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Aug 26 2003 01:42, Tue davidmichelle   Link
Girls are horsing around in bed. They talk about Robert and Jee together in HOH.
Jun: "Do you think Robert and Jee are jacking each other off?"

Alison: "They are just doing it simultaneously, staring at each other. Right now, they're probably shouting out Justin's name."

Everyone shrieks, even Jack gives up a chuckle from the other room.

Aug 26 2003 01:44, Tue Hammock_Fall   Link
The girls notice that Rob just left the HOH
Ali: Where did Rob go?

Jun: He went to wash his hands.

Ali: His mouth is full.

Jun: He doesn't swallow?

Giggles ring out. Rob walks around the house alone and dejected.

Aug 26 2003 03:27, Tue Debra_Kadabra   Link
Transcript: Jun/Jee in HOH 10:56 PM BB Time. Regarding Jun telling Jee that Erika will stay
Jun: Jack wants your blood.

Jee: The way I look at it everyone wants my blood.

Jun: No.

Jee: Who does Erika want?

Jun: Erika does not want Robert to even sniff that money.

Jee: Alright. Think about it for me.

Jun: Yeah, I am.

Jee: Think about why and understand at the same time. but you three, well, them two against me, at that point it's not great for me.

Jun: What do you mean?

Jee: Well if Robert leaves it's going to tough for me at the same time.

Jun: Alright, you can not F'n tell F'n Robert about the sh*t that we talk about. I know that you tell him everything.

Jee: No.

Jun: If Erika stays she will go after F'n Robert. Next week you will be eligible for HOH. Then you can take out whoever you F'n want.

Jee: I understand. But you know what, it's kind of hard right now because we've made this F'n decision a week or earlier. I also did it...not just because of him, I did it for you as well. And it might be better for me too.

Jun: Just remember it's better for you to keep Erika.

Jee: I know but

Jee is off camera, Jun interupts with "what are you smelling?" can't hear Jee's response.

Jee: It's going to look really F'n fishy on my part to start switching it up now. You know what I'm saying? By the way, you're safe.

Jun: Did you (inaudible) that's all I need to know.

Jee: You're safe.

Jun: You just have to trust me.

Jee: I know that what you say is true. The way I look at I'm the biggest F'n target right now. Ya know, either way, as much as you think Erika is out for Robert.

Jun: for...Robert. ( using one hand for emphesis)

Jee: She is the only person.

Speaking at the same time
Jun: Just like Robert wants (inaudible)
Jee: Alison wants me out

Jun: Alison wants Robert.

Jee: What are you gonna do if you win HOH next week? Just tell me right now. Just tell me.

Jun: Put you and Robert up.

Jee: ...and I'm gonna be out of here.

Jun: Robert's gonna go.

Jee: I just can't help but not to beleive it.

Jun: Alison wants Robert...

Jee: It's not that I don't beleive you...

Jun: If Jack wants you, I break the F'n tie, that's it. Robert's going. I just have to threaten Ali, to put her up, otherwise to vote Robert. Robert hates...Ali hates Robert. Ali sees right through what Robert's trying to do right now.

Jee: Well, in the end, if Jack puts ...let's say it's not Erika you are saving...if Jack wins next week he's going to put Robert and me up.

Jun: (Nodding in agreement) Then Robert's going to go. Robert's going to go.

Jee: That's what I'm saying. So I'm still okay for the time being.

Jun: You're fine. You're fine.

Jee: And basically after that I'm going to be able to F'n know what I'm saying?

Jun: Exactly.

Jee: So don't sweat it. you know what I'm saying? I'm not telling you to promise me anything or do anything for me, it's not like that, you do what's right for you. I know that I'm the F'n...

Jun: Right now the way I look at it, extra weeks for you and me means that people have to want Robert out more. And so Erika is going to stay.

Jee: That's the way you're going to make it?

Jun: (Nods yes) So don't worry.

Jee: So you're going to make it happen that way.

Jun: I'm gonna make it happen so don't tell F'n Robert anything.

Jee: Alright. Well, make sure that Erika...that I'm fine with her too then.

Jun: Your fine, she wants Robert.

Jee: No (run together, but I think "she doesn't have any bad feelings") or anything like that. So, PBJ...

Jun: She's over it, she wants Robert.

Jee: All the competitions...

Jun: She wants Robert first.

Jee: I swept everything this week. You know what I'm saying?

Jun: She wants Robert out first and Ali wants Robert. Ali hates Robert.

Jee: Tell me right now, you three are not aligned to go after me (inaudible)

Jun: F no I'm not aligned with those b*tches but I do know...

Jee: This is truth?

Jun: ( nodding yes) but I do know that there's a good chance...uh...either way that you're fine.

Jee: How are you gonna make this happen? Are you going to talk to Ali?

Jun: Something like that...overnight. She's so easy.

Jee: Alright. I'll act surprised if it happens.

Jun: If it happens you BETTER act surprised.

Jee: Oh, F yeah, but at the same time if it doesn't happen, you know...

Jun: Then whatever. We'll see what happens. Do you think Ali will try to throw HOH?

Jee: I don't know. I don't think so. I think she's really afraid...for herself.

Jun: So she'll win it. (Jee shrugs as if not sure) I'm gonna F'n go for it so at least I can break a F'n tie if I need to.

Jee: and if you go for it you gonna...

Jun: Think it'll be F'n mental?

Jee: I think so. It has to be because endurance...and if we have...

Jun: Ali she doesn't like to be threatened so if no one puts her up she'll do what they say for that week. So I'm going to make sure I win it. Okay Goodbye.

Jee: What are you gonna tell 'em we talked about?

Jun: Whaa?

Jee: What are you gonna tell 'em we talked about?

Jun: That you just said Even if we F'n hate each other that this week I have to agree with you.

Jee: Alright.

Jun: And that we have to vote Erika out.

Jee: Oh, Don't tell Erika that sh*t.

Jun: (inaudible) that sh*t.

Jee: You don't think Ali gonna tell Erika?

Jun: She's too scared to right now.

Jee: Alright try to make...(stutters)...try to look out for me with Erika. (inaudible).

Jun: She's fine with you. She's fine.

Jun leaves.

Aug 26 2003 07:57, Tue nojobny   Link
All Feeds quiet. All HG are sleeping NT

Aug 26 2003 09:50, Tue Vaseflower2000   Link
big brother has not woken hgs up yet-still sleeping NT

Aug 26 2003 10:20, Tue nojobny   Link
Erika is up and about. Wandering around btw the BR & the kitchen NT

Aug 26 2003 10:21, Tue nojobny   Link
Er decides to go back to bed. NT

Aug 26 2003 10:22, Tue nojobny   Link
Now Jack is up. Sits down in the LR to put on his sandals NT

Aug 26 2003 10:23, Tue Vaseflower2000   Link
jack is up and in the kitchen. everyone else appears to be sleeping. NT

Aug 26 2003 10:24, Tue nojobny   Link
All of the shades are pulled, so the house is on lockdown. Jack is making coffee. NT

Aug 26 2003 10:30, Tue Vaseflower2000   Link
jack is in the bathroom taking off his shirt NT

Aug 26 2003 10:32, Tue Vaseflower2000   Link
jack is now taking his shower NT

Aug 26 2003 10:43, Tue Vaseflower2000   Link
jack is now out of shower and putting his clothes on-no one else up yet NT

Aug 26 2003 10:50, Tue Vaseflower2000   Link
june is now up and jack finishing up in bathroom NT

Aug 26 2003 10:51, Tue ankt   Link
Erika is up and in the Kitchen NT

Aug 26 2003 11:11, Tue Katfsh   Link
Jack & Er outside - decide they can now get rid of the ashtrays. NT

Aug 26 2003 11:25, Tue nojobny   Link
A very stern & angry BB told Jee to get up for the day. :) NT

Aug 26 2003 11:28, Tue nojobny   Link
Arround the feeds:
F1 - Jack & Jun in the kitchen & Er at the table
F2 - Same as above, long shot
F3 - Ali in the bathroom
F4 - Jee in the bathroom chair brushing his teeth.
(Ed: He'll be there for the next 20 minutes.)

Aug 26 2003 11:33, Tue Vaseflower2000   Link
jack and ali are in the kitchen and june walked by. slowly getting going for the day. NT

Aug 26 2003 11:35, Tue ktan   Link
Jun says no voting today, even though BB said it was. NT

Aug 26 2003 11:58, Tue JulieH ParentRootLink
Jun also told Rob that she was just kidding. That they won't know until they give their goodbye speeches NT

Aug 26 2003 11:36, Tue Katfsh   Link
HG's were just informed that there is no voting today - it will be live tomorrow NT

Aug 26 2003 11:38, Tue Vaseflower2000   Link
jee and rob are in hoh room and jee is shaving NT

Aug 26 2003 11:47, Tue Vaseflower2000   Link
jee told rob looks like jack is goingido not say anything NT

Aug 26 2003 11:47, Tue Katfsh   Link
Jee to Jun - he (Rob) doesn't trust Ali. Did you talk to her?
Jun: I tried.

Jee: He doesn't trust any girl.

Aug 26 2003 11:48, Tue Vaseflower2000   Link
june told to put her mic on NT

Aug 26 2003 11:49, Tue Katfsh   Link
Jee: as much as I like Robert, for me, I would rather take you or Ali to the finals. NT

Aug 26 2003 11:52, Tue Katfsh   Link
Rob came in from outside. Jun putting sunscreen on, getting ready to go out NT

Aug 26 2003 11:53, Tue Katfsh   Link
Jee said to Rob he hasn't heard anything about voting live, but since they haven't called them in to vote yet, he assumes it's true NT

Aug 26 2003 11:55, Tue Katfsh   Link
Jee preparing Rob for possibility that Er might stay. Saying not to worry about it - it doesn't really matter NT

Aug 26 2003 11:58, Tue Katfsh   Link
Jee walking around house, again going over things that are missing NT

Aug 26 2003 12:07, Tue Katfsh   Link
jee outside with others - thinking about his upcoming birthday -
Jee: wonder what I'll be doing 4 years from now, when I'm 28

Jun: You'll be in jail

Jee: I beg to differ

Jun: jail of marriage

all laugh

Aug 26 2003 12:16, Tue Katfsh   Link
Jee asks Ali: So does anyone know you're with us?
She says she doesn't know - I haven't asked.

Jee: why would you ask?

Ali: I don't know - no one has said anything.

Aug 26 2003 12:17, Tue Katfsh   Link
Ali to Rob and Jee: Jun said she's voting Er out and asked if they should give her anything. NT

Aug 26 2003 12:19, Tue Katfsh   Link
Ali said BB didn't tell them that voting will be live - they all just said that to f&&k with Rob
But they figure since only 3 are voting, it makes sense for it to be live.

Rob: Jun has no idea things are missing - she made comment yesterday that "you'd think they'd fix that stool".

Aug 26 2003 12:21, Tue Katfsh   Link
Ali goes to DR to ask if voting is today, but they don't let her in NT

Aug 26 2003 12:24, Tue Katfsh   Link
Ali leaves, and Jee immediately says to Rob - I just can't trust her
Rob: If you were her, would you be with the 2 of us, or with that piece of shyte (Jun)?

Aug 26 2003 12:32, Tue Katfsh   Link
Everyone but Jee outside - idle chatter. Jee inside alone, playing solitaire, pondering. NT

Aug 26 2003 12:50, Tue Katfsh   Link
Afternoon down time for HG's - Jee lying on sofa; Er in BR sleeping, Jun in HOH listening to CD, Rob in pool, Ali sunning, Jack sitting outside NT

Aug 26 2003 13:28, Tue Katfsh   Link
Jee Rob Ali outside: being in jail is better than being in BB house - at least they get food and visitors NT

Aug 26 2003 13:50, Tue Katfsh   Link
Jun & Ali lying on lawn chairs - saying it's better this way -
if voting is live, they can give their "reasons" for voting jack out.
Jun: maybe they won't even ask questions when they vote, because of the live show.

Aug 26 2003 13:52, Tue Lola   Link
Girls are sunning in backyard
Ali is talking as if to BB "BB the girls are going to **** clean house"

Jun says that Jon gave them way that they can give little excuses so the guys won't be as pi**ed

Jun says that Ro is so mad, Ali agrees and says Ja too

Aug 26 2003 13:55, Tue Katfsh   Link
BB: Houseguests! This is a lockdown - please go to the BY and pull the shades NT

Aug 26 2003 13:55, Tue Lola   Link
BB says "HG this is a lock down, please go to the back yard and lower the shades" NT

Aug 26 2003 14:01, Tue Katfsh   Link
Jun gets to join Jee for McD's lunch NT

Aug 26 2003 14:08, Tue Lola   Link
Ali insults Er
They decide to try to make up another song

Er begins "I'm getting in the pool, around here" to the tune of This is my song" made up by Er earlier

Ali laughs and says "No it got to be different, everything can't end with 'around here'"
so then she suggests doing something about BB

Er sings "BB" long pause "BB" (She's got a mental block)

Then Ali out of the blue starts singing "Er's got no Butt"

Er mumbbles something in response and Ali says what

Then Er says "Well you're the one who said it before"

Er says in pouty voice "Well you don't have to rub it in"

Ali says and sounds genuine "Oh, I'm sorry....well I've got a big butt, you can have some of mine so then we're even.... OK?"

Aug 26 2003 14:09, Tue Katfsh   Link

Aug 26 2003 14:18, Tue Katfsh   Link
Everyone in bathroom - Erica cleaning sink; Jee getting ready to wash floor NT

Aug 26 2003 14:19, Tue Bayoubug   Link
Jun and McD's
The whole crew is watching Jee/Erica clean the bathroom. Jun starts thinking about her upcoming meal...
"I'm going to start licking the storage room door. 'I know you're in there'... come out.'"

Aug 26 2003 14:30, Tue Katfsh   Link
Jee now getting ready to clean shower NT

Aug 26 2003 14:36, Tue Katfsh   Link
Jun to Ali: it can't be endurance because we haven't eaten anything all week (talking about HOH competition) NT

Aug 26 2003 14:47, Tue Vaseflower2000   Link
ju tells jee go get our lunch-i smell it -lunch is here-jee stop cleaning our food is here. NT

Aug 26 2003 14:47, Tue Katfsh   Link
Jun tells Jee to hurry up because the food is here - she can't eat without him since she's his guest NT

Aug 26 2003 14:51, Tue nojobny   Link
Jee is still cleaning the shower & Jun is standing by the SR door NT

Aug 26 2003 14:51, Tue nojobny   Link
Jun: OMG Jee Cho to the storage room!!! NT

Aug 26 2003 14:53, Tue Katfsh   Link
When they're in the storage room to get McD's, they whisper, can't hear, but Jun says "I think it's OK". NT

Aug 26 2003 14:56, Tue Katfsh   Link
Rob is convinced evicted HG's are just down the block - can't be in Hawaii - that's a 5-hr flight NT

Aug 26 2003 14:58, Tue Katfsh   Link
Rob and Ali perversely watching Jun & Jee chowing down McD's NT

Aug 26 2003 15:01, Tue Vaseflower2000   Link
ali and rob sitting anf watching june and jee eat, ju really loving her food. NT

Aug 26 2003 15:04, Tue Vaseflower2000   Link
eri and jack outside playing cards. NT

Aug 26 2003 15:06, Tue Bayoubug   Link
Camera shows a glass bowl in a single shot. NT

Aug 26 2003 15:21, Tue Lola   Link
Ro is saying in a stressful voice that he has a good *** life and he not stressed about this place NT

Aug 26 2003 15:25, Tue Lola   Link
Jun says it took 5 months for us (her&Bob) to title ourselves boyfriend & girfriend then
it took 2 more months for us to say "I love you"

Je says "That good, it respectable"

Jun says in mocking voice "Yeah, proper time limit --white mans rule--"

Aug 26 2003 15:33, Tue Lola   Link
As Jun is finishing her meal Ja walks in just as Jun is saying "I feel pregnant..."
She goes on to say she doesn't know who the father is, imaculate conception maybe

Ja says "You'll have the first little Korean baby to eat grits"

they all start laughing

Aug 26 2003 15:36, Tue Lola   Link
Ali asks Jun if she ate all her food, Juns says no I just ate
the fish off the sandwich, not the bread, half of the egg sandwich not the top, all the chicken nuggets and the chicken off the sandwich

Ali says "Then you had a lot of food"
Jun doesn't want to admit it and says "well nooo"
And Ali says "Well you had a lot of meat" and to this Jun will agree

Aug 26 2003 16:40, Tue Lola   Link
Girls plotting by the hammok
Ju said "Je is going to fight for his life so we should get him before Ro, I don't want him in here and sliding by to the end"

The girls all in agreement that Ro hates all women but that he is easier to trick than Je

Ali says "Yeah, Ja goes this week and then Je next week, then Ro is so easy to trick that we'll just make up something.... tell him he safe and s***. We can make up a fight and tell him we're after someone else so he won't even try to win HOH and then he's gone"

They all laugh at this

Aug 26 2003 16:42, Tue Lola   Link
Jun Ja & Je playing cards
Jun is joking about all the things she will say to people (them) when they leave

She pretends "Ja you tell too many sex jokes and I know I laugh at some of them but you tell too many and that needs to stop"

Aug 26 2003 16:58, Tue Lola   Link

Aug 26 2003 17:03, Tue Bayoubug   Link
I think they just got a "lockdown" warning.
They are commenting on how nice it is that BB gave them a warning, this time. All using the WC (Ed Note: must be an outdoor lockdown)

Aug 26 2003 17:17, Tue Anonymous   Link
In lockdown now in BY. NT

Aug 26 2003 17:29, Tue adoncia   Link
everyone playing cards but robert, he's sulking in the hammock. NT

Aug 26 2003 17:35, Tue adoncia   Link
jee left the uno game, jun says "jeeee don't leave, i don't want to play without you"
it's like he gave her mcd's this morning and now she's in love with him again. she's being way too nice to jee today.

Aug 26 2003 18:22, Tue adoncia   Link
still on outdoor lockdown
jack n jee were complaining they were hungry. they started singing the star spangled banner, jee actually sings pretty good. then jun sang a bit in a country kinda way, she sounded alright too. they are bored cuz the lockdown's been so long.

Aug 26 2003 18:55, Tue candysnm   Link
Still on lockdown but the natives now have to pee. May not last. NT

Aug 26 2003 19:02, Tue candysnm   Link
End of lockdown NT

Aug 26 2003 19:20, Tue joannie   Link
Ali: "My cantaloupe bush is GROWING!" Erika: "Oh. My. God."
Everyone is marveling at Ali's cantaloupe tree.

Aug 26 2003 19:43, Tue MsB0808   Link
Robert and Ali talking in the hottub but I can't hear what they are saying. NT

Aug 26 2003 20:13, Tue bruhe   Link
jee and rat talk in hoh about what is missing and rearranged. they suspect ALL know whats going on with moving items NT

Aug 26 2003 20:25, Tue LINDY   Link
Robert is making a special sauce in the kitchen out of God knows what, Jee tasted it and yelped.. NT

Aug 26 2003 20:29, Tue MsB0808   Link
Erika is packing, her and Ali talking, not game talk, just chatting. Robert is still working on his soup and Jee is walking around looking at things.
Trying to see what else is gone.

Aug 26 2003 20:32, Tue LINDY   Link
Jee: No fishies. (Regarding plasma screen.) No mention of the missing Duckie. NT

Aug 26 2003 20:40, Tue joannie   Link
Jee and Jack working out in BY. Robert looking on, playing with his face like crazy NT

Aug 26 2003 20:41, Tue joannie   Link
BB started talking to Erika about her microphone, and...FOTH NT

Aug 26 2003 20:41, Tue LINDY   Link
Jee spotting Jack as he lifts weights. Jee's calves are sore. Jack finishes lifting..
Jun is jumping rope. Rob is digging, you know. Jee is lifting the weights 3 times. Jee lifts some more, huffin and puffin. FOTH.

Aug 26 2003 20:42, Tue joannie   Link
Erika continues to pack her suitcase. NT

Aug 26 2003 20:51, Tue LINDY   Link
Eri makes a PBJ as she curses Jee under her breath. Eri goes to BY tells Jun, I hate your EX! NT

Aug 26 2003 20:54, Tue LINDY   Link
Jee talking about what he is going to workout as he sits watching Jun actually work out. NT

Aug 26 2003 21:10, Tue Chef_Du_Jour   Link
The DT don't know the duck is missing NT

Aug 26 2003 21:26, Tue Dreamer   Link
Ali and Jun are working out in the LR NT

Aug 26 2003 22:25, Tue cutiecat   Link
Ali is asking Jee and Rob if she can vote to evict Jack because Jun is voting to evict Erika. Jee and Rob don't believe Jun and tell Ali it's a bad

Aug 26 2003 22:43, Tue BBWhat   Link
Alison, Rob and Jee in HOH room
Ali: I would never lie to you guys.

Jee: if somehow he stays, what then?

Ali: he's gonna stay isn't he?

Jee: what do you mean he's gonna stay? What if Erika stays.

Ali: Jun's voting Erika out.

Jee: I really don't trust her. We need to vote as a team.

Rob: the three of us will do it.

Jee: we're relying on you to do that.

Ali: I understand that. She's lied to me a 1000000 times.

Rob: let's all stick to this, we have to.

Jee: she's talking shyte behind your back. I do know where you're coming from...

Ali: I'm feeling pressure on my vote, and I don't want to vote that way.

Jee: we're gonna do this as a team. If you do it, it's your move, you're sending Rob and me a message. I think Jun is basically giving you lies. She jumped three times.

Rob: you've not voting for Jack to stay, it's for Erika to go.

Ali: it's stupid for me to vote for him stay.

Rob: Erikas told me a million times she wanted you to go.

They talk about how Jack approached Jee with a deal, which Ali is suspicious of.

Jee: if you vote that way...we're all going through stuff, my nicotine, Jun's period. You're probably hearing things from both sides. Think of who has been true to their alliance. Think about who's been honest to you, and who hasn't. When I said I kept you safe, I have. We're not worried about Jun. If Jack stays, he'd put us two up.

Ali: everybody would rather face me in the finals because they hate me.

Jee: who has played the game the best. Now it's about competitions. You'll have our votes over anyone elses. They take us out, you have our votes as well.

Rob: you're gonna get what you want next week.

Jee: if I had gone after the floaters, I could have easily put you and Jun up...They know how Rob's voting, and they're trying to sway you. It's not about calling you out, you make your own decision. I've done enough to prove to you that we're gonna stay loyal to you.

Ali: I'm gonna stay loyal to you guys too.

Jee: I could have taken Jack's deal, but I didn't take anything.

Ali: I don't want you guys to worry about this. I would not want you guys surprised if I change my mind tomorrow.

Jee: if you do that, it seems like you're going against me and Rob, it's not a threat. But you go with them, I don't know.

Ali: Jun has not approached me at all. I think she said she's gonna go after Erika. Jun really doesn't, if anything Jun wants to keep Jack, more than Erika. She says Erika whines, is sneaky. If she wants Jack to stay...I don't want to go up to her and start asking about Jack. And I don't want to go up to Jack.

Jee: I'm asking right now, which way are you voting.

Ali: Erika, I'm pretty sure. 90% sure that's what I'm voting.

Jee: if you make your decision, I take that as you're going against us. I had gave my word to you.

Rob: you're gonna mess up our vote.

Jee: in a twist, you're in harms way. I could have agreed with Jack and put you up there. Jun had Jack, and you'd be out of here. But we've always been honest with you.

Rob: our goal can only be accomplished if you go with it. You're in Justin's place.

Jee: tomorrow, you're saying you're with us, or against us. It'll be out in the open. I'm gonna take it personally.

Ali: don't worry.

Jee: I'd never threaten you, in the game sense...

Ali: my brain isn't even fk'n working right now.

Jee: we're being real with you, I've taken you out of harm's way.

Rob: since we're going to do it together...

Ali: I'll talk with you guys before I go to bed.

Aug 26 2003 22:48, Tue BBWhat   Link
Jee and Rob in HOH
Jee: they've talked to her, there's only so many people in this house.

Rob: she's gonna freak out.

Jee: she's gonna take their offer.

Rob: she's gonna f*ck me too.

Jee: I told her Jack wanted me to take her out...Rob, sometimes, you've got to put a little fear in them.

Rob: I said, "I'm gonna take it personal."

Jee: either way, she's already made her decision, I felt if. Why does she need to go to Jun?

Feed switches to Ali and girls outside

Ali: they told me my vote would be a statement. I am so f'kn mad right now. If I vote for you to stay, Rob said if he got HOH, he'd put me up.

Erika: I never went purposely in there to talk with them...

Ali: I'm fk'n pissed.

Erika: they threatened you?

Ali: Uh-huh, I told them not to worry. If I get HOH, I'm putting them up there and see how they like it. Don't tell Jack.

Erika: you'll eat tomorrow, so you'll be fine.

Jack comes out.

Aug 26 2003 22:50, Tue Dreamer   Link
Jee and Rob talking in the HOH . .convo ended at 9:14 BBT (*edited*)
Jee: Whatever happens it might seem that we are at a disadvantage unless Ali really does live up to our word and stay with us

Rob: We won't know that till eviction

Jee: Well if she doesn't and if we know and find out that Erika stays then you know what~ Ali don't even bother talking to us no more. Like straight up I know what you meant, don't even bother talking to us in this house no more, don't even bother cause we gave you a chance to be with us and we were going to watch your back and help you out. Which is somewhat true and somewhat bullsh*t. Either way if she f*cking turns on us like that you know she is making a statement that she is with the girls. Very simple you know what I'm saying? It will be out in the open that she's with the two other girls

Rob: Of course

Jee: You know what I'm saying? There is no way we are going to pull her back to our side. It's not about that anymore. Once we get to that point we know the deal it's 3 against 2. Maybe 3 against 1 after whoever leaves unless we get the veto. You know? If one of us does get the veto

Rob: It's still one of us out

Jee: It's still one of us out or we try to turn sh*t around in this house and talk to the right people. I just don't see it happening

Rob: I don't either

Jee: Because if Ali gets it she could turn on us and she gets Erika

Rob: Let me tell you why I know what will happen ~anyone of the 3 girls against you, you'll win. Anyone the 3 girls against me, I'll win. That's a fact.

Jee:That's why

Rob: So the truth is us two leaving is what they need, them 3 they are such as*holes that no one cares who wins 1st. I'll win against Ali, Jun and Erika. I will. You are like 5 times the power so you will kill all 3 of them. So it's gonna be me or you 1st or me or you 2nd ~that's it if they decide to do that

Jee: That's when veto comes into play. This is where you know whenever people or players in this game are at a disadvantage that is their escape route . .to get that veto. I fully understand that they are going to go after us that's just the way it is going to go down. But at this point of the game there is going to be no elimination for the veto. You know that. Look what, Justin was given a great chance with that veto and he almost pulled it out. The same goes for us

Rob: I know I know

Jee: You have to be extremely focused and go for that veto. There is no more elimination veto I can guarantee that from here. They're going to be frightened up the as* when they know I can compete for that veto because boy I'm going to make them sh*t in their pants. I'm going to f*cking go for it, all my f*cking heart, all the abilities I have in me it's all going to be all out there. No more hiding, no more whatever it is we are doing it's not about that anymore just going for it. Either we have got to win HOH or if we don't win HOH we have to win the veto. If not, your as* is out of here. That's just the way it's going to go down. I just can't leave like that without a fight. If I fight and put up a good fight and it doesn't work out then it's my time for me to go. But if I pull it out or you pull it out that means we were meant to stay another week

Rob: No but if one of us gets veto one of us is still gone so it doesn't mean sh*t

Jee: Very true

Rob: Next week it will just buy us one more week

Jee: Very true

Rob: This week is doesn't mean anything

Jee: Like I don't even think that talking to them will even help. If one of us gets the veto, like let's say you got it and you put Erika or Jun they aren't going to want to save me cause no way

Rob: Hell no

Jee:None of them is going to want to whether it's Erika who gets HOH, Jun HOH or Ali HOH it doesn't matter. They aren't going to buy it

Rob: Exactly

Jee: We're out if that happens

Rob: That's what I am saying just assume that we lose this HOH, we're out of here

Jee: One of us, but dude it's all about tomorrow kid. You can do it, it's all about tomorrow. That's it.

Aug 26 2003 22:50, Tue JessicaRabbit   Link
After leaving HOH Ali goes to backyard tells Erica Jee threatened her, and that she is PISSED! NT

Aug 26 2003 22:51, Tue JessicaRabbit   Link
Ali now power walking around BY fast, Erica and now Jack in HT. NT

Aug 26 2003 23:12, Tue joannie   Link
Ali stomps on a cockroach and screams! NT

Aug 26 2003 23:22, Tue BBWhat   Link
Is Jee still in the diary room? We need him back out, so he can hash things over with Rob, then Jun, again. NT

Aug 26 2003 23:24, Tue joannie   Link
Girls are in the BY alone. Erika to Jun: "Did she tell you what happened? They threatened her."
Ali: "I'm so f*cking p*ssed!"

Aug 26 2003 23:30, Tue joannie   Link
Erika to Ali: "I swear on my mother's life that I have your back." NT

Aug 26 2003 23:31, Tue joannie   Link
Erika: "They're afraid of the female power, and they SHOULD be!" NT

Aug 26 2003 23:35, Tue joannie   Link
Ali: "And, Jun, by the way, the dead giveaway was that they told me they were going after you next and then Jack."
What do they think, I have tits, so I'm stupid?"

Jun: "F*cking homos."

Aug 26 2003 23:40, Tue BBWhat   Link
Girls talking outside
Erika to Jun: they threatened her...That was their plan anyway. I want to go up there and go off on your ex-boyfriend.

Ali: I haven't this mad since Dana's been in this house. Tomorrows gonna be fk'n ugly.

Jun: Rob already assumes I gonna do what he says.

Erika: it's gonna be the three of us up for HOH.

Ali: they haven't talked with me much...

Erika: of course they're gonna be freaking out and threatening you. I want to go off.

Ali: can you wait until...Tomorrow all targets are on me (from Stooges)

Erika: we have your back...he put me on the block twice, you think I like your ex?

Ali: he acted like he did me a favor because he didn't use the veto this week.

Erika: f*ck him, Ali.

Jee comes out. Leaves.

Jun: they told Dana they saved her ass. They are doing the same thing with you.

Erika: we already heard their fk'n plan in the hot tub, the girls were next, I want to go in there and go off.

Ali: they told me as soon as it's the three of us, we battle each other...I'm gonna do that no? They are so dumb. I said to Jee, why would I vote for Jack, if he said to use the veto?

Erika: come on now, girl.

Ali: you two swear on your mothers' graves...

Erika: I have your back.

Jun: they're so fk'n gay. So stupid.

Ali: oh, and they have no idea about the rubber duck. Everything else, yes.

Jun: what kind of questions can they give?

Erika: what confuses me is what shyte was put back.

Jun: last year...we notice this shyte so fast. I'm keeping everything in mind.

Ali working out loudly in background.

Jun: she's pissed.

Erika: they're afraid of the female power, and they should be.

Jun: it's funny they don't come to me. I'm a lost cause because I've turned on them once. Rob's like, just do me this one favour. Ok. He's made deals without me.

Erika: and called you out.

Ali: we have to fight for HOH tomorrow. I want you guys to get it. I predict one of us will get it. I'm so pissed right now, it's not even funny.

Erika: who do they think they are? It's my vote, and I can do what I want with it.

Ali: they told me, if Rob gets it, they'll put me up. If I get to finals, I wouldn't get my vote. I know everyone in this house hates me. The dead giveaway was that they said they'd go after you first before Jack, and they'd protect me. Because I have tits, I must be stupid.

Jun: they expect you to believe that?

Ali: they really think you guys haven't notices that shyt's missing. Jee think you will, but Rob thinks no-way.

Erika: those fk'n losers.

Ali: I'm so mad I want to cry. I might go racial in her, go after both Cubans.

Erika: that was the dumbest thing they could have done. Why couldn't they have compromised with you? Are they that afaid of us?

Jun: fk'n homos.

Erika: they are so terrified they are just grasping at straws.

Jun: they pissed of miss Alison.

Ali: you want to bring it, I'll fk'n tear you apart by a blonde girl. I don't even know which one I'm more mad at.

Jun: we have to get Jee out because he will win competition. We have to get that motherfk'r out of here.

Ali: it was so ghetto in there.

Ali: I don't think we should keep fighting at the end. Be a team. Or do you want to fight it out?

Erika: as long as the three of us know we have our backs...Next ceremony, forget about all the bs about respect.

Ali: just know I'll be fired up. Please don't screw me.

Jun: don't even worry.

Ali: that's the difference, we don't screw each other.

Ali thinks Jack is surveilling them.

Erika: have they told Jack about the missing objects?

Jun: by now everyone has to.

They think the boys might have told Jack. Jun goes in house.

Erika: it makes me so angry, motherfk'rs.

BB: this is a lock-down.

Aug 26 2003 23:41, Tue joannie   Link
BB: "Houseguests, this is a lockdown. Please go to the backyard."
Ali: "Why can't you just take our sh*t one time!!"

Aug 26 2003 23:46, Tue joannie   Link
"Houseguests, the lockdown is over." NT

Aug 26 2003 23:47, Tue BBWhat   Link
Jack: there aren't any damn fish on the plasma, not one? NT

Aug 26 2003 23:48, Tue joannie   Link
Jack notices that the fishes are gone from the plasma screen. NT

Aug 26 2003 23:50, Tue joannie   Link
Jee is brushing his teeth. Jun is giving Jack a manicure. NT

Aug 26 2003 23:53, Tue joannie   Link
Jee, in between brushes: "I hate this live voting sh*t." Brush brush brush NT

Aug 26 2003 23:56, Tue joannie   Link
Ali to Erika: "Erika, I don't want HER in the finals." Erika: "We'll work it out." NT

Aug 26 2003 23:58, Tue joannie   Link
Ali: "So, I'm going to go and tell them tonight that I'm voting you out. NT

Aug 27 2003 00:00, Wed joannie   Link
Ali: "The only thing I really regret is not giving Nathan a sympathy vote."
Erika: "I kind of wish Nathan would have stayed over Jack"

Aug 27 2003 00:03, Wed joannie   Link
Ali and Erika agree to get Jee out next. NT

Aug 27 2003 00:12, Wed joannie   Link
Ali: "I trained to come in here. I ate peanut butter without bread for a whole week just to prepare myself." NT

Aug 27 2003 00:18, Wed joannie   Link
Now Ali is crying. "I just can't stand greedy people. And that's how everyone in here is. Especially Robert." NT

Aug 27 2003 00:20, Wed joannie   Link
Ali says the first thing Robert said to her was to ask her what kind of car her dad drove.
Erika: "That's how he is. Very materialistic."

Aug 27 2003 00:22, Wed BBWhat   Link
Erika and Ali talk outside
Ali: they said they're going after Jack next week. I said why not this week? Because they want to go after me.

Erika: you should say you gave Justin your word you'd vote Jack out.

Ali: I did give it to him, but I didn't tell them.

Erika: they can't expect you to want to...

Ali: they think since Justin was my ex I should trust them.

Erika: how do they expect you to trust them when they are going to go after the girls next?

Ali: I don't want her in the finals Erika (Jun?). I'm not against them because I'm not going against you this week. If I win HOH, *then* I'm against them...Robert keeps coming up with the example of Dana...

Talking about the cage comp.

Erika: what assh*les.

Ali: and I'll explain that to them, after you stay. And I'm gonna tell them now that they're out. Tomorrow I'll be laughing.

Erika: it's like, they think you owe them something.

Ali: if anything, they owe me the week I was HOH and didn't put them up. In this game, I don't regret a god-damn thing. And I'm not gonna regret taking Jack out this week. The only thing I regret is not giving Nathan a sympthy vote.

Erika: a part of me wanted Nate to stay. He was never gonna come after us. But they were not gonna leave them there.

Ali: Justin wanted him to stay. Robert and Jee wanted him gone. Justin's gone because of them.

Erika: It all became clear to me when we saw them all in the pool. The way they were talking to each other. My hair stood up. It was right before the HOH competition. We'll show them, fk'rs.

Ali: can we make a deal? Not put each other up until the very end, when we have to?

Erika: sure thing, baby-doll.

Ali: I'm not worried about this week...the following week, because it will be 2:1. In that aspect, I don't want HOH this week. It doesn't really matter.

Erika: either me and you, Jun and me, you and Jun against Robert. I have complete faith in the two of you.

Ali: I don't want to be a sitting duck.

Erika: I was the sitting duck this week. If you vote to keep Jack in the house, you're out-numbered, 3:2.

Ali: we'll win this week, I'm worried about the next week. So we have to get Jee out now. We can get Rob out by driving him nuts so he volunteerly leaves. We'll ignore him.

Erika: I think we'll be okay against Robert.

Ali: but they might let HOH compete again.

If Rob wins, they make a deal to save each other with the veto, over Jun.

Erika: we'll do okay. Did they think I'd really send Jack to talk with them? ...I'm not making deals, why would I?

Ali: they must be retarded to think I wouldn't keep you. They might come after me now, but it's 3:1, motherfk'r.

Erika: they want to put you in a precarious situation, why would they think you'd do that?

Ali: they think you're athletic and a threat.

They think the boys might be watching them.

Erika: say we're talking about your family, whatever.

Ali: I don't have to talk to them, whatever, I'm not on their team.

Erika: it angers me that they put you in a position that makes no sense.

Ali: it makes me the maddest that they think I'm naive. To vote the way they want me to vote, I don't think so. Jack's after me...

Erika: ya, they didn't protect Justin.

Ali: I almost stayed in the cage with you, to make sure of the outcome. I would have felt bad for Justin.

Erika: I wouldn't have mind if you put up Justin and Robert, and asked for Robert to go.

Ali: Jee's proving himself though, more than I ever imagined. We should have gotten him out the first week. That's bullshyt!

Erika: little skinny...

Ali: the last thing I wanted to do in this game is lie, but I had to do that to them. But they won't get off my case, and they keep threatening. It's ridiculous. There is no doubt in my mind that I need you here. Jack does nothing for me.

Erika: I know.

Ali: and if Jun f*cks me over tomorrow, I know who to go after...

Erika: she wants Jee to go.

Ali: you think Rob will try and form an alliance with you in Final Four?

Erika: he did when I was HOH, all of a sudden.

Ali: they didn't just threaten me for next week, but the whole game. I trained myself for this. Don't ever threaten me off. Little bastards.

Ali possibly calls Rob and Jee, Hitler 1 and Hitler 2. Or said she'd go Hitler 1, then Hitler 2, on them. Hard to hear.

Erika: I hope everyone who see's how full of shyt he is.

Ali: if he comes up to me in a bar, I'd kick him so hard in the nuts that he'd fall down. How do they come up with these people?

Erika: I've made mistakes in my life Ali, and he was one of them.

Ali: Justin was not one of mine.

Erika: he was a good kid. He had a good head on his shoulders. But, like, couldn't he have thrown some competitions?

Ali: he's so cute.

Erika: I'd much rather have seen Robert go.

Ali: it wasn't like I had anything with him (Justin).

Erika: even if you had a deal with him not to put each other, that's fine, that's fine Ali.

Ali: out of the people here, he more deserved to stay here. I don't know how well off Jun is. She's so greedy about things. My father is a lawyer, but in a small town and that means jack shyt. Jun's said things in the house that make me so aggravated. My b/f comes from a family with no money. They live in a ghetto with all these black people. When they called me to be on this show, it made me feel so bad, people like her (boyfriend's mother) deserve it.

Ali starts crying.

Ali: I never thought that I didn't have everything in the world until I came here. These people make me feel like crap. I feel proud about my family.

Ali Slams Dana.

Ali: I feel that's how these people are. Like Robert. I hate that kid.

Erika: you'll never see him again in your life. Three weeks and you're clear. You're smart and you're beautiful. You're going places, you have the ability to change the world.

Ali: these people just make me sick.

Erika: I know.

Ali: Robert's first question to me was what kind of car your dad drives. Like, ask me my middle name.

Erika: That's what he's like. He's been around money his whole life. That's how he is. I don't know how we wound up together.

Ali: opposites attract...I'm not afraid of them, I'm not changing my mind. They could offer me $10,000 in the diary room, and I won't. They're coming after me, big deal? You come after me, you see what happens.

Erika: I don't understand why they couldn't accept me being here one more week?

Ali: because of their alliance with Jack-off.

Erika: you okay?

Ali: I'm fine.

Erika: Like Justin said, you're gonna go far. I'm going to dry my hair.

Ali: my shoes are falling apart.

Aug 27 2003 00:25, Wed joannie   Link
The girls go inside. Erika begins the ritual of drying her hair.
Ali is going to take a bath.

Aug 27 2003 00:56, Wed BBWhat   Link
Jun to Ali: don't call me "that Chinese girl" anymore. NT