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Sep 03 2003 01:12, Wed Island_Girl   Link
Jun giving Robert massage on his bed. NT

Sep 03 2003 01:30, Wed Island_Girl   Link
Robert on hammock. Jun called to diary room. Ali/Erika/Jee in living room playing rummy. NT

Sep 03 2003 02:38, Wed Debra_Kadabra   Link
Robert tells Jee the reason he wants to talk to Erika is
so that he can plead for her to do anything to get Ali out. He says before he leaves he will try to convince both Erika and Jun that Ali has to go.

Sep 03 2003 04:42, Wed Strange_Brewster   Link
Sleeping NT

Sep 03 2003 08:09, Wed MsB0808   Link
All houseguest still sleeping. NT

Sep 03 2003 10:03, Wed MsB0808   Link
Houseguests still in bed, mostly asleep, but at least starting to stir. NT

Sep 03 2003 10:33, Wed Anonymous   Link
BB: 'Good Morning Houseguests. It's time to get up for the day". NT

Sep 03 2003 10:40, Wed Anonymous   Link
Jun is up. Heads to storage to get batteries. Another wakeup call from BB. NT

Sep 03 2003 10:42, Wed ktan   Link

Sep 03 2003 10:43, Wed Anonymous   Link
Angry BB wakeup call: "I said! It's time to get up for the day!" NT

Sep 03 2003 10:45, Wed Lovebug   Link
Jee up now, looks like he got batteries from the storage room. NT

Sep 03 2003 10:45, Wed Lovebug   Link
BB: Jun, Please go the the DR...I think she's in the WC. NT

Sep 03 2003 10:47, Wed JessicaRabbit   Link
F1 Blue blanket still sleeping, F2 Orange blanket still sleeping, F3 Hallway, F4 Dining room table NT

Sep 03 2003 10:50, Wed JessicaRabbit   Link
Erica and Ali now moving. BB just called Ali to DR. NT

Sep 03 2003 10:51, Wed JessicaRabbit ParentRootLink
Erica did not actually get up, just turned over.
Jun is cleaning out HOH. Erica is called to DR.

Sep 03 2003 10:50, Wed Lovebug   Link
BB: Alison, please go to the DR, she goes wrapped in a blanket. NT

Sep 03 2003 10:53, Wed Lovebug   Link
BB: Erika, please go to the diary room - Looks like everyone is up, haven't seen Ratbert yet. NT

Sep 03 2003 10:53, Wed Island_Girl   Link
Jun moving her stuff out of HOH room. Robert last to get up. NT

Sep 03 2003 10:55, Wed JessicaRabbit   Link
Morning rituals
Ali brushing her teeth on floor in front of her dresser.
Erica in WC.
Jee walking around brushing teeth.
Jun cleaning out HOH.
Rob just got up.

Sep 03 2003 11:02, Wed JessicaRabbit   Link
Erica making coffee.
Rob looking for coke.
Jee looks like he is packing.
Jun putting on bikini top under clothes.
Ali not on feeds.

Sep 03 2003 11:07, Wed JessicaRabbit   Link
Another uneventful morning.
Jun brushing teeth.
Jee plucking eyebrow.
Erica called to DR.
Ali asleep on couch with orange blanket.
Rob sitting outside by himself.

Sep 03 2003 11:19, Wed JessicaRabbit   Link
Came in on the end of this.
A few minutes ago Erica and Rat were outside together. I caught just the last sentence while switching feeds.

He said to her:
So we are ok for tonight. Erica appeared to be confused then got up and went in the house.

Sep 03 2003 11:28, Wed JulieH ParentRootLink
The bit I caught was: Rob was saying 'it's really complicated because I'll need to explain how each persons gona vote so if you get HOH call me in
and we can have a long talk. If she wins (....). Erica walked into the house and came back out a few minutes later. To which Rob quickly added "This talk stays between you and me. After Jee leaves there's no aliance" Erica walks in again

Sep 03 2003 11:21, Wed JessicaRabbit   Link
Jun making breakfast. Erica watching. Ali complaining of a headache.
Jee and Rat outside not talking.

Sep 03 2003 11:21, Wed JessicaRabbit   Link
Rob just mentioned being on lockdown for an hour soon. NT

Sep 03 2003 11:23, Wed JessicaRabbit   Link

Sep 03 2003 11:24, Wed JessicaRabbit   Link
When FOTH ended Ali screamed why are you picking on me, but she is not on feeds. NT

Sep 03 2003 11:27, Wed JessicaRabbit   Link
Jun just told Ali that she overheard Erica and Rat this morning.
They were sitting by the drier, she was listening by the window. She said they were guarenteeing each other something.

Sep 03 2003 11:29, Wed JulieH ParentRootLink
Jun said she walked over to the window and heard "This guarantees one of us" NT

Sep 03 2003 11:29, Wed Island_Girl   Link
Outside Lockdown. NT

Sep 03 2003 11:42, Wed Debra_Kadabra   Link
Girls whispering about getting rid of Robert tonight.
Jun says Jee hasn't prepared. All I heard Erika say was that she wasn't worried about Robert because he isn't a pressure player. Ali mentioned that someone (couldn't hear if Rob or Jee) had certain votes locked up. Will update more when the action dies down and I review the recording.

Sep 03 2003 12:44, Wed JulieH ParentRootLink
Ali was talking about rob....but not a smart argument because same could be said for Jee NT

Sep 03 2003 11:48, Wed Debra_Kadabra   Link
Jun filing Jee's nails, tells him it may be an exciting show after all NT

Sep 03 2003 11:55, Wed bidz_yo   Link
Jun and Jee talking movies during manicure...
They both liked "Sixth Sense" but didn't like "Unbreakable"

Sep 03 2003 12:00, Wed Anonymous   Link
brief foth & when it came back to feeds you could hear staffers talking...
i believe one of them said something about "...make sure fish are back" (on plasma screen) & something about "...did you see alison..."

Sep 03 2003 12:11, Wed Debra_Kadabra   Link
Followup from recording.Girls whispering about evicting Robert
Not much new...
Some talk about whether Robert knows something about sequestering.

Jun: The only thing is since Jee thinks he's going, he hasn't prepared either.I hate Robert.

Erika: I'm not worried about Robert. He's not a pressure player.

Jun: uh hmn

Helicopter going over

Erika: (inaudible) and Robert...(inaudible

Impossible to hear, interupted by a breif FOTH

Ali: He needs taken out of here.

Jun: Mm Hmm.

Ali: Robert needs to leave.

Jun: Wish we could do double evictions.

Ali: All he needs is one more vote. He has Jee, Justin and Dana secure.

Impossible to hear. Swallowing is louder than their talking.
Talk about being full and what they will wear tonight.
Ali leaves table, comes back. Talk about the piniattas.

Sep 03 2003 12:50, Wed Debra_Kadabra   Link
Brief shot inside. Another TV monitor is below the plasma screen
Ed Note: Last year there was a competition where they showed the Housemates clips of an event, such as a food comp, the clip would end and they had to answer a question such as "What did Dave say next"?

Sep 03 2003 13:01, Wed MsB0808   Link

Sep 03 2003 13:10, Wed MsB0808   Link
Back from FOTH. Jun sunning, Erika and Ali laying down in lawn chairs, Robert and Jee sitting in lawn chairs. NT

Sep 03 2003 13:19, Wed MsB0808   Link

Sep 03 2003 13:50, Wed JessicaRabbit   Link
For the feedless
2 feeds show Rat sitting outside, 2 show Jun floating in pool. No one else in site, and nothing really going on.

Sep 03 2003 13:52, Wed JessicaRabbit   Link
Brief FOTH then Feed 3 & 4 now shows Erica playing cards with Jee in LR. NT

Sep 03 2003 14:03, Wed JessicaRabbit   Link
Action at BB finally!!!
Rat has gone to the bathroom and Jun has gotten out of the pool.

Sep 03 2003 14:05, Wed JessicaRabbit ParentRootLink
Rat also sprayed his pits with deodorant. (Must have stunk!) NT

Sep 03 2003 14:16, Wed JessicaRabbit   Link
For the Feedless
F1 Erica now napping
F2 Ali still napping
F3 Rat sitting outside
F4 Rat and Jee sitting outside

Boys talking about hoping Ali doesn't get to final 2. And looking forward to never seeing her again.

Sep 03 2003 14:19, Wed JessicaRabbit   Link
Rat telling Jee he will do everything in his power to get Ali out.

Sep 03 2003 14:32, Wed JessicaRabbit   Link
Jee in shower, Rat washing mirrors/windows, Jun just got done with shower or bath, Erika and Ali sleeping. NT

Sep 03 2003 14:33, Wed Anonymous   Link
Inside Lockdown. NT

Sep 03 2003 14:33, Wed JessicaRabbit   Link
Inside Lockdown called by BB. NT

Sep 03 2003 14:48, Wed JessicaRabbit   Link
Jee just asked Jun
Are we having lunch?

Sep 03 2003 14:52, Wed JessicaRabbit   Link
Jee now helping Rat wash all the glass windows.
Erika waking up and talking to Jun while she gets dressed.

Sep 03 2003 14:54, Wed JessicaRabbit   Link
Erika now in kitchen making herself lunch.
Rat is in kitchen too, not sure if he is still cleaning or making lunch also.

Sep 03 2003 15:03, Wed JessicaRabbit   Link
Jee now making lunch, Jun painting toe nails, Erica heading to shower, Rat shaving, Ali sleeping still. NT

Sep 03 2003 15:12, Wed JessicaRabbit   Link
Jun picking on Jee while he eats his lunch.
Jee tells her to stop ragging on him. Jun says why should I start to be nice to you on your last day.

Sep 03 2003 15:12, Wed JessicaRabbit   Link
Ali finally waking up! NT

Sep 03 2003 15:14, Wed JessicaRabbit   Link
Rob now sitting in WC area while Erika is taking a shower. NT

Sep 03 2003 15:16, Wed JessicaRabbit   Link
Jun promising to be nice to Jee the rest of the day. If she fails he gets to kick her in the a@@. NT

Sep 03 2003 15:23, Wed Vaseflower2000   Link
ju is going to make shrimp and sausage pasta. NT

Sep 03 2003 15:30, Wed Vaseflower2000   Link
foth and you could hear annoucer telling them something i could not catch. NT

Sep 03 2003 15:33, Wed Debra_Kadabra   Link
Announcing the winner of HOH can compete for HOH again next week and that there will be a power of veto comp this week
The next POV competition will be after nominations and not before as it has been the last two weeks.

Sep 03 2003 15:33, Wed Grins   Link
BB: I'm here to tell you folks that the winner of this next HoH will be the first that will be able to repeat and win it again the following week. NT

Sep 03 2003 15:36, Wed ChiPrincess   Link
There is a rehearsal going on and we can hear the announcer. NT

Sep 03 2003 15:37, Wed Vaseflower2000   Link
annoucer telling them walk evicted housae guest to door. say goodbye.
then do your chatting act like you normally do. then you will go to desert room for hoh competion. then it cut out-there will be chairs and june will be off to the side. i do not think they know we can hear this.

Sep 03 2003 15:38, Wed txbluefirefly4   Link
Golden Power Of Veto will be on tonights show!
We weren't supposed to hear this.

Sep 03 2003 15:40, Wed ChiPrincess   Link
Here is what I remember of what the announcer said....
Said that the HOH competition will be three people sitting in a row, with Jun somewhere else (I couldn't hear.) Sounds like earlier picture we saw.

He also said that when they rehearse the POV decision by Alison, Jun is supposed to renominate Alison, so that Robert and Erika don't get too stressed. (In reality, under the rules, Jun can't nominate Alison.)

Another rehearsal in half an hour -- for eviction vote (I think).

By the way, you can still hear the announcer. He appears to be answering HG questions.

Sep 03 2003 15:40, Wed Kalina   Link
BB Voice also said that next week there WILL be a veto competition!
And that nominations will take place first, then the Veto other words, back in the original order that it was.

Sep 03 2003 15:42, Wed Anonymous   Link
They finally caught on that we could hear the announcer. FOTH now. NT

Sep 03 2003 15:59, Wed ChiPrincess   Link
Still FOTH. NT

Sep 03 2003 16:49, Wed Vaseflower2000   Link
they are all moving around getting dressed. NT

Sep 03 2003 16:49, Wed ChiPrincess   Link
Feeds are back. HG's getting ready. NT

Sep 03 2003 17:16, Wed Vaseflower2000   Link
ali in bathroom fixing her hair,ju is ready and has a red dress on, and jee and rob are dressed. NT

Sep 03 2003 17:25, Wed Vaseflower2000   Link
ju and ali in bathroom and rob sitting on the couch NT

Sep 03 2003 17:30, Wed Vaseflower2000   Link
jee is all in black sitting in the livine room and rob has a white shirt on. NT

Sep 03 2003 17:48, Wed Grins ParentRootLink
Jee has a deep wine colored shirt on. NT

Sep 03 2003 17:34, Wed Vaseflower2000   Link
ju now has on a red skirt and black top. NT

Sep 03 2003 17:49, Wed Grins ParentRootLink
Jun has a sundress on with a black cardigan/shirt as a cover. NT

Sep 03 2003 17:41, Wed Vaseflower2000   Link
ju and rob now sitting on couch and ali is finished in the bathroom. ask jee what she should wear on her wrist and he says bracelet.
he ask her if she knows what is going on and she says no.

Sep 03 2003 17:48, Wed bruhe   Link
we have foth NT

Sep 03 2003 18:41, Wed lauraann   Link
gee walks NT

Sep 03 2003 18:54, Wed jaylight   Link
rob wins hoh

Sep 03 2003 19:15, Wed Silas   Link
Houseguests discuss their reactions on seeing other houseguests (text within)
Ali: Do you write it out?
Erika: I just did 24 x 60. The ex'es came in 4 hours after we did.
Jun: Was it four hours?

Ali: That was ruined in the laundry? I liked that. That sucks, Jun. (referring to Jun's clothing)

Ali and Jun whisper things to each other.

Jun: I'm a pink fat f***ing marshmallow here. (wearing her pink outfit)

Rob: I swear Justin looked great. And he had his haircut done.
Erika: They looked to be in a place really tropical.
Rob: Did you see the wind blowing in the background?
Ali: They all looked good.
Rob: Jack looks good too. Jack looks totally different than in the house.
Erika: The most attractive....
Rob: They got me on that one.. the me and you and Alison. Dana told me, I can't imagine you guys together.
Jun: Because she hates her guts and loves Justin. Doesn't that make sense? Do you think they're still together?
Rob: He looks like a different guy.
Ali: He looks a lot better.
Jun: Nathan looks like s**t. He looks dumb, and plain.
Erika: I knew that. I was talking to him.
Rob: Nathan gained weight.
Erika: He looks like his headshot.
Jun: and someone f**cked his hair too. Jack looked thin though.
Ali: He looked better though.
Rob: Everybody looked better, than compared in here.

Ali: Awww.. Justin looked good!
Rob: He looked like he was having fun.
Jun: Jee's gonna gain back all the weight he lost. (Jun laughs)
Erika: Wherever they are, it's balmy.
Rob: It's a tropical place where the wind comes up from the ocean.

Jun: Damm, I didn't get to do s**t this week.
Ali: You went to the VMAs!
Jun: That seemed like it was forever ago.
Rob: That's right Jun you were on your way out of there.

Jun starts eating what looks like ice cream.

Ali: When's our veto?
Rob: It's like our normal schedule, right?
Ali: And it's after nominations, right?
Rob: Yeah; after nominations.
Ali: Dude, I blew in that competition. I was like 3 behind you guys. I missed like every one. I missed Justin and Alison, Nathan, and Michelle. I missed four. That's terrible!
Erika: I can't believe Nathan thought I was sexy.
Ali: That's sweet. Nathan???? He's my new boyfriend.
Erika: I was totally shocked.
Ali: I wasn't.
Jun: He thought MIchelle was wifey material and you were f***cking material.
Ali: It's really weird without Jee.
Rob: It's gonna be horrible. He almost blew up at the apple. You know, the apple, New York.
Ali: Did he leave that? What is that?
Jun: Comb. And these scissors.

Ali: We have luxury, America's choice this weekend. Damm.
Erika: That's sweet. I'm gonna take a nap; haven't had a nap today.
Rob: I wonder what CD I'm gonna get? s**t.
Ali: I can't believe Dana said it.
Erika: You gotta think about Dana. She feels she hates you so much, and she likes Justin. My first instinct was that, but maybe she thought maybe me and Rob.
Rob: I thought both. Dana told me I can't imagine you guys together. She has told me that, that's why I said I had to go with that.
Ali: I heard her say that, I know I did.

Sep 03 2003 19:17, Wed valentine   Link
And We're Back.
Jun strolls into the living room in a light pink Juicy-type sweatsuit.

Jun: I look like a big fat fuc*king pink marshmallow in this.

Jun goes once again for her post-show dip into the Haagaan Daaz. They all stand around the kitchen counter and rehash the competition. Erica seems to be taking Allie's luggage back to the bedroom.

Erica is upset that she lost the competition by only 4 hours. She and Robert are laughing about it.

Sep 03 2003 19:20, Wed valentine   Link
Allie is Kind of Moping Around
in her little lacy camisole show top. She is just leaning against the counter listening to Jun and Erica chatter happily with Robert.

She is rolling her tongue against her cheek with a look like "Oh Please".

Now the three girls have circled Robert on the couch and all are snacking on something. Happy chatter going over each question in the competition, acting like they are happy with the outcome.

(Ed Note: Can you imagine how Robert would be acting if he lost?)

Sep 03 2003 19:23, Wed bidz_yo   Link
Erika: "Nathan I love you too!!!!!"
In response to him calling her sexier than Michelle (one of the HOH questions)


Sep 03 2003 19:24, Wed valentine   Link
Erica: I Can't Believe That Jack
thought that Nathan was more attractive than I am!

Jun: No, no, Jack's older and is more secure with his masculinity. It doesn't bother him to say something like that. Jack thought Nathan was the sh*t.

Robert: Yeah, Jack liked Nathan A LOT.

There is general discussion on how masculine Dana looks and acts. They are mimicking her deep voice on the show clips. They all agree that Nathan looked bad on tape, and seemed to have gained a lot of weight.

Jun: He looked like his head shot, with the rounded facial features.

Erica still can't believe that Nathan thought she was most attractive.

Erica, in a mocking tone laying on the couch with outstretched arms: Oh Nathan, I love you too!!!

Laughs all around.

Robert: Dana was the only one that didn't look happy. She still looked mad!!

Sep 03 2003 19:25, Wed Silas   Link
Houseguests talk more
Robert is saying he hopes he gets a CD in Spanish.

Erika: I keep getting frickin' close to these HoH's, don't I?
Rob: I didn't like being the end of you. I wouldn't been happy for you, you know that. By four hours.... (she was over by that much)
Erika: Now I have the seashell, and the four hours to kick my a**.
Rob: I get to compete next week too... I'm not out of it next week either.
Rob: <laughs> Jee.. was expecting a video postcard. I was trying to make him feel better. (Rob laughs again). I think they let him have a phone call...
Jun: imitating Jee "My true grand prize is waiting for me home". I hope she is waiting for him at home.
Rob: Jee's much happy now. When he sees Justin and Alison


Erika: I knew it and I changed my mind. That's what I'm saying, that's why it was hardest for him.
Ali: I f***cking missed half of them!
Jun: He hates not having to compete.
Rob: She said, what competition is the most difficult for him. I thought it was the clambake from hell, and it was that.
Erika: The most difficult one for him could have been, kind of a trick question.
Rob: The reason why I say the clambake was, he knew that he couldn't have beaten you either. The cage match, he felt he couldn't have won it anyway. That's why I was 100% on the clam bake.
Ali: little Justin.
Rob: He looked happy as hell.
Jun: He's cool that they got to have more interviews. I'm sorry, but Dana is tanned. She is really masculin. And that voice..
Ali: Ahh!! Memories. That was something she can say too.

Erika: I can't believe Jack said Nathan was the most attractive. He didn't like Nathan.
Rob: He liked Nathan more than us.
Jun: It looks like they're chilling. They might have gotten over thing.
Ali: Dana didn't.
Rob: Yeah, the way she said it.. she looked p***ed off.
Ali: She looks like she was trying to get back in this house. Trying to get past security.
Jun: With water balloons?

Ali: Was that frustrating for you not to compete?
Jun: It was funny. I was laughing anyway.. watching them? I was laughing at how bad Nathan looked, and how masculine Dana looked.
Ali: They had Justin in a still shot. he has a hanky on his head.
Rob: It must be humid.. they're somewhere hot.
Ali: Justin was p***ed off because it was f**king hot out here.
Rob: How great is that?

Erika: Nathan. He looked ... sexy. Nathan, I love you too!! <laughs>
Ali: he looked like he gained so much wait.
Erika: He did but he looks better. Like, he was starting to get...
Ali: too drawn in. He needed his night.

Ali: Cute little nathan... damm dana you couldn't have put on something nicer?
Rob: She had no makeup on...
Jun: I'm like, when I get home we need to seriously talk.
Rob: Everybody looked still and happy. Jack was happy.
Jun: Nathan looked like he was having the time of his life.
Rob: And they probably have a house near the water...?
Jun: I bet Dana is p*ssed that you're still here (to Ali). She might be p*ssed that I'm here too.
Ali: But you're her girl, Jun.

Sep 03 2003 19:31, Wed valentine   Link
Robert: I Can't Freaking Believe This
Robert: I'm going to the Final Three. That is money man.

Strutting around in a black tank top and black jeans. Unfortunately I just saw him scratch and grab himself. Sorry to share the pain with you feeders.

Sep 03 2003 19:36, Wed valentine   Link
Jee Was Wasted When He Left, Jun Says
Robert: Yeah, he had a few before the show.

They are cleaning out the kitchen and eating things that have been sitting there. Jun already ate the herbed Brie cheese and Allie is worried about losing the Food Competition that is being held tonight.

Erica, in a sing song way skipping through the house: Nathan thinks I'm sexy, Nathan thinks I'm sexy!!

Sep 03 2003 19:39, Wed valentine   Link
Erica: The Final Four, The Final Four.
All are sitting on the couch, still snacking nervously, waiting for tonight's competition to start.

They can't believe it, they are the Final Four.

Erica can't get over her four hour loss to Robert.

(Ed Note: But I'll bet she feels a lot more secure than the other two girls. Worked out best for her, if you ask me.)

Sep 03 2003 20:13, Wed Strange_Brewster   Link
Ali and Ericka talking in kitchen...doing pretty good at wispering NT

Sep 03 2003 20:14, Wed Strange_Brewster ParentRootLink
Badmouthing Jun, Ali says she will happy if she can just get the veto NT

Sep 03 2003 20:16, Wed Strange_Brewster   Link
Ali said she thinks Robert will put up her and Jun. NT

Sep 03 2003 20:16, Wed BBWhat   Link
Erika and Ali talking in kitchen
Ali: I will Erika, I promise.

Erika: why would he think I'm a less attractive person in the house over Nathan.

Ali: homo, embarrased his grandkids on national television.

Sep 03 2003 20:18, Wed Strange_Brewster   Link
Ali laughing saying "I can't believe it is Robert left and 3 girls" NT

Sep 03 2003 20:19, Wed Strange_Brewster   Link
Robert and Jun are nowhere to be found NT

Sep 03 2003 20:24, Wed John_DK_ ParentRootLink
Jun in bed NT

Sep 03 2003 20:25, Wed dianasto51 ParentRootLink
rat in dr NT

Sep 03 2003 20:23, Wed Strange_Brewster   Link
Erica paces back and forth while making small talk with Ali...
Talking about how much bigger Dana looked. Erica said she is lifting weights, Ali said so she can punch her at the wrap party.

Again they talk about Jack saying Nat was most attractive in the house.

Sep 03 2003 20:25, Wed Strange_Brewster   Link
Ali wants Erica and herself to use the veto on each other and keep them safe if they get it and get Jun out NT

Sep 03 2003 20:27, Wed valentine   Link
Erica: I Can't Believe He Got Me
by a number, dude. Only six hours, she says to Allie, who is lounging on the couch.

Jun is napping in her room, for at least one-half hour now. Robert is nowhere to be seen, probably in the DR.

Erica is really pissed about her loss in the comp, and is now spewing the F word regularly in many of her sentences. She does her Happy Dance for Allie, who laughs.

Allie thinks Robert will come out of the DR with mexican costumes for them to wear to break the Food Comp pinatas.

Erica is drinking a Tecate can of beer that she poured in a small glass. She told Allie that she hates beer with a passion, but now she seems to be a little buzzed of just the one glass.

Sep 03 2003 20:28, Wed frustratedposter   Link
erika just asked BB how many hours it was
guessing to a camera, and cam man was shaking no until she got to 1433, so she was off by 7 hours

Sep 03 2003 20:30, Wed Strange_Brewster   Link
Ali saying if they get rid of Jun than Erica is set for the finals because both her and Robert would take her with them NT

Sep 03 2003 20:32, Wed valentine   Link
Allie and Erica Whisper-Fest
in the kitchen, plotting to vote out Jun.

Erica is worried about Jun winning the Golden Veto and taking herself off. They are plotting big time and getting a little buzzed on beer.

Allie: I've got to get fuc*king drunk tonight dude.

Erica, whispering again: If Jun gets the veto she's going to also get the vote and vote me out.

Erica thinks Robert wants to get rid of Jun. Allie digest this info, leaning over the counter next to Erica in a conspirital pose.

Sep 03 2003 20:36, Wed valentine   Link
Erica is Shuffling Back in the Living Room in Her Black Slippers
Erica: Allie, haven't you noticed that Robert has been gone a really, really long time?

Allie: Oh no, NOT AGAIN!!!

Erica: He's not in that Diary Room.

Allie: Yes, HE IS!! Go check.

Erica goes to the DR door. She thinks he's not in there, Allie does. They bicker about it. Erica flirts with the camera over the door, "Do you want to dance with me? Do you want to buy me a drink?"

The camera nods, "Yes".

Allie and Erica both giggle.

Sep 03 2003 20:40, Wed valentine   Link
Erica: Jun, Come Commiserate with the Fallen Angels,
as Jun shuffles into the living room.

Erica and Allie still arguing over whether Robert is still in the house or not.

Erica: I don't hear him in there.

Allie: Erica, you've gone fuc*ing nuts. I love you, and I'm concerned for you.

Erica continues to flirt with the cameras.

Erica, to camera: So, Nathan thinks I'm sexy.

Allie laughs.

Erica: He knew how old I am. I could show him a thing or two.

Jun comes back in.

Erica: Jun, come have a drink. I'm on my third, man.

Sep 03 2003 20:40, Wed Tristin   Link
Erika talking to the camera guy...
So do you think I'm sexy even though you see me go poop? LOL

Sep 03 2003 20:41, Wed valentine   Link
Erica, to the Camera: Are You Still Attracted To Me
even though you've seen me poop?

Allie is cracking up.

Erica: I always try to look sexy when I'm doing it.

Erica shows them how she throws her hair around and they laugh.

Sep 03 2003 20:43, Wed valentine   Link
XXX Rated Comment by Jun
Erica: So, all our plans came to a screeching halt.

Jun: Yeah, that big cock came right for our big mouths.

Allie: Dude, I can't believe you just said that.

Sep 03 2003 20:51, Wed valentine   Link
Robert is Out of the DR
and they all burst into the HOH to see what he got.

Paul Mitchell hair products, and a letter from Elena on yellow lined paper.

Robert grabs it and reads it on the bed, and begins sniffling.

Allie reads it and is ooohing and aaahing.

Robert got Gatorade. Erica comforts him with a hug while Jun reads the letter.

Jun: Holy sh*t. God.

Allie: That letter is awesome.

Jun: This is the kind of letter that you can read over and over.

Robert: Yeah, its going to get me through this.

Allie: Yeah, no matter what.

Robert got Converse sneakers and doesn't know why. They're not his shoes.

Sep 03 2003 20:56, Wed Tristin ParentRootLink
I think the letter is from his mom...he said that she answered all of the questions that he wanted answered..the things he was concerned about NT

Sep 03 2003 20:53, Wed valentine   Link
Jun is Going Through the Fridge
and yelling about all the drinks he has.

Jun: Pineapple soda!!! No you didn't!!! And Gatorade, and Mata.

Robert: That's because I'm an alcoholic.

An uncomfortable moment of silence, before they begin again.

Sep 03 2003 20:55, Wed valentine   Link
Oh Boy. Jun: Robert, Do You Mind If I Open the Doritos??
Robert doesn't mind, so Jun opens up the Nachos Cheese Doritos and starts crunching.

Robert got a fraternity shirt ("new letters"). He doesn't know who sent it. Allie guesses his fraternity, but Robert looks baffled.

Sep 03 2003 21:03, Wed Tristin   Link
Rob into the DR to talk about food competition...all the girls sitting in the LR chit chatting....
Erika: So much for the angels!

Sep 03 2003 21:03, Wed Tristin   Link
2 cameras showing backyard with food competition set up. Looks like big menus with "Dinner 1, Dinner 2," etc on them NT

Sep 03 2003 21:07, Wed valentine   Link
Steady Crunching From Jun
as she lays waste to that huge bag of Nacho Cheese Doritos. I can almost taste them as I hear the crunch. She is now eating more than one at a time, and the sounds mingle with Erica's shuffling. She has been shuffling for a long time now.

All feeds on the backyard and the pinatas.

Sep 03 2003 21:08, Wed Tristin   Link
All 4 cameras on the back yard showing the pinatas that the HG's made and baskets on a table with their names on it NT

Sep 03 2003 21:25, Wed Tristin   Link
Robs out of DR....
Brings the girls each a bag with an outfit in it. Each girl has to wear a skirt and a shirt (all with a Mexican feel)

Rob: You girls have to look good...that's the deal

Jun complaining about her outfit and Erika telling her it's cute

Erika says she has an Acapaulco type outfit "Would you like guacamole with that burrito?"

Sep 03 2003 21:27, Wed Dreamer   Link

Sep 03 2003 21:41, Wed Anonymous   Link
The contest is ..........
Each houseguest has to break their pinata's blindfolded and then they have
10 seconds to collect as many peso's as they can and put them in their buckets. The totals are : 500 PBJ all week for dinner. 600 regular food list. 1400 dinner from a mexican restaurant. 2400 they are given a choice daily of the type of dinner they want and a menu to each choose what they would like .....then FOTH as usual.

Sep 03 2003 21:46, Wed ktan   Link
Jun got 650 pesos. Now it's Erika's turn at the pinata. NT

Sep 03 2003 21:50, Wed ktan   Link
Erika got 170 pesos -- total 820 pesos. Next pinata wll be broken by Ali. NT

Sep 03 2003 21:55, Wed ktan   Link
Ali got 1060 pesos -- total 1880 pesos. Robert is last to attack the pinata, needs 520 pesos for their choice of dinners. NT

Sep 03 2003 22:00, Wed ktan   Link
Robert got 940 pesos -- final total 2820 pesos. They win their choice of dinners! NT

Sep 03 2003 22:29, Wed Dreamer ParentRootLink
Mexican food (more)
Part of it~
2nd choice: Chicken Tamales

Salad: ?

Main course: Crab enchiladas, carne asada, chicken, beef and shrimp skewers also have marinated pork, pan roasted sea bass with mango and black bean salsa

Dessert: Flan and Kaluha mousse cake

Every night they get their choice

Sep 03 2003 22:07, Wed ktan   Link
After the comp is over, the HGs scour the broken pinatas for trinkets to keep. NT

Sep 03 2003 22:12, Wed ktan   Link
Back inside and yup, the dining table has shrunk. Ali is the first to gasp. It now seats four. NT

Sep 03 2003 22:53, Wed BBWhat   Link
Losers' Lament - girls talking in living room
Ali: I think we all know whats going to happen, whos going up. The veto's going to change it... We're such assh*les Erika. I can't believe I f*cked up every other question.

Erika: I thought he'd be closest.

Jun: no way, he guessed.

Erika: I choked.

Ali: you didn't, Erika. This is our 61st day?

Erika: what kind of fk'n question is that, to the hour? Yeah, that's pretty lame.

Ali: I dunno. Why did you say 1440.

Erika: 24 times 60.

Ali: I don't understand that either, if this is our 61st day.

Jun: unless they aren't counting....

Ali: but still.

Erika: is that right?

Ali: that's still 60 days, though. And this is our 61st. Recount! Really.

Erika: does this make sense, Jun?

Jun: we did it when it was 6 o'clock, right?

Ali: 24 hours a day, times 60.

Erika: then I'm right? It's 1440.

Ali: Even if you counted today, it's 6 o'clock, that's 18 hours.

Jun: did they say when the EX's got here?

Ali: Erika, you're right.

Erika: so what's going on, why was it 14..?

Ali: they got here like midnight, didn't they?

Erika: Really, should we say something?

Jun: internet viewers, can you right in?

Jun doing mathematics out loud.

Sep 03 2003 22:56, Wed bidz_yo ParentRootLink
Jun figures it out, BB was right

Start at midnight on July 6th
26 days plus 31 days in August
That's 57 days plus Sept 1st and 2nd is 59 days


Jun: "You guys, they were right"

They go outside with Rat to eat.

Sep 03 2003 23:26, Wed Quench   Link
This is from the FOTH prior to live show when John the producer was talking to the Houseguests.(long)
[transcribed from Dreamer's avi]

I will repeat if you cannot hear. When there are four people in the house you cannot compete for HOH but you will be able to compete for HOH next week which will of course is the last one.

I also have one other bit of news. There will be a GPOV competition this week. So there will be a veto competition. Umm and thatís about all there is about that.

[Garbled] Jun interview in HOH room

Does everyone know where they are going? Oh you guys are sitting in all the right places for this. You all know that Alison will veto her own nomination [garbled] and you know how to do it from all the other scenarios right? You all know not to anticipate the instructions. Wait for Julie to ask you to do it. Except for the finishing she wonít ask you to stand, you can do that on your own. Umm and the other thing was Ė oh yeah Ė This is a thing because its kind of weird. After someone is evicted and you guys take them to the door and they walk outside the door. You guys will do your usual thing. Youíll talk about what just happened. Just very spontaneously. Whatever you normally do. And then you will Ė umm we will tell you when it is time to go into the desert room. But when we tell you, it will be umm Ė it will be time to go immediately to the desert room. So you can wander back there to the kitchen which is what you normally do. Whatever you want to do. We will come over the PA. DONíT look to the sky and say, ďSo John, should we go to the Desert Room now?Ē like Danielle did last year. Just go ahead and wait for our instructions. We will tell you to go there. Okay? And before that just act naturally.

What will happen will be we will just call you and [garbled] position. Do you know which position you are in for the HOH game? Okay the positions are Ė there will be 3 chairs for you to sit in or stools or something like that. The closest to the windows, the outside windows, will be umm Ė Oh [garbled] thatís right (laughs) Nevermind. Umm- Jun will be in the seat behind you guys and we will work on where everyone else is. Okay?

I always forget, this is the week that we have four people. So itís always screwy. Umm All right I think thatís all the information we have right now. I will be giving you a rehearsal of the live vote again this week. So obviously Alison is going to veto herself than be put up herself so Robert and Erika can be in the live voting so [garbled]. For the purposes of this rehearsal, Alison is going to Veto her own nomination and you are going to re-nominate her. In other words we donít want to add and extra stress to Robert and Erika by having them re-nominated even for the sake of rehearsal because they are both sensitive. [HGs talking] NO! Itís just the way we are going to do it. Umm Ė All right thatís about all. Iíll be back with more for you guys later. Iíll gather you by the couches when we are getting ready to do that portion of the rehearsal in these positions. Okay? Okay! Hit me Baby.

Sep 04 2003 00:14, Thu Anonymous   Link
Ali/Robert/Erika outside chatting...
Ali: "When Dana was here and hated me, I never talked bad about her". Also saying that she talks nice in her diary room sessions.
Jun in diary room.
Robert saying that no one will win BB4 by a vote of 7-0 (will be split 4-3), no matter who is against who.
Robert thinks lux comp. or America's choice will be that they get to see web pages.

Sep 04 2003 00:18, Thu ktan   Link
Dinner (or something else?) is laid out on a table on the BBall court. HGs talking about live show while waiting for Jun who is still in the DR. NT

Sep 04 2003 00:32, Thu Anonymous   Link
Robert telling Ali...
that she was so sweet and being Justin's friend and Dana hated that; she thought Ali was making a move to get back together with Justin.
Robert thinks Justin is over Dana, had a week with her and that's it; Ali not really agreeing.

Sep 04 2003 00:36, Thu Anonymous   Link
Jun quickly asks Robert is he knows what he's gonna do. He says yeah he knows and that he will talk to her about it. NT

Sep 04 2003 00:49, Thu Anonymous   Link
Robert/Erika in HOH room...
wants to get something straight. Saying that he, Justin and Jee had an alliance coming into the house.
Nothing personal, didn't want her to go. Justin/Jee thought she was stronger. All decided that they wanted her out the second time because they thought she was stronger than Jack, especially Justin and Jee. All he has is Erika now, her friendship.
best for him and her to get to finals.
Robert wants Alison out now, too hard to win against when final three. He could easily win or lose against Erika.
Wants to go to finals with her, if he wins HOH next week he will take her.
Ali knocks on door and say goodnight.
Erika thinks Jun should go before Ali. Robert so convinced that Erika can beat Ali in hoh comp.
feed timed out..posting

Sep 04 2003 00:57, Thu SonOfAbraxas   Link
Robert and Erika in HoH before Midnight BBT
Right now, Robert and Erika are talking with the door closed in the HoH. Robert is telling her about how the Dream Team worked and why they nommed her the second time, kissing her butt, etc.

Robert - I covered this week. You're not going up if I get the veto, etc. Next week, if we do the right thing, I want to get Alison out. I know what you're thinking... Ali out because I think it will be harder, me you and Ali in the end, whatever the competition is, she'll be harder to beat. My idea was, me and you this week, me and you next week ... Ali will be gone. You me and Jun for the final three. We have a better chance, 2 against 1. If we go that far, which we will. We'll both win prizes. I'm saying this, even though, I think I'll even beat Jun --- In the finals, I could easily win or lose against you, they both told me, no bull, Ali and Jun will vote for you. Dana also is pissed at me, because I was supposed to give her that vote, but anyway... Now, I don't want to see anyone else win the money, you won the hardest HoH, you dealt with me being in the house. Basically, what I'm saying is, I want to go to the finals with you. I'm choosing you and the third person is gone. That's why I want Ali out this week.

Robert - What I want to ask you is, me and you together need to come up with what needs to happen this week. Anything that we talk about, if you think I'm crazy, I'll respect you. If we're gonna do it, lets do it. What I'm telling you now, thank God I won HoH, it's not gonna change. I'd rather get second to you than get second to Jun.

Erika - I just think that, I don't know...

Robert - Just tell me, I trust you. I'm thinking about the actual comp. You'll kill Ali. So, what do you think. Tell me... You think Jun should go first?

Erika - Yeah

Robert - I'm thinking about next week's HoH. I'm thinking if we go next week, me you and Jun...

Robert - I know what you're saying... Get Jun out this week, and get Ali out next...

Erika - It's a tough decision. What did Jee tell you to do?

Robert - We have personal things against Ali. She told me to walk out yesterday. That's messed up. It made me feel so bad. It's just a scummy thing to do to someone. We know she'll get no votes in the end, but I'm looking at it both ways... I don't want to regret taking her to the finals and have her smoke me in the comp. Why do people think I'm a threat? I have Justin and Jee...

Erika - And Dana.

Robert - Not against Jun, though. So, what do you think?

Erika - I don't know. It's a really tough decision.

Robert - So, you want to go to the finals with Ali.

Erika - Not necessarily.

Robert - I don't care if you win the finals. I just want to win something. I think the votes will be -so- fair for both of us. I think the only way to accomplish that is to get out Ali. If, in the finals, if it's me jun and you, you don't want to face me, so it'd be you two.

Erika - Not necessarily. I don't think I'd win against you or Jun.

Robert - Yeah, you would. Jee and I talked.

Robert assuring Erika that Justin will put "a thing" against Jun and she won't win and neither would Ali. Whatever "a thing" is.

Robert - What do you think the final comp will be? That's what I'm scared of. Okay, how about this. Okay, we'll try to agree on voting out Jun this week. I want you to really think about if one of us wins next week, will you take me with you? My goal here, is to have two chances in the final, not one.

(Robert is such a fast talker, this is really hard to transcribe. He's repetitive, sneaky and the picking is really hard to hear over. I'll post again if he says anything new with Erika. Otherwise, I'll post again when Ali and Jun have their talks.)