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Aug 31 2003 01:09, Sun Anonymous   Link
LR couch: Star Spangled Banner singing. Jee (for sure) and Erika? Jun gets up and goes to the kitchen. NT

Aug 31 2003 01:17, Sun JulieH ParentRootLink
That was Jun and Jee singing NT

Aug 31 2003 01:52, Sun ktan   Link
Mystery FOTH. Not sure what could be taking so long to return. NT

Aug 31 2003 02:25, Sun ktan   Link
Still stuck at FOTH this early Sunday morning. NT

Aug 31 2003 02:49, Sun ktan   Link
There's been ~1 hour of FOTH but no explanation for it. And on it goes... NT

Aug 31 2003 03:05, Sun ktan   Link
FOTH finally ends, and everyone is in bed. NT

Aug 31 2003 06:10, Sun valentine   Link
HG All Sleeping, But
Robert just got up and pranced out of the BR in his tighty-whiteys. Thankfully, the feeds didn't follow him.

I guess he went to the WC.

Ooops. The cameras just decided to show us Rob--it looks like he is going through things in the drawers, but quietly, like he is being sneaky.

Now walking back to bedroom, but on the way, gets a kleenex from the kitchen counter and honks his nose very loudly.

(Ed Note: Clearly, Rob has severe allergies and needs to get skin tested and treated. Maybe some physician is watching this and can offer to treat him. He has classic symptoms.)

Aug 31 2003 07:52, Sun ilsa   Link
F1,2,3 sleeping HG's, F4 showing BY. NT

Aug 31 2003 09:45, Sun MsB0808   Link
Houseguests all still asleep. NT

Aug 31 2003 10:10, Sun valentine   Link
Still Sacked Out. Lazy, lazy, lazy. NT

Aug 31 2003 10:24, Sun TheBigSista   Link
the hamster are....
still sleeping, (awww)

Aug 31 2003 10:33, Sun bruhe   Link
BB: good morning house guests it's time to get up for the day (9:33 california time) NT

Aug 31 2003 10:34, Sun valentine   Link
Wake Up Call #1 Was Just Issued
You know, the friendly version.

Only Jun seems to be acting on the request.

Aug 31 2003 10:35, Sun bruhe   Link
Jun is the first to get out of bed. She shuffles to the SR for batteries. no other HGs stir NT

Aug 31 2003 10:36, Sun TheBigSista   Link
zilla in stock room NT

Aug 31 2003 10:37, Sun valentine   Link
Jun Gets Her Batteries
from the storage room, wearing a lavender or light blue camisole and white drawstring pants.

She's in the BR now, looking through her basket, now going into the WC.

(Ed Note: I wonder if she misses her morning conversations with Jack.)

Aug 31 2003 10:37, Sun bruhe   Link
jun winds her way around the house to the WC to take the browns to the superbowl NT

Aug 31 2003 10:39, Sun bruhe   Link
BB again gives wake up call. this time it's about 30% less polite NT

Aug 31 2003 10:40, Sun valentine   Link
2nd Wake Up Call Is Issued
Still sort of friendly.

Jun finishes brushing her teeth. She has untied the strap on her top and is letting it dangle down the front, making it a strapless top.

A few movements from the other HG, but no one seems to be making a go of getting up yet.

Aug 31 2003 10:45, Sun valentine   Link
Jun Begins the Breakfast Routine,
sighing every now and then.

BB: Good morning HG. The bedroom lights MUST remain on.

Allie gets up and turns on the light. The other 3 HG have the covers pulled over their heads.

Jun is rooting around in the fridge.

Aug 31 2003 10:48, Sun valentine   Link
It's Time to Make the Bacon
and Jun is taking her sweet time pulling the slices out of the Oscar Meyer package.

Robert comes in and says good morning, and complains about something that happened due to the PB&J diet?

Jun: All the sugar?

She directs him to her make-up bag. Maybe he has a zit and needs cover-up.

Now Robert is brushing. Jun is going through the fridge in the storage room, talking to herself now and then.

Aug 31 2003 10:55, Sun valentine   Link
Jee Walks Into the Kitchen
Out of the blue, Jun says: Why do your dreams piss you off so much?

Jee: I've just been having nightmares and sh*t.

Jun: It just means you're homesick.

Jee: Whatever.

Jee heads to the bathroom and Jun chooses a shiny spatula and starts pushing what looks like chopped onions around a frying pan. Lots of sizzling. Must be an omelet day.

Aug 31 2003 10:58, Sun valentine   Link
After She Was Happy with the Onions,
Jun poured something out of a paper container into the pan. Looks like egg whites. She used up the contents of one container, and opened up another.

She poured what looked like parsley or some other green spice in, and uses the spatula to move the eggs around.

BB gives us an overhead view while all this is going on.

Jee is sitting in one of the orange BR chairs, brushing away. And counting.

Aug 31 2003 10:59, Sun valentine   Link
Robert is Outside,
putting the chemicals in the pool.

No sign of Erica yet, and Allie has not been seen in the recent past.

Aug 31 2003 11:02, Sun valentine   Link
Jun Goes to the Bedroom
and baby talks: Ladies, you've got to get up.

Allie: Is everybody else up?

Jun: Uh huh.

Jun returns to the kitchen.

Robert: What are we having?

Jun: Uhhhhh, eggs.

Robert: We're making beans, right? (???)

Jun: Yeah.

Jun: Did we win that orange juice?

Robert: No.

Jun: Oh, that was from the continental breakfast.

Aug 31 2003 11:08, Sun valentine   Link
Allie Walks Into the Kitchen, With An Orange and Red Blanket
over her head and body.

Allie: It's only ten??

Jun: Yes.

Allie: I don't think I like them anymore.

Jun: You did, and now you don't. The eggs are ready.

Allie throws her blanket off and heads to the bathroom in a little black top. Erica is called to the DR for her pill. Jun and Allie have already taken theirs.

Aug 31 2003 11:10, Sun valentine   Link
Robert: Oh sh*t, Jun.
as he comes into the kitchen and picks up a plate.

Robert: What are in these eggs, Jun? Not that it matters.

Jun: Mozzerella, turkey, and salsa.

Robert likes them and tell her they are awesome.

Robert: You don't eat breakfast?

Jun: I'll eat some fruit later.

Aug 31 2003 11:12, Sun valentine   Link
Jun is Picking Blueberries
out of a plastic container and is washing them, one by one. Being very choosy.

Allie is washing her face, and Jee is sitting outside in the shade.

Aug 31 2003 11:12, Sun Houseguest13   Link
rob and jee outside waiting for breakfast to be ready. ali in bathroom brushing her hair and june cooking. NT

Aug 31 2003 11:13, Sun valentine   Link
Cuban Sexist Robert
puts his dirty plate in the sink while Jun is standing there. I think he said: I'll let you wash that.

Robert: You better watch out for those berries.

Aug 31 2003 11:18, Sun Quench   Link
BB: Jee come to the DR
Jun: How come you were called to the DR

Jee: I don't know.

Has a lot of the food gone bad

Jun: Well the berries are very sensitive.
She has been cleaning and sorting through them.

Ali asks Jun: Are these Salsa eggs. Jun: yes Ali: Those are my favourite.

Ali heads to the kitchen sink and spits in it. Then she asks Jun is there any bread the ants have not eaten? Jun: Yeah the white bread.

Ali didn't sleep well last night because yesterday was Donnie's first football game of the season

Erika emerges and heads to the WC.

All quiet. so posting

Aug 31 2003 11:19, Sun Quench   Link
Jun makes herself a healthy bowl of fruit - Gets the Ready-Whip and smothers the fruit with it. Double squirt. NT

Aug 31 2003 11:20, Sun valentine   Link
Allie Asks Jun: Did You Sleep Well?
Jun: Yes I did. Did you?

Allie: I had the hardest time falling asleep.

Jun: Why?

Allie: I kept thinking bad thoughts.

Jun: Nightmares?

Allie: No, just bad horrible thoughts. Yesterday was his first football game (Donnie) and he and his friends probably went out and got retarded and did whatever.

Jun: Ooooohhhh.

Erica in her shades is commenting on how cold it is in the house.

Jun: It was worse when Nathan was here. One morning he put it on fu*king 65 degrees.

Allie: He said in his apartment he keeps it at 61.

Aug 31 2003 11:23, Sun Quench   Link
Ali makes a comment about Jee hasn't been eating much.
Jun mimicks him : I am toooo depressed.

Aug 31 2003 11:26, Sun Quench   Link
The women are talking about Dana and playing her.
Ali - Why do we always talk about her

Erika - because she gives us so much fodder.

Jun - She (Dana) is ' 87 New York representation.

Aug 31 2003 11:26, Sun valentine   Link
Allie: Jee Hasn't Been Eating Very Much.
Jun: I think he's deppprrreeesssed. (in a very mocking tone, with hand gestures)

Aug 31 2003 11:32, Sun valentine   Link
Time to Make the Coffee
and Erica is doing it, taking up where her buddy Jack left off.

Only Jee wants some with her. Jun is having tea.

Robert: I only drink coffee when I'm not eating.

Jun: Oh, on PB & J?

Jee: Erica, do you know how to make it?

Erica: Yeah, Jack taught me. Since there are only two of us having it, I'm going to do it a little differently.

Aug 31 2003 11:32, Sun Quench   Link
BB: HG please lower the inside shades Robert then says
Jack used to do this. I have never heard them say that before. (always slept in)

BB: Alison please come to the DR

Erika asks if the others want coffee. She is now making a pot of coffee. Robert asks her does she know how to make coffee. She says yeah Jack showed me how to use this machine. Paperless Filter maker.

Aug 31 2003 11:35, Sun Quench   Link
Jee saying that he's going to be sick. Salsa eggs and beans and now applesauce. Then right after this statement
comes - Jun thanks for breakfast. That was good.

Aug 31 2003 11:41, Sun Quench   Link
All four feeds of Ali picking her nails. So nothing to report NT

Aug 31 2003 12:07, Sun ktan   Link
BB: One hour til eviction nominations take place. NT

Aug 31 2003 12:37, Sun Silas   Link
Rob and Jee talk about the past houseguests
Rob and Jee seem to be talking about strategy.

Jee: This is what they're playing together; they're all threatened. Everyone.
Rob: no I know. I talked to Jun yesterday about this, told me what they're thinking. Not that they had an alliance..
Jee: They're telling me with a grain of salt; sometimes it's not always the truth; this is what they're believing for the week.
Rob: Either way they backfire.
Jee: Well believe the worst and expect the worst. Taht's how I go into it.
Rob: I'm just saying our chances are way worse than their's.
Jee: Yeah I told you that. My chances are really tiny. Really bad; and I know that already. Either way, whoever survives this, it's like you have to do everything and anything.
Rob: It's about winning everything.
Jee: All you gotta do is hope for the best, and maybe everything will work out. You never know.

Jee takes a sip from a blue mug.

Rob: How would it have been if Ali would have been to sequester after Justin and Dana? That would have been horrible.
Jee: That would have been funny. Imagine if they got into a fight out there.

Feed shows Jun lying in the sun.

Jun: Now that the game is over Dana is probably fine. She's relaxed.
Jee: I'm thinking that too, I'm not thinking she's like a high school kid waiting to stomp you once she gets out.
Rob: She probably won't socialize much with her (I think she means Ali)

Jee: If I go out, I'll have to hang out with Nathan, as opposed to be a third wheel.
Jun: Nah, justin won't be like that. He's gonna want your booty.
Jee: Say what?! I'm gonna want some booty too.
Jun: How about Dana?
Jee: Nah, she gave me a funny eye once.
Jun: Yeah, it's probably called gas.
Jee: <laughs> Yeah, maybe.
Jun: You're so cocky.
Jee: I'm not cocky. I never said that.


Jee: It's so bright.

Jun: So if Ali didn't sign up for the show, her Ex did?
Jee: I don't believe her.
Jun: And they called her? And brought in her ex Justin?
Jee: Why don't we just believe everything she says?
Rob: They are so many other people they can find couples for when they apply.
Jun: I guess they figure she's a pageant queen, a pageant girl.
Rob: Then why don't they just get a hot one, a real pageant girl.
Jee: They said, they wont' respect you as a pageant contestant anymore. I guess you have to find one taht won't give it up.
Jun: Then ali has that personality that a person loves to hate. I came in here because they probably thought I would be that way too. And I am; I'm sure there are people out there that probably hate me.
Rob: Nothing wrong with that. To each his own.

Aug 31 2003 12:44, Sun Silas   Link
Jee and Rob talk more about the game

The houseguests talk about how they love how they people they brought in all have unique personalities, but Jun and Jee agree that Michelle into the house was a waste, because she was kind of dumb.

Jee: Michelle was a lost cause, but if Amanda stayed her longer she could have done something.
Rob: Amanda wasn't that type of person who can make deals. She was weak. She's a f**in nice girl but not my type.
Jun: Ali has a lot of growing up to do.
Jee: She's f**in confident about herself.
Jun: Nothing wrong with confidence, but she is a little cocky.
Jee: And rotten luck too. Not just what you f***in did in your free time.

Jun: I'm sure of all sorts of losers apply.
Rob: No, all sorts of actors and actresses.
Jun: They had casting people. One casted person did New York. They must have gotten a lot from New York.
Rob: They probably got a f***load of actors.
Jun: At 7:00 I got a call. They go "Is this Jun Son"? and I couldn't believe they called me so fast.
Jee: They say the last minute tape usually does much better. It takes nothing away from you.
Jun: I sent it in on March, the cut-off was April.
Jee: You must have done an awesome tape.
Jun: i think they know watching the first 5 minutes of the tape.
Rob: You know, during the first 3 seconds you meet somebody, you either like somebody or don't like somebody.
Jee: A lot of people that applied are probably p***sed off, we didn't send the tape, you or I.
Jun: I'm sure some of the fans are p****sed. There are people like that who obsess about this show. It's crazy. Some guy started up a website just because he sent in a tape, and wanted to get on so bad. With the "Hi my name is blah blah blah", and I'm like, what a loser.
Jee: Oh my goodness.
Jun: This is like some people's lives. This guy was married with kids and everything.
Jee: Oh my goodness.

Jee: So I guess there is no America's Choice this week.

Jun gets up and goes into the house.

Jee: I need a fricken haircut.
Rob: When.
Jee: Today, whenever it is.

Jee: Whoever stays this week..
Rob: I was already thinking about ... getting drop-dead tired. But it's only one week.
Jee: Very true. Very true.
Rob: It's only one week, and every day gets closer.
Jee: You have a good outlook for the end of this game.
Rob: Thank God we stayed together til the end. We're kidna lucky, we just don't know it.

Aug 31 2003 12:59, Sun ktan   Link
Outside lockdown called, and F1 starts to scan the memory wall. FOTH. NT

Aug 31 2003 13:15, Sun ghitchie   Link
erica doing alls makeup NT

Aug 31 2003 13:16, Sun ghitchie ParentRootLink
sorry.. doing her own NT

Aug 31 2003 13:22, Sun ghitchie   Link
ali trying to take a nap NT

Aug 31 2003 13:23, Sun Grins   Link
HGs on lockdown outside as BB prepares for Jun to do nom ceremony. NT

Aug 31 2003 13:39, Sun ktan   Link
Jun calls HGs in -- it's time to nominate! FOTH as we see them assemble at the dining table. NT

Aug 31 2003 13:51, Sun Quench   Link
And they are back. Cameras are on the guys in the bathroom area
Ali asks Jee are you fine. He says Of course I am fine.

Aug 31 2003 13:52, Sun Quench   Link
Jun asking Jee if he is okay.
Jee :I didn't know about you (Ali) going up. But hey I knew it was coming.

Aug 31 2003 13:59, Sun augie ParentRootLink
Ali asked Jee, not Jun NT

Aug 31 2003 13:54, Sun Quench   Link
They are all grabbing something to eat. Not much talking going on.
Jee doesn't really want to be a part of the eating. He separates himself and sits in the LR now playing solitaire

Aug 31 2003 13:56, Sun Anonymous   Link
jee in lr by himself playing cards. eri is eating at the table. NT

Aug 31 2003 13:58, Sun Quench   Link
For someone who doesn't eat much. Erika is eating very well today.
Ali is just having a glass of soda. They are sitting at the Dining room table.

Robert eating at the counter.

Jun prepping food at the counter.

Ali talking about her highlights and her split ends. (Camera tries to zoom in the the ends)

Aug 31 2003 14:03, Sun Quench   Link
Ali just said to Jun: You know that the Veto ceremony isn't today. It's tomorrow. So we can drink tonight NT

Aug 31 2003 14:04, Sun Quench   Link
Keys hanging under Robert, Jun, and Erika pics NT

Aug 31 2003 14:06, Sun Vaseflower2000   Link
jee telling rob. good move by ju-ali will use the veto and take herself off and the rob you go up. NT

Aug 31 2003 14:06, Sun Quench   Link
Ali talking about how they outsmarted the guys.
Erika says do you think they figured it out yet.

Jun: Don't be farking with the chicks in this house. You guys got rid of the useless ones.

Erika saying she wants to relive the moment and stunt looks on their faces.

Aug 31 2003 14:10, Sun Quench   Link
Ali saying what part of Jun's speech"Two parts of this game with noms and veto."- you think they would have gotten the hint.
Now Ali don't pull a Marcellas.

And now the guys can't campaign to get Erika out of the house.

Erika dances around the kitchen. "Get Erika out of the house"

Jun - Do the evicted HG's get to see this. "So much for the Dream Team"

Aug 31 2003 14:11, Sun Vaseflower2000   Link
gtirls in kitchen and ju dicing something. laughing on how jee was surprised ali was put up. they say jee has to know he is going. NT

Aug 31 2003 14:11, Sun Quench   Link
The ladies are all heartbroken because Rob and Jee won't be talking to them for the rest of the week. Lots of giggling. NT

Aug 31 2003 14:15, Sun Quench   Link
Jun saying guys really thought Ali would save them. Erika says Really
Ali explaining that Robert and Jee told her that if they went up and she won the veto then she should use it on one of them and the only choice would have been to put up Erika.

The ladies are all saying that this was a great move.

Jun saying we are the brains in this house.

Jee and Robert come in.

Convo turns to food.

Aug 31 2003 14:17, Sun Quench   Link
Jee has mentioned to Ali that he really believes that he is staying.
She is relaying this to E and Jun.

Aug 31 2003 14:20, Sun Quench   Link
Erika Jun and Ali talking (Jun has now filled her plate for a 3rd time)
Ali saying Jee is pissed and he then he thinks he really should stay.

Jun saying Jee said "that the producers wouldn't let the girls win like that."

Talking about how Jee should just take it like a man.

Jun saying to Erika you have to win HOH next week and then both of us will take out our ex's.

Ali wants to go lay out.

Aug 31 2003 14:24, Sun Quench   Link
Jun saying to Erika. They are so pissed.
Now they are talking about their exes. And how Jee and Justin saying thank you for them coming on the show because without them the 3 guys would never have been on the show.

Erika saying I had to force a thank you from Robert.

Aug 31 2003 14:25, Sun ghitchie   Link
erica- the three of us are prolly so hated NT

Aug 31 2003 14:27, Sun Quench   Link
E,J,A talking about the nom ceremony. How Robert was staring at the box the whole time.

And when Jun pulled out Erika's key. Robert was smug. Then Erika pulled out Robert's key. He was stunned.

Aug 31 2003 14:29, Sun Quench   Link
Jun saying how the ppl watching must hate us.

Ali - do you think so?

Jun - Yes women haters would hate us anyhow. She goes on to say

Everyone doesn't like Jee now.Everyone has seen Jee was like in the HOH.

And the only reason ppl like Robert is because of his daughter

Ppl hate us - but they love to hate us.

Aug 31 2003 14:33, Sun Quench   Link
Ali looking in the mirror in the hallway. Kisses the pic of Donnie on her necklace.
She singsongs how much she loves him and how she wants to marry him and have his babies.

Aug 31 2003 14:35, Sun ghitchie   Link
rob to ali: did you know that you were going to be put up..
ali: yeah
rob: that was a smart move.
when do you use it.

Aug 31 2003 14:35, Sun Vaseflower2000   Link
jee asking ali when will veto meeting, ali says tomorrow i think. NT

Aug 31 2003 14:36, Sun ktan   Link
Jun saw the very first commercial for BB4 before she entered the house. NT

Aug 31 2003 14:37, Sun ghitchie   Link
jun talking about the commercial that promoted the show.
jun: they said 13 and i thought that celecs were gonna live with us or something.
ali: oh so u saw us on there?
jun: no they didnt have our faces. just pics from the last show

Aug 31 2003 14:38, Sun ghitchie   Link
jun: do u think justin and dana f*cked all night?ali: he cant go all night NT

Aug 31 2003 14:41, Sun ghitchie   Link
rob and jun talking about how she got into the VMAS NT

Aug 31 2003 14:41, Sun valentine   Link
Jun: Allie, Do You Think Justin and Dana
had sex all night when he got out of here?

Allie: Yes. Well, no, not all night.

Jun: Can he go all night?

Allie: No.

Robert: He said he would get sick of her in about 3 days.

Allie: Justin just cares about sex.

Robert: I don't blame them.

Aug 31 2003 14:43, Sun Vaseflower2000   Link
everyon sitting outside.small talk between ju and rob about award ceremony. she felt old being in the pit with all the teenagers. felt like their

Aug 31 2003 14:45, Sun Vaseflower2000   Link
june,rob and jee in the kitchen getting food and drinks. NT

Aug 31 2003 14:46, Sun Vaseflower2000   Link
eri told to put on mic. she was in the pool and got out of the pool. NT

Aug 31 2003 14:47, Sun Quench   Link
Jun in the kitchen stirring the soup. Jee comes into the kitchen.
She asks how he is doing? He says he is doing fine he knew it was coming. Jun saying now she understands how each HOH feels having to do nominations.

He wanted to know if Ali knew ahead of time or did she make a deal. Jun says I said something but what is she going to do . She has the veto.

He was really fishing on how much Ali had a part of the decision process.

Aug 31 2003 14:49, Sun valentine   Link
Horny Cameraman is Having a Field Day
with Allie and Erica, both wearing black bikinis laying out in the sun.

Erica on her back, and Allie at her side on her tummy. F2 is panning slowly up and down one of them, and then the other.

A slow close-up of Allie's feet. And of Erica's thighs--she has her knees up on the lounge chair.

Aug 31 2003 14:50, Sun Quench   Link
Jun wants to eat again. "But I really shouldn't " NT

Aug 31 2003 14:52, Sun valentine   Link
Robert is On His Bed Re-reading the Letter
he got from Elena. And looking at all of the butterflies.

So I guess he will be moping this afternoon.

Jee is making a meatloaf sandwich, with Jun supervising and smiling at him in the kitchen.

Jun has also made some sort of bisque that everyone has been tasting and oohhing and aahhing over.

Aug 31 2003 14:55, Sun valentine   Link
Allie and Erica are Standing in the Pool, Making Splashes
with their hands every now and then.

Jun is sitting in the shade reading the BB manual.

Allie: What'cha doing Jun?

Jun: Oh, I'm just reading so I don't go dumb.

Aug 31 2003 14:56, Sun Quench   Link
Robert heads to the blue room to read the letter from his daughter.
Then gets up and heads back into the kitchen. He says to Jee that he spoke with Ali and Ali said that it was all planned.

Jee saying he already knew that it was going to happen this way this week.

Now talking about how good a cook Jun is considering the lack of ingredients. (Jee is talking with him mouth full during this conversation)

Jee says if I leave I leave with a smile on my face. I just want this game to be over. Talking about how no one from his family will be waiting out their for him.

Jee says something about an email being sent and the producers would let him know. (Feeds timed out)


Aug 31 2003 15:02, Sun Quench   Link
Robert telling Jee that he will be with Justin in the sequestered house. That it will be all guys and Dana.
Jee just wants to get home.

Robert saying that tomorrow is September. and how they beached about how far away September is back in July

Robert asking Jee if he will be going straight back to school and Jee telling him that school has already begun. Starting classes in January. He will be working full time and going to school full time. just like he did before he came into the house.

Aug 31 2003 15:10, Sun Vaseflower2000   Link
jee and rob at kitchen table and jee eating soup. jee telling rob he can not wait to get out of house. NT

Aug 31 2003 15:14, Sun Vaseflower2000   Link
they all are outside-jee playing cards talking to rob,girls are sunning but not ju. NT

Aug 31 2003 15:53, Sun Silas   Link
HGs talk about Dana, Justin, and Jack

Everybody is in the living room, talking.

Erika: I think we should ask if we should watch it again.
Rob: Let's do it tonight.
Jun: Yeah, we're so desperate.
Jee: <says angrily> it's BORING in here! arrrggh!

Ali in the background says something.

Jun: Do it again; so it the way you did it.
Jee: (repeats himself) It's BORING in here! grraaaaaaaaaaaaa!
Jee: (Looks at the fish) fishies... nice fishies.

Rob: Did it grow, Jun?
Jun: It only grew a little bit.
Rob: s**t; look at this Jee. (Rob shows Jee something, while Jun gives Rob a manicure).

Jee: He told me how to say water. He told me how to say it like "wood-err".
Jun: YOu know what Italian Ice is? In delaware they call it "wood-er ice"? and I'm like what?
Jee: They're all grown up now right?
Jee: Yeah... what the hell? Feels like a fricken old man. Tall too, huh?
Jun: uh-huh.
Jee: What about the girl?
Jun: she's tall too... 5'8".
Rob: Is that our first or second food competition?
Jun: First. "Go stop picking potatoes Jack" (she mimics somebody). He fell on his a**. He lost the competitions.
Jee: Do you think he was faking it? It couldn't be.
Ali: Yeah did you see all that blood?
Jun: I was dying laughing.
Ali: Okay Jack here's the trick.
Rob: he went straight to the ground, head first
Jun laughs hysterically.
Jee: We could have done that with the skit too.
Jun starts laughing more.
Erika: We should have jack falling in every scene.
More Jun laughter. Jun: Oh my god it must have been hilarious.
Jee: After that happened to Jack, I figured I'll sit here.
Ali: He's like, "The wall! the wall!" and couldn't move.
Jee: I knew I wasn't going to win after Erika and Alison are here. I'll take a good swig of the campaign and stay here.
Ali: That was a day from hell. Justin was so hammered.
Jee: Then he looks at me..... that was funny.
Jun: She tried to tell me she wasn't p***sed... and she was.

Ali starts talking about doing something with Justin, possibly related to hot wax.

Jun: Dana was watching the whole time.
Ali: Yeah. She stood there for a long time. So I kept doing it to p**ss her off. She could have joined us.
Rob: Justin was so drink and said "Nathan, let's talk. I don't wanna talk tonight"
Jee: he was just drink.
Rob: Yeah, this is stupid; what are we going to do?
Jun: We ended up leaving.
Rob: and what of the game? That dana.
Erika: We had no idea Nathan was going to use the veto.
Jun: Dana wanted to break the party off, and <someone> was all drunk. It was like "All for one and one for all" and that was just the stupidest thing we ever did.

Jun starts to file Rob's nails.
Jun then starts talking about Jee's nails being ugly and square.

Rob: Perfectly round. (as he glances at his nails)

Jun goes to Jee, and begins to do his nails.

Jun: Oh my god that day I was wearing that pajama pants and glow in the dark stuff.

Jun was imitating Jack saying some comment about Jun's glow-in-the-dark stuff.

Ali: I know if my father said anything like that to anyone around my age, I would f***ing drop him. I dont' care if he's my dad I'd clothesline him.
Jun: he totally wanted to fit in and be one of us.
Rob: Yeah.
Jun: because Jack's bored; he's retired.

Aug 31 2003 16:24, Sun nojobny ParentRootLink
Jack's comments about Jun's pants were
that they were glow in the dark pants and they 'Lead the way!'

Ali is totally repulsed by this statement.

Ali: If my father ever said that to someone as young as we are or younger that him, I would freakin' clothesline him. I don't care if he is my dad, that's gross.

Jun: I think he was just trying to fit in.

Aug 31 2003 16:03, Sun Silas   Link
Jun does more nail-filing, then gets called in DR
Jun is still filing Jee's nails.

Jun: Isn't it cold?
Ali: no. So how did you do it? whipping cream and water?
Jun: Yeah, some water, parsly, pepper, flakes... I put the shrimp and the corn, let it whatchamacallit... stay still, freak.

Jee pretends to cry.

Jun: you okay?
Jee: Yeah just bored.
Jun starts talking about her cooking more.
Jee: Potatoes would have been...
Jun: Potatoes would have made it thicker. yes it would have been a perfect compliment.
Jee: Guaranteed.

Erika: What did they say about the movie; did they look into it? We're so full of ourselves. It was a fantastic movie.
Ali: I like the porn music. You know, they probably had real porn music being played during the whole massage scenes on TV. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That is HILARIOUS! Oh s**t. People would never hear the end of that from his friends.

Jun: You want it really short?
Jee: There's white here and no white there. YOu didn't hear what I said before? I said bread in there. Oh.. is it dark?
Ali: It's like 3 isn't it?
Jee: I'm gonna be able to sleep tonight.
Jun: Yes you will.

Jee: Maybe because his teeth were freakin' hurting. Maybe he couldn't go to sleep.
Jun: He said he was going to wake me up.

Jun: He has this one dentist guy.. the best.
Jee: Because he f***in knocked him out for whatever he does.
Jun: He screams about everything anyway.

Jee: Rob; we called the dentist for you.
Rob: Why?
Jee: For your f***ing tooth. Because I don't want to wake you up at night. Just because your tooth hurts doesn't mean you can shake my bed.
Rob: You were snoring a-hole.
Jee: Was it loud?
Rob: Yeah.

Jun continues to file Jee's nails.

Jee: Can't we just get a game or something?
Ali: Go ask for Scrabble or Trivial Pursuit?
Jun: We got bi*ching.
Jee: Can we get scrabble? Risk? connect 4? Monopoly? I would play corridor; can we just have corridor again? You're trying to burst my bubble. Risk is a board game.. conquer every country, stuff like that.
Ali: that sounds kinda cool.

Ali: I like trivial pursuit. You got me scared Jee.
Jee: I smelld burning in my nail.
Ali: Good, huh?
Erika: Yummy.
Jee: She found it YU-MMY. (to Jun) I'm sorry.
Jun: You're welcome?
Jee: You're welcome? I said sorry..
Jee: Is chun-li you're welcome?
Jun: No.. oh wait, you can use it that way.

Jun gets called to the diary room.
Jee: Any board game. Monopoly would be top choice. Jun! Jun you're going in there, just ask them.

Aug 31 2003 16:10, Sun Silas   Link
Jun gets called into DR and returns with a bag of "pirate's booty"
Ali: I sense frustration in you, Jee.
Jee: You sense correct, Ali! You sound like profucious or something. "Patience, my child" (he imitated)

Ali and Jee are on the couch in a relaxed position, stomach first.

Jee: How did the song go? "It's so boring around here"
Erika: <sings> It's so boring.
Jee: Oh my god someone shoot me in my face.
Erika: Haha! Somebody shoot me in my face? Is that what you said?

Erika starts to sing "this is my song"
Jee: it must have been hard to make it pause.. lot of craftsmanship.

Jee: I might hear that scene from ghost. I wouldn't find that very sensual. It's all messy and s**t. I'd say "Yo, get off my hand, you're getting off my vibe"
Erika: You're so young.
Jee: What do you mean I'm so young? that's right, I am.
Erika: You're a baby. Jee, I don't doubt your sexual prowess.
Jee: Thank you. It's so boring. what's rob doing?
Erika: He's in the pool.

Jee (turns to Jun): what was that about, Jun? Garbage bag? OH, you mean your laundry. (to Erika) is Rob okay? What happened?
Erika: I don't know.
Jee: maybe he needs to rest.
Erika: He's playing.
Jee: Do they think you're gonna suffocate yourself? With the garment... bag? They think you will huh? They think you might commit suicide or something with the garment bag? They probably think that's how you're gonna kill me. (Jun holds something) Isn't that from Canada?

Jun: Shiver me timbers, yo ho ho.
Jee: What does that exactly mean? Shiver me timbers.
Jun: Kind of like... pulling my leg.
Jee: Yeah, great example.
Jun: eats some stuff... mmmmmm.... just taste it, taste a little bit. (Jun hands some sort of food to everybody)

It's a bag of something... called Pirate's Booty.

Jun: There's only 5 grams of fat.

Jee: They're probably saying inside that I probably need to see doctor <something>
Jun: Yeah you probably do.. with the cigarette.
Jun: Robert is american gourmet.
Jee: That guy's a freak. Yo alfalfa, you having fun in the pool?

Aug 31 2003 16:31, Sun nojobny ParentRootLink
Er offers to shoot jee
(cont'd from Silas' post)

Jee want's someone to shoot him in his face. (because he's soooo bored)

Er: is that what you want? If I had a gun, I'd do it.
Je: You would, wouldn't you? You can't even kill a spider, but you would shoot me in my face. Oh, I see now, that's the kind of girl you are!

(Jee & Er laughing)

Aug 31 2003 16:18, Sun Silas   Link
Jun is prepared to give a haircut. Erika and Ali talk then go outside
Robert is in the pool, jumping on the pink flotation device. He appearently ripped it up by jumping on it in the pool several times.

Jun: I wanna take a little break and do your hair. We'll get everything ready. Can I cut it really short this time?
Ali: I bet it'll look good Jee.

Robert is having a field day in the pool.

Jun: Did you get it? ewwwww.. oh my f***ing bottle of coke.
Jee killed some sort of bug.
Ali: Nasty.
Erika: You have fly dust on your coke. Nasty.
Jee: It's only a fly.


Jee: i'm ready Jun.
Jun: Get a towel, and get a mirror, and take off your shirt.
Ali: IN that order. <chuckles>
Jun: So much patience, for a young man. You need to see Dr. Zachary.
Jee: I think you should need to see Dr. Zachary.
Ali: Robert's going to be my best friend next week.
Jee: We called you a dentist and a psychiatrist.

Ali: Oh my god what are they screaming about out there?
(not sure what she's referring to)
Ali: It's only 3:15:
Jun: what towel are you going to use? Don't use a good one; you're gonna get hair all over it.
Jee: Alright; I'll use a crappy one.
Jun: Ready?
Jee: I plugged it in.. I need a scissor...
Jun: The industrial-sized scissors? I'm scared of those.

Ali: What kind of bread did you put in here?
Jun: White bread.
Ali: White bread. White.

Jun turns on the razor briefly.

Ali: I wanna come outside and play in the sun. Probaly sleep.
Erika: If he splashes me I'm gonna kick his a**. Why'd you kill the inner tube?! (to Rob)

Aug 31 2003 16:30, Sun LINDY ParentRootLink
Rob pops the purple innertube and starts yelling forJee. Jee comes out
and Rob tells him to go to the DR and get a patch or another tube. Jee gets mad and yells at him saying that he broke he needs to to the DR. Rob yells again for Jee to go. Jee also gets mad that Rob has splashed water all over everything in the BY. Jee yells to Rob that he has a problem and leaves. A few mins later Jee comes back out and Rob asks him again to go get a patch or tube?? Jee tells him to get out of the f'n pool and do it yourself. This was all heated,not in jest.

Aug 31 2003 16:31, Sun Silas   Link
Houseguests are outside. Jun begins giving Jee a haircut
Feed 1: Outside. Rob's in the pool and Erika isn't.

Rob: Go get me some patches. Oh my god is that soaked?
Erika: Yeah it's soaking wet. (referring to the hammock). I smell someone smoking.
Rob: I took about 3 inches out of this pool.
Erika starts rocking back and forth on the hammock.

Jee: YOu went the whole freakin' yard.
Rob: I'm a little soaky right now.
Erika chuckles at them.
Erika: I got my mike..
Rob: Oh s**t.
Jee: Can you give me a second?
Rob: It only comes out like that for a while.
Jee: I need a towel.
Rob: You can't use your razor like that.
Jun: What's the point .. here? I'm sorry I dropped it. It's clean; I don't wanna smell it.
Jun: Why are you always smelling s**t you freak!!

Jee is smelling something.

Jun: You're such a freak, you're smelling everything.
Jee: Jun, take it easy okay?
Razor comes on.
Jee: Ahh! ahh! You need some oil or some s**t.
Rob starts to purposely take water out of the pool. Then he wades backwards.

Jun has begun to give Jee a haircut. She is shaving the back of his head first.
(it's hard to hear what Jun and Jee are saying over the buzzing)

Rob has lied down on the concrete he wet from water in the pool.
Jun then mentions something about seeing Ricky Lake at the airport once.

Jun: Ricky Lake's husband is like this Jewish guy.
Rob: Jee you're done?
Jee: no Robert.
Jun: We need to take a break for a second. It's too loud.

Razor starts up again.. buzzing is pretty loud. Rob is looking into the pool while Erika seems to be relaxing on the hammock blissfully.

Aug 31 2003 16:40, Sun Silas   Link
FOTH moment. Someone's throwing stuff at at the HG from the other side, then FOTH
Jee: You're not even using the comb.
Jun: I am.

Jee has covered his ears with his fingers. Looks like he's bothered with the buzzing.

feed 1: Robert is sitting at the side of the pool.
Feed 2: Erika with her eyes open relaxing on hammock.
Feed 3: close up of Jee's face with his fingers in his ears.
Feed 4: Side view of Jun cutting Jee's hair.

Erika: Don't til your head.

Some sound is made.
Rob: What the heck was that?!
Rob gets up, looks above him. (someone's throwing stuff at them!

Rob: Oh sh*t! They're throwing s**t at us!


Aug 31 2003 16:44, Sun Debra_Kadabra   Link
Two water balloons land in compound from over the wall
Rob: One landed right here. One landed over there.

Aug 31 2003 17:08, Sun Dreamer   Link
Ali: I wish they would have egged us, that would have been cooler ;) NT

Aug 31 2003 17:08, Sun Dreamer   Link

Aug 31 2003 17:11, Sun Dreamer   Link
Ali: We got water ballooned . .that's way cool! Then FOTH! NT

Aug 31 2003 17:21, Sun nojobny   Link
Ali & Er have decided that all the excitement of the day (yawn)
has made them tired, so they've gone to take naps.

Jun is still cutting Jee's hair as Rob, who has finished refilling the pool, watches.

Aug 31 2003 17:34, Sun nojobny   Link
Jee not exactly happy
with the haircut jun gave him

She finished clipping it and as he went into the house to look at it, jun starts giggling to Rob - "I cut it too short."

Jee look in the mirror : 'What the FOTH?! Jun what did you do? I asked you to cut it short. You cut it straight it. Thanks for making my 'bucket head' more obvious!"

Jun: Dude, it's not that bad. Stop being so self-conscious. It will grow out by Wed. Your hair grows so fast, I cut it short.

Aug 31 2003 17:42, Sun nojobny   Link
Now ju is finishing off jes's hair w/ the scissors. NT

Aug 31 2003 18:18, Sun nojobny   Link
New Haircut Boy & Rob are in the BY working out. Er & Ali are still sleeping. Jun not visible on the feeds. NT

Aug 31 2003 19:08, Sun nojobny   Link
Sleeping beauties Ali & Erika are awake & have joined the other HG in the BY. NT

Aug 31 2003 19:12, Sun nojobny   Link
Jee mentions the water balloon incident and then whatdaya know... FOTH NT

Aug 31 2003 19:14, Sun nojobny   Link
Jun's in HOH listening to music, Ali's eating more bisque, Er/Je/Rob in BY NT

Aug 31 2003 19:57, Sun nojobny   Link
Rob must live in barn!
He is sitting on the kitchen island with one of his feet (with his flip/flops on) on the counter.

Jee is on the other side making a tuna sandwich like it's no big deal.


Aug 31 2003 20:01, Sun Vaseflower2000   Link
ali is shooting baskets on bbcourt. eri is giving her tips along with jee. NT

Aug 31 2003 20:05, Sun Vaseflower2000   Link
jee offers eri some of his food. she says no thank you. NT

Aug 31 2003 20:37, Sun Dreamer   Link
Jee to Rob: You know why they didn't want us to talk about that today
Jee: Cause they didn't want people to keep doing it
Rob: I know

(regarding water ballons)

Aug 31 2003 20:56, Sun BuzzardsCrotch   Link
Jun sleeping in HOH
Rob wakes her up to ask what time dinner is. E & Ali are in the love room. They comment on how rude Rob is for waking Jun up. Jun wakes up and goes into love room to change. She comments to the girls how sexist Rob is.

Aug 31 2003 21:32, Sun Aeropostale676   Link
Erika and Jee discuss marriage NT

Aug 31 2003 21:38, Sun Aeropostale676   Link
Erika and Ali examine Jun's VMA shoes and the red carpet fuzz on them NT

Aug 31 2003 22:00, Sun ktan   Link
The HGs get alcohol from the SR. NT

Aug 31 2003 22:03, Sun Anonymous ParentRootLink
Ali: we have half a case (beer?) and two bottles of wine. NT

Aug 31 2003 22:07, Sun Anonymous   Link
Robert: I am so f***ing bored. I just want this sh**t to end. NT

Aug 31 2003 22:09, Sun ktan   Link
HGs are having ant problems near the kitchen walls and BY patio. NT

Aug 31 2003 22:13, Sun Bair   Link
Ali just killed a bunch of ants on the patio and in the kitchen. NT

Aug 31 2003 22:16, Sun Bair   Link
Ali just yelled, "I'm so bored!" NT

Aug 31 2003 22:36, Sun dianasto51   Link
Ali and erika were doing a stomp and then jee tried they sounded and looked pretty good NT

Aug 31 2003 22:50, Sun FuggyBootnling   Link
This board needs some updates, so...
From 9:50 PM BB Time...

Jun is on the b-ball court working out - currently skipping. Ally dancing about the same court, humming quietly to herself.

Ali says she misses doing football games. I believe cheerleading them.

Jun has got much better with the skipping rope...she used to jump with her legs kicking up high in back, but now it's much smaller movements. A noticeable improvement in skipping skill from when I first saw her try it.

Talking about one food comp, where they dressed as food. That Jack didn't really like it. Ali now lifting weights on bench with her legs. Erica playing solitaire. Silence. Stooges nowhere to be seen.

A good minute of silence...Erica shuffling cards.

Now the men come out. Are at the table with Erica. Not sure why - no audio on this feed of them. After just a few seconds they go back in. Jun now on the court working out with hand barbells.

Erica clicks cards as she shuffles them. Silence.

Aug 31 2003 23:00, Sun FuggyBootnling   Link
Ratbert says they should take some protein shakes with them to the sequester house...
Says this to Jee as he mixes one up in the kitchen. He takes it outside, shaking it up to get it mixed.

Talk about which muscles they worked out today...Jee and Ali in this chat. Rat chiming in.

Now audio is outside, but video is LR on F1.

Camera now overhead in BY, swinging around. Someone sings and Ali says in an angry BB-style voice "Please. Stop. SINGING!!!" (*LOL* I wonder if this is what they hear during the singing FOTHs?)

Ali talks about getting a much fun it would be. That she has put her cat on a treadmill "She likes it."

Jun still working out. Everyone outside.

Jee is off to take a shower...then will come out to "play a game." Not sure what game they have played 1000 times that will be.

Aug 31 2003 23:04, Sun TheBigSista   Link
ali and zilla doing abs, rat looking longingly at hottub, erika sitting at table outside NT

Sep 01 2003 00:14, Mon JulieH ParentRootLink
While Jun and Ali were doing abs they went over whether to get Erica or Rob out first. Alison was pretty insistant that Erica go next week. She says
that everyone would think that erica "played honest and stuck with her alliance". Alison thinks she's unbeatable and she needs to go before rob. She kept asking Jun if she agreed and Jun kept saying yes. There was also a lot of talk about how Rob and Erica keep hanging out together more and more at night. They think that Erica will take Rob with her to the end. Jun keeps saying that she thinks Erica doesn't want rob to get anywhere near that money though. This conversation was led mostly by Alison but she seemed clear about two things. 1) no one would win against Erica and 2) She thought that Erica has an alliance with Robert to go to the end.

Aug 31 2003 23:16, Sun FuggyBootnling   Link
Ratbert saying he pays more attention to household chores...
Mentioning the pool and HT. Because there are so few people "You have to do it now." Somebody else won't do it for you. (ed: And he's been counting on that 'til now, certainly.)

Silence. Erica says she wants to watch the movie again.

Rat: "A couple of us were really acting...we were really in the ZONE!" Rat commenting on Erica doing Dana so well. Erica" She's so easy though!"

Erica: "I love improving like that." Rat is praising her. (ed: Honestly, every HG agrees that Erica has her Dana imitation down to a tee.)

Wondering now if the Jury House will get to see the video. Doesn't seem to be apprehension about it...they figure they will laugh. Rat and Erica talking here, in BY. Lots of laughing during this discussion.

Talk of other HGs imitations. Erica asks Ratbert to get her "another beer" as he goes inside. He returns with one, and they go back to discussion of skits.

Erica: "You really impressed me with that." Rat: "I know...I don't do that s**t" More laughing. Erica laughing about Rat's impression of Nate. (ed: And really, it WAS funny!)

Erica: "Looking back, that was the most fun I've had in the house. It wasn't a big competition...just poking fun at characters we've got to meet in the house."

Rat: "I didn't think I was going to laugh at all...but I did!"

Just the two of them alone outside now.

Rat: "You know what that is? That is one of the days I won't forget for the rest of my life...that was one of the funest (sic) times I've ever had. Oh my GOD who's NOT going to laugh at that? America's gotta like that!"

Erica: "We just totally improved."

Aug 31 2003 23:43, Sun FuggyBootnling   Link
Erica and Rat commiserating about how the rest of the HGs don't feel at home...
But they do, because they live in L.A. They know they are close to home, are used to the climate, and so forth. Erica: "They are totally like fish out of water." Also longest she's been out of contact with family.

Some other babble. Erica explaining again that she and Jack wouldn't have put the house through the PB & J. Ratbert says "Oh I know. I think that's...awesome." Basically crawling up her ass, if I may say so.

Ali and Jun now out there. Erica still shuffling cards.

Ten minutes later I come back to typing this and they are playing cards outside. Silence...essentially no talking. Someone whistles "If you're happy and you know it." Jee and Erica are playing Rummy I believe.

Erica: "Drinking is fun!" Jee makes a comment about not being able to smoke.

Discussion about cramps when working out. Erica is very singsongy...going "Na na, na na..." Bored out of her skull. They are not enjoying the card is simply a time-passer.

Aug 31 2003 23:46, Sun Anonymous   Link
Jee, Erika playing cards, Ali exercising. Robert in hot tub. Jun puttering in house. NT

Aug 31 2003 23:55, Sun Anonymous   Link
Jun singing Star Spangled Banner
She's drinking pink wine with Sprite and singing (pretty good actually)

Sep 01 2003 00:06, Mon Anonymous   Link
Erika, Jun, Ali and Jee playing drinking game outside. Robert in hot tub. NT

Sep 01 2003 00:07, Mon Dreamer   Link
Jun: Apple, Apple, Apple, Lemon 3 NT

Sep 01 2003 00:25, Mon Anonymous   Link
Erika, Jun, Ali and Jee continuing to drink, now playing with cards and making up rhymes. Robert still in hot tub. NT

Sep 01 2003 00:27, Mon Dreamer   Link
Jee in the kitchen opening another bottle of wine NT

Sep 01 2003 00:35, Mon Anonymous   Link
Jun is very drunk. NT

Sep 01 2003 00:37, Mon Anonymous ParentRootLink
and horny as all her answers in the drinking game are x rated to say the least! NT

Sep 01 2003 00:48, Mon Dreamer   Link
Jee: So this is how it feels to be around 3 fu*king girls day and night
Ali: Just imagine next week
Jee: Well it won't be me, it will be Robert. It will be Robert, it won't be me. I'll be out there playing video games with Justin (he tries to make video game noises ~LOL)
Ali: You wish
?Jun: We're keeping you
Ali: You didn't know that?
Jee: Yeah, okay
Ali: We put you up for nominations so you won't f*ck up the vote
Jee: You're drunk, leave it/me alone. I don't know what's happening with that

Sep 01 2003 00:51, Mon Bullgod   Link
OMG, Jun is very drunk and "humping" the air!! NT

Sep 01 2003 00:55, Mon Anonymous   Link
Erika, Ali and Jee now playing in the ball room (desert room). NT