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Aug 17 2003 01:00, Sun Bert   Link
More Rob talking to Erika ...
(He's really positive tonight). He always remembered what Erika said to him the day they broke up, she believed in him. He talks about seeing a shrink, and an acupuncturist. He stayed away from people. Didn't date. His life started getting better, showing up for work, taking his daughter to movies, to school on time now. Rob talks about how important to him that it is he gets her to school on time. Funny because her mom is always late. Rob again talked about trying to fill out applications drunk (this is out of order).

Rob says he has some thing to tell Erika when they get out, really personal stuff. Really bad. He never hurt anybody, but it was bad. His dad told him not to talk about that stuff. His dad says: 1) they don't care. 2) they want you to fail.

He's happy that his daughter says you're drinking, Coke. He doesn't care that he drinks too much Coke.

Rob's saying he has like a new life. (Ali - one minute to food). He's grateful to be sober. Got a brand new car, did it on his own. He was responsible enough to pay the payments.

Erika is happy for him.

Aug 17 2003 01:01, Sun Bert   Link
Justin calls out, "We can eat!" NT

Aug 17 2003 01:03, Sun Bert   Link
Rob to Erika - What person ever told me to believe in myself? You did. You always told me that. NT

Aug 17 2003 01:09, Sun Bert   Link
Jun is cutting up chicken to cook, everybody else in a feeding frenzy NT

Aug 17 2003 01:18, Sun Bert   Link
Jun says, we have a cookie dough monster. Ali picked all the cookie dough out of the ice cream. NT

Aug 17 2003 01:23, Sun Bert   Link
Most embarrassing moments ...
Ali said she got her head stuck in a revolving door as a kid.

Rob said when he was in 2nd grade, the teacher wouldn't let him go to the bathroom. He pooped his pants. Kids started noticing the smell. Rob's mom was so mad at the teacher.

Ali 2nd one - peed on her friend during para-sailing.

Jee peed his pants in 3rd grade, just came to this country.

Aug 17 2003 01:53, Sun trish   Link
justin on the diary room
Justin says the guy in the diary room asked him which is more important the 500 thousand or his friendship with robert and gee and justin said he told them i could go threw 500 thousand in a week but robert and jee will be there forever

Aug 17 2003 03:41, Sun frustratedposter   Link
All HGs in the LR
NB: text in [] is my comments/opinions

all HG gathered in the LR together, and seems they have been for a while

the fireplace is list, and they are chatting nicely

currently discussing Jee snoring and how all you have to do is say "Jee stop snoring" and he does

Jun now talking about a night when she was dreaming, and she stood up still asleep.

Now discussing Dana, and how things couldn't have gone more wrong for her. she puts ali up, ali gets vetoed, ali gets HOH , she gets nominated and then PBJ

Now talk that this group laughs more than last years. Ali pipes in that they hang out together more than any other group did [huh? i was shocked to see them hanging out in a group]

More chit chat, about the show and Julie asking Jee the shorts question. Now questions about who kissed nathan. Jack says he didn't kiss him. Ali says he kissed her one time, that's it.

[strangely, there's an infomercial for Pilates on the tv right now]

Aug 17 2003 03:58, Sun frustratedposter   Link
still sitting around
NB: text in [] is my comments/opinions

jee tells jun to stop bashing him. jun says she's been good. asks jack to confirm that

rob has gone off on his own, in the blue room. [perhaps looking at the things he got for AC?] he shuts off the lights and climbs in to bed.

the rest of the HGs are sitting around on the sofas

jee still talking about jun giving him a hard time. discussing specific examples, each of which jun has an excuse for. they are all laughing about it

jee says he's just shut the FOTH up, cause apparently she wants him to shut the FOTH up. jun says she does, a lot

ali says something about how she's good about not going on and on talking. they all give her hell about it. jun says look at jack, his mouth is open in disbelief. jack shakes his head and says he just can't tell the players without a program. jun says he just likes to watch. "You're a voyeur"

justin asks jee if they should start washing up for bed. Jee says yeah, it will take him 45 mins. just says they should all go before jee

jee asks erika if she lost weight in the house. erika says she did. says her metabolism steps up when she's stressed. she just burns food up

jun of to WC area to brush her teeth. the rest are talking about how all they have to do is eat and sleep. jee says they keep crazy hours

justin in WC area also, rinsing with mouthwash.

[there's a icture of jack on the wall behind erika's head... perhaps from the veto comp]

erika now wanders away from the group, leaving just ali, jee and jack in the LR.

Aug 17 2003 04:06, Sun frustratedposter   Link
jack leaves the LR
NB: text in [] is my comments/opinions

now down to just jee and ali in the lr

justin is wiping his face with alcohol, great faces in the mirror cam

jee talking about how in the beginning it was hard. he kept thinking about his girl, and wanting to go home. says that that he got over that. easier now

justin is in the HOH room, applying something to his face

F1/F2 cut away from LR to the blue room. F3/F4 still on WC area, erika alone there. ali eventually wanders in, jee is now in the blue room. the LR party is obviously over

justin giving ali sh*t for spraying his sheets with perfume.

rob asks if they are going to leave the fireplace on all nite

ali thinks justin should thank her for spraying his sheets so they don't smell like his dirty ass. justin says "you ate my dirty ass" and ali attacks him

Just: Yo, get your hands outta my pants

all laughing

Aug 17 2003 04:30, Sun frustratedposter   Link
the jack and erika show
NB: text in [] is my comments/opinions

jack and erika discussing how justin has been great taking his nomination well. the more they get to know him, the more they like him. erika asks why he hasn't done better on competitions

they say it was fun sitting around tonite talking about the competitions

erika thinks that justin has been playing like they have. not going to win, just putting on a good show in comps. they say he doesn't really know some of the HGs well. jack uses nate as an example, saying his last words to J/E was that he would have broken his promise to justin if he had stayed

erika saying she would have won the last HOH no matter what it was.

talk about jun and how she won veto, showing she was holding back

ali and justin talking back and forth from their beds. ali says "i'll make a deal with you. whatever i dream about you have to do" to justin

erika's back seems to be hurting her. jack is concerned about things she was doing in the kitchen earlier. erika says it makes the girls paranoid when robert talks to her. makes her feel like she has to explain. jack says she doesn't need to. she's afraid of their paranoia

it sounds like the new plan is to keep rob and jee [may have misundertood this]. says the 4 would benefit from a clash between ali and jun. jack says they want that.

jack again saying how fun it is to talk about their win the other night. they say they are savoring it, since it won't last long

they are discussing the HOH curse, and how the HOH has gotten voted off the next week so often. jack says er will not share that fate. discussing how justin is ready to leave.

jee in hallway doing his post toothbrush exercises. done now, and in to bed

jack saying justin has 2nd thoughts about the attempt at a deal with nate, and how it affected his "boys"

jack wondering about having jee up as a pawn, and if jun would try to save him. they don't think she will, but they are closer now than they were when they first came in. erika says that jun couldn't wait to come to their side. erika is asking jack if julie asked jun about them. jack says that you can follow the drift of julies questions to see how things are going on the outside.

jack saying something about tapes showing how the three of them are acting. erika now using the [patent pending] jun whisper, hard to hear what she is saying. i think they are discussing ali, since jack saying she was in a funk after julies remarks. says if she hadn't pee'd before the cages, she would have been out quickly

now discussing how jun is more comfortable with them than she was with the WDT. jack saying how he has a good relationship w/jun, in the morning, how they talk and not about the game.

Aug 17 2003 04:39, Sun frustratedposter   Link
NB: text in [] is my comments/opinions

discussing how ridiculous it was that justin started the whole thing bout nate being gay. say that nate was a good looking kid with a dark side.

justin also didn't let up on nate about being an oakie.

[sorry folx, gotta get to the vet, so i'm done for now]

Aug 17 2003 05:45, Sun CougarSpy ParentRootLink
3:15 – 3:45 am BB time. <Jack and Erika in Sand room talking. I’ll try and recall and summarize from memory what was said after frustratedposter had
to call it a morning. Many of the words I use is my interpretation of the conversation and not their exact words.>

Jack and Erika were talking about Nathan and Justin. They were saying how good looking and nice he was and how people would take notice when he came into a room. He had it all. How he was good looking, tall and build well. He has a presence about him that makes people notice. That the others (Justin, Robert, ….) attack his character because they are jealous of what Nate has. The others were always commenting to Nate about being gay and from Oklahoma. Jack mentions that he kissed two girls in the house and could probably work his way through Oklahoma (reference to that women liked him).

They word then talking about Jun and how she really came though in winning the power of veto. Jack says something about it was like an “intervention from god”. It appears Jack was talking one on one with Jun earlier. Jun was telling him about how after she lost all her weight, she would be walking down the street in New York. Men in business suits would come up to her and give her their business cards. Jun said she would throw some of them away and others she would call and meet for lunch. How she got a lot of free lunches. They talk about how pretty and sharp (smart) Jun is. How she really shined during the competition.

Erika finally says she is tired and needs to get some sleep. Jack mentions that tomorrow will be a big day with POV meeting. Erika uses WC and heads into HOH. Both Jack (sand room) and Erika (HOH) seem quite restless in trying to get to sleep.

<I wish I had typed down notes during this time period. I missed reporting some of it. These two topics are from recall.>

Aug 17 2003 05:21, Sun CougarSpy   Link
3:45 am BB time. <All HG’s settled down for the night> Only Jack and Erica were still awake at this time. Erika says she is tired and bids Jack
goodnight in sand room. Erika uses WC and the heads into HOH for some shuteye. Jack seems restless and one again sleeps on his side, prior to shifting on his stomach.

<I shut my feeds off at 4:05 am BB time. With the exception of Jack and Erica still trying to fall asleep, it appears all other HG’s are still.>

Aug 17 2003 05:53, Sun frustratedposter   Link
confirmation: all HGs asleep
F1 jack, on stomach under covers
F2 Er in HOH room
F3 jun in love room
F4 Rob/Jee/Justin in blue room

Aug 17 2003 06:49, Sun Anonymous   Link
All still asleep NT

Aug 17 2003 08:33, Sun nojobny   Link
7:33 BBT F1-Jack, F2-Er in HOH, F3-stooges in blue room, F4-Jun in love room. Everyone is still asleep. NT

Aug 17 2003 09:40, Sun Strange_Brewster   Link
Jack's asleep on his stomach! NT

Aug 17 2003 10:33, Sun valentine   Link
Jun Appears to be the Only One Up
and is sitting in one of the orange BR chairs, focused on her fingernails. She appears to be removing polish in her pajamas. She put one leg up on the striped ottoman and the bottle of polish remover that was sitting on it dropped to the floor.

She looked down as if to see if it were capped properly, and went back to what she was doing without picking it up.

(Ed Note: Much ado about nothing.)

Aug 17 2003 10:56, Sun valentine   Link
Now Jun has Moved to a Loungechair
and is sitting motionless with her shades on.

Just sitting and staring out into space.

Aug 17 2003 11:02, Sun valentine   Link
Same Situation With Jun
She is drinking out of a blue coffee cup and occasionally looking at her fingertips.

She is wearing a white camisole top and pajama bottoms.

Is she thinking about the Veto ceremony? Will she shake things up?

What about Bob?

Aug 17 2003 11:12, Sun valentine   Link
Housewife Jun
has now walked around the backyard and picked up at least 5 cups on the floor, grass, or table. She had to pour something out of at least two of them.

She walked slowly into the kitchen and approached the sink to wash them.

Aug 17 2003 11:14, Sun valentine ParentRootLink
Nope, she didn't wash them,
she just put them in the sink. Now she is at the vanity makeup area in the hall, curling her eyelashes.

Now back to the kitchen, where she is putting away pots and pans that were in the drying rack.

Meanwhile Jack has gotten out of bed.

Aug 17 2003 11:18, Sun valentine   Link
Jack Emerges from the Bedroom Wearing His Red Tank Top
and walks down to the kitchen. If he and Jun spoke, I couldn't hear it.

He takes a kleenex from the vanity area on his way to the BR. I think he blew his nose and is messing around with the toiletry shelf.

Meanwhile Jun has indeed begun washing the cups she brought in from the backyard.

FOTH now. A wake up call?

Aug 17 2003 11:22, Sun nojobny   Link
BB: "Attention HG, the veto ceremony will begin in 2hours" Only Jun & Jack appear to be awake. NT

Aug 17 2003 11:25, Sun valentine   Link
Jack Goes to the Storage Room
to get fresh batteries. As he begins making coffee, BB makes an announcement:

Good Morning HG. The Veto ceremony will begin in 2 hours.

Now strained small talk in the kitchen with Jun. What time did you go to bed, get up, so forth.

Jun finds something under the sink that looks like a plastic double egg poacher and asks Jack if he has ever used one.

Jack: What is that, some sort of birth control device? An IUD?

Jun snorts and elbows him while he continues guessing if it is for a young elephant? With her juices flowing? A contact lens holder for dinosaurs?

(Ed Note: Jack, have coffee before you start cracking jokes, please.)

Jun tell him that it is designed to poach eggs.

Aug 17 2003 11:26, Sun nojobny   Link
You ever use one of these?
Ju takes out what appears to be an egg poacher from the cabinet

Ju: you ever use one of these?
Jac: no, what is it?
Ju: not really sure
Ja: Birth control
Ju: Yeah, really painful B.C.

A few moments later as Ju puts in eggs, Ja comments "Contact lens case for dinosaurs"

Aug 17 2003 11:31, Sun valentine   Link
Jun carefully places bacon in the silver frying pan
as Jack works alongside of her doing a little cleaning and throwing away the strip of plastic that Jun pulled off the top of the bacon package.

Still no stirring from the lumps in the beds. The stern wake up call should be coming soon.

Jack: You and Bob talk much in the morning?

Jun: Usually once he got to work. He leaves for work around 7:30 in the morning, and I don't leave until 9:00 (giggling). So I would usually have a message from him on my screen as soon as I got to work.

The egg poacher makes some sort of weird noise from the microwave.

Jack: It sounds like its giving birth in there.

Jun: I've seen one before, I've just never used on.

Jack: That microwave will probably melt it.

Meanwhile the bacon sizzles. Jack says the kitchen smells good.

Aug 17 2003 11:34, Sun lacycatherine   Link
Jun the cook on F1 ... Jack and Jun
talking in the kitchen about her neighbors and where she lives. Robert wakes up. Jack tells him that coffee is ready.

Aug 17 2003 11:36, Sun valentine   Link
Jack Asking Questions About Jun's NY Life
Jack: Are your neighbors quiet where you live.

Jun: Oh yeah, I can hardly hear them.

Jack: It sounds like you live in the right place.

Closeup of the weird orange coffee pot doing its thing, while Jack circles around waiting for his first cup of the day.

Robert is now awake, and walks through the kitchen to the BR wearing only Adidas soccor pants, with snaps up the sides. Just "good morning", that's all, and then back to his bedroom.

Now BB reminds them to get up, the BR lights must be on.

Jack sips his coffee and eats a banana as usual. He looks like he is ready for conversation, if only anyone else was also up to the challenge.

Aug 17 2003 11:36, Sun lacycatherine   Link
BB: Good Morning HG..It's time to get up..the bedroom lights must remain on NT

Aug 17 2003 11:39, Sun lacycatherine   Link

Aug 17 2003 11:42, Sun valentine   Link
As We Come Back From FOTH,
Jun and Jack are bantering.

Jack: And did you pull down the window shades?

Jun: I did, partner in crime.

Jack: Oh. You did my job again!

(Ed Note: Jack seems to be flirting, or trying to, with Jun this morning. He has brought up sexual one-liners a couple of times.)

Aug 17 2003 11:43, Sun lacycatherine   Link
Jack and Jun in the kitchen .. Jack ask Jun if she put the blinds down
and she says she has. Bisquck is on the counter so Jun must be making pancakes as well. None of the oher HG's seem to be moving. They have their heads under the covers.

F2 is extremely interesting...can of mixed nuts and coffee cup...YAY!

Aug 17 2003 11:46, Sun valentine   Link
Jun Stirs Up Pancake Batter
and the egg poacher comes out of the microwave.

Jun: See Jack, it didn't melt.

Jack wants pancakes. The camera is focusing off and on on a purple can of mixed nuts. Generic brand, can't be a sponsor.

Jun: I guess Robert crawled right back in bed.

Jack: I guess he did.

A few minutes later.

Jun: Are people going to get up today or what?

Jack: I don't think they are. They want to bed at 3 or 4.

Jack examines a can of ripe olives and comments that they didn't use them last night for dinner.

Jun: I know. It's all my fault Jack.

Jack: We're keeping score Jun.

Aug 17 2003 11:47, Sun lacycatherine   Link
Jun asks Jack if he thinks the others will be getting up today. He says
probably not since they like to stay up till 3 and 4 am. Jun fixes Jack pancakes and tells him they are ready.

BB: Jack, please go to the DR

Aug 17 2003 11:50, Sun valentine   Link
No Freakin Respect!!!
Jun yells after she is called to the DR. She rushes around and does a few kitchen things before she goes and then storms off.

Jack laughs: Flop flop (I guess he means her shoes slapping as she walked.)

Now she is back, in a wink. Must have been a pill DR session. Allison is called now, but I don't see her.

Jack pours his 2nd cup of java.

Aug 17 2003 11:51, Sun lacycatherine   Link
Jun yells to Jee " Wake up..It will take you 30 minutes to brush your teeth" NT

Aug 17 2003 11:52, Sun lacycatherine   Link
BB: Alison , please go to the DR NT

Aug 17 2003 11:53, Sun lacycatherine   Link
BB: Erika, Please go to the DR NT

Aug 17 2003 11:56, Sun valentine   Link
Oh. Boo Hoo. Robert Looks Sad.
He just blew his nose (with a kleenex thank god) on the patio and is sitting alone looking sad and lonely.

He keeps dabbing at his face with the tissue.

Aug 17 2003 11:57, Sun lacycatherine   Link
Justin comes into the kitchen and Jack says "Good Morning".
Jun is questioned about her dreams and they want to know if she had one last night. She says not that she knows of. Jack says "You must have had one about me". Small laughter. Jun says she doesnt have sex dreams when she is by herself and she hates it when they talk about sex before she goes to sleep (I think she means then she will dream about it).

Aug 17 2003 12:03, Sun lacycatherine   Link
Jun tells Alison to go wake up can hear Alison in the
background saying "Jee darling..wakeup".

Jun waits a few minutes and in the most horrible voice in BB history she yells for Jee to wake up. She knows that it's annoying. Jack and her laugh about how annoying that voice is.

Aug 17 2003 12:03, Sun valentine   Link
Wake Up Jee, Jun Screeches, Its Time for Breakfast
Jun: Isn't that an annoying voice?

Jack: He's getting up, though.

Jun: He probably thinks its a nightmare. He thought this was over 3 years ago.

Justin wanders in.

Justin: I thought you said breakfast was ready.

Jun: It will be ready in about 5 minutes. It takes Jee 4 hours, though, and I'm annoyed when people aren't ready to eat my breakfast.

Jack: You don't want to annoy Jun. I've had a few early morning experiences, and now I just do what I'm told.

Jee comes in now.

Jun: Jee, go brush your teeth. It takes you 3 years.


Jun: Oh Erica, the fallen angel.

Aug 17 2003 12:04, Sun lacycatherine   Link
Jee wakes up. Jack says " Good morning Jee" Jun says "Jee go brush your will take you 3 years". NT

Aug 17 2003 12:05, Sun lacycatherine   Link
BB stern voice :'s time to get up for the day. Jun comments that Erika is the fallen angel NT

Aug 17 2003 12:06, Sun valentine   Link
The Poached Egg Cooker is a Hit
Justin and Jack watch Jun tap the cooked eggs out of the plastic dish.

Justin: Is there a yolk in there?

Jun: Yes, a whole damn yolk.

Justin: Is it runny?

Jun: No, its pretty solid.

They are putting cheese on the egg and eating it on an english muffin.

Jack: I'll take one of those, Jun. You don't have to make pancakes just for me.


Jack: I'll eat both.

Jun: Ok. Go get a few more eggs from the storage room. And be quick about it.

Aug 17 2003 12:09, Sun valentine   Link
Wake Up Sleeping Beauty, as Allie pounds on the HOH Door.
Erica soon emerges in her shades and purple sweatshirt and struts through the kitchen.

Allie: Oh woo woo. You got yelled at.

Erica: I don't really care.

Jun: Oh, what a tough ass.

Allie: Watch out world.

Aug 17 2003 12:09, Sun lacycatherine   Link
Jun orders Jack to go and wake Erika up. Alison says her door is locked.
Jun calls Erika sleeping beauty.

Aug 17 2003 12:10, Sun lacycatherine   Link
BB: Justin, Please go to the DR NT

Aug 17 2003 12:11, Sun valentine   Link
Robert Loves the Pancakes
that Jun made with the Betty Crocker mix.

Robert: These are really excellent, Jun, I mean it.

Allie: They are the bomb.

I watched Jun make these, and she cooks by feel, not be recipe. She kept adding water and pancake mix and whisking until she liked the texture.

Every once in awhile, someone calls out that they love the yummy egg sandwiches.

Aug 17 2003 12:14, Sun valentine   Link
The New McJun Sandwich
Allie has christened it after saying it tastes like McDonalds.

Jun: That's right. All american.

Allie has bacon on her's, but Ericas has none since she doesn't eat "cow or swine"

Aug 17 2003 12:21, Sun valentine   Link
"I can't eat. I'm nervous. It's my Debut!", Jun says
when they ask her to sit down at the table. She jokes about calling Justin "Popi" during the ceremony but says she won't because it will make Dana mad.

Allie: She won't hear it.

Jun: I thought she could hear all group meetings.

Allie: No, just the HOH meeting.

Erica goes and gets the BB rule book to make sure. Since Jun sassed Dana in her good-bye speech, she doesn't want to take any chances after making that mistake.

Jun: Justin never laughs when we all make fun of Dana.

Jee: Justin has a good sense of humor, he just respected her.

Jun: He was falling in love with her. Its a good thing we broke up that sh*t when we did.

(Ed Note: Jun, you are sending him into seclusion with her!!)

Aug 17 2003 12:37, Sun valentine   Link
Jun and Jee on the Patio
While Jun eats her McJun sandwich, they discuss her veto use. She is considering saving Justin with it, saying that he will still be the biggest target in the house and will protect them for at least another week.

Jee: You think so?

Jun: It would be fun, too.

Aug 17 2003 12:38, Sun TheBigSista   Link
Junzilla is eating outside talking to Jee re POV.....
they are discussing using the pov on justine but this would mean jee going up. jee is not overly happy about being put on the block but taking justine off would use him as shield (!). They are mid discussing this whilst zilla is busy eating her breakfast (I guess she found her appetite). jee also tells zilla she is a floater. ali comes out whilst they are strategizing and they go into bicker mode - ali realises they are discussing stuff and goes back in, rat comes out so ali goes out asking is it safe (they know that she knows that they have an alliance i think)

Aug 17 2003 12:40, Sun valentine   Link
Robert Cleaning the Mini-Pool on All 4 Feeds
while Jack putters around in the backyard.

Aug 17 2003 12:44, Sun DC1 ParentRootLink
As Robert is cleaning the pool...Ali yells out to him "you make a good pool boy, you sexy little thing you" [gag]....... NT

Aug 17 2003 12:40, Sun TheBigSista   Link
rat is cleaning the pool..
(I wonder if cbs will show this on tues as they are the rat appreciation society!)

Aug 17 2003 12:41, Sun valentine   Link
On the Couch, Erica Tells Justin That She Has a Commercial Agent
who is a huge BB Fan and would probably sign all 3 stooges in a heartbeat.

Justin: I appreciate that, Erica.

Aug 17 2003 12:50, Sun valentine   Link
Erica's Hair Appointments Take 4 Hours Start To Finish
First they die her base, which is black, to brown (1 hour), then they dry it half way and highlight it, then cut and style it.

Justin can't believe it takes this long.

Justin: How much does it cost?

Erica: If I went to a high end salon, it would cost around $300. But I go to a really cheap place and it costs $80.

Robert: You don't go to Anna anymore?

Erica: No, she got too expensive.

Erica shows the room her dark roots. (We can all see them everyday.)

Allie: That is so fuc*ing cheap.

Aug 17 2003 12:54, Sun valentine   Link
Allie Asks Erica if She Ever Read Judy Blume Books
Erica: Oh yeah. I loved Judy Blume.

Allie: I loved that book Blubber.

Justin and Robert snicker.

Erica: Yeah, that was about a fat girl. My favorite was "Are You There God It's Me Margaret", where at the end the girl gets her period. Then came the really sexy book "Forever". When I was reading that they kept talking about how "he came" and "I came" and I never understood what that meant. I took the book to my Mom and asked her and she said to go and ask my father.

Justin: Oh, so she pawned it off on Dad, huh?

Erica: So, of course, I never asked him. I just had to figure out on my own what it was all about.

Aug 17 2003 13:00, Sun nojobny   Link
Erica & the facts of life
Talking to Ali in the LR. Rob & Jus are there

Ali: Did you ever read any books by Judy Blume? Blubber
Er: Yeah the one with the heavy girl
ju: What was the name of that book?
Er: Blubber
Ju; book about a fat chick called Blubber. HA!
Er: Did you read 'Are you there God? It's me Margaret'. At the end, the girl gets her period.
Al: oh yeah.
Er: what about the sex one, 'Forever'
Al: no I didn't read that one
Er: I was about about 16, maybe 15 when I read that. And in the book they talking about 'I came. And, he came.' , and I was like, where is everybody going? I didn't understand?

laughter by all

Er: So I went to my mother and asked her what it meant and she said go ask your father

Ali /Jus; She did that? Pawn it off on to you father?

(Ed note: I missed a line b/c I was laughing, sorry)

Er: so i kinda learn about it on my own.

Aug 17 2003 13:09, Sun nojobny   Link
Jus teases Ali
In the LR, Erika sneezes a few times in a row.

Ali: Are you alergic to something?
Er: I don't know. Er leaves to blow her nose. (Ed note: Rob, take notes!)
Ali: When I was in the 7th grade I sneezed 14 times

Jus; You know who you remind of? That little kid in Jerry Maguire who rattles off all these usless facts.

(Jus, using a little kids voice): Did you know the human head weighs 8 pounds? Did you know in the 7th grade I sneezed 14 times.


(Ed note: paraphrased a bit b/c i was typing the previous long post when they said this.)

Aug 17 2003 13:15, Sun nojobny   Link
BB annouces a BY lockdown NT

Aug 17 2003 13:44, Sun Anonymous   Link
Lockdown continues and hg are just lying around.... boring NT

Aug 17 2003 13:45, Sun DishManTV   Link
FOTH: Lockdown Over NT

Aug 17 2003 13:46, Sun BuzzardsCrotch   Link
Lockdown over NT

Aug 17 2003 13:48, Sun cutiecat   Link
Veto time! NT

Aug 17 2003 13:48, Sun DishManTV   Link
POV Ceremony, All Feeds are on BackYard NT

Aug 17 2003 13:48, Sun BuzzardsCrotch   Link
Veto meeting now in session....we are in BY NT

Aug 17 2003 13:54, Sun valentine   Link
Veto Meeting Over. That Was Quick. NT

Aug 17 2003 13:59, Sun wm000   Link
Ericka came out to the BY really quick and immediately went behind the hammock NT

Aug 17 2003 14:04, Sun TheBigSista   Link
junzilla has just come out in a bikini and is sunbaking the blubber NT

Aug 17 2003 14:05, Sun Bayoubug   Link
Jun in BY, sunning, on tummy, bikini top untied; nothing on any other feeds NT

Aug 17 2003 14:08, Sun wm000   Link
Jack Ericka Jee Justin Playing Cards inside NT

Aug 17 2003 14:13, Sun wm000 ParentRootLink
Two Rummy's so far in this hand for Ericka NT

Aug 17 2003 14:08, Sun Kat   Link
No hidden excitement; they are playing cards! NT

Aug 17 2003 14:15, Sun wm000   Link
Rob and Jun talking about Ali getting fat! NT

Aug 17 2003 14:20, Sun TheBigSista   Link
Rat and junzilla discussing time left in house - rat working out by evictions says dana, nate justin doesnt sound like she used it NT

Aug 17 2003 14:21, Sun wm000   Link
Allison taking a nap NT

Aug 17 2003 14:23, Sun frustratedposter   Link
Discussion of what dana sees
sounds like she sees nominations, veto ceremony and the eviction/HOH comp

Aug 17 2003 15:05, Sun wrat1010   Link
Here's an update: HG's playing UNO (except Robert and Ali).. Jun needs someone to use the UNO card change it to RED suit NT

Aug 17 2003 15:06, Sun wrat1010   Link
Latest development: Jun wants someone to change it to green. She suspect Jack and Justin have an UNO alliance NT

Aug 17 2003 15:07, Sun wrat1010   Link
Robert comes in, says "I saw the whole thing" and brief FOTH NT

Aug 17 2003 15:31, Sun trish   Link
Erika and Robert in BY

Aug 17 2003 15:47, Sun ClueLiss   Link
Erika and Robert in the BY
long periods of silences.

Robert says he woke up thirsty last night. Erika tells him the chips make you thirsty because of hte salt.

BB annonces an indoor lockdown.

Jun yells OMG Luxury competition

Aug 17 2003 15:50, Sun wrat1010   Link
Erika to Jun about the HOH key box: tells her how heavy it is and gives her advice on how to hold it "when you get it" NT

Aug 17 2003 15:50, Sun ClueLiss   Link
Those outdoor tromp in for the indoor lockdown.
Jack heads the bathroom.

Justin is crashed out on sofa with blanket on his head.

Jack is called to the storeroom.

Jun says to see if they gave them the sponges and sh't they gave him.

Jun is in the kitchen.

Erika says that they were pulling up something around the pool.

Erika says that be forewarned something is heavy. I think she is talking about the nomination box.

Jun curses f'cking flies.

She washes hands.

Erika goes to sink

and FOTH.

Aug 17 2003 15:53, Sun ClueLiss   Link
Back from foth.
Robert is putting on a red wifebeater. Justin has not moved. There is another lump on the sofa as well. Upon close study it looks like it is Jee.

Jack and Erika put the tortisues into their tank. Jack chides Erika to wash her hands.

Jun goes into the livingroom and sits next to the sleeping lump.

Jack tells Robert that he still has sunscreen on. Robert says it stays on a while.

Jacks says they gave him more advil - he had run out.

Robert is bored and wants to wash dishes. So he gathers glasses and takes them to the sink.

Aug 17 2003 15:55, Sun ClueLiss   Link
Erika (I think) babbles about the hotdogs being salty.
Robert begins doing dishes.

Jun is holding a glass and starting off in distance.

Jee and Jason have yet to move.

No Ali sighting yet.

Aug 17 2003 16:00, Sun ClueLiss   Link
Robert doing dishes. He tells Eriksa that they need to go dancing salsa
out in the outside world. He tells her that they are different now then when they first met. He's picky now about who he dances with. She hadn't been in a year. Erika leans over the counter while she talks to Robert. They talk about someone they both know but I don't catch the name.

Jun wanders away from the sofa and to the bedrooms I think.

Jee and Justing continue to sleep.

Robert and Erika say that there is nowhere to go now. One of Robs friends didn't let her in a club but it wasn't about him. The line was around the corner. Robert says it used to be that he would show up with friends and they would be Robert you know. But now he goes and has dinner and stuff but hardly dances. They do it to him to and he says he tells them that he says he's leaving in 10 minutes so the let him in but his friends have to wait. Erika says she understands that they are at capacity. He laughes at what his friends are going to say about him and Erika being on TV when he goes back.

Jack is in sandbox possibly napping.

Aug 17 2003 16:01, Sun Anonymous   Link
As Soon As They Were Ordered Indoors
Jun started calling out: Luxery Competition!!!! We're having a Luxery Competition!!!

Erica: Do you really think so?

Jun: No. Ha ha ha.

Aug 17 2003 16:02, Sun ClueLiss   Link
Robert and Erika continue to talk
Omar (??)says he went out with them (Erika's friends) one time. Erika says no they saw him someplace. Robert says the Cuban community is small and they saw some girl someplace (hard to follow).

Jun in the orange bedroom sleeping.

Robert and Erika say something is alright/totally alright. she talks about falling back in that pattern with all those people.

Camera roulette

and FOTH.

Aug 17 2003 16:03, Sun ClueLiss   Link
FOTH, 4 cams of Jun sleeping, FOTH 4 cams of Jun sleeping. NT

Aug 17 2003 16:06, Sun nojobny ParentRootLink
Actually, 2 are Jun & the other 2 are Ali buried under the comforter. They're both in love room in opposite beds with identical bedsheets. NT

Aug 17 2003 16:05, Sun ClueLiss   Link
Still 4 cams Jun sleeping but they have changed the angle on 2 shots. NT

Aug 17 2003 16:08, Sun valentine   Link
Robert and Erica Strolling Down Memory Lane
Robert wants to go salsa dancing with Erica when they get out. They discuss a club that was one of their favorites.

Erica: I haven't been there in ages. I went once and I couldn't get in.

Robert: I know I know. I heard all about it. ______ said he couldn't let you in or everyone in line would be so pissed. He said you haven't gone back, either.

Erica: Well, I'm not going to wait in line for an hour and not get in!!

Robert: I was going there about twice a week before we came here but I usually couldn't find anyone to dance with because I am so picky. I told ____ to watch on July 8th and See the Man!! He is going to sh*t when he sees you on here with me. And when we go there together, man its going to be crazy.

They discuss people that they both know. Erica heard that Ann was in town for a visit and had a great time. Robert saw her. And they have a friend that is in a great relationship and they are happy for her.

Robert hasn't seen Lettie in forever.

Erica: You lost touch with Lettie too? All of them???

Robert: Yeah, after what happened I had to stop hanging around with the same people so I could change.

Erica: I guess so. Well, you're doing great so that was the right decision.

(Ed Note: Maybe that's why Robert always seems to be begging for people's friendship. He had to cut ties with all of his old crowd to stop drinking.)

Aug 17 2003 16:18, Sun valentine   Link
Robert Loves the Dress that Erica Wore Last Wednesday
The one with the roses.

Robert: It was the most awesome dress I have seen on you, ever. Did you bring any more like that in here?

Erica: Really? I brought two or three dresses.

Robert mentions a different dress that he loved. After hearing the description, Erica says she still has it.

Aug 17 2003 16:24, Sun valentine   Link
As We Came Back From FOTH A Little While Ago
Robert and Erica were in mid-coversation about competitions.

Robert: If it was underwater, like a cage in the water on Fear Factor, I wouldn't have done it. That is too dangerous.

Erica: Yeah, I heard that Fear Factor has had a couple of close calls.

(Ed Note: Not a big deal, just remembered it and didn't see it posted.)

Aug 17 2003 16:31, Sun valentine   Link
They All Think a Twist Is Coming
Robert is in the pool talking to Jack who is poolside. They are trying to figure out when Amy came back last year.

Jack: She looked like she was having a good time in Mexico. She seemed like a free spirit who was here on a lark.

Robert points out that all of the oldest HG are still here and that must mean something. He goes through the list and then gets to Allie.

Robert: Well, you know she won't be here in the end.

He further states that he doesn't think that most of them came into the house thinking about the game.

Then the audio switches to Erica in the HOH room, trying to get comfortable.

Now, FOTH.

Aug 17 2003 16:32, Sun Bayoubug   Link
FOTH - Jack/Robert Converstation...
...turns to how they think the producers "have a way of making it easy for one....." FOTH [or something like that]

Aug 17 2003 16:41, Sun ClueLiss   Link
Jack and Robert
Jack beside the pool. Robert in the pool

babbling something I'm missing/came in the middle of about Jee.

Rober - something about pissing off Ali or Jun.

Jack - says soemthing about being closer and watching from sequester.

Robert is mumbling and hard to understand.

Jack - the longer you stay here the more it influences your vote.

Robert - do you realize that they people who go out of the house influence the others who are already out.

jack - I don't think so.

Jack says he doesn't think that those who came out later should be in contact with those who came out earlier

Robert - right.

lull in convo

Aug 17 2003 16:45, Sun ClueLiss   Link
Robert - it can't be a tie, right.
Jack - not with 7.

and yet another lull

jet flies over head soft at first gets louder.

Jack - the next HOH will be a scramble.

jet gets louder.

jet gets softer but I still can't hear Robert mumbling.

Jack - Danielle didn't win it.

Robert - why didn't she win.

Jack - she lost it in the diary room. comments she made. And she was going against ???. Had they sequestered people last year I think she would have won. Because she played well.

Robert - really.


Robert - How did Jason get so far, he hardly played.

jack - Danielle steered him. But she couldn't get him to get rid of Roddy.

Robert - where was Roddy from.

Jack doens't remember.

Robert - east coast.

Jack - right.

they mumble something about someone in their 20's.

Jack says someone early thirties wasn't he. Mid thirties.


Aug 17 2003 16:47, Sun ClueLiss   Link
Robert - the month is going by fast.
Jack - faster that I thought it would.

Robert - are we on the 16th or 17th.

Jack - 17th today.


splashing, bubbles. my vid screen is frozen - off to fix but I shall return.

Aug 17 2003 17:34, Sun ClueLiss   Link
okay we have erika sleeping in hoh room under a pile of blankets
justin is finally up and went to the WC.

and Robert is sitting outside on the patio. Next to Robert is a bottle of lotion and a small bottle of pink nail polish. Robert is drinking soda I think.

Aug 17 2003 17:38, Sun ClueLiss   Link
Robert is still outside. Camerma man
focusing on nail polish and lotion (a jokersupdates reader perhaps?)

erika is still sleeping.

but we now have a lump under blue comforter.

Robert checked under his arm for a moment.

cam 4 changes to Jee asleep on sofa under orange blanket.

Aug 17 2003 17:44, Sun ClueLiss   Link
Hark I almost have movement here
Erika has her eyes open but hasn't really moved.

Jee has shown arm movements a time or tow

Robert gets up and goes inside. He looks in the draweres at the kitchen counter. doesn't find what he is looking for so he heads back to the bedroom. I think he speaks to the lump on the blue bed.

Hard to hear.

He goes in to talk to Erika. Teases her about being a freak for using the mask. Tells her it looks like there is two people in the bed - she has a pillow next to her.

Robert checks the fridge.

Erika says help himself.

Robert talks about all the coffees in there. And the cokes. He says they really loaded her up.

Erika gets up.

Jun is still asleep.

Erika asks if he wants a coffee. Mocha or hte regular. He opts for the regular.

Found jack - outside on the patio laying in the shade.

Erika and Robert go outside.

bb shows up the empty hoh bed on cam 2.

Now we get Jee on f1/2.

naturally the sound is inside for the quad cam.

Aug 17 2003 17:48, Sun ClueLiss   Link
Erika and Robert outside talking about how expensive
Starbucks are. Robert loves their white chocolate mocha but they'r 4 dollars.

Erika comments taht it's a really quite day.

They're drinking Starkbucks bottled Frappacinos.

Aug 17 2003 17:55, Sun ClueLiss   Link
A check of the quad cam revales Jee is actually up now.
He wanders through the house. Heads to the door, looks outside. heads back toward the lr. Goes through to the bedrooms. Back to talk to the blue lump, no leaves the blue lump heads to the orage room. Asks Jun if she's seen something. She tells him it is at the table on the yellow chair. We get a shot of the orange lump. Jee leaves and head to the table and picks up a jacket - which he puts on. Pokes his head in the frige. Digs around. Rattling of plastic wrapper. Gets something out. Routes around more. Gets out something else. Mustard. Must be sandwich time. Now digging in the cabinet. putlls out something. Bread I think which he puts in the toaster. More digging in the cabinet. Gets out something else. Wanders back through the house. Back to Justin (aka the Blue lump).

Jee asks him if he's had lunch.
Justin, yeah.
Jee - you want a sandwhich.
Justin - uhuh, well wait yeah make me one.

So jee goes offf to make Justin a sandwich. Jee back in kitchen. More rattling wrappers and such. Bread is done in the toaster. Camera man goes in for a closeup. Looks like Jee is eating a cookie. Looks like mabye an english muffin or bagel not bread

and we have fothus interuptus.

Aug 17 2003 18:01, Sun ClueLiss   Link
only a brief foth. Jee continues sandwhich making.
brief shot of Jack laying outside. Jee is using shredded cheddar on his sandwhich. (no he didn't wash hands before touching food if you're interested - and the cheese will prolly go back in fridge for future use). Jee gets out foil. looks like he is putting it in the oven. Does soemthing at the microwave. Tosses a papertowel in the trash. He puts his creation in the oven ( I think). More rattling. Still fixing something.

Jee yells Justin.

He continues fixing stuff

Jee yells get your a$$ up. I just got up and realized I hadn't eaten.

Justin - why didn't you put in at same time.

Jee - I don't know. THis one is ready to go in. I already toasted the bread already.

Justin goes outside, leaving chef Jee to kitchen duty.

Aug 17 2003 18:05, Sun ClueLiss   Link
Justin comes in.
Justin - Ali has been sleeping since 12.

Jee - I know

Jee - you want apple juice and chit

Justin - No I'll have water.

Justin helps out by getting out paper plates. Erika comes in and says they all slept. She ate before her nap.

Jee now getting out chips (warning I will stop feeding while they eat those chips)

Jack comes in. Jee tells him they are having their luch now.

crinkle of chip wrapper (grrrrrrrrr)

Jee - when I go back home I'll be like this all the time now (???)

Looks like Robert is alone outside now.

Justin gets water. Jee asks Erika about the tortises.

Justin eats chips

(you're faithful updater will return when foodeating is over).

Aug 17 2003 18:44, Sun mkemp   Link
Ali, Jun and stooges in LR on couches, Jee getting nails filed by Jun, Ja and Er in desert room NT

Aug 17 2003 19:07, Sun M3gabyt3   Link
Waiting around for nothing to happen...
Ali/Justin/Robert/Jun sitting on the couches. Jun is doing Robert’s nails. Justin is polishing his own nails. Someone is shuffling cards.

The HGs are discussing The GAP and Old Navy and other franchises. They are discussing the types of shorts they wear. Ali says she hasn’t seen anyone wear jean shorts for a long time, Jee says he brought in jean shorts but wears cargo shorts mostly.

Jack comes into the kitchen. Justin jokingly tells Jack to take his old nail polish off.

Robert says he has to get clothes form everyone, a shirt from Ali, panties from Jun. He said he can then say to his friends ‘these are from Jun’ etc. They are now trying to introduce this idea for a new tradition to Erika who just walked back in. Robert says at the wrap party they should take Nathan’s dirty socks and pull them out and say ‘you forgot these!’.

Next topic is about the high heels Erika is wearing. This leads to talk about Spice Girls, and Gerri. Jee says she looks like someone from his porn collection. Jee’s watching of porn is mentioned again.

Jack then talks about law school (I think). Justin is called to the DR. Jee realizes that earlier today he slept through a lockdown. Jee asks what happened during Lockdown and Jun suggests that they did something to the punching bag, Jee looks out and says it’s still there, Jun says it’s by the punching bag, Jee asks what the heck she’s talking about, Jun says it was supposed to be funny.

Jee says that Sept 1st is his 3 year anniversary and is wondering if they’ll let him say something. The HGs (Robert/Jack/Jun) talk about their summer, and that they’ll never forget this summer, or eachother. Jack mentions the 10 year BB reunion, and they’ll be little Juns running around, and little Erika’s doing palates(sp).

Jun finishes working on Roberts hands and he goes to wash his hands.

Robert and Jee discuss what they’ll wear on the live show. Justin is out of DR. Jee asks Justin if they’re going to call everyone to the DR. BB calls Robert to the DR. Jun says ‘not him!’ and they try to get BB to call Jee instead.

Jun now starts to work on Justin’s nails. Jun says his nails are really short. Jee says when his nails were short whenever he would hit a ball his finger tips would bleed.

Robert comes back and Jun continues working on robert’s nails on feed 3 with Justin/Jack/Jee sitting around.

(Turning feeds off now)

Aug 17 2003 19:17, Sun trish   Link
Erika and Ali in BY
Erika and Ali discussing how long Jack took in the POV compitision and laughing hysterically trying to figure out how it took Jack 18 minutes and 49 seconds and Jun did it in 2minutes 45 seconds and Erika Around 4 minutes somthing.

Aug 17 2003 19:30, Sun Anonymous   Link
Rob telling Erica and Ali that as he was on his way to the BB house
that he drove by Erica's house (I guess they live right by each other off of Sunset Blvd.) Rob said he wondered whtat Erica would think when she finds out that he's going to be on the BB show.

First time BB called Rob he asked the interviewer if Erica told them things about him

Ali wondered how they knew so much about her. She said the interviewer asked if Ali had any web sites with her picture on them. She gave them two web sites.

Aug 17 2003 20:22, Sun Hammock_Fall   Link
Jun and Jee alone in LR
Jun asks who he and Robert will go after if they win HOH.

Jee says Jack and Erika.

Jun asks him if they will let each other know when they are targets. Jee says yes.

Jee says he thinks he is J&E's next target. Jun says she thinks that they will go after Robert first. [ed. Is Jun trying to convince Jee not to go after Jack and Erika? Jun, Jack, and Erika have discussed together that it might be better to go after Jee before Robert]

Aug 17 2003 20:27, Sun Debra_Kadabra   Link
Erika and Jack in BY.
Erika beleives Ali and Jun must try and win HOH next week
because if there is a veto then either Ali or Jun would HAVE to be put up on the block.

(Ed note; a good point)

Aug 17 2003 20:30, Sun Bert   Link
Little Jack & Erika story ...
Jack and Erika are in the BY talking. Jack reminded Erika of a time recently when she came flying out of HOH and said, "if we both get put up, we can both fight for our lives, right? Right?" (I assume she means they could both fight for POV) Jack goes on to say that he said, "yes, of course, You can say all kinds of bad things about me if you need to (he's smiling as he says this)." Erika says she'd never say bad things about him. She mentions that it was right after Robert scared her that she said that to Jack. Jack said something like, it'll take a lot more than that for Robert to scare Erika.

Aug 17 2003 20:32, Sun Bert   Link
Jun doing Jee's nails, she says (when they broke up) she wanted to be provided for, not be the provider. NT

Aug 17 2003 20:39, Sun Kelly   Link
Jee Robert and JAck playing BBall Erica and Jun in kitchen and dining area and Justin and Ali in LR playing cards it looks like NT

Aug 17 2003 20:42, Sun Bert   Link
Jack, Rob & Jee shooting hoops, talking about Jun ...
She's getting on Jee's nerves. She's always messing with him. She told him not to talk about their relationship, but she's the one who keeps bringing it up. Rob thinks Jun is messing with Jee because she doesn't have anybody else. Dana's gone. Messing with Jee is Jun's entertainment. Jee says Jun is psychotic. Jack doesn't say much, except to say he's staying out of it. Robert says she's an ex for a reason. Only 3 more weeks and Jee will never have to see Jun again.

Aug 17 2003 20:48, Sun Bert   Link
Erika comes up to shoot hoops with Jack, Jee & Rob finished shooting ...
Erika said that Jun was wondering why Jee has to keep bringing up their relationship (this was inside on the couch I believe). Erika was saying this to Jack and Rob. Rob again says that Jun doesn't have anything to do, so she messes with Jee. Erika says they (Jun & Jee) don't know what there relationship is in house. They have a lot of unresolved issues. Jack comments that Jee had to have a cigarette after his conversation with Jun.

Aug 17 2003 20:51, Sun Bert   Link
(Short) Jee outside complaining to Rob about Jun, Jun comes out and asks to call a truce ...
Jun and Jee agree to a truce. She said no one else in here talks about their relationship.

(Interesting how Jee is smoking and Jun is eating)

Aug 17 2003 20:54, Sun Bert   Link
Jun want to bake a cake for Jee's birthday, which I believe they said is the 20th. NT

Aug 17 2003 21:01, Sun Bert   Link
Rob wants to know how the votes are gonna go ...
He and Jee are getting ready to lift weights. Jee told Rob he'd find out. Robert doesn't want it to be a tie. Jee sits down too. Jack joined them, then Rob moved to a chair. I guess no weight lifting. They said they'd work out after dinner.

(My feeds are acting up).

Aug 17 2003 21:09, Sun Bert   Link
Rob and Jee start talking again, Erika joins them ...
Robert puts his head in his hands, starts squirming a lot. They talk about when the game might end. Rob thought the 10th. Jee said more like the 15th. Rob said it can't be that long, then starts counting weeks. Then he agrees that it could go to the 15th.

Rob goes into the house. Now Jee asking Jack how the votes are gonna go. Jack thinks Justin will be evicted. Jee doesn't want it to be unanimous, Jee wants to give Justin one vote for sportsmanship.

Rob came back out and said she apologized to me for making me feel uncomfortable (Jun). Jee said he's sorry too if he made him uncomfortable.

(I think Erika went back in the house).

Aug 17 2003 21:16, Sun Bert   Link
Jun and Jee outside talking alone, Rob walks up, Jun asks if they can have a minute alone ...
Rob says sure and walks away. They're kind of arguing while trying to call a truce. (Now feeds go wacky - grrrr).

Jun saying that Jee is very defensive. She got mad when he bought up Tammy earlier. Jun said she never said anything about his neighborhood (missing tons of stuff - bad feeds). Jun says he gets angry when she says anything, but the others can say whatever they want. Jee said something like she had no credibility in the house, made Jun mad. Jee doesn't like how Jun says stuff under her breath. Jun said don't call me shallow because that's very personal. Jee says she calls out stuff, like about porno and stuff, she needs to stop doing that. Jee said he knows Jun doesn't have any attraction to him, Jun asks if that bothers him.

They end with OK, cool, fine, and Jun says it's gonna be awkward though.

(Edited to add a little more I remembered and typos).

Aug 17 2003 21:21, Sun Sharky   Link
Jee asked June who she was voting for; she replied "Justin". Jee said he just didn't want it to be a tie. NT

Aug 17 2003 21:27, Sun Bert   Link
Jee telling Rob everybody is voting to evict Justin, except he doesn't know Ali's vote ...
Jee telling Rob that he wants Justin to have one vote for him to stay, so it's not unanimous. Rob's fine with that.

Rob & Jee think that if they go up against Jun or Ali in the final vote to win the game, they'll win. Not against Jack, though. So Jack is next. Rob thinks that if Jack is gone, they can get Erika. Rob says Jack first, one of the floaters then - probably Ali, then Jun. Jun doesn't have the endurance to win competitions. They worry about Erika's endurance. (I think this is how they said it'll go - they talk so fast)

Aug 17 2003 21:33, Sun Bert   Link
Jee tells Rob he wants to have a study session with Ali ...
To learn more details about the game for trivia type questions. Jee says, no more alliances with her, I don't trust that b*tch. Rob agrees.

Jee thinks if Jack wins HOH, he's gone. He suspects that if Jun wins HOH, he might be gone.

Rob saying they need a lot of luck and a lot of strategy, but if they get to the end, they're winning. Rob saying he doesn't care if he gets 2nd place, he'd be happy if they got to the end. The dream team would win.

Aug 17 2003 21:40, Sun Bert   Link
Jee says if there's an endurance comp next week for HOH ...
Now way in hell are they gonna take it away from him. Jee feels confident he'll win if it's endurance. He says he has no regrets except the cage competiition. He said Jack and Erika wanted it too bad. Jee says he thinks Julie will put him on the spot on the live show because his two team members are both on the block. Jee doesn't want to have to give farewell speeches to both Just and Rob.

Jee also said that they (stooges) didn't let anybody influence them. They stuck together and that's how they got that far.

(edited to add last part)

Aug 17 2003 21:50, Sun Bert   Link
Erika comes out and joins Rob and Jee ...
Jee apologizes to Erika for making her uncomfortable earlier when he and Jun argued. Erika said she completely understands. Jee rambles on a lot saying things he's already said about Jun. He wants them to just get to the end - then it's over. Then states he's not slamming her.

Rob jumps in and says Jun is just doing that to Jee for attention. She needs attention so she makes jokes about Jee.

Erika understands. Erika leaves and Jee asks Rob if they can trust Erika later on, and Rob says yes.

They all went inside. Jun cooking, Ali & Justin playing cards. Waiting to eat.

Aug 17 2003 21:52, Sun Bert   Link
Rob, Erika, Jack & Rob eating dinner, Ali, Just & Jee still on the couch. NT

Aug 17 2003 21:54, Sun Bert   Link
All eating dinner now. I believe they're having salmon. NT

Aug 17 2003 21:57, Sun Bert   Link
Justin fussing about scales on the fish, he hates fish, but promised himself he'd eat it. NT

Aug 17 2003 22:11, Sun Bert   Link
Some of the dinner conversation ...
They talked a lot about Justin not liking fish. Justin likes other seafood, but not fish. Justin actually screamed a little (in a funny way) over the scales on the salmon. He picked them off.

Jack strained his back when taking the cover off the pool (I think he meant the HT). Jee suggested he put some ice on it from the freezer. Jack thanks him for the suggestion. Jack says he'll definitely hot tub tonight.

Everybody compliments Jun on the dinner, which appeared to be salmon, fried-looking potatoes and salad.

Rob and Justin started giving Jee a hard time because he was eating so much, he kept taking more food. Rob observed that Jee eats like it's his last meal every time he eats. Justin said Jee would have eaten more had Justin not ribbed him about it.

Jack asked Justin if he was finished with that (his fish). Justin said yeah, Jack grabbed the fish and scales off Justin's plate and ate it. Justin did a big EWWWWW and they all had a good laugh over that.

They also discussed the fact that Nathan doesn't eat fish and that he'd have had a terrible time at the Clambake from Hell. No way would he have eaten any of it.

Jack's doing dishes as he said he would early on in the meal.

Aug 17 2003 22:15, Sun Bert   Link
Ali says, "Wifey, when are we walkin'?" ...
Ali says she feels like they're a couple when they walk (she & Erika). Erika suggests in a half hour. Give them time to digest. Ali said they'll walk from 9:45 to 10:30.

Aug 17 2003 22:20, Sun Bert   Link
Justin is shooting rubberbands at the spider again ...
He killed the other spider Friday night, now he appears to be going after Buddy. Justin says he just wants him to come out and play.

Ali & Erika turned the hot tub up. I think they said it was only 85 degrees.

Now Justin, Rob and Jee are starting their weight lifting routine. Jack isn't lifting tonight because his back is bothering him.

Aug 17 2003 22:25, Sun Bert   Link
All feeds on weight lifters NT

Aug 17 2003 22:51, Sun missellie   Link
Allie and Erika walking around B/Y justin Jee and rob playing BB jack on lounger NT

Aug 17 2003 22:53, Sun missellie   Link
While the girls walk Allie talked about helping a womans shelter and now she is talking pagent talk NT

Aug 17 2003 22:54, Sun fishinlady   Link
Erica and Ali start walking and talking (boring)
They are going to hot tub tonight and drink. Ali says that this is not a good environment for them. They discuss how much alcohol they get from BB. They talk about favorite songs. Erica doesn't have a favorite song. Ali asks Jee his favorite and he says lots FOTH Ali's is Just my Imagination. Jacks is Jackson Browne's stay. Ali thinks that if she is HOH again she will get the Monica CD that came about a week or two before they got kidnapped. Ali talks about missing her pageant to come in the BB house. She feels it would be a great honor to Miss Pennsylvania and talks about her community service. She made a chain of pictures that went around her county and made $3000 for the women's shelter. She also wrote companies and got women's products for the shelter. She feels bad that she didn't go for the Miss Pa title because she could have done more for the shelter. She then talks about her work at the shelter. Ali describes her dress for this year's pageant. Ali then talks about how hard pageant week is. FOTH posting

Aug 17 2003 22:58, Sun fishinlady   Link
Erica to the diary room-Ali still walking NT

Aug 17 2003 23:17, Sun fishinlady   Link
Robert in HT, Erica & Ali walking, Justin playing BB NT

Aug 17 2003 23:28, Sun Bert   Link
Ali called to DR after she started what sounded like an interesting conversation ...
Jee now playing basketball with Justin. I appears that Erika stopped walking when Ali left. Last I saw Jack was in a chair by the door, and I believe Robert is still in the HT. Haven't seen Jun.

Ali said to Erika that her boyfriend thought she had witnessed a murder and was in the witness protection program. (I was on quad cam at the time so I missed most). She said something about her uncle and real estate. (Maybe she'll tell the story later).

She's baaaaack (Ali).

Aug 17 2003 23:38, Sun Bert   Link
Ali & Erika speculating why Justin nom'd Nathan ...
Erika thinks it's was because Justin knew Ali & Nate were allied, and Justin was breaking up an alliance. And that he was part of the 4 people alliance. They commented that it seems strange to see the guys playing basketball without Nate.

(Difficult to hear because of the basketball and screaming boy joy over shots made)

Ali telling Erika that Er & Jack are sitting pretty now. Now Ali saying as long as she (Jun) doesn't get into the top two, Ali will be happy. Erika brought up Jun, but I didn't catch what she said.

Ali saying how they all love Jack, that Jack would win. Erika said that Jack is working on Jee in case Erika goes, so he has somebody on his side (something like that).

Erika chants girl club after she and Ali discuss the women. Erika says BB must have something cooking right now. Erika talking about going, Ali saying she won't go. Ali said she only wants $20,000 to pay for school. She'd be happy with that.

Erika telling Ali that she thinks she has played an incredible game. Ali seems very flattered. Erika says whatever you're doing, keep doing it. Now Ali flattering Erika.

Aug 17 2003 23:41, Sun fishinlady   Link
Ali and Erica discuss girl's club
Ali says that nobody could beat Jack in the finals. She and Erica discuss how BB might want the three "hot chicks" around and how cool that would be-Erica, Ali, Jun as final three. Lots of whispering and basketball bouncing so could not catch much of this.

They then talk Jun into drinking with them tonight. They talk about next twist but do not speculate on what it is.

Aug 17 2003 23:47, Sun Bert   Link
Jun is doing exercises in the yard, Erika is sitting next to her ...
Erika asks her how she's doing. Jun says she's pissed. Jun clarifies she's still pisssed at Jee. Jun said there's so much stuff she could say. Apparently, she's not going to say it, because she's now silent, focusing on her exercises with hand weights.

Aug 17 2003 23:50, Sun fishinlady   Link
Girls are planning girls night out
Putting a bottle of wine in the HOH room and having girl time.

Aug 17 2003 23:53, Sun Bert   Link
Girl's Night ...
Jun, Erika and Ali talk about getting drunk. Ali said it would be funnier than sh*t. Ali suggests that Erika put a bottle of wine in her HOH fridge so the three of them could get drunk together, have a girl's night.

I missed something Jun said while switching feeds. It must have been funny, Ali & Erika were laughing.

Ali tells Erika about how Jun and Ali were getting the boys last night, they were talking about touching themselves.

Erika brings up the boy's club over there. All the guys are in the same area (hot tub?) talking. Jun comments that she gave Jee a good haircut today, then calls him a MF'er.

They're now talking about the POV competition. Ali thinks BB should have told them to wear athletic clothes. Erika thinks BB should say athletic for everything, just to be safe. Jun says comfortable to me is half naked (referring to when BB tells them to wear casual or comfy clothes).

Aug 17 2003 23:55, Sun Bert   Link
Ali & Jun are going to do abs and thighs ...
Erika is going to watch.

(I'm going to record this so I can't post).

Aug 18 2003 00:20, Mon Debra_Kadabra   Link
Diary room asks Ali and Jun the name of their alliance
Jun told them Fallen Angels
Ali told them Dark Angels
They tell each other they will both try and win HOH and get out Robert or Jee. Jee more likely because he is tougher physically. After that they will go for Jack because he is cozying up to the guys and will win in the end.

Aug 18 2003 00:24, Mon Grins   Link
Ali and Jun in LR plotting while guys out in HT with Erika. Ali wanting to get
Robert and Jee out before Erika and Jack. She thinks she and Jun can win comps over Erika and Jack and that if they are up against the stooges in the end they won't be able to get enough votes to win.

Aug 18 2003 00:29, Mon Debra_Kadabra   Link
Brief FOTH. Ali Jun now debating order they would like to evict
For some reason they are now agreeing Robert should go next. Debate continues on the other two. Ali afraid of Jee's physicality. Jun says "We'll wait and see". The strategy session ends with Ali proclaiming her dislike of Jack from day 1. "Why would would they choose the old guy with fake teeth and long freaky hair?"
Jun replies "Jack has fake teeth?"

Aug 18 2003 00:36, Mon Tinaraye   Link
Robert in the shower, Jun walks in to the room. Hea Jun is everything ok?
Jun: Yea, but I don't need to be fighting with Jee.
Rob: Oh my God Jun, I know how you feel Please talk to me when you feel like that. We need to have someone to talk to, we can talk to each other.
It will help me to talk about real life things, I need to talk about real life things too.

(He wants to be her buddy now) humm

Aug 18 2003 00:38, Mon Bert   Link
The food is good, but the company sucks ...
Robert said that. He's taking a shower and talking to Jun in the bathroom. Jun commented that's why he eats so fast.

Rob was talking about how people in the house don't understand what it's like to have kids, except Jack. Rob wants to talk about stuff on the outside. He likes to hear about Bob (Jun ex).

Jun saying the stories they tell about their life don't meany anything to anybody in the house. They don't related. Rob agrees no one can relate. Rob said it's about age. The only people who have a real life are Jack, Rob and Jun. Not that college stuff.

Jun saying that if you start talking about anything but the game, they stare off into space. Rob seems to think BB should have older people on the show.

Aug 18 2003 00:45, Mon trish   Link
more on jun and robert
Robert is suprized than jun feels the same way he does about how you cant really talk about anything but the game with these people here cuz they really dont care. they both thought going in that they would learn all kinds of stuff about there housemates but no one is really. Jun says not a single person is going to learn about the cuban way or the korean way of life because no one asks them anything. Robert says thats why he asks jun about Bob cuz he wants to hear about outside stuff. He said the food is great but hes used to dinners with his family his grandparents live with his parents so dinner is at 7;30 every night and there is 8 or 9 people there and they talk about there day he really misses that.

Aug 18 2003 00:46, Mon Bert   Link
They're not gonna know anything about the Korean and Cuban community other than what they came in here knowing ...
Jun said that. Jun saying they're not learning anything in the house. She doesn't know sh*t about Pittsburgh, nothing about Alabama. She hasn't learned anything real. All they talk about is getting drunk at a bar.

Rob agreeing. A lot of they don't care, they don't give a sh*t, no one cares, no one understands, from both Jun and Rob. (I believe they're talking about the youngsters).

Jun said she thought this experience would be that she would grow and learn stuff about herself. All they want to do is get the f*ck outta here.

Rob saying that he said to Erika early on that maybe they could talk to each other, get to know each other better. Erika told him she didn't think that would happen.

Jun says she relates to Rob the most because of his daughter and his family.

Rob says he wishes all he had to worry about was having to go back to college and take two classes. It makes Rob sick, what they (the young ones) worry about. He said he has to respect that. Comments about prom being "their" experience. They're just out of school.

Aug 18 2003 00:56, Mon Bert   Link
All feeds on HT with Ali, Jack, Erika, Jee and Justin in it. NT