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Aug 22 2003 01:00, Fri SonOfAbraxas   Link
More Ali/Jun on Couch 11:50pm (Long)
11:50pm BBT

More Jun/Ali on Couch

Ali saying she wants to do what 'they' (stooges) want so they don't come after her. Jun says they have no choice, and it will happen anyway.

Jun - Erika's nervous.

Ali - Keep reassuring her.

Jun - I don't wanna do it too much, cause then if something happens. Jack seems so confident.

Ali - Yes, he does. And that makes me nervous. Did you notice that after noms, Robert and Jee told Jack they wanted to talk to him? It just makes me think that they have something up their sleeve.

Jun - For sure. F*** them. We can't keep them here.

Ali - I think we gotta make them think that Jack is stronger than Erika. If we do that, perhaps they won't come after us next week, but they'll go after Erika. If Robert wins HoH.

Jun - I donno.

Ali - Yeah, I can see that.

Jun - Next week, what are the chances Rob is going to win against us 3.

Ali - 3 to 1. 25% chance.

Talk about Jack throwing comps again. He can't handle the pressure. blah blah

Jun - I was in shock.

Ali - I swear to you, Jack, maybe 4 weeks ago told me that his whole strategy is to lay low. And look, he's doing it. I'm sorry, but the icing on the cake was the question about Dana and he guessed me. I was like, no... no...

Ali - Dana's running around saying "I have OCD, OCD, OCD" like how can you miss that?

Jun - Jack talks about his mistakes and makes fun of them.

Ali - We have to share a room with Jack and Erika now. We're not going to be able to talk.

Ali - You're the only one I want to be in the very end with. I will protect you like I protect myself.

Jun - Laughs loud - I told the DR that I wanted to be in the final 2 with you and only you.

Talk about how they're not going to Vegas afterwards and won't talk to most of these people afterwards. Ali says she'll probably call Erika every now and then. Jun invites Ali to come visit in NY.

Jun says that the stooges want Jun/Ali to go at it. And its not going to happen.

Ali says that even Erika has to go. They want to ride her to the final 2.

Talk about Erika's eating habits and how the PBJ is no big deal because Erika hardly ever eats anyway.

Ali - Do you think she's smart? (Erika) Endurance, yeah.. but..

Jun - In endurance, you can do it.

Ali - Even though I wanted Justin to stay, its still best that he's gone.

Jun says that they can take Erika in mental as well.

Ali - Do you think we can get her out so that me and you are the last two?

(no response, unless mouthed)

Jun whispers - Damn f***n Jee

Ali - He didn't mess up, Jun. He can't compete next week.

Jun - He didn't have to put us on PBJ though.

Ali - We can do it. Who cares about the rest of them.

Talking about Popularity Charts and how Ali and Jun are like 2% and everyone else is way up there. (too true!)

And, I timed out... be back with more, perhaps.

Aug 22 2003 01:10, Fri SleeplessOnLI ParentRootLink
Yep! Ali asked Jun if she was going to Las Vegas. Jun: "NO WAY!" (serious!) NT

Aug 22 2003 01:09, Fri SonOfAbraxas   Link
Jun/Ali make plan after Veto meeting Sunday...
To tell Jee that Jack told them he (Jack) had a change of plan to get rid of Jee next and not Robert. That way they can feel secure voting out Jack.

Aug 22 2003 01:21, Fri SonOfAbraxas   Link
Erika and Jun in bedroom
12:20am BBT

Ali in DR. Erika and Jun in bedroom.

Talking about how difficult Ali is.

Jun - At least we know she hates Jack.

Jun tells Erika her ex is sexist.

Aug 22 2003 01:26, Fri SonOfAbraxas ParentRootLink
Basically, more talk about how Ali is being used to get to the end ... and neither really like her. NT

Aug 22 2003 01:55, Fri SonOfAbraxas   Link
Jun in DR. Erika/Ali/Jun now pretty officially have a deal. Lay low until Veto isn't used, so two of us (girls) don't go up. Jack is pretty
officially gone at this point.

Aug 22 2003 02:17, Fri SonOfAbraxas   Link
Er/Ali/Jun having a GREAT time together. Jun just called Jack deadweight in front of Erika and Erika laughed! =O NT

Aug 22 2003 02:20, Fri SonOfAbraxas   Link
The girls are just discussing the plan about laying low until veto isn't used. Telling Jee about "Jack's Plan" to get Jee and how Jack can't win comp
Goodnight, All.

Aug 22 2003 02:59, Fri zuzu   Link
Ali telling Rob that in High School she only had 1 girlfried, in college only GF's were the ones
on her dance team. Said she hates all girls. Said all the numbers in her phonebook are wrestlers, football players, etc...

Aug 22 2003 05:42, Fri Debra_Kadabra   Link
Transcript; Rob and Jee in HOH. 2:26 AM BBTime (Rant about Jun)
Rob and Jee laying on the HOH bed

Jee: Everything is fine

Both talking at once. Jee seems to be talking about how he told Ali about being approached for a deal to turn against he and Rob and for her nor to be taken in.

Rob: While you were gone (Jee was in the DR) I kept enforcing the idea, it was in Justin's name.

Jee: She is so f*ckin beleiving us

Rob: She told me Robert till the end. I go look, till the end, I'm talkin about us three. Whoever gets HOH, you can vote me out, I don't care. Which is the truth. I'm not , I'm like, I mean you know what I mean.

Jee: (unintelligable)

Rob: Yeah, Right Right. So, guess what Jun said. (Rolls closer to Jee) I don't hate anybody in this game except her. She says that we're f*ucking gay. The Dream team, the name, is gay and we're chesseballs, all of us. You know how the girls talked. ( Ali's cover story about being with the girls was they spoke about the good and bad points of the guys.)

Jee: It doesn't matter.

Rob: I know. I know it doesn't but I can't wait till she walks out (Rob gets up on his knees and holds his arme outstretched) Dream team, what are you talkin' about.

Jee: That's why I always say people like her just make themselves look bad and I mean c'mon she thinks she so f*uckin, so much f*uckin better than everyone else. She's was talkin bout how she called Nathan a hippocrite and Alison (unintelligable) all that kind of stuff. Think about the way she's doing things and that's why I called her out in front of everyone (referencing Jun asking Jee why he took the deal for PBJ in front of everyone) that's what I was doing with Jack, you know, to get the target off my back. Just understand, be aware that she, what she's doin, just understand that she, that's the way she operates, you know. She questioned me in front of the whole house. She did that sh*t just to f*ck me and make herself look (unintelligable)

Rob: I know what she did it for. Don't you know that I know that.

Jee: and that's why I said it.

Rob: You know what she's mad about? The thing with the Dream team that we're getting more publicity than she'll ever get. People love us more. They know she's a peice of sh*t.

Jee: Yeah she's f*ckin, I mean I don't doubt her intelligence ya know, like you said she's a f*ckin...

Rob: It's bad Karma. She (unintelligable) and it's goin to come back. She wanted to be the first Korean to do this and that. You're getting everything. You're going to be the most popular guy ever in this house. She's never going to have that, ever, f*ck me. You weren't supposed to be here. You have a better chance of winning. You, no matter what if you get to the finals. You've won two HOH's. You won a veto...

Jee: That's why I say what goes around comes around.

Rob: and you've always been humble and honest. She's been a snake bitch

Jee: and she's so f*ckin confidant and so shallow, you know what I'm sayin, she's so judgemental. Look at the way she's handling things. That's why I just let her speak on and on and when she goes to the Diary room, flippin the f*ck out.

Rob: She's saying sh*t about everyone else.

Jee: She thinks she's the ultimate bitch in the world. People are going to know. You are a f*ckin bitch. You're nothing else but a bitch, a selfish bitch that's coming out of this game. And I don't like to talk bad about anyone but you know. She's talkin about how people have some growing up to do. She's the one, a f*ckin 28 year old, never questioned her intelligence, she's very f*ckin smart and all that, but she's got a lot of know...she's got a lot to learn about life you know. How to treat people right, that's what she needs to know. You cant, f*ckin you know, just judge people that way. Everyone has value in this world, everyone

Rob: Right, everyone.

Jee: and you can't think you're f*ckin above anyone. Like that's the way she is though. That's just the way she is. Her and I we just clash. Opinions and views and everything like that, and beleifs, and that's just how different, and she's been the same way forever man

Rob: She'll never be happy.

Jee: I know.

Rob: She's such a bitch.

Jee: Why you think Bob is f*ckin (unintelligable) close to her and that's what she wants right to the end and break up three months and all that. Why you think I'm with my girl and she's still alone ,and she loves me like this. There's a f*ckin difference...

Rob: That's right. That's right. That's right.

Jee: I'm not sayin to make myself look better. It's not like that. I'm just happy with my life, happy with my girl. She's not.

Rob: I know she isn't.

Jee: and because the fact, that dude knows he could probably do better.

Rob: Bro, let me tell you something, you know...

Both speak at once

Rob: Listen to me. You know what a break means. A break means I'm gonna f*ck someone else.

Jee: Yep.

Rob: I don't like you anymore, I'm disgusted by you. Done.

Jee: Exactly.

Rob: I've never taken anyone back. Taken a break and gone back. Taking a break means I'm done, Bye. Dude, he's slammin a whole bunch of girls.

Jee: Of course.

Rob: Better than that sh*t.

Jee: She even said he wants to go across the country with his boys. You know what he's doin...

Rob: He's hittin everything, Bro. And if I were him, I mean he's gotta know anything's better, especially in New York. All the...everything. Everything. Asian, Latin, Black. What the f*ck's he doin with her.

Jee: You see the way she talks about life, i don't respect her that way. And then how, remember, she's gonna put her parents in a home and all that sh*t. Wouldn't think twice about that sh*t. You know, I don't care, I'll put them in a retirement home. Like, that's how she is. I'm not sayin if your parents are sick and you can't help then maybe that's the best thing but she won't think twice, she'll just say f*ck em. They need to go. I need to live my life now. She once told me, Jee, our parents have lived their lives already and now it's time to live ours. Basically, forget about them.

Rob: I know. I could hear

Jee: She puts down that I'm a f*ckin mama's boy, it's not about that. I'm just giving respect back to my parents.

Both speaking at once again

Rob: That's the way she is. She doesn't give a sh*t about them. Break away from them.

Jee: and that's why I can't f*ckin stand her, she's such a selfish bitch. That's why I told her, Jun, you're not the same f*ckin girl I met when I was 15. You know I loved you back then, I fell out of love, and that's the best thing to happen to us. Cause you just f*ckin changed on me. And she...and that's why... I don't know if you ever f*ckin heard her but when she went out with you, she's like you never changed and what, I'm f*ckin true to myself. You never evolved. I have evolved.

Rob: Exactly. You have.

Jee: You don't know a thing about me. You don't know sh*t about me so stop trying to judge me. You're still the same old shallow bitch who f*ckin, you know, judges every f*ckin person in the world and you think you're better than everyone else, you think so highly of yourself, you know, you got a lot of f*ckin work to do on yourself. Stop worrying about everyone else and start thinking about yourself and try to better yourself as a person, don't think about anyone else. I don't even want to say that sh*t, I don't want to bother, you know, I been through with you, three years we haven't spoken, f*ckin keep it that way. I told her that night. Keep it real, don't ***** me. Once we get out of this house we're not gonna talk. We're not gonna talk and it's gonna stay that way. So don't bullsh*t me. (unintelligable)

Rob: Right

Jee: Ya know.

Rob gets up and goes to bed.

Aug 22 2003 06:18, Fri Debra_Kadabra   Link
What I heard about Ali listening to the HT convo. (from a recording)
Later, after Jun had come out of the DR and into the orage room, about a quarter after one BB Time. Ali Jun and Erika seated on the floor.
Ali leaned into Jun and said she heard Jack promising to put the two of them up (Ali and Jun) next week. Couldn't understand the next sentance and Ali then continued that Jack would not be telling Erika. Also that "those two (Jack and Jee) were gone.

Ed note: I have my doubts Erika was able to hear from her vantage point. Ali was against the wall and Erika was back behind the couches. Erika was more than willing to agree with what Ali was saying though.

Aug 22 2003 11:18, Fri Dreamer   Link
BB: Good morning hg's ~ it's time to get up for the day :) NT

Aug 22 2003 11:18, Fri Ginger   Link
good morning houseguests...its time to get up for the day NT

Aug 22 2003 11:20, Fri Vaseflower2000   Link
everyone looks to be taking a nap but jack is in kitchen NT

Aug 22 2003 11:21, Fri Vaseflower2000   Link
i did not mean nap-they are still sleeping NT

Aug 22 2003 11:24, Fri Vaseflower2000   Link
june now up and goes to kitchen NT

Aug 22 2003 11:24, Fri Lovebug   Link
BB: 2nd annoucement - Good morning HG's it's time to get up for the day - Jack and Jun up NT

Aug 22 2003 11:34, Fri lacycatherine   Link
BB: Good Morning's time to get up for the day (again) NT

Aug 22 2003 11:34, Fri Dreamer   Link
BB: Good morning hg's~it's time to get up for the day (very cheerful)NT

Aug 22 2003 11:36, Fri lacycatherine   Link
Robert up and walks into the kitchen where Jack is...Jun in the storage room. NT

Aug 22 2003 11:39, Fri lacycatherine   Link
BB: Jun, please go to the DR NT

Aug 22 2003 11:42, Fri Dreamer   Link
BB: Alison, please go to the DR NT

Aug 22 2003 11:46, Fri Vaseflower2000   Link
ali and rob up NT

Aug 22 2003 11:47, Fri lacycatherine   Link
BB: JEE, It's time to get up for the day!! (in a very mean voice) ::shaking:: NT

Aug 22 2003 11:47, Fri Lovebug   Link
BB: Jee I SAID it's time to get up for the day! NT

Aug 22 2003 11:53, Fri ktan   Link
WIth no breakfast to look forward to, Erika and Ali head straight back to sleep in the love room. NT

Aug 22 2003 11:56, Fri Vaseflower2000   Link
jack and jee in kitchen talking about how they slept and pbj NT

Aug 22 2003 12:01, Fri Vaseflower2000   Link
jee tells june she will be happy at end of week because she will lose weight on the pbj diet.
she is not thrilled by his comment.

Aug 22 2003 12:10, Fri Quench   Link
Jee, Jun. Ali sitting on sofas Ali saying that she wants to put the food away on the kitchen island.
Jun tells her no.
Jee asks what is on there.

Jun to Jee: All the food you can eat this week.

Jee was talking about how he has chip-ahoy and mountain dew in his basket. He's saying that he will just have toast and butter for breakfast but doesn't make a move to get it himself.

Aug 22 2003 12:10, Fri Vaseflower2000   Link
we have foth NT

Aug 22 2003 12:12, Fri Quench   Link
Part 1 Luxury competition tonight. Part 2 tomorrow. Jee just said it after FOTH. NT

Aug 22 2003 12:13, Fri Quench   Link
Also Jee mentioned a Food Competition. They don't know why they are having one. NT

Aug 22 2003 12:26, Fri Vaseflower2000   Link
eri on living room couch and ali brushing teeth NT

Aug 22 2003 12:32, Fri Vaseflower2000   Link
jack in living room sitting on couch looking depressed NT

Aug 22 2003 12:33, Fri Ginger   Link
erika and ja in LR
long awkward silence with both just sitting there...then Erika leaves...Cameraman playing with views of jack..front/back/front/back

Aug 22 2003 12:34, Fri Vaseflower2000   Link
eric and ali in bathroom talking about acne NT

Aug 22 2003 12:46, Fri LittleOldLady   Link
Caught cam on Er and Jun alone, Er looked like crying and said
"Then I guess it's over between me and Jack" and Jun rolled over in bed. Anyone else catch that to confirm?

Aug 22 2003 12:53, Fri noseynan ParentRootLink
I heI heard same part of it, they were talking so soft ,didn't hear who Erica was talking about NT

Aug 22 2003 13:49, Fri Anonymous ParentRootLink
I heard it too. Something about what he told her. She knows about deal? NT

Aug 22 2003 13:39, Fri Muse   Link
luxury comp?
There are gnomes set up all over the place in the back yard with a ton of plants, no idea how they will play it!

Aug 22 2003 13:39, Fri nojobny   Link
The back yard is filled with garden gnomes!!

(Marcellas would be so happy)

Aug 22 2003 13:40, Fri Katfsh   Link
Aerial view of BY set up (for luxury competition?) small bushes, flowers looks like a alot of small statures scattered around NT

Aug 22 2003 13:45, Fri candysnm   Link
Feed 3 shows face covers and hammers....poor gnomes NT

Aug 22 2003 13:50, Fri I_Should_Be_Working   Link
Someone mentioned a food competition. Rob asked Jun if she hoped to win pancakes
She said 'no way! I want milk, eggs...'

Aug 22 2003 13:52, Fri I_Should_Be_Working   Link
Rob says BB has told him they're not allowed to sleep in the LR during the day NT

Aug 22 2003 13:55, Fri Vaseflower2000   Link
ju,rob,ja,andali all in living room chatting-bb tells them no sleeping in living room.
they are not sleeping. conversation is very slow and boring.

Aug 22 2003 13:55, Fri I_Should_Be_Working   Link
Jun, Jack, Rob and Ali on couch in LR discussing music
Lots of awkward pauses and silence

Aug 22 2003 13:55, Fri DC1   Link
Rob says he has Barry Manilow's Greatest Hits..Rob said he hated to admit though...Rob said I like him... NT

Aug 22 2003 13:58, Fri I_Should_Be_Working   Link
Three minutes of awkward silence. Jack clears his throat. Rob sniffs. More silence. (Really awkward!) NT

Aug 22 2003 14:01, Fri Vaseflower2000   Link
ju,rob, and ja now in living room. want to know how many house guest last year.
ja says 12.

Aug 22 2003 14:02, Fri I_Should_Be_Working   Link
Rob asks how many guests were there last year?
Jun: 12
Rob: we had 13 this year
Jun: It was supposed to be an equal representation of the sexes. We took care of that pretty quick, though (Laughing.) (Talking about Scott being evicted)
(Ed note: I've wondered about the 'extra' house guest myself. Convenient the schedule works out so well with one gone. Remember those skyrocket ratings when the guest was evicted in BB2?)

Aug 22 2003 14:10, Fri Vaseflower2000   Link
we have fron of the house NT

Aug 22 2003 14:39, Fri joannie   Link
FOTH still going strong NT

Aug 22 2003 14:44, Fri ktan   Link
Back from FOTH, HGs are all wearing single-colored jumpsuits with their name across the back. NT

Aug 22 2003 14:45, Fri joannie   Link
Hamsters are now changing into coveralls. Of course, Erika's is pink!
Ali worried. "Where are you going to put your microphone. And they told us to wear tennis shoes?"

Jack: "These suckers are heavy. Jee, should I take off my glasses?"

Aug 22 2003 14:46, Fri nojobny   Link
FOTH over.. oh my
The HG are all in 1-piece jump suits

Ali asking everyone, where did you put your mic?

How nice, they gave Er a pink one. Ali's is Yellow, Jee's is navy, Robert has prison orange (some sick BB minds), Jack has grey and jun's is army green.

They'are all standing around getting ready for the comp.

Ali: I look like a walking banana.

Aug 22 2003 14:48, Fri joannie   Link
HGs going into the BY. They get excited when they see the gnomes! NT

Aug 22 2003 14:50, Fri joannie   Link

Aug 22 2003 14:50, Fri Ginger   Link
marcellas is talking to them!!!!! NT

Aug 22 2003 14:50, Fri nojobny   Link
Jun: You guys couldn't find fur-lined outfits for us? NT

Aug 22 2003 14:51, Fri nojobny   Link
Good afternoon houseguest!!! It's Marcellas! NT

Aug 22 2003 14:53, Fri joannie   Link
The winner gets a MCDonald's meal a day for five days, and they get to do it with a person of their choice
A few of the gnomes have gold tickets in them

A few have black tickets inside that eliminate you

Aug 22 2003 14:55, Fri joannie   Link
The first person to collect 3 gold tickets and puts them in the proper slot on the board wins! Then FOTH NT

Aug 22 2003 14:56, Fri Anonymous   Link

Aug 22 2003 15:00, Fri nojobny   Link
While reading the comp rules...
Marcellas was talking about the gold & black tickets. The gold tickets are the ones the HG are looking for.

He said that "cute little nathan", Dana & Justin have hidden in some of the gnomes black tickets. In true Marcelles style he quips, 'Why they gotta be black?!"

Aug 22 2003 15:06, Fri joannie   Link
HGs smashing up gnomes. Ali and Rob are already eliminated NT

Aug 22 2003 15:09, Fri joannie   Link
Jee wins again. Jack comes in second NT

Aug 22 2003 15:10, Fri Anonymous   Link
he can pick a person different everyday so he can make up with everyone!?!? NT

Aug 22 2003 15:12, Fri joannie   Link
Marcellas: "Congratualions, Jee." NT

Aug 22 2003 15:14, Fri joannie   Link
The HGs get to pick out a gnome to keep. Ali: "I like that polka-dot one." NT

Aug 22 2003 15:19, Fri joannie   Link
Rob and Jun in the kitchen. Rob wonders why the hell Jee won when he already gets to eat. He should have given someone else a chance. NT

Aug 22 2003 15:19, Fri I_Should_Be_Working   Link
Rob is mad at Jee. What the F**k is he doing?
We all could have eaten. WHAT is he DOING??

Aug 22 2003 15:23, Fri joannie   Link
Jack has gold dust all over him. Jun: "You look like Mariah!" NT

Aug 22 2003 15:27, Fri joannie   Link
Everyone is mad at Jee. Jun: "He's so stupid. If ever there was a time to throw a competition!" NT

Aug 22 2003 15:31, Fri joannie   Link
Jun: "Our whole culture is about watching other people suffer. It makes you feel better. That's why I like to watch Lifetime TV." NT

Aug 22 2003 15:32, Fri I_Should_Be_Working   Link
Jee: I think it's my time to go next week.
Silence from the PB&J munching crowd.

Aug 22 2003 15:35, Fri joannie   Link
Rob to Jee: "Let's go inside and talk." They head to the HOH room NT

Aug 22 2003 15:36, Fri I_Should_Be_Working   Link
Jee and Rob on the couch. Jee: It's just PB&J. It's not the end of the world.
Rob gets up and leaves. Goes into HOH to listen to music..

Aug 22 2003 15:37, Fri joannie   Link
Now Jee is pissed! "It's a f*ckin' game. F*ckin' grow up. I can't help if she got the f*ckin' black dust!" Talking about Jun, no doubt NT

Aug 22 2003 15:38, Fri Debra_Kadabra ParentRootLink
Jee " Not my fault she can't eat" and "I'm tired of being considerate" NT

Aug 22 2003 15:39, Fri joannie   Link
Rob goes, "Know what I just found out? Everytime I talk about Jun to Ali, Ali goes and runs and tells Jun." NT

Aug 22 2003 15:47, Fri Mikkie   Link
Brief FOTH, for the purposes of showing us Marcellas in front of the house!! NT

Aug 22 2003 15:47, Fri Ginger   Link
they just showed Marcelus in FOTH NT

Aug 22 2003 15:49, Fri Eykis ParentRootLink
It was Marcellas and Lisa! NT

Aug 22 2003 16:40, Fri Bullgod ParentRootLink
Was it a live shot or an old picture of the two from last season? NT

Aug 22 2003 15:53, Fri joannie   Link
Now Jun is in the HOH room with Jee. Jee: "You mean I should have let someone else win?" NT

Aug 22 2003 15:59, Fri joannie ParentRootLink
Then Jee said he doesn't know what's going on--he's on a roll. He didn't get one black ticket NT

Aug 22 2003 16:02, Fri joannie   Link
Jee to ALi: "I wasn't thinking properly. I should have let Jack win. I know Erika is b*tching. This is an omen. It means next week I'm leaving."
I think Jee earlier was talking about Erika, not Jun.

Aug 22 2003 16:02, Fri Debra_Kadabra   Link
Jee to Orange room checking that Jun will vote his way.
Asking her if she agrees with his choice to evict Erika. Jun kind of sidesteps the question with An Erika's not that much of a threat.He is very angry at Erica for being upset, says he feels sorry for everyone else but it's not his fault Erika eats like a bird.
Says he was going to tell her how he wanted her to vote on Tues. Wants her to make sure Ali isn't going to doublecross him as well.

Aug 22 2003 16:03, Fri Lola   Link
Je says to Ali "My thinking was a little cloudy, I **** up and I got a target on my back now, I know" NT

Aug 22 2003 16:12, Fri Vaseflower2000   Link
jee keeps saying he should have let jack win. said it to rob and ali in hoh room NT

Aug 22 2003 16:16, Fri Debra_Kadabra   Link
F3 Ali and Jun in bed
Jun afraid that Jee will tell them Tues to vote out Erika and when they don't he will be pissed. Ali tells her Jee put two up not caring which went and it was time for them to have a say in what happens. Ali says when Jee tells them to vote out Erika they will just say no.

Aug 22 2003 16:19, Fri Debra_Kadabra   Link
Erika joins them. Jun talking about how ruthless Jee acts with her yet acts nice to others
Jun now saying Jee is intimidated.
Erika says he should be.
Jun telling about his mean reactions again getting more angry at Jee
Calling him an idiot. Saying she thought he was a great guy but he has proved he's an ass.
Ali tells Jun Robert wants Ali to vote out Erika with him and not tell Jun.
Jun saying they can't sway Jee to vote out Jack because he hates Erika.

Aug 22 2003 16:40, Fri Debra_Kadabra   Link
Ali Erika and Jun having a study session. Jun struggling. Ali says, "Jun,don't be the weakest link." NT

Aug 22 2003 16:57, Fri Vaseflower2000   Link
rob and jee in kitchen wanting to live normal lives. jack and eri in bedroom NT

Aug 22 2003 17:01, Fri Debra_Kadabra   Link
Jee doing some thinking

Just caught the tail end of this monologue by Jee to Robert in HOH.

Thinks Jun wants Ali out and that she is playing for second place. Says she is hoping to slide by while Jee and Robert fight with Jack to make the final two.Thinks Jun would put Ali and maybe himself on the the block

Aug 22 2003 17:09, Fri Debra_Kadabra   Link
Jee to Diary Room. Comes out and asks Robert to dinner.
Robert doesn't want to. Robert asks Jack when he wants to eat. Jack says any day next week but then says it doesn't matter. Jack will dine with Jee tonight and Robert is taking Monday.

Aug 22 2003 17:11, Fri Vaseflower2000   Link
june and jee talking in living room-jee playing cards NT

Aug 22 2003 17:30, Fri Dreamer   Link
Foth NT

Aug 22 2003 17:52, Fri Vaseflower2000   Link
rob and jee in backyard rest are inside NT

Aug 22 2003 17:57, Fri Vaseflower2000   Link
jee and rob working out in by-ju outside watching them NT

Aug 22 2003 17:59, Fri Vaseflower2000   Link
june doing jumping jacksin by NT

Aug 22 2003 18:04, Fri Vaseflower2000   Link
rob went inside to get something to drink NT

Aug 22 2003 18:09, Fri Vaseflower2000   Link
eri on living room couch eating alone-rob and jee exercising again by NT

Aug 22 2003 18:12, Fri Vaseflower2000   Link
june jumping rope outside-boys still working out-anderi playing cards by herself NT

Aug 22 2003 19:03, Fri Dreamer   Link
McDonalds has arrived~ Jee and Jack eating fast food tonight . .
Chicken salad, chicken nuggets, fruit and yogurt shake, big mac, big scoop fries . . HG's received some games too

Aug 22 2003 19:06, Fri Dreamer   Link
Jun says the chicken nuggets look good . .she comments that the chicken nuggets are all white meat now NT

Aug 22 2003 19:10, Fri Dreamer   Link
Jun wants to lay under the table . . .she tells Jack and Jee they can accidently drop food! NT

Aug 22 2003 19:11, Fri Dreamer   Link
Jun thinks she is going to take up smoking again
it will help with her hunger pains

Aug 22 2003 19:19, Fri valentine   Link
McDonald's Meal Rules
BB told them that they have to eat for 30 minutes before they can store anything in the fridge for later.

Jack: Cobb Salad, Big Mac, Large Fry, Yogurt with Fruit

Jee: Cobb Salad, Chicken McNuggets, Crispy Chicken Sandwich, Large Fry, Yogurt with Fruit, and I think a shake

Mickey D's Dining Companion Schedule: Erica, Sat for breakfast, Allie Sun for lunch, Robert on Monday, and Jun on Tuesday

There is a luxery competition tonight.

Aug 22 2003 19:21, Fri valentine   Link
Jun Was Jonesing on the Sweet and Sour Sauce for Jee's McNuggets
Allie was saying that she could toast small pieces of bread until they were crispy and then dip them in the sauce like McNuggets.

Jun: Yeah, its a condiment, but I don't think we get to eat them because we didn't win.

Hunger won, though, because Jee made an underhand pass to her of 3 or 4 dipping containers. She stashed them in a kitchen drawer.

Aug 22 2003 19:25, Fri Vaseflower2000   Link
jack thanks jee for the meal. NT

Aug 22 2003 19:26, Fri valentine   Link
Jee Just Put his Salad in his HOH Fridge
even though he and Jack have only been eating about 20 minutes. Jack is still working on his, and neither have touched their yogurt parfaits.

Jack: This is really good. I'm grateful for this.

Jee: So am I, Jack.

Jee has already cleared all his trash and abandoned Jack at the table, eating alone.

Earlier, Jack and Jee got called into the DR to place their orders. After returning to the back yard, Jee told the others that BB asked him three times if he wanted to get a Happy Meal.

Jee: I guess they think I'm an immature retard.

Jun: They probably thought you wanted it for toy, so you could give it to Carmen.

Jee: Ha ha Jun. Very funny.

Aug 22 2003 19:26, Fri Vaseflower2000   Link
jack and jee cleaning upiat least june did not have to cook! NT

Aug 22 2003 19:27, Fri valentine   Link
Erica is Blowdrying Her Hair
so she doesn't look like "Witchy Poo" during the competition tonight.

She just walked through the living room while Jack was eating and said she was bored out of her mind.

Aug 22 2003 19:32, Fri Tristin   Link
Jee outside talking to Robert...
Jee: I wasn't going to let Jack win the food competition..He'd be fed all week and then he'd be sharp for next week. The next HOH competition will probably be mental

Rob: Yeah it will be

Jee: I wouldn't let everyone else know this though

Aug 22 2003 19:38, Fri DC1   Link
Rob says to Jee outside: they should be kissing your Fn a@@ everyday you didn't have to do that for them..And Rob says to tell you the truth I....
don't think I would have done it.. (this about Jee sharing his McDonalds meals with the other HG's)

Aug 22 2003 19:42, Fri valentine   Link
All 4 Feeds on Allie
who is wearing her Beer, Wine & Softdrinks T-shirt and working with weights in the living room.

Shoulder shrugs and now ab oblique stretches.


Aug 22 2003 19:59, Fri DC1   Link
Ali's World.....
Ali claims she was anorexic in high school senior year and freshman year of college. She says her dad would drive out every weekend and take her out to dinner to make sure she ate and he bought her grocery's. Jee says that's a good dad...she says yeah...her mom didn't come...Jee says your mom sounds kind of hard...Ali well (long pause)she's had eating disorders all her life...a lot of stress...she was captain of the gymnastic team at Pitt. Now Ali says her dad played professional baseball for Philly...Rob and Jee are impressed and ask what position...Ali says "she doesn't know"...then she says he's old 56 and she says I think it was 2nd base. [editor note if her dad played professional baseball wouldn't she know what position he played?...things that make you go hmmmm.]

Aug 22 2003 20:26, Fri M3gabyt3   Link

Aug 22 2003 20:42, Fri M3gabyt3   Link
Ali talks more about boyfriends and then FOTH to call Jee to DR. NT

Aug 22 2003 20:45, Fri ktan   Link
All HGs being called to LR for lux comp. NT

Aug 22 2003 20:46, Fri M3gabyt3   Link
Challenge or something coming up...
Ali talking about her boyfriend not wanting to signing the BB releases. Ali mentions to Jun he was wondering why they just called her to be on the show, she explained that they cast on looks.


Ali and Jee walking to living area and gather the masses.

Erika asked who changed the tv to channel 65.

HGs wait around for Jun and further instructions.

Aug 22 2003 20:49, Fri Quench   Link
Jee comes into the LR with a letter
HGs Tonight's Luxury Competition FOTH

Get Primal Warpaint and return to LR in 5 minutes

Talking about the outfits. Looks like loincloths and primal wear

Aug 22 2003 20:51, Fri I_Should_Be_Working   Link
Ali: They always make us wear f'n naked things. Erika: I'm not in the mood for this at all. NT

Aug 22 2003 20:51, Fri madman   Link
Ali says, "This is ridiculous. They always have us wearing naked things". Jack ties a loin cloth around his head.
They are to put on tribal make-up and costumes and return to the Living Room in 5 minutes. Everyone seems a little irritated by the demands from Big Brother.

Aug 22 2003 20:51, Fri Quench   Link
The guys are in the LR putting on various pieces of leather.
Erika to Jun in the Bathroom area. I am totally not up for this at all

FOTH jumps on and off as the HG's get ready

Aug 22 2003 20:55, Fri madman   Link
Erika : "God, I'm not in the mood for this. This sucks!" Ali, "What are you wearing underneath?" Erika, "A thong. I'm NOT DOING this", but she
continues to prepare. Ali blowdrys a little style into her late in the day limp hair.

Aug 22 2003 20:56, Fri I_Should_Be_Working   Link
Back and forth to FOTH. Various shots of HGs putting on small strips of flesh colored loin cloths and bikini tops.
Men are wrapping strips around their arms and heads. Jun is painting Robs face with red paint. Ali takes a little extra time with the hair dryer. Discussions of underwear--Erika wearing a thong.

Guys are wearing shorts with the loin cloths on their heads! (not sure if this will change eventually?) Jee tying one on Jack's head.

Jun painting Robs chest and back with red and yellow.

Erika decides against the bra under the top (it was showing) FOTH as she pulls it off under her top.

Aug 22 2003 20:57, Fri M3gabyt3   Link
Getting ready for competition...
Jee comes out from DR.
Ali asks if they get outfits.

Robert says from his face it’s gonna be fun.
Jee reads the instructions (with multiple FOTH interruptions) and says tonight’s luxury competition will require you to be primal, there is war paint and clothes for them to dress up.

They start to try and come up with outfits from the small pieces of cloth they have to work with. Robert is asking production if they can go without a shirt (FOTH – Water is slightly moving). Jee is making a headband, and says it looks really corny, and tried ot make an arm band.

Robert asks how many minutes, 5? (FOTH) Jack and Jee on feed 3. (FOTH). Jee has decided to go with an arm band and tells the others everyone can be unique. Jack suggests making a bib out of his.

Jun is painting red/yellow stripes on Roberts face. Jack asks if Jun can do all of them. Jee says that all he knows is they should look primal. Jee says he (Jee) looks retarded. Jee calls Erik Wilma Flinstone. Jee says the girls look hot in these things, and wonders why the guys couldn’t get something better like a toga (FOTH – much darker lighting than the previous one).

HGs continue to dress up to look primal for their luxury competition tonight.

Aug 22 2003 21:01, Fri I_Should_Be_Working   Link
Jun painting foot prints on Jack's back. Ali wants handprint on her belly. NT

Aug 22 2003 21:03, Fri I_Should_Be_Working   Link
F3 and 4 shows crew in backyard setting up. Tiki torches, barrels? NT

Aug 22 2003 21:09, Fri Quench   Link
Both Jee and Robert have D T written on the sides of their arms. NT

Aug 22 2003 21:11, Fri joannie   Link
Pitch black FOTH NT

Aug 22 2003 21:16, Fri M3gabyt3 ParentRootLink
With a small light in the upper left corner. NT

Aug 22 2003 21:16, Fri Anonymous   Link
june still painting away...
still FOTH

Aug 22 2003 21:20, Fri Anonymous   Link
2 part luxury comp....and again, may I say, FOTH...................
2 part luxury comp..AND AGAIN, MAY I SAY...FOTH!

Aug 22 2003 21:27, Fri sqrl   Link
Jee reads off a list of HG's clothing that each must gather....
(only got a few)...
Ali- white short shorts
Ja - black sweats
Jun - black mesh shirt
Er - pink pimp hat
HG speculate that they will have to burn these articles of clothing

Aug 22 2003 21:27, Fri Quench   Link
Jee comes out before we head outside each house guest is to gather the following
ali - white short shorts
jee - orange shorts
jun- black fish net shirt
erika - pink hat
jack - black sweats
Robert - red tank top

Jack 4
jee 5
robert 6
jun 2

so erika or ali 1 or 3

And Ali is screeching why do I have to bring my white short shorts

Aug 22 2003 21:27, Fri M3gabyt3   Link
HGs instructed to get an article of clothing and stand by the kitchen door.
Erika thinks they will be burning them.

Side note: Last night Alison was repeating the question asked in Diary room of which article of clothing they hated most of the other HGs, and the article of clothing they had to take probably comes from that question.

Aug 22 2003 21:28, Fri I_Should_Be_Working   Link
Jee comes out with list of items each person must gather
Erika: pink hat
Jun: black fishnet top
Ali: White short shorts
Jack: black sweats
Jee and Rob: ??

Speculation that they're going to have to burn these items, and who complained about hating these items (Justin?!)

Erika: I hate you all!!! I NEED my pink hat!

Back to dark FOTH

Aug 22 2003 21:29, Fri sqrl   Link
Erica is angry about potential loss of pink hat...
she claimed she could not find it... told everyone she hated them. Now is standing there sulking with said hat on her head.

Aug 22 2003 21:29, Fri Quench   Link
Each HG has to sit on a log by a Tiki torch with their corresponding number (sorry BB keeps cutting to FOTH) NT

Aug 22 2003 21:30, Fri ktan   Link
Lights come on at FOTH. NT

Aug 22 2003 21:31, Fri sqrl   Link
Shopping spree to follow NT

Aug 22 2003 21:34, Fri Kaz ParentRootLink
BB: "Jee, that was awesome (his intro...) so we're going to do it again" - FOTH & then Jee repeats the offer. NT

Aug 22 2003 21:33, Fri Quench   Link
BB condemn each of the following pieces of clothing
Evil Style spirits. Burn your clothing. If everyone burns their clothing they receive a

High Speed Shopping Spree at the BB Boutique

Jee goes on about the fashion Gods and how they can only burn their clothes.

BB comes on and as Jee to do it again for TV.... FOTH

Aug 22 2003 21:34, Fri I_Should_Be_Working   Link
(LOL) BB: That was awesome Jee. Jee: Thank you. BB: Let's do it again. NT

Aug 22 2003 21:34, Fri sqrl   Link
After Jee reads the instructions for the HG's to ritually burn their clothing
(while dancing and/or crying)he is told by BB that he did "awesome" but needs to do it again. FOTH!
No HG's are much more animated as Jee reads instructions again (with vigor!)

Aug 22 2003 21:36, Fri sqrl   Link
Jee: "Flames are the only way to rid the BB house of fashion demons" NT

Aug 22 2003 21:39, Fri Bayoubug   Link
FOTH again NT

Aug 22 2003 21:41, Fri sqrl   Link
Erica performing a sexy stripper faux lap dance - creepy walk ...
as she tries to decide which item of clothing to burn. Settles on Jee's orange shorts.
(ed note: that was some funny $h!t)

Aug 22 2003 21:44, Fri Bayoubug   Link
Jun burns Jack's black sweat pants NT

Aug 22 2003 21:44, Fri sqrl   Link
After too many shots of Jun's hiney...she selects Jack's black
sweats. The HG's are chanting "burn the pants, burn the pants!".

Aug 22 2003 21:46, Fri sqrl   Link
Ali burns Jun's mesh shirt NT

Aug 22 2003 21:48, Fri sqrl   Link
Jack burns Ali's white shorts NT

Aug 22 2003 21:50, Fri sqrl   Link
Jee refers to Ratbert's red tank as a "bit fruity" before he burns it. NT

Aug 22 2003 21:58, Fri ktan ParentRootLink
Sidenote: Jee had to choose Robert's top because Rob could not sacrifice his own item. NT

Aug 22 2003 21:51, Fri sqrl   Link
Ratbert wiped his butt with Erica's pink hat before he burned it. NT

Aug 22 2003 21:53, Fri ktan   Link
Jee wraps up comp and tomorrow the BB Boutique will commence. NT

Aug 22 2003 21:56, Fri sqrl   Link
Jun washing paint of her arms at kitchen sink (eeeww) NT

Aug 22 2003 21:58, Fri Bayoubug   Link
Ali = I've only worn those shorts one in this house, I'm not too distraught. NT

Aug 22 2003 21:59, Fri sqrl   Link
Lockdown inside NT

Aug 22 2003 22:07, Fri Quench   Link
Robert sitting in the bathtub and Ali is washing the big X off his back. Jee is washing his face at the sink. NT

Aug 22 2003 22:12, Fri sqrl   Link
Ali says the Brittney Spears hat has disentigrated....we hear Er
oof camera say that its J Lo. Ali says she knew it was a singer.

Aug 22 2003 22:15, Fri sqrl   Link
Girls in Kitchen moaning about pb & j. Je at bathroom sink washing off
paint. Robert in bathtub, soaking and picking. Ja in shower.

Aug 22 2003 22:22, Fri sqrl   Link
BB: HG's the lockdown is over NT

Aug 22 2003 22:29, Fri Anonymous   Link
Rob's in HT praticing
Looks like he's practicing being a 3rd base coach giving signs to the batter (he picks his nose, touches the side of his face touches the tipof his nose then the top of his nose and wipes his forehead)

Aug 22 2003 23:01, Fri I_Should_Be_Working   Link
Erika and Jun on the couch in the LR talk about the vote
Jun tells Erika that the guys haven't yet told her how to vote (not true, she knows they want her to vote Erika out). Tells Erika that she thinks they're going to wait until the last minute to tell them (jun and Ali) which way to vote.

Erika thinks that it's ridiculous that the guys think that they can dictate how Ali and Jun will vote. Jun tells Erika that Ali's afraid to tick the guys off by not voting the way they want her to. Erika doesn't understand that. She says that Ali pulled a pretty 'ballsy' move (my guess is by not putting Justin up when everyone else wanted her to?) and proved that she's a strong, independant woman, why would she care?

Jun leaves for a few minutes, complaining that her teeth hurt. Erika plays solitaire. When she comes back, Jun tells Erika that she wants Jee out first. Erika says she wants to put someone up against Jee, so she thinks Rob needs to go first. Jun thinks for a minute and says, ok, whichever...

Ali comes in and sits down. Erika says that Jack said something today that rubbed her the wrong way. She says that Jack feels comfortable that he's staying because Rob has assured him that Ali and Jun will vote whatever way Jee and Rob tell them to. (Ed note: Nice touch, Erika!) Ali and Jun look appropriately disgusted and dismayed, and express testy sentiments.

They hear someone coming Abs class...

Aug 22 2003 23:05, Fri I_Should_Be_Working   Link
Ali: Jun, I don't think that we should tell them how we're voting.
J: You mean totally surprise them?
A: Yea. They'll be so shaken they won't be able to compete.
A: 5, 4, 3, 2 ... (abs)

Aug 22 2003 23:13, Fri SonOfAbraxas   Link
Erika/Ali/Jun in Mission: Impossible mode
Boys in HotTub and girls listening in on them through the wall. Erika sings the Mission: Impossible theme as she crawls over.

This really is quite entertaining.

Jun says (I'm not sure if she's joing or not) about hearing Jee say that 'obviously we can get the three girls out'.

Erika says that Ali has better hearing so for her to go over and listen.

Ali asks for a glass. Erika gets her one. Ali says the glass is working.

Aug 22 2003 23:14, Fri mkemp   Link
Ali has a cup against the wall and is listening to Ja and Je in HT talking, the 3 girls are listening to them
crawling behind the sofa and pressing ears against the walls. Ali telling the other two that Je said, the 3 guys can get the girls out! Jun says "that MF'er"

Aug 22 2003 23:15, Fri I_Should_Be_Working   Link
Ali listening under the window to guys in HT outside
A: they three of them can get the three of us out. Get a f'n glass!
Erika hands her a glass.

A: Now I can't hear sh*t!

oh, yeah, yeah, yeah this sh*t works! They're talking about lifting now. I was going to put my ear in the electrical outlet, but this works.

Jun: Put your ear in the outlet!
A: Yeah, I'm gonna f'n electricute myself just to hear them talk about 45 pound weights!

Aug 22 2003 23:21, Fri Dreamer   Link
Erika is annoyed. .
Erika and Jun are in the LR when Ali walks up . . .

Jun: Aren't you starving?
Ali: Is that why you are upset? (to Erika)
Erika: No I was just, Jack just said something earlier that really annoyed me
Ali: What?
Erika: Jack said something to me today that really kinda annoyed me, it didn't rub me right
Ali: Well what did he say?
Erika: He just said that, I think he just basically is feeling really comfortable that he is going to stay. He was like um basically it's up to Rob and Rob said the girls will do whatever they tell them to do. I was like~you know what?~ they're two strong fricken women, you know it just really bothered me. I don't care but that just bugged the hell out of me and I am cranky
Ali: ? about our a*s. We're not stupid.We've had this plan for what almost 3 weeks now. Why would we turn it now?
Erika: It just bothers me that he feels very like safe
Ali: Totally
Erika: Having that conversation with Jee last night was like . .
Ali: Well let them think that Erika, cause right here are the votes and we're with you so don't even f*cking worry about it
Jun: Mumbles something about Rob then Jee and the HOH (I think her mic is down her shirt)
Erika: Oh well he has got to go
Ali: I mean my belly hurts and I can't go to the bathroom, I swear (change of subject b/c Rob walked in) They probably won't even let us take ex-lax b/c it's like food

Aug 22 2003 23:22, Fri mkemp   Link
now ali is at the back door on the floor listening, and jun is standing at the island letting them know if they (guys) are coming or looking that way.
(this is really funny) Ali and Erika crawling all over the place trying to hear the guys, jun is the "look out". Ali and Er both at the back door laying on their stomachs. Ali "he (jack") is making small talk so they won't vote him out".

Aug 22 2003 23:26, Fri DC1   Link
The I-Spy Duo - Well Ali gave up at the LR wall listening so Eri crawls over & trys and....
can't really hear much...then Ali has brainstorm...hey let's crack the door open, it carries and you can hear..ok so she crawls over to door...Eri walks over..Ali says I need something to crack it open with a spoon or something. Jun says Bullion Cubes, they won't making a clanking noise. Jun tosses the cubes to Ali on the floor and the eavesdropping is on once again. You can hear the guys voices well from there. So there is Eri and Ali laying on their stomachs by the cracked door as Jun serves as lookout. They are not picking up much but chit chat from the guys, and then they make fun of Jack talking about 1 guy killed JFK.

Aug 22 2003 23:26, Fri I_Should_Be_Working   Link
Ali and Erika lying on the floor next to the outside door. Door is cracked open about an inch
Ali: No privacy here. Jack tries not to think about it.

He's just trying to make small talk with them. He thinks that he can be part of the Dream Team. We'll send him packing!

They go back to listening.

A: Talk about the game, you bastards!

J: Maybe tonight's not game night.

A: Bullsh*t. Talking about you (to Erika) and your stripper dance.

E: Now they're talking about the game...Bocci!

Laughing about how the camera will give them away.

Jun: are they all still in there? It's quiet.
Ali; A moment of silence for Justin's departure?
Eeeew, Jack's talking about my taking a sponge to his back. I'm gonna throw up!
Jun: He called you sweetheart.
Ali: Oh, that's right. I like him.

Aug 22 2003 23:48, Fri SonOfAbraxas   Link
Jee in HotTub, Robert outside - talking, but hard to hear...
The HotTub is really loud.

Jack tried to propose some sort of deal, but Jee and Robert called it 'weak'

They will probably tell Ali about the 'decision'. Whatever that is (Don't know if it's desicion to vote or taking in Jack or what).

Robert and Jee say that Ali decides their fate and they actually mention her going behind their backs and making an alliance with Jun and Erika.


Edited To Add - They didn't say the knew about the alliance, but rather theoretically that it -could- happen.

Aug 22 2003 23:53, Fri dustyma   Link
Jack proposed that Jee use veto to take Erika off and put Ali up instead and vote her out. Jee told Rob about it and Rob said they should tell Ali
because they want her to feel like they include her in everything because she is the only thing that can make their plans work this week and if she makes an alliance with Erika and Jun because she thinks they are shutting her out, she will go against the stooges.

Aug 23 2003 00:10, Sat Dreamer   Link
Alison and Erika in the spa :) NT

Aug 23 2003 00:12, Sat SonOfAbraxas   Link
Erika tells Ali that she predicted that Ali will win the game. NT

Aug 23 2003 00:56, Sat Minky   Link
Ali tells Erika that she's not mean in the diary room at all. "I'm really nice, actually." NT