Jee comes out and talks to them. Ali says, "Run along."

Aug 09 2003 03:35, Sat Maddie   Link
Rob says he wants to be a millionaire by the time he is 45. NT

Aug 09 2003 03:36, Sat frustratedposter   Link
LR, spades in progress, coming in late
NB: text in [] is my comments/opinions

Ali: shut up nathan

Nathan: let me guess, you forgot to play some big cards

Nate/Ali/Erika decide they are going to ignore BB tomorrow.

Ali: yeah! piss on BB

[boring spades talk continues] ali yawns, but game continues

Ali: jack you are so intense. you blow me away

Jack: good thing you all are in the room

laughter all around

talking about choosing beds when they came in.

Jack: these cards are sticking, or i have sticky fingers

Erika: you are sticky finger man

Back to HOH room, justin off to WC

Jee: if i was single.....
more of the talk of what jee would do if he was single. [he sounds jealous of Rob's conquests]

Jee now talking about how it's big for him to even think about the whole marriage thing. with jun, he had doubts about the whole relationship. he never cheated. there was a lot good. she taught him a lot. but he had doubts the whole time. now, he has no complaints [except his jealousy of Rob's life] and he can actually think about getting married.

Jusing comes back. they ask what's going on out there, he says they are talking about spades

the guys are glad they will get to sleep in tomorrow. Jee reminds them they don't know that, they may have a luxury comp. we are already past the mid point, and only 2 lux comps. trying to decide if they are on week 4 or 5. decide it's 5, and when Justin is done as HOH it will be week 6

Jee leaves HOH, saying they can go on about the male whore BS

they talk about Jee thinking bout marriage. and that he will do what he wants. he won't do it cause they are persuading him.

Rob: funny, all the stuff you talk about when you are outside. we are exactly alike. dude, i never hear that stuff come out of people's mouths. when you talk about your dad, i understand that. people who get married and have kids, they are mostly miserable.

Justin thinks that maybe Rob regrets the time he spent married. Rob says that it was worth it cause of his daughter. Justin still thinks that it has to be shitty to waste all that time

Jee comes back. asks what they are talking about. Rob says just divorce *****. something you will never do. Rob says that 2nd marriages are like 75% successful. now some girl tells him that divorced men are the best. Rob will not marry as easily the 2nd time. the "bitch" has to have it all, money and *****. he's not gonna marry a broke bitch

Rob thinks 90% of people settle when they get married, thinking they can't get better. that's why he's not with anyone. he says that he doesn't mean jee. but 90% of people.

Rob: what keeps a woman, like i told jee, and my uncle said, love is nothing to do with it. it's sex and money. that's how you keep a bitch. it's like a car, if you want a nice one, you gotta pay for it. 80% of what they want is what you can give them. they don't care about love. it's about sex and money. the bitches he wants, he has to pay for it. he doesn't want some homely whore. he want's what a bitch he has to pay for. [i am sick to my stomach with this conversation]

now talking about some dude who told him that what he did was like a business thing. his wife has her own money. it's not about love. if i divorce her, she'll be alright. you can't go with a woman under you. you gotta get someone that can give you something.

he says, he's in the restaurant business, so if he meets a bitch that owns a rest, then he can get something from her. all the girls i've been going out with make a shitload of money. the one i got out with now works for warner brothers, makes 115 or something. another works for sony, makes 80/90. depends on what you like. i like boats and *****. that's what i grew up on. by the time i'm 45, i have to be a millionaire, or i'm done. i'll throw myself off a building. he was poor until he was 8, but then it was different. certain things make people happy, for me it's nice things. i'll do anything i have to. i'm not scared of working. i'll do anything.

justin agreeing with him, and how it's all about that settling, that he was talking about


Aug 09 2003 03:47, Sat frustratedposter   Link
HOH back
NB: text in [] is my comments/opinions

Rob on about people who decide they don't want to be on the single market anymore. they settle.

justin talks about friends that are socially lazy. they wanna just hang

jee says his boys are like that

rob says if you leave your house just to go to work, that's not living. he goes out and every time it's worth it

justin says his dad tells him you never win the lottery if you don't play. you gotta put yourself out there and play

rob says he asks dudes, what are you gonna do, sit home and watch the same movie over and over, or go out and play the field. says if you have that attitude, people know you have balls and *****

[justin and jee are hanging on all this like rob has all the answers in the world]

justin says if you play it right, you don't need education or anything. he worked at the desk at a gym, and some guy liked him, and that's how he got a new job. the resume and ***** don't matter. it's the people who go out there and work it. owners of a business will hire anyone they like. don't need a degree to do it

Jee says it's not what you do, it's who you know. rob says, yeah, but that don't matter if you're not out there.

Jee thinks rob must meet all sorts of people. even just being here in this house, you're thinking about how everyone is thinking that rob is the most compassionate dude. rob says he came in expecting to hate everyone in here. but he doesn't.

justin says that dana will eat you alive if you are even a tad bit insecure. she's very aggressive

Justin talking about when he was 20, met this girl that was the GM of the best restaurant in philadelphia. he didn't know, but he went up to her and hit on her. after they were together for 3 months, he asked her about why when there were 30 guys in that bar, why did you pick me. she said she had a thing for younger guys. he was like, oh my god, thank you for giving me a break for once. she had a thing for younger guys, so i had a great thing for 3 months

rob on to some story about when they were younger..... FOTH

Meanwhile, during the above, the LR party is breaking up. Nate and ali in bathroom area, jack changing for bed, washing up. Ali is in the love room, getting ready

Aug 09 2003 03:52, Sat frustratedposter   Link
HOH againj
NB: text in [] is my comments/opinions

now talking about how if you're not shy, you get things. justin has a friend, not the best looking guys. his friends wonder how he always gets some. it's cause he's not shy, he will go up to 31 girls, they turn him down, he goes up to # 32, and he gets it

rob proud of that attitude. says that's what you gotta do. just keep going for it. don't matter if you get lots of no's, you'll, eventually get a yes

rob says, it's not even just girls. you want a job, you go and get it. don't wait til you have more experience. just go out and get it

justin says you never know, you could walk in and find that some boss just lost someone they need to replace, and you walk in at the right time.

girls and jobs are the same. just go out there and ask for it, and eventually, you'll get what you want

Aug 09 2003 04:03, Sat frustratedposter   Link
love room
NB: text in [] is my comments/opinions

[missed out on a lot of this, was feeing the cats, but]

nate giving ali a lot of sh!t about her actions in the house, and ali is telling him it's not fair. [they must have been talking about it for a while, but now ali has given up trying to talk to him]

Jee talking about Carmen now. her ambition is to be a buyer, has a lot of connections. she's gonna make it [much better attitude here about women than Rob... obviously]

Rob and Justin and jee off to the kitchen. Notice the time, and realize they have been stlaking ***** for like 3 hours. it's 3am. not like we don't spend all day together.

Rob thinks they all have a lot in common.

the go out to BY, so Jee can have a cig

Moved to SandBox to listen to Jack/Erika, and got FOTH

Aug 09 2003 04:20, Sat frustratedposter   Link
Sand Box
NB: text in [] is my comments/opinions

Jack is disgusted. sounds like they are talking about the veto competition.

Jack is as disgusted as he ever lets himself get. says it was a farce, was rigged, a whole waste of time.

jack knew how geared nate was, and before the draw, they were kidding about how nate and he would be going after each other. but the draw screwed it all up. nate had a bad draw, and he felt so bad for him. the night before, he was drinking and he was so low. and how he will make it out here. even when he told him how good he'd be in front of a camera, he said "you really think so?". jack thinks nate will have a huge following when he gets out of here.

Erika said he tried to cheer him up. told him that in this game, he doens't have a chance. he walked in with a target on his back. he's good looking, athletic, and that puts a target on him, like with eric and roddy. everyone looks at him, and thinks he's got it all already, so they want to take him out

jack: yeah, they think, why should he get the money. he has everything else. he said nate told him her regretted ever listening to robert, cause robert was telling him how evil erika was. he said he couldn't figure her out, cause she seemed so distant. but then when he realized how she really is, and that robert was so wrong, he wanted to wring robert's neck.

jack was telling nate about robert when he couldn't get in the hot tub cause it was 98 deg. and he told nate that rob is a god damned pussy, can't even get in warm water.

erika says it wound up geographic, because we wound up here.

jack had planned for the finals to hook up with justin and nathan, cause they worked out together, and he got a reading on them. didn't realize why justin was there.

erika doesn't think jack is next on the hit list.

jack says wouldn't make sense, they have to take ali out

meanwhile, HOH crew breaks up, justin in bed, jee getting ready to sleep. assume rob is too

back to sand box.

jack says he doesn't talk much to ali, cuase erika nad nate have her. but he says if you ever need me to move in, tell me.

erika was hoping she could give her a wake up call, that there was some chance she wouldn't be taken over by that side

jack promised nate that he and erika would take justin out. nate said yoiu can't be swayed by him, you gotta promise me. and he did promise

Erika hopes that ali gets it next week [hoh, i think??] cause justin has made it clear to her that there is no way that the guys are with her. says she said, ok, i got erika and jack. we'll have her take out justin, then we'll take out her. or... how we gonna do this?

jack: good point, gets ticklish with the veto. we gotta look at our timing, and see at what point we take out ali. do we go after robert first, and jee, and have jun with us? i think in terms of the jury, we might want to think about carrying ali further than we would have

erika: we have to, we have to make them take her out

jack: yeah, we have to let rob or justin take her out. assuming they can. but we're looking at a couple more weeks

erika: i would be ok, she's a good competitor.

jack: i would risk it after rob and justin are gone. think we can pull jee this way or that way. we should have jun by them. for the finals, it would be better if it was you and me and ali

Erika: i agree. would be much better that way

Jack: i think ali thinks wiht her emotions. if she wins the last hoh, i think she may take you out. if i were her, i would look on you as a real threat to winning this money

erika: i don't know, it may be a toss up. dana hates her

jack: jun, again, is going to have such an influence

erika: jun, how did she become key player in this game

jack: she plays the way we are. she sits back and she cooks and bullshits. nate asked him who he thinks would be the final two, i told him jee and erika. hope i'm in there. i just gotta play better. jee appreciates you a lot. i told him way back that you helped save him. i don't know if he ever talked to you about it or not

erika: no

Erika: you'd win against me, but i'd be ok with that.

jack: i appreciate that. i don't think i will tho. if i don't start to win, they will think i just fell in to it. and they won't like that. but you they will see as playing hard [HUH????} and you could win, and i'd be ok with that

erika: we can do this, jack

jack: yeah, everything we wanted was played out. god, we need dave on this jury. we needed dana out a week earlier. wish she wasn't on the jury

erika: it sucks that she's on the jury

Aug 09 2003 04:27, Sat frustratedposter   Link
Sand box
NB: text in [] is my comments/opinions

Erika: i don't know what jun would do

jack: i don't know, jun on the jury. i always work with her. in the kitchen. but it was so hard out there when nate got beat up, and slumped in a chair. she came up and pinched me on the shoulder. says many times she will come up to him and tell him they are after you now

erika: that's why we need to find out from jun what the order is. jun never throws away comments. that's one thing i know about her. she doesn't speak a lot, but when she does, it's always the truth. that's what makes me wonder about what ali said last nite. jun never lies to us. she never lied to me about you. never lied about dave staying. why would she start now?

jack: i'm certain we have the right answer

erika: i'm certain us going againts ali is wrong. i made it clear today that we can't lose her. told her we need to keep her, so it's you me and jack in the final three

jack: these walks you guys are taking are perfect. i can't hear a thing you are saying. i even tried to position myself today and can't hear anything. it's perfect

erika: yeah, we only talk when we're at the back wall. we'll go around, and nothing said til we get to the back wall. she realizes she only has a home with the two of us

jack: jun was watching her stick her nose up the stooges asses wed nite. jun told me last nite, i guess ali will be coming back home again.

erika: and we'll gladly take her

jack: i forgot to say something. talking about taking ali back. talking about robert taking ali, i told the DR that roberts views on the world must be dark and damp with his head stuck up justin's ass

Aug 09 2003 04:33, Sat frustratedposter   Link
sand box (rest of the house is asleep)
NB: text in [] is my comments/opinions

talking now about how the stooges took nate out for us. did the dirty work for us. they know that tho. the way they were celebrating jun and dana up. and how they know that next week the stooges are targeting ali. they say they have to win next week, so they can take justin out, try to reel jee in at some point. we can bring jee in, and put him up, tell him it's just as a pawn so it looks like they are going after the stooges. jack saying that jee's sympathy for nate seperates jee from the other. robert is a pimp, a sleezy guy, ill mannered and not a gentleman

jack saying he knows rob sees himself in the finals with justin. their confidence is overbearing right now.

erika: if he gets to the finals with either jee or justin, he can't win. no way

jack: he doesn't command any respect with the jury

jack settling in to cross-armed mummy position

erika: i'm gonna pee one last time

jack: go to it

erika: are you?

jack: i think i'm all right. i know i'll be up soon. don't know why i'm ok now

they both get up and look at something off screen [cuff and link??]

erika off to WC, jack back in to bed

camera pans around the room

[hopefully, they are done for the night, cause i gotta run for a while]

Aug 09 2003 04:38, Sat frustratedposter   Link
all quiet, hopefully they are done
[i'll be back in a couple hours]

Aug 09 2003 05:19, Sat RichTheSnitch   Link
Jack on PoV comp: "the whole thing was a farce, it was all rigged...
3:00 am

Jack and Erika are alone in the lizard room.

Jack said "I'll tell you Erika I had this sickening feeling in the bottom of my stomach today when Jun made that move on Nate. And I realized what a slaughtering he was getting in to. It made me sick"
Erika said it was disgusting.

BB goes to FOTH for a minute.

Erika said she told Jee 'what are they doing? Why don't they just make it fast!'

Jack said he was as mad as he could ever allow himself to get in this house. Even though he was benefiting from it he was disgusted. He had to turn away.

Erika says it was bittersweet.

Jack says he knows he isn't allowed to talk about what they say in the diary room. But he told them...

Quote "the whole thing was a farce, it was all rigged, it was was a waste of time."

Before the competition Nate was so geared to compete hard. Nate and Jack were joking around saying they would meet in the finals and that they were both going for the PoV today.

Then Jack says 'Then the draw...good could that happen?...(something) circumstance..."

Erica says it was. Jack said he felt so bad for him.

Jack said that before they started drinking Nate was terribly low.

Jack goes on to say he pepped Nate up by telling him he'll do well out of the house. Erika said that she told Nate that people like him usually don't win. Erika said people like 'Eric and Roddy' don't have a chance in the game. Everyone is going to say 'look at him, he's perfect. Let's take him out'.

Jack said that Nate told him that he regretted ever listening to Robert. Nate said he got a bad impression from Robert about Erika.

Then Jack and Erika talk about the finals. And that if a stooge is in the final two. They would win. They realize they need to get in the final two with a non-stooge to have a chance at the grand prize.

Aug 09 2003 06:59, Sat frustratedposter   Link
all feeds sleeping HGs F1 jee, F2 justin F3 erika/jack F4 ali NT

Aug 09 2003 09:18, Sat nojobny   Link
QC: All HG are sleeping NT

Aug 09 2003 09:46, Sat frustratedposter   Link
jun up for a quick trip to the WC, and she does wash hands before going back to bed NT

Aug 09 2003 10:39, Sat Sunflake   Link
For the feedless: Quad feed show all HGs still sleeping. No wake up calls yet. NT

Aug 09 2003 10:51, Sat frustratedposter   Link
BB: good morning HGs its time to get up for the day NT

Aug 09 2003 10:52, Sat Kelly   Link
BB " good morning houseguests its time to get up for the day" much nicer than yesterday. NT

Aug 09 2003 10:55, Sat UpAllNite   Link
Jun is up. Heads to storage room NT

Aug 09 2003 10:58, Sat Sunflake   Link
Jun was up, now FOTH. NT

Aug 09 2003 11:00, Sat Sunflake   Link
FOTH over, Jun brushing teeth, other HGs still sleeping. Jack's bed is empty. NT

Aug 09 2003 11:05, Sat UpAllNite   Link
HGs starting to get up, begin morning rituals
Jack and Jun lower shades to back yard then gravitate towards kitchen where Jun tells Jack not to touch the dirty dishes in the kitchen sink. She calls it their dirty little experiment.

Erika strolls by, and Jun and Jack great her with a cheerful good morning.

Jun appears to be making breakfast.

Alison stirs.

Nate walks on by and nobody says anything to him.

Alison is summoned to pick up batteries. Jun calls her from afar, and asks if she passes by storage room to grab her a red onion.

Alison complies. Jun and Jack say good morning to her.

On other feeds, Nate, Erika, and Alison brush their teeth.

Jack is busy cleaning the windows. Tells Jun they need more Windex.

Nate comes by again, this time Jack says 'Hi.' Jun says nothing to him.

Erika shows up at kitchen and begins going to town on dirty dishes.

Jun tells Erika "Thank You" for doing dishes. And then goes on to say "It's always the same people" (meaning this is the same group first up every morning)

Alison putting on makeup

Jack announces coffee is ready. Then goes on to comment on kitchen now being clean. Erika says she's quick like lightning.

Aug 09 2003 11:12, Sat Sunflake   Link
Around the morning feeds, Hamsters getting up....

F1: Erika asleep in sandbox.

F2: Looks like Ali in the love room.

F3 &4: Jack comes out of WC, washes hands, brushes teeth.

FOTH (maybe BB telling them to wake up again??)

Comes back to all 4 feeds on Jun and Jack in bathroom area.
Jack says he has a quiet room, Jun agrees and goes to put on make up while Jack makes coffee.

Jun is called to the DR. Jack pulling blinds up on windows to back yard. The outside shutters are still down. Jun helps on her way back from DR.

Jack is called to the DR. He goes. Jun back in kitchen. The sink is full of dishes, Jun tells Jack they shouldn't touch dishes, and see who does them, it'll be an experiment. [Apparently no one else is doing dishes but them and I guess they want to see if anyone else will do them.]

Erika called to DR.

Jun and Jack around kitchen island, Erika comes through on way to DR and they exchange good mornings. No conversation between Jack & Jun.

Alison is called to DR. Erika passes through kitchen. Nathan is up now too in kitchen area (still same thing on 4 feeds).

Jun asks if anyone is going into storage room, Ali says yes, Jun asks her to bring back a red onion.

[Ed note: Just morning boring stuff, as I always say, imagine them doing what you do in the morning. You really don't need a narrative of this. If anything interesting happens, I'll post.]

Aug 09 2003 11:15, Sat Sunflake   Link
HGs are on Indoor Lockdown, can't go out to BY. NT

Aug 09 2003 11:22, Sat Sunflake   Link
Nate, Ali, Jun, Jack, Erika all up (Erika doing the dishes!) No sign of the stooges yet. NT

Aug 09 2003 11:24, Sat Sunflake ParentRootLink
Erkia comments to Jun: No one else does dishes, she took a week strike, but she's back. NT

Aug 09 2003 11:26, Sat Sunflake   Link
BB: Good morning HGs, 30 minutes until the luxary comp. The HGs laugh, yeah right. NT

Aug 09 2003 11:32, Sat Sunflake   Link
Stooges getting up now....getting ready for comp....
Erika tells Jun BB wants them ready in a half hour, and then they'll make them wait an hour for BB to get set up.

Jee & Robert out of bed. Jun is frying bacon, not baking it cus they used the oven rack for the BBQ yesterday and never brought it in from outside and they're on lockdown.

Ali screams for Justin to get up, "if this means I get a treadmill and we lose it, I'll kill you" and goes on to complain how they don't have any cardio. equipment, and how all the stuff is geared for guys. Justin is seen getting out of his HOH bed on a feed.

Jee comes in. Morning Jee. Ali comments on all these big breakfasts. Jack & Jun say mostly they have them on the weekends and when they go out in RL. (real life)


Aug 09 2003 11:49, Sat Sunflake   Link
Back from FOTH (since my last post).....
Jun cooking, Ali, Justin & Jack in kitchen.

Justin saying he's never made this much bacon in the microwave.

Jun is picking vegetable out of the eggs for Nathan, she knows he is a picky eater and usually leaves some plain for him, but she forgot, Ali calls Nate a baby. They mention something about something big in the backyard.

Justin asking help on microwaving bacon, Jun tells him, 3 mins, then flip it over & then 3 more.

Ali says they have more than other BB's. They have "time" (on the microwave) & a bathtub.

Ali says 34 more days till "Christmas" [???]. She asks if anyone else does "Advent" calenders for Christmas, she does one one every year and loves it.

Jun AGAIN mentions what she is doing for Nathan, this time for Robert's benefit.

Ali liked her joke she told. Tells Nathan to tell another one. He doesn't.

Ali asks Justin if he saw what was outside, He says "no, it's against the rules, Ali." She says she saw it and it was BIG. Jack says he doesn't want to know. They talk about past competitions, the first one with the "X" balance beams. They tell Justin (who wasn't there) all about it. Jun origianlly thought Scott might have been gay (her question was the one about that), the DR asked her why. She thought because he broke off an engagement.

They talk a little more about Scott. Jack hopes he got a job. Jun thinks not. Ali doesn't think there is a chance in hell that Scott got his job back.

Ali tells Justin to make sure to find out what they're wearing.
Justin into DR.


Aug 09 2003 12:03, Sat Sunflake   Link
Back from FOTH....breakfast....primping for comp with the gals....
Erika doing more dishes.
Most of HGs in kitchen: Robert eating, Jack just wandering, Jee eating.

Ali asks Jun if she is going to eat, she says maybe later, her priority is doing her hair.
Ali asks if she snored. Robert says someone was snoring in the love room. He says Jack is worst snorer in the house. They decide the worst 2 are Jee and Jack. Jee says he heard something, Jack says, that was YOU Jee.


Jack asks Jee isn't the turkey bacon good? Jee agrees.

Ali says garbage needs doing, Jack volunteers, Ali says Jee will get it, Jack says Jee's eating his turkey bacon.

Feeds switch to 4 views of Jun, Erika & Ali getting ready. Erika says the luxury will be lip liner! They agree the guys would hate that.

They talk about how Erika's dogs must miss her, Jun says they prolly wait by the door everyday for Erika to come home.
Erkia: awwww (sad)
Ali makes a comment about Jun doing that (reminding E about sad thing)
but conversation changes to beauty suggestions.


Aug 09 2003 12:12, Sat ktan   Link
HGs have swimsuits and trunks on, now waiting by the BY door. NT

Aug 09 2003 12:14, Sat Phantom   Link
They are all changing into bathing suits for a luxury competition.
The guys are all reacting as embarrassed because their suits are tight. However, the suits are not the Speedos of prior years, but more like tight boxer shorts. The Girls all get nice one piece suits.

Aug 09 2003 12:15, Sat Sunflake   Link
Early competition info.
HGs on their way outside. Justin told them not to look at their patches.


Nathan Robert & and Jee getting changed (into BB provided bathing suits) under bed sheets and towels. Nate is laughing in his red suit. He's being brave walking around.

BB: Houseguests, make sure you have your microphones on.

The guys all comment on how embarrasing it is. Jee is really concerned and won't get out of bed.

They are laughing a lot.

RED suits: Nathan & Erika
BLUE: Justin & Ali
Black & Yellow: Robert
Green: Jack
Solid Black: Jee & Jun

Don't know if colors have anything to do with it yet.


HGs in BY.

Aug 09 2003 12:17, Sat Sunflake   Link
Luxury Comp Rules;
Rules: They have a hidden letter in a pouch in their bathing suits. they have to take their suits off. They have to pull out the letter and make a word that will spell out their luxury.
Justin will tell them where to hang their letter.

There is a LARGE yellow hose (heating duct size, if not larger) above them. Erkia mentions something about suds.


Aug 09 2003 12:27, Sat Quench   Link
They have found the A N D U They need the R L Y found L Y NT

Aug 09 2003 12:28, Sat bruhe   Link
they are showing the comp...
bubbles pour out of a huge yellow hose, they circle around and are covering themselves with suds. justin barking orders. justin encouraging them to lay down rather than stand. lots of laughing and nerves.. no one wants to be naked and are afraid the bubbles wont cover them. the bubbles coming out big time out of the tube... now foth.. back, they are spreading bubbles everywhere and some are unseen while ali and erika stand. giggles and laughs and jun teasing that nathan is biting her under the bubbles. everyone laughs. the clock is ticking here and they talk of ideas how to hang up their letters (they have to spell the luxury item with the letter inside their suits. so they have to take their suit off, hang it up on the line and spell the word). justin sounding funny "i see boobies" and hes orchestrating and they are all laughing.
this with music will be very funny.
they are totally covered with the foamy bubbles jee "rost his crothespin".. they have to they have A, N, U, they think "laundry?" thats seven words jack has a d. They are looking for the R. looking for the R. justin "girls quit beign so god darned... (bashfull)."
they have to now re arrange the suits on the clothes line with the clothes pins. the foam is about 3 or 4 feet high in its containment bin where the HGS are.
they ALL have to read the word, they spell it out and hang it up. now foth.

Aug 09 2003 12:28, Sat Quench   Link
They have now spelled L A U N D R Y NT

Aug 09 2003 12:29, Sat Kaz ParentRootLink
hmmmmm. where I come from that is 7 letters. NT

Aug 09 2003 12:57, Sat Quench ParentRootLink
Actually it is L A U N D R Y ! (Rob had the !) NT

Aug 09 2003 12:29, Sat Sunflake   Link
Competition Play by play....(as best I could):
Back from FOTH Jun commenting on how they get to see the guys packages, and hopes they won't shrink under pressure.

They have 5 minutes to do their comp.

Suds start coming down.
Justin" For those of you who might be shy, your coverup will come from the sky"

Rob has clothes off first. Justin suggests the girls lay down.

Girls scream and complain about the suds not sticking.


Jee sitting down. Girls are hesisitant. They are having a lot of fun tho. Trying to cover themselves. They are waiting to get all covered.

They are starting to rip off suits, get clothespins.

Justin: "I SEE BOOBIES!" (Ali's)

It's just a sudsy mess. Robert can't find his shorts. Justin looking for someone to cover him. Jee lost his clothes pin. Jack handing them out.

The letters start: A U D L

They decide it's LAUNDRY and try to get the letters in the right order.

Guys are telling the girls to hurry up and stop being modest.

They get an R and are arranging the letters.

They are successful is spelling out LAUNDRY. Waiting to see if they did it in time.


Justin is told to do somehting by BB.

They won laundry service. Someone doesn't sound thrilled.

BB tells them they can get dressed or play in the foam.


Aug 09 2003 12:57, Sat Sunflake ParentRootLink
FYI: Laundry has 7 letters, but there was an 8th patch with an exclamation point on it. NT

Aug 09 2003 12:29, Sat bruhe   Link
they win Laundry service and BB says "you are free to get dressed or play in the foam. good job you guys" NT

Aug 09 2003 12:29, Sat Quench   Link
They won Laundry Service. BB: You can get dressed or play in the foam. NT

Aug 09 2003 12:36, Sat Quench   Link
Robert : Too bad Amanda wasn't here that would have been better. NT

Aug 09 2003 12:38, Sat nojobny   Link
B*tchy Erika
(RE: Sudsy luxury competition) "That was really disappointing. They've already ruined one bag of my laundry, why would I give them another?"

"God this just sucks."

Aug 09 2003 12:38, Sat Phantom   Link
Erika doesn't think the luxury was much of a win (and I agree).
"They've already ruined one bag of my laundry, why would I give them another?" She says. "This just sucks."

Aug 09 2003 12:40, Sat Sunflake   Link
Post competition remarks:
Erika is really dissappointed. She says Fluff & Fold already ruined one bag of her laundry, why would she give them another. "God, this just sucks"

Doesn't seem like the other houseguests are impressed with this prize either.

None of them decide to play in the foam, Jun stayed a little bit, but basically they all got out, showered outside and put towels on.

Erika comes out to where Rob & Jee and says" I am livid, they already ruined my laundry once"

Jee comments he thought they might get a washing machine.

Erika still complaining. They have literally ruined a $200 outfit and workout pants of hers during sequestration. Says they ruined one of Jun's shirts. Erika says she told BB, but they said it was at her own risk. She wants to know how they can ruin her stuff if that's their service.

BB: Asks them to go inside for lockdown.

Erika: Bogus.

Nat says he saw butts and boobs. Robert says he saw Ali's boobs, she's not happy. Nate teases her.

Quiet as Nate shuffles cards and Ali lays on couch.


Aug 09 2003 12:42, Sat Quench   Link
Ali: I got FOTH naked to get my laundry ruined.
Erika mentioned that BB told her that if she didn't want anything ruined not to put it in for cleaning. She says What is with that. It's a laundry service.

Nathan says he saw Ali - All of Ali she was standing right beside him.

Aug 09 2003 12:46, Sat Quench   Link
Jun: Nathan you knocked me in the head with one of your balls.
It got me right in the eye.

Robert says he saw Ali's Bush. Ali says I don't have a Bush. Jee says You have a rectangle. That shut her up. Dead silence from Ali.

Aug 09 2003 12:48, Sat Sunflake ParentRootLink
Nathan replied: "What were you doing down THERE Jun?" NT

Aug 09 2003 12:53, Sat Quench   Link
Erika: Fluff and Fold doesn't separate Colours.
They are talking about how F and F doesn't do a good job. How the service ruined Nathan's and Ali's clothes while they were HOH

Justin saying he only has to put in a pair of socks because he got his done already and that is all that is dirty

Ali saying I would rather do everyone's clothes here then to send them out.

The laundry bags come this afternoon for them to fill.

Aug 09 2003 12:53, Sat ktan ParentRootLink
Also, it takes five days for the clothes to return. NT

Aug 09 2003 12:54, Sat Quench   Link
Ali saying she didn't see any of the guys "fronts" just their butts and Jack replies
" I had my front removed before I came out here"

Aug 09 2003 13:09, Sat ktan   Link
HGs blame bad ratings and lower budget for 'only ' getting laundry service as a reward. NT

Aug 09 2003 13:16, Sat ktan   Link
Nothing much going on right now. Jun in kitchen (as usual) while Er/Jack/Nate/Ali in LR playing cards. Three Stooges missing from feeds. NT

Aug 09 2003 14:24, Sat Phantom   Link
Nothing much happening.
At the moment, all feeds are on Nat & Erika sleeping on the couches. There was a bit of time spent on Jack setting up to clean the pool, but that was too boring for BB so all the feeds went to sleepers inside. Nat & Erika agree that they can hear Ali yelling about something somewhere, but neither seems to care. The only other activity was a brief wiggling of one camera (probably to knock the cobwebs off).

Two distant feeds are now on Jack at the pool, but again, the activity level is too intense for BB's delicate viewers and they return to the couches. Some chat about the "luxury" comp and Erika's balloon breast hitting Nat. Erika is mock annoyed at that description of it and swats Nat (the only real activity so far in the LR). Nat makes some remark about her being in Playboy and/or going to the mansion to meet Hef. Erika says that she has been to the Playboy mansion for one of the Midsummer Dream parties, although it is not clear if she was a guest or an employee (any guesses?). She is now talking about all of the celebrities she has seen. She has seen them all, she says. She doesn't say that she's actually talked to any of them, but she has seen them. Nat is called to the DR just in time to keep me from getting interested in this.

Aug 09 2003 15:01, Sat Phantom   Link
More of the same.
Jack and Ratbert talked about traffic flow and speed limits in various parts of the country. I went for coffee and returned to find them all quietly scarfing down their Subway lunches. The only significant event there being that Ratbert eventually picked up the remains of his stuff and left for the yard. Can't blame him. I'm leaving for the PX. Oh, Nat has finished and joined Ratbert in the yard to watch Rat finish his lunch and talk briefly about food and boredom. Another hot topic is how lame the 'luxury' was. Nat thought it might be something big, something they could use.

Aug 09 2003 15:10, Sat Phantom   Link
Ouuuu, Erika has been called in to comment on the cost of boob jobs.
$2,000-$6,000, she says, but she can't remember what her's cost. Nat allows that he would permit his wife to get a boob-job. Erika's sarcastic "Good for you, Nat" may have given him pause to think, and he continues to explain that it would be OK because "anything to make her happy." Now talking about where in the city they are situated and where are the best (most expensive) places to live in the area. Erika is knowledgeable and helpful. Ratbert seems to have left and Jack replaced him, because I don't hear his opinions on the subject. Apparently, Compton CA is a place where you just don't go.

Aug 09 2003 15:12, Sat nojobny   Link
Ro, Jus, Jee, Jun, Ali sitting around the table after lunch talking about Er's breast implants.

Aug 09 2003 15:22, Sat joannie   Link
"Jun, please go to the Diary Room." NT

Aug 09 2003 15:25, Sat joannie   Link
Stooges are sitting together outside. NT

Aug 09 2003 15:30, Sat joannie   Link
Justin likes to drink Red Bull instead of coffee, because coffee f*cks up his stomach. NT

Aug 09 2003 15:31, Sat joannie   Link
Jee finishes his smoke and the Stooges go back inside. NT

Aug 09 2003 15:34, Sat joannie   Link
Stooges lounging in the LR. Rob says there's no way that he could go before Erika, because that would "F*ckin' suck."
But he says it COULD happen. It could happen next week, and that's why he's scared.

Aug 09 2003 15:38, Sat joannie   Link
Stooges discussing who they would want to keep in touch with after the show
Rob very enthusiastic about keeping in touch with Dave. Now he's telling favorite "Dave" stories.

Aug 09 2003 15:41, Sat joannie   Link
Rob keeps sniffing very loudly (allergies?) NT

Aug 09 2003 16:10, Sat Peachy720   Link
Jun & Je get a chance for a brief chat..
Feeds cut from Jack and Nate to Jun and Je who have been left alone for a minute.

Apparently, they WERE talking about Ali knowing of their alliance. Jun says Ali must go before Jack, and that's her target.

They talk about Robert's targets, probably Erika first. Je said he would be suspicious if she weren't. Jun says she's still pissed that Justin didn't put up Ali this week.

Robert comes back out. Small talk.


Aug 09 2003 17:28, Sat wrat1010   Link
Jack - Jun conversation in BY
Jun: think it's better to know your enemy
Jack: she's a bit too transparent

Jun tells Jack she'd rather have him (Jack) around than Alison.
Jack says Ali is "emotional", "talented but emotional".

Jack tells Jun that Erika feels the same way, but is "following the ex problem on top of everything else"

Aug 09 2003 17:31, Sat wrat1010   Link
Nate - Ali conversation in BR -- mumbling about the use of the veto NT

Aug 09 2003 17:36, Sat wrat1010   Link
Nathan tells Ali "you did their dirty work for them" when she won the last HOH NT

Aug 09 2003 17:38, Sat wrat1010   Link
Nathan admits the diary room psychs have been urging him not to give up NT

Aug 09 2003 17:40, Sat wrat1010 ParentRootLink
now he's talking to Ali about how Jun would go back to their side if Ali won the next HOH and took out Justin NT

Aug 09 2003 17:43, Sat wrat1010   Link
Nathan "I've sick of hearing his voice" (Justin's) NT

Aug 09 2003 17:46, Sat wrat1010   Link
Nathan and Alison talking about strippers. Nate's never been to a strip club. He would never be a stripper either NT

Aug 09 2003 18:07, Sat avichaiyl ParentRootLink
He also said he never WANTED to go to a strip club and he wouldn't let his or future wife or fiancee go
to a strip club. and if she did he would be disappointed.

Ali asked if he wouldn't marry her if she did it for her bachelorette, he didn't know.

Ali said she wouldn't care if he husband-to-be when for his bachelor party. She wouldn't necessary like it, but she would know that he loves her and her body.

Aug 09 2003 17:57, Sat wrat1010   Link
Ali's cheerleading days highlight is dancing on stage with KC & the Sunshine band NT

Aug 09 2003 17:58, Sat wrat1010   Link
Ali tells Nate the Pittsburgh cheerleaders are hookers who will bang every guy on the team NT

Aug 09 2003 18:12, Sat wrat1010   Link
Jack is "all dressed up (in tank top) with nowhere to go" so he's going to "tend to the torti" since "it's past their feeding time" NT

Aug 09 2003 18:13, Sat Grins ParentRootLink
I believe he was referring to Ali being all dressed up NT

Aug 09 2003 19:01, Sat wrat1010 ParentRootLink
that makes sense... alison was looking mighty fine that night NT

Aug 09 2003 18:16, Sat wrat1010   Link
Nate to Ali "if i leave you at least better give me a sympathy vote" NT

Aug 09 2003 18:18, Sat wrat1010 ParentRootLink
Nate still going on about the Diary Room encouraging him not to give up
but he's not going to give Justin or Robert the satisfaction of pleading to stay in the game.

Aug 09 2003 18:21, Sat FuggyBootnling   Link
Nate: "There's nothing to do here but think about the game."
Ali: "Don't do that..."

Nate: "Well, what else am I going to think about? Spending a week along with Dana after I get out of here??" Ali laughs.

Nate: "You just better give me a sympathy vote. When I, IF I leave!" He's joking.

Nate: "Everybody is saying in the DR 'are you giving up, are you giving up?' They want me to plead, because it will make good TV. But I'm not going to give Justin and Robert the satisfaction." (ed: Good on you man!)

Nate: "What do you miss about the outside world?"

Ali: "My boyfriend...or ex boyfriend. There's no WAY he won't hate me after this." Goes on to say "He's the only guy that will put up with my ***** that I've found."

Nate: "You better keep him then." Then says "You crack me up Ali."

Nate: "It's going to be so weird to see other people."

Aug 09 2003 18:25, Sat wrat1010   Link
Robert talking about getting together in Vegas with Jee, Carmen, Jun, Bob, Justin NT

Aug 09 2003 18:28, Sat wrat1010 ParentRootLink
Robert: All of us (Robert, Jee, Justin, Jun) plus Dana... (for Vegas) just us 5. NT

Aug 09 2003 18:32, Sat wrat1010   Link
Jun and Jee kidding about him cooking dinner.. now talking about how good of shape Jack is in NT

Aug 09 2003 18:35, Sat wrat1010   Link
Nate says his ex just got a job in St. Louis a few weeks before the show and he's grateful she did or she could be on the show NT

Aug 09 2003 18:42, Sat Mirage   Link
"I secured my exit." - Nate to Jack
Jack says that they had many chances.

Nate to Jack "If you don't take them out next week, they will have the numbers for sure."

Aug 09 2003 18:45, Sat wrat1010   Link
Jun saw pictures of BB3 Josh from Playgirl NT

Aug 09 2003 18:53, Sat wrat1010   Link
Robert, Justin tell Jun that the evicted HG sees the goodbye speech and Jun had no idea!!
Oh really, then I guess I'm not going to get Dana'a vote (she smiles).

Did you really think they didn't see that?

She tells them what she told Dana in her goodbye speech.

Jun: Oh ***** they see our messages?
I called Michelle flakey. And Amanda I said I can't figure you out and therefore I can't manipulate you. HA HA HA HA HA. I said nice stuff to David though.... nice try and stuff.

Aug 09 2003 19:30, Sat FuggyBootnling   Link
Justin and Ratbert working on HT prep for the evening
Justin was filling it earlier with hosewater. Ratbert says it should be four inches from the top to allow for the displacement of people stepping in (he doesn't use the word "displacement" - that's me)

Justin looks at it and says that's actually six inches. Ratbert is incredulous at this. Ratbert says it needs to be at 98 so that "I can do what I do...get in there for four f**king hours!"

They go inside. Jee is in on the couch in the LR.

Ratbert discusses how they have had major blows "Dave going - THAT f**ked them up."

Justin: "It seems like everybody went at a good time. Michelle - who is going to waste time on getting her out? But she went."

Rat says he would have rather had Erica out.

Ratbert: "I saw a huge black widow yesterday...those MFers are FAST man!"

Justin: "We don't get them in Pennsylvania. Those things are deadly!"

Ratbert: "No *****!"

Justin: "Those things will crawl up in your shoes...our shoes are out there!" You don't want to go like that...killed by a spider."

Discussion about what to call their genital area. Justin: "Nate calls it his package, I call it my f**king c**k"

Talk of how Nate has no options. That if anyone else had won POV he might have a chance to work something. Ratbert: "Even Jun."

Aug 09 2003 19:33, Sat wrat1010   Link
Justin, Robt, Jee discussing the vote when Dave was evicted
He's adding up all the people who would have voted out Dave and keeps saying us 4 (stooges + Dana), Jun, Alison... guess Justin things Nate voted to keep Dave.

Aug 09 2003 20:05, Sat Kelly   Link
Feed 1 and 2 Jee, Justin and Jun in Kitchen jee looking goofy wearing an apron Feed 3: Nathan sleeping on hammock feed 4 Robert in HT by himself NT

Aug 09 2003 20:07, Sat Fritomade ParentRootLink
Jee making chicken and beef fajita's..with jun directions NT

Aug 09 2003 21:06, Sat max1204   Link
Nate and 2 Stooges (Jee absent) talking in BY
They're talking about what they're going to do when they get off the show. Justin is going to move out to L.A. Nate has to either move in with his parents in Edmond, Okla., or move to L.A. Robert is in the HT and Nate is sitting on the side of the HT. Sounds like Justin is working out. Then FOTH.

Aug 09 2003 21:09, Sat max1204   Link
Nate lusting after Michelle
He says he wishes she were there for the luxury competition earlier. Robert agrees and says Amanda, too. Ali comes outside, talks about food.

Aug 09 2003 21:20, Sat max1204   Link
HGs eating (fajitas I think) NT

Aug 09 2003 21:43, Sat joannie   Link
ALi says there are no Taco Bells in the entire city of Chicago
"When I was 14, I used to steal my parents' car and take my brother to Taco Bell."

Aug 10 2003 00:34, Sun JulieH ParentRootLink
I believe it was Erica that swore there were no Taco Bells in Chicago. NT

Aug 09 2003 23:37, Sat max1204   Link
Erica tells Ali she's not voting against Jack NT

Aug 09 2003 23:38, Sat max1204   Link
3 Stooges in HT NT

Aug 10 2003 00:32, Sun max1204   Link
Just to update, nothing significant has happened or been said since the last post
Stooges were in hot tub, now they're out. People chit-chatted about which cameras were Internet cameras. And more boring talk... (Ed. note: If they didn't have a bunch of competitions, I'd think Tuesday's show would be impossible to edit into something interesting.)

Aug 10 2003 00:43, Sun max1204   Link
Jun in the shower: "Oh my God, my boobs are growing"
She says they're getting "fatter." Robert says that's the way he likes them. Then Jun says they're getting "meatier."

Aug 10 2003 00:55, Sun Blazing   Link
June told Robert she is subletting her apartment to some acquaintances from work.
The woman is 6 months pregnant and doesn't want to have to commute from CT, so she and her partner are staying in June's apartment Monday-Friday. June also said that she gave Bob her checkbook to pay bills while she's in the house.