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Aug 28 2003 01:11, Thu BBWhat   Link
Girls talking outside
Talking about first clue, big plastic apple.

Erika: big stem!

Ali: big leaf!

Erika: let's talk about this, you might be onto something. Think a little more abstactly. An apple a day keeps the doctor away, you're the apple of my eye. Ah, looks like a big friken apple to me. Washington appple? Looks like a big red delicious apple.

Ali: You're scaring me. Momma.

Erika: Washington DC, that would be throwing us off? She's in a different city, so she's not in L.A. She's got to be in Manhatten, or Vegas.

Ali: New York, New York.

Erika: Vegas is only 45 minutes (flight).

Ali goes to washroom.

Ali: Madison Square Gardens, Empire State building?

Erika: it wouldn't be World Trade...too touchy still

Ali: times square, what about Queens?

Erika: it's gotta be NYC, Manhatten is different than Queens. I've lived in NY for four years.

Ali: isn't there a major subway...

Erika: grand central station, radio city [ding ding!], that place where David Letterman has his show, it's a guy's name. Famous host of a show, black and white.

Ali: Parker? [Price is Right?!]

Erika: Radio city, 42nd street, broadway, central park, times square, MSG

Ali: isn't there a big clock, or something? Something really famous that all of us would know.

Erika: I think it's Radio City. Not on Letterman, but there.

Ali: if it's music, if it's a hall... if it's a park, it's central park.

Erika: we should make sure we have different guesses

Ali: as soon as the next lockdown is over, we're out here. Where do the Mets play?

Erika: Shea stadium, but I don't see why she'd be there. Daym!

Ali: Tell me about New York, New York, in Vegas.

Erika: it's a complete replica of NYC. The actual casino is called New York, New York. You go in and it looks like a New York sidewalk... it's a casino and hotel.

Ali: that would not surprise me.

Erika: we'll keep that as an optin.

Ali: if it's a slot machine when I walk out.... just say it's the NY, NY casino in Vegas.

Erika: Robert probably already knows this.

Ali: is this chalk I'm sitting in?

Erika: ... Jee or Robert, I don't care. They're both strong players.

Ali: we can do this, Erika. We can really do it.

Erika: I know. We'll be okay. I have faith in us... So so far we have a big apple. She could be at the statue of liberty.... she's gotta be at Radio City.

Ali: I'm tired. I'm about to wash up.

Erika: I'm relieved. Last week sucked.

Ali: I'm glad you're here.

Erika: thank you for hooking a girl up for the second time. I think the boys knew. It was your best move. Jack liked you, but thought you were a threat.

Ali: I'm not on both sides, now.

Erika: you landed! Thank you, you played a good game.

Ali: I don't want to go in there and waste it.

Aug 28 2003 01:17, Thu BBWhat   Link
Erika: Jun is in a hotel room somewhere, able to masturbate. Come on, we're humans.
Alison claims she's never masturbated.

Erika: it's such a stress reliever.

Ali: I guess I'm just satisfied bah mah man.

Aug 28 2003 01:18, Thu BBWhat   Link
Jack wrote a book about the JFK assassination. The movie didn't have alot of truth.
Erika details some of the entry/exit wound theory.

Aug 28 2003 01:21, Thu I_Should_Be_Working   Link
Erika and Ali outside alone with the Big Apple
Discuss possibilities in New York. Honing in on Radio City. Trying to remember Ed Sullivan's name (in spite of my yelling it at my monitor, they still can't come up with it...)

Ali goes in to pee, Rob comes out and asks Erica about the guy she's dating. Wants to know if she's actually dating him or if they had broken up. Erika tells him that they had taken a break for a while...uncomfortable pause. Rob tells her he'll tell her who he's dating when the show's over. She answers with silence. Ali comes back out. Rob goes back in.

Ali and Erika discuss New York New York, a casino in Las Vegas and think this might be a more logical choice, since it's a lot closer. Erika says that Rob went to UNLV and has probably already thought of this one. Ali says if she comes out in the morning and there's a slot machine out here, she's going to ring the bell immediately. They discuss getting out into the backyard as soon as lock downs are over.

Ali goes inside, Jee comes out and Erika and Jee sit at the outside table and compliment each other on surviving this long. Jee also says that Jun's strength in the game has really surprised him. VERY STRONG PLAYER they say in unison, complimenting their new HOH.

Allison comes back out. Erika points out that there's a big apple in the yard.

Ali: Is that what that sh*t is??

All discussing how great it is that Jun is now able to masterbate. Ali claims she has never masterbated.

Jee: You don't know what you're missing.

Ali: That's what my friends keep telling me!

Erika: It's a great stress reliever for me.

Jee: I'm well, y'know, a man.

Erika: Ya, it's really hard for a guy (??)

Jee and Erika discussing all that they've learned since coming into the house.

Erika: Yea. Always wondered about that Kennedy thing.

Ali: What are you talking about?

Erika: The whole magic bullet thing...

Ali: I don't know what you're talking about...

Erika explains in detail Jack's theory about Kennedy's assassination. (He wrote a book)

Alison is called to the Diary Room.

Rob comes out in the back yard. Discussing what they'd do with the money. Erika wants to make sure her mother can retire. As a single mother, she's had to work very hard.

Aug 28 2003 02:02, Thu BBWhat   Link
Ali lets it slip that if they play a prank on Jun about what happened in house when Jun was gone, Jun'd believe it if Ali went along with it. NT

Aug 28 2003 02:31, Thu Anonymous   Link
robert said he is going
to leave a pair of his underwear when he leaves the house with peanut butter smared in the ass for jun.

Aug 28 2003 05:26, Thu Strange_Brewster   Link
Sleeping zzzzzzzzz NT

Aug 28 2003 08:20, Thu anomious   Link
HG'S were just given a continential breakfast. NT

Aug 28 2003 08:53, Thu nojobny   Link
What do they think we cant cook b/c Jun is not here??
Er: Where's the kitchen?
Ali: I had the eggs and bacon out, I was going to cook.

Aug 28 2003 09:03, Thu frustratedposter   Link
Erika: the internet is probably wondering what the HGs are doing up...
tbe gerbils... the hamsters....

Aug 28 2003 09:05, Thu nojobny   Link
The HG are still in the BY b/c of lockdown. Eri is wandering around talking about
the internet viewers (woo hoo!)

Eri: I wonder what the internet viewers are thinking right now? 'What are they doing up so early?' The gerbils. That's what they call us.

(Ed: That and so many other things!)

Aug 28 2003 09:12, Thu n2deep   Link
Erika having a sneezing fit they ask if she took her Claritin she said she took it last night meanwhile she Ahchoos all over NT

Aug 28 2003 09:13, Thu frustratedposter   Link
ali: think they are taking our food?
Jee: you could be right. i don't hear it, but it could be gone already

they are chatting about the feeds

jee wondering if carmen is watching the feeds. says if she was on the show he'd be watching feeds

Jee: donnie's at football practice, right?
ali: yeah.. well now he's probably at class
jee: my girl is prob working or going to school. can't wait to see her
ali: i know, me neither

jee starts singing "no more food, no more food, we have no more no more food"

erika sneezes

rob is sitting in a hammock, looking worn out

erika sneezes again

jee: bless you. bless the hell outta you
er: sneeze the hell outta me

erika sneezes again. and again.

ali: geshuntheit woman!
ar: i'm having a sneezing attack
jee: did you take your claritin?
er: i take it at night

sneezes again. plane flying over now. jee looks up

erika sneezes again. "i think i'm having an attack"

and again

ali: does carmen go to school?
jee: yeah, she goes to LI univ. her major is journalism i think. or media. i believe her major is journalism.
ali: cool
jee: she wants to be an anchor
ali: oh really? has she ever tried?
jee: she's going to school
ali: hasn't tried as an intern or anything? how long does she have left?
jee: i think she has like two years left.

Aug 28 2003 09:18, Thu frustratedposter   Link
jee talking about living with carmen
and how it's only been 2 months officially, but she's been staying over his place for like a year now

says her parents are cool with it.

ali: you like her parents?
jee: yeah, her parents are great
ali: do your moms get along?
jee: yeah. my mom loves her, thinks she is great

talking about how the moms think they should get married already. jee wants to take his time. finish school first. has a semester and a half left

jee is assuming his gf of sister cancelled his classes for him. ali asks if he'll take school back up when he's home. he says he will. ali asks if he could grad by august. he says only if he can take summer classes. but he has specific classes he has to take for his major, so not sure he can get all the ones he needs at once.

jee says he doesn't want to take any more BS classes. just wants to take what he needs.

ali doesn't understand why college makes you take classes you don't need. jee says it's for diversity. his school offers classes on cultural diversity

ali thinks it's dumb to take things you don't need. is interested tho in cultural diversity clasees

the rest of the stuff ali thinks is just garbage, now saying physical classes are dumb. like cross country. who takes cross county classes?

Aug 28 2003 09:20, Thu frustratedposter   Link
jee/ali school talk continues
they now theorize that colleges make you take physical ed classes to bank more money

jee says he's also a media major. ali thinks he and carmen could do a tv show together.

jee is more interested in behind the scenes work

jee is double major: sociology and media

doesn't want to be a social worker

ali asks what his dream job is. he mentions Guidance Counseler. would be a good job. lot of perks.

no one else is talking

jee talking about real estate being really hot. ali says that it can take a while to be a teacher, if you're not an Ed major.

Aug 28 2003 09:23, Thu frustratedposter   Link
erika mentions OJ is fresh squeezed
jee and ali talking about travel now. jee wants to go to austrailia, or amsterdam. says he'd love to see greece. ali says greece is beautiful.

jee doesn't care where he goes as long as his girl goes with him

Aug 28 2003 09:26, Thu frustratedposter   Link
general chit chat going on while they wait
ali and jee chatting

rob and erika are talking about restaurants

Aug 28 2003 09:34, Thu frustratedposter   Link
HG complaining about the lockdown
rob has to go the the WC

they are saying there should be a WC outside, so they can be locked down all day if they need to be. not get the house wet when they are in the pool

rob telling erika not to take a nap. no naps today. we need to go to sleep by 11

Aug 28 2003 09:41, Thu frustratedposter   Link

Aug 28 2003 09:49, Thu frustratedposter   Link
feeds keep popping back on for a sec, then back to FOTH NT

Aug 28 2003 09:53, Thu Katfsh   Link
HG's talking about movies in BY NT

Aug 28 2003 09:57, Thu frustratedposter   Link
feeds back
general chit chat

movie talk

they wonder if they will have any time to get ready. jee wants to change and put gel on. he thinks he has morning hair

ali says it looks fine.

jee says he has a lot of grey, if you look. says his GF thinks it will look cute on him

erika asks when his dad went grey. jee says he didn't. him mom did. ali asks if it's usually from the dad side? erika says not the grey, then says she doesn't know

ali says her dad is all grey, used to have pitch black hair. says her mom has real dark hair too [she was blonde last nite tho, right?]

erika asks how ali got blonde. ali says her family is from scotland [huh? did that explain it to anyone else?]


Aug 28 2003 10:01, Thu nojobny   Link
FOTH Again.... NT

Aug 28 2003 10:01, Thu Katfsh   Link
FOTH again (except Cam4 shows empty LR) NT

Aug 28 2003 10:02, Thu Vaseflower2000   Link
we have foth plus one feed shows kitchen table. NT

Aug 28 2003 10:06, Thu Anonymous ParentRootLink
when viewing from the quad cam, F4 is stuck on pic of dining room table NT

Aug 28 2003 10:13, Thu frustratedposter   Link
Food Comp - rob in charge
takes them to the desert room

they chant "no more PBJ, no more PBJ"

rob says you guys are gonna love this

then FOTH!

Aug 28 2003 10:13, Thu nojobny   Link
End FOTH and food comp is about to start in the desert room NT

Aug 28 2003 10:13, Thu Anonymous   Link
food comp getting ready to start. robert takes over since jun gone. they all go toward the desert room chanting "no pb&j, no pb&j". then foth again NT

Aug 28 2003 10:14, Thu sqrl   Link
HG gather in LR - Rat tells them to go tto the Desert Room - we get a brief glance -
looks like its 3/4 full of plastic balls (like at McD's playland)

Aug 28 2003 10:15, Thu sqrl   Link
HGs not in Sand Box but can see a large ball pit inside (red & yellow Balls) NT

Aug 28 2003 10:15, Thu sqrl   Link
7 minutes to find as many "food balls" as possible NT

Aug 28 2003 10:16, Thu nojobny   Link
the desert room is filled waist high with red & yellow plastic balls making it a huge ball room! NT

Aug 28 2003 10:16, Thu sqrl   Link
**catch** food balls must be placed in tube in alphabetical order NT

Aug 28 2003 10:19, Thu nojobny ParentRootLink
Rob: Ali, if you find octopus, don't put it in! NT

Aug 28 2003 10:16, Thu Spiderprints   Link
They have 7 minutes to find the food balls and put them in a tube in alphabetical order. NT

Aug 28 2003 10:18, Thu Spiderprints ParentRootLink
After a brief FOTH, feeds came back and Ratbert reread the rules. It's only 5 minutes. NT

Aug 28 2003 10:17, Thu sqrl   Link
Now Rat says FIVE minutes (third time to read instructions) NT

Aug 28 2003 10:18, Thu Vaseflower2000   Link
comp-for food. must put balls in a tube-each ball has a food name on it
-must be put in tube in alphabetical order.

Aug 28 2003 10:18, Thu sqrl   Link
HGs do not have to select food balls of foods they don't want or like NT

Aug 28 2003 10:20, Thu frustratedposter   Link
Desert Room
filled with orange/yellow balls. looks like the play bin at a McDonalds

they get ready to go

"let's do it!" "tell us what to do"

rob: i need my mic, right?

FOTH music comes in. then FOTH

returns to Rob explaining that they have to climb in and have 7 minutes to climb in and find the balls with food items marked on them

the catch: balls must go in the tube in alphabetical order. they don't need all the food balls, only the ones they want to eat. so ali, if you find octopus, don't put it in. when time is up, only balls in alpha order will be given to them

rob: let's not mess this up

er: a to z baby

FOTH while (i assume) rob does it again

returns, to rob reading from the catch

rob: are you guys ready for this? they cheer

and back to FOTH

Aug 28 2003 10:22, Thu Vaseflower2000   Link
we have foth NT

Aug 28 2003 10:23, Thu sqrl   Link
HG's are holding balls in the shirts, calling out :"deli meat!", "Hot Dogs", "applesauce" NT

Aug 28 2003 10:25, Thu sqrl   Link
Fussing with each other - too many people talking - bad communication NT

Aug 28 2003 10:26, Thu sqrl   Link
Ali feeding balls into tubes and calling out the next letter needed NT

Aug 28 2003 10:31, Thu Vaseflower2000   Link
there are tons of orange colored balls. trying to get all of the balls they
pick into alphabetical order to go into the tube. starting to list off some of the foods they got to eat for the week. so far they are happy with their balls they got.

Aug 28 2003 10:33, Thu sqrl   Link
Cannot hear because Ali is cheering after every food item won is revealed NT

Aug 28 2003 10:34, Thu Tony99   Link
Robert started to read off the items they won, then after a brief FOTH he started again but the others are now cheering at every revealed item - LOL
BB must have instructed them to be more enthusiatic just like the Burger King comp !

Aug 28 2003 10:36, Thu frustratedposter   Link
rob: this is the food we got
almonds, applesauce, angel food cake, berries, bratwurst,


almonds, apple sauce (cheer) angel food out of order,

beries, bratwurst, brie , what is that?

cola, corn, cream, chips (out of order, not getting)


eggs substitute,

ground beef, guac,

halibut, half and half (ali: out of order), hot dogs,

italian suasage, iceberg lettuce, lasagna, lute fish,



refried beans, rigatoni, rice (out of order),

scampi, shrimp, sour cream


lots of cheers, and awwws, for the ones out of order
they say we have a lot of food

deli meat they have

they are now reviewing what they have. things they like and things they have no idea what it is

Aug 28 2003 10:38, Thu Tony99   Link
Good grief - BB is making them read out the items they won AGAIN !!!! NT

Aug 28 2003 10:43, Thu frustratedposter   Link
rob repeats their food collection
first we have almonds, second we have apple sauce, third out of order is angel food cake, b's we start with berries, and we also have bratwurst, the last b is brie, my favorite, cola, we also have corn, and we also have cream, and another out of order is chips, but this is very imp, we have deli meat, and we also have dips, i'm sure everyone loves this, the donuts, we also have the egg subst, this is very importants, we have the ground beef, and guac, the h's we start with the halibut, we also have half and half but it's out of order, but this this is, hot dogs, italian sausage, we have iceberg lettuce, out of order, we have lasagna, and we also have leut fish, what the hell is leut fish, in the m's we have mozzarella, in the n's we have nectarines, and the r's we have refried beans, we have rigatoni, we have rice which is out of order, in the s's we have salmon, we have scampi, and we have shrimp, we also have scallops, which are out of order, we have sour cream (and no chips) the last but not least tuna!

cheers for the things they get, boos for the things that are out of order. they agree they did good tho, it was hard to put things in the right order. realize they got few veggies. ground beef and deli meat is good. donuts for the mornings. cream, which they can water down.

ali: did anyone see a pepperoni ball or a rice pudding ball?

rob: that was fun right?


Aug 28 2003 10:43, Thu nojobny   Link
Rob is re-reading all the foods for a 3rd time b/c he was standing in front of the tubes b4. :( NT

Aug 28 2003 10:45, Thu Katfsh   Link
HGs now "swimming" and "diving" in room full of red and yellow balls NT

Aug 28 2003 10:45, Thu frustratedposter   Link
they are now looking thru at the things they did not get
most of them are buried up to their necks in the balls. they find lots of things they would have liked, but didn't get.

[overall, they seem happy with the food]

ali found the octopus

jee dives backwards in to the balls. erika goes for it too. ali is piling balls all over them. they are laughing and having a lot of fun. they are filling up areas to dive in to

ali does a twist dive into the balls. they are having more fun playing now than they did while looking for food. ali is swimming thru the balls.

Aug 28 2003 10:51, Thu nojobny   Link
Ali: BEER! Sh*t! NT

Aug 28 2003 10:53, Thu frustratedposter   Link
ali: chuckie cheese is my favorite
rob is stopping balls from rolling in to the hallway outside the sand box

there's a mirror reflecting them at some odd angle above them

now they are tossing balls at each other

rob has left them and is in the kitchn, with a bowl of something. the rest are still playing

ali: they kinda stink, the balls

rob still in kitchen, jee/ali/erika throwing balls at each other.

Aug 28 2003 11:13, Thu Katfsh   Link
HG's revealing that they could hear conversation people had in HT NT

Aug 28 2003 11:14, Thu Katfsh   Link
Although Rob had said that he wouldn't talk to any of the girls, he is chatting with them in a friendly manner NT

Aug 28 2003 11:17, Thu Katfsh   Link
All slamming Dana again - Ali said she was really mad at her for disrespecting Jack.
Erica: she's a mean spirited person

Aug 28 2003 11:19, Thu Vaseflower2000   Link
they seem to be having a lot of fun laughing and talking to each other outside. NT

Aug 28 2003 11:23, Thu Anonymous   Link
erika does a HILARIOUS (and very accurate) imitation of dana's walk & talk!! NT

Aug 28 2003 11:37, Thu Katfsh   Link
HG's came into house, looked around for another clue to Jun's whereabouts, but found nothing NT

Aug 28 2003 12:16, Thu Katfsh   Link
Rob & Jee saying they're getting along really well without Jun in the house.
Jee to BB: I'll go on PBJ for a week if you don't bring Jun back in the house.

Aug 28 2003 12:17, Thu fishinlady   Link
Idle time
HG's just chatting. Ali and Jee play cards for a while. Erica cleans microwave and patio. Robert speculates about time left and figures it's two weeks because Julie said that Dana's eviction was the halfway point and there is no way she could have said that to America without it being true. Erica says that their contract ran through Sept. 25th. Robert thinks that just means for appearances and stuff.

They then talk about America's Choice. Erica does not care if she wins the "internet thing" because it's kind of cheesy. Ali says she has no choice of winning.

They have to find Jun first. Ali says what if we just say **** it. Jee doesn't care if they vote his a** out this week. That's cool.

Robert wants his coke. They speculate about when their food will be delivered. Robert and Jee argue about if Robert can drink all the coke. Robert says that he never shared their beer. Jee points out that they didn't get booze this week so they will have to share the coke.

They talk about the time everybody got drunk on champagne.

Robert to the diary room.

Aug 28 2003 12:30, Thu fishinlady   Link
Jee gives the g irls advice for their cramps
Says to use Tiger Balm and rub it on the lower abdominal area. It helps his girlfriend.

Robert out of diary room.


Aug 28 2003 13:26, Thu Denise   Link
Nothing much has been going on at all since the food competition finished, just
general chit chat from everyone, currently in a lockdown (possibly clue #2 coming) HG's also were talking about being interviewed before BB started & BB asking questions about their exes, Ali said that it's possible a previous boyfriend applied & BB called Ali but didn't take the ex boyfriend.


Aug 28 2003 13:33, Thu BuzzardsCrotch   Link
They get their second clue in the BY- A video tape NT

Aug 28 2003 13:34, Thu Vaseflower2000   Link
erika is really studying the tape. NT

Aug 28 2003 13:36, Thu ktan   Link
...and the HGs still have no idea what the answer is. NT

Aug 28 2003 13:36, Thu missellie   Link
Robert say's I got it it's Apple tape and he laughs but then Jee is now agreeing NT

Aug 28 2003 13:36, Thu fishinlady   Link
Perplexed by second clue
Ali thinks that they will all have to wait until the third clue. Robert says it's Apple tape he's got it. Jee doesn't know. Erica ponders tape for the longest. They all sit on loungers contemplating the clues. No speculations outloud or teamwork going on right now.

Aug 28 2003 13:39, Thu SleeplessOnLI   Link
Ali asking Erika where the MTV Music Video Awards are held! NT

Aug 28 2003 13:39, Thu missp   Link
Ali's got it! Where are the video music awards held? NT

Aug 28 2003 13:40, Thu Anonymous   Link
Ally just asked where are the video music awards held?!!!!! NT

Aug 28 2003 13:40, Thu Muse   Link
Ali just walked into the orange room and asks Erika, where is the MTV video music awards held? NT

Aug 28 2003 13:40, Thu missp   Link
Erika: MTV is affiliated with CBS NT

Aug 28 2003 13:40, Thu WarLockStar   Link
Ali Is Getting Close!!!!!!!! She Knows NT

Aug 28 2003 13:46, Thu missp   Link
Erika is doubting, but Ali says she still thinks it's Radio city. They both hope it's not Letterman NT

Aug 28 2003 13:51, Thu ktan   Link
Everyone is asleep now, waiting for the final clue. NT

Aug 28 2003 13:54, Thu JessicaRabbit   Link
Update for non watchers
F1 - Erica sleeping in bed.
F2 - Ali sleeping in bed.
F3 - Robert sleeping on lounger in backyard.
F4 - Frozen on an old view of dining room table.

Jee is MIA, but was last seen in backyard.

Girls seem to almost know where June was before falling asleep. Don't think either are confident enough to make a guess yet.

Aug 28 2003 13:58, Thu ktan ParentRootLink
The standalone F4 feed has Jee sleeping in his bed. NT

Aug 28 2003 13:57, Thu Nathalia   Link
Jee is on F4
Jee a little restless...Camera keeps going from golden gnome overlooking Jee from his nightstand to Jee.

Aug 28 2003 14:04, Thu okay   Link
F2, close up on snot or drool on Ali's pillow, Ali snoring softly NT

Aug 28 2003 14:07, Thu ktan   Link
Robert woke up from the BY and heads to his bed to sleep. NT

Aug 28 2003 14:26, Thu Dreamer   Link
Rob: Jee we got food NT

Aug 28 2003 14:31, Thu Vaseflower2000   Link
rob getting to eat a real sandwich-not pbj-in kitchen fixing it. NT

Aug 28 2003 14:34, Thu Vaseflower2000   Link
rob now eating his sandwich. NT

Aug 28 2003 14:47, Thu missp   Link
Cam 3 pulls away from close-up of Rob picking his teeth after lunch. NT

Aug 28 2003 15:02, Thu Vaseflower2000   Link
rob is in the shower and girls are sleeping. NT

Aug 28 2003 15:22, Thu Dreamer   Link
Afternoon FOTH! NT

Aug 28 2003 15:26, Thu Vaseflower2000   Link
rob in storage room looking for something. girls still sleeping. NT

Aug 28 2003 15:29, Thu Vaseflower2000   Link
rob has a container of powder sugar doughnuts. NT

Aug 28 2003 15:32, Thu Vaseflower2000   Link
rob outside doing the pool. NT

Aug 28 2003 15:53, Thu Vaseflower2000   Link
rob staring at a picture NT

Aug 28 2003 15:54, Thu Vaseflower2000   Link
correction a photograph NT

Aug 28 2003 15:57, Thu Vaseflower2000   Link
rob now back outside and girls are still sleeping. NT

Aug 28 2003 16:12, Thu adoncia   Link
rob still in the hammock constantly picking @ his face NT

Aug 28 2003 16:22, Thu Vaseflower2000   Link
rob now back inside just sitting by himself and girls still sleeping. NT

Aug 28 2003 16:31, Thu nojobny   Link
HG just went on lockdown. Everyone is up and in the kitchen prepping food NT

Aug 28 2003 16:35, Thu nojobny   Link
Jee tells a gross story
about when he was sequestered at the hotel, he was eating some fruit it had maggots in it.

A uniform EWWWWW from everyone.

Rob: are you sh*tting me?

Er: whenever you eat fresh fruit, you should always check it for bugs

Aug 28 2003 16:37, Thu nojobny   Link
Rob just called into the DR NT

Aug 28 2003 16:37, Thu JessicaRabbit   Link
Everyone up now making Turkey sandwiches in kitchen.
Rat just got called to DR. (Probably for 3rd clue instructions.)

Aug 28 2003 16:40, Thu JessicaRabbit   Link
Erica eating on couches.
Jee an Ali eating at island. Ali screaming about flies in house. Rat still in DR.

Aug 28 2003 16:40, Thu JessicaRabbit   Link
Rat just called everyone to LR for announcement. NT

Aug 28 2003 16:40, Thu Vaseflower2000   Link
ali eating now and everyone is up NT

Aug 28 2003 16:41, Thu JessicaRabbit   Link
Rat was just joking with everyone.
DR is now calling Ali.

Aug 28 2003 16:45, Thu JessicaRabbit   Link
Jee, Rat & Erica hanging out in LR. Ali in DR. NT

Aug 28 2003 17:07, Thu ilsa   Link
Jee last one out of DR saying...
'OK, this is how we do it. You draw a # from the bag and line up at the door.' laughter, just kidding.

Robert thinks Jun will re-enter the house 30 mins after final clue.

Just waiting for end of lockdown.

Aug 28 2003 17:08, Thu nojobny   Link
Jee - i have no clue. What does a big apple and a video tape mean.
Er: don't worry Jee, I think we're all in the same boat

(Ed: don't think so. Ali already said the MTV awards. She just waiting for clue 3 for confirmation)

Aug 28 2003 17:12, Thu cutiecat   Link

Aug 28 2003 17:12, Thu Nathalia   Link
Jun is on MTV right now! NT

Aug 28 2003 17:14, Thu Anonymous   Link
Jun quote "I'm here your not. I am having a blast!" NT

Aug 28 2003 17:14, Thu Nathalia   Link
They asked her if she had anything to say to the houseguests...
and she said...I'm here and you're not!!!! She looked great! Dressed in black...

Aug 28 2003 17:21, Thu nojobny   Link
the HG are in the BY and a real space suit is on display. No one has rung the bell yet! NT

Aug 28 2003 17:22, Thu ktan   Link
Third clue is the moonman (trophy given out at the VMAs)...but the HGs STILL don't know the answer! NT

Aug 28 2003 17:26, Thu callmejenn   Link
Robert rang the bell and is going to DR to guess. NT

Aug 28 2003 17:26, Thu nojobny   Link
Rob: That's it. Jun won the veto
Rob: I cant wait to hear the stupid answer

(ed:sorry out of sequence. comp issue)

Aug 28 2003 17:26, Thu lisag   Link
Robert just rang the bell and said "got it" then forth NT

Aug 28 2003 17:35, Thu ktan   Link
Jee rang bell and is now making his guess in the DR. NT

Aug 28 2003 17:39, Thu ItsAwwnnn ParentRootLink
Jee whispered something about the Space Needle prior to ringing the bell NT

Aug 28 2003 17:35, Thu cutiecat   Link
Ali knows it but she may be too late. NT

Aug 28 2003 17:37, Thu nojobny   Link
the lightbulb FINALLY went off in ali's head
that the MTV award trophy is a astronaut

Aug 28 2003 17:38, Thu missellie   Link
Jee was asking Rob about the space needle in Seattle before making his guess NT

Aug 28 2003 17:40, Thu nojobny   Link
Ali waiting to go into the DR
Ali: Damn, I knew it all along. Why didn't I guess? Remember I said thats what it was.

Er: why didn't you guess

Ali: I dont' know?

Aug 28 2003 17:52, Thu nojobny   Link
Jee & Ali both think they have the right answer
but jee's guess is not an event, plus he only linked clue 1 & 3

Aug 28 2003 17:54, Thu nojobny   Link
Er said she guessed the same think as ali but she was more specific. Jee & Rob guessed a place, not an event. NT

Aug 28 2003 17:57, Thu nojobny   Link
Now Jee is second guessing himself and thinking it's the NY Planetarium NT

Aug 28 2003 18:00, Thu nojobny   Link
Ali: Dude, you missed me running for the bell. I just got the answer
and I just bolted over there.

Er: I'm like, who you running against? Me?

all laughing

Aug 28 2003 18:08, Thu nojobny   Link
But she really didn't go
Ali: but she reallly didn't go there.

Rob: she can't be at my guess b/c it's too public a place

Ali: Well my guess is nothing but public They can't send her there, how will they keep people from talking to her.

Er reminds Ali that someone from BB1 went to the Emmys

Ali: what do you mean they went there? what did they do?
Er: They went, they watched the show?
Ali: well that's not fair. How could they go and not have someone talk to them.
Er: Well the show was different back then
Ali; Well no one is going to really know she's missing until friday. No body would even really recognize her.
Er: the internet people will know
Ali: oh that's right

Aug 28 2003 18:33, Thu ktan   Link
Lockdown called, HGs to go to LR and pull shades. HGs think Jun will appear on plasma screen. NT

Aug 28 2003 18:34, Thu nojobny   Link
HG have been called to the LR NT

Aug 28 2003 18:38, Thu nojobny   Link
jee: I hope america agrees my answer could have been right. Like, sure Jee, that could have been it. Not that I'm an FN idiot. NT

Aug 28 2003 18:43, Thu nojobny   Link
The HG want to know what each other guessed. Rob has been very quiet about what his answer may
have been. He was also the first one to ring the bell

Aug 28 2003 18:47, Thu Anonymous   Link
Erica says: and by the way, if she is where we guessed........
that beech!! Allie chimes in and says she will be so incredibly jealous!

Aug 28 2003 19:00, Thu nojobny   Link
Jee's light bulb FINALLY went on. Er was talking about going to the grammys and it hit him. NT

Aug 28 2003 19:02, Thu nojobny   Link
Er; The only thing that I did know is the networks are afilliated (Viacom/CBS/MTV) NT

Aug 28 2003 19:03, Thu nojobny   Link
Rob: Oh, I know what you guys said. But I don't think so b/c it's just to far. It's possible but I don't think so NT

Aug 28 2003 19:05, Thu nojobny   Link
So now, without directly revealing their answers, have figured out the most logical answer. But they don't think it's logistically possible. NT

Aug 28 2003 19:38, Thu Bayoubug   Link
Erica in kitchen alone... talking to herself...
"she's at the frickin' MTV music awards and I'm here making tuna fish! Stupid, stupid.... just one question. SEASHELL, silly, SEASHELL!

Aug 28 2003 20:53, Thu tru2it   Link
Ericka, Ali and Jee... Playing cards NT

Aug 28 2003 20:56, Thu bruhe   Link
E, Je, and A playing rummy. R is deep in thought looking very agitated NT

Aug 28 2003 21:02, Thu TheBigSista   Link
ewww rat was spreading something onto bread put knife in spread then in mouth then back in spread bleauch NT

Aug 28 2003 21:25, Thu TheBigSista   Link
foth - except f4 which is still the dining table!! must be pov results at last NT

Aug 28 2003 21:54, Thu simen   Link
Ali: Jun was on TV!!! lol NT

Aug 28 2003 21:56, Thu simen   Link
Hgs reacting jealous of jun NT

Aug 28 2003 21:57, Thu TheBigSista   Link
it sounds like rat guessed space mountain, jee guessed space needle, so if ali or erika got the mtv vma one of them must have won pov! NT

Aug 28 2003 21:58, Thu antonio2025bk   Link
ALI POV!!! Jee said, Congradulations Ali your guess was correct NT

Aug 28 2003 21:59, Thu Nathalia   Link
Jee just congratulated Ali on winning POV and then FOTH NT

Aug 28 2003 22:01, Thu PsychoMike   Link
Alison won the GPOV NT

Aug 28 2003 22:02, Thu Anonymous   Link
Ali: I'm jealous. Damnit my Golden POV better be in 14k gold after this. NT

Aug 28 2003 22:28, Thu okay   Link
Ali: she got to see Britney Spears and Madonna making out!! NT

Aug 28 2003 22:32, Thu ilsa   Link
Lockdown in BY. Erika, Ali in HT. Guys working out. NT

Aug 28 2003 22:50, Thu ilsa   Link
Lockdown ended. NT

Aug 28 2003 22:55, Thu Anonymous   Link
HGs suggested they all get naked and have sex. someone said "This'll definitely take away from the MTV music awards"! then FOTH NT

Aug 28 2003 23:41, Thu lolashowgirl   Link
Close up shots of Ericka shaving her legs, Ali in the shower NT

Aug 28 2003 23:44, Thu babyblue   Link
Ali showering;Erika in bathtub, Robt asking "Do you think she'll (Jun) be coming back tomorrow?
Erika: Yeah, probably she'll be back tomorrow.
Jee in BY still doing his situps, Robt. goes back outside.
The boys are pretty quiet (on F3/4)
Back to bathroom: Erika shaving.
blecchh...Ali speculating whether Jun was required to be w/handler(s) 24/7. Of course, says Erika.

Aug 29 2003 00:49, Fri trish   Link
Robert says if he gets HOH next week he will put up Jun cuz she already has some votes in the jury house so hes worried NT