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Aug 24 2003 01:00, Sun BBWhat   Link
Rob: and we didn't have a f*cking chance, walking in here. NT

Aug 24 2003 01:20, Sun ktan   Link
F4 is scanning the memory wall photos, keys, and veto for some unknown reason. NT

Aug 24 2003 01:25, Sun ktan ParentRootLink
A label under Erika's photo has the BB4 logo and "Jee's Guest" printed underneath. (from the McD's meal yesterday) NT

Aug 24 2003 01:22, Sun SonOfAbraxas   Link
Nitenite, Houseguests! 12:20am BBT (early for them) NT

Aug 24 2003 01:26, Sun ktan   Link
Erika interrupts the scanning to remove the label and takes both her and Dave's photos before putting them back on the ledge. (The reason for FOTH) NT

Aug 24 2003 01:34, Sun SleeplessOnLI   Link
Ali and Jun are laughing about Erika's "Christmas pants". Ali: Rob, what do you call them? Rob: Present pants.
Jun laughing along with Ali. Ali said that Erika's pants 'rank' right up there with Justin's shorts (not washed.) Erika comes back from the memory wall into the bedroom. (Anyone know what the label or piece of paper was underneath her picture? ... Learned this a bit after I originally posted. It said, "Jee's Guest" ... as in Jee's McD's guest. Erika's turn to share a meal with McJee was this past morning's breakfast.)

Snagged ... Ali asks, "Erika, when was the last time you washed them ... your present pants?"
Erika: My present pants? Fluff and fold - and HOH! (Very offended!)
Jun: Fluff and fold ... them fighting words.
Girls laughing.
Ali: Well, we weren't sure and we thought they were right along up there with Justin's shorts!"
Erika: B!tches! You're all b!tches!

Ali & Jun laugh.
Erika laughing as well. Girls will be girls ;-)

Aug 24 2003 01:36, Sun ktan   Link
FOTH lights are still off even though it's past midnight PT. Now they're dramatically turned on. :) NT

Aug 24 2003 01:41, Sun TomGuy   Link
Jun says she's so hungry she'd sell her body....
Jack asks, "For how much, Jun"

She laughs--"For a Big Mac"...she goes on to say she'd give a bj for a BMc.

Aug 24 2003 01:53, Sun SleeplessOnLI   Link
Slumber party (Ali, Erika & Jun). Giggling - Jun has hiccups. Laying there in the dark, laughing. Guess not tired enough to sleep. NT

Aug 24 2003 02:29, Sun davidmichelle   Link
Erika got out of bed alone, walked around, went to the bathroom, walked outside for a second, now playing cards. She seems very restless.
Erika played cards for 15 minutes, pausing to ponder whatever is going on in her head. She than went to the cabinet in the water closet and shuffled around something. She got some water and is now sitting in a chair by herself holding a cup of water.

Aug 24 2003 03:09, Sun Chica417   Link
Lots of restless in the house tonight...Jee now up in HOH - drinking something from frig and ..
sitting in chair in HOH...just thinking...

Aug 24 2003 03:13, Sun Chica417   Link
Erika now back in bed . . . Jee still up sitting in chair in HOH NT

Aug 24 2003 03:18, Sun Chica417   Link
Jee now out of HOH = entering WC NT

Aug 24 2003 03:21, Sun Chica417   Link
Jee back in bed now (...and YES - he washed his hands - quite thoroughly, I might add!) NT

Aug 24 2003 03:23, Sun Chica417   Link
All Hamsters now snugly in their respective beds...Jun doing a bit of moaning... NT

Aug 24 2003 06:07, Sun valentine   Link
Everyone is Sleeping Soundly.
Erica just made a speaking sound in her sleep. Probably having a nightmare about being trapped in a house with Allison and Robert.

Aug 24 2003 08:28, Sun ChiPrincess   Link
Still Sleeping. NT

Aug 24 2003 09:54, Sun Chica417   Link
Jack up - going to the WC NT

Aug 24 2003 10:07, Sun Dreamer   Link
Jun is in the BY doing her laundry :) NT

Aug 24 2003 10:08, Sun valentine   Link
What a Surprise! Allie is the First One Up.
Well maybe not. Jack is up, too, and Erica is doing laundry in the backyard.

No audio, just the feeds.

Jack is making coffee, and Allie is brushing her teeth, still wearing her new white sweatpants with the open mouth on the rear end.

Aug 24 2003 10:09, Sun valentine ParentRootLink
Nope, Sorry, Thats Jun doing her Laundry
in what looks like her new bikini.

Ed Note: Slow getting started today.

Aug 24 2003 10:17, Sun valentine   Link
In the Kitchen, A Minor Crises Due to the Lack of Butter
Jack doesn't think BB is going to give them anymore.

Allie: I think it's technically a condiment. Otherwise, why would restaurants serve it in those little packages at the table.

Jack: It sure does sweeten up the jelly.

Allie doesn't think that Erica will wake up anytime soon, because she is sleeping with the headphones on.

Allie: When I'm on PB&J, I wake up hungry.

Jack is called to the DR for his pills (Claritin).

Aug 24 2003 10:20, Sun Dreamer   Link
Jack to Ali: You like tea better than you like coffee?
Ali: I don't drink coffee

(They have been in the BB4 house over 7 weeks! You think the FBI guy would know this)

Aug 24 2003 10:25, Sun valentine   Link
Jun and Allie in the Kitchen
Allie: I had, like, so many dreams last night.

Jun: I know, you were talking.

Allie: I hope I didn't say anything about the game. I dreamed that I was hosting a pageant, and a lot of people recognized me. After the pageant, I had to come back to the house. While I was leaving, people started mouthing to me that I need to get rid of the girls.

Jun: Really?

Allie: In my dream, I said, no, the girls are all working together.

Then the dream morphed into a bunch of babies running around and falling off a balcony.

Jun: You are weird.

Allie: But the girls in the dream weren't you girls. Marcellas and Jason were trying to get me to vote out the girls.

Aug 24 2003 11:00, Sun valentine   Link
Now Allie is Trash Talking With Robert
about how Erica will "be a mess out there with Julie in the interview".

Robert: Yeah, she's going to have those boots on, too.

(Ed Note: Ha ha everyone hates them.)

Jun is sporting a bikini and her new Mercedes bucket hat. Everyone discusses Allie's pants.

Jee: It looks like the Aerosmith mouth.

Allie: Steven Tyler, yeah.

Outdoor lockdown, now.

Aug 24 2003 11:03, Sun valentine   Link
Jun: I Want some Thai Food
I'm going to tell both of them to order it, so whoever stays we get to eat it.

Then giggles.

Robert: Cool

Aug 24 2003 11:08, Sun valentine   Link
Jun is Unhappy With the Appliances
Jun: I can't believe how much I hate this dryer. It keeps cutting off. I would dry stuff in the sun but then it gets so hard and sh*t.

Jun: I came out here before and there was a huge frickin web that I walked through to get to the dryer. I would have screamed but no one was out here.

Robert: There are webs all over out here.

Jun: I know, its nasty.

Jun goes over to the hammock, sits down and screams "OOOOOOOOOOOooooo, A big fuc*ing spider right on the hammock"

Jun: SPIDERS ARE TAKING OVER THE YARD!!!! It doesn't look like the ones over here. Its huge and its legs are thick.

Robert goes over to kill it for her and they can't find it.

Robert: Oh no, where did it go???

Now Robert sees it and screams, too. Jack and Allie come over. Jack swats it to the ground and someone kills it.

Jun: You all thought I was exagerrating.

Aug 24 2003 11:08, Sun valentine ParentRootLink
Better Title: Buddy's Revenge NT

Aug 24 2003 12:25, Sun Strange_Brewster ParentRootLink
Correction. They didn't kill it, but Jack brushed it off of the hammock. NT

Aug 24 2003 11:32, Sun Dreamer   Link
Ali said she would be so happy if she had her period~
she hasn't had one in two months!

Aug 24 2003 11:33, Sun valentine   Link
Allie: I Would Be So Happy if My Period Came
Allie: I haven't had it in two months.

Jee: Whhhaaatt????

Allie: I quit taking the pill and just haven't had it.

Jun: David got her pregnant.

Now they are discussing how Dave and Dana were demonstrating sexual positions.

Robert: It was disgusting. They were touching and turning each other this way and that.

Jee: You could tell she wanted him big time.

Jun missed that.

Aug 24 2003 11:36, Sun Dreamer   Link
Jack is shaving and Erika is taking a shower NT

Aug 24 2003 11:37, Sun valentine   Link
Robert Thinks He is So Smart
telling Allie that Jun has no idea what is happening with the vote.

Robert: I heard her say that Erica ordered Thai food, and that she told Jack to order it, too, so that we could eat it no matter what. She doesn't know what is going to happen.

Allie: Ohhh. Sweet.

Jee: I'm never around while any of this happens.

Allie: That's because you're always in your room shoving turkey down your throat.

Jee: I've only done that twice.

This all occurred after Jun got called to the DR and left the backyard.

All feeds now on shirtless Jack as he lathers up and shaves in the bathroom mirror.

Aug 24 2003 11:42, Sun valentine   Link
This Confirms Robert is an Idiot:
Robert: We are now representing New York, L.A., and Pennsylvania. Three great cities.

Ha ha ha.

Aug 24 2003 11:47, Sun Dreamer   Link
Alison's favorite from BB3 is Danielle, Jee says she played the game
really well ....

Aug 24 2003 11:53, Sun valentine   Link
Jun: Jee You're a Sinner. Wasting all that Food.
Jun: You're going to let all that food go to waste? The milk, the eggs, all that food? I'll even cook it for you, I'm so bored.

Jee: No.

Allie: You're about to scarf down a huge McDonald's lunch.

Jee: That's different. I won that. Besides, "it's a good time for the great taste of McDonald's."

They asked Jee in the DR if he knew any McDonalds jingles he could say.

Aug 24 2003 11:54, Sun TwistedBrother   Link
Allie thinks she has a lump NT

Aug 24 2003 11:58, Sun valentine   Link
Allie: Excuse Me, BB, My Armpit is Aching.
Erica came over and felt the lump. Jun think's its a pulled muscle, but Allie continues to whine about it and says her mother had a lump in her breast.

Erica: Are you serious Allie?

Both of them seem to think that Allie may be over-dramatizing it, but don't want to come out and say it.

Erica: I would just have BB bring a doctor in here to look at it.

Jun: Yeah, you have access to a free doctor why don't you use it.

Allie: I had insurance, but it went away when I quit working and came in here.

Jee has agreed to ask BB about the doctor when he goes to the DR.

Aug 24 2003 12:01, Sun valentine   Link
Robert: You Want to See a Psychiartrist To, While You're At It?
Allie: Suck off, Robert. What was that Doctor's name?

Robert: Dr. Zachary. I've seen her twice since I've been in here.

Allie: Really? Since you've been here?

Robert: All these freaks in this house? I've had two private one-hour sessions, no cameras or anything.

Erica says she saw her once, the first week she was here.

Erica: It's nice to talk to someone that isn't part of the game at all. She's very smart.

Robert: Its very healthy.

Aug 24 2003 12:10, Sun Vaseflower2000   Link
june and ali are outside sunning themselves NT

Aug 24 2003 12:14, Sun Vaseflower2000   Link
eri now joins the other girls to tan. no conversation NT

Aug 24 2003 12:16, Sun Vaseflower2000   Link
jee in the bathroom shaving and jack is standing in the kitchen NT

Aug 24 2003 12:33, Sun Dreamer   Link
BB: Jun please do not obstruct your microphone
she was laying on it while catching rays

Aug 24 2003 12:50, Sun I_Should_Be_Working   Link
Jun, laughing to everyone in BY: Jee won HOH, POV, luxury and food competition this week. Let's all get up and leave
during the live show and tell Julie to just let him have the $500K!

Aug 24 2003 13:13, Sun Debra_Kadabra   Link
All cameras on BY. Jee tells Robert and Jack Veto Meeting NT

Aug 24 2003 13:20, Sun joannie   Link
Four feeds of the empty BY NT

Aug 24 2003 13:23, Sun ktan   Link
Veto was not used. NT

Aug 24 2003 13:23, Sun Debra_Kadabra   Link
Ali imitating Jee "I choose NOT to exercise the veto power" NT

Aug 24 2003 13:23, Sun joannie   Link
Jee didn't use the Veto NT

Aug 24 2003 13:28, Sun joannie   Link
Jack, Erika and Jun are in the LR talking about the Michelle eviction.
Jack: It shocked the sunspots right off of her.

Jun: She started crying.

Ed. Note>>>can't wait to see it happen again!

Aug 24 2003 13:31, Sun joannie   Link
Ali: "Tech support! We need a new dryer!" NT

Aug 24 2003 13:33, Sun joannie   Link
Jack and Jee are in BY. Jee: "How are you and Erika doing? Any problems?"
Jack: "No. Thank you. It's just a waiting game now."

Aug 24 2003 13:41, Sun Grins   Link
Girls in backyard
Congratulating one another about their plan working.

Erika: He is going to be nom'd...and no cigarettes.

Girls are giggling.

Jun: <singing to the tune of bad boys> What'cha going do with the b*tches come after you.

More giggling and dancing in their seats.

Aug 24 2003 13:44, Sun SonOfAbraxas   Link
Jun says she'll stick her tongue down Jack's mouth when he leaves. Girls Laughing. Then says oldest she's been with was 7 years older NT

Aug 24 2003 13:44, Sun valentine   Link
Jee is Starting to Wig Out
because he is out of cigarettes. He considered smoking butts a few minutes ago, but went inside the house instead.

Robert: Eat, or drink coffee.

Jee: It's not too bad so far. Taking a smoke would take the edge off how I'm feeling.

Robert: You're going to be all right. It's possible.

Jee: It's definitely possible. I can do it.

Jee was saying a minute ago that he is ready for this whole thing to be over. The Game, everything.

Aug 24 2003 13:47, Sun valentine   Link
Robert: Jee, I'll Fuc*ing Smoke You
But relax, they're talking about playing basketball this afternoon.

Jee is saying that every morning Robert talks smack about playing basketball, but never comes through.

Robert: I need to eat first man. And I'm not 21 or some sh*t like that.

A few minutes later.

Robert: Jee, I'll tear you a new a**hole,man.

Jee: Whaaatt? That is nasty, man, saying that.

Aug 24 2003 13:50, Sun joannie   Link
Jee, Rat, and Jun in LR laughing about Jee's veto speech
Jun: "The way you said veto POWER!"

Jun is cracking up hysterically.

Aug 24 2003 13:51, Sun joannie   Link
Jun thinks that Jee has a lot of 12-year-old Korean girl fans. NT

Aug 24 2003 13:52, Sun valentine   Link
Robert and Jun are Making Fun of Jee's Veto Speech
Jun is sitting on the couch with them and cracking up, laughing really loud while eating a piece of toast.

I guess Jee said something about "my lovely houseguests".

Jun imitates Jee's 12 year old Korean fans chanting, "Jee Choe, Jee Choe".

Robert: Jun you're going to be getting a lot of sh*t from guys. I know you like Bob and all, but you are going to meet some guys.

Jun, imitating a Korean girl: Oh, he so handsome. Jee Power!

Robert: Hey Jee, throw some Korean girls my way, man. I like Asian chicks.

Aug 24 2003 13:53, Sun valentine   Link
Jun: BB is the Best Show. It's On All Fuc*ing Summer.
Jun: Even if people don't want to see us, we're on 3 nights a week.

Aug 24 2003 14:00, Sun valentine   Link
Erica Has Come In From the Sun
and has put on her new Mariah Carey light blue dress over her bikini.

Jun is doing her Korean girl routine, but pretending to be a Korean cheerleader: I say, who that girl in the new dress??

Everyone laughs. Now they are talking about the cheerleader skit on Saturday Night Live with Cheri Oteri. One of Allie's friends acts just like that.

Aug 24 2003 14:03, Sun nojobny   Link
a surprise lockdown?
BB has announced a lockdown and they guests are trying to figure out why

Ali: America's Choice? On a Sunday? Jee, ask how long it's going to be.

Aug 24 2003 14:07, Sun valentine   Link
Jun Just Got in the Pool for the First Time
In her new fake Burberry bikini, she went in up to her thighs and kind of splashed herself before getting out to get the raft.


Jee: What the fu*k are you doing in the pool?

Jun: I don't know. I'm bored. This is what PB&J does to me.

Now with Allie's coaching she is laying on the raft on her stomach.

Allie: I'm proud of you Jun.

Jun: This is nice! I should have done this a long time ago.

Jack: Where you been Jun?

Aug 24 2003 14:09, Sun nojobny   Link
OMG, Jun's in the pool
Jun, who never has been in the BB pool, has just walking in up to her thighs

Ali: News flash! Week 7 - Jun is in the pool

Rob: is that the first time you've been the pool?

Jun: Yeah. David kept trying to get me in

She gets out to get a raft. Somehow she manages to get on w/o falling. She's untied the straps on her bikini so she doesn't get tan lines

Jun: watch me flip over a have my boobies fall out all over the place.

Rob: I should go over there and flip you

Jun: No! I would be in your best interest not to!

Aug 24 2003 14:22, Sun Debra_Kadabra   Link
Lockdown over. Amanda's picture missing from memory wall.
Jack, Jee and Robert walking around the house to see if anything else has changed.
Robert wants Jee to go to DR and ask why.
Jee suggests :Maybe she's coming back." Erika says Ali said the same thing.
All housemates worried.

Aug 24 2003 14:22, Sun Grins   Link
Amanda's picture is missing from the memory wall. After a lockdown. NT

Aug 24 2003 14:23, Sun valentine   Link
Jack: Something Fishy Is Going On.
Jack: I don't trust them.

Aug 24 2003 14:23, Sun I_Should_Be_Working   Link
Back inside from lockdown, hgs notice that Amanda's picture is gone
Jack is looking around for anything else amiss.

Jack: I don't trust 'em.

Aug 24 2003 14:23, Sun nojobny   Link
The HG are looking around to see if anything else changed NT

Aug 24 2003 14:49, Sun madman   Link
Jack says, "Jun says Amanda is suing the hell out of CBS. (chuckles)". Erika, "Why?"...
Jack says because of Scott.........and FOTH>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Aug 24 2003 15:21, Sun Vaseflower2000   Link
ali thanks jee for taking her to lunch. he tells her that it was his pleasure basically. NT

Aug 24 2003 15:21, Sun gymnast_777   Link
Jee eating Mcdonalds NT

Aug 24 2003 15:53, Sun DC1   Link
Ali asked what "passe" means....more and talk of rings....
Jun, Eri, & Ali talking about the engagement rings they want. Eri wants a flawless one like her she says and laughs.. 3 carats or so on a platinum band. They talk about J-Lo's pink engagement ring. Ali says a heart shaped pink diamond ring with gold band would look good on her. Eri says gold? Ali yes. Ali asked Jun do you want a platinum band too? Jun: Yes Eri: gold is passe Ali asked what passe means [haha] Eri: it means not in, out of style Ali: my mom has a gold one Eri: that's because that was in in her time

Aug 24 2003 16:03, Sun Vaseflower2000   Link
jee wlking around because he wants a cig and trying to forget about it. NT

Aug 24 2003 16:07, Sun DC1   Link
Ali says I was Miss Crawford 3 years ago. Eri: really Ali: yeah Sharon Stone was too, it's a big deal in PA. Ali: the board members hated me (more)
Eri: why Ali: because I wouldn't listen to them and they were old people, they hated me. Ali: called a board member a liar and she was going to press charges against them because they took her ID and photocopied it?? [can't understand the rambling, but from the convo Ali it seems has a hard time getting along with others...who'd a thunk? ]

Aug 24 2003 16:08, Sun Vaseflower2000   Link
jee in hoh room listening to his cd and then we have foth NT

Aug 24 2003 16:21, Sun Vaseflower2000   Link
ju and rob making sandwiches-ali laughing really hard she has to go to bathroom and her nails are still not dry from nail polish. NT

Aug 24 2003 16:23, Sun DC1   Link
Now for something Gross from Ali.....
Jun hangs onto Rob in the kitchen and say's I'm so hungry. Ali says if I throw up will you eat it? Jun says OMG gross shut up Ali says it's a quarter pounder and chicken mcnuggets and some fries.

Now Ali telling a story about when she farted and crapped her pants in some ladies car...and the lady wouldn't believe her and pull over. Jun asked how old she was. Ali says 10, she wouldn't believe me I had to go. Lots of laughter from Jun, Rob and Ali. Now Ali says she was a bad little kid. [ed note: oh reeaaallly?]

Aug 24 2003 16:36, Sun DC1   Link
Ali is asking Eri why Jack doesn't like her. Eri says I don't know. Ali keeps pressing Eri says....
I really don't know. Ali says maybe it's my personality, but I don't like his either. Ali says I didn't like him the first few seconds I layed my eyes on him. Ali says I thought he was a creepy old guy from the beginning.

Aug 24 2003 17:33, Sun adoncia   Link
"houseguests, this is a lockdown, get your butts in the by" NT

Aug 24 2003 17:39, Sun Quench   Link
Jee: Why are we on lockdown?
Jun: Don't you know why we are in lockdown Mr. Head of Household
Jee: I don't know diddley squat I was sleeping.

Ali says a wee bit earlier. "Unless it's another shopping spree, stop putting me in lockdown"

Robert just says that he would walk out if someone had chosen the rest of the stay offer of all HG's on PB+J.

Aug 24 2003 17:44, Sun joannie   Link
"Houseguests, the lockdown is over. You may now move about the house." NT

Aug 24 2003 17:45, Sun Quench   Link
BB: Lockdown is now over

Jee: Why did they do that?
Jun: Damn Jee go find out you are the Head of Household

Aug 24 2003 17:46, Sun adoncia   Link
Erika: I just got bird poop on me!!
It's good luck! Jun: that's what people who get ***** on often say.

Aug 24 2003 17:46, Sun joannie   Link
Erika is on the hammock. "I just got bird poop on me. It's good luck."
Jack: "I never heard of that."

Aug 24 2003 17:47, Sun Quench   Link
Ali heads in and goes straight to bed. Feeds changes
Erika says a bird just pooped on me. That's good luck

Jack Really?

Erika: Yes it's good luck

Jun: That's what all people who get sh*t on say.

Aug 24 2003 17:49, Sun nojobny   Link
After FOTH, Amanda's picture is still missing NT

Aug 24 2003 18:12, Sun adoncia   Link
Robert: Nathan is gonna hate himself, getting punked on national tv by a girl. NT

Aug 24 2003 18:16, Sun adoncia   Link
Erika: What are you going to order for your meal?
Your LAST meal??

Jack: I don't know I haven't thought about it. I gotta think about it. What are you gonna order?

Erika: I don't know. I haven't really thought, didn't really get any indication. That thai was really good. (after jack said she wouldn't do rotiserrie chicken)

Jack: I could do thai or chinese.

Erika: You don't want meat?

Jack: You get plenty of meat in chinese.

*ed note, time to go back to rob, jee n jun these two are boring me*

Aug 24 2003 18:20, Sun nojobny   Link
Robert 'thinks' he knows what's going on in the house.
Sitting in the bathroom are Jee, Jun & Rat

Rob:At this stage of the game, there are no offers, no secret alliances. Everything's out in the open.

(Ed: Wednesday is going to be stellar!)

Aug 24 2003 18:22, Sun nojobny   Link
After Jun leaves the bathroom..
Rob says to Jeeto, we can't tell her (Jun) anything. That's why I said all that. I want her to think everyman for himself.

Aug 24 2003 18:23, Sun nojobny   Link
Jee to Rob: Make sure you eat up (McD) tomorrow b/c you need your strength for Wed's comp NT

Aug 24 2003 18:33, Sun Debra_Kadabra   Link
I just noticed the sunburst clock over the kitchen sink is missing
Houseguests have not seemed to notice

Aug 24 2003 18:40, Sun adoncia   Link
jee robert & ali in by
going over trivia about the game.

rob doesn't even know that ali has never won the pov.

ali: by the end of this damn game I will win the veto.

jee: when i think about i have won every competition there is to win, except luxury.

ali: that's the only one i've won is luxury.

Aug 24 2003 18:43, Sun adoncia   Link
jee n ali are whining about how bored they are.
rob: what's to do? wait till the day ends.

**ed note: figures the lil bit i get to watch the feeds and the houseguests are being completely boring and useless**

now foth, lord only knows what for. they weren't doing didly squat.

Aug 24 2003 18:51, Sun ktan   Link
Returning to the BY, Jee and Ali clean the windows with the squegee. Now Jee cleaning up solo. NT

Aug 24 2003 18:57, Sun nojobny   Link
Ali: Jee, how tall are you? Jee: 5'9" NT

Aug 24 2003 19:16, Sun ChiPrincess   Link
All feeds on Jack and Erika playing cards in BY. Not talking. NT

Aug 24 2003 19:39, Sun joannie   Link
Erika: "I had all fives and one jack." Jack: "And that jack gave you enough trouble as it is!" NT

Aug 24 2003 19:50, Sun joannie   Link
Ali is skipping rope in the middle of the chess board NT

Aug 24 2003 20:02, Sun Debra_Kadabra   Link
Another missing item. In the livingroom on a shelf across from the couches
there used to be a silver "X". It was about six inches high. You would see it if you were looking straight across from the orange section of the couch.

Aug 24 2003 20:13, Sun Vaseflower2000 ParentRootLink
you are excellent-keep your eye out for things-i love it when you spot things that are gone. NT

Aug 24 2003 20:09, Sun nojobny   Link
For the feed-less
The lack of conversation is at an all time high. Nary a word has been spoken in nearly 20 minutes

F1&F2: Rob, Jee & Er in the spa - no one is talking
F3: Jun asleep in bed
F4: Ali exercising on the chessboard

The only sound to be heard is the gurgling water of the spa.


Aug 24 2003 20:26, Sun Bert   Link
Shell full of bath scrubbie poufs is also missing from the side of the bathtub. On the side opposite the rubber ducky. NT

Aug 24 2003 20:37, Sun Vaseflower2000 ParentRootLink
i count 4 items missing from inside of house from another persons observations. NT

Aug 24 2003 20:32, Sun Anonymous   Link
Rob, Jee & Jack in HT; Er in bath tub, wearing bikini, while water filling up tub ... making bubbles. Ali on chess board working out. Jun? MIA. NT

Aug 24 2003 20:39, Sun Anonymous ParentRootLink
Ah ha ... Jun sleeping. Erika now in bedroom gathering her clothes, etc. ... off camera. NT

Aug 24 2003 20:47, Sun adoncia   Link
Jun's awake, robs in the shower NT

Aug 24 2003 20:54, Sun adoncia   Link
Ali finally remembered the song she was bugging everyone
about, it was Heaven by DJ Sammy.

Aug 24 2003 20:54, Sun SleeplessOnLI   Link
Ali trying to persuade Jun into working out, but she just woke up. Ali hyper ... now sits by pool while Erika in the hammock. NT

Aug 24 2003 20:57, Sun adoncia   Link
ali & erika in the by
talking to bb saying "why aren't we allowed to have any fun?? why can't we sing?? we hate whoever is working tonight bb!!"

bb: thank you.

Aug 24 2003 21:09, Sun adoncia   Link
ali talking about jack to erika
saying she doesn't hate him really, just thinks that he hasn't tried to get to know her like he has with other people in the house. doesn't know if it's her and she just seems unnaproachable to him.

now they are both going in the house to have broth. erika is asking whether it's chicken or beef and saying "uh oh" if it's beef.

**editors note, who gives a crap if it's chicken or beef, they are both animals why decipher between the two? or any of them for that matter**

Aug 24 2003 21:12, Sun joannie   Link
Ali and Erika have made up a song. "This is my song, and you can't make me SHUT UP!" NT

Aug 24 2003 21:13, Sun SleeplessOnLI ParentRootLink
Similar to their "cheddar popcorn" song. They are pushing the signing issue. Making up their own songs just to be able to sing. NT

Aug 24 2003 21:14, Sun joannie   Link
Erika: "What happened was, they were changing one of these light bulbs and the picture fell down and it broke."
Jun: "Why would it take them five hours to glue together a piece of wood?"

Aug 24 2003 21:15, Sun SleeplessOnLI   Link
Erika reading the BB manual for the "umpteenth time". Jack last guy out of the HT. NT

Aug 24 2003 21:20, Sun SleeplessOnLI   Link
Ali in HoH dancing while listening to the head phones. (Richard Marx?) NT

Aug 24 2003 21:21, Sun SleeplessOnLI   Link
Rob alone in the BY sitting on the hammock. E&Jun in kitchen; E on floor, Jun eating toast. Jack shower - Jee? NO one talking! NT

Aug 24 2003 21:23, Sun joannie   Link
Ali rocking out to Richard Marx's song #8. Ali: "Hey. Music's music in here!" NT

Aug 24 2003 21:25, Sun joannie   Link
Jee and Rat alone in BY. Rat: "Jee, we're almost there, bruddah!" NT

Aug 24 2003 21:27, Sun joannie   Link
Jee, Rat and Ali in BY. "Us three til the end!" NT

Aug 24 2003 21:29, Sun joannie   Link
Ali finally started her period. Jun started hers today too. Ali: "Like, two minutes apart!" NT

Aug 24 2003 21:30, Sun SleeplessOnLI   Link
Ali about the girls menstruation: Yeah, there are hormones that fly through the air. We all get it within minutes of each other. NT

Aug 24 2003 21:31, Sun joannie   Link
Ali says she wants to tell Jack to keep his bags packed NT

Aug 24 2003 21:34, Sun adoncia   Link
Rob: what's wrong with jun? Jee: I wouldn't know. NT

Aug 24 2003 21:36, Sun SleeplessOnLI   Link
Erika asking BB: "Aren't we borning? Couldn't you just throw us a bone? Like a steak bone?" NT

Aug 24 2003 21:36, Sun adoncia   Link
Ali to rob n jee in the by "i can't be in there with those people" NT

Aug 24 2003 21:36, Sun joannie   Link
Stooges asking Ali what's the matter with Jun. Ali: "She's on the f*ckin' rag! I'm just so happy!" NT

Aug 24 2003 21:45, Sun TheBigSista ParentRootLink
ali said she had hers and she was happy NT

Aug 24 2003 21:38, Sun joannie   Link
Ali totally working the Stooges. They have NO CLUE NT

Aug 24 2003 21:40, Sun joannie   Link
Rob: "It's gonna be so cool that we got a girl now. All of America is going to be going...WHEW"
I guess Ali is the first female member of the "Dream Team"

Aug 24 2003 21:42, Sun DC1   Link
Rob just states that Dana told him she got her GED online........ NT

Aug 24 2003 21:45, Sun adoncia   Link
haha ali telling a story about how a 5 year old she babysat outsmarted her.
by telling her that the only way to turn off the lights was to clap three times so she did it. then the kid fell down on the floor laughing.

Aug 24 2003 21:50, Sun adoncia   Link
erika about ratbert: he's so f**king c*cky, he just rides along on other peoples coattails. it pisses me off! NT

Aug 24 2003 21:51, Sun DC1   Link
Ali says it's a big deal in her town everytime she wins a pagent..that her picture is posted all over the front of the newspaper..she says (more)
it's really a big deal because she has won all the pagents that Sharon Stone did who was from there and that Ali's pic is everywhere when she does. [ed note: Ali seems to think she's a young Sharon Stone? Someone please help her, help her now. LOL]

Aug 24 2003 21:57, Sun Anonymous   Link
Rob, Jee & Ali discuss how Nate said "Curls get the girls!" NT

Aug 24 2003 21:59, Sun Anonymous ParentRootLink
Ali admits that she liked Nate's body best - except for the fact that he "picks" his back ... and shaves. Rob/Jee: Lowers his value, huh? NT

Aug 24 2003 21:58, Sun joannie   Link
Ali says Nathan was a "total cheeseball." "I don't do blonds, and I don't do curls. I take guys like that, chew 'em up and spit them out." NT

Aug 25 2003 00:47, Mon Dreamer ParentRootLink
Alison then went on to say that Nathan has the exact personality of her X boyfriend
that applied for the show.

Rob: Really
Jee: Oh wow
Ali: That's how Justin and I got on here. That's probably why he didn't get on here cause they already had Nathan
Rob: Right
Ali: But he is exact personality, exact height, just alot smaller~ like my boyfriend was huge, deisel mother f*cker.
Jee: You X boyfriend he was alot bigger than Nathan
Ali: Yeah
Rob: Nathan has a bad as* body
Ali: Yeah it was alright. It was good b/c he had even legs and arms
Rob: Yeah, he did

Aug 24 2003 22:08, Sun joannie   Link
Jack says there are four adults and two children the the house, "counting Robert."
Jun: "And why would you want to do that?"

Aug 24 2003 22:10, Sun DC1   Link
Ali says that Jack, Eri & Jun have NOT struggled in this game at all and have done Nothing, and she repeats...
Nothing to stay in this game. Ali, Rob & Jun outside talking about who they would vote for in the final...Ali said the above after saying she doesn't know who she'd vote for because she doesn't think any of those 3 deserve anything. Before this Ali asked Rob who he would vote if it was Erika and Jun and Rob said even though I hate her I would vote for Erika because I really hate Jun.

More Ali says I promise you 2 I will not break this alliance I'm with you guys until the end. She says this to Jee & Rob. [ed note: so no girl alliance? or just head games from Ali.]

Aug 24 2003 22:10, Sun SleeplessOnLI   Link
Ali asking Jee&Rob who they would pick if they were jury. Rob: Who plays the game. Remove yourself emotionally. Guys say Er, but she'll be outta here
Ali bashing how Lisa won last year and Danielle worked her a$$ off. Ali says she "would not want to vote for any of them three" - Jack, Erika & Jun.

Ali: If between Jack and Jun, then Jack.

Rob: Impossible - it will be either two of us (Jee, Rob & Ali). Three of us, or at least one of us. Never would be all three of them!

Rob stating how he (they-DT), played well. "You too, Ali ... you saved yourself with Nate using the veto ..."

Ali saying that she and Nate left the O8 when Dana nom'd her. She never went back to the 08. She would talk to them, but she never really, ever went back.

Ali: Justin never made time for me because of Dana, the skinny little b!tch. Telling them how her and Justin would game talk. Admits she freaked out on him and how they fought. The only alliance she ever really had was with Nathan.

Aug 24 2003 22:14, Sun adoncia   Link
ali: what did jun do to piss you guys off so much?
robert basically said she was a snake. when nathan called her out in the hoh room he was happy cuz he agreed with everything he said about her. now ali is going on about how nobody is stronger than the three of them in the house.

Aug 24 2003 22:19, Sun joannie   Link
"Jun, please come to the diary room." Jun: "Oh, they got Pamprin." NT

Aug 24 2003 22:22, Sun joannie   Link
ALi has been working out for three hours! Erika:"She's a maniac, maniac..." NT

Aug 24 2003 22:25, Sun joannie   Link
Erika and Jun cranky. They want a new game. "Give us a game. Give us a game. They hate us." NT

Aug 24 2003 22:28, Sun joannie   Link
Jee and Rob in HOH room whispering about next week, wondering if Ali will put one of them up as a pawn against Jack NT

Aug 24 2003 22:33, Sun joannie   Link
Jee and Rat talking about Jun. She's trying to f*ck with the vote.
Rat: "My ex is gone this week, then it's time for yours to go."

Aug 24 2003 22:35, Sun joannie   Link
Stooges deciding on their final three. If the final four are Jee, Rat, Jack, and Ali, they'll vote out Ali. NT

Aug 24 2003 22:38, Sun joannie   Link
"Jee, please go to the diary room." NT

Aug 24 2003 22:40, Sun joannie   Link
Erika to Jun: "You know you giggle like Betty Rubble?" NT

Aug 24 2003 22:42, Sun SleeplessOnLI   Link
Rob & Jee firming up Ali & Jack as 3 & 4.
Jee & Rob alone for a very brief moment in the HOH.

Jee about Ali: We have to ensure that Ali would never tell on us.

Rob: Yeah, right - OK. (Scratch, ping, twitch!) I don't trust her. But if it backfires, it backfires. That's it! Nothing we can do at this stage of the game. (He's content with this gamble.)


Jee: I know enough about them now, and I'm not really interested in them.
Rob: Laughs - Jee doesn't want to hang with them anymore. Has had enough.

Rob reassuring Jee that Jun is still playing both sides. Can't believe that she told xx about xx.

Jee saying that we never gave her this weeks full details and that is why she is asking around. (About how they are voting.)

Rob: Hate that b!tch. I won't tell her anything. She is your ex, and she thinks she can influence you.

Jee: We have to get rid of her.

Rob: My ex is out this week, and your's next.

Jee: I told xx that it is time for Jun to get out of here. Ali, me and you! How about us two against Jack? Ali is still a wild card. I'd rather you and me in the final three. Jack out no problem.

Rob: Chances of winning our game, by our word ... (Rob thinking Jury House.)

Jee: Final three is endurance, right? Discuss holding onto the key during the windy/rain storms in the pool last year.

Jee: We have to demoralize them.
He's realizing that Jack may not be able to do an endurance competition.

BB: Jee, please come to the Dr.

*Basically agreeing that they want to be against Ali in the end. Jack possibly their other "3rd person" choice because he can't win comps ... especially endurance ones.

Aug 24 2003 23:07, Sun SleeplessOnLI   Link
Jee: My girl better appreciate me! I've been good, talking about her. She's been good to me too, pics, gifts. NT

Aug 24 2003 23:13, Sun SleeplessOnLI ParentRootLink
Prior to this, ego guy talk. How Jee can have any one of these girls. Rob:If you're HOH, then you'll have Ali. NT

Aug 24 2003 23:34, Sun joannie   Link
Jun to Rat and Jee: "Can you two please go away? I have to go to the bathroom." NT

Aug 24 2003 23:45, Sun adoncia   Link
jee & rob in the hoh
jee talking about when he goes home first thing he is gonna do is bring his stuff home, then him & his girl will go out for dinner and have a serious talk about what they want to do with their future and what she did while he was in the house. and if she did anything with anyone while he was in the house she's gotta "bounce" jee told his girl to be ready to see a different jee in the house because he would be flirting like crazy. (huh??) now he's going on about how she's great and faithful. blah blah blah. jee:the girls in here are nothing compared to my girl and they don't do ***** for me. on and on and on

Aug 24 2003 23:45, Sun joannie   Link
Jun and Ali whispering in the bathroom. Trying to figure out their cover story of why they voted out Jack instead of Erika
Ali: "I'll just tell them that Jack was freaking me out. And I know he's gonna go after me."

Aug 24 2003 23:47, Sun SleeplessOnLI   Link
Jee: I'm the 1st Korean BBHG. The 1st Korean BBHoH-2x! Don't want to sound cocky, I'm humble, it was chance & luck. Rob: I'm the 1st Cuban. NT

Aug 24 2003 23:48, Sun joannie   Link
Ali: "If Jack says anything perverted on Monday night, I'm gonna throw a fit!" Jun: "Yeah! and cry!" NT

Aug 24 2003 23:52, Sun SleeplessOnLI ParentRootLink
Jun reassuring that he just wants to fit in with the younger crowd. Ali telling the girls that she can say that Jack was going to come after her NT

Aug 25 2003 00:01, Mon SleeplessOnLI ParentRootLink
Ali willing to cross that fine line and say wrongful things against Jack. This way J/R will understand why she voted against HOH's decision. NT

Aug 24 2003 23:48, Sun adoncia   Link
jun talking about jee w/ ali
"he's a dumb f*ck, if he was smart he woulda put up me and erika. it will be the second time in a row that he's gonna get screwed as hoh"

Aug 24 2003 23:49, Sun adoncia   Link
ali: why couldn't it be a cool old guy not a f**king pervert NT

Aug 24 2003 23:56, Sun joannie   Link
Erika is styling Ali's hair with the blowdryer NT

Aug 25 2003 00:12, Mon joannie   Link
Jee to Jun: "Are you going for HOH next week? You're gonna put me up now, aren't you."
Jun: "I'm not gonna go for it."

Jee: "But who are you gonna put up?"

Jun: "Robert and Erika."

Jee: "Erika?"

Jun: "I mean, Robert and Jack."

Aug 25 2003 00:13, Mon SleeplessOnLI   Link
Jee trying to firm up that Jun will have to take out Rob, not him. NT

Aug 25 2003 00:30, Mon SleeplessOnLI   Link
The "Jee" stands alone! All other HGs play Old Maid in LR. Jee made a nice sangwich, and chips - eating alone in HoH while reading the BB manual. NT