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Aug 12 2003 01:24, Tue Anonymous   Link
Nate and Robert playing BB, Nate pleads his case, Robert saying yeah, yeah, we'll discuss it all tomorrow. Jee joins. NT

Aug 12 2003 01:33, Tue LittleOldLady   Link
Jee agreeing about Nate's comments about Ali using everybody, sliding through, Jee agrees, Robert says
like a f'ing Erica. Nate says "we at least deserve it" "I love Jack to death but he is freaking 60 years old and we could use the money". Talking about who deserves the money, how they are all in debt. Nate: "If I do leave.. I just definitely have you guys back on voting" "Ali just turns around and tells lies to save her own ass" Jee: "You're pissed at yourself, I knew that already". Nate: "I will not choose the wrong side again". "I was humiliated". Jee: "That must be eating you up". Nate: "I hate to go out like this". Jee: "We were dumbfounded. It did work out for you at that point". Nate: "I thought I was by myself." Talk about Erika and Jack being a team. Jee is saying he understands, yada yada yada. Jee says I think it's going to happen to the best of us (falling for girls who get you in trouble (ali). Jee: "In a weird sense this is a life teaching experience" "Don't drive yourself crazy". Robert: "We're going to talk about it". Nate: "If you guys save me, I'll owe you one, I'll be with you to the end, I won't switch again" Robert: "We want to make a decision we won't regret" Jee: "It's not a 1 person decision" Nate: "I can't believe this girl did this to me" yada yada yada

Aug 12 2003 01:47, Tue LittleOldLady   Link
Nate to Robert "I won't have a problem putting up Erika" as they continue playing BB and
Robert says "She is not a good person". Nate: "You don't have to worry about that. They are all drama queens". Robert says: "Just so I know, the time it was right before Dana won head of household, Dana says you said Dana you have one more chance to come back to our side and she said "no", did you still want her out? Or all of us out first or what?" Nate says "I was afraid of her. Some of the stuff she would say was just degrading...for the way she was playing the game". Robert says he seriously had to stop (Dana) from hurting you (Nate and Ali). Robert says she was going to go whacked. Saying Dana was really bad. Nate says that is why he wanted Dana out. Robert again questions, did you really want her out, or on your team? Nate says no, he really wanted her out.

Nate: Alot of things have been said, but I can just bury the hatchet. Says he didn't want to be on the original alliance that Scott set up.

Robert: Saying "None of us have ever said a bad thing" (or yeah?!)

Nate: The whole thing was at the time if I had won against them what really sacred me is like when you guys went to dave and jack to make a deal, jack might have lied about it but...

Robert: We never told them who we were going to put up.

Nate: I don't trust these people and I still don't (Erika and Jack)
Stuff gets said in this house and gets blown out... ...screw this alliance and hook up with whoever. (Nate goes on and on, talking fast)

Robert: You can't even call the shots (Nathan agrees)

Nathan: Look we're all still here and I think I can help you guys out a lot. But if you feel you want me out of here I understand that too.

Robert: We just have to make a decision. All these f'ing people staring at us, Jack, erika, they're going to try to bust in our room. Jack shi**ing in his pants... (colorful language).

Robert: Can't tell how we're voting.

Nate: Can you trust Jun?

Rob: Not really, not really. ...I trust her as much.. we have her by the balls...but fluck no we don't trust her. I mean, she lost her partner, lucky it wasn't her...

Nate: That's the thing that drives me crazy...not snakes that Will second season, skated by the whole damn gang. ...everybody starts taking out the bigger threats and they just skate on by. (referencing Jun?)

Robert: I know, I know, believe me I know

Nate: By the way we're still going to have a ball in Vegas. We're going to get a lot of publicity. ... (Robert) you sound like the man! I'm going to hire some bodyguards.

Robert: I know you're going to love it!

(this is where I stop listening to the bs)

Aug 12 2003 01:54, Tue LittleOldLady   Link
Of course Robert runs to Justin, in HOH, reporting all that was said.
Telling Robert about the convo about Dana, saying that he and Nathan bs'd. Said Nate was being cool. Robert: "I'm not worried about it but...Ali said "Jun told me that I gotta watch out because Jun said you're going to come after me" and Robert believe Ali, his point is Jun is f'ing around, a little bit of her is playing both sides. Robert: "Us 3? Nothing ever leaks out". Says he might be wrong, not a big deal, but be careful...after this week it's on...I can only trust Jun for this week" Justin verbally nodding. More conversation about Robert's discussion with Nate. Justin saying yeah, yeah, Robert saying Nate was cool. And then Jun arrives in HOH. She can't fall asleep.

Aug 12 2003 02:02, Tue LittleOldLady   Link
Jun joins Robert and Justin in HOH...Robert keeps saying how cool Nathan was...
Jun reporting that Ali is "out there with him now" (Nate on BB court). Justin saying Nate was hanging out with us all day. General dissing and derision of others.

Continuing, all agree it's too late for Nathan. Big discussion over who votes; probably 4-1, Ali might be voting for Nate, Justin says "I don't care". Robert: "It doesn't f-ing matter". Robert says Nate is "ready for it". "F'ing Jack is scared up his ass". Justin says he thinks Ali is going to throw the HOH. Jun saying if she wins HOH she'll put up...Ali...but group decision. Justin says put up Erika and Jack. Saying veto would put up Ali. More of the same old discussions we've heard for 72 hours or more.

Aug 12 2003 02:03, Tue luvBB4   Link
LOL...Ali and Nate in BY
Ali singing a sad song about all the bad stuff she regrets....(puke).

Ali asks Nate if he is going to plead his case again and he says that he won't bug them anymore, but it would be nice for her to go in and say something on his behalf....

Ali wants to know what she should say....

Nate says "Lie and tell them you feel bad cause I saved you with the veto and that now I'm on the block!"

(not the exact words, but very close)

Too funny

Aug 12 2003 02:06, Tue Debra_Kadabra   Link
In HOH and outside
Jun says about Nate "Too little too late" and Justin adds "You can't start conning us when your back is against the wall"

I switch feeds

Nate to Ali
"I think your best bet if I am gone is to go after those three" (the stooges)

Ali to Nate
"I'm going after them whether your here or not"

Aug 12 2003 02:11, Tue Anonymous   Link
Nate and Ali outside
Nate actually told Ali if he stays there is no way he can put up the 3 Amigo's after they save his arse

Aug 12 2003 02:12, Tue LittleOldLady   Link
Listening in on Ali and Nathan, Nathan says Ali you have to understand what I'm doing...
I'm just saving my ass. Tells Ali if she hears things just don't take it (the wrong way). He thinks it's going well (his rebirth on BB after nomination). Telling Ali who is lying on the court, while Nathan bounces ball, what he told Robert. "Honestly, I don't trust them two 100%" (Er & Jack). Still stuck on Jack "throwing that damn thing" (HOH). When push comes to shove Jack and Erika will save each other (ed. duh?). "If I leave here you'll just have to play it smart". "...if I stay I'll be able to help you further in the game". Ali: "I need my partner" (whiny voice).

Sounds like Nathan does have hope, "I just gotta get out of this situation".

Ali: "Please I don't want to talk about it (veto) it makes me mad".

Nate saying "If we make it we may have to throw Erika on the block".
Ali: "I don't care"..."why don't we throw Jun or Jee?"
Nate: If I win HOH I can't put those 3 up
Ali: don't matter!
Nate: I don't know what's going to happen! I'll owe 'em something if they save my ass!

(I'm back to work now; all speculation, nothing helpful in this convo anymore)

Aug 12 2003 02:20, Tue Shadow46and2   Link
About 10-15 minutes ago, Nat tells Ali to make a deal with the stooges to keep Nat in, that they will not put them up. Ali says "who am I going to put
up then?" He still wants her to make a deal even if Nat leaves. She says to Nat you don't honestly believe I'm going to keep that deal, do you? He asks would she, she says no! She hates them... And what chance would she have after that? She will definately not make it the finals in that case.

Aug 12 2003 02:50, Tue John_DK_   Link
Ali saying, BB didn't remind us of the voting tomorrow. NT

Aug 12 2003 02:51, Tue Shadow46and2   Link
Up until now, Ali and Nat were in BY talking and the stooges plus Jun were just talking about non-game stuff, now all in and trying to figure out sleeping arrangements. Winding down. NT

Aug 12 2003 03:04, Tue Shadow46and2   Link
Jack and Erika in Desert room:
(Earilier they were talking game when camera switched briefly to them and then were studying on who had what letter during lux comp, etc.)

Jack says Robert told him (a few days ago) that Ja is being put up as a pawn against Ali next week.

Both think of numbers if Jun gets HOH and Ja/Ali up for noms...Jun gets tie-breaker and Jack will stay in. Think they're ok. Say too bad it's 4 against 2, but when it really is a grey area at that point. (?)

Erika says I hope you don't leave me here with Ali!

Jack gets up to go to WC, washes hands, Erika gets up to take a pill.

Jack returns.


Aug 12 2003 03:10, Tue Shadow46and2   Link
J/E talking about BB handlers causing FOTH / other group
We come back, Jack says how could he be so stupid, and they (BB) must be tired of having to keep remind them, or telling them. (To stop talking about whatever incriminating things they were talking about).

NOW in the love room and the blue room, (Jun, Nat, Jee, Rob, Ali) I came in when they were ripping on Dana's hair. (Frizzy, bad cut, etc.) And how she was called a man.

Ali telling group David called her ManToll everytime she walked by him, and she wouldn't have a clue, because he was saying it in a weird way. (LOL!!)

Just a group slam on Dana convo. Nice thing: her dimples and abs. (a la Jun and Ali). Saying she chewed, like her PB&J sandwiches like it was raw hide, mouth open and smacking. Rob says she has huge areolas. Jun says they are raised. Jun says her breasts were perky. Jee says they were small, like an A cup, and he can't go smaller than a B. Carmen has a C. Dana's bulging eyes.

Jee talking about how Dana got pissed because he took her bed with his pass, Jun says I was happy cause I hated you when you walked in here. Jee says he hated her too, but it's all good now. Jun says he better thank her because she's the reason he's there.

Jun and Jee play fight. Jee calling her a psycho, a mess, insane, pathological liar. Jun says she is going to have to go thru therapy because he is bringing back memories with him being there. Everyone else laughing.


Aug 12 2003 03:30, Tue Shadow46and2   Link
Jack and Erika just got up and are getting something to eat. Followed by Jun and Nat all eating. NT

Aug 12 2003 03:36, Tue frustratedposter   Link
after return from FOTH
NB: text in [] is my comments/opinions

F1/F2 are Erika and Jack in Sand Box. appear to be asleep at this poing

F3 is Ali in Love Room, alone in a bed

F4 i sthe Blue Room, Rob/Jee/Jun, still talking [quite loud, as they could be heard while off cam]

Jun and Jee griping at each other. Jun says they should make a movie bout Jee. Jun says Jee needs anger management. Lots of quick comments and loud laughter. [amazed that Ali can sleep over all this]

Jun: see now you believe me he's a FOTHing whach job. I passed with flying colors

Jun says she is promiscuous now cause Jee had her followed everywhere.

Jack and Erika get up and go to the kitchen for snacks (F1/F2)

Jun says everyone knows outside this house what you are about [this is all lighthearted kidding going on, they seem to be in decent moods, maybe cause Nate is out]

Jun: i'll never forget that one 4th of July
Jee: what's 4th of July
Jun: that 4th when you went on vaca with your parents
Jee: what the FOTH are you talking about

Jun saying she couldn't go anywhere. Jee left her without keys or phone or anything. Jee says he was a loyal BF. Jun says something about 1/2 a FOTH. Jee says he never cheated on her. Jun says something again about him locking her up, and she was fat then

Jee: you are insane. don't make me look like a bad guy. i was good. You're scaring me. you're a witch, a FOTHing witch. YOu're crazy

Jun wanders past the kitchen on way to WC

Jack and Erika finishing up, Jack cleaning up the glasses they used. Jun out of WC to wash hands

Jee: guys, don't believe a word she says, she's insane

Nate is now in the kitchen, more snacking [did they get Gary last nite, or what???] Jee sticks a cookie in her mouth, nate goes for chips

Jun returns to her bed in the Blue Room with a snack. Jack in WC area, brushing teeth. Nate is now making some kind of sandwich. Erika heads to WC

Jack comes in to kitchen to join Nate. Jack has some ugly hat on. Jack says something about couldn't wait to get to bed. Nate says he would never do this [snack this late??] at home. Erika out of WC and washes hands

Aug 12 2003 06:07, Tue Bert ParentRootLink
I'd like to add to this, if I may ...
Joking around, Jun was making it sound like Jee was a crazy, possessive boyfriend. She said he'd hit her hand with a brick when she ate to get her to stop eating. That he only let her call her mother and work on the phone. That he locked her in the apartment on several occasions, once when his family went on vacation, and that his friend Gary (and others) would follow her around when she went anywhere.

Prior to the above part of the conversation Rob made a joke about Jee having to take a psychology test over again to get on the show. Something about a perception that he believed everyone was after him. It sounded like Jee might have had to take a certain psychology test over based on what Jee said, but not necessarily for the reasons Rob stated.

Jee was being teased mercilessly as if he were some kind of psycho with an anger management problem.

Also, someone asked Jee and Jun (Nate maybe?) how many times they had spoken to each other since they broke up. Not once ever, not until they were both in the BB house.

When Nate got up to go get a snack, Jun left for a bit. Rob asked Jee if Jun was pretty heavy when he met her. Jee diplomatically said yes, and then he said that he followed his heart, implying that he really cared for Jun and the weight issue didn't matter to him. Then he said he's gotten pickier about looks as he gotten older. That Carmen is hot (or words to that affect).

Aug 12 2003 03:42, Tue frustratedposter   Link
around the house
NB: text in [] is my comments/opinions

Nate still in kitchen making snack. Incredible noise from chips bag. He heats something in microwave and heads off with his snack

Jun: Jee, abuse never ends even when it is over. Shut up and go to sleep

Nate in Blue Room bed with his snack. Jun/Jee still babbling. Jack and Erika back to their beds

Jun: sometimes people move on to better things

Jun talking about Queens, says there are nicer parts of queens, but jee's is ghetto. only because it's predominately.... ghetto, i'm not going to say anything

Jun grew up on lower east side. jee says that was ghetto. Jun says let me finish my story. Jun thought she was dominican when she was little. Jee says she is shallow. Jun says she likes nice things. jee says he does too. Jun says he doens't, cause if he did, he'd have em

Jun says Jee can live in queens while she lives in connecticut in a 5 bedroom mansion

Jun wants toknow what nate is eating

Jack and Erika trying to sleep. Jack on back, Erika has her hand thrown back over head

Jun: jee you are a nice guy tho. you are right about that

Aug 12 2003 03:45, Tue frustratedposter   Link
Nate comments on Jee's snoring
NB: text in [] is my comments/opinions

says that's why he doesn't like this arrangement

Jun says goodnight Jee. Jun heads in to love room bed. Jee follows her, says she is horrible. Jee settles in to Love Room bed, and jun back to blue room.

Jun: goodnight everybody. the show is over

Aug 12 2003 03:47, Tue frustratedposter   Link
house finally quiets down. can hear jack snore from the Sand Box
NB: text in [] is my comments/opinions

Blue room quiet. Love room ditto

Final arrangements: erika/jack in SandBox. Jee/Ali in Love room in sep beds. Blue room has nate and jun (and i assume robert, unless he's in HOH)

Aug 12 2003 04:38, Tue frustratedposter   Link
jack off to wc, then back to bed NT

Aug 12 2003 08:41, Tue frustratedposter   Link
jun wandering toward WC
stops to apply something to her face in the hallway, then off to the WC, washes hands, wanders around the house on way back to bed

Aug 12 2003 09:55, Tue Spiderprints   Link
Jee up and headed to WC. Toilet flushes out he comes washes hands and heads back to bed. NT

Aug 12 2003 10:01, Tue frustratedposter   Link
BB: good morning HG, it's time to get up for the day NT

Aug 12 2003 10:01, Tue Spiderprints   Link
BB: Good morning houseguests it's time to get up for the day. No movement. NT

Aug 12 2003 10:04, Tue Spiderprints   Link
Ja up headed to WC as Jun gets out of bed as well. NT

Aug 12 2003 10:08, Tue Spiderprints   Link
BB gives second wake up call as Jack washes and Jun in SR. Then BB says:

Aug 12 2003 10:12, Tue Spiderprints   Link
So far only Ja, Jun and Ali up. All doing morning ritual stuff. Ja starting on coffee. NT

Aug 12 2003 10:22, Tue Spiderprints   Link
BB in more pleasant tone this time: Good morning houseguests, it's time to get up for the day. NT

Aug 12 2003 10:25, Tue Spiderprints   Link
Now Nate is up and Ratbert is sitting up in bed. Still no movement from Jee or Just NT

Aug 12 2003 10:26, Tue Spiderprints   Link
HG's are in lockdown. Nate: What the H**l for? NT

Aug 12 2003 10:37, Tue Spiderprints   Link
Ratbert complaining Why are we up so early? Ali: Voting. Ja: Well some of us are(they still don't know) NT

Aug 12 2003 10:54, Tue Spiderprints   Link
Just finally got up after Ali went into HOH and turned on the light and said: Don't you miss me? Now the
whole house is up and eating breakfast. They are still in lockdown.

Aug 12 2003 11:17, Tue max1204   Link
Justin says they're still voting Nate out
Ali tells him she's going to vote with the majority.

Aug 12 2003 11:25, Tue max1204   Link
Justin says he wanted Nate to stay
But the others didn't go for it. "None of them?" Ali asks. Justin said down the road they would have to get him out and that's difficult to do because you have to get HoH, veto. "It's just a mess," Justin says.

Justin says he thinks they're overestimating Jack.

Now Ali is relating the story about the old people's drivers test in Ala. (which was a tall tale). Ali wanted to know what his motivation was for telling them that.

Ali leads Justin alone in HoH (and feeds switch).

Aug 12 2003 11:34, Tue max1204   Link
Jun had sex dreams
She says there was a guy in her dream that looked kind of like Scott -- he was powerful but unattractive but so charismatic that it was a turnon. She told the guy, "Yeah, I'll do you." But before she could have sex with the guy, someone started talking to him and they didn't get to have sex. She said there were all these sex scenarious but she didn't get to do any.

Nate asks Jun how many guys she's been with. She says she's only been with 3 -- Jee, Bob and "a stranger." "I don't believe you," Nate says. "I think you talk a lot of talk." "Yeah, I talk a lot of talk," Jun says. "I'm a virgin." Laughter.

Just before Nate asks about Jun's sex partners, they talk about Justin being underwater in the HT for 9 1/2 minutes and Nate kids about her offering Justin a blowjob to do it. Nate suggests they waited until 9 1/2 minutes to pull him out so that she'd have to give him a blowjob.

Aug 12 2003 11:34, Tue bidz_yo   Link
LOL Jun and Nate

Jun: "My Dad loves me. I'm his little princess, I can do no wrong."

Nate: "If he only knew."

Jun: "Well, he knows now!"

Aug 12 2003 11:42, Tue max1204 ParentRootLink
She said she's Bob's little princess NT

Aug 12 2003 12:03, Tue bidz_yo ParentRootLink
Wrong. She was talking about her Dad...
The conversation then turned to how her Mom can't use a computer without crashing it or something to that effect.

Aug 12 2003 12:06, Tue bidz_yo   Link
All four feeds now on Justin the Mummy in HOH bed NT

Aug 12 2003 12:13, Tue bidz_yo   Link
Now all 4 feeds on Jack, Erika and Nate in LR
They aren't talking much at all.

Aug 12 2003 12:23, Tue ktan   Link
Lockdown over so Er goes outside. She says that they sprayed the grass green. NT

Aug 12 2003 12:26, Tue dianasto51   Link
ali said hoh will be Endurance NT

Aug 12 2003 12:39, Tue Jana_aka_ioksco   Link
Jun just confirmed that the DR is telling them the vote will be live on tomorrow show. NT

Aug 12 2003 12:39, Tue dianasto51   Link
jun just said they want to give j&n an extra day with voting live NT

Aug 12 2003 12:56, Tue ktan   Link
Justin calls meeting, announces NEW HG on Wed. Oops, was just kidding. They're only voting live.NT

Aug 12 2003 13:27, Tue max1204   Link
Nate talks with Jun
Nate says Jack is "so sneaky. He's a negotiator."
Jun: It's so obvious when he wants you to do something. It makes you not want to do it.

Nate agrees. Nate says "it's a whole new ballgame. I don't trust anyone now." He says he "doesn't trust Ali one bit." He says he was being sympathetic with Ali before. He says he doesn't think Robert and Jee trust him (and implies that's why the deal he tried to forge didn't take root).

Ali comes out (I can hear her voice in the backyard -- she had been called by BB into the storage room).

Aug 12 2003 13:33, Tue max1204   Link
Nate talks about Ali
As soon as Ali leaves, Nate says to Jun:
Nate: I really despise her. She just annoys the hell out of me.

Jun advises he shouldn't talk to Robert and the guys anymore, trying to save his butt.

Jun tells him that Erica and Jack told her that he doesn't like her, that he still is mad about her switching sides. He says that's not true; he said he was mad about Jun and Dana talking bad about him behind his back, that there were rumors flying around. They agree there were a lot of rumors flying around, and they seem to bury the hatchet.

Nate asks Jun if she has any influences over the Stooges this week. She says she does this week more than any other week because Justin can't vote.

"I can't be more sincere...just trust me," Nate says.
"I guess part of it is that you never made an attempt before this week," Jun says.

Audio muffled because of plane (ed.: is the airport next door or something?).

Jack and Dave told Jun that they were making deals to get the girls out first and they were doing anything they could to get everyone to hate the 3 Stooges.

Nate is called to the diary room, and Jun leaves the backyard after he does.

Aug 12 2003 13:33, Tue ilsa   Link
Robt. in LR telling Justin, Jee, Ali not to trust Jun
because she's playing both sides. Justin says it won't get her anywhere anyway. Lots of Jun bashing going on. Jee trying to make some relatively negative comments w/o really saying anything.
Ali telling guys that Jun came to her and told Ali that the stooges were gunning for Ali next, and that Jun suggested an alliance w/ Ali.
Jun comes in and convo ends.

Aug 12 2003 13:41, Tue Katfsh   Link
Earlier, Jun & Ali in BR, Jun opening up to her
telling her that 2 stooges want to get her (ali) out.
Jun: This will probably get back to them.
Ali: How?
Jun: You're going to tell them
Ali: No I won't - I promise I'd never tell them.

I May be wrong, but from things Jun had said earlier, it seemed she's setting Ali up, to prove she goes back and tells Jus everything.

Now, in LR, Ali has just told the 3 stooges about her "secret" conversation with Jun

Aug 12 2003 14:03, Tue curyy4me2   Link
Erika says she made semifinals with her brother for Amazing Race.
She applied twice. Ali said she would never be on that show. Jack and Nathane say they want to be on the show.

Aug 12 2003 14:38, Tue KelliGirl   Link
Stooges agree to keep Nate if HOH comp. is physical NT

Aug 12 2003 14:44, Tue joannie   Link
Nate and Stooges in HOH room. Nate trying one last time to save his a$$ NT

Aug 12 2003 14:46, Tue joannie   Link
Jun enters. Justin: "Well, I guess that conversation's over."
Jun finds out the stooges are reconsidering who to evict.

Aug 12 2003 14:47, Tue joannie   Link
Stooges are now in the kitchen loading up on tacos and hot dogs. NT

Aug 12 2003 14:49, Tue joannie   Link
Ali gets irritated because the stooges would rather stand at the counter and eat instead of eat at the table. NT

Aug 12 2003 14:57, Tue joannie   Link
Nathan sits at the table with the Stooges and tries to bond
Nathan: "So do you guys have Sonic out here?"

Aug 12 2003 15:01, Tue joannie   Link
Jee and Robert alone in backyard plotting

Jee: "Jack and Erika are f*cking flipping out."

Robert: "The whole f*ckin house is flipping out!"

Aug 12 2003 15:03, Tue joannie   Link
Ali now outside pleading Nate's case NT

Aug 12 2003 15:05, Tue joannie   Link
Robert tells Ali that if the HOH comp is physical, she has to vote to evict Jack
and they won't even tell Jun. They have the votes.

Aug 12 2003 15:07, Tue KelliGirl   Link
Rob and Jee just informed Ali ...
that they will keep Nate is HOH competition is physical.

Aug 12 2003 15:08, Tue joannie   Link
Ali says she thinks they should keep Nate either way, physical or mental NT

Aug 12 2003 15:10, Tue joannie   Link
Now Jee, Rob, Ali and Jack are sitting outside.
Listening to the drilling and they think BB is building something for the HOH competion.

Jack says, "It's gonna be mental."

Aug 12 2003 15:14, Tue joannie   Link
Nate, Justin, and Rob in the HOH room bashing Jun
saying a lot of the s*it in the house is coming from Jun

Aug 12 2003 15:14, Tue joannie   Link
Robert thinks the next person to go should be Jun NT

Aug 12 2003 15:20, Tue joannie   Link
Stooges plus Nate are in HOH room. They say the girls have got to go! NT

Aug 12 2003 15:21, Tue joannie   Link
Jun enters the HOH. Conversation changes. NT

Aug 12 2003 15:24, Tue pixiegirl   Link
Jack, Erika, Ali dicussing how many weeks left in the house
5 weeks, Jack says, Ali makes a comment how she can't even give Nate a sympathy vote. BooHoo! Nate has got to go.

Aug 12 2003 15:27, Tue pixiegirl   Link
Ali asks Where's Nate? Silence...
In there? She states, then proceeds to Doesnt he know he he stays he has no chance at all to win, what is he thinking. Jack says he's fighting to survive and earlier said Jun is swing vote.

Aug 12 2003 15:30, Tue pixiegirl   Link
Funny remarks about the turtles
Jun asks if the turtles are out today and J, E, A said over there, then Ja makes a comment on how the turtles love hot asian chicks and E says about the same thing and Jun laughs, Ja says watch out for the poop.

Aug 12 2003 15:35, Tue pixiegirl   Link
Feed scan...
Close up of Jus shaaving his face, Ali in background talking to him, Nate in bed, E and J are in BY talking

Aug 12 2003 15:36, Tue pixiegirl   Link
Nathan please put on your microphone NT

Aug 12 2003 15:52, Tue DC1   Link
HOH room Jun tells Rob & Jee that Erika said we should get the girls together and ...
become an alliance. Jun said b*tch, she doesn't know anything about girls. [ed note don't know what that means LOL] Rob says she better not say anything like that to me I'd f*ck her up, she doesn't have the balls to tell me that. [ed note: what a bunch of buffoon's]

Aug 12 2003 16:03, Tue FuggyBootnling   Link
Jun, Jee, and Ratbert in the HOH - discussing Nate's fate
Just got home from work, so I'm just picking up on this now. Jee and Rat seem to think that with Nate swearing on God (or the bible) that he won't put them up, as he's such a religious person. Jun swings back to saying that they have a chance to get out a big threat now, etc. She leaves.

Jee: "This f'in decision is going to make us or break us."

Rat: "Do you want to do it?"

Jee: "I'm swinging both ways..we just have to go with our gut feeling. It is very was tempting before, and now it's even more so."

Rat: "I trust him more because he's not like a b!tch (meaning Ali). I'm curious to hear what the b!tch said" (in convo with Ali I imagine)

Jee: "It's good to see her in the weaker position...I like that."

Jee has shades on. His future's so bright in the house...he's gotta wear 'em.

Rat quickly checks to make sure Jee doesn't have anything else going on. Jee says no.

Rat: "I would rather walk out of the game than by (working against the Stooges)" Jee agrees.

Jee: "What I've learned throughout the years is that she (Jun) will go for what she more of a level headed sense, unlike Dana. She will do whatever it takes at this point."

They are waiting for Justin to be done with housecleaning so they can powwow with him. About ten minutes.

Nate knocks and comes in. He's just making sure they know he's not BSing them, and that Jack and Erica will not try some end-around maneuver. Nate: "They are trying to frame me. Jun is too." Rat swears and says: "She is the mastermind."

Rat: "Jun - she's not a part of us."

They reassure him a couple times that they believe him. He leaves. Jee: "F'in never ends." Rat sniffs in agreement.

posting before Justin comes in.

Aug 12 2003 16:06, Tue TheBigSista   Link
nate just come into hoh room.....,
and told rat and jee that jack and erika are saying that if nate is saved will you still put justine up. apparently junzilla is stirring things out there so nate has told them so that they are prepared for anything zilla said. nate said 'they are trying to frame me' and saying that zilla is out there causing trouble. rat saying we believe you dont worry. nate leaves. jee 'these fing people, sh#t never ends'

rat and jee saying if ali wins it she is going after erika and jun, going through scenarios.

Aug 12 2003 16:19, Tue FuggyBootnling   Link
Jack and Erica outside...
Almost impossible to hear with the HT and Nate playing BBall. Something about Ali. The tones of their voices and looks on their faces show they are worried...sorry, that's all I can make out. BB asks Jack to check his mic. Then something about Jun, and feeds cut to Jun getting out of bed in the Love Room. So much for that convo...couldn't hear it anyway.

Aug 12 2003 16:49, Tue JulieH ParentRootLink
They were talking about telling Alison something that Jun had said without exposing jun. Trying to find a round about way of letting alison know.
About what I don't know.

Aug 12 2003 16:48, Tue bruhe   Link
theres a chopper they say is CBS... its buzzing around the house and directly above them very loud and close.. they react. foth. back, chopper gone NT

Aug 12 2003 16:49, Tue I_Should_Be_Working   Link
Nate, Robert, Allison outside see helicopter overhead, start waving, FOTH NT

Aug 12 2003 16:50, Tue I_Should_Be_Working   Link
Everyone came outside all talking about "How cool that is, That was sweet dude" "That was just for us, too." NT

Aug 12 2003 16:51, Tue I_Should_Be_Working   Link
Jack, please come to the DR NT

Aug 12 2003 17:03, Tue I_Should_Be_Working   Link
HOH with Justin, Jee and Robert wavering on vote
Justin: If the HOH is physical, I have no doubt that having Nate on our side will be an asset
Jee: We don't need another strong player. Good thing is that he could help us get rid of the f***ing girls.
Robert: Jack and Erika will never take the target off of you(Justin)
Justin: Which is why I think we should get Jack out of here.
Robert: If Nathan leaves, after this week there are no strong players but us (ed note: blecchhhh!!)
Jee: I don't like adding another player to this team
Justin: If it's a mental competition-
Robert: We don't NEED HIM!
Justin: I know but Jack and Erika are good at the mental, and one of them gone would be good

Jee leaves to help Nate with towels

Justin: My gut is telling me to get rid of him (Nate)
Robert: If we get rid of him, we'll never think of it again. But if he stays and he wins HOH we'll be like
Justin: I KNOW!
Robert: Why don't we have, like, a three way vote tonight?

Jee is back

Robert: so what do you think?
Justin: If it's mental, he's out of here
Jee: So it's gonna be a last minute decision
Justin: So if we take Nate back we lose Dana's vote
Robert: Jun's vote, Dana's vote...S**t we're f**ked


Aug 12 2003 17:03, Tue FuggyBootnling   Link
Big Time Stooge Conference in HOH...
The discussion begins. Rat doesn't trust Jun. Jee does a good cover: "She's going f'in crazy."

They are talking about the whole getting women together thing I believe...they think she is making it up.

Rat: "I've said it before - I'm not going to trust anybody but you guys."

Justin: (to Jee) "They think you are swayable"

Rat: "Erica is out there looking like she lost her f'in dog."

Justin: "Do we want to take the chance that it's a physical activity? If it is physical, he's a good asset."

Rat: "But when do we get that guy out?"

Justin: "I really don't doubt his word...but it is someone to get out."

Rat: "We can't regret what we do."

Jee: "Everyone is a strong player at this point...that's how I look at it."

Rat: "When you put it down to who's we need that (nate)"

Jee: "No...we're all strong."

lots of convo...lots to transcribe.

Rat: "I think that J & E will never take their target off of you. (justin)"

Justin: "Right, so we should get them out of here."

Rat: "If we get Nathan out, there are no strong players left...if he stays, he's there hanging out."

Justin: "If we get him out we will have so much more control."

Nate: "Now is a mental comp."

Rat: "So we don't need him!!"

Justin says yeah, but Erica and Jack could be strong there.

Justin: "I don't gut is telling me to get rid of him."

Rat: "Let's have a threeway vote tonight...we have to decide tonight what we vote."

Rat: "If it's mental, he's out of here...we have to wait for that."

Jee: "It's going to be a last minute f'in decision."

They are really, really torn.

Rat: "Dana would vote for any of us...if we keep Nathan, then Dana won't vote for us, Nate would not."

Jee: "And Nate will be mad b/c we will dick him again (voting him out eventually)"

Justin: "We have to consider the seven votes."

Aug 12 2003 17:05, Tue bruhe   Link
long story short: the stooges agree to oust nate NT

Aug 12 2003 17:05, Tue Hammock_Fall   Link
Stooge decision (valid for at least the next hour) Nate should go NT

Aug 12 2003 17:12, Tue FuggyBootnling   Link
More of the Stooges in HOH...starting to sway back to Nate
Jee: (talking of Dana) "These MFers had a deal with Nate the whole time!" Not voting for them.

Ok...they are starting to coalesce down...Nate is gone...

Still worried about Jun...have to keep her under wraps.

Rat: "It would be a major move to get rid of him."

Jee: "It was similar to when Dana was here...we got a strong player out...if that MF was still here? Wow..."

Rat: "If it's physical we can do it..."

Ali: "But Ali is strong mentally...she impresses more and more."

Rat: "Physically I can beat any of them...and if I can't, Jee can't."

Justin: "I would rather take that chance instead of the other."

Jee: "Alright good..."

Jee says Jun came to him and said she knows she's fourth they have to convince her somehow. (ed: nice cover there Jee!)

In comes the aforementioned fourth wheel. Jun: "After my talk with Nathan...what he claims he can do for us we can do on our own."

Justin: "At least if I go out, I won't regret it." Goes over how Dana would flip out if they kept him, as they talked about before.

Justin: "I'm surprised Jack hasn't (tried something)"

Jee: "He walked up to me and said 'I know today will be a tough day, and...(missed the rest). And that's it!"

pause in strategy talk so posting...

Aug 12 2003 17:14, Tue I_Should_Be_Working   Link
More in HOH
Jee: Only good thing about this is that with all of this stirred up, all the truth is coming out, ya know with Jun telling me to throw the competition

Robert: We got to get rid of him, guys.
Jee: I'm down with that
Robert: We can't tell Ali, she'll freak out. We'll tell her last minute. It'll be three to two. Jun will go our way.

Jack can not get HOH. Erika and Jack are not going to go for it.
Robert: the only thing Erika can beat us on is movie's and trivia s**t. Mentally, I'm much smarter than she is. Physically I can beat her and Jack, we all can.

Feeds 1 and 4 keep switching to FOTH with audio

Jee: talking about someone feeling like a fifth wheel
Justin: go call her in (not sure who he's talking about)

Jee leaves Justin puts head down to rest.

Jee back with Jun.
Justin: Were you sleeping (she looks like she still is)
Jun: Was feeling like we should keep Nathan, but after thinking about it, I think he should go. There's nothing he can do for us that we can't do on our own
Justin: bringing up Dana's vote again. Don't want to lose it on the jury.
I'm surprised Jack hasn't been up to see us.
Jee: He came up to me and said "lots of pressure on you, huh?' I told him there was a lot of talking. He just nodded and walked away! That was it!
Talk of towels, laundry and Bob.

Jee: Jun, what are you going to do if you get HOH? Ali and Erika?

Justin: or Jack and Erika and veto Ali in?

Jun: yeah. Either way, we put them up we get rid of one of them if Ali wins Veto.
Jack's leaving his bags packed, even if he stays this week.

Talking about what day and date it is. Tomorrow is day 40 in the house.


Aug 12 2003 18:11, Tue bruhe   Link
ali is shaving a rat on feeds 1 and 4 NT

Aug 12 2003 18:31, Tue candysnm   Link

Aug 12 2003 18:36, Tue pixiegirl   Link
Jun please go to the DR NT

Aug 12 2003 18:40, Tue candysnm   Link
E and Ja in desert room talking NT

Aug 12 2003 18:41, Tue candysnm   Link
E said that Allison will go where ever the power is. NT

Aug 12 2003 18:47, Tue BuzzardsCrotch   Link
Ali-barber cutting Nates hair
she said his hair looks like "little pubes...gross!"

Rat comes into the BY and comments on how great a job Ali did on his haircut.

Nate says to ALi " I hope they dont change their freakin minds" (ed note: they already did nate, sorry!

Aug 12 2003 19:00, Tue BuzzardsCrotch   Link
BIG bug flying around the BY
Rob runs from it, he is so scared he runs into the house. Ali runs from it for a while then goes back to cutting nates hair. Nate stays put he is not afraid. he said it is a june bug and they dont bite. BB: Jee please come to the diary room.

Aug 12 2003 19:50, Tue BuzzardsCrotch   Link
within the past 20 minutes...
HG's on lockdown. Ali gave Nate and Rob a head massage in the bathtub. Then she shaved her legs in the tub. She asks Jun if a guy ever shaved her legs for her and jun replys "no, but I had a guy shave my cooch." Nate went into the shower. Jun asked him "what are you doing?" He says "shaving my legs" jun says "is that what we call it now?" (I guess refering to masterbation) The stooges move to the kitchen where Jee is on a eating frensy. He ate yogurt, chips, peanuts,and an apple. Justin is making the "guac." Jee puts on Erica's pink hat and they all bust out laughing. Ali gives Justin a hand with the "guac." Nothing much happening now...posting

Aug 12 2003 20:14, Tue Spiderprints   Link
FOTH for some reason and we see a guy carrying buckets out by the fountains/pond. NT

Aug 12 2003 20:57, Tue Denise   Link
Jee has a brief word with Erika, didn't get it all, too brief, but sounded like Jee
was telling Erika he's working it (maybe the vote to keep Jack)

Justin is eating in the kitchen, Jun mentions Jack and says Jack wanted to know what Nathan offered them, Justin said to send Jack in but Jun covered nicely and said no then just kept talking (I think Jun is playing Justin to make sure the plan is to still kick Nate out)

Nate comes in the kitchen (I'm angry at him so I can't be objective, sorry)

Nate talking like Jee now, with the yo.

Ali in the kitchen now along with Erika.

All of them except Justin are outside eating, Jee in the kitchen now, Justin just finished eating, talking about the food.


Aug 12 2003 21:01, Tue Denise   Link
Justin & Erika in the kitchen, Erika wonders if there are any changes in the house and
Justin said things are always changing around here Erika. Justin told Erika to come talk to him tonight (I kind of feel sorry for Justin now, he seems like a nice guy, but he's got to go)

Jack comes into the kitchen now, alone with Erika, oh Erika just went outside, now Jack is outside, they're all outside actually except for Justin who's in the HOH room.

Not much happening, they're eating so


Aug 12 2003 21:11, Tue Denise   Link
Erika & Jack playing cards, Ali & Nate eating, Justin, Ratbert & Jee playing basketball, not sure where
Jun is. Just heard her voice, she's out there somewhere.

Ali laughs when Justin says something to her (she so loves attention)

Ali laughing hysterically because Jun dropped I think a piece of chicken on the floor (it wasn't that funny)

Jack going to get more food, LOL the chicken is a little spicy, Jack said it opened up his sinuses.

Nate singing while doing the dishes (poor thing, thinks he's staying) LOL


Aug 12 2003 21:19, Tue Denise   Link
Nate did the dishes with Jack, everyone else in the yard, Jack just put something in the
microwave, Robert came in and asked Jack if he was going to work out.

Now it looks like everyone is in the yard, mood seems pretty light.


Aug 12 2003 21:38, Tue Denise   Link
Ali and Erika are in the house, talking about working out, Ali doesn't want to
walk right now, she's a little full, Erika and Ali now on the couch, Ali tells Erika that Nates deal looks good to Justin, as of right now Nathan is leaving, Justin wants Jack to come and talk to him (this is HOH not the Godfather)

Ali says that Justin thinks he controls Jee and Robert.

Oh, Erika is plucking Ali's eyebrows (I hope she doesn't cut her....accidently of course)

Ali thinks they're going to be ok either way, if Nathan stays or goes.

Ali mentions that someone told Jee that Justin and Robert will take him out (not sure who told Jee that though).

Erika still plucking Brezhnevs oh I mean Alis eyebrows ; )

Jun joins them on the couch, talking about Dana and Justin, Jun telling them that Dana and Justin messed around. Ali said Justins friends are going to be laughing about him, OMG Jun says that Justins went in her house (I must be getting old, but I never called it that) LOL Jun says that Justins car didn't go into the garage.

Jun said Justin is now spilling his guts, Jun mentions them making faces in the HT, Ali says that it's so nasty, Jun doesn't understand why Dana wasn't honest with her.

Jun said that Justin wanted a long kiss at the door but Dana only gave them a peck.


Aug 12 2003 21:44, Tue FuggyBootnling   Link
Girl talk about what Dana and Justin did...
There's an arty shot of Erica applying eyebrow makeup to Ali pictured in the mirror, and in the same frame you can see Bball going on outside through the window. This alternates between an extreme closeup of Ali's face. Good job, camerapeople!

Jun is saying that Dana and Justin did fool around a bit. Ali says his friends are laughing about it. Jun doesn't think they did it, but "he went into her house and everything." Erica: "That's a polite way of putting it."

along the same lines Ali says: "I'll bet she touched" Laughter.

Jun: "But his car did not go into her garage." Lots of laughter (this is actually pretty funny)

More talk about how Dana evaded these questions. She was telling Jun that nothing happened, and that the camera would not see them. Jun: "Hello...they have room mics and infrared cameras."

Ali: "I can't wait to make fun of him after we get out of here."

Jun: "She (Dana) was in the shower every day shaving her cooch. I might do this every other day. Nobody's f'in seeing it!" They laugh more.

More banter along these lines.

Jun is talking about how Jee has changed lookswise since she last saw him...his face was more defined, now his features are bigger "Yeach" Jun says.

Aug 12 2003 21:53, Tue nojobny ParentRootLink
Jun also said
All I know is I'm not doing his (Jus) nails anymore


Aug 12 2003 21:48, Tue Denise   Link
Erika still doing Ali's eyebrows, Robert in HT, Nate, Justin & Jee playing basketball, not much going on. NT

Aug 12 2003 21:55, Tue Denise   Link
Talk turns to Dana, next thing you know Erika & Ali are just yelling Mantroll over and over and over again. NT

Aug 12 2003 21:59, Tue FuggyBootnling   Link
The women wander about the WC belting out "MAAAAN-TROOOOOOLLLL"...
Erica: "Did you ever hear David wander about saying that? He'd be MAN...TROLL!!! MAN...TROLL!!!!" (for the tone, think of a sports stadium mocking a team or player's name when they are losing - "ELLLL-WAAAAY!!!!" or "BROOOOO-DEUR!!!!!" Like a foghorn)

Thee women say this over and about how Justin could be with someone that masculine...also the fact that she heard someone say that about her, and took it as a compliment.

Erica: "It's great that we can finally talk about this! MAN - TROLL!!! MAN-TROLL!!!"

Still Erica and Ali buzzing about the kitchen and bathroom. An occasional "MAN-TROLL!!!!" They are really mocking her here.

Aug 12 2003 22:03, Tue Mirage   Link
The gals are having a gigglefest of sorts and joking
about Dana. Besides repeated yelling of the word 'mantroll' and a reference that Dana was a 'f***ing retard', someone remarks that Justin was attracted. This brings on a conversation with references to 'walking vaginas'. (I forgot the other details, since my computer froze mid-post, and i had to re-boot)

Aug 12 2003 22:12, Tue nojobny   Link
Everyone is in the backyard
Ali & Er are walking w/ weights
Jun is lifting weights & jumping rope
Rob is in the spa, Jack is sitting on the edge of the spa
Jus, Nat & Jee are playing BBall

No significant conversations.

Aug 12 2003 22:19, Tue FuggyBootnling   Link
Erica and Ali do some BY walking laps, both carrying small handweights
Ali is annoyed at someone. I missed who. Erica laughs. Nothing too heavy. They walk by Jun skipping. Bball going on on the court. The sound is on Erica and Ali's mics and thus different bits of sound are heard through them - first Jun's skipping rope, then the BBall game, then the HT burbling.

They talk about it being the fifth eviction tomorrow. How Justin doesn't have a whole lot of confidence in Ratbert to win tomorrow's HOH. HOw they do NOT want another PB & J diet. Ali: "How much did you lose?" Erica: "About five pounds...I was eating four or five a day. But it was not filling my stomach."

Ali: "They should probably just spray all the grass the same colour."

Some shouts from the Bball court. Ratbert shouting something. The usual frat-boy banter. Stretches of silence from the ladies.

Ali: "I miss home. I miss home a lot."

Erica: "I do too."

The women fall silent again. They continue to walk.

Jun suddenly screams out loudly and laughs. Something Jee did. They bicker. She chases after Jee. Ali: "'re evil." Jun: "Don't f**k with me." Didn't see what this was about.

They have the 17635th conversation containing the phrase "we HAVE to win HOH this week" that has been uttered this season.


Aug 12 2003 22:52, Tue TheBigSista   Link
its that time again its............ali's abcercise!!! NT

Aug 12 2003 22:57, Tue TheBigSista ParentRootLink
they are lined up like sardines.....
jack, ali, jun, jee - dont know where erika is tonight and justine and ratbert are in the hottub and you can hear nate in the background taking the mick.

jun has even worked up a sweat (either that or she spilt something down her front)

found erika she is lying on the couches in the BY.

Aug 13 2003 00:39, Wed Debra_Kadabra   Link
Seems a ladies pampering night has happened
Just tuned in to see a congregation in the bathroom.
Jee taking a shower Erika in the tub. Jack sitting on the edge of the tub. Jun is giving Robert a manicure (also sitting on the tub area). Justin is sitting on a chair wearing a facial mask and now Justin has removed the mask and Ali is starting to do his nails as well.Some gay references referring to the activities is made but not anything to report conversation wise.
Now Nate comes in and starts applying a facial mask.