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Sep 02 2003 01:08, Tue Anonymous   Link
Jun/Robert saying how Jee has alot of anger inside of him. Jun: "He grew up that way. Watching things he shouldn't of"....
Robert: "Yeah, I see it in him when we work out". Now they are agreeing that Ali/Erica don't have friends, that they have nothing to look foward to in life so and they don't care/understand how Jee is feeling tonight.

Sep 02 2003 01:17, Tue Anonymous   Link
Robert/Jun talking about Jee...
and how Jee is stressing out about whether he is leaving or not. Jee should go out smiling and all happy like Justin did, and not be miserable the way he is now. Jun said she put up Jee first because if she didn't, then he would drive her nuts and she knew Robert was cool with it.

Sep 02 2003 01:22, Tue Anonymous   Link
Jun telling the 2 girls and Robert how the night Scott went nuts...
She took all the knives, hid them in an oven mitt and hit it in the HOH room.

Sep 02 2003 01:53, Tue Anonymous   Link
Bedtime for hamsters. NT

Sep 02 2003 02:02, Tue davidmichelle   Link
Alison goes to bed furious at Robert because he discussed what Alison makes for a living....
I didn't get the full grasp of what was going on but I noticed Alison was muttering very angry words by herself in the bathroom while Robert, Jun and Erika were laughing it up about evicted houseguests in the dining area. Alison immediately goes to bed by herself, obviously she's not happy.

Minutes later everyone else makes their way to bed, Erika comes into the love room and closes the door, stops by Alison's bed for a quick convo. This is where it is found out that Alison is furious with Robert for discussing her financial situation in an open forum. She overheard him talking while she was right around the corner.

From what I could gather from Alison and Erika's whispers, Robert talked about Alison's earnings, however small they might be (daddy's checks not counted). Alison declares her distaste for Robert, "....he will never be on my good side...."

Sep 02 2003 10:26, Tue nojobny ParentRootLink
Thing is, he was talking about Dana, not Ali. Ali was eavesdropping and didn't hear the whole conversation. NT

Sep 02 2003 09:15, Tue ankt   Link
all hg sleeping NT

Sep 02 2003 10:06, Tue MsB0808   Link
All the houseguests STILL sleeping... NT

Sep 02 2003 10:44, Tue ktan   Link
BB issues wake-up call. NT

Sep 02 2003 10:46, Tue ktan ParentRootLink
BB repeats call. Then BB says: "HGs IT'S TIME TO GET UP FOR THE DAY!" NT

Sep 02 2003 10:45, Tue ankt   Link
second wake up call NT

Sep 02 2003 10:47, Tue BuzzardsCrotch   Link
HG's on LD. Erika says "Oh good, maybe well get something today" NT

Sep 02 2003 10:52, Tue BuzzardsCrotch   Link
Jee is still in bed. Other HGs are up doing their daily morning routine NT

Sep 02 2003 10:58, Tue BuzzardsCrotch   Link
Girls in the WC talking about a BB staffer Curtis
He is the person that gave them their medicine this morning. Jun thinks he is hot (or could be, I didnt catch if they actually saw him or not). Erika went into DR to get her meds so she asks Curtis if he is single and unfortunatly he is married. Erika "Why are all the good ones taken?"

Sep 02 2003 11:24, Tue BuzzardsCrotch   Link
HGs in kitchen
Jee reading a booklet (I think it came with their protein shake mix). E, Jun, And Ali talking. Erika tells Ali that rob is a good dancer. He can break dance.

They are all waiting for LD to be over, they are teasing each other about a concert in the BY, but they know that it is very unlikely.

Jun goes into DR to tell BB that they won egg substitute NOT egg whites in the food challenge.

R & Jee move to the WC. Jee still flipping through the booklet.

Basically nothing happening this morning...posting!

Sep 02 2003 11:38, Tue BuzzardsCrotch   Link
Girls talking in kitchen
They are talking about designer handbags and the new fall fashion. They are wondering what the new fall fashions are. Ali talking about her knee-high boots with the skinny heel. She says they are "so hot." Ali said she is getting makeup and tennis shoes when she gets out of the house. Now Erika is giving ALi a lesson in applying makeup. Jee is completely captured by the MetRx booklet. Boring...posting!

Sep 02 2003 12:24, Tue BuzzardsCrotch   Link
Jee and Jun talking in LR
Jee says he is sorry for how he acted last night. Jun says it is ok and she knew he would get over it.

Jun says she doesnt believe a story that Ali told (I missed it) and Jee says that he doesnt listen to her stories and that all you have to respond is "that is crazy!" he says it will work for every story. Jun laughs.

Erika comes out of the DR and Ali asks if it is a normal DR session. Erika said that she had to do her farewell speachs to every HG because that dont know who will be leaving. Erika's said her farewell speach to Ali was "what the hell, you were supposed to use the veto! Why did you pull a Marcellas on us?"

Ali is asking Erika if she has to make a speach during the veto meeting. She doesnt understand why she would have to make a speach because she is saving herself.

They are still on LD

Jee & R in LR
E in shower
Ali in DR
Jun in HOH

Sep 02 2003 12:26, Tue BuzzardsCrotch   Link
Jun , Rob, and Jee go in the backyard
BB: "Lockown is not over pull down the shades and go inside"

Sep 02 2003 12:28, Tue BuzzardsCrotch ParentRootLink
BTW, no luxury challenge set up in BY. Je, R, and Ju in LR complaining about not having a luxury challenge today NT

Sep 02 2003 12:36, Tue BuzzardsCrotch   Link
Rob offers to help Erika put on her robe after her shower, she says "NOOO" NT

Sep 02 2003 12:37, Tue Dreamer   Link
Convo ended at 11:05 am BBT. . . .Ali was talking about the bf that got her in the BB

Ali: He was huge

Jee: It's all protein then

Ali: Like even if . .like if he woke up and he was hungry, he'd make himself drink a protein shake

Jee: Yeah, well maybe that's what I've got to do. I don't want to get like massive

Ali: He lifted everyday

Jun: Did he take roids? (steroids)

Ali: Yeah I think he did like awhile

Jun: Was his come watery?

Erika: Could you stop with the come? Jesus! Twice in 5 minutes

Jun: Why? You have a problem?

Jee: Damn, Someone just put a load in her mouth (referring to Jun) Can someone just put a load in her mouth?

Ali: I try to just block that whole part of my life

Jun: Jee~it's not funny when you say it so shut up

Jee: I think it is

Sep 02 2003 12:46, Tue Dreamer ParentRootLink
More~ Jun: I got scolded by Erika
Jee: Good

Erika: I was just pointing out the obivious

Jun: I get very, very little girl defensive. Even when Bob use to scold me

Jee: Someone's got to do it

Ali: I never saw him take steroids but Justin said he did

Erika: When you're eating watery egg whites . .. . nasty beaters ~you're like I don't want to think about come

Jee: Don't talk about it. No man wants to talk about that

Ali: Did you see that cheese? That white creamy cheese?

Jee: That's disgusting, dude

Sep 02 2003 12:37, Tue dianasto51   Link
erika is taking a shower and rob comes in and ask if she needs help putting her robe on she says no NT

Sep 02 2003 12:46, Tue BuzzardsCrotch   Link
Rob tells Erika that he left her a nice goodbye...
he says not like last weeks goodbye. She says like last week when you wanted me to go. He said "that is what I wanted to talk to you about." Erika went into the WC and sang "Jimmy crack corn and I dont care." lol. Feeds switch to HOH room. Jun and Ali whispering about Rob, I couldnt catch what it was about.

Sep 02 2003 13:02, Tue Island_Girl   Link
Hg's headed outside for lockdown. Jun says it's for at least an hour. NT

Sep 02 2003 13:28, Tue Island_Girl   Link
Around the feeds...
Ali tanning. Jun in pool tanning. Jee still! reading Metrix booklet. Erika curled up on chair. Robert sitting by dryer playing with his nose.
No real conversation going on.

Sep 02 2003 13:43, Tue Island_Girl   Link
Erika wonders how much of the jet fumes they suck in...
Tells Jee they are very near the Burbank Airport.
Jee: "If I get cancer I'm going to sue CBS". Ali: "You can't, you signed a contract!"
Jun out of the pool for Jee to put more suncreen on her back. Jun now back on lawn chair; Ali now in pool.
Jee thinks they are taking the dining room table away and more chairs. Robs says it's gotta be alot more than that.

Sep 02 2003 14:06, Tue MsB0808   Link
Jun and Jee are playing cards, Erika is lounging, Ali is in the pool and Robert is in a chair by the dryer. NT

Sep 02 2003 14:20, Tue Dreamer   Link
Ali: BB can we pee soon? NT

Sep 02 2003 14:27, Tue deedee744   Link

Sep 02 2003 14:37, Tue MsB0808   Link
Back from FOTH....Jun eating ice cream and cursing alot, Erika and Ali just laying and relaxing, and Robert still by himself by the dryer. NT

Sep 02 2003 17:43, Tue Dreamer ParentRootLink
During lockout @ 2pm Jun bugs Jee
Jun: (Looks like she was pulling the hair on Jee's leg)
Jee: Jun stop it. Can't you do nothing better?

Jun: Jee, Je e ter

Jee: I should tell Carmen, "Lets go get a tattoo, baby". We'll go brand you

Jun: You would you sick f*ck. Then you won't marry her a*s. You usually take a cigarette to them (points right under her ear lobe)

Jee: Shut the f*ck up

Jun: Right here under the ear, right there

Jee: Where do you get these f8cking crazy a*s stories from man?

Jun: I'm creative.

Jee: You read too many books

Jun: That's why I am a good writer

Rob: So Jee is half the age of your brother and you (talking to Jun) Between you guys?

Jun: Ummmmmmm yeah

Jee: Your brother is like 21?

Jee: She's older. She's 4 years older than me

Jun: Ewwwwww (kicks Jee's flip flop)

Jee: Jun don't do that. Go get my f*cking flip flop. What did you do that for?

Jun: I didn't know what it was. It scared me (Jun makes pretend cry noises)

Jee: I'll get one for Carmen. I'll get a crown (tattoo)

Rob: Don't do that Jee

Jun: That is f8cking corney

Rob: Dude it looks really ******y

Jee: I'm not going to do it with it showing

Jun:It will look like a Carona drinker and *****. Don't be corney. A tattoo should mean something if you are going to get it. Mine don't mean ***** but at least I don't have a f*cking . .

Ali yells something across the yard ~

Jun: No, Jee says does it really matter?

Ali yells something back

Jee to Ali: I can relate to that girl

Jun to Ali: Jee had a bi*ch session in the DR this morning

Jee: No I didn't

Jun: He came out with tears in his eyes

Jee: You f*cking drive me insane. Go gossip and talk to the girls

Jun: I know how to annoy you Jee

Jee: I know you do a good job

Jun: I know

Jee: That's why you should go over there

Jun: That's right~ I should um make money

Ali yells across the yard: Jee what did you complain about?

Jee: I didn't complain

Jun: He complained that the applesauce wasn't cold enough. I am going to call Carmen and tell her how to annoy Jee

Jee: Carmen doesn't care about stuff like that. That's the difference Jun

Jun: Apparently she doesn't annoy you cause she is the bestest so I have to call her and give her some tips

Jee: F8ck man why don't you ? all the girls in the world?

Jun: Only Carmen ~ If you talk to Jee in a high pitched voice that sounds like a chalk board being scratched

Rob: You know Jun where Carmen lives

Jun: Hell yeah

Rob: You will stop by

Jun: I know where she works now too. ? Boutique at the W hotel. I'll be like give me 5 of those no, give me 2 of those. Naw, nevermind. (Here Jun sounds like Rosanne) Like are you Carmen? OMG you're like famous because Jee like talked about you like all the f*cking time

Jee: Jun you are annoying me. Get out of here

Jun: Can you hold my receipt? Carmen Rainato

Jee: Can you stop saying her name?

Jun: You've said it like 50 times

Jee: Don't say it anymore

Jun: Alright, Carmen Nearato(?) How's that?

Jee: You know we're not married

Jun: You practically are . . your anniversary . .man you would think he was married and *****

Jee: Jun go sit over there

Jun: No I want to be with you

Jee: If you want to talk to me then (Jun pulls his pants and looks at his upper thigh) Stop that *****

Jun: You're kinda white there. He calls this fun

Rob: Jee are your thighs white?

Jun: Yes (Jun takes another peek)

Jee: Jun

Jun: I see your boxers

Jee: Go Away

Jun: Imitates Jee~ Go Away

Jee: Now go

Sep 02 2003 15:21, Tue coffeebug   Link
FOTH again NT

Sep 02 2003 15:35, Tue coffeebug   Link
back from FOTH, lockdown FINALLY over, hg's inside NT

Sep 02 2003 15:38, Tue bruhe   Link
jun making food. ali making a beverage. erika making a sandwich. jee is packing NT

Sep 02 2003 15:40, Tue BB4_SC   Link
Some convo about Ali using the veto or not...
Believe she said she would not use it... hmmmmmm. But also some discussion about an offer for her from BB. Rest of HGs think it is only for drama...

Sep 02 2003 15:42, Tue BB4_SC   Link
Ali proud of her shoulders... looking "diesel"? NT

Sep 02 2003 15:45, Tue BB4_SC   Link
Ali: So, Julie is supposed to que me about when to talk. I'd be such a jerk off to not use it.... I don't have to explain why!

Erica: Just make sure you make it dramatic!

Sep 02 2003 15:49, Tue BB4_SC   Link
Erica resting under blanket on couch. all others in kitchen eating/fixing food NT

Sep 02 2003 15:53, Tue BB4_SC   Link
Jun razzing Erica about having a sweet tooth..
Says she must be PMSing

Erica: No
Jun: Must be PPMSing.
E: Maybe
E: No, I'm missing sex.

Sep 02 2003 15:56, Tue BB4_SC   Link
Jee going back and forth between kitchen and packing NT

Sep 02 2003 15:59, Tue BB4_SC   Link
Erica was trailed by Ratbert into Bedroom.
Looked like they were having a conversation, I tried to switch feeds to hear what they said, but only caught erica saying "I'll think about it".

Feed switching is tooo slow.

Sep 02 2003 16:04, Tue JulieH ParentRootLink
I caught the same and just a tiny bit more... Rob said "Well, are you going to answer you want to think about it?" Then Erica said "let me
think about it" and walked away .

Sep 02 2003 16:07, Tue BB4_SC ParentRootLink
Another site said he asked her if she would go out with him after BB NT

Sep 02 2003 16:51, Tue SueBee ParentRootLink
Robert asked Erika if she would go out with him after the show! She said, like a date? He said yeah, she busied herself under her bed.
He said aren't you going to answer me? She went out the door and said I'll think about it! She seemed like she was ignoring him and couldn't wait to get out of the room!! LOL

Sep 02 2003 16:01, Tue BB4_SC   Link
Jun having 3rd helping of leftover lasagna. NT

Sep 02 2003 16:04, Tue BB4_SC   Link
All four feeds on Jee packing and telling Ratbert good bye...
Will have great time outside... "When it's your time, it's your time." Jee, just looking forward to his phone call.

Sep 02 2003 16:05, Tue BB4_SC   Link
Ratbert packing... I believe he is packing HIS stuff.... NT

Sep 02 2003 16:12, Tue BB4_SC   Link
Ratbert finished 1st suite case
Jee: Are you all finished?
R: No, I can put the rest in there or carry it.. THe rest I don't give a sh?t about.

Sep 02 2003 16:12, Tue BB4_SC   Link
All four FOTH NT

Sep 02 2003 16:15, Tue BB4_SC   Link
Return from FOTH everybody outside... NT

Sep 02 2003 16:19, Tue BB4_SC   Link
Discussion about air traffic.
Jun asking about all the air traffic. Sounds like lots of helicopters
Ali: Must be a traffic accident or police chase
E: Maybe Dana got loose!

Sep 02 2003 16:24, Tue JulieH ParentRootLink
Jun: Dana's on the lamb running down the highway "I'm coming MFers!!" NT

Sep 02 2003 16:21, Tue BB4_SC   Link
Maybe something going on..
Jun: Maybe something going on because now I hear sirens
Erica: Yea, maybe an accident or fire.

Sep 02 2003 16:27, Tue BB4_SC   Link
Girbles back inside NT

Sep 02 2003 16:30, Tue BB4_SC   Link
Alia and Jun having whispered convo
Ali filling in Jun about some competition.. not sure if it was this BB or previous.. but heard "then they asked which hg said this about another" then you had to display the picture...

Sep 02 2003 17:27, Tue txbluefirefly4   Link
Robert and Jee don't want Ali to win. NT

Sep 02 2003 17:46, Tue Dreamer   Link
Jee and Rob working out in the BY NT

Sep 02 2003 17:46, Tue Dreamer ParentRootLink
Ali and Erika taking a nap NT

Sep 02 2003 18:30, Tue Island_Girl   Link
Girls still napping. Jee/Robert sitting in backyard. NT

Sep 02 2003 18:40, Tue candysnm   Link
Jee and Jun are preparing to clean the bathroom. NT

Sep 02 2003 19:14, Tue MsB0808   Link
Everyone but Robert in the kitchen. Jun cooking, the rest talking and doing things. Robert in the hottub alone. NT

Sep 02 2003 19:36, Tue Island_Girl   Link
Around the feeds...
Ali just finished washing outside windows, now dusting inside. Erika in hammock. Robert in hot tub. Jun in HOH room listening to cd. Jee resting on his bed.

Sep 02 2003 20:00, Tue missellie   Link
Rob in the shower Allie was
called in D/r Jun is in the kitchen as usual and Erika putting make-up in the hall mirror.Do not know Jee's where abouts.At one point one of the Girls say's why are we going in the D/R nothing is going on nothing to talk about.And The other respnds this is when they offer Allie sum of Money.I do not know if it was a joke or what.Now Allie out and Erika in D/R.Allie and Jun in the bathroom chairs talking about how they hate rob and need to win HOH tomarrow.Rob out of shower.

Sep 02 2003 20:03, Tue missellie   Link
Allie and Jun move on to talking about
Erika and how they think she is lying about telling them the things she and Rob talk about.She told them Rob asked her out when they get out of the house.

Sep 02 2003 20:09, Tue missellie   Link
Allie plotting with Jun and saying Erika is now biggest threat in house
and trying to figure out if this is last week for veto.And also trying to figure out what the next comp will be.Maybe questions about past HG and then Jun say's they told her durring comp she can not help with answers.So Jun tell's Allie what she put on her questionare.

Sep 02 2003 20:12, Tue missellie   Link
secret allie and Jun talk cut short as
Rob is dressed and come's in the kitchen and then Bath.Jun tells them part one of food comp is tonight .Rob leaves and the plotting start's.Talking about Rob and allie say's she knows he hate's her more then Jun as he leaves everytime she come's in the room.She had left B/R for a minute to get something.

Sep 02 2003 20:14, Tue missellie   Link
Jun Allie and Erika in B/R Jun doing Allies toe nails NT

Sep 02 2003 20:17, Tue missellie   Link
Jun is talking about Jee and how happy she will be to get him out tomarrow NT

Sep 02 2003 20:20, Tue missellie   Link
The girls say top ten Letterman rules stop trying to vote me out say's Erika they agree that would be good one NT

Sep 02 2003 20:24, Tue Island_Girl   Link
Inside Lockdown NT

Sep 02 2003 20:25, Tue missellie   Link
They the three girls are now really downing Jee
Erika say's how Jee has just realized she has brown eye's.And Jun say's and look how long they have been in the house together and he just realized this.Jun to the D/R.Erika and Allie alone in bathroom now being told inside lock down please pull shades.A few minutes before Jun said Jee is sleeping and will sleep till he is sent out the door.

Sep 02 2003 20:27, Tue missellie   Link
All 4 feeds and Allie and Erika playing cards in Livingroom jun still in D/r do not know where rob went jee sleeping NT

Sep 02 2003 20:40, Tue ktan ParentRootLink
Rob is in HOH room listening to Jun's CD. NT

Sep 02 2003 20:40, Tue missellie   Link
Jun now out of D/R and told Allie to go back to the bathroom so they can finish he toe nails so card game on hold
and all four feeds move from the girls to Rob in HOH room listening to music aand Jee sleeping in blue bedroom

Sep 02 2003 20:51, Tue missellie   Link
Erika doing her own nails Jun still working on Allie's toes and erika mentions
something one of the handlers gave her (maybe nail polish) and Jun say's she is jealous as she did not get anything.Then they speculate about what is happening in B/Y maybe set up for fist part of food comp.Then about how mad or upset Rob is and how he need's to get over it.Then the girls tell Erika she needs to promise rob she will date him.And one of them Jun maybe say's Rob said that he and Erika had good Sex.She then tells the Girls she and Jee did not have much Sex the last year they were together.

Sep 02 2003 20:53, Tue missellie   Link
Girls talk about what they are wearing and Jun can not wear her white shoes not after Labor day Allie is a bit shocked by this . NT

Sep 02 2003 20:53, Tue cutiecat   Link
In the backyard- there is one big table with what looks like art supplies and big paper figures and paper flowers. NT

Sep 02 2003 20:57, Tue nojobny   Link
F1&2 are in the BY. It looks like there are large, all-white decoupage figures or perhaps pinatas. There is glue and colored paper on the table. NT

Sep 02 2003 20:58, Tue ConnieMS   Link
Jun called to DR, Feeds 1 & 2 still on setup in BY NT

Sep 02 2003 20:58, Tue missellie   Link
girls talking about Rob and how sexest he is and the way he talk's and how surprised how much he love's his
Daughter.Allie asked Erika if he treats his daughter like that and she says No.He love's her.And Erika say's it's funny cus he does this not thinking this is how some other guy may treat his daughter.Jun say's but he just see's his daughter as little girl so probably never thinks like that.

Sep 02 2003 20:59, Tue missellie   Link
Jun called to D/R again possible word on the first part of food comp NT

Sep 02 2003 20:59, Tue nojobny   Link
Around the table w/ supplies are chairs with a sign w/ each HG name on it. NT

Sep 02 2003 21:00, Tue missellie ParentRootLink
Looks like Fiesta set up NT

Sep 02 2003 21:05, Tue missellie   Link
Jun out of D/R calling everyone to Back door NT

Sep 02 2003 21:05, Tue ConnieMS   Link
Jun finally calls HG's to backyard - comp. starting NT

Sep 02 2003 21:07, Tue ConnieMS   Link
The get to decorate pinata's for tomorrow's food comp. NT

Sep 02 2003 21:08, Tue missellie   Link
Jun says this will be fun filled eve
this eve we will be able to use our talents its for 1st part of food comp they have to decorate pinatas Erika calls out she wants the Dog.Allie seems very excited about it.Jun picks a star.They are very big.Rob goes in house says he does not want to do it.

Sep 02 2003 21:08, Tue ConnieMS   Link
Robert goes back inside and says he doesn't want to do it. NT

Sep 02 2003 21:08, Tue Grins   Link
Robert leaves the BY saying "I'm not going to do it. I'll just leave it white" in reference to decorating their pinatas. NT

Sep 02 2003 21:11, Tue cutiecat   Link
Ali got the boy pinata and is making him Donny. Erika took the dog. NT

Sep 02 2003 21:11, Tue ConnieMS   Link
Robert in BR - appears to be reading his daughter's letter NT

Sep 02 2003 21:11, Tue nojobny   Link
The HG are called to BY to decorate their pinatas for the food comp. Rob decides
that he doesn't want to do it

Rob starts to walk away

Jun: where are you going?

Rob: I don't want to do it. I'm going to leave it white. And he walks away

Jun: he's probably going to go (and she gestures a little self-love, with sound effect) and once he flushes his frustation down the toilet or the drain, he'll be back.

Sep 02 2003 21:11, Tue missellie   Link
Allies is a person she say's she is making an Indian and say's her Donnie is going to get smashed
Jee come's to Allie and says he knows he is probably going but would like to know if that is the way she see's it she says right now that is how it looks

Sep 02 2003 21:14, Tue ConnieMS   Link
Ali asks Jee....
if Rob has said anything about her lately. She said it seems that anytime she comes in the room he leaves. Jee says yeah he's frustrated and maybe even ticked about last week but he's said nothing specific and doesn't want to speak for Ratbert. Jee called to DR

Sep 02 2003 21:15, Tue missellie   Link
Allie ask's Jee if he knows why Rob walk's out of the room everytime she walks in he says he
is not sure but he knows Rob was not happy about her vote next week.Jee called to D/R and Erika tells her not to worry about Rob.Allie telling the Girls now Jee asked about tomarrow.

Sep 02 2003 21:16, Tue ConnieMS   Link
F1, 2, &3 on Ali & Erica decorating Pinata's & F4 is Jun cooking NT

Sep 02 2003 21:22, Tue missellie   Link
Rob in HoH listening to music the girls are ticked about it
they are busy doing their pinatas Allie says she will take her time so will Erika and then they say the will sniff Glue.Erika tells big Brother they are kidding.Allie worried Erika is Crafty Martha and that hers would look bad next to Erikas.Jun came out for a few minutes and now is back in Kitchen.They mention how proud (Not) Robs daughter would be by the way he acts and Erika says her Mom knows how Rob is and Allie says that is probably why they are devorced

Sep 02 2003 21:25, Tue missellie   Link
Allie and Erika having a nice time doing the art Project and every so often trashing Rob mostly saying same thing over and over again NT

Sep 02 2003 21:29, Tue missellie   Link
Erika says there is stuff in her pinata she can hear it moving around NT

Sep 02 2003 21:31, Tue BuzzardsCrotch   Link
Rob pacing around kitchen while Jun is cooking. No audio, cant hear what he is saying. Audio is in BY with A & E NT

Sep 02 2003 21:32, Tue missellie   Link
Jee must be out of D/R Rob just called in B/B voice is now saying thank you after calling them in NT

Sep 02 2003 21:34, Tue missellie   Link
the pinatas are big both Allis Indian and Erikas dog taller then them while they sit on ground NT

Sep 02 2003 21:37, Tue missellie   Link
Erika says part of Juns star has news paper Rangers lost 5-11 NT

Sep 02 2003 21:41, Tue missellie   Link
Allies Indian has Yellow-tan arms and head and brown pants Erika's
Dog is Yellow Tan.They say the color is Tan but it looks yellow.

Sep 02 2003 21:41, Tue missellie   Link
Rob came out he is working on the other Star NT

Sep 02 2003 21:43, Tue missellie   Link
Jee has a dinosaur NT

Sep 02 2003 21:48, Tue fishinlady   Link
Robert comes out in the BY and asks
which one is Jee's- Ali-the dinosaur. Which one's mine- Ali-the star. Which one's Jun's- no answer.
Goes back inside where Jun is cooking. Jee and Jun bantering about cooking. Jee saying how good he is a cooking. Jun says he's the greatest. He says he hates her. Jee tastes his "creation" and says he is good.

They go outside to start their pinatas.
Now all HG's are working on them.

Sep 02 2003 21:49, Tue missellie   Link
Jee was helping Jun in the kitchen now he and Jun join the others in B/y
Rob putting eyes on his star I think he said he was going to get it done fast.He must have been told in D/R he had to do it.He does not seem happy about being out side.Now painting a face in the center with a big smile.Jun tells him it is cute and he does not say anything.

Sep 02 2003 21:52, Tue missellie   Link
Rob put blue felt on the back of his and is making anouther face Jun is also using blue felt on her star NT

Sep 02 2003 21:56, Tue missellie   Link
Jun says she thinks rob got scolded in D/R he seems to be done and has gone back into the house. NT

Sep 02 2003 21:57, Tue missellie   Link
Jee tells his Dino it is going to be ugly and jun tells him not to be mean NT

Sep 02 2003 21:59, Tue missellie   Link
Rob is in the house picking at his face in a mirror Je ask's the girls if rob is done and they think so smile face on each side of his star NT

Sep 02 2003 22:00, Tue missellie   Link
Break time they are going to have Dinner NT

Sep 02 2003 22:04, Tue missellie   Link
Rob just took his Dinner and Sat out side by himself Jun looked shocked NT

Sep 02 2003 22:07, Tue missellie ParentRootLink
Jee joins rob outside but at least tells the girls he is going and will see if Robs OK NT

Sep 02 2003 22:08, Tue missellie   Link
Girls talking about Rob and how he is acting like he wants to leave but they are going to spite him and keep him in NT

Sep 02 2003 22:15, Tue BBWhat   Link
Girls think Rob won't make it, will do something to get evicted, or walk out. NT

Sep 02 2003 22:16, Tue missellie   Link
Jee is called to the D/R again he was sitting outside eating and talking to Rob NT

Sep 02 2003 22:22, Tue missellie   Link
Rob came in and told the girls he would wash dishs up but has now said he would do his but the girls say they will just do them all NT

Sep 02 2003 22:25, Tue missellie   Link
Allie says today it was all about her finally Erika tells her baby it is always all about you and
Allie tells them yes 9 weeks in HG we have a new HG her name is Alison.Allie then says she better be Mrs.Patrick when she gets out that is Donnies last name she wants a 2 caret dimond.This from the girl that told Erika she was not materialistic Like Jun

Sep 02 2003 22:30, Tue missellie   Link
Jee out of D/R Rob in and out now they call Jun The girls tell her to ask for more brown and tan paper for the Pinatas NT

Sep 02 2003 22:47, Tue missellie   Link
Jee and Rob lifting Weights and the girls working on Pinatas ..... NT

Sep 02 2003 23:06, Tue missellie   Link
Girls still working on pinatas they look cute and the guys are in kitchen making protien shakes Rob seems calmer now NT

Sep 02 2003 23:11, Tue missellie   Link
Jee giving Rob a pep talk about hanging in with the girls he knows it will be hard jee going to finish his shake and go work on his pinata NT

Sep 02 2003 23:27, Tue missellie   Link
Allie has put a smile (Huge ) on her Indian and given him a tomahawk and a skalp
she is now painting blood on tomahawk and plans on putting war paint on it.Jee's Dino is a Green color light cna not see much of it.And Erikas Dog is brown and Tan they are all hard at work Jun is working on making making her star look girly she says can not get a good look at what she is doing or Jee for that matter.Rob is inside at dinning room table all alone.

Sep 03 2003 00:00, Wed Island_Girl   Link
3 girls and Jee working on their Pinatas...
Erika has named her dog pinata "Joey" and Ali painted "Donny" on her Indian pinata's headband. Robert in HOH listening to cd.

Sep 03 2003 00:12, Wed Island_Girl   Link
Jun has named her pinata "the diva star"...
Ali says Jun's pinata is so pretty that she wants to smash it. Jun replies that Ali's has blood on hers (Ali put blood on the tomahawk) and calls her a "whack job".
Erika done with her dog pinata and now putting it in the storage room.

Sep 03 2003 00:14, Wed Island_Girl   Link
Jee calling his dinosaur pinata "Carmensoarus"; going to put eyelashes on it. NT

Sep 03 2003 00:23, Wed Grins   Link
Another water balloon just went over the BY wall. NT

Sep 03 2003 00:33, Wed Island_Girl   Link
Robert talking briefly with Ali in bathroom...
Says he wasn't into doing his pinata. Ali offers to do it for him but declines. Robert saying he's cool with leaving next week (provided he doesn't win HOH). Says he's just sick of the game; wants to go home. Ali says that he can leave at anytime, just walk out and Robert says he's not a quiter. Ali leaves, Robert sits in bathroom alone cleaning his nails.

Sep 03 2003 00:35, Wed Jokerette   Link
OMG Robert talkting to Erika kinda about
Getting together. He's saying he's not thinking straight. She didn't say no.

Sep 03 2003 00:37, Wed Jokerette   Link
Robert upset.. says i shouldn't be doing that
Maybe I was f'in lonely. We're in here, it's tough. It wasn't about you. I am so ready to get out of here. Even if I win hoh I won't be happy, I'll have to be here another week.

Then Allie yells at erika and she walks out of bathroom area, robert alone.

Sep 03 2003 00:37, Wed Island_Girl   Link
Erika now talking to Robert...
asking what's wrong. He's saying he's stupid and shouldn't be doing this s**t.
Robert saying he would like to hang out with Erika, going dancing. Erika saying this isn't the place, feeling put on the spot. He says he isn't thinking straight, that he was lonely maybe and they are in the house together.
Robert is so ready to leave even if he wins HOH he still doesn't want to be there another week.
Wants to go somewhere and talk with Erika. Erika dashes off to help with the pinatas in storage room.

Sep 03 2003 00:40, Wed Jokerette   Link
Erika and Allie in BR and Allie has.. her bag
she takes it out, then asks to get back into storage room.

Ratbert still alone, still miserable, and two feeds on him. Others outside crafting away.

Sep 03 2003 00:44, Wed Jokerette   Link
Robert has something personal to tell erika
He's tried to get her out twice, so as she knows, now he can say it cuase it's done..

Someone comes and he shuts up. they go to the hammock.

Sep 03 2003 00:47, Wed Jokerette   Link
And somehow they don't go, but wind up crafting again.
Now Jun is painting Allie's toes. Erika sitting next to them silent.

Changing feeds

Sep 03 2003 00:49, Wed Island_Girl   Link
Robert bugging Jun..
to hurry up and finish her pinata so he can have his massage.

Sep 03 2003 00:52, Wed Grins   Link
Jun to Ali : I would rather be up against him (Rob) in the final three, than Erika. NT

Sep 03 2003 00:55, Wed Jokerette   Link
Jun says she'd rather be against rob in f3 than erika
Jee told jun he thinks he's the one going, Jun tells allie. Allie asks jun if she wants that, she says hell yeah. Worried he'll win hoh and knock them all out.

Jun: you seem stressed.

Allie: rob being here? He says I have a nice house, etc. She thinks he should just quit. Jun agrees, he hasn't earned his way there.

Allie says Just doesn't know that.

Jun says she'll look bad for getting jee out as he looks like a f'in saint. (LOL)

Sep 03 2003 00:56, Wed Jokerette   Link
Allie/Jun think rat should just go
Er told them his parents really wealthy. Jun says he won't get it till parents die, and he doesn't have a job. Allie says he talks of managing awesome restaur, then Jun says he lost his job.

Sep 03 2003 00:58, Wed BBWhat   Link
Ali and Jun talking in washroom
Jun: you want him (Rob) gone before Erika?

Ali: No... how's Jee taking everything.

Jun: he said, I think I'm the one who's going.

Ali: do you still want that?

Jun: Yeah. Do you want Robert out first?

Ali points out that Jee is the bigger HOH treat.

Jun: you seem stressed, what's the matter?

Ali complaining about Robert being miserable in the house.

Ali: Justin and them, they don't know that.

Jun: Jee will tell them. Jee's gonna go back and look bad... he's not a fk'n saint.

Ali: I have, like, rubber cement in my nails.

Jun: I don't understand, if you're so fk'n miserable, then quit.

Ali: if you're so well off, why fk'n be here? Erika vouches about how much money he has.

Jun: his parents do, he doesn't. He'll probably get it when they're dead.

Jun goes to diary room. Ali's breathing audible. Says to herself, "god, he makes me sick." Ali goes outside to work on crafts with the others.