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Aug 23 2003 01:04, Sat Minky   Link
Robert and Jee talking in BY NT

Aug 23 2003 01:09, Sat Blazing   Link
Je to Rob about Jun: "She's got her period & she's f*cking starving. Isn't it great?" NT

Aug 23 2003 01:27, Sat Blazing   Link
Jee has two cigarettes left. NT

Aug 23 2003 01:31, Sat Minky   Link
Jee, Robert and Ali in HOH
Jee and Robert told Ali that Jack suggested that Jee use the POV and pull Erika off the block and replace her with Ali. Jee told her that Jack and Erika are all for this plan. They laugh and talk about how stupid they both are for thinking that that would happen. Ali talks about how much she hates both of them. Then she tells Robert and Jee that she KNOWS that Jun and Jack have an alliance.

Aug 23 2003 01:31, Sat BBWhat   Link
Ali is SOOOOO smart. Jee and Rob believe she's on their side and they're telling her EVERYTHING she needs to know. NT

Aug 23 2003 01:57, Sat SonOfAbraxas   Link
Rob is so excited because the 'Dream Team' joined up with one of its member's exes. "America must be lovin' this!" NT

Aug 23 2003 01:59, Sat SonOfAbraxas   Link
Alison is playing Rob/Jee really well in the HoH. They honestly (and perhaps she is) believe she's with them. Ali is convincingly trying to keep the
noms as is. Saying boot order should be Erika, Jack and then Jun.

(She's obviously doing this so they don't switch Jack for Jun with the veto and ruin the Girl Alliance plan.)

Aug 23 2003 02:46, Sat SonOfAbraxas   Link
Goodnight HouseGuests. They're all falling asleep after an exhausting day of PBJ and burning clothes. NT

Aug 23 2003 02:48, Sat JulieH   Link
Erica and Alison played cards and then before bed met in the bathroom
Erica whispered to Alison asking her what happened in the HOH. Alison says "nothing, I listened to music". Erica said something to the effect that she's not telling her the full truth (I can't remember the phrase) and walked away.

Aug 23 2003 02:54, Sat SonOfAbraxas ParentRootLink
"My we're being secretive" NT

Aug 23 2003 04:11, Sat JulieH ParentRootLink
That's it! Thanks! NT

Aug 23 2003 06:22, Sat Strange_Brewster   Link
Sleeping, sleeping, sleeping NT

Aug 23 2003 09:28, Sat valentine   Link
Still More Beauty Sleep. And a Coma for Robert. NT

Aug 23 2003 10:21, Sat Anonymous   Link
all up and getting ready for the day NT

Aug 23 2003 10:23, Sat Ginger ParentRootLink
Jee still in bed and I don't see Robert yet NT

Aug 23 2003 10:27, Sat Ginger ParentRootLink
robert now up too...all in the kitchen NT

Aug 23 2003 10:29, Sat bruhe   Link
this morning's mystery
something fell and made a loud bang. the HGs didn't know what it was. Allison said that Jack found out it was the dustpan and broom that fell in the SR. Jun asked Jack if he used his FBI powers of deduction. Jack says he ran some fingerprints. Jun said "did it take you 18 minutes?" jack retorts: it took me 18:49 (his time for the video competition) and jokes... and i still got it wrong.

Aug 23 2003 10:30, Sat ktan   Link
McDonald's breakfast in the SR. NT

Aug 23 2003 10:40, Sat ktan   Link
BB calls Jee and Erika to SR to get their breakfasts and are now eating them at the dining table. Jack and Ali are also there watching. NT

Aug 23 2003 10:46, Sat cutiecat   Link
Jun and Rob were talking outside. Jun asks Rob how Erika ate when they were going out. She is hinting that Erika has an eating disorder. NT

Aug 23 2003 11:08, Sat SleeplessOnLI ParentRootLink
Ali tells Rob how Erika only had two bites, said she was full, and threw her meal away. She's annoyed since Erika's been complaining. NT

Aug 23 2003 11:03, Sat Dreamer   Link
Morning FOTH! NT

Aug 23 2003 11:04, Sat Vaseflower2000   Link
they are showing foth NT

Aug 23 2003 11:17, Sat ktan   Link
BB orders outside lockdown...sounds like shopping spree coming soon. Stay tuned. NT

Aug 23 2003 11:26, Sat ktan   Link
F2 is not showing anything at the moment. NT

Aug 23 2003 11:34, Sat valentine   Link
Erica Has Ruffled Some Feathers
Apparently, she turned her nose up at most of her McBreakfast. She only ate her hash browns, and two bites of her McGriddle sandwich. Then, according to Allie, she threw away the rest of the sandwich, and a whole scrambled eggs and sausage styrofoam meal.

The other HG were livid and couldn't believe the nerve.

Erica said that her stomach was rejecting the food.

Allie, outside to Robert and Jee: I don't want to fu*kin hear another word of her crying about how hungry and skinny she is. I was going to offer her my McDonald's meal tomorrow, but she can forget it now.

Jee: Did you hear what she said? She said, just think if Jee didn't accept the veto, we would all be eating McDonald's now. What a fuc*ing bit*h.

Allie: I can't wait until she is out of here.

(Ed Note: So much for the Girl's Alliance.)

Aug 23 2003 11:36, Sat valentine   Link
Just Before the Lockdown Started, Jun
went outside and quickly brought Jee up to speed on some of the scheming and trash talking that has been happening.

She told Jee not to think about any of the deals that Jack is offering, because he now wants Jee to be the one to go next.

Jee: Yeah, that's what I figured.

Jee confronts Jun about someone telling him that she called him a stupid ghetto boy, or something along those lines.

Jun denies it.

They seem to be tight as ever.

Aug 23 2003 11:39, Sat valentine   Link
Robert Wonders if there Will Be Shoes
at the shopping spree. Jee doesn't know.

Robert: I'll settle for some nice shirts and ......

They hear clanging and banging in the house.

Robert: You hear them moving those racks?

Allie is in a tiny bikini, on her knees scrubbing her laundry, a sea of activity amid the sloth of her other HG. Everyone else just lays there.

Aug 23 2003 11:41, Sat valentine   Link
Robert Thinks BB Should Install
an outside restroom.

Robert: For all the stuff we do out here.

Jee: Yeah, there should be an outhouse.

Aug 23 2003 11:44, Sat valentine   Link
Robert: I'll Bet They're Making It Look
like a fuc*ing Macy's in there. Do you guys have Macy's?

Jee: Of course. The original Macy's on 34th Street.

Now they are naming stores they like. Emporio Armani, Polo, etc.

Jee: Anything you could want, it's in the city.

Aug 23 2003 11:56, Sat valentine   Link
It's So Quiet Outside
you can hear them breathing and sighing, and planes and cars going by.

Allie and Erica are playing cards and pretending not to hate each other.

A little while ago, Jun was looking at her reflection in the windows, and tugging at the waistband of her black shorts (or bloomers or whatever they are).

Jun: I'm losing weight, Jee. You may not be able to see it, but I can feel it.

She worked out very hard yesterday. She did weights and also abs at least twice. And she jumped rope in intervals for a least 30 minutes.

She was talking about Erica having "definite issues with food" this morning. Ironic.

Aug 23 2003 11:58, Sat valentine   Link
Robert is Relating the Game to Being an Alcoholic
Robert: Alcoholics, we say to accept the things we can't change. Like in this game, if you're a target, you're a target. Like Justin, he was a target from Day One.

Robert stretches and comment on how sore he is. Yesterday, he and Jee worked on their oblique abs, and on their calves. Jee kept saying that Robert's were too skinny.

Jee: It hurts like a bit*h, don't it?

Aug 23 2003 12:07, Sat valentine   Link
The Two Stooges Reminisce (sp)
about when Justin was HOH and they all got so drunk on the Veto Competition champagne.

Justin was wasted and called Nathan in for a meeting at midnight.

Jee: Justin was a happy drunk.

They remember what Jee said during the live show about Justin's smelly shorts.

Jee: That is going to follow him around for the rest of his life. Like my day when I was really drunk.

Robert: It will be good to see him in a few weeks.

Aug 23 2003 12:09, Sat valentine   Link
Jee Wonders About Justin's Interview with Julie
Jee: He said he wanted to get all pimped out for Julie.

Robert: Oh, he's crazy.

Aug 23 2003 12:20, Sat valentine   Link
Jun Sees a White Butterfly
and calls out to Robert.

Robert: Yep, I see it. Its amazing, seeing that in this little place that is so closed in.

Robert takes his mic off when he goes to the BR. Allie doesn't and hasn't been able to get through a week without dropping it in the water or breaking it.

Jee jokes about how BB can hear Allie make noise in the BR.


Aug 23 2003 12:22, Sat Dreamer   Link
Jee: This would be a good day for a sky message :) NT

Aug 23 2003 12:24, Sat Vaseflower2000   Link
we again have foth NT

Aug 23 2003 12:41, Sat Dreamer   Link
F4 Erika applying makeup NT

Aug 23 2003 12:43, Sat valentine   Link
OK, We're Back, Folks.
Allie is still playing washerwoman, dragging the full laundry tub across the yard. She politely refuses Jack's help.

Allie: OK, I have to pee, and I'm feeling a little nauseous, people.

She is starting to use the wringer and it is not music to my ears. Whining and squeaking, big time.

Erica is doing her nails, I think, and putting on her make-up.

Aug 23 2003 12:53, Sat valentine   Link
Jack and Erica, Small Talking
Erica: I can't believe they got us up so early today.

Jack: Yeah, we seem to be on a schedule that we can't comprehend.

They see a small helicopter and watch it.

Erica: That's a two-seater, it's so small. You seem like someone that would want to learn to fly.

Jack talks about being in LA to interrogate someone and then driving down to San Diego to visit the navy yard and tour a ship. They used their credentials to get a tour and spent a few hours doing some recruiting and meeting people. He went home with a few souvenirs, a hat, etc.

A few months later this ship was on tour and apparently shot down an aircraft with civilians on it. It was a big stink, back in the late 80's. The Vincines?

Someone involved with it, named Jack Rogers, had his car blown up in San Diego. It detonated too early and missed killing him.

The guy who wrote The Hunt for Red October was somehow involved or tied to all this.

Ed Note: Jack told this story pretty fast, and I'm not a history buff, (I partied through the 80's), but these are the highlights.

Aug 23 2003 12:56, Sat Dreamer   Link
Jun: Let me f*cking pee, you f*cking mother f*ckers NT

Aug 23 2003 12:56, Sat valentine   Link
Jack: I found San Diego to be a Delightful Town.
Erica: Its very nice.

Jack: I visited Coronado and had a drink at the hotel. They filmed Some Like it Hot there.

Erica: It's very expensive.

(Ed Note: I had a romantic drink on the deck at that hotel a few years ago. Many of the Munchkins retired on Coronado Island, and there is a neighborhood full of little scale houses. But they are unrelated to my romantic interlude.)

Aug 23 2003 12:57, Sat valentine   Link
Jun is Chanting
over and over about needing to pee, like a little song.

Allie spraying the hose is driving her crazy.

Jun, to Erica: I'm going to run over there and impale her on a camera.

Jun, to BB: Do you guys hear me at all? Do you have any fuc*ing mercy?

Aug 23 2003 13:00, Sat Vaseflower2000   Link
ju really has to pee-she is getting desperate NT

Aug 23 2003 13:01, Sat valentine   Link
BB Just Gave Them Some Instructions
BB: How you doing HG?

Jun: I have to peeeeeeee.

BB: It won't be long now.

BB tells Jee that they will somehow pass him some instructions. He needs to sit by himself and read them. BB will cue him to read them out loud for the competition.

Jack: My bladder is starting to tingle, too.

FOTH while BB talks to them. I'll bet they are getting to go inside, or will pull the cameras off the back yard so they can go in semi-privacy. O

Aug 23 2003 13:04, Sat Dreamer   Link
Afternoon FOTH NT

Aug 23 2003 13:08, Sat valentine   Link
Back Again, And They Are All Standing
on the Big Chessboard.

Robert: You girls ready?

Jun: Fu*k Yeah.

FOTH again.

Aug 23 2003 13:21, Sat valentine   Link
OK. It's Awwnnnn.
Lots of squealing.

Jun: OMG!! OMG!! Fishnets!!!

They are just looking and BB is telling them something. They each found a section labeled for them.

Jun: This is like, so Amy.

Aug 23 2003 13:23, Sat valentine   Link
That Was Crazy.
They are all loaded down and have to head to the BY with their loot.

BB: Right now. Get outside!

Jack: Can I please go to the restroom?

FOTH. But we heard BB say something to Jack.

Aug 23 2003 13:25, Sat valentine   Link
Jun: OMG! These Shoes are So Fuc*ing Me!
I wear this sh*t to work all the time!

Jun pulled on a slinky black dress and a bucket hat. She grabbed an orange handbag after BB called time, and I think she got away with it.

Jun: A Dolce and Gabbana dress! Hell yeah!

Aug 23 2003 13:27, Sat valentine   Link
Erica Did Pick Out A Tacky
jean jacket lined with some sort of fur. With a matching mini. Only about 15 years too young for her.

Everyone is so happy. Robert got an Armani shirt and two pair of pants that were intended for Jack.

Aug 23 2003 13:28, Sat valentine   Link
Robert: Look at What Jack Got!
Jun: Jack looks like a fuc*ing pimp!

Apparently he grabbed a really nice jacket or blazer.

Aug 23 2003 13:31, Sat valentine   Link
They Also Each Got a Picture From Home.
That would explain Allie squealing "Donnnnieeee!" during the pre-view process, before BB called time and they started grabbing stuff.

Jun, looking at hers: Of all the pictures I showed them before, they had to pick this one.

Aug 23 2003 13:33, Sat valentine   Link
Erica is Trying on a Bright Red Strapless Top
and it looks good.

Jee is reciting how much everything cost. I guess the price tags are on it.

Jee: $175. $110. DKNY, and some cashmere over here.

Allie: I loooovveee these pants!

Erica: They fit you like a glove.

Aug 23 2003 13:36, Sat valentine   Link
Erica: Everything is Way To Big For Me!
She is trying on a burberry-type plaid mini-skirt with black buckles.

Jun: You'll fill it out when you get home. Go home and eat, and it will fit you.

(Ed Note: Wear it in the sequester house, Erica.)

Aug 23 2003 13:41, Sat Vaseflower2000   Link
they are so happy with their new clothes-trying them on and everyone compimenting
each other. nice change to hear them not complaining.

Aug 23 2003 13:56, Sat Vaseflower2000   Link
they are still all outside but done trying on clothes. NT

Aug 23 2003 13:59, Sat Vaseflower2000   Link
they are commenying on ja jacket -they all love it. they all like what they got. NT

Aug 23 2003 14:00, Sat valentine   Link
They're Spent
They are discussing a skirt set that BB picked out for Allie.

Allie: I like the shirt--I would wear it tight black pants, but the skirt isn't me at all. It's so long and matronly.

Jun: I know. Maybe it's because you're from Pennsylvania?

Allie: What do they think I am? A fuc*ing Mennonite?

Jun: Ha ha. What's a Mennonite?

Allie: An Amish person!!!

Jun: Robert, you happy?

Robert: Yeahhh.

Jun: Jee, you happy? Jack, I know you're happy with your pimp jacket.

Aug 23 2003 14:04, Sat valentine   Link
Allie: There Was a Fishnet Hoodie. Did You See That Jun?
Jun: Yeah, but I didn't get it. I didn't want any more sh*t.

Allie: I almost grabbed it for you.

Now Jee is trying on clothes for the girls.

Jun: Jee looks like a gangster. (imitating a severe accent) "Give me all your money!"

Jee: What????

Jun: You look like one of those Chinese guys that steal money from kids. Or extort money from restaurant owners.

Aug 23 2003 14:07, Sat valentine   Link
Erica Holds Up a Dress: This is so Mariah Carey!!
Jun: Yeah, it is so you.

It was light blue, a short straight shift. Might be Adidas.

Allie: I wish we could do it again.

Aug 23 2003 14:31, Sat valentine   Link
All HG Still Sitting On Lockdown on the Patio
Jee is wearing Jun's new red bucket hat that says "Mercedes" on it.

Jee: Jun, it says Made in Korea!!

Allie: It looks so ghetto.

(Ed Note: Allie said that to Jee, NOT Jun.)

Jee wants to go inside in the worst way. He is HOH, after all.

Aug 23 2003 14:34, Sat valentine   Link
Brief FOTH, Then Back Inside the Crib
Rob goes straight for the kitchen and is opening a package of bread.

Jee gathers up his loot and heads inside.

Allie resumes her laundry tasks.

Erica gathers up her new clothes.

Allie, in a fake little girl voice to Erica: Are you happy?

Erica, as she walks away: Yeah.

Aug 23 2003 14:46, Sat valentine   Link
Jack is Eating His PB and Mayo Sandwich
while Robert enjoys his Mustard and Mayo sandwich.

Jack: I'm trying to figure out how to fit ketchup in this equation.

Erica: That is disgusting.

Erica lowers herself to making some sort of sandwich. Jack just watches her, chewing.

Robert is in his room admiring his new necklace.

Robert: What a beautiful girl.

Aug 23 2003 14:50, Sat valentine   Link
Allie Has On A New Outfit
A tight flesh colored T-shirt and some very tight white sweatpants. On the rear, they have a huge picture of a modified Rolling Stone logo. You know, the mouth and tongue hanging out?

Allie: I just grabbed them. I didn't look at the back of them.

(Ed Note: Like Hell you didn't, Allie. That's why you're prancing around in them now.)

Aug 23 2003 14:53, Sat valentine   Link
Boo Hoo. Robert Looks Upset Again.
Sitting in the backyard by himself, snorting and breathing heavily. He is looking at the pendant with the picture of his daughter and it seems to be getting to him.

Robert, thinking to himself: Poor me. Poor me. Sniff, snort.

Aug 23 2003 15:02, Sat Vaseflower2000   Link
ali and ju in living room eating and jee and rob in hoh room talking about
ju and calling her names.

Aug 23 2003 15:05, Sat valentine   Link
Here We Go. In the HOH Room, Jee Tells Robert
that Jun told him the other girls are pissed at her because she got three Victoria Secrets robes.

Jee: You know, three robes? Supposed to be one for each of them, but Jun grabbed all three.

Robert: Ha ha ha. Girls are like that.

Jee: Its funny. We can just watch and sh*t. Justin would have loved that. They would have had a lot of Bang Bang clothes.

Robert: Bang Bang?

Jee: You know, its a chain with really tight polyester clothes. Justin loved to wear those clothes.

Robert: Didn't you say they were Guido clothes?

Jee: Yeah, he loves that.

Aug 23 2003 15:15, Sat valentine   Link
Allie is Taking Her Clothes Out of the Dryer and Trashing Jun and Erica
to the guys outside.

Allie: They are sitting in there complaining about the stuff they got. Are you fu*king kidding me??

Robert: They are complaining?

Allie: That's why I don't have any girlfriends back home. Not one.

(Ed Note: !!!?)

The picture of Donnie and Allie on the necklace was taking the same week she was kidnapped. They were at a waterpark. Allie doesn't think her Mom would have had the pictures developed and given them to BB if Donnie wanted to break out with her.

Aug 23 2003 17:31, Sat nojobny ParentRootLink
In a previous conversation, Ali said most of her friends were guys b/c girls were too petty and b*tchy. NT

Aug 23 2003 15:32, Sat joannie   Link
Erika, Jee and Ali play cards at BY table. Jack watches. NT

Aug 23 2003 15:48, Sat valentine   Link
BB Told Them to Wear A New Outfit for Their DR Sessions
Jun is in there with her D & G black dress and high heels.

Erica is ready, wearing her too-trendy (last year) denim fur-lined jacket with the matching mini. Except now, she is saying it is too tight.

Robert is just manically complementing everyone.

(Ed Note: If you like everything, you probably don't like anything.)

Aug 23 2003 15:49, Sat valentine ParentRootLink
OMG. Erica is Lacing Up Her Pink Boots
and she looks like a streetwalker on the Sunset Strip.

Aug 23 2003 15:58, Sat joannie   Link
Erika complaining. "Why do you give an animal lover a rabbit's fur jacket?" NT

Aug 23 2003 16:01, Sat joannie   Link
Erika and Jun think that Ali's outfit is too conservative. Jun: "You look like you're 47 years old." Ali: "I'm Amish." NT

Aug 23 2003 16:03, Sat joannie   Link
Ali: "Do I look stupid? Should I change?" NT

Aug 23 2003 16:04, Sat joannie   Link
Ali: "I look like a damn nun!" NT

Aug 23 2003 16:57, Sat I_Should_Be_Working   Link
Jack and Erika in BY, very touching conversation
Jack telling Erika that he could deal with his HOH competition mistake if it meant that he had to leave, but having it mean that Erika would have to pay for his mistake is making it very hard for him.

Erika saying she felt responsible for Dave leaving--he fought hard for her the second week, and it made him a target. Jack tells her that Dave was a strong player period and that he would have been a target regardless.

Both feeling like the game was bearable because they were able to play together, but now it doesn't seem worth it.

Jack says that he hasn't heard anything about which way they're voting. Says Ali will vote with Robert and he doesn't know...thinks that somehow it will come out after everyone casts their votes in the diary room. That they (Jack and Erika) will know something before the eviction show.

Jack assuring Erika that she hasn't made any mistakes. That she's in trouble not because of anything that she did.

Aug 23 2003 17:00, Sat valentine   Link
Erica, to Jack about Allie: I Hate Her.
Jack: She's intolerable.

Erica: That's just given me a whole new reason to hate Dana. She couldn't even nominate her properly.

Jack: Even the evicted people don't know how to play this game.

Aug 23 2003 17:02, Sat valentine   Link
BB: "Allison", and Then Erica Says
"Please go to hell and stay there."

Jack: That girl is psycho. The guys were talking about taking a shirt for Justin into the Diary Room. This is getting worse and worse.

Erica: Oh Jack. What are we going to do?

Jack: Go insane, that's what.

Aug 23 2003 17:21, Sat I_Should_Be_Working   Link
Erika and Jack still talking strategic game
Erika figures that either she or Jack would be third. Taking out the two guys first and then fighting Ali for Jun. Figures that it'll be Ali and Jun in the finals and Jun will win.

Jack: if you and Jun and Robert are in the last three, Robert doesn't get his sequestor vacation and he doesn't get his money. If he wins HOH, though, he'd take Jun into the finals.

On the other hand...thinking that they might have a chance to win if Rob was the one they took to the finals. Interesting thing about having Robert in the finals is that it splits "the Amigo vote". But then again, it leaves Allison with the deciding vote. Scary thought.

Working out several different scenarios, but ultimately realize that Ali on the jury is just too risky a chance.

Aug 23 2003 17:31, Sat I_Should_Be_Working   Link
Switching Feeds to Ali and Jee in HOH
Mutual admiration society going on

Jee: you gave me your word and you stuck to it. That meant so much to me.
Ali: It's such an accomplishment. There should be a third prize. Or a final four.

Jee: This week is sooooo important!
Ali: They both have to go. I hate them all.

Discussing how descisions have to be made together as a group.

Ali whispers 'Jack'
Jee: That's what you want?
Ali: I don't really care. Next week.
Jee: Make it happen, girl. Grab that f'n title.

Talking about how Jack is behaving around Ali. Questioning why he's behaving that way around her. Maybe Jun is stirring up sh*t.

Jee: Don't drive yourself crazy. Maybe his bullsh*t is over, his polite "I appreciate the game."

Ali: I can't believe it, I heard him say, "I can't believe I've been here this long and I'm not getting anything out of it."
He's so ungrateful...lazy...riding on our coattails (I'm only catching a small portion here they're talking fast, I'm typing too slow!!!)

Ali trashing others about the shopping spree. Jun is so shallow. Jack doesn't appreciate anything.

Jee: what happened to Robert
Ali: probably got swallowed by Erika.

Aug 23 2003 18:22, Sat Anonymous   Link
Robert is sniffling away in the hammock... a few minutes ago he muttered
something about it being his daughter's birthday? He's appears to be very sad or he has a bad cold.

Aug 23 2003 18:33, Sat Anonymous   Link
3 feeds on sleeping people and 1 feed on Robert wandering around NT

Aug 23 2003 18:36, Sat Anonymous   Link
Jack is up and making himself a sandwich while Robert tests the hot tub NT

Aug 23 2003 18:44, Sat Anonymous   Link
Jack laid back down while Robert is still wandering around aimlessly NT

Aug 23 2003 19:21, Sat ChiPrincess   Link
Jun eating in LR. Robert, Jack playing BB. Erika sleeping. NT

Aug 23 2003 19:23, Sat Vaseflower2000   Link
ju on couch in living room eating her pbj NT

Aug 23 2003 19:24, Sat ChiPrincess   Link
Robert now playing BB by himself. Most energetic he's been all day. NT

Aug 23 2003 19:26, Sat Vaseflower2000   Link
ali asks the guys where do they get energy to play bb NT

Aug 23 2003 19:26, Sat ChiPrincess   Link
Now Jack playing BB by himself. Robert goes to pee. NT

Aug 23 2003 19:28, Sat Vaseflower2000   Link
june bored-tells rob she is an eater and is bored NT

Aug 23 2003 19:37, Sat Vaseflower2000   Link
june and rob in kitchen talking about june's clothes. talking about pictures they got. NT

Aug 23 2003 19:53, Sat Vaseflower2000   Link
everyone up but jee-ju now getting jee up NT

Aug 23 2003 19:56, Sat Vaseflower2000   Link
une made beef broth-they are drinking it NT

Aug 23 2003 19:58, Sat Vaseflower2000   Link
the guys are going to work out soon NT

Aug 23 2003 20:09, Sat Vaseflower2000   Link
hgs all telling jee to eat. lots of good food in the refrig and don't waste it. NT

Aug 23 2003 20:15, Sat Vaseflower2000   Link
ali and june saying the guys still think they are voting out erika. saying more
but making so much noise you can not hear and guys come around. have to dummy up.

Aug 23 2003 20:46, Sat Anonymous   Link
Erika, Jun, and Ali are all sitting in the LR discussing how Jack has been
saying that after Erika is gone, then Jee is next. Jun: Jack is more about playing the game with the guys. They discuss which guy should go after Jack. Jun suggests that it should be Robert... and then adds that Jee might not think that she would come after him but she would go after him with a f'n knife.

Aug 23 2003 20:50, Sat Anonymous   Link
The girls are now discussing why would Jee and Robert want to keep...
Jack this week and get rid of him next week. BB just asked the HGs to open the inside blinds so Ali and Erika are now up and walking around. Ali is still harping on whether or not Donny (boyfriend in outside world) is still there for her. Robert is in the shower, Ali is sitting in the bathroom now wondering how many days they have been there. FOTH

Aug 23 2003 21:00, Sat pixiegirl   Link
Ali is talking about she hasn't had her period since she's been in the house
telling rob she stopped taking it before she came in and still hasn't had it, she says she was on the pill for nine years prior

Aug 23 2003 21:00, Sat Anonymous   Link
All 4 feeds in the bathroom, 2 on Robert showering, Ali is also...
in the bathroom talking with Robert. Ali is talking about how her dad and brother will probably kicks Donny's a** if he dumps her. Ali and Jun are changing into workout clothes. All 3 are discussing how Ali went off the pill before she came into the BB house and hasn't gotten her period yet. Jun is explaining to Robert how this can occur. Talk about how Dana would freak out if anyone touched her stuff.

Aug 23 2003 21:02, Sat Anonymous   Link
All 4 feeds on Jun sitting on the floor stretching before her workout NT

Aug 23 2003 21:05, Sat Anonymous   Link
ali and jun in kitchen
did anyone else catch what Ali said to jun in the kitchen 2 minutes ago..june asked ali something and she replied "yeah we gotta cool it"?

Aug 23 2003 21:09, Sat Juniemoon ParentRootLink
Jun said to Ali....
Do you think we're saying too much in front of Erika and Ali said "yeah, we better simmer down"

Aug 23 2003 21:10, Sat Anonymous   Link
All feeds on Robert in the kitchen making toast NT

Aug 23 2003 21:14, Sat Anonymous   Link
Robert just told Ali that Dana wanted so badly to punch her out before...
she left and Justin convinced her not to, said he would never talk to Dana again if she did that. Ali laughs. Ali: Nathan told me that if he won this game he would give me half if I took her out. More laughing.

Aug 23 2003 21:17, Sat Anonymous   Link
Robert: Justin told Dana not to smack Ali, that she should go out...
with some class. Erika and Jack are outside playing cards. Can hear in the background that someone is playing basketball but no feeds are on it.

Aug 23 2003 21:19, Sat Anonymous   Link
Ali is jumping rope, Jee is using the punching bag, Erika & Jack- cards NT

Aug 23 2003 21:23, Sat Anonymous   Link
Jun just asked Jee (punching like crazy on that bag) if he is stressed NT

Aug 23 2003 21:35, Sat Anonymous   Link
Robert just told Jee that everyone in the house needs the money...
except for Erika and that's why he wants her a** out. Jee is stressing over the fact that he won so much of the competitions lately and what everyone must think. (Jee and Robert are in the kitchen) Robert is sitting at the table reading from a manual/book. Jee is using an icepack for his shoulder and has just decided that he doesn't want to go in the hot tub tonight, he's going to take a shower.

Aug 23 2003 22:21, Sat TheBigSista   Link
ali and zilla talking in br...
reaffirming that they are gonna boot jack out and that they still have and alliance but everyone thinks they hate each other and how rat is always saying things they have said to him ie how much they dont like each other!!!

no talking about how sexist rat is. and how they dont like his top that he got in lux comp.

now deciding if they are gonna tell them that erika is staying but then decide against it as they are gonna be p#ssed about it. so decided that they are gonna make excuses as to why they are booting jack.

rat and jee just come out of hoh house and rat says that jee is on his last cig.

Aug 23 2003 22:22, Sat I_Should_Be_Working   Link
Ali and Jun in Bathroom talking game; Jee and Rob in HOH
Jee is eating fruit salad? (ed note: I thought he was doing PB&J with everyone else to show his empathy for the group)

Ali and Jun discussing benefits of keeping Jack vs. Erika. Deciding that regardless of who they keep, the other side will be after Jun and Ali in the weeks to come. Talking about how the guys are trying to turn them against each other; how sexist Rob is in spite of his age (?)

Should we tell them who we're voting out? No. They're going to be p*ssed regardless, let them be thrown for HOH. Should we tell them we had agreed on who we were going to vote out? NO. Ali: I'm going to tell them that Jack creeps me out. I've been telling them about all these things that Jack's supposedly doing to me. (I guess she's been setting the stage)

Jee and Rob come out of HOH. Ali jumps into WC stopping conversation.

Aug 23 2003 22:23, Sat I_Should_Be_Working   Link
Jee smoking last cigarette. NT

Aug 23 2003 22:25, Sat I_Should_Be_Working   Link
BB would supply Jee with patch if he thinks he needs it. NT

Aug 23 2003 23:24, Sat SleeplessOnLI   Link
Ali (in HT) and Rob (sitting on the edge) - Ali realizing that the Jury House (Dana) may see the "Camera Comp" ...
... when Ali screams each time one of her cameras are focused on Dana's face! She then realizes she was yelling, "Well at least you filled in the gap in her teeth."

Rob - Laugh, "Yeah, right ... right."

Prior to this, Ali mentioned that they didn't play water polo today. Rob thought it wasn't a good idea - boy/girl vs. boy/girl and Erika is too skinny. Rob: "She will break."

This prompts Ali to discuss Erika's (not eating) problem. Rob doesn't seem too concerned. He said he will ask her why she doesn't eat much.

Ali rehashed her own eating disorder ...
-Broth (60 calories) or an apple for breakfast.
-Diet soda for lunch.
-Quick snack before ice skating (3 or 4 Kraft cheese cubes dipped in honey mustard sauce.)
-Few spoonfuls of rice for dinner.

She said she was a size zero and clothes *still* hung on her. She's a size four now.

(This morning, it was Erika's turn to eat McD's with Jee. As much as Ali was pissed at Erika for taking only a few bites and then throw the meal away, Ali seems to be a bit concerned about Erika and her thinness.
Or perhaps she is jealous ... or game strategy, etc.)

Aug 23 2003 23:50, Sat SleeplessOnLI   Link
Rob coaching Jee as to how to host a POV meeting. No influence talk-just you ask this one why to say, then the next. (He's done it twice.) NT

Aug 24 2003 00:58, Sun BBWhat   Link
Ali and Stooges in HOH room
Ali: Jack wonders what he's gonna get next week (in terms of catered food?). He was in the hot tub with Erika. Then he said, well one of us will.

Ali is trying to show the boys that Jun is leaking the Stooges' plan to Jack, to make her look bad to them. And possibly setting her up to take the fall when Jack is voted out.

Aug 24 2003 00:58, Sun BBWhat   Link
More Ali/Stooges talk
Rob: we haven't told him, we never do that...It's only two people.

Ali: it is kinda obvious.

Jee: was Jack just in the Diary room?

Rob: he can't hear

Ali: the only thing he could confirm is that he isn't leaving... everything good still?

Some small talk, about sore joints and muscles.

Ali leaves room.

The Stooges seem oblivious to what's really going on in the house.

Jee: ...she ain't winning over us anyway (in final three). We gotta make it together. I think that's what Justin would have wanted. We just have to win HOH next week. We'll talk about it next week...I can contend, you can contend, Ali can contend...that's what's gonna happen. This week is important.

Rob: we're gonna win, we're gonna win.

Jee: after this week, we gotta get one of those two out, and it's 3:1... It doesn't matter if Jun or Ali votes for me to leave...

BB: Erika and Alison, please adjust your mics.

Rob: Erika's probably asking what the *****'s going on.


Rob: I know, we need her.

Aug 24 2003 00:59, Sun BBWhat   Link
Rob: we made the biggest difference in the game. We broke up all the alliances. NT