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Sep 04 2003 01:00, Thu Anonymous   Link
More Rob/Erika....
Doesn't care if he wins final, will be happy in 2nd place and would like to see her win, either first or second.
Erika not giving him any definate answers but swaying towards getting rid of Jun first but saying she needs to think.
Really wants to go to finals with Erika, might even go her way and get rid of Jun first.
Better if they do it together. He's not lying to her, he would be so happy for her; she an awesome girl, she deserves it.
Says he's gonna tell Ali/Jun they are the strongest players that's why he is going to put them up but doesn't know which one is going to go.
Saying Erika will have Justin/Jee/Nathan and Jack for votes in the end.

Sep 04 2003 01:02, Thu Anonymous   Link
Jun: "Hoh only has immunity this week, no power, so why the f**k would I want to talk to him?" NT

Sep 04 2003 01:03, Thu BBWhat   Link
Ali and Jun talking in washroom
Jun believes Rob will put them up, and try and have Erika vote Ali out. Ali agrees.

Ali: dude, it doesn't matter if he puts us up....

Jun: he probably made a deal not to put her up.

Ali: we'll just fk'n get rid of her.


Ali: I honestly don't have anything to say to him.

I think the two are suspicious that Erika is in HOH room with Rob. They know Rob is hitting on her, but this is their spin...

Jun: ...we couldn't have kept Jee, anyway...

Ali: now she's gonna be nervous...could you give us a better excuse. Has she said anything to you.

Jun: no, that's the thing... obvious guilt.

Ali: ...on her ballerina ass... I confronted her, she was like sorry (about HOH comp?).

It's very hard to hear, they are whispering in their bedroom now. But I think they are working themselves into a little frenzy over Erika.

Ali: I would never, never put my position where it was me, her and him in the end, f*ck.

Jun: think of that last veto last year. Something cool like that, something hard.

Ali: what the f*ck is she in there talking about?

Jun: we can still do this shyt.

Ali: I just don't like being on the block, I can't handle it. Last week she said, he'd... why else would she say that?

Jun: thing is, they really need each other. They do.

Ali: why? She really hates him.

Jun: maybe he won't put both of us up?

Ali: I don't think so, Jun.

Jun: the veto is a big deal. If it's elimination, you eliminate one of them, how you want to do it?

Ali: I go for Robert, you go for Erika? If you win veto, I trust you, I swear to god. I'd feel 1000 times better if one of us won it. She should just fk'n sleep in there. I don't want her in here. I fk'n despise her. Ok, she's gonna try and turn this place upside down. I won't talk to her about the game anymore, I promise you. Me and you are not stupid, anyway. F*ck no, that would be like putting yourself in the corner getting f*cked over. Anytime she asks me anything, I'll be like, I don't know, dude. We can win this veto. They would be totally flipping, it would be a good show. You and I would be guaranteed the final three. He's a f*cking piece of shyt, he doesn't deserve it. I can't believe she's f*cking talking to him, after all the things he said about her.

Jun: he probably likes the fact he has power over her now.

Ali: has he said anything to you about me?


Ali: I just can't understand it how he can want her out so bad, and now he asks her out for a date.

Jun: I'm sure he has a deal with her to take each other like the finals, like you and me.

Ali: they hate each other. He thinks he can beat her in the finals, she thinks she can beat him. What I'm worried about, if he makes it to the finals, he has 3 votes for sure, and he'd just need one more vote. He knows Nathan and Jack... he's trying to break her away to have... I dunno. Jee and Justin would definiately vote for Robert. David would vote for Robert... why wouldn't he take her to the finals? He would take her because he would win over her. He'd think that because he believes he's breaking us up. That we'd hate her for voting one of us out, and that would be the fourth vote. The good thing about us is he thinks we want each other out, and might eave one of us out.

Jun: I think he knows.

They talk about playing it up, throwing them off.

Ali: it would be like, if you want Jun out, I'd vote her out. You say the same thing also.

Jun: should I say that about her too?


Jun: the only thing HOH has this week is immunity.

Ali goes to the washroom.

Sep 04 2003 01:09, Thu Anonymous   Link
Erika to Robert: "If we get rid of Jun, I will take you to the finals". NT

Sep 04 2003 01:15, Thu Anonymous ParentRootLink
now it's get rid of Ali this week NT

Sep 04 2003 01:14, Thu SonOfAbraxas   Link
Robert has Erika seemingly convinced. Erika nods and says "okay, so Ali goes this week" NT

Sep 04 2003 01:18, Thu BBWhat   Link
Erika and Rob talking in HOH room
They've been in there awhile.

Rob: cause we can do it together. If you do this, you're staying. We're in a good position. If next week... then I'd be the one out. You would win some money. And I'm gonna do everything I can. But for some reason, I think we can beat Jun in the end... Jun doesn't have that.

Erika whispering SO quiet, unreal!

Rob: at the end we... say Robert threatened me, you know. I want you to come out of this deal knowing you won something. I want to have a better chance coming in second. I mean, I like you as a person, I couldn't do this if I didn't genuinely like you. I mean, end game. That's a big thing, it's like a sure freaking thing.

I can't hear Erika talking.

Rob: Erika, I tell ya, we got to get Ali out. If we get to finals, and one of the two win it, I'm out anyways.

Erika: it could be cognitive, and Jun is good in cognitive.

Rob: you are so so right. You are so right, Erika.

Erika: I dunno...

Rob: when I first got HOH... that's why I'm glad I won. It's one of them two.

Erika: alright... Alison in here?

Sep 04 2003 01:27, Thu Anonymous   Link
Robert/Ali in HOH...
he's telling her and Jun are going up. Ali is the strongest player in the house. Ali is totally flattered that he thinks that she is the strongest.
Robert saying he did not tell Erika who to evict, she can decide whatever she wants.
Ali saying she is going all out to win the Veto, will need an army to stop her. Robert saying he predicts she will win it and she can vote out whoever she wants, he doesn't care.

Sep 04 2003 01:31, Thu Speedster1   Link
Jun and Erica in Bed Talking
It seems like they agree to get Ali out this week and go along with Rob's plan. (it makes sense because otherwise one of them would be going instead)

Jun tells Erica that Ali is pissed at her because she thinks Erica was in cahoots with Rob during HOH Comp

Sep 04 2003 01:35, Thu Anonymous   Link
Robert telling Ali he is not going for the Veto and that he has no alliances, not even Erika. NT

Sep 04 2003 01:36, Thu BBWhat   Link
Ali and Rob talking in HOH room
Rob: she didn't have to wake you.

Ali: I'm cool.

Rob: I didn't have any thoughts about who I want to put up. It's so late in the game, I don't have anybody specific. I'm not telling Erika who to vote.

Ali: I know that.

Rob: here's what I think. The strongest fk'n player in this house is you.

Ali: me?!

Rob: us guys always thought that. But, it's not up to me. I don't have a specific person who I want out.

Ali: there is three of us left, and it doesn't matter...

Rob: exactly! If you get it, Erika goes up, I don't care, it buys me one more week. I just want to be honest with people. Erika can do what ever she fk'n wants.

Ali: I think that's so flattering. At the same time, yeah, I am a big threat, but I have pissed people off. Definetly I dont have Dana.... if I go up against Erika, you will vote for her. Jee has flat out told me he would vote for Erika. Jack would 100% vote for Erika. Dana would. She needs one more vote. Nathan is mad about me not putting Justin up. You might vote for me, Nate might vote for me, Erika might vote for me (in the Jun situation).

Rob: I'm telling you Ali, there's a reason you're here. Whoever wins next week, you win something. It's worth it.

Ali: you know I'm going all out for that veto, it'd take an army to stop me.

Rob: of course. If you will, that's what meant to be. That's what I like about you, I know that.

Ali: whatever dude. As long as it's not me, I don't care.

Rob: it's only like one more week, that's it.

Ali: I don't even care about that.

Rob: next week, if you don't win HOH, it's your fault if you're out.

Ali: that I can handle. I don't want to be sequestered with these people. I'm just giving you a fair warning. I'm not mad at you.

Rob: I look at it, it could have been me, but it's not. Jun wants you out, right?

Ali: I think so. I don't want her out. We're cool. It's not like we hate each other, like Dana. It's a competition. Last week I told...

Rob: I've overheard that from your mouth, I heard that.

Ali: she's a huge threat, she's a brilliant girl. Being in the kitchen, smartest damn shyt. Talking with everyone, knew everything going on in the house. She is the smartest person.

Rob saying he's not going for the veto.

Ali: next week... girls get catty. Watch you sit there pretty. That's how we are. You're in one hell of a position right now. Kudos to you. If you didn't win the veto you would have been f*cked.

Rob: ... as long as somebody's gone...

Ali: there are no weak players left, none. It'll be cool, I can't wait, it'll be fun.

They are happy that there will be a veto this week, even thought they didn't understand at first why there would be one.

Ali: it's more powerful than HOH. They are going to vote out one of the other two. The girl that leaves is gonna hate the one who votes her out. That's the way it is. The only one who is in a good position is the one on the block who isn't voted out. No it's like a game within a game. It's cool, but it's really hard. That girl who gets the veto...

Rob: let's put it this way, I don't care. It's one of the three strong girls leaving. That's a great thing. Whoever wins it (veto) deserves it.

Ali: I want that veto more than anything, I need this. You really think you're not gonna go for it? That's hilarious.

Rob: I don't have an alliance with anybody. Not even Erika?

Ali: really?

Rob: no. I tried to get her out twice, and I'm not going to try anymore...

Ali: you want Jun here?

Rob: I'll talk to her tomorrow.

Sep 04 2003 01:41, Thu Anonymous   Link
Ali telling Jun...
(Erika present in room too) that Robert is putting up her and Jun, because they are the strongest.
Ali thinks it's funny because Robert tried to get Erika out twice and now not even putting her up.
Telling the girls that Robert is not gonna try for Veto, doesn't care about it and doesn't care who goes.
Ali asking Erika who Robert wants out more and Erika said she doesn't know, he didn't say.

Sep 04 2003 01:48, Thu BBWhat   Link
Jun: I don't think (sequestered HG's) get to see comps. Just meetings. NT

Sep 04 2003 01:52, Thu Anonymous   Link
Erika/Jun/Ali quiet now. Rob in hoh bed listening to cd. NT

Sep 04 2003 01:54, Thu JulieH   Link
Erica is in bed next to a sleeping jun. Erica is thinking things over blinking her eyes in the dark. Alison yawning across the room NT

Sep 04 2003 01:57, Thu JulieH ParentRootLink
oops erica says she can't sleep and gets up NT

Sep 04 2003 01:56, Thu ktan   Link
Erica's having trouble sleeping. She gets up and goes to the WC. NT

Sep 04 2003 02:04, Thu Grins ParentRootLink
She said she was going to be sick and then walked rapidly to the bathroom and threw up. NT

Sep 04 2003 01:59, Thu ktan   Link
We see Rob in DR complaining about how warm the HOH room is. BB says he'll try to cool it down. NT

Sep 04 2003 02:16, Thu ktan   Link
After a few bedtime stories by Jun to the girls, it appears that everyone has settled down to sleep. Rob, though, is struggling to do so. NT

Sep 04 2003 02:36, Thu dianasto51   Link
Erika back up went to by hamock laying down NT

Sep 04 2003 02:39, Thu dianasto51   Link
now erika in house looking at picture wall then ali get up NT

Sep 04 2003 02:41, Thu dianasto51   Link
ali back in bed erika looking at picture wall( ed note) think she is trying to decide vote if she goes with rob NT

Sep 04 2003 02:52, Thu dianasto51   Link
erika and rob both in wc talking about her not knowing what to do NT

Sep 04 2003 02:56, Thu Hammock_Fall ParentRootLink
Just before, Erika was siting alone at memory wall, looking at HG pictures for 10 minutes
Then Robert came out to go to the bathroom and ran into her.

Sep 04 2003 03:42, Thu Shadow46and2 ParentRootLink
make that bathroom, not WC. (WC is the room where the toilet is) NT

Sep 04 2003 03:00, Thu Hammock_Fall   Link
Robert asks Erika if she wants a massage. She laughs it off, but now they go back to the HOH room....
so far just to talk.

Sep 04 2003 03:02, Thu dianasto51   Link
They didn't have mics. on but mostly about what she told jun ,now
Rob ask to give her a massage she said no. Now both in hoh now rob saying he can see her point to get jun out!

Sep 04 2003 03:07, Thu dianasto51   Link
Erika wondering who jun would take rob says her and she says why me NT

Sep 04 2003 03:08, Thu dianasto51   Link
They both still think jun & ali want each other out !! NT

Sep 04 2003 03:10, Thu dianasto51   Link
He thinks it would look better to the jury than to bring someone everyone hated NT

Sep 04 2003 03:12, Thu dianasto51   Link
Erika says its a very valid point and brings up tina and colby of survivor NT

Sep 04 2003 03:15, Thu dianasto51   Link
Rob is hoping that this time it will be people who haven't screwed others kind of the better of both evils NT

Sep 04 2003 03:18, Thu dianasto51   Link
Rob says everybody in jury respects erika and nobody respects jun or ali NT

Sep 04 2003 03:23, Thu dianasto51   Link
Think they agree on ali going because last two BB final 3 was endurance
and they can't have ali in that!

Sep 04 2003 03:36, Thu dianasto51   Link
erika says he has to convince jun if she gets veto she has to vote out ali
saying everybody thinking bring ali to get second because everybody hates her and ali might win 1st because they will say she played harder.

Sep 04 2003 03:44, Thu dianasto51   Link
Erika says she wasn't sure it rob was playing her but now she beleaves him
but now she has sold her soul to the alison devil!!

Sep 04 2003 03:47, Thu dianasto51   Link
rob says we're so close but still not there it could still be none of them NT

Sep 04 2003 03:50, Thu dianasto51   Link
Erika ask what changed his mind when he said in the ht jun was the stronger
player .He said they are equal but would rather get out ali the worst.?

Sep 04 2003 03:54, Thu BBWhat   Link
Rob and Erika talking in HOH room
Erika: that's what they're hoping for. You or me take them to the final. That's what they're hoping. I don't think Ali thinks she can beat anybody.

Rob: she's not going to win.

Erika: that's what she's going to convince you. If I was Alison, I'd try and convince everyone to keep me.

Rob: I told her, I don't care who you (Erika) votes for.

Erika: this is a tough decision.

Rob: what was the last competition.

Erika: holding onto that key.

Rob: what about 2?

Erika: same thing, holding onto a key.

Rob: for sure it'll be holding onto a key?

Erika: it could be different this year. I'm not sure. I think 2 or 3 are holding onto the key, or could of been. Yeah, that was it. Then Ali's gotta go.

Rob: exactly. It's like giving it to her (if she stays this week)

Erika: then we'd have to convince Jun, if she get's the veto...

Rob: I'll say to her, we'll have an equal chance. How many hours (key comp) was it?

Erika: I'll win it, don't worry.

Rob: can't you pee if you have to?

Erika: I didn't have to when I was in the cage.

Rob: we agree then, we take each other?

Erika: that's fine.

Rob: if I personally, if I won, I'd help you out, we're good friends now. I know who helped me get here. It'll take care of you, and you'll take care of me? So we just got to worry about the freakin veto. They're not gonna vote you out, so that's perfect. [huh?] They won't have a last minute alliance. I'm gonna go for that veto with all my heart, and so are you. So we have three chances. That's pretty good.

Erika: it kinda came up that, CBC and MTV are affiliated. That makes sense.

Rob: cause if she figured it out on her own, that's pretty good. The thing with Ali is, mentally, it's hit or miss. She buzzes in too early. Jun is smarter, but slower. Physical, the comp will be physical, we gotta get Ali out. All that stuff about how bad she wants it, her dad's a lawyer... Justin says she has a problem and she doesn't even know it. She's a compulsive liar. That's how bad I think it is. She believes her own shyt. And I'm telling you, it's meant to be, if you win next week... That move... I said to Jee, I won't be pissed, if Dana doesn't vote for me, I don't give a shyt.

I think Rob's saying he'd only win second place against Erika, and he'd be happy with that... I bet she thinks he'd win, though, and is reticent to accept this deal.

Rob: what are you thinking about, huh?

Erika: Ali's gotta go.

Rob: that's what I said. Let's just get her out. We'll kill Jun. We will. What? I think we can do it. I have this confidence that in the end... I just want to take Jun out... she's already won, she went to the VMAs. I want the money just like you do. What I want to do is... at least we have that thing going for us. She falls, then I fall. I'll defeat her first, whatever. I'm telling you it's not that easy to win the veto. My theory on winning the practice HOH is...

Erika: Jun did?

Rob: uh-uh. I'm superstitious that whoever wins the practice competition doesn't win it. If you bring Ali you could get f*cked.

Erika: she won the HOH, got the veto used on her...

Rob: you're right. It could be bad karma. It makes me feel much better. I'd rather you win than Ali. Alright, well cool. If we win veto this week, we have a certain percentage of winning, both of us...

Erika: you have to convince Jun.

Rob: I will. Definitely. I'm HOH and will be able to speak with her. I'd talk to her, not as an alliance. I'll tell her we can't have this kid... To tell you the truth, I'd rather have Jack here right now. I think, everything happens for a reason. I mean, whatever. So what we have to do is, win this veto, I'll talk to Jun, and next week we're looking good, we really are. To get to this point of the game, you need to make the right moves, and get some help. I think we can do it. We have three chances. You and Jun for the veto.


Rob: and it won't be elimination right? It'll just be ourselves.

Erika: will it?

Rob: that's what I like talking about stuff. Now I feel so much better about everything, whether it works out or not. I want to try and do it the smartest way possible. And I don't think it's a coincidence that all three of us are (lists ages of three players)...

Erika: I went through alot of scenarios in my head. I could definitely end up in the finals with Rob.

Rob: I said that to Justin and he laughed about that. What we're doing now, let's use that we know each other. Jun and Jee could have hooked up and whacked people out... Like, you didn't f*ck anyone over, like she (Ali) did to Nathan. I didn't either, not even with the vote with Dana. She said she didn't want a tie. But not unanimous! They know that they don't have that (sympathetic jury). We should do that, get Ali out, right?

Erika: talk to Jun and tell her what...

Rob: Ali out is only good for you. She's a vote for you and that's a fact.

Erika: not if I vote her out. I'm kinda glad that I didn't win HOH this week.

Rob: why?

Erika: because I would have had to put you up.

Rob: so what would change your decision?

Erika: about what?

Rob: we go do the end together... I want to prove to you that it's a real deal.

Erika: ...I wasn't sure, was he (Rob) just playing me?

Erika bringing up her and Jack talking about whether Rob could have allied with them.

Rob: you did exactly what you had to do.

Erika: but I kinda sold my soul to the Alison-devil.

Rob: you saved yourself, come on. She saved herself because she thought Jack was going to come after her.

Erika: I gave her my word, that I would not be after her. Now I have to go against that, and I don't want to. I haven't screwed anyone in the house.

Rob: If you don't want to do that, why are we here?

Erika: I told them, I'd put you up, I had to. I'm kinda glad I didn't win HOH.

Rob: I know what you mean, I was in this position last week. But you're not alone, there's three of us.

Erika: I know.

Rob: there's three of us and she wants Jun out.


Rob: we're still not there, it could be one of us...

Erika pondering.

Erika: man, I don't know, I don't know. This is a really tough decision. We don't know what the competition is, there are so many factors. When you came to me in the hot tub were you dead set Jun was the biggest threat.

Rob: yeah.

Erika: why is Ali the bigger threat now?

Rob: ummm. The last three, I don't want Ali to be next to me. Back then... They're both to me equal.

Rob says again, they need the veto. Alright already!

Rob: this veto's like, you go to the finals with me, you and one of them.

Erika: this veto is very important.

Rob: I want it to stay the way it is.

Erika: I know.


Erika: you like your CD?

Rob: yeah. I can't believe we came all the way.

Erika: I didn't think I'd make it past the second week.

Rob: I know baby. The chances of both of us getting this far was way less.

Erika goes back to bed.

Man oh man, Erika is a surrogate Jee for Rob this week. He keeps rehashing things, trying to be positive and upbeat, but missing the point. She wants him to get Jun on their side, because of the veto. And what's in it for Jun? He just says he and Erika need to get the veto. I don't think he gets that her support hinges on him getting Jun's support.


Sep 04 2003 03:54, Thu dianasto51   Link
Finally going to bed no hugs just good night get some rest !! whewwwww NT

Sep 04 2003 04:31, Thu davidmichelle   Link
Final news and notes as Erika and Robert mercifully got to bed.
Erika is still not committing to voting out Alison if Alison and Jun are nominated and neither wins veto. Erika requested that Robert talk to Jun to gather any and all information towards a decision.

Erika is sleeping in the far corner bed of the original Stooges bedroom. The same bed that first had Scott, than Justin, than Jack. This is most likely due to her caution not to wake Jun in her slumber.

The capper of the night was when Feed 3 followed Robert to the bathroom and left the microphone on as he walked into the water closet. A loud exhausting fart echoed along with the noise of the urine hitting the water in the toilet, it was a must hear experience.

Sep 04 2003 04:53, Thu JulieH ParentRootLink
What I understood after they went though all the scenarios was that Alison was not a sure bet to win against and so they decided she has to go. What
Erica wanted Rob to talk to Jun about was to secure her vote for Alison to be evicted in case Jun wins the veto.

Both erica and rob talked of how the scumbag of a game (alison) could get more votes in the end because the people she screwed will think she out played the others to get to the end and therefore deserves to win. Neither Rob nor erica want to take the chance of taking her especailly after they talked about the next HOH being endurance. Rob simply said also that he doesn't like her and doesn't want someone like her getting the chance to win the money when going against her is not a sure thing.

Sep 04 2003 08:06, Thu nojobny   Link
Rob gets up to go to the WC. F3 shows an extreme close up a
fake eyeball sitting on the kitchen counter.

Rob exits the loo and heads straight to HOH. (ergo, skipping the sink completely)

Sep 04 2003 10:50, Thu ilsa   Link
Yes, they're still asleep NT

Sep 04 2003 11:03, Thu Quench   Link
BB: Good morning Houseguests it's time to get up for the day. Jun up and in the WC. BB starts to play upbeat Music in the house. NT

Sep 04 2003 11:03, Thu Anonymous   Link
BB wakeup call and then Mexican music playing. Jun in wc. Now foth. NT

Sep 04 2003 11:04, Thu Quench   Link
Alison met up with Jun in the kitchen on her way to the WC. They mouthed something to each other then giggled. NT

Sep 04 2003 11:08, Thu Quench   Link
Robert and Ali in bathrom area brushing their teeth. Ali talking with her toothbrush in her mouth.
She is saying something is missing. Thinks Jee may have packed up something. It sounded like the tube of toothpaste. Jun is in the Storage Room getting the batteries for her mic. Erika is still in bed. She is in the farthest bed from the door in the Blue Bedroom.

Sep 04 2003 11:15, Thu Quench   Link
The whisper fest begins . Ali still in bathroom area Jun joins her there.
Ali and Jun whispering about a story Erika told them last night and how it wasn't a good move to say how popular she is.

Ali to Jun:I told Robert I am going after the veto I told him it would take a small farking army and a load of mac trucks to stop me.

Then she says that Jun should tell him that too.

They start talking louder now.

Ali saying she had a crazy ass dream. Donnie and then Donnie and then Donnie again.

Jun: I am never going to eat again. as she is brushing her teeth.

Erika still in bed. Robert in the meanwhile is playing with the thermostat by the door.

Sep 04 2003 11:19, Thu Quench   Link
Ali wandering into the Blue Room talking to Erika about the temperature of the room.
Then she gets called to the DR to pick up her pill

Sep 04 2003 11:19, Thu Quench   Link
Alison's Dream relayed to Erika

Dance team sheet. Bowl game. Dance and I was injured. This country band at the half time show. But so pissed because I wasn't out there. Donnie was there for some reason. And my mom took a picture of me and him and I was fat and had short hair. And then I saw a woman through a window. she had Jun's coco butter stick and rubbing it all over her face.

Sep 04 2003 11:22, Thu Quench   Link
Jun comes out of the DR after picking up her meds. We are on lockdown.
Ali is plucking her eyebrows. Erika saying why are you doing that. Ali says just a few on the bottom. There is nothing else to do around here.

BB: Erika please come to the DR.

Erika gets out of bed finally. "And if I refuse?" But she heads there anyway.

She comes out and heads right back into the bed.

Sep 04 2003 11:24, Thu Quench   Link
They are on lockdown. So Erika still in bed. Rob in HOH listening to CD and Jun and Alison rummaging through their clothes. NT

Sep 04 2003 11:25, Thu Quench   Link
The camera man is having fun zooming in and out on a eyeball on a side table. NT

Sep 04 2003 11:30, Thu rockabye ParentRootLink
He went from an eyeball to a margarita glass to a light to Erika. (LOL) NT

Sep 04 2003 11:33, Thu Quench   Link
Ali singing It's so Boring around her. And she is bouncing the little rubber ball on the coffee table.
Erika still in bed. Robert up and playing with the thermostat again.

Jun making coffee. They are talking about the flys in the house. Robert says we are under lockdown and we had nothing to do with the flies getting in here. Maybe they came in through the front door.

They check out a margaurita glass that was left out on the counter. There is a dead fly floating in the glass.

One sip and that was it.

Robert keeps asking Jun if they are going to get their groceries.

Sep 04 2003 11:41, Thu Quench   Link
Erika still in bed. A,J and R at Dining room table. They are talking about Jee's arrival at the
sequestered house.

J: He is probably just getting there.

R-they are probably initiating him in the house

J-telling him to take out the trash.

R-I can see justin do that
R-He said he coudn't stand a week in there with Nathan

J: Nathan might be cooler outside of the house
A-Probably not.

R-Justin has just about had it with Dana. after spending all this time with her.

A-He would he would
R-He is probably hanging around with Jack
A-I am sure he is.

They are commenting now on how small the table has become.

Sep 04 2003 11:44, Thu Quench   Link
Erika now up and joins people in the kitchen.
Talking about how there is no lazy suzanne in the middle of the table.

A-did you see the glass?

E-yeah at least he died happy. Talking as the fly -"I think I am just going to lie down in here and die"

Jun doing dishes, Ali playing solitaire at the table. Robert goes to the DR and Erika to get a sweater on.

Sep 04 2003 11:50, Thu lolashowgirl   Link
robert picked nose, looked at it, then flicked it on floor NT

Sep 04 2003 11:50, Thu Quench   Link
Jun making breakfast with leftover deli meat. turkey - ham.
Jun complaining about how the Mexican food didn't sit well with her last night. She didn't sleep well.

A- I wish we had milk.

R- We haven't had that in a few weeks.

They are talking about what a regular grocery list is. Milk, Real eggs, bacon, fruits vegetables.

E-Jun's was the first and had over 500 pesos in it. They didn't want to give us PB&J.

They are now saying it was real money not just points. brief FOTH. when Robert mentions a BB rule about the game.

Ali talking about how she wants to see the competition because she really whacked her pinata.

Sep 04 2003 11:54, Thu Quench   Link
R and A talking about how Jee was trash-boy for about a month.
They are now talking about the sequestered house. And how beautiful it is .

Talking about Dana and she has been there for 7 weeks and she still can't talk to anyone at home namely Jody her bud.

Nathan didn't even look the same. He is eating whatever he wants. Justin looks heavier too.

J-Justin looks like one of those dating guys on Temptation Island or something like that.

(they are all talking over each other, laughing)

Sep 04 2003 12:02, Thu Quench   Link
J, E, and R talking about Dana. Bashing her good.
J- Dana thought she was the show. That ppl were tuning in to watch her . Ya to watch her self destruct.
R- Even on the last day she said to me that she might not go.
E- yeah she always thought there was a twist. Yes the twist was you are going to get voted out and come back in seven weeks that's the twist.
J-She was so spiteful.
R- she said that she was going to order the worst thing she could think of to eat the week she was nomed.

A- Every psych in america is waiting to get their hands on her
J-She probably doesn't want to vote when this is over. But if she doesn't then she doesn't get any money. I can see the show telling her - you made a commitment to us.

R/J - in unision talking about how she is going to rag on the winner.

They are finally finished with the Dana bashing

Sep 04 2003 12:04, Thu Quench   Link
BB the lockdown is over, you can raise the shades.
Robert saying he will go outside and do the shades and comments on how hot it is out there. Erika says that you need your sunglasses it's so bright.

They miss Jee doing the trash run.

Sep 04 2003 12:17, Thu Vaseflower2000   Link
girls sitting at table eating and finishing up their meal. rob is outside. NT

Sep 04 2003 12:18, Thu Quench   Link
Robert outside eating his breakfast. The women are eating at the table.
Erika comments about how the table is a good size to play cards on. So after breakfast that is what E and A decide to do.

Sep 04 2003 12:21, Thu Vaseflower2000   Link
rob in hoh room. eri at kitchen table and ju and ali at the sink area. ju says she ate too much. NT

Sep 04 2003 12:34, Thu Quench   Link
Jun and Robert in HOH
Robert starts talking rapidly.

I want Ali out. I don't want care if you vote me out next week. But I want you and E and me to be the final three. She is going to try to get the veto. We have 3 chances to win the veto.

I am superstitious I am not even going to put Erika up. Me getting Ali out because she told me that she wouldn't even vote for me in the end.

This is bothering me. She goes what is the matter. I feel miserable. she then says You can walk out if you want. Man I would never quit. What a piece of shyt beach she is.

We just need to win veto and that's it.

Jun- I think that Ali thinks that you want Erika out.

R - No I don't but I don't want Ali to win.

J- She thinks she is going to leave here at the age of 23 thinking she can do what she did in here.

Jun saying about the TV ppl and others want her out and they will say "they did a good thing to get her out of here."

Robert saying that he talked to Jee and how he wants Ali out.

They are talking about how it will be 3 to 1. And now talking about the HOH comp and how Ali sucked at it. Robert saying that Ali is either all on or all off. And last night she was all off.

Jun saying that it was her ego that farked her yesterday because she got the questions about herself wrong.

Jun - Ali has never been up in that Orange chair. She always has been safe. She said she never asked nathan to take her off and now she laughs about how she got him to take her off.

Jun - She thinks you are not going for the veto.

R- That is what I told her, but I am going to try it with my life.

R talking rapidly about his convo with E last night.

so posting

Sep 04 2003 12:35, Thu Quench   Link
Jun comes out into the kitchen area and says Sigh Sigh Sigh says hi to Erika on her way to the WC. NT

Sep 04 2003 12:39, Thu Quench   Link
FOTH - come back to A & E playing cards at dining room table. Jun checks out the BY for a moment.
Robert listening to the his CD stroking his nose then air drumming.

Jun sitting now on the couches.

Sep 04 2003 12:46, Thu Quench   Link
Jun- We should have a luxury comp today. (Ali's mafia connection)
I want luxury everyday I deserve it.

Ali asking where is Nantucket.

Talking about Martha's Vineyard.

Jun talking about the houses and rich kids and how they party.

Ali doesn't think they are that rich.

Ali talking about someone she knows who isn't all that rich but owns a house in a high district

My family's house cost $80,000 and that was 20 years ago. We put on 2 big addtions in the back. My whole family is in construction but my dad.

construction company in Pittsburg. They do skyscrapers. They are based out of Ohio but they do construction everywhere.

Our family married into the Lombardi's. Have you heard of them. they are the biggest Mafia family in San Francisco.

Jun says about Jee's mom got her nose broken by an ashtray. But she isn't going to talk about it....Too late FOTH

Sep 04 2003 12:50, Thu Quench   Link
Back and Jun says she(Jee's mom) had a nose job done and she is going to kill me that
I said it. Ali says Well I talked about my mafia connection. Well not really not me directly. but... FOTH

Back then Girls in putting on make up and Ali says -That thing about Jee's dad and mom.. FOTH

Sep 04 2003 12:51, Thu I_Should_Be_Working ParentRootLink
She had a nose job because Jee's dad hit her with an ashtray. Ali: On purpose? Jun nods...then says she'll kill me and FOTH NT

Sep 04 2003 12:53, Thu Quench   Link
Ali and E talking about paid TV work
E - Screen Actors Guild

Ali says What is that?

E- It's a union so you get paid for your work.

A- When we get out of here will have to?

E- No game shows don't fall under that.

A-So you get paid

E- yeah, not that much though.

E- (Stuff )it came out in August I hope some one picked it up for me. It's about her bar and some of the other women were in it from the bar.

Sep 04 2003 12:54, Thu Quench   Link
Name of Erika's bar. Balboa. But they will have to change it because there
is one in S.F. that had it first and are bigger and well known.

Sep 04 2003 12:55, Thu Quench   Link
Ali goes into kitchen - Erika! Something is definitely burning.
Erika comes in

A- do you smell it.

E calmly walks by her and says yeah it's the coffee.

Then goes back to doing her makeup

Ali heads outside to cut her split ends

Sep 04 2003 13:02, Thu Vaseflower2000   Link
ali says she needs Paul Mitchell to do her hair. Eri says he is really nice and comes into her resturant. NT

Sep 04 2003 13:05, Thu Quench   Link
Ali outside cutting split ends and asks Erika if what she has is split ends
Erika says You want to know what split ends are. She shows A her own hair

They talk about how there used to be 4 flotation devices for the pool and now there is none.

Talking about Nathan and has he doesn't look the same.

Ali says that Dana still hates her after 6 weeks. It's like get over it.

E- Her head is still in the game

A- Yeah your right I guess you are right.

Sep 04 2003 13:12, Thu Quench   Link
Ali telling Erika that she can hear voices from over the wall Robert comes out with Jun and
tells the women. They told me can order what ever we like.

E- Chinese

R - That is a shitty idea okay next

A - I thought we had to eat Mexican all week

Jun - Japanese

Ali - I have not eaten Japanese. I don't want to eat sushi

Jun- you can eat other food, like chicken.

Ali - Can we have Indian? I want to do Japanese another night though

They all agree that they want to eat Indian food tonight.

A - I thought we had to eat Mexican. I had gas so bad that I would make everyone leave.

Rob goes back in to order

J- I can't believe they made us destroy our own pinatas. (The Indian head from Alison's is still intact and in the house)

Feeds timed out so posting

Sep 04 2003 13:18, Thu Quench   Link
Sean to Jun You lay out in the sun all the time. Have you ever been in the pool?
She said yeah only twice.

Robert saying that they watch everything we do. Jun continues with the story about her making breakfast one morning called Snake eyes. They eggs inside the toast. (Eggs in a nest)

They are watching everything.

Now they are talking about Robert is the only guy who needs a hair cut. Ali tells him I take walkins at any time.

Robert commenting about how Jee would talk all the way through his haircuts and doesn't know how Jun could stand it. Jun says I was used to it.

Sep 04 2003 13:38, Thu JessicaRabbit ParentRootLink
I believe she is talking about the handler / bodyguard from the VMA's. NT

Sep 04 2003 13:21, Thu Quench   Link
Ali back to Dana Bashing.
How Dana said that She was pissed about Nathan saving Alison and about how she still doesn't want Alison and Justin together. (Not that there were other questions in that comp)

Jun feeding into it by saying Dana will probably "accidentally" spill a drink on Alison at the cast party.

Alison saying she is still bringing me up and he (Justin) will get pissed.

Jun saying how angry she looked giving the answers.

Sep 04 2003 13:23, Thu Quench   Link
Ali to Robert you know I had my nose done.
R- Really how come?

A- I couldn't breathe.... I still can't breath

BB: Ali please come to the DR.

Sep 04 2003 13:28, Thu Quench   Link
Now that Ali is in the DR E,J,R talk strategy together in the BY
I think Ali thinks that Ali thinks that Robert wants Erika out (I put in names for the she and he that Jun said)

They are all agreeing that they are on that same page and how Ali thinks that each of them want to take her to the end.

Erika mentioning the Survivor with Colby and how he took Tina with him instead of Keith and how everyone else will be happy that we make this move and get rid of her.

E then mentions about how she told Ali that she wouldn't put her up and take her along. Robert and Jun both say to E that both of them have said the same thing to Ali.

Sep 04 2003 13:30, Thu nojobny   Link
Rob/Er/Ju in BY - Ali in the DR
Rob: Ali asked me if you (Er) and I have an alliance. I told her, "I dont' have an alliance."

Rob: There are no alliances now. Just the alliance of the 3 of us trying to get her out!

laughter by all

Sep 04 2003 13:35, Thu Quench   Link
Jun saying that she can't understand how Ali's father said that to her about flirting
I don't care if he is a lawyer you don't tell your baby girl to do that. I don't want her to think she can get away with her actions outside of this house.

Also mentioned was the comp about the Lasers last year.

(Some of this is out of order due to the rapid talking over each other)

How Ali screwed up because of the questions about her last night. It's her ego.

Now they switch to talking about the CD and the songs on them by number of course.

Jun saying how much the other person wouldn't get the vote at the end because ppl would be so angry about actually taking Ali to the end with them.

Jun heads into the house

R to E: I hope you feel the same way. I know you were mad at me because of the conversation between Jack and Jee that week. She says yes I was mad at you that week.

R- But I couldn't talk to you. But we are still the same.
E- I thought you were a liar. I was mad.
R- I couldn't say anything because I didn't want anything to get back. Jee and Justin both told me to get you on my side and go right to end. Justin said that the guys couldn't Ali and he was so right.

R - I am giving you this week and hopefully you will give me next week. (Plane flies overhead)


Sep 04 2003 13:39, Thu Quench   Link
R and E in BY
Even if I go out next week I will vote for you. And I have some pull for the vote

E- I have to take Ali out.

R- you have played a cleaner game than she has.

Robert - when I talked to Jun about getting Ali out she said I think that is a good idea.

R - telling E about how he told Ali that he said he wouldn't go for the veto but he will definitely now.

Sep 04 2003 13:41, Thu BuzzardsCrotch   Link
Rob just told Erika that he is attracted to her.
He said he told the DR that Erika could come into his bed anytime. He said the DR was laughing.

Sep 04 2003 13:42, Thu BuzzardsCrotch ParentRootLink
Erika didnt respond at all. NT

Sep 04 2003 13:42, Thu Vaseflower2000   Link
the girls are going to put on their bikini tops. ali says not noms yet they will give them an hours notice. NT

Sep 04 2003 13:43, Thu Quench   Link
Switched feeds to listen to Ali and Jun in the bathroom area.
Ali and Jun in corner of the bathroom area.

Ali saying if you and I get the veto she will try everything she can to save herself.

Jun says I am not going to talk to her.

Ali says that she won't listen to anything she has to say.

BB: This is a lockdown outside.

The women want to change into their bathing suits before getting locked out for awhile.

Sep 04 2003 13:49, Thu Quench   Link
They found the flotation devices they are behind the couches by the wall.
They are now in lockdown outside.

Erika in the pool, Rob picking by the table. Ali lying in the shade. Jun in and out of the pool

Sep 04 2003 13:52, Thu Quench   Link
Ali to Erika you have the best abs I have every seen.
Erika - no Dana had better Abs than I do.

ali - yes you could see the lines on either side of her torso but she probably had gained weight now.

Sep 04 2003 14:24, Thu Vaseflower2000   Link
ju busy with food in SR-what they got makes her happy. rob taking trash out. he even tells ju i will do it. NT

Sep 04 2003 15:08, Thu I_Should_Be_Working   Link
Erika and Ali in the pool comparing BB3 evictions; Rob and Jun in kitchen
Jun recounting conversation with Ali, that Ali wants Erika out. Rob repeating we have to take Ali out.

The game will not be worth it for 7 f*k'n grand.

Jun: It would not be worth it for 7 f*ck'n grand AND letting Ali win.

Sep 04 2003 15:09, Thu Anonymous   Link
jun & robert talking strategy in kitchen. jun cutting up honeydew melon. must have received chewing gum-she's smacking, snapping & popping!! NT

Sep 04 2003 15:10, Thu I_Should_Be_Working   Link
Jun to Rob: Ali said that she's manipulated everyone in the game except for Jack
WTF is she thinking?

Rob: Every jury member will not vote for her.
Jun: She and Dana have so much in common, but she'll be the last one to admit it.

Ali comes in and asks if they are getting dressed for the Noms.

Sep 04 2003 15:12, Thu I_Should_Be_Working   Link
Ali planting cantelope seeds all over backyard!
Ali has a spoon and a bowl full of seeds. She's using the spoon to dig small holes. Erika 'helping' her by pointing out places that BB never mows. (BB mowed her baby plant yesterday!)

Sep 04 2003 15:16, Thu Vaseflower2000   Link
rob in hoh getting dressed. NT

Sep 04 2003 15:19, Thu Vaseflower2000   Link
ju in bedroom opening drawers and getting clothes out to put on. NT

Sep 04 2003 15:21, Thu Vaseflower2000   Link
rob is sitting outside and ali and eri in the bathroom. ali dressed and blow drying her hair. NT

Sep 04 2003 15:24, Thu Vaseflower2000   Link
ju in her favorite place-the kitchen unwrapping something-eri now out of bathroom. NT

Sep 04 2003 15:26, Thu Dreamer   Link
Ali to Jun: Keep pretending that you hate me NT

Sep 04 2003 15:29, Thu Vaseflower2000   Link
eri and rob outside. ju mashing something in a bowl. ju telling ali that eri going into hoh with rob last night made her nervous. said to ali eri
keeping everything close to the vest.

Sep 04 2003 16:05, Thu Dreamer ParentRootLink
More~ Ali: She never once said I'll keep you or anything like that
Jun: Right, I don't think she's making those promises anymore

Ali: No~If she does though just tell me what she says and I'll tell you

Jun: Um hm. She is keeping it just as like I don't care

Ali: You know what she said to me? She doesn't know who he is targeting yet. Which is going to make me think that she is going to do whatever he says

Jun: Yep I don't know why all of a sudden

Ali: I know right? She then changes the subject cause Erika walked into the house

Sep 04 2003 15:31, Thu Vaseflower2000   Link
rob tells ali she looks pretty in her pink top. NT

Sep 04 2003 15:33, Thu calgal   Link
Allison says " last year's cast seems more anal than us"
then jun i think says we are just more spoiled...

Sep 04 2003 15:33, Thu Dreamer   Link
Rob: I think Lisa (BB3) is nasty NT

Sep 04 2003 15:34, Thu Vaseflower2000   Link
sorry-pretty in her pink top. ali tells ju watch what she is eating and ju replies it is just fruit.
trying to help her with her eating too much.

Sep 04 2003 15:49, Thu BuzzardsCrotch   Link
HGs talking in kitchen. Someone heard a camera man say "oh my God, her nipple"
I think talking about Jun. Erika says "dont encourage her"

Sep 04 2003 16:01, Thu FuggyBootnling   Link
Ali says they are missing a card...
From the deck of playing cards they have. Jun: "Look in the Jee drawer." Erica finds it in there (my feeds are dark, so I can't see which drawer is Jee's)

Ratbert asks if Ali knew how to play some card game before coming in. She didn't. Ali: "Did you know?" Rat: "No, I don't know any of that *****."

They all want the noms to start. Jun: "We're actually looking forward to the nomination ceremony."

Some sort of talk about nipples...about Jun's showing at one point. JUn: "He said 'OMG I saw your nipple!' " Then FOTH. Not sure what this is about.

Ali playing solitaire on the kitchen counter. Erica sitting in Kitchen area. Ratbert in the vicinity, so no noms just yet. Silence.

Jun is eating crackers. Ali says she should be eating the reduced fat ones. Jun didn't realize they had any.

Talk about if you're hungry, you should drink first to allieviate it from a weight standpoint. Jun: "I'd be anorexic then!"

Ali: "I wish I was anorexic...if I wasn't too skinny." (ed: Yes, she did actually say this.)

Erica: "Lookit - I'm going to sleep in the living room! What are they going to say about that!"

Jun: "We should ask for charcoal." To grill some food they have.

Ali: "I'm taking something from everyone in this house - Robert your *didn't hear it*, Jun your cooking, Erica your makeup tips, Justin his card tricks, Jee his...Korean stuff. Nathan his ability to eat different foods and his incorrect workout techniques. Jack, good stories. Dana...*pause* punching bag lessons. David, "oh I don't want to work there anymore." Michelle *pause*" She's stuck. Erica chimes in "How to say 'like' fifty times in a sentence?' Ali: "Yeah, and how to wear makeup all the time." Talk of how Michelle would sleep with her makeup on. Ali: "I hope she changes that every month. (referring to her eyeliner)"


Sep 04 2003 16:11, Thu FuggyBootnling   Link
From 3:00 PM BB Time...
All are just sitting around inside the LR/Kitchen area, waiting for the nomination meeting. Erica joked "They want us to scheme some more!" Chit chat inbetween stretches of silence.

A few comments on Jee. Ali says "He was cool though...a cool guy."

Talk turns to Dana, and whether or not the question was she was never more pissed off "in the game" or "in her life." Not positive which is was, but if it's the latter...they are pretty down on that!

Talk of her hair...Jun wondering why she wears it in a ponytail "all the f'in time."

We now have FOTH. This could be noms, so posting...

Sep 04 2003 16:25, Thu Vaseflower2000   Link
they are just sitting around-rob outside and three girls in the living room. no one talking. NT

Sep 04 2003 16:32, Thu Anonymous   Link
Outside Lockdown. Ali telling Robert...
not to be too long because it's really hot out. Saying he won't, it will be the quickest one ever (Robert hasn't gone it yet though).
Jun's potty mouth saying like she's Robert: "Time to nominate two of you bit**es. None of you suc*ed me off last night, so all of you are eligible to go up".

Sep 04 2003 16:38, Thu Dreamer   Link
Feed 4~ camera tech is taking close up shots of hg pictures & keys NT

Sep 04 2003 16:39, Thu FuggyBootnling   Link
BB announced lockdown - they go to BY
Shade pulling commences. Ali asks if Ratbert can be quick with it, because it's hot outside. He promises he will be.

Jun jokes about what Ratbert will say "As head of household, it is my duty to put two of you bitches up..."

Jun and Erica speculating who it was behind the glass that they heard saying they could see Jun's nipple. They don't think it was John, or some other person (sorry, she just said it...can't remember the name...listening and typing)

Jun: "They can't call us houseguests's OUR f'kin house!"

Talking about how funny a guy John is. Hmmm...interesting how THIS doesn't get FOTHed!!

Ratbert is still outside with them during the lockdown. Silence.

Jun: "One key...hmph..."

Erica says the keybox is heavy. Silence again.

And silence...Jun, Rat, and Erica sitting at the table, Ali I believe trying to nap somewhere in the BY. Jun is eating crackers.

Speculation on what they are doing inside during LD. Jun says they are setting up camera angles, fixing the pictures to make them straight. Erica comments they have made the keys shorter.

Laughing about how the people who win HOH get voted out right after - Justin and Jee.

Jun: "Carmen probably hates me." Rat: "She does." Jun: "I fed your man at least...he'll be coming back to you more grammatically correct than ever!"

Ratbert gets the call to the DR. He says "Five minutes." And goes in...

Sep 04 2003 16:39, Thu Dreamer   Link
BB: Robert, Please go to the DR . . Rob to girls: I'll be back in 5 minutes NT

Sep 04 2003 16:54, Thu txbluefirefly4   Link
Erica and Ali playing cards on all 4 feeds very little talking. NT

Sep 04 2003 17:08, Thu ktan   Link
Rob calls HGs in from BY for nom meeting but no FOTH. Instead we see Rob in HOH room waiting. NT

Sep 04 2003 17:10, Thu ktan   Link
The women are sitting quietly at the dining table and finally we get FOTH. NT

Sep 04 2003 17:12, Thu FuggyBootnling   Link
Erica: "I hear the clankity-clankities!"
As in the sound of keys being pulled off the memory wall. The women are just sitting outside, in mostly silence. Ali and Erica are playing cards. Don't see Jun here on F1. It's understandably tense...

Camera just flashed to the door inside, then to longer shot of Erica and Ali...could be any minute now...

Erica: "Ok, I'm done with Rummy." Ali: "I wish I knew another card game." (ed: These people suck...I could teach them about 20 card games!!)

Camera keeps flashing to the door inside...obviously any minute now...

Ali now playing solitaire. Erica sitting at the table, just staring into space.

Total silence. Erica really looks tense.

They are very hot outside. Erica: "I can't breathe...I'm feeling pain!" She goes to sit in a lounge chair.

And here we go...Ratbert holds the door for them as they come in. Very quiet. He goes to the HOH room, and the camera follows him in.

We hear BB's voice! But can't make out what it said. He is sitting in the chair in the HOH, in front of the key thing. No key in it right now.

Feed switches to women sitting at the table in the kitchen. STONY silence...not a word was spoken (the churchbells all've been broken *LOL*)

And at last the posting.

Sep 04 2003 17:28, Thu Dreamer   Link
BB: Hg's this is a LD. Please go to the BY and pull the shades NT

Sep 04 2003 17:45, Thu Strange_Brewster   Link
All feeds on Jun cooking in kitchen NT

Sep 04 2003 17:53, Thu ktan   Link
Jun and Ali have been nominated - from memory wall. Erika's key was visible in dining table shot of the women. NT

Sep 04 2003 18:39, Thu ktan   Link
Not missing much: Erika and Ali are napping in love room while Jun opts for the circle room. Rob in BY sitting, now in HOH room listening to music.NT

Sep 04 2003 19:17, Thu bruhe   Link
now robert is dancing NT

Sep 04 2003 19:40, Thu Strange_Brewster   Link
Rob sitting in the BY drinking a soda by himself NT

Sep 04 2003 19:45, Thu bruhe   Link
action!!! jun gets out of bed!!!!! and robert burps. now jun...
walks out of room thru LR towards the kitchen .. past the food, and towards the WC. meanwhile robert moves back to his rootbeer, does a one cheek sneak (fart) and rubs his eyes.
jun in WC with door closed.

Sep 04 2003 20:16, Thu Strange_Brewster   Link
Ali punching bag, Erica in swing, Rob talking to Jun in Bathroom NT

Sep 04 2003 20:21, Thu I_Should_Be_Working   Link
Rob and Erika in BY.
Erika came out to the back yard muttering "leave me alone" Rob, I guess, didn't hear her, because he followed her out there. She lay on the hammock while he gave her a pep talk, he's very hyped about the two of them being the final two.

Finally he asks her about everyone's choice of beds for their naps, and invites her to sleep in the HOH anytime. Just go on in and shut the know what I mean.

(Ed note: Unfortunately, I think she does...she's walking a fine line between totally turning him down and keeping him on her side. I can only imagine what an entire week of being alone in the house with Rob would be like for her, and wonder if that's what she's imagining too. Her face is not exactly at peace with all of this.)

Sep 04 2003 20:56, Thu Tristin   Link
Jun and Ali working out on the BB court and Erika laying in hammock. Nothing special going on NT

Sep 04 2003 21:13, Thu FuggyBootnling   Link
Some banter outside...
Jun is talking about Michelle "What were they thinking, putting Michelle in this house? She's not old enought to drink, and she's in the BB house?
What was her father thinking, letting her on the show? We would have eaten her alive."

General agreement from the peanut gallery on this. Rat mentions it was a waste of an eviction week to get her out then.

Sep 04 2003 21:15, Thu Tristin   Link
Some food has arrived and the HG"s can't believe how much food they got! NT

Sep 04 2003 21:24, Thu Vaseflower2000   Link
all sitting at kitchen table eating there food. NT

Sep 04 2003 21:30, Thu Tristin   Link
Girls discussing how people are watching them eat and how some people are just obsessed with watching their every move NT

Sep 04 2003 21:33, Thu Vaseflower2000   Link
they are done eating and will eat again about 11. they are now cleaning up the dishes. NT

Sep 04 2003 21:36, Thu Vaseflower2000   Link
eri and ali at the kitchen table. ju picking up in kitchen. NT

Sep 04 2003 21:44, Thu FuggyBootnling   Link
The HGs get their catered food for the evening...
And it's a TON of Indian food...I see Naan bread, veggie samosas, chicken curry, a big batch of basmati rice, chutney...

They dive right in. Jun and Erica seem to know more about the food than Ratbert and Ali.

Not too much talking...just concentrating on the food. They all agree they have way, way too much, and they do...there are several lasagna-sized trays of various types in there.

Erica mentions the tastiness of the chutney at one point. Ali asks what it is. Jun says "It's like, their condiments." Four different angles of this momentous event on the Quad Cam.

The food looks absolutely delicious! The HGs are still furiously diving in.

They wonder at the fact that people are right now watching them eat. Jun: "There are people obsessed with this...they do summaries." (oooo the irony of transcribing this)

They finish up. They agree they are going to eat again around 11.

Ali asks if Ratbert liked it. He gives a rather noncommital "Yeah."

Ratbert has left the table, and the women are all still eating. Erica: "It's like a smorgasboard for the tongue."

Pretty much silent as the ladies eat. Scattered small talk. Still no firm confirmation of the nominees I can see.

Just Jun and Ali at the table now. Erica outside. They are talking about Erica, and her eating habits. Jun: "All she ate was the rice...she gave the masala to Robert." She never works out, Jun says, yet she's so thin. The tone is more that Erica is weird than one of concern for her

Talk of Erica being in some magazine. And...FOTH.

Jun now talking about Ratbert "He says he has this great job, and now he got fired!"

Talk of Ratbert's family, and how they are successful. Ali: "And her? She gave her mother a convertible." Jun: "Their lives are breaking down." referring to Erica and more elaboration on this point.

Ali: "You know they were across the street." I think Erica and Ratbert work across the street from one another. Talk of how she is in SAG, and so is Ratbert I gather. Wonder if Erica does infomercials.

posting for now...

Sep 04 2003 21:50, Thu bbdev   Link
jun said she caught her mom giving her dad a bj when she was 7 NT

Sep 04 2003 21:54, Thu BBWhat   Link
Ali and Jun talking in kitchen. Jun still chowing down.
Ali: Jun, tomorrow is life and death.

Jun: i know.

They wonder if veto comp will be elimination. Ali says they need for Jun to win veto and vote off Erika.

Ali: I bet you we don't watch each other do it.

Jun: that's better, that way I don't feel as much pressure.

Erika comes back into kitchen.

Ali: ok Erika, some of us don't have a beautiful body like you...

Food talk, about preserves. Talk about parents who's kids have moved out of home.

Jun: i bet you their sex life if good, though.

Erika: I'm trying to erase that image from my head.

Ali: dude, that should be illegal. I walked in once when she was screaming, they must have been having sex, but she said she had a charly horse. (Apparently this was when Ali was young, and a friend told her was sex was.)

Erika: I was like seven (when she walked in on her parents).

Jun: I walked in when I was seven. There was something in her mouth.

Ali: she saw her mom giving her dad a blowjob!

Jun: it was a Sunday morning. We go to church on sunday, she was giving him a pre-church hum. They didn't see me, but I closed the door, and they were like, oh f*ck. I told my friend, and my friend's parents told my parents. That's when I was given a sex-ed book.

Erika: I didn't know you caught them doing *that*

Jun: yeah, that was gross.

Erika: ...I was like, what are you doing?....

Ali: I was in the fourth grade. When I was in the girls washroom, one of the skanky girls was like, Georgina got laid. I didn't know what that was and I was teased for weeks about it.

Jun explaining about how some peers explained making out, drugs.

A couple of stories about sneaking out, when young, getting caught.

Sep 04 2003 22:21, Thu Dreamer ParentRootLink
Jun: There was no way I was sneaking out. My parents lived on the
16th floor and my as* would have been flat.

Erika: We use to do that all of the time. We even got caught.

Ali: That's crazy to do that all the time

Erika: The cops

Ali: The cops caught you?

Erika: Me and my girlfriend we were literally 4 houses away from my house but we weren't going to tell them that cause we're dumb. So they are like what are you guys . . .we're like nothing. Where do you guys live? Here~ What are you doing outside? It was like maybe 1:00 in the morning . .like nothing. Well where do you live? Um I made up some BS story. We got in the cop car took me down to the station. I was literally 4 houses away.Yeah that was really annoying. Of course I was a little brat . .I was like~ Don't you guys have anything better to do? I was very bad, rebellious cause my dad was never around. My dad was never around to punish me and my mom was always working or doing something with her boyfriend trying to have a life, We were like kinda left to fend for ourselves and we did and we got in alot of trouble but we ended up being ok. Thankfully. We never got into drugs or alcohol or anything. We were just lucky.

Sep 04 2003 21:56, Thu FuggyBootnling   Link
Ali to Jun: "This is life or death."
Referring to the veto. Jun agrees, and seems simcere. They are alone, and on the Quad Rat and Erica are talking outside.

Erica comes in and the small talk resumes. More talk of the Indian food. Ratbert pacing around alone outside.

Women sitting at the table. Jun (like this is news) is the only one still eating.

Ali is talking about how she could see somehow around a window into her parent's room. Trying to see if they were "dilly-dallying" as in having sex as she was first learning as a kid what it was.

Jun now talking about walking in on her dad getting a BJ from her mom. She was seven. And it was before church on Sunday. It resulted in a big sex conversation with her parents, and they were apparently more discrete after that. Jun: "That was GROSS!"

Ali now talking about sneaking out with another girl until 4:30 AM when she was in the seventh grade. The father of the friend she was with was some local official, and he tracked them down and brought her home at that hour. Ali apparently sank to her knees and said it was "peer pressure."

Erica says she was rebellious. Going out and doing stuff...her dad was gone, her mom was off with her boyfriend. But she turned out ok. Erica: "We never got into drugs or alcohol..we were just lucky."

Jun scooping out more rice.


Sep 04 2003 22:05, Thu BBWhat   Link
Girls talking in kitchen.
Jun: no, I was a good kid, until college.

Erika: I was very rebellious. My dad was never around, my mom was out having a life with her boyfriend. We never got into drugs or alcohol or anything, we were lucky. (Being out on the street late) you don't know how dangerous that is.

Ali: I don't understand the whole getting picked up for public intoxication thing.

The others think that helps prevent drunks from getting into cars and fights.

Erika: testosterone and alcohol are a bad mix. You see fights in bars all the time.

Erika jokes about this being a PSA.

Joking about a guy (Rob?) saying on the live show that he feared Ali.

Talking about having mice in their house, dorm rooms. Mouse traps.

Jun: have you ever seen a half squirrel/half rat? It's getting to be a problem. It's disgusting. It's not furry, it's fuzzy. I read there was problem for a year, a year and a half, it was a few years ago.

Erika: the rats in New York aren't afraid...

Jun: I mean, they don't come up to you and bite your ass. It's not like a movie where they come up to you and bite you... I mean, it's the city that never sleeps, there's food fk'n everywhere.

Ali: it's the city that never sleeps?

Jun: yeah, never sleeps. When I get home from the clubs, newspapers are being delivered, it's never dead in the city.

Sep 04 2003 22:05, Thu FuggyBootnling   Link
Pretty animated conversation among the women...nothing game-related, just stuff...
As Ratbert paces inbetween working out in the BY.

Talk of university, and mice living in places that Jun and Erica lived in. Ali relates a story of a mouse running across a book she was studying at home while in school.

Jun says there is a problem in New York with squirrels and rats interbreeding. "It's not a regular rat's fuzzy. The first time I saw one I was going to report it, but then I read about it."

Ali: "Why can't they kill them?"

Jun: "The whole underground is their kingdom."

Describing their huge size. Ali is appalled.

Jun: "It's the city that never sleeps, there's food f'in everywhere...It's never dead there."

Rat still outside...pacing and occasionally lifting something.

Sep 04 2003 22:31, Thu BBWhat   Link
Rob, Erika and Jun talking outside
They are talking loud, so maybe Ali is in diary room. Rob wants Erika to vote Ali out, and have her blame it on Rob, so that Ali doesn't hate her.

Jun: I'm putting my life in your hand.

Erika: Jun, Jun...

Rob: I hope I win it, then she can't do anything about it. She thinks I'm not going for it.

Erika: yeah, that's what she said. Is Rob not going for veto.

Jun: (laughs) why did she tell you that.

Rob: she's all emotions.

Jun: ...cock-blowing... she might try and kiss you.

Rob: The reason (Nate) used the veto was that he didn't have anyone else. He said he didn't trust Jack and...

Erika: that's stupid. I said to him, I have your back.

Jun: he if steps back and thinks objectively, he'd of seen that.

Erika: it's hard when you're an athletic guy and...

Jun: he's not smart. How's he going to be a good teachen when he doesn't have a good vocabulary.

Rob: I know

Jun: he thinks being a coach is easy, and easy job to get. You have to have brains, you have to have strategy.

Rob: he also has no balls, he's a wuss.

Jun: he depends on girls who likes him.

Rob: we did that in eighth grade, you can't do that in real life.

Ali comes out. Erika called into the diary room. Small talk. Ali MUST BE smart enough to figure that since she is not privy to strategy talk right now, they were talking about her.

Sep 04 2003 22:46, Thu BBWhat   Link
Jun and Ali talking outside.
Jun saying that Erika and Rob are acting too friendly. Suspicious of Erika.

Ali: Jun, are you ready for this *****, tomorrow.

Jun: I don't think it will be physical.

Erika and Rob come back outside.

Rob starting up the hot tub.

Sep 04 2003 23:15, Thu BBWhat   Link
Ali and Erika shooting hoops.
Ali: I don't even talk to him in the house anymore, not even on a friendly basis. I feel no need.

Erika: if you get it, I can't not like, jump up and down.

Ali: if you or I get it, can we do that?

Erika: you know she's gonna campaign against me.

Ali: Erika, you know it's going to go in one ear and out the other. I wouldn't have kept you in two times.

Erika brings up how Jun will say Erika and Rob have an alliance.

Ali: don't have any doubts about me, woman.


Ali: I'm tired already, and it's not even late?

Erika: It's about ten.

Ali: you know what, I don't know what tomorrow's gonna be. The last two have been mental. I think it's gotta be mental.

Erika: is that what she said?

Ali: i do. I really don't care. It's gotta be cool, it's gotta be fair. It's the last one... You don't know what you think?

Erika now sitting in a chair while Ali contintues to shoot b-ball.

Ali: I'm really excited about luxury.

Erika: I know, that will be fun... I can't believe she said that she doesn't want me to win the money, what did I do?

Ali: I think she's jealous that you're safe.

Erika: I'm not.

Ali: she's a girl, she's catty. We know that, we know better than that. I'm not going to be fooled, especially not now. I'm sure she just said that for me, in case I win veto so that I save her. Although she's stupid, because why wouldn't I tell you this?

Erika: you have nothing to worry about if I win that tomorrow. But I told him that last night. He didn't tell me. I told him I'm not voting out Alison.

Ali: you did? He told me last night that he wasn't going for the veto.

Erika: why wouldn't he?

Ali: because that would make him a huge-assed target. He'd win three things in a row (two HOH's, veto, to get to final two). And honestly, I don't think he gives a shyt who leaves, as long as it isn't him. And that's stupid. If you were him, if Jun was telling the truth, wouldn't you take her over you? I dunno.

Erika: I dunno.

Ali: I don't know about that.

Erika: I know if she gets it, she's voting me out.

Ali: I don't think so, Erika, I really don't think so. I'm a big threat to her. If I stay, understand that you are guaranteed you a spot to the finals. Rob would take you, I would take you...

Erika: Rob wouldn't take me.

Ali: Erika, he and I don't even talk. You've been like my sister the whole time, that's been nice. If he's smart...

Erika: you'd want me to take Rob to finals over Jun? Not that that would happen.

They go over the jury votes in a Erika/Jun final two.

Ali: but if Jun wins HOH, she would not take you. She would not win over you. Dana would vote for Jun... I would not vote for him. He comes from money. He hasn't enjoyed his time here. Jun would have me, Rob would have Justin, maybe Jee. Between Jun and Rob, Nathan would for for Jun. Jack would...


Ali: there's like a freeway of ants here. He's fast, look at him go! Damn, legs!... Dunno. Don't think that I haven't thought about this. I can go up against anyone and lose. I hope I get to at least that. It would pay for college. [Boo hoo.]

Ali: I'd rather be up against you in the end and lose, than against anyone else.

Erika: I know.

Ali: it can still be okay, it really can.

Jun comes back out. Talking about her weight.

Sep 04 2003 23:23, Thu BBWhat   Link
Po' wittle Robert sitting alone in the HOH room. He looks a bit upset. NT

Sep 04 2003 23:43, Thu BBWhat   Link
Ali and Erika talking outside.
Er: I'm going to talk to Robert tonight. Don't get freaked out.

Ali: I won't, I promise you.

Ali exercising, walking around the backyard perimeter.

Sep 04 2003 23:54, Thu BBWhat   Link
Ali and Erika outside.
Erika: maybe I'll talk to him after veto.

Ali: whatever, darling. Jun's in there right now. Probably trying to get me out.

Erika trying to be logical, why would she vote Ali out, of course not.

Erika: we just have to hope Jun doesn't get it.

Ali: yeah.

Silence. Small talk about how the weather got cooler, and that it's nice.

Erika: the veto will probably be live.

Ali: the ceremony?

Erika: yeah.

Ali continues her power walking.

Ali: are you showering tonight, or in the morning?

Erika: I might bathe tonight. Are you drinking enough water.

Ali: I don't know, probably not. Why?

Erika: it will help you with your metabolism, and to keep hydrated.

Ali: how long to you think I've been walking for?

Erika: 15, 20?

Ali checks the time.

Erika: it smells around here, at this time. What time is it?

Ali: 10:50.

Erika: because the sprinklers are going to go on.

Erika goes in to get Robert, to fix the weights.

Wow, you can almost feel the tension between these two girls. Ali seems quietly pissed.

Sep 05 2003 00:32, Fri Kat   Link
Ali & Jun talking about how Erika never trashes Rob anymore, when she walks in on them & Jun switches to her weight gain.
Don't know if Erika heard them. They don't either.

Sep 05 2003 00:33, Fri Kat ParentRootLink
Ali just told Jun that Erika didn't hear them. NT

Sep 05 2003 00:37, Fri ktan   Link
Earlier, Ali & Jun caught a fly in a cup on the kitchen island covered by a dinner menu and utensil. Jun tells Rob about it before she goes to bed. NT

Sep 05 2003 01:16, Fri Darlene ParentRootLink
Erika set it free outside around midnight. Ali & Jun don't know yet that Erika let it go. NT