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Aug 18 2003 01:03, Mon Bert   Link
Death penalty ...
Jack is for it, so is Erika. Jack says there's no evidence the death penalty deters crime, but if you kill someone, we kill you.

Justin is for it so we don't have to pay tax dollars to house them.

Ali says she can't believe she's hearing this sh*t. She's against the death penalty.

(Everybody talking at the same time, almost impossible to understand conversations between that and the bubbles).

Ali said the only time she agrees with the death penalty, is for a serial killer.

Justin said the mentally unstable ones should be killed, but if you kill someone because they're in bed with your wife, no.

Erika saying someone killed one of her family members. (?)

Ali says female serial killers usually use poison. Women will sometimes help men dispose of the bodies. (something from a book she read)

Jack said very few serial killers are women.

Aug 18 2003 01:07, Mon Debra_Kadabra ParentRootLink
Jack is pro choice. Ali is Pro life except in the event of rape. Camera switches back to Jun and Robert.

Aug 18 2003 01:11, Mon Midi ParentRootLink
John Wayne Gacey.

Erika saying someone killed one of her family members. (?)

Aug 18 2003 01:19, Mon Bert   Link
Jun and Robert talking in the orange room ...
Jun saying that she doesn't know anything about Dana (thanks for the correction Debra_Kadabra).

Rob saying he thought for sure that when Jun came over to the stooges side, she knew all about her.

Jun talking about how crazy Ali is. How Ali was so upset about Julie bringing up her being a flirt. Jun says Ali is so in denial. Jun thinks that Ali tells so many lies, they get confused in her mind.

Rob is confused as to why they can't talk about Ali flirting. What's the big deal.

One of the young ones asked Rob if Erika was a freak in bed. Rob says that's the level of conversation with them.

Jun says that Erika can't stand Ali, Jack doesn't like her either.

Rob says maybe we'll just appreciate our lives outside of here more. Jun agrees completely. She said something about "fruit of the gods" just to go home.

Jun - I don't understand how they can go so long without ... maybe Jack and Erika had real life conversations in the sand room, and good for them, but how can these people go that long with out real conversations.

Rob saying they have to find the positive. It's almost over. They might win something and it's almost over.

Jun feels like this month is going to take longer, though.

Rob said look at the calendar, it's going so fast.

Jun says because they want it to be over so badly, it will seem longer.

Jun said she's glad that everybody who has left, left. Except Dave. Dana didn't add anything to the house. Nathan was worthless.

Jun complains about all the mess Nate left behind. Ali & Nate were the worst.

Jun wanted to slap Ali yesterday when Ali was talking to Robert about Elena because it was so fake.

Rob says be like Justin, he knows he doesn't understand, stay away and that's cool.

Jun - Ali, she was so angry that I won that POV. (Said more negative about Ali that I'm missing). Jun tells Rob that Ali kicked her because Jun won the competition.

Aug 18 2003 01:26, Mon Debra_Kadabra ParentRootLink
Jun saying that she doesn't know anything about Erika (or maybe Ali).
Speaking about Dana. Robert thought they were close friends. Jun says it never got that far. Jun explains that Dana got too paranoid about the game and stopped asking any questions about her life.

Aug 18 2003 01:38, Mon Bert   Link
Feeds 1 & 2, Justin and Erika (trapped) in the HT with Ali. F3 & 4 Jun & Rob in kitchen NT

Aug 18 2003 01:40, Mon Bert   Link

Aug 18 2003 01:44, Mon Bert   Link
Back from FOTH, in the HT ...
Ali is talking about after BB told them their ex's were coming into the house, they asked Ali if they thought she had a ex coming in to the house. She said yes, that she knew it was Justin for sure. She said BB was so mean to her. She could see Justin's cauliflower ear in the shadow photo of the ex's. Knew he was coming in there.

Jack is now in the HT. Jee showering. Jun is in HOH listening to Pink. Rob wandering around.

Aug 18 2003 01:53, Mon Bert   Link
Justin said to break the tension when he goes on Wednesday night ...
He's going to pull the squeegee out from behind his chair and hand it over to Jee. (Like handing the baton/torch to Jee to carry on?)

Justin complaining about something Nate said, that Nate said he's the only one who could win a certain competition, how angry that made the stooges. Justin said Rob got up and started swearing up a storm over what Nate said. Justin laughs at how Rob gets.

Ali asks Justin if he asked Dana to put Ali up. Justin said no. He really thought Dana was going to put up Rob and Jee.

(I neglected to mention that the people in the HT are drinking beer).

Aug 18 2003 02:06, Mon Bert   Link
Ali thinks BB should pay the people in the house more than people in sequester ...
Erika consoles Ali by saying that they have luxury competitions coming up. (I believe Ali is drunk).

Justin tells Ali she'll get a lot more exposure in the house.

Ali tells Justin that America will love him.

Now Ali is saying how cute her snore is. Justin said he can sleep through it, but if he's awake ... Justin says Jee's snoring wakes him up a lot. Ali says HOH is almost sound proof.

Jack says there's no snoring the the desert.

Ali wants them to get a shopping spree and a cardio machine. She mentions that BB repeated the dinner date and letter from home (the implication being that BB might repeat the shopping spree and exercise equipment).

Someone brings up the skywriting. Jack says he doesn't put much stock in the skywriting (doesn't think it was for them). Justin says, I'll let you know. I mean I won't, but I'll find out before you do (sort of laughing and teasing).

Justin is hoping BB will put them (sequesters) on a nice resort where they wear a bracelet, and everything is free, except the tips.

They talk about the vouchers they got from BB pre show when at the hotel. The vouchers were way more than they needed. Jack reminds Ali & Justin they shouldn't talk about that. They talk about it a little more.

Aug 18 2003 02:14, Mon Bert   Link
Ali & Jack, Er in the HT ...
I came in late and Jack was talking about a trip he took. It was a torturous flight. He flew to LA, then Hawaii, then to Auckland, New Zealand. Great trip.

Ali has been to Florida, Texas, Niagara Falls (only 2 hours from her house), NYC (other places I missed as well). She said she went to Texas for skating. She talked about how cool the malls are in Texas (or did she say Dallas?).

Now Ali talking about Justin. She's saying he's taking it really well. She says he's the most wonderful person she's met.

Erika came back to the HT with a glass of wine.

Ali saying that after 3 years, Jun and Jee should be over their problems with their relationship. Then she uses the comparison of BB using her boyfriend from grade 8 through 12 in the house, she said they wouldn't be talking about their relationship in there.

(Time to switch feeds).

Aug 18 2003 02:26, Mon Bert   Link
Rob telling Jee about his and Jun's conversation ...
Rob and Jee on the patio furniture. Jee having a cigarette. Rob gives Jee the highlights, how people in here don't care, don't have lives.

Rob says how the letter from his daughter just makes him want home more. Jee advises that they just have to hang in there, it's almost over.

Rob comments that these people don't have anything to go home to. Then he says she's got a F'n piece of sh*t boyfriend, and she kisses two guys in here (Ali). What the F's that sh*t? Jee agrees and says she acts like a ho in here, what does she expect when she gets asked about flirting.

Now Jee is going over his argument with Jun earlier.

(Good night).

Aug 18 2003 02:34, Mon Debra_Kadabra   Link
Stooge strategy
Justin joins Jee and Rob and asks what the strategy is after he is gone. They explain that they break the Erika Jack alliance and take one of them for their side. Then they target Alison. Next they take out whoever remains from Erika/Jack, taking Jun to the last three with them because she will be the weakest in an endurance contest.

Justin tells them it should be Jack to go next week with them picking up Erika.

Aug 18 2003 03:08, Mon Debra_Kadabra   Link
Erika in the HT calls Robert to come sit by her. She starts convo with how she is worried because she can't compete in the next HOH.

Jack has gone in to make a sandwich.

Justin and Jee are starting a chess game and Justin has donned sunglasses to hide his "squinty" eyes (apparently feeling buzzed from 3 beers)

Rob is now recounting his conversastion with Jun to Erika.

Ali has gotten out of the shower.
Last I saw of Jun she was listening to music. May have gone to bed by now.

Rob states that he is a voracious reader (now that he no longer drinks)
He says he read three books in the week's sequestration before the show.
They were
The Millionaire Mind
Public Speaking
and How to Win Friends and Influence People
the last two by Dale Carnegie.

Aug 18 2003 03:44, Mon Debra_Kadabra   Link
Last half hour
Erika and Robert going over how their relationship started. Erika says she was the one to initiate it by saying Hi but she then refused a dance with him because she was having a conversation with someone else. She still remembers what they each had to drink on their first date at a jazz club. His was Johnny Walker Black, missed hers. She tells him she always loved it when they danced.

Rob gets up and walks away asking Justin what he is laughing about. Can't hear a response.

Watching the chess game for about the next 10 minutes. When Rob finally returns to beside the tub their conversation has turned to how they broke up. Rob repeats his story about how his phone messages were transfered to Erika.

There is a FOTH and when we come back Erika is getting out of the HT.

Aug 18 2003 03:54, Mon Debra_Kadabra   Link
Erika Jack and Robert in the kitchen
Erika "accidently" woke up Jun by going in and asking if she was asleep. They are talking about Alison and Justin hugging outside. Erika bets Robert Five dollars that they make out tonight. Robert says he won't but that Ali will want to.
Switching feeds.
Jee and Justin playing chess still. Ali watching. Nothing at all seems to be going on. Robert joins them, Ali leaves when she sees Jun is awake and Robert tells Justin "They" are making bets that he makes out with Alison. Justin says "No way"
The game of chess ends.

Aug 18 2003 04:07, Mon capybara   Link
ali tells jee........
"I'm not putting you down or anything, but you both must have been alot different back then, because I know you & I hold you so much higher in esteem, I don't know how you, I mean I know you were younger"
jee: "ya I was alot younger".... foth

Aug 18 2003 04:08, Mon Debra_Kadabra   Link
Jee speaking to Ali about his vote for Justin
Ali seems agreeable. Jee goes on and on about it.
Switching feeds
Jun Jack and Robert around the couches. Justin and Erika apparently in the bathroom area.
Jun says Justin is going to try and squeeze Erika's breast.
Robert says Erika is trashed. Erika has insisted for quite a while now that she has only had a beer and a half and half a glass of wine.
Erika and Justin join them saying that Erika turned out the lights in the bathroom on Justin.
Jun says they are probably the most unatractive people to America after they have watched them for so long 24 hours a day. Seeing them go through their periods etc.

Aug 18 2003 11:10, Mon CougarSpy ParentRootLink
3:05 am 3:11 am BB time - After FOTH my feed switches to Jee and Ali outside talking.
3:05 am BB time - After FOTH feed switches to Jee and Ali outside talking.
(I was listening to convo inside house before FOTH. This is the continuation of conversation between Jee and Ali outside. I missed a lot, but some interesting things were said and I got parts of them.)

After FOTH feed switches to Jee and Ali outside talking.
Jee and Ali outside talking. Jee saying Jun making up all these false claims about him. Jee called her out today about saying things that werenít true about him.

Ali and Jee say that part of Junís strategy is going after votes by trying to make everyone happy by cooking and doing peoples nails.

Jee feels like he has played like Justin in the house with integrity. He has been true to his alliance.

Jee or Ali says that the three of them (Jee, Ali, Robert) need to get together before Wednesday and talk about strategy. Jee want Jun to go before he does. He mentions that Jun is very intelligent.

3:11 Talk ends and they head inside.

Aug 18 2003 04:23, Mon Debra_Kadabra   Link
Everyone back inside
Around the couches Justin is making fun of Jee, imitating how he says he is tired and will sleep on his back tonight. Wants Jee to bring out the picture of his sister so he can say goodnight to her.
F4 shows Ali lying in Justin's bed. She gets up and rejoins those around the couches.
Jee is brushing his teeth, and now others are breaking up and starting off to bed. First Jun, then Ali says goodnight. Jack goes to brush.
Justin now in bed and Ali joins him. He says "What are you doing?" She just wants to lie with him for a while. Robert kids them about Ali molesting him. Justin wants her out of his bed and they do end up seperating.
Everyone in their own bed and the kidding about Jee's sister continues.

Aug 18 2003 04:39, Mon Anonymous   Link
everyone snug in there beds
The house has finally settled down Eric in HOH Jack lieing on his back no blankets and the three amigos seem to be quieting down. Justin has been really giving Jee a hard time in saying what he would do with Jees sister. Jee Keeps threating justin to watch what he says shes my sister and then justin just goes off again justin is having fun with it and jee is too i think its 3:37 bb time and all is quiet

Aug 18 2003 05:37, Mon Bert   Link
Yunni (sp?) Giovinco. Long, silly, transcribed post from about 3:15am BBT ...
Every night before Jee goes to sleep, he gets out his photo of his girlfriend and goes out to the living room and says good night to her, according to Justin. (It is true. I don't know about every night because I don't see, but sounds about right).

In mocking response to this, Justin took Jee's photo of his sister, Yunni (sp) and said good night to her tonight out in the living room. When the stooges are falling asleep, Justin usually says several dirty things about giving Yunni what she needs and Jee yells at him and threatens him. All in good fun, but Jee does get angry.

Tonight was no different. Justin said that he and Yunni would have cute babies and Jee said they'd have short babies. There was lot of back and forth. Justin said the name Yunni Giovinco (Justin's last name). He also said Yunni is a good girl, doing a Jee impression.

(I recorded some of it. I missed the best parts, darn it. Here's some of it transcribed. A lot gets lost in the translation, but it is funny and if Justin is leaving, there will be no more Yunni talks)

This was about 3:20BBT.

Jee to Justin - go to sleep you beast. Look at your sheets. How do you go to sleep like that every night. Be ready for me to snore, boys. I'm telling you right now, I'm sleeping on my back. (Apparently Jee snores the worst on his back).

Justin starts laughing.

Jee - I ain't F'n switching around nowhere, I'm tired. Just tell me to shut the F up. (That's what they tell the sleeping Jee when he snores too loud. It works).

(skipped some talk about sleeping one one's back).

Jee - Aren't you supposed to sleep on your back?

Justin - Honestly, it is more healthy.

Jee - It is, to sleep on your back, right?

Justin - Yeah.

Jee - What, you want to suffocate yourself?

Rob - You have nightmares like that.

Jee to Rob - That's you, you freak! F'n you snore when you sleep on your side, Rob. You always do.

Justin - Let's talk about Yunni again.

Jee - Oh gosh, I'm going to sleep, Rob. Justin, I'm going to sleep all right? Shut up.

Jee to Justin - If you want, one day, if you're a Fn' good boy I'll send you a picture of Yunni, OK?

Justin - All right. Will you let her kiss IT for me? (Rob laughs quietly).

Jee - (IT comment sails over Jee's head) If I send you a picture, you can do whatever you want, but you know you ain't gonna F'n ... you'll never probably see her.

Justin - Why not?

Jee - Well, you'll probably meet her one day.

Justin - I'll keep in touch. She'll sneak out and fly out to LA ...

Rob - You know he's gonna meet her at the wrap party. She's gonna have to come down anyways.

Jee - You just said it yourself, wrap parties are for crew and ...

Rob - Two guests, two personal close guests.

Jee - For real?

Justin to Jee - Dude, I'll make her one of my personal guests (Justin says personal like it's a dirty word). (Rob laughing)

Jee - If there is two personal ... (Justin starts laughing along with Rob) I'm gonna F'n put my foot up your mouth (he usually says ass) if you can't shut up.

Justin - Dude, that's good for you, you'll be able to get two of your, your girl and one of your boys. I'll take Yunni and one of my boys (Rob laughing).

Jee - I'm telling you, her big old man will whoop your ass!

Justin - No, she don't care about him.

Jee - How the F do you know?

Justin - Cuz she's boned out on him, she went to Europe.

Jee - That was an opportunity of a lifetime for her. She took it.

Justin - Well, THIS is an opportunity of a lifetime for her. (Justin trying not to laugh).

Jee sarcastically - Yeah, all right. Sure Justin. (Justin and Robert laugh). You're F'n retarded.

Jee - You a ho, what you talking about, opportunity, you a ho, you know you a ho. Ho bag. You probably got some kids out there right now, wards of the state. How many kids you got, Justin?

Justin - Four.

Jee - See, I F'n knew it. You ain't never touchin' my sister!.

Justin - Me and your sister have a pretty baby (doing a Jee impression).

Jee - F'n short babies, so shut up! She don't want short babies!

Justin - She just wants some good lovin'.

Jee - No, she F'n don't want no good lovin'!

Justin - I'll give her some good lovin'.

Jee - You F'n talk, shut up!

Justin - Ask Ali. Ali? (Earlier Ali crawled into bed with Justin but he kicked her out. She first climbed on top of him, then he pushed her and she laid by his side. He told her she's not sleeping there. She appeared to grab him in his naughty bits under the covers and he yelled out about it. Told Rob she was molesting him. She, of course, denied it).

Jee - Ali?

Ali - Yeah?

Jee - He told me to ask you, did he give you some good lovin'? (Ali & Jun are in the orange room with the door open)

Ali - Ohhhhhh (in a moaning voice) gawd, it was great!

Jee - Uh, OK. (laughter, Rob and maybe Jun)

Justin - What you got so say now, home boy?

Jee - I'll leave it up to my sister to make that stupid decision, all right? (Justin is laughing)

Jee - She's a F'n smart girl, she's a street smart girl. Don't worry.

Justin - I'm sure she's smart (every time he says anything about Yunni, he makes it sound dirty. Sometimes it is).

Jee - She'd F'n deck you in your face for talking stupid like that. She ain't one of the girls from the burg, all right? She knows, she's street smart. You can't F with her.

Justin - She'll cut you a clean one.

Jee - She'll cut you what? She'll cut ... What? She'll what? Shut the F up. (Justin laughing) Go to sleep drunkard boy.

Jee asks what tomorrow's date is, Rob tells him and they all go to sleep.

Aug 18 2003 09:52, Mon CoffeeGal   Link
ALL Hgs still sleeping! NT

Aug 18 2003 10:26, Mon SusieCat   Link
Jack is sleeping under a THAT'S BB History hehe NT

Aug 18 2003 11:26, Mon nojobny   Link
Besides a few trips to the WC by Jus & Jun, everyone is sleeping.. still NT

Aug 18 2003 12:52, Mon CoffeeGal   Link
Jun up making French toast for breakfast, while Ali, Jack and Erika are up, jun says she need no help... NT

Aug 18 2003 13:08, Mon Niki458   Link
Everyone is hanging around in the kitchen/dinning area NT

Aug 18 2003 13:12, Mon deVinePoet   Link
Breakfast talk
Jack saying when he was 25 years old, gas was 25 cents a gallon.

One time he pulled into a station that sold it for 40 cents and the gas station attendant asked if he wanted it filled up. Jack said "no just 40 cents worth"

Jun said 'that's so ghetto!'

Aug 18 2003 13:33, Mon Dreamer ParentRootLink
More ~ Green stamps and gas stations . . .
Jack then brings up the fact that gas stations use to give out green stamps, back there in the middle ages. Ali and Erika both remember green stamps. Ali thinks that they had red numbers on them, Erika thinks they had 2 red letters. Jack agrees with the 2 letters with a green back ground. None of them can remember which letters tho. (Ed note:S&W?) Jack goes on to say that when he bought the .40 cents worth of gas for his VW that time, the gas station attendant wouldn't give him any green stamps. He says the attendant was pissed. Jack says he told the attendant to piss off and drove off with his .40 cents of gas. Jack says that this was long before self service. Back then, (the middle ages) guys would come out and fill your car up, check your oil and clean your windshield. Justin thinks it was a pretty good job working at a gas station back then. Jack agrees and said back then they actually had mechanics at a gas station, that's where a person would get their car worked on. Jack said that he was at a gas station in Westchester one day and Ray Charles pulled in, he wasn't driving though.

Aug 18 2003 14:00, Mon MsB0808 ParentRootLink
The 2 letters on the green stamps were "S" and "H"...yes, I'm showing my NT

Aug 18 2003 15:41, Mon Toots ParentRootLink
You can still use them. Here's the site.

Aug 18 2003 13:14, Mon deVinePoet   Link
More table talk
Jack: I saw Gregory Peck once at the Washington Airport

Erika: talking about how tall DeNiro is..she's met him

Aug 18 2003 13:16, Mon deVinePoet   Link
Breakfast talk - violent the procedure is..(ick!) NT

Aug 18 2003 13:17, Mon deVinePoet   Link
Plastic Surgery
Jun says after she has kids she may have her boobs lifted.

Aug 18 2003 13:19, Mon deVinePoet   Link
Breakfast talk - more
Rob said they had to wake up Jee 7 times last night for snoring..Justin washing dishes (good boy). Jun and Jack still at the table. Erika and Ali clearing away dishes.

Robert walking outside with a cup of something.

Aug 18 2003 13:22, Mon deVinePoet   Link
Suddenly it's quiet....4 feeds - two on the BY with Robert
and two in the kitchen.

Jee, Jun and Jack (3 J's) at the table.

Talking about taking a train to Wilmington Delaware. Jack said that's a hub for the trains.

Talking about women getting mugged when they get their SS checks. Jun said she was mugged and a taxi pulled up and there were 2 undercover cops in it. She thought they were going to mug her again until she realized they were cops.

Aug 18 2003 13:24, Mon deVinePoet   Link
Jee has a bruise where Justin whacked him. (not on purpose)..
Jee taking his plate to the sink. Jun and Jack still talking. (Jack looks good with his hair cut)

Jun said Ali is setting back the woman's movement 20-30 years.

Jun says the temperature is not too hot it's like yesterday

Aug 18 2003 13:25, Mon deVinePoet   Link
HGs begin their daily routine...
Jee washing his plate from breakfast

Ali and Erika laying out in the sun (time for some screen caps!)

Aug 18 2003 13:48, Mon deVinePoet   Link
Jee and Jack talking
Jee said 'whoever wins HOH next week, let's talk'...

two gentleman discussing the game. Jack assures Jee he'll be fine if Jack's group gets HOH

Aug 18 2003 13:52, Mon deVinePoet   Link
Erika and Ali floating in pool (not dead)
Robert and Justin going back to bed.

Jack and Jee talking -

Jack says there are fewer people voting now. Campaigning at this time is hard, he would never campaign if he's up against Erika.

Jee - that's the way you've always been Jack. You're always straightforward.

Jack - I think you can much further even in a game like this if you're straight forward. Soon it's going to be 6 left. Justin will leave a big void. We'll get along fine, take up the slack and deal with competitions one at a time.

Jee - it's tough on the others left to carry on.

Jack - if you feel like you're panicked about being alone and having a target on you, I want to tell you there isn't.

(Jack is basically telling Jee that after Justin they want Robert out)

Aug 18 2003 14:00, Mon Katfsh   Link
Jack telling Jee (in BY) what a fine person he is, that he'll probably get
lots of job offers when he gets out.

Aug 18 2003 16:01, Mon Dreamer ParentRootLink
Jack and Jee also discuss Alison
Jack says that Alison would have been in the death throw if the veto had not been exercised. Jee agrees. Jee can't believe how somehow Ali persuaded Nathan to use the veto. Jee says at the same time he knows that it was a strategic move on Nathan's part because he felt alone and had no alliance members. Jack adds that Nathan constantly worried, too. Jee says that he can give Alison all of the credit, she has worked but her methods are very different from the rest of them. Jee says that he is not knocking it because she is as the same point that they are at, so obiviously you do have to applaude her in that sense. Jee says you have to keep an eye on that one (referrring to Ali) (Jack interjects his uh huh's, yeah's) Jack says that women have more tools to work with in this kind of game. Jee says agrees but that it doesn't fly with him tho, for sure. Jack says he didn't think that it would. Jack understands that Jee isn't susceptible to that kind of pressure. Jee says that honestly those type of flirtatious ways annoy him. Jack adds that it's transparent, Jee agrees. Jee says he has told Ali that she has earned her way to this point and he respects that, apparently he told her that her methods are very different from his. Jee says that he has commended Ali on how well she has played the game. Jack adds that Ali is very competitive and very skilled and talented. Jee says that she impresses him more and more everyday. Jack is also impressed and he can see her in law school, this time next fall she'll be starting law school. Jee adds she has good mental skills and physical skills which is a great combination in this house. Jee tells Jack that this is another reason that they have to be worried about the upcoming weeks. Jack says all of the competitions are set up so women or men can win them, very even handed in that way. Jack thinks that the cage was interesting to analyze since the men couldn't stand up in them. Jack goes on to say that the only time that Justin couldn't compete there was a competiton (cage) where he would have been a contender b/c he could stand up in there and he was vulnerable. He thinks that it's ironic that Justin has competed and finished 2nd in so many of them, but this one time he could not compete he's probably going to be evicted. Jee says that there are a lot of coincidences in this game and that Justin had brought it up to him.
Jee says whatever happens next week, whoever obtains the HOH lets talk next week about the game and the weeks ahead. Jack agrees. Jee says that he is perfectly fine with him if he is the prime target and that he will take it like a champ. He adds that he refuses to campaign against his partner but it will be a tough week if he does get put up. Jack reassures Jee by telling him he will be fine. Jee says: Thank you, sir.

More~ . .Jack also tells Jee he doesn't see him as frantic or edgy when Robert is evicted. He tells Jee he has a great sense of humor and he's like the kid. When it gets down to it Jee is focused and he lasted over 6 hours in the cage . .Jack says that it is Jee's focus that will keep him form panicking if he doesn't have Rob or Justin around.

Aug 18 2003 14:04, Mon Katfsh   Link
Jee says he's thought about going into law enforcement, to do his part.
Jack says that's very admirable of him. Says US needs agents in S. Korea to work on helping situation in N., S. Korea. Korean valuable language in FBI, CIA intelligence community.

Aug 18 2003 14:07, Mon Katfsh   Link
Jack says the Bureau (FBI) very interested in people who know Spanish,
then Arabic, Farsi, Korean, Chinese.

Aug 18 2003 14:13, Mon Katfsh   Link
Jee saying how being away from GF Carmen has made him realize
how much she means to him, how important she is in his life. Said he doesn't have a great deal of experience in relationships, but he knows that Carmen is special. Would like Jack to meet her and his sister and wrap party.

Aug 18 2003 14:16, Mon Katfsh   Link
Jee graduated from HS at 16, but hasn't finished college because of
time taken off when his father was ill, and that he felt he needed to be with him during that time. Jack reiterates the importance of getting his college degree (he said same thing to Justin).

Aug 18 2003 14:21, Mon Dreamer   Link
Robert to Justin: He's grilling him, man
He's fu*cking grilling him.(referring to Jack and Jee in the BY) He's like this (hunches over) and Jee is just like this looking at him. Justin asks Robert if Jack is using his hands. Rob says yeah he's fu*king grilling him, he's been doing it for an hour. Rob says: Poor Jee. Rob wonders what Jack could possibly be telling him, he says that the guy will never ever do it. Rob wonders if Jack thinks Jee is stupid. Rob says he knows he's (Jack) fu*ked cause if they get it, he's gone. This time it will be no pawn, he's gone, 3rd time and he's out.

Aug 18 2003 14:42, Mon Katfsh ParentRootLink
Rob is SO WRONG - Jee & Jack were having a very good conversation -
mostly about Jee's future. Only talk about game was each reaffirming that for strategy they each understood that the other was out to get them.

Aug 18 2003 14:27, Mon CoffeeGal   Link
Jee tells Jun she is having a Dana moment...hahaha Jun saying to Jee what is Jack your new Best friend NT

Aug 18 2003 14:37, Mon Katfsh   Link
Jee telling Jus (in LR) about conversation with Jack, that he said both Jee
and Justin would get job offers because of how well they acted in the house.

Aug 18 2003 14:55, Mon Katfsh   Link
Not much happening - Er, Jee, Ali playing cards; Jun, Jack sunning, Jus sleeping, Rob back & forth NT

Aug 18 2003 15:15, Mon Grins   Link
Jee and Jun in Bathroom discussing who they would put up if HoH: (more)
Jun :Robert vs Ali
Jee: Jack vs. Erika

Aug 18 2003 15:19, Mon joannie   Link
Rob tells Jee that a CBS helicopter flew over. They were waving their arms at it. NT

Aug 18 2003 15:22, Mon joannie   Link
Jee and Jun are in the bathroom talking about HOH
Jun :"Alright, I won't go for it."

Aug 18 2003 15:30, Mon joannie   Link
Jee asks Jun to put suntan lotion on his back. She starts rubbing it in
Jun: "It feels funny."

Jee: "What does?"

Jun: "Touching you."

Jun: "You have baby skin."

Jee: "Well, what am I supposed to have?"

Jun, Jee and Robert get the giggles for about three minutes straight.

Jack, from across the yard: "I know Jee said something."

Aug 18 2003 15:36, Mon Bilbo   Link
Jee asks Jun to rub suntan lotion on him.....
Jee says he really didn't want to ask Rob Jun rubs it on him and says it feels weird, that she hasn't touched him in 3 years. after she's done she tells jee that he still has baby skin, and jee says "what am i supposed to have, i'm 34, what am i supposed to have, old saggy skin?"
Jun and Rob get a big laugh out of this....and start getting the giggles for whatever reason.

Rob/Jun have been sitting in BY talking about Bob since I came in and continue talking about how great he was after the Jee bit.

Jun told amanda in goodbye speech "you are no use to me in this house but you're a nice person, goodbye"
to Michelle "you're flaky, but you're like my little sister, but goodbye"
to David "you're a real nice guy and your gonna make someone real happy"
to nate "you've got a lot to learn, but you're nice to look at, but goodbye"
to Dana "you did yourself in, i tried to warn you"
Then talks about how she's holding back on goodbyes now, "right Jack" he says "yeah"

Aug 18 2003 16:04, Mon nojobny   Link
Ohhhh, gross!!!
Rob is at the kitchen doing dishes (and his usually nasal sniffing activity). As he's doing the dishes, he proceeds to spit a luggy into the same sink.


Aug 18 2003 16:35, Mon Quench   Link
Jee bashing the women in the house to Robert in the BY
On Alison :She is a pageant girl. She tries to play all angelic but she would play around/ Justin is right about her being a pathalogical liar. She is a tramp. She loves attention - she's a pageant girl. She thrives on attention.

On Jun: She might be worse than Jun. Jun said when I won HOH she told me that I was suppose to be the first Korean. She told me that I ruined her experience for the first few weeks. I told her that if you were in here I wouldn't have come in here. She told me that is probably true.

Jee goes in to refill the drinks.

Aug 18 2003 16:54, Mon Quench   Link
Between the sniffling of Robert he talks to Jee about how America loves the 3 of them (Stooges)
How Jee is liked in the house and how he talks about his girlfriend and that his mother is proud of him. Jee doesn't reciprocate the compliment.

Talking about how the TV show is (they spotted a Channel 2 Chopper in the air) How the families of the HG are probably enjoying the show.

Jee figuring out who went out of the house in what order.

Jee doesn't want to bad mouth Jun. She is so smart she is holding her cards so tight to herself. She won't let anything out.

Aug 18 2003 17:10, Mon ClueLiss   Link
okay quick turn around the feeds
Ali is sleeping with her stuffed animals.

There is a lump in the hoh bed I'm assuming is Erika

And the stooges are messing up Jun's kitchen. Unsure why because I just turned feeds on, but there is stuff all over counter.

switching to cam 3 or 4 to investigate.

Aug 18 2003 17:21, Mon ClueLiss   Link
Justin is talking with his mouth full

Justin tells him to clean the microwave you bitch.

They bicker over if hotdogs are good for you are not. Jee says they are white turkey or something and is having one anyway.

Robert wants more bacon. Jee says f'ck you. Robert is eating anyway.

Jee - look how happy you are, you look like a fat girl.

Jee - You do not want to see me a a buffet. You do not want to see me.

Justin - Ewww it stinks.

Justin hands his plate to Jee. All three are eating at the counter.

Justin babbles something about not the way she makes it. He says she cooks very good but very unheathy (funny I don't see him helping).

Jee still babbling about something being very good.

Justin - put it in the microwave.

Jee - It'll explode. I'm not stupid.

Robert eating chips loud (and I'm suffering to bring this to you - I hate listening to people eat)

rattling bags. something just went into the microwave.

Jee - how long do you think this will take.

Justin - I don't know I don't eat hot dogs.

Jee - it's turkey dogs you b'tthole.

Robert sits down, puts his feet in the next chair.

Jee checks the package on the turkey dogs. It says wrap in paper towel - he didn't. Stops the microwave.

Robert says look how dirty it is on that table. There's dental floss (note none of them go clean it). That babbling about Nathan's dental floss.

Robert - f'cking dirty bastards. (did I mention he didn't clean it?)

Robert and Justin lecture Jee on how he's going to be a fat f'cking hog when he's Robert's age. He eats like a fat man. They can see how he was up to 180. Robert babbling about a friend who had gastric surgery. He lost the weight and he still eats like a fat guy. He's still skinny. He had the surgery when he was still growing. The guys brother and mother had it done too. The guys is tall (5'10" - lol). He has skin that hangs but they are going to be doing something about it. They tell Jee that your metabolism slows down and you'll get fat.

Jack walks through.

Justin - you don't eat until you are full. You eat to get yourself to the next meal.

Jee - You guys are giving me a complex.

Robert - You would probably have a second dog.

Robert - I'm just saying if you want to have better health later on, you can't eat like that.

Erika is up and comes out putting her robe on

(sorry wrist is aching - need a break)

Aug 18 2003 17:29, Mon Quench   Link
Robert informs Jack that since they are at the halfway point BB is providing dinner tonight.
Robert and Justin have been dogging Jee for eating non stop for the past half hour.

Talking to him like he is eating like a heavy weight.

Jun was going to do burgers on the BBQ tonight. Jack wonders if they are going to be good if they don't cook them tonight.

Jee saying he isn't full and could eat more. Talking about how he eats healthy. Justin talking about how Jee just ate one piece of bacon then one hotdog. then one of something else.

Jee then spills his apple juice all over the table and floor.

Aug 18 2003 17:32, Mon Dreamer   Link
Robert: Oh yeah Jee, Jee we're close to the end, my brother (edited)
Jee: Either way we're close to the end and that's what I'm looking forward to. Besides this whole game, man, I have never changed my, fu*king my focus you know . I daydream f*cking day and night f*cking always thinking about that moment, man. I tell you over and over and I know that is sounds cheesy but when I see her, I don't care where it is maybe back home in Queens or in the airport or over here at the rap party when I get out when I just see her it's going to be f*cking be so cool, dude. Rob says he knows it. Jee says again that it's going to be so cool. Jee says that he has never been so alone or apart from his family or girlfriend this long. Robert says he hasn't either. Jee says at least phone call or seeing her face f*cking once in awhile, damn, this long especially my girl. Jee tells Rob that he talks to his girl practically everyday. She lives with him, so he sees her everyday. Officially she moved in like 2 or 3 months ago but she has been living there practically for over a year cause she's always there. Jee goes on to say that it wouldn't have been that way if she was one of those f*cking tramps that he just can't stand that has no respect for themselves, he doesn't like girls like that. Rob says he is surprised that Jee went out with such a shallow bit*h like Jun. Jee says that you have to understand, this is what I told them the producers. When I was 15 and she was 19, she was a virgin and so was I, she changed on me. She changed for the worse in my eyes, but to her I respected why she changed, she wanted more for herself. Jee said that's great go ahead. Jun had told Jee that he couldn't provide it for her. Jee said that was fine to b/c he was only fu*king 21. Rob adds that Jee was young. Jee said he was only 21 and there was only so much he could do at that point. Jee said he was trying to take care of himself and he was sorry he couldn't give Jun all that she wanted. Jee says that it didn't mean thaat he would never get to that point. Rob agrees. Jee says that regardless, because the fact that he realized how shallow she was in his eyes, he didn't want to be with her. Jee says he fell out of love with her, Jun knew it and fell out of love with Jee cause whe wanted something f*cking else. Jee said that was fine but the relationship should have never gone on that long. Jee said the the age difference did make a huge impact on their relationship. Jee says f*cking 4 years of course you're going to move onto a career before me, Jun is f*cking older than him. Rob says right, right. Jee said that he was still trying to finish school and his father's illness and he passed away it f*cked him up for awhile. Jee said that he saw alot of changes in Jun, he said that she changed for the worse. Jee says that he really doesn't like to bad mouth Jun. He said that when he came into the house he tried not to talk sh*t about Jun but the deal is she wasn't the same girl that he met we he was 15. Jee says when he got to the age of 21, Jun f*cking changed for the worse, she became very shallow.

Jee goes on to say that he is the same old f*cking kid he was at 15 only older and wiser. He says he is never going to change who he is, nor forget where he came from or who he needs to be grateful of, life is about that. He told Jun when they broke up that he hopes she is happy and hopes that she finds whatever she wants and has a good life and peace out.
Rob says he feels sorry for the guy that has to put up with that(refers to Jun)
Jee talks about the video BB took of their families and the letters too. He said he hopes he gets to see his. He wants to see the reactions from his family. Then Rob's take~ The way he looks at it is their families are really proud of them, and gf's b/c they aren't scrubs that left them. Rob says that they are P L A Y E R S, they have been there f*ckin gone thru sh*t, they have been thru the beginning when the O8 wanted them out and they have stuck all together. Rob thinks that America loves them. ( Ed note~ha!) Rob says out of everybody except him Jee has somebody out there that he really loves.Rob says Jun broke up with a f*cking guy, Alison is a joke, Justin doesn't have anybody. Rob says that Jee's family is really proud of him b/c the stooges are tight and that the stooges have his back and they are in it till the end. Rob tells Jee that his sister and mom are probably saying that he has two alliance members that will have him to the end. Rob says were not the piece of sh*t that people left like Michelle. Dave's a scrub too and Dana 8-0, boom Nathan's a scrub.Rob says if you think about who America likes the most it's got to be us three.
*this convo ended at 4:01 pm PST~

Aug 18 2003 17:35, Mon Quench   Link
Justin and Robert head out to the BY Jee cleaning spilt Apple Juice Jack making a salad.
Jee says that Jack insulted his physique. Jack telling him he defended his physique. Jee goes on about how he has been exercising.

Jee: I was doing exercises while you were sleeping.

Jack: I was not sleeping

Jee: Your mouth was hanging open.

Jack: That is a dead give-a-way that I was not sleeping.

Jee:This is not a stake out any more

Jack:It's a 3 month surveillance

Jack:I fear there will be a communist invasion if I sleep

Jee starts talking about the movie "Red Dawn"

Aug 18 2003 18:10, Mon Grins   Link
Erika in HoH talking outloud to herself and BB. Asking if they can get new clothes
like they have in the past because she is running out of things to wear. Also complaining about how cold it is and asking why they have to keep the air on so high.

Aug 18 2003 18:49, Mon nojobny   Link
A party? The HG are talking there's going to be some sort of 'celebration' at dinner time tonight. Rob telling all the girls to dress up. NT

Aug 18 2003 18:53, Mon strkaholic   Link
Robert and Jee outside shooting hoops. Robert tells Jee that if one of them wins the money, they will all 3 have to get tatoos of DT (Dream Team).
Jee says he will do it.

Robert asks Jee if he ever played BB with Scott and Jee tells him that he did and he was pretty good, but that Jee has gotten in good shape and that Scott probably would have also by now and playing all together (BB) would be fun.

Aug 18 2003 18:56, Mon nojobny   Link
Uh oh, sounds like your allergies are starting
Jee & Rob are outside playing basketball and Rob has a ferocious, loud, wet & drippy sneeze. You can just hear the moisture.

Jee: Bless you. Uh-oh, sounds like your allergies are starting.

(Ed: Starting??!! Where has Jee been all this time?)

Aug 18 2003 18:56, Mon strkaholic   Link
Robert and Jack in the kitchen..Robert tells Jack that the way he understand it is that they are going to get a "special treat" and then dinner. Some
don't think that is what it meant. Robert tells them that is what Erika said but Jack & Jun think the treat is dinner.

Aug 18 2003 18:57, Mon strkaholic   Link
Jack and Jun speculate that it might be a concert and Jun says.."I hope it's Britney Spears" since Nathan wont be here. Jack says "Nathan will
s***t if it's Britney Speans and he misses it.

Aug 18 2003 18:58, Mon nojobny   Link
BB told Er about the surprise but she can't remember the exact wording.
So everyone has got a different version of what they heard.

Jack: We can't even get a story straight around here when we're telling the truth.

Aug 18 2003 19:01, Mon nojobny   Link
Jun: Dude, we always think too big.(They've been speculating that the surprise is a concert). Yeah, remember the Quirdor match with Great Britain? NT

Aug 18 2003 19:02, Mon nojobny   Link
Ali comes out of the DR. Now FOTH. NT

Aug 18 2003 19:08, Mon nojobny   Link
End of FOTH and Jun saying:
John, you've got to give us something more to get excited about.

Jack: Jun look.
Ju: Eeeeeewwww. You holding a fly with your fingers
Ja: Cat-like reflexes.
Ju: Thank god you got rid of that pesky fly

Apparently during the FOTH they told the HG they are getting a special meal.

Ju: See John how well I follow directions, I'm wrapping up my tasty sandwich.
Ja: Well I guess we can speculate about that . ( Ed: opposed to trying to guess what the surprise is I suppose)

Ju & Ja go on to name all types of food - Lobster, caviar, pizza.

Ja: I'd be happy with pizza.
Ju: Yeah, what if it is. As long as it's NY style. Thin crust, dripping in grease and cheese.

Aug 18 2003 19:11, Mon nojobny   Link
Erika's to blame
Jack confronts Er

How did we wake up and think that we were getting a concert. It was you, wasn't it. You started that. (she's sitting in the bathroom chair, smirking)

How did that Quirdor rumor start, that was you too. We brought it out of the SR and you said, "hey, we're going to play BB Great Britain"

both laughing

Aug 18 2003 19:22, Mon nojobny   Link
Jus & Rob in HOH. Jus explaining to Rob how you have to sit in the in the corner chair & face a piece of tape on the wall
when they do the HOH key ceremony. Then FOTH

Aug 18 2003 19:55, Mon Kecia ParentRootLink
Was explaining the tape on the wall was for the Julie/HoH interview
on Weds nights, as far as I could tell by what Justin was telling Robert, not about looking at the wall during the placing of the keys in the box.

Aug 18 2003 19:23, Mon Anonymous   Link
Ali talking to Jun saying they need to get Robert out not Justin this week. NT

Aug 18 2003 19:24, Mon nojobny   Link
Ali & Jun in the love room. Ali is trying to
convince Jun they need to get rid of Rob first.

Record whispering again... (some one help me with this)

Aug 18 2003 19:27, Mon nojobny   Link
What is the meaning of that song?
Rob, Jus, Ali & Jun are trying to figure out if Pink's song 'Pill' is about drugs or a guy.

Jus & Rob thought it was about taking acid, Rob & Jun thought it was about a guy.

they all run through the house to find Eri to ask her.

Er: it's about being addicted to a guy.

Aug 18 2003 19:41, Mon Kat   Link
Ali pitches to Jun to get rid of Robert & keep Justin.
Ali comes into the bedroom where Jun is and starts sowing the seed of doubt with Jun about Rob. She lays the groundwork for why Robert is a threat to them. She questions all the time Erika & Robert are spending together, doubting there is no scheming going on & whether they might align.

Jun is taking it in, thinking Ali is talking about future moves. It is when Ali points out that if Justin were to stay, Jack & Erika would still be going after Justin next week......not them, that it suddenly dawns on Jun that Ali means this upcoming vote. Jun is shocked.

She tells Jun we don't have to decide right now, but think about it.

Aug 18 2003 19:42, Mon nojobny   Link
Last 5-10 minutes have been FOTH NT

Aug 18 2003 20:21, Mon ktan   Link
There is a bucket at the dining table filled with bottles of booze. HGs still on lockdown. NT

Aug 18 2003 20:32, Mon ktan ParentRootLink
Cake, pizzas, and salad were also given to the HGs. NT

Aug 18 2003 20:22, Mon strkaholic   Link
Robert just told Jack "that was fun" and Jack replies "Yes it was..makes coming back without music even tougher" NT

Aug 18 2003 20:27, Mon ktan   Link
Jun accidentally goes outside while still on lockdown and gets yelled at by BB. NT

Aug 18 2003 20:28, Mon Quench   Link
Jun:OMG I got scolded
A female BB voice told her that she wasn't aloud outside until told she could go out there. Jun please go back into the house.

Then they are wondering why they can't go out yet

Female BB voice: You could get a slap on the wrist for that.

Jack(I think): I wish you could get close enough to do that.

Aug 18 2003 20:30, Mon Quench   Link
Rob taking a shower and blowing nose in the shower stall. NT

Aug 18 2003 21:24, Mon Quench   Link
Erika: That was an anticlimatic party.
Erika: they threw us a very small bone

Jun: ya a fish bone. Giggles at her own joke.

The girls are cleaning the kitchen. The guys are no where in sight.

All four feeds on the Jun cleaning up after the party.

Aug 18 2003 21:25, Mon Quench   Link
Oh now the feeds are showing the guys are working out. The girls are watching them. NT

Aug 18 2003 21:46, Mon Tristin   Link
Girls are in HT, chatting about things but it's hard to hear because of bubbles..guys still working out NT

Aug 18 2003 21:48, Mon Tristin   Link
Jun saying that before coming into the BB house, she saw a lot of other girls and knew they had to
narrow the selection down and then FOTH

Aug 18 2003 22:17, Mon fishinlady   Link
Stooges plan their post BB adventures
They are planning on Justin moving in with Robert and Jee and his girl visiting in the winter. They will have to sleep on the couch but Robert assures them he has big couches. Then Justin and Rob are going to visit Jee in New York. Jee is going to get his girl to fix them up with a room at the W hotel on Times Square. There is a whiskey bar in the basement. They ask Jee about HO's and he talks about how nice his girl is. He then explains Jun as his one mistake that every guy makes.

Aug 18 2003 22:31, Mon Debra_Kadabra   Link
Erika leaves Ali and Jun alone in spa
Ali again pushes the idea of an Erika/Robert alignment. When Ali asks Jun if she agrees Jun just says "I don't know"
Erika returns with slices of pizza. The conversation turns to what they would do first when they get out.

Aug 18 2003 22:34, Mon Debra_Kadabra   Link
Jun leaves HT. Ali askes who Erika wants out next week. Erika Chants "Robert, Robert" NT

Aug 18 2003 22:40, Mon strkaholic   Link
BB turns on some Salsa!!!! NT

Aug 18 2003 22:44, Mon BBwannabe ParentRootLink
Ali encouraging Er and Ro to dance...
Er went inside to put on a shirt.
Er and Rod dancing to the Salsa music. (they really look good!)

Aug 18 2003 22:51, Mon BBwannabe   Link
Jun telling Justin that Ali still "lusts" after him NT

Aug 18 2003 23:02, Mon capybara   Link
jun boxes with jee w/nothing but a towel on....which proceeds to fall off..... lots of breast, lots of nipple NT

Aug 18 2003 23:02, Mon I_Should_Be_Working   Link
Jun baits Jee into a 'boxing match' wearing only a towel
Eventually, the inevitable happens, and her towel falls. She bends over laughing, but not moving to cover herself up. Justin jumps up and covers her with his towel. She goes into the WC and rewraps her towel, but doesn't get any more clothes.

OMG the internet people saw my boobie!

Aug 18 2003 23:03, Mon Grins   Link
Jun loses towel
Jee asks Jun if she was to spar. He suggests she puts on some clothes first but she decides to box wearing just a towel. They start to spar, she is giggling and squealing. Her towel is starting to be loose and she expresses concerns and even has Robert tighten it by tucking it into her cleavage. They spar some more and her towel drops, exposing her completely. She bends over trying to get covered but her breasts are still exposed. Jee yells for someone to help her out (the girls are in the HT, guys on the backyard sofas). Robert comes to her rescue and drapes a towel around her.

Aug 18 2003 23:04, Mon I_Should_Be_Working   Link
Allison to Jun: Did you learn your lesson?
Jun: Yeah. Don't box after 9:30
Allison: No, don't box NAKED.

Aug 18 2003 23:06, Mon DC1   Link
Huge Explosion heard...Ali says what the F was that??? They look concerned. NT

Aug 18 2003 23:07, Mon DC1 ParentRootLink
They ask Jack what he thinks it was...Jack says it sounds like a transformer or utility hit by lightening but there is no Ali says....
she hears helicopters.

Aug 18 2003 23:14, Mon Debra_Kadabra   Link
Jun tells Ali to stick to the plan
She says Erika is probably just nervous and would want Jack out before herself. Same with Robert, she says, he wants Jee out before himself. She says if nothing major happens before morning stay with the plan but keep an eye on them tonight

Aug 18 2003 23:27, Mon Debra_Kadabra   Link
Jun tells Erika she thinks Ali will vote to keep Justin
She tells her she may have to break a tie Wednesday

Aug 18 2003 23:41, Mon Debra_Kadabra   Link
Ali Jun and Erika meet
Ali explains she is not sure Robert will leave next week. Ali tells Erika she thinks Robert will put her up.Erika talks about everyone being nervous and that this is the time to win HOH. The numbers are so small that anyone of them could go up. It's not a time to be throwing the contests. Ali says to no one in particular "Don't piss me off between now and Wednesday" then adds not you two. Ali then asks Erika to quiz her.
Ali asks who else would Robert put up? Erica replies "Me" says Robert told her he was still coming after her and that there was no deal. Ali says "Really?"

Aug 18 2003 23:55, Mon capybara   Link
er in shower, rob in chairs in the bathroom. no one else around until ali/jun come to brush their teeth after ali said she thinks er/rob talking NT

Aug 18 2003 23:56, Mon Debra_Kadabra   Link
Ali refuses to give up trying to convince Jun to vote out Robert
Alone on the couches Ali continues with the Erika Robert alliance story. Say the one thing Dana thought was that Erika and Robert had an alliance. Jun retorts that Dana thought that way about everyone.
Ali says she can hear Erika and Robert talking in the bathroom.

Aug 18 2003 23:58, Mon capybara   Link
ratbert asks jun for a massage and she does it NT

Aug 19 2003 00:54, Tue Hammock_Fall   Link
Ali & Jun in BR - Ali still pushing keeping Justin
Jun wants to stick to the plan to evict Justin.

Ali thinks that there is a secret Erika/Robert alliance and she is worried that Jack and Erika will go after her & Jun before Robert and Jee.

Jun says that they won't do that because they want Ali & Jun's jury vote.

Jun seems to be firm in still wanting to vote Justin out.

Ali says to Jun, "I guess your right".

Jun says, "I hope so".

Aug 19 2003 00:59, Tue Debra_Kadabra ParentRootLink
Jun also told Ali she thinks they are both safe no matter who wins HOH.
That the boys are going after Jack and they won't change their focus now. Ali expressed some doubt about being safe.

Aug 19 2003 00:55, Tue zuzu   Link
Ja & E talking. Ja says he trust Jun more than Ali.
Jack says what Ali keeps forgetting that it has to be 2 of the 3 of us (Ja, Er & Ali) going into the finals, because we don't have the numbers to win. Jack says he thinks down the road Jee will come back to them to talk (I assume about an alliance).

Aug 19 2003 00:57, Tue ktan   Link
Jack/Erika/Rob/Jee all putting food away in SR as PB&J diet is enforced at midnight. Erika attempts to eat sandwich quickly. Buzzer sounds. NT