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Aug 30 2003 01:42, Sat Jokerette   Link
Robert and Jun talking
He's telling her how happy she was. That she looked like a sister of hers, not even her (at the awards.) and how fun it was to see her. And that no one can ever take away that one night she was a super star. it's better than this whole experience. even if she has all the money in the world she can't get into the VMA.. he's ranting on and on about it.

He says it's like a part of him went.

Allie came in from the hot tub.. there were people screaming out there, she says. Robert says something happens every friday

Aug 30 2003 01:42, Sat BBWhat   Link
Losers' Lament in the living room - Jee and Robert talking
Jee: I tried to do it, but I couldn't do it... similar thing this week. You were outnumbered 3:1. Don't feel guilty at all. I had a chance to survive with the veto, I didn't get it. I guessed, and didn't get it. It was a good guess on her part, what can I say. I'm in Justin's spot now, I'm cool. What's going to happen is going to happen. That's it dude. Let my time come. That's it.

Jee talking about playing solitaire. That day they lost HOH this week, solitaire went bad. Jee didn't think he could have beat her in the comp, anyway.

Rob: to tell you the truth, I could have seen you there (NY), too. Pissed me off (that Jun won)...

Jee: I would have said the same thing she said.

Rob: "Dream team all the way, mofo!"

Jee: if they (fans) screamed that? During the middle of this games, I have to think the fans were really supporting us. We are the underdogs, and turned it around. We were loyal to each other, like brothers. We have fans because of that, that's cool. That part of the game, the fans are going to enjoy. If I have fans because of that, cool. If Jun has fans, we could too.

Jee goes to washroom. Rob touches his face and sniffles. Some girls can be seen through window, they are in the hot tub.

Jee and Jun in washroom. Jun drying her hair.

Jun: yeah, she (Ali) is very cocky. She's like, you're not going to win.

Jee: she's such a childish fk'n shyt. She's twisted.

Jee returns to living room.

Jee: falling asleep?

Rob: no.

Jee: tomorrow I'm getting a hair cut, that will be cool. You're eyes are looking better. I think you slept on a knuckle, or something.

Rob: I pulled a Justin.

Jee: I usually sleep on my back, but here I sleep on my side, out of consideration for you guys. I wake up so thirsty. I like to keep a cup of water by my bedside. But I don't like dust getting in there, I'm so anal.

Rob: that's why I use a water bottle.

Jee: I throw some of the top of water. The stuff on top is gone. That's a habit I learned from my dad.

Jun comes by.

Rob: Jun, would you massage us please?

Jun: sure!

Jee: I usually don't get them. I'm not giving you one, that's gay, dude!

Apparently Justin would do massages, as part of high school wrestling. [With Ben Dover?]

Rob: Jun, come out here, you done?

Jun in kitchen. Guys talking about what exercises to do the next day. Rob and Jun talking about a John Kelly, and the VMA's.

Jee: it was live, dude, we saw it already. They probably play the interviews once again.

Jun: a friend probably tape it.

Jee: I have only two people to tape for me.

Rob comments about a friend who has some Big Brother DVDs. [Bootlegs?]

Rob: you think you're going to have any friend say, shyt, I didn't see it? People, like, freak out, once you've been on TV.

Jee has a job where he can't be interrupted by fans. "Sorry, I can't talk to you."

Jee: 18th and Chelsea, it's like a gay district now.

Jee and Jun talking about redevelopment in their NYC neighbourhoods.

Jee: the name is terrible, but the mall is pretty phat...high end shyt.

Rob: I love it (graveyard shift).

Jee: you work the weekend too?

Rob: every night, I have 10-20 tables of people I know. I can't think of a better business. I have people kissing me and hugging me. If you don't like that, I don't know. Everybody goes to eat when they are having fun. Actors are like, Robert, I know you're oversold but I need to get a table.

Jun talking about the limo drivers she saw while in NYC, the drivers talking about what celebs they were taking. Her's couldn't say, he wasn't allowed. The others though he was taking a "huge fk'n star."

Rob: Jun, that is cool. That is really funny.

Jun talking about her trip. Some old Korean couple recognized her in the airport on the way back. Kelly Clarkson was noticeably booed at the MTV show - a portend for future reality TV stars? Jun got some cheering on her way up.

Jun: everybody has fans. But fans of the show, they love everyone.

Jun thinks local fans will like certain BB players more than others. Her NYC fans will be different than Jee's, because he's her EX.

Rob: that's cool, Jun, I love hearing it.

Jee: you will never forget it.

Jun: only my wedding will be more memorable...

Jee: I'll be one of those player's from Big Brother who will be forgotten like this.

Jun: I feel like I won already (from getting the trip)... they said they were excited, then they were jealous.

Rob telling Jun what footage they got to see in the BB house.

Jun: after my interview, I literally was so buzzing, I can't remember what I said. I talked too long.

Rob: I didn't notice that. I expected you to throw a baby voice or be a fk'n assh*le, but you didn't! You were great, I never seen you so happy. You looked like a twin sister that even wasn't you. That was so fun to see. And no one can ever take away the one night you were a superstar. That's better than this whole experience, I'll tell you. Even if you get the first prize, you can't get into the VMA! Money cannot buy that. I'm glad, because it still feels like a part of me. I feels like a part of me went.

Aug 30 2003 01:58, Sat Jokerette   Link
Robert thinking they're getting goodies tomorrow...
Erika thinks maybe laundry. They're teasing Jun about jet setting to NY. She says it's so tiring.

She says they asked her how the other hgs would feel, she said the girls would hate her.

Jun didn't recognise the rappers, she says. Discussing various musicians now.`

Aug 30 2003 02:05, Sat Jokerette   Link
Onto discussing everything from awards to the weird food
the lutefisk. robert thinks they're being messed with. That the eyeballs are in there somewhere (LOL!)

Robert says at least this week has gone fast with everything happening.

Allie bails for the bathroom and the feed follows her. ack!

Aug 30 2003 02:05, Sat Jokerette   Link
Jee saying he's a bit drunk.. then a sudden FOTH NT

Aug 30 2003 02:11, Sat Jokerette   Link
Now jee is sitting in a chair, brushing his teeth 10,000 times, Jun talking a bit of noms
That's literally the sound on most feeds.

Allie yells that it's 1 AM and Erika wonders how it got so late, all with a background of brushing.

Jun is being sneaky.. just missed what she said, but she ended it with "He knows me better. He can't say shyt. He's asking me things."

Erika: they're so stupid. (All 3 girls are giggling madly)

Ally: JUn, I've prepared my speech. You'll shyt your pants. I;m gonna die laughing, they'll make me do it again.

Jun: it's sunday, not tomorrow.

Aug 30 2003 02:13, Sat Jokerette   Link
:Robert's going to die next week"
We won't leave him alone, Jun says.

they're gonna ask him to do the pool and the spa, the windows.

Now they wonder if the toilet seat cover is back, it is. And in walks one of the dudes, singing.. FOTH dangit

Aug 30 2003 02:26, Sat Jokerette   Link
RObert asks if Jack left erika some crusty shorts..
Jee says there's a pair waiting for her in the bathroom. She shrieks.

Jee muttered something about ally having come to him and said something, but got cut off.

Jee thinks BB dims the lights more now than in the beginning (The boys are in bed.)

Now the house is quiet.

Aug 30 2003 04:21, Sat frustratedposter   Link
all HG asleep, but most seem restless, tossing and turning NT

Aug 30 2003 08:42, Sat ilsa   Link
still asleep NT

Aug 30 2003 09:45, Sat valentine   Link
Everybody is Still Tucked Away in Bed
and appear to be sleeping soundly.

Someone just sneezed and rustled their covers.

Aug 30 2003 10:18, Sat Nathalia   Link
BB just announced the morning wake up call...only Jun up so far NT

Aug 30 2003 10:31, Sat Nathalia   Link
Looks like everyone else is up except Jee who is still in bed...
Everyone doing their morning bathroom routines..Jun is asking if they want egg whites.

Aug 30 2003 10:44, Sat Nathalia   Link
Around the feeds...
F1 Erica brushing her teeth
F2 Different angle of Erica
F3 Ali watching Jun cook breakfast..and does not look like a happy camper
F4 Alison watching June cook from different angle

F1 & F2 are now Rob and Jee just waiting on their breakfast to be served

Aug 30 2003 10:46, Sat Nathalia   Link
Everyone just realized today was Jee's birthday and all said "Happy Birthday Jee"
Just before this Jee had come in from outside and asked Jun what the weather was like when she was in NY..and she said "it was nice"

Aug 30 2003 10:48, Sat Nathalia   Link
Jun, Erica & Ali breakfast ready...Robert is in first to make his plate and run off with the food NT

Aug 30 2003 10:50, Sat Nathalia   Link
Jun now asking how Robert did reading off the HOH stuff..
Ali says he did "OK" Says they asked him to do it again after the first time..but this time with his microphone on.

Aug 30 2003 10:52, Sat Nathalia   Link
Ali is saying that the best part of Jun winning HOH is that..
Robert still doesn't know that Ali is the one who told Jun all the items that were missing.

Aug 30 2003 10:57, Sat Nathalia   Link
Girls are just in kitchen discussing who noticed what items that were missing for HOH Comp..
Ali is sitting at table eating..Erica is sitting at table with sunglasses on running her hands all over her face. Jun is still cooking. Ali asks if they are laying out today...Jun says they will go shopping tomorrow (LOL)

Aug 30 2003 10:59, Sat Nathalia   Link
Ali thinks they aren't having nominations today because it's Jee's birthday...
Jun laughs...

Aug 30 2003 11:03, Sat Nathalia   Link
Jackie O..I mean Erica is trying to swallow the egg whites..
Erica says she has to wash her's dirty. Jun is cutting up something..earlier she said the blueberries were not sure what she is making. Erica just thanked Jun for breakfast..and then Ali chimes in..."yeah..thank you".

Ali is starting to talk about Britney and Madonna again...oy!

Aug 30 2003 11:11, Sat Nathalia   Link
Robert and Jee outside....
Rob asked Jee what he was thinking about...he replies.."my home" then silence except for Rob's sniffling.

Aug 30 2003 11:15, Sat Nathalia   Link
Girl's talking about having to do their laundry...
Ali gets up and leaves table. Erica still sitting at table drinking her coffee. Jun gets up and leaves too. Nothing going on to speak of.

Aug 30 2003 11:18, Sat Nathalia   Link
Around the feeds again...
F1 & F2 Ali filling up bucket outside to do her laundry.
F3 & F4 Erica just jumped in all the balls in the Desert room.

Aug 30 2003 11:39, Sat Nathalia   Link
Jun is describing rules of competition
They have to act out what they think is going on over at the evicted houseguests house. They have to videotape it. I think she said they have all day to do this. Jun said they could all be Dana if they wanted to. They have costumes to help them with this competition.

Aug 30 2003 11:40, Sat nonamus ParentRootLink
Has to be done by 2:00 today NT

Aug 30 2003 11:41, Sat Nathalia   Link
Everyone wants to be Dana...
Robert asked if he could use one of Nathan's half shirts. They think it's going to be funny. The houseguests are cracking themselves up already. Keep getting intermittent FOTH.

Aug 30 2003 11:43, Sat Nathalia   Link
Erica has a Dana wig on and a cowboy hat...Robert wants Jee to be Justin NT

Aug 30 2003 11:44, Sat bruhe   Link
the reward is a screening of the movie they make not a real feature movie NT

Aug 30 2003 11:58, Sat Nathalia   Link
Everyone is getting ready for the competiton..except Jun who just made herself a pbj sandwich.. NT

Aug 30 2003 12:00, Sat Dreamer   Link
Jun: Houseguests~you have all been wondering what has been going on at the jury
house where the sequestered hg's have been living. Here is your chance to tell us what you think life is like at the other BB house. Enclosed you'll find a video camera, one tape, and some carefully chosen props to help you more accurately portray your evicted roomates. What we have to do is put on these props and pretend that we're people that got evicted. Each hg must appear on camera, everyone can be Dana if they want to. Al least 3 different hg's should contribute to the camera work. I don't want to really touch it so you guys can do it. We have to return everything by 2:00 pm. Don't worry about the editing we'll take care of that. If you complete this task though, we'll give you a special screening of your movie and throw in the popcorn.

(You can check out the compilation video here.)

Aug 30 2003 12:11, Sat ktan   Link
HG portrayals: Robert-Nathan, Ali-Jack, Erika-Dana, Jee-Justin, Jun-camera person NT

Aug 30 2003 12:17, Sat Grins   Link
HG impersonations:
Erika as Dana:
wearing bikini, bathrobe, slippers, black wig, cowboy hat and has black paper stuck to her tooth to create a gap. Going around saying f*ck f*ck, f*ck, talking about how she is the coolest person on the f*ing show.

Robert as Nathan:
blonde wig, shorts, painted on six pack and pec defintion, dangling a straw from his mouth and using an exaggerated OK accent. Mimicing shaving his chest.

Ali as Jack:
clown wig that bald front and longer gray hair on sides and back. Jack's green dairy tshirt, Jack's shorts that he had lef behind, glasses. Making PB& Mayo sandwich and talking about how he can't do anything with the Britney Spears that "Nate" asks him about because he has empty swimmers.

Jee as Justin:
black Mo from ThreeStooges wig that has been gelled in the front, wrapped in a towel. Constantly scratching his back on the wall, grabbing his package while asking Rob to grab him a glass of water. Jee even doing impersonation of Justin's impersonation of Jee.

Aug 30 2003 12:22, Sat ktan   Link
Outside, Ali takes over the camera and Jun becomes Jack. NT

Aug 30 2003 12:30, Sat ktan   Link
The HGs head into the love room and do a parody of a Dana (Erika)-Justin (Jee) massage. NT

Aug 30 2003 12:36, Sat BuzzardsCrotch   Link
Now Jack is played by Erika, Justin is played by Ali, Dana is Jee, and June is Nate NT

Aug 30 2003 12:51, Sat ktan   Link
After the taping was finished, Robert speculates the jury may have done their own impersonations of the remaining five HGs. NT

Aug 30 2003 14:56, Sat BuzzardsCrotch   Link
Ali, Rob and Jee in BY. ALi doing laundry. Je & R sitting at table talking NT

Aug 30 2003 15:11, Sat Silas   Link
Ali does laundry while she talks strategy (text within)
Ali is doing the laundry, Erika appears to be taking a nap.
(author's note; I'm not sure what's going on, so I'll type what I hear)

Rob: AFter this MOnday, one week.
Ali: That's crazy. Are you SURE?
Rob: I'm very sure.
Ali: It's so soon!
Rob: It's soon, but think about how long we've been here.
Ali: Isn't it two weeks?
Rob: The next week, the 4th person leaves. There's an hoh for the 3 who are in the final. let's say you're HOH and it's me and Erika. Next Wednesday okay? So the 4th person leaves, 3 people compete for HOH. Whoever gets HOH, they'll have 3 or 4 days to come together. EVeryone gets together and votes. That's a week and a half away.
Ali: Damn. Yeah, that makes sense.
Rob: That's how it was last week
Ali: That's kinda cool.
Rob: It seems like it's coming up soon, but we've been here for a long freakin' time.

Rob: I'm curious to see what the F*** is gonna happen, for HOH.
Ali: Ahh well don't you look snazzy (to Jee). Did you just get that?
Jee: No this is mine I just brought it here.
Ali: Are we gonna have a luxury?
Jee: That would be phat.

Jee: It's too cool to see one person get a nice reward in the house.
Rob: I know that.
Ali: My boyfriend has a football game right now! If he's still my boyfriend..
Rob: I don't think it's cool if one person gets it.
Jee: But it's always like that.
Ali: Jee, I hope you get it because it's your birthday.
Jee: Thank you that's very nice of you Alison. It's still a great moment for whoever gets it.
Ali: I'm always a sucker not knowing what the hell it is. Sorry; I'll find out. (Ali does the laundry) I don't know whose these are, can I take them out?
Jee: I'll just get my boxer.

Jee: Who doesn't Jun wanna go up against in the end?
Ali: Probably, doesn't matter. I don't think it matters to Jun. Jun, I can honestly see winning this, if she makes it that long. That's why next week if you keep your mouth shut.
Jee: I told her I want her first. I'm sayin', why do we have to keep s**t from each other/ I would want her out; she's definitely the strongest one.
Ali: She would pull votes from both sides and that's how she'll win. Erika is way up there. Say it's you and Erika in the end, Erika has Nathan, Erika has Jack, Erika will have Jun, and Erika will probably honestly have me, because she's my alliance. The onloy thing that can be a toss is Erika and Jun.
Jee: Right
Ali: But I don't plan on letting that happen. And for sure Erika would win against me.
Jee: I dont' know about that.
Ali: So if you want *my* plan, I just basically laid it out for you, didn't I? And to be very honest, I don't think I can win at all, but I do want the second prize.
Jee: I have Justin and Jee no matter what, so all I need is 2 more votes. I got 3 votes locked in.
Ali: Especially if it's against me. If it's you and Jun, Dana's voting for June. Erika also has for sure Nathan and Jack and either Jun or I. Jun or I, I'm not trying to bea mean , but I'd take that risk. I'll take that risk any day.

Aug 30 2003 15:34, Sat bidz_yo ParentRootLink
She was talking to Robert when she had the whole convo about who would get who's vote in the final 2. NT

Aug 30 2003 15:11, Sat Silas   Link
Jee plays solitaire while Rob talks
Jee and Rob are seated. Jee is playing with cards.

Jee: I need a new shirt. I don't like it when it's too tight in the neck. Want me to teach you how to play ...
Rob: I dont' need cards in the real world.
Jee: Really. Well, sorry
Rob: I'm having fun with my thoughts and myself. I don't need that s**t. I'm happy with what I'm gonna think about.
Jee: I'm one of those people who wants to keep busy.
Rob: I know, in here it's bad.


Jee: You feeling alright?
Rob: Oh yeah, I'm cool.
Jee: Anything you wanna talk about, I'm always here for you.
Rob: I just can't wait. One more week.
Jee: I've been thinking about the same thing, every other minute, in this game.

Rob almost picks his nose but the outer portion of it. Then he clasps his hands together, starts briefly biting his tongue.

Jee: I'm becoming a bada** solitaire player.

Rob seems to have this habit of touching his face all the time, while indulged in his thoughts.

Jee starts to make some sort of drum beat with his fingers while playing solitaire.

More silence, then Rob picks his nose, then Jee starts making a beat on the table with only his thumb while resuming solitaire.

Jee sighs. "Dammit."

(transcriber starts to yell at monitor for Jee and Rob to talk!!)

Aug 30 2003 15:26, Sat Silas   Link
Jee and Rob enjoy Jun's meatloaf, while they talk about Justin
Jee and Rob enter the house, and meet Jun.

Rob: I hope you get the phone call, Jee.

Rob: I'm not saying I want Jee or you or anybody.
Jun takes some dish and puts this gravy-like thing over it. Jun starts to eat something on a white plate. Then Jun grabs a cup and fills it with water. She then takes a some more bits of whatever she's eating. She grabs the ketchup, puts it back, then goes outside.

Jun: Jee, go get some.
Jee: Taht's all you're gonna eat?
Jun: For now.
Jee: (speaks to himself about solitaire). Okay 6. This is very pathetic. This is how it's supposed to look when I finish solitaire. I'm serious; when you're all done, then you should be able to.. see how they all go in suit and in order? This is all diamond. Ace to King. A little bit more believable.

BB: Alison, please go to the diary room.

Jee: Ali, you alright?
Ali: Yeah; just kinda happy.. excited.. I don't know. Do you think it's gonna be today or another day?
Jun: I think maybe, tomorrow.
Ali: Really? Don't they need to show that to people though? We'll probably have a luxury before we have that.
Jun: They can do that and show it and who won and whatever.
Ali: did you nap?
Jun: I'm going to after I eat. The meatloaf is ready.
Ali: Is it yummy?
Jun: Yeah, have it now while it's hot.
Ali: Do you love to cook? Or do you feel it's a duty you have to do?
Jun: No I love it.
Ali: did you already go in about all that?
Jun: Yeah.

Rob is silently eating, and Ali is doing the laundry.

Jun: Was that OG?
Jee: I made an orangina. Sprite and Orange Juice. But it's not really gassy anymore.

Ali: Laundry SUCKS!
Jun: is Erika sleeping?
Ali: No she's in the diary room.

Jun: (to Jee) You might get it. I mean, they were laughing at me. When you hear that voice of hers, it's going to be pure emotion.
Jee: I don't know what's going to happen. I would love it; it would be so beautiful to hear "hello". I sound like Jason! But nah; it's not going to happen. The other Korean they love in the house.
Jun: OH shut the f**k up. I'm the evil korean. It's different; now that there are less people in the house, I'd appreciate more company.
Jee: I'm a nice person, Jun.
Jun: Why don't you suck your own c**k?
Jee: I can't; it's impossible. I hear it's possible if you remove your own ribs though. I don't wanna say it because it could be slander.

Jun: Damn. Doesn't he even care that that's the only reason?
Rob: If you can't make your career ..
Jee: you know aaliyah? She's a beautiful woman?
Jun: What does she look like? She dark?
Jee: No light.. blond. beautiful face. She's bodacious. Thanks Jun, this is awesome (referring to food)
Rob: I'm just so f****ing tired I just wanna sleep. I woke up half hour before you.
Jee: Oh wow, you should be real tired because of that. If you can have a whole bottle of coke, you should be running on caffeine.
Rob: We have stuff to look forward to.

Rob goes in the house, followed by Jee, probably to return their meatloafless dishes.

Jee: Rob; you do the dishes this time. I did it before.
Rob: I'm not doing it now though.
Rob steps outside, followed by Jee again.

Rob: I wonder what Justin's doing, man? he must be hitting it every day.
Jee: It must be. The first month is mad good. He must be hitting it.
Rob: Yeah he must be good.
Jee: They're getting their groove on, and starts to play PS/2 with Nathan, playing video games, watching some DVDs, jacking down. And talks about FBI stories with Jack. And then gets messed up every night.
Rob: Yeah.
Jee: I bet he's doing good. They could go back and start saying in detail what really happened in here, not just the competition. Jee also won the mcdonald's competition. He could go into more detail.

Aug 30 2003 15:43, Sat Silas   Link
Jee and Ali plays rummy, while Jun is a spectator

Rob: Does Ali ever think she'd win America's Choice? She would never in a million years win that. And I'm looking at a viewer looking in on the show.
Jee: Yeah for sure; I wouldn't.


Jee: IMagine a phone call. s**t.
Rob: Last year when they had the phone call..
Jee: Amy won that competition. And she won money too. And then it was by number.
Rob: How long did she get to talk?
Jee: It seemed like a decent conversation; maybe 5 minutes. It was on a cellphone. I think it was inside and in a room; I dont' think it was in front of people necessarily. Maybe she was in the DR for all I know. Because if I were to talk to him, if I could talk to my girlfriend, I'd just talk to her. I'm not gonna get my hopes up; whoever gets it I'll be happy for them. But it would be nice..

Jee: The reason why it'd be more special for me is because I can get to say Happy Anniversary to my girl; just say hi to her.
Rob: yeah exactly.

Jee: It's getting a little hot out here. I'm gonna chill inside for a little bit.
Rob: I'm gonna take a shower.
Jee: Yeah you should get that over with now. If they're going to announce it they're going to do it soon I think.

Feed 4 cuts to Erika happily snoozing. Feed then cuts to Rob, and then Jee, inside the house, still fiddling with his cards.

Jee: Jun what time is it? About 2:30?
Rob: Damn Jee you weren't supposed to take the time.
Jee: I can't even hear what Jun said. I still don't know the time I could be wrong.
Rob: I heard the time already.
Jee: 2:30?
Rob: Yeah.

Jee is now all alone, playing solitaire.

Jee: I'm so bored! Guys let's play a game or something. It's frickin' boring in here.
Ali: (in a childish voice) guys let's play a game or something. What do you wanna play?
Jee: I don't know; I don't care. Why don't they give us a chess board?
Ali: Give us a game to play.
Jee: I"m willing to play anything. Even Jun's fruit game.
Ali: TAke a nap.
Jee: Oh okay I'll take the hint.
Jun: I won't take a nap. Who's in the shower, Rob?
Ali: I have a game for now. Fill the ice cube tray when Erika gets out?
Jee: That's not a game; I'm going to sleep.

Ali: Rummy?
Jee: Oh okay. Hey Jun let's play rummy.
Jun: No. I don't wanna play.
Jee: Can you be a spectator?
Jun: Sure.
Jee: It's more fun if a lot of people play this card game.
Jun: I'll watch.
Jee: Yeah I love it when people play games. You are suuuuuuuh talented.
Ali: Alright; jee's turn.
Jee: What kind of man wears a g-string.

Ali and Jee play rummy.

Jee: As soon as I give you a card you take it. If someone takes a card and doesn't use, they're probably going to make it a run. Not to make obvious a 3 of a kind or 4 of a kind. That's how I bluff them. I try to scare them off like that; they get nervous and stuff.
Ali: I don't get nervous.
Jee: You're the s**t, you're the bomb.
Ali: I just don't get nervous.
Jee: I just don't get used to that pageant stuff.
Ali: Actually, dance team, in Madison Square Garden.
Jee: Pressure and a thang? Why don't you just go look away.
Ali: It's a run; it's a run!
Jee: Shut up; you've been saving it; all trying to get one hand.
Ali: Oh I just made you cry, boy.
Jee: OH you would make me do that.
Ali: I would not.
Jee: That's called sarcasm. Oh boy bu-boy boy boy boy.

Ali: There's a lot of stuff on that pile...

Jee starts to whistle, then stops himself.

Jee: Oh, so sorry. I try never to let that happen again. Why you laughing at me?
Ali: Oh how you just talk to yourself.
Jun: Cocoa butter is good for scars. Heals the skin.
Jee: Here sucka hurry up. If I go in I'm in trouble.. Give it up, give it up!
Ali: You pick one, because they're both.
Jee: Stupid choice. Stop being so serious.
Ali: How is it so serious when I say "not really"?

Jun: They got us up so early.
Ali: I know, 9:15! It's Saturday people! have a little bit of respect around here!

Aug 30 2003 15:52, Sat Silas   Link
Ali and Jee play cards, Jun plans to take nap, Erika still in DR

Ali: People think I'm so serious because I'm sarcastic. When I first met Justin, it was like the first time he called me. Or I had to call him back. He called me and I had to call him right back. It was the first time I called him back; I got his answering machine and I was like "get up you little b**ch I know you're there."

Jee: I bet he got turned on when you said that.
Jun: Yeah he likes that.

Ali: Did he ever say any bad...
Jun: No.
Ali: Good because I'll break his nuts.
Jun: LIke a lot of stuff Dana said, she didn't tell me.
Ali: What'd he say bad about me?
Jee: I don't wanna involve myself like that. When we see him after the whole show, maybe there'll be a fight.
Ali: I didn't think he talked bad on me.
Jee laughs.
Ali: Why are you laughing?
Jee: Because it's funny that you believe that.
Jun: You never know what guys do when they're just "with the boys".
Jee: I'm not disrespecting laughing at you like that, but just because he'd say some stuff.

Ali drops a card.

Jee: Ooh nice. Ooh, you devil. Six six six.

Jun: I'm gonna lie down.
Jee: I want my haircut, Jun.
Jun: yeah, when I get my comb!
Jee: They'll never gonna get it for you.
Jun: Yeah they will.

Ali: Was it really bad things he said?
Jee: Some of them is bad.
Jun: How can you say that you know and then not say it?
Ali: Yeah that's really f***ed up Jee.
Jee: Sorry; my bad.

Jee starts to hum a song.

Jee: Oh boy oh boy oh boy. Oh boy oh boy oh boy, just gave massive points. Oh boy..

Jee starts to hum another song.

Jee: What the heck is Roberto doing? he's taking the longest shower in the world.

Jee hums again.

Jee: Nice.
Jun: Is Erika still in the diary room?
Ali: Yeah.
Jee: Are you serious?
Ali laughs.
Jee: That's a devilish laugh. <turns to Jun> I wanna hear some more music!
Jun: Too bad b**ch I'm going to sleep.
Jee: Alright, my bad.

Ali starts to use her hands as drums on the wooden table.

Jee: Stop that Ali... stop it... dammit. Nooooooooo (reacting to cards)

Aug 30 2003 15:54, Sat Grins ParentRootLink
Erika is actually taking a nap in love room. HGs aren't aware of her whereabouts. NT

Aug 30 2003 16:01, Sat Silas   Link
Jee and Ali play rummy, Rob comes out of shower, everybody realizes Erika is in bed

Ali: Was it about us outside of the game?
Jee: Sometimes, yeah.
Ali: Like? Just tell me; please. please just tell me please?
Jee: It's not important, don't worry. He thinks highly of you too at the same time. He thinks you're an intelligent girl and all that. He knows you're a strong competitor, and that he respects you too. Under pressure, you really don't budge.
Ali: Oh.. I'm not buying it.
Jee: It's not like he's saying negative things about you.
Ali: He didn't say I was a really bad girlfriend?
Jee: He really didn't consider you a girlfriend.

They continue to play cards again.

Ali starts to whisper something I can't hear. More card talk.

Ali: A lot of s**t going on in that pile.
Jee: Absolutely right. I would love to go to a lake or beach.
Ali: You're gonna make me cry because it sounds so good. It sounds soooo good.

More silence while they play cards.

Jee starts to hum again.

Jee: You've been keeping busy today; doing the laundry...
Ali: i'm trying, I'm trying.
Jee: It's always hard
ali: Isn't it? It could just kill you.
Jee: damm.

Rob comes out of the shower.

Jee: Damm bro. Was that like a hour shower? You're wasting water there.
Jee: Rob I think Erika left the house. She's been in the DR for an hour.
Rob: She's on the bed.
Jee and Ali simultaneously: "Oh!"
Jee: I was wondering what was happening in there.

Aug 30 2003 16:21, Sat Silas   Link
Lockdown inside, Jun is napping and Erika is up, Ali bathes and talks with Jee and Rob

Erika is awake, and Ali is expressing her concerns about Justin talking s**t about her. Jee and Rob appear to be talking outside the house.

Erika: It was something about .. being sequestered and being the jury. He walked into the desert room, cleaning the windows, and ... he said something about.... I can't remember what the conversation was.

BB: Attention houseguests. Remain inside until further notice.

Erika: I just wish Alison wasn't in the jury.. being immature and flippid.
Ali: And that's the only thing he said?
Erika: To me, yeah.
Ali: Was that when he was leaving?
Erika: No.. it was still in the desert room.... it might have been Dana.
Ali: Why would he say that?
Erika: I don't know.
Ali: I mean that's not even bad. About me being immature? What, does he think I wouldn't be fair?
Erika: You would totally be fair.
Ali: I probably would be too fair. Because that's what it is about. That is where I am, too. That's b******t. It's gotta be something else. Are you planning on going back outside?
Erika: I don't know, why?
Ali: I might plan on taking a bath.

Ali calls Jee.
Ali: Jee? I need to know. That s.O.B. talks s**t on me I talk s**t on him.
Ali seems bothered by Jee's earlier words about Justin talking bad about him.

Ali: What did he say bad about me?
Jee: You're gonna found out anyway. I don't wanna be the one to do this.
Rob: He said you were a compulsive liar and he said you can't control you rown lie. That's just one. He never talked about you all the time.
Ali: What else did he say?
Jee: He said you were a pathological liar.
Ali: Well. That's bull****.
Rob: Don't worry about it.
Jee: He never wanna argue about it. He said you're gonna believe what you want to believe. Basically what you say, you're going to believe it, and there's no way around it.
Ali: He told me that he never said anything about me in the diary room. The whole time I've been here, I never talk s**t on him
Jee: No no I believe you.
Rob: It was never that he went in the diary room and spoke bad of you. He never gave us examples, he just said that. he wasn't talking about it lots, he just said it. I heard him say it.
Ali: Like more than once?
Rob: No once.
Ali: That's it? I don't think I ever lied to him.
Rob: He told me he would never go in the DR and talk about anyone.
Ali: He didn't say what he thought I lied to him about?
Rob: He never gave examples.
Ali: I never lied to him ever. Even though we were, whatever we were.
Rob: I wouldn't worry about it.
Ali: If that was it I wasn't worry about it at all. He never gave you an example? I mean, he'd understand if he said my boyfriend was a pathological liar, but not me.
Jee: He never said that.

Ali: We're on lockdown right now?
Rob: Maybe it's a luxury competition. It is saturday; why not? I'm sure it has to be something big, and fun.
Ali: The thing we were talking about in the diary room today, that could be luxury.
Jee: Erika's like hoping for the best, that it could be both.
Ali: It could be both?
Erika: It could be a movie or privacy, or america online chatting.

Erika: Remember when I said I was really tired and taking a nap and was with Jun...
Jee: Wow that was maybe an hour ago.
Erika: When they called me in the DR I was sleeping.
Jee: We ate lunch, we ate meatloaf. Yeah probably an hour and a half when they called you. Nice nap.
Erika: Anytime.
Jee: Let's do our biceps and triceps. Get ripped. I wanna make sure we work on the calves.
Ali: Would it bother you guys if I bathed here?
Jee: No, this is for everyone.
Ali: There is so much not to do in this house, wink wink, it's not even funny.
Rob: Now that we know how the house is, it's worse. There's nothing to do.
Jee: we need to do Island ping pong.
Jee: You have to force yourself to have some fun here or else you'll go f****ing insane.
Rob: If we had something to do everyday it would make better.

Ali: We're gonna have a movie tonight.
Jee: It's really not a movie.
Ali: Yeah, but in a way. And we're gonna have popcorn with it. We don't even know if it will be tonight. I bet you it's a couple days.
Jee: No I think they said tonight.
Ali: Tonight really? Yay!
Jee: Erika said tonight.
Ali: We need more bubbles.
Rob: We ran out?
Ali: Yeah.

Aug 30 2003 17:32, Sat BuzzardsCrotch   Link
Jee and Rob talking about addiction in BY
Rob is encouraging Jee to continue to stop smoking.

Aug 30 2003 18:35, Sat Dreamer   Link
Rob on the best thing about BB4 ~
Made friends his his arch enemy (Erika)

Aug 30 2003 19:44, Sat Tristin   Link
Not much going on in the BB house....
Jee playing solitaire

Robert just sitting

Ali cutting something?

Erika playing BB

Jun inside


Aug 30 2003 19:48, Sat bidz_yo ParentRootLink
Just recently they had a cake or pie for Jee's birthday in the BY
[ed. note: And even THAT was boring ]

Aug 30 2003 19:53, Sat ktan ParentRootLink
Ali's cutting her own hair. NT

Aug 30 2003 20:31, Sat SCgal   Link
Rob comes outside and says something about "seeing what she found out". Maybe it was Jun in DR..I may have been wrong above.

Rob heads into the HoH...

Rob talking about the Final Four. Rob says happy only one more week for him.

Jun yawns.

Rob:I know Justin and Jee and myself are gonna vote fair as he!! but no matter who Alison goes up one is gonna vote for her. Jee won't and I dont see Justin either. If it is you and me I can't say what is gonna happen. Dana will vote fair. I can't say Ali will. I will vote for Erika if it is Ali/Erika.
Don't ever worry about us THREE we will vote fair...we are that way. Some people won't cjhange their mind...Jee nd Justin won't vote for Ali.

Jun:She knows that

Rob:This game is not worth it unless you win second or first.

Jun:It is if you want just a break, exposure. Or like Jack was retired. But dana...Dana needed the money

Rob:I wouldn't have come if my daughter hadn't approved of it..My ex wife, my daughter...approved.

Rob repeating the fair thingy.

Jun:Dana Nathan and Ali...not sure they will be fair.

Rob:You're kidding!

Jun: No. "She "felt like she had an alliance...not me.

Rob:If I was up there and didn't win(1st) I wouldn't care wouldn't be surprised. We'll find out next week. It changes every day in here. F*** what you depends on who gets HoH and decides who they want to take to the end.

Jun:Ya never know. Like HoH..I will be at everyone's mercy...I can't participate.

Rob:The possibilities of you getting put up next week are good. I know what you mean.

Jun I know in a HoH and MTV awats re gonna screw me in the game. Because I went to the awards they will be jealous and theyll say Jun go that...not gonna vote for her.

Rob: Nah. It was worth it.

Aug 30 2003 21:15, Sat ilsa   Link
Rob in HT, Erika dives into room of balls, now all but Rob in kitchen singing Star Spangled Banner. NT

Aug 30 2003 21:26, Sat BuzzardsCrotch ParentRootLink

Aug 30 2003 22:00, Sat ktan   Link
Popcorn and pop in the SR -- it's time to watch their movie! NT

Aug 30 2003 22:00, Sat SleeplessOnLI   Link
HGs rec'd popcorn, red wine, snow caps (candy), all on couch ready for their movie (Jee's b-dayparty Jun mentions). Want lights dimmed. NT

Aug 30 2003 22:02, Sat SleeplessOnLI ParentRootLink
Whoppers, Milk Duds, JuJuFruits - movie theater treats. All anticipating the plasma screen to turn on. NT

Aug 30 2003 22:03, Sat ktan   Link
None of the feeds are focused on the plasma screen. :( NT

Aug 30 2003 22:14, Sat SleeplessOnLI ParentRootLink
Difficult to transcribe since we were only able to watch 4Fs of HGs while sitting on the couch. Laughter took over, w/video audio in the background NT

Aug 30 2003 22:05, Sat SleeplessOnLI   Link
Al HGs laughing. BB edited in music to their amateur video shoot. NT

Aug 30 2003 22:09, Sat SleeplessOnLI   Link
Exceptional laughter when they hear themselves say b@alls, and other potty words. NT

Aug 30 2003 22:11, Sat SleeplessOnLI   Link
Jee has tears coming from his eyes from laughing so much. Jun's laugh whaling! Show over. NT

Aug 30 2003 22:19, Sat SleeplessOnLI   Link
Rob:Dana is gonna freak when she sees herself..and Nate. We had 2 Danas, 2 Nates & 2 Jacks. They all want copies. NT

Aug 30 2003 22:21, Sat SleeplessOnLI   Link
Rob & Jee now lifting. Erika on hammock. Erika: "What a treat!" Ali telling them it will be on TV. Now discuss that. NT

Aug 30 2003 22:52, Sat SleeplessOnLI   Link
Don't mow over my cantelope bush ... (12:25pm-12:50pm EDT)
Rob: Everyone was right on.
Erika: We are so awesome.
Ali: Did you see how well our house looked with one of those rinky dink cameras? Imagine real cameras? Rob mentions the sun coming in the window. Must have looked real nice.

Lot's of "way cool", "that was funny", "it was a great time". They tend to spurt about the video, and then go back to mundane talk ... then back to the video, while they work out/hanging out.

Rehasing how Erika acted out Dana by saying "I'm the fn best thing on this show, etc."

Talk about pimples (thinking Nate's back?)

Rob saying the Jury House had no idea what they would do. Everyone was right on with whom they had to be. No one really messed up. Not much for BB to edit - guess compared to what they filmed and what they saw.

Protein shake talk
"I miss Michelle!" talk
PB&J/mayo talk - Nathan accent?
Bringing up different scenarios.

Rob: We had no time to really think about it.
Erika: Can you imagine if we had time to do so?

Rob: Jun is having fun in there ... rest of HGs kind of giggle.
(No feeds on Jun - not fair to assume, but, based upon their reactions, think he meant ... with the treats.)

Ali asking BB to ask 'the people' not to mow over her cantelope bush. BB seems to be unaware. Faintly hear a male BB asking, "What bush?
" Ali says, "You can't see it by the hammock? The bush!" FOTH, again faint BB voice in the background, FOTH ... Ali's audio fades.

Rob & Erika saying they were so bored, that they didn't give a sh!t if they insulted the Jury House. On the outside world, he would never do that. Erika agrees. Dana was RIGHT ON, SCARY. The way she (Erika) was walking while playing Dana. Erika says Dana was fun to do.

Rob: America will laugh their a$$es off. They know them, they see us ... everyone in the world thinks we are having so much fun (editing for TV) but we are so bored.

Erika: They only get three hours a week of us. Hear Erika mention the HT.

All 4Fs change to Rob in the LR.
Ali walks in and says, "What are you doing handsomeness?"
Rob: Waiting for the DR.

Jun comes into the LR.
Rob and Jun agree what a great job they did.

Faint BB annoucement ... about singing?
Rob: Is that three of four today?
Ali from the BR ... talks about singing. (Earlier, Erika was trying to find out if BB would let them at least sing "The Star Spangled Banner." Erika, "PLS! Let me know! I know I sound crazy, but let me know!)

Ali now bouncing in the Desert Room balls - briefly, very briefly.

Ali: BB hates us for singing.

Jun jumping rope on the BB court/Chess board.

Ali lifting weights - to Jun ... Don't tell them that I lifted that much (75lbs). I don't want them to know. Jun says they lift that much too, why not tell? Jee walks out ... now Ali bragging how much she lifted to Jee ... LOL!

Jee puts 20lbs more on Ali's bar. Ali now bench pressing 95lbs. Rob there too.

Jee: Your breasts are going to be tight.

They are discouraging her from putting on more weights. Rob insisting she will be sore, don't do it. Jee says perhaps tomorrow.

All discussing how Nate will be pissed about the red ba!!s and Dana is going to be so pissssssed.

Aug 30 2003 22:53, Sat SleeplessOnLI   Link
Encore! HGs back on the couch. NT

Aug 30 2003 22:55, Sat SleeplessOnLI ParentRootLink
F4 showing the homemade video! NT

Aug 30 2003 22:57, Sat SleeplessOnLI   Link
Video: Guys working out, being Nate ... all of a sudden Erika comes in as Dana, running, arms swinging about ... "I'm the fn best on the show NT

Aug 30 2003 23:01, Sat SleeplessOnLI ParentRootLink
Can't tell if it is Jun, Jee or Erika playing Dana, but "Dana" is cozy'ing up to "Justin" just the way she used to do on the couch. NT

Aug 30 2003 23:06, Sat Grins ParentRootLink
Jee was Dana and Ali was Justin, when on the sofa. NT

Aug 30 2003 23:15, Sat SleeplessOnLI   Link
Ali: Justin did nothing but itch himself and play cards while he was in this house!
Jee: That was funny, they will be laughing. The fans ... the internet fans will love this.

They all hope they get copies. Jee begging outloud to BB for copies. Everytime they watch, they hear more, and the music enhances it for them. Jee says that they laughed so much while filming it, that they missed out on so much of what was really being said.

Rob: Everyone played off each other. It was just like ...

Talk about Justin's socks. Jee saying the guys played him well.
Ali: Justin did nothing but itch himself and play cards while he was in this house. Lots of laughter from others.

Jee & Ali complementing Rob on how well he did Nate. "In the end... you, me and Micheeeelllleee." (accent).

Erika in HT, while Ali jumping rope on BB court. They hope they get the same type of video from the Jury House.

Jee & Rob lifting ... counting, boring.
Jun MIA.

Aug 30 2003 23:25, Sat TheBigSista   Link
ali describing to erika her cheerleading/dance costume after doing her little dance!! NT

Aug 30 2003 23:47, Sat Anonymous   Link
Ali and Jun plotting while doing abs...
to take Erika out next week... not sure if theyre just blowing smoke but worth keeping an eye on...

They seem to think Erika and Robert are somehow allied... (ed. dorks)

Ali continues to bash Rob (when WE know she wants to take him to the end)

Aug 31 2003 00:16, Sun SleeplessOnLI   Link
Rob realizes he's in the shower while its Jun's turn. He gets all upset&sincere. Jee calls him selfish (joking). Jun comes in saying No Problem. NT

Aug 31 2003 00:27, Sun SleeplessOnLI   Link
Ali notifies the house of another SPIDER! Jee how sad our highlight is a spider. Jun saying spiders outnumber HGs. NT

Aug 31 2003 00:29, Sun SleeplessOnLI ParentRootLink
Jee kills it with a broom. Erika now going into shower. NT

Aug 31 2003 00:35, Sun SleeplessOnLI   Link
Ali (outloud & alone) reciting all HGs family's names/relation...memory practice. Erika out of shower catches Ali talking to herself. NT

Aug 31 2003 00:36, Sun SleeplessOnLI   Link
Ali lifting in BY. Erika just out of shower. J&J playing cards in LR, while Rob watches. NT