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Aug 25 2003 01:25, Mon Grins   Link
Jun on hammock crying. Robert comes outside and sits down to talk with her.
She tells him she is worried that things won't be the same at home. That Bob won't be there. Things will be different with everyone and everything. Rob is trying to comfort her and tell her that things don't change that much. That his feelings will still be there if they were there before they she left NY. Telling her that Bob is with her more than she is with him because he is watching the show everyweek. That he isn't going anywhere. That he loves her, he misses her, he watches her, he loves that she is talking about him.

Jee also came out in the middle of this. Robert told him that Jun was homesick and after a short while Jee asked if Jun would prefer to talk to Robert alone and she said uh huh.

<Robert is actually being very comforting to her.

Aug 25 2003 01:31, Mon Debra_Kadabra   Link
Transcript: Jun/Jee in HOH 11:13PM BB Time. Regarding getting out Robert
Jee and Jun in the HOH. Jun on the bed and Jee standing and pacing around)

Jee: If you win who are you putting up?

Jun: If I win? Robert...

Jee: And me.

Jun: Probably, but I'd like to put up Robert and Erika and do a tiebreaker.

Jee: (Leans in with puzzled look on face) Robert and Erika?

Jun: I mean Robert and Jack and do a tiebreaker and get out Robert.

Jee leans back and claps his hands slighty

Jun: Do you want me to get out Robert for you, or not?

Jee: That's your call, if you do it...

Jun: I know it, but do you want me to?


Jee: I'd rather...I'd rather...I'd rather it be me
Jun: Or do you want to take him to the finals.

Jee: I don't want to be the one to do it.

Jun: I know but do you want this week to be the one Robert gets taken out?

Jee: It's up to you. I mean Robert's my...

Jun: Why's it up to me?

Jee: Because your the one from HOH..if you win.

Jun: How do you want to play this game, dude, that's what I'm asking you.

Jee: I don't know, Jun, week by week, I don't know.

Jun: I'm saying...

Jee: If you do that for me, I'm fortunate enough to be there ya know what I'm saying.

Jun: If someone doesn't take out Robert this week then you're the one who's gonna have to do the dirty work.

Jee: Either way if you take him out, Jack's going to be with you. I'm not saying you're aligned with Jack...he's goin to hook you up. He...He That MF'er sweats (?) you.

Jun: Yeah, to flatter me.

Jee: Eventually, in the game sense, and every way he F'n compliments you.

Jun: For real?

Jee: Yeah.

Jun: Really? Even to you? (jun smiling)

Jee: Yeah, I talk to him. What do you think about Jun? She's like...just F it, I'm not going to feed your ego anymore.

Jun busts out in loud laughter

Jee: Coming from a 59 year old man, but listen...

Jun: Do you want someone to take out Robert?

Jee: Listen...

Jun: Or do you want...

Jee: Listen, if anyone takes out Robert, I don't want to be the one. Okay? So, that's it. You got that?

Jun: Okay.

Jee: If you gonna take him on next week then you're gonna take him out. I just can't be the one to do it.

Jun: I understand, but if I take him out are you going to be pissed at me?

Jee: (Ed Note: Best i could make out is MMMMMM. I took it to mean No)
It would be game based on that. It's gonna be based on...I mean it's gonna be basicaly based on game after that. If he falls I have to...

Jun: If Jack wins it he's gonna put me and Ali and try to get out Ali and that sh*t may backfire on my ass.

Jee: You don't think Jack would put me and Robert up? Are you F'n crazy?

Jun: He hates Ali.

Jee: But you don't think he'll put Jack and me up...c'mon...I mean me and Robert up.

Jun: I don't know.

Jee: C'mon Jun

Jun: But didn't...

Jee: He will do it and he even told me...

Jun: Did he make a deal with you?

Jee: He didn't make no F'n deal with me. I'm not F'n havin no deals with him. You crazy?

Jun: I thought he made a deal with you that...

Jee: He didn't make no deal with me. Makin no deals with me.
(Jee shakes his head and walks out.)

Aug 25 2003 02:12, Mon SonOfAbraxas   Link
Jee/Rob BY talk about Michelle's eviction and how it won't happen again. And if it does, Ali screwed them and they'll go insane.
Jee even goes as far as saying that he'll leave because he doesn't deserve to play the game if they're surprised again. (HAHA!)

Aug 25 2003 07:32, Mon ilsa   Link
all quiet and sleeping NT

Aug 25 2003 09:10, Mon Anonymous   Link
jack up and out of bed NT

Aug 25 2003 09:11, Mon Anonymous ParentRootLink
went to wc - washed hands NT

Aug 25 2003 10:23, Mon Lola   Link
Jun is up. In kitchen fixing something to eat. Wearing red top and white pants NT

Aug 25 2003 10:28, Mon Lola   Link
Jack walks throught kitchen to WC. Wearing light blue T shirt and light colored pants NT

Aug 25 2003 10:37, Mon nojobny   Link
Jun & Jac just pulled the inside shades b/c it's so sunny NT

Aug 25 2003 10:59, Mon Lola   Link
Jun & Ja on patio
Jun is telling Ja about BOB. Saying that he's trying to lose weight. Has gone from 200 to 190.
Ja asks if he works out.
They talk about how much gyms cost. Jun says Bob pays 90 per month for a gym.
Ja pays 70 for a family. He says most gyms in Alabama are owned by churches.
Jus says she'll probably join a gym when she gets out.

Aug 25 2003 11:22, Mon SleeplessOnLI   Link
Earlier Jack & Jun mention Amanda's missing picture ...
Jack thinks that maybe BB is giving them something to talk about. Jun thinks that if they broke it (while dusting, etc.), it wouldn't take them that long to fix it and put it back.

Just a quick reference mentioned. Nothing elaborate suggested.

Aug 25 2003 11:36, Mon SleeplessOnLI   Link
Jun going back to bed, but not to sleep - just to relax. Jack now outside in BY, alone. Other HGs still sleeping. NT

Aug 25 2003 11:42, Mon JulieH ParentRootLink
Jun ended up on the couch instead NT

Aug 25 2003 11:42, Mon SleeplessOnLI ParentRootLink
Hmm? Jun now on LR couch, and Rob is in the WC, looking at his face in a hand mirror. NT

Aug 25 2003 11:48, Mon SleeplessOnLI   Link
Jun was called to the DR. Left couch, went to kitchen island, grabbed the plant watering can and took it with her into the DR(?!?) NT

Aug 25 2003 11:49, Mon SleeplessOnLI   Link
Rob with Jack in BY. They suspect that BB is letting them sleep in late because they feel sorry for them. NT

Aug 25 2003 11:57, Mon SleeplessOnLI   Link
Jun laying on chaise in BY. Jack & Rob adding water and chlorine to the pool. All others ... still sleeping. NT

Aug 25 2003 11:59, Mon SleeplessOnLI ParentRootLink
BB just made the "GM HGs, it is time to get up for the day" annoucement! NT

Aug 25 2003 12:08, Mon Lola   Link
Ali & Rob do a high-five in the WC
They says 1 more day a they get to vote
They're looking forward to next HOH comp
Rob leaves and Ali stays behind to brush teeth

Aug 25 2003 12:09, Mon Lola ParentRootLink
Rob returns to WC, Jee is there too
Ali, Rob & Je talking about how and when they fell asleep
They hollar to Er in other room and ask if it's hot out
She tells them yeah

Aug 25 2003 12:24, Mon Lola   Link
Around the feeds
Er in WC sitting area
Ja leaves WC area and walks through house, then returns and sits down with Er
Jun is sleeping on patio lounge
Ali is sipping coffee on patio
Je and Ro is talking about working out later after lunch
Je says something to Jun and she doesn't answer

Aug 25 2003 12:33, Mon joannie   Link
Jee and Rat in BY giving themselves their daily pep talk NT

Aug 25 2003 12:35, Mon joannie   Link
Jun is outside with the Stooges. Jun: "I'm not really hungry anymore. I'm just antsy." NT

Aug 25 2003 12:41, Mon Anonymous ParentRootLink
what she said was that her stomach felt "empty" NT

Aug 25 2003 12:37, Mon joannie   Link
Saturday is Jee's birthday. NT

Aug 25 2003 12:40, Mon Lola   Link
Jun is joking in mmocking voice, "Julie, after Jee won everything it made me so hot.... I want him...." NT

Aug 25 2003 12:46, Mon joannie   Link
Jun and Ali are in the bathroom complaining about Erika. Jun: "She makes me feel f*ckin' fat." NT

Aug 25 2003 13:07, Mon nojobny   Link
Lockdown- Jee asks for how long (did not hear a reply) NT

Aug 25 2003 13:09, Mon Anonymous   Link
Robert thinks they are putting Amanda's picture back NT

Aug 25 2003 13:29, Mon Vaseflower2000   Link
hg's all outside. ali in the pool and june sunnying rest at table and chairs NT

Aug 25 2003 13:30, Mon nojobny   Link
The lockdown is over and one of the stools from the bathroom is MISSING!! NT

Aug 25 2003 13:42, Mon bidz_yo   Link
Ali listening to Jee's CD in HOH room and Ratbert enters...
Tells her that when Erika and Jack come "scrambling" to each of them later today (since it's the last day to campaign before voting tomorrow), not to give either of them any indication of how the vote will go and say that they'll find out Wednesday.

Ali can "handle that"

Rat goes back outside where Jee, Erika, and Jack are playing cards.

Aug 25 2003 13:51, Mon nojobny   Link
Jee just looked around the house
.. to confirm that Amanda's pic is still missing, not noticing the other missing items.

Aug 25 2003 13:59, Mon Katfsh   Link
Robert went inside and reread his letters from home NT

Aug 25 2003 14:10, Mon nojobny   Link
Jun just went into the house to get something to drink. She did not notice that there only SEVEN yellow chairs around the table.There used to be 8! NT

Aug 25 2003 14:37, Mon Lola   Link
Je & Ro on patio
can't wait for next HOH and of course they're talking about how it is crucial
Ro says he can't wait to get Ju out and says how when he sees her at the cast party after ward the mean things he will say to her.

Je says that the way they (the Dream Team) has played this game that everyone on the outside has to respect them and no one can take that away from them

Ro agrees of course and talks about how they never let Ja or anyone come between them (coke, coke)

Aug 25 2003 14:39, Mon BBWhat   Link
Rob and Jee talking outside
Discussing the wrapup party. Looking forward to seeing Justin again.

Didn't really get to know the first HGs voted out, like Amanda.

Jee: seven weeks, it seems like a year; we've been like room mates, like brothers. We're here, constantly. A test of endurance, man. More psychologically.

Jee: people can only respect us more on the outside, because of the way we've played this game, with integrity.

Rob: our alliance is so strong because we never let a guy like Jack get between us. All of us stuck to it...There's a lot of reasons why we're here.

Jee: trust and communication were big factors. We stuck by one another through the good times and the bad times. At the start, the whole house was against us three.

Rob: that's right, and it was week two.

Jee: I screwed up the whole game plan when I won HOH the second week. They tried to switch things to make me go against Dana.

Rob: we would have been screwed.

Jee: we needed the power of numbers. We grabbed her and Jun. The odds were against us.

Aug 25 2003 14:41, Mon Lola   Link
Ali tells Er "You're evil" then she says "Why am I not getting skinny?" NT

Aug 25 2003 14:46, Mon BBWhat   Link
Rob, Jee and Jun talking outside on patio
Jee: I think I'm a really good guy. In what way would I break her heart? I see a future with us, but you know, when I'm ready. I want to have a happy marriage, in the beginning. I'd rather there be more good times than bad times.

Jun: where would you want to settle down.

Jee: ...NY, maybe settle in Pennsylvania. Depending on work. Something like that.

Jack: just remember guys, you only get married twice.

Jun: yeah, you should strive to marry only once, but you should be able to give yourself a second chance.

Jun goes to put something on Jack's back.

Aug 25 2003 14:49, Mon Lola   Link
Je telling Jun about his relationship with Carmen
They're talking about marriage and finances.
Je says him and Carmen need to sit down and talk
Jun seems surprised and says "You two haven't had a serious talk yet"
Je say "They have but they need to talk more, that she (Carmen) has said like whenever you're ready but one thing I've learned from relationships from me and you (Jun) that nothing is for certain"
Jun tells Je that he going to break Carmens heart
Je ask how's that and Jun says cause Carmen wants to get married soon and Je has this lets just be cool for a while
Je says "He only wants to get married once and so he wants to take time"
Ja jokes "Remember Je, you only get married twice"
They all give a small chuckle
Jun says "Well you should try to only get married once but then if it don't work...."
Je says if he gets married it would be Carmen

Aug 25 2003 14:49, Mon BBWhat   Link
Jee on his g/f: she doesn't nag me. It's been a pretty good three years. NT

Aug 25 2003 14:51, Mon BBWhat   Link
Jun: that girl (Ali) used to be anorexic. NT

Aug 25 2003 14:53, Mon Lola   Link
Jun is asking lots of questions about Carmen and Je
Jun says "Can I say something to you?"
Je says "Yeah, sure"
Jun says "Like that stuff you said to Ali about gettin fat you shouldn't do"
Je agrees and thats Jun for pointing it out
Jun tells him that it will give a girl a complex and also he shouldn't say anything about the peach fuss on Ali's face or any stuff that you can't do anything about. It's different to say stuff about the stuff she does but not about apprearance

Aug 25 2003 14:57, Mon nojobny   Link
They call Jee to the SR for his McD and Robert nearly rips the door off the hinges to get inside. NT

Aug 25 2003 14:58, Mon nojobny   Link
Robert is shoveling food into his face w/ both hands >
Ali: slow down robert you've got plenty of time
Jee: damn man, slow down

Aug 25 2003 15:24, Mon ilsa   Link
Erika and Ali were talking in LR a few minutes ago...
Ali was assuring Erika that Jack was going to be voted out. Erika was very pleased, smiling. Sorry for Jack but glad for herself. They went on to discuss who would go next.

Ali says she'll be glad to avoid HOH if Erika will promise not to use her as a pawn. Erika says she would never do that to her 'little girl', and that Ali would be safe if Erika got it. (I think Ali doesn't want to have to put up one of the stooges, looking toward the final jury votes.)(Ali says she knows that Erika and Jun will get a kick out of evicting their exes.)

Sounds like the plan is to get rid of Robert, then Jee, making the girls the final 3 if all goes well. Even if Robert gets HOH, they can get POV and keep the girls alliance alive (they hope).

They also agreed that if the girls got to final 3, they would get rid of Jun.

(I'm doing this from memory, I think this is correct!)

Aug 25 2003 15:33, Mon joannie   Link
Jack tells Erika: "If the stars were aligned, I'd be the one out of here."
'there's no way you should have to get kicked out for my downfall."

Aug 25 2003 15:39, Mon BBWhat   Link
Erika lying to Jack: I don't think they're keeping me. NT

Aug 25 2003 15:42, Mon BBWhat   Link
Jack and Erika
Jack: At this time tomorrow, Ali will tell you about the vote.

Erika: I wouldn't even ask her.

Aug 25 2003 15:44, Mon ktan   Link
Jee/Rob realize the stool and the X is missing and inform Ali in HOH. Tells each other not to say this to anyone else! NT

Aug 25 2003 15:46, Mon BBWhat   Link
Jack is still lamenting about the bocci ball roll, from the last HOH comp. Regrets choking. NT

Aug 25 2003 15:49, Mon ilsa   Link
Ali and stooges have figured out missing clock, stool, and pic so far NT

Aug 25 2003 15:49, Mon ktan   Link
Ali points out to Rob/Jee that the shell and clock are also missing. NT

Aug 25 2003 15:57, Mon Lola   Link
Je comments to Ro that he hasn't seen anyone looking around so that they have an advantage NT

Aug 25 2003 15:58, Mon Lola   Link
Ali reports to ro & Je that a chair is missing NT

Aug 25 2003 15:58, Mon ktan   Link
Ali now informs Jee and Rob in the BY a chair from the dining table is missing. NT

Aug 25 2003 16:08, Mon Lola   Link
Er says the soup is much better than the sandwiches. She offers some to Ja NT

Aug 25 2003 16:15, Mon Vaseflower2000   Link
ali is definietly helping rob and jee with the next competition pointing missing objects out to them. NT

Aug 25 2003 16:16, Mon Lola   Link
Er keeps singing over and over
This is my song,
that I made up.
This is my song
and ya can't make me shut up

Aug 25 2003 16:20, Mon Lola   Link
Ja says "Ya think we could all fit in the shower together?" Er says
in a mock voice "Nooooo Jack, we cannot all fit in the shower together"
Ja corrects and says "Well, I just meant me and you and Ali and Jun"
I was excluding them

Aug 25 2003 16:21, Mon Debra_Kadabra   Link
Ali now telling Erika and Jun about missing items NT

Aug 25 2003 16:21, Mon Lola   Link
Ali tells the girls about all the missing things and she then says
don't tell the boys. The boys told me.

Aug 25 2003 16:22, Mon Lola   Link
HG are in back yard lock down again NT

Aug 25 2003 16:24, Mon Debra_Kadabra   Link
Ali tells Erika marbles in a little yellow bowl are missing too and she did not tell the boys NT

Aug 25 2003 16:24, Mon I_Should_Be_Working   Link
Ali tells Erika about a bowl and the marbles missing. Says guys don't know about them NT

Aug 25 2003 16:29, Mon Lola   Link
Ali & Er in hammock
They're talking about when they get out who they will call
Ali ask Er who she'd call first and Er says in a voice like a toy doll "Momma"
Ali then ask her if she'd call anyone else and Er says the guy she's dating if she could remember his number.
Ali says she can't remember too many numbers but she's afraid to call Donny cause he's probably fallen out of love and in love with someone else
Er tells her not to be crazy
long silence

Aug 25 2003 16:29, Mon Eraljujeroja   Link
The HGs are in a lockdown outside NT

Aug 25 2003 16:31, Mon Lola   Link
BB announce that lock down is over and they are free to move around the house NT

Aug 25 2003 16:31, Mon Eraljujeroja   Link
BB: HGs, lockdown is now over, feel free to go in the house NT

Aug 25 2003 16:33, Mon Lola   Link
Je JUn and Ali are checking out the house NT

Aug 25 2003 16:34, Mon BBWhat   Link
Ali and Erika on hammock
Ali: is there anything missing out here?

Erika: no.

Ali: seagull?

Erika: yeah, a little out of it's element right now.

Jun comes outside.

Ali: hot Asian chick.

Jun points out something else missing.

BB: lock down is over.

Erika: this is my song....

whispering about something to do with kitchen drawer.

Alison leaves.

Jun and Erika list things they know are gone.

Jun: I'm hungry! [Throws off nature of her convo with Erika, in case the guys are trying to listen to them.]

Ali and Jun inside.

Ali: the marbles in the bowl are missing.

Jun: I'm hungry!

Aug 25 2003 16:39, Mon Lola   Link
Ju says to Er about Je
"My x BF is on a power trip, on power that he doesn't have"
Then she changes her voice to a deep one and mocks "Shoulda done this and shoulda done that"

Aug 25 2003 16:40, Mon Lola   Link
Er tells Jun "He says he thinks they'll keep me cause they think I'm weak from PB&J" NT

Aug 25 2003 16:40, Mon BBWhat   Link
Jun and Erika in the kitchen
Jun: my ex boyfriend is an idiot. He's on a power trip.

Erika: Jack says to me, I think they are going to keep you, because you're so weak from PBJ. He knows, he thinks they'll try and get Ali.

Jun: did you look at all the pillows and stuff?

Erika: oh yeah.

Aug 25 2003 16:43, Mon Lola   Link
Er says to Jun "I think you guys are making me get my period" NT

Aug 25 2003 16:44, Mon BBWhat   Link
Erika and Jun are checking out the house for missing items.
Erika: I think you guys are giving me a period. [whispers] anything else?

Rob and Jee come inside.

Rob: Jun, you're gonna looooovvvee your McDonald's. You think you had fun starting at my mouth?

Aug 25 2003 16:50, Mon Lola   Link
Rob ask Jun what she normally does on Fridays
Jun says she gets off about 6-7 has a drink then goes home
She doesn't cook to much cause she's alone
Then she meets one or two friends for dinner and then at 11 they go clubing
She has two groups of friends with 5 - 6 girls in each group.
She never mixes the groups. Her friends are many different personalities
She mentions that she doesn't get along well with indian girls but she doesn't know why
Sat she has a nice dinner and then maybe clubbing

Aug 25 2003 16:50, Mon BBWhat   Link
Stooges and Jun in living room
Jun: I only slept an hour? I wanted to kill three hours.

They discuss what Jun does when she gets home from work. Dinner, going out with friends, clubs.

Jun: I could be any group of six girls, usually a few of us. And another group of five girls. I don't mix the two groups of friends.

Rob: and what are your friends? What nationality are they?

Jun: they're mixed.

Jee: your Cuban skin stinks. I'm just kidding with you.

Jun: I don't get along with Indian girls. I just never have. They've all either been too rich, or too Amerianized to the point they have huge egos. You might have nice hair, but that's about it.

Rob: what about Saturdays.

Jun: I go to my parents house, until about three or four o'clock.

Rob: you see here, you have to take about five or six buses to travel.

Jun: make dinner, watch movies. On way back, manacure and pedacure. Sunday night I go out, too, if I can.

Rob: that's cool.

Jun: Sunday I wake up and have brunch at the trendiest places.

Jee: sounds like alot of fun.

Aug 25 2003 16:55, Mon Lola   Link
Ro is asking Jun about if Jun has any girls for him
Jun tells of one in the family who's 33-34 and never been married cause she has a bad attitude.
She says she was raised a rich kid and she's nice looking but can't get married cause of her attitude. The girl probably would like to marry Korean cause her parents are strict but that Koren guys that age usually haven't gone to college and work in a store or something

Aug 25 2003 17:00, Mon BBWhat   Link
More Stooges and Jun in living room
Jun talking about another Korean g/f who doesn't like to date Korean men, because they tend to work in Korean restaurants.

Talking about some guy who's parents tried to make him get engaged, took 9 years to graduate college.

Rob: your parents don't care if you date a white boy?

Jun: they want me to be happy. My dad knows alot of Korean guys are very traditional, and what's the point of being dissapointed five years down the line. I'm not a sellout, I embrace my Korean culture. But on the other hand, I don't go around waving a Korean flag either.

Rob: I've noticed it always works - a cuban man and an American woman... not Cuban woman and a white man...not cuban/cuban. I wonder why that is.

Rob talking about a friend of his.

Jun: you can't marry a Korean girl. They're too picky, too harsh.

Jee: who me? I don't think I would have a problem.

Jun: she would want to know what you ate for breakfast. They would look down upon Jee too. Alot of Korea families wouldn't understand things not in their control. They'd like you to have both parents, with honorable jobs, educated brothers and sisters.

Jun talking about a Korean mom asking for a resume from a kid's date.

Jun: I can't deal with that *****. It should just be between my man and me. It's not a business arrangement, it's for love.

Rob goes to washroom.

Jun: our kids have to grow up, it'll take another generation, sixty years. Our kids' kids. [For Korean integration, I figure.]

Aug 25 2003 17:02, Mon Debra_Kadabra   Link
Jee has noticed the marbles missing. Told Ali and Robert NT

Aug 25 2003 17:02, Mon ktan   Link
Close up of duck in bathtub. The next to go missing? NT

Aug 25 2003 17:03, Mon candysnm   Link
camera showing upclose duck pictures NT

Aug 25 2003 17:05, Mon Debra_Kadabra   Link
Another lockdown announced NT

Aug 25 2003 17:05, Mon ktan   Link
Yup, lockdown called, another item will go missing (prob. the duck) NT

Aug 25 2003 17:07, Mon Debra_Kadabra   Link
Ali and Jun on way out. Ali thinks there is a new lamp on the wall NT

Aug 25 2003 17:10, Mon BBWhat   Link
Jun and Ali in washroom.
I think Jun mentioned counting marbles.

All HG's are sequestered outside.

Jun hadn't finished her shower.

Rob: one of the cameras was stuck this morning, they're probably fixing it.

Jack and Erika are playing cards, Jack breathing heavily.

Jun and Ali talking about HG's getting to see fan-web pages last year. (Luxury comp that Lisa won, some time on the internet.)

Jun to BB: I have cramps. Let me in.


Aug 25 2003 17:14, Mon ktan   Link
Lockdown ended. Jun heads back to bathroom, don't think she's noticed anything missing. NT

Aug 25 2003 17:15, Mon Debra_Kadabra   Link
Barstool missing NT

Aug 25 2003 17:16, Mon nojobny   Link
After the lockdown
Rob noticed the stool by the bar was missing

Aug 25 2003 17:18, Mon nojobny ParentRootLink
and a mirror & the duck!! NT

Aug 25 2003 17:18, Mon Debra_Kadabra   Link
Mirror by door to backyard is missing according to Robert. Never a mirror there NT

Aug 25 2003 17:25, Mon BBWhat   Link
Jack and Erika stay outside, Jee/Rob/Ali check out the house to see what's missing.
Ali: dude, what are they doing to us?

They spread out.

Ali: the "X," the marbles, the glass.....that's it. [She's probably hiding info on some stuff she knows is missing, from the boys.]

BB calls Erika.

Rob: Ali? Wasn't there a mirror here?

Ali: There was.

Ali: She (Erika) wants to go home.

Rob: Why?

Ali: she's just sick of it, she misses her mom. Seven chairs and a stool.

Rob: was there one of those up there?

Ali: no.

Jee: and you're sure there was 8, not 7?

Ali: uh-huh.

Jee: we're good.

Ali: I know we're taking Erika out. I swear it's a bad move. She's not visibly strong. Mentally she's not thinking about the game. Jack could crush her in a competition.

Rob: she needs the money for her house.

Ali: I think you're being emotional, Rob.

Rob: it's better for us to keep her, but it'll kill us. Ali, DON'T GET LIKE THAT ON US.

Ali: I would never switch teams. What we need to look at is who's stronger Wednesday.

Rob: Jack is weak, he's not throwing it. I'm not scared of him. I think we should stick to the plan.

Ali: Erika and Jun don't like each other.

Jee: I'm just playing devils advocate here. If we choose to get Jack out, we know those two will form an alliance. She will not jump over to us, Rob flushed her out.

Rob: I don't want to change it, we'll regret it.

Ali: I think we should evict Erika. You can't tell me we can't screw her into the ground more than Jack.

Rob: Jack is weak mentally and physically. Erika will get food next week and get strong.

Jee: they are both equally strong.

Rob: if she stays, I know she won't put me up. It's not personal. But we need to get her out. I'm doing it for the team.

Ali: don't think that I'm changing my mind, I'm just bringing up a point. In the end, if it's one or two of use against Jack, he'll take it. I don't want to be up against him in the end.

Rob: we'll get him next week. I promise you I will. I'm telling you, stick by it.

They discuss what could be missing from their rooms.

Aug 25 2003 17:27, Mon SleeplessOnLI   Link
Ali & Rob in HoH. Ali saying that Jack should go this week. In the end, he's got the everyone's respect ...
I just walked in on this conversation so perhaps another updater can add?

Ali: When it's me, you and Jee in the end ... against Jack ... Jack has every jury member's respect. If it's Erika, then one of us will win.

Rob: Don't worry about Jack this week. We'll get him out. If you get HoH, put him up against me ... we'll get him out next week.

Aug 25 2003 17:31, Mon Grins ParentRootLink
Ali was in LR with Jee & Robert and said "I think we're making a mistake voting out Erika" after a short
while they told her to talk with them in HoH.

Ali was saying that she thought Erika was very weak and also mentally not on the game any longer. That she had told her in the hammock that she was ready to go home.

Rob tried to interrupt and say "No we have to stick to the plan"

Jee "Let's let her talk"

Ali proceeded to ask Rob if his reason wasn't emotional, and to realize that both she and he could beat Erika in any comp at this point and that Jack was a bigger threat.

The guys listened to her for a bit, BB called Jee to SR, Robert told Ali they should stick with the plan and not to worry that they could get Jack out next. He then asked her what else she could remember or think of that was missing from the house.

****thanks to Dreamer for pointing out a HUGE typo in my header. Ali was talking about Erika, not Jack. I've now fixed it"

Aug 25 2003 17:28, Mon Debra_Kadabra   Link
Rubber duck has flown south. No longer by the tub. NT

Aug 25 2003 17:31, Mon nojobny   Link
Ali pleading her case
in the HOH w/ Je & Ro

Basically, she's telling them that she really thinks they should vote out Jack b/c she thinks he's throwing competitions.

Rob is unmoving and want's Er out first. He says it's not emotional, it just that she's a stronger plays. he also says that Er staying in the house would be good for him b/c she would never put him up

Jee then gets called in the SR, then the DR.

Rob ask have we found all the missing items? Are you sure there's nothing missing from the rooms?

Ali: No I'm not sure. There's nothing missing from this room. Let me check my room. Rob: Let me check mine

(Ed: Ali is using her bid to keep Er as a ploy to explain her actions after the eviction)

Aug 25 2003 17:35, Mon nojobny   Link
Ali updates Jun on the additional missing items NT

Aug 25 2003 17:35, Mon Debra_Kadabra   Link
Ali notices the duck missing. Tells Jun and says Don't tell the boys" NT

Aug 25 2003 17:36, Mon BBWhat   Link
Ali and Rob in kitchen, snacking
Ali: I wish there was something else to do, other than just stare at each other. I guess I can put away my clothes.

Ali and Jun are in the washroom.

Ali: the duck is missing. Don't tell them. Jun, they totally think I'm on their side. Promise you're not being sneaky towards me.

Talking about exercises for tonight.

Ali and Rob in washroom.

Rob: yeah, the top was off. She's not even looking everywhere. What are you thinking about the HOH?

Ali: 100% There is nothing else it can be. Tomorrow's voting.

Rob leaves, and Ali is sitting in washroom chair, the puppet master, staring into space.

Aug 25 2003 17:43, Mon BBWhat   Link
Jun and Ali sitting in washroom
Talking about things that are missing. One stool missing, the chair, the clock-thing, rubber ducky...Not only what's missing, but how many items remaining (eg. 3 out of 4).

They leave. Jun gets a drink in the kitchen. Rob loafing in living room.

Aug 25 2003 17:58, Mon BBWhat   Link
Ali in bathtub, talking to Jun
Ali telling Jun that Rob thinks Erika is not after him. Her whispering is very hard to hear.

Ali: they'll be pissed with us regardless...Can I trust you?

Aug 25 2003 17:59, Mon SleeplessOnLI   Link
Jee out of a long DR session. Mentions they will be calling everyone in. NT

Aug 25 2003 18:02, Mon cutiecat   Link
Rob saying Ali is a lying bitch and he doesn't trust her. If he gets HOH and he wins the veto he wants her out. NT

Aug 25 2003 18:04, Mon SleeplessOnLI ParentRootLink
Rob asking Jee to go to Jun before voting tomorrow, and ask as a personal favor, to evict Erika. (He thinks/knows she is voting Jack out?) NT

Aug 25 2003 18:05, Mon BBWhat   Link
Rob and Jee in HOH
Rob: Ali's worrying the ***** out of me.

Rob asks Jee to talk with Jun "confidentially." Rob is worried about Ali, he doesn't trust her anymore.

Jee: I've already thought about it. Jun will vote to evict Erika out. She and Jack have been getting closer. Possibility that they could form alliance. She wants him to be her alliance partner. I will talk to Jun tomorrow.

Rob: Please.

Jee: if we give Ali a reason to turn on us, she will.

Rob: that stuff about Erika not putting me out, I made that up, she will in a minute. Ask Jun to vote Erika out as a personal favour to Jee. Jack I swear to god hasn't thrown any competition. I don't trust Erika, or Ali. We all get together.

Jee: not Alison and Jack, that's why I want Erika out.

Rob: fk'n Ali, man.

Jee: I told you, she's a wildcard.

Rob: it's a day before nominations and she want to f*k'n wants to change her mind...Me and Justin talked about it, cause you weren't there....

Aug 25 2003 18:21, Mon BBWhat   Link
More Rob and Jee in HOH
Jee: you have to get the HOH.

Rob: I'm not saying she'll turn on us, but she's a wildcard.

They say they need Erika out this week.

Jee: it basically comes down to this. If we don't bring HOH back to our side, it's done. You have to fight on your own, and Ali won't work with you. She will get you out. They don't want to face a father in the finals.

They realize people outside are talking game.

Jee: only way each one has a chance for the $500,000 is against each other. Don't ever doubt that. That's why it's important to get Erika out this week...Jun to get Ali out.

Jee: it's set, Erika has to go...I have to go for veto, so do you. Dude, we're never going to go down without a fight. If it comes down to it, and I walk out the door, I'll go out having tried. Man, I wish I could compete.

They hear some talking outside.

Jee: damn, I just can't trust that girl sometimes, she's a conniving b*tch. [Jun?]

Jee: I can't believe Ali did that.

Rob: I can.

Jee: I'll tell her, we trust you to make the right decision tomorrow. Make the point, not even threaten her...I'm gonna try and secure the vote with Jun. For all I know, Alison can be talking about the vote with Jun. They could be thinking three girls against those two, that's what I'm worried about.

They discuss when to talk the girls about the vote, tonight?

Rob: but do not tell Erika.

Jee: I'm just gonna ask you, what way are you voting tomorrow. I'd rather you vote with us.

If Erika stays in, it's going to be another battle for them to fight.

Rob will try and talk with Erika if she stays in. He doesn't want to take on three girls. If they tell Erika now, she'll try and win over Ali's vote. [Too late!]

Rob: I have one vote, who are you going to vote for...

Jee: Jun has already left us once.

Rob: I don't want her to start asking us a million questions. Ali's gonna cut my hair sooon.

Aug 25 2003 18:29, Mon BBWhat   Link
Rob to Jee: I talked to Ali and she'll vote our way. NT

Aug 25 2003 18:35, Mon bidz_yo   Link
BB: Alison, please go to the storage room
This was after they nastily told her to PUT on her microphone.

She yelled that she ain't putting it on with all that toilet juice on it (something like that)

[she had dropped it in toilet]

[must be getting a new one in storage]

Aug 25 2003 18:54, Mon BBWhat   Link
Girls talking in living room
Ali: they're like, make sure you don't tell...It's everything in the common areas. I was waiting for the brown vase to be missing.

Jun: all the plates and mugs are all there.

Ali: We'll have to keep those towels there, so that they don't noticed the duck's missing...It was Robert who noticed first, not Jee.

Erika:'s good, they don't think you're hiding anything from them.

Ali: he's not fk'n staying.

Jun: so much for his FBI training. "The couch is missing," haha.

Ali: unless it's about Cuban art history, they won't win it...Didn't Dana wig out on all you guys...cause look at the last one, it was four against three.


Ali speculating Jack had a deal with the guys for some time. He's been throwing comps.

Erika: he was doing so good when he was practicing with the ball.

Ali: I don't trust him. I'm flat out telling you I'm not voting to keep you in.

Erika: You've got me thinking back now.

Jun: I'm the only loser who hasn't gotten shyte from home. I hate Jee, what the f*ck is he still doing here.

They talk about getting the Stooges out next.

Erika: Robert is smarter than Jee.

Ali: I see it when they pull me in. But we've got to think about threats for competition. Rob will try and join forces with you.

Erika: I promise you girls that will not happen.

Ali: I don't see Robert giving up. I don't want to keep hearing Robert anymore.

Talking about his daughter. Ali feels bad for her.

Ali: but he lies to me all the time about things that don't matter. That's the problem. To lie to me about Dana's f*cking degree, why do that?

Erika: feeding you with gossip to make you trust him.

Ali: he doesn't care about anyone but himself.

Erika: his family is not poor by any means.

Ali: he gets a $2000 allowance from his dad...I think he's so happy this week, because Jee is making an ass of himself, thinks he's less of a target.

Erika: emotionally, I'd give my left toe to get him out. Strageticallly...Robert is very smart and very calculating. But he's not a clutch player. He's a ***** talker.

Ali: let's say he's out on the first question? Fight it out?

They agree.

Erika: as long as one of us have it.

Ali: I won't put you up, you have my word.

They want to see the boys' faces.

Erika: Robert is going to throw it, because he thinks we're targetting Jee.

Evil laugh from Jun.

Jun: ...that's how cocky he is.

Ali: ...huge target. You see how fast he came out of the cage? ... F*ck that, he ain't slipping by.

Ali: I say purposely, "I hate girls." He treats me like I'm getting sick of it.

Erika: so we do the surprise factor?

Ali: I tried a little bit to turn Robert against Jee. So we need to surprise Jee more than Robert.

Erika: too risky, they'll talk.

Aug 25 2003 18:59, Mon BBWhat   Link
More girls talk
Jun: their best move would have been to put Erika against me. Get one girl out.

Erika: let's see, I'm gonna piss off Alison so that she votes me out, lol.

They tell Erika the boys think she's weak from PBJ.

Ali: I'm running out of shyte to say.

Jun: I said in the Diary Room, Jee's a dumbass, he should have used veto. I'm embarred to be his ex.

Ali: Jack never did us a favour, I'm not even kidding. F'kn moron, he was conniving against me, instead of asking for my vote.

Aug 25 2003 19:06, Mon BBWhat   Link
More Girls Talk
Erika: Jee's worried, I can see it in his face.

Ali: We'll just reassure him. They better not pull any live-shyte bullshyte.

Erika: I think the missing stuff has to do with a luxury comp, or America's choice.

Jun: food competition?

Jun: they could ask how many iteams were taken from this area, that area...

Ali: do you think they'll throw in more unexpected shyte?

Jun: no one wants to see three fk'n guys, they should thank us.

Ali: I never thought of it that way.

Jun: Julie's definitely going to ask about Jee clean-sweeping everything. I want to get back with Jee, that's what I'm gonna say.

Erika: why would they tell you Jack was trying to get them to use the veto?

Jun, covering up about their lie to Erika about Jack: they're just stupid, trying to plan many steps ahead. I'm sure their tactics would have worked on the other girls in the house, but not us three.

Aug 25 2003 19:18, Mon BBWhat   Link
More Girl Talk
Jun: there's going to be cameras on Jack's face, the guys' faces.

Ali: that will be hilarious.

Jun: we can't get too cocky though.

Ali: three against one, hahaha.

Jun mocking about Jack's upcoming interview with Julie.

Jun: don't let the door hit you on the way out.

Talking about how Michelle waited for the handler to go out there and get her.

Ali: they are going to put up a sign "keep walking."

Erika: how very Michelle.

Ali: she probably stood there and cried.

Big laughs.

Jun: I'm so glad Nathan is gone.

Talking about how Nate did more housework his last few days than at any other point of his life. He didn't rinse the towels very good.

Jun: I don't know how these f*cks expect me to trust them, they were making deals without me.

Erika: Justin and I had a heart to heart before he left.

Jun: I was supposed to stay in the cage for 8 hours and have everyone hate me? ... You have to grow up and play the game. This Dream Team shyte. So corny and gay.

Ali: isn't there "Asian Dream" barbie? Jun Barbie, with tits.

Erika: there will be a Jun worship web page.

Jun: Jee is such a moron. Fk'n use your brain. I can imagine Robert in there, going, everythings going to plan...He thinks everythings going after Jee. He's to Jee, like, eat, dude, eat your food. He's sick about hearing about Carmen. It's always about the same *****.

Ali: do I do that with Donny alot?

Jun: No. It's always the same story with Jee. "I'd like to smack that booty."

Ali: I'm hungry. My fourth slice of the day.

Erika: guy's let's hide stuff!

Jun: you'd think they'd let us do that?

Ali: It has to be after the next lockdown.

Erika: but not alot, just two things.

Ali: and then tell them...

Erika: but BB could take it for themselves.

Laughs all around.

Aug 25 2003 19:18, Mon Debra_Kadabra   Link
Erika comes up with idea discussed on Joker's to hide things on their own
They decide to hide two items after the next Lockdown.
Jun now doesn't think they'll be allowed to.
Ali says that would suck if they come on and say "jun put back the vase"

Aug 25 2003 20:41, Mon joannie   Link
Jack and the two Stooges are working out in the BY NT

Aug 25 2003 20:43, Mon joannie   Link
The girls are in the bathroom. Erika is sitting on the side of the tub with her feet in the water NT

Aug 25 2003 20:47, Mon joannie   Link
Erika to Jun, in a little girl voice: "Will you fix my nail?" Now the girls are looking for Jun's nail kit. NT

Aug 25 2003 20:48, Mon I_Should_Be_Working   Link
Jee to Rob in back yard: Think about it! One of us is gonna win a half a million dollars! NT

Aug 25 2003 20:56, Mon joannie   Link
The girls are in the LR whispering about the missing items. Suddenly, they all shut up and try to listen in on Jee and Robert. NT

Aug 25 2003 20:56, Mon Lola   Link
Girls walk confidently thru house like they're Charlies Angles, they settle in the LR
to paint Er nails.

Can hear Ja in background offer coffed to Rob

The girls seem very at ease with each other.

Ali says "Her boyfriend sat on her glasses and smashed the smush out of them. That she had to get the child proof kind"

They start whispering about him. (Not sure if they mean Ja) Someone said something about him tickling her foot. They're all talking and laughing at once, hard to hear

They're talking about the missing items and Ali remembers that they did the same thing last year

ER has a very smug look on her face

Ali says "We wear the f***** pants right now, how da ya like them apples"

Ali & Er are calling the guys Dumb & Dummer and Cheech & Chong

Aug 25 2003 20:59, Mon Anonymous   Link
Ali about Dana
"You stupid f*cking ghetto bitch with the gap in your tooth!"

Aug 25 2003 21:06, Mon Lola   Link
Ali talks about Dana "The *** *** with a gap in her teeth" Ali mentions that she saw Er laughing at them
and Er said "Yeah cause you looked mad"
Ali says "I was, she was stupid and she's paying for it now, look at where she is."

Ali says they will die when they get out and see her DR conversations.
Ali tells Er and Jun about how she told the DR that Nat was going to win the veto get her off and then she would get HOH. She said she told them that before it happened.

They start talking about the missing items and what order they disapeared in

Aug 25 2003 21:10, Mon joannie   Link
Erika: "I'd rather see Jee win the money than Robert." Jun: "I'm f*ckin' tired of Jee riding on my coattails!"in NT

Aug 25 2003 21:16, Mon joannie   Link
Ali wants to know idf Erika has any good stories. "No, I'm relatively boring." NT

Aug 25 2003 21:25, Mon Lola   Link
The girls are laughing hysterically, their laughter sounds almost evil
like witches cackling around a brewing pot.

Ali starts talking like she qualifies for the Special Olympics, she holds her hand like she's handicapped and says people out side will being going up to the stooges saying
"I want ta be onda Dreeeem Teeem"

The other girls laugh loud and long.

Ali repeats it again

Aug 25 2003 21:36, Mon adoncia   Link
jun and ali screaming about a grasshopper in the backyard. NT

Aug 25 2003 21:40, Mon Lola   Link
Ali & Jun having a scream fest in BY. There's a grass hopper or locust that is getting them going NT

Aug 25 2003 21:43, Mon joannie   Link
Ali: "I hate the Great Gatsby. I hate the Grapes of Wrath. I hate most books. I just started reading." NT

Aug 25 2003 21:44, Mon BBWhat   Link
Girls talking about Catcher in the Rye. Any good? Erika says so.
It's about coming of age, many things.

Aug 25 2003 21:45, Mon SleeplessOnLI   Link
HGs outside. Ali smells ciggs, or cooking. Rob:"I'm telling you...Justin is like two doors down!" (Assumming the Jury House is on the lot. NT

Aug 25 2003 22:20, Mon Dreamer   Link
Jee in HOH making himself 2 hefty sandwiches - ham + roast beef! NT

Aug 25 2003 22:21, Mon Dreamer   Link

Aug 25 2003 22:23, Mon Dreamer   Link
BB: HG's This is a lock down, please go to the BY and pull the shades NT

Aug 25 2003 22:40, Mon DC1   Link
Rob: hey Jee you got to promise me when the Korean chicks start coming after you that you send them my way...after you've approved them of course. NT

Aug 25 2003 22:43, Mon BBWhat   Link
Jee: my woman's incredible. NT

Aug 25 2003 22:45, Mon BBWhat   Link
Jee is glad he didn't marry Jun, his life would be over. NT

Aug 25 2003 22:47, Mon BBWhat   Link
Rob thinks it's "gay" that there will be fan websites about them, with online chats. NT

Aug 25 2003 22:53, Mon SonOfAbraxas   Link
Erika and Ali outside
Jack goes inside to change for HotTub.

Erika immediately asks Ali "So, what's missing?"

Ali says they just fixed the Storage room door. Ali says she and Jun looked everywhere.

Erika says that Jack hasn't said anything about missing items. They laugh about him not seeing anything missing. Ali says to tell her if Jack ever catches on about the items because if he does, the boys probably told him and that will be a big clue that Jack and the boys have an alliance. Erika says it doesn't matter because she thinks they do anyway.

Erika and Ali say Jack and Jee have probably had a secret alliance since week 2 or week 3 at the latest.

They talk about Jack and Jun having a secret alliance as well.

Talk about Jack purposely acting like the blumbling old man in the house.

Edited because I noticed all kinds of typos.. yikes! ::slaps his forehead::

Aug 25 2003 22:54, Mon SonOfAbraxas ParentRootLink
Erika says that even IF Jun and Jack have a secret alliance, she thinks Jun will still vote to evict Jack because she's sure Jun doesn't trust Jack as much.

"The boys are going down... the boys are going down" is Ali's semi-whispered chant...

Aug 25 2003 23:01, Mon SonOfAbraxas   Link
Erika is getting incredibly short with Jack ...
I honestly can't say I was paying very close attention.

Jack comes out ready for the hottub. Ali goes inside.

Jack is going on and on about Jun and his conversation about Ali just now in the bathroom. About Ali getting worried and voting with the boys.

All Erika adds to the convo is a couple "uh-huhs" and at the end - "I guess we'll see on Wednesday" after which she goes inside without another word.

Aug 25 2003 23:05, Mon SonOfAbraxas   Link
10pm BBT - Ali in HoH with the Stooges - Ali keeps pushing for Jack to leave, but Ali says she'll vote with them. Can't say she didn't try. NT

Aug 25 2003 23:09, Mon SonOfAbraxas   Link
Ali to Stooges - I don't like her. I hate them all. You two are the only people I like in this house. NT

Aug 25 2003 23:12, Mon SonOfAbraxas   Link
Erika to Jack in HotTub - I think I'm going. What do you think? Jack - I don't know. If I had to lean one way, I'd say you're going...
Erika just looks VERY uncomfortable with Jack tonight. Especially now in the hottub.

Aug 25 2003 23:31, Mon SonOfAbraxas   Link
Ali/Jun with Jee/Rob in HoH - Apparently, Jun is now being let in on the "We're evicting Erika" 'secret' NT

Aug 25 2003 23:34, Mon SonOfAbraxas   Link
Jee repeatedly asking Jun how she's voting. Jun 'says' she'll vote with the house. Jun wonders why she hadn't heard anything from anyone...
about how they're voting. Robert says Erika going is a surprise. That they want it to be another "Michelle Moment".

(As Erika said - "We'll see on Wednesday!" Mwahahaha!)

Aug 25 2003 23:45, Mon SonOfAbraxas   Link
Ali/Jun leave HoH. Jee says at this point he doesn't care which one leaves. If Erika stays, Jee says they'll make up stories and split up the house.
Rob makes a good observation that if Jack leaves, it's 3 to 2 and Robert is F%^&$ked in the HoH comp against 3 people.

Rob is really worried now.

Aug 25 2003 23:45, Mon BBWhat   Link
Stooges and Ali in HOH room
Ali: Jack would kick me out first.

Rob: no he would not.

Jee: we took their team out first, then we took them out...

Ali: I'm in a shytty position.

Jee: They are going to go after our lives.

Rob: it's better for us to get her out because she's gonna be a problem later. Let's just stick with it and we'll be fine.

Ali: I mean that's fine, but understand where I'm coming from.

Jee: we go with the gut feeling, from the beginning.

Rob: we talked with him just before eviction. We went over it a long time for many hours.

Jee: we don't want to be up there with her.

Ali: I don't want to be up there with Jack in the finals.

Jee: it seems like you want him out because he's after you...I know Jun's gonna be after me.

Rob: I think we should do it, and it is 3:2 next week.

Ali: 2:2. Let me know .... I don't want to underestimate them.

Jee: I never wanted to fullfill just what Justin wanted.

Talking about Justin's close call, when Alison was HOH.

Rob: that's why when it's majority, it's always worked out for's happened with all of us, wanting something the others didn't...We still have three people to go for veto.

Jee: we picked you for a reason.

Ali: I don't have an alliance with Erika. I know that Jack is more after me. I don't understand why we can't get Jack out now, rather than later.

Jee: now it's like the day before...

Ali: things have been put in my perspective, about Jack.

Rob: ...the thing about take the floaters out, that was Erika.

Jee: that's why I'm telling you, Jack offered to take the floaters out for both teams.

Ali: like, you can't get rid of the floater until later.

Jee: he (Jack) wants to salvage his team.

Rob: I guarantee you this, there is three of us. Jack will be out with three of us against him.

Jee: I'm the biggest target here and I'm aware of it.

Ali: I think Jack would go after me than after him.

Rob: game-wise, he's played the best. Nice guy around the house.

Ali: I, like, have a tonne of reasons why I want him out. What I'm trying to say is, I want Erika out, I want Jack out, I want Jack out a little bit more. And I know she'll go after me, I'm not stupid.

Jee: for us three to work together, are you down with the agenda? ... I just want to get them out, as a team.

Ali: I totally understand.

Jee: I see you're skeptical, in your face.

Ali: I'm uncomforable with him in the house.

Jee: truth is, they're going to try and break us up. I could easily have went for the floaters, you and Jun. But we wanted you for our team. I've kept my word to you, I've never lied to you. We're with you.

Ali: I'm don't want to lie to you guys either, or hide anything.

Jee: it's not personal with me and Erika.

Ali: she's a fk'n weak-assed person.

Jee: there's some stuff in the house that Jack has done, I don't want to underestimate him. But he should have been competing, after being up twice...are you telling me he threw that? .... the whole time, we wanted Jack out, it was a last minute change. He knew that he was heading out the door...she really proved herself with the endurance competition. That's what we realise, we don't want to go up there with her.

Rob: Jack has a retirement, she is a bartender.

Jee: Justin was this close to saving Nathan...with that food competition, you think Nathan would have ate any of that fish? He wouldn't have won the cage? ... Justin was like, think from my shoes...

Rob: if most of us agree, it should stay that way. I'm gonna bust my ass to win HOH.

Ali: I will too.

Jee: if you guys don't win it, I understand I'll be going out the door. That's alright, I have been loyal to my guys. You saw it in the cage, I could have been the first f'ker out.

Rob: my eye was swollen, I know you don't believe it. Justin saw it, he said "holy shyte."

Ali: the only comp I've ever thrown was the camera one. Just because I'm having doubts doesn't mean I'm switching teams. I just need time to think.

Rob: I guarantee, when she's gone and you win HOH....

Jee: You're safer than Rob and me.

Ali: I honestly don't know. Jack's with Jun.

Jee: who would you want to be put up against? Think about it, be logical...Imagine Jack and me up there, it would be really tough. In his mind, he doesn't want to go against Jee, he'd rather go against Ali.

Rob: nothing's gonna happen to you. We'll be with you to the end. It will be worth it.

Jee: it's not a personal thing with me and Rob. I'd rather be against her in the final, than Jack. I understand he has thrown competitions, he needed to win veto this week, but he didn't win it. As much as you think he's thrown every single competition, he hasn't proven himself once.

Ali: maybe that's his way.

Jee: I'm not being passive, here, that could be his strategy. But you have to take your chances. We don't even know where Jack is with Jun... Every single person tried to break the three of us (Amigos) up. There was never a 3-alliance like the one we had. Justin was a target from the second day. He never hid anything, he was not a lyer, he never hid anything physically.

Jun enters HOH room.

Jun: I ain't going in the hot tub.

Ali: we're just talking about tomorrow.

Jun: yeah, and?

Ali: how are you voting?

Jun: how do you want me to vote?

Jee: don't be like that, tell us who you are voting...It's majority vote, Erika.

Jun: I'll try.

Rob: Erika's the person we want now.

Jee: he's proposed deals to save his team, to take you out. We're leaning to take Erika out.

Jun: Jack's been saying he hasn't talked to you.

Jee: the reason he wanted to make a deal was it was his last chance. He made an offer to veto Erika, and put up either Jun or Ali.

Jun: if you guys have thought it through.

Rob: yeah.

Jee: which way are you going to vote Jun? If you have your reasons to vote to keep Jack. You can vote for whoever you want. I don't understand why you keep asking this.

Jun: will you fk'n calm down!

Ali: you're gonna make me cry!

Jee: it's not a Justin decision, we just discussed it with him.

Rob: don't tell them, we don't want them to freak out.

Jee: Jun, don't take it the wrong way, I wasn't coming at you.

Jun: I'm not allowed to asked questions?

Jee: and I'm asking which way are you going to vote?

Rob: we really want it to be a Michelle night.

Ali: okay.

Jee: what time is it?


Jun: I'm the last person to know.

Jun: she's the stronger competitor.

Jee: we're sick and tired of assumming Jack has thrown all these comps.

Rob: he thinks he's old and fooling all of us. He can't get through to us, he offered a shytty deal. We've never done stupid deals like that. Playing basketball last night, we think he's gonna ask us something, but he doesn't.

Jee: he just walked away.

Rob: we're not changing a thing at all. He's not gonna stay to the end.

Jee: but when you've been put up twice, he's a target, former FBI, I'm sorry, he hasn't thrown every single one. Right now I think Erika is the stronger competitor.

Rob: she needs to win the money...I like her as a person, but game-wise she'd f*ck us up.

Jee: maybe I'm a little edgy because of the nicotine.

Ali leaves room.

Jun: was she in all this time?

Rob: she's freaking out. We don't go by hate. You cool with it Jun? The reason we didn't tell you was because we didn't want Erika coming up to us to ask about this. Believe me, in the end, it will be better. When we all agree, we don't have regrets. Because she'll come up with some shyte and beat us for HOH.

Jun: okay, that was interesting.

Jee: why's that interesting? You came in here.

Rob: I trust this girl, you cool with that.

Jee: we wanted to wait to tell you until tomorrow because she's freaking out.

Jun leaves.

Rob: We're in deep shyte. We need Ali's vote. She thinks we have an alliance with Jack. We're in deep shyte. You know what...

Jee: I told you we had a slim chance both of us making it. You have a better chance getting there. This Wednesday, you have to get HOH. If you get it, you save me. After that, we can both compete.

Rob: we're f*cked.

Jee: I don't care who leaves first. If she does stay, we cause havok in this house. We split thought three up. She likes to pull shyte off. She's crazy like Dana. Jun has already tried to make alliances with Ali and Erika.

Rob: if Jack stays, it's a message...if right now, she competes, it's 3:1.

Jee: stop thinking about numbers. You better f*cking do it.

Rob: why would she be having a study session with Erika, why would she be doing that.

Aug 25 2003 23:56, Mon SonOfAbraxas   Link
Jun/Jee in HoH. Jun just told Jee that Erika IS leaving. Jun is saying it's in his best interest and Robert is out next week by All three girls NT

Aug 25 2003 23:59, Mon BBWhat   Link
Jee and Jun in HOH room
Jun: you just have to trust me.

Jee: you're safe.

Jee: what are you gonna do if you win HOH next week.

Jun: Roberts going.

Jee sighs.

Jun: I have to threaten Ali. She see's right through what Rob's doing... Roberts gotta go.

Jee: after that I'm going to be able to compete. You've got to do what's right for you.

Jun: ... so Erika's gonna stay... I'm gonna make it happen...don't fk'n tell Robert. She wants Robert first. And Ali wants Robert. I'm not allying with those b*tches.

Jee: so how are you gonna make this happen.

Jun: Ali's so easy. You think Ali will try and win HOH?

Jee: I think she's really afraid for herself. I has to be endurance.

Jun: Ali doens't like to be threatened.

Jee: are you going to tell them we talked? Don't tell Erika that shyte. Ali would talk to her.

Jun: she's fine with you.

Aug 26 2003 00:05, Tue BBWhat   Link
Rob and Jee playing cards outside
Rob: did Jun ask about Ali? I saw her come out of your room.

Jee: right now I'm really worried.

Rob: some stressful shyte, huh?

Rob talks to Alison about exercise.

Aug 26 2003 00:08, Tue BBWhat   Link
Erika and Jun talk in hallway - They are discussing who told what when. NT

Aug 26 2003 00:23, Tue joannie   Link
Jee and Rat are in HOH. Jee: "What do you think Jun and Ali were talking about just now?"
"What if they have a secret alliance?"

Robert: "Let's just expect the worst. Erika stays and we're f*cked!"

Aug 26 2003 00:41, Tue Anonymous   Link
Jun and Ali were talking before Ali went into the bathroom...Ali thinks.."John" will like Ali and Jun going to the finals,
and he makes them feel loved. Then Ali asks Does Arnold make you feel loved too? Jun says "yes" too says Ali..then FOTH...

Aug 26 2003 00:55, Tue Anonymous   Link
Jee and Robert in HOH

They come in from the back yard and see Jun and Ali in the bathroom talking and go into the HOH room.

Jee: I told you man, Ali's a f'ing wildcard. We even gave her a chance to f'ing go with us to the end. It's all f'ing BS, I'm telling you that.

Robert: That's why I wanted the voting to come because I knew this was going to happen. We had to expect it to. That's why Monday's are here, for that reason. (?? Why are Monday's here?) F'ing, the whole house. Those two (Erica and Jack)don't even f'ing know what's hapening. They're in the HT, don't know *****.


JUN: You think it'll be a live vote? I hate that *****.

JEE: It's out of my hands. I don't know.

JUN: Jack asked me if I knew anything. That's not his style...he's always cool, calm, confident.


ROBERT: What do you think her and Ali were talking about?

JEE:The vote. I think secrety they have an aliance..huge f'king possibiliy of that.

ROBERT: Hell yeah, they've been hanging out all week.

JEE: Why the f*** is Ali not in this room right now. If she's really with us she'd be here, talking to us.

ROBERT: Maybe we're being like Dana. Erica stays and we're *****. The whole house was against Dana and look what happened? She f'ing won HOH. The odds of her wining were even greater, and she won, then us three.

JEE: Suspect the worse, that's what I do.

ROBERT: Erica stays and I don't f'ing win. But the snakes (Ali and Jun) are gone. They f*** with us and I get HOH and it's Ali and Jun straight up (nominations).

JEE: If the f'ing votes are wrong, then we'll know. Ali just f'ing stabbed us in the f'ing eye.

ROBERT: Yeahyeah oh hell yeah. F'ing snakes man. If they make it all the way to the end. Ali's a selfish player.
Look what she did to nathan? Why should we think she'd be any different?

JEE: We just took a chance with Ali and that's what happens. With Erica it would have been hard to guarantee her safety and she maybe would have told the girls anyway. We gave it a try, Rob. We still don't know.
All we have to do is fight like a motherf'er, keep on going. Until you say goobye to me Rob, you should take the same advice. You should think the same exact way.
Dam, if that goes...

ROBERT: F*** yeah.

JEE: Dude, you can still do it, you're still contending for HOH, don't forget.

ROBERT: Oh yeah.

JEE: We didn't come all this way to leave like little bitches.

ROBERT: F'ing Ali, shoudl have gotten her ass out long time ago. and everything she talks about is the oppotive of us. don't try to argue with her, everything she says is the opposite.

JEE: I was testing her..she's going to do what she f'ing wants to do.

JEE: If you make too many deals and alliances you f*** up.

ROBERT: Yeah, just keep it way it is.

JEE: Don't know dude, don't know anymore. Wwant to talk to Ali again?

ROBERT: Yeah, what is she doing? No, just wait, she can freak out and go in there at he last minute and vote who she wants. She's so f'd up. We can talk to her until we're blue in the face and she does what she wants. We can do what we want and she'll still do what she wants.

ROBERT: We shoudn't have scared her about Jack. Shoud have said it was said it was Erica that proposed that deal.
(Earlier Jee and Robert told Ali that Jack had proprosed a deal to Jee that if he'd use the veto, take Erica off the block, on put up Ali, and then they'd go after the floaters, get them out).

JEE: Yeah, but she was going to ***** us up anyway, if not now then next week. Basically if she turns on us tomorrow, then it was going to happen anyway.

ROBERT: Can't trust them. That's why they're f'ing floaters, so they can side with one f'ing team find out some info, screw them, then join the other team.

ROBERT: F***. Makes me wonder if we shoud have gotten rid of the f'ing floaters first.

JEE: Can't think that way. It's already happened. It's going to happen and we're going to have to play the game. If one of us leaves, there's one of us here, we can stil do alot, it still holds a lot of weight in this f'ing game. Ruin their f'ing stragies, screw everyting for the other team.
F'ing game is annoying, just want it to f'ing end.

ROBERT: We're not going to worry about it anymore, right?

JEE: What's going to happen is going to happen.

They leave to go brush their teeth. It's 11:45 BB time.