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Aug 14 2003 01:03, Thu Kimba   Link
Rob is holding his head, sighing or groaning every once in awhile.
He either really is in pain or making a good show of it,

Jun is eating sitting near him at the kitchen table. Justin is hanging out on the hammock.

Aug 14 2003 01:05, Thu Quench   Link
The four in the cage E,A,Jack, Jee are asking Justin to make up
plates of food so it won't spoil. They ordered chicken and veggies.

Ali is listening to the conversation between Jack and Jee about how Jack's back is hurting. and she is staring out of the bars with a cruel smile on her face.

Aug 14 2003 01:07, Thu Kimba   Link
Justin comes in: It is not looking good. Erika is in there and dancing around.
R: That doesn't mean sh*t, Jee is strong. He is hanging in. And Alie is strong.


Justin: Jack is holding out, too. This is their only chance.

R: For us, too, man. I tell you, man, tho, Jee is not leaving for a ***** while (ed note: come on, Jee, throw it! Throw it! Put up a good show, and then throw it!)

R: Bitches about Erika. Justin agrees; he is worried about being evicted by them.

Aug 14 2003 01:09, Thu Kimba   Link
Jun thinks Jack is going to pee next. Justin doesn't think Jack will pee in the cage. Lots of silence inside. NT

Aug 14 2003 01:11, Thu Quench   Link
Deal being made in Cage
E: It's your team and you guys trust each other

A:But they will not take you to the finals

E:There is no way anyone could win the money over you Jee.

Jee I have to be in the cage with someone at the end.

Jee -I have to make it respectable.

Jee This is hard I am hurting.

Jack saying I will leave and Ali will come out a few minutes later.

Erika to Jee are you going to let me have the HOH

Jee is hurting he is trying to consider what is going to happen.

This has to stay here this conversation

silence while he ponders

so posting

Aug 14 2003 01:12, Thu ktan   Link
Jee agrees to go with Erika into final cage and let Erika win after a half-hour. NT

Aug 14 2003 01:13, Thu I_Should_Be_Working   Link
Deals going down in the cage
Jee agrees to give up to Erika, but wants to make it to the last cage and stay at least thirty minutes to make it believable. Says everything we say in this cage stays in this cage (ack. Ali is there!)

All assure him that he has their word.

Erika points out that he'll never see the other guys again. Think of his girl and what the money could buy.

Aug 14 2003 01:13, Thu Quench   Link
Jee Deals with Erika, Jack, Alison
Erika and I in the final cage

I have to stay in the cage at least 30 minutes to make it look good

I am expecting this in return that everything that is said in here stays in here.

I am going to hold you to it because I have been honest with you.

All of them agree he has their word

Aug 14 2003 01:18, Thu Quench   Link
Ali - I have ADD but never been diagnosed with it. Erika says I can for you. You have ADD NT

Aug 14 2003 01:18, Thu Kimba   Link
A: I think I have ADD. I've never been diagnosed. E: You need to be diagnosed? I can do it for you. A: Yeah, everyone is always telling me. NT

Aug 14 2003 01:35, Thu Strange_Brewster   Link
Ericka says "Ali, you are safe". Ali says "I'm not leaving the party". NT

Aug 14 2003 01:35, Thu rosebud52   Link
Ali kills the deal! NT

Aug 14 2003 01:37, Thu Quench   Link
Jee pensive and looks like he was weeping.
Jee just changed his mind about the deal.

So they just are going to wait it out

Jack telling the group that one stint during his FBI days. him and partners did 2 weeks straight. slept in a car for a spell but yes for 2 weeks during a stake out.

Aug 14 2003 01:41, Thu Strange_Brewster   Link
Ali now wispering to Jee and making a side deal. NT

Aug 14 2003 01:41, Thu Strange_Brewster ParentRootLink
She now just told Jee "I'll go if you go" NT

Aug 14 2003 01:49, Thu Strange_Brewster   Link
Erika and Ali are hyper and talking. Jee does not look good. Jack taking it all in
Small talk about having to eat PB&J. Jack talks about different times on the job. A few yawns here and there from all. Erika told Ali if she were on PB&J it would feel like she were starving. Ali told her, her stomack already ate itself a half an hour ago. She just said she was hungry again.

Aug 14 2003 01:51, Thu Strange_Brewster   Link
Close up of Ali playing with the key NT

Aug 14 2003 01:57, Thu BBwannabe   Link
E asked Ja if he was ok. Ja, 'Oh yeah!" He sounded confident. NT

Aug 14 2003 02:00, Thu BBwannabe   Link
Going on 6 hours...Jee doesn't look well. Ali squats down facing inside of the cage. Jack rarely moves NT

Aug 14 2003 02:01, Thu BBwannabe   Link
Feed 2 is out. The rest of the feeds on Ali, Ja, Je, Er. Little talking. Cannot hear or see the other HGs NT

Aug 14 2003 02:07, Thu Strange_Brewster   Link
Talk has slowed again NT

Aug 14 2003 02:10, Thu BBwannabe   Link
Feeds focused on Ali and Er. Very few shots of Jee and Jack. Lots of silence and no words coming from Jee at all. NT

Aug 14 2003 02:13, Thu BBwannabe   Link
Ju in hammock watching the cage. Er said that no clothes are coming off tonight...
Starts talking about Survivor's Jenna and Heidi taking it all off for PB and Chocolate. Now silence again.

Aug 14 2003 02:14, Thu Strange_Brewster   Link
Jack wispering in Erikas ear NT

Aug 14 2003 02:15, Thu Strange_Brewster ParentRootLink
Now making a deal with group once again. NT

Aug 14 2003 02:15, Thu BBwannabe   Link
Alot of whispering from Ja and Er but cannot understand what is being said...Anyone? NT

Aug 14 2003 02:16, Thu Jokerette   Link
Jee to Allie: You go then I go, you better not f*ck me on this NT

Aug 14 2003 02:16, Thu Strange_Brewster   Link
Justin awake and watching the group wisper to each other NT

Aug 14 2003 02:17, Thu ktan   Link
Jack leaves, Eri/Jee/Ali still in cage. NT

Aug 14 2003 02:17, Thu Strange_Brewster   Link
Jack is out NT

Aug 14 2003 02:17, Thu Jokerette   Link
Jack is now out NT

Aug 14 2003 02:18, Thu lawheeze   Link
Jack to Jee: You'll only go up if there's a Veto; you'll be a pawn NT

Aug 14 2003 02:18, Thu BBwannabe   Link
Jack just left the cage!! NT

Aug 14 2003 02:18, Thu capybara   Link
jack leaves cage, after undecipherable whispering NT

Aug 14 2003 02:21, Thu Strange_Brewster   Link
Jee wispering to Ali about someone getting veto. Ali wispers to Erika. Erika says "fine, but I am last one in, same deal" NT

Aug 14 2003 02:21, Thu ktan   Link
Jee leaves. Erika and Ali are in final cage. NT

Aug 14 2003 02:21, Thu Strange_Brewster   Link
Jee is out NT

Aug 14 2003 02:22, Thu lawheeze   Link
Jee leaving after promises obtained from Erika and Ali not to nom him NT

Aug 14 2003 02:22, Thu capybara   Link
jee leaves cage!.... only ali & erika left NT

Aug 14 2003 02:22, Thu Strange_Brewster   Link
Jee sitting outside of cage with head down NT

Aug 14 2003 02:23, Thu ktan   Link
Ali leaves, the HOH winner is ERIKA! NT

Aug 14 2003 02:23, Thu Strange_Brewster   Link
Ali out NT

Aug 14 2003 02:23, Thu lawheeze   Link
Ali leaves after promising Erika she won't use veto NT

Aug 14 2003 02:24, Thu lawheeze   Link
Erika: Let's eat! NT

Aug 14 2003 02:24, Thu ktan   Link
Time of HOH comp was approx. 6.5 hours. NT

Aug 14 2003 02:25, Thu Strange_Brewster   Link
Everyone washes hands and then FOTH NT

Aug 14 2003 02:28, Thu Anonymous   Link
A deal was cut, Jack left, then Jee, then Ali. Erika agreed not to nom Ali, Ali agreed not to use veto. I am pretty sure this is what happened.

Aug 14 2003 02:29, Thu ktan   Link
Erika and Jack enters HOH room. Jack hugs and high-fives Erika. Room is empty, no basket. NT

Aug 14 2003 02:29, Thu BBwannabe   Link
Ju and Ro in the WC and Ju asks Ro, "Are you ready"...
Ro: For what
Ju: We're both going on the block

Aug 14 2003 02:34, Thu BBwannabe   Link
HGs eating and Jack still hasn't changed his shirt that both Jun and Ali used for a shield when the went to the bathroom! (Did he forget??) NT

Aug 14 2003 02:41, Thu BBwannabe   Link
HGs at the table and Justin is not eating or talking. He appears to be watching Jee's every move NT

Aug 14 2003 02:55, Thu Anonymous   Link
Justin and robert in bedroom
F1: Justin lying there with a pissed off look on his face. Ratbert talking ***** about other HG. Justin trying to sleep, or pretending, not sure at the moment. someone just called to the DR, i think it was Erika. even sleeping, Justin has angry look on his face.

Aug 14 2003 03:04, Thu Jana_aka_ioksco   Link
Robert and Justine go to bed - Jee come into room and apologizes for failing them - they both say - no worries he did great! Again Jee tells them he
is very sorry. Then says he is going to have a beer and cig and leaves them to sleep and goes and joins Jack and Ally at table.

Jun in bed also- Erika is in DR

Aug 14 2003 03:05, Thu Jana_aka_ioksco   Link
Jee said his birthday is coming up - but he said more importantly his 3rd anniversary is in a few days. NT

Aug 14 2003 03:09, Thu Jana_aka_ioksco   Link
Jee is sitting at kitchen table - talking to Jack - telling Jack how much he misses and loves his girlfriend.
He is hoping everything is great when he goes home.

Jack compliments him Jee on being a nice person - now Jee said Jack is very well spoken.

We have a mutual admiration society going.

Ally just came from bathroom - told them both Good night.

Aug 14 2003 03:09, Thu Jana_aka_ioksco   Link
Ally on way to bed - stopped and whispered to Justin - did not hear what she said. NT

Aug 14 2003 04:52, Thu Debra_Kadabra ParentRootLink
Along the lines of "You're not going anywhere" NT

Aug 14 2003 09:21, Thu Jana_aka_ioksco ParentRootLink
I was watching entire conversation - all I heard was Justin say "I know" NT

Aug 14 2003 03:10, Thu Jana_aka_ioksco   Link
Earlier - Erika said she was still going to sleep in Turtle Room - likes to be put to sleep by Jack's breathing. NT

Aug 14 2003 03:13, Thu Jana_aka_ioksco   Link
Jack and Jee rehashing the competition - saying how hard it was on their backs. Both mentioned
the shorter women had it easier. (This poster agrees)

Aug 14 2003 03:17, Thu Jana_aka_ioksco   Link
Jee talking about his family.
His mother has remarried and his sister who is 21 is very independent. He is not worried about them - only worried about his girlfriend. Jack ask if GF is worried about Jun. Jee says he has no feelings left for Jun - thinks she is a nice person but she does not compare to his Carmen.

Aug 14 2003 03:20, Thu Jana_aka_ioksco   Link
Jee talks about Jun and his relationship to Jack
Says he did the best he could - he was very young. Said he has apologized to Jun for his faults in the relationship before and since he has been in the house.

Said when they broke up he met Carmen and Jun met Bob - there is no ill will between them anymore.

Aug 14 2003 03:23, Thu Jana_aka_ioksco   Link
Erika out of DR sitting with Jack and Jee
Erika tells Jee she admires him and thinks of him as a man of honor. Jack says he knows it was a very hard thing for him to do. Jee say he feels like he let down his boys. Jee called into the DR

Aug 14 2003 03:26, Thu Jana_aka_ioksco   Link
Jack and Erika talking in Kitchen
Jack said you called this comp perfect - it was exactly what you thought - no one could have beat you. Erika said she could have been there all night and morning. jack said I did what you told me I did not eat or drink much all day. (Note - as they sit there - neither has yet visited the WC)

Aug 14 2003 03:28, Thu Jana_aka_ioksco   Link
Jack and Erika enjoying the victory. Reliving it very quietly trying not to be loud as the other HG sleeping. NT

Aug 14 2003 03:29, Thu Jana_aka_ioksco ParentRootLink
Both are very happy and relieved. NT

Aug 14 2003 03:31, Thu Jana_aka_ioksco   Link
Erika and Jack comparing BB and Survior - saying Survior is tougher on the body-BB
harder on the mind.

Aug 14 2003 04:30, Thu max1204   Link
It appears all HGs are asleep NT

Aug 14 2003 04:39, Thu max1204   Link
Jack and Erica chatting in Sandbox
They laugh about the "Amigo stuff." (Ed. note: I found it funny Julie called them the 3 Stooges when talking only to us, but when talking to the house called them the 3 Amigos.)

They're just chit-chatting, and talking about Nathan (good comments about him in relation to politics).

(I'm out...gotta sleep.)

Aug 14 2003 04:45, Thu max1204   Link
Jack and Erica bash Bush twins
(Had to comment on this)
Jack says he's had a lot of letters to the editor published in the Birmingham News (which is the AM paper with the biggest circulation in Alabama). He says he was pissed off how the right-wing was down on Chelsea Clinton and her parents, and Jack says they were great parents. Jack says just look at the Bush twins -- "two alcoholics."

They say Clinton was a great president, but could have even been better sans Monica Lewinsky scandal. They agree that the whole impeachment incident was a waste of money.

Now they talk about Clinton being mayor of New York City, but said it would be a step down for (Bill) Clinton.

(Now, I'm really going to bed!)

Aug 14 2003 04:49, Thu Hammock_Fall   Link
Jack and Erika bashing right wing media who ridiculed Chelsea Clinton but give "alcoholic Bush twins" a pass
Jack commenting on how the right wing media was so nasty to a then teenage Chelsea Clinton, but when it comes to the Bush Twins and their drunken antics, not a peep out of the right wing media.

Comments about the hypocracy that the right wing media and Christian right wingers are mum on the failure of the parenting of the Bush girls while they couldn't stop talking about Clinton.

(ed note: The bashing was of right wingers, right wing media, and the Bush's implied failure as parents, NOT the Bush twins)

Aug 14 2003 04:55, Thu Shadow46and2   Link
Earlier Jee got out of the DR, Jack went in, and Erika was in the sandbox laying down. Meanwhile Jee was sitting in the livingroom alone crying.
He got up started to do his tooth-brushing routine, Jack gets out of DR, chats with Erika for a bit then washes up after Jee peeks his head in to say goodnight to both Ja and Erika.

But before Jee got out of the DR, Jack and Erika retreated to the sandbox and whispered, stroked each others egos. Both are VERY happy the way things turned out this week. They feel bad for Jee. They also mention Nathan would have had a hard time in the cages because he's even taller than Jack. Both agree they could have stayed in there forever.

Aug 14 2003 05:30, Thu Muse   Link
Jack & Erika on JFK......
(ok, now i didn't have this conversation recorded so i will attempt to do it justice as no one else has posted)
Jack & Erika, were talking briefly about the Kennedy's, it segued into Jack being very upset over JFK's death, and then later going to work for the FBI--thus he had access to autopsy photos & reports of all the things that happened. He later wrote a book on JFK, first publisher he submitted it to accepted it, and got to the point of board meetings on the book, when it was squashed--he was told the market was oversaturated. So of course Erika asked him what he thouht....or who did it, and made reference to of course--the magic bullet. He said...Oswald did it, and he did it alone. That apparently, when the president was brought into the hospital--doa, his throat was obstructed and he could not breathe. The doctor there performed an emergency tracheotomy (thus obliterating the exit wound, he breathed a short time then actually died. Before they could turn him over...Jackie came into the room horribly they did not turn him over in front of her. Jack then went on to say talk about many more specifics regarding JFK's transfer home and how nothing had been done to the body enroute,but the feed kept cutting out. Apparently, the book Jack wrote was approx. 700pgs. The gist of this, was that Oswald did kill Kennedy alone, that Ruby did kill Oswald, that he had friends who were agents and there at the time JFK was killed. All in all, one of the best stories Jack has shared!

"Expectations equal Pre-Meditated Resentment"--Annonymous

Aug 14 2003 09:05, Thu Bert ParentRootLink
A little to add from memory ...
Jack said that because of the tracheotomy, the medical reports got messed up, and bad info wound up in the Warren Commission? report. The entrance wound was on the back of the head, at the neck I believe he said, and the exit wound was the throat, but because of the tracheotomy, it appeared that the exit wound was the entrance wound. And because Jackie came into the room, they didn't turn JFK over to examine the back of him before his body was sent to Washington. They didn't have the heart to turn him over in front of his wife. So that's where the mix-up started as far as JFK being shot from behind or the front. A lot of conspiracy theories were borne of that mix-up.

Also, when Jackie came in the room where they had JFK's body, she placed her wedding ring on one of his fingers.

Jack said he saw all the files and the autopsy photos and that it was very obvious that JFK was shot from behind.

(I hope I didn't make this confusing. I'm on no sleep)

Aug 14 2003 07:23, Thu CougarSpy   Link
BB Times they bailed: Robert (11:21 pm); Jun (11:34 pm); Jack (1:17am); Jee (1:21am); Ali (1:23 am); Erika new HOH! NT

Aug 14 2003 08:50, Thu Michelle_OR   Link
Jack is up to use the restroom. Getting closer to food competition time. NT

Aug 14 2003 08:50, Thu Michelle_OR   Link
June is now up and is waiting for her turn in the restroom. NT

Aug 14 2003 09:36, Thu Anonymous   Link
Both went back to bed NT

Aug 14 2003 10:11, Thu calgal   Link
All houseguests are still asleep.. someone is Snoring really loudly NT

Aug 14 2003 10:58, Thu Debra_Kadabra   Link
Erika up and to the kitchen
gets a glass and returns to desert room. Jack asks if she is OK.
She has a headache. Back into bed.

Aug 14 2003 11:23, Thu Debra_Kadabra   Link
Erika back up and to the Storage room. Jack to the WC.
FOTH briefly
Erika back to bed. Jack wanders around kitchen once and pokes his head back into Desert Room. Erika tells him HOH is still not ready.
Jack back into bed.
Erika asks if Jack's back is OK he replies "I'm fine"
Erika plans to tell Robert that he can be in a pawn situation or an "out" situation depending on whether he would put Erika and Jack up next week.
Jack agrees with the plan

Aug 14 2003 11:32, Thu Debra_Kadabra   Link
F1 and F2 Confusing talk about benefits of trying to make a deal with Robert or not NT

Aug 14 2003 11:36, Thu Katfsh   Link
Jack & Er in BR, deciding to put up Jus & Rob, and
if Jus gets POV and uses it on himself, then they put up Jee, and oust Rob. If Jus doesn't get POV, then they make a deal with Rob that they won't vote him out if he doesn't nominate either of them if he gets HOH next week. He'll then have to put up Ali & Jun.

Aug 14 2003 11:38, Thu Katfsh ParentRootLink
They worry that Rob may tell Jee about the deal NT

Aug 14 2003 11:42, Thu Debra_Kadabra   Link
Conversation turns to Ali's behavior last night.
She doesn't get it they say. Call her a loose cannon. Say the role she should have played was one of weakness but she wanted the limelight and that she craves attention.

Aug 14 2003 11:45, Thu Katfsh   Link
Ja & Er say Ali should know that the only way she can
win is if she's up against one of the (Ja & Er), that if she's up against anyone else she'll lose - they say they'll remind her of this every day.

Aug 14 2003 11:47, Thu Katfsh   Link
Plan : Final 4 - Er, Ja, Jun, Ali NT

Aug 14 2003 11:55, Thu Katfsh   Link
We have to make a deal with Jun & Jee, and Ali has to be included as a package deal NT

Aug 14 2003 12:06, Thu Katfsh   Link
Ja & Er having second thoughts about deal with Rob
Thinking if Jus leaves, Rob will crumble - they feel he doesn't want to be here any more anyway. So they decide not to propose deal with him (ed. note: Rob knows Jus will be voted off, so why should he deal? )

Aug 14 2003 12:08, Thu Katfsh   Link
Erika has not gone into HOH yet - slept in her old bed next to Jack's NT

Aug 14 2003 12:10, Thu Anonymous ParentRootLink
HOH not ready yet NT

Aug 14 2003 12:13, Thu Katfsh   Link
Jee just got up - gone to WC NT

Aug 14 2003 12:15, Thu Katfsh ParentRootLink
Back to bed NT

Aug 14 2003 12:22, Thu Katfsh   Link
Ja FINALLY asks Er if Rob promises not to put them up will he keep his word?
Erica: I don't know

Aug 14 2003 12:23, Thu Katfsh   Link
Erica: Rob has said he may sacrifice himself for Jus (i.e., take Jus off block?) NT

Aug 14 2003 12:29, Thu Katfsh   Link
Now Er suggesting to Ja that she make the deal with Rob alone,
not including Jack, so as not to ruffle Ali's or June's feathers (since if Rob then gets HOH, he would not be forced to put up both Ali & Jun, Ja would be a pawn against one of those 2). Jack is open to it.

Aug 14 2003 12:35, Thu Katfsh   Link
Now they've decided again - no deal to Rob
because deal may alienate Ali from them, and they need her to be with them in the final 3.
But Er says they can still make a deal with Jun & Jee

Aug 14 2003 12:37, Thu Katfsh   Link
Erica: My brain hurts now! NT

Aug 14 2003 12:38, Thu ktan   Link
HOH room is shown with basket and dog photos on feeds 3/4 NT

Aug 14 2003 12:38, Thu Debra_Kadabra   Link
HOH is ready for Erika F3 & F4 NT

Aug 14 2003 12:39, Thu Katfsh   Link
Showing HOH stocked, including picture of Erica's dog - no Erica NT

Aug 14 2003 12:40, Thu Katfsh ParentRootLink
HOH gets Big Brother CD! NT

Aug 14 2003 12:42, Thu Anonymous   Link
Erika just said Food Comp is tonight - BB must've told them this during the comp last night during one of the FOH's NT

Aug 14 2003 12:43, Thu Katfsh   Link
Erica goes outside, dips feet in pool; Jun in kitchen NT

Aug 14 2003 12:48, Thu Katfsh   Link
Erica finally decides to go to HOH room, but brushes her teeth first, then finds it locked
But cams 3 & 4 have been panning it, showing gift basket, beautiful white rose, CD's, etc. - it seems to be ready

Aug 14 2003 12:52, Thu Anonymous   Link
BB Saying GoodMorning HG Time to Get Up! NT

Aug 14 2003 13:00, Thu WarLockStar   Link
Everyone Is Very Slowly Starting to get up, Jack and Jun and Ericka Our HOH is all Up already Cleaning In Kitchen NT

Aug 14 2003 13:14, Thu usagolden   Link
jun imitating bb: ericka to DR, BB: Ericka to bb: Jun: i must be psychic. Ericka: either that or pysco.
Jun for next 10 minutes quite focused on cooking but not looking happy.

Aug 14 2003 13:20, Thu ManTroll   Link
Justin in Diary Room and can hear it briefly........
Justin comes in and yawns and stretches.

DR voice: Hey what's up

Justin: Hey what's up

DR voice: Okay, we're ready to go. We just wanna talk to you about the events of last night.

Justin: *yawns* *sighs* Ok.

Aug 14 2003 13:32, Thu usagolden   Link
ail now in tears about julie says ali is bedmate of ali. ericka seamingly consouling. NT

Aug 14 2003 13:35, Thu usagolden ParentRootLink
sorry, my spelling is atrocious, but ali is now playing with erika with tears NT

Aug 14 2003 13:51, Thu Strange_Brewster ParentRootLink
Julie said Ali was bedmates with Nate. NT

Aug 14 2003 13:34, Thu Katfsh   Link
Ali upset and crying - it seems she's upset because...
Julie said on the live show that she and Nate were bedmates - she said she only slept together one night, and that was head to foot. (but she WAS often next to him in bed, at least talking).
Erica is consoling her, telling her to go to the DR to talk to John (handler) about it. Then FOTH.

Aug 14 2003 13:37, Thu Katfsh ParentRootLink
Back from FOTH - Er & Ali laughing. Ali called to DR. NT

Aug 14 2003 13:44, Thu usagolden   Link
hgs trying to figure out teams for food comp. jun wants her ratbert and ali. jack wants him and ali and rabert. NT

Aug 14 2003 14:10, Thu bidz_yo   Link
Both Ratbert and Justin are downright ARGUING over who gets to leave first!
They both are "ready to go, dude" and they're fighting over who gets to leave first! LOL

Rat: "F this F'in place man. It's already so boring"

Aug 14 2003 14:10, Thu Katfsh   Link
Ratbert confirming what Erica said earlier -
that if he gets POV, he'll take Justin off, so he will be eiliminated - he said he couldn't stand another 3 weeks in this place.

Aug 14 2003 14:11, Thu gymnast_777   Link
Last night when Justin asked the caged HG's...
if they had any complaints, Ali spoke up and said yes, "I'm mad at Julie for calling Nathan my bedmate." Since then the problem has festered and at 12:30PM Alison broke down crying, "Why would they do that to somebody." She's convinced she's being portrayed as a tramp (Who? Ali-ho?). Erika tries to comfort the sobbing Ali, "Go to the DR and talk to Jon. Do you want to see Dr. Zachary?" Ali replies, "No all she's going to do is ask 'How do you feel about that?' An' I'm gonna say 'Well bitch, I'm crying'" After a brief FotH, we find Ali in better spirits, still not having been to the DR.

Aug 14 2003 14:18, Thu bbdev   Link
Ali complained to BB in DR about how she's being protrayed and they told her it reflects her character in the house(yes, you're a ho ali!!) NT

Aug 14 2003 14:20, Thu gymnast_777   Link
Ericka's going into her new Hoh room NT

Aug 14 2003 14:21, Thu bbdev ParentRootLink
...and of course she breaks down in tears at the sight of her doggies NT

Aug 14 2003 14:23, Thu Katfsh ParentRootLink
Robert is first to leave, Jee, Jus soon follow NT

Aug 14 2003 14:25, Thu n2deep   Link
Erika goesd to hoh and sees pics of her moms dogs one had to be put to sleep right before she came into the house she breaks down and cries at the sight..
(ed. me to so sad)There is a picture of Erika with her mom. Ali says "wow Erika your moms a Milf"

Aug 14 2003 14:26, Thu Katfsh   Link
All leave Erica in HOH alone, she's listening to CD. NT

Aug 14 2003 16:11, Thu bbdev ParentRootLink
the CD she received is the artist PINK NT

Aug 14 2003 14:30, Thu gymnast_777   Link
Robert and Justin want to leave, they hope that..............
they will be evicted out of the house next week. Robert didn't even want to go and look at the things Erika got in here Hoh room.

Aug 14 2003 14:52, Thu Lola   Link
Er Jus Jun Rob Je and Ja talking about Ali
and how she's being portrayed on the show
Er says "Well she (Julie) used the right term 'bed-mate' cause even though they're not sleeping together they are forever together in that bed. They want it to be taken that way"
One of the guys says "Well I think she brought it on her self"

Aug 14 2003 15:44, Thu Jana_aka_ioksco   Link
2 conversations (corrected I hope)
Jee and Justin - Jee told Justing he threw it because he could not handle it anymore - but Ally said she would vote to keep Justin and Jee just said he promises to vote to keep Justin - Jee said he will work on Jun so Jun votes to keep Justin. Jee says he is sorry but could not last and he knew it.

Meanwhile in HOH - Ally is spinning her tale to Erika - saying she is sure that Jee and Jun will vote to evict Justin (not knowing that Ally and Jee talked in the cage and she told Jee she would vote to keep Justin - not sure what Jun will do)

Aug 14 2003 15:46, Thu Jana_aka_ioksco ParentRootLink
Also Jee and Justin talked some about rob...
not really holding up his part of the team - he is the weakest. Both "feel bad" but have to play the game.

Aug 14 2003 16:31, Thu Eddie ParentRootLink
That is not accurate
Ali told Erika that she doesn't believe in sympathy votes. She told Erika she would NOT veto Justin and would VOTE to evict him.

Now, whether she is telling Erika the truth or not is anybody's guess. But, that's what Alison told Erika.

Aug 14 2003 16:52, Thu cutiecat   Link
Erika's CD is Missundaztood by PINK. NT

Aug 14 2003 17:10, Thu candysnm   Link
Jun and Justin talking in LR
Jun comments about how ali and Erika cry about the show and she only cries when she misses Bob.

Justin talking about how he hates the house so much.

Mostly Justin playing cards and Jun watching.

Aug 14 2003 17:19, Thu candysnm   Link
Jee and Robert talking about what happened in the cage
Jee trying to explain to Rob about it and that if someone else vetos either one of them Jee goes up.
Rob says if he goes up he wants to go out.
Jee keeps talking about the "Truth".

Aug 14 2003 17:24, Thu candysnm   Link
Just got lockdown inside for set up of food challenge. NT

Aug 14 2003 17:25, Thu candysnm   Link
Justin giving Ali a hard time about being a ho. NT

Aug 14 2003 17:28, Thu candysnm   Link
Rob just told justin if he goes first he will secure the votes for him NT

Aug 14 2003 17:34, Thu candysnm   Link
ER and Ali getting ready- talking about their roots. NT

Aug 14 2003 18:52, Thu candysnm   Link
Mostly just everyone sitting around waiting for food comp to start. NT

Aug 14 2003 18:56, Thu candysnm   Link
Jee, Ali, Ja, Er in LR playing cards
Justin and Rob in WC talking about how they can't wait to leave.

Aug 14 2003 18:58, Thu candysnm   Link
ER just called to DR, food comp should be soon. NT

Aug 14 2003 19:15, Thu candysnm   Link
Justin and Ro trying to go over facts for veto comp NT

Aug 14 2003 19:21, Thu candysnm   Link
Justin and Rob making fun of others when they were kicked out
and how they probably acted with Julie.

Aug 14 2003 19:45, Thu cutiecat   Link
Erika and Jack are talking in the HOH. They are saying what would happen if Ali and Jun were in the finals -- who would they vote for?
Jack first says Ali, because she is the stronger player, even though he hates her. Then he changes to Jun.

Erika says she would vote for Jun.

Aug 14 2003 20:00, Thu candysnm   Link
Ok now it is for real Erika is going to the DR NT

Aug 14 2003 20:15, Thu veronika   Link
Jee dogging Ali to ratbert in Blue Room
He says he can't stand how confident she is right now. That she is so spoiled. Then he says she has a rocking body but ugly face. But she is smart.

Aug 14 2003 20:23, Thu veronika ParentRootLink
Jee: Just because your smart doesn't mean you (Ali) don't have issues -NT-

Aug 14 2003 20:28, Thu veronika   Link
Robert and Jee still in beds (BR)
They are talking about how irritating the girls were in the cage.

They both repeat over and over how they are ready to leave the house.

Aug 14 2003 20:30, Thu candysnm   Link
food comp is starting
Doing some clam bake
everyone has ten minutes to put on swimwuits.

Aug 14 2003 20:31, Thu Kelly   Link
Hg getting ready for Food competition. have ten minutes to change. now Foth NT

Aug 14 2003 20:34, Thu Lola   Link
Getting ready for the food comp
Er starts by announcing that they will be selecting their swimsuits
feeds cut in and out to FOTH
HG are getting assigned different days of the week
Ali in her swimsuit and a orange towel

Aug 14 2003 20:38, Thu veronika   Link
Earlier ER & Jack called Ali to HoH
Jack got a little confused and said next weeks HoH could have a tie vote. That four people will be voting.

Er and Jack getting their strat talk on.

They discuss who goes next Ratbert or Jee. Jack insists Jee should go next (after Justin) because no one can beat him in the finals.

They call in Ali and explain position. Ali mentions June would probably agree Jee should go next.

ER says she knows it is emotional but she wants Robert out next. She can't stand to be in the house with him any longer.

Ali agrees that Jee should go then Robert and then June. She says she is not worried about Veto this week - that she has beaten Just in all physical competitons except duckball. Jack contemplates what would happen if Rob won Veto and used it on Justin.

They all speculate the veto this week will be a physical challenge.

At no time does Ali say who she is voting for this week (Jus or Rbt)She does say when (not if) she wins veto she will not use it.

Aug 14 2003 20:40, Thu veronika   Link
ali in bikini with hawaiian sarong caking eyeshadow on in mirror with fingers. -NT-

Aug 14 2003 20:50, Thu veronika   Link
Erika is walking around with a big Trident (Poseiden/Neptune staff).
Everyone stands at door to BY in their Tropical ensembles.

The girls have glitter lotion on and Justin teases them about it

Aug 14 2003 20:52, Thu Lola   Link
What they're wearing
Both Er & Ali have on black bikinis, Er has a red & black sarong, Ali has a orange & red one
Jun has a lavender print bikini and a very short blue print sarong
The guys are wearing different colored print shirts

Aug 14 2003 20:53, Thu Kelly   Link
All waiting around backyard for food competiton to start. Everyone telling Jee to stop eating b/c they might need to stuff themselves NT

Aug 14 2003 20:55, Thu pixiegirl   Link
Foth NT

Aug 14 2003 20:56, Thu pixiegirl   Link
foth over, waiting for comp to start NT

Aug 14 2003 21:05, Thu Lionpez6   Link
Jack talking about Kennedy it's Robert (right?) who didn't know the details about Oswald... NT

Aug 14 2003 21:30, Thu cutiecat   Link
We hear Erika in the DR -- John telling her to say.." Welcome to the Big Brother Clambake...From Hell!" NT

Aug 14 2003 21:43, Thu pixiegirl   Link
HGs go out side, Erika starts her speech
Hgs must eat what is under the tray covers or trade with the person to the left (?) of them, but they have eat is regardless. Each person is playing for one day to eat real food, they have one minute to eat it. FOTH

Aug 14 2003 21:44, Thu Lionpez6   Link
Just confirmed...."Welcome to Clambake from Hell!"....then FOTH NT

Aug 14 2003 21:53, Thu pixiegirl   Link
Jun is eating a fish called gefilte fish and got in done in under 1 min! NT

Aug 14 2003 21:56, Thu pixiegirl   Link
justin was going to eat cod fish, jack said he'd eat it, so justin got jack's, which was fried clams and chilli (?)sauce NT

Aug 14 2003 21:57, Thu pixiegirl   Link
justin didn't make it in 1 minute, jun sneaks a taste, now jacks turn NT

Aug 14 2003 21:58, Thu pixiegirl   Link
Jack ate Justin's in less than 20 seconds, way to go NT

Aug 14 2003 21:58, Thu pixiegirl   Link
Rob got eyeballs, and pukes in bucket, everyone egging him on "Pinch your nose" NT

Aug 14 2003 22:00, Thu pixiegirl   Link
Ali gets Monk fish liver, then switches, and now has to eat octapus NT

Aug 14 2003 22:01, Thu pixiegirl   Link
Rob completed his, waiting for Ali to start NT

Aug 14 2003 22:03, Thu pixiegirl   Link
Ali "so f-ing chewy" drinks water, spits it out and gives up!! she is a BABY! NT

Aug 14 2003 22:05, Thu pixiegirl   Link
Jee, eating Ali's, Jee is shoving it down, needs to drink water to get it down, and he makes it under a minute! NT

Aug 14 2003 22:06, Thu pixiegirl   Link
Friday, Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday food for house, Sat and Tues PB&J NT

Aug 14 2003 22:06, Thu Lola   Link
HG rehearse the rules several times
FOTH happens 3 time while they are being coached.
Er starts over with the speech about the rules
There are large clam shell covering different exotic dishes
Each shell has a name on it. Er will uncover the dish, tell what it is and then the named HG must either eat the dish or pass it to the HG on the left. If they pass then they must eat the next dish uncovered. If they don't eat the dish in 1 minute then everyone eats PB&J for that HG's assigned day of the week
FOTH and when it comes back Jun finds out she must eat Gildafish. She says she doesn't like it.
Jun eats her dish and then Jus is up.
He decides to trade cause he has something cold and raw. The next dish he gets is fried baby clams in sauce. Everyone is yelling and coaxing Jus on.
Ja eats his dish.
Rob gets eyeball of Albacore tuna. They tell Rob to pinch his nose and swallow.
Ali gets mung fish liver. Er is telling her it is really good. Ali has her hand over her mouth and looks like shes' gona get sick. They tell her to pinch her nose and just eat it. Ja and Er keep telling her it's good. Er says repeatedly "mind over matter, you can do it" Ali gives up
Je is up and he's stuffing it down.
So far they have 4 days of regular food.

Aug 14 2003 23:52, Thu Anonymous ParentRootLink
June was asked to eat gefilte fish. Not Gilda fish.

Aug 15 2003 00:07, Fri Kaz   Link
11:07 BB time........the food has arrived. There is no booze. NT

Aug 15 2003 00:14, Fri ItsAwwnnn   Link
June and Jee in storage room, Jee says, "I figure I'll be the next
target". June mumbles a negative response.

Aug 15 2003 00:17, Fri Bert ParentRootLink
She said no, that Robert was next (after Justin) NT

Aug 15 2003 00:15, Fri Kaz   Link
Everyone is checking out the food in the SR, but Jee. Jee is outside working out his abs--->
they seem to have got a lot of fruit, potato chips and oatmeal cookies. No lunch meat, Robert seems quite upset about that. Jun thinks maybe the deli was closed.

Rob: I don't want fish, my hands smell like fish

Ju: yeach, my hands smell like fish

There is more than one days worth of food Ali & Jun decide. They also seem to think that more is coming tomorrow.

Rob asked for hummis...

Ju & Jee in SR

Je: yeah, I think I'll be the next target

Ju: No.. (inaudible sorry)

Camera switches back to the kitchen Ja Al Ro making hummis and cucumber sandwiches. Jee comes in from his workout.

Aug 15 2003 00:23, Fri Bert   Link
Justin is the chef tomorrow. Jun calls him the guest chef. NT

Aug 15 2003 00:27, Fri Bert   Link
Everybody but Jack is standing around the kitchen island eating ...
various foods that were just retrieved from the storage room. There's hardly any speaking, only the sound of eating.

Jack is in the DR. He had just finished his mayo and PB sandwich.

Aug 15 2003 00:27, Fri Kaz   Link
Robert is giving th egirls a hard time for skipping their workout. Jun wants to eat something 'bad' >
(as opposed to good, like a cucumber sandwich offered by Rob)

Jack is called to DR

(feeds rebuffer)

Ali & Jun are eating out of a rather large bag of chips. They are all crowded aournd the island eating. Justin is eating some kind of cereal (granola?) it is loud whatever it is.

Jee comments that he definitely has to start eating healthier. There is very little conversation.

Aug 15 2003 00:35, Fri Bert   Link
Girls outside talking. Erika overheard Jee talking to Jun about being a target ...
Jee is worried that he's the next target. Jun told him it was Rat. Erika asked Jun what she wanted to do next as far as the guys and Jun said she didn't care. Then Justin came by and that conversation stopped.

Jun is telling Justin that he needs to put all those groceries away if he's the guest chef tomorrow. He needs to start marinating the meat tonight if he's cooking meat tomorrow. Jun asked what's for breakfast, Justin pretty much said everybody needs to fix their own breakfast. Jun reminds him that he's the guest chef tomorrow.

Aug 15 2003 00:38, Fri Bert   Link
Erika & Jee in the kitchen alone talking ...
Jee told Erika she did a good job on the food competition. BB made her do her instructions 4 times. Jee said it reminded him when he was HOH and had to oversee the gross casserole competition.

Erika told Jee that he is not a target. Jee said something to the effect that it would happen eventually. Erika said he's not a target now. Jee said thanks to her.

Aug 15 2003 00:44, Fri Bert   Link
Jun, Ali & Erika talking in kitchen. Both Jun and Ali are eating very crunchy food so it's hard to hear ...
Jun asked Erika if the deal they made was that Jee would not use the POV if he won it. (Erika is putting up Justin and Rob). Erika said yes, that's what Jee agreed to. Ali confirmed this. (I heard it during the HOH competition as well). Jun said Jee said he did not agree to that. Erika might check with Jee later to clarify. Jun said maybe Jee was just lying when he said that he didn't make that deal because the other guys were around (I think).

Erika told Jun & Ali not to talk in the storage room. She can hear everything in there from the HOH room.

Erika likes Justin, but he's nominating him. She wishes Rob would go first. Jun commented that Rob was weak (implying that they have to get rid of Justin).

Aug 15 2003 00:50, Fri Bert   Link
Does that makes sense?
Jack came out of the DR. Erika talked about how many times BB called her in there today. She was tired. She told Jun that she told BB to have Jun explain things. Erika worries that she might not be explaining things well in the DR. She always asks BB, "does that make sense?" Jun seemed flattered that Erika said that to BB. Jun mentioned that BB compliments her all the time on what a good job she does of explaining things in the DR.

Jun said BB thought she vomited from the gefilte fish. She said, no, it happened right after Rob ate the eye ball.

There's a little chat about Robert's migraine and quitting the HOH competition. Jun defended herself going out. She tried, she even peed in the cage.

Erika is convincing Jack to take a Heinikin (sp?) from her. They're both having one. Jun doesn't like beer. Erika doesn't like beer much, but she likes Heinikin in a bottle. Jun said she tried some peach flavored imported beer once. This conversation is the kitchen between Erika, Jack, Jun and Ali. Ali is pretty quiet.

Aug 15 2003 00:59, Fri Bert   Link
Jun says, "I was never really a part of that alliance anyway" ...
Jack, Erika and Jun are talking about the HOH competition. That she didn't really feel obligated to the stooges. Once Robert left, she decided she was "out of there."

Jun said that she thinks Jee believes that Rat and Justin would sacrifice themselves for him. Jun says he's acting like he's on the outside and really protecting his boys.

Erika said that Jee keeps saying, "it's a game, it's a game" and she thinks he's trying to convince himself of that fact.

(Very interesting how Jun is behaving as if she's always been on Erika & Jack's side)

Jun says she thinks Robert is pissed as hell that Erika won. Someone commented that he should have stayed in the cage then. Jack said Erika would have beat his brains out in the cage. Erika said she would have stayed in there until Tuesday.

Jun asking Erika and Jack, so now we trust Ali?

They're saying kind of. She's so susceptible to Justin. Once he's gone she might be easier to control.

Jack said tomorrow if Justin wins POV tomorrow, Ali's head will start spinning again, she'll start thinking about it (siding with the stooges).

Erika asks why does she go back to Justin? Jun said Ali thinks Justin will protect her.

(I'm missing stuff so please feel free to add to or correct this)