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Aug 29 2003 01:53, Fri augie   Link
all the happy hamsters are playing Old Maid NT

Aug 29 2003 02:22, Fri Anonymous   Link
Ali giving Robert a back massage. NT

Aug 29 2003 02:38, Fri frustratedposter   Link
all 4 HG playing old maid
NB: text in [] is my comments/opinions

they are getting along nicely

rob and jee have never played Old Maid before Justin got it, never heard of it even

they ask rob if he'll play the game with Elena, he says she's a little to old for this game

jee laughs, says well, here you are, you guys are 33 and you're playing

rob comments that ali is transparent, and when she has the Old Maid, you can see it in her face when she has it and no one sees he

jee says this is a game where you have to bluff

hand over, and Rob off to WC

jee mentions the Hungry Humgry Hippo hame. they laugh again

Rob back from WC, and he and ali go off to Love Room for Ali to give him a massage. Jee and Erika still in LR, Jee playing with the cards.

jee saying that he can't blame jun for them breaking up. he tried, and his best wasn't good enough. says he has no regrets. Er asks if he would do anything different, he says a couple of things, but not really. talking to erika about their relationship. and how well jun is playing. also talking about how ali is proving herself as a player and with the veto.

Jee says that he would likely vote for erika. and that she needs to be careful, because they will try to take her out. jee also thinks rob may be a real target.

they are talking about playing as a floater, which is a valid stategy. but jee thinks that you don't get as much of an awesome experience being a floater. jee says he told ali he wishes she had been a little more honest with him, but that he credits her for her game play.

Jee: of course everyone has to fib, or tell small lies. i prefer small lies that don't really hurt people. i think you play the same.
Erikas is agreeing as he talks
Jee says he knows that how you play the game isn't necessarily how you are outside.

erika says that nothing will ensure a win in this game. a lot is luck

jee saying that he felt very unsafe a lot, not really knowing what was going to happen week to week. says after week one he felt a little more safe.

jee is proud that he was able to get past the Elite 8 alliance. realizes that his HOH in week 2 really helped, and ruined the O8 alliance. Dana came to him that week

erika is wondering when dana came. jee telling her it was right at the 2nd week, and "nothing against you, but everybody wanted you out". Erika asks for clarification, and jee says well, not your alliance, scott was already out, dave, jack, nate were with you. they are discussing Dana flipping out, and his not wanting to use the veto cause he gave his word. Erika says that they really wondered why he wouldn't use that veto.

Meanwhile, F1/F2 is Ali/Rob with ali still rubbing Rob's back, almost playfully running her fingers all over him.

Ali doesn't think that Erika could ever win, no matter who she is up against. Rob says that jee, dana and jack will vote for her.

Ali: you know jun wants jee out
rob: i know
ali: you ok with that, cause i have the veto if you want me to use it
[she is whispering and caressing rob now]

ali saying you never know, she could come back and put me up. says she's happy she won veto, and wants HOH next week, but really the last one. "take care of some business, if you know what i mean"

rob: next week gets you in to the final 3, so next week is the most important

back to Jee/Erika

Jee: no matter, with the money or without, my grand prize is waiting for me at home
erika: definitely
Jee: i don't mind working hard. the money would be good for my family. but i can work hard and do what i want to do. it was fun while it lasted.

jee asks erika not to act differently around him all week. if he seems down, he's likely homesick.

Jee: this is a true test for me, i'm away from my girl, away from my family, never been for this long. and you can't even contact them. i'm worried about my girl, cause she's alone. we live together but for now she's alone

they are now trying to figure out the rest of the schedule. he knows next week it is down to four, the next week down to three, but not sure how it works at the end. he doesn't think that the final 2 live a full week in the house alone. he didn't follow the show, only saw what BB gave them. thinks that as soon as it's down to 2 they do the jury thing. Erika is saying she's not sure how it ends either.

ali/Rob are back in the LR. Jee comments that rob is all cut up and stuff now.

erika asks how Ali rubs. ali offers to rub her feet, but erika would rather a shoulder rub. ali asks her to put a tank top on. asks if she wants oil? erika says maybe a little oil.

jee says he's about to pass out.

ali goes in to SE for some soda pop. she comes out with cola, and rob is upset

rob: why are you bringing those out???

jee says he thinks he wants some too

rob says he's been up since 7 and he's still up. jee asks how long he slept after clue 2. rob says maybe an hour and a half.

ali: can't believe i got it after the 2nd clue.

jee/rob are congratulating her. that was very good

jee says he made a guess, but it was stupid. they say it wasn't stupid. jee says but the video threw me off, and now it makes sense

jee says he likes HARD massages

jee is off for a donut. says he wants a chocolate DOUGH!

erika says it's nice to have someone actually touch your body. ali tells her not to get carried away. rob mentions when he touches ali's hair, and ali says she loves that

rob giving jee a hard time, says he better close the donut box, so they don't get stale like the white ones

rob says ali looks really tired

Aug 29 2003 02:58, Fri frustratedposter   Link
more LR talk
NB: text in [] is my comments/opinions

rob: so what does the next HOH get? a trip to cancun

erika: the tape of her talking to us keeps going thru my head, over and over again.

jee says she got what she wanted. attention, a trip to NY, the spotlight, a trip to NY, red carpet, at trip to NY, fans, a trip to NY

rob wonders how they know it was a red carpet. could have just been a valet spot.

erika says it was the Red Carpet, dude

jee says, what you think, we have carpets all over the city?

rob: i can't believe she got it, she's the biggest tramp and she gets it

now discussing the temp inside. erika is fine with a blanket when she sleeps. they threaten to throw erika in the ball room

jee ribbing rob about the amount of hair he grows. says that he grows less hair than he does. and he's 33 and cuban. erika asks what he means, and he says cubans are hairier than asians. says that's because rob's a "fruit cake"

ali done rubbing erika's shoulders, offers jee a rub, he says he's fine, she must be tired, and deserves a break

jee says he's off to brush his teeth. erika says so we'll see you in an hour. jee says it's not that bad. now all america knows about him. erika says she was just kidding. jee says that his girl [does he EVER use her name??] said when you go in that house, everyone is going to see how you brush your teeth. says she never gives him a hard time about it

erika now in kitchen eating donuts "so good!"

rob is in bed now, ali and erika talking about it, jee off to WC area.

rob: bb, dim the lights! bb, turn off the lights, it's only the girls up.

lights dim. rob thanks BB. jee says "why the hell you listen to robert??"

erika says it's 1:45. they are amazed. ali says she's going nite nite and off to brush her teeth. she and jee in WC area, rob in bed, erika in kitchen

ali asks if carmen hates jun. he says that she doesn't really know her, doesn't hate her, calls her buddha girl. ali asks why. jee says cause she only sees pics when she was heavy. jee says he tried with jun, stuck it out thru thick and thin. and that she was good to him too. but she changed too much for him. nothing he could do about that.

jee says she really changed when he was 21, after they broke up. was working on her career, lost weight, lot of factors involved. but he never doubted her intelligence. "highly intelligent women, very very intelligent"

erika joins them at the basin, and now all 3 brushing. ali moves on to flossing. erika done and applying skin cream. jee offers her noxema. she says thanks. jee of course is still brushing.

ali is done, and off to WC. erika rinses face, jee still brushing.

[must say, tonite anyhow, they are getting along very well]

jee: we have really gotten to know each other better'
ali: i remember when i first saw you jee...
jee: i was china boy!
ali: i thought you were cute
jee: i thought you were cute also. i told you the producers asked me what i would do if i saw a cute girl. i told them i already saw one. we saw each other on the elevator
ali: i was getting off when you got on
erika: did you guys have an elevator moment?

erika saw justin. but she didn't have any boy moments

jee still brushing, ali in teh lvoe room

jee rinsing and finishing up, now brushing the toothpaste off with water

erika in WC, jee finshing up at the basin

rob in blue room, ali in love room.

ali: have sweet dreams, robert
rob: thanks sweetie, you too

jee says he has clear skin. erika agrees he has nice skin

jee to WC, erika off to the love room

ali: that bitch gets to go to the awards
erika: someone sounds bitter!
ali: am i bitter? she gets two nights out of the house!

jee out of WC, washing up, about done

the rest are in bed, under the covers. erika gets up to put a sweatshirt or sweater on

jee now off to the blue room, in to the bed next to rob. then wanders off to the LR with Carmen's picture. very quick tonite, and back to the blue room for bed. he wraps his mic and climbs in to bed

house now getting quiet and dark

Aug 29 2003 03:02, Fri frustratedposter   Link
all HG in bed, a calmness settles over the house NT

Aug 29 2003 05:05, Fri Strange_Brewster   Link
All sleeping NT

Aug 29 2003 07:33, Fri nojobny   Link
HG still sleeping. F4 on QC still stuck from Wednesday. NT

Aug 29 2003 08:59, Fri dianasto51   Link
f4 not quad is of by (at view never seen before) NT

Aug 29 2003 10:14, Fri dianasto51   Link
f4 now from back of couch showing hohdoor,sr door, dr door NT

Aug 29 2003 11:16, Fri nojobny   Link
HG are still sleeping. No sign of Jun yet. NT

Aug 29 2003 11:18, Fri nojobny   Link
Er's up for a WC visit NT

Aug 29 2003 11:18, Fri SleeplessOnLI   Link
Erika up - audio went out on the Quad Feeds. NT

Aug 29 2003 11:20, Fri nojobny   Link
Er is now brushing her teeth. Looks like she's up for the day. NT

Aug 29 2003 11:25, Fri SleeplessOnLI   Link
Erika whistling Madonna's "Like a Virgin" ... I made it through the wilderness, somehow I made it through...brief FOTH NT

Aug 29 2003 11:26, Fri frustratedposter   Link
BB: HG time to get up for the day NT

Aug 29 2003 11:28, Fri nojobny   Link
Erica heads to the BY whistling 'Like a Virgin'... surprise.. FOTH NT

Aug 29 2003 11:29, Fri Vaseflower2000   Link
er looking outside in the backyard NT

Aug 29 2003 11:30, Fri nojobny   Link
Ali gets up to help Er w/ the shade. She's fully dressed in her jeans & a tank (seems like she slept in her clothes last night) NT

Aug 29 2003 11:32, Fri nojobny   Link
HG are now on an indoor lockdown NT

Aug 29 2003 11:32, Fri Vaseflower2000   Link
ali and er are up -bb told them they are in lockdown and to pull the shades. NT

Aug 29 2003 11:34, Fri Lovebug   Link
Ali: BB can we let the boys sleep in? Er and I are up, that's all that matters. NT

Aug 29 2003 11:35, Fri Vaseflower2000   Link
ali in bathroom brushing her teeth. NT

Aug 29 2003 11:39, Fri nojobny   Link
Even though Jee & Rob aren't up, BB turned the BR lights on. NT

Aug 29 2003 11:43, Fri Vaseflower2000   Link
jee in srorage room NT

Aug 29 2003 11:47, Fri Vaseflower2000   Link
ali and eri both in bathroom applying mak-up. both have shorts and tanks on. NT

Aug 29 2003 12:05, Fri nojobny   Link
Ali & Er are in the kitchen attempting to make breakfast & coffee. Neither
seem too comfortable in the kitchen and Ali seems to have been in nearly every cabinet to find stuff b/c she doesn't know where anything is.

Aug 29 2003 12:07, Fri Dannystultz   Link
Ali / Er look confused in kitchen NT

Aug 29 2003 12:12, Fri Vaseflower2000   Link
rob and jee just sitting there waiting to be feed by the girls. NT

Aug 29 2003 12:18, Fri Vaseflower2000   Link
we had foth but now we are back. food is ready. NT

Aug 29 2003 12:35, Fri Vaseflower2000   Link
now that june is heading back to bb house rob and jee are stratigizing. going to tell june only one of them can get her to the end of the game.
going to tell her about votes at end of game.

Aug 29 2003 12:36, Fri Vaseflower2000   Link
jee tells rob he is the only one that can beat june. NT

Aug 29 2003 12:39, Fri Vaseflower2000   Link
tell her to take out ali. tells rob june has taken out the strong players. NT

Aug 29 2003 12:41, Fri Vaseflower2000   Link
sorry-jee wants to tell june to take out ali. NT

Aug 29 2003 12:42, Fri Vaseflower2000   Link
ali asks eri what are we going to do now? NT

Aug 29 2003 12:49, Fri Vaseflower2000   Link
ali laying out sunning herself and jee in bedroom. NT

Aug 29 2003 12:52, Fri Vaseflower2000   Link
eri also outside sunning and jee is outside just sitting. NT

Aug 29 2003 12:57, Fri Vaseflower2000   Link
jee keeps saying june played a good game but he thinks he can beat her at the end. he even told rob that NT

Aug 29 2003 13:07, Fri Vaseflower2000   Link
eri in pool says it is freezing. ali thinks it feels good. jee and rob sitting in chairs outside. NT

Aug 29 2003 13:17, Fri Vaseflower2000   Link
jee and rob back to stratagizing again. what i think i hear is they want ali to use the veto to save one of them rob or jee and they will help get her
game. rob says do not threaten her. if she makes it to the end without helping one of them she will not get their vote at the end.

Aug 29 2003 13:24, Fri Lovebug   Link
Ali was telling Er that they have to get Jun out - she also mentioned that Jun's DR sessions....
were all about bad-mouthing people, and Ali has never done that! (LOL!)

Aug 29 2003 13:24, Fri Vaseflower2000   Link
eri and ali are stratagizing in the backyard. NT

Aug 29 2003 13:27, Fri Lovebug   Link
Er got into pool, then jumped out saying she needs to shave bikini area, then jumped into shower to shave. NT

Aug 29 2003 13:32, Fri Lovebug   Link
Jee working on Ali in LR, telling her she can get second place - asking her to consider
to pull Jee or Ro off the block, and put up Er, because if she makes it to the finals, she will win...then FOTH

Aug 29 2003 13:33, Fri Lovebug   Link
Jee saying he will vote for Jun, not Ali if they make it to the finals because of the way Jun has played the game...keeps cutting to FOTH NT

Aug 29 2003 13:34, Fri Vaseflower2000   Link
jee talking to ali about his plan and bb keeps going to foth. NT

Aug 29 2003 13:35, Fri Lovebug   Link
Ali: I don't come from alot of money....My father is a lawyer in a small town though...FOTH....I need the money.....FOTH NT

Aug 29 2003 13:42, Fri Lovebug   Link
Jee is telling Ali that he is not threatening her, but to please keep in mind...
that he told her he had her back, and he was true to his word. Reminding her that after she voted out Jack, he told her that it was a good move on her part, and to basically give him credit for not turning into a punk because she didn't vote the way he wanted. Keeps reminding her that he thought it was a very good game move on her part, and he didn't whine about it. Keeps saying, don't think that I am threatening you, because I'm not.

Aug 29 2003 13:45, Fri Vaseflower2000   Link
jee wants ali to use the veto and eri goes up. NT

Aug 29 2003 13:49, Fri Lovebug   Link
Jee still wheelin' and dealin' with Ali, Rob in BY picking and poking, Er sunning herself. NT

Aug 29 2003 13:50, Fri CougarSpy   Link
Jee/Ali talking ...=>
Erica and Ali lying outside. Ali: I wonder if she will be out all week. (pause) Im hot. Ali gets up and goes to pool.

Robert and Jee talking again about approaching Ali.
Jee: Something about Ali saying Jee was the biggest threat.
Rat: Thats what is going to f*ck up the whole plan.

Ali joins them. One of them asks if Erika is still sunning. Ali tells them that she is shaving.

A bit of talk about Jees smokes. He says it comes and goes.

Erika comes out and leaves.

Jee the reason I want to talk with you

I want you to hear me out. Jee says he is honest and trustworthy.

Ali says she believes him totally. Jee says he was looking at the end votes with Robert, and that she would come in second place if she came up against Jun or Erika.
What Im asking you to consider it.

Jee talks about if you pulled Robert or I off the block, we could vote out Erika and the three of us can go after Jun. You know you can trust us.

Jee goes on about how they trusted her and that she let them down by voting out Jack.

Jee: Its good if that happens.

Ali: I dont come from money.foth.Im playing this game for me.

(Im not a fast typest, but these was part of their convo)

Jee says he doesnt beat around the bush. That they had Alis back. How she make a good move, but broke the pact.

Jee says that he doesnt mean to sound threatening Ali.

Ali talks about how they were putting her in harms way but wanting to keep Jack since he wanted her out.

More from Jee about how honest he is and how he has never lied to Ali.

Ali says she knows.

Jee says he has never lied or meant to be threatening to Ali.

Jee goes says you do wants best for you with using the Veto.

Ali tells Jee that no one wants to go against him in the final. They would lose to him. Jee counters that no one could beat Jun in the end.

Rob interjects do what is right for you.

Jee goes on about how if she made this move to take him or Robert of the block, she would gain Jacks respect.

Ali: Are you going to be fair in your voting in the end, or stick to your alliance.

Aug 29 2003 14:01, Fri Lovebug   Link
HG's in BY wondering if Jun will come back, or if she took some kind of deal and she's out! NT

Aug 29 2003 14:04, Fri Lovebug   Link
Er says that Jun should be back any minute, that she probably had an AM flight out of NY, and she wants EVERY detail. NT

Aug 29 2003 14:08, Fri nojobny   Link
door bell just rang ITS JUN!!! NT

Aug 29 2003 14:08, Fri capybara   Link
june arrives .......the girls go screaming nuts! NT

Aug 29 2003 14:10, Fri CougarSpy   Link
12:55 pm - 1:07 pm BBTime Ratbert and Erika talking outside. Jun rings bell at 1:07 and returns. =>
12:55 pm - 1:07 pm BBTime Ratbert and Erika talking outside. How each week the dynamics of the house changes as each houseguest left. How this week was strange with two people leaving. Small talk about each of the houseguests that left.

Rat: The beginning goes by quick, the middle horrible.

Rat: I want to see the MTV music awards again.
Erika: I want to see that clip.

Erika: That was awesome that was so awesome.

Erika says she wants to know everything.

Ratbert saying people were probably wondering what the hell she was doing there.

Jee comes out. There is more talk about Jun. Erika wants to know all the details. Jee is wondering how she felt being back home. Some talk about if Jun doing or accepting something.

Ali comes out. Erika says she should be back pretty soon. Called her their little jetsetter.

The wonder how she will come back in. Someone mentions the diary room.

Jee thought it would have been neat if they all could have gone. Jee jokes about BB telling them Juns not coming back and there will be a new HOH competition. (He was joking. BB did not say this).

Erika mentions that she just heard a door. (1:07 pm) Ali agrees. The door bell rings. Everyone is excited.

(This is a vary fragmented discussion between Hgs. Someday I may learn to type).

Aug 29 2003 14:19, Fri Lovebug   Link
Jun telling HG's all that happened.....
She was with a female handler, she whispered her name, and everyone said how great it was she got to go with her, said her hair and makeup were done for her, she told them not to over-do her eyes and make her look "chinky", she was 4 blocks away from where she works when in the limo on 5th ave., she had tons of interviews on the red carpet and one was live and she was so nervous she doesn't even remember what she said. They asked if she saw Brittney, Madonna, and Christina kissing, and she said she was in the pit, they were right there! The dress she was wearing was picked out for her, tons of stars were walking right by her, and they asked if she said hi to any of them, and she said no! When she was on the red carpet, people were screaming JUN! and she was freaking out, she couldn't believe it and on and on.....

Aug 29 2003 14:23, Fri Lovebug   Link
Jun telling them about being approached by fans.....
said a girl came up to her in the pit and said I just want to tell you I am a huge fan...then she ran away, then when she was leaving, some girls yelled OMG it's Jun! She must have gotten kicked out last night!!! Said most of them just said "Hi" and not many came up to her.

Aug 29 2003 14:24, Fri missp ParentRootLink
adds: we all have fans, we all MUST have fans. Not just me. NT

Aug 29 2003 14:24, Fri Lovebug   Link
Jun said that if no one got the POV, she (Jun) would have got it. NT

Aug 29 2003 14:27, Fri Lovebug   Link
Jun: I couldn't go near any magazines or newspapers, couldn't listen to the radio, got to see a movie on the plane - The Corps. NT

Aug 29 2003 14:35, Fri nojobny ParentRootLink
Movie was The Core. NT

Aug 29 2003 14:33, Fri Silas   Link
Jun's discussion about her experience at the MMVA (text within)
Jun is discussing her experiences at the MMVAs.

Jee: You did a really great job, seriously.
Jun: All the press was just lined up at the red carpet. They were shouting, "Look up here! First row! And I was like, what's going on! They were shouting and screaming. It was just lined up

Jun: Because I wore that shaw because I felt bloated. But the dress was goergoues.

Rob: So you did know you were going to the awards?
Ali: Did you ahve to give up the veto for it?
Jun: They said that since I didn't get to compete, that if no one got it, I would get it. But I knew that someone would get it. I thought they were gonna be like "Take someone" and I already thought I was going to take someone. I'd probably take one of the girls. I'm not gonna take you (points to Jee) because it'll be like a date.

Jee: That's why I'd get something else. I was thinking Washington, apple state. I was thinking the needle, the space needle.

Jun: You go girl (points to Alison).

Jee: I told them, I know what it is .
Jun: This year they said it was gonna be like the craziest. They had this huge stage set up, and this huge merry-go-round with caricatures of everyone. I got to go through the city I breath and live everyday, I wanted to call people, but I COULDN'T! I felt like a celebrity for like 24 hours, like flying out, flying back.

Ali: People love you.
Jun: Apparently all these sponsors.....
Ali: That's ridiculous.
Jun: And they didn't let go near any newspaper or magazine. They didn't let me go through any magazine or newspaper or radio or nothing.
Ali: so I didn't hear any music other than there?
Jun: Just there.
Jee: It must have been great!
Jun: I watched a movie, "The Core". I got so sick on the plane.
Jee: She got to see a movie. That's cool
Ali: Dude.. Coldplay.. really good?
Jun: yeah. One guy threw his drumstick in the air. When B and xtina threw the bouqet, I was like, "You can take it" to the crowd going after it.
Jee: They were singing a lot?
Jun: Yeah, and Christina's voice boomed.
Jee: I don't like her hair that color though, but she can sing; I don't know that.
Ali: Britney's is like beach-blonde.
Jun: They'll call me in eventually. (they pass some button that says VMA03, saying "red carpet")
Jee: That was so awesome.
Jun: How did you get the clues?
Ali: They locked us out. A huge astronaut suit.
Jun: They made me say "Hi guys. I'm like getting ready for the big evening.." I thought they knew all that stuff. When they got the limo...
Ali: Oh my god we were freaking out. I thought they were bribing you
Jee: I didn't think they'd fly you away so far, so close to home.
Jun: At first I thought I was going to see John Norris. And I was like "I don't know who he is." He's so cute.
Jee: He seems kinda tall.
Jun: It didn't click but that was his name. He was like 5'10".
Rob: That was the interview we saw?
Jun: Yeah, the one for the preshow.
Ali: We must be big this year.
Erika: I know we're riveted for television...
Jun: He was like, if you don't know by now, big brother.
Jee: This is Jun's song, you know?
Rob: That feeling was just...
Jun: Everyone was like, are you okay? Bright light came out, and they said "Introducing, from the big brother house.. Jun!"
Jee: Were you blushing, Jun?
Jun: I wanted to represent. So I'm like walking up to the steps to the red carpet and I heard one girl saying "Jun! I love you!!" and after that they went crazy. They were just shouting my name! And I don't know what to do because I can't acknowledge everybody. I'm like wow... all these young kids all watch Big Brother. And this lady with this manly voice says "Jun.. I'm rooting for you"

Aug 29 2003 14:37, Fri madman   Link
Jun: I had a private room, it was adjoining. I did "help" myself.(laughs) Is that too much information? NT

Aug 29 2003 14:42, Fri nojobny   Link
Er: We were very happy for you - we were M.F. jealous as hell - but we were happy for you. NT

Aug 29 2003 14:43, Fri Silas   Link
Jun talks more about the MMVAs
Jee: It must have felt great, coming out of that limo. Oh s**t! So what hotel did you say?
Jun: At a hotel in Time Square. I wanna check my HoH. Can I go into my room? It was crazy.. I was dancing my *** off. Beyonce and Jay-Z was hot.
Ali: Is she thick?
Jun: She's thick enough. She looked really good.
Jee: I can't believe people like the show. It's cheesy I tell you.
Jun: It feels weird being out in the real world.
Jee: Why does it feel weird, were you happy?
Jun: There wre so many people it was just crazy. I'd like to kind of gradually do it but it was like boom.
Jee: Did they ask you if you miss the big brother house?
Ali: Does it feel good to be back or was it depressing.
Jun: No it feels good, and when I was back I was like, "I was safe here."
Ali: I made us breakfast.
Jun: Cool.
Ali: Careful Erika..
Erika: YOu be careful there's glass everywhere. (someone may have dropped a glass or something)

Jun: I realized that as soon as we left the house, I stripped down and checked myself out. LIke, I'm more toned, but I gained weight.
Ali: But muscle's more heavier than fat.
Jun: Oh man. I know you and Ali, I was like, Oh man.
Erika: I've been to the grammy's, so I kind of like had that experience. We were jealous as hell, but we were happy for you. And by the way, nothing's changed.
Jun: Good. Oh man... crazy. it's bomb though.
Ali: It was the best experience of your life.

Ali: I ran to the door.
Erika: We heard the door,


Aug 29 2003 14:47, Fri ktan   Link
It appears during FOTH BB called an outside lockdown to take care of the broken light bulb. NT

Aug 29 2003 14:55, Fri Silas   Link
More MMVA talk from Jun
The houseguests are outside, relaxing, sipping on a drink.

Rob: She got to go with Sean. Not bad.
Ali: She's gonna be famous and s**t now.
Jun: It feels good to be back.
Jee: oh, shut the f**k up.
Jun: 2 days out of here, and it feels good to be back.
Jee: That was crazy.
Erika: Oh we had an exciting game of Old Maid last night.
Jee: We worked out, played basketball.
Jee: Can you give me a haircut like tomorrow or something?
JUn: Sure.
Ali: You were gone in the Diary room for 45 minutes and I was like, she's not in there anymore. So I go up to storage room, and they open it, and I go, she's already gone, and I go "Diary room! Jun's gone!"
Jee: That's craaaazy. You got to go back home. That was amazing.
Ali: We saw a big apple, a fake video tape, and an astronaut suit.
Rob: The video was the best part of my day yesterday.
Ali: We got to hear "Like A Virgin". What did Beyonce sing?
Jun: She sang Crazy In Love and.... this other song. She was wearing this persian outfit, and they brought her down, like in a "I Dream of Jeannie" outfit. they lowered it down on this gorgeous couch thingy, and .. oh my god.
Jee: I can't believe you were there! Oh my god.
Ali: Did you see her Destiny's child girls?
Jun: They were there but I didn't see them.
Jun: Who else performed? Good Charlotte.. they actually won an award. And... Metallica..... and 50 cent. He sang "In Da Club" While they were singing in the abck of te stage, they were wearing lingerie, they had this really old pimp, and this dwarf pimp. It was hilarious, but it was awesome. Chris Rock hosted.
Jun: You couldn't hear from the pit very well. "Waht's up with this American Idol. You know they're running out of judges when Paula Abdul is a judge. It's like asking Christpopher Reeves to judge dancing." And then he made a joke about 50 cent, about how he's been more shot in the face than Jamieson.
Jee: OH my god that is bad. He is crazy. It would have been funny if he did a ditz about big brother.
Jun: I was like "Make fun of me!" I don't even care if he makes an ethnic joke against me, I just want his attention.
Ali: American Idol got it.
Jun: Adam Sandler came out with ... not sure if it was snoop dog or someone else. He came out with snoop dog, and was doing that fo shizzle thing. He was like the whiteboy trying to be black thing.
Ali: Did you see Cameron Diaz?
Jun: I didn't see her. I saw lots of people. I'm still like reeling. I'm glad to be back.
Jee: That is just weird Jun. Because you were home. It wasn't just getting the award.
Jun: I just didn't have contact with anyone. I still have the shoes that I have; it has the red carpet fuzz on it. They gave me funky shoes with velcrow, and I was like "Jack is gone.." and the bottom was like a sneaker. I guess they didn't want me to fall.
Rob: How many interviews did you do?
Jun: I did ... 4. No 5. They were 2 questions long, and she asked me what I was wearing. I was asking Sean, can I tell them what I was wearing?
Ali: they asked you what you were wearing?
Jun: They always ask. Diane Christenberg dress. This is my first big event so I'm not going grand.
Jee: You actually said that?! Oh dang this girl is like f***in crazy.
Rob: Can you imagine Nathan and them watching this?
Jun: Nathan's gonna help me for getting near Britney. I can't believe that.. that is so funny.
Jee: That must have been so cool.
Jun: Who the **** would have known? When Julie was asking me what I was looking forward to, I said the stuff in the HoH room. And then they were all laughing in the background.
Rob: You got the best possible week.
Jun: They had to pick up contacts for me...and mossimo.

Aug 29 2003 15:09, Fri Silas   Link
Jee says he can talk about it all day, Jun says she doesn't care

Jun: I changed when I got to the Admiral's Club. That's the lounge for the First class people.
ali: And they gave you that to wear?
Jee: YOu took a flight that night?
Jun: It was like 11:15, yeah. We got to the hotel, and I got sick. I just don't want the Moulin look.
Rob: Jun that is so awesome.
Erika: Who is David Navarro.
Jee: Dating Carmen Electra.
Jun: He was standing next to me and stuff. He had this tiny butt. And then some rapper was standing next to me. They looked the same; all thugged out looking. Pamela Anderson was so tiny... she looked so tiny. She looked tired and done, over with.
Rob: She's done.
Jun: She looks like one of those 80s porn stars. All done. The Olsen twins looked so tiny.
Ali: Nice to be rich and beautiful huh?
Jun: Christina Aguilera went up and down the red carpet 3 times. I was standing there, saying like "Come up here". She has like a pink feather dress. People were like, she's gorgeous looking. I saw Jessica Alba.
Jee: She's gorgeous.
Jun: She had this black leather dress. She's beautiful. She was gorgeous.
Jee: How tall is she?
Jun: She looked like 5'7", 5'8".
Rob: What about the rest of the NSYNC guys? Were any there?
Jun: That guy with the spiky hair. Lance was there. Justin.. the girls was going crazy. The people in the pit with me were all like 18-19. Me and Sean were like standing there, and like we're so old. Some bossy girl said "Are you like Metallica fans?" and then asked us "Would you like to trade with me"? She was one of those groupies.
Rob: Who chooses those people in the pit?
Jun: The kids are casted, line up on MTV months before. The first few rows are all winners of contests of MTV.
Ali: That is cool.
Jee: These questions are never gonna end.
Jun: I don't care, I could talk about it. Ben Stiller had a lot of gray hair. It was gray all over the place.
Jee: Did you get to see Jessica Simpsons.
Jun: She cut her hair up to her shoulder, and these golden locks. She wore this white pant suit and she looked good. If she wore her hair straight it would be more down, but she had these beautiful curls. She was outside the whole time. They were picking an audience, asking questions.
Ali: Wow.
Jun: mary J performed outside.
Ali: What did she sing?
Jee: I heard she didn't sound good live.
Jun: She was alright.
Rob: What couldn't you talk about? What did Sean tell you to do?
Jun: For getting an interview they're not gonna ask me questions I can't answer. It was more about, they couldn't tell me things. I could pretty much say whatever I want. I couldn't talk about sequestering or the producers..but yeah. The guy from E I didn't like.. the tall guy with the black curly hair and big schnoz... he was rude. I didn't like them. He'd ask me a question then start looking somewhere else. JOhn Kelly the guy from Extra, was smiling at me and listening the whole time. he looked good, wearing the blue shirt. He was really polite, and asked how it was like being there, and if I missed you guys.
Jee: And yeah, she didn't miss them.
Jun: Oh man. It was so fun. It was just weird going up 5th avenue, it was like a parade, open the window and wave to them. And they didn't know who the hell I was. They were going crazy because I opened the window. It was crazy man, just crazy. They filmed me coming out of my hotel into my limo. They filmed me saying "OKay guys I'm off." Sean had to say "Keep walking, move". It was amazing.
Ali: That's the cool part. Shouting out their name.
Jee: YOu will never forget this experience. It is awesome.
Jun: AS soon as we got out of the plane, I was all about the game again. If i'm going back into the house, I had to get prepared. JOhn and Alison told me, came in and told me the details. Supposedly the interview came 5 minutes after the scheduled time. They had a scheduled time. My thing was supposed to be 6:30, maybe 7.
Ali: They probably got it live. We wigged out.
Jun: I can only imagine. John was saying we all know we were on TV. Just like when saw that one still of Jack..
Rob: I don't know anything about what happened to you.

BB: "Houseguests, the lockdown is over."

Aug 29 2003 15:11, Fri Lotus   Link
Jun: "Nominations are on Sunday" NT

Aug 29 2003 15:21, Fri Silas   Link
MMVA discussion continues, with strategy while they eat cream cheese and bread
Feed 3: Jun and Ali and Erika are talking.

Jun: The nominations are Sunday. That's enough time to air everything on Tuesday. Now I have music on my brain.
Ali: I wanna hear your CD!
Jun: Missy was awesome. Just seeing her up there... oh my god. It was amazing. Amazing.
Ali: Yeah. yup yup.
Ali takes a cookie and starts to eat it.
Jun: Is there more stuff in the fridge in the storage room? Is that canned Tuna?
Ali: Uh-huh.
JUn: This feels so weird. When I was leaving out of the limo it felt like I won. It felt so good, I was like what? People were talking at the airport and I wanted to go up to them and say "Thank you for being here!"

They're now talking about strategy.

Ali: Then he tried to threaten me. ABout the voting. he told me, just so you know, I have the vote if I leave, and there's no one in this house you can win against. Which is fine.
Erika: That's just bull****. and it's childish. No one can tell anyone who they have no chance against.
Ali: it doesn't matter. This is really good. This is so good.
Jee walks in past Ali and Erika.
Ali: Today's Friday. 2 days til nominations?

Erika: I was wondering if we should freeze the fish. We got a lot of food but a weird combo.
Jun: So no veggies?
Ali: none. We didn't get the ****, actually. But the burrito, I love it. We got a continental breakfast this morning. 10 minutes later, Ali says there's really a continental breakfast.
Ali hands Jee a knife. "there's the tuna knife"

(author's note... is she saying Shawna or Sean? Jun is referring to Shawna/Sean as "her")

Ali: Jun, get your key already!
Jun: They're like, wait 20 minutes.
Ali: I wanna see your dress. What did it look like.
Jun: It had like a cowneck. It was pretty; beautiful. I wanted to wear the pink dress though, but that would be a faux pas at the workplace.
Ali: although I'm sure america would understand, considering.

Aug 29 2003 15:31, Fri Lotus   Link
Jun's plan for nominations......
she was talking with Erika and Ali in kitchen, said she wants to nom Ali and Robert, have Ali use GPOV on herself, and she will have no choice to put up Jee, as to not make things look "as bad" as nominating Jee off the bat.

Reason being she doesnt want the guys harassing them about deals, strategy, etc..

Aug 29 2003 15:31, Fri madman   Link
Erika mocking Robert, "'I swear on my daughter, I swear on my daughter.' - He's so full of sh*t!" NT

Aug 29 2003 15:44, Fri Vaseflower2000   Link
ju in hoh room looking at what she got NT

Aug 29 2003 15:48, Fri Vaseflower2000   Link
we have foth-the girls burned something they were cooking in the kitchen while they were in hoh room. NT

Aug 29 2003 15:49, Fri Quench   Link
Jun goes into the HOH for the first time
English Toffee Cookies homemade

A tulip

A picture of Bob. and a note saying "congrats on winning HOH and going to the awards and hang in there"

A little penguin which is from his and her first date.

A CD (didn't catch the title - couldn't hear over Ali screeching) Robert grabs it and puts on the headphones to listen to it.

She got Corona and Ali says can we have some.

The Food - Tuna melts - are burning in the oven and Ali and Erika go and run to rescue the food. Jee tells Jun that the girls were so jealous and upset (not him of course)

Jun says she knows. Then she can hear the music coming from the CD. and starts to sing. FOTH

Aug 29 2003 15:51, Fri Vaseflower2000   Link
eri in the kitchen and ju,ali, and jee in hoh room. NT

Aug 29 2003 15:54, Fri Quench   Link
Before Jun went to check the HOH Robert and Jee were outside
Jee saying how "she" - Jun - got HOH and got to go out of the house and how she got to stay in a hotel. How come she is so lucky. (He forgets last week) She has had too much this week. They can hear Jun announcing the room is open. Well we should go in there. Just for a minute because we have to.

Robert during this rant was just doing the yes man routine.

Aug 29 2003 15:59, Fri Vaseflower2000   Link
jee and rob in hammock in the backyard and jee says he is really happy for june. she has had a great week. NT

Aug 29 2003 16:02, Fri Quench   Link
Ali and Erika chatting with Jun about how jealous they were about Jun going but only
because Erika wants to know every single detail. Ali says she wasn't jealous because she never did anything like that before.

Jun telling E and A that as soon as they left the room to rescue the food Jee and Robert were at her about you two.

Jun asked about the veto but BB told her let the HG's tell her. Ali has already informed her that she has the Veto.

Ali: You still want to get rid of Jee first?

Ali what are you going to say at your nomination speech.
Jun:I am going to say I am going to continue where Erika left off

Yes Not sure if it came from E or Jun.

Us girls have to stick together.

E and A telling Jun all the stuff Jee and Robert were ranting about while she was away.

Ali: I chose not to use the Veto on Robert... They are giddy and laughing... then back to whispering.

Ali saying Robert is going crazy. Jun saying that Jee has been such a Jackass.

Posting while they whisper.

Aug 29 2003 16:04, Fri TheBigSista ParentRootLink
zilla said she is putting up ali and rat so ali can use veto on self and she'll have to put up jee as she doesnt want to hear his whinging NT

Aug 29 2003 16:10, Fri Quench   Link
Ali talking about her conversation with Jee while Jun was gone.
How Jee saying how he saved her butt. And that he was honest with her. But Ali bit back and said to him that oh yeah keeping Jack would have been a good idea. I would have then gone up, because Jack was after me.

Ali says what Jee said to her: if Jun puts up him and Robert that Ali should save Jee or Robert and jun should put up Erika and that would be a vote to get rid of Erika then next week we can get rid of Jun.

Ali then says doesn't he realize the 2 ppl he want to get rid of while he was HOH didn't work out.

How Jee was going to have Ali as the 3rd person of the Dream Team.

Ali is going on and on about the conversation. I am sure it is embellished for Jun. Erika is just giggling but not really confirming anything.

Aug 29 2003 16:13, Fri Vaseflower2000   Link
foth NT

Aug 29 2003 16:17, Fri Quench   Link
Ali finding it extremely funny that twice Jee put up Erika and Twice she stayed.
Ali talking about the night before the vote and telling Jee: Everytime I came to talk to you - you had Robert with you and how Robert was talking how everything was set to vote out Erika.

Ali saying that Jee told her that they had already made up their minds about voting Erika out and only after that did they have Ali join as the 3rd. Ali told him that yes "you" made up your mind I wasn't part of the team at that time.

Aug 29 2003 16:31, Fri Quench   Link
Ali telling Jun about the food comp in the sandroom. There was a barrier at the door and the room was filled with balls with letters.
It was like Chucky Cheese but for big people.

After the comp they were playing in the balls. When they sat down the balls came up to their necks. They were beaning balls at Robert who was standing by the wall with the words.

Aug 29 2003 16:34, Fri Quench   Link
Jun is playing with the penguin and tells Ali and Erika that she is going to take a nap.
she has taken Dramamine and she is so drowsy. E and A leave and she rearranges some things on the shelf. she goes into the orange room to gather some of her things for the week.

Aug 29 2003 16:52, Fri Bayoubug   Link
Er to Ali: Remember, there are still three members of the jury in this house; whever it is. NT

Aug 29 2003 16:54, Fri MsB0808   Link
Robert and Jun talking. Robert trying to make it seem "ok" if he is nominated. NT

Aug 29 2003 17:50, Fri MsB0808   Link
Jee "not making a deal with Jun" although he keeps proposing he has her safe. NT

Aug 29 2003 19:07, Fri ktan   Link
Erika (in hammock) says to Rob in BY Jack forgot his souvenirs (mostly t-shirts BB gave out in comps) NT

Aug 29 2003 19:16, Fri ktan   Link
Erika explains BB1 nomination and voting procedures to Rob. Rob said he would of liked that. But Erika says it was dull TV. NT

Aug 29 2003 19:20, Fri Anonymous   Link
Rob and Erica make a brief mention of Erika's boyfriend
While they are talking about BB1, Rob says that it is cool that Erika is in the same house as BB1. He then tells her that he hasn't said anything to anyone, and asks what his prize was. He won second place.

Aug 29 2003 20:20, Fri Strange_Brewster   Link
Girls were napping, Rob and Jee playing cards. ali is now up also. NT

Aug 29 2003 20:20, Fri Strange_Brewster   Link
Roberts just said "Things are not the same without Justin" NT

Aug 29 2003 20:23, Fri Strange_Brewster   Link
ALi and Jee now playing cards, Rober is checking on the hot tub NT

Aug 29 2003 20:55, Fri Strange_Brewster   Link
Ericka up, playing cards with Ali. Robert talking with Jun NT

Aug 29 2003 21:14, Fri MsB0808   Link
Jee and Robert talking about who on the jury would vote for whom....Girls talking about how Jee is trying to say he isn't going to get votes from the
jury...trying to make them think he isn't a threat.

Aug 29 2003 21:17, Fri MsB0808   Link
Robert and Jee are talking about how people on the jury "should vote for how someone played the game, not because they like someone". NT

Aug 29 2003 22:34, Fri ktan   Link
Fun with announcements
(in kitchen)

BB: "Erika, please put your microphone higher. Thank you."
Erika appears confused because the mic is pretty high on one strap of her tank top. But she puts the mic on the other strap anyway.

Then BB says "Erika, please put your microphone lower."
So Erika moves the mic down to her cleavage. "Testing, testing" as she stares directly at the cam.

BB: "Thank you."

Ali: (paraphrasing) How come I don't get thank yous? I'll remeber that.

BB:"Alison, thank you."

Aug 29 2003 22:35, Fri ktan   Link
BB orders lockdown. Pull down outdoor shades. NT

Aug 29 2003 22:50, Fri BBWhat   Link
Jun to girls: I'm going to get that stupid-assed chink out of here. [I'm not kidding] NT

Aug 29 2003 22:54, Fri BBWhat   Link
Girls talking strategy
They discuss how Jee sealed his fate when he didn't put up two girls, or use the Veto, last week.

Jun: that was like, Stage 1 over.

Erika: I wanted to say to Nathan when he was up, you have no chance.

They discuss how strong guys lose in BB. They ask Ali what her strategy coming in here was.

Ali: get in the middle and break up alliances.

They say that they won't have to pack this week. Laughs over how the boys will have to pack.

Erika: if there is any justice in this world, let us win HOH next week. Robert has no patience, how did he get in here? He could win a Coke drinking comp maybe.

Ali: or Cuban history maybe. Cigars and pathological lying. [Pot, kettle, black?]

[That's if for me, I'm sick of listening to these hyenas running roughshod over this house. None of these girls did much to get where they are in the game, and it's officially boring and over to me. A rout, from this point on. Goodbye.]

Aug 29 2003 23:20, Fri bidz_yo   Link
The three girls are lounging in the living room
They are rehashing the end stages of BB3.
How Marc didn't save himself and Jason had to break the tie LIVE
Then Dani winning and Amy leaving
Then the key-holding HOH comp Lisa won and Jason left

Interspersed with general insults of the Stooges

Aug 29 2003 23:21, Fri ktan   Link
In attempting to remember the final HOH comp of BB3, the girls forgot that it was a three-parter and omitted the second part.
They think the HOH comp only involved the key holding part and the one-word descriptions by evicted HGs of the remaining HGs. Wondering why Dani couldn't compete in the "second part" and Jason could.

Aug 29 2003 23:28, Fri bidz_yo   Link
LOL at BB announcer
BB: "Houseguests, if you win the half million dollar prize, you'll never have to eat peanut butter again."

One girl says, "They're just f**king with us"

Aug 29 2003 23:30, Fri ktan   Link
Erika finds the key and opens the Desert Room. Balls from food comp are STILL there! NT