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Aug 27 2003 01:35, Wed adoncia   Link
jee n robert in the hoh badmouthing jun
saying she's immature and that she is so conceited. robert says "she couldn't even WALK next to the girls I know"

**ed's note, no self respecting girl would walk next to YOU ratbert**

Aug 27 2003 01:43, Wed BBWhat   Link
Stooges in HOH room
Jee: they don't deserve it. I'm just going to wait then get the hell out of here. I'm not going to give up. Even if you don't win HOH, don't stress shyt.

Rob: I won't.

Jee: even if you don't win it, I won't stress. Whatever happens, happens. If I don't win the money, I wish the best for you. If you win the money, it goes to your family.

Rob: we're two weeks away, win it, or we're out of here. Julie said, the half-way point was Dana. By my calculations, it's two more weeks...So this game is right on time. It's not three weeks, it's not September 17th.

Jee: I'm just waiting for it to happen now.

Rob: we can work out for two weeks.

Jee: I want to see my girl, my family, I know it sounds cheesy. I've been honest with everyone from the beginning, I can't help how I feel, I'm not less of a man. Tomorrow will be a better day. It's more like, I'm sick of these people, rather than homesick. Sick of the game.

Rob: I felt the same fk'n way.

Jee: sick of this shyt.

Rob: I'd rather be here thinking about familiy and friends than...

Jee: it helps to talk to Jack because he doesn't talk about the game all of the time. The girls are all about judgement and negative shyt. That's why I don't feel like talking with them any more.

Rob: b*tiches.

Jee: not that far...Jack is a conniving man when it comes to the game, but I respect him too. Jun is so fk'n judgemental, Ali is so immature.

Rob: I went to Jun and told her to shut up, she keeps ripping on you.

Jee: I've already had a fight with her once. I don't want to give her the satisfaction anymore. No need for that at all. She's worthless for me. My girl is waiting for me at home. Jun has her moments, but she preaches on how people should live their lives.

BB: tomorrow is the live show.

Jee: You're like the only thing that's fk'n meaningful to me in this house. When it comes to the game, Erika wants to be nice. When she's safe and cool then.... Either way, I just don't like the circle of people other than you.

Rob: Jee, I feel the same way, man.

Jee: it's only two weeks. If we make it two weeks...

Rob: if we make it two weeks, we're sitting on money. If I leave this week, you leave next week, or win it. We could have been sitting five weeks.

Jee: I really don't care if Ali don't come here to talk with us. She fk'n... Come on, you've got to expect the worst. She's gonna do what she wants to do. She isn't in here talking with us, that's a sign, that's her answer. I can't have fun with those people.

Rob: Jee, every time when Jun opens her mouth, it makes me sick.

Rob checks what's going on outside HOH window. Turns bedroom light off.

Jee: if she wants to put people down, whatever, I just don't care anymore. I don't like to deal with people who hate life. As much as she says she has a great life, she doesn't. She lives off criticising people. Just worry about your damn self. She can't let people enjoy the experience. I was thinking to myself at the beginning, I'd be upset if I left before her. Not anymore, let her have her experience. I have a nice life waiting for me. If things go wrong in the future...

Rob: we're stuck in here with a bunch of assh*les.

Jee: I won't even say that much. I'm not a quitter, I'm not going to walk out of this house. It's been a bad day. I'm not mad. I've learned to cope with this house. You help out. Another day passes and it's a little better. I just can't stand with some of these people.

Rob: I know, Jee.

Jee: if it was just you and me for three weeks, that would be better. I'm not knocking every single one of them, some of them are wonderful in their own way but I just can't take it. I'm just trying to survive.

Rob: in the big scheme of this thing, we've gone through the hardest parts. We're practically in September. We're almost there. But bro, we've done good. We've got to finish it off, two more weeks...then it would be me and you in the house. If not, it's all good. If you leave or I leave next, it's not much longer. We're lucky. Those guys are by themselves. Ali's by herself. Jun's by herself. Erika won't have Jack.

Jee: in NY, there's so many personalities out there. There's some people I just can't stand in life...rather I pity them. They take out everything on everyone else. It sucks that way. You don't have to put me down. You know what Jun, I'd like to feel anger, but she's a fk'n lost cause. I complement her all the time because she's an intelligent person. I'm not booksmart, but I'll continue to grow. Then Ali, she's a smart girl, but she has problems. She'll say things that boggles my mind. You're 23, went to law school, and are still acting like this? She's much in denial about her boyfriend. I'm expecting for Erika to stay. That's cool. You've got to congratulate them on a good stragetic maneover.

Rob: I could care less, I'm looking at this week to week. I'm looking forward to this.

Jee: I don't care either, man. At this point I don't's not about money for me. I want money to provide for my family, for them to be happy. If I won this money, it would give me a head start, if I don't, no big deal, I'd do what millions of other people do. That's cool. I just can't stand some of the people in this house. But I'm very happy you're gonna be here with me another week for sure.

Rob: I feel the same way.

Jee: I don't have to talk with you about this game, we know our strategies, what we're going to do. You already know what's in my mind, I know what's on your mind. And I don't have to worry about you turning on me...We can talk about things outside the game.

Rob: we'll see what happens tomorrow.

Jee: we know what's going to happen. It doesn't even matter. If you tell her to go and talk with Jee, what's the point? I always know, the worse case scenarios come true in this game. Cool, I accept it, it's a game. At the same time, what goes around comes around. I can't see her winning this game. I can see Erika winning this game, Jun too. Ali, I just can't. If it does, I'll question life a little bit. But, things happen for a reason, that's the way I look at it. It'll bother me a bit if any of them win it.

Rob: It's going to be either one of them, or two of them and one of us. Jack deserves it.

Jee: but he will be gone tomorrow. Each week, before voting, I could predict it. The way Jun goes through her moves, I sympathize...

Rob: you're a good guy.

Jee: she just never seems to amaze me. She's so damn conceited in a way, so cocky.

Rob: every girl kills her, she's nothing beside any other girl. She's discusting.

Jee: she's telling me I need alot of growing up to do. Damn, I'm not the smartest motherf'kr but...

Rob: I'm older than you or Justin, but I can see you've got things going for you.

Jee: Justin is someone I can respect, he's a smart kid. When it comes to life... this is what has helped me through the week, talking to you. If Justin was here, we'd be kicking with him too. This is a game, and I'm hoping for it to end.

Rob: you're not saying this at the middle, it's the end of the game.

Jee: it really got to me today.

Rob: everybody.

Jee: what surprises me more is that everybody in this house thinks they are better than everyone in the world. If I see someone poorer than me, I don't think I'm better. I see how hard they work. That's why Jun and I never clicked. You alreay know we were never meant for each other.

Rob: what's good about this, you are really going to appreciate everyone around you. Your relationship with your girl is going to be better, you're going to be like, I'm grateful to have this.

Jee: that's the experience I'm going to take out of this. I had that at the beginning too.

Rob: I'm like you, I appreciate everybody. These fk'n people, they just want attention.

Jee: I'm not here for a fan club, or fk'n attention, or air time or TV, I'm not here for that. I came for the experience, to go for the money. Whatever happens, I appreciate meeting you and Justin. It happened twice actually, first when my Dad died, I learned to appreciate everybody. Life throws all these turns in front of you...every day there are people out there with a lot worse. Be grateful for what you have.

Rob: that's right Jee.

Jee: you could be out on the streets. It's going to be so sweet to see your beautiful daughter. I'm going to be able to see my girl. When I see her next week, it's going to be the sweetest feeling in the world. To be able to go out of the house and see whatever I want. I can't wait for that shyt. What they have...she's so damn superficial. She says she goes out with her friends because they are good-looking, that's what she's about.

Rob: I'm going to brush my teeth again.

Jee: have a good night.

Aug 27 2003 07:03, Wed nojobny   Link
All HG are still asleep. NT

Aug 27 2003 08:56, Wed CoffeeGal   Link
All HGS Still beauty Sleeping....... NT

Aug 27 2003 10:12, Wed Dreamer   Link
Jack out of bed ~ using the WC NT

Aug 27 2003 10:37, Wed MsB0808   Link
Jack back to bed. All others still asleep. NT

Aug 27 2003 11:25, Wed Anonymous   Link
jack, erika, jun up...
jack tells erika story of this a.m. when he went to the wc he surprised a couple of the bb staff and sent them running into the front or back yard (wasnt sure)

Aug 27 2003 11:34, Wed Anonymous   Link
ratbert awake not also...
jack making coffee etc. in kitchen - chit chat w/ erika. jun sitting on couches in living room doing nails. bb tells rat to put on his mic. jack asks erika if he can "buy her breakfast". she says yes, she'd like that.

Aug 27 2003 11:36, Wed Lola   Link
Ja and Er talking about losing weight. Er says that why she doesn't work out, doesn't want to burn calories NT

Aug 27 2003 11:48, Wed Lola   Link
Er says "Ja you know you're in trouble when you start playing with your own mind" NT

Aug 27 2003 12:04, Wed Lola   Link
Ja saw 2 guys this morning
He said one of them was pulling the shade so he didn't get a good look at him.

He described them as "One was tall and the other wasn't so tall"

Er laughs and says "What do you say to people when they describe like that to you"

He chuckles and says "Uh, gee thanks"

Er ask what color hair they had

Ja explains he didn't see cause the guy was pulling the shade, saw him and ran but that one had dark hair and the other light and they were both in their 20's

Ali hears and she says she saw them too and that they ran away but later came back

Aug 27 2003 12:14, Wed Lola   Link
Ja Jun Er and Ali speculate
about the sequestering. Ja says they could be in separate locations.

Ali ask "so we won't see each other till the end?"

Jun says "Yeah they don't want us to see the DR stuff"
And Ja continues "and they don't want like Jus going and telling other stuff"

Jun adds "I think they're trying to cut down on the handler stuff"

Ja cuts in with "No TV no news, base ball"

Then they start talking sports

Aug 27 2003 12:17, Wed Katfsh   Link
Jee parading around in his HOH robe - went to get PBJ - said he won't get his McD's today NT

Aug 27 2003 12:21, Wed Grins   Link
The doorbell just rang! or possibly game show music. NT

Aug 27 2003 12:21, Wed Dreamer   Link
Door bell ringing!
Erika: The doorbell, come on in

Aug 27 2003 12:21, Wed Katfsh   Link
Door bell has rung a few times - Ali says "Come in" NT

Aug 27 2003 12:25, Wed Vaseflower2000   Link
jee in his room eating alone NT

Aug 27 2003 12:28, Wed Vaseflower2000   Link
ali,ju, and eri all in the bedroom doin various things. NT

Aug 27 2003 12:28, Wed Katfsh   Link
Girls in BR - Ali asks Jun: What are you going to wear today?
Jun: I was going to wear this dress, but I tried it on and I look like a f&&king Mexican fiesta girl

Aug 27 2003 12:33, Wed Katfsh   Link
Jun puts on pink dress she bought at shopping spree - found it has a defect NT

Aug 27 2003 13:03, Wed Katfsh   Link
Ali & stooges in HOH - Ali talks about saying goodbye to Donnie - he cried when she left to enter BB house NT

Aug 27 2003 13:04, Wed Katfsh   Link
Donnie told her: first thing I see that I don't like, I won't watch anymore NT

Aug 27 2003 13:06, Wed Katfsh ParentRootLink
Rob "supports" her - says you didn't do anything wrong in the house -
you didn't sleep with anybody or make out with anyone (ha!)

Aug 27 2003 13:08, Wed Katfsh   Link
LOL - Robert says he never says anything bad about anyone in the DR, maybe only about things they've done! NT

Aug 27 2003 13:09, Wed Katfsh   Link
Jee complaining about Jun again, that she's so judgmental NT

Aug 27 2003 13:11, Wed Katfsh   Link
Ali: I've lost a lot of focus this week. Jee: I really admire how you've handled yourself! NT

Aug 27 2003 13:36, Wed Katfsh   Link
Girls whispering in BR (can't get a lot of it) - saying they need to get of Jee first ...
Robert is the master and Jee is doing his dirty work.
Ali: But can he do his own dirty work?
He'll probably be really nervous if he gets nominated next week.
ERica: so, OK, it's a deal - Jee goes first, as much as I hate that - then Robert.

Aug 27 2003 13:37, Wed Katfsh   Link
Ali: Jee has shown a completely different side of him this week NT

Aug 27 2003 13:49, Wed Katfsh   Link
Guys hear noises from outside - tick-tock tick-tock - figure it's some kind of electronic game NT

Aug 27 2003 13:51, Wed Katfsh   Link
Jee: this house has kind of broken up into estrogen and ...
Jack: and I'm kind of in the middle, but that was my own doing

Aug 27 2003 14:03, Wed pixiegirl   Link
Foth NT

Aug 27 2003 14:12, Wed pixiegirl   Link
Back from foth HGsare sitting outside in BY, shades are pulled NT

Aug 27 2003 14:23, Wed Katfsh   Link
more FOTH after HG's see a big spider NT

Aug 27 2003 14:26, Wed nojobny   Link
Brief shot of BB elves moving stuff inside the house then FOTH NT

Aug 27 2003 14:32, Wed Debra_Kadabra   Link
About 20 minutes ago, outside, Ali talked like this HOH game had been used before
except they added the clock noise. She was very happy as she went up to Robert saying how good she was at the game. Robert said he was very good at it too.

Aug 27 2003 14:43, Wed Katfsh   Link
Back from FOTH again, HG's just sitting in BY doing nothing NT

Aug 27 2003 14:44, Wed Lola   Link
FOTH over, all HG on patio, Je & Er playing cards, Jun laying on lounge, others at table NT

Aug 27 2003 15:03, Wed Debra_Kadabra   Link
During this last FOTH they did practise HOH game. They are on lockdown outside NT

Aug 27 2003 15:11, Wed Debra_Kadabra   Link
Sounds like question game that Dana won. Pressing the buzzer, wrong answer and you are eliminated. NT

Aug 27 2003 15:15, Wed BBWhat   Link
Ali seems concerned that Erika is not going to try to get HOH this week. Ali want one of the two girls to get it this week, and for her to get it the
subsequent week, when there would just be one Stooge left.

Plans within plans...

Aug 27 2003 15:16, Wed Debra_Kadabra   Link
Disagreement between Jee and Rob
Didn't catch much of the conversation

Jee wants to try and get one of the girls on their side still. His plan being based on the girls mistrust of each other. Rob says no, he wants to go the way it is. He is convinced Ali will vote his way.

F3 They are now in their bedroom and Jee says let's do it. Robert says no, I don't want to do it you can do it if you want. I can't do it.
Jee doesn't want to make a unilateral decision.

Sorry I didn't catch the exact plan.

Aug 27 2003 15:36, Wed Spastic ParentRootLink
The plan was to lie to Allie and tell her....
That June came to them with an offer to align with the stooges if Allie was the next target... so don't trust her (June). This I assume is to plant doubts in Allie's mind that June might be voting to keep Jack in so she will feel the need to vote the same way thus getting Erika out like they want. Jee said he has no problem with telling lies to those "m'kers".

Aug 27 2003 15:22, Wed Debra_Kadabra   Link
Jee just aske Jun how things were going to go. He said " You don't have to tell me if you don't want to."
She replied "I don't want to. Robert is going to throw HOH"

Aug 27 2003 15:28, Wed Vaseflower2000   Link
ali is taking her shower and jee just left bathroom. NT

Aug 27 2003 15:42, Wed Vaseflower2000   Link
rob believe's eri will go. heard eri and ali saying their goodbyes. he is in for a shock. he thinks erica face showed
her genuine sad look. he says he knows her looks. jee wants him to deal one more time and he tells jee he will not do it. just leave it alone now. he does not want to look like dana making all these deals at the last moment.

Aug 27 2003 15:45, Wed Vaseflower2000   Link
ju is sleeping. ja and ali in kitchen and eri in hallway. NT

Aug 27 2003 15:52, Wed Debra_Kadabra ParentRootLink
Erika now in Storage room whistling the tune "I've got it made" LOL NT

Aug 27 2003 15:58, Wed Niki458   Link
Jack now taking a shower, Er is blow drying Ali's hair NT

Aug 27 2003 15:59, Wed Niki458   Link
Je and Rob are out on the patio, Jee eating yogurt NT

Aug 27 2003 16:02, Wed Vaseflower2000   Link
eri blow drying ali's hair. NT

Aug 27 2003 16:06, Wed Eykis   Link
Jee and R on patio..both still trying convince themselves that it's OK no matter
how the vote goes tonite. They both have "already kicked a##" in the game and are winners. (LOL!) You can tell by Robert's posture that he hasn't at all convinced himself

Aug 27 2003 16:10, Wed Vaseflower2000   Link
jee is outside playing cards,eri in bathroom and ali's hair is done. NT

Aug 27 2003 16:28, Wed Eykis   Link
Jee in the shower...trying to wash off some of that delusion no doubt NT

Aug 27 2003 16:30, Wed BBWhat   Link
All quiet on the BB front. No one is talking. NT

Aug 27 2003 16:31, Wed BBWhat   Link
Erika and Ali in bed trying to get some sleep. NT

Aug 27 2003 16:35, Wed Vaseflower2000   Link
we have front of the house. foth NT

Aug 27 2003 17:22, Wed Anonymous   Link
still FOTH NT

Aug 27 2003 17:52, Wed fitty_little_me   Link
Erika tells Jack that she needs to talk to him about something that happened.
She says it's more personal stuff then game stuff. She'll tell him later. He says okay. She says "I'll tell you as I'm walking out the door." Robert wanders in the LR and then small talk.

Note: I think it's all the bad things Ali and Jun having been saying about him. (he's creepy, etc.) It's a strategic move on her part for the final vote if she stays.

Aug 27 2003 17:55, Wed Vaseflower2000   Link
jee brushing his teeth again. NT

Aug 27 2003 18:09, Wed Vaseflower2000   Link
rob and jee playing cards. NT

Aug 27 2003 18:15, Wed Vaseflower2000   Link
rob and jee seating on the couch. ali putting on eye make-up,ja in bedroom. NT

Aug 27 2003 18:17, Wed Vaseflower2000   Link
ja,jee,and rob sitting on the couch. girls still fixing themselves. NT

Aug 27 2003 18:20, Wed BBWhat   Link
Girls in washroom
Ali: you think the guys are preparing for the worst?

Jun: the devil-woman is staying.

Ali starts yacking loud to throw off any eavesdroppers.

Talking about clothes, and a fly that's bothering them.

Ali: they're scared. You look pretty.

Aug 27 2003 18:22, Wed BBWhat   Link
The Stooges and Jack are sitting patiently on living room sofa. NT

Aug 27 2003 18:24, Wed BBWhat   Link
Girls talk in washroom.
Jun: he thinks he's staying.

Ali: you serious?

Erika: Ali...

Quiet whispering.

Ali: (very quiet) Jun, promise me....

Erika leaves.

Ali: I'm giving 110%, I don't trust her.

Rob enters washroom.

Rob: who's water is this?

Talking about what make-up to wear.

Ali talking nice with Rob.

Erika comes back.

The four of them looking for something lost on floor.

Aug 27 2003 18:32, Wed BBWhat   Link
Ali and Jun plotting in hallway
Ali is trying to get some sort of confirmation from Jun, about HOH and veto.

Aug 27 2003 18:35, Wed Vaseflower2000   Link
guys tell girls they look nice. NT

Aug 27 2003 18:35, Wed Anonymous   Link
Ali to Jun...
"Jack knows"

Aug 27 2003 18:38, Wed Grins   Link
At 5:29 BB time Jee, Jack & Robert on LR sofa. Jee is telling Jack that they should talk about things (more)
after tonight, etc. How each vote counts.

Jack told him that he thought he (Jee) would end up regretting not taking his suggestion to use PoV and put up Ali

Aug 27 2003 18:48, Wed Strange_Brewster   Link

Aug 27 2003 18:52, Wed Vaseflower2000   Link
we have front of the house. in a few mins. show begins. NT

Aug 27 2003 18:56, Wed Anonymous   Link
Allie whispers to Jun "I'm voting out Jack" , then tells shocked Jun she's just kidding NT

Aug 27 2003 19:32, Wed TheBigSista   Link
erika says to jack on his way out - jee threatened alison thats why she kept me

Aug 27 2003 19:47, Wed Timsterino   Link
Jun is the new HOH NT

Aug 27 2003 19:49, Wed Vaseflower2000   Link
car or truck outside front of house NT

Aug 27 2003 19:55, Wed pixiegirl   Link
Since Jun won HOH and now she gets to go home to NY City and is going to the MTV music awards at 8pm tomorow night

Aug 27 2003 20:05, Wed Lovebug   Link
Ali: This is making me nervous, why is she gone so long? NT

Aug 27 2003 20:07, Wed Tristin   Link
Was at FOTH and came back quickly to Ali saying "Is she not coming back? NT

Aug 27 2003 20:07, Wed Strange_Brewster   Link
HG now know Jun is not coming back NT

Aug 27 2003 20:08, Wed Tristin   Link
Jee trying to make up to Erika. Saying he wants to be upfront with her about stuff that went down this past week NT

Aug 27 2003 20:09, Wed Anonymous   Link
Jack out. Jun won HOH and left the house blindfolded and by limo for a trip to New York for MTV music awards on the 28th. HG's were not told.

Aug 27 2003 20:10, Wed Strange_Brewster   Link
Jee telling Ali she should have been honest with him NT

Aug 27 2003 20:11, Wed Strange_Brewster   Link
Ali telling Jee she felt threatened by Robert not really by him. NT

Aug 27 2003 20:14, Wed TheBigSista   Link
jee the toad - first told erika that he told ali that it was erika's idea to put her on the block...
then saying to ali that why did he lie to her and not tell her - she said that she felt threatened about what they said to her and was going to keep jack until they threatened her - jee is backtracking saying it wasnt a threat (yeah right) - jee trying to butter up girls looking to votes.

Aug 27 2003 20:17, Wed ktan   Link
Robert refuses to talk to Ali tonight. NT

Aug 27 2003 20:17, Wed Lovebug   Link
BB told them show was over, NOT Jun has left - someone just asked is she is still in the DR NT

Aug 27 2003 20:22, Wed BBWhat   Link
Ali and Erika talking about how they have to keep Rob. Because he's a weak competitor, I'd guess. NT

Aug 27 2003 20:27, Wed I_Should_Be_Working   Link
Erika: The next competition is FInd Jun! NT

Aug 27 2003 20:28, Wed Lovebug   Link
Er: The next comp is find Jun! NT

Aug 27 2003 20:28, Wed ktan   Link
Er: "The next competition is to find Jun." HGs still clueless about Jun's disappearance. NT

Aug 27 2003 20:29, Wed veronika   Link
Robert in BR - to himself, "Fothing B*tch!" NT

Aug 27 2003 20:29, Wed TheBigSista   Link
rat is sulking in the blue room - muttering fkn b'tch under his breath NT

Aug 27 2003 20:32, Wed veronika   Link
Jee now apologizing to erika and Ali for taking Veto
and inflicting PBJ on them.

Saying he did it because he felt Er and Jk would take the deal so he took it instead. It was strategic (blah blah) and not personal.

Aug 27 2003 20:34, Wed I_Should_Be_Working   Link
Allison: I read Julie's lips: Jun is gone for 15 minutes (!) NT

Aug 27 2003 20:35, Wed Lovebug   Link
Aili says she knew Jun was gone because she read Julie's lips, something about "being outside in 15 mins." NT

Aug 27 2003 20:35, Wed veronika   Link
Ali thinks she read Julie's lips....
and Julie said she (Jun) was going out for 15 minutes

Ali goes in Diary Room and sees Jun is gone.

Aug 27 2003 20:38, Wed Toots ParentRootLink
I think she said "Julie's script." Could be wrong but makes more sense. NT

Aug 27 2003 20:36, Wed BBWhat   Link
Jee talking with Erika and Ali in kitchen
Jee: it was a strategic move to win the veto last week. You guys have said this is a game. I don't want you guys to suffer. I thought you'd talk the (veto) deal, and that's why I did it. I did it for the team. Don't take anything personally. I'm not accept at you, and hope you're not accept at me.

Erika: I'm not Jee...

Jee: It was important for me to think of the game, too.

Erika: I wasn't upset with you. I kept losing weight, it was frustration for myself..

Jee: I was like, it's most likely I'd be going out. I have to look after... I do feel kinda like dishonourable, but I said to myself toughen up, enjoy my food.

Rob enters.

Rob: I think Jun is gone.

All agree.

Ali: there's something waiting for her out of the house. She said something about being outside for 15 minutes.

Erika: lucky her.

Jee: maybe not lucky.

Rob: 7:30 and it's dark.

Girls notice the diary room is opened up, and Jun is gone.

Guys alone in kitchen eating PBJ.

FOTH on all channels.

Aug 27 2003 20:36, Wed I_Should_Be_Working   Link
After requesting and getting into DR
Ali and Erika say "She's gone. Jun's gone."


Aug 27 2003 20:38, Wed I_Should_Be_Working   Link
Ali thinks HGs will be on PBJ because Jun accepted a trip out of the house NT

Aug 27 2003 20:39, Wed PsychoMike   Link
Alison thinks that Jun took a "deal" to get out of the house...
...and all of the houseguests are going to have to eat PB&J.

Aug 27 2003 20:47, Wed I_Should_Be_Working   Link
Jee to Rob: They're trying to break us up. Even now.
Relates to Rob that others have said that Rob thinks Jee is annoying. Rob wants to know who? Jee says y'know others, not now, but before

Lock down over they go outside

Rob: If anybody, I'll call 'em out right now, call the bitches out right now...
Jee: No uh
Rob: isn't that funny that they do that to you, not me, I've never ever said anything bad about you....It's not for one of us to win, it's for one of the f&ckin' whores to win..

Jee: Trying to tell Rob that it's not over. Rob could win consecutive contests. It's not over don't give it up.

Rob: These three bitches, though, Amanda, she deserved it, but these three...

Jee: Will, he was a going to be a doctor, he didn't need the money, but he played like a scumbag and he won. Jason, last year, he was a nice guy and he didn't win. It's a game, y'know

Rob: I'll get over it. It's three f*ckin' whores, evil bitches that are gonna win, and people like Justin get sent outta here. You won two HOH's and your gonne get blown outta here. You should win this thing.

I'm not gonna give a f**k any more. They bring in food, I'm gonna bring it out here.

The trashing continues...I just can't type anymore...

Aug 27 2003 20:47, Wed TheBigSista   Link
rat still sulking - i'm sick of these wh#res, b'tches, sl'ts (its about the limitation of his vocab) NT

Aug 27 2003 20:47, Wed SleeplessOnLI   Link
Erika to Ali: Dude, Jun's gone! It's just the four of us! NT

Aug 27 2003 20:49, Wed Anonymous   Link
Ali to Erika.......
"Robert hates me now!!" and Erika said "I know." Ali then said "Oh well, he's gonna have to live with me for two weeks. He better learn to like it!" Erika then says "He's just a baby...a dumb ass baby!"

Aug 27 2003 20:53, Wed Sharky   Link
Ro - "The game's not meant for us to win; it's for them . . . the fu**ing bitches. He goes on to
repeat over and over again how the fu**ing bitches always win it. He wants to go to the DR so he can "rip them apart".

Aug 27 2003 20:53, Wed TheBigSista   Link
erika has a new hat on and its actually much nicer that the awful pink one - rat is still whining!! NT

Aug 27 2003 20:54, Wed Sharky   Link
Ro - "I don't believe it. A fu**ing whore like June, a piece of sh*t like Ali and another piece of sh*t like Er . . . NT

Aug 27 2003 21:02, Wed ilsa   Link
Erika: 'Where the HELL is she?' 'Where's Jun?' *screaming* NT

Aug 27 2003 21:03, Wed PinkFireFly   Link
Jee to Robert....
"I knew we couldn't trust Ali from day one!"


(If he knew..why didn't he take Jack's advice and put her up on the block with the POV??)

Robert and Jee are on the back porch trashing the girls. Robert is still calling them f-ing whores.

Aug 27 2003 21:04, Wed ilsa   Link
Ali to Erika in LR: 'All Jee had to do was give Jack the golden ticket'. NT

Aug 27 2003 21:06, Wed ilsa   Link
Erika called to DR. All feeds on stooges in BY. NT

Aug 27 2003 21:19, Wed BBWhat   Link
Ali, Jee and Rob in kitchen
Ali thinks Jun took some sort of deal, maybe relating to food comp and PBJ.

Ali leaves.

Jee is looking forward to food comp.

Rob: they are trying to split us up, even right now.

Jee: they are saying you said things about me.

Rob: you know that's not true, Jee. Let's call them out right now.

BB: lockdown is over.

Guys go outside.

Rob: I never, never did anything like that. Call the b*tches out right now, I never said a bad word about you. I think you're cool, I like talking to you. Isn't funny how they do that to you, not me? They know better than to say that to me. Basically isn't not meant for us to win. It's meant for whores like that to win. One of us leaves this week, the other the next week.

Jee: it's not totally over for you. Basically I have no chance. You can still compete for HOH. And you can do it again, consequetively. Do it for me. It's for a reason. We've taken some experience out of this game, that we've met each other, don't give up.

Rob: these b*tches, Amanda deserved it.

Jee: it's no good to torture yourself. Will from BB2 didn't need the money, he was going to be a doctor. He played like a scumbag, but he won the money. Jason was a good player last year, but he was weak in some's a game, you know.

Rob: I'll get over it tonight. Cause these fk'n whores are going to win it. Evil people will win this. Guys like Justin get blown out of here, honest and a good competitor. It pisses me off, you should have one this game.

Jee: it's a game. You lose some, you win some in life...

Rob: I don't give a f*ck, I don't have to fake sh*t anymore. I like being around you, but I don't have to bullsh*t myself anymore. I hate that baby voice of Jun. She's going to the airport right now. Her face is nasty, I mean, come on, bro... at least we've been together through the whole game, we were supposed to be out first, second and third.

Jee: it's a great accomplishment. Seeing you the first time...and now we're here. Now I appreciate my loved one, my girl, my family, f*ck anyone else who says otherwise. That's my life, what I live for... I want to earn my shyt, I want to earn my money. It might take a little longer. My girl said, I don't care about that $500,000, if you want to go, you should do it... I will make it for my family.

Rob: I'm gonna let it all out in the diary, I'm gonna tear their fk'n heads off. I don't care. You, Justin, people like that deserve it. I hope they let me in right now. I'm gonna tear 'em up, bro. Every year, last year it was Lisa, a bartender, she's exactly like Erika! It's meant for evil whores to win, because they are fk'n sluts. Guys like you, of a family man like Jack, it isn't.

Jee: I'm gonna keep my eye on the real prize, to see my girl and my family. I don't want anything else other than that.

Rob: I commend you for handling it great. I'm sorry.

Jee: they won the competition, and are saying things... don't be so judgemental, making yourself to be a fool (in regards to Jun).

Rob: it's unbelievable, a shallow fk'n whore like Jun, a piece of shyt like Ali, a piece of shyt like Erika, they're not good people for society. Whatever, man.

Jee: I just can't see Jun winning the money, I go back home and it would bother me a bit. It would be great for her, I live my life, she lives hers. I felt bad about going on my word on eating PBJ. But Jun called me out about winning...

Rob: Jun tells me, you're safe. Up there...that fk'n pisses me off. I'm not like then, I'm going to get happy? Ali too. You're the first two b*tches I'm putting up.

Jee: I told Erika the reason I did eat is because everybody tells me this is a game, I want to enjoy this. They said, if you didn't take the veto, we'd all be eating... even when I lie to them, it's only about little petty things. I thought it was immature for her to call me out. So why did you say it out in front of everyone else. Things like that, come on? Shut up. I'm alright, but not looking forward to another week. Keep yourself focused.

Rob: I know, I know...

Jee: you gotta have your eye on the prize. You think Jun accepted a deal? I don't think she'd accept a deal to put us on PBJ. She doesn't want to be a target.

Rob: they need to do food competitions, there's nothing to do in this house. I don't think they'd do it two weeks in a row. I felt bad for Jack, he played a good game and got fk'd by three fk'n whores.

Jee: he didn't play that good a game. He won no competitions. I want to ask him myself, how many competitions did you throw. Did we underestimate him, overestimate him. I've never seen a 58 year old man in that good shape.

Rob: ...but then again, she had her mind made up last night.

Jee: she said, I tried to tell you guys...

Rob: fk'n b*tch.

Jee: I agree with you, I'd rather her be the first one to go.

Rob: god, we saved that piece of shyt another week. Justin was right, we shouldn't have trusted her.

Jee: I just can't wait to get back home, dude. Get back to my apartment, see my girl, get back to my normal life.


Jee: one of use is going to be last man standing in this house.

Rob: you need to win the veto.

Jee: tomorrow will be...28th?

Rob: that's awesome.

Jee: September is almost here. Once I leave, it's just a week and a half. I'll be sipping some margaritas. Having a Guinness, dreaming of my girl. Hopefully see Justin and chill out. At times like this I do want a cigarette, I crave it. But I can't have it. I'm being tested: no sex, no cigarettes, no contact with the outside world.

BB: Erika, please go to the diary room.

Jee: they're calling us in, one by one.

They talk about their recorded messages for Jack.

Jee: what the hell is Jun doing, that is the question. This saturday, we get a luxury prize or America's choice. I think we'll all get something. I kinda had a feeling Jun would win. Every fk'n person in this house gets it. The tough part of this comp was the way things were worded.

Rob: I was always buzzing in, but my button was off. I knew...

Jee: we knew it was 3:1. It's time for me to probably go out. Three months ago I never thought this would have happened. I'll continue working, go to school, get a career, have a family... you'll hear from me.

Rob: we'll be friends.

Jee: like I said to Ali, I'd rather you be honest. You told us you were with us from the beginning, that dissapointed me.

Rob: and what did she say?

Jee: she said, I tried telling you guys... this is a game Ali, that's not the way we wanted to go. It's a game, of course you could have gone your own way and we'd accept that. The way she did it was painful... no balls, no class.

Rob: f*ck no.

Jee: we're all opponents in this game eventually, but you could tell us how it's going to go down. Like you said, she's young, immature. They're attention-seeking. The words that come out of their mouth...


Jee: this house is gonna feel really empty, man, five of us. I can't really be hanging with them. I won't be starting convos with these people...I'll respond, I don't want to be anti-social.

Rob goes in to get a sweater, and comes back out.

Jee: I don't know,'s just two more weeks. They're saying it's a fun game. It's fun for you. I have no respect for Ali because of the way she did it. If I was outside, evaluating her a player... she's so disrespectful.

Rob: cause you know she's like that out theret too. I'm not going to Vegas man, I know Ali's going. We both have girls we want to get back to. Like I told you last night in your bed, it's going to happen.

Aug 27 2003 21:28, Wed BBWhat   Link
Jee and Rob outside
Jee: last night, I told you, they aligned. Like I told you, I don't really like to lie in this game.

Rob: it's like a nightmare. My ex is still in the game, your ex is HOH. If we eat this week, I'm working out like a motherf*cker. Lift weights, run.

Jee: they're going to do what they want to do. We'll try and win the veto. If we don't succeed, we leave. But I'm not gonna go out without a fight. Is Jun back?

Rob: I don't know. It's Erika screaming.

Jee: she's so fk'n happy.

BB: Alison, please go to the diary room.

Jee: Alison...that was a weasly move.

Talking about food and eating.

Jee: this is the one thing I can't stand about her. The one week she's on the block, she's the most unfriendly person in the world. Now she's safe, she want to talk to you. None of them are real. Don't come around and butter up when you're safe. I'm the same person everyweek. Have some respect for me, for yourself... I don't like fake people... They make me miserable, man, in this house.

Rob: I don't want to hear Jun's stories when she gets back.

Jee: I want to know the "expect the unexpected" shyt, give us the info, that's it. I just want this fk'n game to come to a fk'n end. Life is not about this game for me. It is what it really is, a game. It's annoying to put our lives on hold. I appreciate the chance to be on...

Erika comes out.

Erika: you guys okay?

Jee: I'm not bothered by any of this stuff. Like I said, it's a game, it's cool. It's not like I'm hurting inside because someone lied to me.

Rob: we'll get to eat soon.

Jee: I really enjoyed it the last time we ate.

Aug 27 2003 21:42, Wed Tristin   Link
BB: "Rob please go to the DR" Rob literally jumped out of his chair in the BY to go to DR NT

Aug 27 2003 21:43, Wed Tristin   Link
Erika wondering around the house..trying to stay occupied until the food gets there...
BB said food would arrive in a half an hour.

The camera is focusing in and out on different HG's photos on the memory wall.

Erika doing dishes to waste time

Ali laying down in the love room until food arrives (says her head is pounding)

Jee is playing Solitaire in the livingroom

Aug 27 2003 21:47, Wed Tristin   Link
Erika and Ali in the love room wondering where Jun is (again) Erika thinks she's outside watching them for an hour or so NT

Aug 27 2003 21:49, Wed BBWhat   Link
Ali and Erika
Ali: where do you think she is?

Erika: I don't know, dude. She's probably watching us. "Win the chance to watch the houseguests for an hour."

Aug 27 2003 21:52, Wed BBWhat   Link
Erika is unpacking. NT

Aug 27 2003 21:57, Wed nojobny   Link
Jee & Ali are in thier beds napping, Rob is eating something in the kitchen & Er putting her clothes away. 3 Minutes 'til food. NT

Aug 27 2003 22:04, Wed nojobny   Link
Jee & Rob are pacing like caged tigers in the BY, Ali & Er are eating Cheez-it to tide themselves over.(more)
until the food arrives.

Ali is starting to set the table, while outside, Rob declares that he's goingt eat outside

Jee: You are? Rob: Yeah, F** 'em. I don't care.

Aug 27 2003 22:06, Wed ktan   Link
Robert asks Jee if he wants to eat inside or outside. Jee says in the BY. Rob:"F**k 'em" But they eat inside anyway. NT

Aug 27 2003 22:06, Wed nojobny   Link
Food is here. Not sure what type of food Erika asked for. NT

Aug 27 2003 22:06, Wed Tristin ParentRootLink
Thai food I think NT

Aug 27 2003 22:07, Wed nojobny   Link
Looks like Thai food. NT

Aug 27 2003 22:11, Wed BBwannabe   Link
Ali, Je, Er, Ro all eating together. Awkward silence NT

Aug 27 2003 22:12, Wed nojobny   Link
The HG are wondering if they should save some for Jun, but Jee points out there really is only enough food for 4 people. NT

Aug 27 2003 22:13, Wed Anonymous   Link
HG wondering if they should save some food for Jun...
Ali says there is no way they (BB) haven't fed her already. They all agree that there is not enough food there to save some for her.

Aug 27 2003 22:14, Wed SleeplessOnLI   Link
F1: Jee; F2: Erika; F3: Ali ... all eating (No Rob airtime!) F4: EMPTY DINING ROOM TABLE! (F4: Not live, or F123?)

Aug 27 2003 22:22, Wed SleeplessOnLI ParentRootLink
Update from P/X ... if you click on F4 (not Quad Cam), you will see Rob eating. (I'll save my comments for the P/X, thank you!) NT

Aug 27 2003 22:15, Wed realityrita   Link
Alison/Jee/Rob really chowing down..Erica has already stopped eating.. NT

Aug 27 2003 22:17, Wed n2deep ParentRootLink
Erika is still eating NT

Aug 27 2003 22:19, Wed realityrita ParentRootLink
If one considers 3 she has left table & opening wine NT

Aug 27 2003 22:22, Wed Anonymous   Link
Ali: I wonder if Jun is getting any alcohol?...
Jee: She's probably having a blast
Ali: She's probably at a club or something!

Ali says she thinks that tomorrow they are going to tell them they are back on PB&J (she thinks Jun may have accepted a deal to get out of the house, she says it half sarcastically)

Aug 27 2003 22:23, Wed realityrita   Link
F2..Erica takes 4 more bites of chicken NT

Aug 27 2003 22:28, Wed realityrita   Link
Dinner over....Guys outside playing cards; NT

Aug 27 2003 22:33, Wed nojobny   Link
A BB first -Robert is completely motionless. He is in the BY w/Jee who is playing solitaire. He's sitting with his hands folded w/ a blank look. NT

Aug 27 2003 22:42, Wed nojobny   Link
The girls have just come out with beers and are headed for the spa. Rob & Jee just got up and went inside. NT

Aug 27 2003 22:44, Wed nojobny   Link
The boys, obviously avoiding Er & Ali are now on the couch sulking NT

Aug 27 2003 22:47, Wed SleeplessOnLI   Link
Finally, feeds switch to Ali & Erika in the HT NT

Aug 27 2003 22:47, Wed BBWhat   Link
Jee and Rob outside
Jee: it must mean something, you and I didn't apply for this shyt.

They were talking about how some people (Ali, Jun?) came in this house very prepared. They applied to get on the show, and knew what was needed.

Jee: I wanna get out, I don't want to be here.

Jee playing solitaire, Rob watching.

Jee: Rob, your brother is a doctor right? You have just one brother? And a sister?

Rob: she's in community college, she wants to start teaching.

Jee: good for her. Your parents must be proud of all your guys.

Rob explains that his mother is actually his step-mother. She's there for him, like a real mother. His real mom is in Vegas, and he's in touch with her too.

Rob: I'm goint apologize to Ali, f*ck. I was being a d*ck.

Jee: she could have just told us the truth, and not beat around the bushes.

Rob: when Jack was evicted, I wasn't surprised. I was like this.

Jee: I knew it was coming too, I even told Julie that.


Jee: i don't even want to be in there right now. It's whack, it sucks. I want to chill out with my beer for a little bit. I wonder what this surprise it's going to be?

Rob: it won't be any good.

Jee: I know it's only too weeks, and I'm gonna suck it up, but I feel like leaving.

Rob explains that they have the veto comp, still. Jee not happy living in the house.

Jee: it started out really bad, then got better. Then Justin left, and we got d*ck by Ali, but we thought it was going to happen anyway. Where are they? It's a bit off to take somebody away for three hours.

Rob: they did that before

Jee: but it was for luxury competitions... She'll probably walk in the front door. What the f*ck are you doing here? When I leave this game, I'm gonna go with my head held up high. Jack also said he came to terms with it too. I kinda respected the way he was in the house, the way he carried himself. We're the last two, bro. I shoulda veto'd him, or Erika, and taken out Ali, sleezebag. It'd be 2:2, then we got Jun in the middle. It would have been a little better in that sense.

Girls come out and go in hot tub.

Rob: last two guys in the house...

The guys go inside and sit on living room couch.

Jee: I won't let myself do that, I won't quit. But that's what I really want, get the f*ck out of here. I have to leave trying.

Rob: you will.

Jee: man, how things can change, so dramatically.

Rob: when Justin left, we tried to make an alliance. Justin kinda okay'd it. We went a whole week with this b*tch without knowing how she'd be. It was a smart decision to try and pick up another person, we just got fk'd.... I'm just gonna say I'm sorry for doing that. I'm gonna say I don't want to hear excuses. I'll say sorry for being a d*ck, or not.

Feeds leave Stooges.

Aug 27 2003 22:48, Wed nojobny   Link
Jee has just been called to the DR. NT

Aug 27 2003 22:49, Wed nojobny   Link
For the feedless -F1-3 are of Er & Ali in the hottub. F4 is stuck offline. It's still showing an empty table. NT

Aug 27 2003 22:54, Wed nojobny   Link
Ali & Er said they are still going to fight for POV & HOH because
they aren not sure what Jun is going to do and they dont want to be used as pawns up against the stooges.

Ali: After the this POV, there no more.
Er: How do you know?
Ali: Because Marcellas had the last POVand they were down to 5 HG

Aug 27 2003 22:56, Wed nojobny   Link
Ali & Er in the spa
Er: More wine my dear
Ali: why yes, thank you
Er: shall we toast?
Er: to the women of BB4
Ali: the Angels


Er: Wonder where jun is? and what she's doing?

Aug 27 2003 22:58, Wed FuggyBootnling   Link
Erica says to Ali sitting in HT "I believe we should make a the women of Big Brother 4!!"
And I took a drink with them to that!

Aug 27 2003 23:01, Wed nojobny   Link
Ali telling Er how adament Rob was that she vote out Erika
Ali: like when I suggested it, he would be like 'NO, that would ruin our plans! I want her out! She's the one who was plotting against you(Er against Ali)'

Er just shaking her head

Ali: and it wasn't Jee who said it, it was Robert

Er: yeah, Robert does all the lying for Jee.

Aug 27 2003 23:04, Wed BBWhat   Link
Erika and Alison in hot tub
Ali: you think you can be him next week for HOH?

Erika: you guys are right for taking Jee out first, you have to.

Ali: plans don't work here...

Erika: ...who performs better, it's Jee... I'm not worried about the veto either.

Even if Jun puts one of them up, they feel safe.

Ali: I don't think she would. But I don't want to be put up. So we're going to vye for the veto.

Ali thinks this is the last veto comp, comparing to this point last season. She's done her homework.

Erika: it's like, why's he pissed? You did the best thing for you.

Ali: it could be a big show for Jee.

Erika: I wouldn't put anything past that kid.

Ali: when asked about the picture, it's like, he didn't know? Come on. Everybody know's it's Amanada.

Talking about his expression when Jack was evicted.

Ali: he looked down and he was pissed.

Erika: he knew that they were going to put you in the position that you'd have to choose.

Noisy plane overhead.

Erika: like, Jack would take Jun, and they'd all gang up on you. I mean... Now they have no plans. Jee said something about... more wine?!

Ali: yes, madame.

Erika: shall we make a toast, to the women of BB4?

Ali: the angels. Erika, I'm so happy, and so sad at the same time, it's bittersweet.

Erika: we don't know where she is right now.

Ali: or what she'd doing... Jack seemed very surprised.

Erika: I let him know they were threatening you. I don't know if he understood what I was saying, I think he was a little shocked.

Ali: these next two HOH's...

Erika: we'll get them.

Ali: I want him out.

Erika: he has to stay, unfortunately.

Ali: until the next week.

Erika: he's got problems, we all do.

Ali: but his are serious.

Erika: I apologized, what can I do. I apologized for calling his work. A shytty thing to do. I didn't kill his children. I was a good girlfriend to him, I never cheated. Whatever... he was ignoring me this whole week, and now... he's got alot of nerve.

Ali: I'll probably never speak of him again when I leave... he said she's after you....

Erika: Robert's lying for Jee. He's like, Jun, just lie about the one thing. He was mad that Justin wouldn't lie. Even Justin told Jack.... I mean, Justin was a target from day one.

Ali: what did he do to make Jack want him out so bad?

Erika: I don't know. I wanted Robert out... Justin never lied, he was true to his alliance, he won competitions. I think it was because in the beginning, we were after the exes, and he was the strongest player.

Ali: that makes sense.

Erika: we had, like, tunnel vision.

Ali: at that point, I wasn't out of my shell yet. It took me two weeks to make a voice for myself in this house.

Erika: hell no....

Ali: I was just trying to get Dana back...

Erika: Look at Nathan. He already put himself in target view using the veto. Still at this point, it kills me about that. He's so sweet. I said, I don't want you to put yourself... I adore that kid... Obviously you're still here, but he'd be a target anyway.

Ali: Justin wasn't mad that Nathan used the veto, he was kind of glad... he didn't think Nathan wasn't that smart.

Erika: he was really hard on himself, rather than opening up and competing.

Ali: then, I didn't know that you had my back. I never trusted Jack.

Erika: I knew that would be a wedge between us, Jack.

More prattle of the victors....

Aug 27 2003 23:08, Wed SleeplessOnLI   Link
Ali ... very out loud ... Where in the he!! is Jun?!? Jee comes out with a BB menu for the girls to fill out. NT

Aug 27 2003 23:09, Wed SleeplessOnLI ParentRootLink
Jun missing from this "list"! NT

Aug 27 2003 23:10, Wed ktan   Link
Jee comes out to HT with a clipboard
Tells girls (who were still wondering what happened to Jun) that they must each write three items they want for the food competition. Jee and Rob already wrote down their items. Jee says to make it something good they can all have. Jun is not listed.

Aug 27 2003 23:11, Wed nojobny   Link
Er, looking at the menu wishlist yells, "Where's Jun on this list?"
They each have to list 3 items they would like to have included in the items that will be stocked in the SR

Aug 27 2003 23:13, Wed ktan   Link
Inside lockdown called, HGs pull down shades. Eri thinks its outside lockdown and goes in HT until Jee tells her otherwise. NT

Aug 27 2003 23:16, Wed Dreamer   Link
Jee brings the list out to Ali and Erika . . .
Jee says that you write down 3 specific food items that they want to compete for tomorrow.
Jee wrote down shrimp, scallops and chicken. Rob wrote down turkey cold cuts, coke and turkey bacon.
Jee tells them once they are done to take it to the storage room and leave it there. He said it has to be done pretty quick. They have 15 minutes. He then tells them to take their time. (LOL) As he leaves he tells them to write down something good for the week.

Ali writes down what she wants and Erika questions her~ pepperoni?

Erika reads from the clip board~hg's food choices. She then asks Ali: Where is Jun on this list? (silence!)

Erika: I'm scared. Are you sure you just want bread pudding pepperoni and honey? .That's what you are going to live on?

Ali: Um hm

Erika: Alright I'm going to go for turkey burgers . . .Do I want fruit or do I want . .what do I want? I'm trying to think of staples.

Ali: Cheese, I don't know . .how about milk?

Erika: How about eggs

Ali: Will you take off my honey (couldn't understand her) Do ? or something

Erika: We have coke

Ali: Oh then we don't need any. What do you like to eat?

Erika: Turkey burgers, eggs, turkey sandwiches but there are turkey cold cuts here already. Okay so what else? Ice cream?

Aug 27 2003 23:23, Wed ktan   Link
On F2 there is a shot of a bell on the BB court. Staffers are outside as well before cutting back inside the LR. NT

Aug 27 2003 23:24, Wed ktan   Link
Now a MISSING poster with Jun's black/white photo appears on F2! Someone's hand re-adjusts it in the BY. NT

Aug 27 2003 23:24, Wed nojobny   Link
F2 shows a 'Missing Person' sign w/ Jun's pic on it NT

Aug 27 2003 23:25, Wed SleeplessOnLI   Link
E paranoid, suggesting that perhaps Jun is in a room and is/will be listening to them, strategizing. "She can't be alone for 3 hrs!" NT

Aug 27 2003 23:35, Wed SleeplessOnLI   Link
Missing this - All of a sudden Rob suggests that Erika & Ali dress themselves up! They jump at the chance ... for what? NT

Aug 27 2003 23:37, Wed SleeplessOnLI ParentRootLink
In the same convo, Jee saying, Great now I'm buzzed ... and who is going to make the coffee tomorrow? Rob has them getting ready for ScavHunt?

Aug 27 2003 23:48, Wed SleeplessOnLI ParentRootLink
Apparently, Rob peeked out the window and noticed a "comp" set up. Girls got nervous and prepared themselves to play ... whatever? NT

Aug 27 2003 23:40, Wed nojobny   Link
uh oh..
Rob just peeked outside and told the girls, it's awwwn.

Rob: You guys better go change. Jee, you were right. It's on. There's something outside.

The girls head into the BR to change out of their swinsuits.

Ali: Great, and I'm buzzed. Jee: me too

Everyone is lamenting b/c they're buzzed (Except for Rob who's dry)

Rob: That's it! I figured it out. Its the Veto comp. The twist is the veto comes b4 nominations. Once they add a twist, it stays.

Eri; maybe it's a food comp, if we figure out where jun is.

Jee: maybe we just stop guessing

Er: maybe you're right. my head is starting to hurt

Aug 27 2003 23:44, Wed realityrita   Link
Everyone sitting on couch in LR and getting along nicely NT

Aug 27 2003 23:45, Wed nojobny   Link
All of the HG talking realize that none of them told Jack about the missing items. NT

Aug 27 2003 23:46, Wed nojobny   Link
Er: i didn't tell him b/c when you're up against someone, you don't know if they've got an alliance. NT

Aug 27 2003 23:48, Wed nojobny   Link
Jack & comp
Rob: Did jack throw the comps?
Er: he told me he didn't, but I dont know
Jee: if we got to the end, that would be the one thing I would ask him
Ali: yeah, but 20 minutes?!

Aug 27 2003 23:52, Wed BBWhat   Link
Jee tells Ali that he would have been okay if he told them she was voting Jack out. Jun was blunt to him, and he wished Ali was too. NT

Aug 27 2003 23:55, Wed SleeplessOnLI   Link
Week long challenge - 3? clues throughout the week. If all wrong, HoH is POV. 1st clue is "Big Apple" NT

Aug 28 2003 00:00, Thu SleeplessOnLI ParentRootLink
Erika read so quick under her breathe ...
I'm so lost, so this is so not set in stone!

Clues 2 and 3 are to come during food comp?

Comp ends 30 mins after the last clue.

GPOV is awarded to the first to name HoH in what city. But, think they have to name the exact spot (i.e. Radio City Music Hall).

Once they know it for sure, they have to go to the DR and reveal their answer. One guess. Fill out a card. Safe in DR box. Ring bell.

Once first card is submitted, everyone else has 30 mins. to submit.

Aug 27 2003 23:56, Wed madman   Link
Veto competition....clues to guess where Jun is. Only one guess per houseguest. Three clues. First one tonight. Next two tomorrow after food
competition. First houseguest to correctly guess where HOH is (could be city, land mark, event, building) wins Golden Veto.

Aug 28 2003 00:01, Thu madman ParentRootLink
also. Houseguests ring a bell on a pole in the backyard when they know the answer. They may only guess once. The answer will appear on the plasma
screen sometime Thursday evening (yeah live!from NY), and all guesses must take place before this.

Aug 27 2003 23:57, Wed madman   Link
Robert says, "She's not in the ***** Big Apple. She'll be back by tomorrow. It's somewhere locally." (wrong again) NT

Aug 28 2003 00:02, Thu nojobny   Link
The Veto comp begins
The Veto comp is to figure out where Jun is.

There is a 'big apple' in the yard representing clue # 1 (they've obviously know it's NY

There will be 3 clues in total as to her location (not just city, but location w/in). The HG will only get one guess as to her location.

Clues 2&3 may come anytime after tomorrow's food comp. They will have up to a 1/2 hour after the end of the food comp to guess if they haven't already.

They have to ring the bell in the yard and go to the DR to write down their guess. They can only guess once. If there's a tie, who ever rings the bell first wins the veto.

Aug 28 2003 00:04, Thu nojobny   Link
Ali: they can't fly her out there. How is she going to do

Jee: Uh, there's only two keys. Let me guess who she's going to nominate. Oh, yeah, big surprise -Erika & Alison

Aug 28 2003 00:05, Thu SleeplessOnLI   Link
Rob grilling Jee for NYC events ... wineries, Labor Day events, anything Jee, whatta got? NT

Aug 28 2003 00:07, Thu SleeplessOnLI   Link
Erika asking Ali: Anything specific happening, an event in NYC? Ali: "Football"?!? NT

Aug 28 2003 00:09, Thu BBWhat   Link
Rob and Jee outside
Rob: the next clue will give this away. What events are going on this week? I'm trying to think what's going on in L.A.? Give me what you think it is? New York?

Jee: it has to be New York. It could be a specific place, an event. But it would be an unfair advantage.

Rob: let's rule that out.

Jee: I don't know, dude. The first thing that came to mind, Big Apple. We have to wait for clue number two. I don't know what it could be, especially an apple. Any what city and what place? Like, the city and what event? What is this?

Rob: I think it has to do with New York. It's a five hour flight.

Jee: clue number two after the food comp, right?

Rob: how do we do this so it's fair? I don't want it be that both of us think of the answer at the same time, like flipping a coin. After the third clue, we don't talk about it. I want it to be as if it was us three at the end. The second one we help each other.

Jee: the only think I can think of...

Rob: there's not a Magic Mountain, nothing to do with apples around here (L.A.).

Aug 28 2003 00:12, Thu SleeplessOnLI   Link
Ali & Erika guessing CBS ... CBS ... D.Letterman...Ed Sullivan Theater (somewhere in between Ali guessed RCMH!) NT

Aug 28 2003 00:14, Thu nojobny   Link
The HG are having a hard time accepting the idea that BB would fly Jun to NYC, therefore
they're all trying to figure out what else this BIG APPLE represents.

Thinking of locations in NYC, somehow, Radio City Music Hall pops into Ali's head (if she only knew how right she is).

Ali: Dude, if there's a radio out there tomorrow....

Now, thinking that she might be on Letterman, they're struggling to remember the name of the Ed Sullivan Theater.

(Ed: this is just so painful to watch. Since i'm already here in NYC, I'll let you west coaster finish the posting. G'night)

Aug 28 2003 00:14, Thu Dreamer   Link
Erika reads the rules . . .1st part
HG's you have been told to expect the unexpected. Well tonight your HOH has disappeared and your mission is to figure out where they are. This is the veto competetion.

Whoever is the 1st to guess Jun's whereabouts will win the Golden POV. Don't shut out your guests now, please listen to all of the rules. This is the 1st of your true clues.

Ali: You will each receive only one guess during the entire comp. Clues two and three may come at anytime after tomorrow's food comp. This veto comp will end 30 minutes after the 3rd and final clue appears. To win the GPOV you must be the 1st to name where your HOH is and in what city.

Jee: Whaaaaaaaaaat?

Ali: Where may mean but is not limited to a specific place, (disneyland) monument or landmark(golden gate bridge), an event (the olympics), famous home (the white house), a specific well known geographical location (the alps). But no matter what the clues directly represent the answer BB is looking for.

Aug 28 2003 00:29, Thu Dreamer ParentRootLink
FOTH and then Rob is reading the rules . .
Rob: When you are ready to (?) your answer and remember you each get only one guess, you must ring the bell located in the basketball court. Once you ring the bell you will be called to the DR. In the DR you must fill out a card with your answer. After your third and final clue has been delivered everyone has 30 minutes to submit her or his guess. The answers will be kept safe in a box. If more than one person guesses correctly, the winner will be the person with the correct answer who rang the bell 1st. You may ring the bell anytime during the veto comp but you will not change your mind. Do not ring the bell unless you are ready to submit your answer. The correct answer and the winner's name will be revealed Thursday evening. You may begin guessing anytime starting now. But remember you only get one guess.

Aug 28 2003 00:23, Thu SleeplessOnLI   Link
Now calling themselves the "Fab Five" Rob slips and says, "We are the last two" ... the last two guys. NT

Aug 28 2003 00:27, Thu Grins   Link
HGs talking about internet fans...
Erika "The internet fans are bigger fans than the tv fans, they love the show"

Jee "They know us how we really are" [ed: better than you think we do Jee]

Erika " I tried a trial 7 day but though it was boring. Wondering if they were going to do something"

Aug 28 2003 00:28, Thu Speedster1   Link
They're talking about us (The Internet Fans)
Erica reveals that she was an internet fan of BB3 last year. She had a 7 day trial and watched BB3.

Aug 28 2003 00:29, Thu SleeplessOnLI   Link
Erika saying ... type in "Jee Chxx BB4" in a search engine ... and there you are, for all the world to see. NT

Aug 28 2003 00:55, Thu BBWhat   Link
The four talk about internet viewers
Erika: the internet fans are more into it than the TV fans.

Rob: I'd be board right now.

Jee: they hear everything

Erika: they see anything all day long, it's like a soap opera to them

Jee: that's kinda coocoo.


Rob: I still think it's boring.

Ali: they probably hate me

Jee: I'm not expecting anything, alot of fans.

Ali: Alison is a big fat slut

Erika: they're not bachelors.... everybody in this room will have fans

Jee: maybe because they can relate to us

Erika: they'll find something they relate to and latch onto us... You're going to be shocked at all you find. Type in your name into Google.

Ali: I did that after Survivor for Jenna, and there was tonnes of stuff.

Erika: you're going to be like, oh my god, there's people who's really into this show.

Jee: guys were almost like N'Sync in there...

Talking about the game.

Erika: I would have protected (Jack) to the end

Ali: David was an awesome guy. You think he's watching?

Jee: not the internet stuff for sure.

Rob: I can see him flipping through channels and going by us.

Erika: he thought this was rediculous. He's like a guy who fights for our country, he puts his life on the line.

Ali: he's so great for that.

Erika: I wish he could have made it to the sequester house

Ali: Dana f*cked ***** up. She's so undeserving of the sequestering money.

Jee: she'd say the same thing about you. It's between you two.

Ali: she thought Justin and I would try to rekindle. I told her from a week and a half I wouldn't do that. If you guys want to hook up, cool. I just don't want to walk in when you guys are making out.

Erika: I think it would be weird...

Jee: I'm not badmouthing Jun, but she had changed from the person I was with. She's evolved, that's cool. I have a girlfriend at home...

Ali: Justin and I just broke up two months ago. I told her, do whatever you do. She said, like, no. I have no problem putting you (Jee) and Robert up.

Jee: I think it's a bad idea to hook up in this house.

Rob: that's the stupidest thing you could ever do. You start doing stupid things.

Erika: and you have a target on your back.

Talking about Justin, Dana, Ali and the HOH noms of that period of the game.

Jee: I never want to be HOH ever again. I never had control in this game... I feel I'm going to be leaving soon.

Ali: (laughs) no, that sucks.

Jee: nothing personal to you, Erika, you proved alot to me in that cage.

Erika: I took it as a compliment.

Jee: and I'm going to have to take it the same way. I was just hoping to get far enough in the game...

Rob: there's alot of shyt in this game, it's not just winning competition. Justin was, like everything, he's too strong.

Erika: that's why we targeted him.

Jee: the strongest players never win in this game.

Rob: the absolute strongest and absolute weakest don't win

Erika: it's all perception though

Jee: it's how you protray yourself.

Erika: by winning all the competitions doesn't mean you're the strongest player, that's not how to win this game.

Rob: some thought Jun was the strongest because she was in the kitchen, talking to everybody.

Jee: you can't judge me as a strong player, I'm just a lucky player.

Ali: you're a strong player

Jee: bullshyt! haha.

Erika: I think everybody in this room is a strong player.

Rob: so Jack took it alright?

Jee: he said to me he's basically accepted it. He puts all the blame on himself. He thinks it's because of how he's played the game. That's the kind of player Jack is, very very respectable.

Rob: and a guy that age coming in here, that must have been very hard.

Talking about Jack, and whether he threw competitions. Jee is uncertain - over or underestimated him?

Erika: alot of second guessing. I just don't know. Things go through your head, why was this person talking to that person.

Rob: I don't believe it's over until you walk out that door.

Jee: you never know.

Rob: equally, anyone could be out this week, except Jun.

Jee: you think Jun is watching this?

Erika: that's what I thought?

Jee: that's too much like a diary room session. Basically she's a viewer then.

Ali: she has NOTHING to do with this right now.


Jee: I wonder who will be the first to ring that bell, and take the risky chance. Ring-a-ding-a-ding.

Erika: I wonder if they'll bring the stuff back. The rug and the...

Jee: I realize that all you guys are very sneaky.

Erika: you guys just came to that conclusion now?

Jee: I knew before, I saw you walking around like this... I saw that, many times. It's cool, though, it's cool.

Talking about the veto.

Jee: you made a bold move, girly girl.

Rob: in this game you shouldn't make anything.

Jee: it really wasn't about Jack, I think there was a deeper reason.

Ali: it was, he was coming after me, he wasn't talking to me... so why would I want him to stay, that would be foolish. Dumber than Marcellus last year.

Erika: ...not only because I benefitted from it.

Jee: I give you the benefit for making that move, I'd rather you have told us.

Rob: forget it Jee. I can understand.

Ali: Justin told me to get rid of Jack.

Jee: I guess he told us something differently.

Ali: he told us different stuff to benefit us differently.

Rob: we weren't going to make an alliance with us, ever.

Ali: I thought you were.

Rob: none of us would have.

Ali: and everybody thought Jun and Jack had an alliance, they talked every morning.

Jee: I just want this game to end, see how things turn out.

Erika: it's not going to go fast. We might as well enjoy each other's company.

Talking about Jee and his girlfriend.

Jee: it's pretty cool, Jun gets to get out of this house.

Talking about how Jun must have been blindfolded when she left.

Erika: CBS has a private jet.

Ali: she's still here, dude, she has to get back for the show. She can't just get one plane ticket, she'd need two.