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Aug 21 2003 01:43, Thu SonOfAbraxas   Link
The HoH Talks Begin - Alphabetically - Starting with Ali
Okay, here we go with the HoH talks.

Ali is telling Jee about what Erika said about the 'backdoor' plan. Ali says that they don't think Jun is in danger.

Random Sporadic FOTHs now. Grrrr... I don't really care about what Ali is saying, anyway. I wanna know what Jack and Erika say to Jee.

Jee is telling her that if the veto is used Ali will not go up IF Ali agrees that if she's HoH she will not put Jee up, even if veto is used.

Ali says she trusts Jee more than Robert, and not to say anything to him about that.

Jee says he'll be honest about telling Jack/Erika they will probably both be going up.

Ali is saying Jack is suspicious because Jack threw the ball short. Ali - He never throws it short! He never threw it short!

Now talking about the 19minute veto comp.

Ali - He controls her (talking about jack controlling erika)

Jee - They way I look at it, they have to be split up.

Aug 21 2003 01:43, Thu BBWhat   Link
Jack and Jee, tet-a-tet
Jack: you were the man to beat in the HOH comp tonight. If Er or I get the veto, we'd veto ourself.

Jee: best strategic move for you. It would be Ali or Jun. I haven't decided in that case. Both have equal chances of going up there. I know Jun has aligned with you guys, but is not necessarily part of your alliance. She deserves to be here, because obviously she still is here. I can't commit to who I'd put up. Maybe the night before I'll let you know. I'm leaning towards you two, because I respect the strength of your alliance, and you'd do the same thing. We're opponents right now. As Justin said, you're worthy opponents. Our alliance is fortunate we got the HOH this week.

Jack: it's hard for one alliance to win consequetive HOHs. It's a logical move.

Jee: It's out in the open, there's two alliances.

Jack: You have to play it that way.

Jee: my door is always open to you. I admire the way you play this game.

Jack: you played superbly under pressure today. You weren't lucky, you played it well. I didn't put enough zip on mine.

Jee: after the nomination, I'll want to talk with you again.

Jack: I'll get Jun

Aug 21 2003 01:44, Thu SonOfAbraxas   Link
Erika is Next up!
12:15pm BBT

Erika joined Jee in HoH room.

Jee saying he respects both Erika and Jack.

Jee asks if she has anything to ask or say. He tells her to not be afraid to say anything.

Erika says she respects any move he makes. She won't tell him to do this or that.

Jee says the announcement tomorrow might change everything. Apparently, the turtle/desert room announcement wasn't the 'twist' ::

Jee saying that she's a tough competitor.

Erika moans and says that he's going to put her up again! (jokingly)

Jee says that nothing is set in stone. If Jack one HoH, they would've come after Jee and Robert.

Erika saying that whichever one of them is left - will join the alliance, should they break up.

Jee tells Erika that Jack told him that if they come after both of them, to leave Erika because he screwed her over tonight during the competition. Erika tears up and says it breaks her heart. Jee says that just shows how much he thinks of her.

Jee - You're a very classy lady compared... I don't like to judge people... You've handled the game a lot more maturely than the other ladies in here.

Erika - You're makin' me cry, Jee!

Erika - Can I ask you a question without this leaving the room?

Jee - Yeah

Erika - If Jack and I go up and one of us gets the veto, who would go up?

Jee - I don't know until we get the announcement. There are only 2 choices. In my eyes, they're both floaters.

Aug 21 2003 01:45, Thu SonOfAbraxas   Link
Jack, your turn
Erika and Jee did a lot of "I respect you!" "No, I respect YOU!" talk.

12:30am BBT

And it's Jack's turn!

Talk about food comp probably in the morning.

Jee asks if Jack has anything to say.

Blah blah.. respect and honesty talk.

C'mon people! I wanna see wheeling and dealing!

Jee tells Jack, as well, that he's leaning towards putting Jack and Erika up, but it's not certain. And how the twist will effect things.

Jack talks about going to miss the desert room because Erika and him have had private talks in there -every- night.

Jack talking about Jee joining Erika and Jack, with Jun being the 4th in the F4.

Jack says they talked about it from way back, but it was impossible because of Justin.

Jee is saying that if Jack won HoH and Robert was gone the next week, Jee would've done it.

Jack turns talk to Ali and not knowing where she stands.

Jack says if they were working together, it could be Ali and then Robert out.

Now talk about E/J noms and veto used and Jack is talking about the backdoor plan... blah blah blah.

Jee is saying the floaters have equal chances going up.

It's all the same BS.

Hopefully Jun will be in there soon. I hope they reveal the true intentions of their secret alliance.

Aug 21 2003 01:55, Thu SonOfAbraxas   Link
Here's Jun!
Jun's turn!

12:45am BBT

Jun immediately approaches Jee with the Ali plan. Jee doesn't think Robert will go for it.

Jun is telling Jee that it's not his 'team' any longer. He has to think for himself.

Jun - What does Robert want you to do? Jack and Erika.

Jee - Yeah. This is just between you and me.

Jee - We think we want to get Erika. When it comes down to the final three, we want him, and not Erika. Erika is very competitive.

Jun - I'm fine with getting Erika out. Just tell me.

Jun - What did you tell Ali? Ali knows about the backdoor plan.

Jee - We didn't have a backdoor plan.

Jee tells Jun that if the veto is used, he will most likely put her (Jun) up. Jun laughs. Jee says he needs Ali's vote. Jee told both Rob and Ali that if Jun is up, they vote to break up J/E.

Jee - The point is, I need some leverage, and I need them seperated. You have to understand. Rob is still my boy.

Jun - Ali will come to me later. She thinks (said sarcastically) that we have this great bond.

Jee says that he told Ali that they're targetting Erika. Jun thinks Ali will tell Erika. Jee says that if she does, she's in trouble.

Jee thinks that if the veto is used and Jun goes up, it'll squash any thoughts they Jee/Jun are aligned. Jee confesses that Ali really isn't in their alliance.

Jun asks Jee to tell her what to say when they ask what they talked about. Tells her what he told Erika/Jack...

Jun says she won't tell Jack or Erika about the plan.

Jee - Just be careful of what you say. If you f**k me over, I'll f**k you over too.

Jee is saying after he breaks E/J up, he will go for Ali. He says he doesn't trust her at all.

Jee - I know that eventually, you and I, when it comes to that point, will work together.

Jun criticizing Jee's playstyle. And Jee asking her to understand.

Aug 21 2003 01:56, Thu BBWhat   Link
more Jun andJee talk
Jee: don't think I have an alliance with Ali, I have to do what's right for me. I've made it very clear to Ali and Rob there's two alliances and two floaters...I need some leverage. Rob is still my boy. He told me not to trust you.

Jun: I know that about you. You don't need to tell me. I understand your alliance with him, don't be paranoid.

Jee: you just put your foot down, and that's how the ***** goes?

Jun: Ali really wants Erika out.

Jee: ...I told Ali I'd put you up...(in event of veto?)...whispering

Jee: Ali believes she's protected, but she really isn't...But don't open your mouth to Jack or Erika.

Jun: do you think I'm ***** stupid? ... They (Jack &Erika) going to campaign to get Ali out.

Jee: You ***** me over, you're going to get ***** over too.

Jun: they (J&E) were like, "oh my god, the kid won."

Jee: the plan is to get them out, then I'll have a bit of leverage, I want to split them up. I don't trust that bitch. This is the way it's going to work out, okay?

Jun: okay

Jun warning about Rob, and final two voting.

Jee: just try and look out for me. Don't let anything to be known.

Aug 21 2003 02:00, Thu SonOfAbraxas   Link
And last, and certainly least, Robert!
And last, and certainly least, Robert!

Robert - So, what happened? Anything good?

Jee - Everyone knows the deal.

Jee/Robert saying that both of them 'told' Ali she's part of the alliance.

Robert and Jee agree that Erika is the stronger player and has to go.

Jee - When we get the final four, do we want Erika or Jack?

Robert - Thanks, man. You did everything I thought you'd do.

Jee telling Robert that he was straight up and honest with Erika and Jack about leaning towards putting them up because strategically it's what he has to do. But, that he also told them that because of the twist tomorrow, he doesn't know yet.

Jee tells Rob that they both asked about what would happen if the veto was used, and he didn't say. Robert says good, don't tell them.

Same old stuff over and over again, really. I'll keep listening and report anything new said between them.

Aug 21 2003 02:01, Thu ktan   Link
New BB announcement: "Jee, please stop playing with your microphone!" NT

Aug 21 2003 02:10, Thu SonOfAbraxas   Link
Robert/Jee worried about Jun using veto, in which case Ali would -have- to go up. Jee says he told Jun not to use it, though. NT

Aug 21 2003 02:11, Thu BBWhat   Link
Jee and Robert talking
Jee: I made Ali believe Erika is the strong player, and we have to get her out. If we get to the F4, would Ali want Jack or Erika there? We want Erika out.

Rob: you did everything you had to do

Jee: I told them, I respect you as opponents, but the house is split in two, I have to be honest, and put you up...Expect the unexpected, I don't know what's going to happen tomorrow.

Jee: they asked me, if Erika wins veto, I said there's two possibilities, equal chance of Jun or Ali. Depends on the twist, and so I cannot reveal my plans to you (Jack)...After noms, I want to speak to you (Jack).

Rob: what did Erika try and offer you?

Jee: nothing, she didn't really try. Crying a bit.

Rob: Good. She's a ***** scumbag. She should cry.

BB: Jee, please stop playing with your microphone.

Jee: we try and get her out...ali with us...won't put Ali up?

Jee: only way it can go bad is if Erika wins veto. In that case, I want Jack to go.

Rob: the only way Erika won't leave is if she wins veto.

Jee: the logical move is you two, but no ones really save. I let Jun know she might go up.

Rob: Jun wants you to turn on me?

Jee: they're trying to break up our alliance. There were like, Jee, "through my observation, Justin and Robert would drop you to get to the final two." I kinda knew they tried to talk about that earlier.

Rob: the one they don't want to go to the finals with is you. Erika told me that last person you'd want in the finals with is Jee. Ali is okay with second place.

Jee: I had a gut feeling I'd be safe, but I had to work for the both of us today...Expect the unexpected.

Rob: every person that leaves, out chances get better.

Jee: I warned Jun not to ***** with us

Rob: don't trust her, she talks *****.

Jee: She knows she can't trust Jack and Erika, and would do what I want. She's a floater.

Talking about food comp.

Rob: I love that we have Ali. Ali said she didn't trust me before. Ali knows about the back door plan, and that she's vulnerable. I told Ali, please don't believe anyone.

Jee: I told her, she's not going up. Next week she is.

Rob: we have to concentrate on getting Erika out. Don't need to worry about Jun's vote. Only prob is if Erika gets veto.

Jee: she basically has a week left.

Rob: this is what I'm excited about. If we get Erika out, were in a good place, with Ali. There is not one person in the house that wants to go with you to the finals except me. Next week buys us more time, Jack or ... out? (Final three of him, Jee, Jun, then pick Jun out). With this week's Erika eviction, we're looking good.

Jee: we have better chances, for sure. Be careful, Jun said she heard stuff from out there.

Aug 21 2003 02:13, Thu BBWhat   Link
More Rob and Jee talk
Rob: I told Ali too, we're picking up where we left off with Justin, we'll put you in his spot, you're a part of the Dream Team.

Jee: we just blow smoke up her ass.

Rob: I'm really liking it. This is so big, you winning this week. We're taking out a major player.

Jee: it's gonna happen.

Rob: I know it.

Aug 21 2003 02:29, Thu BBWhat   Link
Jee and Rob talk outside
Jee: I'm worried Jack or Erika will take me out next week.

Rob: Don't worry about it, we're in a good position.

Jee wonders when to let Jack info. Can he trust Jack to know he's safe?

Rob: we'll blow smoke up his ass.

Jee: we'll say we don't know yet, things can go either way for you Jack.

Rob: offer him an alliance. Don't let Jun suck up to you, she's a ***** snake in the grass. I'm so happy you won, because she's suck a bitch. I told Ali, we don't need the others, Justin recommended you to us. If either of us win, it's because of the team. They've forgotten about Dave. I was trippin' out when you gave your speach, you were classy. ***** the TV, you were talking to us. It proves you are a classy guy. You talk great, you kept getting better and better. You looked at us in the eye. ***** spiders everywhere.

Jee: I'm gonna quit this ***** (smoking)

Rob: Justin's probably paryting right now.

Jee: he took a handful of condoms.

Rob: that guy is so ***** happy for us. He can talk *****, because he's still a part of us. We're on the doorstep, we just gotta open it. The only one I was scared of was Jack.

Jee: went short.

Rob: You weren't all elated, it was like you had to think about it. You are the first guy to win it twice. You're money. You're going to be one of the most popular guys. Me and Jun were saying, we're going to be like players, we'll be on TV more, we'll get more interviews. People are rooting for us. The Dream team, the Dream team! They hate it. What made it sweet today, is that ... the floaters are caught?

Jee: we're going to break up that alliance. Regardless it's going to happen.

Rob: we have alot to think about, he have alot of days. Do we need to make an alliance with Jack?

Jee: but we need to go after Alison first, we can't be sure about him not winning. I couldn't believe I was the first player to win HOH twice, I'm not trying to be cocky.

Rob: I wouldn't want it any other way. I needed you to get that pump I got. Out there in the world, I wanted you to get it...I just needed her to send me something. If you go with a girl, make sure she's hot and awesome.

Jee: this is a good day for me regardless.

Rob: it could have been loosing Justin and me going out. ***** money.

BB announcement

Jee: they keep doing that, they want us to go to sleep. the reason I'm feelin good and positive is that the alliance will be broken up this week. I'd rather Erika go this week.

Aug 21 2003 02:31, Thu Shadow46and2 ParentRootLink
Clarification: the BB announcement was a reminder that there is a food comp tomorrow, and they did the "From Hell" sound effect again. NT

Aug 21 2003 03:02, Thu Shadow46and2   Link
Justin left a gift under the covering on his bed. It says D.T. Ali and Jun didn't know what it meant at first, but figured out it was Dream Team. Now Robert wants to show everyone. NT

Aug 21 2003 03:02, Thu Shadow46and2 ParentRootLink
Sorry, spelled out in those irridescent rocks. NT

Aug 21 2003 03:31, Thu Shadow46and2   Link
Jun talking with Ja/Erika. Saying that she will go for the veto, and use it if she wins it, and have Jee put Ali up, Ali goes. Now Jun's in bed, Ja/E talking as usual alone in sandbox. NT

Aug 21 2003 03:59, Thu Shadow46and2   Link
Jack really down about not making it past this week. He's telling Erika he sees her in the finals. Jack just told Erika that Jee has told him twice
that he wanted to see him immediately after the noms. Wondering what that means. Erika says maybe he's using you as a pawn to get me out. Jack: Oh God! Didn't think of that. Jack says if one of us gets the veto Jee will put Jun up. Erika says she doesn't think so, because she thinks they want to take Jun to the finals. They agree their best bet is to have Jun win Veto and use it. They will try to let her win it, if possible. Erika says if one of them gets veto, Jee will put Ali up. Jack says ok, let's go with your gut on that.

Now they are saying Jee is screwed if Jun gets veto and uses it. Jack telling Erika about what Robert said to him about not to worry and don't tell Erika. Says Robert knows I am going to tell you everything. Erika says again, he's putting you (Jack) up as a pawn to get me out. Jack: Oh Sh*t. That's just not gonna work.

I hear heavy breathing, and silence otherwise, so posting.

Aug 21 2003 05:16, Thu valentine   Link
Everybody is Sleeping Soundly
in their beds. No sign of the "unexpected", even though "tomorrow" has officially already started.

Aug 21 2003 07:39, Thu MsB0808   Link
All still sleeping on quad cam but JACK is sleeping on his side AND covered!!! NT

Aug 21 2003 07:40, Thu MsB0808 ParentRootLink
OOPS, Jack isn't covered but he IS sleeping on his side. NT

Aug 21 2003 10:02, Thu Dreamer   Link
BB: Good morning hg's, it's time to get up for the day :) NT

Aug 21 2003 10:02, Thu mkemp   Link
BB: good morning hg's , it's time to get up for the day...... NT

Aug 21 2003 10:04, Thu Dreamer   Link
Jack is the first hg up, using the WC NT

Aug 21 2003 10:12, Thu Dreamer   Link
BB: I said it's time to get up for the day . . .he is pissed! NT

Aug 21 2003 10:13, Thu luvBB4   Link
BB in mean voice "Isaid it's time to get up for the day!!" NT

Aug 21 2003 10:13, Thu Dreamer   Link
Jun up, brushing her teeth NT

Aug 21 2003 10:17, Thu Dreamer   Link

Aug 21 2003 10:19, Thu Dreamer   Link
Erika says it cold out today . .
Studio City at the moment~71 °F

Aug 21 2003 10:19, Thu Vaseflower2000   Link
eri and jack are up and in the kitchen NT

Aug 21 2003 10:23, Thu Vaseflower2000   Link
eri talking to turtles-ja and eri did not sleep well NT

Aug 21 2003 10:26, Thu I_Should_Be_Working   Link
Erika and Jack moving out of the Desert Room. NT

Aug 21 2003 10:27, Thu I_Should_Be_Working   Link
Erika and Jack moving Erika's things into the Orange Room
Ali complaining that they were awakened thirty minutes early so that they could say goodbye to the turtles.

Aug 21 2003 10:35, Thu missp ParentRootLink
Thought it was Jun complaining to Ali? NT

Aug 21 2003 10:28, Thu I_Should_Be_Working   Link
Jee offers to help. Jack: Thanks, we got it. Appreciate it. Jee: No problem NT

Aug 21 2003 10:29, Thu I_Should_Be_Working   Link
Jack's things going into the blue room under Justin's old bed NT

Aug 21 2003 10:32, Thu I_Should_Be_Working   Link
J&E Moving smaller individual items in silence; Ali watching (intently) Jun cook breakfast. NT

Aug 21 2003 10:34, Thu Vaseflower2000   Link
everyone just doing their morning routine NT

Aug 21 2003 10:37, Thu Dreamer   Link
Jun is cooking breakfast NT

Aug 21 2003 10:42, Thu I_Should_Be_Working   Link
Ali to turtles: Goodbye you little PIGS! NT

Aug 21 2003 10:43, Thu I_Should_Be_Working   Link
Ali outside with Rob and Jee
Talk of earthquakes and the weather.

Aug 21 2003 10:54, Thu Dreamer ParentRootLink
Ali asks if it ever rains for like a full day . .
Rob says yeah it will rain a day, two days or three days.
Ali asks if if it rains all day long. Rob says yeah all day long and night too. Ali says that they get down pours for like three days in a row.

Aug 21 2003 10:45, Thu I_Should_Be_Working   Link
Jun and Erika whispering in the kitchen
Erika wants to know where Ali stands. Jun says she definitely thinks she's with them (R&J). E: Will she vote off Jack? (Jun says something I can't hear)

Aug 21 2003 10:47, Thu Quench   Link
Shot of the empty Sandroom. Beds are cleared off. Just Cuff and Link left in the room. NT

Aug 21 2003 10:59, Thu Dreamer   Link
Jack called to DR for meds . .Rob asked Ali what meds she takes
She said that she takes meds for her skin, some prescription with vitamins.

Aug 21 2003 11:00, Thu Vaseflower2000   Link
they are dividing up the chores for next week-who will do what NT

Aug 21 2003 11:11, Thu Vaseflower2000   Link
jee,rob, and ali outside talking about vitamins NT

Aug 21 2003 11:14, Thu Lola   Link
Jack says "Some one needs to stick a grenade in my a**....
Then I find some volunteers to pull the pin

Aug 21 2003 11:15, Thu Anonymous   Link
Jack To Erica....
"Are you starting to feel the icicles of isolation?". Erica tell him 'Sorta" and then Jack says that somebody needs to stick a grenade up his ass, and that he'll pull the pin. ( I guess he means that he plans on self-destructing and keeping Erica in the house instead of him.)

Aug 21 2003 11:18, Thu Lola   Link
Er chuckles to Ja that now they (Ro&Je) have to deal with her (Alicat) for a while. Ja chuckles too NT

Aug 21 2003 11:23, Thu Lola   Link
Jun tells Jack "You and Er are going up.. but
it's not going to go down the way you think
Ja says "I know I was starting to get that feeling last night. Thank you for the support last night"
Jun says "Thats ok. I knew you were down"
Ja says "I like you Jun"
Jus replys "I like you too Ja"
Ja says "We always hang around in the kitchen together"

Aug 21 2003 11:24, Thu ilsa   Link
awwww, a final goodbye,
Jack and Erika in sandbox room.

Jack to turtles, 'Goodbye you little poops.'

They leave the room and close the door.

Aug 21 2003 11:31, Thu Lola   Link
more Alicat bashing
Jun is telling Er how Ali was telling her that Er is scheming
Er says what can I scheme about now
Jun says "Yeah you know that you're going up, Ali is just so paranoid"

Aug 21 2003 11:42, Thu Niki458   Link
Ja, Rob, Jun, Je sitting out side talking about Ali's snoring. . .Je "its so bad sometimes" NT

Aug 21 2003 11:45, Thu bidz_yo   Link
Jun quote in reference to Ali
"She touched Dave's dingy"

In that cute faux-Asian accent

Aug 21 2003 11:46, Thu PinkFireFly   Link
Jun to Robert and Jee...
"Ali actually touched Dave's THINGY!"

Everyone laughs, and then Jee says "But she's still in love with Justin. She tried to make him out to be a monster, but he's the coolest guy!"

Aug 21 2003 11:48, Thu Niki458   Link
Ja is listening as Rob, Jun and Je are talking about ali throwing herself at
the guys in here.

Jun - she even touched Dave's dingy.

Je and Rob laugh at her terminalogy.

Jun - she is crazy.

Je - she is in denial

Rob - you can't even described what goes on in her head

Jun - at first she was so out to get Justin and she hated him and now all of the sudden he is like the best thing she has ever met, shes weird.


Aug 21 2003 11:50, Thu ankt   Link

Aug 21 2003 11:53, Thu Lola   Link
Jun & Je bashing Ali, Ja is also there
They're talking about how much she carried on when she first came in the house about Jus
They all agreed that before they met Jus they thought that he was some kind of monster
Ja said when he saw Jus come in the house he was surprised because he has met him previouly at the motel
Jun said that Alicat had said that she had, had someone beat him up and then at the good byes she was acting like he was so wonderful
Je & Jun both talk about how Alicat talked like her & Jus went everywhere together and Jus said he never took her out to dinner, etc... just to the movies once

Aug 21 2003 12:00, Thu Lola   Link
Je and Jun in playfull banter
Je says Jun was flirting a lot when she first came in house
She denies it
He says that she was not so innocent
She said she wasn't all tied up like a pretzel but she says she was a bit** to him cause she hated him then but she likes him now
(They're all chuckeling)
Je says that sometimes shes a hypocrite

Aug 21 2003 12:33, Thu Tristin   Link
Not much going on in the house. Jun & Erika sleeping in one bed in the love room and Ali in the other..
Jack sleeping in the blue room, Robert sleeping outside on a patio chair and Jee nowhere to be found.

Aug 21 2003 12:36, Thu Katfsh   Link
Jack & Rob also sleeping NT

Aug 21 2003 12:41, Thu Tristin   Link
Jack now up and heading to the WC NT

Aug 21 2003 12:47, Thu Tristin   Link
Jack back to bed after trip to the WC. Robert up from nap outside and heads to blue room to go to bed...
One feed showing Jee sleeping in the HOH room

Aug 21 2003 12:49, Thu Katfsh   Link
All HG's napping - less than 3 hrs after they got up this AM NT

Aug 21 2003 13:19, Thu deVinePoet   Link
Jee moved. NT

Aug 21 2003 13:20, Thu deVinePoet   Link
Jee went back to sleep. NT

Aug 21 2003 13:36, Thu Denise   Link
Jee & Jack now outside talking, wondering about the twist, ooooh Jee has right leg over left & is swinging his foot. NT

Aug 21 2003 13:53, Thu Katfsh   Link
Jee asks Jack how long he's been married...
Jack says 23 years, and it's been a great ride, Pat's a wonderful woman. No regrets, beautiful family.

Aug 21 2003 14:01, Thu Anonymous   Link
Jee Tells Jack
"The alliances will eventually split. I'm not promising anything, but if you and I are still here, maybe we'll meet up. You know?"

Aug 21 2003 14:02, Thu Katfsh   Link
Jee apologizes to Jack for upsetting his strategy...
says he respects him for always playing the game with honesty.
Jack told Jee that if he (Jee) gets to the finals, he's unbeatable.
Jee replies - That's why I think I might not get there.

Aug 21 2003 14:04, Thu PinkFireFly   Link
Jee says Alison is too emotional.....
He said that " Emotions were the downfall of Dana, and that Ali is going down that road."

Aug 21 2003 14:06, Thu PinkFireFly   Link
Jack and Jee talking about JFK again NT

Aug 21 2003 14:11, Thu Katfsh ParentRootLink
Jack says Oliver Stone's "JFK" was garbage - don't
bother seeing it. It only got 2 things right - the date of the assassination and the name of the victim.

Aug 21 2003 14:14, Thu Vaseflower2000   Link
ja telling jee about jfk murder-fascinating NT

Aug 21 2003 14:15, Thu Vaseflower2000   Link
talking about where fbi offices are-biggest one in nyc NT

Aug 21 2003 14:16, Thu Katfsh   Link
Jack says "NYPD Blue" portrays the Bureau as a bunch of bunglers. NT

Aug 21 2003 14:21, Thu Katfsh   Link
Now talking about Sadaam Hussein and Osama bin Laden - can't believe they're still haven't been found NT

Aug 21 2003 14:22, Thu Vaseflower2000   Link
jee asking ja very interesting questions. having a very intelligent discussion on world events. NT

Aug 21 2003 14:31, Thu Katfsh   Link
Jack went in to shave; Rob got up and came outside to join Jee. NT

Aug 21 2003 14:40, Thu PinkFireFly   Link
Jee to Robert....
"I hope you win HOH next week man. It will be like the icing on the cake!"

Aug 21 2003 14:42, Thu PinkFireFly   Link
Jee and Robert want to align with Jack
Jee and Robert are discussing that they want Erica gone this week, and then want to put up Alison and Jack next week. They want to align with Jack and get rid of Alison after Erica.

Aug 21 2003 14:43, Thu lacycatherine   Link
Robert and Jee in BY discussing the other players...
Jee is saying that they should offer to put Jack on their team for one week. Robert doesn't seem to keen on that. Robert sounds like he is the one that is HOH and Jee is bouncing scenerios off of him.

Aug 21 2003 14:44, Thu BuzzardsCrotch   Link
Jee and Rob talking in BY
Jee saying Erika is out next week. Next HOH if Rob gets it Jun and Ali up and Ali out.
Rob says that if Jack gets HOH he will get Jee out b/c he would not want to go into the finals with Jee.
Jee wants to talk to Jack about aligning with him and Rob after Erika is out.
now Rob talikg about his busy life outside the house and that he works more than 12 hours a day.

Aug 21 2003 14:50, Thu Grins   Link
Jack to Erika:
Jack: there is an interesting sound effect in here. I was back in the bedroom (blue grotto) and Jun was in the kitchen and did this (he tears off a single paper towel from the roll) and I heard this. Clear as a bell.

Erika goes back to the blue bedroom to see if she can hear it.

Erika "yes clear as a bell, try whispering this time"

Jack "if you can hear me come back in"

Erika "no, you can hear the voices but not make out what was said"

Aug 21 2003 15:01, Thu joannie   Link
Two Stooges are in the BY trying to figure out "the twist" NT

Aug 21 2003 15:01, Thu Bayoubug   Link
BB called Erica to the DR NT

Aug 21 2003 15:02, Thu joannie   Link
Stooges think the twist might be a 'platinum' veto NT

Aug 21 2003 15:12, Thu Bayoubug   Link
Ali called to the DR NT

Aug 21 2003 15:22, Thu Dreamer   Link
Rob: If you think about it man, after this week it's two weeks . . .(edited)
that's it, it's done. Rob says he gets sad but then he gets really happy about how short it is. He says like yesterday was a good night for them, tonight will be good they have a lot of sh*t to do. Rob says that we have the nominations tonight, that will be good, the unexpected that will be good. Jee says he hopes that Rob wins HOH. Rob says that will be the end. Jee says that will be the icing on the cake, bro. Rob agrees and says it will be Justin once, Jee twice and Rob once that will take them to the finals. Rob then says actually me or Ali will take us to the finals next week . .he then corrects himself and says I mean take US to the finals. Rob asks Jee if he has had a cigarette today. Jee said no he hasn't. Rob asks Jee how many cigs he has left (he calls him brother). Jee says not much bro, counts 2 4 6 8. Rob says OMG, Jee.

missed a bit cause of terrible audio~
Rob: I don't know I never know about Jack
Jee: Yeah, I don't know what he would do though
Rob: He'd put us up, man. Remember he doesn't want to go against you in the finals. He is never gonna never not put you up and me. He'll never cause there is nobody here to be aligned with. He will put you up, don't think he won't
Jee: What if we guarantee him that next week, cause this is what we have to do at this point we have to fu*cking make crucial deals. What if we tell him~ alright Jack we are gonna take you into our team for a week. We know that we are man of our word and yet we know that you are very honest as well. We'll take you in for a week whether Rob wins it or Alison wins it we will guarantee you will not go up there. You will not be the one to compete.
Rob: No, no, no I don't want to do it. He could talk to Erika. I won't do any of that stuff till after eviction
Jee: When Erika leaves just on that same day on the day of eviction we'll talk to him
Rob: Okay
Jee: We could like ~ Jack you know the deal, we've already made sure that she leaves don't cause any fu*king grief for Erika, don't cause any pain for us b/c it will just be worse for you. We're asking you to kinda join us, ya know
Rob: Yeah, I know but that day though
Jee: Lets go talk over there
Rob: Huh?
Jee: Let's go over by the beach chairs, I don't like it here
Rob: Yeah right here I am sick of laying down
Jee: Well if your a*s wasn't so fu*cking lazy maybe you'd stop laying down
Rob: I'm telling ya man, whatever were hanging out here in the game and you do not see me, like you haven't seen a big part of me until I'm working. Even my friends are like you are so happy. I'm so fu*king busy, I'm having fun you know what I mean?
Jee: I know you are
Rob: But the thing is we're friends for life but you are gonna see me. It ain't nothing like in here
Jee: Oh yeah
Rob: Like Justin will see it too. I'm on like talking to millions of people fu*king that's me living. When I am in the restaraunt, dude, you will say oh Rob you were right you are a totally different person.
Jee: I expected that
Rob: I get in the zone, bro
Jee: Especially when you told me you work 12 hours a day and you enjoy it
Rob: Hell yeah I come home happy as hell
Jee: That just tells me what type of person you are
Rob: Oh yeah I bust those 12, no actually it's more but still
Jee: Dude you've got to enjoy your life and enjoy your job for you to say you work more than 12 hours and say you enjoy your life(lights a cig)
Rob: Right
Jee: That's crazy, man
Rob: I didn't even think of that, the hours, I don't even think of them
Jee: I f*cking hate working 8 hours
Rob: Yeah right
Jee: It's not my career. I am forunate to have the job that I have and it's cool. I like working with people
Rob: It's a stepping stone to what happened, dude, which I've already been offered but I was drinking at the time
Jee: You're going to get that very soon, especially coming out of here. Justin brought up the point that you are going to try to live your 15 minutes ~ you know what I am saying?
Rob: Right
Jee: A lot more offers will be coming to you for that reason. Like remember that dude Rob from the dream team from BB4 we're going to have to propose a contract with them . .you know come on. Then the grand opening we'd have the dream team members there . .whoa that's going to be f*cking hot! That will be hot. Hopefully it will help your business. (Out of the blue now) But dude that's what I am saying about Jack only b/c if Jack does get it, you know we have to at least try
Rob: I know but I am telling you I guarantee on my life he will put us up. He'd be stupid not to. You think he'd put up Jun and Ali and waste his f*cking ever chance to get us out? Remember if he did get Jun or Ali out, that's it~it's us 3 in the finals. He doesn't want to go with Jun in the finals. I know from Erika. That's why I got to win and Ali got to win next week to get everybody out
Jee: Careful he is always here. He can always hear us. We have to be careful what we say especially now. From here on sh*t has to be whispered. Alright? Jack does not sleep, he hears everything. That's one thing I give to him. He hasn't won a comp and hasn't proven himself but the man knows how to f*cking observe and listen.
Rob: Right
Jee: You have to be careful of that. His ears are open to everything

Aug 21 2003 15:25, Thu Lola   Link
All feeds on empty Sandlot, and Cuff and Link NT

Aug 21 2003 15:25, Thu PinkFireFly   Link
Camera 1 Shows Empty Desert Room...
An empty drawer is laying on the bed.

Aug 21 2003 15:25, Thu bruhe   Link
interesting quad cam. 2 feeds on turtles in empty dark room and the other two same but with night vision NT

Aug 21 2003 15:26, Thu joannie   Link
Turtle cam on all four feeds (I thought Cuff and Link left the house) NT

Aug 21 2003 15:27, Thu I_Should_Be_Working ParentRootLink
But we can hear HG talking and laughing (but not what they're saying!) NT

Aug 21 2003 15:28, Thu joannie   Link
I can hear Ali laughing and Jack talking but I can't make out what he's saying NT

Aug 21 2003 15:29, Thu joannie   Link
Sound of toilet flushing (!) NT

Aug 21 2003 15:31, Thu joannie   Link
Feeds back. Ali and Erika in BY talking about a girl alliance NT

Aug 21 2003 15:32, Thu Lola   Link
Ali saying to Er
feed comes back and Alicat is saying
"Nothing against Ja or anything but then it leave you me and Jun"

Aug 21 2003 15:33, Thu Lola   Link
Ali tells Er that they think that Er could probably win any physical endurance at the end NT

Aug 21 2003 15:35, Thu Lola   Link
Er thinks that the twist has something to do with nom or veto cause the last Expect the Unexpected sign was about that NT

Aug 21 2003 15:35, Thu joannie   Link
Now Ali and Erika talking about the twist
Erika thinks it has something to do with nominations.

Aug 21 2003 15:37, Thu PinkFireFly   Link
Turtles Again NT

Aug 21 2003 15:37, Thu joannie   Link
Infrared turtle cam on all feeds NT

Aug 21 2003 15:40, Thu joannie   Link
Feeds back. Not much going on. NT

Aug 21 2003 15:42, Thu joannie   Link
Jun at kitchen table eating 2 plates of food by herself! NT

Aug 21 2003 15:49, Thu Lola   Link
BB "This is a lock down. Please go the back yard and pull the shades" NT

Aug 21 2003 15:51, Thu Vaseflower2000   Link
lockdown all hgs outside NT

Aug 21 2003 15:56, Thu PinkFireFly   Link
Erica Says...
"I can hear them throwing away our food".

Aug 21 2003 15:58, Thu PinkFireFly   Link
Jun thinks it's an indoor food competition NT

Aug 21 2003 15:59, Thu Lola   Link
HG guess that the food comp may be in the Desert Room. Er says "We have to eat the turtle pellets, it calcium day" NT

Aug 21 2003 16:26, Thu Lola   Link
Ro is in hammock with Je. Ro is giving Je advice and encouragment to quit smoking NT

Aug 21 2003 16:31, Thu valentine   Link
Robert is Telling Jee How to Quit Smoking
He says that if Jee runs out of cigarettes in the house, it is meant for him to quit. He says that when Jee returns to his life in NY, he needs to learn to say "no" when a cigarette is offered.

Robert: Trust me, the first couple of times is the hardest. Then it gets easier. And then you're like me, with the drinking.

Jee: But I can just smoke occasionally, in social situations.

Robert: No, Jee, that's like me and drinking. You're just like me. One sip or hit and you're done. Trust me if I can quit drinking AND smoking, you can do it. You're making excuses just like I did.

Robert: I never thought I would be able to go to Vegas and be around drunk people, but I can do it now.

Jee is absorbing it all, and agreeing with him.

Robert: You're too young. And with losing your dad and all. You don't want that for yourself or your kids. Trust me. You're 19 and losing your dad to cancer. I'm 33 and I can't imagine losing my dad.

(Ed Note: I bet CBS shows this clip, once again making Robert the hero.)

Robert: Everyone says, when I have kids, I'll stop. But they're still smoking.

Aug 21 2003 16:39, Thu valentine   Link
Erica Tells Jee that Once He is Addicted
he will have to fight it all his life.

Erica: Whenever I get stressed out, I always immediately want a cigarette. And its been years since I've had one.

Jee: Oh no!!!!!

Erica: Its more addictive then heroin.

Jee: It should be illegal.

Erica: I smoked for half of high school and half of college. Its truly disgusting.

Aug 21 2003 16:39, Thu Vaseflower2000   Link
poorjee is really getting a lecture on his smoking NT

Aug 21 2003 16:45, Thu Lola   Link
Je is saying "Ja must have been some man in his day.... just look at how much he can lift now and he's 59. I wish I could lift that" NT

Aug 21 2003 16:55, Thu valentine   Link
Jee: This is a Big Budget Insane Asylum!
Erica: That's the twist, we all failed our psych exam.

Jack: And Dana was the sanest one.

Erica: Yep, we voted out the sanest ones first.

Aug 21 2003 16:58, Thu Lola   Link
Ali says "I've got to pee.... don't make me pee in front of you again." Jee says
your pi** smells like squid juice.
Ali says "I'm a healthy girl"
Je says "That cant be healthy, it smell like squid juice.... drink some water"

Aug 21 2003 16:59, Thu valentine   Link
Allie Wants to Go Inside Because
"three people over here have to pee."

Jee launches into a gross conversation describing how she peed in the cage last week. Apparently he didn't like the smell.

Allie: I'm a healthy young woman.

Jee: Well you need to drink some more water.

(Ed Note: Sorry. This is what they're talking about, though.)

Aug 21 2003 16:59, Thu DC1   Link
Jee says:Rob with his ADHD he can't sit still always gotta be moving, touching his face, his nose, his hair..all the time. Rob says nothing.[LOL]. NT

Aug 21 2003 17:02, Thu valentine   Link
FOTH Now. Maybe the Lockdown is Almost Over. NT

Aug 21 2003 17:12, Thu valentine   Link
Still FOTH. I guess we're shut out of the action at this point. NT

Aug 21 2003 17:24, Thu valentine   Link
Yeah, you guessed it. Still FOTH. NT

Aug 21 2003 18:06, Thu deedee744   Link
Still FOTH.. NT

Aug 21 2003 18:36, Thu Anonymous   Link
still FOTH NT

Aug 21 2003 18:39, Thu kittykelli   Link
WAIT! WAIT! Did you just see... Nope...still FOTH NT

Aug 21 2003 18:56, Thu pixiegirl   Link

Aug 21 2003 19:02, Thu jaylight   Link
Feeds up NT

Aug 21 2003 19:04, Thu jaylight   Link
Someone took money for 1 week with out food NT

Aug 21 2003 19:05, Thu valentine   Link
Oooooohh. They are very mad at Robert.
Its his fault they are going to start PBJ in 6 hours.

Aug 21 2003 19:05, Thu bruhe   Link
jee apologizes to robert ... for somethign we dont know...
jee is talking offers.. there was a pbj bet.

Aug 21 2003 19:05, Thu Lovebug   Link
Jun - "that's what Justin would have wanted?" It was either Rob or Jee NT

Aug 21 2003 19:06, Thu cutiecat   Link
Jee took an offer to make the whole house eat PB&J for a week. NT

Aug 21 2003 19:09, Thu valentine   Link
I Think They Have PBJ for the Duration!
Allie: Maybe I will lose weight, after all.

(Ed Note: Allie = Me, me me)

Aug 21 2003 19:10, Thu cutiecat   Link
Here's what we know -- Jee is the only HG to accept the offer. The entire house will eat PB&J for a week. We don't know what the prize was. The other
choices were PB&J for two weeks and PB&J for a month.

Aug 21 2003 19:11, Thu Muse   Link
possible spoiler for the twist
I heard Jee saying he "accepted the offer" for them being on one week of pb & j. Apparently it will be "longer" than that, though not sure yet!

Aug 21 2003 19:12, Thu valentine   Link
Robert is Sitting Alone Outside
perched on the hot tub with his head down. He looks like he is having a crisis.

Inside, Erica is crying on the couch.

Jack: You're the one I was thinking of.

Erica: I know. That's what kills me.

Jack reaches out and pets her head, comforting her. She is sitting on the couch, hugging one of the cushions.

Aug 21 2003 19:13, Thu cutiecat   Link
Because Jee accepted the deal, he will not be able to win POV this week (I believe) NT

Aug 21 2003 19:16, Thu valentine ParentRootLink
I Think He Won Immunity for Some Specified Time NT

Aug 21 2003 19:15, Thu valentine   Link
Jun is Pissed at Jee
Jun: What a stupid, stupid move. He should have known. He wasn't even a big target before. Now he's the next fricking one to go!

Erica: Robert's going crazy on Jee.

Allie: Yes, on Jee. He doesn't understand that no one accepted but Jee.

Erica: They don't want us to know if it was one person, or more than one person.

Aug 21 2003 19:16, Thu joannie   Link
Ali and then Jun tag-teaming the stooges for information
Apparantly one and maybe two HGs accepted the offer

Aug 21 2003 19:17, Thu schubiedoo   Link
With what Jack just said, Jee Keeps the Nominations by putting them on PB&J NT

Aug 21 2003 19:21, Thu cutiecat   Link
99% SURE THIS IS CORRECT - Jee accepted offer, HG have to eat PB&J for one week (except Jee) and Jee won the Power of Veto. NT

Aug 21 2003 20:06, Thu Timsterino ParentRootLink
The above is correct NT

Aug 21 2003 19:26, Thu valentine   Link
The Three Girls are Standing at the Kitchen Counter
beginning the pig-out session. Jun is eating from what looks like a Breyers Vanilla ice cream carton. Allie is poking a spoon in from time to time.

Allie: Eat, Erica, eat!! You have to eat while you still can.

Jee secured the nominations and gets to eat, but everyone else is on PBJ. Allie thought Robert would take it, too, since he gets to eat and it would secure Jee's nominations.

(Ed Note: Maybe he did take it, too.)

Jun: OMG!! This is PMS week, too.!! What are we going to do?

Allie: What are we going to do? What are you going to do? You're the one that cooks all the time. Jun we have to work out this week.

Jun: Are you kidding?? Hellll no.

Allie: Jun you have to work out this week. This is no time to be weak.

Aug 21 2003 19:26, Thu doodles444s   Link
Jee if upset that Jun came outside and called him out on what he did..
Said it wasn't necessary and he doesn't understand why she did it...

Aug 21 2003 19:26, Thu bruhe   Link
Jee has NOT nominated anyone yet. FACT . NT

Aug 21 2003 20:01, Thu callmejenn   Link
Jee cannot win the power of veto. He said he didn't think he would anyway. NT

Aug 21 2003 20:06, Thu rer333   Link
Jun says she told DR that she doesn't want everyone to suffer for a week eating PBJ NT

Aug 21 2003 20:13, Thu veronika   Link
Ali and Robert in BY
Ali sais there will be no Veto competition - that Jee won Veto. The Veto competition just happened before noms. THAT was the TWIST.

Jee gave the whole house PBJ for 1 week to win Veto.

Earlier Jun says jee is quite serious about his noms not being messed with (this is payback for Michele), that he is a control freak.

Aug 21 2003 20:16, Thu veronika ParentRootLink
Jun also said
she would have been mad but understood it if Jack or Erika took the deal but could not believe Jee did it.

Aug 21 2003 20:13, Thu TheBigSista   Link
rat and ali talking...
sounds like food comp was veto comp and jee accepted and won which means that jee is veto holder and hoh so his noms will stand even though the noms have not yet taken place.

Aug 21 2003 20:14, Thu Anonymous   Link
Alison and Robert talking in BY. Robert saying that he didn't take the deal
because he didn't think it would be a strategic move to accept the offer so he didn't. He seems to be very mad with Jee, because Ali said she would go check on Jee. Robert must have said something to her (didn't catch it), and she says that she is upset but still wants to check on him. They say that Justin missed out.

Robert says so this is the twist. Ali say **** yeah! Soon after, FOTH.....argh

Aug 21 2003 20:15, Thu TheBigSista   Link
zilla is already complaining and pb&j has not even started -
she is determined to eat everything in the house.

Aug 21 2003 20:24, Thu veronika   Link
Lockdown - HG to BY and pull down shades! NT

Aug 21 2003 20:28, Thu ktan   Link
Woman adjusting keys on memory wall on F3. NT

Aug 21 2003 20:30, Thu realityrita   Link
Someone is in the house checking out the picture board..They've been showing the different pixs on F3 NT

Aug 21 2003 20:31, Thu ktan   Link
Camera doing its usual pan and scan of all HGs photos on F3. NT

Aug 21 2003 20:31, Thu veronika   Link
Jee looking forlorn in BY
Sits with Rbt and says "I have to think what I am going to say in there"

Rbt: Its easy. Talk from the heart. You are good at that. They are liars and thats it.

It goes silent.

A Staff member is messing with keys in the house on Camera 3

Robert asks Jee is they take th keys into HoH and Jee says no he has to go get them himself.

Aug 21 2003 20:32, Thu realityrita   Link
Jack said they should have realized something was up since Jon was in the house NT

Aug 21 2003 20:42, Thu Anonymous   Link
FOTH, Probably having the nomination ceremony NT

Aug 21 2003 21:02, Thu Dreamer   Link
DARK FOTH . .no lights tonight ~ NT

Aug 21 2003 21:29, Thu TheBigSista   Link
it sounds like jee nommed jack and erika NT

Aug 21 2003 21:30, Thu Anonymous   Link
Robert said they are voting Erika out...Don't tell Jun how voting. NT

Aug 21 2003 21:31, Thu ilsa ParentRootLink
--don't tell Jack-- NT

Aug 21 2003 21:30, Thu Anonymous   Link
Jack and Erika nominated NT

Aug 21 2003 21:30, Thu simen   Link
Jee nom. Jack and Erika *confirmed* NT

Aug 21 2003 21:34, Thu TheBigSista   Link
zilla is not happy with jees noms! NT

Aug 21 2003 21:35, Thu TheBigSista   Link
ali is planning a waterballoon towel toss using condoms instead of waterballoons!!! NT

Aug 21 2003 21:37, Thu nojobny ParentRootLink
She got this idea from the back of a cereal box. NT

Aug 21 2003 21:35, Thu BuzzardsCrotch   Link
Post nomination ceremony...
Ja,Er, and Ju in kitchen
Jun: "predictable, predictable" (I guess refering to Erika and Jack up on the block)

Ali comes in from BY: "what do you want to do?"
Erika: I want to drink
Jee offers them the beers in his HOH fridge.
Ali goes into HOH to get the beer.

Jack, Rob and Jee going to work out in the BY.
Erika watching Jun in the kitchen.

Jun: "I just want you to know this is not for revenge, what a crock of $h!t" (mimicking Jee's nomination speech)

Aug 21 2003 21:36, Thu nojobny   Link
Jun: Crock of sh**
I hate inconsistant behavior. That's one of my pet peeves.

Aug 21 2003 21:42, Thu Quench   Link
Erika standing looking at the Wall of Pictures. No keys under hers and Jack's photos. NT

Aug 21 2003 21:43, Thu nojobny   Link
Quick shot of pictures on the wall and >
everyone has keys under their portraits except Erika & Jack.

Aug 21 2003 21:46, Thu nojobny   Link
HG roll call:
F3& F4: Jee/Jack/Rob in BY working out. F1&F2: Jun in the kitchen starting dinner.

Ali headed to the hot tub. Erika MIA (WC?)

Aug 21 2003 21:49, Thu nojobny   Link
Er has now joined Ali NT

Aug 21 2003 21:49, Thu Anonymous   Link
Jee and Jack outside lifting
Jee: Jack, whatever you do don't step on those 2 little pink things over there.
Jack : Ok Jee, but what are they?
Jee: My nuts


Aug 21 2003 22:03, Thu Jokerette   Link
Erika and Allie on PBJ and the female BB
Ali was told whole house wants her out, so put them on PBJ.. first she was told PBJ for entire rest of game, then to pick up the PBJ… “she” (female bb) told her to taste it and so on, that it would only be for a week.

Erika had to also pick it up, and said it felt heavy.

Aug 21 2003 22:08, Thu Anonymous   Link
Ali and Erika getting drunk in the hot tub NT

Aug 21 2003 22:08, Thu Anonymous   Link
ali to er in HT
What if it were at the end of the game and it was just me and Dana in here? She would probably stab me in my sleep and look at me with her beady little eyes....

Aug 21 2003 22:14, Thu Anonymous   Link
Ali and Erika singing about chedder popcorn in hot tub...acting silly!! NT

Aug 21 2003 22:23, Thu Jokerette   Link
Rambling the feeds >
Allie: they should provide us prozac in our vitamins. (Missed some here)

Much later, she says Jee is a man of honor. Talking to Erika in hot tub, dang plane goes over (and blows my speakers.) Another plane, changing feeds.

Jee and the others now. Jun is drinking, Jack next to her. Talking about Justin and what a diff he made in the house.

Aug 21 2003 22:25, Thu SleeplessOnLI   Link
Ali: I feel tired. Erika: I feel skinny ... just sh!tty. PB&J for a week, urgh!" NT

Aug 21 2003 22:26, Thu SleeplessOnLI   Link
Ali & Erika refreshing comp. statistics in the HT. Feed 1&2. NT

Aug 21 2003 22:29, Thu SleeplessOnLI ParentRootLink
Ali hammering out the Qs (that memory of hers!) Drilling Erika with ALL stats - correcting when wrong. Practice, practice. NT

Aug 21 2003 22:31, Thu SleeplessOnLI ParentRootLink
In response to who Dana put up (wk3)... Erika realizes that both Ali & Jack did NOT leave. E:"How weird is that?!" (Dave left that week.) NT

Aug 21 2003 22:41, Thu SleeplessOnLI   Link
Ali & Erika getting along very well in the HT. Still rehashing ALL of the comps. Ali's memory goes week by week. They chat about all! NT

Aug 21 2003 22:47, Thu SleeplessOnLI   Link
Again, singing "Cheddar Popcorn" ... Erika and Alison. (That boring!) NT

Aug 21 2003 22:50, Thu Jokerette   Link
Alli/Erika wondering if Jack threw contest >
Ali: Jack doesn’t like me does he?
Erika: why you say that?
Ali: he likes everybody else. Er says awwwwwwww. Then they say “Jack attack” and wonder how he blew the contest so badly. Er can’t wait to see the tape. Al thinks he laid down for a nap.

Almost 4 minutes per camera, Erica adds. Alli says that’s my total. They’re laughing.

Something’s up, Allie says. Er says he hasn’t let her know about it if it is. Unless he threw it to sabotage her, she laughs. And FOTH

Aug 21 2003 22:59, Thu Jokerette   Link
Jack standing at hot tub, talking to Erika who’s in it
Erika says she’d rather not stress and just go. Jack agrees and said he told Jun to ‘let us know”

Jack on the twist: he says when he realized what was going on, he thought of all the times! That’s the only bad timing we had.

They’re sick of the Arrogant Jack alliance, erkia says. America loves us, we’re the tortoises, Ja says. They know it would be better if they were secret, but they’re rooming together, they say.

ER; we got pretty far. Jack: and made good decisions. One stinking ball, it kept me up last night. The practice round I had was way inside that ball, have to do it when it counts. Jee did and I didn’t

Er: If you stay in this house, you have to go after Jee.

Ja: He’s unbeatable at the finals. Er agrees.

Talking about if they'd had two HoHs in a row, that would have done it. And how others should have been put up before (Jee).

Er: if he understood that one or more people went for it, ...

Ja: When I realized what we were doing, I went into DR and knew Jee would be in there just like that (Snap). Been a strange day.

Er agrees.

Aug 21 2003 23:04, Thu Jokerette   Link
Er and Jack convo continues.
They talk about the hot tub temps. He’s still clothed. Er thinks we think she’s a crybaby, Ja says no. He says she’s lost weight (over PBJ). And he knew she’d flip over this today, as they didn’t think PBJ would happen to so few of them now.

Your mom is concerned, he says, and asked when she was that thin last. She says I’ve never been this thin: been 120 forever. Robert comes to tell them the food is nearly done. Ja says to Er, I know you’re hungry.

Robert says you’re skinny. Skinny is rough, he says. He says no one outside can understand how rough this is, and how good all the hgs should feel about doing ‘this crazy thing’

Aug 21 2003 23:15, Thu Jokerette   Link
Dinner time, they're chowing on steak... no good convo so far NT

Aug 21 2003 23:26, Thu SleeplessOnLI   Link
Jun just made a reference of "What do you mean no electricity?" ... Little does she know! NT

Aug 21 2003 23:38, Thu TOS   Link
Ali has inside information from post David eviction
Ali just mentioned David's interview with Julie after his eviction.

She quoted him as say "This has been a great joke for me".

Aug 21 2003 23:43, Thu ktan   Link
Ali declares herself "America's B!tch" but Jun says Ali's the second runner-up with Jun being the first runner-up for the title. NT

Aug 21 2003 23:46, Thu SleeplessOnLI   Link
Ali to Jun on hammock : Take Jack out ... break up Erika & "possibly" Jee. NT

Aug 21 2003 23:48, Thu SleeplessOnLI   Link
Ali reminding Jun of their alliance! Ali laying into her, very serious, using quiet time. (Hope someone got this convo!) NT

Aug 21 2003 23:53, Thu SonOfAbraxas   Link
Ali/Jun Hammock Convo - 10:45pm BBT
10:45pm BBT

Ali and Jun move to the hammock.

Jun - I trust Jack more.

Jun - Do we think Jack is throwing competitions?

Ali - I think he has an alliance with Jee.

Ali - If we get rid of Erika, we're getting rid of an alliance, one of a couple.

Jun thinks if Jack is aligned with Jee they should keep him.

Ali - I want to get rid of Jack. I personally trust Erika more.

Jun says she trusts Jack more, again.

Jun says she's only recently talked to Erika more.

Ali - Yeah, she's cool. Next week, Jee can't compete. Who is more likely to win and who is more likely to backstab.

Jun - Jack.

Ali - More likely to win?

Jun - No, more likely to backstab us.

Jun - Robert wants Er out, but Jee wants Jack out. If Robert wants an alliance with Erika, he'll vote Jack out. We have to vote the same way.

Ali - You've gotta f****' trust me, though. You got mad at me when I went in there.

Jun - I was gonna come to you. I thought the whole situation was hilarious.

Ali - Jack f*****' scares me. He's a negotiator. He told me that he came in here to low lay, and he hasn't won *****.

Jun is saying that Erika is better at the end for them to win against.

Ali - Jee and Robert are not after us this week.

Jun - What if Robert wins it next week?

Ali - That's what I'm afraid of. Regardless of what we decide, we're not deciding until after Sunday night when the veto is done. (Jun says it won't change) You never know, if we piss him off enough.

Ali - The thing is, Erika's all about breaking up Alliances. If she won next week, she would have no problem putting up Jee and Robert. I think Jack would switch on us. I just don't know with that dude.

Jun - I do like him, but I'm not stupid. He'll try to get in good with the guys. I think we're pretty set on Jack.

Ali - If we get HoH next week, who would you put up.

Jun - Robert and Jee. Either way. We can't risk them being here. (Ali says she'll nom Rob/Jee as well)

Jun talking about Jee almost threatening Jun about using the veto and putting Jun up, etc.

Aug 21 2003 23:57, Thu SonOfAbraxas   Link
Jun mentions that Jee/Rob want Ali/Jun to fight so they get rid of each other. Ali tells Jun to make Jee/Rob think they hate each other. NT

Aug 22 2003 00:01, Fri SleeplessOnLI   Link
Jun & Ali in the hammock - Jee & Rob come out. Jee saying BB gave him goodies to entice ...
Rob and Jee offered Frito's or something like that. Jun claimed she was full. Ali immediately said, "Well, they must have JUST given us that!" (Memory, inventory - she knows all.)

Jee exclaimed that BB gave him extra soft drinks, 5(!) of his favorite! Heard Mountain Dew mentioned.

Jee is trying to tell them that BB is offering and wanting him to flaunt the beverages/foods ... that Jee will HAVE to eat for the next week ... alone!

(Jee trying to back himself out of his corner by telling them that it is BB that is "making" it bad by keeping the food chain open.)

Bwahhh haaa haaa! At least we've got a bit of drama to look forward too.

Aug 22 2003 00:01, Fri SonOfAbraxas   Link
Funny - Rob asks Ali what they were talking about - Ali says boyfriend. Rob says to watch out because Jun's a snake - Ali agrees. NT

Aug 22 2003 00:03, Fri DC1   Link
Rob says Jun is going to look like a a-hole when she gets out of there because of the way she badmouths people all the time and Ali says I never....
talk bad about anybody. Now Jee is bringing up things he knows Ali has said about others.

Aug 22 2003 00:07, Fri SonOfAbraxas   Link
Rob can't wait to see Erika's surprised face when she leaves. Ali is totally playing along like it will happen. (1 word - Michelle) NT

Aug 22 2003 00:15, Fri ktan   Link
Wait a minute, Jee just said for all HGs to gather round the LR for the VETO RESULTS... NT

Aug 22 2003 00:16, Fri Jokerette   Link
Time for the veto results, now, Jee says. Calls everyone to living room NT

Aug 22 2003 00:17, Fri SleeplessOnLI ParentRootLink
and the ever lovin' FOTH! NT

Aug 22 2003 00:16, Fri trish   Link
Suprize surprize FOTH NT

Aug 22 2003 00:22, Fri ktan   Link
Each HG had a number in case two or more took the same veto deal. NT

Aug 22 2003 00:25, Fri Jokerette   Link
Convo Jee / Rat
Rob: sneaky little phvck, Jee.
They say what numbers they all had. Jee can’t say, then gives his number. They are cussing bigtime. Jun says she really won the veto, laughs.

Jee: I had to to do it, rob. Rob replies that was the baddest…

Rob: you will now win. Even against Justin if he was here. I need you to go to finals. Everyone else wants your ass out.

Jee: can’t believe it. .. (missed it)

Aug 22 2003 00:32, Fri SleeplessOnLI   Link
Jun just yelled to Jack, "What time is it?" Jack: "You've got 30mins." (?!? Food related?) NT

Aug 22 2003 00:32, Fri ktan ParentRootLink
Time until midnight, when the PB&J diet comes into effect. NT

Aug 22 2003 00:34, Fri SonOfAbraxas   Link
Erika/Jun Couch Convo (Ali joins in) 11:25pm BBT
11:25pm BBT

Erika and Jun on couch - Jack in Kitchen nearby

Erika - What are you thinking about?

Jun - Whether Robert wants Jack or you out. I think Jack feels pretty confident. He said that after the conversation he had with the guys, he feels more confident than yesterday.

Erika - But, you and Ali...

Jun - i think that there's like, because it so obvious that Jack.... whisper whisper...

Erika - I don't know. Can't stress about it.

Ali joins them at the couch.

(Hopefully Jack goes outside with the boys soon so the -real- discussion begins)

Ali says that next time the voice says - "I SAID it's time to get up for the day" - Ali will say back - "I SAID shut the **** up!" (hehe)

Ali - That kid has held the most power in this house.

Jun - Jee?

Ali - Yeah, that sucks.

Jun - When I'm really brutally honest with him, he hates that. When I went in to talk to him I was asking him what he was thinking. He thought other people would take it and getting tough guy on me. His nice guy gig is up now.

Ali talking about leaving the food out and how she'll forget not to eat the food. And exercising tomorrow.

Jun - What time is it Jack?

Jack (from kitchen) - 11:30

Jun - 30 minutes left. (sigh)

Jun - We have to get luxury or America's Choice.

Erika - They knocked out Food, Veto and Nom in one hour.

Jack - I'll knock out something.

Erika jokingly says something about talking to the producers.

They're gonna play Rummy, perhaps... and the end of the interesting convo. =/

Aug 22 2003 00:37, Fri SonOfAbraxas   Link
Jack joins the boys in the HotTub. Girls left inside alone. NT

Aug 22 2003 00:39, Fri Jokerette   Link
Ratbert is proud of Jee
JeL boldest move I ever made, will make me or break me. Rat tells him he played better than anyone ever played it.

Rob: what matters is you won everything. Your girl’s proud of you.
(This is hard as hell to hear over the damn hottub )

Back to Allie and Erika inside: discussing that they have to have a lux comp. They had nom, food and veto in one hour.

Now talking about what is a condiment and what isn’t, and Jun/Alli go to the DR to check on butter. Erika lying on couch looking ill. BB says yes to the butter.

Jee cannot eat with them, Jack thinks. Jun says either I’d say yes to it or he’d say no. (???)

(I miss something, then Erika says be quiet, you’re not supposed to talk and FOTH!)

UN-foth and allie yelling ‘Erika ass-kisser!’

Aug 22 2003 00:43, Fri SonOfAbraxas ParentRootLink
It went to FOTH because Ali was prying DR info out of Jun - Trivial nonsense, really - What outfit of Ali's does Jun hate the most. Erika says not to
talk about DR info and that's what the 'BrownNoser' comments were about afterwards...

Aug 22 2003 00:41, Fri SonOfAbraxas   Link
More Ali/Eri/Jun on Couch (before feeds all go to HotTub)
11:35pm BBT

Girls being silly - Ali sharing her Cheddar Popcorn song with Jun.

Erika - Okay, girls, lets not lose focus.

Someone says they must get Jee out next.

And the feeds all switch to HotTub with the boys. =(

Aug 22 2003 00:49, Fri SonOfAbraxas   Link
Erika is in DR - Feeds finally go back to Jun/Ali on Couch
11:45pm BBT

Erika is sent to the DR.
Feeds finally switch back to couch with the girls.

Jun telling Ali that Jee told her he wants Jack out. Jun tells Ali that he told Jun that Jack/Erika were up.

Ali - Should we wait?

Jun - We should make our own decision.

Ali - I don't trust Jack over Erika.

Jun - Erika wouldn't want to go up against them in the finals anyway.

Ali - No. I know she doesn't.

Jun - I want to get rid of Jack. I like him...

Ali - I don't, to be honest with you.

Jun - He's an older guy. He's calm...

Jun - I don't think Jee cares who goes. He keeps going back and forth. Does he want to do the revenge thing and get Erika out for taking out Justin.

Ali - If Justin were here, Justin would get rid of Jack. if Nathan were here, Nate would get rid of Erika. If Dana were here, what would Dana do?

Jun - Dana would get rid of Jack.

Ali - What about David.

Jun - David would probably... I don't know...

Ali - I think David would get rid of Jack.

Jun - Erika's not holding back anything. When she goes into competition, she goes for it.

Ali - I think for my interests, I wouldn't want to get rid of Jack. Here comes Jee, so lets talk about something else.

Aug 22 2003 00:50, Fri mrbwiz422   Link
Looks like Jee did get the veto. After veto results announced, Ali/Jun deciding to keep Erika or Jack. Leaning to Er. NT