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Aug 16 2003 01:04, Sat deVinePoet   Link
FOTH - update inside...
Like the band on the Titanic, the BB orchestra plays bravely on as we endure the Iceberg known as FOTH.

Since FOTH began:

138 babies have been born
1399 people have died
1 person in Poughkeepsie got laid
689,998 people got drunk
1 person got pissed owwfff
87 people became hypnotized and drove to CA to stand outside the BB studio chanting 'Down with Arnold'
54 people got carpal tunnel syndrome
907 people signed up to run for Governor of California
and 2 people got some sleep - Dana and Nathan

Aug 16 2003 01:08, Sat Bert   Link
They're back ... NT

Aug 16 2003 01:09, Sat Peeps   Link
Were back on! Justin talking about POV NT

Aug 16 2003 01:09, Sat GreenEyes   Link
Feeds are back, everyone is in the kitchen making something to eat NT

Aug 16 2003 01:09, Sat babyblue   Link
Wow!! 12:09am! I get up cause I can't sleep AND VETO COMP IS OVAH!! NT

Aug 16 2003 01:09, Sat GreenEyes   Link
Jun won POV NT

Aug 16 2003 01:10, Sat Bert   Link
I think Jun won ... Ali congratulated her. Jun saying she had to cover her boobs the whole time. NT

Aug 16 2003 01:11, Sat Timsterino   Link
It seems Jun won power of Veto
It seems to be some sort of competition with cameras

Aug 16 2003 01:13, Sat babyblue   Link
All Hg's gathered around kitchen island
talking about the POV comp. They're usually given until 1am BBT to eat before their pbj day begins. [wonder if it will be extended at all]
from what is being said apparently Justin may have had to repeat his part of comp. Jack says he did the whole 'course' backwards. It also must have involved 'faces', pix of their faces. we'll get more as we listen further...


Aug 16 2003 01:22, Sat Timsterino   Link
POV competition
It seems that it was some kind of obstacle course where the HGs had to go from station to station and view clips of this season and answer questions. At least that is what it seems.

More when it is clearer...

Aug 16 2003 01:55, Sat trish   Link
Jun and Jee's Sex Life
Erika says it sounds like you guys had a very passionate love life....Jun was 19 Jee only 15 jun was talking about doing it in someones yard

Aug 16 2003 02:04, Sat Anonymous ParentRootLink
and while doin it a guard dog was barking like crazy. Jun musta been real scary even then! NT

Aug 16 2003 02:04, Sat trish   Link
The conversation was getting good and then FOTH NT

Aug 16 2003 02:10, Sat max1204   Link
Robert and Jee in BY
I missed the first part of this conversation.

Jee is reassuring Robert as they sit by the hot tub. He looks stressed out. Jee is saying they will hang on, get rid of Jack and Erica and then the floaters.

Jee says Jun probably won't use the veto, and Robert agrees.

Robert says f-ck this and that (talking about competition). "Don't stress yourself," Jee says. Robert replies something to the effect of "I don't want to be around these whores anymore." I hear Ali coming out and Robert tells her he doesn't want to be around anyone; sounds like he's specifically talking about Jun because Ali is coaxing him into the house and he says, "What if SHE comes in there?"

Aug 16 2003 02:12, Sat Bert   Link
Jee comforting Robert who seems to be having a hard time ...
Jee repeats the usual, they went far already, it's just a game, if it's meant to be - it'll happen, etc.

Rat says - I don't want to be in here with these whores anymore. I'm sick of these F'n bitches.

At that moment Ali came out and wanted to get into the HT which is where Rat and Jee were headed.

Rat keeps saying that Jun cheated during the POV. Justin would have won if Jun didn't cheat. Rat told BB Jun cheated.

Aug 16 2003 02:12, Sat Timsterino   Link
Robert and Jee in backyard
They are having a pity session by the hot tub.

Robert says at least they all made it until 8/16. They say if either one gets HOH next week they will put up Jack and Erika.

Jee says Jun will not use the POV because of her new aliance with Erika and Jack.

Jee said he thought for sure Justin won the POV competition. Jee says he thinks that Jun cheated.

Robert says he does not want to hang out with the f****** whores anymore.

Allison then comes out and asks them if they are ok. She says she also thought Justin won the POV. She mentions something about "getting the song right"

Aug 16 2003 02:13, Sat DC1   Link
Robert outside pouting by the Hot Tub, Jee comes out and tries to cheer him up......
Robert upset, pouting and mad. Jee saying it's just a game. We need to try to get HOH next week and break up Ja and Er and go from there and try to turn it around. Robert says I'm tired of being around "those people", I don't want to be around "those whores", "those b*tches". Then Ali comes out....

Aug 16 2003 02:14, Sat max1204   Link
Rob and Ali get in hot tub
Jee is standing by the hot tub. The conversation is a little muffled now because they turned on the bubbles. Robert is complaining about the competition again, and I heard Ali say "I know." Ali asks him if he's going to try to get Jun to use the veto and he says no. (Jee has now walked away from the hot tub.)

(Ed. note: Rob is probably upset because he thinks Erica, his ex, wants him out, when really the Jack-Erica alliance want Justin out.)

Ali tells Robert she didn't cheat during the veto competition. Rob says he knows. Ali says she doesn't want Justin to leave. She says something about "honor him and honor us" (speaking of Justin I think) but the noise of the hot tub makes it hard to understand the context of what they are saying.

Aug 16 2003 02:15, Sat Timsterino   Link
More backyard
Erika comes out and says she hears people over the wall. She says they must be doing something outside with all of the screaming and stuff. Robert sits stonefaced pouting.

Aug 16 2003 02:16, Sat Bert   Link
Ali saying to Jee and Rob, I hope you'll trust me as much as I trust you ...
Rob says - we do.

Ali says - when we 3 get into the finals.

Jun came out and could hear people laughing. They shut down the HT so they could hear the people laughing.

Jun told Jee that she wants a cigarette. He didn't respond.

Erika is outside now in a towel getting ready to get into the HT. (Robert must be filled with glee). Looks like Jack is out now too and in his swim trunks.

Aug 16 2003 02:16, Sat max1204   Link
Jun comes out in backyard
She says some group of people outside of the house are being really loud; she can hear them laughing. Ali yells out "hey." Rob is silent as Jun talks to Ali. Jee is in the backyard again as well.

Jack and Erica come out in their backyard, clad in their bathing suits. (Side note: Ali has said Justin is in the DR.)

Erica gets in hot tub with Ali and Rob. Then Jack gets in.

Conversation has turned to small talk, and Robert has been silent since Jun came out.

Aug 16 2003 02:26, Sat max1204   Link
Robert in shower; Jee talking to him
He's playing with his nose and makes this almost quacking sound when he blows it. (Ed. note: I swear he must have done coke before.)

Aug 16 2003 02:27, Sat Bert   Link
Robert got out of the HT when Erika and Jack got in ...
Ali asks Jun if she's going to get into the HT. She says no. Erika calls her over, says come over to your new family. My feeds were messed up so I missed some. Next I saw Jun was sitting by the HT, Ali, Jack and Erika in the HT, all talking. They were talking about Robert. They must have told Jun that Rob is mad, because Jun was repeating that Robert is really mad. Jack said Rob shouldn't treat people the way he does.

Ali asked Jun who she'd put up if she won HOH next week. Jun said Rob and Jee. Ali asked, are you sure you don't have a problem with that? Jun said no. Jun says, don't tell Jee that, though.

The the HT folks start talking about how cool Justin is. Ali again repeats, this time to Er, Jack, Jun that she thinks Justin is one of the most wonderful people she's ever met (said that last night to Justin).

Then my feed switched to Jee in an orange chair in the bathroom with Robert in the shower. I think Justin is in the DR.

Aug 16 2003 02:27, Sat FeedAddict   Link
Robert blows a big loogy of snot in the shower. Iwww. NT

Aug 16 2003 02:29, Sat Anonymous   Link
Ratbery just blew his nose in the Kleenex, just blew his nose! Ew. NT

Aug 16 2003 02:32, Sat Bert   Link
I just want to be the last guy here ...
That's what Jack said. Jun went into the house to get some Tylenol. She has a headache. The HT people joke about how poorly Jack did with the POV competition. Jack participates with the jokes about himself. He took about 18 minutes to do the competition and I don't think anybody else took more than a few minutes.

Justin yells to the HTers that they need to drink up, because they'll have to pour out all the alcohol very soon. Erika is finishing her drink now.

Aug 16 2003 02:36, Sat Bert   Link
Ali asks if they are gonna make a deal with the stooges ...
(Jack, Ali and Erika in the HT)

They discussed last night that they might make a deal with the stooges to call a truce next week and then take out Jun. Actually, it was Ali and the stooges idea, she brought it up to Jack and Erika. So Ali asks if they're still gonna make that deal with the stooges and Jack and Erika say no, it's over. The deal is not good anymore. Not necessary.

Justin came out to do the rest of his laundry. Robert is getting stuff out of the dryer. Jun sitting on patio furniture. Don't know where Jee is as all 4 feeds are outside.

Aug 16 2003 02:43, Sat Bert   Link
Jun telling Justin it's very bittersweet ...
She tells him that he's such a nice guy. It's not like when Nathan went, everybody likes Justin.

Jun is saying that she doesn't want to be over there (with Jack, Erika and Ali), and that they know that, but it's a game. She's playing a game. She wishes she was with Dave and Nathan instead of them.

Justin talking about the POV competition. He said he almost didn't want to win. He knew his time was good, but didn't think he was the fastest. He didn't realize he had 2nd place.

Jun said she, Ali and Justin were fast with the POV competition.

Justin said he'd love to have those F'n portraits. They all liked the portraits. They wish BB would give them to them. (Justin, Rob & Jun talking)

They say BB should just give them a bag of all their sh*t at the wrap party.

Jun - I'm happy I won and stuff, but Ali with her fake, "you did so good" is just making me so sick. It's giving me a headache.

Rob - Yeah, I know. She's a piece of sh*t.

Justin talking about the DR asking him about giving up. He says what is he supposed to do?

They discuss whether or not Ali would have used the POV. Justin said she wouldn't have used it. It would have put the target on her.

Jun says she can't stand how they're gloating (Jack, Ali & Erika).

Rob - I know, man. I can't F'n wait until Wednesday. It's on!

Aug 16 2003 02:46, Sat Bert   Link
Justin is saying BB rigs HOH, in so many words ...
Jun seems surprised that he thinks that. She asks, you really think that?

Rat says absolutely. Justin says without a doubt. Justin says they (BB) has to do what's best for the audience. Justin brings up how no one has won HOH more than once. He brings up all the contract they signed, how the contracts said BB could change the game when they wanted to.

Justin says BB knows so much about them, it's easy for them to make the game tailor-made for certain people.

Aug 16 2003 02:51, Sat Bert   Link
Jack walks by Jun, Rat & Just and start making fun of himself again ...
he says he's going to hear about it forever from his FBI friends (because he did so poorly with POV). Justin said yeah, they are gonna give him a hard time. He was not representing.

Now Justin is again saying how BB rigs the game (my words not his). He says the last HOH was tailor made for Erika. Rob agrees. Justin said they probably made the cage the exact right height for Erika.

Jun says she doesn't want to hear that, that's terrible.

Justin goes on to say something about some Australian dude (the psychiatrist?) and their psych exams. How he knows all of them so well, he's probably playing the HGs like puppets.

Jun gets called into the DR, BB said thank you after the request.

Ali is standing nearby doing laundry. Jee just came outside to join the stooges.

Aug 16 2003 03:02, Sat Bert   Link
Jee comes out and says he's not going to apologize again ...
Justin says he'll hit Jee again. Apparently Justin hit Jee for apologizing earlier, and hit him hard.

Rat says they're gonna win HOH next week and get rid of her (Jun).

Justin was telling them he was saying to Jun how they'll handle this classy (?). He's repeating what Jun said earlier about it being bittersweet, but adding some things Jun didn't say.

Robert again calls Jun a piece of sh*t. Robert telling Justin that he can't go to the front door with him. He wants to say goodbye really quick, he can't walk to the door. If it's him, that's different.

Justin said - you guys are tearing up. You guys are crying and sh*t. I'm going on vacation.

Rob - I'm going next right?

Just - I don't know.

Jee saying that if he goes, Robert will have to go after them for him.

Justin telling Jee that Erika wants Jee gone. Justin saying that it's personal with Erika about getting rid of Jee (huh?), but strategic with Justin.

They're talking about whether or not Ali is still on their side. They have to find out.

Rob - We're gunna F'n win it.

Jee said .... (some stuff) that they can't let it happen for no reason (losing Justin).

Justin telling Jee and Rob have a stronger alliance than Jack and Erika. He's giving them a pep talk. He saying if they put their minds together, they can do some stuff. Ali has mental. Saying that Jee, Rat and Ali are a lot stronger team than Jack, Jun and Erika.

Justin telling them they have worthy-ass opponents. He knows that Rob doesn't like Erika, but they're straight up people. He says go talk to them, they'll be straight with you. Justin said he thinks it's a privilege to go up against people like that. You're supposed to hate your enemies. They're awesome F'n people.

Aug 16 2003 03:13, Sat zuzu ParentRootLink
Er told Jus that her reason to get rid of Rob was personal, but w/ Jus it was strategy. NT

Aug 16 2003 03:07, Sat Bert   Link
Robert bringing up Jun cheating ...
Justin said she wasn't really cheating, just observant. Nobody broke any rules. It's impossible to cheat on this.

Jee agreeing.

Rat talking about her veto speech, trying to mimic Jun saying, "Well, I thought about it," F'n bitch. Rat says he's not gonna even talk to these people at the wrap party. F 'em!

Rat saying Erika is not a worthy opponent. She's a bartender, no education, she's weak. I don't give a sh*t. She skated all the way to here.

Justin saying she's been honest. Just says we're gonna knock on everybody's strategy, but they're just doing what we're doing. They're just as good as we are.

Jee - Yeah


(The conversation dies down a lot when Justin talks like this).

Aug 16 2003 03:11, Sat Bert   Link
Jun came out to sit with the stooges to complain about the others ...
She complains about Ali, how fake she is. She doesn't want to hang out with them. How annoying the others are. That they're drunk and happy.

Justin - we did the same thing last week, we did the exact same thing last week.

Robert just went to help Jack with either the pool or the HT. Justin jokes about how funny it is that they work together.

Jee saying the dryer is annoying him.

Jun - my head literally hurts.

Aug 16 2003 03:28, Sat Bert   Link
Jun beating dead horse ...
(Jun, Jee & Justin talking, Rob off camera)

Jun talking about how much her head hurts. How annoying they are. How much her head hurts (again). How she's the best thing since sliced bread now. How Ali is her best friend now.

Jee tells her to go to sleep, get some rest.

Jun says she will. Said she was excited that she won POV. Then back to Ali slamming, commenting about her head hurting.

I believe it was Justin that said to her that she should have won HOH not POV. Make it count.

Then Ali came out to get some laundry.

Now they're talking about spiders and Buddy the spider. They have black widow spiders on some wall outside. One of the stooges killed one yesterday. Justin saying those F'n things will kill you.

Ali - I'm mad at you guys. i thought you'd do a little better. I mean, I'm not mad at you.

Jee - I'm mad at myself.

Off camera I can hear Robert asking Ali if his hair feels soft. She says yeah, it looks good.

Justin just threw something to Buddy the spider (a bee I think). Buddy went for it real quick.

Robert asking who should go first, Erika or Jack? Justin saying, honestly it doesn't matter.

Rob - pound for pound I think Erika could go first. Jack doesn't do well in competitions. Jack is the weakest guy here. I think we should take Erika first. Jack has weak knees.

Justin - he hasn't won one competition.

Rob - he felt stupid about the Dana one (HOH competition where he missed the Dana question) too.

Justin appears to be waiting up for his sheets to dry. Ali said awhile ago they'll take 65 minutes. Jun offers her bed to Justin, saying he can sleep with her. He said he doesn't mind waiting.

Jun - They're creeping me out a litle (Ali, Jack & Er). Rob, you told Ali you didn't want to get into the HT with Erika?

Rob - Yeah, I told her.

Jun giggles.

(Feed changes and I'm calling it a night)

Aug 16 2003 03:37, Sat Debra_Kadabra   Link
Jun catches a moment to whisper to Jee "You HAVE to win HOH" NT

Aug 16 2003 04:25, Sat zuzu   Link
E & J talking
Jack tells E that their plans have worked out great this week. They have to keep playing the same way. They say they will take Rob out next. Jack thinks E will win the game, he hopes they can go to the end together.
Jack reminds E that they can't get over confident, and they must keep a level head. Jack said Rob called one of the women in the DR a bit*h today. E says he is an insecure person.

Aug 16 2003 04:40, Sat frustratedposter   Link
justin and rob going to bed
NB: text in [] is my comments/opinions

Justin's sheets are finally dry, and he puts them on his bed. rob is climbing in to his bed also, and switches off the lights. jee gives them sh*t for not telling him they were going to bed; he needs 45 minutes to brush his teeth

justin wanders in to the LR to say goodnight. someone [jun or ali] asks if his shees are done. he says yeah. comments about how they probably smell nice now

jee is in the WC area brushing his teeth. ali scream "where is my elephant!" and starts running around looking for it. comments about how they play with the elephant all the time

jee is still brushing

the rest decide that it's time for bed, and they all wander to their beds. erika is still sleeping in the sand box, leaving HOH empty. they leave jee in the WC area, still brushing his teeth

jack and erika are talking about jun, and how she's making her move by winning the POV comp. how HGs were saying before that jun doesn't deserve anything cause she doesn't win competitions. erika is discussing alliances, and saying that jun is doing something right, she's still here.

jack says we've been trying for 6 weeks and it's finally coming to fruition since justin is going to be gone this week.

jack would love to be with erika at the end. says it's all falling in to place. erika says she gave him her word to bring him to the end with her. more about it's all falling in to place. erika says that they have fallen in to a luck few days.

jack saying today their strategy was to bring jun in with them. they haven't quite done that yet. they can't worry about jee.

erika says that jun, although a good player, hates alison. they are going to have to suck it up. jack says that it is worth it to get rid of the amigos

they say that jun is going to have to compete for HOH like she obviously can

jee is done brushing, and off to bed. ali is laying in a bed alone, with her elephant at her side

erika has lost her train of thought. remembers that what she was going to say was she told jun that she (e) wins when she has to win. jun said exactly

jack says it's timing, it's judgement, it's what we are doing. we keep quiet, we don't over talk, it's what jun is doing. says that jun told him if he talks to jee, she will back him on anything. jack saying last time he talked to jee, jun was there, and said to jee do you understand jee, what jack is saying to you? they have that kind of relationship

erika says last time she talked to jun, she wasn't including jee. and she doesn't want ali either. erika says she just doesn't want robert to go far. jack says they can get rid of rob after justin.

both ali and jun have been implying to them that they want the other to come along, as they think they can beat each other in the end. jack says they keep going one day at a time. they have a lot of work to do. he is proud of erika.

jack: jun will never ever ever be looked at the same. what she did today was extraordinary. it took inteligence and physical dexterity.

talking about the veto comp. how dif people played. erika says that BB told her that you won't have to run, but you'll have to go quickly

now it's a "these are all incredible wonderful people" party. erika is pissed that her ex is here, but everyone really is wonderful.

rob apparently called a producer, one of the women, a bitch today. jack asks erika why he has to talk that way. erika says he's insecure. when you lash out at people like that, it's just a reflection on yourself.

jack says it's a damn fine competition tonite. the whole game swings on it. they picked a comp that is fair to everyone today. erika says up to now they try to favor one sex or the other. but they agree tonite was fair to everyone.

now discussing how the various comps favored men or women.

jack says they have to keep ali and jun happy. they see what we can do now, and they are going to ride with us

erika: they are going to ride with the jack erika alliance
jack: that was formed in this very room that first night
erika: i didn't think i would be here 6 weeks. i wanted to leave that first night

[they seem to want to sleep, but are full of nervous energy and glee at the power they hold right now]

erika wants to introduce jack to her family, her friends, her bf. says they would all like him

jack now talking about how great she was with the clambake from hell. says no one else could have done it like she did

now talking about hearing music during the comp. jack says he saw his time, and said i'm going to be dead last. i'm going to look horrendous. he says he did it backwards. looked at cameras, not the faces. why did he do that???

anyway, it was set up nice. it was a good comp. erika says it was beautiful.

they think this was a great week comp wise. jack says it is great week for her to be in power. now wondering who was HOH last year at this time. jack says they were trying to figure it out today. discussing the order that HG left last year. talk about how amy came back, with a target. justin saying to her we went thru a lot while you were down on the beach and how they now understand it more.

erika: tonite was so much fun
jack: we had a good week, it's so good to still be here
erika: yeah, it is

they feel they neutralized ali tonite, and have her with them. erika wonders what she was doing in the bathroom with the stooges tonite. they think she likes the attention, and just wants to be safe if they get HOH next week. they don't think ali wants HOH any more, not wanting to put anyone up any more.

erika says she knew when she came in this is when she would get HOH. at the very end. they say the comp was tailor made for them. erika says her family was prob saying "yes!" jack says they could have stayed in there forever.

now talking about veto again, and they thought it would go to justin. he's smart and quick. they didn't expect jun to go so well. they think there was also a lot of luck involved.

erika was proud of her score. jack says she beat jee and robert.

more robert talk. how he's moody and gloomy. talk about taking robert out next, instead of jee. jee is a better player tho. robert will be ready to go. then jee will be an alliance of one.

worst case, if robert gets it next week, erika says she's gone. jack says that would be horrible. they can't let their guard down. that would be disasterous. jack thinks [hopes] he will be so demoralized, he won't compete well. jack says of course, we say that, but we've always guessed wrong except for the (cave??). no telling what jun will do now that she's (something, on a roll?) erika thinks jun will go for next HOH, she really wants it. jack says good for her, she can put up robert and jee.

jack thinks it's funny if the final four winds up like they plan, ali and jun will wind up together. erika says the irony. says jack played the game so well having relationships with everyone in the house. that was her plan when she came in. now discussing survivor.

[posting, as i have to go]

Aug 16 2003 04:51, Sat trish   Link
E & J
Erica and Jack are talking about scott and how when the first competition for head of household came up and there was an uneven amout of people he volunteered to stay out and he gave jack a look that jack interpeted as meaning dont win the competionions let the others do that. Erica talking about the first week when she didnt think she could stay in the house with these people and she even told Dr Zachary and Dr Zachary said dont let some jerk keep you from being here. Jack also mentioned that he really liked HER so the dr must be a woman


Aug 16 2003 04:59, Sat trish   Link
Erica on POV
erica said the competition was very good a lot of fun the camera messed up when she did pov challenge so she had to do part of it over and they gave her credit for 5 seconds jack and erica both agree that they were very fair about the challenge

Aug 16 2003 05:29, Sat trish   Link
Erica and Jack still up talking
every time it gets a little quiet Erica starts talking she is so wired she said Jack even said he was getting tired but she is just to wired to care. They mention 2:45 i think this is the time in which jun did the POV challenge I heard other times of three minutes then jacks time for challenge is over 18 minutes.

Aug 16 2003 05:37, Sat trish   Link
Erica Goes to HOH room
It seems like things are finally winding down Erica has gone to the HOH room and is messing with the bed covers everytime she goes to another area of hte room the cameras follow her she says to the cameramen you must be awful bored she then gets in bed then imediatly gets back up and heads to WC now she is back in HOH room and the camera is active Erica climbes back into bed and everything seems quiet in the BB house

Aug 16 2003 05:55, Sat valentine   Link
More on Jack and Erica's Talk
I was typing a long update about this 30 minutes ago, and Norton Anti Virus rudely interrupted me. Just to expound on what Trish has already typed:

Erica and Jack loved the competition. Erica would love to produce tv shows like BB. She would love to work with "John" and attend all of the BB castings, and develop and set up all of the competitions. Jack agreed that that would be a great job for her.

They talked for awhile about Robert's inability to keep his emotions in check. All of a sudden he is very vocal about hating Jun, and is just blasting her and sometimes Allie in front of everyone. Erica points out the flaws in his behavior.

Erica: If you don't like it, get over it. It's a game! She feeds all of us and that puts her in a great position.

Jack: I said the first week that as long as we eat in this house, she will be here.

Erica: It works for me.

They feel the house is very empty now (we do too, Jack) and that all of the BB announcements are suddenly way too loud. Everytime BB calls them out, someone now says "why is it so loud now?". (Might be a psychological play by BB.)

Conversation Tidbits:

Erica wanted to stay up as late as possible so she can sleep away Saturday, which is a PBJ day for the house. HOH Erica doesn't even get to enjoy her HOH snacks. At one point, Erica's stomach made a VERY LOUD growling noise. Jack said, I guess you're hungry?

All the HG thought that the tv show came on Friday as usual. They discussed what they thought would be covered through editing. Apparently Erica did some hot dancing in the cage during the HOH comp and they think that will make the broadcast. Erica thinks her mother will think its funny and say "that's my daughter!"

Jack made some poor excuses for his POV performance. He says he's been "off the street" (retired from FBI) for four years, and now just sitting in this house, and so his reflexes and reactions are way off. (I don't believe this for a second.)

Aug 16 2003 07:05, Sat valentine   Link
Stop the Presses! Jack is in Bed Laying on One Side!
He is not in his usual coffin pose, and it looks like there may be covers draped over at least part of him!!!

This is big news!

The camera is only showing him from the shoulder up, in profile, as he lays on his left side. Just as I'm watching the boring night feeds, his left arm creeps up from underneath him and he scratches himself on the back.

Eerie. Almost as if he knows I am watching.

(Ed Note #1: I think Jack closes his eyes and pretends to sleep much of the time.)

(Ed Note #2: I obviously need a break for a while, since I find this so interesting.)

Aug 16 2003 07:38, Sat frustratedposter   Link
Lord of the Spiders (orig Death of a spider) VERY LONG
NB: text in [] is my comments/opinions

title thanks to deVine

[this went on for 17 minutes, starting at 2:53am BBT]

the stooges have spotted a large spider in a web near the drier.

Justin: i wonder what it is? i'd like to throw something up there
Rob: (to ali) we found a baby tarantula
ali: fan-tastic, where'd you find it?
just: it's not a tarantula. right here
rob screams at it
just: he's big
ali: do that again, see what happens
rob: whoooo
rob: you see it?
justin tosses something at the web
ali: OH SH*T!
rob: throw ali up there
ali: yah, NOT a good idea. i wonder if you shot a rubber band at it
just: good idea
rob: what if he goes in the house?
just: it's not like he's gonna get hit by a rubber band and say i'm going in the house
rob: look how big that is. look how big it is from here
they shoot things at the web
rob: don't do that
jee: your aim is horrible
something they throw comes back at them
ali laughs
justin: did that come back down?
ali: yeah
just: or did somebody throw it at us?
ali: no, it came back down
just: oh *****
jee: what FOTHing great aim
just: yeah, that was a good shot
rob: don't let erika see you. she'll get mad
jee: that's pretty good aim dude
ali: that's a big assed spider
just: i'm just trying to hit the lamp
rob: just stand right there, stand right there
erika comes out: NOOOO
ali: he got me again
er: that big one?
just: yeah....
more throwing
just: ali? why you throwing that?
er: that's so not fair
just: i just want to see him run
jee: you can't get him off the web, dude. he's got a nice web formed already
just: i hit him


ali: what the hell is that *****?
just: yeah, watch. try to get right above that thing
ali: get up where erika is
jee: where's the web? howcome he doesn't....
ali: damn, he's huge
just: he's a big 'un
more throwing and shooting bands
er: just leave him
ali: no get him, get him, get him
jee: you won't get him, i'm telling you, he's got a huge web surrounding him
they continue torturing the spider
jee: you won't get him, i'm telling you man
just: why are you so pissed?
ali: erika, get down
just: i gotta get a shot here
jee: erika, if you care for him so much, you can stand right here and catch him
ali laughs
er: no, it's a life... come on
just: i'm not killing him
er: i think you are... you're going to hurt him
just: he's not going to get hurt
ali: waaaaa
er: you've go no compassion!
just: i've got one left
ali: can you squash the summina bitch or what?
jee: you telling me you never killed a bug before in your life
er: i really try not to
jee: that's good, i'm the same way, the same way
er: i just don't... find it necessary
just: one more
jee: i feel guilty all the time
ali: i do, if i step on a bug i feel horrible
er: stop! would you just stop it. you're killing me
ali: oh, yeah!
er: that's it, you hit him. are you happy?
just: i didn't hit him
er: you hit him
just: i hit his web. i just woke him up
ali: he's big
rob: that is a big, big spider
just: i wanna see his web
ali: get on jee's shoulders and sling him with the broom
jee: why you have to get on my shoulder for?
er: why do you want to sling him with the broom
just: i took out about 25% of his web
jee: get some freaking stones over there
just: that's a huge web. that's def his that goes up there rob. you can see it perfectly... right here
rob: oh my god, you're right
just: see what i took out? see what i took out? and look, there's these two strands that go all the way out here
ali: move him over here!
jee: can you believe he made that?
er: al-i-son!
ali: can i have a rubber band?
er: alison... go inside right now, you're grounded
jee: is that your towel, justin
er: alison, do not do that..ALISON!
ali: oh, please!
er: she has to hit it. alright, i'll let you try to hit it once
ali: can i have a rubber band
er: ONCE!
just: i don't have a rubber band
ali: where were they?
just: bottom right hand drawer inside the kitchen
ali goes to get one
just: all the way, bottom right
just: i bet she comes out with 10 of em
rob: yeah
er: here she comes, with 10... you get one... give me the rest... you get ONE! give me the rest. you're such a little brat
ali shoots and laughs
er: do we all need to shoot the FOTHer?
ali: here, let me kill Charlotte
er: you're such an ass
sli: Charlotte's gonna die
er: you're such a bitch
er: stop it! that's Charlotte's web! you're killing me!
just: erika, go inside!
ali: they're calling you... DR!
just: don't shoot me, i'll shoot you back
ali: Charlotte's gonna FOTHin' DIE
just: cynical, cynical is the word [??]
ali: i can't believe (inaud).. don't worry, charlotte's not going anywhere
ali: it's hard.. (aiming, and shoot herself)
er: when you laugh at it, see what happens to you?
ali: give me another one
er: you had one!
ali: just, give me one more
er: ok, everytime you shoot it, i get to shoot you... how's that?
just: huh?
er: everytime you shoot it, i get to shoot you
just: good deal, good deal
ali: show me how to shoot
they take shots
er: he doesn't flinch
ali: he doesn't care
ali: adam could have gotten it, adam coulda gotten it by now
all talk at once, while shooting
ali: do you put it in your nail? just, do you put it in your nail
just: no under it
more shots
just: come on, shoot me erika
er: that's e-nough!
more shots
er: why are you torturing this spider?
ali: because it's a FOTHint bug
er: bugs are people too, you know
ali laughs as she shoots
ali: oh, good god, i can't help it
more shots
just: oh
ali: whoa
er: what the hell were you going for?
just: she's going to get more rubber bands
er: i'm gonna shoot her ass
just: look how many are up there
rob: there's a lot
just: i wanna see how much we can do to his web
rob: he's not moving
just: we didn't even get him that bad..pretty much the same as it was
er: ugh.. (to ali) come out here and shoot and you're gonna get it
ali laughs
all talk
er: you're sick.. sick people, i can't take it
ali: just don't watch woman
er: i'm leaving
just: good night erika
more shooting
just: you can't do it the gun way, it's not accurate
ali: can i have another one
rob: hey ali, did you tell her inside i didn't go in the spa because of her?
ali: no why
rob: that's what jun said.. i don't care if you told jun, but..
ali: no, i didn't even talk to jun
just: look at this guy.. where'd it go?
ali: rob, who said that?
rob: jun
ali: no, i didn't tell jun, i promise
rob: jun was like yeah, i heard you didn't want to go in there
ali: i'm sure she (inaud)
just: where did that bug go?
ali: god damn.. he moved, he moved
ali: i will have you guys know this.. that at the end of my veto, i stood there for a minute, and you'll see on the tape...
rob: oh my god
ali: you'll see... please don't ever repeat that
[not sure why this is good for the stooges to hear, since they are on the block]
just: oh, big hit
ali: ooo, ooo ooo
just: big hit.. look out.. i took out some web
er (in background) they haven't dimmed the lights yet, have they?
ali: damn it... mine still aren't going up
just: i'm like, right over him
all talking...
ali: i can't
jun (background) it's like closer to 3! i'm gonna sleep all day anyway, since i can't eat
jack (background) yeah, why get up?
er: when do you think veto ceremony is?
jun: sunday?
jack: should be sunday as usual
er: yeah?
jack: they caught up tonite
er: that's true, they did catch up tonite
jun: i don't think it would matter if they pushed us one day
ali screeeches!
just: there! i got him
ali: oooooooooohhhhh
just: where's he at? there he is right here... should i get him?
ali: yeah, with the broom, with the broom, with the broom.. here
ali moves chair over, so justin can reach
just: what are you doing, i don't need that.. move it back
ali: you don't want it?
ali: get him get him get him justin get him
just: he's a big fellow
rob: let me see... is he alive?
just: NO! what are you doing?
all talk and ali screams
just: hold on, i'm gonna throw him on that other web..
rob: what are you doing?
just: i'm gonna put him on that web
ali: justin, kill him first, he's gonna kill buddy
justin grabs the spatula from the grill
just: i'll put him on this thing
rob: make sure he's dead
ali: oh, my... you have to make sure he's dead, otherwise he's gonna jump up and jab you with his teeth and kill you
ali: justin, kill him
just: i FOTHing injured him
ali: oh god oh god oh GOD
all talk as justin grabs spider with spatula
ali: no way
jee: dude, you better kill it
ali: justin, it's a black widow, you better kill it
just: shut up it's not a black widow
just: it's his defense mechanism to curl up like that
just: do you see him?
ali: ooooo
rob: move it justin
just: they are not on the same web rob
ali: it's spinning a web. look at it go look at it go, you can see it shoot out
rob: that's a big MF spider
ali: cut off a leg or something so he can eat it
just: i don't care who eats who, just let them go at it.. i don't have a favorite
they watch the spiders on the webs
just: oh, there it is, that's what we want to see
rob: i can't believe we got him down from up there.. are you sure it's not a black widow? does it have red dots on it?
just: nope
ali: are there black widows here
rob: yah, we killed one yesterday. a real black widow
all talk as they watch. he's got a web. oh there it is. get him
just: should i kill him?
ali: yeah
just: huh?
ali: kill him
just: you think?
rob: he could come in the house. it's not like you're being mean
just: you don't think i'm being mean
ali: no, kill him
rob: i won't kill anybody
ali: i'll kill him
just: i wanna see if these two go at it first
ali: they won't
just: whatta ya mean?
ali: the other one's a mini
just: look
they watch
rob: dude, let his ass go
it falls.
just: all right, he's dead
rob: you sure?
just: oh, yeah. he's gushing and *****. yeah, he's a gonner. say goodbye
rob: that's funny, we got him all the way from up there
ali goes over
just: she's cutting him in half. so cynical
ali: yeah, he's done
just: you're a horrible person

[good excuse to try the RealTV audio recording here, plus it tells a lot about the personalities of the HGs]

Aug 16 2003 08:11, Sat LINDY   Link
Jun lumbers to the WC, washes hands, lumbers back to a love room bed that
I believe was once the Ali/Nate play area onFeed 4. Erica is on Feed 1 in the HOH. Jack is on Feed 2, still laying on his side. What I think are the Stooges are on Feed 3 in their little beds. 2 Stooges are tossing and turning, probably Rat and Justin fearing for their little hamster lives. Oh, the drama!!

Aug 16 2003 10:13, Sat Sharky   Link
All feeds show all HG sleep away the day rather than eat PB & J NT

Aug 16 2003 11:40, Sat joannie   Link
"Good morning, houseguests. It's time to get up for the day." No one moves. NT

Aug 16 2003 11:56, Sat BuzzardsCrotch   Link
Jun, Jack and Ali up so far
Jack is making a PB & mayo sandwich, Jun is working out, and Ali is brushing her teeth. No one else up yet.

Aug 16 2003 11:58, Sat joannie   Link
"Hello, houseguests. The bedroom lights must remain on." NT

Aug 16 2003 12:10, Sat joannie   Link
BB voice: "Justin, I SAID it's time to get up for the day!"
Jun is working out with weights in the BY. ALi is laying out. Jack and Robert are in the kitchen. Jack thinks that there are 4 or 5 more weeks left to go.

Aug 16 2003 12:23, Sat BuzzardsCrotch   Link
Jee, Rob, & Justin talking in the blue room
They are discussing the game. They are saying that the game is weak right now. They know who thay want to get rid of. They are wondering if there will be a luxury challenge or an america's choice. They want to win a car from BB. FOTH.

Aug 16 2003 12:57, Sat Bayoubug   Link
Er, Jack, Rob outside..
...talking about how little they really know about what is going on in the house. ER: "We only see about 25% of what is really going on." Jack agrees. They comment that the folks on the internet know all that is going on.
They also comment on banners "telling us what is really going on", "that's why TPTB don't want them sent."
Jack pipes up, "...and don't send us any skywriting again. It just confuses me!"
They talk for a bit about "Aloha" and joke that it was ER's " my plot to get you out, Jack"

Aug 16 2003 13:37, Sat valentine   Link
Outdoor Lockdown
All of the HG are outside on a lockdown. They say it is very hot. All of them except Allie are sitting in the shade. Allie is lying on a raft in the pool. Justin and Jee are playing cards.

Robert has some sort of red stuff in his hair, right on the front where it sticks up.

Jun: Robert, you look like one of those club kids. You look ridiculous.

Robert goes over to the outdoor shower and I guess he washes it off. BB doesn't show us this, we just hear the water and see him come back wiping water off his head. Maybe it was ketchup or something.

Jun is sitting on a lounge chair in her bikini. I'm sure she doesn't know that the pose is not exactly ladylike, since there is a camera focused on her, head on.

Erica said that she can't wait to see the backstage area of the show--where the monitors are, where all the cameras are. Robert agrees that would be cool.

Every so often, BB shows us the indoor plasma screen, with the fish tank screen saver. Something is going on in the house.

I wonder what?

Aug 16 2003 13:40, Sat valentine   Link
Damn You Nathan Marlowe!!!
Jun calls out in mock anger. They were discussing how the evicted HG are still a big part of the show, since they get to vote.

Erica has on her "Fruits and Vegetables" T-Shirt and pajama bottoms. Just before the lockdown, she said she wouldn't be putting on her bikini until she could shower and shave her legs.

Allie: Shave your legs? What's that? I'm growing a small rainforest down there.

(Ed Note: Nice, Allie.)

Aug 16 2003 13:49, Sat valentine   Link
Where is Buddy the Spider? They ask each other.
Jun: He went to buddy heaven.

Robert: I miss him. I really do.

Jun: It's Justin's fault.

Jack mentions something about going behind the scenes during the wrap party.

Robert is, of course, wearing his gray, ugly tank top with that charm necklace. His usual look.

Robert: Even Amanda is getting exposure.

They are talking about the POV competition, which apparently showed pictures and film of all of the houseguests.

(Ed Note: This group is worse than Lipgloss Jamie from BB1, thinking they are all going to be big stars.)

Aug 16 2003 13:55, Sat valentine   Link
Whining, Complaining HG
They are discussing all of the goodies that BB3 provided for the HG. They are debating whether or not there will be a concert for them.

Jun: I would love to see some stand up comedians.

Robert: Oh yeah.

Jun: I'm sure there are still things that we don't know, that the viewers all know. (imitating an annoucer) "Remember, what the HG don't know is that their ex'es are going to jail"

They discussed the deal last year where everybody was offered money, and that Amy went home with $10K.

They say they are ready for BB to blow them away.

Jun: When we go in, maybe there will be a letter from home for each of us on our beds.

Erica: I know we will get a phone call from home, or a letter.

We now hear snippets of Jee and Justin's conversation.

Jee: You never lived with one of your old ladies. You have committment issues.

Aug 16 2003 13:59, Sat valentine   Link
More Things that Nathan Left Behind
They are all railing on Nathan now. He left a bunch of used cups and a bowl of cereal behind the outdoor couch.

Jun: And a bowl of cherry pits.

They discuss how cherry pits are all over the house, even under the beds and in the bathroom.

Jee: And he left that half-eaten apple out here.

Jee: This can't be some sort of 5 minute maintanence in there. We've been out here a long time. What is this?

(Ed Note: I hope to God we're not treated this afternoon to Robert winning America's Choice. I just can't take it.)

Aug 16 2003 14:11, Sat ankt   Link
FOTH for a bit now NT

Aug 16 2003 14:17, Sat valentine   Link
Weird. FOTH picture still, but we hear them in the kitchen.
Making PBJ and pouring juice.

Aug 16 2003 14:24, Sat KelliGirl   Link
Jee says he hopes Robert gets it (Americas Choice)... NT

Aug 16 2003 15:00, Sat valentine   Link
Oh Boy. Jun is Bawling in the HOH Room
on all 4 feeds. Allie heard her crying when she walked by and came in to comfort her.

Allie is asking if she is ok.

Allie: I'm sure you want to hear from him. Or maybe your parents?

Jun: I just hate thinking about him.

Allie: I know. It's the worst.

Allie leaves and says she is going to shut the door. Jun puts back on the headphones and tries to collect herself. She pulls a purple blanket over her head and is sniffling and still sobbing a little.

This is on all 4 feeds.

(Ed Note: We need another camera to show us what Allie is doing with this new information about her enemy Jun.)

Aug 16 2003 15:03, Sat valentine   Link
Now Jack is Giving Robert a Pep Talk
about how to raise a child correctly.

Jack: There's nothing more important.

Robert: Your're right Jack. I try to go to everything she has, plays, and all that.

Jack: I wonder what she's doing now?

Robert: Oh Boy. She's probably at my parent's house. In the pool or something. She's been around love all her life, so that's all she knows. She's real polite.

I guess Jack was upset, and Robert came out to talk to him! Jack just thanked him for coming out, and said he wouldn't forget it.

Now Robert is telling Erica in the kitchen that if he doesn't get it, he'll be devastated but he will try to handle it.

Aug 16 2003 15:06, Sat valentine   Link
Now Jun is out of the HOH
and walks out of the house. Erica asks her if she is ok as she walks by the kitchen.

Jun: Uh huh, nodding, while she sniffles.

She has shades on as she sips a drink. She put on shorts and a shirt over her bikini, and is sniffling like her old buddy Robert.

She is breathing through her mouth, as girls do after every good cry.

(We can't breathe afterwords.)

All 4 feeds on her.

Aug 16 2003 15:11, Sat valentine ParentRootLink
Erica came out to eat her PBJ on the patio, sitting nearby the miserable Jun.

Erica: Jun, if you want you can go and hang out in the HOH room and listen to music or whatever.

Jun kind of smiles and pulls her hair off her face: Thank you. I just don't like thinking about home.

Erica: I know.

2 Feeds on Jun. 2 Feeds on Erica, eating the PBJ in tiny little bites, smelling it every so often.

Erica: P, B and J. What a great day. Am I eating the bad wheat bread?

Allie: I think we threw it out.

A bird caws loudly, out of the blue.

Erica: Oh my goodness.

Aug 16 2003 15:14, Sat valentine   Link
Jun Gets up of the Patio Chair
Erica: Just think how proud your family will be tomorrow when they see you win the POV.

Jun: Oh God. That will be a plus.

She heads in the house and goes to the vanity area in the hall outside the bathroom. She blows her nose. Now she is curling her eyelashes, trying to look normal.

One of the guys asks if she is ok.

Jun: Yes. I just hate it when they make me think of home.]

Aug 16 2003 15:18, Sat valentine   Link
Outside, Erica Tells Jack to Get Up Out of the Sun
Jack: How long have I been out here? 30 minutes?

Erica: Yes. Your wife would thank me.

Erica mentions some sort of skin cancer scare Jack had, and how he doesn't want anymore.

Allie, from her raft in the pool: My Goodness! Wouldn't it be nice if it were just the three of us in the end.

The other two don't really comment on that one.

Jack: What are you eating Erica?

Erica, sarcastically: Oh, some sliced turkey on wheat toast, with some lettuce and tomato.

Jack: That sounds good Erica. Make me one too.

Erica: I hope all of America is enjoying this game as much as we are.

They talk about all of the ups and downs and backs and forths. Allie was shocked that Jun won the veto.

Allie: I would have never, ever guessed it.

Aug 16 2003 17:02, Sat valentine ParentRootLink
Robert is Telling Erica
that it will probably be her up on the block and leaving next week, if the Stooges that are left are HOH.

Robert: I'm not trying to be mean. It's just that we all see you as a threat, everyone in the house. The ex'es stuff is gone.

Erica just takes it all in.

Robert: You know, you come in here thinking you're going to win the money, and .......... I was telling Justin the other day that he is probably the strongest player that ever played BB. He has to leave. I would feel the same way if I was on your team.

(Ed Note: I think Robert is trying to make sure Erica is voting out Justin and not him.)

(Admin note: This post was reposted to fix an error)

Aug 16 2003 15:36, Sat valentine   Link
Robert's Friends Told Him that He Would Be Voted Out
the first week because he is such an a**hole.

Robert: You know David and those guys? That's what they said.

Erica nods and smiles.

Erica: I just want to apologize for anything that I said strategically about you in the DR.

Robert: On the tapes?

Erica: And I'm sorry that I called the restaurant about you. I was hurt and angry.

Robert: Oh my God. I can't believe you said that. That means so much to me. You were always the sweetest girl. You gave all of yourself. Even at the dogpark, you always worried about me. When we were at the mall, I've never had someone pay so much attention to me. You never gave me any reason to worry about you when you were behind the bar.

Robert: I'm sorry that I treated you like that, and all the drinking. You are so beautiful that it still blows me away. I know you are with that other guy and I'm happy for you.

Erica: I'm truly sorry for what I did. (she starts crying)

Robert: No no don't cry. What you said means to much. I totally forgive you. I never thought that would come out.

Erica: Honestly, I didn't want to talk about this. I've been feeling really bad. I never wanted to take your job away from you. I know you have a daughter.

Robert: This means so much to me.

BB just took the audio away. Robert is still talking, though. I guess BB couldn't take it anymore.

Aug 16 2003 15:44, Sat valentine   Link
Jee and Justin are Playing Cards and Looking Out the
window at Erica and Robert.

Jee: This house is weird today. All this drama and sh*t. It would be so funny if, after this, those two were together.

Justin: Oh they will. I know they will. Oh, you mean those two?? Oh hell no. That will never happen.

OH NO. Now Robert is in the house, on the couch with them, and bragging about making Erica cry.

Robert: We were just sitting there, bullsh*tting about the game, and she started talking about the past and crying.

He is describing what she did to make him lose his job and saying that she apologized.

Robert: She called the owner and said that I slashed her tires and sh*t. The owner called (Erica worked in the bar across the street.) Robert and told me to sit down. The owner said that I was too unstable and it ended up getting me fired.

Robert says that he did cheat on her, and that's what broke them up, but that happened 3 years ago, and she didn't need to lie and do that to him.

Robert: And then I said that we're voting her out next.

Justin and Jee laugh: Oh no you didn't???

Aug 16 2003 15:47, Sat valentine   Link
Robert Wants Jee to Fix Him Up with Asian Girls
when he visits NY.

Jee: If you want asian girls, you need to talk to her (indicated Jun).

Robert: Oh man, I would like that. I like Asian girls. And we can get latin girls from Carmen.

Jee: Yeah, she has some friends.

Robert: My friend is still mad at me for de-virginizing his sister. I told him he could have my sister, but he's still mad.

(Ed Note: I am getting nauseous.)

Aug 16 2003 15:50, Sat valentine   Link
BB Told Jee That He Couldn't Wear
his blue pajama bottoms anymore. He misses them. They told him that the pattern messed with the cameras too much.

They want to start eating at midnight.

Robert: Is our food still in the storage room?

Allie: Yeah.

Robert: Damn. That means we aren't getting any more Cokes.

Aug 16 2003 15:59, Sat Mirage   Link
Jee lived from 18-21 away from home with roommates, including Jun. His mom
raised him the Korean way where a boy has to learn things the hard way. He said that he learns from his mistakes, and that he only makes a mistake once.

Aug 16 2003 16:31, Sat valentine ParentRootLink
He Also Said
to Robert and Justin that Jun paid for everything and took care of him.

Jee: I told her after we broke up that it was the best thing that ever happened to me, because I had to grow up and take care of myself.

Justin: She was your Sugar Momma.

Jee: Yeah. Except (in a real low voice) she fu*ked up my credit. She paid my bills real slow.

Justin: OMG. That's funny.

Jee: It wasn't funny at the time. I'll tell you guys later.

Aug 16 2003 16:15, Sat fitty_little_me   Link
Robert says he didn't get a job until age 25
Up til then, his father gave him $500 a week as allowance. The hgs said "Robert, your a bum!."

Aug 16 2003 16:27, Sat valentine   Link
Allison Worked at a McDonalds For Two Days
in high school before getting fired. She said something rude to a guy ordering coffee, and then a lady told her that a little girl just peed all over the bathroom floor. Allie handed her a wet cloth and said "here".

So she got fired.

I can't say I blamed her. I can just see her, though, with the blue visor and headset on.

Aug 16 2003 16:36, Sat usagolden ParentRootLink
ali asked if he wanted sugar and/or cream and he said milk. she said that is not an option NT

Aug 16 2003 16:28, Sat nojobny   Link
Robert just spent 5 minutes picking his face & his nose in the mirror and walked directly to the kitchen to make a sandwich!

Water & soap NEVER came near his hands.

Then Jee calls out - 'Yo Rob, make me a sandwich'

So now Rob is making a sandwich for Jee & himself.

(ed note: i think i'm going to be sick)

Aug 16 2003 16:55, Sat Anonymous   Link
Erika and Robert having a heart to heart
They both agree that they would be dumb not to vote eachother off, but they want to be friends now and outside of the house. And Rat said that would we be able to go dancing etc and dinner when we get out of the house and Youd say yes and Erika said yeah, Id say yes. They had a nice honest conversation about themselves, the game etc

Aug 16 2003 16:59, Sat Anonymous   Link
Erika is talking aout strategy with Ratbert
about them the final two if Jee or Jack is gone for them 2 to go after Jun or Ali (the floaters they call them)

Aug 16 2003 17:04, Sat nojobny   Link
Rob on the Jun & Jee alliance
talking to Er

Jun & Jee hate each other. I know they dont have a secret alliance.

(Ed note: won't he be surprised)

Aug 16 2003 17:19, Sat valentine   Link
The Melted Ice Cream
A little while ago, Justin went into the storage room to see if he could find some white bread for his PBJ.

On the shelf in storage, he found a container of ice cream, and moved it to the freezer.

Justin: Hey, somebody put the ice cream on the shelf in the storage room.

Jee: How long was it like that, man?

Justin: It was all kinds of melted. Probably it was there since last night, when we put all our food in there.

(Ed Note: Let's watch and see if they eat that tonight when PBJ is over. I would imagine that you could get sick from that.)

Aug 16 2003 17:23, Sat valentine   Link
Jack is "Interviewing" Jee on the Couch
Asking him who he thinks will be the leader after Justin is gone.

Jack: Do you think he will want to be the leader?

Jee: No, its not like that with us. Its not like we appointed Justin our leader. We just kind of do it.

Jee: Justin is flattered that everyone respects him in this game. He impresses me more everyday.

Jack: I guess we shouldn't talk about him anymore, since he's here.

Justin comes in the room.

Aug 16 2003 17:25, Sat valentine   Link
Justin is out of the DR. He said
it was a good one. Robert is called in to the DR now.

Justin: Jee they're going to get you next.

Allie: You were in there a long time.

Justin: I had a lot to talk about. It was Alex, the girl.

Jack: Ohhhhh.

Justin: She made me keep repeating myself cause I kept saying her name and stuff.

Aug 16 2003 17:34, Sat Grins   Link
Erika talking to Jack in HoH
She is telling him part of the conversation she had with Robert on the hammock. Said she told Robert that if she goes next he and Jee should align with Jack and work to get the girls out first. With Ali first and then Jun. Said that is what she would do.

(ed. note: she did delete that she tried to deal with Robert to not vote her out if she was up against Jack and that she would not vote him out if he was up against Jee)

Aug 16 2003 17:51, Sat lacycatherine   Link
Robert and Justin in the BY...
Robert is telling Justin about the conversation that Robert had with Erika. Robert says that Erika told him that Jun and Alison are playing both sides. Justin says that when he leaves there is no telling how Alison will be because she will f**king lie to your face and he (Justin) is the only one that can read her.

Aug 16 2003 17:55, Sat lacycatherine   Link
Jun, Erika, Alison and Jack in HOH...
talking about who they want up next week. If Robert is not gone this week..they want him to go next week. Jack says that when Jee gets out of the DR they need to run it by him who should be up next week.

Aug 16 2003 18:52, Sat Debra_Kadabra   Link
Jun giving Jee a haircut and a tidbit
I just checked in during a commercial on the show and while giving Jee a haircut Jun told him that she can read Jack and Erika and that the things they say ring more true when Ali is NOT around than the things they say when she is.

Aug 16 2003 19:26, Sat pixiegirl   Link
Feed Scan--
Jee and Jun in BY cuting Jee's hair, LR--Jack Erika and Justin playing Uno Ali watching, where is Robert?? now Justin is making a PB&J

Aug 16 2003 19:27, Sat Bert   Link
Jun cutting Jee's hair ...
Jee is directing her almost every step of the way. Lots of ohmygawds from Jee. He was upset when she was fixing the side with the clippers because she wasn't using a comb. He was like this last haircut she gave him (nervous and talking non-stop). When she finished with the clippers, Jee said he wanted a little taken off the front top so it doesn't look so square. Jun said she liked it square. Jee insisted she take some off the top front. Jee's nervousness and Jun's laughing at Jee's nervousness are hilarious. Jun is still touching up with the scissors.

Aug 16 2003 19:33, Sat Bert   Link
The men are playing two-bounce with the basketball ...
I guess they take turns shooting hoops. Certain shots count for 2, others count 3. Erika & Jun watching the guys shoot hoops. Not sure where Ali is.

They guys saying it's nice outside, nice and breezy.

Aug 16 2003 19:37, Sat Bert ParentRootLink
Ali is in the hammock, now Jun is missing from the feeds ... NT

Aug 16 2003 20:19, Sat Bert   Link
Game over, Er in hammock, Jun on couch paintining nails ...
Just and Rat are in the yard. Jee is showering. Ali eating a PB&J at the coffee table. Jack in the yard, too.

Justin asked Erika if "when is it going to happen" or something similar and she said she didn't know, sometime tonight. I think they're talking about America's Choice.

Now some backyard football talk.

Aug 16 2003 20:24, Sat Bert   Link
Erika asked Justin if he was considering splashing her on the hammock ...
He said he was. She said she could tell by the look on his face and the fact that Rat was smiling. Erika said she's watching Justin's microphone. Now they just tried to set up Ali (to get splashed over by the hammock) who just came outside. Rob told Ali that Erika had to go into the DR, would Ali go look for the other turtle over by the hammock? They all started laughing and Ali figured out that they were trying to set her up. Justin said earlier he was 10 seconds away from splashing Ali earlier when she was in the hammock.

Jun came out and said she lost two inches on her waist today from being on PB&J. Then she said she was kidding, only one inch.

Aug 16 2003 20:27, Sat Bert   Link
Justin in the hammock daring Rat to splash him ...
Rat doesn't seem interested. Ali is sitting on a patio chair. Rob over near the other table sitting. Jun is bouncing the basketball and trying ot make shots. Once she started bouncing, Justin told her she had to make 3 shots in a row before she could stop playing. Jack came out. Jun told her what Justin said about getting 3 in a row. So far she's not gotten more than one in a row.

Aug 16 2003 20:31, Sat Bert   Link
Justin told Jun that she'll have bad luck if she doesn't get 3 baskets in a row ...
She asked, why says? Justin says, you just watch. Jun said her hands were getting dirty from the basketball, which prompted Jack so say how filthy those HOH comp cages were and how dirty they made their hands.

BB just called Er into DR. Perhaps America's Choice is coming up?

Aug 16 2003 20:31, Sat Bert   Link
BB called Erika to the DR, then FOTH ... NT

Aug 16 2003 20:51, Sat Bert   Link
20 minutes of FOTH NT

Aug 16 2003 20:57, Sat nojobny   Link
Robert got a letter from his 7yr old daughter for AC NT

Aug 16 2003 20:57, Sat Bert   Link
Rob won, A/C NT

Aug 16 2003 21:02, Sat Bert   Link
When the feeds came back ...
You could see Erika and Ali on the couch, Ali lying down, Erika playing with her hair. They were talking about someone breaking down (Robert, I think). Jack goes on to say how when his father died (I believe his father), it didn't hit him until he was at the gym where he just broke down and cried.

Jack said they made the right choice, he has a 7-year-old (Robert).

Jun brought Jee's picture over to Erika to look at it. Everybody is saying and has said before that Jee looks cockeyed (looks like his eyes are both looking outward. Someone speculates that BB altered the photo like that(?)

Aug 16 2003 21:10, Sat Anonymous ParentRootLink
It was his brother
not his dad

Aug 16 2003 21:08, Sat Bert   Link
Justin - Is that a threat Jack?
All the men are standing outside on the basketball court. Justin shooting hoops. Jack says to Rob, you'll see her before too long (his daughter). Justin jokes, is that a threat, Jack?

Rob says something about his daughter's mom doing a lot of print work (model?) for magazines, she's pretty. The letter must have had a cover on it because they're talking about Rob being in the hot dog suit from that one food competition, how his skin matched the suit.

Aug 16 2003 21:10, Sat Bert   Link
Robert looks fine, but he needs an Advil because his head hurts from crying ...
Jun talking to Rob about the letter, how it was so 7-year-old, so cute how she just jumped from subject to subject. Rob asks how long before they get to eat other than PB&J, someone says 4 hours.

A little earlier Jee was talking to Robert, saying that if either of them doesn't get HOH this week, it's over.

Aug 16 2003 21:14, Sat Bert   Link
Feed 1 & 3 long BY shot, 2 & 4 on Robert, Ali said ...
to Robert, you better hang all those butterflies up - over your bed, that's awesome. (His daughter made butterflies for him to go with the letter?)

Aug 16 2003 21:16, Sat Bert   Link
Now all feeds on Jun and Jee in the kitchen for a moment ...
Jee saying that Ali's acting shady. He said Ali was looking at him funny. Jun said that Ali was so jealous that Jun won the POV. Jee says she thinks she's all the sh*t. She needs to get over it. Jun then asks Jee if he cleaned up all his hair and the clippers from the haircut she gave him earlier.

Aug 16 2003 21:17, Sat Bert   Link
All feed in BY, Er & Just shooting hoops, Jun, Jee & Ali watching, can't see Rob or Jack anywhere. NT

Aug 16 2003 21:18, Sat Bert   Link
Robert on his bed crying, looking at the cute butterfly cutouts that must have come with his letter NT

Aug 16 2003 21:22, Sat Bert   Link
Now Robert in the bathroom brushing his teeth ...
I could hear him whisper, baby. Then, something like I can't believe she said that (like a good thing). He then pointed upward and said thank you (to God). Erika walks up to him and says something nice. he thanks her. Erika said the white butterflies got her. Rob says his daughter going back to school is what got him.

Aug 16 2003 21:26, Sat Bert   Link
Robert getting into the HT, something might be wrong with HT...
I didn't hear what Robert said just that he turned it off and cussed about it, then walked over to the outside shower to rinse off. Ali & Justin shooting hoops. Others inside playing Uno. Either Jee or Jun got called to DR. Couldn't understand which one BB called.

Now Robert in the HT, must be OK.

Aug 16 2003 21:32, Sat Bert   Link
Robert turns around in the HT and asks Justin about A/C ...
Justin said they'll probably have one every week from now on. Robert asks like what, and Justin said video from home, exercise equipment. Ali mentions something else. Then Ali mentions that last year that this time, they (BB) had the twist. So, she says, we'll probably have one next week or the week after. Or maybe none at all. I don't know.

Aug 16 2003 21:36, Sat Bert   Link
Alaina (Rob's daughter) got a dog ...
Jun came out to the HT to talk to Rob about what she said in the DR. Jun said there's no stronger bond than between a parent and their kids. Jun said to BB that Alaina probably got a dog because she missed her daddy. Rob comments how Alaina said it was all worth it (him being in the house). She's so smart and mature he says. Now my feeds are messing up.

(Please add to this - my feeds are bad now)

Aug 16 2003 22:10, Sat babyblue ParentRootLink
just a sp. correction: Elena NT

Aug 16 2003 21:47, Sat Fritomade   Link
Rob says he thanks america for America's choice win...a letter from his daughter NT

Aug 16 2003 21:56, Sat Fritomade   Link
Ali to jun and rob in HT "What is the one thing fro home that you wish you could have brought?"
Jun "A valentines card from Bob"

Aug 16 2003 21:59, Sat Bert   Link
A little bit of the conversation between Jun & Rob ...
(I missed a lot because my feeds went bad. This is not complete at all).

Robert was very grateful to America for getting the letter. Rob said to Jun that AC is every week (quoting Justin from earlier), Jun said it was random. Rob said so many things going through his mind, overwhelmed, very happy. Rob said that everybody broke up (got choked up or cried?) except Ali. Everybody got it (what a wonderful thing it was for him to hear from his daughter) except Ali. Jun said Ali can't help it. Ironically when Rob was saying something negative about Ali, she came out at that time and brought him something to drink. He thanked her. Then Ali got into the hot tub. Jun said she cried in the DR. She wants a daughter.

There was some discussion about a bike. His daughter learned to ride a bike? and needs him to buy one for her now, or some something along those lines.

Aug 16 2003 22:02, Sat Bert   Link
Rob asked Jun if Bob ever cheated on her, she shook her head no, Ali said her boyfriends always cheats on her. NT

Aug 16 2003 22:05, Sat Fritomade   Link
Ali talking of donni and her journal she gave it to don every weekend for him to read
and that at one time he took another girl to lunch and ali happened to be a the same place and she happened to see him at the exact same restaurant and she happened to have her journal with her at the time and she went up to him and give him her journal at that restaurant.

Aug 16 2003 22:08, Sat Fritomade   Link
Jun on korean culture
That they are so fukn conservative..Like you are still expected to live with parents/inlaws for first few years and your paycheck is handed over to them until you are out on yourt own.Jun "I am way to fukin Americanized for that sh!t"

Aug 16 2003 22:09, Sat Bert   Link
Jee was the last Asian guy Jun ever dated ...
She dated two other Asian guys before Jee. She said they start out real cool, but then want her to do everything. The 1st one cheated on her. The 2nd one was a little crazy.

Jun saying how Jee put their relationship 2nd, all the time.

Rob says he can see that.

Ali tells Robert he totally opened her eyes tonight. (?)

I think Jun asked if Ali's BF is Asian, he's Pacific Islander. Ali and Rob don't consider that Asian.

Jun saying that of all Asian men, Chinese are the best. They take care of their women.

Ali - who are the worst.

Jun - I'd have to say Korean men. They start out cool, but get all conservative. In Korea you live with your in-laws for the first year or so. Jun talking about Korean ways, she can't live like that. She's too Americanized.

Ali asked what Margaret Cho (sp?) is. Jun said Korean she thinks. Jun's mom tells Jun she looks like her. Jun says no, Margaret is all cheeks. Now Jun saying Margaret had problems, alcoholism - (convo going too fast)

Rob doesn't like female comedians.

Jun - no one on that show, All American Girl (with Margaret Cho) was Korean only her. Same with Mash, those people were all Vietnamese.

Aug 16 2003 22:15, Sat Fritomade   Link
All 4 feeds on HT with Jun, Ali , Rob..none talking now NT

Aug 16 2003 22:18, Sat Bert   Link
Rob wondering when the PB&J might stop ...
He wonders if BB keeps doing the PB&J food competitions. Jun and Ali don't think so. It's too stressful with so few people.

They can eat food at midnight. Jun talking about making chicken. Ali wants to know if any of that chicken parm is left. Jun thinks so. Jun said they're getting cold cuts.

They're saying they'll be like hogs when they can eat tonight. Ali wants to make nachos.

Aug 16 2003 22:22, Sat Fritomade   Link
All 4 feeds still on HT, misc talk...(boring) Jee was called
to DR..Ali saying she likes dark hair, jun says light hair..Ali doesn't like the white boy look.Rob says jus doesn't look the hwite boy look, ali agree's..etc.. she was so attracted to BF(donnie)

Aug 16 2003 22:22, Sat Bert   Link
Ali doesn't do white boys too well ...
She likes her guys with dark hair and dark skin. Jun likes light haired boys. Ali says Justin is about as American as she gets. Rob says that's because Rob really doesn't look that All-American.

Ali talking about her boyfriend and some scar he made with a bottle cap. how she likes to put her tongue in it when he's driving.

Aug 16 2003 22:27, Sat Fritomade ParentRootLink
Rob says justin doesn't look that white boy type, ali agree's NT

Aug 16 2003 22:25, Sat Bert   Link
Erika comes out to talk to the hot tubbers ...
They talk again about when they get to eat. Erika said it's almost like it's not a whole day (without regular food) because they didn't get up until 11:30.

Erika comments, isn't the hot tub a little hot for you, Robert?

Robert says 97 degrees is his limit.

Erika is waiting for Jee to come out of the DR so they can finish their card game.

Erika - America is about family, people. It makes me feel so patriotic.

Just then the hot tub stopped, then came back on.

Aug 16 2003 22:26, Sat Fritomade   Link
Erk comes out to speak to ali, rob, jun in HT, small talk, erk says waiting for jee to come back to finish their game..more small talk.. NT

Aug 16 2003 22:31, Sat Fritomade   Link
HT people about dana
Rob says that everytime dana walked into a room her last days that everyone shout up...jun says dana and everyone was miserable because she (dana) was so miserable.

Aug 16 2003 22:31, Sat Bert   Link
Rob asks Erika if she got drunk on champagne ...
She said she did. Rob comments that Jee and Justin get drunk from champagne. Nate got really hammered on it (Rob said this). Rob says Nate didn't drink that much.

Rob says Amanda got drunk. Then someone brought up how David and Amanda got together on that last night. That BB probably liked that (the coupling up). Rob thinks that Amanda would have gotten together with Scott if he stayed.

They talk about David, how young he was, but how mature he is. Erika saying he was probably the best personality in the house. Rob agrees, by far.

Now talking about Dana. Jun said it was soooo hard. She was always looking for and calling to Jun. Rob saying how the conversation would completely stop when she walked into the room. Jun said Dana made it happen. she was so not happy. She was so paranoid. From the moment she woke up to the minute she went to sleep.

Ali - this house can get to people.

Aug 16 2003 22:32, Sat Fritomade   Link
ali says "I wonder if they are in hawaii"
She wonders if dana and nat are in hawaii..they wonder if dave and michelle will be at rap party..they taking about that

Aug 16 2003 22:36, Sat Fritomade   Link
HT talking of how crazy how big house was(13 people)
down to now 6 people...misc. convo..ali says she is nervous every week...BB"Robert, please go to the DR" BB" Thank You"

Aug 16 2003 22:40, Sat Bert   Link
Jun saying how weird it'll be with only 3 keys next nomination ...
Only 6 people in the house. It's so weird. Jun said she should just hand the keys to people. Ali said the key box is new this year. Ali said whenever she sees the box coming out, she feels like crying. Rob says no matter what, it's nerve wracking. You never really know what's gonna happen.

BB calls Robert into DR. Ali said Rob made the cutest pouty face. Rob leaves. Several seconds after BB asked Rober to DR, BB said thank you.

Ali saying she is having a bad day. She's feeling paranoid. (Dang, I can't understand what they're saying). Ali said she won't do it, we have to do it, something about Jack & Erika.

Now Ali is saying that Justin and Erika on the hammock today, all day. Dana would have had a coniption fit (sp?).

Now Ali says that Erika told Rob that Ali said that Rob didn't want to be in the hot tub with Erika. (But Jun was the one who told Rob that last night). Ali is PO'd at Erika.

Aug 16 2003 22:40, Sat Kat   Link
Jun & Ali talking strat in the ht & can't make out anything due to bubbling! NT

Aug 16 2003 22:45, Sat Kat ParentRootLink
Ali is telling Jun that they should pair up since the others have. Jun is agreeing. NT

Aug 16 2003 22:43, Sat Anonymous   Link
Ali thinks Jack threw the POV competition NT

Aug 16 2003 22:44, Sat Bert   Link
Ali speculating that Jack threw the POV last night ...
Ali just doesn't believe it could have taken Jack 20 minutes. Jun asks what would Jack get from doing that? Ali doesn't know. She said she only took 4 some minutes. How could it take that long. (Before she brought this up, she made Jun promise not to tell what she's saying about Jack).

Ali is convinced Jack is throwing sh*t so he's perceived as not a threat.

Ali - what do you think, am I crazy?

Jun - No, so he thinks losing outweighs winning and being perceived as a threat (she's saying it sort of as a question).

Ali - Justin F'n walked, Justin F'n walked (during the POV comp). It took me 4 minutes and I wasn't running. I even went back and focused the camera because I thought the focus was off. And he took 20 minutes. how. Unless he had a heart attack and fell down or what.

Ali telling Jun she would rather go to the end with Jun than anyone else. Everyone thinks we hate each other. Jun sounds to agree. Ali - wanna do that? Jun - that's fine, everyone else is paired up. They maniacally laugh.

Aug 16 2003 22:45, Sat Fritomade   Link
ali speaking of erk?
"I am not telling her ***** anymore"(erk)
saying obviously she told him(jack?)
Saying jack is not threat(?) alot of convo is obscured by HT noise..
I think they are talking of veto comp and jacks lack of winning competitions and ali says jack slipped one day and told ali that he is laying low..talking of jacks strategy in the game..That he lays low and goes unrecognized as to not seem threatening..etc..feeds time out

[night all...done for the night]

Aug 16 2003 22:51, Sat Kecia ParentRootLink
Yes, she did state she wasn't telling Erika **** anymore because
Ali believes that Erika told Robert that Ali had come to her saying that Rob didn't want to be in the hot tub with Erika last night. It was actually Jun who asked Robert about it, however. Jun failed to tell this when Ali was ranting about Erika not being able to keep secrets.

Aug 16 2003 22:46, Sat Anonymous   Link
Ali and Jun creating a new alliance
Ali proposes that she and Jun pair up. They both laugh because no one would ever guess those two would team together, because everyone thinks they hate each other.

(it sounds like a good strategy)

Now they are theorizing who on the jury would vote for whom.

Aug 16 2003 22:52, Sat Bert   Link
Jun & Ali in HT ...
I can't understand half of what they're saying, but they did say that they'd target Jack first. Then the started talking about Erika. Jun comments that Erika never talked to her before (and now is). They say some other stuff about Erika, couldn't have been good because they were making faces. Then Jun comes over to whisper something into Ali's ear. Something Jun said Rob told her. Then Ali said, "Elimi-date?" Jun nods.

Rob comes out. Ali and Jun say that Jack has never won anything. Rob - what? Not one thing. Rob says he'll take care of that next week. Justin must have come out. Rob tells him, "these girls think Jack is losing 3 competitions on purpose each week."

Rob does not think Jack is throwing competitions.

Ali laughing how she keeps forgetting Jack's name in the DR and calling him Jake. She's also called him what's-his-face, the old guy.

Aug 16 2003 23:12, Sat Debra_Kadabra ParentRootLink
When this convo first started Ali asked Jun who she would nominte she replied
"Robert and Jee, definately. I think they already know that" I think your report of targeting Jack was about what would happen when they got down to 4 as Ali said something about getting by those two first.

Aug 16 2003 23:08, Sat Bert   Link
Feed check F1 & F2 on HT (Jun, Rob, Ali, Justin) F3 & F4 Er, Jack, Jee playing cards. NT

Aug 16 2003 23:18, Sat Bert   Link
Jee about Jun, just a little ...
Jack and Erika say how good Jee's haircut from Jun looks. Erika said it's almost perfect.

Jee says how Jun thinks he's so anal about his hair, that Jun did do a good job and he thanked her. Then Jee said Jun is being really nice to him lately, he thinks she wants something from him.

Erika says you know a woman wants something if she's being nice.

Jee to Jack - Did you tell the DR I was looking at Jun googly-eyed (sexually interested) one night when I was drunk?

Jack - No, I never said that.

Jee - Then she made that up herself!

Aug 16 2003 23:26, Sat Bert   Link
Ali wants to move somewhere else when BB is over ...
Justin says that Miami is fun, New York is great.

Ali said she'd love NYC.

Jun said there are lots of jobs there.

Rob says - Just wait, Ali, Dana and Jun will move to LA and live with me. It'll be BB5.

Ali - Uh, I don't think I'm moving in Dana any time soon.

Rob saying that Nathan (correction thanks to Grins ) will never be an actor. They say he might do print work. Someone said his BB photo didn't do him justice. His teeth looked too small. Jun said his real smile was a little too big for her liking.

Justin says he'll do something when he leaves.

Rob says he will too, not anything mean, but something funny.

Rob says they'll laugh their asses off when they see the show. They all laughed today just from seeing a still shot for America's Choice.

Ali said Robert has been the highlight of every food competition so far.

They're all laughing.

Aug 16 2003 23:37, Sat Grins ParentRootLink
**The comments about Justin never been an actor were actually about Nathan NT

Aug 16 2003 23:39, Sat Bert   Link
Lots of reminiscing in the HT ...
They're laughing over all the antics in the house, all the funny competitions.

Laughed about when David jumping on the heavy bag upside down. Ali said it was funny the first time when he fell.

Laughing about all the falling Jack did.

They laugh about when David got off the hammock and Michelle wound up on the ground. That she didn't get up for awhile.

How gross the chum was (the first HOH competition). Justin says they all went outside thinking the competition looked cool, then all-of-a-sudden they were wondering what the F that smell was.

They talked about the goo competition, how Nate inhaled some of that stuff. Jun kept telling people to get the goof off her face, there was a lot of there.

Ali talked about the elephants murders. The funniest one was when the elephant was hanging from a bra. Then Ali brings up the toaster bathtub elephant murder. Justin said BB came on to tell them to get the toaster out of the bathtub.

Robert wants to know if the person who gets evicted, gets to have the dinner they ordered for the house, on the outside. Jun said yes.

Jack came out and they are telling him about how they've been laughing at his falls. Erika and Jee outside now too. Jack says they can eat in an hour-and-a-half.

(They must have seen a good still shot today because they saw Jack with the strawberry on his head and Robert with the hot dog costume).

Now compliments on Jee's hair. Justin wants to know if Jun can cut his hair the same all around. Jun said she doesn't think so because everybody's hair is differ. They negotiate a little and she says she'll try to cut his hair.

Now they're laughing about all the ice cream on Jun, how cold it must have been.

Laughing at Erika throwing all those gallons of milk on Jack.

Jee said he felt bad when he hit Rob in the face with the mustard mop.

They're all saying what their favorite competitions are. Everybody talking over each other. Rob & Jack say the Clambake from hell was their fave.

Aug 16 2003 23:47, Sat Bert   Link
Jun goes into the house and notices that BB put the fireplace on. NT

Aug 16 2003 23:48, Sat STella668   Link
Ali's Fantasy, and (I think) Jee's Reality Check
"Someone'll marry me someday...."

"Crazy bastard!"

Aug 16 2003 23:55, Sat bruhe   Link
jee and jun talk in WC and it sounds like they are still an alliance NT

Aug 16 2003 23:56, Sat Bert   Link
There was an exchange between Jun & Jee ...
Jun, being the best whisperer in the world and without a microphone, I couldn't hear what she said. But I think she told Jee that Ali wants to target Jack next week. Jee asked, not me? Jun mumbled something about what Ali said, then said, she had to be honest with Ali.

Now Jun asking Jee who Rob would go after if he won HOH. She asks if he's still PO'd at her. Jee said no, he thinks Jack and Erika. Jun says good, everybody's going after Erika and Jack. They're in a good position then.

Aug 16 2003 23:57, Sat Bert   Link
BB comes over loudspeaker, HG's this is a lockdown, go outside and pull the shades. NT

Aug 16 2003 23:58, Sat Bert   Link

Aug 17 2003 00:00, Sun Bert   Link
Feeds back, everybody in BY, Just, Ali & Rob in HT NT

Aug 17 2003 00:04, Sun Bert   Link
BB - HGs, the lockdown is over, please raise the outside shades. NT

Aug 17 2003 00:31, Sun Bert   Link
Robert's house ...
(I missed some of this. I decided to record it to transcribe it, but the recording failed).

Rob, Just and Ali in HT talking about Rob's house.

I believe Rob said the house was his grandparent's house. They left it to, I don't know who, but now it's Rob & his brother's house. They don't have to pay any mortgage on it. The city may or may not build a freeway through the area where Rob's house is. So he can't add to the house or make any changes for 5 years. Once the 5 years are up, then he's free to do what he wants to it. If the city decides to build a freeway through the area, they give him fair market value for the house, which Rob said he'd get screwed on.

He said his father's house is really nice, right on a golf course.

He said the house has a cellar, which is just a little higher than Rob's height. Justin was talking about doing something with the cellar, but Rob explains there are no windows, it's just a cellar, there are poles in it holding up the living room. Justin said it could be a hang out room, but Rob didn't seem to agree that anything could be done with it, but he told Justin he could do something with it if he wanted to. (The plan is for Justin to move out to CA and live with Rob after the show).

Rob says the guy who owns Bob's Big Boy lives down the street from him. Justin and Ali don't seem to know about Bob's Big Boy. His neighbors are really nice. They roll his garbage bin to the curb and take care of him. They don't mind if he has parties. Parking is good. The yard has an avocado tree and a fig tree. Rob says he watches the avocado tree because people steal avocados from it. The tree grows the good kind of avocados (as opposed to the bad kind, I guess).

It's one story. Rob loves one story houses. But the house is up sort of, where you can look out the window down on the the street. The house was built in 1919.

Aug 17 2003 00:43, Sun Bert   Link
Justin about wanting to move to LA ...
Last I looked, Jun was on the couch waiting for midnight (the food), Jack joined her.

Erika sitting outside the HT talking to Justin. She asks if he's gonna move out to LA, he said yes. He's always wanted to move to LA, but never had anybody to move there with. He has several friends out there he graduated with from high school. His stepbrother, who he's very close to, keeps talking about moving to LA, but he always has a girlfriend so they never move. And the girlfriend is always a different one (he must have had a lot of girlfriends).

Then they talk about Justin going. Justin said now that he's going, he can't wait to get out. Erika said she'll probably see him next week (she'll be evicted next). She also told him he's too good a player.

Aug 17 2003 00:47, Sun Bert   Link
Ali worrying about her weight in the house ...
She said she wishes BB would give them some exercise equipment. Her body is going to shambles. Ali thinks her face looks a lot different from her BB pic. Erika asks her if she wants to walk tonight after they eat. Ali says she does. Ali asks Erika if she looks a lot thicker to her. Erika says no. Ali thinks shes does. Erika says, we'll how do your clothes fit, you can tell by that. I think Ali said her clothes fit fine.

Earlier right before FOTH Ali told Jun that she knew she was gaining weight because her boobs were getting bigger. She then adjusted them in her bikini top.

Aug 17 2003 00:49, Sun TheBigSista   Link
Jun - i think i've put on 3 or 4lbs..........
when i was with dana i was stress eating i dont do that as much now (!!?! what planet is she on she has put on at least 14lbs and she is ALWAYS eating!!)

Aug 17 2003 00:50, Sun Grins ParentRootLink
*** Jun said 3 or 4 #s that first week from stress. NT

Aug 17 2003 00:55, Sun Bert   Link
Now all feed on Jun & Jack on the couch (and more) ...
Jun said that when Dana got HOH, she kept calling Jun into the HOH room for all the meetings (between Dana and other HGs). Jun hated it. She was then affiliated with Dana and didn't want to be.

Jack says that then she started eating. Jun agreed. She said she was also PMSing that week.

Jun said Jack probably really wanted to hear from his daughter - something about Jack's adoption. (?) Jun said that if Robert didn't get the AC, she wished that Jack would get it.

Jun saying that they're losing girls left and right. It's now the guy's turn.

Jun talking to Jack about when he asked her if she had switched sides with Dana. Some conversation they had.

Then the feed switches to Robert and Erika talking.

Rob saying the day they broke up, his car was repossessed.

Rob quoting Erika saying that day, it's a man's world, you can do whatever you want. He talks about his drinking.

Rob can't believe what position he's in (positive). He said he thought about what Erika said to him, he felt he can do it, drinking stopped himself from doing anything. Really good conversation, then we hear Ali screaming. Ali comes up to them screaming that Jun said she should go to fat camp. She's going on and on about it. Erika telling her she has a beautiful body