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Aug 10 2003 01:05, Sun max1204   Link
Nate finally understands something
Nate to Ali, Ja, Er: "They're (BB) trying to stir something up in the house because it's so boring."

Erica then says the "twist" is that they'll keep the 4 pretty people in the house (the ones present). Ali then says it's the "pretty" versus the "ugly." Nate says that Robert might be on the "pretty" team, and Ali says she'll "throw up." Then Erica says Robert looked funny in the weiner costume earlier in the day "because he's a weiner." "He is a weiner," Ali chimes in.

Now they're talking about booze. Jack says they're getting beer Sunday night and BB refused to get them booze tonight. They start talking about the liquor laws in each state. Pennsylvania doesn't allow liquor or beer sales on Sunday; Nate says he likes that, saying he's "conservative." Ali replies, "We're trying to change that."

Jack says, "You know if you move out here and hang around Ali, she'll at least turn you into a moderate." Nate says she might take him to the Playboy mansion and he'll be stupefied.

Nate's says he'll never be a "damn liberal;" he'll be a "conservative Republican until I die." He's flabbergasted that Jack is a Democrat (Erica is too). Now they're talking politics and I'm muting...

Aug 10 2003 01:07, Sun Debra_Kadabra   Link
Diary room starting a fight between Ali and Justin
Ali Erika Jack and Nate were sitting on the couches outside and Ali started lookng in the house through the windows. She told the others she saw Justin making the "cut throat" signal to her several times. She leaves and comes back in a few moments and tells them the Diary room "blew up her spot" by telling Justin something that Ali had told them. She says it's apparently a war between her and Justin now. She says the DR can't do that.
What she told them had to do with the laundry. That Justin never washes his things. That she had only seem him do laundry twice on the outside and that he is a little dirtball.

Aug 10 2003 01:08, Sun max1204   Link
Jack and Erica are pro-choice NT

Aug 10 2003 01:12, Sun max1204   Link
Ali says that Justin says "it's on" and she says...
He better watch it because she'll tell the "socks story" (about Justin hopping in the bed butt naked with his roommate) on national TV. She says she'll spill all her Justin stories to the diary room.

Aug 10 2003 01:15, Sun max1204   Link
Erica: "A woman Republican? That's like an oxymoron" NT

Aug 10 2003 01:16, Sun max1204   Link
HGs clueless about Calif. recall
They talk about Arnold Schwarzenneger as governor; Erica says the GOP wouldn't trust him because he's from liberal Hollywood. Jack and Nate said he'd be a good governor. (ed note: Little do they know what's going on)

Aug 10 2003 01:40, Sun max1204   Link
Ali, Ja, Na, Er talking about luxury comp
They say Er tried to hide from cameras. Nate mimicks her, shuffling along. Nate says he tried to hide, too, and he put the suds in his face so the camera (and viewers I guess) wouldn't be able to tell who he was.

Aug 10 2003 01:43, Sun max1204   Link
Jack got the "gold view" of Ali today
J to Ali: "You were protecting the silver" and everyone could see the "gold." (Ed. note: If you don't understand what that means, you're too young to read this.) The former Alliance is still talking about the foam luxury competition (ed. note: So mad I missed it on the feeds!)

Aug 10 2003 01:45, Sun max1204   Link
Erica and Ali say they didn't see Nate's "tomatoes"
Erica says she got to see Jee -- "complete view...I diverted my eyes."

Aug 10 2003 01:52, Sun max1204   Link
Justin and Robert going up on the block
Erica and Jack tell Ali they will put those two up if either gets HoH. They say those two will eventually turn on Jee because Jee would beat them in the finals.

Aug 10 2003 01:59, Sun max1204   Link
Ali (lies and) says to Nate she NEVER has talked to the 3 stooges with Jun present NT

Aug 10 2003 02:03, Sun max1204   Link
Jun apparently told Nate that...
he shouldn't trust Ali "100 percent," and said that Ali was "jumping ship" to the Stooges to "save her own ass." Jun said that she heard Ali discussing this with the Stooges, and Ali is denying it to Nate, saying she's just trying "to stir trouble."

Aug 10 2003 02:03, Sun JulieH   Link
The group in the HOH Jus, Jun, Jee, Rob break from Old maid and are planning to play uno instead. Jun goes to the kitchen for some
cucumbers for her and humus for rob. While there, nate comes in for something. I don't know how the conversation started, but Nate is saying that he never was going after Justin. And in a quiet sing song voice Jun said, "That's not what she said." Then there was a pause and she added "Well, she did try to get him to go after Jack but when she saw that wasn't going to fly she went the other direction" (not word for word but something close to that.) Then there was another pause and then Jun said really calmly "but... it's just a game" as she walked away to the HOH to play uno. Nate went outside and sat down. Ali said "What's that dirty look for Nate?"

Aug 10 2003 02:08, Sun max1204   Link
Sounds like Jun is now lying to Ali
Jun's saying he (Nate) misunderstood what she said. Justin says that Nate should stop "crying like a baby," and that he's becoming worse than Dana.

Aug 10 2003 02:12, Sun max1204   Link
Nate comes into HoH room
He wants to know about Ali's conversation in there. Jun tries to cover her own ass. Justin says Ali complains to him all the time about Nate pouting. Robert chimes in, says the same thing.

Aug 10 2003 02:13, Sun max1204   Link
4 Stooges down on Nate
(Ed. note: This came before Nate entered the HoH room)

Robert says he's a POS (piece of sh--). Jun says he's a pouty b*tch. Robert says it's pissing him off.

And that's enough of the Stooges for me...

Aug 10 2003 02:16, Sun max1204   Link
Now they're all lying
Nate says he doesn't b*tch to Ali about her not saving him. Jun things she really did (talked too fast for me to get it all), and the 3 Stooges deny they are talking bad about Nate. Then it gets real good:

Nate to Jun: You're a little snake....If you're going to call people out, let's call you out...If anyone's a sneaky person, it's you...Why are you trying to stir things up? If I leave, I leave.
Jun: Okay, okay...In this house, you don't know what's fact and what's, but okay.
Nate: That's all I've got to say.

Nate leaves and they go back to playing cards.

Note: During this confrontation, Nate also mentions Jun's switching sides several times (floating from group to group) and then reporting back what the other group had said.

Aug 10 2003 02:18, Sun max1204   Link
The 4 Stooges are making fun of Nate NT

Aug 10 2003 02:18, Sun cottonmouth   Link
Words of wisdom from scared stiff Jack NT

Aug 10 2003 02:21, Sun max1204   Link
But, the 4 stooges are mad at Ali
Jun and Justin say she's a "f*cking wh*re" and a "b*tch" (don't remember who said which). Jun's mad that Ali went and reported everything to Nate.

Justin: He (Nate) is a f*cking baby.

Justin says he doesn't care if this situation "bites Ali in the ass."

Robert says, "It's too bad Nate's up" and we can't throw out Jack, too.

Aug 10 2003 02:22, Sun max1204   Link
Stooges chime in again that Ali is a f*cking b*tch NT

Aug 10 2003 02:24, Sun babyblue   Link
Jun: Jack was standing out there the whole time Nate was
talking to us.
Justin: Yeah, Nate just went right back out to her and told her what I said to him; if she's gonna act like such a ****in' baby, **** her and let her deal with it.
Jee: Ya know, she's not a bitch, she's just a ****in' moron.
Jun: During those confrontations I can keep calm, he can't

Aug 10 2003 02:26, Sun JulieH   Link
Jun told the other three that Jack had followed Nate inside and had stood over by the couches while Nate confronted Jun NT

Aug 10 2003 02:28, Sun Blazing   Link
Jee to Nate: You do what you've got to do. NT

Aug 10 2003 02:44, Sun fitty_little_me ParentRootLink
in response to Nate saying that he was going to "call out" Jun everytime she stirs up stuff.
Earlier Jee says to the stooges that he was going to talk to Nate about how he talked to Jun (disrespectful, etc.) and as soon as he sees Nathan outside, he backs down and just says "Are we cool?" and "this is between you and Jun."

Aug 10 2003 02:40, Sun fitty_little_me   Link
In the HOH room, Ali asks Justin if he believes her about the Jun/Jee alliance he says...
"No way, not in a million years. I totally trust Jee and Robet." He told Ali that they just small talk. (ed.-Famous last words.)

Aug 10 2003 02:41, Sun max1204   Link
Ali and Justin talk
Justin reveals that Ali is going after Jun and Jun doesn't know it. Ali says to make sure Jun never finds out. Justin says his group is only after Jack and Erica now (Nate is out in there eyes). Ali brings up the secret Jun-Jee alliance. Justin says, "Don't jump to conclusions." He says, basically, she's being paranoid. Ali wants to make sure the Stooges aren't after her, and Justin says no and that he believes her that she is not after them either. Justin says Jun is "one of the first ones to go for obviously reasons" after Jack and Erica are gone. He says the Stooges haven't told her that, though. He says Jun's chances are "a lot better with us" than with the other side, and besides, she doesn't like "them."

Aug 10 2003 02:45, Sun max1204   Link
Ali is now saying EXACTLY what she denied 10 minutes ago
Ali is complaining about Nate complaining to her. (Ed. note: Justin told Nate about 10 min. ago that Ali was telling the Stooges exactly this.)

Now Justin is saying that Ali is doing exactly what he came in and yelled at Jun about (stirring up trouble). Justin says she has to let Nate's complaining go "in one ear and out another."

Ali says she's tired of him giving her a guilt trip about taking her off the block. Justin wants to know why she feels sorry for him? (Don't remember her response.) And Justin rambles...

Aug 10 2003 02:50, Sun max1204   Link
Jun and Nate now talking
(Missed the first part of this conversation). Jun says she thought Nate needed to hear the information she told him earlier (which led to the confrontations). Nate says he will confront the person Jun tells him about and if Jun wants to know whether something is true, she should come to him; Jun says that's what she did.

Jun says, "I really wasn't trying to cause drama." She implies that Ali is the one trying to cause drama, citing her going on and on about her boyfriend.

Nate says he told Ali he can't trust anyone in the house.

(Ed. note: Basically the gist of the conversation is Jun is trying to smoothe things over with Nate.)

Aug 10 2003 02:54, Sun max1204   Link
Now Ali and Jun report their conversations
Ali reports back to the BY (I know Jee is there, maybe Ja, Er, too). Jun reports back to Justin and Robert.

Aug 10 2003 02:57, Sun fitty_little_me ParentRootLink
Justin and Robert tell Jun (HOH room) that Ali thinks that Jee and Jun have an alliance...
and how he doesn't believe it. Jun smooths her way out of it by saying " yeah, we talk, we're on a team together...blah, blah, and the Stooges interrupt and say "yeah, you would rather hang out with us then those other people. We're all friends...blah, blah...Jun smiles, nods her head, and agrees.

Aug 10 2003 02:59, Sun frustratedposter   Link
BY: Nate sitting, arms crossed, Ali on opposite chair, looking hurt
NB: text in [] is my comments/opinions

Nate has just returned from the HOH room, after his confrontation. He keeps insisting that he's fine and not mad. [tho he does appear to be ready to explode]

Ali gets up and goes in to house. Jee comes out for a cig, with rob trailing, and to talk to them. Nate "doesn't appreciate" what people are saying about him. Jee is trying to talk calmly to him, saying that people in this house try to stir things up.

meanwhile, in the house, Justin and Ali are in talking while justin washes up. Ali appears to be backpedaling, [a lot of that going on right now]. Ali now trying to shift the blame to Jun while talking to Justin. Justin is saying that everyone in the house stirs things up. Everyone says things about everyone else. Telling her that she should stop running back and forth and making things worse. She should play her own game instead.

Back in the BY, Jee is discussing why he still smokes, and how the habits are hard to beat. Coffee and cigs are a combo many people find hard to stop. "It's just an addiction"

Nate: starting to get tired
Jee: gonna brush my teeth and try to go to sleep soon. gonna take another hour tho, at least

Jee changes subject to the laundry. says that laundry is supposed to get here by tues. they all agree at least they will have it by the live show

HOH room: justin goes into his room. ali follows him in

Justin is trying to explain to Ali that she should be handling things better. she is used to pressure from pagents and figure skating. he says that she is safe, since she promised not to put them up. and they are aware of what jun is up to. but she needs to handle it better.

Ali: does she know?>
Just: no
Ali: she can't
Just now telling Ali she is wrong about a Jun/Jee alliance. They talk about non-game things. About Bob and Carmen. so she should stop trying to convince everyone that there's something that is not there.

Justin: it's everyone for themselves. the only ones staying together to the end is me rob and jee. when jun and dana joined them, they told her that they would stick together.

Ali doesn't want things to bite her in the ass. Justin says Nate is going to tell her anything he wants to get her upset.

Ali saysing that Nate comes up to her like 6 times a day complaining. Justin says he (nate) has changed. he gave his word he would go out like a man, but he's acting like a baby. Justin doesn't understand why she has a need to report that to Nate. Why does she have to run out and tell Nate things like that just to upset him? it's the same thing that jun is being accused of. Justin says that she needs to let things go in one ear and out the other. but she runs out and makes nate worse

just says that 90% of the time, the DreamTeam isn't even talking game. Ali back to saying Nate says to her he's sorry he saved her 7 times a day. She's tired of that. Justin says that he just came in here and said he saved ali for strategic reasons. then Nate comes and tells the DreamTeam that he's a threat, that he is strong, and yet he won't accept that he was nominated for being a threat. Ali says she's tired of telling him things. Justin tells her to stop then. Ali says that Nate keeps saying that she at least owes him a sympathy vote. Justin says that even if he didn't save ali, he would be a target when Justin got HOH. it doens't matter that he used the veto. he brags about being a threat, but blames being nominated on everything else

In the bathroom, Jun and Nate are talking about Ali and how she runs back and forth to cause trouble. He tells her she should come to him. She says but that's what i did. She told her the truth that she did say he's acting like a baby. That Ali one minute feels sorry for Nate, the next she's mad at him and talking bad about him. Jun says she was tired of it, and she was just tired of it, and that's why she talked to him. Says Ali does it all the time. that's why she talked to him. she's not hiding anything

Nate now sounds confused about who really said what. says he now can't trust anyone in the house. Jun says she didn't think her talking to him was to put things in perspective, not to upset him.

Nate claims he hasn't said anything to Ali about the game today, and why would she go to you guys... If he's going, he's going. he sick of talking about the game. [note, ali is in the hall around the corner, listening in]

jun says if he was staying, it would be dif, but since he's going, she just wanted to help him understand.

now nate talking about how ali is back and forth about everything, including her BF and all the people in the house

Jun sighs, and leaves nate to wash up

Jun heads right to HOH

says she had a talk with nate. justin says he just talked to her, and said she keeps bitching that people should let nate be and not upset him. but then she goes right up to him and tells him things just to upset him.

Jun saying she told nate that i know you think i'm trying to break you and ali up. but she's not.

Justin now saying ali was saying Jun/Jee had an alliance. Justin says why do you keep saying that. ali told him that she sees them talk all the time. jun says we talk, sure we talk, but it's about other things. justin says it's so obvious there's no alliance, since you fight all the time

Jun says she told nate she just wanted to give him something to help him understand why he was going. not make things bad.

Rob is pissed off that Ali is squeeking by. Justin says 2 weeks more, if we have our way

Aug 10 2003 03:01, Sun max1204   Link
Justin about Ali: "I told you she was a pathalogical liar!" NT

Aug 10 2003 03:03, Sun fitty_little_me   Link
In the HOH room, The Stooges and Jun discuss what a pain Ali has become.
ed opinion : Jun is laying the ground work for Ali being put up next week.

Aug 10 2003 03:06, Sun fitty_little_me   Link
Stooges and Jun discuss how much Erica and Jack love this Ali/Jun conflict.
"They think they're safe" and "they want us to fight it out."

Aug 10 2003 03:07, Sun frustratedposter   Link
HOH room
NB: text in [] is my comments/opinions

Jun, Justin Rob and Jee:

Jee saying since they have no trust like we do they get paranoid all the time. JUn says she told Nate that it's a game!

Justin says that nate thinks he nominated him, cause he was mad at ali for not nominating him. he doesn't understand that he got nominated cause he's a threat. he told everyone that Ali is a pathological liar, and he told everyone that in the HT and the DR.

Jee reporting on the BY, when he was out there. Jee told them he didn't know what was happening. Says Jack told him to let it be, not to confront anyone. that's why he followed him in, he was worried.

Justin talking about how he just lets things go. Jack told Dana not to trust him, he just let it go. what would he gain? it's a game. why get so upset

Nate said to justin "you're calling me a baby" and i told him right, i did! the kids been doing nothing but lie to me since he walked in that door.

Jee" ali and nathan block out everything and believe only what they want to. Rob: esp allison. Justin: they don't belong in this game

Jun: you know jack and erika are loving this

Rob: you know it, they think we're battling it out with Nate/Ali, and they are sliding by

Rob: we gotta look forward to wednesday and just let it be

Jun: wonder who ali would put up

Just: she tells me she won't put me up. i don't know what to believe

Jun: she's a player

Just: she'll def make emotionally based decisions

Jun: she tries to be sweet. she was like "why are you trying to hurt him?" she didnb't come in for him, she came in for her!

Aug 10 2003 03:09, Sun fitty_little_me   Link
Jee about Ali "she's like a cancer." Jun about Ali "she's a whack job." NT

Aug 10 2003 03:10, Sun fitty_little_me ParentRootLink
Then Jee goes one further saying all the women in the house are whack jobs. In front of Jun, who says "you're pissing me off." NT

Aug 10 2003 03:15, Sun babyblue   Link
BY, Jack, Erika & Ali
Ali is whining to Erika & Jack that Nathan called her over, and said to her " Don't make me regret having used that Power of Veto and saving you!". And he's been putting a bunch of pressure on me.
Jack: I think we have to remember that Nathan cannot take any personal blow to his ego from Justin, at all.
[Erika just continues to agree and say "MM-Hmmm".]
Ali saying: I don't understand why everyone's trying to be mean to me. Jun is whispering lies to Nathan. Then Nathan's mad at me and Justin calls Nathan a baby; and I'm IN THE MIDDLE!" (pout, pout)
Erika goes inside gets ready for bed, and into bed.
Ali goes inside, Jack goes to BR.

Aug 10 2003 03:16, Sun max1204   Link
Nate reading his Bible in bed. Ali lying next to him NT

Aug 10 2003 03:17, Sun max1204 ParentRootLink
He's reading Genesis NT

Aug 10 2003 03:22, Sun fitty_little_me   Link
Uncomfortable silence in the love room with Nate, Ali, and Jun. Jun breaks the ice and says
" Do you think they're going to call us in the diary room with all this drama?" Ali says "I hope not....this is all bull****."

Aug 10 2003 03:25, Sun babyblue   Link
Nate/Er/Jack in Sandbox after lights out:
Nathan goes to Jack and Er in SandBox. Tells them Ali's just too emotional. He can't talk to her 'straight' at all because she just makes too much drama.
He's telling them why he's upset "you know, we had a plan and she goes behind my back to further herself, and . . ."
Er: and you're just pissed off!
N: and I'm just pissed off, right.
I'm not wanting to cry in here, or anything, but I just had to tell you all why I'm just upset. I'm telling you guys to just stick with Ali (WHAT?) and take 'em out (the Stooge Brigade and Jun?).
Jack says to Nathan not to worry, and don't worry you can come to us anytime, we're here for you.
[ed.note: I'm just aghast right now]

Aug 10 2003 03:29, Sun fitty_little_me   Link
Nathan goes into the Sandbox and talks to Erica and Jack. He says he kind of believes that Jun is speaking the truth. Jack admits that Ali is
playing both sides. He promises Nate that he will go after Justin if he wins HOH. He and Erica tell Nate that they're (J&E) are behind him (N). More discussion by Nate about her bouncing around. Then Nate defends his actions of calling out Jun (and in a sense Justin). (Ego about being called a baby). Nate asks Erica what she thinks about everything, she's being quite. Ericka replies that this is a crappy situation and then whispers that she's not entirely sure she can trust Ali. Nate seems surprised and reassures her that they can trust her. Then they discuss her decision as HOH to not put up Justin.


Aug 10 2003 03:36, Sun fitty_little_me   Link
Nate to Jack and Erica " I feel so much betrayal from Ali." and that he's trying to reign in his emotions...
Ali comes in and the subject changes slightly to needing to win HOH...blah de blah blah blah. Then Jack tries to unite the group and put the focus on getting out the strongest players (i.e. Justin). Jack says not to let the other side get to them and undermine the group. They discuss what Jun said to Nathan.


Aug 10 2003 03:40, Sun frustratedposter   Link
The (not a drop of) Love Room
NB: text in [] is my comments/opinions

Nate in one bed, reading his bible. Ali on other side of bed, turned away from nate. under covers and sighing. they are not talking to each other at the moment.

Ali: you're kinda doing it to yourself, you know
Nate: why am i doing it to mysefl
Ali: you just are

Feed switches to Sand Box

Jack: we're dealing with a bunch of kids
erika: we are
Jack: we can use her, get info from her
Erika: i don't know what she was trying to do. strategy-wise
Jack: i've tried to tell nate, when we....

switches back to Love Room

Nate: i don't want us to fight amongst each other, it's ridiculous
Ali: you want me to be honest or not? i haven't lied to you yet
Nate: i want to talk rational, not get out of control
Ali: i'm not out of control
Nate: you are
Ali: i told erika you blame me
Nate: why would you tell erika
Ali: cause you do
Nate: well, that's how the game is played, i guess.
Ali: i did a move that was good for me and the alliance
Nate: i'm not going to bring it up again
Ali: you say that 7 times a day. you say you're not going to bring it up, and you do
Nate: i'm sick of it, if anyone is a spoiled brat, it's you
Ali: ok

Nate is reading his bible, flicking his eyes back and forth between bible and ali [anger is evident]

Jun comes in to get something from a drawer

they ignore her as she gets changed

JUn: think they'll call us into the DR
Ali: don't know
Jun: prob will, they love drama
Nate: is it past 2am yet?
Ali: is it?

Nate stares up at a camera that just moved.

Ali sighs deeply, hugs her elephant. still laying with her face turned away from nate. Nate still reading [or perhaps using the bible as something to stare at in anger]

Nate gets up, takes bible and leaves the room

Ali: are you going to bed nathan
no response
Ali: nate, talk to me please

nate heads to his bed inthe the blue room, throws his bible down, and heads to the Sand Box

Nate enters, and sits on Erika's bed.

Nate: you know what i'm talking about. she is an emotional headcase. i can't talk to her without her blowing up

Jack: erika and i never, ever make drama. everything we do distracts people from us.

Nate: it prob was uncalled for. i think tho that jun is right. she (ali) bounces off the walls. telling them she said she did it for the alliance. it was great that ali won. the reason i am so upset is i save her, we had a plan, and she went behind her back for herself

Erika: it's a betrayal

Nate: i've had enuf. jun came up to me and said i want you to know that ali was trying to pull for him. but justin was going to put him up. so she switched. and it's probably something she would do

Jack: i hope ali understands where she went down in this game

Nate: i hope you can stick with ali, and take them all down

Jack: you have our word

Nate: of course, i'm not going to believe everything Jun says, but she's prob right. there's some truth in that

Nate: i wanted to come in here and smooth things up

Jack: we're your friends and you have our word we are going to take them down

Nate: it would be great when i go to see justin come in next.

Nate says he told ali she can't be drifting. says he tries to talk rational to her, but she's so defensive, i can't say a word without her blowing up. Jack says she's confrontational, and can't control it

Nate still saying he wasn't going to take it for justin to call him a baby. of course he's going to call him out. i'd do it to any of them. i don't think jee would do it, but whoever, i'm going to call them on it

Erika tells nate that she's not sure about alison. if she will turn on nate, how can we trust her

nate defends ali. thinks she is after justin

nate is certain that ali won't go against jack/erika. they have his word on that. then goes on to say that they had a plan to take justin out, then she didn't do it. now justin is HOH and after me

Nate says some people can't take personal feelings and put them aside. Ali, dana can't do that. Jun can. I fell like I can too. but ali struggles with it. she gets pissed of and then she's "i'm going to put jun up!" and she has to cool off before she can see straight.

[have to say, nate is blind to defend ali the way he is]

nate hopes that they (j/e) can work with ali and take the others out. says he know it's a game. jack says he can understand some kinds of personal attack.

nathan says he can't figure ali out. she didn't follow the plan. says she told him that dana would be after him just as much. but he told her she should have stuck to the plan.

ali stops by, asks if she can come in, then off to WC. nate can't find his mic, erika says no prob, they have enuf mics in the room

Ali comes in. Jack explains that they are trying to preserve a united front for the ones in the room. after wed nite, no reason they can't carry on from what we wanted from before. looks like nate is gone. put after that, i know we can get HOH, and beat rob and Jee. they are not worried about jun.

nate again says there will be a lot of satisfaction for him to see justin next week. you guys have to do that for me.

jack says they need to be a united front and not react to what they try to do to them. says that "you're looking at some very arrogant people over there" if any of them see something that the others need to know, we get together

nate says that they are enjoying what they are doing to us. like with dana. we can't let them do it

ali: i don't understand your point behind it
nate: what?
ali: there's something up
nate: what she was saying is nathan, if there was a chance for you to stay, i wouldn't be trying to cause this drama. but everyone knows you're going, so i wanted to give you the benefit of the doubt and tell you what's going on behind your back with ali
ali: what's going on? that i'm telling eveyone you're a crybaby
Nate: taht you're going around trying to make me look bad, that i'm always pouting, that's i'm a crybaby
Jack: we need to look at ourselves and say we're together, one heartbeat. and the way we get revenge is to get rid of justin
nate: taht would be great
jack: otherwise, we will all be targets
nate: you got that swing voter. she switches as the HOH swtiches. you got jun as the swing vote
jack: we got this room. from a personal standpoint, assuming you are going, since i have such high regard for you, i would like to spend these days having a good time
nate: that's what i want
jack: we've come a long way together, we fought hard together, and we go out as one
nate: the only thing i can see is they try to isolate ali so everyone is against her
ali: that's what it feels like
nate: i told jun, you've been floating around, why should i believe what you say
erika assures ali that she is not isolated.
ali: thanks guys

Aug 10 2003 03:46, Sun frustratedposter   Link
Sand Box
NB: text in [] is my comments/opinions

nate saying that the stooges are using everyone to do their dirty work. jun, ali, everyone.

Nate: hopefully, as i'm leaving here, i'll have a smile on my face

jack: like david did

nate: yeah, yeah, i think he's surfing right now... i'll see you guys tomorrow

jack: ok, glad you guys came in. it's very draining emotionally

Nate and Ali leave

Jack sighs deeply

erika: what do we do, jack? we can't rely on ali getting it, cause we don't know what the hell she's going to do

jack: we have to win it

Erika: we have to tell ali that she can't go after us, cause we don't have the numbers. she can't win unless we get them out of here.

Jack: no one sees the big picture. saying they aren't thinking about the jury. they are talking about rob/justin, and how jee is completely different.

erika: we should have gotten him right away

jack: it was a big mistake. we should have gotten him or voted him off. he still talks a big game about jun

erika: i think he realizes he's the odd man out. they are three, and he's the odd one out

erika: i wonder if we can get jun to talk to jee.

jack: i think she's inclined to talk to jee. but if we win HOH, right now she's going to stay over there, until we show her we can win. i'm only here because i haven't competed will. but once i turn it around, i'll be a target like everyone else, but buy they we'll have them. we can't float anymore

Aug 10 2003 03:51, Sun frustratedposter   Link
Nate is in his bed in the Blue Room
NB: text in [] is my comments/opinions

ali is there with him. they are hugging and talking. nate saying he's been double teamed from day one. nate is holding her close and rubbing her back

nate: i know what you're up to, you like to fight so you can make up

ali giggles

nate: you love to fight so you can make up. i fell like i'm talking to my clone right now

ali: you're younger, you're two years younger

nate: you're my fraternal twin, they just didn't tell us. i've been rubbing off on her

nate: i went in there and talked to j/e cause erika was afraid you were flaking off, and i wanted to assure them you are still with them. i was telling them not to be scared. i was trying to keep you guys together.

Meanwhile, in Sand Box, Erika and jack are getting ready fo sleep.

Nate: they were afraid of who you would put on block. and i was telling them that you thought that dana was a bigger threat to you than justin was. was trying to help them understand

Ali gets up, and goes out. Nate tells her to dream well. Nate settles in under covers for sleep

Aug 10 2003 04:00, Sun fitty_little_me   Link
After Nate leaves the Sandbox, Jack and Ericka whispers
about not being able to depend on Ali. They talk about those who go week to week and how they haven't thought this whole thing through. Jack is disgusted with how the Stooges are acting. (pompous) They wish they would have voted off Jee in the first place. They discuss the Jun/Jee alliance, and that maybe if they get the "power" they can get Jun on their side and she can talk to Jee. Jack says " we can't float along anymore." "we have to win." (both settle into bed...restless) Erica "I feel bad for Nathan." Jack "I do too. You can only imagine the feelings going on in his head." Erica: the frustration, the betrayal..." (silence) speculate on how nominating Robert and Justin will drive a wedge between their team. (he's looking forward to it.) silence...Erika brings up how stupid it was for Ali to start this tiff. Jack mentions how it put Jun on the spot. He mentioned that Jun doesn't like confrontations, a cool player, noticed her heart beating fast after the confrontation. Erica lets him know that Jun is in the bathroom. Jack approaches Jun in the bathroom (didn't catch this) and Jack comes back and says "she doesn't want to talk now." "she says she will tell about the conversation she overheard (I guess between Nate and Ali). Erica says "Ali is going to be the death of us." Jack agrees and says she's acting too crazy. He asks if Ali seems rational when she and Erica do their little walks in the evening. Erica says she is rational. It sounds like they are beginning to doubt Ali. Jack says Wednesday night "it's just you and me for HOH." (that's all he can trust.)


Aug 10 2003 04:02, Sun frustratedposter   Link
Sand Box
NB: text in [] is my comments/opinions

Erika and Jack are discussing ali. they are trying to figure out how to make her understand and keep her on their team. jack thinks erika can be more persuasive than he can. he tried to talk to her, but he's sure that she can convince her better.

Erika says robert is working her too. jack is amazed that he can do that, since they all have him pegged. erika wonders that he wants from her. jack says he wants to cut her off from us, doesn't want her to compete wed nite. they think she seems to understand, but they aren't sure. erika thinks she could be out for them

jack says at some point, maybe wed nite, it will be you and i against everyone else. jack is sure that they can beat rob and jee (for HOH)

Jack starts his sleep breathing, mild snoring, and with that the feeds are quiet

Aug 10 2003 04:06, Sun TomGuy   Link
3:00 a.m. BBT ...the hamsters nestled all snug in their beds, While visions of great riches danced in their heads. NT

Aug 10 2003 08:15, Sun ilsa   Link
still sleeping NT

Aug 10 2003 09:44, Sun Elika   Link
Still tucked in. NT

Aug 10 2003 10:39, Sun Houseguest13   Link
Jun and Jack are up and in the bathroom cleaning up for the day. NT

Aug 10 2003 10:42, Sun nojobny   Link
Jack & Jun are up brushing their teeth. Erika is 1/2 awake, still in bed. NT

Aug 10 2003 10:48, Sun Quench   Link
Jack and Erika in Sandbox Jack : Ali is too emotional to be apart of our plans.
Ali was crying in here last night. She goes around kicking ass verbally and then she cries. Just be ready to work without her.

Jack and Erika head off to the SR to change mics.

Erika saying she can't go to the end anyway because of the jury.

They head to out. Jack to the kitchen and Erika to the Bathroom area

Aug 10 2003 10:50, Sun Grins ParentRootLink
he added the word "completely" after a brief pause to that. NT

Aug 10 2003 10:52, Sun Quench   Link
Jack and Jun in the kitchen just caught some of it. Whisper Fest with Water running and crunching boxes
They are talking about how immature Nate and Ali are being. And Jun is astounded on how surprised on how they are being picked on.

Jun telling Erika who has now come into the kitchen. about something she overheard. Ali and Nate saying to each other. "We are the only 2 blondes and they are just jealous"

Erika saying to Jun "you should have left well enough alone they are so young"

Too much external noises to hear the whisper fest

Aug 10 2003 10:53, Sun Quench   Link
BB: Good morning houseguests time to get up for the day.
Erika and Jun whispering. It's so early - what is going on today. -The Veto meeting

Aug 10 2003 10:58, Sun Quench   Link
Jun is making pancakes this morning.
Jun whispering like crazy about how Justin didn't put up Alison this week because Alison didn't put up Justin and how she is so cocky right now.

Erika believes that if Ali wins HOH that her and Jun will be put up.

(wish I could lip read would be easier)

Aug 10 2003 11:00, Sun joannie   Link
Jun and Jack are alone in the kitchen
Jack: Surely Jee knows the other two will eventually turn on him.

Jun: Excuse me?

Aug 10 2003 11:03, Sun Quench   Link
Pill time Erika to the DR then Jack to the DR
Erika and Jun talking about Nate and Ali are pissed because they are leaving before she is.

Jack was talking to Jun about Jee is playing the game and that Robert and Justin will turn on him. Jun saying he is basically quiet but he is a strong competitor. And she agrees that his lying low against Rob and Jus is a good thing for him.

Aug 10 2003 11:04, Sun joannie   Link
Jack, Jun and Erika talking about all the drama last night
They said the cameras were going crazy all night trying to keep up with it.

Jun: "Who needs Dana?"

Aug 10 2003 11:08, Sun joannie   Link
Jun: "We'll see how it pans out." NT

Aug 10 2003 11:09, Sun wrat1010   Link
Jun talks with Jack/Erika about how Nate/Ali tried to ambush her during last night's drama
Jun tells them "the thing is I remained calm. I didn't deny anything. I think that threw them off"

Aug 10 2003 11:13, Sun wrat1010   Link
Erika to Jack trying to make sense of what went on: "maybe it was given to them to trickle down to us" NT

Aug 10 2003 11:21, Sun valentine   Link
Jack and Erika discuss Food
Jack never eats bacon, even when he has pancakes. For breakfast, he usually has cereal, and deli turkey or hard boiled eggs.

Erica says "it's a cliche, but you are what you eat".

They discuss how bad red meat is for you. Jack's son and daughter-in-law are vegetarians, but they do eat by-products like eggs and cheese. Jack says his son's wife is "bionic" and has low body fat like Erica. She teaches aerobics and lifts weights and would never even look at a piece of white bread.

All of this occurs while they stand at the kitchen counter, looking at the tray of bacon that Jun has readied for the oven. They don't think it looks appetizing at all.

Jun isn't there to hear all this, though.

Aug 10 2003 11:23, Sun valentine   Link
Eating a Banana, Jack Style
He peels it entirely and drops the peel into the trash. Now he strolls around the kitchen, working on the business end.

(Ed Note: I can smell banana while I am watching this.)

Aug 10 2003 11:28, Sun valentine   Link
I Guess Jun got Called to the DR
temporarily interrupting her breakfast preparation. Erica looks into the pancake batter and gives it a stir, saying that she always wanted to whisk something.

Jack: Are we having pancakes?

Erica: Yes.

Jack: Good. I could use some pancakes.

Jack thinks the award for yesterday's competition was useless. He thought it was fun but the prize was pointless.

They are just coming off an indoor lockdown. Jack says he thinks the people have left the backyard. They wonder if there is a competition today or something.

Erica was sequestered for 8 days, which was much longer than Jack. It felt like prison, but at least in prison you get to go outside, Erica says.

Jack thinks that felt like a lifetime ago. The hotel laundry mixed up all of their clothes. Apparently Jack got Nathan's underwear (!) and someone got his socks.

Jun is back from the DR. Jack says her instincts were right--the DR was waiting for her.

Brief FOTH. Maybe a rude wake up call for the slackers.

Aug 10 2003 11:31, Sun valentine   Link
A Very Rude BB
just gave a wake up call by name for Nathan, Jee, Robert and Justin.

BB: I SAID, (names names) it is time to get up for today.

Brief FOTH, maybe some threats.

Allie is called to the DR.

Erica and Jack go to the bedroom to retrieve Cuff and Link to take them outside. Jun goes back to her tray of raw bacon and starts wrapping the tray with paper towels.

Aug 10 2003 11:35, Sun valentine   Link
Jack and Erica
are out in the sunshine, placing the torti into their makeshift pen behind the hammock.

They are actually taking pillows from the hammock to fortify the pen's barricade. (Ed Note: Don't they remember the turtle poop from last week? Who wants that on the pillows?)

Jack: They ought to just have sex in there, instead of trying to get out.

Erica is inside now, talking to Jun about her hair. She needs to highlight it with Sun-In.

(Ed Note: Her dark roots are very obvious now. I think she would look prettier without the streaks. Too tacky.)

Erica laughs.

Aug 10 2003 11:36, Sun Quench   Link

Aug 10 2003 11:43, Sun Quench   Link
Justin under the covers in HOH - BB: Justin please go the DR. Justin Okey Dokey - Lots of quick FOTH this morning. NT

Aug 10 2003 11:47, Sun Quench   Link
Finally Nathan is up. Erika talking about her weird dream last night
She was on an open staircase Someone male down below was throwing dynamite up at her. She was hugging her stair.

She remembers her dreams they are so vivid because there is no other stimulus in this house.

Aug 10 2003 11:55, Sun valentine   Link
Chow Time
and Nathan looks stunning in a bright blue T-Shirt with wet curls. He's eating pancakes and drinking a big glass of milk, wearing his ring on his index finger of course.

Jack is enjoying his as well as Robert. Jun plans to eat last as usual. She is holding a plate for Jee, who isn't in the room.

Jun: (calling) Jee?? Are you still brushing your teeth? It's going to be lunchtime before you are through.

Allie sits, staring, wearing a huge gray hoodie sweatshirt at the table with no food in front of her. No one is talking to her, and she's not talking to anyone.

(Ed Note: Allie is not a natural beauty. If I were her I wouldn't sit so close to Nathan and Erica in the morning.)

Aug 10 2003 12:01, Sun valentine   Link
Close Up of Two Beautifully Browned
pancakes on a bright blue plate. They look crispy but delicious. Justin and Jee have entered the room and are ready for their turn at the food.

Justin is adding a huge piece of butter and trying to spread it without ripping up the pancakes.

Erica: That's a lot of butter.

Now all feeds in the backyard for a second. Robert is sitting alone in a lounge chair with his feet up. Looking contemplative? Is he planning to stir things up today at the veto meeting?

Now back inside. Jack calls the Lazy Susan the Crazy Susan, and serves Jee a plate by hand, instead of turning the table. (A little earlier, Erica got hot coffee slung on her by the Crazy Susan.)

Allie is actually doing dishes now. I didn't see her eat, though.

Aug 10 2003 12:03, Sun valentine   Link
The Secret Alliance
Jun finally sits down to eat. Her pancake is in the shape of a "J".

Jack: You're always thinking of me Jun.

Jun: Jack, don't you know it's all about me??

They laugh about all the J's at the table: Jack, Jun, Justin and Jee.

Jack: Its the J Alliance.

Jun: Oh Jack. Don't you know there are no secret alliances in this house?

They both laugh, but Justin and Jee just eye them while chewing.

Meanwhile, Allie is still washing dishes with a sour look on her face.

(Ed Note: Or wait....maybe that's just her face.)

Aug 10 2003 12:09, Sun valentine   Link
Justin and Robert Outside
Justin: We've got the veto today. Are you nervous?

Robert: No, I might be too short for what they want.

Justin: I wonder what Jun has to say. I don't know what she could possibly have found out.

Robert: I know. I was just thinking that. It's probably something stupid. Did you get called in the DR?

Now all 4 feeds on Erica and her turtle-minding.

Erica: Now they're walking on each other.

Justin: Is that how they have sex?

Erica: I don't know. I know they lay eggs.

Justin: Yeah, but they have to do it somehow.

Now Nate comes out and shakes hands with Justin and Robert. They are all laughing about last night and how dramatic it all was. How dramatic the women all are. Its a good bonding moment for the three of them.

Now Justin is going through point by point who said what to whom, and about what.

Justin: Allie has been lying since she walked in this house.

Robert: I agree with Jee. Why did she need to even open her mouth in the first place?

Aug 10 2003 12:12, Sun valentine   Link
Nate and Jack are Alone in the Kitchen
finishing up the breakfast dishes.

Nate: Whooo. Crazy night last night.

Jack: Yeah. Those cameras were going crazy.

Nate: The night crew was getting some action.

Jack: You know how we can get 'em? We can have conversations and run across the room at the same time.

Aug 10 2003 12:37, Sun valentine   Link
Jun is Curled Up in the HOH Bed With Justin

Jun: I feel like I'm 15 again in high school.

Justin: I know.

Jun: Nothing has changed. You're still a huge target for them. They still think I'm sensible and approachable.

Feeds timed out and now Jun is gone. Justin is listening to Dave Matthews.

Unless Jun is under the covers completely (?), that conversation is over.

Aug 10 2003 12:38, Sun Quench   Link
Jun goes into the HOH to report to Justin her conversation this morning with Jack and Erika
She tells him that he still has a big target on his back. That Jack and Erika are still going to go after him. That things have not changed. That J and E think that Jun will go over to their side.

Justin says Thanks for that Jun

And she leaves the room. He goes back to listening to his CD.

Aug 10 2003 12:41, Sun valentine   Link
Allie is floating in the pool in a purple blow-up tube
talking and whispering with Erica. Erica is sitting on the edge of the pool, wearing polka dots again.

Allie just wants Jun out now. She never plans to throw a HOH competition, because if one of "them" wins it she'll be on her way to Pittsburgh, or Mexico, or whereever.

Erica is trying to find out who Allie will put up, but it's hard to hear above the planes and the water and the buzz of the microphones.

Allie: Didn't something happen in Week 6 last year? Didn't somebody come back?

They think Amy went out and came back in Week 6. They know Chiara left in Week 6.

(Ed Note: That was Sheryl Crow week, because I remember how jealous Chi-Whora was of Roddy checking Sheryl out.)

Aug 10 2003 17:47, Sun talcman ParentRootLink
Amy came back week 6 and Roddy left week 8. NT

Aug 10 2003 12:46, Sun valentine   Link
Now Jun is in Bed with Nathan
laying foot to head under the covers.

Jun: Do I smell like bacon?

Nathan: No, you smell like ______ (couldn't hear).

Nathan: I told Justin that I would put Dana up and not Justin. And that was the truth. Allie is just trying to further herself in the game by doing what she did.

Jun: She changed her tune really fast and didn't even try to save you. I feel like the things we talk about are not even game-related, and we really like each other, so it pissed me off that she was trying to make something out of it.

Nathan: I agree. Thank you. I know I'm pretty much out of here. Allie is going to get Justin out next week.

Jun: I don't think so. I think she made a deal with him.

Nathan: Do you actually believe her?

Jun: Yeah. I think she thinks that Justin is her closest ally. She keeps telling Justin that Jee and I have an alliance. I wouldn't be surprised if she put up me and Jee together just to make a point.

Jun: She has you wrapped around her little finger.

Nathan: No, she doesn't.

Aug 10 2003 12:48, Sun Quench   Link
Jun and Nathan under the covers in one of double beds.
They are talking about how Ali is playing all sides.

Nathan saying I know I am out of here but I think the best thing would be for Robert to take down Jack and put up Ali and have Ali go out.

Jun saying Ali is most intimidated by Justin and that is why she is making a deal with him.

Jun talking about how he (Nathan) is wrapped around Ali's finger. Nathan No I am not. Yes you are.

Nathan: The reason I took Ali off because of Dana.

Nathan: I don't want to campaign but I still think Ali should go up.

They are talking about how much Ali is lying and playing everyone.

Nathan telling Jun on how much Jack and Erika are gunning for Justin

Now can't hear anything because Robert and Jee are cursing up a storm right beside the love room.

Aug 10 2003 12:52, Sun Quench   Link
Jun telling Nathan that Ali has been like this for weeks but Jun didn't feel the need
to tell him until now because she is so back and forth and Ali was getting really bad this week about mouthing off about Nathan. But then saying she was going to pack something in his bag from her when he left the house.

Nathan saying that Ali should go up if Rob was to use the veto because Ali could win the veto and get herself off.

She now gets up and Nate asks where is she going. She says I have to talk to some ppl and think about this. She heads to the HOH where Robert is parked in his reg spot and she calls Jee into the Hoh

Aug 10 2003 12:58, Sun Quench   Link
Jun reports what her conversation with Nate.
She says Robert should take Jack off and put Ali because you can't believe anything she says.

She goes on to say but you didn't believe me yesterday but Nate says he has been doing some thinking

But what she found interesting that Nathan said not to save himself but to save Jack to put up Ali. and that is what got her thinking.

Robert says he is not using it.

Jun says it's the 11 hour trying to save himself.

Jun saying that Nate thinks that Ali will win HOH

Robert says Ali shouldn't even be in this game.

Justin says I know when (Ali)she is lying and she knows that I know that so she won't lie to me.

Telling them that Jack and Erika tagged teamed her this morning. And saying nothing has changed. They still want Justin out.

Aug 10 2003 13:05, Sun Quench   Link
Now all four feeds on Jack Erika and Ali playing cards in BY. Card talk. NT

Aug 10 2003 13:07, Sun Quench   Link
Now Four Feeds on FOTH NT

Aug 10 2003 13:10, Sun ktan   Link
Feeds return to card game but when veto meeting called, feeds remain in BY. NT

Aug 10 2003 13:16, Sun Quench   Link
Ali and Erika back outside. NT

Aug 10 2003 13:18, Sun Quench   Link
Audio on lapping water in the pool but shows Nathan Jack Erika and Ali outside. NT

Aug 10 2003 13:22, Sun ktan   Link
Nate exercising in the BY away from Ali/Jack/Er who are playing cards. Still no confirmation yet. NT

Aug 10 2003 13:27, Sun bruhe   Link
robert didnt use the veto NT

Aug 10 2003 13:27, Sun ktan   Link
Confirmation -- Robert didn't use veto. NT

Aug 10 2003 13:33, Sun noseynan   Link
Jun is slamming Nathan for coming to talk to her
Jun rat jee justan in lr talking.

Aug 10 2003 13:34, Sun wrat1010   Link
Jee4 discussing strategies of using P.O.V.
They are talking about Nathan having a lot of nerve to approach them about using the veto on Jack but that he had no choice at that point.

But Nathan telling them that Alison would be tough to get out because she could win the veto and take herself off has had an effect. Then now talk about how if they win HOH next week they should nominate Jack and Erika and then anyone but Alison can win the veto and use it and Alison goes up and out.

Aug 10 2003 14:53, Sun Jana_aka_ioksco   Link
Subway arrives - HG eating around table. NT

Aug 10 2003 15:53, Sun valentine   Link
The Stooges Want Allie
to get HOH on Wednesday. They believe she will go after Jack and that way she will be a clear target for them next week, since she can't compete.

They want to make sure that Erica and Jack don't win any type of HOH or POV competition. (Ed Note: Doesn't seem to be a huge threat so far.)

Robert: Next week is huge, man. It's not going to go the way we planned, with all three of us in the finals. One of us might fall along the way. If I go, that gives you guys another week to make it.

Robert: If there's two of us (sniff) in the finals, that's fu*king slamming man (sniff).

Aug 10 2003 16:01, Sun valentine   Link
More Backslapping by the Stooges
They feel that Jee's refusal to put Dana up if the veto was used was a key element for their success.

Robert: After Michelle got voted out and Dana won, none of us kissed her ass. We just said, good one, you got us, and went on. We didn't beg her to keep us or anything. We were cool. (all while continually sniffing and wheezing)

Justin: If one of us 3 gets it, we're going to put up Erica and Jack and that's it. No veto either. But if Jun wins and we know she wants Allie out, we have to respect that.

Robert: Isn't is great that we're the only ones in the house that aren't going crazy right now?

Justin: Allie has already said that she wants Jun out, but I don't think she will have the votes. We can threaten her with our power and tell her we will come after her later.

Robert: Oh that's beautiful. Threatening and *****?

Justin: That's the beauty of having three people. If you hurt one of us the other two are coming after you.

Robert: Yeah, it's never been done, man (sniff)

Jee goes to the WC.

Robert: You thought I was happy last week? This week, I'm going to be fu*king screaming.

Justin: It's coming down.

(Ed Note: I don't know what their plans are if Erica or Jack win HOH, no matter how implausible that may seem.)

Aug 10 2003 16:07, Sun valentine   Link
More Stooge Time
Justin: It's going to suck next week if Allie gets it and we have to tell her that we will vote Jun out. (I guess they will lie.)

Robert: After next week, if all three of us are here, that's huge man.

Justin: We have to make sure that Allie votes Nathan out.

Robert: Why?

Justin: We need for Jack and Erica to know which side Allie is on. To solidify her position so that they know they can't trust her. I'm going to talk to her later.

(Ed Note: I guess while Justin is staring off into space, he is actually thinking. Robert, on the other hand, just looks like Hans or Frans from the old SNL skit. With that snarky mouth and that spiky do.)

Aug 10 2003 16:10, Sun valentine   Link
Jun Comes in the House
wearing a black bikini and drinks some water, complaining about the heat.

She goes in the BR area and uses a purple-striped towel to dry herself from head to toe, pulling it back and forth.

She goes to open the WC door, only to hear Jee yell from inside.

He's been in there a while.

Jun now puts back on the white peasant blouse she wore this morning.

Meanwhile we hear flushing and spraying. (charming, I know.)

Aug 10 2003 16:14, Sun valentine   Link
Justin to Jun
Justin: I'm going to talk to Allie about who she would nominate next week.

Jun: What makes you think she will listen to you?

Justin: I know she wants you out. And she doesn't like to hear that people are after her. I'll tell her that if she nominates you and one of us as a decoy, the three of us are going after her. We'll tell her to put up Jack or Erica with you, and that we will vote out you, Jun. Then we'll get out Jack or Erica.

Jun: How do I know you aren't screwing me over?

Justin: I think you know that by now Jun. Worst case scenario is if Jack wins--then the 3 of us are splitting up.

(Ed Note: We need a good unexpected twist now to liven things up. The Stooges do seem to have this all figured out.)

Aug 10 2003 16:16, Sun valentine   Link
Stooges + Jun Laugh About Allie
still being in the DR.

Jun: She's probably crying in there.

Justin: Oh, I know she's bawling.

Jun: Ohhhh Donnnieee. Ohh Donnniieee. Ha ha what a whack job.

Aug 10 2003 16:23, Sun valentine   Link
What Kind of Competition Will We Have,
Jee wonders. Will it be athletic? And what about the luxeries? The last couple have not been that great. I don't mean to complain, but please.

Justin: Wouldn't it be great if we are all playing to win some contact with home? It wouldn't be too hard for them to set up. (Duh, like every year Justin.)

Jun goes over the nomination scenario again.

Justin: Jun, you think like a fu*king guy. Thank god you are on our side. I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy.

They laugh about telling Michelle not to pack her bags, since there was no way she was leaving. Jee said he told Erica that her leaving wasn't personal. Jun said that she tried to hint around with them that there was a possibility that anything could happen, but they didn't get it.

Justin: Erica looked like the devil in the HOH room that night. "You didn't expect to see me, did you??"

Lots of laughs at that one. Jun says that it was so hard to have a discussion with Dana around.

Jee: At least she's having a good time now.

Jun: Is she? We don't really know that. What if it's not a great as we think it is?

Jee: Then that would be really shi**y, then.

Jun: They said that they would be really protective of us and keep people away from us. I think we even need to get shots before we leave the country. What if it's fu*king Viet Nam or something.

Allie comes out of the DR and waltzes past them.

Jusin: Are you crying?

Allie: No, did you hear me yelling?

Justin, after she is gone: She better not be dogging me in there.

Aug 10 2003 16:28, Sun valentine   Link
DR Question
Allie calls out down the hall: What makes you think I was crying?

Justin: Erica came out of there bawling.

Jun gets called to the DR.

Jun, mumbling: I guess I know what you were talking about in there.

Robert continues to ramble about how many of the original 8 are left. They discuss the final HOH competition and how intense it will be. Justin remembers that it was a 3 part contest. Now they talk about the "holding on to the key" contest with the perfect storm in the background.

Justin says Lisa won and got rid of Jason.

Robert: Why didn't she get rid of Danielle?

Justin: Because she figured that she had a better chance against Danielle then against the virgin of the house. It was a good move because Jason was the only one that voted for Danielle.

Jee: I think Dani really deserved to win for the way she played.

Aug 10 2003 16:34, Sun valentine   Link
Justin Says He Misses Gary
his friend. But he knows that if he wants to be with his friends, he needs to work, too.

Jee was commenting on the fact that he misses his girlfriend, and Robert misses his daughter, but Justin is just chilling, not missing anybody.

Jee wants a luxery comp where they can get a letter or something. The prizes have to go up and up.

Justin: Yeah, getting a letter wouldn't cost them anything.

Robert: I want to win $20,000.

Jee: What would you do for $20K?

Robert: I would eat poo.

Justin: But what if everybody ate it, like the turtle poo, and then there was some other qualifier. Like if everyone that agreed to do it sat at a table with a card in front of him or her. After you eat it you have to turn a card to see if you have the highest.

Jee: That would be tough, man.

Justin: I wouldn't do it. I can't even think about it.

Jee: I know there is going to be a twist, I just know it.

Robert: But they can't change the basic rules of the game, I know that.

Aug 10 2003 16:40, Sun valentine   Link
The Stooges Shudder Thinking About
what it would be like if BB had all girls. If there were 13 girls in the game, the drama would be crazy.

Justin: What if it were 12 girls and one guy? Do you think they would keep the guy?

Robert: No, you wouldn't do anything bad enough to get kicked out. These girls in here would eat each other alive.

Jee: We are kind of segregated. I mean, we are cordial and sh*t, but we don't really hang out with them.

Robert: I don't like any of them. I can't think of one redeeming quality in any of them. I just think that if any of them came into the restaurant, I wouldn't even give them a table. You guys, I would want to sit and talk to you, but the girls wouldn't even get a table.

Justin: How big is it?

Robert: We have room for 500, and we're open from 6 until 2. The numbers that we do are like a nightclub, man, and people are 5 deep at the bar. There is a lot going on there and its crazy.

Justin: Is it better than the Sunset Room? (I think he means the Viper Room, which is on Sunset.)

All feeds switch to Erica and Jack in the Sand Room.

Aug 10 2003 16:44, Sun valentine   Link
Jack and Erica say that they have to just compete
this week without thinking about Allie. She can't be depended on, and they think that Jun is trying to scare them about Allie's intentions.

Jack: If we win, we'll get her back, and then worry about her later.

Erica: I don't think she can get Justin out for some reason, but I don't know what that reason is.

Jack brings up the Dana situation and how that complicated things with Allie and Justin.

Jack: I'm sure that there is something going on with Jun and Jee now. It's only natural.

Erica: I wonder if Jee knows that Justin and Robert want to get rid of him to keep him out of the final.

Jack: I talked to Jun about it and she said Jee is playing the part of the joker, but he knows what is really going on.

(Ed Note: I don't think Jee is thinking that way, personally.)

Aug 10 2003 16:47, Sun valentine   Link
Jack is Analyzing Jee's Behavior,
saying that the times that he separates from the other two guys to come over and talk to them are few and far between.

Jack: Jun is becoming more and more open about talking to everyone. We need to stay on top of that.

Erica: It has to be Nathan out, then Justin, then Allie...........

Jack: I do believe the intrigue of Allie wanting to get me out of here isn't true. I think Jun is afraid of Allie.

Erica: Of course. And we have to protect her.

(Ed Note: What side is Jun on?)

Aug 10 2003 16:49, Sun frustratedposter   Link
Erika: it has to go nate, justin, robert, ali NT

Aug 10 2003 16:53, Sun valentine   Link
Jack and Erica, About Allie
Jack: When Nathan is gone, where is all that pent up sexual energy going to go? To Justin.

Erica: Hm Mmmmm. I wonder if we should talk to the boys. I don't know what needs to be said, though.

Jack: If we talk to them now, it's from a position of weakness.

Erica: We need to tell Allie that if she's up with them, she doesn't have a chance with the jury.

Jack: I think Allie feels reallys screwed right now. She knows the two of us will never split, and that Jee and Jun have formed a similar wall. She doesn't think that Justin will ever put her up, and that he will get rid of Robert for the final.

Jack: She just waffles back and forth from one side to the other. She was very emotional last night with Nathan. Jun heard it.

A Knock at the Door!! It's Allie!

Allie: Are you OK Erica? Have you been crying? (That's what the stooges told her.)

Erica: No, I haven't been in there yet today.

Jack: They're getting really emotional in there, asking questions about home stuff.

Allie doesn't seem to know what they are talking about.

Aug 10 2003 16:58, Sun valentine   Link
Allie: We Must Win
this next one, or there is no way we can win in the end.

Allie: I already told the DR that I had some additional requests for my HOH basket.

Jack: It's going to come down to Big Jee.

Allie: Nathan just told me that I should put up Justin and Robert if I win. I said, I think Jee is just as strong a player. Why do you say that?

Jack: Because Jee get's Jun's vote.

Allie: Ohhhhhh. But if Justin got the veto, he would take himself off, and then who would I put up?

Erica: We couldn't get Jee gone, the way the votes go.

Allie: Justin would vote Jee off before he votes off Robert. And I always see Jee and Jun talking, now that they're cooking together that's the perfect opportunity for them. I don't buy her sh*t at all.

Jack: She's always hovering, or spending time by herself.

Aug 10 2003 17:06, Sun frustratedposter   Link
Nate and Rob in BY
Nate is explaining what he was proposing in the HOH room the other nite, how he was hoping they could team up together and take out all the sneaky guys, like jun and ali

rob is telling nate how they didn't know about the O8, but when all that sh*t happened, we realized that we couldn't trust anybody

nate saying when he won HOH first, "i liked you guys then, but of course i couldn't go against the o8 so i was screwed. i was caught in the middle. erik and jack, i don't trust those guys. they're pissed off anyway cause of david"

and feed back to sandbox

Aug 10 2003 17:09, Sun valentine   Link
Nate is Saying, Why Don't We Do I Differently?
Every year, they vote off the strong ones first. Why wouldn't the strong people band together and get rid of the weaker, sneaky players and then have a real competition?

Nate is lifting weights as he talks. Robert is laying in the hammock, watching.

Robert: You can't have any alliance with any woman in this house.

Nate: I thought I could, but here I am by myself.

Aug 10 2003 17:25, Sun nojobny   Link
Rob spots a banner or skywritter while in the BY, he
runs in to get the other HG .

They're speculating that it means they're going to Hawaii and then FOTH

Aug 10 2003 17:25, Sun LiLIvers0nboy3   Link
Possibly a banner becuz everyone was....
Looking in the sky and Robert said they are going to hawaii and went to get justin and jun and they saw another banner or something.... the banner said something bout the houseguest and then front of the house

Aug 10 2003 17:26, Sun BuzzardsCrotch   Link
HG's recieve a message from a banner plane...
it says something either about hawaii or in hawaian. Robert thinks they will be sequestered in Hawaii. Then another banner plane flies over, they are reading it then...FOTH!

Aug 10 2003 17:28, Sun nojobny   Link
End of FOTH and
the guest are all inside with the shades pulled - LOCKDOWN.

Nat: Rob, we shouldn't have said anything.

Aug 10 2003 17:32, Sun nojobny   Link
HG are
inside speculating on what little they did see of the banner/skywritting.

Er: it may not be for us
Al: It was right above
Er: They give them a 4 mile radius

Je: if it wasn't for us, why make us come inside and pull the shades

Ali: this is exciting, people are actually watching

Aug 10 2003 17:41, Sun nojobny   Link
Long FOTH (too much excitement) NT

Aug 10 2003 17:47, Sun max1204   Link
Nate suggests that maybe they'll be sequestered in Hawaii
He says Ali would be mobbed because she's so pretty. She thinks he's making fun of her.

Aug 10 2003 17:50, Sun nojobny   Link
After returning from FOTH, no mention from HG about early excitement in the sky. NT

Aug 10 2003 17:53, Sun max1204   Link
Rating the guys
Ali rates Nate: Looks, he's "pushing a 10." She settles on a 9. "Only when he wears a hat." Otherwise he's a 5.
Personality: 7 (Justin got a 9 in personality)
Whole package w/ hat: 8; w/o hat: 7

Erica says he should drop to a 6 since he's a Republican. Ali says, yeah, he's a church boy and Nate protests, saying he drops because he's a "good boy."

Ali rating David: 7 (looks), 10 (personality), 8.5 or 9 (whole package)
Ali rating Donnie: 10 or "prob. 11" (looks), 6 (personality), 8 (whole package)
Ali rating Robert: Whole package is 2 (Ed. note: I missed writing down her ratings on him, but I think she said personality was -3)

Aug 10 2003 17:54, Sun max1204   Link
They talk about "Aloha" before FOTH
Ali starts mouthing a Busta Rhymes/Mariah Carey song, then says "Aloha!"
Erica replies, "Aloha! I don't think that was for us."
Then FOTH immediately after Ali replies to Erica, "You don't?"

When FOTH ends 30 seconds or so later, all feeds are on Jack fiddling in the kitche.

Aug 10 2003 17:54, Sun Jovian   Link
Ali says "Aloha" Then Erika says, " I dont think that was for us." Ali: " You dont?" Then FOTH. NT

Aug 10 2003 17:57, Sun ktan   Link
After FOTH, we go inside with Jack at the kitchen island preparing the turtle food.
He's walking back and forth between the kitchen and the Desert room without any words to transcribe. Erika walks in. "Yep, I've got it." Jack says.
E: "The eagle has landed."
J: "I missed out on the fun, was in DR but I heard it. I could hear the plane. I heard plane overhead in DR. Busy airspace."
Jack tries to go into SR, but camera shakes "no". So he goes outside, still ruing the fact he missed the skywriting.

Aug 10 2003 18:06, Sun nojobny   Link
Jack talking to the camera
Jack missed all the fun. He was in the DR.

Er: (jokingly) the eagle as has landed
Jk: (laughing) Hell of a time for me to be in the DR. I was in there the whole time.

Jk is trying to get into the storeroom and they won't let him in. He looks toward the camera and asks, "i can't get in?" and the camera moves side-to-side 'no'.

Someone then tells him Jun is in the DR

Aug 10 2003 18:11, Sun nojobny   Link
BB acknowledging the 'incident' (perhaps)
On the QC, two feeds of Jack, Er, Ali & Nate in the BY. The other two feeds slowly pans up towards the top of the trees and into the crystal blue sky.

Aug 10 2003 18:56, Sun ktan   Link
Limited viewing opportunities on the feeds right now.
1/2: Jack and sitting in BY chairs. Nate on lounger (off-cam).
3/4: Justin and Jee playing cards in LR with Alison covered in blankets next to them.

Aug 10 2003 19:15, Sun Mirage   Link
Allie is sitting in a bubble bath, pink bikini, just staring into space, looks sad... NT

Aug 10 2003 19:22, Sun Mirage   Link
Erika and Jack whispering in the bedroom.
The lights are out, but all live cams are on them whispering. I am finding it impossible to actually hear the details, although they are strategizing. Hopefully, someone will fill us in...

Aug 10 2003 19:38, Sun max1204   Link
DR people keep asking Nate whether he's giving up
It says all that constant questioning is "wearing me out." He keeps telling the DR people he hasn't given up hope (ed. note: He's lying). Ali says the ratings will go down if he leaves. Nate's not so sure. He tells Ali, "I'm sure you have many followers as well." "Doubt that," she says.

Aug 10 2003 19:41, Sun max1204   Link
Nate: "I don't know how they can make a show out of this...and make it any good" NT

Aug 10 2003 19:42, Sun max1204   Link
Nate wants to look at his Web pages when he is sequestered NT

Aug 10 2003 20:07, Sun max1204   Link
Jun and Erica in the bathroom whispering
Jun's whispering SO quietly I can't hear. Big Brother apparently can't hear too well either because she is told to move her mic higher. Here's what I could gather from what little I could understand: Jun is relaying that Jack is the Stooges' next target. Erica and Jun talk about Ali and that it would be bad if she won next HoH. They bad-mouth her as well and say something negative about her strategy. But that's all I could hear. Maybe someone else heard more.

Aug 10 2003 21:05, Sun nojobny ParentRootLink
Ed note; Hard to hear b/c her mic was on the counter, not her neck & BB didnt notice, they
asked Jun to move it higher & instead, she picked it up off the bathroom counter. Hard to imagine anyone heard what Jun was saying except Erika.

Aug 10 2003 20:11, Sun max1204   Link
Jun tells Erica about Justin
She's still whispering. Jun says Justin knows that Jack wants him out and he's going a "round-about" way of getting rid of Jack. It hinges on next week's HoH, they agree. Jun says she understands the "issues" Erica and Jack have (about the Stooges I think).

(Ed. note: This coupled with the record-low whispers in the bathroom lead me to believe Erica and Jun are starting, at least unofficially, an alliance to eventually get rid of the Stooges and especially Ali).

Aug 10 2003 20:18, Sun Strange_Brewster   Link
Feed 3 Rob adjusting himself while feed 4 has Nat adjusting himself NT

Aug 10 2003 20:20, Sun max1204   Link
Do Ali and Justin have a secret alliance, Erica and Jun ponder
Jun and Erica are talking about it. She says Justin shares a lot of information with them, and maybe he is trying to make their alliance obvious, using reverse psychology to try to fool them. But Jun doubts "the kid's that deep."

"Nathan says no, but (he) doesn't know sh*t for nothing," Jun says.

Ali is nearby, so Jun has to start and stop her conversation and they talk about cooking.

"That's the $1 million question," Jun says. "Actions do speak louder than words."

Jun says Robert follows what the group said -- they told him not to go after Erica and he had to "bite the bullet."

(Ed. note: Jun's being really vague. That's it for me 'til 10 - Coupling's on!)

Aug 10 2003 20:30, Sun Strange_Brewster ParentRootLink
The alliance was for Ali not to put Justin up and Justin won't put Alu up when HOH. Didn't say for how long. NT

Aug 10 2003 20:23, Sun Debra_Kadabra   Link
What Erika and Jack were whispering. 6:19 BBTime (Long)
I think concerning Nate telling Ali that Erika and Jack are angry about her not putting up Justin

Ja: What does that translate to in her mind?

Er: That we're going to go after her.

Ja: We always talk about going after Justin with her. This is the only time Justin can't compete in HOH. This is the time to get him... the time is right now.

Er: I don't know why (unitelligible) Jack

Ja: It undermined us. I know Nate doesn't hold us responsible for the position he's in. We tried to save him from himself when he had Ali off.

Er: (unintelligible)confronted me, what should we do?

Ja: I'll talk to him and turn it around. I'll say Does Ali trust us, what do you think? Does she want to be with us, what do you think? I can ask him if he knew any reason (unintelligible - toilet flushes in background) understand why we tried to discourage him from taking Ali off the block, cause we wanted David safe. He knows if push comes to shove you and I would

Er: go against her

Ja: Why in the hell would he do that, nothing to be gained by it. Did she stop inhere before her bath?

Er: No

Ja: When was the last conversation you had with her?

Er: When you fed the turtles and when you left she asked are you mad because I didn't put Justin up and I said Where did that come from.

Ja: Right cause when I came back she asked about that

Er. I told her it wasn't my choice. I would have broken up the alliance of three instead of the alliance of two to make it better numerically. You break up the three making 2 and 2. Now you have Jun, making them 4

Ja: She was so wrapped up in Dana she couldn't see anything

Er: (unintelligible) make a deal. I don't think there's a deal.

Ja: No. It doesn't make sense.

Ali walks by outside the door

Ja: She didn't come in here. She told me she would.

Er: What?

Ja: She just walked by here. She's been in the tub. She didn't drop by here, normally she would. When you think about it...wheter she's with us or not or whether she trusts us or not doesn't change the fact that we need to win. If we win, we'll have her.

Er: Right

Ja: I suppose Wed night it'll be you and I

Er: Oh I know (unintelligible) about the order of people to leave. She really wanted to know where Jun falls

Ja: Yeah (unintelligible) could mean she has some kind of hook up with Justin. I still think they're going to go after her first.

Er: She was like who do we go after, after (unintelligible) like Jun. We need to focus her on Robert and Jee or Jun, if you put her up against any one of those in the finals you know there's more of a have to take out Jee...or Robert before Jun. The order should be Robert Jee Jun. I tried to work it where we took the focus off Jun and put it up there more. (unintelligible)

Ja: Their again just thinking with emotion. She shouldn't be going after Jun

Aug 10 2003 20:29, Sun max1204   Link
Erica and nate whispering
Nate says it'd be wise for Jack and Erica to stick with Ali for as long as they can but to not put their entire trust into her like he did. He mentions that she really wants to win HoH (ed. note: Which is why I think he's advising them to stick with her for now.)

Ali comes out (ed. note: she has a sixth sense about who is talking about her).

Aug 10 2003 20:31, Sun max1204   Link
Ali says Jun was trying to get info from her
Ali says Jun asked if she was trying to win HoH, and Ali said hell yeah. Jun told Ali (Ali says) that the Stooges are after Ali next; they want to play the game with "them" (Jack and Erica) because they'll never split. Jack, Nate, and Erica listening to this convo in the backyard.

Aug 10 2003 21:10, Sun max1204   Link
Nate is left-handed apparently NT

Aug 10 2003 21:11, Sun max1204   Link
Around the feeds (briefly)
Nate playing basketball, Justin lifting weights/Robert spotting him, Jee and Jack in kitchen. Erica is passing Nate the basketball, and Jun and Ali are lying on backyard couches/chairs.

Aug 10 2003 21:24, Sun max1204   Link
Jee says something else to Robert
She tells Robert that Erica told her that Ali was going after Justin next. This pisses Robert off. "We're too strong for that," Robert says.

Jun says she thinks that they want her (Jun) to come to them to get rid of Ali, and she says she will not do that.

Robert starts an f-word rampage.

(Ed. note: This conversation with Robert took place just a minute or two after telling Jee that Erica told her the Stooges told Ali to go after Jun. Sounds like she's setting the stage for Ali and Erica to be nominated next week.)

Aug 10 2003 21:28, Sun max1204   Link
Jun, Jee talk in kitchen
Jun says that Erica just told her that the 3 Stooges told Ali to go after her. Jee says she's just trying to break their group up. (Ed. note: This happened BEFORE Jun talks to Robert in the post just below this one.)

Aug 10 2003 21:33, Sun nojobny   Link
What's that smell?
Nat walks out and asks 'What's that smell' ?

(Ed note: apparently someone is grilling outside near the BB house and the smell is waifting over the walls)

"Someone is grilling"

"Yeah, it's the other BB house next door."

"Yeah, Dana is next door grilling"

laughter by all.

(ed note: if they only knew)

Aug 10 2003 21:53, Sun Spiderprints   Link
Lovely FOTH on F3??? NT

Aug 10 2003 21:56, Sun Spiderprints   Link
Around the feeds boring
F1&2 Jack and Nate sitting in BY
F3 & 4 3 Stooges working out. No audio at all

Aug 10 2003 22:18, Sun Spiderprints   Link
Jun pretending to exercise for about two minutes, then starts to complain that she is sore.NT

Aug 10 2003 22:22, Sun Spiderprints   Link
Jun was skipping rope for about 20 seconds before she had to stop and take a drink NT

Aug 10 2003 22:31, Sun Spiderprints   Link
Jus and Jee are still playing Bball, Ratbert in HT Ja, Nat and Er sitting on lounges watching
BBall game. Jun pretending to work out but continually looking aroung to see if anyone is watching her and taking frequent(every 20 seconds) drink breaks. Ja gets up to get Na, er and himself a beer. Ali comes out and sits in Jack's chair.

Aug 10 2003 22:38, Sun Spiderprints   Link
Ali: I want to know what's happening in the outside world....
Nate: Wanna switch places?
Ali: No, just send me a smoke signal.
Nate: I hate you Alison.
Ali: Why?
Nate: Because you stuck me with Dana.

Aug 10 2003 22:39, Sun Spiderprints   Link
Rob still in HT looking very sleepy. Jack says one of these days he gonna
fall asleep in there and drown. Ali: One less person to get rid of.

Aug 10 2003 22:42, Sun max1204   Link
Nate and Erica play soccer with the basketball
Jack says Nate is ambidextrous. Nate says "oopsies." (and nothing else is going on...yawn.)

Aug 10 2003 22:49, Sun Spiderprints   Link
Nate to Ali. You guys (Ali and Jun) work on your abs but don't eat properly. Er says yes if you don't eat
properly then it doesn't matter what you do. Ali goes inside to exercise with Jun(work on their abs) and says did you hear that? How rude. Jun agrees how rude. Ali glad to see he watches me all the time to see what I'm eating. Jun says how does he know what we eat? (Probably because he eats meals with the two of you and Jun never stops eating). A little more B***hing about him as they start to exercise, doing sit ups (Jun looks like she is about to explode as Ali does twice as many sit ups as her)

Aug 10 2003 22:55, Sun Spiderprints   Link
3 stooges in HT. Jee doing a Ratbert nose pick, face rub. (He has been hanging out with him for way too long!!!) NT

Aug 10 2003 23:05, Sun Spiderprints   Link
Ali and Jun finish working on their abs. Jun thanks Ali and she says anytime. Anytime you wasnt we can work on them We can do them 3 times a day
if you want. Jun says NO WAY(It will disrupt my eating schedule. Ali says if we do that then you'll have abs like Arnold Swartzenagger. Jun looks at her rolls in the mirror and says they are looknig better. Ali says you look great.
Ali: I think mine are getting better since I have been in the house.
Jun: I think yours have always looked great! (how fake)
Ali: Thanks!!!
Jun goes to WC huffing and puffing, takes off her mic and heads for the toilet. Changing feeds. posting

Aug 10 2003 23:07, Sun Spiderprints   Link
Ja, Na and Er playing Horse. 3 stooges in HT, Jun finshing in WC heads to Kitch to get a drink. No sign of Ali. NT

Aug 10 2003 23:12, Sun ktan ParentRootLink
She's also playing Horse. NT

Aug 10 2003 23:22, Sun Spiderprints   Link
Jus decides he is going to go under water in HT and see how long he can hold his Breath. Jun says 40 secs
Rob says the human record is 2min( I'm sure it's much longer than that) He goes under. Jun starts counting a little fast. At 1 min 15 secs(real timing) Ratbert says: "Wow he's gonna break the human record!!"
Jee: I'm starting to get a little worried.
Rat: Me too(As he picks his nose and flicks it in the water)
Jun gets to 3 min the wasy she is counting (2min 35 secs by my clock)
Jus comes up and Rat is all happy and cheering for Jus(a little unnatural if you ask me) Jun says she can beat that. SHe won a record at summer camp. Jus says he could have stayed down longer. He says he could stay down for 10 min. Jun says no way. He asks her what she will do if he stays under for 10 min. She says she will give him B**w J**. Lots of hooting and hollering and typical stooge comments. Then Jus says: So if I go down for 10 min then you'll go down for 10 min. Jun says: I doubt you will need that long. laughter. Jus: Jee just got that!!!!

Aug 10 2003 23:26, Sun Spiderprints   Link
3 stooges and stoogette in HT, Other four sitting around table in BY NT

Aug 10 2003 23:40, Sun Spiderprints   Link
4 stooges in HT practicing for HOH. Trying to remember things that have happened
similar to Nat and Ali last week. Hard to hear them over sound of HT, switching feeds. Came in as Jack said to Ali: One thing you have to remember is whatever Rat tells you...
Ali: is false
Ja: Is B***SH**
Ali: Everything he says is a lie.
Er: Does he even have a daughter?? laughs
Ja: That is the only lie he hasn't told

Aug 10 2003 23:47, Sun Spiderprints   Link
Jus talking about plane flying overhead earlier "Why else would it say Aloha 2003?"
Then he says I rember Dana saying something about Hawaii (Oh yeah the nut case knew where you would be sequestered).
The stooges all seem to think they are going to Hawaii.

Aug 10 2003 23:49, Sun Spiderprints   Link
They are convinced that they will sequestered at a resort somewhere
Jus: I saw Amy with a beer in her hand dancing in the ocean(She wasn't sequestered idiot)
Jun: They showed her in a hotel.
Jus: No I saw her dancing in the ocean with a beer.

Aug 10 2003 23:53, Sun Spiderprints   Link
Ja called the stooges the Body temp team because they keep the HT temp so low
Ja: Let's go sit in the body temp temp tub so it doesn't feel like we are in a HT
Ali: Yeah it feels like a pool
Er: Yeah
Ja: I'll tell you a secret about that pool. There is no chlorine in it. I know this because we haven't put any in it for 2 days.

Aug 10 2003 23:57, Sun Spiderprints   Link
Jack telling them about his Seniors drivers licence test.
Er says you aren't a senior
Ja: I have 7 years left, but here is what they do. When you go into the DMV, they hand you a fly swatter and you go stand in line like you do at the DMV. When it's your turn, they put you in a room full of flies and you have one minute to kill as many as you can. If you don't kill enough flies you don't get your licence. You need to have good reflexes to drive. A bit of a pause and then Er laughs. It takes Ali a bit longer to realize he is joking.

Aug 11 2003 00:35, Mon Geddes   Link
Jack to Erika: Gotta have a good long talk with Jun tomorrow
They're trying to sway the odds in their favor. They(Jack and Erika) think it could be Ja,Er,Jun, and Jee for the final four if they can swing Jun. [They're desperate]

Aug 11 2003 00:42, Mon Spiderprints   Link
Jee went into SR to get beer, Jun followed him pretending to check out what food they had for breakfast
Once in the SR she told Jee that Er and Ja were after Jus and Ratbert.

Aug 11 2003 00:42, Mon NathansHarem   Link
Partial Jun/Jee convo
Caught part of their 30 second convo in Jee's room:

Jun/Jee said that if they (meaning jack and erika) aren't coming after them, then it's a good deal. Jun said okay so if jack approaches me I'll just say we'll keep it in mind. (Whispering in between)

Aug 11 2003 00:44, Mon Hammock_Fall   Link
Jun and Jee alone in storage room
Jun is planting the seed for Jee to not go after HOH next Wednesday.

Jun says, Jack and Erika are going after Juston, so if you let them, you won't have to.

Jee says, Yeah I know.