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Aug 11 2003 02:04, Mon CougarSpy   Link
12:30 – 12:45 am BB time Jack/Erika/Nathan and Ali BY
12:30 – 12:45 am BB time Jack/Erika/Nathan and Ali BY
(This is a sketchy assessment of the going on in the house.)

Prior conversations were Jack talking about the cold war and Patty Hearst. The talk about the jogger who was attacked and raped in Central Park. Erika talks about meeting Jack Lemmon (great actor) when he was walking his dog in the pet park. They had a strange converstation about dog poop. Erika imitates their meeting.

They talk about how Jack wants to be a screenwriter. Ali wants to be the villain and Nate and Erika want to be cops.

They go back to the game after saying how enjoyable it is to talk about any thing than game. It helps maintain their sanity.

They talk about how Dana really handed the power over to Justin because she liked him. Dave comes up and they all wish Dave were on the jury instead of Dana.

12:40 Ali decides to call it a night. She says I’ll see you in a few moments or in the morning. Jack and Erika say if it’s too noisy, she can use the desert room.

(Feeds shift to Ali lying in bed in love room holding her elephant. I think Jun is in bed too. I heard mention of “I’m hungry”, I think from Ali.)

<I apologize in advance for any errors or omissions in my ramblings>

Aug 11 2003 02:30, Mon frustratedposter   Link
erika and jack in by
NB: text in [] is my comments/opinions

talking about jee/jun working together

they agree that it makes sense that those two are working together. erika thinks if she figured it out then the others probably have too. ali realises it. they again say they need to win HOH on wed

jack says he is going to go ahead and do the pool so they can go to bed. erika says she will watch him. jack thinks it will be exciting

jack digs around for chemicals to put in the pool

ja: anybody still up in there?
er: i don't think so... i'm going to take the glasses in
ja: ok

erika clears up the outside table

er: that was fun getting drunk
ja: it was.. and attitude improvement
er: an attitude adjustment is what i always call it

f1/f2 jack adding chems to pool

meanwhile, in HOH room, the stooges are all still awake, in the dark

talking about the wake up calls, and how they don't hear them. jee says he just doesn't want to be the last one getting up

Er/Ja together in BY again, Ja talking about how the chlorine reading was low this am, no one touched it and now it's fine. can't figure out why. unless the strip was bad this am

back to HOH

Robert bitching about someone.. wanting to do movies.. and she's such a wanna be [sorry, missed the who]

rob and jee leave justin in HOH room. justin says "shut the blinds on your way. and pull that door closed"

Jee/Rob getting set to go to bed in the blue room. rob is mumbling under his breath about FOTHing snoring and FOTH this and that

Jack and erika are in the bathroom now. jack to wc and erika at sink washing up

say it's quiet around here, with nobody around

around the feeds f1/f2 in bathroom area, f3 is blue room, rob, jee and jun in bed, f4 hoh justin alone in there

rob: goodnite brother (to jee)

erika and jack brushing teeth

ja: hope we get our laundry back
er: when is that? monday
ja: i hope monday, tomorrow

cams panning around the bathroom area

erika done, heads to sand box, jack finishing up also

Aug 11 2003 02:42, Mon frustratedposter   Link
sand box
NB: text in [] is my comments/opinions

ja: you need the light?
er: nope

[turtle aquarium light is on, so bright enuf in the room]

erika inspects the torti, jack says they are in the same corner

erika staring at the torti from end of her bed. jack getting ready for sleep

jack says that the only time they are together is at night. erika says she thinks they are social animals, more than they let on, since they always sleep together. says they are trying to go north. jack says that is why they are always in that corner at nite.

ja: are you guys married?
torti: no no, we can't stand each other [jack joking]
er laughs

ja: it's funny, tonite, y'all were running laps. he [nate] was saying why am i down? why am i down? i'm leaving, that's why i am down
er: i wish it didn't have to be that way, it sucks

ja: at some point, we didn't know... [what? he stops there]

erika lets out a deep sigh

they are both sitting on their respective beds, they look like they are thinking/wondering/planning

erika starts the [patent pending] jun whisper

jack talking about the quorridor game, and how jun [i think] made the first move against nate. [sounds like they are planning to start working jun in the morning]

er: jun's a smart girl
ja: yeah, she is, she is, quietly, very quiet about it, she is smart

ja: i've watched her around jee for so long now, and it's like, he's her pet and she wants to watch out for him and keep him from harm. sometimes i think she's proud of it, he does something around here
er: yeah, there's something there
ja: in spite of their protests... and carmen is a rebound for jee, and she is very jealous. very jealous, according to jee

ja: the bond of their relationship and their race
er: absolutely, lots of bonds going on there
ja: those two are the first korean people i have been around in such close proximity, and they are really great.
er: yah
ja: just shows you what you miss if you cut yourself off
er: that's why it would do nathan good to move out here. open up his eyes [YEAH! you go GIRL]

ja: he's determined to come out here
er: who? nathan? oh yeah, he's got a good shot. he's got a lot of good qualities. unfortunately, it's such a tough business to break in to, there's so much competition. it's like winning a lottery. but he should try
ja: he shouldn't stay in OK, i talk to him many times, tell him to give it i try, and give it enough time to try/fail, try/fail

er: i'm going to change
ja: ok
er: would you like me to pee for you while i'm in there?
ja: yeah, pee for me so i don't have to get up again

Aug 11 2003 02:50, Mon frustratedposter   Link
erika returns from WC, where she changes [and pees for jack]
NB: text in [] is my comments/opinions

ja: it's good to lie down
erika yawns loudly

jack gets into hands over head mummy position

ja: you know i didn't look around for subway stuff, did you see anything
er: i didn't see anytbing

[note: subway was only for weekend]

ja: i want to ask you about the BS rob was pedaling around a couple weeks ago.about the initials you put on the refrig. what the hell was he talking about
er: i have no idea
ja: the convo came up about the initials, and rob was saying "you've all met him, you've all met him". he's not connected to the network? is he
er: i have no idea.. you've all met him?
ja: like during finals and some such. you've all met him. that he's connected. i can't talk about the name. he's so full of crap
er: he's full of it
ja: yeah

[note: this is about the rumor that er BF is connected to the show in some way. i think jack was saying he couldn't talk specifics, because it's against the rules]

er: i'm trying to figure out why he would say we've all met him
ja: strange, isn't it. without thinking about it, i thought it was odd that we would have met him while we were getting here
er: ok, i'm sleeping with the producer! (laughter)
ja: i wish you would feed him some better questions then
er: i haven't seen him for a while, that's why (laughs)

er: it's you and me jack
ja: yeah
er: you and me
ja: i gotta get my energy back up... i like wednesdays
er: weds make me so nervous
ja: the live show, the competition, the meal like 9 hours later
er: it's a lot
ja: yeah, it's stressful

[cam on f1 panning back and forth, f2 gets jealous and joins in the fun]

erika and jack both laying back, erika has a hand thrown over her head, GWTW style

things are quieting down. may be done soon

Aug 11 2003 03:09, Mon CougarSpy   Link
12:50 am – 2:00 am BB time
12:50 am – 2:00 am BB time

Talking about Veto competition. Nathan had a bad luck of the draw.

Dana had people working of her in a sense. Last two veto competition have been going toward eliminating people. How the stooges were double teaming and triple teaming Nathan.

1:00 am BB time – Nathan decides to call it a night

Jack and Erika talk about how the strong and the people that show leadership are usually the targets. The ones that shine always are targeted. Nate has had a target on his back from the beginning.

Jee come out. Jack and Erika say they had been talking about movies with Nate. It was a great time.

Robert had migrated outside with Jee. It’s time for the closing up the HT. Jack mentions they are still low or out of chlorine so they have to make sure they keep it clean.

Jack and Erika talk about how fun it is to talk about different things. They say the enjoy talking with Nate because he is so genuine. How someone good-looking liked him wasn’t arrogant. Something about his folks I didn’t catch. Jack makes a comment about how Nate tickles him with his innocence.

Something about the skywriting and how Erika was right about it. (I think that it was not meant for them)

Jack says Jee seems kind of subdued. Erika warns about Jun/Jee alliance. How Jack has to be careful. They talk about how childlike Ali is. That focus has to be on taking out the alliance of Justin, Robert and Jee.

If Jack or Erika gets HOH, the only way Justin would survive to make a deal with Ali.

Talk about Jun and Jee. How Ali wants Jun out. They don’t think she as much of a threat as Justin. Jun and Jee know they are safe with Robert and with Erika and Jack.

They need to give Ali a good talking tomorrow.

I think Justin sees that you and I and Jun and Jee are sitting in a good position and may want to change this.

Jack talking about it’s bad strategy to take out ???. Erika said she was talking to Jun about it. It finally clicked and made sense to Jun.

(Reloaded feeds)

Justin has to play this way because he is vulnerable.

We’ve done that successfully from the first week. Letting other do the dirty work for them.

Jee and Jun working together make sense.

They are trying to pull the old switcheroo (sp). I hope Ali listens to it. Jack saying that Ali probably listens to Erika more than anybody <ya…in one ear and out the other>

1:25 am
Erika - it was fun getting drunk.
Jack – it was a good attitude adjustment.

Switched over to HOH. The three rats bs’ing about how Jun always gets up early. Someone commented back that she sleeps all the time. The also commented about the lame movie talk that was going on in the back yard with the other group.

The stooges decide to call it a night. Robert and Jee heads off to WC and bed. (Makes me happy…I dislike these three guys attitudes and excessive use of foul language. I’ve worked in production facilities before and it never bothered me. These three are unreal)

1:30 am BB time

Back to Quad. Jack and Erika in sand room. Talking about how the turtle’s always sleep in the same corner.

Erica says I think Jun realizes that you are too valuable to lose too. Jack says we will have to keep what we are doing with Jun a secret from Allison. Erika agrees. She then says Jun is a smart girl. Jack agrees. She is quiet, but smart.

They talk about how Jee is like a pet to Jun. Even though they try and hide it, there is a close bond there. They are almost like family. ?? is jealous of Jun. It is not only the bond of their relationship but their race.

Jack talks about how this is the closest in proximity he has been with people of their race. How they are neat people and very interesting.

They say the exposer is good for Nate because he has been so sheltered. That he needs to get out of Oklahoma. It would be good for him.

Erica goes to WC. Jokes, do you want me to pee for you? Jack says yes.

It’s to bad that weeks ago Robert was ????? you. Something about the initials on the fridge ?? They both don’t know what the heck he is talking about. Something about Robert saying he was connected with someone (AS) and had met him. They say he’s full of crap.

They laugh about it. That he’s probably feeding it to Justin.

Wondered what time it was. Jack thought about 1:30 am (1:52am).

2:00 am BB time – ALL HG’s SLEEPING

<I apologize in advance for any errors or omissions in my ramblings>

<<They also talked about they also need to get Ali out when they were still in the BY earlier. I get the feeling they want to be in a final four with Jun and Jee. They also made comparison about the other HG’s closest ally. I didn’t change the batteries in my brain, so I was rather slow tonight. I just know that many of you like the updates.>>

Aug 11 2003 05:53, Mon frustratedposter   Link
all HGs still asleep
overnite updates over

Aug 11 2003 08:55, Mon Sharky   Link
Feed 1: Er sleeping under covers; F2 - Ja on side; F3 - love room quiet, no snoring; F4 HOH (Justin) sleeping NT

Aug 11 2003 08:55, Mon ilsa   Link
yes, all HG's still sleeping NT

Aug 11 2003 10:43, Mon ilsa   Link
still status quo, all sleeping NT

Aug 11 2003 11:27, Mon nojobny   Link
Jun is up & changing her batteries in the SR. Everyone else is sleeping NT

Aug 11 2003 11:31, Mon nojobny   Link
Jack appears to be stirring, but is still in bed. Jun is brushing her teeth. No other movement. It's 10:30am BBT (opps- Jack just got up!) NT

Aug 11 2003 11:39, Mon dustyma   Link
Jack and Jun whispering about getting Jee to go along with them and if Robert isn't doing well in HOH comp, if they let Jack or Erika take it, they
will put up Justin and Robert and get Justin out of the way

Aug 11 2003 11:45, Mon TheBigSista   Link
nate is up and in the shower NT

Aug 11 2003 11:57, Mon JessicaRabbit   Link
F1 & F2 Jack & Jun in kitchen, F3 & F4 Nat brushing teeth. NT

Aug 11 2003 12:04, Mon JessicaRabbit   Link
F1 & F2 kitchen, F3 & F4 Sleeping house guests
Nathan is eating cereal, Jun is making eggs and toast, Jack is wondering around munching on something. All other house guests are sound asleep still.

Aug 11 2003 12:07, Mon JessicaRabbit   Link
F3 & F4 now has Nathan sitting outside alone. NT

Aug 11 2003 12:08, Mon JessicaRabbit   Link
Jack has been called to DR for morning meds. NT

Aug 11 2003 12:11, Mon JessicaRabbit   Link
Jun is called to DR, Jack is cleaning off dining room table, Nat still outside alone. NT

Aug 11 2003 12:12, Mon JessicaRabbit   Link
BB wake up call for rest of house guests. NT

Aug 11 2003 12:13, Mon JessicaRabbit   Link
Erica is called to DR. (Have not seen her up yet.) NT

Aug 11 2003 12:15, Mon JessicaRabbit   Link
Jack and Erica talking in dark room.
He told Erica that he talked to Jun this morning. And mentioned that her and Jee might be moveable to their side if Justin is evicted after Nate. Jun told Jack she would talk to Jee sometime tonight.

Aug 11 2003 12:18, Mon JessicaRabbit   Link
Alison is called to DR.
Jack has gone outside by Nat. Jun is cooking Breakfast. (Even though it's lunch time.) Erica is up, but not on any feeds. All other house guests are still asleep or starting to stir.

Aug 11 2003 12:24, Mon JessicaRabbit   Link
F1 & F2 Kitchen, F3 & F4 Outside
June cooking Jack and Nat talking in backyard about Ali screwing up everything for not putting Justin up earlier. Erica & Ali are awake and not on feeds. Robert just went outside and started talking to Jack about chemicals for pool and hot tub. Jee and Justin must still be asleep, have not heard or seen them anywhere.

Aug 11 2003 12:25, Mon nojobny   Link
Jun is making 'snake eyes'
it's an egg fried through the hole in the center of a piece of bread. She calls them snake eyes.

Robert is standing in the kitchen blowing his nose DIRECTLY into his microphone.

rob: is breakfast almost ready? Jun: In about 20 minutes

Aug 11 2003 12:30, Mon JessicaRabbit   Link
F1 & F2 Kitchen, F3 & F4 Living room and Robert
Ali is trying to get into SR and they camera is shaking NO. June is cooking "Snake eyes". (Toast with a circle cut in middle and an egg in the middle.) Jack is sitting at the table drinking coffee. Nat is outside alone. Erica is up, but missing. Jee and Justin are still sleeping.

BB just told Ali she can now get in the SR.

Aug 11 2003 12:31, Mon JessicaRabbit   Link
BB just called to wake up everyone else again. Nat now in living room, Robert outside, Erica still missing. NT

Aug 11 2003 12:32, Mon JessicaRabbit   Link
BB just called Erica, Jee, and Justin to get up loudly. Erica must have gone back to bed. NT

Aug 11 2003 12:36, Mon nojobny   Link
Jun explains
Ali & Jack ask Jun about her 'snake eyes'

Jun: I read about it when I was in the 4th grade & I tried the 4th grade. And I made a big mess & got in trouble. Then I (walks toward garbage, mumbling. Can't understand her)...

Ja: do you have a lot of cookbooks at home?

Jun: no, not really. I just usually feel stuff out on my own. I'll look up something on the net or improve on a recipe.

Aug 11 2003 12:38, Mon JessicaRabbit   Link
House update
Erica complaining she didn't sleep well last night. Nat plaing cards in LR. Justin just got new batteries in SR. Ali watching Jun cook breakfast for everyone and doing nothing. Jack drinking coffee in kitchen. Jun cooking "Snake eyes". Robert missing in action, but up. Jee has not been seen yet today.

Jun got told by BB to re-attach her mic. It had fallen off from around her neck. Jun just got yelled at again about mic. She says they are picking on her today already.

Aug 11 2003 12:40, Mon JessicaRabbit   Link
Erica just took Cuff and link outside. Ali just volunteered to watch and help Jun with dinner today. NT

Aug 11 2003 12:43, Mon JessicaRabbit   Link
Jee is up Finally, and messing with his hair in the bathroom mirror while brushing his teeth. NT

Aug 11 2003 12:47, Mon JessicaRabbit   Link
Stooges in bathroom talking about aching triceps, everyone in kitchen talking about allergies in house. NT

Aug 11 2003 12:51, Mon JessicaRabbit   Link
All heading to kitchen for Snake eyes ala Jun. They are very complimentary of them. NT

Aug 11 2003 13:00, Mon JessicaRabbit   Link
Rob & NAt outside talking weather. Everyone else in kitchen area eating or finishing eating. NT

Aug 11 2003 13:08, Mon max1204   Link
Robert and Justin talking about Sept. 11
Justin wants to see the BB2 episode where they told the HGs about the 9/11 attacks (ed. note: I'd like to see that one myself; Monica had a cousin in the WTC, if I remember correctly her cousin was never found. How tragic. ). Robert said he wants to see footage on how the families are doing; he couldn't remember which anniversary of 9/11 it will be next month.

Aug 11 2003 13:14, Mon JessicaRabbit   Link
Kitchen talk with Jack, Jun, and Jee
They are talking about when Jee and Jun were together. Jee says Jun was posessive, Jun says it was the other way around. She also say she never understood why he was that way because at the time she was like 300 lbs.

Aug 11 2003 13:19, Mon max1204   Link
Jun and Jee whisper in bathroom
They are talking about what Jack and Erica talked to Jun about this morning. It sounds like they are coming up with a cover story (or a version of the truth) to tell "the guys." Again, Jun's record-low whispers were hard to hear, but that's the gist of the conversation (look a few posts down to find out what Jun talked about with Jack and Erica earlier in the morning).

Aug 11 2003 13:28, Mon JessicaRabbit   Link
Jun crawls in bed with Justin and tells Justin and Rob everything Erica & Jack have said. NT

Aug 11 2003 13:29, Mon JessicaRabbit   Link
Jun just stated that Jee and her have said NO to Jack and Erica. NT

Aug 11 2003 13:30, Mon JessicaRabbit ParentRootLink
Jun just said Jack knows her foot steps.
Little does she know that everyone online knows her foot steps, and it drives us all crazy.

Aug 11 2003 13:34, Mon JessicaRabbit   Link
4 Stooges in HOH all full of themselves again. Saying how ignorant everyone else is. NT

Aug 11 2003 13:35, Mon max1204   Link
Erica and Jack talk about Ali
Nate told them he thinks Ali is "tied in" with Justin, maybe not a formal alliance but some sort of agreement. They conjecture that Ali is after Jee and Jun and she is being allowed to stay to get those two out.

Erica remarks they must get HoH this week.

Erica reiterates that if Ali got HoH, she would prob. put up Jee and Jun, and they would have to get rid of Jee, which she doesn't like because she wants Jee in the final four with her and Jack (ed. note: the fourth is prob. Jun based on what has been said before). Erica says she would like for Jee to win the money "because he is a decent individual."

Ja: I hope Jee holds together and I think he will. I watched him this morning. He was not quite right.
Er: I know.
Ja: I just figure that Ali may hold back this week.

Erica told Ali to throw the HoH competition to let Erica or Jack get HoH. Jack says Jun is talking to Robert. "That surprised me," he said.

(Ed. note: I know some of this seems choppy and doesn't make sense; I'm a little confused too.)

Erica says Jun realizes, as do Jack and Erica, that their "backs are against the wall." Erica says she feels bad for Jee because she knows "he doesn't like this game."

(gotta go to work! Someone keep listening cuz they're still talking)

Aug 11 2003 13:35, Mon Katfsh   Link
Jee has been in the HOH also during this revelation by Jun and
has been surprisingly quiet, letting her talk, while Justin and Rob have been making comments of disbelief at every word - as if he may be thinking about what Jack said - that Jus and Rob will eventually turn on him.

Aug 11 2003 13:44, Mon JessicaRabbit   Link
Sand Box Conversation
Ja:(To Ali) The Stooges are in the HOH cooking something up.
Ali: You don't think they are going to change things around and get rid of Jack.
Ja & Eri: No
All talking how bad it is that they are out numbered on the Jury.
Ali said she had a dream that BB had an ammunity challenge that would keep someone safe for the week. They are now talking about how Survivor does things.

Aug 11 2003 13:48, Mon JessicaRabbit   Link
F1 & F2 Ali Jack & Erica complaining about Jun in Sandbox. F3 & F4 Rat Justin & Jun in HOH bed complaining about Nat. Nat & Jee missing from feeds. NT

Aug 11 2003 13:56, Mon max1204   Link
Nate proposing alliance with Justin NT

Aug 11 2003 14:00, Mon max1204   Link
Justin tells Nate about his side deal with Ali
He says that from nearly Day 1, she told Justin that she won't put him up. "Actions speak louder than words," Justin says he told her. Justin said the thing with her is that he knows when Ali lies.

"I really don't feel like you had a fair chance...because of her," Justin tells Nate. "She's all about herself."

"It's crazy how she made us go against each other," Nate says. Nate says Ali has been going behind Justin's back saying she wants him out. Justin says he doesn't think Ali will do that.

(the conversation continues, but i gotta go)

Aug 11 2003 14:01, Mon deedee744   Link
Ali is trying to listen to Nat and Just. NT

Aug 11 2003 14:02, Mon Katfsh   Link
Nate fighting for life
in the BB house - talking to Jus in HOH - both bashing Ali, that she's a pathological liar. Nat saying he was played, as if because of him saving her he's up on the block. Says if he stays, he wouldn't put up stooges, would put up anyone they want him to.

Aug 11 2003 14:07, Mon Katfsh   Link
Sounds like Jus is weakening - says he'll talk to other 2 NT

Aug 11 2003 14:29, Mon Katfsh   Link
More strategy in HOH between Jus and Nat
Jus saying if Nat stays, and any of them get HOH, including Nat, they put up Erica and Jun, then if anyone but Ali gets POV, they take one of them off the block, and Ali is put up, then voted out - so they only have to put up with her scheming, crying from Sun - Wed, not a whole week. Jus says he will talk to other 2 first, to present Nate's case, then Nate can talk to them himself.

Aug 11 2003 14:42, Mon Katfsh   Link
Jus presents to Jee, Rob & Jun -
Rob doesn't like idea.
Jun wonders what Nate said that made Jus consider.
Jus relates idea of putting up Er & Jun, then vetoeing one, and putting up Ali.
Rob still thinks that Nate needs to go before Jack because he is stronger.
Rob also warns that maybe they shouldn't believe him.
Jus says he sounded sincere. Says it's different for him because he's the target of the other side - if Nate stays, and goes by his promise, then he only has Erica to worry about, getting HOH.
Jun says when she hears Nate talking to Ali or Jack, that he's always saying that Jus has to go.

Aug 11 2003 14:46, Mon Katfsh   Link
Jus: Nathan is as dumb as a bag of rocks. NT

Aug 11 2003 14:47, Mon curyy4me2   Link
Ali: Your being very vague...your hiding something.
Ali and Nate are outside. Ali is mad at him. She says that she is pissed cause she thinks Nate cut a deal with the stooges to get her out. Nate says he hasnt done anything behind her back.
Ali: did you tell them you would put up Ericka or me or Jun?
Nate:I'm not talking about the game with you any more.
Ali: you did, didnt you. You just talk ***** behind my back
Nate: how do you know I did? (fighting tone)

Aug 11 2003 14:47, Mon Katfsh   Link
All 3 others warn that plan with Nate may backfire - he'll nominate them anyway, pressured by Ali/Erica NT

Aug 11 2003 14:52, Mon Katfsh   Link
Jus sympathizes with Nate because he was brainwashed by Ali
others are convinced that he would switch as easily to the other size if necessary. Gotta go - hope someone takes over the outcome of this meeting.

Aug 11 2003 14:58, Mon joannie   Link
Jun is trying to convince the Stooges that if Jack got HOH, he would put up Justin and Jun
not Justin and Robert.

Aug 11 2003 14:59, Mon joannie   Link
Jun says she will volunteer to put herself on the block if Ali wins HOH NT

Aug 11 2003 15:02, Mon joannie   Link
Justin: "I'm gonna just f*ckin' hate my life if Jack or Erika gets it." NT

Aug 11 2003 15:07, Mon joannie   Link
Nate is in the HOH room with Rob and Jee, begging for his life NT

Aug 11 2003 15:09, Mon joannie   Link
Rob to Nathan: "If we save you this week, then you're with us til the end." NT

Aug 11 2003 15:13, Mon joannie   Link
Nate says it will just be us four, no women to screw things up. NT

Aug 11 2003 15:15, Mon Kimba   Link
Robert: Last year, it was a ***** joke, two "girls" in the final. NT

Aug 11 2003 15:16, Mon Mirage   Link
"The only thing I can promise you guys is my word." - Nate NT

Aug 11 2003 15:18, Mon Mirage   Link
"All I am asking for is a second chance." - Nate NT

Aug 11 2003 15:19, Mon joannie   Link
Nate shakes hands with Rob and Jee and leaves HOH
Rob "What do you think?"

Justin and Jun reenter.

Aug 11 2003 15:21, Mon joannie   Link
Jee relates the whole Nate conversation to Jun and Justin NT

Aug 11 2003 15:23, Mon joannie   Link
Justin:''Let's think about it for a day or so..."
Robert: "What's there to think about? It's your decision. It affects you the most."

Aug 11 2003 15:28, Mon joannie   Link
Rob says to make things more fair, we'll make a side deal right here
that if anyone wins veto they have to take Justin off.

Rob: "that will even the playing field."

(This plan hinges on Nate leaving)

Aug 11 2003 15:28, Mon Kimba   Link
Nathan is doing everything he can to save his butt.
(This follows a Rat Pack discussion where Justin wants to save Nathan and get Jack out, and the other three disagree. Finally, Jee and Robert decide to talk to Nathan alone in the HoH.)

For about ten minutes now, he has been telling Jee and Robert that, if they vote to keep him in the house, he will do ~anything~ they say. He will be totally on their side next week and will vote as they say, nominate as they say, etc., etc. He will turn on Erika, he will turn on Alison, etc.

When he leaves, Jee says, "It's enticing." But Jee says that if it is the Stooges and Nathan as the final four, it will be really tough for Jee and Robert to get to the final two. Why should they do that?

Jun and Justin come in. Jee: It's enticing, but...

Rob: I am worried about regreting it.

Jus: I can regret it both ways, you see?

Jee: It's tough. I can't give you an answer. I can believe he is sincere now, but it may change in the future.

Scattered discussion about it...

Rob: There's nothing to think about, Justin, it's really up to you. It is going to affect you the most.

Justin: I don't want to make a decision that way.

Rob: If Nate stays, and ***** Erika gets the HoH, it's the worst possible scenario and we are screwed.

Justin: I am thinking it would absolutely suck to go through another week with Nathan on the block.

R: Exactly!! I think about all this stuff, and that would suck.. *sniff* It is so hard to get people out...

Jun: Yeah, with the veto and all...

R: Yeah so nothing works as we want. If we save him...

Jun: He will definitely go further than we want.

Choppy feeds.

Rob: If he stays, he will win for sure. But, Justin, you have to do what is best for you.

Jee: Yeah, but you have to think--he won HoH, he won veto, he is a strong player.

Jun: And this week we are lucky. We have the house by the balls and everything is as we want.

Rob: And we are still in a good position. 4 people against 2 is a good position to be in.

Jee: We don't want to go against what you want...

Justin: No, no, I understand, I don't want to go against what everyone wants.

Rob: Hey, how about we offer this...if Erika or Jack gets HoH, because I don't believe they will, we will guarantee that if Justin is put on the block, any of us who win the veto WILL save Justin...because of how he is risking himself now by getting Nathan out instead of Jack, we will risk for him. If any of us get it, we use it for Justin and even the playing field on out team.

Mixed reactions about this.


Aug 11 2003 15:29, Mon joannie   Link
Jun: "So if everything goes the same until tomorrow morning, Nate is leaving." NT

Aug 11 2003 15:38, Mon joannie   Link
Rob:''So Mondays aren't a day off. It's "Pleading for you life" day!" NT

Aug 11 2003 15:40, Mon joannie   Link
Nate and Jack are alone in BY. Nate: "I don't have a clue. I probably won't until eviction night." NT

Aug 11 2003 16:30, Mon MsB0808   Link
A few in the kitchen, talking about eating and miscellaneous stuff. NT

Aug 11 2003 17:21, Mon frustratedposter   Link
all feeds, all the guys playing cards in the LR NT

Aug 11 2003 17:21, Mon nojobny   Link
Ja, Nat, Jee, Rob, Jus in LR playing cards. Shades seem to be pulled (lockdown?) NT

Aug 11 2003 17:48, Mon frustratedposter   Link
Robert has excused himself
NB: text in [] is my opinions/comments

Jee and Justin discuss their HOH baskets. Justin wanted colonge, Jee got some, but only because he wrote it down

hand finished in silence, jee counting up points. they are playing rummy

justin shuffles, asks how many "bad boys ya get?" [cards dealt, i assume]

Jack is not playing, appears to be studying the group around him. [wish we could read his mind]

Jee learned how to play spades and rummy in the house. he's played gin before, but not rummy

Jee: you're hooking me up lovely...

jee makes some comment about lucky at cards unlucky in life
jack says he's being to hard on himself

Jack: where did rob go?
jee: he went to D room

[note, i know ali was taking a nap, perhaps erika and jun are also, explaining the single feed]

Rob returns, grabs his cup and tosses something into his mouth, then walks off

Jee: it's already, it's almost 5 man
Justin: that's good
Jee: that's what i'm saying, it's awesome

someone makes a joke about how Jack always has one eye open

we are treated to the sound of Rob peeing, off cam

BB calls Jn to DR. jee goes to find her. he doesn't want them to start calling the guys right now

general card playing banter goes on

Nate: when did they take quorridor?
justin says they took it today. says rob said if you want to play quorridor, you're going to have to buy it, cause i'm the champ [refernce to POV?]

Justin is making fun of the way Jee talks
Jee: you don't have to talk to me like that, Justin
Justin echoes him in fake korean accent

general game banter continues

[too riviting to hold back, so post]

Aug 11 2003 18:07, Mon frustratedposter   Link
Jack has left Justin/Nate/and Jee playing rummy
NB: text in [] is my opinions/comments

still nothing but game talk

Rob and Jack are MIA at the moment from the feeds

Nate is clarifying how to count the points, and tallying up.

Jee: i'm gonna do this in front of you guys, so you don't think i'm cheating

Jee is 100 pts ahead at the moment

Justin: rob, what are they doing out there?

Jee: the test is gonna be a competition to see who sees the dave matthews band or something

Justin: what are they building out there?

some: shhh, we're not supposed to stay

GAme breaks up for now. Nate asks Justin if he can go listen to one of the songs [on his cd]

Jun/Jack/Robert in kitchn. Jee joins them, going for some ice cream

Jun: man, i almost fell asleep in there listening to that music
Rob: nothing else takes you out of the house like that

Jun calls they guys slobs. Counter is littered with cups, paper towels, open container, and misc other stuff.

Jee complains about being called in to DR again. Says what's with all this DR stuff. they call us in 3x a day

general chitchat ass jee sppons out ice cream. no one makes any moves to clear up any of the mess

Jack: i nuked that the other night just for you
Jee: thank you jack
Jun: he's always looking out for you

F3/F4 switch to Nate/Ali in Love Room
F1/F2 join quickly

Nate is saying something to her about helping him

Ali says they didn't offer her anything. They asked her if she trusts him. She thinks that they are trying to turn us against each other. Ali is saying that she wants to know how the votes are going, and that the DR guy said he would tell her. She thinks that is very good for them.

Nate: so they asked you if you trust me, what did you say?
ali: I told them I do. told them he's the most trustworthy person there

Nate goes off to HOH room, listens to CD

Aug 11 2003 19:46, Mon Anonymous ParentRootLink
she didnt say dr guy she said justin would tell her NT

Aug 11 2003 18:17, Mon frustratedposter   Link
feeds back to kitchen
NB: text in [] is my comments/opinions

Jack: jee you play cards better if you eat ice cream
Jee: it can't help. good to have a nice full stomach

Jee says he's gonna get brain freeze

Jee cleans his ice cream bowl. the rest of the kitchen mess is left alone

Jee: let's go, lockdown

Jee and Jun in the bathroom

Jee; we're in good shape
Jun doesn't reply

Jee applies hair jel. says he put too much in

Jun and Jee whisper [they are too good] so couldn't hear. Jee seems to have talked to someone [erika] and was explaining what they said

now Jun/Jee are griping at each other [covering being there]

Jee: i think i said Jackoff too many times in this house, not meaning it. I said jackoff, not is Jack Off

Jack laughs and makes some comment i missed

Jee looking for tissues

Robert is upset about lockdown. Jee tries to tell him not to think about it.

some banter about something of Jun's that is marked $75. Jun says that says "retail value" i didn't pay that or something along those lines

Jun is on the couch. Jee comes in, says he wants a dog. Jun says that it's stupid, with your school and work, how are you going to have a dog

Jee wants a bulldog, or a pit bull. Jun asks how he can have them in the suburbs. Jee says they are not ghetto dogs. Jun wouldn't let him move in with a bulldog

Jun: you are a nice guy
Jee: don't FOTHing mock me
Jun: it's true, you said it
Jee: i'm sorry i scared Sable so bad back then
Jun: i don't want to talk about Sable

Jee talks about Sable. how good she was.

Jun: she peed all over the house
Jee: that's not her fault
Jun: it's disgusting

Jee paces around the LR area

Aug 11 2003 18:20, Mon frustratedposter   Link
NB: text in [] is my comments/opinions

Jun: do we know what we're eating Wed
Jee: i dunno
Jun makes some comment about Jack, Jee says why don't you ask him, you're his lover. Jun says don't be gross

Rob is in the Bathroom with a blow dryer. Seems to be blowing himself with it [pun intended], perhaps he is drying his sorts while they are on

Jun: how long are they in there? 1/2 hour
Jee: i dont know. i think 1/2 hour. prob 1/2 hour

Jee goes back to bathroom, dryer noise covers all sound

Aug 11 2003 18:24, Mon frustratedposter   Link
all feeds
NB: text in [] is my comments/opinions

Rob: *****, you know my mic is in there (to Jee in WC i think)
Rob: oh, no it isn't. have fun dude

Rob in to kitchen. Asks if justin still in DR.

Justin comes in, Rob asks can we go out? Justin says no. Jun asks if they want rice with dinner. They like rice

Justin goes toward WC, makes jokes about the smell to Jee

BB: HG, lockdown is over

Rob Justin Jun go out, raise shades outside. nate left HOH and comes out. they think they just cleaned. Jun thinks cameras are in different directions

Aug 11 2003 18:28, Mon frustratedposter   Link
NB: text in [] is my comments/opinions

Rob, Justin and Nate putting protective covers on to the windows. Rob wonders if Jee is one of those guys that takes an hour. Jun says then he has to wash his hands, that will take another hour

they start getting ready to play BB and Jee called to DR

Jack: the other day they waited til i finished playing horse with Nathan
Jun: that was nice

Nate: he's taking a dump, now he is in the DR. he's gone for 30 mins.

they decide the game is delayed

Aug 11 2003 18:33, Mon frustratedposter   Link
NB: text in [] is my comments/opinions

Rob (to Nate): they call you in next that will suck
says he hasn't been in all day

Jack/Rob/Nate in by bantering. Jack would really like to hear a CD now, wants to hear Bruce. Nate says "music eases the soul" and esp Dave Matthews. they didn't touch Dana's CD couse they didnb't like it. they didn't know they could listen to Jee's Joshua Tree

Jack is going to work out. says he might as well, while the others play BB. no one offers to spot him [nor did they ask him to play bb while jee is in DR]

Nate: this just sucks. all we want is one game
Rob: i know man
Nate: what's #10, song that gradually builds, i love that one
Rob: i know, it's awesome
Nate: i never heard it before, i hit repeat a couple of times

Aug 11 2003 18:39, Mon frustratedposter   Link
NB: text in [] is my comments/opinions

Jack wonders what the lockdown was for. Nate thinks it was just for cleanup. Says they fixed a camera that wasn't working

Jack asks if it rains in LA. Rob says if it rains, it will rain for days

Feeds to kitchen, Justin and Jun

Jun talking to justin about ali. wants to know if she knows they are going for jack/erika. jun wants to know if ali knows if she wins to put up jun/erika. justin says she knows

Jun: but she hasn't told you anything j/e told her
Justin: i'm trying to remember what it was. they don't want her to go for HOH cause they think you aren't going for it. think only rob and jee are
Jun: huffs, there's no throwing anything any more
Justin: i never throw anytbhing. why would i
Jun: some didn't want to make decisions like you want to make

Aug 11 2003 18:44, Mon frustratedposter   Link
Justin/Jun continue in kitchen: jun cooking/justin snacking
NB: text in [] is my comments/opinions

Justin: rob said come out and play bb, it's overcast. i went out and it's 110
Jun: i wonder if last year they got in so much trouble about talking about stuff (inDR?). i wonder if we're the only ones

general cooking/boiling/cleaning noise

Justin walks around, singing a song [and no FOTH]

Justin was going to do some dishes. Jun says there are no dishes

Aug 11 2003 18:48, Mon frustratedposter   Link
feeds back to BY
NB: text in [] is my comments/opinions

Nate and Rob are playing around on the court. saying they would have been crazy to play at 3, was too hot

F1/F4 are basket net cams, others are behind the protective covers

jack continues to work out alone while they play around

Jee returns, they are happy. game goes on. they argue about if they are continuing or starting a game. nate tells rob to shoot and if he makes it they can continue [guess rob as ahead]

all feeds on BB game

Aug 11 2003 18:58, Mon frustratedposter   Link
still just BB game NT

Aug 11 2003 19:17, Mon Bilbo   Link
Erika still working Jun to get her and Jee in alliance with E and Jack
Jun "robert promised justin today that if he wins veto he would take justin off block"
Erika "then he goes home"

Aug 11 2003 19:21, Mon Bilbo ParentRootLink
Erika "everyone wants justin gone".....
Jun "so you don't think ali has alliance with justin"
Erika "no, she knows that she would lose votes from jury if she does that", "we have ali in a great position, she can't go against us or she can't win"
E: "nathan seems really pissed at ali"
E: "that's the problem with ali, she's a loose cannon, sounds very familiar"
Jun is just continuing to chop and cook...not saying much.

Aug 11 2003 19:18, Mon Spiderprints   Link
Er and Jun talking in kitch. Came in in middle of convo. Sounds like Jun told Er everything that
went on in HOH. She said that Rat promised Jus that he would use veto to save him if he won it, since he went against him today. When I first changed feed Jun said I will have to talk to Jee to see where he is at. (Is she finally admitting to her alliance with Jee?)

Aug 11 2003 19:22, Mon FuggyBootnling   Link
More two on two with the Stooges and Jun and Erica on Ali
Yes folks, with the NBA season on hiatus, you're getting the next best thing...

It looks like it's Nate and Ratbert vs. Justin and Jee. Score is pretty even. Don't know what they are playing to - current score is 9-7. Looks like Nate is actually the best place shooter of the bunch...he makes a couple of nice plays, which the Stooges actually compliment him on.

F1 now to Erica inside washing her face through the WC mirror cam.

Now onto Jun mentioning tonight's menu...lo mein with fried rice I believe she said. Cutting back and forth between Erica now in the hallway mirror, and an over-the-stove-cam of Jun cooking. Both are silent.

Erica finishes with her face and goes outside. F1 still on Jun alone in the kitchen.

Erica comes back in and talk about Jee. Something about making fun of him. Jun: "Eventually he will, it will just take a lot of convincing...that's the problem with three."

Erica: "This is the time to strike, while he's didn't need to come this early, but it had."

Jun: "I'll have to check with Jee"

Erica: "Good."

Silence. I believe it was talking about taking out Justin next round???

Jun talks about how Ratbert would take Justin off if he wins POV.

Erica: "I think I doubt that." Jun agrees.

Erica: "Everybody wants Justin gone."

Jun: "So Ali doesn't?"

Erica: "No! She has a side deal."

Jun: "So the thought of her having an alliance with justin is out the window?"

Erica: "No I think he feels he can manipulate her."

Talk about how Ali would have no chance in hell at the end if she turns on Justin

Erica: "We have Ali in a great position...she can't win."

Jun: "Yeah, Nathan seems really pissed at her." (ed: and he is!)

Erica: "That the problem with alison...she's a loose cannon. Sounds very familiar!" (ed: probably referring to Dana)

Aug 11 2003 19:35, Mon FuggyBootnling   Link
More Erica and Jun in kitchen...
Jun is chopping veggies alone now in kitchen on F1. Then feeds switch to Ali coming out of the shower (she has a bikini top on!)

Ali complains of having no clothes...Ali: "I'm miserable right now...I'm in a really bad mood right now."

Jun: "You had a nap, you should be happier."

Ali goes outside. Still Chef Jun in the kitchen on F1. Chopping up some sort of meat now. It's chicken, now that I see the close up. There's utter silence.

Erica comes back in. Something about Ratbert now...don't quite catch the context.

Camera swings a little too far and we get a super-quick glimpse down the hallway the cameras run in between the kitchen and BY. Cool.

Erica came in to the kitchen and said something to Jun. But she had a towel she was holding to her chest and the sound was blocked from the mic. She leaves.

Jun: (muttering to herself alone) "Garbage talk, garbage talk...soooo much talking in this house."

Jun now putting strips of chicken into the pan. FOTH, so good time to post...

Aug 11 2003 19:48, Mon FuggyBootnling   Link
F3 on HT...
Ali repeats that she's in a rotten mood, as she just said to Jun inside. We have Erica, Ali, Nate doing a rather early, still-daylight HT.

Discussing tonight's menu. Nate: "What's the difference, romaine or lo mein?" (ed: BIG diff Nate!)

Comments on missing the Subway food. No comments on the Burger King (hee!)

Nate gets out of the HT. Erica and Ali alone now there.

Ali: "I need a break...just one day!"

Silence. Erica with a very sombre look...but quite beautiful, after putting just a nice amount of makeup a little while ago.

Ali: "What's up Erica?" Erica: "Just zonin'...zonin' out." And indeed that's how she looks. Sound of ball bouncing in background.

Lots more silence. One minute...then two. The two of them are directly opposite, but not looking at each other...just at space.

Comments about it being Monday. Ali rubs her face.

Ali: "I'm nervous about Wednesday." Some other unconsequential small talk that I have trouble hearing over the HT.

In other words...NOTHING GOING ON HERE!!!


Aug 11 2003 19:55, Mon FuggyBootnling   Link
Justin, Nate, and Ratbert on loungers talking
Talk of wanting a lap pool instead of what they have. That leads to convo about some guys in the finals for this year who swam a lot, was really nice, good looking...they are surprised he didn't make it.

They smell chicken from inside.

Justin: "Did she break the pork?" Not sure I saw pork in there.

Jack: "I gave it a quick glance on my way by."

Lots of long pauses between these comments. Now very long pause, so feeds cut to...Erica and Ali, who are in the midst of - you guessed it - a long pause in convo. We're talking a maternity ward of pregnant pauses here.

This is pointless...posting until something happens...

Aug 11 2003 19:57, Mon Hammock_Fall   Link
Jun, Jee, Robt in kitchen
Discussing Justin's desire to keep Nate. All three want to stick to the decision to keep Jack. Jun and Robt seem very sure about not changing the earlier decision to keep Jack. Looks like Justin is alone on wanting to keep nate.

Aug 11 2003 19:59, Mon Hammock_Fall   Link
Jun, Jee alone in kitchen
Jun tells Jee that she is going to throw thw next HOH comp. Suggests that it might be good if Jee did too, but she tells him to do what he wants to do.

Aug 11 2003 20:11, Mon FuggyBootnling   Link
Erica: "It just dawned on me that I need to eat."
Jack: "We had a late breakfast." Ali and Erica still in HT.

Nate talking about twisting his ankle a bit in the BBall game. He's still shooting hoops.

Jack: "I told Justin he should get a tetnus shot because Robert clawed him." (ed: bwah!!! Yep, those rats can carry diesease I've heard...)

Ali now out of the HT.

Erica: "I had a long talk w/Jun" Jack: "Yeah, I stayed out of there to give you room."

Very hard to hear over HT. Something about showing her cards...and the pecking order. I think about where Jun falls into it, and trying to get her to see that.

Dinner is ready...and BB tells them to remove the protective cages over the windows around the Bball court.


Aug 11 2003 20:23, Mon Michelle_OR   Link
Listen to the sound of the eating utensils at the hgs eat.... just like windchimes ;) NT

Aug 11 2003 20:30, Mon FuggyBootnling   Link
Feeding time for the hamsters.
Someone says "It's pork?" Jack: "I thought it was chicken." (ed: Actually, so did I)

Assorted small talk - school, PB & J, some silence as they eat. Ratbert makes the obligatory compliment to Jun. Others murmur agreement between mouthfuls of food. Jun describes a bit about the dish - sorry, missed the details. I'm watching F3 and it happens to be the Jack-Chowing-Down cam. More silence.

Ratbert stops eating. Ali says "You look stuck Robert." But he's just pausing to touch his face and such.

Jun mentions there's zucchini in the onion. Though as Ali says she usually makes it with onion.

Ali: "I want a pepperoni stick, that's what I want." Rat loudly blows his nose...thankfully not at the table, as he has got up.

Feed switches to Nate eating. Not looking real happy.

Jun: "I don't even remember what we did the first week." (for food)

Ali: "Was it just pasta?"

Jun: "No, pork chops and meatloaf." They are talking about the time before the first food comp I believe.

Nate now leaves the table. Camera follows him as he wanders about the kitchen. He goes outside, and feeds flash to him outside, saying to Justin that he's going to HT after he works out.

Nate looks up "That's a big jet up there!" Talks about universities having private jets "I know OK State has one." He spits.


Aug 11 2003 20:48, Mon MsB0808   Link
Everyone outside....not much going on, very boring, as usual. NT

Aug 11 2003 21:14, Mon FuggyBootnling   Link
HGs in BY...then Ali and Nate babble
Rat and Justin in HT on F3, others doing some working out I believe.

Rat and Justin talk about temperature in HT. Then a pause.

Now talking about different time zones...some other stuff...hard to hear as usual over burbling HT.

Feeds cut to LR with Ali and Nate. He's doing scissor moves with his legs as Ali kneels next to him. Their usual joking, teasing banter.

Ali: "I can think whatever I want to think, do whatever I want to do, say whatever I want to say."

Nate: "That doesn't surprise me, coming from you."

Ali: "Why?" Erica interupts this banter.

Ali: "I like looking at you with that on."

Nate: "Why? It's a hat."

Ali lies next to him. Nate does more legs exercises. BB tells them to fix their mics (ed: Good call - can't hear them)

Ali asks about a mark on Nate's chest. Nate: "I told you already." but rest is inaudible.

switching feeds...posting...

Aug 11 2003 21:24, Mon FuggyBootnling   Link
Justin is breathing underwater through a straw in the HT
Rat is in the water, Jun on stool on top just outside of it. Jun wants to know what the timer on the oven's at 2:25.

Justin is now apparently trying to stay underwater for ten minutes by breathing through a straw. He is under the water in the HT...ah, that's what the timer is time Justin. Will he make it??? DOH! FOTH!!!

Back now to find out Justin was off by 45 seconds...didn't quite make ten minutes. Rat: "Damn Justin, you were in there a long time!" Justin: "I was like falling was actually nice...bubbles everywhere, the water on you..."

Aug 11 2003 21:50, Mon bb4phan   Link
Jun is working out with weights on the BB court, Nathan is shaving his chest
Ali and Erika are taking their nightly walk but they are carrying weights tonight.

Aug 11 2003 22:58, Mon FuggyBootnling   Link
Ali and Erica doing walking laps in the BY...then ab class
Talking about the language in the house. How Dana was bad. Erica: "I'm no prude, but is it really necessary to drop the F-bombs everywhere??"

Erica: "We're going to work our way up from mellow walk to brisk walk" in response to Jack's inquiry.

Ali talks about some coaching for cheerleading.

Ali: "Three more?" Erica: "Sure."

Ali says she loves running. Erica doesn't run though...hurt her knee when she was 12.

Erica: "I don't remember anyone in the cast doing what we do...walking around the yard. Oh wait - THEY HAD A TREADMILL!" (note: Actually, they did this a lot in they griped about not having a treadmill.)

They then come inside. Time for ab class it would seem. Erica: (on the walk) "That feels good." She's down for ab class. Jack and Jee come in to join them. Ali leads the charge, counting out numbers.

They first do half situps with their feet on the walls of the LR. Then ankles in the air, touching heels 15 times. Now reverse punches. Then lifting legs. It must be said Ali has the best form. Jack's moves are pretty impressive - Jee isn't much better.

They are holding a pose. Jee reaches down to feel his abs. Feeling for a change, I guess.

Jee: "Damn, 'son" Ali: "You all right." Jee: "Yeah..."

Workout continues. Assorted working out of various ab muscles. Jee is workout has 60 reps. Jee: "Sixty, huh?"

Now doing something called scuba kicks...Ali at first says 20, then 30. Jack: "Thirty?" sounding tired.

Now they're done. Ali "Anybody want to go on?" Ali does...and Jun, who I guess is there, but out of the frame. Erica leaves, or moves out of the frame.

More exercises. My abs are starting to ache just watching them. Heavy breathing from some. Ali sounds totally fresh.

Ali says she's done...but asks if they want more. Jee wants more. So they do more. Now punches across the body. Cam now on Jee and Ali alone, Jack and Jun still there.

The current exercise is working the guys towards the wall...these lower body twists that make my abs ache even more to watch. Jun also is just watching, sitting on the floor. Not sure when she stopped.

Ali asks if they want more...but they are done.


Aug 12 2003 00:31, Tue Spiderprints   Link
Nothing happening. Na, Jus and Jee in LR playing cards. Er wastching so is Rat with Ali laying in his lap while he plays with her hair. Jun is
watering all the house plants and Jack is in the shower.