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Sep 01 2003 01:01, Mon Anonymous   Link
Jee: I need help with the chips, dip and wine. Jun: What? Carrying it or eating it? lol. NT

Sep 01 2003 01:02, Mon Anonymous   Link
The 3 girls and Jee now in living room eating chips and dip, drinking. Robert sitting outside. NT

Sep 01 2003 01:03, Mon Anonymous ParentRootLink
Robert now laying on hammock. NT

Sep 01 2003 01:03, Mon FuggyBootnling   Link
HGs having fun...
Tbey just rolled about in the Desert Room ball pit. Now clapping in a beat...Jee leading it. Some stomping of feet involved. Doesn't go on for long stretches.

Jun: "Big Brother - don't wake us up until eleven!" She is rather tipsy...commenting to Ratbert how Sprite and "pink wine" go well together. All are now by the WC.

They are beating out rhythms with their hands...Ali clapping, Jee beating on something. Jun laughing. They are less than sober. They are creating a beat. I have waited for someone to come up with this for 58 days. They got some degree of synchopation going.

Sep 01 2003 01:14, Mon FuggyBootnling   Link
Jee: "Just let me know if I'm going."
There are now drunk justifications of this. Ali is actually being honest - saying that they like him, but he's the biggest threat. Al: "I don't hate you - by any means."

Rat is not in the LR where they are talking...Jun and Erica also there in the LR now.

Talk of Jee and Jun. Hard to tell whether Jun is making up stories just to get a rise out of Jee, or telling the truth. It honestly could be the former or the latter. Jun talking about Jee going over to some woman's place right after they broke up and gettin' it on.

Jun and Jee now talking about mutual acquaintances. Some woman that was "eaten out." Jun: (to Jee) "You don't eat out girls anyway!" Jee: "That's what you think!" Ali: "Justin was a very giving boyfriend!" Laughs...

Jun: "Jee, we're just f**kin' around...all of America knows we are just ***** around." Ali chimes in to agree.

Jun asks Jee to do his Dana walk. He does it briefly, swinging shoulders back and forth. (ed: Nowhere near as good as Erica I would say)

Sep 01 2003 01:21, Mon Dreamer   Link
Jee: What does that mean? I just want to know . ..
Ali: You know
Jee: I don't know
Ali: Well you're leaving
Jee: There you go
Ali: Am I right?
Jee: There you go, there you go. That's good to know
Ali: Jee it's not that we don't like you it's just that you are the biggest threat in the whole entire house
Jee: ? that
Ali: I'm just being real with you cause I'd want people to be real with me. It's only right and respectable
Jun: I just wanna keep chillin' and then go to sleep
Ali: Thi is fu*king great (she's eating)
Jun: Isn't it?
Jee: Why am I a threat Alison? I don't understand
Jun: Because you throw knives at people
Jee: Huh?
Ali: You wanna know why? You're smart
Jee: I'm not smart, I'm stupid
Ali: You are smart Jee. You are very athletic whether you like it or not. You are the most athletic person in the house. You have a tight alliance. You have people on the outside that will vote for you unlike some people we know (Ali raises her hand, Jun follows)
Jee: You're crazy
Ali: That's right
Jee: I respect your honesty that is if you are being honest
Ali: Being honest dude
Jee: Well I am expected to leave so good luck to you to you guys
Ali: But we like you. We don't hate you by any means
Jun: I'm crazy~I love you
Jee: You don't love me but I don't think you hate me either
Ali: She doesn't hate you
Jee: But when I do leave good luck to you guys
Jun: Save that sh*t for the orange chair
Jee: You're so mean

Sep 01 2003 01:28, Mon FuggyBootnling   Link
Erica asks Jun to talk about VMAs...
Jun says that people were staring at her in the airport. Felt self-conscious about gaining so much weight, not realizing it as much until she saw herself in the mirror outside the house. Jun: "I came in here at size four."

We have just the women in the LR right now.

Jee comes in from outside. Talk of wine now. Jun likes Port.

Talk about after show Erica (to Jee): "Carmen, your mama, they'll be there."

Jee: "Jun, I never meant to take your spotlight." Unclear what he means here.

Jee says "Robert is just hanging out." He means outside, right now.

Erica complains of early wakeup calls...when there is nothing to do.


Sep 01 2003 02:23, Mon Bert ParentRootLink
Just want to add one thing - Jun said her dress at the VMA's was a size 8. So she went from a 4 to an 8. NT

Sep 01 2003 02:19, Mon Lawyerman   Link
The HG's have all gone to bed. NT

Sep 01 2003 02:23, Mon LittleOldLady   Link
Late report, compilation: Jee/Jun in bathroom, whispers, Jee shakes head, like "later" and asks to listen to music in HOH;
Jee goes to HOH, both say "What's up?"; Jun in her soto voce whispering, hard to hear, says something like "they don't tell me anything". Paraphrasing what sounded like Jun saying before they used to talk, now they don't. Essentially, putting off Jee. Immediate FOTH. Come back, Jee in HOH alone listening to music, Jun in bed next to Robert waiting for Jee to finish "three songs", meanwhile filling Robert's head with stories about Jee's family (some unkind) and how their relationship broke up. A quiet voice interrupts: "Jun, this is Big Brother. It looks like Jee fell asleep." Jun jumps up hollaring that she KNEW Jee would do that and runs into HOH and jumps on bed and chases Jee out. Now, all either asleep or trying to fall asleep, and thus ends another day in the Big Brother House.

Sep 01 2003 02:47, Mon Bert ParentRootLink
Some of the story Jun was telling Rob about Jee's family & CD choices discussion (kinda long) ...
She was talking about how Jee's dad was so strong. She used an example of how he held a captain's (I think) bed over his head when he was moving it. She said it was so shocking to see him go from strong to so weak in ICU. It sounds like he was in a coma or coma-like state at the end. Jun said that Jee's dad started crying (while in the coma-like state) and Jee's family became very upset. They wanted to know why he was crying. The doctor told them that it was probably just an automatic response, since his body was shutting down. In other words, it probably wasn't him really crying.

When Jee's dad first got sick, he had been feeling pain for some time (don't know what kind of pain). The doctor told them that he probably has cancer. So Jee's mom got a fortune teller, and the fortune teller said he didn't have cancer and would be fine. But time passed and he had more pain and went back to the doctor. That time the doctor confirmed he had cancer and had about 6 months to live. He died about 4 months later.

Rob and Jun discussed why Jee smokes. Jun said she thinks Jee sort of wants to beat it. It beat his dad, it won't beat him (that sort of rationale). Rob and Jun are both shocked that Jee would even consider smoking with his dad dying so young from lung cancer. I think Jun said Yoon Hee was 16 (Jee's sister) when their father died. (Was Jee 18 or 19? Not sure).

Rob asked how Jee's mother supported them after his father passed away. Jun said Jee's mother never used the checkbook, never had any credit cards, didn't know how to do anything. She got a job in a nail salon, but it was too hard. It had been so long since she had worked. Jun said Jee's mother got sick from it so she had to quit.

Rob asks how did they survive? Jun said she helped them a lot. She also said she thought there was a little insurance money. I couldn't understand what Jun was saying exactly, but it had something to do with Jee's family getting a lot of financial support from people at/after the funeral.

Somewhere in the conversation Rob asks Jun if BB gets them the CDs or if they get the CDs from the HGs' collections. Jun said she didn't have that CD (Pet Shop Boys - one she has this week). She had downloaded a bootleg version from the internet, though. (Jun, why did you say that?). Jun also said that Jee didn't have that Richard Marx CD. I think she said he lost it, so I believe they concluded that BB gets them the CDs and selects them from a list of favorite music each HG provided to BB.

It as after that when BB came on and told Jun that Jee had fallen asleep on her HOH bed listening to her CD. Then everybody went to sleep.

Sep 01 2003 09:46, Mon ConnieMS   Link
8:47 am House time. Everyone still sleeping NT

Sep 01 2003 10:20, Mon valentine   Link
Everybody Still Sleeping.
There was a quick FOTH a few minutes ago, but it doesn't look like BB woke them up.

Sep 01 2003 10:48, Mon valentine   Link
Robert Just Made a WC Run
once again in his tighty whiteys. He grabbed a glass of water on the way back and set it on his nightstand before getting back in bed.

I'll bet he is the only one who won't have a hangover this morning.

Sep 01 2003 11:01, Mon Kalina   Link
Erika is up and appears to be straightening the kitchen NT

Sep 01 2003 11:01, Mon valentine   Link
Erica is Up and Moving Around
in a tie-dyed T-shirt and gray sweatpants.

It looks like she's starting the coffee. She's making more noise than Jun usually does.

Sep 01 2003 11:04, Mon valentine   Link
Oh Yeah. There Must Have Been A Big Mess
the night before. She is picking up a lot of things from the kitchen counter and putting them where they belong.

Now she's using a spray cleaner to wipe down the counter top. Now she's outside in the dryer area.

Erica is on the move today.

Sep 01 2003 11:06, Mon valentine   Link
Erica is Picking Up Cups and Glasses from the Backyard
and putting them in the sink. She's finishing wiping down the counter. It is shining now, and she is wiping down the sink area.

She is back outside now, and is spraying and wiping the outdoor table.

Sep 01 2003 11:27, Mon valentine   Link
Erica Had a Nightmare
that she was pregnant, and the father of the baby was trying to kill her with a screwdriver.

Jun: You crazy. No more alcohol.

Allie: I dreamed nightmares about Donnie. Then I woke up with a bellyache.

Sep 01 2003 11:29, Mon valentine   Link
Allie Just Wants Her Pill
so she can go back to sleep. Erica just got called to the DR, presumably to get hers.

Jun is still lounging in her round HOH bed. Robert is messing around outside with the hot tub.

Sep 01 2003 11:32, Mon valentine   Link
Jun Says She Needs Sex Real Bad
She said when she went in the DR, a man said, "Good Morning", and she wanted to say, "I want to fu*k you."

Jun: That last dream put me right over the edge. I need sex now.

Allie: I'm with you.

Erica: Well Jun, we have two perfectly fine guys right here.

Jun: I know, I don't know which one to fu*k first.

Allie cracks up big time.

Sep 01 2003 11:37, Mon valentine   Link
Unbelievable!! Robert is Standing at the Kitchen Sink
and I think he just washed the dishes that were in it! These were the dishes that Erica collected earlier from the living room and backyard and placed in the sink.

Jun is in the kitchen now, ready to rustle up some breakfast. She is wearing a long sleeved black T-Shirt, and some sort of black shortie-shorts.

Sep 01 2003 11:41, Mon valentine   Link
Erica Looks Like She is Exfoliating
her face with a wet handtowel. She ran a part of it quickly under water, and then scrubbed all over her whole face with it.

(Ed Note: Erica, there are products for that.)

Now Robert is outside asking her how he can audition for Spanish-speaking parts. He keeps interrupting her while she is trying to tell him the answer.

Erica: If you listen, I will tell you.

He needs a head shot and some sort of agent that will put him up for those type of parts. He can get the book that lists agencies at Samual French Bookstore.

Sep 01 2003 11:42, Mon valentine   Link
Jun Came Out to the Backyard and Asked Robert
if he had to have eggs today.

Robert: No.

Jun: Cause I don't feel like making them.

Robert: What are you going to make then?

Jun: Nothing. We'll just have an early lunch.

Sep 01 2003 11:51, Mon Vaseflower2000   Link
rob and ali talking about her veto power. NT

Sep 01 2003 11:52, Mon Vaseflower2000   Link
rob and ali getting excited about the game ending. rob telling ali this month you we will be home again. only two weeks to go. NT

Sep 01 2003 11:56, Mon Vaseflower2000   Link
ali,rob and eri are sitting in the backyard. jee joined them. NT

Sep 01 2003 12:01, Mon cutiecat   Link
Jun had a dream that involved her, Will from BB2 and another guy in a threesome. NT

Sep 01 2003 13:01, Mon Dreamer ParentRootLink
In Jun's dream she was suppose to sleep with BB2 Will but went to the wrong hotel room
she ended up having a threesome with some people she didn't know. The guy kinda looked like John Kelly though, he was a little darker. She said she isn't even into dark chocolate!

Sep 01 2003 12:03, Mon valentine   Link
Jun's Dream
a few nights ago was about BB2's Will.

Jun: He was bigger, like he gained some weight. I was supposed to sleep with him. But I went to the wrong hotel room, so I ended up having a threesome.

Erica: Anybody we know?

Jun: No, but one of them looked kind of like John ______ (someone they all know). It was hot. A lot of my dreams involve opening doors and going into different rooms.

Jee: Do you see what that means?

Erica compliements herself on her coffee-making skills.

Jee heard Erica making noise in her nightmare.

Sep 01 2003 12:08, Mon FuggyBootnling   Link
Jun outside, talking about a sexual dream featuring BB2's Will
She says she was in a threesome with Will (who was a little heavier than he was on the show) and someone else she knows...someone she says that looks like John Kelly. (ed: Who is that?)

Erica then says she had a dream about being pregnant, and the father trying to kill her with a screwdriver. Jee: "Maybe you're just getting paranoid in here." Says she couldn't feel any pain - it was in a dream, after all.

Everyone outside but Robert for this convo.

Erica: "I always have dreams about being pregnant - I have really bad anxiety about it."

Now they Jee and Erica talking about a psych test they did as part of going on the show. A series of 500 repetitive questions. Jee it sounds like had to take it twice - his first results didn't make sense somehow.

Sep 01 2003 12:19, Mon valentine   Link
Robert is Inside, Making His Own Scrambled Eggs Now
When Jun just offered a little while ago and he said "no". All egg whites, of course.

Sep 01 2003 12:21, Mon valentine   Link
Dirty Towels Have Been Piling Up
but Jun thinks they should just put them all in a big garbage bag.

Jun: We all have our own towels now. We don't need all those.

Erica: They could donate them to the Salvation Army.

Sep 01 2003 12:25, Mon valentine   Link
Robert is Asking Allie
to spot him when he lifts weights next week, right in front of Jee.

Robert: We threw out all the spotters.

Allie is eating but she nods her head yes.

(Ed Note: Smug bastard. I would love to see him thrown out on his skinny ugly a**.)

Sep 01 2003 12:41, Mon Vaseflower2000   Link
ali doing her nails while talking to jee. he wants to know when the veto ceremony is taking place. she thinks today. NT

Sep 01 2003 12:43, Mon Vaseflower2000   Link
eri is outside doing the wash and rob sitting outside rubbing his face. NT

Sep 01 2003 12:45, Mon valentine   Link
Jun: Who Made Eggs?
Jee: Robert did.

Jun: Who ate them?

Jee: Just him. He made them for himself.

Jun: Why didn't he tell me he wanted them? I would have made them for him.

A little snappish--Robert has stepped on her toes in the kitchen territory.

Sep 01 2003 12:56, Mon Dreamer   Link
Rob: Something moved that dryer, and it's not even on. There's a squirrel back there NT

Sep 01 2003 12:58, Mon valentine   Link
Jee is Laying On the Couch, All Alone
in the house. Everybody else is outside in the sun. He said that he planned to get a little dressed up for the veto ceremony, since it is his last week in the house.

Robert didn't plan to put on any airs and graces--he just wanted to get some sun.

Jee also plans to go into the DR after the ceremony--he is hoping that BB will let him talk for awhile, not just comment on the ceremony as usual.

Sep 01 2003 13:00, Mon valentine   Link
Porno Cam in the Backyard
once again slowly panning down Allies body from head to toe, or toe to head, even panning up to the tips of her fingers which are over her head.

Erica is also shot slowly, with the camera lingering on her legs.

Jun, however, is not in any of these shots.

Sep 01 2003 13:02, Mon valentine   Link
Jun is Called to the DR and Is Having Some Problems
tying her bikini top. She was laying on her stomach and had to retie both of the straps.

She finally did the job, and wrapped a purple striped towel around her waist.

Jee stops her in the house and wants her to ask when the veto meeting will be held.

Jun: Why?

Jee: Just ask please. Thank you.

Sep 01 2003 13:04, Mon valentine   Link
No Veto Meeting Today, Jun Announces,
and the vote will be held live.

Jee: Whaaatttttt? Jeezzzzz.

Sep 01 2003 13:04, Mon Grins   Link
Jun out of DR: "Veto meeting and the Eviction vote will both happen live on Wednesday. Right after one another" NT

Sep 01 2003 13:23, Mon Vaseflower2000   Link
eri in pool on a raft,ali sunning herself, and jee sitting outside -looks deep in thought. NT

Sep 01 2003 13:24, Mon Vaseflower2000   Link
ju told to put on her mic NT

Sep 01 2003 13:26, Mon Vaseflower2000   Link
eri standing on pool steps watching rob in pool. NT

Sep 01 2003 13:31, Mon Vaseflower2000   Link
jee sitting inside by himself and looks still deep in thought. NT

Sep 01 2003 13:33, Mon Vaseflower2000   Link
ali now went into the pool and eri sitting on the side of the pool. NT

Sep 01 2003 13:43, Mon Vaseflower2000   Link
ju doing the dishes and jee still sitting inside thinking. NT

Sep 01 2003 13:43, Mon mkemp   Link
Jee and Jun in house
jun getting stuff out of fridge. jee sitting on red chair.
Jee: what are you doing?
Jun: fixing lunch
Jee: what time does it say on the microwave clock?
Jun: quarter to one
Jun; why do you have somewhere to go?
Jee: no

Sep 01 2003 13:44, Mon Vaseflower2000   Link
ju asking jee what is wrong with him-is he depressed. he says no. ju thinks he is acting weird today. NT

Sep 01 2003 13:47, Mon Vaseflower2000   Link
jee now alone on his bed. ju in the kitchen and the rest are outside. NT

Sep 01 2003 13:51, Mon Vaseflower2000   Link
ju and eri in the kitchen. ju asks eri are we going to BBQ? eri says she does not think they have anything they can BBQ. ju cooking . NT

Sep 01 2003 13:56, Mon Vaseflower2000   Link
jee now outside asks rob if the pool water is cool.plane overhead and can not hear answer. NT

Sep 01 2003 13:57, Mon Vaseflower2000   Link
rob is told to put on his mic. NT

Sep 01 2003 13:58, Mon Vaseflower2000   Link
ju washing dishes in the sink. NT

Sep 01 2003 14:10, Mon Anonymous   Link
Banner plane. Says "Survivor Premieres Sept. 18th". NT

Sep 01 2003 14:11, Mon I_Should_Be_Working   Link
Advertising Survivor's Premier on Sept 18th HGs think banner is message to them telling them that they will be done by then--it means their last show will be Sept 17th.

Jee: we have confirmation the show will end.
Ali: We're not stuck in here forever?

Sep 01 2003 14:11, Mon Vaseflower2000   Link
ju is eating in the kitchenand the rest are outside. NT

Sep 01 2003 14:14, Mon Vaseflower2000   Link
ju now joined the rest outside. all sitting at the table. not really talking. NT

Sep 01 2003 14:14, Mon Dreamer   Link
Banner plane
Ali: Banner
Jun: Oh no, we shouldn't look at it
Erika: No it's for Survivor
Ali: It's not even for us . . it says Survivor Premieres September 18th
Erika: That's for us
Rob: It is for us
Erika: Yeah
Rob: It's definitely is for us
Jun: Why is it for us?
Ali: Cause that means we're done by September 18th

Sep 01 2003 14:14, Mon I_Should_Be_Working   Link
Another one...
For a radio station.

Erika: See? That sky writing was NOT for us.

Sep 01 2003 14:16, Mon I_Should_Be_Working   Link
F3 focusing on occupied sign for WC, then X in LR NT

Sep 01 2003 14:17, Mon I_Should_Be_Working ParentRootLink
and three more views of the X
Audio is still outside

Sep 01 2003 14:18, Mon I_Should_Be_Working ParentRootLink
pans down to the Joker playing card and back up to the X
(Ed note: Hints of things to come?)

Sep 01 2003 14:49, Mon Vaseflower2000   Link
ju telling jee that carmen is missing him the same as he is missing her.(carmen) NT

Sep 01 2003 14:49, Mon Dreamer   Link
Jun notices that Jee is drinking wine at 1pm . . . . Jee says he isn't an alcoholic NT

Sep 01 2003 14:51, Mon Vaseflower2000   Link
they are telling bb they do not like Irish Spring soap could they have a different soap. NT

Sep 01 2003 15:00, Mon I_Should_Be_Working ParentRootLink
they were comparing themselves to the cast on Survivor and laughing about
the whining the producers have to put up with from them. They were 'acting out' the complaints about:
not liking the scent of the Irish Spring soap!
they need nail polish remover!
the dryer doesn't work!
why do they have to wake us up at 11 am???

Sep 01 2003 14:59, Mon Dreamer   Link
Ali says she lives in Amish country NT

Sep 01 2003 15:03, Mon Dreamer ParentRootLink
Ali says that one Amish guy cut his wife up into little pieces, he was going to jail when she left
Ali says that this happens to regular people, too.

Sep 01 2003 15:05, Mon I_Should_Be_Working ParentRootLink
Jun muses that she wants to live in the suburbs
Jee tells her that the suburbs sound scary, that she should be afraid of being cut up into pieces!

Sep 01 2003 15:09, Mon Dreamer   Link
Apparently Rob gave (part of) his phone number out
Jee: You actually said that dude?
Jun: He's like, he pretty much
Rob: Don't talk about it
Jun: He's like call me momma where ever you are
Rob: You've got to figure out alot more numbers than that
Jun" You're going to get these f*cking...
Erika: People on the internet have scanners and sh*t like that
Jun: Yeah
Rob: To do what?
Erika: To figure out numbers
Jun: You know convicts in jail get to watch us too. You're going to have mad numbers on your phone
Jun than tries to sound like a man: Robert ~ I like you, I want you to be my b*tch
Jee: Jun, that's pretty scarey, Jun

Sep 01 2003 15:13, Mon joannie   Link
Jun and Jee playing cards; Erika on the hammock; Ali in lawn chair and Rat in pool NT

Sep 01 2003 15:33, Mon joannie   Link
Jee walking around the BY with just a "tiny bit of wine. It's just red wine."
Rat: "It's okay. It's Labor Day."

A beeping sound can be heard. Erika: "The delivery truck's here."

Sep 01 2003 15:35, Mon joannie   Link
Erika: "Let's sing the f'ing national anthem. It is Labor Day." NT

Sep 01 2003 15:37, Mon joannie   Link
Jun announces that since it's Labor Day, she will not work out today.
She appears to be getting tipsy on wine.

Sep 01 2003 15:39, Mon Vaseflower2000   Link
ju came over to USA three years after her parents came here to dset up a home and business. ju was not happy here because she missed
the grandmother who raised her. her parents spoiled her to get her to like them and stay with them and not her grandmother.

Sep 01 2003 15:39, Mon joannie   Link
Jun says that since her brother was born in America, he got an American name, Daniel
She was born in Korea, "That's why I got the f'ing 'Jun Mee.'"

Sep 01 2003 15:41, Mon nojobny   Link
Jun cursed out her parents
Because she didn't know who they were.

She was born in Korea and raised by her grandparents.

She came to the states when she was 3 and when she 'met' her parents in the airport, she said she basically cursed them out in Korean b/c she didn't know who they were.

Jun: That's why I was so spoiled b/c they were trying to get me to like them.

Sep 01 2003 16:21, Mon Debra_Kadabra   Link
Ali goes and sits in front of memory wall,begins whispering to herself
I am 90% sure the first thing she said was
"Damn, gotta hope Erika gets this sh*t"
She then says "F'n Robert"
Then she begins going over facts about the HG's in prep for HOH competition.

Sep 01 2003 16:27, Mon Vaseflower2000   Link
ali does not like rob. ali asks eri if he changed since she dated him.
eri says he was the same and all her friends did not like him. even her mom.

Sep 01 2003 16:29, Mon Vaseflower2000   Link
eri and ali are taking a nap. ju and rob talking. NT

Sep 01 2003 16:32, Mon Vaseflower2000   Link
rob does not kiss on the 1st date. ju telling him he should kiss on the 1st date. NT

Sep 01 2003 16:41, Mon Vaseflower2000   Link
ju in hoh room about to take a nap. NT

Sep 01 2003 16:47, Mon Vaseflower2000   Link
rob is still up walking around outside. NT

Sep 01 2003 16:48, Mon Vaseflower2000   Link
rob called to the DR. NT

Sep 01 2003 16:49, Mon Vaseflower2000   Link
jee at the kitchen sink. NT

Sep 01 2003 16:53, Mon Vaseflower2000   Link
jee now in his room on his bed looking at a picture. camera focus on his gnome. NT

Sep 01 2003 16:57, Mon Vaseflower2000   Link
jee's gnome is watching jee sleep. NT

Sep 01 2003 17:02, Mon Vaseflower2000   Link
rob comes into jee,s room and tells him
it is 4:00pm. and time to work out. jee gets up to go work out with him.

Sep 01 2003 17:45, Mon Anonymous   Link
3 girls napping. Jee doing laundry. Robert in eating in kitchen. NT

Sep 01 2003 17:47, Mon Anonymous ParentRootLink
Robert now outside watching Jee do laundry. NT

Sep 01 2003 17:48, Mon txbluefirefly4   Link
House is boring.
Jee is doing his laundry, Robert just went outside after getting a drink from the kitchen. June and Ali are asleep. I don't see Erica. Robert makes a comment about how the girls can always nap and then sleep at night.

Sep 01 2003 18:06, Mon txbluefirefly4   Link
Robert and Gee make a bet
Robert bets Gee that Jack didn't throw any of the comps. Gee believes that Jack threw at least one, Robert says no. Robert wins Gee will be buying him a dinner.

Sep 01 2003 18:14, Mon txbluefirefly4   Link
Where are all the fabulous comps
Gee wants to know why they haven't been offered money or phone calls from home. He states that there is only five of them left.

Sep 01 2003 18:32, Mon Chica417   Link
Ali and Ericka now up . . . Jee still doing laundry . . . NT

Sep 01 2003 19:17, Mon Anonymous   Link
Jee shooting hoops, Robert in hot tub. Erika called to dr. Jun, Ali in kitchen. NT

Sep 01 2003 19:52, Mon Anonymous   Link
3 girls teasing Jee in kitchen.Tthey are going to torture Rob next week with Jee going this week. Robert still in hot tub. NT

Sep 01 2003 19:54, Mon Anonymous ParentRootLink
Jee: unless Robert wins HOH and can lock himself in the room. Ali: He won't win HOH. NT

Sep 01 2003 19:53, Mon TheBigSista   Link
brief update....
rat is outside alone in the hottub, jee, ali, erika and zilla are in sitting around the table (erika on a stool) talking - zilla is teasing jee about being an international player, apparently when he was 16 or 17 he split with zilla for a little while and went out with a chinese girl and then got back with zilla, its all friendly banter.

ali saying how rat is doomed next week with the 3 girls in the house!

Sep 01 2003 20:04, Mon ktan   Link
Ali is in the bathtub talking to Erika while Robert is in the hottub not talking to anyone. NT

Sep 01 2003 20:25, Mon TheBigSista   Link
ali erika and zilla in bathroom,,,
talking about next hoh comp and not having a true or false yet
zilla then says true or false michelle was only born with half a brain and the girls giggle.

prior to this they had discussed about bb telling them all to pack, ali says why should i pack if im gonna use veto on myself, erika laughs does she need to pack and zilla says i never even thought of putting you up, bb wants the 'drama' as to 'who will jun put up' they all laugh and find it very amusing that rat will have to pack this week and next!!!

Sep 01 2003 20:35, Mon Anonymous   Link
Jun in HOH listening to cd. Erika painting toe nails in wc. Ali sorting through her clothes. Jee and Robert sitting in lr. NT

Sep 01 2003 20:37, Mon Anonymous ParentRootLink
Ericka now joins Jee and Robert in lr. General talk of how bored they are. NT

Sep 01 2003 20:59, Mon Anonymous   Link
Jee/Robert lifting weights. Erika shooting hoops. Jun/Ali in living room talking about past comps. NT

Sep 01 2003 21:08, Mon Anonymous   Link
Jun/Ali talking how Erika has not ticked anyone off in the house and how she is the "nicer one".
Also how the guys under estimated the women, especially Nathan. Laughing how they "played the house". Erika now joins the coversation. Talk of how they are disappointed in Jack.

Sep 01 2003 21:14, Mon Anonymous ParentRootLink
Now the 3 girls talking about...
Jee and how he still doesn't quite believe that he is the one to go this week. They keep telling him but thinks it might be a joke/trick. Jun is like "that is why I put you up there with Ali, to make sure you a$$ goes!"

Sep 01 2003 21:49, Mon dianasto51   Link
Erika told ali that rat wanted to put bubbles in the jacuzzi and him and her get in it she was like stuned
and said no that's ok LOL

Sep 01 2003 21:52, Mon Sharky ParentRootLink
Erika said "ARe you hitting on me" joking, but not joking. Ro said "no" NT

Sep 01 2003 21:53, Mon Sharky   Link
Er shooting baskets after complaining to the Girls that Robert was freaking her out. Robert came out and started to rebound for her. He asked her
something about her abs, she replied, "huh" and then he said something about them being hard and he felt her abs. She let him but then started shooting right away.

Sep 01 2003 22:07, Mon Anonymous   Link
Ali talking with Erika on how they need to win HOH, put up Robert and Jun and get rid of Jun. NT

Sep 01 2003 22:12, Mon Anonymous   Link
Dinner time. Lasagna. NT

Sep 01 2003 22:36, Mon TheBigSista   Link
rat and erika talking - he is telling her how he has no chance of winning....
explaining who is not voting for him - but then say to erika that he is not saying this to change her plans or anything (!!!)

earlier zilla made a classic comment ' you guys called yourselves the dream team, how gay is that'.

Sep 01 2003 22:44, Mon Anonymous   Link
3 girls in wc, talking about "crazy" Dana. Jee doing dishes. Robert pacing in backyard; staring into hot tub. NT

Sep 01 2003 22:47, Mon TheBigSista   Link
erika ali and zilla in bathroom...
erika - alison did you the biggest favor in this game getting rid of her (the mantroll)

zilla agreeing then talking about how crazy she was and how she deserved to be saved by the boys as she saved them, did she forget i was up there with her?

erika = i said dana welcome to the desert room, my name is erika and this is jack, i like how she started every conversation with i am not campaigning but..

zilla - crack wh#re!

girls talking about the mantroll. and not understanding why jack told her that she didnt have the votes on her side.

now speculating why he did it.

then talking about how she confronted justine and he turned it around and made erika and jack look like the bad guys,

ali laughing about how her parents would have been having a fit when she was put on the block.

rat has come in and girls complementing how his arms have built up (!!!)

Sep 01 2003 23:02, Mon TheBigSista   Link
zilla telling erika and ali as to nates last days in house and how he told justine...
that he would go after erika and ali if they kept him. ali said that so he didnt play the game honestly.

ali then said he did say that he spoke to the guys but not to worry about what he said.

ali said you dont have to lie but you do have to scheme (following on from zilla saying that nate said ali was scheming why shouldnt he).

they are wondering why he said the speech he did when they all knew that he was not loyal etc.

Sep 01 2003 23:09, Mon TheBigSista   Link
erika - i'm the best lover i ever had (after ali saying she never could!) NT

Sep 01 2003 23:09, Mon Grins ParentRootLink
Ali said she could never masturbate. NT

Sep 01 2003 23:35, Mon Dreamer ParentRootLink
Ali: I could never, never touch myself (more)
Jun: What about in front of a guy?
Ali: Uh. . yeah
Jun: So what is the difference?
Ali: It doesn't feel good
Jun:Really? You're young
Erika: I'm the best lover I ever had
Jun: You have to be totally, totally comfortable with yourself or you can't
Ali: I mean then I guess I'm just not comfortable with myself
Erika: (couldn't understand) something to do with toys?
Ali: I don't have any toys(?)
Jun: Pressure in the right places
Ali: I had um, some whip cream once and a couple ice cubes. That's about all
Erika: Ok . .we're like giving all the guys on the internet now like huge fantasies

Sep 01 2003 23:10, Mon Anonymous   Link
Robert : "I betcha Jun wins this game". Jee: "she might...
She's a cut throat girl, a go-getter as she might say. She played a great game, I have to give her credit".
Robert and Jee now speculating which of the girls will take out each other and let Robert slide by another week. If Robert wins he will put up Ali and Jun and let Erika decide but he needs to talk to Erika first.

Sep 01 2003 23:20, Mon Anonymous   Link
Erika in hot tub. Jee playing cards outside. Robert in shower. Ali/Jun exercising with weights. NT

Sep 01 2003 23:30, Mon Anonymous   Link
Ali: "I feel like sh*t in this house. If my boyfriend isn't mad at me he'll say I'm f**king ugly!" NT

Sep 01 2003 23:47, Mon Grins   Link
Jee & Jun
Jee : Do you think when I leave the other 3 people would come after you?

Jun: No

Jee: Just be careful

Jun: Why?

Jee: Because I think you could win and they know that too.

Jun: That is because you know me. You know I made some good moves. They just see me as the b*tch that switched sides a couple of times.

Jee: Just be careful.

Jun: Do they think I would vote emotionally?

{missed what Jee said but then Jun listed off she wouldn't vote for Ali or Erika. That she would want Rob to win for his daughter]

Sep 02 2003 00:10, Tue Dreamer ParentRootLink
More~ Jun says she will vote emotionally
Jun: Yeah because he has a kid. If Erika needed the money she shouldn't got fake tits. Ali is spoiled rotten. I don't want her to go thru life thinking she can be manipulating people and using her sexuality. That's not what fu*king women have fought for for the last hundred years. To use our bodies in flirtatous ways to get sh*t. Her dad can pay for her fu*king law school. Robert is the black sheep of the family, he hasn't done sh*t with his life and now he has a kid and I'd rather he pay for his daughters life then have these two bit*hes get the money

Jee: Well I think they might think that you will vote fairly so . .

Jun: Nope. Ali knows I won't. I told her I won't. Ali knows better than to kick me out

Jee: I think that Ali is more threatened of you more than anyone else. I mean she's threatened of me first of all, competitions and she doesn't want to face me up in the finals if I happen to survive. The way I am looking at it is it's not about me anymore, the way I'm looking at it is I'm going out the door. This is true. So that's done and final. Just done and over with. When it comes to you this is what I think you could be right, I could be wrong.

Jun: Rob's f*cking crawling up Erika's as* lately. Talking to her about going dancing after the show

Jee: What are you speculating then?

Jun: I'm speculating that Rob knows that he is fu*ked and he is trying to get Erika on his good side

Sep 02 2003 00:14, Tue Anonymous   Link
Jee feeling sorry for himself...
He's homesick, sick of the game. Just wants to go home. Knowing that he's going on Wednesday, he goes right into the sequester house and thinks it sucks; won't be able to see his girl, family. Basically it's f' this and f' that. Now knocking the diary room people after Jun suggests he goes in to talk. They are great he says but they can't give him the answers he needs. Now saying he will never to this s**t again; doesn't care about the money now except the money that he's earned by being in the house. Doesn't want the publicity, attention.
Just keeps going on and on about the same thing so...posting.

Sep 02 2003 00:18, Tue Anonymous   Link
Robert now knocking Jun after she leaves to go outside to hot tub...
"She's a bi*ch, always will be. She thinks your saying all of this because your on the block. It's not, I know how you feel man. I think about walking out of this house every day. "There's nothing good about it, it's f**king hell".

Sep 02 2003 00:30, Tue SonOfAbraxas   Link
Jun - "Technically, we're not doing a girls vs. boys thing. It's cool people vs. lame people." NT