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Aug 13 2003 01:14, Wed Silver   Link
3 stooges and Jun in HOH far mainly discussing
the boys manicures........ (I'm new at this, so forgive my lame updates)

Aug 13 2003 01:17, Wed Silver   Link
Now they are talking about competitions and if someone is coming
back in or not. And Robert says "No way" That they told him no one was coming in

Aug 13 2003 01:18, Wed Silver   Link
Robert yelling" I can't wait to get out of this hole'! NT

Aug 13 2003 01:20, Wed Silver   Link
Now they are talking telling Jack he is safe for another week, then
they say, "We should let him squirm"
Robert "jack , squirmed another week by"

Aug 13 2003 01:21, Wed Silver   Link
Roberts therory on why Erika is still there, is because she is the
weakest of the 8. Now he said she'll just be like another Lisa "bartending bitch"

Aug 13 2003 01:22, Wed Silver   Link
Now they are talking about making Jack get on his knees to them.....
Rob says he going to go get Jack to do it.......

Aug 13 2003 01:25, Wed Silver   Link
He opens the door, and Jee says not to do it...
So far he has closed door, I don't know if Justin left or not. I see Jack and Nate on the one else, oh now ALi is there..........but my sound is in the HOH

Aug 13 2003 01:30, Wed Silver   Link
Jee is talking about being a good man to his women and he calls the other Ho bags....
and Justin says he is good to his women. NOw Jun is telling Justin that Dana said he ate good p***y. It didn't sound like he denied sounded like it might be the truth. (please correct me if I am wrong)

Aug 13 2003 01:33, Wed Silver   Link
3 stooges left hoh....Jun is still in there, Erika asks where she is and they
tell her in the HOH, but that Jun is a physco bitch. Now the stooges are making something to eat . Now Jun is out in the kitchen too

Aug 13 2003 01:34, Wed Anonymous   Link
Stooges in HOH - Ratbert wants to make Jack squeal and beg to stay.
Inside HOH 12:30 am BB Time:

Snotbert dares Justin to tell Jack to get down on his knees before him and beg and they will save him. Justin says, “Go tell him.” Robert says, “I’ll do it. What do you want him to do, kiss your hand?” Justin, “No, my foot.” Robert says he will do f***ing do it, stands and opens the door to find Nathan, Jack and Ali in the LR. He does an about turn and walks back into the HOH, whispering that they are all out there. Justin says he has to go to the john and takes off out the door.

Jun is doing Jee’s nails and they are cursing each other out right and left. Jun - “Jee, I’m a crazy bitch, you better watch out.” Jee – “I know you’re a crazy bitch.”

Funny thing is, when Justin returns from the bathroom, nothing is mentioned about confronting Jack to bow and beg and kiss Justin’s feet again.

Jee – “Be careful of that tender skin there!” Jun – “It’s not like it’s your f***ing foreskin or anything.” Jun – “Shut the f**k up, Jee.”

Robert wanted to get Jack into the HOH. Robert – “I want to make him f***ing squeal, man.” Justin – “Do it.”

In the LR, Jack is sitting mid couch alongside Erika who is doing her nails. Nathan is laying on one end of the circular couch, Ali laying on the other end. Boresville. Jack – “I need to unpack one thing.”

Aug 13 2003 01:41, Wed Stormi ParentRootLink
Sorry, I was on Word when I typed this and with that program open and Real Player it was taxing my system,forgot to log back in but I posted this. NT

Aug 13 2003 01:36, Wed Silver   Link
Now everyone but Erika and Jack are in the kitchen, fixing stuff to eat NT

Aug 13 2003 01:38, Wed Silver   Link
Changed to Jack and Erika........Jack yawns, and then says to the
others "Its a good time of night to eat" Now he has left the couch and Erika is there alone

Aug 13 2003 01:40, Wed JulieH   Link
Earlier Justin comes into the HOH and say's "Ali F*cked up my nails" look at em.
He's showing the around to Jun and Jee and Robert and they all agree they are pretty bad. He asks jun if she'll redo them and not tell Ali. Jee is currently getting a Manicure and Jun is making them round rather than square which is how Jee usually has them. He thinks she's making them look "gay" Jun points out that girls only will shape their nails to have square tips. He gets that and decides he'll cut them like this from now on.

**** By the way, Jun and Jee are zinging back and forth and are so funny my side hurts from laughing *******

now Jee wants a Roast Beef sandwich and so they all go out of the HOH to make sandwiches.

During all this time, Jack was sitting on the couch near Alison and Erica who are also doing their nails. I don't know what they talked about if anything.

Aug 13 2003 01:43, Wed Silver   Link
Ali and Erika talking on couch, how they have a family......Jack is the dad
Erika is the mom..........and she is the baby

Aug 13 2003 01:44, Wed JulieH   Link
Also earlier in the HOH: Jun teases Justin saying that Dana told her he ate her (p###y). At first he denied it and then said yeah I did in the
hot tub. I went under the water and I was all up in that sh*T

(hope I didn't scandalize you all LOL)

Aug 13 2003 01:50, Wed Silver   Link
3 stooges went outside to eat their food, Nate is there too........lots of Mmmmmmm
Justin says "You make them like Quizno's man!' Don't know who made the food.

*told you I was a bad updater :-( *

Aug 13 2003 01:50, Wed Silver   Link
Justin is telling the others there is more beer in the SR. Nate says
he thinks he is done drinking for the night.

Aug 13 2003 02:00, Wed Stormi   Link
Living room 1:40 AM to 2:00 AM BB Time - Jack, Erika, Jun & Ali in the LR
1:40 AM BB Time

Robert, Justin and Jee are fixing sandwiches in the kitchen, Ali just watching leaning on the counter. The stooges are flipping each other off with their usual banter of eloquent (ugh) speech, cursing each other, kidding around in a sick way.

Jack and Erika are sitting in the LR listening:

Jack: It’s stupid, just so stupid. They are silly.

Erika: It’s not even an intellectual game anymore. I can’t work with this Jack. I can’t work under these conditions.

Jack: Nothing seems to be working. Whispering: Jun said to be careful with them today.

Erika: Yeah.

Jack: And I thought I was dimming. (BB dims the lights at 1:50 am BB Time)

Jun arrives and sits with Jack and Erika.

Ericka: Everyone is getting so paranoid..

Jack speaking to Jun: You can talk to whoever you want to. It’s getting like Dana. Justin is a nervous wreck because he can’t compete tomrorow.

Jun whispers even softer: Agreeing and saying that they want to “f**k” with Jack. They are getting so cocky. I don’t know why all of a sudden. They were never this bad, you know? He gets made if I even speak with the rest of you.

Jun: Don’t go in to talk with them and if you have to go in, just go in and go along with them.

Jack: You know better than to try to make a deal with them. They can’t offer anything that we can’t do on our own.

Jack actually calls the stooges, “They’re pussies!” He then states that he’s not going in there. There being the HOH room.

Jun: They’re being so cocky and it bothers Jee too, I could see it in his eyes.

Jack: Jee is changing.

Ericka: I’ve seen it too. His character.

Jack: Jee gets sucked into all this stuff, it must drive him nuts. (talking about the stooges vile speech)

Jun: We still have to be careful what we say in front of Ali, right?

Jack: Yes.

Jun: Cause she goes and tells Justin every time.

Erika: I just don’t like this game very much, today.

Jack: Me too, Erika.

Jun: You don’t appreciate change.

Ali just back from fixing her sandwich pipes in: I agree.

NEWSFLASH: Silverfish….it’s the third time I’ve heard them mention it…it must be on the loose in the BB house.

Jun: God, it's so much more pleasant without Dana! I would not be sitting here.

And a lull, so I'll post.

Aug 13 2003 02:01, Wed JulieH   Link
Now that they made their sandwiches the boys move outside to chow
Nate, Justin, Jee and Robert are sitting in the yellow chairs and the red couch chowing on sandwiches

ooo I see jun on the other feed with Jack and erica switching to that feed

I come in where the three are sitting on the sofa whispering

Talking about Justin being paranoid about jun talking to Jack and that he saw her making faces.

Juns telling Jack that the boys want to call him in to mess with him. She say's they are getting so cocky. She told them that they still want nate out.

Jack and erica seem a little peeved. (by the way I can hear Ali pushing buttons on the microwave and now here she comes.) Jack says he's not going in there. He seems annoyed at how the guys are being. Jun says again that they are being so cocky. She said it bothered Jee to she could see it in his eyes. Jack says he can tell Jees changed (meaning how he acted today. like he was thinking about things) Erica gets up for something. Jack says, Jee gets sucked into things it must drive him nuts. Jun asks we are still being careful about what we say to Ali. jack says Yes. Jun says good because what ever she hears goes directly back to Justin. Alison comes into the darkened living room and kneels down to eat her sandwich at the little round coffee table. Now erica is back too with her pink hat that seems to glow in the dark. Jun is doing her nails. Now they are talking about the allusive star fish on the TV screen and saying how hes back.

Posting for now

Aug 13 2003 02:03, Wed Debra_Kadabra   Link
Jun tells Jack and Erika about them wanting Jack to grovel
Jack says he won't go in. They are getting angry about their cockiness and wanting to mess with people.
Jack gives the argument that Nate can't give them anyting that they can't do for themselves as he said he would this afternoon. Calls them pu*ssies. Jun says she can see in Jee's eyes that he is angry about being approached today.
Jun makes sure Jack and Erika are being careful with what they say to Ali because she runs back to Justin with everything that is said.
Ali joins convo.

Aug 13 2003 02:13, Wed JulieH ParentRootLink
I just want to clarify that they could tell Jee was bothered by Robert wanting to make Jack get on his knees NT

Aug 13 2003 02:20, Wed max1204   Link
Justin implies to Erica that HoH competitions are fixed
He says he believes the powers-that-be design HoH competitions to benefit certain people, and he said that he thinks that the extra day before voting (voting Wed. instead of Tues.) was designed to give the Stooges more time to think about saving Nate instead of voting out Jack. He tells Erica he "honestly" doesn't know what his team will do and he doesn't feel comfortable telling her the details of the deal Nate made.

Aug 13 2003 02:25, Wed max1204   Link
Justin on who will go
Justin said he wants Jack in the house because if they had started on opposite teams, Jack would be somewhat he wanted as an ally. "It just sucks it happened this way," he tells Erica.

"I really, really hate to see him go, but if Nathan sits there and tells me, if you keep me hear I'm not coming after you," Justin says, he believes Nate and that's one less person he has to worry about coming after him. "It's a position that sucks for me, because it probably wouldn't benefit my team in the long run," he says.

Justin says "there's a good chance (Nathan) is going to stay" if the HoH competition is something they believe Nate can win. He says he "spilled my guts" to Erica (he said a few seconds ago he wasn't going to tell her everything).

Erica says Jack doesn't know what to do -- whether they want to talk to Jack. Justin says if he doesn't want him to come in and them stand around with an "awkward silence," but if he's "losing sleep" over the situation, he'll be glad to talk to him.

Erica goes to get Jack so he can talk to Justin (in the red room). Jack was talking to Nate in the BY.

Aug 13 2003 02:26, Wed max1204   Link
Erica gives a quick briefing to Jack on her convo with Justin
They are discussing what they could lie about. Jack says, "I think he'll see right through it."

Aug 13 2003 02:30, Wed Quench   Link
Justin and Erika in the love room with the doors closed
Justin is doing all of the talking Erika is just nodding and saying yeah and mmm hmmm

Justin: Nate pitches a pretty attractive deal

It"s funny its not concidence it's like there is somebody is behind the scenes for the HOH comps
I really think that is the way it is set up

The extra day is throwing everything off.

I don't think I am going to tell you how we are going to vote

My sympathy is for Nathan because of what happened to him by Ali, from forumulation to execution.

But that is not to say that i am going to save him. Not sure where Jun stands

I can differeniate between reality and game. And I know that you and jack will come after me and take that as a compliment.

You deserve to know

There are alot of respect to the way you and jack are playing the game. U stick together.

Tomorrow we really don't know what is going to happen

I want Jack in this house. if I wasn't an ex i would have been solid with Jack. It;s really hard to let him go but Nate is telling me that he won't go after me for a week. But now I have to worry that if you or J get the HOH then I know I will go up. and I have to worry about my team.

Erika: Wow.

Jun talks alot but doesn't say much.

If jack has something to say then send him in. but if it is awkward silence then what is the point.

Erika goes and gets Jack. takes him to the sandroom and she begins whispering about what justin told her.

Jack heads to the HOH room to talk to Justin

Aug 13 2003 02:36, Wed Quench   Link
Jack and Justin in the HOH
Justin: If I keep Nathan then the only one I have E to worry about. But it's a bitch of a week with him. It's hard. Nate has said that we would be save. us.

Jack: Can you depend on a guy who has switched sides

Justin: If voting was today Nate would have been gone. Everything happens for a reason.

Jack: Nathan is an attractive guy and is a tough competitor.

Justin: Some of the physical comps he is good at.

J & J both talking about how if Justin wasn't an ex that at the beginning Jack Justin and Nathan would have made a great team.

Aug 13 2003 02:40, Wed max1204   Link
Justin and Jack talk (long)
Justin moved to the HoH room. Jee leaves the HoH room. Justin told Jee that he wanted to talk to Jack alone.

(switching feeds to get HoH convo)

Justin is talking, saying he "refuses to tell a lie." He tells Jack straight up that the deal Nate proposes, if Nate sticks to his word, benefits him. "I know that if you or Erica got HoH, you guys would put me up, and that's no problem," he says.

"If I keep Nathan, that means I've only got Erica to worry about," Justin says. He says it's a "bitch" to get Nathan out -- "we've got him in a spot" they've wanted him in and he got be the person that got him out of the house. Justin says he's "not a fan of changing the sides."

Jack asks if he can "depend on a guy that changes sides -- out of the blue like that?"

Justin replies that he told Erica that he thinks everything in the house "happens for a reason." He goes back to talking about how he thinks the HoH competitions could be geared toward a certain player and how giving them the extra day benefits Nate. He says if the vote had been held this morning, Jack would be safe.

Jack says he agrees. He says Nate is "an attractive guy" and Justin says if the TV people want him to stay, they'll pull the strings to give Nate more of a chance to stay.

Justin says the first week he made the deal with Nate during the HoH because, even though he could have won, he would have rather made the deal and stay in the house than toughen it out and win. He says he has a lot of respect for Jack and knows he's "an intelligent guy" and he (Justin) is in an awkward spot.

Justin says he doesn't expect Jack to offer a deal and he expects him and Erica to put him up if either got HoH -- and he totally understands it.

Justin says he thinks the BB people will show them in advance what the HoH competition will be -- they both agree they think it is endurance and Nate would be beneficial for that. Justin says point-blank: "I don't want to get rid of you." He follows that by saying, "(Nate) pitches an attractive deal."

Jack says it all comes down to trust -- can he trust Nate to keep his word? If the situation were reversed (where Nate was in Jack's shoes and vice versa), would he trust Jack? Justin sidesteps that answer and goes through a spiel about how he can sympathize with Nate a little bit on how Ali betrayed him. "I can really sympathize for him because I know how (Ali) can be...But I've got three other people...who've got to believe him, too," Justin says.

He says the other team members understand that Nate staying would benefit Justin. "I'm not a selfish person," Justin says, adding that he doesn't want to f*ck his team. He says he's "leaning toward keeping you here," but then Nate staying could benefit him by his staying for a longer period of time (if Nate keeps his word).

(DAMMIT! FOTH intermittent!) Jack says he should take out the strongest player. Justin agrees and says that's why he put Jack and Nate up. Justin says he told Erica not to pitch him a deal because that's the way they all play (put up strongest player).

MORE (but posting)

Aug 13 2003 02:47, Wed JulieH   Link
Jun talks to Jee alone in the HOH
I didn't get it all. My feed froze and I got distracted when my coke spilled (drat!) So I'll just give you an over view of what I remember

It was a fairly long talk as far as June and Jee are concerned. They are hardly ever alone and never talk long. She is finishing up his nails now that he's done eating.

Jun tells how jack is peeved at them guys and was cussing a bit. I think Jun (or maybe it was Ali earlier) saying that jack had a few beers. They talk about how the boys are acting cocky and Jee agrees. Jee said Yeah I never acted like that when I was HOH. I was humble. Jee asked Jun what was her strategy when she came into the house. She said "Stay in the Kitchen" he said really? And she said Yeah because everyone comes to you and it's a good cover. You're in the middle of the house. It works really well. Jee asks "You knew you were going to do this coming in?" and she said "Yep" She said when you came in I was mad because I was like "This is my show" but then... Jee interrupts and starts confronting her on that and she's not responding. Instead she asks him repeatedly who do you want up next. Jun asks should we go after Alison next ...or do you want jack. Jee say's I don't care. I just want to make sure you and I are alright and you know the other guys too. Jun says I don't know if we need jack and erica. We might be able to do it on our own anyway. Jee doesn't know.

I believe this is the point where Justin comes in and Jun says "Don't you knock?" in a mock rude voice. Justin says "what are you giving him a bl*w job? Jun laughs she's bent over still doing Jee's nails. Justin says "Do you want to leave you alone?" They laugh and say no! Get your ass in here. But instead he leaves and turns the light out. Jun get up and turns it back on and Justin opens the door and shuts it off again. He does it one more time and then Jun walks out saying Jee feels uncomfortable being in the dark with me.

That's all I remember

Aug 13 2003 02:48, Wed max1204   Link
Jack and Justin talk continued
Jack explains why he wanted to talk to Justin -- because he thinks Justin will come to the decision that evicting Nate would be better for him. Justin agrees, saying the thinks keeping Nate would only benefit him for one week (and he repeats that he "honestly believes" Nate). He, again, talks about Ali and how he sympathizes with Nate because Nate was screwed over by Ali. He adds how Ali and Jun change sides, and he says Ali "is transparent," and Jack agrees with that statement.

Justin bashes Ali a bit, and Jack agrees. "That kind of stuff doesn't rub me the right way," Justin says, speaking of Ali's actions.

Jack compliments Justin, saying he'd like to continue the "jousting" with a great competitior (Justin), and he promises a "damn-interesting game" if he (Jack) stays. He says he still regrets that Jack and Justin didn't end up on the same team. Justin concurs, saying it wasn't anything he did. He says he's sure Scott initiated the original alliance, and he wishes the original alliance had just "been squashed" when Scott left two days after forming the original alliance. Justin says if that had happened he would have chosen sides very differently.

He says that since he came in here into a "f*cking sh*tty situation," he's had to scramble to keep himself in the house. Jack notes that the Dana defection and them winning HoH last week really helped them and changed the dynamic.


Aug 13 2003 02:51, Wed Quench   Link
Justin and Jack still in the HOH
(Paraphrasing they are talking fast)

Justin: I can tell when Nathan is lying to me. I can see what Ali was doing to him. But he was on the other side and I can sympathize with him but I have 3 other ppl to worry about in my team.

Justin saying I have to make my decision because I have to think of my team. If you go then I want you to go with no regrets however if I keep Nathan he may just turn on us anyhow. Then I would be "damn"

FOTH on and off. (guess someone is singing in the other part of the house)

Justin: I know that Jun is talking alot of nothing and she is running back and forth so I am careful what I am saying to her.

Jack: After you thought it out I figure you would still get rid of Nathan . But Jun was asking me was I going to go and talk to you. I trusted myself to think that you would think this out. and Nathan in would be more harmful to keep him in.

Justin: Says ya for one more week but Ali will get to him and both her and Jun are playing both sides.
Ali is more transparent and Jun is more quiet about it but they are playing sides.

Jack: I really like this game. I was saying privately that you are a good competitor and as skillful as you are I like playing with you and I like the jousting. It would be good for the show to keep Nathan here. It's a pity that we didn't become a team. But it was decided before you even walked into the house.

Jack: When Jun jumped sides with Dana Jun hasn't paid the price for what she did like Dana has

Justin: Yes I know but right now she is a vote. She goes to where the numbers are.

Jack: And so is Ali

Justin: I glad we are not making any promises to each other. (laughter)

Jack: I can see us going for a beer out of here and in here

Jack and Justin shake hands. Jack leaves the room

Justin lays on the bed and sighs "Oh Jack"

Aug 13 2003 02:52, Wed max1204   Link
As meeting breaks up, Justin tells Jack "don't sweat it"
He says he's pretty sure he's going to go with the decision to keep Jack in the house.

Before that, however, Justin says he's concerned about Jun "skating by" to the finals because she was playing both sides, and he doesn't want that. Jack says he understands.

Jack says that either way (whether he stays or goes) he'll still respect Justin and they'll be friends and have a drink when the game is over. Justin says he's glad Jack didn't come in and B.S. making deals.

Now that the meeting is over and Jack has left, Ali has entered the HoH room.

Aug 13 2003 02:59, Wed Quench   Link
Ali comes in to the HOH get the scoop
Jack is a straight up guy. And that the strongest players have to go Nate Me Jack

Ali: You didn't say me

Jack said you are transparent you and Jun are the floaters in here.

That shut Ali up really quick.

But who cares about that. We have to get the strong players out. I respect that. That I know that him and Erika will put me up. And no promises were made

Aug 13 2003 03:01, Wed Quench   Link
Ali: What did he (Jack) say about me.
Jun and Ali are the floaters in the house.

Jun talks to both sides but we don't see it. But you come up out in the open and talk to the other side for like 45 minutes. There was no lying no bs.

I wish you guys didn't make that alliance of 08 then this game would have been so different.

You need to play smart and not keep who you like. I know you want to keep Nathan. I don't want to keep him with you in the house. You are not on our side you are a floater. So I don't know what will happen. But with Jack I know I can go out on my terms. But if I keep Nathan I will lose Dana's and Jun's vote in the end.

Ali: I don't care. It wouldn't bother me the either way. I just want you to play the smartest way for you. But this isn't smartest move. (She is so trying to keep Nathan in the house)

Jee comes into the HOH
Justin saying that he wants to leave on his own terms. Doesn't want to have any regrets.

Feeds timed out

Aug 13 2003 03:03, Wed max1204   Link
Justin: "I honestly feel they (BB) wanted me to win HoH"
Justin is talking to Ali. Justin says he has to decide what is better -- keep Nathan and guarantee his safety for a week (unless Erica wins HoH) or keep Jack and know for sure that Erica and Jack will come after him -- they've pretty much "guaranteed me" they are coming after him. He says he believes that he can trust Nate if he stayed -- and Ali says she's sure he would keep his word.

Ali asks what Jack said about her. Justin is pretty honest -- that they all know that Ali and Jun are playing both sides, the difference being Jun is sneaky but Ali is "out in the open" about it, and he says nobody cares. He again says that he regrets how the original alliance was set up.

Justin says his "gut" tells him to get rid of Nathan, and "it honestly scares me to keep Nathan" with Ali here because they could team up and both be floaters. Ali says she and Nathan are not that close. Justin says if he kept Nate, he would lose both Jun's and Dana's votes in the end if he made it that far. Ali says he wouldn't lose votes for saving Nathan.

Ali says, "I really don't give a sh*t" whether they decide to keep Nathan. She says that if she didn't win the money, she'd want Justin to win it.

Justin says, "I can't put a price tag on me." He says he doesn't think Nate would go after him but he's not sure about the other team members. (Note: Jee is in the room now too.) Ali says she'd have no problem nominating Nathan.

"If we keep Nathan, there's a big window for regret...I will leave this house any time of the f*cking day...I'd rather take one for the team," Justin says, "...and let the cards fall where they fall." Justin says. He says he wants to leave the house on his own terms.

Jee says he'll go whichever way Justin wants. Justin says he knows the other Stooges are just saying that. Justin says the only way he would get satisfaction if Nathan stayed is if Nate won HoH; if he didn't win HoH it was pointless to keep Nathan in.


Aug 13 2003 03:06, Wed Quench   Link
Jee Ali and Justin in HOH
The only way this would work if Nathan wins HOH because if not then he's back up on the block and it'll be just like this week.

Now Ali is switching again. Get rid of Nathan.

Justin saying to Jee I wish you were in here during the convo with Jack because he was straight up and honest so was Erika when I was talking to her.

Jee: he is a cool guy.

Justin: he is awesome.

Ali: but do you want to do you that.

Aug 13 2003 03:07, Wed max1204   Link
Ali pulls against Nathan
She whines about Nate's whining and she says if he goes now Justin won't have to put up with Nate's whining again. She suggests that, based on what Justin has just said, they should evict Nathan. (Ed. note: What a backstabbing bitch.)

Justin and Jee compliment Jack: "Awesome guy," Justin says, but after Ali asks whether he'd be willing to get rid of Jack, Justin says he would.

Justin says that Jack doesn't blow smoke up his ass, and Ali says, "excuse me," that she "doesn't blow smoke up (Justin's) ass," and Justin replies that she has "your tongue up your ass."

Then somehow the conversation jumps to Donnie, and Ali claims she has not slept with Donnie since they got back together.

Justin leaves to go to the bathroom.

Aug 13 2003 03:13, Wed Quench   Link
The convo switches to sex talk
Ali farts and says exuse me

Banter about sex

Jee saying some girls like it that way. Doesn't Donny do anything for you

Ali saying that she hasn't slept with Donny

Jee says what your kidding. You must be really frustrated then.

Justin excuses himself and leaves the room.

Ali goes on about I am looking for pros and cons for not just me but for Justin

Jee: We are also thinking about the pros and cons for the team.

More talking about the decision that needs to be made tomorrow.

Justin returns and Jee and him talk about how great Jack is. Jee saying he is a threat

Ali pipes up Yes he is a threat

Justin and Jee talking that is what is great about him he's cool and a good player in this game

Justin: Some ppl in this house will tell you want ever you want to hear. (Ali looks right at him then quickly turns away)

Ali: Can someone please tell me before we have to vote.

Justin: We don't know.

Aug 13 2003 03:13, Wed max1204   Link
Ali says it "sucks for me" that Nate is leaving, she tells Jee
But then she says, that "for my situation, majority rules." She says that Nate was the only one who "picked me up" in an alliance, but now she has no more use for him because she knows he wouldn't save her again.

Justin comes back. He says he's going to get drunk "for sure" tomorrow. Some crack about Julie, but I didn't catch it.

He and Jee again compliment Jack, but they say he is still a threat, but add that he would be the first one to tell you that he's a threat, and that makes them like him more. "Some people in this house will just tell you ... whatever you want to hear," Justin says, but Jack is honest.

Justin says "it's not totally final" until they see the HoH competition (and whether it's a physical competition), and if they don't find out what kind it is, Nate's gotta go. Justin says he knows that if it's something like the first week's competition, he will endure and win.

Ali asks them to please tell her before they vote how they will be voting (ed. note: presumably so she can vote the same way).

They start talking about the first competition.

Aug 13 2003 03:17, Wed max1204   Link
Justin says if Jack or Erica get HoH, it's "touche" that he's nominated NT

Aug 13 2003 03:17, Wed Quench   Link
Just to get a visual. Jee is in the chair Ali is lying on the bed sideways and Justin put a pillow
on Ali's butt and is lying 90 degrees. Like a T shape.

Justin saying he has to worry about trusting Nathan if he keeps him. Then worry about putting him back up again. Too much to worry about.

Ali talks again how he ran his mouth off about her being a floater

Justin: Jack brought it up. It's blatant Ali . Everybody knows it.

Aug 13 2003 03:23, Wed Quench   Link
Jee leaves Ali and Justin still in HOH
J: What do you think

A: I think this game is fun

J: Ppl take it too seriously. And Jack doesn't He is the only one who thinks the same way I do

A; You are just more of a man

J: That has nothing to do with it.

Ali sneezes Justin Bless you Ali thank you. Repeats.

Goes right back into game talk.

They talk about Jun and how she is playing the game. 75% is real 25% is game or the other way around. It's funny to watch.

Jee pops back in talking about how they have to get up early in the morning and the lockdown tomorrow.

Aug 13 2003 03:27, Wed max1204   Link
Jee: Donnie's a "f*ckin' bitch psycho"
He tells Ali and Justin that he did lock Jun out once, but he was a good boyfriend and she's making up a lot of sh*t about what happened. "She's f*cking crazy," Jee says. Justin says she's been all up on Jee's nuts.

Before that, I should note, they were making fun of Robert for getting so pissed off about Jun playing both sides, but he won't say anything to her about it.

(Ed. note: I'm off to bed! Quench, keep up good updates!)

Aug 13 2003 03:28, Wed Quench   Link
Talking about relationships
Ali saying all guys should be p*ssywhipped

Jee: I am not p*ssywhipped

Jus:You are brainwashed

Jee: I am not brainwashed but we come to an agreement

Jus:You wear the pants

Jee: Hell ya

Justin: Your being assertive

Jee: Yes I am

Aug 13 2003 03:28, Wed frustratedposter   Link
NB: text in [] is my comments/opinions

Justin talking to ali about jack. telling her that jack is the only one in the house that thinks the way he does. no one in his alliance, no one else in the other alliance thinks the way he does.

justin discussing robert and jee and how they can freak out about things. they crack him up. talk about interactions between jee and jun. justin thinks it's 75% jun, and 25% jun playing the game. they both agree that it is hilarious

jee comes in and says we have to kick ass tomorrow. justin tells him they have 8 hours til then

small talk about sunburn.

justin says that after the show, you might not have huge followings, but you will get emails every day. says there will be your own websites out there, and there will be buttons to send an email. it can go on for years if you keep up with it. jee sounds amazed at this. justin says there are still websites from the other BBs

meanwhile, in the Sand Box, jack and erika are discussing ali and jun. say they are both whack jobs. erika says that ali has major issues. jack says she has a short fuse. erika says that her bf has cheated on her several times. justin always said that he (BF) was crazy. [long gaps in conversation here, and being trampled by the HOH talk, which is much louder]

erika starts to talk about when she was with rob, but is overwhelmed with how sad it was.

back in HOH, jee is telling ali/justin what a good bf he was. he was faithful, never cheated. he did lock her out once. but he was in the room with her. they were in the room together and he didn't want her to leave [locked her in, maybe?]

justin says jun has been nuts. rob was telling justin in the HT "***** that, that's just getting old. i'd tell that bitch to get away from me" they decide that jun is doing it for shits and grins. they decide it's a better situation than it was in the first couple of weeks

Aug 13 2003 03:36, Wed Quench   Link
Ali gets up to leave after Jee spills about how he feels about Jun Great girl just screwy
She says don't you be tossing and turning in the other room and keep me awake to Jee.

Then she says she had a dream and Jee was in it.

Jee: I was??

Ali saying that Jee was in bed across from her and her dog was in bed with her growling at him (oh that would be fun to interpret)

Justin says tell Jee what you said in the DR - That if Jee was single you would be all over him.

Ali screeches Justin shut up. And hits him with a pillow Actually trys to smother him with it.

She gets up and finally leaves the room.

Aug 13 2003 03:41, Wed frustratedposter   Link
only activity is jack/erika in sand box and ali/justin/jee in HOH
NB: text in [] is my comments/opinions

jee: i've never totally badmouthed her. i wish her the best

ali: i know you have jee

jee: you love that burmingham shirt, don't you

just: i love this shirt

they both want FBI shirts from jack

ali gets up, and leaves the boys alone. tells jee not to be "making no noises, tossing and turning and *****." tells jee he was in her dream last night. justin jokes about it. ali comes back, climbs on bed, and tells justin to say he is sorry. jee still saying he is a good guy. he's a good guy. if he was single...

meanwhile, sand box is quiet. [both look like they are concerned] erika says she hopes they offer them money or something. jack thinks something is coming up. that it will be an odd day tomorrow.

in HOH room, justin and jee are discussing the upcoming HOH comp. think it may be endurance. justin is counting on jee, since he can't count on anyone else. jokes about how rob is a funny part of the group, he gets so emotional, then stop quick. ali comes back in for a sec, and jee sends her off to the SR to get something for justin. justin says "look at her taking care of me and *****. that's they way is should be"

back in the sand box, jack asked erika if she napped today. she said she did. jack says she seemed to be sleeping peacefully when he stopped in, and he didn't want to bother her. [they are half trying to sleep, half afraid they are missing something]

back on HOH

Jee says it is a tough situation. justin agrees, that if he was playing just for himself, he'd keep nate around. but he would rather take nathan out, for his team.

jee says if you think about it, the numbers are there. he thinks that he should be sleeping, to kick ass in the comp. justin loves being the underdog. coming in to this house, and everyone against him. this way, if you get booted out, it's understood, but if you succeed, it's so much sweeter. they decide that everyone likes the underdog. jee doesn't mind being looked at as the innocent kid that is underestimated. justin says if you can fill that roll, fill it. you're doing so much better than they think you are.

more talk about something jun told them.

just: i'd love to know where it came from. you think it came from that?
jee: i don't know
Just: think about it, if rob and i were going to do that, why would we tell her
jee: i'll just listen to her. i'll just hear her out
just: wonder how she heard it
jee: i don't know if jack told her or what

they say that justin saw her crazyness. justin says that he and rob were talking about it. justin says rob is hilarious, he gets all worked up like a girl does, then it just stops

jee saying how important it is to him that he and rob are so strong on his team. jee hopes it all works out for his team. even if they don't win, they did a great job. jee says we can enjoy our time and get our money. just says there are three of us, will take at least three more weeks before they could get us out of here. says we got a real good chance

jee: on that note, we should sleep
just: get that light for me

jee leaves HOH

Aug 13 2003 03:42, Wed Quench   Link
Jee and Justin doing the mutual admiration society.
You are a great guy Rob is a great guy

I know you are a great guy Rob is a great guy

Awesome. We are really good friends

Jee: on that happy note we should get some sleep.

Jee gets up to leave. Justin asks him to lock the door so Ali won't come back in.

All is dark in the house.

Aug 13 2003 03:44, Wed frustratedposter   Link
sand box, jack asleep, erika on her side face away from cam
NB: text in [] is my comments/opinions

jee heads off to blue room. rest of the house is quiet. jee passes thru in to love room. settles in to one of the bigger beds

[appears that the house is about to shut down for the night]

Aug 13 2003 03:44, Wed Quench   Link
Four Feeds - Hamsters finally falling asleep. NT

Aug 13 2003 06:11, Wed frustratedposter   Link
scanning the feeds: F1 jack, F2 erika, F3 jee, F4 full moon/mars NT

Aug 13 2003 09:16, Wed nojobny   Link
F1-Jack; F2-Erika; F3-Jee; F4-Ali?(buried under blanket) All sleeping 8:16 BBT NT

Aug 13 2003 11:06, Wed nojobny   Link
See post below, only difference - it's 10:06 BBT NT

Aug 13 2003 11:15, Wed nojobny   Link
The earlybirds, Jack & Jun are up NT

Aug 13 2003 11:17, Wed nojobny   Link
F1: No movement fro ER, F2: Jack making coffee, F3: Jun doing her make-up in the hall mirror, F4: Ju soaking up the last of his HOH rest NT

Aug 13 2003 11:29, Wed nojobny   Link
F1-Ali brushing teeth; F2-ditto, different angle; F3-jun cooking; F4-sleeping beauty justin awaking from his slumber NT

Aug 13 2003 11:30, Wed nojobny   Link
F1&2: lovely toilet flush by Ali F3: Ja&Jun in the kitch F4: Jee up to his ears in comforter NT

Aug 13 2003 11:37, Wed nojobny   Link
Rise & shine: Jun,Js,Ja,Ali,Na,Ro are all seen wandering around and now... FOTH NT

Aug 13 2003 11:37, Wed Lola   Link
Ali snuggles into a red blanket on the LR sofa. She's staring out into space then FOTH NT

Aug 13 2003 11:41, Wed nojobny   Link
FOTH over All HG have been spotted except: Jee & Erika NT

Aug 13 2003 11:43, Wed nojobny   Link
jun complaining about nat
Ju: you pushed me in the ribs

nat: i did not i was trying to move you over

Ju: you weren't trying to move me over. you can't move me w/ one hand. Bully! Nate's a bully.

(all said jokingly)

Aug 13 2003 11:51, Wed Lola   Link
Everone is moving about the house. Je says he had a dream last night
about Mr T. someone else says didn't you dream about him the other night, do you have an obsession about him. Je doesn't remember and then he is reminded that he dreamt about the A-Team a few nights before

Aug 13 2003 12:01, Wed bidz_yo ParentRootLink
It was Jun who asked him. NT

Aug 13 2003 11:53, Wed nojobny   Link
Er has finally made an appearance in her pink J.Lo hat NT

Aug 13 2003 11:59, Wed bidz_yo   Link
BB announces outdoor lockdown
Robert honks his nose loud in reply

Aug 13 2003 12:00, Wed nojobny ParentRootLink
note: annoucement is that the lockdown is over NT

Aug 13 2003 12:03, Wed bidz_yo ParentRootLink
They are all outside with the shades pulled down as per BB's request! Jee said he
was glad he remembered to bring the cards this time.

Aug 13 2003 11:59, Wed nojobny   Link
Ro & Nat on the couch
Nat is asking robert what does he do during his off time. Robert says he just hangs around with his friends who own restaurants.

It's like hanging out at your friends' house but instead, it's a restaurant.

Ro: I never really like to just sit at home, watching tv

It almost seems like Nat is really interested to see what life will be like when he moves out to LA.

The coversation is peppered w/ long bouts of silence except for Rob nose.

(Ed note: Could someone please get Rob a tissue! He's been sniffing for the last 10 minutes)

Aug 13 2003 12:01, Wed DC1   Link
Nat asks Rob where do you live?Rob says his street is Mayberry off of Sunset Blvd..Nat says so your where all the action is..Rob says yeah.. NT

Aug 13 2003 12:06, Wed nojobny   Link

Aug 13 2003 12:11, Wed nojobny   Link
In the BY: Jee, Ro, Ju sitting in chairs by dryer. Er & Ja sitting @ the table near the wall NT

Aug 13 2003 12:20, Wed nojobny   Link
HG in BY: barely any conversation NT

Aug 13 2003 12:44, Wed nojobny   Link
FOTH over. Jee, Jus & er playing cards NT

Aug 13 2003 13:12, Wed Anonymous   Link
Lockdown is over. NT

Aug 13 2003 13:22, Wed Katfsh   Link
Almost complete silence for past hour -
no scheming, dealing.
Jus playing with cards by himself;
Nate same
Others out of camera view

Aug 13 2003 13:33, Wed max1204   Link
FOTH again...but got glimpse of backyard
Feeds switched really past to the backyard, where it appeared BB was setting up some type of jungle-gym looking contraption that I would conjecture is for the HoH competition. It reminds me of monkey bars (I think that's what they're called -- been a long time). (ed. note: I would speculate it's either some sort of obstacle course or it'll be some type of endurance contest involving hanging.)

Aug 13 2003 13:44, Wed max1204   Link
Nate in HoH talking to 3 Stooges
I missed the beginning of the conversation, but it seems that Nate told the 3 Stooges that if Jack stays, Ali and Jun might side with Jack and Erica to get rid of Justin (and also nominate Robert). Nate says Jun is also trying to turn Erica and Jack against Ali.

Justin says they are both floaters (Ali and Jun), but Ali is more transparent.

FOTH interrupts the conversation.

Aug 13 2003 13:45, Wed bidz_yo ParentRootLink
After FOTH, we get 4 whole feeds of TORTOISES NT

Aug 13 2003 13:45, Wed max1204   Link
When we returned from FOTH this time, we get turtles on all 4 feeds NT

Aug 13 2003 13:47, Wed max1204 ParentRootLink
And I think the sound is turned off on the feeds NT

Aug 13 2003 14:00, Wed Lola   Link
Feeds come back and HG are discussing what type of 'casual' clothes they should wear for the competition NT

Aug 13 2003 14:00, Wed TheBigSista   Link
turtles gone LR talking about what they are gonna wear tonight....
sounds like casual dress tonight with justine speculating that because they told him to dress casual that they may let him compete then saying they wont

Aug 13 2003 14:00, Wed max1204   Link
HGs are told how to dress for tonight
They were told to dress casual. The girls (Ali at least) isn't happy about it.

(Ed. note: This gives more credence to a physical/endurance HoH competition, which is being set up in the BY.)

Aug 13 2003 14:01, Wed TheBigSista   Link
junzilla in kitchen.............
chopping and eating watermelon i think

Aug 13 2003 14:03, Wed TheBigSista   Link
junzilla 'i fing hate wearing tennis shoes - its not good for my image'....
(but stuffing her face on a regular basis and that disgusting string top are!?!)

Aug 13 2003 14:06, Wed Niki458   Link
Jun is cutting watermelon in the kitchen, the rest of the HG's
are in the living room - (except for Nate and Erika.) They are laying around on the couch. Je is humming. Ali gets up and looks like she is cleaning out the dresser in the hallway that she has been using in the house. Jun brought the watermelon to the lr table for everyone to share.
They are discussing the challenge and Nate asked what everyone is wearing. He is told that they have decided on tank tops and shorts.

Aug 13 2003 14:09, Wed Niki458   Link
HG are discussing that they don't think they can go outside anymore, and someone should ask in the D.R. NT

Aug 13 2003 14:18, Wed Anonymous   Link
Feed just showed of people in back yard setting up for HOH NT

Aug 13 2003 14:18, Wed bbdev   Link
strange group of young people standing outside for a brief moment, then FOTH!! NT

Aug 13 2003 14:20, Wed Grins   Link
Feeds on Turtles..BUT we can hear Jun talking in the DR about HoH. She says she is a little nervous, and then FoTH NT

Aug 13 2003 14:21, Wed Lola   Link
Feeds show turtles but can hear voice of Er saying how nervous she is about
not being told anything about the HOH comp and not knowing what it will be about
She says several times she's a little nervous

Aug 13 2003 14:22, Wed bbdev ParentRootLink
that's Jun saying she's nervous about hoh and not knowing how vote will go, then FOTH NT

Aug 13 2003 14:26, Wed nojobny ParentRootLink
The other voice heard was one of the handlers b/c Jun was in the DR when she was talking. NT

Aug 13 2003 14:23, Wed Lola ParentRootLink
Correction, maybe it was Jun, not Er NT

Aug 13 2003 14:30, Wed Niki458   Link
all feeds are now FOTH. They must be in BY for HOH comp NT

Aug 13 2003 14:48, Wed Dreamer   Link
Jun's convo in DR . .partial
Dr voice is female . .

I came in when the DR was already talking to Jun . .she asked her what she was cooking . .
J: ? with rice
DR: Excellent
Jun laughs
DR: Alright, well um today um right now it doesn't seem like there is that much going on other than your cooking so I just wanted to ask you how you are feeling about today, and the HOH competition, the impending eviction, these kinds of things
J: Um I think that once it's time to kinda get into fierce game mode again there will be a bit of a buzz in the house. Right now there isn't much. Everyone is kinda laying around and kinda brooding over things and I think everyone's just a little bit nervous. I am definitely kinda nervous about what to expect as far as the HOH competition um we don't have much information about it and we're not going to get any practice or any kind of um hints as far as what the HOH competition um will be about, so right now I'm a little nervous um I definitely ---.cut to FOTH at 1:21 pm

Aug 13 2003 15:05, Wed TheBigSista   Link
feeds back rat and jee talking in loveroom NT

Aug 13 2003 15:06, Wed joannie   Link
Feeds are back. Jee and Robert are in the HOH room whispering. NT

Aug 13 2003 15:08, Wed joannie   Link
Jee is vacuuming. NT

Aug 13 2003 15:10, Wed Lola   Link
Most HG in LR playing Old Maid. Rob fixing snack, Je still vacuming NT

Aug 13 2003 15:10, Wed joannie   Link
Justin, Ali, Jun and Nate are playing Old Maid. Jack and Erika are sitting at either end of the couches watching in silence. NT

Aug 13 2003 15:14, Wed joannie   Link
Rob is all alone in the bathroom. He's picking at his nose and face like crazy NT

Aug 13 2003 15:19, Wed Lola   Link
Ja remembers playing Old Maid back in the 40's and 50's and how everyone giggled when they got the Old Maid NT

Aug 13 2003 15:20, Wed joannie   Link
Erika retreats to the sand room wrapped up in her blue blanket. NT

Aug 13 2003 15:21, Wed Lola   Link
Er goes to lay down in Sand Box. She swallows some pills or something with a drink of water NT

Aug 13 2003 15:28, Wed joannie   Link
Jack and Erika are in the sand room. They look defeated.
Jack: "You know next week we're only gonna have four people voting."

Aug 13 2003 15:28, Wed Lola   Link
Ja & Er in sandbox
They talk about how Je is scared and he really doesn't need those others
Ja says that Ro looks like he's almost "comatose" and Er laughs
She says "You mean they're not all cocky today"
Ja says "Not as cocky"

Aug 13 2003 15:30, Wed joannie   Link
"Jack, please go to the DR" NT

Aug 13 2003 15:32, Wed Lola   Link
more Ja & Er
They specualte on whether they will be together
Er says "who are you going to hang out with if we're not together. do you think they'll let us talk"
Ja says "If we're together we'll be able to talk. It would make more sense to put us all together rather than pay for 7 locations and 7 handlers. If we're together they can't put us together and then tell us not to talk"
Er says "If we're together and you get there first people will be like she was out to get you from the beginning"
Ja gets called to DR

Aug 13 2003 15:34, Wed joannie   Link
Ali's going to take a nap before the live show
ali: "If I'm not up by four, somebody wake me."

Aug 13 2003 15:34, Wed Lola   Link
Ali retreats to take a nap. Ask if someone, anyone will wake her if she's not up by 4. Ro mumbles yeah NT

Aug 13 2003 15:36, Wed joannie   Link
Rob is sitting in a kitchen chair, arms crossed, staring into space. NT

Aug 13 2003 15:38, Wed joannie   Link
Stooges plus Jun discussing the HOH comp
Sounds like a balance beam is somehow involved. Robert thinks Erika and Ali will be good at it. He says, "I'm going down."

Jun pipes in, "Jee will be good at it."

Aug 13 2003 15:44, Wed joannie   Link
Justin and Jee are in the LR playing cards. Rob sits nearby twitching and looking around. NT

Aug 13 2003 16:03, Wed bbdev   Link
Jun comments that BB will shut off internet tonite so we wont know who won endurance hoh comp at 4am.....NOT!!! NT

Aug 13 2003 16:10, Wed bbdev ParentRootLink
As Ratbert picks his face some more, he comments he has a good feeling about winning hoh tonite...also mentioned erika hasnt danced in 10yrs
and will not win a balance beam competition (editorial note: dont forget ratbert has previously mentioned that he's not seen or spoken to erika in 3 yrs or how the heck would he know?)

Aug 13 2003 16:22, Wed Dreamer ParentRootLink
More on competition . . . .
Ju: Maybe they'll shut off the internet, cause they can't have people finding out before
Je: About what?
Ju:Like if the competition doesn't end, well it's not gonna end tonight but the internet viewers will be able to see who won HOH before the television viewers

Aug 13 2003 16:33, Wed Lola   Link
Nat & Ali in orange room
Nat says "If I'm gone you know you won't stand a chance"
Ali says "I know"
Nat says "Er & Ja have you back though"
Ali seems surprised
They talk about not trusting Jun
Nat ask Ali "Make me a promise, that you'll take them out"
Ali agrees

Aug 13 2003 16:35, Wed Lola   Link
Nat wants Ali to give him a sympathy vote, but Ali hasn't agreed. She changes the subject and says she doesn't think he's going NT

Aug 13 2003 17:54, Wed strkaholic   Link
When the feeds came back briefly a bit ago, Jee and Robert where sitting in the LR and Jee whispered to Ratbert..
"So..Nathan knows?" Could not hear Ratbert's response but the Jee said.."I did not want him to know". That's all they said before they got up and feeds went back to FOTH.

Aug 13 2003 18:09, Wed frustratedposter   Link
nate reading psalm 125 to erika and jack
jun helping ali get ready in WC area

nate comments on how psalm is fitting. erika agrees

Aug 13 2003 18:10, Wed n2deep   Link
Erica and Jack in their beds, Erica goes and asks Nate if he will come inside and read a passage from the Bible to them he does then leaves "Oh
the passage was about evil-doers" Erica said the last time Nate read they had good luck.

Aug 13 2003 18:15, Wed txbluefirefly4   Link
Ali is putting makeup on Robert NT

Aug 13 2003 18:15, Wed Dreamer   Link
Ali just finished applying Robert's face make up NT

Aug 13 2003 18:24, Wed DC1   Link
Earlier after Nat read bible and left...Jack & Erika in BR..Erika asked Ja if they offered him $20,000 to leave would he and he said...
yeah I would...I'd vote myself out. Erika said yeah I would too, but they need girls in bikinis around here so they can keep guys watching the show. Then Jack comments on yes they have to see the polka dot binkini...

Aug 13 2003 18:30, Wed txbluefirefly4   Link
Ali and Justin whispering and BB keeps going to FOTH NT

Aug 13 2003 18:55, Wed Debra_Kadabra ParentRootLink
Ali asked if she could give a sympathy vote NT

Aug 13 2003 18:48, Wed ilsa   Link
Jack wishes Erika
good luck as he leaves the WC area.

Erika: 'You too.'

Aug 13 2003 18:51, Wed deedee744   Link
FOTH until after the show..... NT

Aug 13 2003 19:39, Wed frustratedposter   Link
nate out, 5-0

Aug 13 2003 19:54, Wed frustratedposter   Link
HOH comp


6 hg in a cage
next cage holds 4
they must wait for 2 to drop out
next holds 2
wait for 2 to drop out
last one standing in final cage is hoh

Aug 13 2003 20:17, Wed frustratedposter ParentRootLink
cages are:
1st is barely big enough for all 6, low ceiling, jack/jee/erika touch the room

large holes on bottom

they must remain, facing out, holding bars to prevent them from touching ground

once 2 are out, move to smaller cage, 4 HG move on
same design

once 2 more out, into last cage
ceiling is lower
very small

last one to remain is the new HOH

Aug 13 2003 20:03, Wed Quench   Link
And we are back to the Cage match. NT

Aug 13 2003 20:15, Wed wrat1010   Link
Erika: "this cage is perfect for my height. i can actually just stand there and lodge myself in" NT

Aug 13 2003 20:17, Wed Asiina   Link
Some cage stuff.
All in the cage. They are just laughing it up saying that they are going to make fun of Justin all night. Erika is doing most of the talking. Everyone else is either giving one word answers or not talking.

Jack says: I guess there won't be dinner at 9pm.

They talk about food for a minute.

Ali: They better not offer us food.

Erika: They should give us entertainment.


Erika: This cage is perfect for my height.

Jun was laughing.

Erika: You aren't going to be doing that in four hours.

Jun: I'll be the cage. Be one with the cage. I think I'll just break into song (PLEASE DON'T!)

Erika sings a bit from Chicago.

Jack: So, how did I get myself into this.

Jun: Justin Dance for us, give us some entertainment. Give us a striptease.

Jack: Oh dear.

Jun: I have to pee again.

Jack: Just let it go. Jsut let it rip.

Everyone else: No, no peeing in the cage. It's going to smell like butt.

Aug 13 2003 20:17, Wed Quench   Link
Erika saying that she is just the right height for the first cage she can wedge her head in the ceiling
and get comfortable.

Jun saying it's good to be short. The cage is too short for Jack he's bending his neck.

The lights from the ground are shining up at them. it's right in Jack's face.

Now they are talking about having to pee. Only 25 minutes into it.

Aug 13 2003 20:18, Wed rvwinkle   Link
Jee asks about having to pee. Jack says go ahead and pee, Allie freaks
and says no way! it's gonna stick and smell like butt.

Aug 13 2003 20:21, Wed wrat1010 ParentRootLink
she also brought up smell of Justin's shorts and Justin said "can you give it a rest?" NT

Aug 13 2003 20:20, Wed Quench   Link
Ali saying that she can see the whole cage toppling over with all of them in it
Justin says "From the mind of a drama queen"

Aug 13 2003 20:20, Wed asdf   Link
Jun "I bet Arnold has one of these (cages) at home." NT

Aug 13 2003 20:22, Wed Quench   Link
Ali saying with 30 minutes - anyone willing to make a deal? NT

Aug 13 2003 20:24, Wed frustratedposter   Link
ali: anyone willing to deal?
jun starts, if any of you get it, don't put me up

ali: if you leave

jack whistles

ali wonders what nate is doing right now

[no deals finalized]

ali says you could get hurt if you fall down
jack wants his feet to hit before anything else

erika: arnold, i thought you were an animal lover

the HGs are warm

request for a joke from ali

jun asks justin to check the time, thinks it's been an hour. justin says like 20 mins

they discuss playing a game

Aug 13 2003 20:25, Wed Quench   Link
Jun - Justin go and find out the time. It's like we have been in here an hour
Now they are trying to play a game.

Ali - I spy something blue

They are naming all sorts of things in the BY

Aug 13 2003 20:28, Wed Asiina   Link
more cage...PART 2
Jack: At least you know that Dana is obsessive.

Erika: I'm never letting you live that diown.

Jack: That is the second stupidest thing I've ever done.

Jun: Man, this cage is hot.

Ali: I can just see this cage tumbling over and we all die.

Jun: They'll lower it into water. See Ali, you're a drama queen, not me.

Jack: We can do abs in here tonight.

Justin: That's a long shot.

Erika: Ut's still kinda airy in here.

Jack: We're all a little overdressed.

Jun: Let us out!

Jun: What will you guys do if I pee my pants.

Ali: Cry.

Jun: You're all going to do it.

Jack: dman right.

Jun: It's the latest thing.

Erika: I sit down all day and I cook food. This is torture.

Jack: I could be driving my (car, didn't catch what type) right now.

Ali: Anyone willing to deal?

Jun: It's too early. How about if any of you get it, you don't put me up. And if I get it, I'll put all of you up.

Ali: If you fall through this, it will hurt.

Jun: yah

Jack: I want my feet to hit before anythikng else.

Ali: You'll f-cking break an ankle.

Jun: Arnold, I thought you were an animal lover.

Jack: He wants the animals on the outside looking in.

Jun: UIt's friggin hot, man. Somebody out there tell us a joke. Justin, go check the time. I think it's been like an hour.

Justin: No way.

Jun: Let's play a rhyming game.

Ali: Rhyming game? Anybody want to play?

Jee: No.

Erika: I'll play but I don't know how.

Ali: I spy something blue.

Erika: I don't know how to play this game.

Ali explains it.

Erika and Jack guess and Ali says no to everything.

Erika: I don't like this game.

Jun: The no-ad sunscreen.

Ali: Yes.

Jun: I don't want to play this, it's depressing me. Can I take off my shirt?

Jack: Go ahead.

Ali: I want to take off my pants.

Erika: How do you play the movie game?

Ali explains it.

Ali: I guess I'll just play with myself.

Erika: Yah, play with yourself, that would be hot.

Jack: Women playing with themselves is hot.

Jun: Hell yah.

Jun: This first cage is going to take forever. For-Ev-Er

Jack: How you doing Jee?

Erika: Okay, this isn't fun anymore, let us out. joke's on us.

Aug 13 2003 20:33, Wed Quench   Link
Now they are looking at the sky It looks like rain. Ali is droning on about what happens if lightning hits then
we will be electrocuted. Who will be HOH?

Jack saying they are going to turn the sprinklers on. (which BB does every evening) Ali goes on about being electrocuted.

Just a note here. Robert has been dead silent since going into the cage.

Aug 13 2003 20:35, Wed Asiina   Link
Justin: It's been a half hour.

Jun: Oh good. I thought it had been like ten minutes. So if I wanted to take off my thong and throw it on the camera I couldn't?

Ali: I'm hungry.

Jun: Jack, what you order?

Jack: Chicken rotisery.

Ali: If we ever get it.

Jun: Oh God, I think it's going to rain (THAT WOULD BE GREAT!)

Jack: CBS could make it rain if they wanted to.

Ali: CBS killed by BF.

They joke about Dana but it goes by really fast.

Jack: Sprinklers are going to come on.

Ali: That's right. Then we'll be electrocuted. There going to kill us all at once.

Jun: Oh my god, the clouds look so forboding.

Ali: Can we ask if the lights are waterproof? I don't feel like frying.

Jun : You mean HOH isn't worth it to you?

Ali: This is so much fun. We could just annoy everybody to get out of the cage. *makes a tickling noise*

Jun: I'll just flash everybody.

Ali: America has seen your nipples Jun.

Jack: They didn't have to blur the front of me.

Ali yawns loudly.

Aug 13 2003 20:40, Wed Asiina   Link
Cage part 4. Shorter as they've stopped talking.
Ali: Anyone else smell that?

Jun: Mmm-Hmm, smells good.

Ali: At least they didn't say the (sand?) room was locked down.

Jack: Be nice to have some music.

Erika: At least some birds chirping.

jun: If you fell asleep, wouldn't you fall anyways?

Erika: I had a BF in college who would sleep with his eyes open. He looked like DA DEVIL!

Erika: I wish Marcellas was here to make us laugh.

Jun: I didn't like Marcellas.

Jack: that's alright Jun.

Aug 13 2003 20:41, Wed wrat1010   Link
Ali "this is survivor sh#t. it's not big brother sh#t" NT

Aug 13 2003 20:41, Wed bruhe   Link
no one has dropped out and no one has moved to the next cage. nothing has changed since end of show NT

Aug 13 2003 20:42, Wed Quench   Link
Ali saying this is Survivor sheet not BB sheet.
Jun: Where is Justin.

Ali:Probably in the house making himself something to eat

Jun says he better not come out here with a roast beef sandwich.

It's so quiet you can hear the birds chirping in the background.

Aug 13 2003 20:49, Wed Asiina   Link
Jun: Where's justin the little bastard? Probably taking a nap. He's going to come out here with roast beef.

Jun: The birds are telling each other to fly away. They are saying to each other "Guys, come look at these losers in the cage." Oh no, they ARE coming back. Nice birdies.

Jun: [the birds] are laughing at us. (Birds are chirping quite loudly)

Justin comes back out.

Justin: How's everybody holding up?

Jack: Good.

Justin: The sun went down a lot.

Jack: This light will keep me warm all night.

Erika to Justin: Did you eat something? Tell me how it tasted.

Jun: Let's see some energy!

Ali: Justin, go to the DR and tell them to quit picking on us.

Justin: Nah.

Jun: You're getting put up for not having to put up with this. You wanna make a deal Justin? Ready to make deals? How about you go make me a sandwich. God, I'm hungry!

Jun: Can you imagine being stuck in this with Dana?

They sing Mantroll.

Justin: Did you guys think you'd be in here all night when I locked you in?

Ali and Jun are arguing about something (playfully) but I can't tell.

Aug 13 2003 21:02, Wed wrat1010 ParentRootLink
correction: jun said imagine being stuck in the cage with Scott.. they were imitating Scott saying mantroll NT

Aug 13 2003 20:56, Wed Sarah   Link
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Thank you from the Joker's Updates staff!

Aug 13 2003 20:57, Wed wrat1010   Link
Jack: "Erika, you're a pilates instructor. you could stay in here forever. " Erika "and a ballerina" NT

Aug 13 2003 21:00, Wed wrat1010   Link
jack to erika "you got enough room" erika "yep" then FOTH NT

Aug 13 2003 21:04, Wed Quench   Link
Justin calls out - 1 hour. Jun says that's all.
They are all pretty silent now the fun has worn off. Lots of shifting of arms and feet. and FOTH

Aug 13 2003 21:08, Wed frustratedposter   Link
justin went in SR
took out trays of what appear to be covered food

asked bb if he was supposed to raise the shades

didn't hear, but seems he was told yes

justin now outside raising shades

Justin: hey can i get a hand here? [to the HGs]

one of the girls says here, you can have this one

Aug 13 2003 21:10, Wed TheBigSista   Link
junzilla 'i'm hungry' !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NT

Aug 13 2003 21:12, Wed frustratedposter   Link
justin asks if they have complaints
NB: text in [] is my comments/opinions

justin asks what their biggest complaints are. says he doesn't want to do this.

rob: none, Jee: none, ali: julie called me out on tv, jack: i'm caged with 3 beautiful women, no complaints, erika: none, Jun: i'm hungry

justin apologizes for doing it, and shows them food in the trays he got in the SR

Aug 13 2003 21:13, Wed frustratedposter ParentRootLink
jun: i can smell it now
erika: jun, shut up. we've been in here for 1 hour

Aug 13 2003 21:12, Wed bruhe   Link
many trays of food on kitchen counter and justin comes out to tempt the caged with rotisserie chicken. no takers NT

Aug 13 2003 21:14, Wed Quench   Link
Justin asks what has been your biggest complaint
Robert, Jee, Erika have none

Ali - the way julie called me out on the show

Jack - i am caged with 3 beautiful women I have no complaints

Jun - I'm hungry

Justin brings out at platter of chicken and holds it to the noses of the other HGs

Jun says eat it right infront of me.

Justin goes back and talks about the veggies that come with the meal.

Aug 13 2003 21:28, Wed frustratedposter   Link
HGs relatively quiet. some lite chatter. no new bribes. all going strong NT

Aug 13 2003 21:35, Wed Quench   Link
Justin - 1 1/2 hours
Jun asks how was dinner?
Justin: good

Jun: is there desert

Justin: I don't think I am going to have any

Jun: There is icecream have some for me

Aug 13 2003 21:44, Wed Quench   Link
They are all still in the first cage
Jun keeps saying I am so hungry Ali keeps telling her to go and eat

They can hear a car screech outside of the compound.

Jack - There goes Nathan.

Aug 13 2003 21:50, Wed ktan   Link
The HGs have gone 2 hours without anyone eliminated from the steel cage match. Justin is in hammock watching. NT

Aug 13 2003 22:00, Wed Mirage   Link
Be Quiet, I'm trying to sleep.-Justin / I hope a bird poops on you! - June? NT

Aug 13 2003 22:17, Wed doodles444s   Link
Ali complaining (for at least the third time) about how Julie mentioned her having a bedmate on national tv.. NT

Aug 13 2003 22:17, Wed bruhe   Link
2 hours and 19 minutes into hoh comp and nothing has changed from the start. all still inside initial cage. no real convo re: game NT

Aug 13 2003 22:18, Wed Quench   Link
Ali: I will never ever put my dog in another cage ever again
Jun: this is one of these moments where it could effect you for the the rest of the game

Erika saying that she wants to eat the Chicken with the ice cream on it pregnant lady style

Jun is yelling at Justin who is sleeping on the hammock to check the time. We have nothing better else to do.

Aug 13 2003 22:23, Wed Quench   Link
2 hours 20 minutes Jun telling Justin that she just mini peed. He says do you want me to get you a paper towel
Jun says Ask them if you can bring me a cup to pee in. It will be nice and warm

Erika asks Jim (BB staffer) can I have a cup to pee in. Then a quick FOTH. And no cup or paper towels from Justin

Aug 13 2003 22:24, Wed nojobny   Link
Jun has just asked for a cup to pee in. Actually, she
told jus that she leaked a little.

Jus: do you want me to get you a paper towel
Jun: yeah, so I can stick it down my pants, pee on it and you can throw it out

collective ewwwww

Can you give me a cup? Ask them if I can have a cup to pee in.


End of FOTH, no cup.

Aug 13 2003 22:24, Wed I_Should_Be_Working   Link
Jun complaining she has to pee...Justin's reaction?
He starts up the bubbling hot tub and gets in...

Aug 13 2003 22:25, Wed Quench   Link
Justin goes to the HT and turns on the Bubbles.
Ali does not look at all happy. Robert is very silent not looking at anyone.

All you can hear on the feeds is the bubbling of the water from the HT

Aug 13 2003 22:25, Wed nojobny   Link
Jus is now in the spa. NT

Aug 13 2003 22:29, Wed ktan   Link
Feed 2 is black screen, having technical problems. NT

Aug 13 2003 22:35, Wed nojobny   Link
Everyone is trying to
convince Jun to leave

"you're safe, just leave'
"ooh, listen to the water in that spa'
everyone starts making pi**ing sounds
"think about a nice warm shower"

She's still there.

Aug 13 2003 22:35, Wed Anonymous   Link
I have NO audio,feed 2 is black out, ja and rob seem to be holding it well,ali and jun
seem to not be doing well(just my observation, not a fact)

Aug 13 2003 22:45, Wed Mikkie   Link
Returning from short FOTH, Erika says Camera broken. (did they hear us all asking about feed 2?) NT

Aug 13 2003 22:48, Wed Quench   Link
Was FOTH then Erika calling Justin. You need to get out of the HT and dry off
the camera is broken and they need your help.

Aug 13 2003 22:48, Wed Mikkie   Link
After another brief FOTH, Erika yells over to Justin he has to get out of HT and dry off, they need him to fix a camera NT

Aug 13 2003 23:01, Wed Quench   Link
Jun really has to pee She is wearing a jumpsuit
She asks Jee for his shirt and then she will toss it away.

Jack telling her she won't be put up. Ali keeps saying Jun go pee.

Jun says I have to think about this.

Aug 13 2003 23:05, Wed Quench   Link
Ali says someone get out of the damn cage.
Jun can't pee in public Robert says that she won't be nominated if she leaves first

Justin is laughing so hard. And says he can't turn on the jets because the mics can't pick up the conversations

Jun saying I can't pee like a guy. I can't direct my urine stream.

Jun says to Ali would you pee. Ali says yes but I would leave.

Jun is now deciding she would rather pass out than pee.

Aug 13 2003 23:11, Wed Quench   Link
BB:HG this is a reminder that tomorrow is the food competition
And they all yelled Shuddup ! along with some other colourful words

Aug 13 2003 23:16, Wed Quench   Link
Jack telling Jun she is the only safe one in the house
Jack offers his shirt to Jun so she can pee on it. (what a gentleman)

Jun wraps it around her waist and squats

Yells to Justin stop looking as the camera zooms in

Aug 13 2003 23:18, Wed Kimba   Link
Jun just peed...used Jack's shirt to cover herself...ended up peeing on it by accident, but Jack put it back on anyway. NT

Aug 13 2003 23:18, Wed Quench   Link
Jun successful pees and Ali is yelling OMG OMG. Jun hands Jack his shirt back.
A little damp. He puts it back on.

The decision was made for her to pee. It was Robert saying do you want to win HOH if you do then just go pee in here.

Aug 13 2003 23:18, Wed candysnm   Link
Jun uses Jack's shirt to cover her while she peed in the cage. NT

Aug 13 2003 23:19, Wed I_Should_Be_Working   Link
Jack lends Jun his shirt to cover herself as she pees. Unfortunately,
she gets it a little wet in the process. Jack puts it back on anyway.

Aug 13 2003 23:23, Wed pformgarts   Link
3.5 hours and hamsters are still in cages. feed 2 is out NT

Aug 13 2003 23:39, Wed Michelle_OR   Link
Justin: alli's gonna pop a squat!! NT

Aug 13 2003 23:49, Wed I_Should_Be_Working   Link
Justin goes inside to take a shower. Jun: This is pathetic, the most we have to look forward to is Justin getting out of the shower! NT

Aug 13 2003 23:52, Wed Kimba   Link
Various tidbits as time goes by with everyone in the cage.
Note the times; there are LONG pauses in between chatter.

10:33pm - Erika tells Jack that he is a good speaker. He sounds like a politician, whereas she couldn't speak and just blubbered: ""

Jack comments that Nathan was as shocked as they all were that it was unanimous.

Alie has to pee; Jun tells her to do it because Jun doesn't want to be the only one. Alie doesn't yet, however.

Justin: I don't see how anyone is coming out of there.

Jun: They will throw something at us if we don't get we can't crouch or something.

Jee: Screw the food comp tomorrow, we're all going to be on PB&J. (Everyone laughs.)

Erika apparently was prepared for it to be an endurance competition. She made sure she went to the bathroom just before the live show, didn't drink anything, and brought tissues in her jacket.

10:37 - Justin: This sucks, this is boring. (He's in the hot tub watching.) Hehehe, he laughs.

10:40 - Justin goes to shower.

10:41 - Jun: I think my stomach is shrinking.

Erika: Oh my gawd...

Jun: Really, it feels so tiny. Justin, tell us the time! (He won't.)

10:43 - Jun, laughing: I think I am going CRAZY in here! Whoooohooohooo.

10:45 - Jack: Remember the Hustler? The movie? Then he quotes part of it. Eirka laughs. When Jun asks what was the point, Erika says that Jack just does that, throw out random movie quotes. It is a "Jackism."

Jun: The only thing we have to look forward to is Justin coming out of the shower. That is some sad sh*t. Sad sh*t.

10:47 - Jun, to Alie: Are you going to pee?

Alie: I want to extend my bladder. But I probably will end up peeing soon... Now Jun get out. Go on and leave.

Jun: Who is going to go with me? Why should I go?

Jack: Because everyone has given you their word that they won't nominate you. (A round of agreement choruses.)

Jun only yawns and stays.

10:49 - Robert: It is going to be morning soon (they have a warped sense of time in there).

They start humming "The sun will come out tomorrow..."

10:51 - Jee plays rock, paper and scissors to see who will leave, he loses and then says he won't go (it wasn't really serious, tho...was more of a joke).


Aug 13 2003 23:58, Wed Michelle_OR   Link
Alli squats and Justin says: Pot on the NT

Aug 14 2003 00:02, Thu Kimba   Link
And so it goes as they are in the cage...
10:51 - Jee: It's been four hours? (He is correct.)

10:53 - Jee: How long has it been? Jun: FOUR HOURS!

General ho-humming and various observations: Jack: The moon has a circle around it! Jee and Alie play fight and punch each other.

10:55 - Looking at how Jun's pee has turned the metal orange, Erika remarks: You have some toxic pee there, Jun.

Justin: Alie, you pop a sprock (?) and I am going to be right here (meaning he will watch her pee).

Alie: I will pee my pants before that.

Jun: We're not going anywhere. We are stubborn people. They should put hot coals under our feet. Or get Justin to poke us with a stick.

10:57 - Justin: Man, you guys are not even 1/3rd of the way through this yet, how do you feel?

Erika: We're gonna be here till people start passing out in sleep. The others agree this will happen.

Justin mentions BB gave them the food at 7:15 (the meal Jack ordered as non-evicted nominee). Jun says it was to tease them in the cage.

10:58 - Jun groans. Alie: Justin, you might as well drink all our booze, we're not going to touch it. Justin: I think I will.

Justin: You guys are not going to be out of here until 3 or 4 in the morning. And then we'll have an early-morning food competition!

FOTH. Back a half minute later. Nothing appears to have happened.

11:00 - Alie: I just have to pee, that is my only problem. She looks up at the sky.

Justin looks bored as heck watching them.


Aug 14 2003 00:03, Thu Quench   Link
Justin opens up the locked box near the cage.
Oh there is alot of stuff in there.

Ali whispers to him - Tell me

Justin - I can't It's a big box full to the top

Aug 14 2003 00:07, Thu Michelle_OR   Link
Jun: I am not cut out for this @#$%
Jun: I can pop out a baby but am not meant to stay in a cage.

Justin says: Jun, it has been hours since you ate!
Jun: Jee remember that time you wanted to have sex in a cage?
Jee: what are you talking about lady? We never had sex.
Jun: jee loves to ph%k and ph&ck... all the time.

Aug 14 2003 00:12, Thu Mirage   Link
Ali is now doing a Jun (relieving herself). NT

Aug 14 2003 00:14, Thu Mirage   Link
(singing) Ali's got to,la, la and comment about performance anxiety. Cheering her on. NT

Aug 14 2003 00:16, Thu Quench   Link
Jack is going to give Ali his shirt now so she can pee.
Jee refuses to give up his shirt.

Justin won't leave the side of the cage

She squats and she lets out a load

Aug 14 2003 00:16, Thu Kimba   Link
And more as they pass the four hour mark...Alie pees.
11:02pm - Alie: I am running out of songs to sing in my head. I have to pee-pee!

Jun: Justin leave, so everyone can pee.

Alison balances on one foot.

11:04 - Justin: It is so weird with no one in that house. It's f*cking weird....Jun, there is a lot of pee down there.

Jun: Shut up...I don't want to talk about it (she sounds tired).

Justin: I know this isn't the first time you've been in a cage.

Jun: but not for 5 hours!

They think they smell marijuana. Various HGs talk about how they'd love some right now.

Jun: Jee, remember that time we had sex in a cage?

Jee: What??! I don't know what you are talking about.

Jun: Nah, Jee loves to f*ck. He sucks me off all of the time.

Laughter, whining, bickering.

11:06 - Alie is finally going to pee. She tells everyone to face away from her. She hesitates. Alie: Justin, don't watch me. Jun: JACK watched me! He was just standing over me the whole time. Alie: This will be on the internet. Jun: Hello?! It won't be because they can't get info ahead of time on who will be HoH! It's not on the internet (they seem to believe her...idiots).

BB: HGs, this is a reminder that tomorrow is the food competition.

Erika: Thank you, we know!

11:09 - Alie is going to pee. Justin: You guys are going to be stenched out of here. Jack gives Alie his shirt (Alie and Jun call him a gentleman). Alie ties it around her waist, undoes her pants, tells everyone to turn around and...taking her some time to get ready...

Jun: Come on Alie, see if you can pee more than me. Justin: Come on, pee number two. Here she goes! She's popping a SQUAT!! Ha ha!!! (That's the expression it was...) And Alie is trying to pee. Justin is laughing his head off as he watched. Erika: Justin, grow up. Justin: Why?! It's funny!!!

Alie is having trouble completing her task. Jun: They can't see anything, Alie (she repeats this several times. Uh, I am seeing a lot). Alie: Yell when I do this please. They all start la-la-laing. Justin: Watch the shirt!!! No one yell, she'll accidentally sh*t! Jack: Not on my shirt!!

They all start singing: Alie is going to pee, Alie is going to pee...Lalalala. Guys start making pooping sounds and yelling, "It smells like poo! It is dribbling out!!"

Alie: I can't pee!!!!

Justin: OMG OMG OMG look at it all! It's gross! Look at all the pee! OMG, I'm going to throw up.

Everyone is laughing their heads off.

Jun: Omg, you peed a lot!!!

Jee: That is f*cking gross!!!!! That smells!

Jun: Omg his shirt is all wet!!!!!!!!

Justin: Omg, that is so gross!!

Jack: Uh, I'll let this dry off.

Jee: No, don't wear it!

Alie: I'm sorry guys, it stinks.



Aug 14 2003 00:16, Thu I_Should_Be_Working   Link
Jack lends Ali his shirt...
Jun is sure that they won't be airing this on the internet. Some discussion about whether or not there are internet cameras out here.

Ali takes some time to position herself, Erika offers to cover her. Several false starts on Ali's part. She asks everyone to yell while she's doing this. They start singing scales, then off tune, "Ali's gonna pee, it's dribbling, la, la, la, la, la..."

Justin: OMG it smells like PEE!

And poor Jack's shirt has taken another hit...

Aug 14 2003 00:17, Thu Michelle_OR   Link
Allison" guys it's just pee... Jack: I am drying it out (his shirt) NT

Aug 14 2003 00:21, Thu Michelle_OR   Link
Justin: BB can i hose down the piss? Can I hose down the urine? NT

Aug 14 2003 00:21, Thu Michelle_OR   Link
Robert is out!! NT

Aug 14 2003 00:22, Thu Kimba   Link
Back after FOTH and Alie's peeing....... ROBERT LEAVES!
11:16 - Jack: I'm drying it out.


Intermittent FOTH.

Alie: I feel better!

Justin: See, like a civilized person, I am going to the BATHROOM to pee!

Alie: Shut up Justin!

Jee is mumbling...hard to hear him. He tells Erika to look down at the pee, tho. Oh well, it is not like someone took a crap down there. Someone chimes out, not yet!

Alie: Holy cow, I feel so much better now!

Someone says they feel like yakking (it is Jun, I think...the smell is bad).

Jun: We are getting so up and close with these producers (and all of us across North America, Jun).

Erika: Oh man, Justin is eating. Man.

11:19 - Jun: My legs hurt!

Alie: Robert are you okay?

R: Oh yeah.

A: I am sorry about that pee.

R: I don't care about that...don't worry.

The HGs ask Justin to get a bucket of water to throw on the pee. Justin asks BB: Can I HOSE down the urine? Can I hose it down??? No answer. Justin says, they are not going to let me, there is too much electrical stuff around. FOTH for about 20 secs.

R: I am out of here. I'm not kidding. I can't do this all night.

Jee: No! Don't do it.

R: I am not kidding.

And he is gone!!!!!!!!!!!

Aug 14 2003 00:22, Thu I_Should_Be_Working   Link
And ROB is leaving!! (I have a f**king headache. NT

Aug 14 2003 00:22, Thu ktan   Link
Robert suddenly says "I am outta here" and the cage is unlocked. FOTH NT

Aug 14 2003 00:23, Thu Quench   Link
Afterwards Ali feels so much better. Jun says I told you so.
Justin asks if he can hose down the urine. BB says No. Too much electrical equipment

Aug 14 2003 00:24, Thu Kimba   Link
Robert heads to the bathroom. Immediately washes his hands, then goes to the potty room.
Blows his nose. Pees.

Out. Doesn't wash hands. Takes some vitamins? (Puts them in his hadn and everything. Ick.)


Aug 14 2003 00:26, Thu ktan   Link
Will Jee leave? Jack says everybody in this cage is safe. Jee, though, will stay in. NT

Aug 14 2003 00:30, Thu Quench   Link
Erika - Your pee smells girl. Ali - I am a healthy girl.
Jun says not mine I drink alot of water

Erika - We can't blame you Jee this is the only time you can do this.

Erika: Am I the only negotiator in this cage

Jack: there is 5 votes out here and 2 in there

Ali - Jun get out.

Aug 14 2003 00:31, Thu Michelle_OR   Link
Erika: I 'm revitalized now that Robert's out. Anyone wanna make out? NT

Aug 14 2003 00:32, Thu Kimba   Link
Robert to Justin inside: F*ck, it is not looking good. But Jee is strong.
He is switching sides and leaning up against the cage.

Jack looks like he is going to fall over. Erika slept all day, but does she have the stamina? She worries me. Jee is strong. Alie and Jun have a chance now that they have peed.

(I can tell they are chatting outside in the cage, but I am listening to the Stooges.)

R: I am sorry about that, but I knew I wasn't going to win. I knew I wouldn't be there in the end.

Justin: it's okay, don't worry about it.

Talk about Nathan. R: How do you think he took it? Jus: I think okay. I think he was a little grateful that we even considered taking him back. You know, after everything he did.

Justin: Yeah, I don't see Alie getting out of that cage...only if Erika is left in the cage and promises to not put Alie long as she is safe, she'll go, but otherwise...

R: Yeah, but Jun...

Justin: Jun took a nap before the show, too.

Feeds timed out...

R: It's just horribl;e. It is painful, I can't even look at food.... Jun really wants it, she hasn't won anything yet...that is sorta cool....And that is why I didn't like that they were trying to tell her that she is safe, that they wouldn't nominate her if she left... I told her to f*ck that, if she wants HoH, she should stay and Erika and Jack should shut the f*ck up. They were trying that with Alie, too.... I can't believe we got Nate out. Good, good stuff. But why did Erika cry again? She cries every f*cking eviction.

Justin only sits by and says uh-huh, uh-huh.

R: I want to tell Jun that if she plays both sides and gets to the end, she just won't win. None of us will vote for her and we have the numbers (or so he thinks).

R: I am going to pump Jee up...tell him he can get ***** done.

Justin: It has been four and a half hours.

R: I am telling you, if you have peed, you can stay in there a long time. And no one is really weak in there...they can stay a long time. F*ck, 1 out of 5 (meaning Jee is against 4 other people in there).

Silence. They are sitting at the dining room table, btw. Justin looks upset. Quite upset.

Justin: It's so quiet.

R: Yeah man.

Robert looks stressed. This is horrible, this is f*cking horrible.

He goes back to take more of those pills in the bathroom.


Aug 14 2003 00:34, Thu ktan   Link
Jun leaves. Eri/Jac/Jee/Ali move on to second cage. NT

Aug 14 2003 00:34, Thu Michelle_OR   Link
Jun is out!!! NT

Aug 14 2003 00:35, Thu Quench   Link
After Robert leaves
Erika: Aren't you upset

Jee:I am disappointed
E:I am surprised he gave up so easily

Jun:He promised Justin... Nevermind

Jee:I know you guys aren't after me.

Erika and JackWe aren't . But you have to realize it is a game

Jack:Jee you can give it up after a respectable time.

Jun Am I safe

Jack:Yes yes you are safe the two in the kitchen are the ones

Jun announces to Jim (bb staffer) that she is leaving and does so.

Aug 14 2003 00:37, Thu Kimba   Link
Justin: I don't even want to go out there. R: I just want to pump Jee up. JUN LEFT!
They both look tired, upset, and defeated.

R: I told Nate, I'll see you in Vegas. Justin laughs half-heartedly.


Justin: Someone just left! It was Jun!!!

(R has a migraine...those pills are for those. This is his excuse...he doesn't even want to eat..."it's not *****"...his eyes do look bad.)

Jun to Robert: Erika is not going to cave. Man. Jee said he is staying.

R: Jee is not going to give up.

Aug 14 2003 00:39, Thu Grins ParentRootLink
The pills he took were actually 3-4 Advil, not specifically for migranes. NT

Aug 14 2003 00:39, Thu Quench   Link
Jun comes out of the house back to the cage
Jun tells the caged HG she told Justin: I asked Jee if he was going to go out and he said no so I left

Robert's eye is all puffed out. He has a terrible migraine.

Ali asks Robert Aren't you going to eat.

Robert says No I will throw up

Ali asks is it my pee.

Robert: No it's not you it happens about 3 times a year. It's because I was up all day.

Aug 14 2003 00:39, Thu Kimba   Link
Erika looks happy. Jack gives her a rub on the elbow for support.
Jun tells Jee sorry, and he just says, You gotta do what you gotta do.

Alie to Robert as he comes out: I am sorry Robert!!

R: No, no, it wasn't your fault. It's the migraine. It happens three times a year...

Jack talks about how there was once a threat on a woman and he and other FBI agents had to stay up for almost five days with almost no sleep to guard her...looking out a window (sorta like a stakeout but to guard her?). Erika says, really??!

They whisper... I hear, "They are very cocky right now..." and Jack says, "No, not at all." What??

Silence in the cage.

Aug 14 2003 00:42, Thu Quench   Link
Justin the ever sensitive guy sits beside Robert who is nursing a migraine
And bounces a basketball hard on the ground.

Jun - It's 11:40 guys

Aug 14 2003 00:43, Thu Quench   Link
Justin announces that it's coming up to 5 hours in the cage.
Jun is saying that this HOH is shitty. They are making deals in there.

Aug 14 2003 00:43, Thu Kimba   Link
Alie rests on Jee. Jack says, "You're a good man, Jee."
Oh no, basketball thumping. It's Justin as he sits with Robert on the outside couches.

More silence.

Jun comes out. She is eating. Jun: I deserve this. It is 11:40pm guys!

Justin: Just shy of five hours!

R: What are you eating? Chocolate?

Jun: Yeah, this is what I used to do when I was fat. Eat a whole carton (ice cream, I suppose). (To Rob and Justin): This is shitty. This HoH competition. They wanted us to make deals.



Aug 14 2003 00:44, Thu Kimba   Link
Utter silence. Justin and Robert aren't looking too happy, Jun is slurping ice cream, the cage people are looking tired and determined. NT

Aug 14 2003 00:49, Thu Quench   Link
Jun goes into the kitchen grabs some food. and a drink note have not seen her wash her hands
She lifts the lid off the food delivery packages and just digs in with her hands. she comes back out and says I am not as hungry as I thought I was I am starving. but. ...

She heads back in. Takes off her runners. leaves them by the kitchen counter. then goes to the BR gets her flip flops.

Then comes out and washes her hands at the kitchen sink. Now she fills a plate full of food.

Aug 14 2003 00:56, Thu Kimba   Link
Jun: You really couldn't stand it? R: I can't stand it now! I'm feel like I'm f*cking...kill...what you think I threw it?
Jun: Oh no no no...

R: Just, 5 hours, I couldn't do another 5, let alone 1 or 2 hours... I have faith in Alie and Jee. They can do it.


Aug 14 2003 00:57, Thu Quench   Link
Erika giving Jack a mini massage in the small of his back.
because he has been stooped over

Ali - It's good to be short sometimes. (unless your Justin of course)

Ali - So what happens if we are still here for the next competition

Jack - I don't know


Aug 14 2003 00:59, Thu Kimba   Link
R: Erika is going to squeak right through, but it doesn't matter, she just can't win...She won't have the votes, we'll see to it.
I'd even vote for Alie over her, and so would everyone I think.