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Aug 15 2003 01:05, Fri Bert   Link
Jun - Overall Robert seems to be a weak competitor ...
That's why they need to go after the stronger guys. Jack comments how Rat keeps saying how he wants to leave anyway. Jun said she thinks he just says that and doesn't really mean it. Justin too. Jun said she has never said it. Nobody really wants to go. Jack talked about what a good competitor Jee is. Jun agrees.

Jun thinks the stooges would go after Jack next. Not Ali Erika asks. Jun said she doesn't think so because the stooges will try to get Ali back.

Jun says she thinks that the stooges will put up with Jack and Erika at once. She says if someone gets taken off the veto, they'd put up Ali. Jack says if Ali goes up against one of us, we'll take out Ali.

Jun said Rob doesn't want Erika to get into the finals. Jun was quoting Rat swearing about the idea.

Jun to Erika - I think Jee is threatened by you, but he doesn't trust Ali.

Erika whispered that Ali said she'd go balls to the wall for their team (I think that's what she said). They don't know if they can believe her. Jun said Ali finds some comfort in Justin being there.

Aug 15 2003 01:11, Fri Bert   Link
Jun said Rat promised to take Justin off the block if he won it ...
Jack doesn't believe Rat would be that stupid. Jack, Erika and Jun are speculating when nominations and the POV comp will be. They're hoping it's an elimination type competition like the last two times.

Jun - Ali and I told each other today that they're not after each other. Hopefully she can believe that.

Jack says they believe that, they believe that she's not after Jun.

Erika whispers really well. Erika is asking Jun what about Jee. Jun says let's just wait and see. Jun says that she thinks she could convince Jee to take out Ali ... (I don't know the conditions).

Jun asking if Jack was worried about Justin keeping Nate. Jack said no, he thought that Justin would go around with some circular reasoning and come back to his original conclusion, that he had to get rid of Nathan. Jack told Justin to keep him and that he'd go after him (Jack). In the spirit of game-play.

Jun comments that Nathan was difficult to be around when things weren't going his way.

Aug 15 2003 01:13, Fri Bert   Link
Jun saying that Jee always put other people first in their relationship ...
That he always put others first. Jun really took care of Jee. She was the one with money. She was generous with him. Eventually he took Jun for granted and he admitted it to her. He was young though.

Jack says Jee is receptive to new ideas. It's one of his best qualities. Jack says there's almost a wonder in his eyes. He asks questions. He listens.

Aug 15 2003 01:18, Fri Bert   Link
Who's tied to each other more?
Jun wonders who's more tied to the other. Justin and Jee? Justin and Robert? Jack says that best scenario would be if Justin were gone, to have Jee and Rat. He thinks they're the least connected.

(I couldn't understand some of the conversation).

Robert admitted to Jun that the 3 stooges made a deal with Nathan that didn't involve her. She didn't feel any better that he told her that that. She thought him a jackass for telling her.

BB - Jee, please go to the DR. Jee needs to use the restroom first.

Aug 15 2003 01:20, Fri Bert   Link
Feed changed to the HT. Rat & Justin in hot tub. Ali talking to them. ...
Ali is making it sound like she can convince Erika to get rid of Jun. Now Ali saying she could have won that thing last night. She let Erika have the HOH competition.

Ali saying that Jack is starting to PO her too.

(Sorry, can't listen to these folks).

Aug 15 2003 01:23, Fri Bert   Link
Ali says to Justin and Rat, "I don't want any of you guys to go" ...
They both tell Ali that they want to leave. Ali said she's gonna cry. She'll miss either of them. Ali wants Jun gone.

Aug 15 2003 01:25, Fri Bert   Link
I think you're one the most wonderful people I've ever met ...
Ali just said this to Justin (honest). Just said thanks. Ali said she never says anything bad about Justin in the DR. She did say a little negative comment about him in the DR tonight because of his stomach and his inability to handle the hot clam sauce.

(Feeds changed, thank goodness)

Aug 15 2003 01:29, Fri Bert   Link
Ali now in the kitchen talking to Jack and Erika ...
She said that the food she tried to eat tonight would have ruined her teeth. That she wasn't going to ruin thousands of dollars worth of work on her teeth just to get food.

Now they're talking about one of Ali's freak toes. Jack calls is a uni-toe. Jack is talking about his toenails. He lost a couple of them in the house.

Oh heck, feeds change to HT with Rat and Justin.

They're both talking about some female that should NOT be in the final two. Rob saying she a F'N piece of sh*t snake. Not sure who. (Jun?)

Silence, except for sniffing sounds

Aug 15 2003 01:36, Fri Bert   Link
Rat and Justin were talking about Jun ...
Robert said people like us, normal, strong guys don't win this game. Slimy, sneaky people win. Robert saying something about his lawyer telling him he wouldn't do well in the game.

Justin telling Rat that Julie asked him if he really thought he could get through the game without lying? Just told Rat he said yes, he didn't want to win otherwise.

Rat saying people are gonna see, people who watch the show are gonna see what straight-up guys they are.

(Hot tub is on so I'm missing some of this "we're great, they're crap " conversation).

Rat - we've gone farther than most people would have ever thought.

Justin - I can't believe Nathan's goodbye speech. Justin making fun of the honest and loyal comments that Nate said. Justin saying Nate lied right to his face. He claims he told Julie that too. (That might qualify as a lie - anybody remember?)

One of them was called to the DR. Posting.

Aug 15 2003 01:53, Fri Bert   Link
Ix-nay on the ish-fay ...
Erika whispered it into her microphone. Ali, Jack and Erika are chit chatting in the kitchen. Jack points out that BB is fond of fish. Their first competition involved fish. That's when Erika said ixnay on the ishfay into her microphone to BB. Told BB that they don't like it much.

Jun yelled to Ali asking her what ab exercise she should do. They settled on planks.

Erika talking about how Dana always said, "Keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer." They're making fun of Dana. Ali asks if enemies make out. Ali said Dana was psychotic.

Jack wants to know if Nate got to his desination and how far from Dana he is. Somebody joked about them being stuck in bunkbeds. Erika and Jack doing Nate accent. Erika doing Nate saying about being stuck with Dana, "I just can't get a break."

(I'm missing a lot here, they're all over the place with their chit chat).

Ali asks if Erika and Jack want to move to the Love Room. They said not until BB makes them. Snoring wakes them up. Theyre very comfortable in the desert room. Erika's mom sent a mask and ear plugs with Erika's HOH package, so Erika is good to go if BB moves them out of the desert room.

Now they're talking about Nate being conservative. Erika said she kept telling Nate she knows there's a liberal in there somewhere. Erika said in her goodbye speech that she said, he's a pretty good guy for a Republican.

All this conversation is very light-hearted. Ali got up and left.

Ali is asking Justin if he wants her to cook breakfast. I couldn't hear what he said in response, but Ali told the Jack and Erika she was cooking breakfast.

(This is making me sleepy, so time to post)

Aug 15 2003 02:01, Fri Bert   Link
Erika acted out her first night in the house ...
She laid down on the floor to do this. She said, "I'm on a burlap bed with an itchy wool blanket with 3 guys I don't know. I think I'm in hell."

Neither Jack nor Erika got any sleep the first night. Jack busted his shins on one of the bed in the desert room.

BB just announced that tomorrow will be the day that the HOH makes nominations. That's the first time they've heard that from the BB recording/guy. They wonder when POV will be.

Jack said that'll bring everybody together in the spirit of friendship (or something similar).

Ali asked Erika if she was ready for tomorrow. Erika said yes, but she's not really sure what to say to the nominees. Now Ali is explaining the general guidelines BB gives them to follow when the do the noms.

Aug 15 2003 03:50, Fri Bert ParentRootLink
I fforgot to mention Erika also said, "my ex-boyfriend is in here" then she said she thinks she's in hell ... NT

Aug 15 2003 02:09, Fri Bert   Link
Ali whispering to Jack and Erika in the kitchen ...
I didn't catch all she said, but the gist was that she was telling them that the stooges want Jun to go. That they don't want her to go into the finals. Ali said the stooges are gonna ask Erika to go this route after nominations. Ali saying that Robert hates Jun.

Jack comments somewhere in between that it's a convenient way to save their own asses.

Ali is trying to convince Jack and Erika to go along with the stooges idea of getting rid of Jun. She's saying it doesn't matter if they actually do what they promise the stooges, just promise them that they'll go along with it. Then the feed switched outside to the hot tub.

Ali said this is for next week, not this week - targeting Jun.

Aug 15 2003 02:14, Fri Bert   Link
Justin in the HT saying he'll be so happy to get the F outta there, they have no idea ...
Justin, Jee and Robert in HT. Justin said they all knew that Justin would go first. Justin is fine with it. He said it was cool to earn money all summer doing nothing, getting on TV. He'll be happy to go out.

Jee asks what about POV? Justin said do what you want, you don't need to save anybody. Throw it, do what you want.

Justin said what Nate said about her was all true, she's a snake (Jun).

Aug 15 2003 02:19, Fri Bert   Link
Robert telling Jee to talk to Erika ....
He's telling Jee he's in a good position, tell her (Erika) what the house is all about (about Jun, I think). (Really hard to understand all their conversation because of HT).

Now Justin proposing what Jee might say to Erika. Robert telling Jee to be aggressive. Justin saying don't be afraid to F Ali over because she'll do the same thing to you.

Rat saying he wishes Jun won't even come out there anymore (outside? to the hot tub?). F'n Jun.

Aug 15 2003 02:28, Fri Bert   Link
We're too tight for her ...
Justin said the 3 stooges were too tight for Jun. The guys have paid their dues. Jee comments that Jun said she felt left out of the loop. Just and Rob saying that the others aren't stupid. They know that Jun would go to the side with the power. Justin said she probably wants to be on the team with the girls so she can do girlie stuff anyway

Now Rob saying that the best thing has come out of this. Their great friendship. When they come to visit him, he'll pay for everything. All they need to pay for is their plane ticket. He'll take them out to dinner every night. He says we'll have a good fun-ass time.

Jee saying he doesn't want it to end like this. Rob said it's gonna end bad. Did we really think we'd get to the end? (He laughs). C'mon, you'd have to be a crazy MF to think that. No way were all 3 of us going to get to the end.

Jee just said, "I need for Jun to get the F outta here." Jee asks who he should go after first if he gets HOH. Justin saying Jack and Erika. Definitely have to break them up.

Aug 15 2003 02:39, Fri Bert   Link
I don't know if I can go another couple weeks lookin' at her ...
Rob said that about Jun. Then he said she F'n makes him sick.

Justin again saying that they have to break up Jack and Erika. Even with one of them (the stooges) gone, they still have as many as Jack and Erika.

Now they're talking about how complex the game is. When you start with 13 people, you're not thinking about what's gonna happen.

Now Robert and Justin are saying that it's not a coincidence that no one wins HOH twice. (Implying the game is fixed by BB?)

Rat just said the dream team is still alive.

(I missed a lot, sorry. They talk so much and so fast. Posting).

Aug 15 2003 02:53, Fri Bert   Link
Jack & Erika in HOH ...
They're saying that Jun knows that Ali hates her. But that it works to their advantage. Erika said that they (Ali & Jun) called a truce, saying each wasn't going to nom the other. Erika commenting about Ali saying they have to trust her, but just last night when only Erika and Ali were in the final cage, Ali asked if Erika was promising not to nominate her.

Jack said it's ironic that the people who have been playing both sides are at each other's throats.

Erika said you have to pick a side eventually, don't you? Jack says yes. Jack is now talking about Roddy from last year. How Roddy's attention was averted by Chiara and Eric's by Lisa (don't know what the point was). Then he went onto say that this year they had this artificial alliance to start out with. Justin has said to Jack that he had no way to break into that alliance so he picked up Jee and Robert.

They both speak fondly of Justin, saying it's all too bad, he's a good guy.

Now joking about how badly David did during the first HOH competition. He only lasted about 5 minutes.

Jack saying how different things would have been if they voted out Jee instead of Amanda. That Jee would have gone back to NY, to Old Navy and gone back into oblivion and that they all would have missed out on such a great character with Jee.

Now they're saying the HOH room looks like a motorhome on the inside.

Aug 15 2003 03:01, Fri Bert   Link
Erika saying her mother is a great dancer, that's how she learned to dance ...
Jack complimented Erika on how beautiful her mother is. I took the headphones off for a moment and when I came back, Erika was saying how she and her mother danced at a wedding together all night. Her mother taught her the jitterbug. Erika got all her talent (for dance) from her mother.

Jack asks if her mother is with anyone now. Erika says no, she's very happy the way she is. She doesn't depend on others for her happiness. Jack comments how his first wife never remarried. Bought a home on the beach (I think) and is happy there.

Jack asked if Erika's mom was his age. Erika said she can't say, her mother would kill her. They talk about how Erika's mom used to be very political, but she's not as political as much as she used to be.

Erika's mother's birthday is coming up. In about a week. Jack asks what they would be doing on her birthday. Erika said probably a nice brunch with a lot of her friends.

Jack's birthday is November 19. Erika's December 5th.

Erika says she hopes her mother is OK. Jack says she's probably having a ball watching Erika. Erika mentioned that she didn't get any notes. Erika saying how getting stuff by being HOH helps to build one's resolve when they're reminded that people are out there that love them. Jack said he's been totally cut off.

Jack saying Erika has done a great job with her reserve and diplomacy. Jack saying he's probably considered the most boring in the house. Erika saying something like some people like boring (she said it better than that). Jack said they want the Dana's in the house. Erika says they all can't be Dana's.


Aug 15 2003 03:11, Fri Bert   Link
Jack and Erika giggling about Michelle ...
How she was so unaware of when the competition were and unaware of what was going on. Erika said it was so funny when BB gave them something to read and Michelle said, "Oh, something to read, I'll have to think, I never think." Jack talked about how she just did her own thing, got all dressed up in there. Erika said she told her when they were both on the block, not to take it personally. That it's not personal that they've been nominated. She said Michelle's response was, "Like, that's harsh."

Erika hopes that Michelle got to see how hard everybody worked in the house to use the POV to put Dana up.

Now they're wondering if Dana's whatever with Justin was real. Erika comments that Dana was jumping all over David.

Erika saying the Jun thing (playing both sides) is interesting. Jack saying she's destroyed a lot in this game. She just stands at the island and listens. Jack said it was ridiculous for them (the stooges) to blame Jun for the competition (HOH) last night.

Jack is saying that Jun is almost calling as much attention to herself as Dana did and Ali is.

Now saying that Ali is not steady (Jack said it). Jack asked did you see the look on Ali's face when Julie questioned her (the bedmate comment)? Erika said Ali brought the comment up in the DR. Erika said she'd not want to get on Ali's bad side.

They decide to leave HOH. Jack's going to shower.

(Missed a lot because I can't type fast enough, darn it).

Aug 15 2003 03:11, Fri Bert   Link
Justin told Jack that he wants to talk to them (Er & Jack) later. Doesn't have to be before the nominations. ... NT

Aug 15 2003 03:21, Fri Bert   Link
Around the feeds ...
F1 & F2 - Stooges sitting out on the patio furniture having the exact same conversations they often have.

F3 & F4 - Jack just out of the shower, Erika blowing her hair dry.

Aug 15 2003 03:30, Fri Bert   Link
Robert saying that no one was going to beat Erika in the HOH competition ...
He said she could have gone for many more hours. He says that he thinks no one in BB2 or BB3 could have beat her. He could tell she was not gonna leave the cage. Jee said he thought she was trying to psych him out by what she said and when she was dancing around. Rob said no, she could have beat anybody. (First time he's said anything positive about Erika?)

Jee saying that he knew that the time would come that one of them would go, but he didn't think it would be this early. Both Justin and Robert say almost in unison, it's not early. Rob says it's not early at all. Silence now as I hear the dryer going in the background.

Jee saying that no one pays attention to them anymore. (The HOH competition was just over 20-some hours ago). Ali came and said good night to them. Robert says the 3 stooges never did that to anybody (treated them like they didn't exist. They kept it real.

Jee saying the more time he spends with these people, the more he can't stand them.

Jee said he can't wait to see Jun go. Can't believe she's floating by.

Justin said something about Ali, how it is better for her, at least she worked for it.

Rat said Erika stayed on her own side, stayed loyal.

Rat saying that Jun loves to be on camera. That she's shallow as hell.

Rat saying he's over all the sex jokes, he's over it all (not finding them amusing?)

Jee saying that Jun is just trying to catch him for his vote, but she knows now that she can't pull him away from the stooges.

Aug 15 2003 03:42, Fri Bert   Link
I never thought a conservative F'er like me would ever be on a reality TV show ... (long stooge convo) ...
Jee says he's a private person. He can't believe he's in that house. He doesn't even like reality TV. The best thing that happened to him was meeting Rob and Justin.

Justin said they're so tight.

Robert thinks it's such a coincidence that they walked in together.

Justin remembers looking at their bags with their names on them.

Jee says he can't wait until it's over. He said if you get put up, he can see how it might feel good because you know you get to get outta there. Jee said he'd almost rather feel that instead of wanting to say.

Robert's response, you will, Bro.

Rat says they have to talk to Ali and see what would happen if she won HOH.

Jee says she'd probably go after Jun. She hates Jun. Rat repeats, "she hates Jun." Jee wonders if Ali might go after Erika and Jack. Jee thinks Ali does have respect for Jack. It's hard to tell he says, because she cries about everything.

Jee says he really respects Jack.

Justin says he respects Jack and Erika. Justin going on about how cool Jack is. How it's nice that everything is out in the open with Jack. Can talk to him for hours.

Jee thinks it's cool that Jack told Justin right out that he would be going after him. Jee saying how cool it was that Jack was so supportive of him no matter what he chose to do in the HOH competition.

Justin wondering aloud whether Erika is sleeping in HOH tonight. Rat tells him to go talk to her. Justin said no, he's not gonna talk to her tonight, he'll do it after nominations.

Jee said he doesn't ever want to hear the word "campaign" again. Jee says he knows Erika is going to go after him because if he gets to the end, more people will be voting for the goodie two shoes kid.

Justin wonders if people will know him on the street when he gets out.

Rat talking about the BB demographic, that it's older women, I think. That he doesn't know many hot chicks that watch the show, but he knows a couple of them.

Jee saying it's gonna be so tempting ...

Rat says his 15 minutes of fame will be F'n the first 15 women he meets. He's gonna F them all. If he'll get 15 women from that and he knows he will ... He says if a hot chick asks him how it was (in the house), he'll say come over, I'll tell you how it was.

Rat - Jee don't ever turn off your ringer, women are gonna be calling you.

Now Rat saying how Jee has been so respectful to his girl. Justin says he's been giving her great props.

Rat said Jee never cheated on his girl with anyone in this house, no matter what these b*tches might say in here.

(Must shower now).

Aug 15 2003 04:00, Fri Bert   Link
I don't know what he thinks he gains by belittling you ...
Jack said this to Erika in the kitchen. Jack said that Rat is selling some kind of BS that he told the producers he wouldn't come in the house if Erika was in there. Jack says that's BS, no one knew about the ex's.

Erika saying that when he says bad things about it, it tempts her to bad mouth him.

Erika wonders why Rat keeps calling all these truces with her, then doesn't mean it. Why bother.

Earlier Jack said people in America would be asking, "Erika, what happened?" (How she wound up with them.

Jack talking about how Rat agrees with what you're saying even before you're finished saying what you're about to say. You could say, I was somewhere in San Francisco or on a cruise, and he'd say, I've been there.

Erika thinking he's wasting his talents. That he's a good speaker (?), he could be a lawyer.

Erika's sick of the fighting with him, she just wants him to go.

Jee came inside and says hi to them. Erika says she's going to sleep. Says goodnight to Jack and Jee, they say it back.

Aug 15 2003 04:04, Fri Bert   Link
Around the feeds ....
F1 & F2 - Jee, Rat and Justin in the bathroom. Jee brushing his teeth in the chair, Rat next to him. Justin doing something to his face in the mirror.

F3 & F4 - Erika in the HOH bed.


Aug 15 2003 04:31, Fri Bert   Link
A little more from the stooges ... (ADULT CONTENT)
The 3 stooges were in their beds and had this conversation.

Rat told Justin that if he has kids, he has to name them Robert and Jee.

A little earlier Jee told Justin, you know there are guys out there b*ating off to you right now.

Justin - Why couldn't you say some chick is pl*gging herself with a d*ld* instead.

Jee comments that he hopes there are some Asian girls out there for him. Then he said he hopes for Hispanic girls.

Justin asks Rat if he'll ever get married again. He say, yeah maybe. Rat says chicks get better as you get older. Then he whispered something that I could not hear. Then Justin said to Rat, your dad sounds like a pimp.

Oh my, now Justin is asking Jee about his sister. How big are her boobs. Jee's offended, tells him to shut up. Then eventually says probably a small B size. That his sister is not into makeup and all that sh*t. She has a good body. She has nice hair. She looks like Jee except a girl. Jee says she's smart. Just went to Europe, travels all over.

Jee says to Justin, you're not serious about girls.

Justin - I'm serious about your sister.

Jee - FU, I'll come after you with a bat.

Justin - I'm serious about giving her what she needs.

Jee - Shut up.

Justin - we'll name the baby Jee.

Somewhere in this conversation, Justin asks Jee what his names means. He doesn't know. He said his mother was superstitious and she went to someone who gave her the name. There was some discussion about how in Korean his last name is said first. Jee pronounced it, but I don't recall how it went phonetically.

Jee says, you two MF are pretty cool.

All is quiet.

Aug 15 2003 06:20, Fri Strange_Brewster   Link
All asleep NT

Aug 15 2003 08:26, Fri MsB0808   Link
All houseguests still asleep. NT

Aug 15 2003 10:59, Fri deedee744   Link
Jun is up for the day. NT

Aug 15 2003 11:01, Fri Ginger   Link
June in the bathroom - morning routine NT

Aug 15 2003 11:12, Fri Ginger   Link
good morning houseguests- its time to get up for the day NT

Aug 15 2003 11:12, Fri Ginger   Link
2 hours till eviction nominations NT

Aug 15 2003 11:12, Fri MsB0808   Link
BB just announced that the houseguests have 2 hours until eviction nominations. NT

Aug 15 2003 11:12, Fri deedee744   Link
BB: Houseguests you have 2 hours until nominations. NT

Aug 15 2003 11:30, Fri bb4inthehouse   Link
Ali's cooking breakfast... just dropped on on the floor. Jun "OK,you're off egg duty" - LOL NT

Aug 15 2003 11:47, Fri Lola   Link
Er confronts Je in WC
(in whispered voices)
Er says "I told you that you cannot use the veto"
Je says "That's what you told Alison"
Er stresses "That's what I told you"
Je continues brushing his teeth as Er walks off

Aug 15 2003 11:53, Fri Debra_Kadabra ParentRootLink
After brushing teeth jee tells Erika he'll agree but to make sure he doesn't win veto because he doesn't want to dissapoint the boys again NT

Aug 15 2003 11:51, Fri Lola   Link
Je tells Er that he did not understand (did not get it all, someone please fill in the rest) NT

Aug 15 2003 11:55, Fri Lola   Link
Er & Ali about Je
Er says "I don't know if he did not hear me or understand me or what, just keep it (veto) away from him"
Ali says "Yeah, keep it away from him"

Aug 15 2003 12:19, Fri Lola   Link
Er & Ali (more about Je)
Er repeats converstion she has with Je about veto and adds that she told him that he cant use the veto. That that was the deal. and then Je said "Ok"
Ali said he agreed to it
Er said "Yeah but just don't let me get it" and she added that "I can't be responsible for that"
Ali smiles devilishly and says "I CAN!"

Aug 15 2003 12:21, Fri Lola   Link
Er confronts Je on patio in front of Ja
She repeats that he can't use veto and that Ali was a witness to it.
He says he didn't understand and then Er says "Well, then I'll just have to put you up"
Je is nervous and "Says it's just that it will make me be so horrible in front of the guys"
Er says shes going to talk to Jus and leaves
ja and Je talk about it a little more and then Ja goes to join Er

Aug 15 2003 12:24, Fri Lola   Link
Ro to Je on patio
Ro says "That the stupidest thing that I ever heard. They can't do anything after the fact. If you get the veto and use it then they can't do anything and you're safe'
Je repeats that he didn't understand what they meant
Je says "Yeah I know but it's just that I like to think that I'm a man of my word"

Aug 15 2003 12:25, Fri Ginger   Link
Robert telling Jee to lie to them and say he won't use the veto..
and then do what he needs to do...that they will need to lie to win the game...Jee having trouble with the idea of lying

Aug 15 2003 12:33, Fri Ginger   Link
Ali is reassuting Jee and Robert that she is not with Ja and Er...she is accusing Jun of playing both sides
Jee is telling Ali she has earned all that she has done so far...Ali is telling them she will stick with the 3 guys

Aug 15 2003 12:34, Fri Lola   Link
Ali joins Ro and Je
Je asks "Ali do you know what's going on"
Ali says "No, what"
Je says "Well you know that one of us is going, one of us 3 boys. How are you leaning are you going to come with us boys"
Ali says "Yeah, I come with you boys but I just don't want to get scr***"
Je ask her who she thinks needs to go and she says "Jack"
They say they will accept her and they don't trust Jun.
They say if Ali comes over it can't be for just 1 week that it has to be.
Ro want her (JUn?) gone before him and they must deal before he gets HOH and not after
Ali says if she gets HOH she'll put up Jun and Jack
They all talk down Jun for playing both side and they butter up Ali that they know she's not like that (choke, choke)
They're considering confronting Er & Ja about everyone agreeing that Jun goes next
They ask Ali if she ever committed to then and she said no except for in the very beginning
They talk about Jury votes and say that they would vote Ali if they were on the jury and that they would all
Ali says "There's no way that Dana would vote for me!"
Ro & Je both insist that they could sway the jury and everyone would vote for her
Then they go on to say what a great player she is and that she deserves to win
Je even goes as far as to says that she is a better player than he is
They go on saying how they don't talk to anyone and that they don't go around buttering up anyone

Aug 15 2003 12:39, Fri Lola   Link
Ali advises Je to lie if he intends to use the veto. Not to tell them before NT

Aug 15 2003 13:25, Fri frustratedposter   Link
HG in lockdown in BY as BB sets up for nom ceremony NT

Aug 15 2003 13:32, Fri Anonymous   Link

Aug 15 2003 13:48, Fri Anonymous   Link
other people in the house
Before all cameras went to FOTH, camera 4 showed two people who were not house guests. At first, the camera was showing the photographs of the hgs and focusing on each one individually.

Then on a prolonged zoom out they showed two people. One was a blonde woman who looked like she was wearing a heavy coat that seemed not right for CA weather.

Aug 15 2003 14:21, Fri Jovian   Link
Justin and Robert nominated. NT

Aug 15 2003 14:29, Fri Debra_Kadabra   Link
F3 Ali alone, talks to self "Okay Jack, you've got to go" NT

Aug 15 2003 14:50, Fri MsB0808   Link
Ali and Robert talking in the pool...."their side" will make it to the finals. NT

Aug 15 2003 15:01, Fri Niki458   Link
Robert and Ali talking in pool - Robert is saying that he knew
once he went into the house during the HOH competition and ali had p**d, he knew that she was going to win it for them. he had no doubt. FOTH because Robert is expressing his opinion that BB is structuring HOH competitions so that different people are able to win them. The people that that BB wants to win them.

Aug 15 2003 15:12, Fri joannie   Link
Jee and Jun are alone together peeling garlic, talking strategy NT

Aug 15 2003 15:15, Fri joannie   Link
As soon as Jack comes in, Jun jumps up. "These couches are so big. I wonder if we're going to get smaller couches."
Jack: "Then you'll have to sit closer to Jee."

Aug 15 2003 15:16, Fri Niki458   Link
je and jun are talking on the coach - peeling something (?)
Jun just told Je that Robert came and apologized to her for being such a d**khead and said "he still hates me"

Then she said if he gets HOH next week, he will have to put me up and I will be out of here for sure. Je never denied or acknowledged.

Aug 15 2003 15:18, Fri Niki458   Link
Jun just told Je that her brother told her before she came in here
don't piss off the blonde white girl - they will always hate you, no matter what you do. They both laughed.

Aug 15 2003 15:21, Fri joannie   Link
Erika and Jack whispering in the HOH room NT

Aug 15 2003 15:22, Fri Niki458   Link
Er and Ja are in HOH room speaking about strategy with Ali coming to their side NT

Aug 15 2003 15:24, Fri joannie   Link
Erika and Jack already discussing who they want to put up NEXT week
Jun and Robert, perhaps.

Aug 15 2003 15:25, Fri joannie   Link
Erika and Jack retreat to the sand room to continue plotting.
Erika: "We need Jun."

Jack: "We DO need Jun."

Aug 15 2003 15:28, Fri joannie   Link
Jack: "This whole thing smells to me."
A knock on the door amd Ali enters. Jack: "We were just discussing Robert's offer."

Aug 15 2003 15:31, Fri joannie   Link
Jack: "We're wondering when Justin is going to come to us with his offer." NT

Aug 15 2003 15:32, Fri joannie   Link
Jack: "The question is, what do we tell Jun?" NT

Aug 15 2003 15:33, Fri Niki458   Link
Ali just came in and Jack just explained to Ali what Robert's proposal is
Robert said that if one of them uses the veto that they want Jun taken out and put up if they take one of the stoges on the block. Jack takes this as a proprosal to take out a possible vote for Er/Jack's side.

Jack is saying that he and Justin discussed a long time ago that the nominations are not doing anything to disrupt the game and Jack feels like he is always going to do a nomination that will affect the game in some way.

Aug 15 2003 15:36, Fri joannie   Link
jack thinks the best thing to do would be to wait until Justin comes to Erika NT

Aug 15 2003 15:43, Fri joannie   Link
Jack instructs Ali to feed information to Jun
"Tell Jun that we're going after Justin then Robert then Jee."

Ali doesn't think Jun will believe her, but she agrees to tell her "before too long."

Aug 15 2003 15:57, Fri Lola   Link
Ja says about Tommy Lee Jones "Early in his career he made a 40 year movie and every few years he releases a couple of hours of it" NT

Aug 15 2003 15:59, Fri Lola   Link
Ja says to Er "What better way to bring Jun in than to let Ali do it" Er laughs "The irony of it, Jack you're good!" NT

Aug 15 2003 16:12, Fri Mirage   Link
Ali-Everyone knew what was going to happen, but there is so much sh*t going on.
I am surprised so many people are talking about the game. Ali is washing laundry and talking to Erika.

Aug 15 2003 16:13, Fri Mirage   Link
Jack and Jun are in the kitchen, but I can't hear them right now. NT

Aug 15 2003 16:18, Fri zuzu ParentRootLink
Ja told Jun that he likes the position they are in right now. He tells Jun they have her back. NT

Aug 15 2003 16:25, Fri Mirage   Link
Jack, Erika, June in kitchen and Jack talking of his wife's birthmark. All 4 feeds! NT

Aug 15 2003 16:26, Fri Mirage   Link
The trick is to do reverse-reverse psychology-Jun / the bureau 'triple agent'. NT

Aug 15 2003 16:28, Fri Mirage   Link
Erika says she hurt her back picking up the nomination box today...
she questions why it needs to be so heavy. Jack thought it might be the keys.

Aug 15 2003 16:30, Fri Lola   Link
Ja & Er & Jun in kitchen
they talk about hickies
Ja says his first wife had a birth mark on her neck and everywhere they went people would look at it then look at him and he would grin and nod. He said he took credit for it. Then he said that he told his boys that the trick was to give one so it doesn't show. Any one can make a neck red.

Er changes the subject to Je. She says that Je told her that Jus told him to just do what he wanted to do. They seem to be happy with that.
Jun leaves

Er mentions that she thinks she hurt her back win she picked up the nom box.

Ja says they've been together so long that she actually understands what he says, that's scary.
Then Er agrees and adds that it is nice to be around someone you can really talk to.

Then thye

Aug 15 2003 16:30, Fri Mirage   Link
Now all 4 feeds on BY - plane flying over- water splashing NT

Aug 15 2003 16:35, Fri Mirage   Link
J to Erika - So did you wake up wondering where you were?
Erika - No, I knew exactly where I was

Jack is talking about what she will be doing as HOH...for example, talking to Julie. They are sitting at the round table in the kitchen and Erika is eating.

Erika says she has a 'worm in her head of misery'. (ed./I think she may have just been talking about a tune that keeps repeating in your head.)

Aug 15 2003 16:42, Fri Mirage   Link
Jack related a story of a co-worker of his, who felt so sure of himself that he ...
quoted "The Rose" in front of other agents at a ceremony of some sort, I believe. This guy was a football player at Florida State at the same time that Burt Reynolds was on the team. At some point this man found himself in Bosnia and was killed in a helicopter crash with another friend of Jacks. (ed. - At this point someone else walks in and my computer froze.)

Aug 15 2003 17:28, Fri Anonymous ParentRootLink
More Details
The man who went to FSU was a trainer for the FBI in Quantico. Jack was trained by him and said he was a real tough guy, a man's man. At his retirement party in Colorado Springs, his speech consisted of reading the lyrics of "The Rose", which choked up the crowd.

After retirement he continued to do contract work, because he had "special skills" and that's how he was killed in Bosnia in a helicopter crash. Another FBI colleague was also killed in the same crash--this guy is the one who taught Jack to repel, and they were good friends.

Jack said it was a lot for him to take, losing the two of them at the same time. To this day, when he hears The Rose he remembers his friends and gets emotional.

This conversation started after Erica said that the Pink song on her CD, "Misery", kept playing over and over in her mind. I guess Jack had listened to her CD also, because he immediately said he liked the song and knew it was track #8.

(Ed Note: I went to FSU, so my ears perked right up when I heard Jack mention it.)

Aug 15 2003 16:50, Fri Lola   Link
Ali realizes that tomorrow is PB&J. She says that at 11:40 she's going to eat everything she can NT

Aug 15 2003 16:57, Fri Bert   Link
Ali came out to BY, Jee and Robert in pool ...
Ali came out with a coke and ice cream float. She said it tastes like Vanilla Coke. Robert wanted a taste. She gave it to him. She comments that the laundry water from Justin's sheets is black, filthy. She said the sheets hadn't been washed since she was in the bed. She said Scott, Ali, Justin, Nate and Justin slept in that bed.

Ali said that might be the bad luck bed. Then she said all the couples are leaving the house. She thinks because Justin claims they were never a couple, she's not in danger (said this jokingly).

Now Ali talking about the food competition. She was so mad at the way Jun was eating, with a spoon. Ali told BB in the DR that she wanted to shove it down Jun's throat. Ali claims she could have eaten Jun's fish, no problem. Ali laughing at the idea of her grabbing Jun by the hair, calling her a b*tch and shoving the fish down her throat. Now she's complaining that her octopus had tentacles with suction things on it. It was purple. She repeated that she wasn't gonna ruin thousands of dollars with of dental work on that food.

She said Rob's eyeball was the worst. The guys contribute little to the conversation. It's mostly Ali.

Aug 15 2003 16:58, Fri pixiegirl   Link
Jack please go to the DR NT

Aug 15 2003 16:58, Fri ManTroll   Link
Allison whining about eating Octopus....
She's saying how Jun was such a loser for getting down to 4 seconds and wanted to "grab her by the hair, pull her head back and shove the fish down her throat". Then she talks about Justin being a "puss" for losing. She said she could have done their two foods with no problem, but she got the hardest one to eat.

Then she says her reason for losing was that "my parents spent thousands of dollars on my teeth, I'm not gonna ruin them for the team! We can eat PB&J for one day"

(ed note: Octopus is rubbery, not hard - how can you ruin your teeth?)

Aug 15 2003 17:03, Fri Lola   Link
Jus is laughing with Er & Ja remembering when Mi got voted off.
They're laughing about the look everyones faces.
Jus says at first he thought Julie made a mistake, then he said he knew how he voted and when he looked at Dave, Dave had a surprized look on his face so he though "Rob, you ******" But then he realized that they had been fooled. He said the 3 looked at each other and realized that everyone was coming after them. He laughing really hard the whole time he's talking.

Er is laughing too. She says "See... we can laugh about this already"

Jus says "We were laughing about it the day it happened. Just cause everyone could keep a secret"

Note: last post for a while, Mirage can take over

Aug 15 2003 17:03, Fri Bert   Link
Erika and Justin on the couch taking about the Michelle vote ...
Justin said that in about 10 seconds he realized the stooges were screwed when the vote went 6-2 against Michelle. They both laugh at how shocked the stooges were. Justin said it was such a memorable point in the game for him. Justin said that David was being such an actor at that time, being so dramatic. Erika loved the idea that the stooges would be so shocked. Justin said he thought even his own guys voted against what they said they were going to do.

Now Justin is taking about Sean in the DR. His lease is up on his apartment. He forgot to give anybody the keys to his place. He's saying he went in the DR and she had his keys.

Erika - so did you get it taken care of, the lease?

Feed changes back outside to Ali, Jee and Rob.

(I'm guessing the point of bringing up the Sean conversation means Justin's lease was taken care of)

Aug 15 2003 17:14, Fri ManTroll   Link
Justin says he wouldn't mind seeing anyone in the house winning the prize, except for Jun......
cuz she's not playing the game well by floating between sides. Erika tells Justin tactfully that you can't really criticize her because she's made it this far and that means something, but she agreed that she's flying under the radar and that's no way to win.

Aug 15 2003 17:23, Fri ManTroll   Link
Weird FOTH move.....Justin says "there are no secrets in this house"....then FOTH....
Erika says "oh I know, it's amazing".
(ed note: Maybe they know about an upcoming twist that we don't know about(?) )

Aug 15 2003 17:24, Fri pixiegirl   Link
Robert please go to the DR NT

Aug 15 2003 17:31, Fri ManTroll   Link
Justin says he wants "no regrets" in this game......
He said how so many of the other players in the game left with regrets. Like he bets Nathan regrets taking Ally off with the veto. He said he almost felt sorry for Nathan in being played by Allison because "she'll turn on you fast and stab you" and he knows how convincing she can be. He also said Nathan's downfall was that he made an alliance with everyone in the house in the beginning.

Aug 15 2003 17:33, Fri valentine   Link
Nice Talk Between Justin and Erica
They are talking openly about their alliances. Erica is describing how she was connected to Nathan (through Jack's relationship with him).

Justin said it was Nate's many alliances that did him in inside the house. He told Erica that Nathan had alliances with everyone in the house.

Erica: Everyone?? Really?

Justin: Yep. He even had one with me. He told me in the beginning that he had my back.

Erica is just taking it all in. I wonder if she is believing him.

Aug 15 2003 17:37, Fri valentine   Link
About Michelle
Justin and Erica are still lounging in the HOH room, talking like old friends.

Justin can't wait to get home and watch all the tapes, just to see Michelle's interview with Julie Chen after the eviction.

Justin: I bet she was a mess! Did you see her face when Julie announced it??

They laugh about it. Erica said she gave her a hug and told her it was just a game, don't take it personal.

Aug 15 2003 17:53, Fri valentine   Link
Veto Competition Tonight
It's getting set up now in the backyard, so the HG are on lock down.

Erica just wished Justin luck in the competition and it sounded sincere. Justin hopes that Jee doesn't try to go for it, since he promised Erica that he wouldn't while they were standing in the cage.

Erica is expected to get called to the DR to discuss the comp--she hasn't been called in all day.

The cameras switch to the kitchen, where Jack and Allie are standing, leaning on the counter. Justin and Erica join the group.

Somehow, the conversation turns to Allie and Justin's relationship.

Justin blurts out that Allie was never his girlfriend, just his fu*kbuddy. Even though he has said this before in the house, I don't think he has said it out loud in front of Allison.

Jack looks a little offended and Allie is silent for a minute before making some sort of sarcastic comment about being glad that he is announcing to the world that there is nothing between them.

Aug 15 2003 18:04, Fri valentine   Link
Allison is Unbelievable
One Minute:

She is sitting in the Sand Box with Erica and Jack, whispering about Erica's conversation with Justin. They discuss the upcoming veto competition, and think it will happen at dusk. Allie tells them that she is going to take a nap, so she will be pumped up for the comp. As she leaves the room, she says "I'm off to rest my body so I can dash all hopes and dreams tonight."

The next minute:

She is literally laying on the round couch whispering with the Three Stooges. She tells them that E&J think she is going for the veto, but she isn't.

She discusses Jun and how they need to "throw her ass out of here" because she is floating in the wind and could be a vote with the other side.

She badmouths Erica and says she can't even think without Jack's help.

Now Jun comes out of the DR in her fishnet top.

Aug 15 2003 18:14, Fri pixiegirl   Link
Erika called to DR, Ali yells I dont wanna do it! NT

Aug 15 2003 18:18, Fri pixiegirl   Link
HGs having convo about how much money they have to get to sleep with Howard Stern
Ali says not for a million dollars! Jee asks Jack if he would for 5 million, he says of course. Another guy say yes too, couldn't distinguish who.

Sorry spelling bad....

Aug 15 2003 18:19, Fri valentine   Link
Spicy Conversation
on the couch with the Stooges + Jun, and Allie.

Jee: Allie, do you have peach fuzz on your ass?

Allie: I don't know. Why don't you look?

Jee: You should know. Justin, does she?

Justin: Why don't you look Jee? (Jee doesn't)

Jun: It's a nice ass.

A minute later, Allison mentions that some girls have "special" skills with ping pong balls.

Jun: Do you mean on Howard Stern?

Now they discuss Howard's looks, and the fact that girls like him for the money.

Jee: Jun would bang Howard Stern.

Jun indicates that, yes, she would.

Now they talk about doing it with Howard for five million dollars.

Jee: I would do it with Howard Stern for $5M!!!! Do me big Howie!!!

Allison claims that she doesn't do favors for money, ever. Then they start talking about anal sex.

Jun: Jee, you like taking it up the rear.

Jee: Why do you lie like that? No one believes that.

Aug 15 2003 18:22, Fri valentine   Link
Nate Left His Dirty Socks
in Jun's bed. She said they were "crusty" and he spread them all over under the sheets. They all laugh.

Jee: He's a funny cat! I can't believe he did that. That's hilarious.

Earlier today, Erica mentioned how Nate came up to her during the broadcast and told her that he left some clothes in the drier and would she get them for him. Allie was a little offended that Nate didn't leave the clothes for her. She took one of the shirts and washed it today to wear for the veto competition tonight.

I think it is Nate's sleeveless blue OSU T-shirt. She thinks Nate will be proud that she wore it.

I think Allie is way wrong about that.

Aug 15 2003 18:24, Fri pixiegirl   Link
Jee attacks Ali's elephant and chases her around with Nates socks NT

Aug 15 2003 18:28, Fri ManTroll   Link
OMG....Justin says: "What does 'vindictive' mean?" All the other HGs define it. NT

Aug 15 2003 18:29, Fri valentine   Link
More Nate Talk
Jun says the DR said, "so, I hear Nate left you a present".

Jee: You have a lot of enemies in this house, Jun. Everyone hates you.

Jun: He was just upset because he wanted to bang me. He's upset that he is blond and blue-eyed and not a beautiful Asian person.

Allie: He is going to be a California boy.

Jun: Oh yeah, they're going to eat him alive out here.

Jun: It could have been worse. He could have peed in my bed. It's just so immature.

Justin: It was a funny joke and a good idea.

Jack: We sure got some laughs from it.

Allie: That makes me wonder--did Dana use my toothbrush to clean the toilet?

Justin: No, they didn't let Will use the brush after Shannon did that.

Now they all talk about the fact that it was actually Hardy's toothbrush. Jack says that Will was the Roddy of that season.

(Ed Note: I disagree, Jack. Will got paid (and laid), and Roddy didn't.)

Aug 15 2003 18:31, Fri FrodoLass ParentRootLink
Jack said Hardy was the Roddy of BB2. NT

Aug 15 2003 18:31, Fri valentine   Link
Allie Jokes With Jee
because he was chasing her earlier and flirting with her.

Allie said that Julie would ask Jee, "So, Jee, how does it feel to be single after flirting with the House Hooker?"

They all laugh.

Justin: That's probably what it's going to be this week.

They discuss how pretty Julie looked, and how they liked her hair and makeup. The conversation turns to how young she looks, and how old they all thought the other HG were at first. Justin though Jun was about 23.

Aug 15 2003 18:40, Fri valentine   Link
Seven Seas Salad Dressing Must Be a Sponsor
Over the past hour or two, BB keeps showing us a tight clean shot of four bottles of dressing, all lined up on the counter.

They are going to eat, then have the competition, then eat again until midnight. This is according to Jun (big surprise). Tomorrow is a PB&J day for the house.

Aug 15 2003 18:43, Fri valentine   Link
Allison Piles on the Makeup
She is standing in front of the mirror, piling on more mascara.

She also puts on lip gloss, smacking her lips at herself and posing her face in several different angles.

She has let her hair curl naturally today, and currently has it in a ponytail. Earlier, for the nomination ceremony, she left it down and wore her camoflage tank top. Jee offered to apply glitter to her body, but she turned him down with "maybe later."

Aug 15 2003 18:44, Fri Dreamer   Link
Robert is taking a shower NT

Aug 15 2003 19:16, Fri candysnm   Link
Veto in two hours NT

Aug 15 2003 19:20, Fri candysnm   Link
Jun complains about getting Palmolive and no fancy S*** NT

Aug 15 2003 19:20, Fri valentine   Link
Catty Kitchen Chatter
Erica and Jack talk to Jun as she cooks up another masterpiece. Erica says that Julie Chen looked good on Wednesday.

Jack: She looked real pretty.

Jun: She looked all-right. (sarcastically. then turning and smiling at Erica)

Jack: From one hot Asian woman to another.

Erica: Did you see her glitter?

Jun: Yeah. She's a really busy woman.

Jun says that she can't believe that CBS sent her overseas during the war. She said that CBS got tons of emails from viewers complaining that the war was a serious event, and Julie was too shallow to cover it.

Jun: She was only over there about 2 days, and then they brought her back. They kept showing her running around in her tiny little capri outfits, dashing through the sand.

Jack: I don't remember that.

After a pause, Jack mentions that he saw Katie Couric interview General Norman Schwartzkopf during Gulf War I. I am amazed that neither of the girls ask him about this. There is only silence. I think Jack meant that he was over there, watching.

Must be frustrating for him, the shallow conversation. I bet Julie Chen would have asked him about it.

Aug 15 2003 19:25, Fri valentine   Link
Allie: "Where the Hell is the Coke?"
as she ransacks the kitchen.

Jun: Dude, it's all gone. I barely had two glasses.

Allie complains that its the boy's faults.

Erica got Chocolate Chocolate Chip ice cream in the HOH room. Allie is eating another flavor from the HG freezer, sticking her spoon straight into the container.

Aug 15 2003 19:37, Fri valentine   Link
Girl Talk in the Kitchen
Allie: Do you want to hear the funniest dancing story ever?

Erica: Yeah. But maybe not EVER....

Allie used to be on the dance squad for Penn. When they played Notre Dame in a bowl game, they went on the road and I guess she was on the sidelines with the squad. Whenever Penn scored, Allie's team had to pick up these "huge, heavy ass" flags and run all the way around the field.

The flags spelled out the school name, and Allie was the first one in line, carrying the "P".

She started out running, showing the girls how she had to carry the big flag while turning her head to the side and smiling. She tripped and fell straight down. The "I" behind her ran right into her. Her family has it all on tape.

She illustrated the whole story by running up and down the living room and was very animated. Erica looked like she really was enjoying the story.

Aug 15 2003 19:41, Fri valentine ParentRootLink
And More!!!
Erica is chanting "skin to win! skin to win!" soon after Allison shows the girls her "little boy's" underwear by pulling down the front of her shorts.

Allie: Skin to win? I've never heard that one.

Erica: Yeah, they do it for wet T-Shirt contests.

Allie: Wet T-shirts? I've never been to one of those.

Erica: What??? You've never been to spring break and seen one?

Allie: La la la. I can't hear you.

Jun: You mean, you've never seen a dry humping competition?

Allie: Dry humping???

Erica: I've never seen one of those.

Jun: I just made it up. Ha ha.

Allie and Erica: LIAR!!!!

Aug 15 2003 19:41, Fri talcman ParentRootLink
It's Pitt, not Penn. lol NT

Aug 15 2003 19:55, Fri pixiegirl   Link
Erika standing around in her beautiful HOH robe NT

Aug 15 2003 20:00, Fri valentine   Link
Robert is Smirking in his Tired Tacky T-Shirt
sitting at the kitchen table, fresh from the shower.

Justin: Robert, you look like one hundred bucks.

(Ha ha ha)

Jun has ruined the orange plastic colander by placing it on the stove. She didn't think the stove was hot and burned a huge round hole in the colander. She also had to scrape melted plastic off one of the burners.

Jun: Big Brother!!!! We need ANOTHER ONE!!!

Aug 15 2003 20:01, Fri valentine ParentRootLink
Actually it's a Tacky Tank Top. An ugly gray one. Sorry. NT

Aug 15 2003 20:00, Fri Janet   Link
Jack and Erica in HOH talking about reeling Jun into their alliance after the POV competition tonight NT

Aug 15 2003 20:06, Fri valentine   Link
While Enjoying Dinner, HG Discuss the BB Crew
Jun: Daniel calls me "wify".

Allie: Wify??? I can always tell who it is by what they call me. Some call me Allison, some call me Allie. I haven't heard from Ralphie in over a week!!

Jun: He probably got stressed out and quit. Maybe he left with Dana.

And, yes, we get a FOTH since the HG are naming names.

Aug 15 2003 20:14, Fri valentine   Link
Dinner Funnies
Jee asks Jun how she made the pasta. She explains that she sauteed the vegetables and then added them to the pasta.

Jun: When we get out of here you can come into the city to my apartment and I'll give you cooking lessons, OK?? (sarcastically flirty)

Jee: No, that's okay.

Justin: C'mon Jee. Get out of the hood.

Jee: See what you've started?? (to Jun)

Jun: You're the one that talked about the grafitti in your neighborhood.


Robert: Jee, can I donate some money to your neighborhood?

Jee: You can donate money to Jee!

Erica: Ha ha ha.

Jun: Jee, remember the time you were getting on the subway after going home from my house and those guys mugged you?

Jee: Yeah, it was 3 latin dudes and they had a gun. It was no joke.

Jun: Oh. I don't remember all that. There was a gun?

Jee: (imitating a latin guy) Hey S.A., give me your wallet man.

Everyone cracks up.

Jun: I felt so bad about that.

Aug 15 2003 20:14, Fri Peeps   Link
HG's finishing dinner - Chicken Parmesan (I think) NT

Aug 15 2003 20:25, Fri pixiegirl   Link
Justin please stop obstructing your mircophone NT

Aug 15 2003 21:03, Fri pixiegirl   Link
Erika laying on floor in front of the front door
She is saying she can smell the camera crew and sees a sunflower seed, then starts talking about her dogs and how shes misses then licking her and fighting to sit on her lapp, and Jack says they get along and she says yes they are like a pack they stick together.

Aug 15 2003 21:06, Fri pixiegirl   Link
Ali Jack and Erika are talking about last seasons getting money, and clothes and a car and they only get Fluff and fold, Ali "thats horses**t!" NT

Aug 15 2003 21:06, Fri Bert   Link
HG update, they all seem to be hanging around waiting for POV ...
Jun resting in orange room. Justin and Jee napping on the couch. Robert shuffling cards and sniffling on the couch. Jack on an orange chair in the bathroom, Erika on the floor in the hallway near the bathroom, and Ali is in the bathroom. I think she just changed for the POV competition.

Aug 15 2003 21:15, Fri Bert   Link
Ali, Jack and Erika talking about Halloween costumes ...
Erika got all dressed up as a dark angel, said she looked really cute. She was going to a party at the restaurant where she works, but she couldn't get up Sunset Boulevard. Too much traffic. She was stuck in traffic so long (over an hour) that she gave up and went home. She had her mother look at her outfit because no one saw her.

Ali and her friends dressed as girl scouts. They wound up at some bar where Justin was. He was dressed as a tourist with a Hawaiian shirt on.

Aug 15 2003 21:17, Fri Bert   Link
Ali and her friends go out dancing every Thursday night, then to McDonald's ...
for a double cheeseburger. They always get hammered.

She talked about some other stuff, but I zoned out.

Now Jun walked into the bathroom to talk to Jack, Erika and Ali. I cannot hear what she's saying. Something to the effect that BB is trying to break them, make things harder on the HGs. Jun doesn't think the POV will be physical because it's dark outside.

Aug 15 2003 21:18, Fri pixiegirl   Link
Erika finally called to the DR NT

Aug 15 2003 21:22, Fri Bert   Link
Jun made a joke, she said the competition tonight will be eating the leftovers from last night food competition. NT

Aug 15 2003 21:27, Fri Bert   Link
Robert says that they've had 18 competitions so far ...
He seems impressed that BB comes up with so many good ideas. He asks Jack if they've repeated any of the competitions from other BB years, and Jack said he doesn't think so.

Robert asked Ali, for some reason, what is BB telling Erika about the competition? Jun chimes in that she'll (Erika) probably make them pick balls or something. (They do that to deterine the order in competitions sometimes).

Robert is surprised that there was no HOH in BB1. Jack explaining to him that America voted the HGs out back then.

I don't know who said what, but they're saying that there was no veto in BB2, only in BB3, and golden POV was only once. Jun suggested that POV should be you can take someone off the block and get to punch someone.

Aug 15 2003 21:28, Fri Bert   Link
Erica out of DR, she instructs HGs to go to desert room - FOTH
Jun went to wake up Jee on the couch and Erika then came out of the DR. She wasn't in there very long.

Aug 15 2003 21:29, Fri pixiegirl   Link
Erika instructs everyone into the sand box, FOTH NT

Aug 15 2003 21:43, Fri Bert   Link

Aug 15 2003 22:01, Fri Bert   Link
A good 1/2 hour of FOTH NT

Aug 15 2003 22:23, Fri Bert   Link
Still FOTHing NT

Aug 15 2003 22:59, Fri Bert   Link
1-1/2 hours of FOTH NT

Aug 15 2003 23:49, Fri Peeps   Link
almost 2 1/2 hours now - still FOTH : ( NT

Aug 15 2003 23:50, Fri gluedtothetv   Link
Still FOTH... (yes, there's more)
I don't even get the feeds and I know that they are still FOTHing... (BTW - Let me take this opportunity to give a great big THANK YOU to all feed posters - you are my lifeline!)

Aug 16 2003 00:08, Sat Spiderprints   Link
Time for the next 20 minute FOTH update! NT

Aug 16 2003 00:23, Sat deVinePoet   Link
FOTH house update inside...
The windows are lit, making us hope that the HGs are still alive inside the house.

The water is rippling which means there is a slight breeze tonight in L.A.

The shadows are deepening which means perhaps a cloud or two in the sky.

Nothing else stirring. I guess they don't have 24/7 yard service.

To be continued...

Aug 16 2003 00:31, Sat joannie   Link
FOTH passes the 3-hour mark!!! NT

Aug 16 2003 00:44, Sat Shadow46and2   Link
FOTH update
Water is babbling about how door is not being open enough. Door says he always shuts down after something prying. Meanwhile, bush is yelling at bridge to step up. Steps say it's time to step down for a while and let sidewalk take over.

Aug 16 2003 00:59, Sat Shadow46and2 ParentRootLink
Now rocks are threatening to break the lights...they know something fishy is going on. Lots of tension here. Water threatening to splash rocks. NT

Aug 16 2003 00:45, Sat Anonymous   Link
Still FOTH (Ed: Endurance challenge? Staying up all night?) NT

Aug 16 2003 00:58, Sat Bert   Link
FOTH Watch 2003 Continues ... NT