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Aug 20 2003 01:28, Wed trish   Link
Almost time to eat then the mind games begin
Its almost 12:30 BB time and they are almost ready to eat Heard Jack telling Erika we have to talk about Ali tonight they are gonna make ali paranoid about the stooges

Aug 20 2003 02:00, Wed SonOfAbraxas ParentRootLink
Jack/Jun in Kitchen agree tomorrow morning is better. Ali will keep them awake if done tonight. NT

Aug 20 2003 02:02, Wed Debra_Kadabra   Link
Jack's plan to make Ali try to win HOH
Alone with Jun in the kitchen he says Erika and Himself heard the boys talking last night that they would put up Erika and Jack then replace Erika with Ali by use of the veto and vote her out.
Jun says the boys used to talk about doing that all the time and that she would confirm it happened to Ali.

Aug 20 2003 02:51, Wed trish   Link
BB says House guests this is a reminder that tomorrow is a live show" bb time 1:49 NT

Aug 20 2003 03:11, Wed trish   Link
2:09 am BB Time BB says loudly Erika PUT on your microphone NT

Aug 20 2003 03:16, Wed Anonymous   Link
Justin, Robert, Erica & Ali sitting on sofa talking about the game
Justin said that he hopes he is perceived by America as somone that they would like to hire. Erica is told to put on her microphone. Ali says she is waiting on June to go to bed. She needs her bed buddy. June joins the group and they discuss sexual frustration and how the diary room ask
how they deal with the frustration. June says she does thru her dreams.
Justin says that you know how America feels about Ali because of the comments Julie makes to her during the live shows. Robert says he's going to say something about Ali during the show. Also discussing Dana and how Ali reacted to Dana during the live show. Justin says Ali has selective memory. More discussions about being on the block and the live shows. During the conversation BB again tells Erica to put on her microphone. She's somewhere speaking to Jack.

Aug 20 2003 03:19, Wed Bert   Link
Jack & Erika talking in desert room ...
Prior to this Jack was outside doing something with Jee. They discussed the fact that neither of them felt very confident about winning HOH tomorrow. Jack says they'll both do the best they can for their teams.

Erika gets out of the HOH bed to go meet with Jack (in desert room) after he came into the house. Jack says that he has a good touch with the ball, but he's not good at knocking other players' balls out of the way. He and Erika decide it might be best if Jack goes 1st or last in the competition. The order will probably depend up what ping pong balls they draw. Jack wonders what kind of wrinkle BB will throw in the game.

Then BB blares out, Erika, put on your microphone. (No please). She gets up to go look for it. Jack waits for her. Erika commented, geez, blow up my spot. Now Erika is back in the HOH bed. I guess Erika didn't want the others to know she was meeting up with Jack in the desert room.

Aug 20 2003 03:20, Wed Bert   Link
Jun weighs 126, Ali 127, Rat 132, Jack 172. Rat never goes over 140. NT

Aug 20 2003 03:25, Wed Anonymous   Link
The conversation continue about Ali & Dana during the live show
Ali says that she sang "Ding Dong the Witch is Dead" after Dana left the house & that Nathan always sang in with her. Justin asked, "Is that why
you went to bed with him?" Ali replied, "I didn't go to bed with him, Justin."
Jack joins the group and the all tell him how slim he looks. He said he lost about 10#'s. This makes Justin laugh. Jack then ask, Are there any
hot dogs left. June says, you are making me sick, Jack.
June says she weighs about 134 and Jee says that's what I weigh. June says oh well, Jee loved her when she was really fat.
Earlier when they were discussing how America perceives them will be based on the diary room comments. Ali says she only had a few bad comments to make about Dana.

Aug 20 2003 03:27, Wed Bert   Link
The live show from hell! ....
Ali used to be anorexic, she weighed 92 lbs. She weighs the most she ever has.

BB keeps bugging Jun about her weight loss. They asked her if she had any advice for fat Americans. She said, stop eating.

BB came on and reminded the HGS of the live show tomorrow. BB said it's the live show from hell, and played music. Lots of laughter. Now Jee is asking if BB said tomorrow is the live show from hell (BB did, I had trouble hearing it too from the laughter). Jun said it was scary. Erika said he scared the hell outta here. I think she was in bed and got up.

BB played more loud (from hell) music. It's only waking the HGs up more, even though BB is trying to get them to go to sleep. Jun's scared. Jee reminds her of the Korean ghosts. She says, FU! Korean ghosts are the worst.

(edited to reflect the Live Show From Hell)

Aug 20 2003 03:31, Wed JulieH ParentRootLink
What was funny was Jack came up and said "This is my 8th peanut butter and Mayo sandwich today" HG's groaned and THEN came the "from hell" music NT

Aug 20 2003 03:32, Wed Bert   Link
Erika is wearing a dress for the live show, doesn't know which one yet ...
Jun is wearing a blue skirt, and a button down top (?). She said it makes the guys at work go crazy. (She asked Erika what color she's wearing - Erika didn't know)

Jee can't believe they know already what they're gonna wear tomorrow.

Erika said she's going to be. She's too scared. She said the "from hell" thing scared her.

Jee suggests she open the shades to the living room, and listen to music. Jack was in the bathroom when the "from hell" voice came on.

Now Jee and Jun saying they'll do crunches together tonights. Jee said she already did them 3 (?) times today. She said she knows, but she'll do them again with Jee.

Jun now negotiating with Jee about brushing his teeth. She wants him to wait until after they exercise. He wants to do it now. He says he's doing better now, timing himself with a watch. He's doing less of a brush count now.

Aug 20 2003 03:42, Wed Bert   Link
Ali in bed in orange room, Erika in bed in HOH room, Jack just went into desert room. Jun & Jee doing crunches in the living room. NT

Aug 20 2003 03:48, Wed JulieH   Link
I didn't see this posted so.... Jun and Jee playing Bocce ball talking strat. around 1:15
Justin goes in and leaves Jun and Jee playing Bocce ball. Jun tells Jee "You know you can't let Alison get it" and He quickly says "I don't want anyone to get it but me and Rob" Jun says "He (rob who is in HOH listening to music) isn't practicing very much". Jee says something like "I know... The stupid sh*t". Jun then said, "He's going to ride along in your back pocket and make you do the work" Jee starts talking about bocce for a bit. Then a little later he says, "I know you're not going to go for it but if you accidently do get it, who are you going to put up." She says "I'll have to put up you and Rob and then if someone gets the veto I'll put up Alison." Jee didn't say anything at this but you could tell he didn't want to be put up. Something was said by Jee about people suspecting them. And Jun said "They all suspect us anyway." Then she says "That fight we had the other day really helped us out though." and then she starts laughing. Jee laughs too and calls her crazy. Every time he calls her crazy she laughs harder. Soon after this, Jack comes out and Jun sits at the end of the court saying she's tired and retrieves balls for them as Jack and Jee practice bocce.

Aug 20 2003 04:53, Wed JulieH ParentRootLink
Oh yeah and one more thing.... After Jun told Jee she would nominate Jee and Robert Jee said....
Jee said he thinks that if that happens then he would be the one to get voted out. Jun says "your stupid" And Jee says "why do you say I'm stupid" jun laughs and says "no I mean I talked to Jack tonight and you are not the one that will go."

Also after Jack came out, Jee was extra polite to Jack. It was crazy listening to the two most polite people in the house complementing each other after each bocce ball was thrown and saying thank you at every turn.

Aug 20 2003 03:52, Wed Bert   Link
Jee said goodnight to his girlfriend's picture, and now everybody is in bed. NT

Aug 20 2003 04:37, Wed Shadow46and2   Link
At about 2:00 BB time, Rat and Justin were telling Ali all the bad things Nate supposedly said about her, like he regrets using the veto, and they
told her he regrets ever meeting her, and if he never saw her again, that would be too soon. She laughs it off, and sort of freaks out, then said she doesn't care, because of the way she talked about Nate in the HOH room to Julie (about how she got him to use the veto, and now he can go on his merry way, etc.). Stooges (minus Jee) also said Ali is snakier than Jun. I think Jun heard this, because out of nowhere she started really trashing Nate. She said she is going to send a period-blood tampon with Justin to give to Nate, and that she wanted to write "FAG" on a pad with her period blood to let Justin take with him to give to Nate. Just a lot of bad-mouthing of Nate. The stooges say that he didn't understand it was a game, referring to the things he said about Ali. (I believe this started with Ali telling Justin to say "hi" to Nate in sequester). Now she is still angry, but hiding it, and "not caring" what he said about her.

This took place in the bathroom, and they moved to the LR to continue this convo and others...

Aug 20 2003 05:03, Wed JulieH   Link
Around 12:45 or so Jun was painting a "peace" dove on ali's leg with body paint at the outside table. Erica gets up to leave and jun says
are you going to go for it? Alison says "hell yeah." She asked Jun if she was going to go for it and Jun said "yeah, I have to." Jun asked "who are you going to put up?" Ali said "jee and Robert". Then Ali added, "I was thinking it will be a lot harder to get Jee and Rob out as opposed to Jack and Erica down the line." Jun said "ya think?" Then she said, "what do you think?" About this time Jee walks up and interrupts them.

Aug 20 2003 07:32, Wed nojobny   Link
All HG are tucked snuggly into bed. 6:30am BBT NT

Aug 20 2003 09:36, Wed nojobny   Link
8:36am - Still sleeping NT

Aug 20 2003 10:40, Wed lacycatherine   Link
Jack is up..walking around NT

Aug 20 2003 10:44, Wed nojobny   Link
the other early-bird, Jun is also up and about. NT

Aug 20 2003 10:45, Wed nojobny   Link
F3, jun is changing her batteries. F1, jack is taking a very long tinkle (audio only!) NT

Aug 20 2003 10:46, Wed lacycatherine   Link

Aug 20 2003 10:48, Wed lacycatherine ParentRootLink
Now we are back and Jack is in the kitchen NT

Aug 20 2003 10:48, Wed nojobny   Link
BB: Good Morning HG, it's time to get up for the day. NT

Aug 20 2003 10:53, Wed lacycatherine   Link
Jee and Justin up in the storage room NT

Aug 20 2003 10:53, Wed lacycatherine   Link
BB: Justin, please go to the DR NT

Aug 20 2003 10:57, Wed lacycatherine   Link
Jack and Jun in the kitchen. Erika is up and walks through.
Jun is chopping something..preparing breakfast as usual. Jack observes and ask "What's for breakfast?" Jun says either omlets or scrambled eggs.

Aug 20 2003 10:59, Wed lacycatherine   Link
BB: HG..lockdown is are free to walk outside NT

Aug 20 2003 11:03, Wed ktan   Link
Back from FOTH and oooh, the lane for the HOH comp has been reconfigured. There are now two lanes. Each lane is now rounded at the end.
As well, there are yellow walls on the sides of the lane to prevent the ball from rolling off the side. The circular portions has the HOH logo on it. The hole is more prominent than last night. There is also a speed bump added just before the circular playing area. One of the HGs commented it was like skee ball but without points.

Aug 20 2003 11:18, Wed gymnast_777   Link

Aug 20 2003 11:19, Wed nojobny   Link
Lockdown is over and everyone goes back in except Robert NT

Aug 20 2003 11:24, Wed JulieH   Link
There was a lockdown outside for awhile but now it's over. Now Jun is back to making breakfast. Everyone is fretting about the comp especially
Rob. Alison cant wait to get out there and practice on the new setup. Also the other talk is about "live show from hell" thing that Big Brother played. Everyone is fairly agitated this morning

Aug 20 2003 11:33, Wed JulieH   Link
Rob, Jee, and Justin outside talking now saying they want Jack and Jun with them in the end. They are saying that Erica and Alison are going to be
harder to beat. Rob is really pushing for Erica to go. He says she's too strong with the endurance and she will eat anything. He comments that she won the toughest HOH. He says that Ali can't be trusted. They said if Jack and Erica are up Erica goes. If the veto is used, then Alison will go up and they'll vote her out. Now Jee is saying that Jack is strong too and not to forget that.

Now they are talking about Alison and how they don't trust that she will put Jack and Erica up. Jee says that they are harder to beat physically so she might be threatened by that. They say they need to go to her and make her promise again who she's going to put up

Aug 20 2003 11:35, Wed lacycatherine   Link
Alison and Jun in kitchen..
Alison says she hates Wednesday because it's HOH day. She asks Jun if they are going to try for it or go for it. Jun says go for it. Alison said Robert or Jee told her that everyone was going to throw it. Jun said to not listen to them that they (Jun or Alison) want to win it.

Aug 20 2003 11:37, Wed Lola   Link
Ali to Jun "Are we going to go for it or not"
Jun "We go for it"
Ali "They said you were going to throw it"
Jun "***** NO, who said that"
Ali says "Ro & Je"
Jun "Don't listen to them, they're just trying to use us. "
Then Jun proceeds to tell Ali the thing that Ja cooked up about Ro & Je are going to go after Ali using the back door plan which is that Je & Ro would put up Ja and Er and then use POV to put in Ali

Aug 20 2003 11:46, Wed lacycatherine   Link
Justin and Robert in the BY...
Robert spits (ewww). Both almost look as if they are in a trance or still not up. They make some minor chit chat about it being a nice day.

Aug 20 2003 11:52, Wed lacycatherine   Link
Justin and Robert in the BY talking..
Justin days that if he could do it all over again...he would not come into the house. Robert agrees (after blowing his nose forever) and says that he would want the $500,000 but he misses his daughter.

Robert says you leave the house not learning anything. It's all Bullsh*t. Robert says everything is only going to get worse cause Justin (er, freudian slip) won't be here...then backslides and says or he (Robert) won't be there after today.

Robert says that if he would have picked any other 2 HG's than Jee and Justin he would have been screwed over. Justin agrees but says or Amanda and Michelle also.

Aug 20 2003 12:01, Wed Lola   Link
Jun reporting to Er
Jun tells Er that she told Ali what they had planned and that she also told Ali that they (Jun, Er & Ja) has her back
Er goes to bedroom where Ali is crying and asks if she is OK
Ali pouts "Yeah I don't *** care"
Er leaves and Jun goes in.
Jun starts telling Ali what Ro says and thinks about how she flirts etc
Ali says "Why would I waste my time. There's a limit to who I would flirt with!!!"

Aug 20 2003 12:06, Wed Lola   Link
Jun reporting to Ja
Jun is saying that Ali approached her not directly but had said that she was the only one she trusts and Jun thinks Alicat would like to be closer to her
Ja says "What does she expect. She bounces around like a pin ball. Didn't it ever occur to her to say you're gona be friends with someone and make an alliance and stick with it?!"

Aug 20 2003 12:11, Wed Katfsh   Link
Jack & Erica talking about pets - Er spent $3000 on hospital bills for dog she adopted NT

Aug 20 2003 12:12, Wed Lola   Link
Ja & Er in Sand Box (small talk)
They're talking about taking in stray animals
Ja says he gave up cause she (I guess he means his wife) brings home a stray cats. Once from a warehouse and right away it was $500. He said he lost count of how many cats they've had (strays) and it always cost. He says shes a real humanitarian
Er talks about one animal that cost $3000
Ja says he knew when he met Er that she was that same way. Er laugh and they talk about Er rescuing an ant

Aug 20 2003 12:12, Wed Debra_Kadabra   Link
Transcript of Jun telling Ali about the "Backdoor Plan"
Jun: They told you to throw it.

Ali : Yeah, and they told me that you were going to throw it.

Jun: Don't F'n trust them dood, they're trying to use us.

Ali: I don't. I know. I thought I'd ask you to make sure...if I was missing anything.

Jun: Oh and, supposedly, Jack and Erika, heard them talking that other night, and uhm, they...they said that they overheard them saying that they were coming after you. And I said okay then why didn't you guys tell us that yesterday, you know? And they're like well we didn't think...that's why Erika was walking around going like, there's no back backdoor plan. There's no back door plan.

Ali: What does that mean?

Jun:Supposedly they want to put up Jack and Erika and then have one win veto, take Erika off and put you up to take you out.

Ali: Ohhh

Jun: And I was like Holy Sh*t and Jack was like Have they ever talked like that before and I was like Yeah they used to talk about that kind of stuff all the time because they were afraid they'd put up the actual target, they'd be vetoed, Blah blah blah blah. So I beleive that they heard it.

Ali: Robert told me that you were throwing this competition

Jun: How the F would he (unintelligble) that.

Ali: He told me that if I get it he wants me to put Jack and Erika up. Get out Jack this week, and next week to come after you. (unintelligble) F with all of us so we'll hate each other.

Jun: Exactly. They know there's only two of them so they're getting desperate.

Ali: Well alright, that's just not gonna work.

Jun: What's that?

Ali: That Sh*ts not gonna work.

Jun: F'em. Robert is being (unintelligble)

Ali: I knew that

Jun: See how last night Jee stayed away from you?

Ali: Why would he want to talk now? What do you mean?

Jun: How he was out there (motions toward back yard) and Robert was with you the whole time. (unintelligble) butter you up and Sh*t.

Ali: Yeah, I did notice that.

Jun: He thinks you're like a little girl who can be (unintelligble) and sh*t.

Ali: Uhm, obviously they don't know us that well Jun. I'm gonna F'n play with him. (unintelligble) his daughter's letter (laughs) I'll (unintelligble) the bastard.

A brief pause as Jun minds the stove
Jun: Jack asked about it this morning and yep I've heard that line before.

Ali: What?

Jun: About the whole using the backdoor veto plan.

Ali: That's about the dumbest thing you can do. What if my ass got the veto?

Jun: Exactly. That's how they are.

Ali: So dumb.

Jun: That's how they F'n think. I think Jack and Erika were going to tell you but...I told you.

Aug 20 2003 12:19, Wed Katfsh   Link
Jack to Er: If I hadn't had you to talk to in here, I'd have been mumbling to myself! NT

Aug 20 2003 12:20, Wed Katfsh   Link
Jack: June told me Jee is getting really upset about all the women bashing that Rob is doing NT

Aug 20 2003 12:24, Wed Lola   Link
Ja tells Er
He (Ro) was ranting this morning when I went out back
Er asks Ja if he's played Shi ball and he said yes with the kids at Chunky Cheeses
Ja goes on to say he feels like he's in a muddle and that he thinks he losing some of his short term memory. That he's noticed it here in the house and that he gona get checked when he gets out.
He gives examples of people he knew and can't remember. Talks about how his dad lost his memory.
Ja mom and dad both had cancers.
Er ask Ja if he's been checked and he said yes he checked out ok

Aug 20 2003 12:27, Wed Katfsh   Link
Jack talking about his family - 3 family members died of cancer -
his mom (lung,liver), his father (prostate), his brother (?). His father lived with Ja and wife last 4 years before he died; his wife (Pat?) was very good in helping to take care of him.
Jack has been careful about getting checkups.

Aug 20 2003 12:28, Wed Vaseflower2000   Link
all is quiet NT

Aug 20 2003 12:29, Wed JulieH   Link
Around 10:35 am Jun and Alison talking in the kitchen
I switched feeds to the kitchen where Jun is making breakfast and Alison is talking to her. Jun says "Apparently, Jack and Erica overheard them outside talking the other night and heard their plans." Jun says "So I wondered why they didn't tell me this before now and then I remembered Erica was walking around here yesterday saying 'Backdoor plan? There's no doing a backdoor plan'." Alison says, "What's the back door plan?" Jun explains, "They'll put up Jack and Erica then use the veto and put you up." Alison says, "That's stupid! What if I get the veto!" Jun says "I know. And, that's what those guys talked about when I was with them so I believe Erica and Jack really did hear them say that." Then Jun says, "Notice how Robert kept following you around last night trying to butter you up. He thinks you're a little girl he can manipulate." Alison says, "That sh*ts not going to fly! Don't make me hide his daughters letter." (then she laughs but Jun doesn't and then there's a pause)
Then Jun reinforces again that Jack told her about the back door plan this morning. She says "I think they were going to tell you but I went ahead and told you. Oh well."

Aug 20 2003 12:52, Wed nojobny   Link
The HG seem to be on LD
Jn,Ja,Je,Ro & Er are chatting in the LR. Jus is sleeping in the blue room. Ali is asleep in the love room

Aug 20 2003 12:55, Wed Katfsh   Link
Erica asks: Who put my stuffed animals into a sexual position?
Jun: In a 69 position? I did.
Er: No, doggie style.
Jun: That wasn't me
Rob: I did

Aug 20 2003 13:02, Wed Katfsh   Link
Silence throughout the house NT

Aug 20 2003 13:11, Wed I_Should_Be_Working   Link
Ja to Er in SB: all that money, all this time, all riding on one ball! NT

Aug 20 2003 13:14, Wed Vaseflower2000   Link
looks like nap time NT

Aug 20 2003 13:27, Wed Katfsh   Link
Er to Jack, about Ali - I may have to lie to her...
I may have to tell her that she and Jun and I will work to get you (Ja) out, so she'll be on our side. I don't know what it's going to take with that kid.
Ja: She's a housewrecker.
Er: She just likes to hear things, even if it's lies.

Aug 20 2003 13:28, Wed Katfsh ParentRootLink
Erica wants to assure Jack that it's only a ploy, if he should hear it from someone else. NT

Aug 20 2003 13:31, Wed Vaseflower2000 ParentRootLink
they will talk to ali just before competition NT

Aug 20 2003 13:29, Wed Katfsh   Link
Er: Now we can understand better why Dana put her up. Now we have to deal with her crap. NT

Aug 20 2003 13:32, Wed Denise   Link
Jack & Erika talking in the sandbox, the convo is focused on Ali
not sure if Ali said anything to Erika or Jack but they're really mad at her, she needs to pick a side already, how silly she is & how the last person who talks to her will influence her the most.

I'm not sure but I think the gist of what's going on is Jun & Ali talking this morning & Jun telling Ali to be careful of the stooges because they want to use the backdoor to get Ali out.

Jack gets up, Erika alone.


Aug 20 2003 13:48, Wed Debra_Kadabra ParentRootLink
Erika and Jack started getting mad last night when they found Ali might throw HOH
That is why Jack came up with his plan

Aug 20 2003 13:42, Wed Debra_Kadabra   Link
Little while ago. Jee and Robert whispering
Robert says he will be jumping up and F'n down if one of the two of them win.

Jee is worried about the two bumps in the alley for HOH competition. Says this game is so intense.

Very low whispers but sounnds like they think if they win this week one of them is guarenteed to make the final three. Then Jee rethinks and it may not be but he doesn't think it will happen that they both will go out so quickly.

Rob trying to convince Jee they should use the "Backdoor plan"

Jee counters with if he and Robert both get put up they can't use the veto to save themselves. (Missed a bit here) Jee says they would jump on that opportunity.

Talk about clothes.

Headphone volume so loud I can hear workers outside talking. Robert says "I wonder what they're doing out there".

Something about maybe there will be questions involved in the competition. Jee saying "Aw no, I don't want that"

Aug 20 2003 14:05, Wed MsB0808   Link
Jack and Erika and Justin napping, Robert just finished eating and the rest are MIA. NT

Aug 20 2003 14:08, Wed Vaseflower2000   Link
they are very quiet-must be resting up for tonight NT

Aug 20 2003 14:10, Wed Vaseflower2000   Link
jack shaving-robert picking up in kitchen NT

Aug 20 2003 14:11, Wed MsB0808   Link
Robert is actually washing his lunch dishes.... NT

Aug 20 2003 14:19, Wed MsB0808 ParentRootLink
Jun will probably faint or go into a coma when she sees that someone actually washed dishes and it wasn't her or Jack. NT

Aug 20 2003 14:16, Wed jaylight   Link
Rob does the dishes accidentally washes his hands NT

Aug 20 2003 14:22, Wed Vaseflower2000   Link
robert in kitchen and jack went back to bed-rest look like they are sleeping NT

Aug 20 2003 14:26, Wed Vaseflower2000   Link
jack looking at pictures on the wall NT

Aug 20 2003 14:35, Wed Vaseflower2000 ParentRootLink
i meant to say robert looking at hg pictures on the wall-sorry NT

Aug 20 2003 14:27, Wed Lola   Link
Ro is staring at HG pictures on the wall NT

Aug 20 2003 14:32, Wed Vaseflower2000   Link
robert in hoh room listening to music NT

Aug 20 2003 14:36, Wed Vaseflower2000   Link
and we have foth NT

Aug 20 2003 14:36, Wed jaylight   Link
foth and a lady walks off from near front door NT

Aug 20 2003 14:37, Wed Lola   Link
Ja starts talking to Er about "she's a bomb, she went off and theres scrappnel everywhere" NT

Aug 20 2003 14:49, Wed zuzu ParentRootLink
In reference to Dana, I think. NT

Aug 20 2003 14:41, Wed Lola   Link
Er says to Jack
Ali ask me to move into the room with her, many times but I kinda like it here
Ja says what did you say
Well I told her I liked it here but maybe stragetically I should to keep her under wraps
Ja says "They'll probably shut up down in here before long. It hard to sleep over there though. Hard to get to bed."

Aug 20 2003 14:48, Wed Lola   Link
Er Jun Ja and Ro in kitchen. Jun cutting food and complaining about the ski ball game NT

Aug 20 2003 14:52, Wed Lola   Link
Jun comments on some of the food BB is giving them. Said it must have been left over from some corporate basket or something NT

Aug 20 2003 14:55, Wed Lola   Link
They're talking about how long each week seemed when people had HOH and Jun warns them when she gets it, It'll be a loonnng week NT

Aug 20 2003 14:57, Wed Lola   Link
Ro is cussing about how boring it is and how he can't take being in this house any more NT

Aug 20 2003 15:06, Wed Vaseflower2000   Link
robert in bathtub not jack-sorry-i have jack on the brain NT

Aug 20 2003 15:12, Wed Vaseflower2000   Link
foth NT

Aug 20 2003 15:18, Wed joannie   Link
Ali is lying backwards on the couch while Erika tweezes her eyebrows
Erika: "Damn, girl, those suckers grow FAST!"

Aug 20 2003 15:21, Wed joannie   Link
Jee sitting on the floor of the blue room. Can't tell what he's doing but it looks like he's crying. NT

Aug 20 2003 15:26, Wed Vaseflower2000   Link
again foth NT

Aug 20 2003 15:44, Wed joannie   Link
Turtle cam on all four feeds NT

Aug 20 2003 16:03, Wed BuzzardsCrotch   Link
HG's cleaning up for the live show NT

Aug 20 2003 16:10, Wed Lola   Link
Ja is cleaning and can't get some white spots off. Jun confirms they don't come off so he says s*** it. NT

Aug 20 2003 16:30, Wed Lola   Link
Je is cooking and she says the boys are having another meeting.... about how to win tonight NT

Aug 20 2003 16:31, Wed Vaseflower2000   Link
jus,jee,and rob in bedroom-june at kitchen sink NT

Aug 20 2003 16:46, Wed Lola   Link
Ro & Jus are telling Je not to tuck his shirt in... that he looks like somebody from Grease (I think the movie) NT

Aug 20 2003 16:48, Wed Lola   Link
At first Er can't decide whether Je should have shirt in or out but decides on out. Jus says "Don't sasy good bye to me tonight if you tuck it in" NT

Aug 20 2003 16:51, Wed Lola   Link

Aug 20 2003 17:34, Wed Dreamer   Link
Pool guys walking around FOTH NT

Aug 20 2003 17:43, Wed deVinePoet   Link
the shadows deepen at the front of the house
the production crew gets ready for the evicted HG..making sure there are no loose boards on the little bridge over troubled water. The gardener is staring at the front door. I'm sure he wants to go in and water Robert..the venus fly two men stand together looking at the house. Yea..that's gonna get the work done (this happens a lot don't you think? When men do a job two of them will stand and stare at it for a long time then one of them does the job. What's the other guy? A consultant?)

Aug 20 2003 18:27, Wed bidz_yo   Link
Surprise! Back from FOTH
General primping and preening for Live show in 35 minutes.

Aug 20 2003 18:28, Wed Dreamer   Link
Justin is cutting his hair, Jee is getting dressed, Rob is primping
his hair in the bedroom and Ali is in the hall applying make up.

Aug 20 2003 19:41, Wed Anonymous   Link
Justin is evicted NT

Aug 20 2003 19:55, Wed lacycatherine   Link
Jee is HOH NT

Aug 20 2003 20:03, Wed joannie   Link
Jack: "I'm sorry, Erika." Erika: "No need to apologize." Jun is stuffing her face. NT

Aug 20 2003 20:04, Wed valentine   Link
She Is Already At It!
After watching the live show and coming upstairs to the computer, I find that Jun is already eating!

Still wearing her green competition polo, she is digging into an ice cream container and eating very quick bites.

Jun: I was thinking about this the whole time.

Erica: What, the ice cream??

Jun, to Jack: I can't believe of all the people, Jee won.

She's still digging in. Now Erica is eating ice cream, too.

Alison, Robert and Jee pace around the back yard.

Aug 20 2003 20:06, Wed Quench   Link
Jee the sweetest thing is I will get something from home.
Robert repeating that this is awesome.

They are outside. Jee is having a smoke.

Jee - I wonder how my family is feeling now.

Robert - You deserved it. They bug us about being the Stooges. We are the real deal. Justin is going crazy right now.

Aug 20 2003 20:08, Wed valentine   Link
After-Show Shock
In the kitchen with the ice cream crew and Jack:

Allie: Maybe the unexpected thing is a good thing. I wonder if Justin already knows what it is.

Now Jun is ripping into a big bag of chips. For some reason, Allie is talking about winning a car, if she doesn't win the $500K.

They are pulling up the shades, Robert on the outside and Allie and Jun on the inside.

Jun is repeating what Julie just said: Don't get too comfortable, because you know the motto in this game. Expect the unexpected.

Erica stops the insanity and caps her ice cream carton.

Aug 20 2003 20:10, Wed Quench   Link
Ali thinks that it would be more power to the Veto holder.
I packed him some cookies in Justin's bag. Justin pulled me into the back room. He had a tear in his eye. Did you see that?

Aug 20 2003 20:11, Wed valentine   Link
Jack is Stewing About It
in one of the BR orange chairs. Jun comes in and says to him that when he goes to talk to Jee the HOH, at least he knows Jee will be honest.

Jun: Just don't sweat it. You never know what will happen.

Now Jack pours himself a big glass of water from the tank and joins the rest of the crew in the backyard.

Jack: Nice job, Jee.

Jun is in the storage room, banging around and digging into some big bag of food.

(Ed Note: Jun is binging tonight, big time.)

Aug 20 2003 20:19, Wed Tristin   Link
Erica just asked Robert if it was her and Jack up next week...
He said yes that's the way it goes.

Erica "Us up and Jack gone?"

Robert "Yes and then you join us"

Erica "Be careful of Alison though"

Aug 20 2003 20:20, Wed valentine   Link
Robert is Unpacking and Talking to Himself
Robert, to Robert: I can't believe it. (sniff sniff snort)

Jun told him that his suitcase is in the storage room.

Jun: Robert, I don't think they touched it. I think they just take the evicted person's suitcase out.

(Ed Note: I gues they just carry out their BB logo bag when they go to see Julie in the studio. Probably just a symbol of leaving.)

Jun has carrying her jumbo bag of chips out to the patio and is really shoving them in now, chewing with her mouth partly open and missing her mouth with the chips from time to time.

Erica stops by to say something sneaky to Robert and then dashes out. I think she said 2 things:

1. Either she said "Jack is next" or "Jack is with us". I know there is a big difference there. Maybe someone else heard or saw that better.

2. She said "be careful what you say to Allie"

Erica dashes off and Robert says to himself "Staying! I'm staying baby."

Aug 20 2003 20:24, Wed Kecia ParentRootLink
Erika asked if she/Jack were going up, he answered yes. She then asked if she was staying, he said yes again, and then could join He/Jee. NT

Aug 20 2003 20:22, Wed Tristin   Link
Erica and Ali sitting in the BR, Er on the side of the tub and Ali in the orange chair...
Jun joins them, eating chips or something.

Ali says that she really misses Justin and is worried about the twist.

Jun 'There's only six people left in the house but we have to be proud of ourselves so far'

Ali 'Absolutely'

Aug 20 2003 20:22, Wed valentine   Link
Chick Talk in the BR
Alison and Erica are looking at Allison's shaving nicks and cuts on her legs.

Jun has brought her bag of chips and is steadily and methodically chomping her way through them.

Aug 20 2003 20:23, Wed Tristin   Link
Er, Ali & Jun discussing how they suprised the 3 stooges the week they evicted Michelle..saying that it was a good week NT

Aug 20 2003 20:30, Wed valentine   Link
Can You Imagine If Dana Were Here Now?
The girls and Robert are saying in the BR.

Jun: You couldn't tell her anything.

Erica: She was just too stressed out and created too much tension.

Robert: That was way too much for that stage of the game.

Now Allie is going on AGAIN about Justin's tender good bye to her.

Allie: If you could have seen him say good bye. He pulled me into that back bedroom and he had a tear in his eye.

(Ed Note: It is always all about Allie.)

Allie, to Erica: Are you changing?

Erica: No, I think I'm going to stay the same sweet girl I've always been.

Allie continues to babble about herself.

Erica: You missed my joke.

Allie: What, a joke?

Erica repeats the whole thing over again.

Aug 20 2003 20:30, Wed Quench   Link
Erika: Oh sheet I pulled an Ali.
Ali: What

Erika: The Mic.

Aug 20 2003 20:32, Wed valentine   Link
Is Justin Really Planning to Get Busy? Jun asks
someone somewhere in the background.

Jun, after getting a response: Oh, so not necessarily with Dana.

(Ed Note: I think she's referring to the condoms that Justin took with him when he left the house. I don't blame him. Its not like anyone else will be using them.)

Aug 20 2003 20:36, Wed bruhe   Link
watching jack and erika.. jack seems to feel its all going to plan while erika's body language says jack you are a jerk for not getting hoh. NT

Aug 20 2003 20:36, Wed Tristin   Link
Jack and Erica in Sand Box...
Erica: You ok Jack?

Jack: Nah..I feel terrible, I'm really sorry. I'm going to try and talk to Jee though. I don't want to hurt you guys again like that.

Erica: Don't be so hard on yourself

Jack: I'm not looking for sympathy but that (competition) was so easy. If I can't roll a ball, I should be the one out of here, not you. It was simple and I didn't do it. I wanted to cover your back. It was the easiest game and I wasn't close. Well we'll deal with this twist and see what's coming up. What do you think it is?

Erica: we could speculate until we're blue in the face

Jack: I don't think they'll give the veto holder the ability to chose a nominee because it takes away from the HOH. Too much sharing power

Erica: I don't think that's it either.

Jack: We had it made and I knew Jee would be the one to beat (Erica agrees)

(both just sittin gin the Sand box looking depressed)

Jun comes into the room and joins them.


Aug 20 2003 20:38, Wed veronika   Link
I think Jack said
to Erika that he is going to tell everyone to vote him out over Erika. He feels bad about losing the comp and putting his alliance at risk.

JUn comes into sand room and reminds Jk/Er that at least it is Jee and he won't do what Ratbert says. That Ali if over there now digging her own grave.

Aug 20 2003 20:38, Wed Tristin   Link
Jun comes in to the Sand box...
Says in her baby voice "Jack everything's going to be ok" and then leaves

Jack going to change his pants in the WC..Erica looking at pictures beside her bed

Aug 20 2003 20:38, Wed Quench   Link
Robert to Ali whispering: What is said in there (pointing to HOH ) Stays there. Don't tell even Jun
Now talking about how the other side was trying to sway Jee.

Robert to Jee- I am glad that Jun is over to the other side

Ali- I am glad.

This is all done whispering around the coffee table in the LR. Jun comes by and the whispering stops

Aug 20 2003 20:45, Wed valentine   Link
Jack, To Erica
"Let's tread some water and let her make an ass out of herself."

(Her = Allie)

When Jun came in just now, she said that she knew that it was pissing Jee off that Allison was already clinging to the 2 remaining stooges.

Jack: She was so happy when they won. She ran right over and gave both Robert and Jee big hugs.

Erica: I really like my hair in this picture of me. I just want to talk about my picture Jack.

Jack: I think I would rather do that, too.

Erica: They let me keep my HOH pillows, too.

Jack: That's the first time they've done that, isn't it?

Erica: It still smells like home.

Jack takes the pillow from her and puts it up to his face and breathes for a few seconds.

Jack: Oh that's a good smell.

Jun strolls in.

Jack: Hey Jun. You getting hungry?

Jun: Why are you all in here? Don't you want to go out there and put your nose up someone's booty?

They all chuckle and start whispering.

Aug 20 2003 20:50, Wed veronika   Link
more Jack, Jun, Erika in Sandbox
Naturally planning to win Veto and forcing Jee to put up Ali

They then have the votes to send her packing.

Jun: That makes three versus Robert for next HoH

Aug 20 2003 20:52, Wed valentine   Link
Ha Ha. Erica is Describing How She Went Off on a Tangent
in the HOH while she was getting questioned by Julie Chen. She wouldn't tell the other HG what the question was, she just said that she went off on a tangent and Julie had to re-ask the question.

Erica: I was like, did I just make any sense?

Robert: I feel like that every time you talk.

(Ed Note: Julie asked her if she threw the previous HOH comps. She still didn't give a good answer the second time.)

Now they are discussing how hard it was to get to know Amanda.

Aug 20 2003 20:58, Wed veronika   Link
Everyone playing cards in LR
speculating on Twist

Jun wonders outloud if they will bring a celebrity houseguest for a wekk cause "so many friggin celebrities love the show"

Erika/Jun start talking about Heather the handler then FOTH

Aug 20 2003 21:04, Wed Tristin   Link
Jun & Robert talking by the picture wall. Talking about how great it is that they got to the final 6
because of more camera time and your family gets to see you on tv and to root for you.

Jun also says to Robert that it's funny how when Justin first came into the house, Ali was saying that he was such a jerk and so everyone thought he was this awful guy and now that he's gone, she's singing his praises.

Now everyone having a 'praise Justin' fest saying that he's the one player in the game who never lied to anyone

Aug 20 2003 21:05, Wed veronika   Link
Jun working Ratbert in hallway
Begins with her talking to him about how it is more advantageous to be in house versus sequester house - you get more camera time, more name recognition, your family can watch you constantly - in the sequester they show your pic every once in a while

...then she starts whispering about ali and how she got some guy to beat up Justin and how she acted when Justin left

Robert doesn't respond

Aug 20 2003 21:07, Wed veronika   Link
Everyone back in LR discussing Jee's CD for HoH NT

Aug 20 2003 21:09, Wed Ogini   Link
Robert: I would never cry on that cheesy show
Talking about thoughts of BB prior to becoming a contestant.

Aug 20 2003 21:17, Wed Tristin   Link
Houseguests moving around the house, nothing much going on. Looks like Cuban food is on the menu tonight! NT

Aug 20 2003 21:20, Wed Tristin   Link
Jack saying to Robert that it was sad because none of them really wanted Justin to was b/c of the game NT

Aug 20 2003 21:22, Wed Tristin   Link
Rob saying to Jack that Justin said that both of them (Rob and Justin) would eventually be nominated together and he would be gone NT

Aug 20 2003 21:25, Wed Tristin   Link
Jack & Rob talking about how Justin would make a great FBI agent and that Justin will have a big following after he is done with the show and that he
will be suprised with this

Jack: There's a lot of good players not here and I don't know why I'm here

Rob: There's a reason we're all here. We're not just a bunch of Michelle's hanging around here. If I had to give advice for next year, I would say have an alliance, not sure how big, but definitely an alliance. I don't believe in the O8 alliance type thing.

Aug 20 2003 21:28, Wed Tristin   Link
Rob: We tried to get Jack and Dave the first week. We didn't know about the big alliance at the time....
Erika saying that at the beginning, they had 4 in their alliance (Jack, Erika, David, Scott)

Rob: So did Scott really want Amanda out?

Erika; I think there were a lot of real feelings there

Rob: We never wanted Nathan though

Jack: You guys never mixed well

Rob: We never liked him

All commenting on another half hour before food

Aug 20 2003 21:30, Wed veronika   Link
Jun is still eating bags of chips. NT

Aug 20 2003 21:37, Wed veronika   Link
Erika tells Jack in Kitchen that Julie asked her
if she could turn on Jack and her alliance during the HoH interview.

Jack looking forlorn about losing HoH. He is really down. Keeps asking if Erika is okay. Erika is crying now. Jack really feels bad. Says it is the worst day he had in here. Says he wanted to win it so bad for her

Aug 20 2003 21:38, Wed Dreamer   Link
Erika is crying in the kitchen.Jack says that it killed him today to let
her down. (referring to HOH comp)

Aug 20 2003 21:41, Wed realityrita   Link
Jack whispers to E "I'm not giving up til I walk out that door..we don't know what the twist will be" NT

Aug 20 2003 21:43, Wed realityrita   Link
more Jack whispers "I can't stand (unable to hear who) but can't let my emotions show" NT

Aug 20 2003 21:48, Wed veronika   Link
Jack and erika discuss their weight loss
Jack says he looked in mirror and his cheeks were sunken in. He can't lose more weight. he feels weak. He asks erika why they are losing like that .....because they eat. Erika saysit is stress - makes their metabolism higher - burns up muscle.

Aug 20 2003 22:17, Wed doodles444s   Link
Jack and Rob in kitchen ... @ 9:05 BB time
(Came in the middle of the convo) Jack is stating again how he feels bad about letting down his team, Robert says JAck shouldn't worry, that he (Rob) knows how it feels to be put up for noms., and that Jack shouldn't be worrying already (I don't know if he means worry about Erika or Jack himself going up)
They start discussing what the twist can be- robert thinks it can't be anything to disruptive to the house and what has already happened or that it can't make the people that were already evicted say they would have had a chance (he worded it differently) (i don't know if he knows about Amy coming in the second time last year).. JAck brings up Jun's theory of a celebrity and Robert seems to refute that

PS-- sorry if the update wasn't good-- it is my first time

Aug 20 2003 22:25, Wed Peachy720 ParentRootLink
Robert also told Jack NOT to tell Erika about their convo, which Jack immediately went & did. NT

Aug 20 2003 22:21, Wed ktan   Link
All HGs preparing to eat the dinner that Robert requested -- not sure what type of food they got. NT

Aug 20 2003 22:27, Wed Anonymous ParentRootLink
He asked for Cuban food NT

Aug 20 2003 22:42, Wed doodles444s   Link
Discussion of the food they are having for dinner and also Justin's eating habits..
Alison saying Justin watched what he ate during wrestling season (so that he could exercise it off) and that she saved coupons for brownies and things that he could redeem after season..
Rob just came back from DR and now Jack is called to DR

Aug 20 2003 22:46, Wed doodles444s   Link
Discussion of weight during dinner..
Jee says he has gained weight. Robert saying when he was with Erika he used to never eat, maybe a few bites at diner. Alison asking if he was skinny and I think he said yes (I was typing and listening.. I'm pretty sure he said yes- correct me if I'm wrong)

Aug 20 2003 22:47, Wed nojobny   Link
As Rob goes to grab another plantain, he is talking about the fact that when he was drinking he would never eat this much food. He would
have 3 drinks and literally take 1 bite of food. Right Erika?

Er: yeah

Aug 20 2003 22:49, Wed nojobny   Link
Nate's eating habits
Nate would have hated all this food. He wouldn't have had anything.

Er: I can't believe that he never had rice. Rice was a staple in my house
Ro: I know, right?

The problem is everyone he grew up around is exactly like him.

Aug 20 2003 22:51, Wed cyberjoek   Link
The HGs are all talking about how much they hate the producers right now,
They think that the producers (and possibly us at home) are ltao about the twist.
-Joe Kavanagh
Newbee to the Joker

Aug 20 2003 22:51, Wed nojobny   Link
Er: it just kills me that they all know. All the producers are just laughing at us b/c they know. NT

Aug 20 2003 22:53, Wed nojobny   Link
My foot feels like it has needles in it
Jun: I've been sitting in the same position the whole time while I was eating.

I am so full, I feel like such a glutton

Look at Jee's plate, he takes all that food and doesn't leave a drop.

Aug 20 2003 22:53, Wed cyberjoek   Link
Rob called to the diary room NT

Aug 20 2003 22:54, Wed nojobny   Link
HG are now all done eating and are cleaning up. Everyone is lamenting about how full they are. NT

Aug 20 2003 22:55, Wed nojobny   Link
Jee laying down in the HOH bed under the covers, changing his shorts. NT

Aug 20 2003 22:58, Wed cyberjoek   Link
The Two Stooges are talking Erika and Allison for noms. NT

Aug 20 2003 22:59, Wed cyberjoek ParentRootLink
They then lie about it to Ali's face NT

Aug 20 2003 23:02, Wed cyberjoek ParentRootLink
More Details
The Two Stooges were talking before Ali came out, they want Erika out this week, the easyest way they see is to put up Ali, Jun's ally so that way she votes Ericka out, with Ratburt, causing Erika's departure.

Aug 20 2003 23:24, Wed lagniappe ParentRootLink
This is NOT what I heard. They want Jack & Erica up with E out. They need A's vote to get this NT

Aug 20 2003 23:11, Wed nojobny   Link
Ro/Je/Ja working out. Jun watching. Er in HOH listening to music. NT

Aug 20 2003 23:11, Wed nojobny   Link
Now jun is alone in the LR NT

Aug 20 2003 23:12, Wed doodles444s   Link
All four feeds were on the guys weightlifting..
Now two on Jun in the LR and two on Erika in the HOH room.. now back to all four on the guys weightlifting
(Im on quad cam right now)

Aug 21 2003 00:05, Thu SonOfAbraxas   Link
Jee tells Robert after crunches and shower - let the private talks with the HGs begin! NT

Aug 21 2003 00:06, Thu SonOfAbraxas ParentRootLink
Also - Jee says they might want to talk in private without Rob. Perhaps this means he's up for other options. NT

Aug 21 2003 00:11, Thu bb_fan_de ParentRootLink
Jun suggested this to him. NT

Aug 21 2003 00:16, Thu Dreamer   Link
Jee and Robert are in the kitchen talking about how good they look from working out . .
Jee says that he wants to talk to all of the other hg's to see where they stand so he can throw it back in their face eventually. Jee says this is the best place to be b/c he can judge them and that they are desperate and he wants to pull deals. Rob wants Jun to sweat. He says to tell Jun that if the veto gets used tell her she is going up.He said that's what she gets for fu*king with the dream team. Rob says that Justin leaving sucks but the stuff that they talked about in the beginning and got busted for he told Justin they'll be cool and not to worry about it. Rob told Justin that if he wins he will take him to Vegas and they'll have fun.

Aug 21 2003 00:35, Thu Dreamer   Link
Erika thinks Jack is the mole . . .
Jack says to Erika that they have been in here over 40 days. It will be 7 weeks Saturday.
Erika says to Jack that his name on his key is opposite of everyone elses. Jack asks if his key is still up there. Erika tells Jack that she is onto him. Jack agrees that it is (opposite). Erika asks Jack if he had ever noticed that before and he said that he noticed that his key was shorter and that their two keys were reversed but he didn't look at the others. Erika says that everyone elses key are the right way and his is going the other way. Jack thinks that's very strange till you turn it around. Jack shows Erikca how it works. Erika says she didn't realize that. Jack says that his key is still shorter though. Erika says ~ all right so you're not the mole. Jack said they are going to reveal the twist that he is a Technician and not really a hg. Erika said she didn't realize that on the other side (of the keys) that the names are the other way.

Aug 21 2003 00:45, Thu Dreamer   Link
Rob laying on the HOH bed when Jee and Ali enter . .
Jee says to Rob: I am going to call the people in one by one in alphabetical order than I'll talk to you.

Aug 21 2003 00:48, Thu Dreamer   Link
Jee called to the DR . .BB is going to make an announcement! . .
BB: Jee you are going to be let in on a big secret right now cause you are the new HOH
Jee: Oh ok
BB: You can go ahead and read it
Jee: Ok
BB: They are going to make an announcement in the house but first I want to talk to you
Jee: Ok
the FOTH

Aug 21 2003 00:57, Thu Kecia   Link
Cuff and Link are leaving the BB4 house.
That was the announcement that BB made to Jee.

Aug 21 2003 00:57, Thu babyblue   Link
1155pm BBT Jee calls meeting in front room for news
BB knows you've said another sad good-bye. It is also the last night for 2 more BB houseguests.
Tomorrow, the Desert Room will be closed tomorrow, and you will say goodbye to your 2 tortoise friends
The residents, human and otherwise, of the Desert Room must vacate the room by 1000am tomorrow morning and you will say goodbye to Cuff & Link.
Remember change can equal opportunity.