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Aug 19 2003 01:20, Tue trish   Link
The Food is put away and now Jack is making a pb and mayo sandwich
Jack Erika Justin and Robert are all in the living room playing cards.last i saw Jee was in the bathroom are and i think jun and mouth i mean ali are asleep

Aug 19 2003 01:29, Tue JulieH   Link
08/18/03 02:15 PM Jun & Jee whispering in the bathroom
It was clear that they are still a tight alliance. He asked her if they are ok. And she said that she was over it. And said I'm a monster. And he said no your not I was just kidding. And she said yes I am. I mean I was pissed at you yesterday but now I'm completely over it so I guess that means I'm a monster (I didn't understand the monster thing either so your not alone). So then they switch to game talk. He asked her who should go next week and she said Jack. He asks her if she will put Jack and erica up if she gets HOH and she said (laughing) NO. Alison and Robert. And the Jun asked Jee who he would put up and he said, well I have to go for the obvious and put up Jack and Erica. There was a pause and then she said "Should I throw the HOH and let one of you boys get it?" And Jee said "No you gotta go for that sh*t" she said Ok. Then she said you know your going to have to cut your ties with robert next week if I get it. You'll have to vote him out. And he said "yep". And then they ended it. It was a very calm and matter of fact conversation.

Aug 19 2003 01:31, Tue Debra_Kadabra   Link
More on Erika and Jack's convo. 11:45 BBTime
Around a quarter to midnight they are whispering in the kitchen.
Erika thinks she has made her point to Ali and Jack wonders if he should have a talk with her. Erika goes to check the bedroom and comes back saying they are both asleep.
Erika says "Sure she wants to keep Justin, Why? Because they have an alliance"
Jack says he could see it last night the way Ali was "hovering" around Justin. Erica tries to remember and Jack mentions taking bets and Justin's refusal of her advances.
Erika says Ali has made it clear she would never put Justin on the block. They move to the Desert room.
Jack says Justin has very little regard for Ali, that he said she used to track him down when they were dating but that there IS something there and it's worked to both of their benefit. He says he is sure of Jun's vote but he still will talk to her at the island (kitchen island) tomorrow.
Jack says he couldn't tell Jee not to vote for Justin because he doesn't want to be overbearing. He says Justin doesn't want to be embarrased with a tie vote.
Jack says he feels better with the lines of communication, the softening of Robert's volcanic attitude.
Erika says Robert told her he would prefer someone he cared about won the money but that he said they were still coming after her.
Jack asks when this was because if it was the day before yesterday that is old information. Tells Erika to stay with him and renew their freindship in hopes that Robert will "softpeddle his target"

Erica says she told Ali she hadn't made a deal and that she wouldn't turn on her own people.
Jack says he trusts Erica more tha Ali.
Erica mentions that Ali seems to be content with second place
Jack says she is young enough to be content with it,That they both would beat Ali in the final.
Erika says Ali doesn't want to go to the final with Jack and she isn't sure about going with Erika yet.
Jack says wouldn't it be ironic if the final were Jun and Ali and that Jun would beat her. Erica says probably, but isn't sure how the boys look at it.

Jack thinks the hatred, the vitriol, has been directed at Jun as of late.
Erika beleives Ali and Jun both feel under the gun to compete for HOH.

Jack says if he and Erika both get put up they will have to "reshuffle"
but they both think they are in pretty good shape.

Aug 19 2003 01:51, Tue bbcurious ParentRootLink
Great, I believe I heard Jack say he trusted June more than Ali(not Erika more than Ali) NT

Aug 19 2003 01:54, Tue Kecia ParentRootLink
Yes, that's correct. Jun more than Ali. NT

Aug 19 2003 01:56, Tue Debra_Kadabra ParentRootLink
He said the same about both. Different times in convo. I left out what I remembered had been covered NT

Aug 19 2003 01:41, Tue SonOfAbraxas   Link
Ali/Jee Bathroom Convo 12:15am BBT
(Hello everyone .. new reporter from another site. I love the in-depthness of this forum. Great job)

12:15am BBT

Buzzer sounded at midnight to signify the end of real food and PBJ Tuesday.

Ali gets out of bed and meets Jee in Bathroom who just got out of the shower after the hottub. Jun asleep and the rest (Justin/Robert/Jack/Erika) playing Old Maid in Living Room.

Ali is sooo paranoid. She asks Jee if Robert wins HoH who would he put up. Jee responds, "Jack and Erika". Ali says she's just acting paranoid that he'll put Ali up.

Ali says that Jun said that if Jee or Robert win HoH, she'll vote with them. Jee says that's how she is. She'll keep moving to the power side.

Ali - It makes it so hard to trust Robert when he got out of that cage so early.

Ali and Jee agree that there's no way they (Ali/Jee) could've won HoH against Erika/Jack this week.

Ali - Do you think Jack should leave before Erika?

Jee says that is the way he's leaning right now.

Ali is telling Jee that if she wins HoH she will put up Jack/Erika as well.

Ali - If it comes down to you me and Robert, don't think I'm selfish, but I'm scared to let him have it.

Ali - Do you think Jun is going to try and come to our side next week?

They're upset about Jun being in final 4 with them.

Jee - We have to split Jack and Erika up.

Ali - You guys have done a good job making them not aware that we're aligned.

Ali says that even though she's aligned with them (Rob/Jee/Justin), she still just can't fully trust Robert.

They soooo do not want Jun to be in Final 4.

Jee says that if Jun wins HoH, he has no idea what will happen. Ali says that she thinks she will be up if Jun is HoH and Jee says that's why Ali needs to go for it just as bad as them (Jee/Rob).

Jee says that Jun will probably throw it. Because she's not a threat.

Ali says goodnight to Jee and goes back to bed.

Aug 19 2003 02:05, Tue SonOfAbraxas   Link
Rob/Jee Convo Outside 12:55am BBT
12:55am BBT

Robert stops playing old maid. Jee and Robert outside talking.

Jee telling Robert about his convo with Ali.

Robert says that he's concerned that Jun will put both of them up.

Jee says it's a probability. Robert wants them to talk to Jun.

Jee is saying that it's 3 against 2 in the HoH (Ali/Rob/Jee and Jack/Jun).

Jee - I think she (Jun) wants to be the only floater left.

They think Jun will go after Ali. Ali told Jee that she thinks Jun will put her up. Jee says that it is good for them. Ali will be out leaving both of them.

Robert - We have to get it.

Jee - I told her, don't get paranoid.

Old Maid stops in the other room. Erika to bathroom, Justin to outside joining Rob/Jee.

Jee tells Justin how he calmed Ali down telling her she wouldn't be put up should Rob win HoH.

Robert - What do you think Ali will do?

Justin - Who knows.

Robert - Push her towards not putting us up.

Robert now realizing that if Ali wins HoH and puts up Jack/Erika they still have two chances to win HoH next week with Rob/Jee.

Erika comes out and the convo stops.

Lights go out in the house. Erika - Lights out! Erika goes inside.

They're repetitive - talking about Ali AND Jun throwing comp since they're floaters.

Moving inside to Jack/Erika convo in kitchen.

Jack saying that if Ali votes to keep Justin she's only revealing her alliance. Erika recapping the convo with Ali and how Ali is paranoid about Robert staying, winning HoH and putting Ali up.

That's all for now. It's all very repetitive.

Aug 19 2003 02:22, Tue frustratedposter   Link
Old Maid game breaks up
NB: text in [] is my comments/opinions

Rob/jee/justin in BY discussing upcoming HOH. they are wondering if ali is trying to get Jun to throw HOH comp. they feel ali will put up jack/erika. Justin offers to tell ali that they boyz will not put her up if they get HOH. jee explains that he put the fear in ali that if jun gets HOH she may put up ali. justin thinks ali wants HOH just to have it. the thing she is most concerned about his her own safety. Justin thinks jun is a shot in the dark, and if she gets HOH she will listen to what jack has to say. rob says he will promise jun anything, saying that he will promise her it will be the 3 (2 stooges and jun) to the end. whatever it takes.

jun has been asleep for a while. ali has gone off to bed after the game broke up

meanwhile jack/erika are in the kitchen whispering. hard to hear anything they are saying. [the best i can make up is concern on both parts, as er is sighing as jack talks to her]

er: the problem is justin for us right no
ja: justin told me the last time we talked before nate went he is coming after me. after which i invited him to a game of (????)
erika sighs again
ja: took a long time to get him into a position of being veto proof.

it seems that jack/erika are talking about ali, and not knowing what she will do. jack is saying that their alliance is a real target now. [the gist of this is they are concerned, not being sure about either jun or ali, but seems they are more worried about ali than jun]

erika mentions that the WDT is talking game right now. says they are talking about breaking someone up, but she doesn't know who. they are trying to listen to the boys talking. erika says they are heavily talking game right now, and wishes she had better hearing. jack says he has good hearing but can't understand them. erika wants to get a glass against the wall to listen.

jee mentions that he is going with rob, he's going with his word. rob seems to be saying he will use jun to get as far as they can then he will x her out. jee feels that if jack or jun get HOH one of them is out. but he is very worried about ali. jee says they have the strength if ali truely stays with them, but he isnt sure about her. asking them what they think her plan is. justin wants them to confront her, ask her if they can still count on her word not to put them up. if so, they will promise her not to go up. jee says they should do that tomorrow. justin thinks they will be able to tell if she is lying or not. if ali gives them their word, they will go for jack. if they sense that she is lying, they should go for ali. ali could screw them over. just says if they don't put ali up, then if she gets HOH next she might not put them up. if just gets it next week, they are gold. says before noms ali will tell them anything.

jack and erika are making sandwiches (Pb and somethings) while trying to eavesdrop.

justin explains that if they don't put ali up then ali may stay with them. says they should put up jack/erika. discussing now options about how to eventually get ali out. rob says one good thing about erika is she doesn't talk about everything to everyone. justin says if they get HOH they are gold.

justin says that lisa won HOH 3x last year. the first week, and the last two weeks. saying that at the end the outgoing HOH can compete. rob realises that it wouldn't be fair if that wasn't the case, cause the next to last HOH would be an automatic loser. back to talk bout promising ali not to put her up. justin says that they have to tell her that before they give their word, they need to get her word.

the target for next week by the stooges is jack. if ali gets it and puts up erika and jun, they should put jun out. justin doesn't think that she will do that, since jack would vote for erika. jee says that she won't do that, she'll put up er/ja. justin says ali already put up jun once, and once you have someone targeted, you go for them

erika asks jack if he can hear. [doesn't look like he can hear well]

justin says if jack gets veto, er goes up. if jun gets it, er goes up. justin says if one of them gets HOH how do they control who goes out. rob thinks it might be best if ali gets it, so they can both vote. justin adds they can include the promise that ali vote like they say if they don't put her up. the worry now is that if jun goes, er/ja are both competing, and only one of them will. they are strongly leaning to let ali get hoh so they have two competitors in the following HOH against the two remaining from the other alliance

Aug 19 2003 02:28, Tue SonOfAbraxas ParentRootLink
My Report on the Same
My report on the same thing

1:15am BBT

There's a lot of strategy talks going on.

Erika and Jack were whispering in the kitchen for a long time and eventually they realized they could hear (barely) the stooges talking outside. The cameras moved and Erika told the camera to stop because they couldn't hear them outside. The cameras start moving around. It was funny. ha ha

Anyway, switching to outside, they stooges are saying that maybe they -won't- put Erika up against Jack. They're saying get Jack out, pick up Erika to get out the floaters.

They're just sitting there working out the deals and numbers for each remaining week.

They're saying that if they put Jun up with Jack, Erika/Ali might vote out Jun leaving only the remaining stooge to vote Jack. Ali might vote out Jun instead of Jack because Ali nommed Jun once and might be scared of Jun nomming Ali (which Jun said earlier she would).

Robert says the ideal HoH is Ali (if she's with them to nom who they want) because then Rob/Jee both have the chance for HoH the following week. But, now they're saying if they get HoH that week, they have to control Ali's vote otherwise the only person that votes is the non-HoH stooge.

Jee's making noises like it hurts to think.

Now talking about veto. If Jack wins the veto and pulls himself, they would put up Jun against Erika. Justin says to take out Erika and take in Jack to take out floaters. If Ali is HoH and she puts up Jun/Jack and Erika gets the veto, one of the stooges has to go up.

Okay, now they're making MY head hurt. Robert mentions that there are only 3 more HoHs left.

At least they all now agree that they MUST talk to Ali tomorrow.

Aug 19 2003 02:35, Tue Hammock_Fall   Link
No live eviction vote Wed - At 1:30am BB announces...
"This is a reminder that tomorrow you will cast your eviction votes"

Aug 19 2003 02:45, Tue frustratedposter   Link
BY convo, the boys
NB: text in [] is my comments/opinions

jack still in the kitchen, trying hard to listen in

erika telling jack what she can hear

rob: it's a mess, at the end, the veto is like getting someone out

they are talking about how with so little choices, one of them may wind up on the block with the veto in the mix. they realize there are only 3 more HOH comps left. jee thinks they need to take things week by week. talk about how the veto can screw things up big time.

just saying if jack or erika get hoh this week, put the two stooges up, and they get the veto, one of either ali or jun will have to go up in their place.

[the stooges are confusing me, and there's a plane flying by to add to the confustion]

just worrying about jun jumping over to the other side. jee explaining that jun wants one of them out first. she was part of their alliance, but they kept her out of the loop.

erika telling jack that she thinks they are planning on using ali to get jack out, then they plan to get ali out the next week. erika wonders if they are talking about her now. jack says he isn't sure

rob thinks that the way it should work is the winner gets the 500, and then s/he decides who gets 2nd place out of the 7. they could choose anyone from the 7 to get second place depending on who they think deserves it. they decide that 2nd place is the #1 scumbag. if ali/jun are the final two, they say they would vote for ali, not jun. jee says that he doesn't respect the way ali plays the game, he would vote for ali also, since she's played the game will, saved them, and won comps. jee says they both have serious issues outside the game. justin says jun was on their team for one FOTHing week. what a C\/nt. justin wasnted dana to see him call jun out on her game play

jee doesn't want to go out like jun, jumping around. jee would be happy to go out with a true alliance, not as someone who jumps around with the power.

jack/erika still in kitchen, still trying to hear their plans

[the stooges have pretty much covered all scenarios. they don't have a lot of confidence as they will loose one player this week either way. they realize how crazy this game is]

erika goes outside. jee says "er-i-ka" erika is getting stuff out of dryer. rob asks what time it is. er says it's 1:30. rob says he's tired. so tired.

BB: hello HG, this is a reminder that tomorrow you must cast your eviction votes

rob/jee say they did that last week too. [they are not sure it is true, they may have to vote live]

rob isn't sure what he will say on the live show. he can't say he loves everyone, cause he doesn't. he will say it sucks that the Dream Team is breaking up. that's all. justin reminds him that only they and america know about the dream team name. rob worried he will come across as an ***** if he doesn't say how much he loves everyone. justin says rob, you're always worried about what to say. jee says he's the same way

erika and jack have moved in to the darkened sand box.

rob says that the show makes you want to say stuff that isn't true. jee recommends that he put it in a way that makes him look good. make it short and sweet, don't babble on.

jee says jun is going to put him on the spot again. justin says you mean julie? jee says yeah, julie. justin says you said jun. the boyx head into the house

jack is saying that based on what he's been hearing today, they want ali out. erika thinks that they feel that er/ja came to the conclusion that they decided to get justin out. but that justin thinks it is just jack, as erika wants rob out.

erika is p/o'd that justin is still in the house. she wants him gone. he can't be swayed

erika wonders who justin was talking about being lucky and having an advantage. they decide it must be jun, not ali or erika. jack says jun has been lucky. erika says she's been lucky as a floater

erika wonders if jun feels she fits in with the four of them. jack thinks jun is most comfortable with jack. erika is asking how he thinks jun fits in with e/j/ali. she doesn't think that jun believs that they are alligned with ali. they will just let the two of them duke it out and stand by the sidelines.

er: we can do this jack, we just have to win

they laugh about how often they have said that

erika back to it being perfect the way it worked out. they positioned themselves perfectly. it was a good week to win in terms of the veto and their alliance. they want ali/jun to duke it out for 3rd place

jee meanwhile has begun his tooth brushing ritual. the other two stooges are off cam

erika and jack talking about how jun/ali don't trust each other. they think this will benefit them. erika keeps talking about the 4 of them [assuming she means j/e/ali/jun]

they are wondering now at that point what ali/jun will do. will they go for each other or try to put out one of jack/erika. saying how weird it will be when there is only one vote

erika doesn't think ali can beat any of the three of them. she will just come along for the ride. jack talking about jun and the jury. they don't think they will have to worry about any of the x's if jun is there

Aug 19 2003 02:58, Tue frustratedposter   Link
The Sands Box
NB: text in [] is my comments/opinions

er: this game isn't about competitions jack, this game is about getting ahead the next week

jack saying if he gets HOH he will put up rob/jun. erika thinks poor ali is so torn, thinks jee/jun and rob/erika have secret alliances. ali gets worried when jee talks to jun or erika talks to rob. rob has told erika that he is coming after her, and she said fine, she is after him too. that it is fine, it's a game, lets not be jerky to each other.

jee still brushing. oh, he's about done now

justin told jack that jun is a hog that can't be trusted. and ali he can't stand her voice. he's tired of ali.

jack thinks if they get rob nominated, he will just fold. erika says their (sstooges) only good move would be to put jack/erika up. they can sway ali, and take jun to the final

jack is wondering about working with justin, making him some kind of promise like they did with nate. erika decides she's not going to stress about it any more. jack hopes they get a look at the comp wed, maybe do a rehearsal.

meanwhile, jee/rob/justin discussing jee's sister. jee will warn her about him. the others say what about the code? jee says the code doesn't include family memebers.

erika wonders what the day is. jack says monday, the 18th. the show is on the 20th. they say time is just rolling by. says they are getting down to a voting poll of 3 people. erika says the first vote was 9. jack says after the vote on wed. if they take robert out, it's 3 voting.

erika says john was cute this morning. talk of john makes the feed switch to the blue room

the boys are talking about the sky writing. and they haven't seen anything else besides that

jee asks justin if he's falling asleep now? justin says goodnite guys. jee threatens to sleep on his back. rob wonders if he tells his woman that too? or if he cuddles with her. jee says he starts holding her, but they wind up seperate. jee falls asleep on his back and snores his ass off. says she lets him snore away. and that if a girl says that, she's FOTHing hot!

back to sand box. jack talks, and then FOTH

Aug 19 2003 04:11, Tue Debra_Kadabra ParentRootLink
jack saying if he gets HOH he will put up rob/jun. He actually said Rob and Jee NT

Aug 19 2003 03:00, Tue Kat   Link
FOTH when Jack mentions Erika's "condition"
In bedroom. Night strategy. Jack tells Erika not to say anything about her "condition". "It can't help us, it can ony hurt us."

Then a fast FOTH.

(What "condition"?)

Aug 19 2003 03:08, Tue TomGuy   Link
Er to Jack "These are kids we're dealing with, Jack...
Just think, when we were 21, 22, we didn't know our ass from our elbow either."

Aug 19 2003 03:12, Tue davidmichelle   Link
Justin asks Jee if he can say goodnight to Yoon Hee (Jee's sister)....
At the end of the night Jee holds Carmen's (his girlfriend) picture in the living room and says goodnight to her and says that he loves her. The last couple of nights Justin has requested to join Jee and say goodnight to Jee's sister Yoon Hee to mess with him....

Justin asks if he can say goodnight to Yoon Hee. Jee says Justin can join him if he doesn't get his fingerprints on the picture. Justin leaps out of his bed and grabs Yoon Hee's picture. They go into the living room and Justin says, "let's do this together" and Jee says "no, you go first, I need my privacy."

Justin doing a Jee impression says, "good night, baby" Jee quips back, "she ain't yo baby!" and kicks Justin in the rear. Justin laughs and says ok, than he says, "good night, Yoon Hee" and kisses his index and middle fingers together and presses them onto Yoon Hee's picture. Jee charges Justin and grabs him for doing the kissing motion. Justin laughs again.

Justin leaves and Jee is alone whispering to Carmen's picture. He whispers very quietly but the phrase "good night, baby" does end the speech. As Jee is walking back to his bed, Justin is telling Robert what he did. Robert tells Justin how crazy Yoon Hee must think Justin is. Justin says Yoon Hee will love him. Jee scoffs at the thought. Robert asks Jee if he would be mad if Justin was cheating on Yoon Hee. Jee can't believe Robert just asked that, "are you f*cking crazy!?" Robert and Justin laugh.

More ball busting ensues. Justin keeps saying how Yoon Hee will fall in love with him and Jee keeps saying how she would never give him the time of day. They even say his woman will end up making more money than him and how he'll be owned by her. Basically they are saying anything they can think of to hurt Jee's ego, it's all in fun, though.

Aug 19 2003 03:23, Tue davidmichelle   Link
Jack is tired of the Stooges humor....
Jack talks to Erika about hanging around the Stooges today. He offers up an example of Robert and Justin bagging on Jee for eating too much during lunch and how he's getting a gut. Jack doesn't understand how anyone could talk about this stuff all day long. He points out Robert as the worst offender. Erika explains how Robert's boredom is getting the best of him.

Aug 19 2003 03:24, Tue frustratedposter   Link
after FOTH [why the foth? no idea]
NB: text in [] is my comments/opinions

all feeds on the blue room again. justin says that jee's girl prob makes more money than he will. rob says you can't let that happen. the woman can't make more money than the guy. jee trys to talk, then gives them hell. says that he doesn't know why he tries to talk to them, they never let him talk. justin asks if they will open a laundromat. jee says whatever, he doesn't care. justin says carmen will drive a mercedes and jee will have a toyota. they say that jee will be the one that stays home and take care of the kids, cause carmen will be the one to support them. jee says they don't know his future. justin says sure they do. a guidance counsler doesn't make money. just asks if rob would rather do something he likes and not get paid well, or something he hates for the money. rob says the guys have to go for the money. jee says he won't be a teacher, after all. justin says might as well be

feed switches back to sand box

jack talking about when there are just four in the house, there won't be any secret talks. erika wonders who the 4 will be. jack is thinking jun and jee or jun and ali. that ali might be better, cause ali will be so paranoid and won't do well.

erika saying that jun said that jun/erika will be deciding what will happen, not jack. says they were talking about jack's angels (jack/erika/ali/jun) and that jun said jack won't have a say in anything. erika doesn't remember it. asks what she (er) said. jack says that it was a quick thing. he's been thinking about the order. jack wants it to be robert, jee, ali, jun. but thay may be able to use ali to take out jun. but thinks that ali is so tough, may be better that the 3 of them take ali out.

jack says that if erika gets in to finals with ali, erika is gold. will be nearly unanimous. erika isn't sure

er/jack now talking about game styles. say it doesn't matter how you get to the end, just that you do it. saying ali lost her alliance, and she's still there. jack says that many have said they won't vote for so-and-so in the finals. but erika isn't the one they talk about. jack says if he's in sequester land, who is he to say who's playing best

erika says they are playing with babies. how when they were 22 they didn't know their ass from their elbows. jack says if he goes out of here, he goes out with a open mind.

they are saying people say jun doesn't play, she just cooks. jack says true, but they all just eat. erika told jun a while back that she may be cooking her way in to $500K.

jack says jun's wires get crossed if she drinks. that she shouldn't drink. erika thinks she knows that

jack thinks they have the order straightened out. rob, jee, ali, jun, then them. says it takes time and luck. says the luck of jun winning the veto. justin walking on the veto comp. then jack says who am i to say what justin was thinking. says what was I thinking? [about his time in the veto comp]

jack says his mistake was starting the countdown when he heard the instructions end. he thought she started right then. that threw him off on the veto time

jack says if they get in the finals, they will look at that veto as the turning point that got them where they were. erika says that veto couldn't be better television.

now talking about dana. she made things interesting. jack talking about how naive they were at the start. when the o8 split in to two factions, and with scott, they were stonger than the others. erika points out they were more like 5, with michelle. wonder if nate regrets michelle going out. jack thinks nate has a few regrets. but prob not the michelle vote. says when the noms were made, he told nate they have to keep erika. was worried that he would object, but he never did. they say her crying was an intolerable mess, but it was the only way michelle could have gone out

jack says it gets tricky when they get robert out, and they nominate jee, who will want to be a pawn. they have all been there. they decide it will depend on who is HOH, as they will make the decision. jack says that the ones they are working with have their own order, and might not be the same as theirs

the boys are now asleep, only jack/erika still up and talking

jack says they will face the crucial HOH when the four are left, one of the 4 coming off the HOH won't be able to compete. erika wonders if that will be the week they let them compete for back to back. erika thinks that will be the only fair way [remember, in the past, it was only the final HOH that was allowed to be back to back, but there may still be a twist coming]

jack says you wake up here after a long day and figure it all out, feels like you start all over again from the beginning. says it's not always fun to wake up here. he's never been a sleeper, but sometimes he just doesn't want to wake up and face it. he is tired of the amigo sense of humor. jee said to him today in front of the other two "jack, you must really be tired of this. i wonder how you put up with it"

he says he was trying to figure out what makes them tick. says it's usually rob ragging on jee, and looking for justin's approval. erika wonders if jee is over that already? jack says you'd think. but today they were on jee about getting fat and eating all the time. he was wondering how they can talk about that stuff on and on. most of it is rob. erika says it's boring. jack agrees.

jack says it will be totally different when justin is gones

erika says ali is funny. she's ready for HOH and is ordering stuff already. she wants this and this and this and this. erika says she said you go girl, go get that HOH

erika asks if jack wants the HOH. jack says he does, he wants to win something. says they were laughing saying he wanted to put justin out, and she wanted rob out. now it will be reversed. erika thinks it is working better this way [doing for justin] cause it's less personal this way.

erika is amazed that justin is still calling the shots. what surprises them is that they others deny it so much. jack says he's talked with jee about that. and he won't admit justin is still their leader. they say that they just can't admit they aren't all working together.

jack says he felt this week he should spend time with jee to work it out and do some other boy stuff.

Aug 19 2003 03:33, Tue TomGuy   Link
Er and Jack discussing BB rules...
questioning the rationale behind some of the BB rules.

Ja wonders why BB took their watches, but they have a clock in the house.

Er wonders why they (females) couldn't have lipliner. She says, If someone abuses it [writes messages?], evict them.

Er says BB has locked her out of HOH room. (She also said earlier than they had.)

Aug 19 2003 03:38, Tue TomGuy ParentRootLink
2:37 BBT, Er does go to HOH room. NT

Aug 19 2003 03:35, Tue frustratedposter   Link
Sand Box, Scott talk
NB: text in [] is my comments/opinions

erika is glad to hear that they didn't talk about scotty. jack says they just let him walk out of here. that's a good point. says he will reach out to him as soon as they get out

erika says he came here full of energy and full of life. says he told her she was smart. and she of course will hang out with anyone that says she is smart.

jack talks about him popping off at someone, and then he apologized. jack said he talked to him about it, and scott said "you've been watching!"

one week, they say, it was a sunday night, wasn't it?

jack: you know the kind of crazy schedules we've been on, you have to have a clock here.

says the original concept of the game was dif. they took their watches away, but they give them a clock. what's the point? they just don't get some things

er: you tired?
ja: no, don't know, how bout you? you tired?
er: dont' know
ja: need to go back to your room?
er: you trying to kick me out?
ja: no, you can stay here
er: i'm going to listen to some music
ja: don't blame you. that's a killer cd. can't wait til i get one
er: you want a blanket?
ja: no, i'm gonna sleep like this. sometimes i cover up but usually throw it off

jack wondering how the blankets worked out. erika says when dave left, the put his blanket in the SR, but she just took it. they never took it from her, she was so devistated that she was on a clock. she's miserable, her boyfriend is gone, so they let her have some covers

jack says dave liked that wall behind him. cops and soldiers like their backs to the wall and their eyes to the door. erika wonders if he considered that. jack says he's not sure, and that he's not so worried about that. when he was an agent, someone would have to have their back to the door. no one wanted it. they would all say "we've got your back"

they talk about dave's crazy sleeping hours. all night and all day. he was a kid, he's go out and do his thing, and sleep to recharge and get ready for another one

er: alrighty, i'm gonna go
ja: i'll see you tomorrow morning.. be careful going home
er: should i call you when i get there?
ja: yeah, call me when you get home. i want to make sure you're all right

erika leaves

Aug 19 2003 03:57, Tue frustratedposter   Link
round the feeds: F1 stooges in blue room, F2 moon, F3 er in HOH w/headphones, F4 jack NT
all asleep

Aug 19 2003 04:10, Tue frustratedposter   Link
F2 nice shot of a spider web. i guess buddy lives on
even if they murdered his friend the other nite

Aug 19 2003 05:55, Tue Bert   Link
Very long transcribed silly convo of the stooges, aka harassing Jee - about 2:30/3:00 BBT ....
The stooges are in bed, having a bedtime conversation. They were talking about the "man's code." (Don't rat out another guy for cheating). Tonight's talk seemed lighthearted, but not their usual.

Jee - Certain things can't be said and told.

Justin - It's like a rule.

Jee - It's a rule and I understand it. So don't worry.

Rob - Hey Jee ...

Justin - So that's cool even if it's your sister?

Jee - If it's my sister, you get a F'n kick in the nut.

Just - But you still don't tell her.

Jee - Of course I tell her.

Justin and Rob - Why?

Jee - It's a different story, that's my sister.

Just - What about the code?

Jee - Families are never involved.

Justin - That's bullsh*t.

Rat - To me the code applies.

Just - The code, the code ...

Jee - Blood is never involved.

Justin - You can't make up your own rules.

Rat - If I caught my sister's boyfriend cheating on her, I would say make ... I would just say, make sure she doesn't find out. I would never tell her. Are you kidding me?

Jee - Cuz you don't want to break her heart? What would you say to him?

Rat - Exactly. I would just say make sure she doesn't find out.

Jee - You stupid sh*t. Shut the F up.

Justin - that's the code, brother.

Jee - Shut up.

Just - it's the code Jee, honor the code.

Jee - No, no. Bullsh*t, I'd tell him ... I don't know what the F I'd tell him. I wouldn't tell him anything, I would just F'n snuff him.

Justin - No you wouldn't.

Jee - Yes I would.

Justin - For cheatin' on a girl?

Jee - Cheatin on my sister.

Justin - That's bullsh*t.

Jee - I would be honest, I would just be honest and tell him to F'n break it up.

Justin - If anything, you should tell him, all right if you don't tell her I will. I say you better make him tell her. (Rob laughs). That's what I would do it it was my sister.

Jee - Most likely I would.

Justin - I'd be like, I ain't gonna tell her, but you are. I'd say you got two days and I'm gonna tell her. (Rob laughs). That's what I would do.

Jee - That's actually good advice, buddy. My sister would never give you the time of day anyway.

Justin - You're crazy. I'm (inaudible, falling for her?). (Rob laughs hard).

Jee - F'n retard. Not after what the F'n internet people have heard about you. Commitment issues.

Justin - Anybody who's sitting there watching us on the internet isn't worth anything.

Jee laughs - Oooo damn, that's just gonna hurt your ratings.

Justin - Yeah, my web site sucks. I mean like right now, at this hour. (Jee laughs some more). And ... and I love all of my viewers.

Jee laughs harder - You F'n trying to make things better now. This is crazy, man, some of us have followers and sh*t, you know, we have a following.

Rat - I don't think, I don't think it's that ... It's just people that like, oh sh*t I hope this guy wins, but nuthin' like F'n crazy followers.

Jee - No, but you know.

Justin - But what about the people that do the skywriting?

Jee - Yeah, come on, there's some groupies out there.

Justin - That own airplanes and sh*t.

Jee - That's crazy, bro. (Rob agrees). I haven't seen anything else besides that

(There was a skywriter that spelled Aloha 2003 weeks ago, Jack and Erika don't think it was for them - too far away - too cryptic. Others seem to think if was for the HGs).

Jee - I know Rob, you were F'n around talking about banners and sh*t, and they (BB) were like, Robert! (Jee uses stern voice).

Rat - They were busting me all day that day.

Jee - Yeah, cuz you were acting stupid. Saying bullsh*t and lies.

Rat - I'll bet we'll see one in the next two weeks.

Jee - Yeah, Justin will send one out.

Justin - Hmmm.

Jee - He's falling asleep already. You falling asleep, right?

Jee - Good night guys. (Rat and Just say goodnight). I'm sleeping on my back. (Rat giggles).

Rat - Do you tell your woman that too?

Jee - No, I just sleep on my back.

Rat - Wait, I wanna find out something too. When you sleep with her, do you cuddle with her and sh*t? Like do you ...

Jee - I'm always like ... It might be selfish, but I just sleep the way I want to sleep, and she'll come to me and I'll hold her and eventually we end up separated in the morning. She's the one who comes to me and I snore my F'n ass off. She handles it, she takes it, I ask her why don't you just wake me up. She's like no, cuz you know. I just want you to sleep, it's all right, I sleep right through it. When a girl tells you something like that, c'mon now, that sh*t is hot, no?

Rat - Yeah it is.

Jee - That's F'n hot.

Justin - You F'n ... the little things mean too much to you.

Jee - You know why? Because I'm an F'n nice ...

Justin - The little things are important, but they're not THAT important.

Jee - It is important. (inaudible)

Justin - What about the big things?

Jee - I like big things too, they're very important. But still you have to appreciate the little things. (FOTH)..

Just - Like she's gonna be making more F'n money than you.

Jee - That's F'n fine.

Justin - So you're OK with with that?

Jee - Bring the cheddar.

Rat - You can't do that, Jee. If you respect yourself, you can't have your woman make more money.

Jee - Oh shut the F up, Rob, grow up.

Rat - You're gonna be ... I can't believe you're gonna be that much of a p*ssy.

Justin - Can you believe that Rob?

Rat - She's gonna be, honey what time are you gonna be home tonight?

Jee - Can I speak? F'n stupid, you're so stupid, I don't know why I talk to you guys!

Rat - F'n p*ssy.

Justin - Go ahead, speak.

Jee - Besides the fact that I'm gonna be a counselor, whatever, do what I want to do, it's not like I'm not investing my F'n money and do other things, you know.

Justin - You gonna open up a laundry-mat (he pronounces it laundry mat).

Jee laughing - Maybe, I'll open a F'n chain of laundry mats. Don't worry about it.

Rat - But Jee, ya know what happens if she makes more money? She'll have power to tell you what the F to do, you don't want that.

Justin - Dude, she'll be driving around in a Mercedes and you'll be driving a Toyota.

Jee - Ohmygawd, you F'n sh*ttin' me, shut the F up, guys.

Justin - that's the way it's gonna be, she's gonna be driving the car when you guys go out and sh*t.

Jee - None of this sh*t has even happened, what's wrong with you guys.

Justin - This is your future (Rat laughing).

Jee - This is not my F'n future.

Justin - Dude, when you have kids, you're gonna F'n stay home and take care of them.

Jee - Shut the F up, shut the F up.

Justin - It's the truth because you're not gonna be able to provide.

Jee - Why do you say that, Justin.

Just - She's gonna have all this loot.

Jee starts laughing like Justin is ridiculous.

Justin - whatever the loot is that's gonna be paying for, you're gonna have a nice house, and you're not gonna be able to hold up all that sh*t without her salary.

Jee - Don't worry about me, don't worry about me, I'm gonna be bringing home the F'n cheddar.

Justin - You'll be bringing home like 40 grand a year. (Rat laughing really hard now).

Jee - You don't know my future, son.

Justin - A guidance counselor, you said you were gonna do that in your future.

Jee - but that's not it (Jee makes an exasperated sound).

Jee - But I'll be content with it, that doesn't mean I won't be doing anything off to the side.

Justin - Look, you do it because you like it, not because it pays good? Is that what you're saying? (Jee says yeah). Rob would you rather do something you hate to do and get paid good for it? (Rat says yeah). Or would you rather do something you love and not get paid good for it? (Rat - no no no).

Jee - That's the people we are man, there's a difference. There's other means to make F'n money, just like your coach, who owns a restaurant. Come on, shut your face.

Justin - He's not a teacher.

Jee - I'm not gonna, I'm not an F'n teacher.

Just - You may as well be, you got the same hours and the same salary.

Jee stutters a lot and says - I want my F'n options, you know? I'm going to have to make choices soon, but I will have options. I don't know why I talk to you guys, you guys always F'n put me down.

Justin - And who's gonna hire a Korean guidance counselor?

Jee - F'n everybody and their mother.

Justin laughs - Who the hell is gonna come in and tell you their problems.

Jee - F'n everybody, what the F?

Justin - Dude, you'll start cryin'. (Rat laughs).

Jee - Ohmygosh, you guys think I'm too F'n soft.

Justin sorta laughing - You're gonna hear their problems then you're gonna have (need) your own psychiatrist. (Rat laughs really loud).

Jee turning on his side away from Justin - I'm going to sleep boys. He turns back and says, you guys have no respect for me. How can I call you friends when you have no respect for me.

Justin - It has nuthin to do with respect.

Jee - You guys have no F'n respect for me, I'm telling you, you guys don't know me, man.

Rat - We're messing with you.

Jee - You guys don't know me.

Justin - Yeah, we're messin with ya.

Jee - Shut the F up. Why always me, though? Damn, shut up.

Justin - Cuz you're in the middle (Jee is in the middle bed).

Jee - Shut up, go to sleep.

Rat - And you're the one that said you would move for her. Shouldn't have said that, or we wouldn't have messed with you.

Justin - that's what started it all.

Rat - exactly. If she does, you know what? It's over. That's what you gotta tell her.

Justin - What if you got a job, and it was promotion every five years ...

Jee - Can we stop thinking hypothetically now? Shut the F up.

Justin - What if it's promotion every 5 years, cuz that's what teachers and guidance counselors get, and she needs to move (for her job) ...

Rat - Right.

Jee - Well F it then, I gotta do what's right for me. Said long and drawn out - Shut the F up.

Justin - You mean to tell me you're gonna make her move, and you're gonna stay?

Jee - She's gonna have to stay with me and sh*t. Bounce.

Justin - Oh, she's gonna bounce on you?

Jee - If she wants somethin else, then we don't share the same things, I can't help ...

Just - Oh, you puttin your foot down.

Jee - Shut the F up.

Justin - Cuz you wear the pants. Cuz you da man.

Jee - I'm not saying it's like that, you know, I'm saying I'd like us to have equal say. I do respect my woman, all right?

Justin - We know, Jee.

Jee - That doesn't mean I don't put my F'n foot down, cuz if you meet her you'll know.

Rat - Whoever thought we'd be here so late in the game, talkin sh*t, all three of us (laughing).

There was more, but I'm all typed out. (I must be insane, doing this).

Justin did bring up that he once had someone he really cared for and that he does understand Jee's feelings for his girlfriend. Justin had that once, but not since.

Jee told Justin he'll probably get married one day, like in 40 years. Justin settles on 20.

Rat says something about Jee committing suicide if his girlfriend ever left him. Jee was insulted. He said he'd take a bullet for her and for his family, but he'd never commit suicide. Rat asks if Jee would have taken a bullet for Jun. Jee essentially says yes, at that time. Jee says good thing that never happened.

Things die down and they go to sleep.

(I'm going to miss these stooge conversations that both make my skin crawl and crack me up).

Aug 19 2003 10:11, Tue Lola   Link
Jun & Jack are both up, in WC doing morning routines NT

Aug 19 2003 10:15, Tue dianasto51   Link
attention hg eviction voteing will begin in one hour (b b says) NT

Aug 19 2003 10:15, Tue sqrl   Link
Justin brushed teeth now wondering around NT

Aug 19 2003 10:20, Tue candysnm   Link

Aug 19 2003 10:20, Tue Dreamer   Link

Aug 19 2003 10:36, Tue Katfsh   Link
Jack & Jun putzing around kitchen. NT

Aug 19 2003 10:48, Tue Katfsh   Link
HG's on lockdown inside - BB mowing the grass. NT

Aug 19 2003 10:49, Tue Lola   Link
BB announces that lock down is over and to lift the solid outside shades NT

Aug 19 2003 10:50, Tue Katfsh   Link
BB: Houseguests, the lockdown is over. Jack, Ali, Er go out - grass looks nice NT

Aug 19 2003 10:51, Tue Katfsh   Link
BB give another wakeup call to Stooges NT

Aug 19 2003 10:54, Tue Katfsh   Link
Erica to Ali: I just remembered a dream I had last night - I was dating Will of BB2! NT

Aug 19 2003 11:01, Tue RupertFan ParentRootLink
Ali asked "Who's that?" and Erika told her the winner of BB2. Ali then said "ewwww" and after a pause asked, "Is he cute?"...
Erika replied yes and Ali said "Then it wasn't a bad dream."

Aug 19 2003 11:06, Tue Katfsh   Link
Justin complaining to BB: I can't vote and I can't eat (it's PBJ day) - why do you want me up? NT

Aug 19 2003 11:09, Tue Lola   Link
Ali is harrassing Jus & Jee to get up. She tells them that breakfast is ready someone groans (PB&J day) NT

Aug 19 2003 11:13, Tue lacycatherine   Link
Alison is still trying to get Jee and Justin up ... Justin tells her to leave that she is
not welcome in there. She thinks he is kidding but it sounds like he is serious.

Aug 19 2003 11:17, Tue Katfsh ParentRootLink
Pillow fight going on - finally filling starts coming out of Justin's pillow. NT

Aug 19 2003 11:28, Tue lacycatherine   Link
Alison tells Justin and Jee that she didn't sleep well last night. Justin
appears to be very aggitated with her and is actually being ugly to her. She is just sitting there taking it and laughs it off. They have told her to leave several times but she is still there.

Jee yells for Jun and asks "Did I brush my teeth this morning?" She says yes...then one of the guys yell "NOW GET OUT OF HERE!!". But Alison still does not take the hint and stays.

Aug 19 2003 11:40, Tue I_Should_Be_Working   Link
BY Erika and Jack chat about the Beatles. Erika's father looks like George Harrison. Not much else... NT

Aug 19 2003 11:42, Tue I_Should_Be_Working   Link
Jack is talking about a Beatles movie. Erika is staring off into space, barely answering. Her mind is elsewhere. NT

Aug 19 2003 12:00, Tue gypsy888   Link
Some tidbits from the ali/Justin fight
Ali-you're only in here because of me Ju-If I knew you were here I would have never come Ali-why are you being so mean to me Ju-Why don't you leave me alone.Ali-I'm not doing anything Ju-just get out then Ali-I don't have to. Ju-You are a pain etc Ali-You are the one who stinks and is nasty and sleeps in filthy on and so on. Justin then said why do you always try to get in bed with me and touch my b*lls? She said that is such a lie!! If I did touch them they would disentagrate in my hands.

It wasn't playful. Ali was trying to be at first and Justin had an angry tone from the beginning...then Ali was using a very angry tone

Aug 19 2003 12:07, Tue I_Should_Be_Working   Link
The trick to Jack's physique
Is pb and mayo sandwiches. This according to Justin. 'Jack's been eating them for thirty years'.

Jun looks doubtful.

Jee, Jun, Justin in the kitchen trying to cope with 'breakfast'

Aug 19 2003 12:22, Tue I_Should_Be_Working   Link
Get the chick in the red!
Ali and Jun doing abs, Justin playing cards on the sofa.

Cameras keep turning toward Ali. She tells them to focus on the 'chick in the red' (Jun). They swivel around toward Jun.

Ali: Thank you.

Aug 19 2003 12:24, Tue Lola   Link
Ali & Jun are working out in the hallway. They're currently laying on their backs doing legs lifts NT

Aug 19 2003 13:07, Tue I_Should_Be_Working   Link
BY Jack talking about a novelist friend
Won't name his name...well maybe he will. (Hasn't yet...)
Along the same vein as Grisham. Sold books out of the back of his own car for years until he was finally picked up. Jack can relate, he's had hundreds of rejections (I'm assuming for his book on JFK's asassination)

Jack brought his daughter out to California to meet the guy--his daughter had gone to school for years with the novelists daughter. The novelist took them to the set of Baywatch and Jack's daughter became starstruck and is now moving out here (CA).

He's trying to convince his daughter that if she moves out to CA, she won't be living like the novelist does!

Aug 19 2003 13:16, Tue I_Should_Be_Working   Link
Ali's hair
Ali asked Erika if she ever cut her own hair. Erika told her that she had and was planning on doing it again soon.

Ali went into the house and came back a few minutes later with a box, and asked Erika what she thought--she wants to put in a few streaks of red. Erika told her to go for it!

Now Jun is in the bathroom with Ali getting the color ready-reading directions.
Ali: My mom is so going to kill me! (Very excited)
Should I wash my hair first?

Jun re-reading directions. "Nope. It doesn't say."

Erika is now in the bathroom. "Did we try it first? We're not going to test it first."

Jun applying color to a small section on the nape of Ali's neck. Ali's still reading the directions, "Oh, DON'T wash your hair first. Oh good."

Aug 19 2003 13:19, Tue I_Should_Be_Working   Link
Allison, please do not obstruct your micorphone...
Ali says, "one."
Rob is in the bathroom now, too. He asks what her record is.
Ali: Eight. Nine.

(talking about all the problems she has had with her microphone and the audio people)

Aug 19 2003 13:32, Tue Anonymous   Link
Jun wants to do Jacks hair-
tells him she'll give hima full head of red hair. Auburn

Erika (I think, or possibly Ali) said she had a dream last night that she was dating Will Kirby. Jun starts talking about an orgy dream she had.

Ali has 2 minutes left before her hair is done. Says Jun can't dye her whole head- she won't turn into a redhead in the BB house. jun says she'll weave it in- Ali says she can do the bottoms so it looks darker underneath and will look longer and thicker.

Jun takes it out- Ali complains that it's really red. Erika says it's pretty. Jun rinsing Ali's head in the sink.

(not so sure about Rob's hair now, as he's on the couch holding his head up with his hand)

Ali blow dries her hair (they just died a bit in the back- bottom layer of hair)- Erika gets up to blow it for her.

Aug 19 2003 13:33, Tue I_Should_Be_Working   Link
Streaks or an all over redhead?
The time is up on Ali's hair color test. Everyone likes the way it looks. Ali says It's RED. Jun wants to do Ali's hair allover red. Ali: I am not becoming an f***ing red head in the Big Brother House. How about 3 or 4 streaks?

They rinse and dry the test strip. Erika and Jun really like the way it looks. They decide to ask Robert what he thinks because he'll give an honest opinion. The women troop out to the living room where the guys are playing cards. Rob really likes the color and thinks she should do her whole head the auburn color. Can we start light? (Not sure how she would do this...)

Jee and Rob are both telling her to do her whole head. Even Jack is telling her it's a nice color. Jun wants to do the bottom half the red color. Ali is afraid it'll make her look like a punk rocker.

Erika: I think this is making her too nervous. We should just leave her alone and not do it.

Jun: No, I'm doing it!

All laugh.

Ali: My mom is going to f'ing kill me. (Shouts) Sorry Mom, I just didn't have anything better to do.

Jun in heavy Chinese accent: Is ok, everything ok, You likey hair. Very Pretty!

Aug 19 2003 13:42, Tue I_Should_Be_Working   Link
Talking about Dana while waiting for hair
Jun telling Erika and Ali about Dana's paranoia about not being able to see the reflection of the kitchen in the bathroom mirror (bounced from dark mirrors in tub) if the Sand Room door was open. She would freak if anyone left it open because she couldn't see. Ali stands up and looks in the mirror and sees the kitchen.

OMG I never realized that! You CAN see! All laugh.

Aug 19 2003 13:47, Tue I_Should_Be_Working   Link
Jun applying chunky streaks to top of Ali's hair
She had parted Ali's hair from ear to ear across the back and applied the color to the bottom half a few minutes ago. Now she's applying it to large chunks of Ali's hair. Ali is mock screaming for help.

OMG That's so much! You just did one there! BB is going to have to give me hair dye to dye my hair back.

She eventually settles down and is now watching Jun do the streaks. Jun sections out a piece of hair, applies the dye, rolls the section up into a tight knot and wraps it in aluminum foil. Ali's getting a collection of foil knobs all over her head.

Ali: Have you ever done this on anyone before.

Jun: Nope. Never.

Aug 19 2003 13:55, Tue I_Should_Be_Working   Link
Checking in on guys in LR while Jun finishes Ali's hair...
Not much happening here. Jee and Justin playing without conversation. Jack stone faced, watching.

Jack: Feel the hounds closing in Jee (assuming he's talking about the game)
Jee: Yeah, I do.

Feed 3 is now on Rob in the backyard, but sound is still Jee and Justing playing cards.

Switching feeds.

Aug 19 2003 13:56, Tue I_Should_Be_Working   Link
Feed 4 briefly on Rob in BY, audio still inside, then Feed comes back to LR too. Erika is MIA. NT

Aug 19 2003 14:08, Tue I_Should_Be_Working   Link
Card game over, Jee in the bathroom with the women, Justin outside with Rob.
Justin doing laundry. Rob sitting on the side of the pool.

(Fascinating stuff, I know...)

Aug 19 2003 14:13, Tue I_Should_Be_Working   Link
Jun uses hair dryer on Ali's foils and then
removes them. Allison gets up to go find Erika. Jack tells her that Erika's in the HOH. Ali wanders outside to find Robert (?)

Jun to Jack and Jee in the kitchen: Would you let anyone who doesn't like you color your hair?

They both laugh.

Aug 19 2003 14:15, Tue Lola   Link
Ali gets a new nick name...
Ali is walking around the kitchen with foil in sections of her hair
Jee tells her she looks like an Ali-cat

Aug 19 2003 14:19, Tue I_Should_Be_Working   Link
After eating a PB&J, Jun is ready to rinse out Ali's hair
Jack is wandering around outside. Rob is floating in the pool Justin is doing his laundry.

Ali decides that the best spot is in the kitchen sink and they move in there. Jee calls her an Ali-Cat because the foil knobs resemble ears (I guess). (Thanks Lola)

She screams "Shut Up JEE!" but her screams are muffled in the sink and her towel.

Aug 19 2003 14:47, Tue Lola   Link
Rob says to Ali, I like your hair, it looks real good
Ali says "It smells good"
Rob smugly says "Looks like we've got a new girl in the house, everyone should dye their hair"

Aug 19 2003 15:25, Tue joannie   Link
Ali doing crunches. NT

Aug 19 2003 15:26, Tue joannie   Link
Stooges in BY discussing buying an RV. NT

Aug 19 2003 16:06, Tue Vaseflower2000   Link
not much going on-pretty quiet NT

Aug 19 2003 16:20, Tue Lola   Link
Jun talks about not liking to swim. Said she told her gym teacher she had her period so she didn't have to swim. NT

Aug 19 2003 16:29, Tue I_Should_Be_Working   Link
Ali's asleep in the sun in the backyard. Jee sneaks up on her with a glass of water
but puts it down when the guys convince him of a bigger plan.

Now he's filling one of the laundry tubs from the hose. Justin helps him carry it over to and on three...They Dump it on her!

Aug 19 2003 16:30, Tue I_Should_Be_Working   Link
Ali: I can't move! (Her top is untied) NT

Aug 19 2003 16:30, Tue Lola   Link
Jus and Je took a wash tub full of water and dumped it on Ali who was laying face down on a lawn chair NT

Aug 19 2003 16:31, Tue Lola   Link
Ali wants to know who's idea it was, both guys blame the other NT

Aug 19 2003 16:34, Tue Lola   Link
The stooges are torturing a spider so Jun puts it out of its misery NT

Aug 19 2003 17:34, Tue frustratedposter   Link
justin comments while playing cards that he "never seems to get the jokers" NT

Aug 19 2003 19:00, Tue I_Should_Be_Working   Link
BB setting up HOH competition--According to Ericka, it looks like they'll be able to start practicing tonight. NT

Aug 19 2003 19:03, Tue I_Should_Be_Working   Link
Erika giving herself pedicure on F1 and 2; Justin and Rob packing on F3 and 4 NT

Aug 19 2003 19:06, Tue I_Should_Be_Working   Link
Ali lying on the bed in blue room, dolefully watching Justin pack in silence.
Justin looks like he's ignoring her, she can't take her eyes off of him

Aug 19 2003 19:23, Tue I_Should_Be_Working   Link
HG in lockdown in LR as they wait for HOH practice to be set up.
Hot game of rummy starting. Many munching PB&J, or variations thereof.

Aug 19 2003 19:49, Tue I_Should_Be_Working   Link
Apparently, Ali dropped another microphone in the toilet NT

Aug 19 2003 20:10, Tue ktan   Link
HOH practice in BY, the HGs must roll the ball closest to a hole in the lane without having the ball sink in or going past the lane. NT

Aug 19 2003 21:04, Tue TheBigSista   Link
F3 great shot of a.......

Aug 19 2003 21:14, Tue Anonymous   Link
F3 = camera, F4 = empty rooms
Neither shots are random. They're doing zooms in and out of the camera, and pans of various rooms. Now, as I type this, we have shots of cameras on both F3 and F4. And now, as I type THIS, Jun's inside the house even thought I'm not sure lockdown is over.

Anyway, look for some shots involving the cameras in an upcoming show. They don't do so many shots in so many ways without it being featured later.

Aug 19 2003 21:22, Tue Dreamer   Link
LD . .All hg's inside NT

Aug 19 2003 21:33, Tue I_Should_Be_Working   Link
Jun whispering to Jack and Erika in LR
Came in late to conversation, but apparently she's let them know that everyone else is targeting them next week. Erika to Jack (laughing): you just have to win it.

Aug 19 2003 21:38, Tue fishinlady   Link
Will she throw it?
Jee, Robert and Justin discuss if Ali (I think) feels safe this week and will throw the HOH comp tomorrow. They have spent some time discussing strategy for tomorrow's ball throwing comp. Justin describes rules for Bocci.

Erica comes in and shows off her nails that Jun did for her and they discuss the lights in the turtle cage.

Aug 19 2003 21:48, Tue fishinlady   Link
Stooge talk in WC................
Jee asks Justin what Julie is going to ask him. He doesn't know. A lot of quiet time for the stooges. Jee says it must feel so good that you are going to be out of here. It's going to be worse for them when you're gone. Justin wonders who is coming next week and hopes it's Jack. Robert leaves. Jee says he needs some luck on his side. He hasn't spoken to Ali all day about the game. It's not going to be questions. Justin wonders how they will measure because there won't be anyone in the yard. Erica can't measure. More quiet. Ali and Jun get on Jee's nerves. Jack and Erica don't because they tend to their own business. Justin wonders how long it will be before he gets to sequestering. Jee says they'll put you in a car and you're gone. Jee just wants this game to be over already. He wants to get out of there. He is jealous of Justin. Justin points out that he is still in the game. Justin talks about the position he was in this week because he couldn't campaign or go or use veto. Justin points out that "they" have realized what a threat Jee is now. Justin stll thinks that Ali is going to throw comp and he can't see anybody winning except Robert or Jee. Jun is not into winning this competition but she has jumped sides and is not a target.
(Feeds cutting out-posting)

Aug 19 2003 22:22, Tue Denise   Link
Brief convo between Robert & Erika........
Erika is playing the game for tomorrows HOH, Robert mentions briefly about Jun insinuating that Robert & Erika have an alliance, Robert said I know she's joking, also says everything is the same for noms next week & he'll talk to Erika about what will happen next after next weeks eviction, he also asked her if everything he tells her is kept between them, she said of course and he said I thought so because nothing has gotten back to him.


Aug 19 2003 22:44, Tue Denise   Link
Nothing interesting going on, Jack & Ali are practicing for the HOH competition
all 4 feeds are on the backyard, the HT is on but no one in it yet.

Jun is doing Jees nails but they're not on any of the feeds yet.


Aug 19 2003 22:45, Tue Denise ParentRootLink
Roberts in the HT now by himself. NT

Aug 19 2003 22:50, Tue Denise   Link
Everyone but Jee is in the BY, Jun is now practicing, Justin is walking
around the yard with the hose in his hand.

Jees practicing now, Jun must of finished his nails.


Aug 19 2003 22:50, Tue Denise ParentRootLink
LOL, Justin & Robert in the HT they asked other people to come in, Ali yells that she'll be right in, Justin says take your time. NT

Aug 19 2003 23:13, Tue fishinlady   Link
Just & Robert in Hot tub-Ali, Jack, Jun, Jee practicing game-Erica ball girl NT

Aug 19 2003 23:22, Tue Denise ParentRootLink
Still the same. NT

Aug 19 2003 23:23, Tue Grins   Link
BB called Erika into DR and gave them body paints for fun. NT

Aug 20 2003 00:20, Wed SonOfAbraxas   Link
Jack/Erika outside alone practicing convo 11:10pm BBT
11:10pm BBT

Erika and Jack are left outside alone to practice the HoH game. The boys were in the bathroom and Ali/Jun are having Ab Class.

Erika tells Jack that Jun told Erika that Jee told Ali she was safe. (I know ... that sentence is a mess)

Jack says something along the lines of "God damn it! We can't trust Ali for anything!"

Erika thinks Ali will throw the comp.

Erika says she needs to work on making Ali paranoid that the stooges will turn on her.

Jack says that if J/E win HoH tomorrow, Ali will come back to them.

Erika is telling Jack to tell Ali that HE is safe to make Ali paranoid. Telling Ali that they were eavesdropping and heard them say Jack was safe. Now, Erika says they shouldn't, because Ali will run to them to ask if it's true. They say after Justin is gone to tell her ... but nope.. no time, they say.

Erika is going to have Ali sleep with her tonight.

Erika tells Jack that he HAS to win tomorrow night.

Jee was pretty good, they're saying. But, he kept changing stances, etc. Jack bets they only roll once for the real thing and drawing to see the order should be interesting.

Aug 20 2003 00:40, Wed SonOfAbraxas   Link
Jack/Erika/Jun LR Convo about Ali 11:30pm BBT
11:30pm BBT

Erika/Jack/Jun in Living Room whispering VERY softly

Jack assures Jun that they will go after Ali as soon as they can.

They tell Jun that she has a nice touch on the ball (outside, they were saying that she's good at knocking other people out of the way)

Erika - Dana made a very fatal mistake not putting Nate up with her (Ali).

Jack - She's so transparent.

Jun - It's horrible.

Jun - They're trying to use her.

Jun is telling them that Jee came to her and asked if she was going to try to win HoH. Jun replied Yeah. Jee said he was asking because she's a floater.

Jack - We never really trusted her with Justin around.

Jun telling them about how hard Ali was trying to switch Jun to vote out Robert. Jun says that Ali told her to watch Erika and Robert. Jack mentions that Erika told her that there was nothing between them.

Convo breaks up to look at time and think get the food cooking. Jack says there's nothing wrong with 'cooking' the food before midnight, they just can't eat it until then.