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Sep 05 2003 01:00, Fri trish   Link
Midnight in BB house
Alison and jun alseep robert and erika outside in by robert campainging very very hard to erika to vote out alison instead of jun

editors note: i sure hope that erika is listening!!

Sep 05 2003 01:02, Fri BBWhat   Link
Robert and Erika talking outside.
Rob: Remember, Jun will always bluff, and you need to keep Ali close to you. I said to her, if you get it I'm out. She said nothing. If Erika gets it, I'm out. I don't have a Jee and a Justin... That's why me and Justin were different than Jee. It's that mentality that he has, he can't accept some things. He's out, I'm not. (I think he's saying Jee didn't handle leaving, as well as Justin did, or Rob would.)

Rob: I want you to come in every night and talk about the game. I can't wait two days. Me and Jee and Justin would always do that.

Ali: I don't know who I trust least of those two. Ali would say, don't trust Jun, and Ali would say don't trust Ali. Jack and I would always laught about that.

Rob: we can't take Ali. We'll look like assh*les who took her there. Jun's right, we have to take her out of there. I'm glad I won HOH.

Erika: it could backfire on me though.

Rob: assure her. Ali, you're safe. You have to lie to her, say you'll take care of her. You know what I mean. Jun will always bluff. Ali's not that dumb. Say, we never had an alliance, don't say you hate me, but we never had an alliance. This is five hundred thousand, not a f*cking car. You have to do it. I would, if I had a guy here. Erika, in two weeks ago, we're never going to see these people again the rest of our lives, you have your mother.

Erika: if Jun stays, it's better for you, if Ali stays, it's better for me.

Rob: I'd lose against both. I don't want Ali because of the physical comp. I'd look like a pussy again. Jun really hates me. She'd never vote for me either, that's two votes for you. You know, the five hundred thousand has never been in my head, that's alright. I want a fair shot at second. We have to come together because it's both of us.

Erika sights.

Erika: I don't trust either one of them. One says the other told her I don't want her to get the money.

Rob: Jun I don't believe has said that, Ali I don't know. I hear about me being a Dad, that's a stupid thing. It's not about if I had 10 kids. I'm doing okay now, I'm not broke. I'm not coming in here as mister father. It's about how you played the game. I never said I need the money, I don't. I'm sober and working. Jun probably won't vote for me either, but I want a shot at HOH next week. We have a better chance going against Jun. Either case, it's 2:1, but I don't think we should have Ali in the end, it won't look good. She will potentially win first, the person in third place looks like a dick. I will not have Ali go with you and get first, or me go against you and get first. And for me getting thirty thousand is good. The only way I get the five is if I go against Ali, and I'm not going to do that. I have a chance to do that, I could win HOH next week and take her, but I'm not going to do that, it's karma. What I like about Jun is, I've got into fights with her because we're so alike. You can go and talk to her behind my back, she likes that.

Erika: m-hmm.

Rob: you're going to get more headway with Jun as far as finding the truth. With Ali, you can feed her, say baby your hair looks good. And I think, Erika, she (Jun) respects you. Now I like her, you have credibility to go up to her.

Erika: she knows I want Ali out now.

Rob: I don't think she's trying to switch people's things. Everyday, Jun asks me... I'm like Erika wants her out too. It's to all our benefit to get Ali out, she's cut anybody's head. We got to get Ali out... I don't want her (Ali) to win any money. Jun I'd be okay with. I'd vote for her... you don't have to worry about them figuring out about us. You don't have to worry about Ali again. The only thing is Justin, he'll stay with me. Jee... you know what else Jun told me, this is like the Dana thing, we all agree. I told her, me, you and Erika all agree. It's going to be unanimous. We all go for it, and whatever happens, happens. It's so late in the game, it would be lame me asking her. You can, and secure yourself another vote. I'll never ask her for a vote, I won't need to. And to be honest, Ali is so freaked out, if he went to the finals, I don't know who she'd pick, she might kick you out. She might have a bad day or...

Erika: she's unpredictable, I know. These two players are difficult, I don't know who I want more. You and Jun are the same age, you can talk. It is genuine. She's not going to make an alliance, it would be everyone for himself (in F3).

Rob: she's cool. She's never asked me if we had an alliance. She thinks that we're friends, that we're all doing it together. I keep stressing the fact that I don't care if she votes me out, I just don't want Ali voting me out. I recommend that you communicate with me, you talk with Jun, then talk with me at night. We don't talk during the day. Come to my room, screw them.

Erika: she could get a ??? up her ass and vote me out.

Rob: at the end of the night, come and talk to me, I want to know. If we get it, and we're cool, you can talk with me every night. You're right, after tomorrow we can talk more.

Erika: we can relax.

Rob goes inside.

Sep 05 2003 01:02, Fri BBWhat   Link
Erika to herself: if there were any logic to our language, trust would be a four letter word. [huh?] NT

Sep 05 2003 01:15, Fri BBWhat   Link
Ali and Erika in talking in bed
Ali thinks Rob can only hear them mumble, at most.

Ali: tired yet?

Erika: not really.

Now Erika is touching her face, in the nose area.

Jun comes in.

Jun: Erika, is he alright?

They think he might be in the diary room.

Ali: could you hear him?

Jun: no, it was mumbles. He sounded pretty upset.

Ali: he did.

On Feed One, Rob is outside by himself, burping.

Ali: no turtle hiding, Juuuun!

Jun: you can't hide anything here, nothing is secret.

Talking about David and Nathan, screwing around with her stuffed elephant. All the things they did with it: putting it in a bra, under the fridge, in a toaster...

Sep 05 2003 01:19, Fri trish ParentRootLink
actually they didnt put the elephant in the toaster they but the elephant and the toaster in the bathtub one of the funniest they did NT

Sep 05 2003 01:19, Fri ktan   Link
HGs have called it a night. Each feed focused on a HG sleeping. 1:Rob, 2:Jun, 3:Ali, 4:Erika NT

Sep 05 2003 02:32, Fri frustratedposter   Link
late night restlessness
NB: text in [] is my comments/opinions

first jun, then erika and finally ali gather in the WC area

they are discussing their options if they were offered cash to leave. erika seems to think cash in hand would be better than going on to the end.

now discussing having to get their mics all the time. jun saying she's heard the cameramen running back and forth at night.

discussion turns to nate, i think bacause erika again brings up nate calling her the sexiest girl. jun complains he is "a baby" and that at his age, she was working two jobs and paying bills

ali hasn't said much. [she still looks half asleep] ali gets up to take some tylenol for a headache, and passes a couple off to erika. they complain they didn't get tylenol PM.

ali goes for mil, and erika asks for a glass of water.

jun now talking about the vid they made, and how everyone but dana probably got a laugh about it.

erika now talking about what each evicted HG had to say when they arrive at the seq house. erika asks jun if jee will go to stir up sh!t. jun doesn't think so. thinks that things happened when they were supposed to. generally, jun seems to feel that they are decompressing well at the house.

jun figures dana was surprised to see jee, not because the thought jun hated jee, but because she thought jun would stick by him

erika says that she was surprised that nate used the veto. figured he would want to keep dave, since he was such "a guy". jun says but nate was threatened by dave. jun thinks nate should have been a bit more grateful to ali, but she thinks he expected to go all the way cause he saved her.

jun points out that they all have been up on the block twice now.

ali remains mute thru all of this, staring off in to space

erika asks ali what's wrong. ali says nothing, but not much more than that.

now discussing votes, and the dream team. jun says justin expects to come live with rob after the show, so he would give rob his vote.

erika wonders if they voted the wrong one out. jun says she would be more worried going up against jee for the veto than rob. wondering how jee would have done on the HOH comp. erika thinks he would have done well, but that the veto would FOTH it up anyhow. and jun says that she would be miserable

[for a "powerful alliance, they don't seem to be feeling very powerful right now]

jun decides she should go back and lay in bed, try to fall asleep

erika says "what, the conversation isn't stimulating enough for you?"

a noise happens overhead of erika and ali, they look up at a camera and say "pardon you"

erika heads to the LR to lay down for a while. says she can't lay in bed and stare at the ceiling

ali brushes her teeth

jun is back in her bed, erika on the couch [remember, she is not allowed to sleep there] and ali still at the basin

Sep 05 2003 02:49, Fri frustratedposter   Link
in the LR
ali has joined erika in the LR

er: does the fish tank look brighter, or is it because the lighs are off

al: i don't know

they lay in silence a while

ali gets up, heads back to bed, and wraps her head in a sheet or towel. erika still in the LR

erika gets up to examine the fish more closely. the camera can be heard panning over towards her. she then walks over to the kitchen, and examines the contents of the fridge. she doesn't seem to find anything interesting and wanders out to the BY [which is still strangely bright at this late hour]

she circles the pool and looks down into the water, arms crossed over her ghest.

jun and ali start talking in the Love room. jun tells ali that erika is sure she has the veto down.

jun: she's so sneaky!

ali: jun, go to bed and get the rest i can't. cause it's going to be so f'ing ugly tomorrow

erika has picked up the cards, and is sitting on a lounge chair in the BY

ali: jun

jun: what

ali: i can see her. she's out there standing by the window, trying to listen to us. she can't hear us tho. but she has her body pressed up against the window

jun: oh god

ali: what the F is that sh!t

[actually, from what i see, erika is sitting in a lounge chair on F2, not sure what ali is talking about, unless my feeds are lagged. she may just be working jun against erika]

ali is up again, out to the LR. LR cam is panning across the room. ali returns, and tells jun she just wanted to see where erika went

erika now comes back in to the house, and gets a drink from the coffee table, then heads to the kitchen. ali is tossing in her bed. erika puts her mug in the sink, and heads towards the bedrooms. erika climbs back into bed, saying she's not tired. the girls quiet down now, so


Sep 05 2003 03:01, Fri zuzu ParentRootLink
You were correct, Erika was sitting in the chair. Ali was lying to Jun about Er trying to listen to them. NT

Sep 05 2003 02:55, Fri BBWhat   Link
The girls are in bed, but they all seem to be having trouble trusting the others, and can't fall asleep. NT

Sep 05 2003 03:28, Fri frustratedposter   Link
all HG in bed, restlessly sleeping NT

Sep 05 2003 08:36, Fri CoffeeGal   Link
HGS sleeping still NT

Sep 05 2003 10:20, Fri joannie   Link
All still asleep NT

Sep 05 2003 10:36, Fri Quench   Link
Movement. Erika rolls over. Everyone still asleep. NT

Sep 05 2003 10:37, Fri Vaseflower2000   Link
all still snug in their beds. NT

Sep 05 2003 10:51, Fri Quench   Link
BB: Good Morning HG's it's time to get up for the day NT

Sep 05 2003 10:51, Fri Kalina   Link
WOOHOO!!! BB Says: "It's time to get up for day!" NT

Sep 05 2003 10:51, Fri Ginger   Link
good morning's time to get up for the day ( #1) NT

Sep 05 2003 10:53, Fri Kalina   Link
BB: "I SAID, it's time to get up for the day!" NT

Sep 05 2003 10:54, Fri Quench   Link
BB: I SAID IT'S TIME TO GET UP FOR THE DAY. Loud Mexican Music can be heard.
All lights come on except in the HOH.

Rob is up. Jun is up. Ali and Erika still in bed.... Ali is yelling because they keep turning the music on and off.

Rob has his mic turned on. Can hear him do his morning ritual in the WC.

Sep 05 2003 10:55, Fri Quench   Link
Alison still in bed BB: Alison please go to the DR. She gets up and puts on a sweatshirt NT

Sep 05 2003 10:57, Fri Quench   Link
Jun walks by the clock.... 10 am. heads to the WC. Robert does his teeth.
He goes into the kitchen, then checks the BY. doesn't see anything interesting so he heads to the HOH and makes his bed.

Erika still not out of bed.

Sep 05 2003 10:58, Fri Quench   Link
Rob tries to get into the SR but since Ali is in the DR the camera shakes a "no" at him.
He then heads outside to sit by the table for his first morning blowing of the nose.

Sep 05 2003 11:02, Fri Quench   Link
Feeds on Rob sitting by the table outside but audio on the mics by the pool, can hear water lapping.
Erika on the other 2 feeds staring at the ceiling yet making no attempt at getting out of bed.

Lovely shot of Rob spitting a great wad from his mouth onto the grass

Sep 05 2003 11:03, Fri joannie   Link
Robert in robe and slippers, opening outside shades very loudly NT

Sep 05 2003 11:04, Fri Quench   Link
Alison comes out to the BY and tells Rob BB wants the shades put up.
So he helps raise the blinds and heads indoors.

Erika now up. Ali brushing her teeth.

Sep 05 2003 11:06, Fri Quench   Link
Rob asks if any of them slept in the eviciton beds (blue bedroom)
Rob wanders off and Jun starts whispering to Erika about some of what Ali said to her last night. Ali is in the Bathroom doing her teeth.

Erika heads for the Basin to do her teeth. Jun announces she is going to make pancakes for whoever wants them.

Sep 05 2003 11:08, Fri Quench   Link
The got a bottle of Tylenol PM. Rob is excited. That is so sweet. BB: please pull down the inside shades.
Jun is making pancakes but she is going to have fruit.

Erika, Rob , Alison go and get their batteries for their mics. from the SR.

Sep 05 2003 11:13, Fri Quench   Link
They are talking about Erika and Rob joking about Pesos last night. and how
Jun and Ali thought he was mad. because he was yelling 2400 Pesos!!!! Erika says something about that is how much it would cost.

Now they are talking about how the wanted the Tyenol PM last night. (they just got it this morning)

Ali says there is a fly up in the light.

Ali calls Erika a bitch for releasing the fly last night

Ali and Jun said we were going to feed the fly from last night. They want a pet because the tortoises are gone.

Robert says that the morning music is horrible. He heads outside to check out the pool.

Sep 05 2003 11:19, Fri Quench   Link
Jun tells E and A about her Dream
I dreamt I left the game voluntarily. And I went home and ppl asking me what I was doing. Then I was at a Starbucks and Richard Hatch from S1 was there asking me for a date. I am turning into a CBS Bitch Groupie. WTF is with that. He is gay. It was the most bizarre dream

Ali pipes up about her dream like she was in a movie in her head. There were 2 guys and one shot the other in the face and his face split open like a alligator tongue. And they were collecting bullets.

Now all this time Erika is sitting against the blue wall and Ali is lying on the floor where the tile meets the carpet.

Jun is prepping breakfast.

Jun gets called to the DR then Erika for their morning pills.

Sep 05 2003 11:20, Fri Dreamer   Link
BB: Alison, pleases go to the DR ~ Alison: Alright, alright, alright, alright, alright in a cheer type way NT

Sep 05 2003 11:20, Fri Quench   Link
Rob comes in and asks if anyone is in the DR. E tells him No.
Rob: I want to ask them something?

Then heads off to the DR.

Sep 05 2003 11:24, Fri Quench   Link
Rob comes out and says what do we want for dinner?

Ali - some food other than sushi

Shrimp teriyaki Beef teriyaki. Eel, Rolls, ginger, spicy tuna, ... She mentions some others too quickly.

Rob puts in their order. Comes back out and says BB heard them talking about it and will put in the order.

Sep 05 2003 11:28, Fri Quench   Link
Ali reading the side of the Special K box.
Eat 2 bowls a day for 2 weeks then have a real dinner and can eat as much fruit and veggies as you want.

Ali says there isn't enough here to do that.

Jun then says well I will eat it for a week and then you eat it next week.

Jun-I am allowed to talk about dieting I was a fat girl once.

Sep 05 2003 11:29, Fri Quench   Link
Rob saying that Jun made Jee fat. Jee eats like it's his last meal
Jun - I wouldn't make him fat. The Pot would make him fat. He would buy a bag of snicker bars and eat the whole thing for a meal. He would by a 2 for 1 and eat the whole thing.

Sep 05 2003 11:32, Fri Quench   Link
They are now sitting around the eating. Rob and Erika eating pancakes and
turkey bacon.

Ali eating a bowl of cereal.

Ali telling Jun when she grabs one strip the bacon that she is only allowed to eat 2.

Jun tastes it and doesn't like it.

Erika says they taste like Doggie strips/Doggie Chews (has she eaten one before)

Sep 05 2003 11:36, Fri Quench   Link
Jun having a bowl of fruit sans whipped creme. They are talking about the "dinner from Hell"
Erika saying it was her own voice but BB altered it.

She says they haven't played that in awhile. Rob saying that it would be scary when your in the bathroom and it would come on.

(I suppose it's some of the things that happen while we get FOTH)

Sep 05 2003 11:41, Fri Quench   Link
Jun talking about how she originally went on a diet at 22.
Fasting diet for 2 weeks. then a regular diet. I lost 45 pounds.

I was 145 lbs when I met Bob. He liked me because I was an Asian girl with big boobies.

Robert talks about accupunture. And he knows a guy. And it costs $25. Erika says $25 a needle? Robert - No a session.

I had needles all over my face and ears for his final exam. I have asthma. And after seeing this guy for 3 times I don't have to use my puffer.

Sep 05 2003 11:44, Fri Vaseflower2000   Link
rob and ju outside and eri lying in her bed. NT

Sep 05 2003 11:46, Fri Quench   Link
Jun saying she goes for a massage at a chinese accupunturist/masseuse

Rob asks what was the temperature of the room they slept in. 74 degrees.

Ali cleans off her place and so does Erika and then announces she is going for a nap.

Sep 05 2003 11:56, Fri Quench   Link
Robert motions Jun to come with him to the BY
R- I had a dream that Justin found out and was extremely happy that Ali was out.

R- Did you notice that she looks like sheet and we are older and she looks older than us at 23.

J- We have a lighter heart. You have a glow about you.

R- I want to get this sheet over with man.

R - Talk to E because Ali talks to her and get it all out.

J- I got up to go to the WC last night , then Erika got up. And before you know it Ali gets up and just sits there and didn't want to leave. We asked her what is wrong and she said her tummy hurt. That is why she was called in for a DR session this morning.

J- You know how quiet and comfortable it will be here without her (Alison).

J - If they do an Offer of Money competition. We have to take it no matter how bad it is. Like have your other HG's sleep on the floor.

R - Let"s wait until the offer goes higher.

J- She will take the first offer.

J - She can't handle being up on the block. She hates it. She begs people not to put her up because she can't handle it.

R - We all have been put up. It's a game.

J- Yes but she hates it.

R - I can't believe her about Nathan. Well I used him and then got rid of him.

They talk somemore speculating about the Veto comp and when it will happen.

J- If she (Alison) wins the Veto competition. I will never believe in God again.

They get up and go into the house and talk loudly about the Japanese food they will have tonight.


Sep 05 2003 12:01, Fri JessicaRabbit   Link
Erika and Ali whispering in bed
Erica told Ali she is not with Rat and they are both talking about Jun.

Sep 05 2003 12:07, Fri Quench   Link
Jun does up the dishes then goes and lies down in the blue room.
Ali and Erika are lying on one of the double beds.

Rob in HOH.

Ali getting up to put on some gloss on her lips. Then lies in her own double bed.

All the while Ali is yelling about different competitions.

Ali listening to someone in the kitchen. Rob got up and is at the sink. She yells to see if was Jun who got up.

Sep 05 2003 12:08, Fri Vaseflower2000   Link
eri and ali went back to bed.idle chatter between them. NT

Sep 05 2003 12:08, Fri JessicaRabbit   Link
Ali back in her own bed
All girls now trying to nap.

Someone behind the wall just got a cell phone call. Erica heard the whole conversation. The guy said, "I Love you".

Sep 05 2003 12:10, Fri Quench   Link
ERika just heard a cell phone conversation through the wall. She heard a guy saying "I love you"
That was so sweet. Do you think he meant it. Nah.

Rolls back over onto her side.

E -Can you imagine the conversation-

A- I am watching a couple of lame chicks sleep.
E- One chick wearing Fruit and Vegetable on her shirt
E- - Is she pretty

A- Ya she has big boobs

E -She looks like sheet right now and has black roots.

They are silent now.

Sep 05 2003 12:10, Fri Vaseflower2000   Link
rob is in the bathroom. rest are now resting-no chatter between them. NT

Sep 05 2003 12:11, Fri Quench   Link
They don't believe the veto competition will be until tonight because they are not in lockdown. NT

Sep 05 2003 12:19, Fri Vaseflower2000   Link
rob sitting in backyard. the girls are sleeping. NT

Sep 05 2003 12:20, Fri JessicaRabbit   Link
Rat just smelled his pits! NT

Sep 05 2003 12:27, Fri JessicaRabbit   Link
Rat now going to sleep too. (In HOH) NT

Sep 05 2003 13:07, Fri JessicaRabbit   Link
Ali moved!
And then went back to sleep!!!!!

Sep 05 2003 13:31, Fri bidz_yo   Link
A Trip Around the Feeds
would be a pointless exercise as they are all sleeping

We have 4 feeds of ugly comforter blobs.

Sep 05 2003 13:37, Fri Quench   Link
And now we have FOTH NT

Sep 05 2003 13:44, Fri Vaseflower2000   Link
ju is up and went into the bathroom. NT

Sep 05 2003 13:45, Fri JessicaRabbit   Link
Jun is up with bathing suit on.
Erika and Ali are talking and saying how early it is. (12:45 is not early)
Rat still sleeping.

Sep 05 2003 13:47, Fri Vaseflower2000   Link
ju now heads for the kitchen-ali and eri still in bed. by the time they get out of house it will be indian summer back east. NT

Sep 05 2003 13:51, Fri Vaseflower2000 ParentRootLink
ali made comment about indian summer. NT

Sep 05 2003 13:49, Fri Vaseflower2000   Link
ju now fixing herself a sandwich in the kitchen NT

Sep 05 2003 13:53, Fri Vaseflower2000   Link
ju is still fixing her food. NT

Sep 05 2003 13:54, Fri Vaseflower2000   Link
ju is now looking in the freezer. NT

Sep 05 2003 13:56, Fri Vaseflower2000   Link
camera shows a close up of ju sandwich. NT

Sep 05 2003 13:58, Fri Vaseflower2000   Link
camera still on ju sandwich. NT

Sep 05 2003 14:00, Fri Vaseflower2000   Link
ju now is back in the refrig. camera still on sandwich. NT

Sep 05 2003 14:03, Fri Vaseflower2000   Link
looks like she also has hot dogs out or sausage. camera having fun looking at her food. NT

Sep 05 2003 14:04, Fri MsB0808   Link
Maybe she is fixing a several foot long sandwich, some for each of the houseguests? NT

Sep 05 2003 14:08, Fri Vaseflower2000   Link
ali and eri awake. they feel drugged. they just can not move. rob is also awake. NT

Sep 05 2003 14:24, Fri Vaseflower2000   Link
rob outside and ju at the table eating. NT

Sep 05 2003 14:27, Fri Vaseflower2000   Link
ali watching ju eat. NT

Sep 05 2003 14:30, Fri Vaseflower2000   Link
the feeds are on but no one is talking. complete silence except you could hear a plane. NT

Sep 05 2003 14:30, Fri Quench   Link
Erika doesn't think that Veto is today because there hasn't been any lockdowns
She thinks that it will be something simple like Rock-Paper-Scissors. She smiles at Ali and practices.

Sep 05 2003 14:32, Fri Quench   Link
Erika can't understand how the contestants on Survivor can do it.
No eating, no sleeping. How could they compete. How could they do it.

Jun figures she would be one of the first booted off.

Sep 05 2003 14:34, Fri Vaseflower2000   Link
ali and eri on living room couch resting and rob and ju outside. no one is talking. silence NT

Sep 05 2003 14:35, Fri Quench   Link
Robert went into the DR and asked about the Veto Competition
Yes it will be today. Probably tonight.

He couldn't tell him but BB will make an annoucement shortly.

Rob wanted to know because he wants to take a shower.

Sep 05 2003 14:39, Fri Quench   Link
Erika walking from the Bedroom to the WC to change into her bathing suit.
She is whistling "Who is afraid of the big bad wolf"

Sep 05 2003 14:44, Fri Vaseflower2000   Link
rob, ali and ju outside. they say it is hot. NT

Sep 05 2003 14:45, Fri Quench   Link
Ali alone at the Dining room table playing solitaire Erika Rob and Jun outside.
They talking about HOH comp coming up.

Jun saying everyone should have had it that everyone competed for HOH. and had no veto.

Robert saying that this is the most important competitions coming up.

Ali stops every once in awhile and looks outside. She is now heading for the back door.

Conversation changes to how hot it is outside.

BB: Erika please come to the DR.

Robert says they will be calling us in a few times today.

Jun saying they need information for the show...... jokingly talks about "how was the tuna today" "Was there enough"

Ali is dead silent just sitting on one of the loungers.

Sep 05 2003 14:50, Fri Quench   Link
Robert and Jun talking about the HOH Basket he got
And how he got every kind of Cuban drink and he didn't ask for it.

Jun saying they figure since it's near the end and you might not get it again you got everything this time around.

Jun joked with Jee the first time he got HOH and he didn't get much "Dana's ppl hooked her up."

Mimicking Jee: What are you saying I didn't get anything because of people at home.

And then he got all that when he won it the next time.

Alison saying that Nathan got practically nothing for the first HOH.

Sep 05 2003 14:51, Fri Quench   Link
Erika comes back outside with a deck of cards.
She says she is going to wash her hair because it's greasy and then decides that she is going to lay down again. Goes in to lay on the couch.

Ali says she is going to curl her hair.

Jun thinks a nap might be good.

It's hot out and they are all in the shade of the house.

Sep 05 2003 14:58, Fri Quench   Link
Rob heads in. Jun asks Ali what is she thinking
A-I am thinking about Veto

A- I think it is going to be luck

J- The set up is easy because we were only in lockdown for an hour

J - Did she (E) say anything
A - What you two talked about last night in the bathroom before I came in.

J- I think everyone thinks I am going to be a fair voter.

J - She has said nothing bad about Rob or you at all. I think she is waiting until after the veto.

A - She think she is safe

Ali complains about the heat and her and Jun head inside.

Sep 05 2003 15:00, Fri Quench   Link
Jun heads back to the blue bedroom and goes to bed.
Ali and Erika lying on the couches.

Talking about All Star Survivors

Sep 05 2003 15:01, Fri Quench   Link
Geri from Survivor Australia used to work with Erika and Robert
Erika saying that she was horrible and mean. She was just like she was on Survivor. She always said it was the editing... but..

She had an adverage body.

Sep 05 2003 15:01, Fri Vaseflower2000   Link
ju in bed. eri and ali on the couch and rob in kitchen. they are discussing some girl and rob does not think she is cute. NT

Sep 05 2003 15:20, Fri Anonymous ParentRootLink
Jenna from the last Survivor. NT

Sep 05 2003 15:14, Fri Quench   Link
Now they are talking about Survivors and how they competed.
Changing to past BB's and how they psycho Justin from BB2 with the knife. And last year Josh. But Robert didn't think that Josh was all that bad. How he would smack Gerry with something because of Gerry's CPAP machine.

Feeds timed out.. posting

Sep 05 2003 15:15, Fri Vaseflower2000   Link
rob ask ali to go into pool in an hour. shade will be on part of it and it will not be so hot. NT

Sep 05 2003 15:17, Fri Vaseflower2000   Link
eri and ali will go in the pool in one hour. ju and eli in bed. eri on the couch. rob drinking something in the kitchen. NT

Sep 05 2003 15:18, Fri Quench   Link
Now the women are back in their beds and Robert is outside. Sneezing. NT

Sep 05 2003 15:18, Fri Vaseflower2000   Link
rob outside sneezing and blowing his nose. rest back into bed. NT

Sep 05 2003 15:21, Fri Vaseflower2000   Link
big excitment outside -rob got to hear a plane fly overhead. NT

Sep 05 2003 15:22, Fri MsB0808   Link
Rob sitting outside. Jun looks like she is sleeping. Ali and Erika are in their beds but not sleeping, just staring. NT

Sep 05 2003 16:26, Fri CoffeeGal   Link
Ali to Robert,,,If I were in your position I wouldn't go for Veto at all. You will put a big target on your back!,,,,, NT

Sep 05 2003 16:29, Fri Quench   Link
The HG's are up. Rob outside with Ali. She is going to go take a shower.
BB: Erika please put on your microphone. She is on the hammock

E- But I am not talking to anybody. She heads in to get it.

Rob relaying to Jun and Erika his convo with Ali. How Ali said to him That if he goes for Veto he will have a huge target on his back. Look what happened to Jee

Jun heads inside. Rob continues to talk to Erika about the convo he had with Ali.

Sep 05 2003 16:33, Fri Quench   Link
Robert talking about an incident from early in the game to Erika
R saying that he heard from one of the other women earlier in the game. How E said that he was weak.
now I know that was a lie.

Jun comes back out to tell them that Ali is not in the shower yet. Robert goes on and on about what Ali said that he would have a target on his back like Jee.

Jun goes in

He picks up from the conversation from before. Talking about how angry he was before and he apologizes to Erika for believing some of the other women, knowing that E would never say anything bad about him.

Erika is doing the silent nod and the uh-huh responses.

Sep 05 2003 16:34, Fri Anonymous   Link
Rob playing with himself
thats just not pretty

Sep 05 2003 16:34, Fri CoffeeGal   Link
Ali goes to kitchen from bathroom...Brushing her teeth in a towel naked underneeth in the kithen at the window NT

Sep 05 2003 16:34, Fri FuggyBootnling   Link
Ali asks Rat outside if he's going for the veto...
He lies and says no...doesn't care who gets it.

They sit down to talk alone. Wondering when the POV is...speculating tonight, once it gets dark.

Talk about sandwiches, how they look good. Ali asks if he's tried the hummus, and he hasn't.

Ratbert is thinking about taking a shower...but Ali goes first. Erica is on the hammock.

They have been talking about some camera that is acting wonky in the BY...not sure which it is.

BB: "Erica, please put on your microphone." Erica: "I'm not talking to anyone!"

Ratbert and Erica now outside, free to talk with Ali in the shower. Ali had said to Rat that if he goes for the veto "you will have a huge target on his back." Ratbert is basically FU to that idea.

Rat: "EVERYBODY'S a target!"

Ratbert says "People say not to show your cards, but..." he's being honest.

Now he's talking about early on Rat heard that Erica said he was weak, owed a lot of money. He wants to let her know he's not mad about that.

More griping about Ali. Rat: "It makes me want it so bad!" (talking of last HOH - thought he said a day or two ago he didn't care!!! Whatever...)

He just wants to explain how things came to be. He wants her to understand where he's coming from - that he likes her, that all the gossip about mutual antipathy between the two of them was overblown, and

Rat: "I'll tell you Erica, this is a business day!" Erica: "Right." Rat: "It will determine if the two of us have a chance together."

Through all this Erica is just "Umm-hmm" and "Sure." In her usual listen-more-than-you-talk style.

Sep 05 2003 16:37, Fri Quench   Link
Jun comes back out to the pool. Robert says that the Veto comp will more
likely be outside because one of the cameras have been moved to get another angle.

Japanese dinner will be at 8 pm. Him and Ali (from earlier) think it will be before that.

He thinks it will be a "luck" game. He says that Ali definitely wants to eliminate him from getting it.

[unfortunately jun in pool no mic on. erika on hammock lying down can really only hear Robert]

Sep 05 2003 16:42, Fri FuggyBootnling   Link
Now Jun is outside with Rat and Erica
Talking about weight and Jun. Rat says you never see old fat people - they die young, too much pressure on the heart.

They have noticed a camera outside has moved from its usual position. They therefore speculate POV will be outside.

Jun is splashing about in the pool as this is going on.

Rat complaining of why they got them up at 10:30. Erica: "Draw it out?"

Erica plans to take some Tylenol PMs and crash out later tonight. (ed: All she needs other than that is Nyquil!)

Jun engaging in some Ali dissing. Hard to hear over plane, something about her being young...nothing too major. Rat: "Justin said I don't listen to her about anything. For him, it just goes in one ear and out the other." Rat didn't believe that at first, but now he does.

Erica: "I've caught her in so many lies...that's ok if that's part of your game, but just cover yourself." Agreement on this from Jun. Erica: "How 'bout the biggest one - that she would put Justin up if she won HOH?"


Sep 05 2003 16:42, Fri Quench   Link
E - I feel like I have caught her (Ali) in so many lies
R - She has told me 50 million lies. She has told me so many lies.
E- She can't keep them straight.
R-That's what Justin said she couldn't keep her lies straight.
E- Like her saying she would put up Justin. Why didn't she just tell me the truth. I would have put him up for her.
R -Like Jun said she is a baby.

Sep 05 2003 16:45, Fri Quench   Link
Robert and Erika have both noticed the "Big Brother" that was previously
painted on the bottom of the pool.

Alison comes out wrapped in a towel

Robert goes to sit by the house Ali sits on the hammock with Erika

Erika asks her "Are you naked"

Alison says Yeah.

Jun is still in the pool.

Sep 05 2003 16:47, Fri bb_fan_de ParentRootLink
What did they notice about the "Big Brother"? NT

Sep 05 2003 16:46, Fri CoffeeGal   Link
Ali gets out of the shower sees the other 3 Hgs outside she wants to see what they are talking about so
She didn't even put clothes on,,,,,only a towel she runs outside

Sep 05 2003 16:46, Fri Quench   Link
BB: Robert Please go to the DR ... Erika : Oh Oh it's time NT

Sep 05 2003 16:47, Fri Quench   Link
Girls I have a surprise for you.. America's Choice Right now in the Living Room NT

Sep 05 2003 16:49, Fri Quench   Link
Robert sits on the orange chair
The women are running around.

Ali asks Robert is this one of your lies?

Robert - No

Ali does not even get dressed.

Erika - We are all naked


Sep 05 2003 16:52, Fri Quench   Link
America's Choice - Which HG would you like to see get a phone call?
Jun loves the music.

Ali says I don't want it.

Jun is excited.

Robert doesn't want it.

Erika goes into the bathroom area where Ali is staring at herself in the mirror and gives her a hug.

Sep 05 2003 16:56, Fri joannie   Link
Jun: "There's only four of us f'ing left. Why can't we each get a f'ing phone call?" NT

Sep 05 2003 16:57, Fri Quench   Link
All out in BY now.
They are emotional about it.

Robert doesn't think he could handle it.

Jun figures she will be all stuffed up and won't be able to hear anything.

Jun says watch I will get a recorded message.

Robert says all Jun will hear is Bob and that will be it. And Ali will hear Donnie and that will be it.

They are talking about Amy winning it last year. And how Amy actually made out with everything she got.

There are only 4 of us left - You can't give us a phone call each?

Sep 05 2003 17:00, Fri Quench   Link
Erika saying that her mom cried when she went to finals
nevermind a phone call.

Jun can't think about it. It's messing with her mind.

Ali sitting on the hammock with Erika. Ali trying to look happy about it.

Erika is nervous about it. She is rubbing her leg and picking at her hand.

Sep 05 2003 17:03, Fri Quench   Link
Robert in the shower. Women still outside
They are talking about how they would monitor the call and what could be said.

Jun saying that they wouldn't want the people at home to fark you up.

Lots of silence between statements. This has given them something to think about.

Erika saying - you got to see all those ppl

Jun - ya but I didn't get to talk to any of them.

Sep 05 2003 17:07, Fri Quench   Link
Around the feeds. Rob still in shower. Erika plucking eyebrows
Ali doing her hair. Jun not on the feeds - she is outside sunning herself.

Sep 05 2003 17:10, Fri Vaseflower2000   Link
eri and ali in the bathroom getting ready. ju still sunning herself outside. NT

Sep 05 2003 17:14, Fri Quench   Link
Erika doesn't want to talk strategy so she talks about the mics and them breaking
Rob came by to say jun broke a mic. She asks Ali how hard is she on her shoes. And about how does she treat her car.

Ali keeps wanting to talk game. Talks about how past BB's got to pick what they wanted.

And Ali wonders if it will be Veto or AC first. She hopes it's Veto.

Erika wanders off to get a drink from the kitchen.

Sep 05 2003 17:18, Fri Quench   Link
Jun comes in and sits in the chairs by the washroom.
She wonders when the veto will take place. They said that one of veto comps was close to midnight.

Jun thinks she should take a shower. goes to get her things.

BB: Erika please put your microphone higher. E - What you can't hear me with it down by my waist.

Jun is tired. She thinks BB is drugging them. She feels sluggish.

Ali still curling her hair

Sep 05 2003 17:21, Fri Quench   Link
Jun -Why does it smell like piss in the shower?
Ali - Robert was the last one in the shower.

Erika - I don't think he would do that

Ali - No wait it's the towel hanging on the door. Smell it

EWWWWWWWWWW ... Jun throws both towels on the floor. Therefore no towels covering the shower door now.

Sep 05 2003 17:22, Fri Quench   Link
BB is nice and doesn't focus on the shower door. 2 feeds now on Erika and Ali doing hair and makeup
One feed on the kitchen. And the other on Rob sitting outside.

Sep 05 2003 17:31, Fri Quench   Link
Jun out of the shower. But not much talking as Erika has the blowdryer going.
She did pick up the stinky towels and put them on the ledge at the head of the tub.

Sep 05 2003 17:49, Fri coffeebug   Link
R sitting outside, Jn eating again, Al and Er playing cards at dining room table NT

Sep 05 2003 17:51, Fri Quench   Link
After getting dressed. They are eating/playing cards around the dining room table.
Not much talk going on.


Sep 05 2003 17:53, Fri Quench   Link
BB: HG's this is a lockdown. Please close the shades and go outside.
They are complaining it will be hot out there.

Sep 05 2003 17:54, Fri Quench   Link
One of the blinds is broken and Jun put a knot in the pulley. She is trying to undo the knot. NT

Sep 05 2003 18:11, Fri Silas   Link
Houseguests are silent. F1&2: Erika and Ali cards, F3: Jun on bed, F4: Rob in bathroom
Erika and Ali playing cards. Not much conversation going on. (an anxious transcriber is waiting for one of them to talk)

Feed 2 gets a closeup of Alison's face, then realizes it is too close and backs away a bit. Ali seems to pick her nose and fiddle with her nose a bit.

Feed 2 now becomes overhead view. The girls aren't talking to each other and play cards silently.

Feed 3: Jun is lying on a bed listening on headphones to something.

Feed 4: Rob is in the bathroom washing his hands.

Sep 05 2003 18:14, Fri SleeplessOnLI   Link
R now in HoH sitting quietly in the orange chair. J on bed still listening to music. R asks if “They are setting stuff up out there?” NT

Sep 05 2003 18:15, Fri SleeplessOnLI   Link
E says to A : "They are taping us in ... they don't want us to see them out there." Jun sees a ferris wheel! NT

Sep 05 2003 18:18, Fri Silas   Link
Ali and Erika playing cards, singing occasionally
Feed 1: Erika and Ali are playing cards.

Erika: I know you desparately want that one back.
Ali: No! Damm you! DAMN!!!!!!
Erika laughs, then sighs from the laughter.
Erika: you're not gonna get it. I know you have the queen of clubs.

Both laugh.

Erika: (singing) you're not gonna get it, I know you want this card too, you're not gonna get it.
Erika: How about .. that one?
Erika: And now you have a matching pair of queens.
Ali: Take it.... witch.
Erika laughs.

Erika: Kicked your butt.
Ali: Yeah. That was the first you won on me ever.
Erika: YOu had the queen of clubs didn't you? Oh wait you gave that to me.
Erika makes a drum beat on the table with her hands. Ali shuffles the cards.
Erika: Very extensive out there.
Ali: Yeah.. that doesn't sound too good. We've never have a mental veto. Except for that clue one.
Erika: Right.

Ali: <sings something>. "I'm not singing."
Erika: (imitating the big brother voice with both her hands over her mouth, loudly): PLEAES STOP SINGING!
Ali gets up to go to the bathroom.

Erika: My eyes are burning!
Ali: Why?
Erika: I don't know..

Ali sounds like she's blowing her nose in the background.

Ali and Erika start up cards again.

Ali: it's right there, whatever it is.
Erika: I know.

Sep 05 2003 18:19, Fri SleeplessOnLI   Link
Jun called to DR directly after she shouted outloud "Oh, there is a ferris wheel out there!" A brief FoTH followed. NT

Sep 05 2003 18:29, Fri Silas   Link
More card talk from Ali and Erika, funny comment by Erika
Jun asks Erika a question, and then Erika responds by saying, "Yeah, lots". Then Jun says, oh god.

Ali: Right, I didn't wanna take that.
Jun: My god, there's a ferris wheel outside!

BB: Jun, please go to the diary room.

Jun: I'm not supposed to say there's a ferris wheel, but there is one really.

Jun reluctantly walks and goes to the diary room.

Ali says something then FOTH.
Still playing cards.

Erika: A-click-click-click click, click.
Erika: <quietly angrily> I'm not getting my spades.
Erika: <talking to herself> I wonder if she has.... this.....give her.
Erika: Crap sandwich. I have everything you need.
Ali: Mmm hmm..
Erika: Mmm hmm...

More silence follows as they continue to play cards.

Erika begins to whistle something, then looks at Ali: "Why do I have that song in my head now?"

Feed turns to overhead view. There are Doritos and glad cling wrap on the table.

Erika: We are *not* alone, Ali. I know you're waiting for this card, and I'm just going to give it to you.
Ali: Good, a**ho**.
Erika: At least I'm not a whole a**.

Erika: Are you ready, for the card I'm holding out? Because I know you have the two that go next to it?

Erika drops a card that Ali needs.

Rob walks in. Then Ali laughs at Erika.
Erika: What? Pretty close game here.
Both of them laugh. Erika drops a card.

Erika: <hums "I dream of jeannie" song>
Erika: Look, we're almost through the deck.

Erika holds up one card.

Erika: This card .... can help a person out. <continues to hum "I dream of jeannie" song>

Erika: That was fun, baby. I love it when it's long and hard.
Ali: yeah baby!

Sep 05 2003 18:30, Fri SleeplessOnLI   Link
A&E’s game over. E “likes it when it is long&hard”(card game, silly!) No further mention of the set-up outdoors from HGs. New card game starting. NT

Sep 05 2003 18:39, Fri Silas   Link
Rob gets called into DR, erika and ali are joined by jun at table
More card playing from Erika and Ali.

Ali: Aww, s**t, I got nothin'.
Erika: Got a great poker hand. Whatever that means.
Erika starts whistling the I dream of jeannie song.

Ali: A ho sari, a ho sari? [transcriber's note: Not sure what she's saying here]
Erika: She has the three of clubs...

Ali yawns and starts doing that little hockey cheer sound with her hand on the table. Then Erika does it on the card face up.

Somebody made some sort of meowing sound.

Erika: I did have a three. But I chose to use it...

Erika: how about a 9?
Ali: <gasps>
Erika whistles something.
Jun comes in, saying that a phone call is 2 minutes long, not 3 minutes long.

Ali: You've been in the diary room all that time? I thought you were listening to music.
Jun: I was.
Ali: 2 minutes long? That's gay.
Erika: Whatever ,we don't want it.
Jun: Hehe, it's gonna be nothing. I guess it's better than nothing. I don't think it's tonight. It's tomorrow.

Jun: They're laughing outside. They're having fun.

BB: Robert, please go to the diary room.

Lots and lots of silence.

Erika: I think I'm gonna have a nap.
Ali: mm hmm.
Jun: No, don't! I .. can't sleep anymore.

Jun is reading the "fine print" of this tylenol she's holding. Saying something about, one can't take it if one has glacoma.

Jun: Oh, there's cellulose in it.
Jun is chewing on what is possibly gum.

Sep 05 2003 18:40, Fri SleeplessOnLI   Link
Game over, E up from table. A:2 phone minutes?!? J:And phone companies round up! That’s nothing, that’s not a phone call! NT

Sep 05 2003 18:44, Fri SleeplessOnLI   Link
Camera finds E in a compromised position on the flr. Asks BB to move. Moved to Ali who now flirts with the camera. NT

Sep 05 2003 18:47, Fri SleeplessOnLI ParentRootLink
Compromised meaning: she was on her back with legs in the air (like exercising). Either on the chair by the window, or on the floor. NT

Sep 05 2003 18:48, Fri Silas   Link
Erika gets called into diary room, Rob and Ali discuss the 2 minute phone call

Jun: Two minutes for a phone call?? What-ever! And you know these phone companies round up. one minute 40 seconds, that's equivalent to 2 minutes, good bye. Technically a phone call is 5 minutes or longer.
Ali: To me it's 12 minutes.

Jun says that in the DR, they ask who they want to hear from.
Jun: Do you wanna hear from Donnie?
Ali: I'm thinking. No. Do I have to explain to Donnie what is going on around in the house? and I'm like, I'm guess. And Erika, why should I wait for a 2 minute call from Donnie if I know he's gonna hang up?
Jun: <blows a bubble with her pink gum>
Jun: <whispers to ali> we have to win veto, to wipe that smirk off his face.

[stream ran out here]

Jun: There's still f***ing paint in my hair from the pinada.
Ali: What did you ... oh.. new York, and white.
Jun: I'll get my currrling irrron.

Ali: I'm not amusing. (ali is sitting alone at the table now)

Jun: That's the best way to get the cameras away from you, to talk to them. Except of course when you're drunk.
Ali: Yeah, right?

Erika is on the blue couch.

BB: Erika, please go to the diary room.
Erika whines, "Noooo I don't feel like it."
Rob says, "It's only two minutes."
Erika: Yeah I know. Jun told me.

Jun is lying down with a blue blanket over her. Alison is alone at the table shuffling the cards.
Ali: Robert, do they make the phone call or do you make the phone call?
Rob: I don't know. I think, whoever wins it, they have that person ready and waiting to talk. What I mean is, I think the phoen call will start like, when you get it, they're already on the phone. Because they have to be ready. They can't be in the car or somewhere... at 6:00, whatever time they do it, or they contact them.. and they're on the line and you say what you have to say. But it's not gonna be like dial.
Ali: Cause I don't remember phone numbers.
Ali: I don't even know my home phone number because that's #2 on my cellphone number. My mom's cell phone I don't know, and my dads? I don't even know the area code?
Rob: And what's today? Friday?
Ali: Yup; the 5th I believe.
Rob: And whoever they contact...
Ali: It's <somebody's> birthday. He's 20.
Rob: That's gonna be nice man.. that's gonna be good.

Sep 05 2003 18:50, Fri SleeplessOnLI   Link
Rob on a hunt for pillow spray. Jun offers cologne. He wants it for his room. R: J, you ready for tonight? J: Yeah! Let's do it! NT

Sep 05 2003 18:54, Fri SleeplessOnLI   Link
A assumming Veto Comp requires the night's darkness. R suggests that it just *has* to be better than the Video Comp. They are stoked! NT

Sep 05 2003 18:55, Fri SleeplessOnLI   Link
R&A talking about where the phone call will be. Ali thinks outside because it's a cell phone. NT

Sep 05 2003 18:56, Fri Silas   Link
HGs talk about a japanese dinner
Rob: Where's the pillow spray that you got?
Jee: It's in my room... above the bed?
Rob: Alright alright I got it.

Rob: Do you have pillow spray?
Jun: you can take my perfume. Take the pleasures, take the clear one.
Rob: This?
Jun: uh huh.
Rob: Jun are you ready for tonight or what?
Jun: Yeah, let's do it!

Rob starts applying the perfume.

Rob: So what do you think? Tonight's the big f***ing night, huh? And I don't give a s**t about who wins.
Jun: All f***ing day.
Rob: That sucks that we eat before all that s**t.
Jun: Yeah I know. I'd rather just have it sit there. Why can't they bring it in late? I thought we ordered it already.
Erika: Ask them if they can bring it in at 9/10:00.
Rob: I will but.
Erika: They probably order already.
Rob: Jun, it's 5:50.
Ali: We can't have it later, there's the veto competition. They're gonna need dark, obviously, otherwise they done it.
Rob: It's gonna top that one with the videos.
Ali: That's what I was saying.
Rob: I never seen apple juice this dark in my life.
Jun: Maybe it's the container that's dark.
Rob: No they said 100% juice. How about this? All 27%?
Jun: Yes. Looks brown.
Ali: I've never had japanese before.
Rob: you're gonna like it. This is one of the things you'll like, it's nothing you couldn't handle.
Ali: Is it greasy?
Jun: no. That's the one thing about Japanese food. Not unless you specifically order something that's fried. And there's not much of that anyway.
Rob: That sucks how they make us wait all day for everything. All this s**t's happening to me.
Jun: Did you try one of these? tastes like cinnamon.
Rob: I don't like it.
Jun: You tasted it?
Rob: Yeah.

Ali: I want some collob junun. collob junun. [note: no idea what she's saying]

Rob: What about, where you talk on the phone?
Ali: outside, I think.

Rob: What was the last veto competition?
Ali: the VMAs?
Rob: No I mean last year.
Ali: A laser.
Rob: What do you do, just cross over?
Ali: Yeah.
Rob: That's cool.

Sep 05 2003 19:03, Fri SleeplessOnLI   Link
E,J&R on bathroom chairs bad talking Ali(DR?) Jun dreamt of Ali packing her BB bag. "Did she?" - Rob: "No" NT

Sep 05 2003 19:05, Fri SleeplessOnLI   Link
E chanting Veto. She needs Tylenol. J reminds her not to take the PM or she'll have to smack her around out there. NT

Sep 05 2003 19:06, Fri Silas   Link
HGs talk about Ali while she's in the DR
BB: Alison, please go to the diary room.

Rob: It's not that.
Jun: It's pleasure, Rob sprayed it in his room.

Erika sneezes.

Erika says, "Can I get out there? Damage control, damage control."
Jun: She wants this veto so bad she's b*tching at me. I was like, calm the f**k down!
Rob: We need to get it out man.
Jun: And Jee could have taken her out last week. I mean, look at her face.
Rob: I'd rather have her here and Jack.
Jun: Why?
Rob: Because you still have an alliance. My point of view, I'm happy with it. I'm not trying to mess with you. I personally would not want Jack and you here, together. So it's gonna be hard this week to do this.
Jun: Could you just imagine if you and Jee were...... I'd be miserable!
Jun: Has she started talking about me?
Rob: No!
Jun: i can't wait to see what she comes up with.
Rob: I had a dream that Justin was really happy.
Jun: somebody's gonna take her out, ya know?
Rob: That's true. And after that it's gonna be fair. And whoever wins the next HoH is going to win the game, i think. I think that's a fair deal after that.
Jun: I can picture Justin like, damm.
Rob: We're gonna be respected more, and whoever goes to the final...
Jun: Dana's gonna go like "you go girl. you get that b*tch out"
Rob: That's right, it's one of you guys.
Jun: It better be.
Rob: If I get head of household, could I just keep it?

Jun: I dreamed that she picked up her big brother bag and was packing a few things.
Rob: That's why that it's bull**** that we're getting this right now. I'm not even hungry. You know, throw a couple rolls into my mouth. She said she even looks p***ed. everything she looks here... she's like I'm bored.
Jun: No you're not bored, you're f****ng p**sed.
Rob: Do you think it's physical?
Jun: I think it's going to be like that other one we had.
Rob: she told me the one with the TV, she didn't go as fast as she could have.
Jun: she only says that when she doesn't mean something. She says that for every single thing.
Jun: She was so p***ed when I won.
Rob: She kicked you right?
Jun: She kicked me square in the a**.
Rob: What did she tell you?
Jun: She told me "I could've ran faster". She wasn't happy with me singing.
Rob: Because she told Justin.. I mean I took extra time... and then she said that I told Justin I threw it. Why would I threw it? She said "Robert threw it".
Jun laughs. "Crazy!"
Rob: It's like she thinks I'm stupid that I threw it because I didn't wanna win it because I was gonna use it on him.
Jun: What? That's so stupid.
Rob: If I got it, I take myself off. That's the one thing we had. which everybody should do that.
Erika: There'll be no marcelles' going on in this house.
Rob: Like what Dana did to you.
Jun: It's like I had this great plan, and the thing is, once her lies don't work, she's gonna be cry and act like a soft baby because she's a f****ing cold hearted f***ing b*tch.
Rob: I got suckered many times.
Erika: She's scary man. She'll eat your brains.

Erika laughs.

Erika: 6'oclock! VE-TO! VE-TO! VE-TO! I think I need to take some tylenol.
Jun: Not PM. It'll just smack you around a little bit.

Sep 05 2003 19:07, Fri Quench   Link
R E J wandering around the living room dining area kitchen. They are pacing
Robert is saying it's a big deal. They are getting anxious. Saying it's now after 6 pm.

Ali now out of DR and they are gathered on the couches.

BB wants them to eat before the competition.

Sep 05 2003 19:08, Fri Quench   Link
Robert asking Ali about the last veto last year. It was the laser one right?
Yeah it was so cool

Sep 05 2003 19:11, Fri Quench   Link
Robert can hear them building something out there
Ali listens hard and then yells - That's cool

Erika thinks she can hear a drill

[you can hear banging in the background]

Sep 05 2003 19:14, Fri Quench   Link
Jun in bathroom chair doing her nails the rest in LR Rob says
I forgot to ask BB is we were wearing anything for veto.

There is lots of silence. Can distinctly hear construction outside

Sep 05 2003 19:14, Fri Silas   Link
Houseguests prepare themselves for veto, hearing noises outside
Jun: I sprayed my room about the third day.
Rob: Did they answer any questions?
Ali: No.
Jun: what's that battery thing... stick the white part in. This sucks, we're like waiting for that one thing. And they want to make us eat before...
Rob: That's ridiculous.
Jun: Oh, we should have asked for shu-mai. shrimp dumplings. Mmmmm..
Erika: Isn't shu-mai more Chinese?
Jun: That's pork shumai.

Rob: So the veto last year was veto, huh?
Ali: Yeah. the last one. It was so cool. The video camera was cool.
Rob: Jack would have feel on his face for the laser one.
Ali laughs.
Rob: His friends are all going to give him s**t.
Jun: Well I'm sure there are a couple he threw. I'm gonna say he threw the Dana compulsive..
Rob: No he was talking to himself in the bathroom saying how can he be so stupid.

Jun is wagering that he threw a couple competitions.

Rob: He screwed up so much.
Jun: Then he sucks..
Ali laughs.
Jun: They're probably like, don't come home dad. And put a dunce cap on you.
Erika: Him and David made me laugh.
Rob: He would have hated being here this long.
Erika: He was ready to go, in week 3.
Jun: He's like I don't wanna stay anymore so like I don't know so don't ask me.

Rob: Oh my god they're building s**t out there. It's gonna be fun.
Ali: That's COOL! (reacting to a drill)
Erika: I hear a drill.
Rob: Jun says america's choice is not today. Tomorrow? Or sunday? What was that last time?

Rob: We don't even know if there's a live veto.
Ali: Maybe America's choice is tomorrow, luxury Sunday.
Rob: That's kinda cool though; only one thing to worry about today. Veto, that's it.

Rob: s**t I forgot to ask what we have to wear for veto.

Some silence.

Sep 05 2003 19:21, Fri Quench   Link
Robert brings up Jun's nails and how lovely they look then asks how many bottles
of nail polish did each bring. They answer how many.. Then of course it turns to Dana bashing.
The colour of her polishs to her dresses. and where she bought them.

Sep 05 2003 19:21, Fri FuggyBootnling   Link
Banter about the couch...
Talking about previous David would have been out of his mind with boredom by now.

The four of them are sitting on the LR couch. They are excited by noises outside.

I think from the brief convo the results of whatever they do will be "revealled tomorrow" according to Erica.


Jun goes to bathroom on F3 applying nail polish remover. Very quiet. She moves to looking in the reflection of the tinted glass in the hallway. She's moving into it...and out...into it...and out. Bobbing her head back and forth. Now applying face makeup with a brush. She is dressed well. She goes to the red bedroom, camera follows. HGs still sitting in silence in the LR.

NO ONE IS TALKING IN THE HOUSE!!!! I have my volume right up, and it is dead silent!! For minutes...

Rat breaks silence to ask what Jun is doing. Just my nails, I think she says. Small talk about nail polish.

Now Jun applying nail polish (ed: I love it!!! Jun is nervous, but is finding SOMETHING to occupy her mind. Go JUN!!!"


Sep 05 2003 19:24, Fri Silas   Link
Houseguests talk about makeup then shopping then stores
Rob: What are you doing Jun?
Jun: Painting my nails.
Rob: Wow, purple, I like it.

Jun: They're making fun of me. hehehehe.
Rob: Did all the girls bring nail polish?
Erika: Yeah I did.
Ali: No I haven't.
Rob: I don't know if I was a girl if I would have brought it.
Jun: Yeah you would have.
Erika: I brought two bottles.. and clear.
Rob: What about makeup?
Ali: I got one eyeliner, one eyeshadow.
Rob: Why do you have the same freakin' color?
Jun: They're different dude. That one comes out more clear. I really wanna buy one or two bottles more.
Rob: I know. Just like your shoes.
Ali: Dana tells me she spent all her money on clothes?
Jun: What clothes? Wasn't that an ugly f***ing shirt?
Ali: The one that looks like f***ing bad wallpaper?
Jun: Yeah, that one.
Ali: Even her dress. She was saying "look at that pretty dress...". That ain't special, yo!
Jun: Yeah she was saying the more beautiful dress she owned was like from baybay. I thought she was saying versace or ...
Ali: They have a store named Mac's makeup?
Erika: They have tons of stores. Yeah they have their own stores. They're so much fun to play in too.
Ali: <sneezes>
Jun: bless you.
Ali: Josh is stuck!
Jun: he's up in the quarrel.
Ali: We do have a sax. We have warren.
Rob: That sounds like rodeo drive here.
Jun: I love 5TH AVENUE!!!

They talk more about shopping and stores.

Jun: how are you gonna spend $50,000 on a ring? When are you gonna buy him a house?
Ali: 50 thousand on a ring?
Rob: Yeah Jun was saying that!

Jun is saying how she can't stand girls like that.

Jun: I'm not even trying to be mean, but he wouldn't even care. He'd go to the grand opening of the new red lobster and he'll still be happy. He thinks it's wasting money. He doesn't understand it's quality quality food.
Erika: That's a mentality if you're broke.
Jun: Exactly, because if you don't want it you can miss it.
Rob: Exactly, and if you don't have it...

Sep 05 2003 19:28, Fri Quench   Link
Ali continues the Dana bashing
Robert saying what could be some of the questions. Like "What angered you the most in the house"
With a fake bad NY accent "I was the most PISSED OFF when Nate used the veto on Alison"

They can hear movement in the SR.

Sep 05 2003 19:35, Fri Quench   Link
Shot of the SR. The food has arrived. NT

Sep 05 2003 19:36, Fri SleeplessOnLI   Link
Talk of eye color ...
Rob commenting on how nice Justin's eyes are, "Gray? Blue?"
J&A: Yeah, gray.
Rob now commenting on how nice Michelle's eyes are.
A: Yeah, but they were like Navy Blue, too too dark blue.

(Moment of silence)

A: (**Paraphrasing**) Once someone said that they never saw *really* clear blue eyes before they met ME.

**Sorry, stole this from Silas' update:

"Ali: Michelle's was like navy blue. I was never so mad at my mom for meeting Justin and saying "Justin, I never knew I'd meet anyone with bluer eyes than Alison" and I was so mad at her." <<<----That's what she said, sorry. But, you get my drift? Hope you don't mind, Silas!

Sep 05 2003 19:36, Fri Silas   Link
Movie talk, then ... the japanese food arrives!
Jun mentions something about dana, then something about hanging out with friends and smoking stupid pot.

Erika: Can I interest you in the 3 for 1 deal?
Rob: What was your biggest regret in the big brother house? Put her on speakerphone.
Ali: (in dana's voice) "I was the most p*ssed off when nathan used the veto on alison.
Jun: That's almost as bad as a boston accent. "Let me go get my caa". He moves 7 years ago so he still has it. He worked very hard to lose it. You go to a f***ing interview and say please to meet ya. they'd be like get the f**k out of here.
Ali: What does Bob do?
Jun: Financial analyst. He has his B.Sc. He got it early. As soon as he was done college he started taking the first test.

Ali starts talking about how she's hungry.

Ali: I forgot what the yellow fin one was called.
Rob: You guys ever seen pirahna
Ali: movie?
Rob: No a fish.
Ali: I heard they bite off fingers and stuff.
Jun: have you seen the movie? pirahna? The first one was scary, but the second and third got cheesy. I was like, I would never wanna go to the beach.
Rob: does new york have beaches?
Jun: You'd have to go out to long island.

Ali: What's that movie, mid80's, about a girl in high school who tries to write a story, and then she turns into a guy.
Rob: Yeah that's a good movie.
Ali: And she falls in love with ...

Rob and Ali starts excitedly talking about a movie. Possibly winona ryder.

Jun: kay I know what that is.
Ali: And he's like he's a fag! and she's like he has tits! <laughs>
Jun: What was her name?
ali: She was gonna kiss before dying.. ever seen that movie?

Ali starts talking about a new movie about a guy kissing a girl's feet on top of the building, then throws the girl off the building, then dates her twin sister.

[talking too fast for me to catch up]

Ali: You know who's eyes are the coolest? Kenny's
Rob: I think Justin has the coolest color of eyes. They're not blue blue like her and MIchelle.
Ali: Michelle's was like navy blue. I was never so mad at my mom for meeting Justin and saying "Justin, I never knew I'd meet anyone with bluer eyes than Alison" and I was so mad at her.

Erika: Is storage ready?
Ali: I can't have it look fishy.
Jun jokes about it possibly being octopus.
Ali: I'm hungry. Hurry up and I wanna see if I can eat it.
Jun: no, we ordered stuff for you. like teriyaki.
Ali: It's not like a certain plant or anything? I'm gonna get a jun bug as soon as I get out of here.
Rob: You know what that is? It's a ninja star.
Jun: Oh I thought it was a thunder bolt.
Ali: Dude I thought it was a bad wave.
Rob: ninja wave.
Ali: A girl in my high school had a tattoo on her back and an S, and her name was Darcy.

Jun starts talking about her friend getting a tattoo and telling her how bad it was.

Rob: I like bon jovi and shaq's tattoo. I think it's cool for a person like shaq.
Jun: But if Jee got one, <jun laughs>
Ali: My brother has a cool sun, like a mean sun... a family cross is cool.

Houseguests stand up and go to the storage room. They seemed impressed by what they see. The japanese food has arrived.

Sep 05 2003 19:37, Fri Quench   Link
Jun is orgasmic over the food in the SR. Not to outdone Ali screeches what the hell is
and names a few dishes.

Sep 05 2003 19:40, Fri Quench   Link
Ali talking about where is the regular food is. Erika and Jun opening
containers saying you can eat this and this but not that because it is not cooked.

Ali screeching that Normal people don't eat that

Jun is excited because they also got Chopsticks. Also Green Tea Icecream.

They are separating the food. Saying this is Ali's food. Cooked and not fish.

Sep 05 2003 19:43, Fri Quench   Link
Ali eats something screeches Ewwwww.
She doesn't want the eel sauce anywhere near her. The others have gotten up from the table to get some more.

Robert saying Ali doesn't like it. Ali pipes up I like some of it.

Sep 05 2003 19:47, Fri Quench   Link
Robert and Erika want her to try the wasabi (sp) and she doesn't know
whether she wants to eat it or not. Ali isn't sure. Jun just says oh don't make her she will just cry. At this point Ali puts it in her mouth and tries to eat it.

Jun is eating with her chopsticks saying I am so happy I can't believe I am in the BB house eating sushi.

Ali begins to gag. Jun just looks over and laughs at her.

Sep 05 2003 19:48, Fri Silas   Link
Japanese food talk - Jun is enjoying this a lot, Ali not so much

The japanese food has arrived. They talk about mochi ice cream.

Jun: I see spicy tuna!
Ali: edamame?
Jun: it's soybeans.
Ali: There's miso soup.
Jun: Miso soup is awesome..
Rob: Is this the bomb or what? Ali dont' be scared.
Erika: There's cooked stuff. I only like the tuna, the salmon, the yellow tail. Ali, just stay away from this stray. This is fish.
Ali: What's that?
Erika: Shrimp.
Ali: Okay I can eat a shrimp.

Jun: oh my god they gave us chop suey that's so AWESOME!
Jun: It's not salmon, it's raw salmon.
Ali: Oh my god as if normal people eat that!!
Rob: Come on Ali try this.
Ali: What is this?
Jun: seaweed. And that is crab, totally cooked.

Erika: And take a soup. Don't be scared.
Rob: This is good, too.
Ali: What's underneath there? There's a whole thing we're missing.
Jun: I think it's teriyaki. Chicken teriyaki. Is that Ali's food?
Ali: Yeah.
Erika: the soysauce sucks though.
Rob: It does.
Jun: this is like Chinese soysauce.

Jun: That's metogai, that's clam.
Ali: What is that?
Erika: Fried prawn.
Ali: And what's that? edemome?
Erika: It's like peas.
Jun: Don't eat the shell.
Ali: Wasabi. They snort that on jackass.

Jun: Are you f***ing kidding me?
Ali: Oh god that was so nasty.
Rob: Before you slam it.. what is this Erika?
Erika: Tuna.
Erika: Oh I have the eel sauce here.
Ali: eww!
Erika: oh and I have the tuna sauce here.
Rob: Ali... don't look, just eat.

Ali: I can eat this.
Jun: Ponzu?
Jun hands Erika eel sauce.

Erika: I can handle the wasabi, it's just the soy sauce tastes like crap.
Rob: Is this awesome or what?
Jun: Well, yeah. are you f***ing kidding me?
rob: ali doesn't like it.. do you?
Ali: I'm liking it.
Erika: Oh, good ginger. They gave us the white ginger and not the pink ginger.
Rob: The eel is great.
Jun: Oh yeah baby. it's cooked. Oh my god. OH MY GOD I'M SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW!

Ali is reluctantly eating her dish.
Ali: Jun will you grab a napkin on your way back please? (jun hands her a napkin). thanks.

Ali: What do I do with these roll things?
Erika: Dip them in the soy and eat 'em.
Jun hands Ali a little container for her soy sauce.

Ali: You okay Robert?
Rob: What do you think happened to me Erika?
Erika: You got wasabi in your nose?
Rob: Try it. Put some in your mouth.
Ali: no.. no!
Erika: she's gonna start crying.
Rob: You'll like the taste Ali.
Jun: this is so good.
Erika: the soy is not good. it's unfortunate. It's not really what it tastes like.

Ali: What's this?
Erika: crab that's cooked.
Ali: And what do I put that in?
Erika: Soy.
Jun: Oh my god. I never imagined I'd be in the big brother house eating sushi.

Ali puts something in her mouth and says "ewww!"

Rob: think Justin would go for this?
Ali: No.

Ali is looking sickened right now, covering her mouth.
Jun: eat the chicken teriyaki.
Ali: If this would have been my thing for the clambake I would have been okay.

Rob: The eel is excellent.
Jun: i've never had that kind of flavor for a while.

Sep 05 2003 19:49, Fri SleeplessOnLI   Link
HGs eating. Erika is finished and still has a headache. Ali proud that she tried sushi. After dinner, HGs will have their PoV competition. NT

Sep 05 2003 19:53, Fri FuggyBootnling   Link
Jun: "I can't believe I'm sitting in the Big Brother house eating sushi!!"
She is really digging in. Applying the soy, expertly handling chopsticks. F3 is on her.

Erica talking about Wasabi. It doesn't stay in your mouth...just kind of gives you a zap. Directed at Ali.

Erica: "Jun tell her!" Jum mumbles through food in agreement.

A silent meal...still tense before the comp...

Jun says it's good "It's good for you!"

I should point out...Jun, Ratbert, Erica are using chopsticks. Ali is using her fingers and a fork.

I need to order food now, so posting!!

Sep 05 2003 19:56, Fri Quench   Link
Robert goes to the kitchen counter and says hey there is octopus here
Want some Alison?

She covers her mouth and does a fake gag.

Jun is all smiles as she eats. Ali picks up something. Jun is eating an ovary. Alison is ready to gag again. Jun says yes it's a delicacy it's like $8 or $10 each. Ali can't watch Jun eat. She keeps saying that it's nasty. It will make me fertile.

Erika saying it's an acquired taste.

Sep 05 2003 19:56, Fri Silas   Link
Japanese food talk 2. Ali is still a bit disgusted
Erika: Jun, tell her. it's different. It's all about the soy, and I hate it when they give me that low sodium soy.. I'm like, get that s**t away from me.

Jun: I'm full, that was good.
Rob: They're not gonna believe us, on the outside.. all the sequestering..
Ali: I'm so proud of myself that I ate sushi.
Rob: You liked them?
Ali: Yeah...
Rob: YOu gotta start on the california rolls..
Jun: and then you'll move on with the pieces. That's the way it was with Bob.

Erika: Anyone try the meso?
Jun: mm hmm.
Erika: How was it; good?
Jun: Yeah. It's good. It's good for you.

Jun: It tastes like sushi roku.

Rob says there was a food he didn't want to try.

Rob: And we said we weren't hungry.
Erika: I wasn't hungry.
Jun: mmm... squash?
Erika: mm hmm.. See the okra?
Jun: Uh huh.
Rob: shove some rolls down. wait for 5 minutes.
Erika: How many rolls did you have?
Rob: 7 or 8.
Erika: What is this; salmon skin?
Jun: Is it grey-ish?
Erika; No pink-ish.

Rob shows Alison an octopus. Alison is disgusted.
Ali: What are those called? vegetable spring rolls?
Jun: no just veggie rolls. spring rolls are chinese, and are fried.
rob: What's the matter Erika?
Erika: Got a bit of a headache.

Ali: I like these.
Jun: Yeah those are just veggies.
Rob: I could smack you; I didn't want her to know what it was.
Jun: I like those too; it's just so expensive.
Ali: I wanna know what those are.
Jun says something about it being some ovary.
Jun: singing, "I'm having an ovary, I'm having an ovary."
Ali: It's the reproductive system of a f***ing fish. [author's note: LAUGHING]

Jun: it's so full. And I wanted to eat the fresh stuff first.
Rob: Ali how many different rolls did you try?
Ali: 3. veggie, crap, and cucumber.
Rob: You never tried the spicy tuna?
Jun: No. Ali's virgin. We devirginized you.. don't you feel good?

Ali: Jun you can't eat that.. it's f***ing nasty.
Jun: Smell it.
Rob: Justin wouldn't have had any of it.
Jun: He wouldn't have ordered it.
Rob: Does Jee like this food?
Jun: Yeah.

Ali: What are those cubes?
Jun: Tofu. One of them cubes?

Ali: I wanna learn how to use chopsticks.

Sep 05 2003 20:03, Fri Quench   Link
Dessert Dessert Erika goes to the fridge. Mouchie (sp) Icecream wrapped in a thin rice layer
Ali screams What is with everything made rice Who puts Icecream in rice.

Sep 05 2003 20:07, Fri Silas   Link
houseguests start eating Japanese dessert
Rob: Indian was delicious. Mexican was delicious. Ali, what do you want?
Ali: I don't care. Something other than regular American s**t.
Rob: Right.
Jun: Hmm.. we could do malaysian. It's really good; similar to thai, but more spicy flavors, but not like "kill you" spicy
Erika: We had the spikiest chicken basil the last time. You weren't here. It was bad.

Erika: Why don't we do Chinese?
Rob: No no no.. not after this.
Erika: What about greek?
Rob: Right. Let's do greek.
Jun: Souvlaki?
Erika: Musaka..

They start discussing greek food ideas.

Jun and Erika just try to convince Alison to taste something, trying to convince her to stir this seaweed.

Jun: Seaweed is so good for you.
Ali: Great.. do you want mine?
Jun: It has really important vitamins.
Erika: anything that is this dark green is really good for you.

Ali: I don't like tuna on a leaf.
Rob: I don't remember the instructions saying we get dinner from a different restaurant.
Jun: It was supposed to be mexican. I mean, think about mexican every night. It's just torturous. I'm exhaggerating lightly.
Jun: Oh big brother, thank you! Now give me some sex.. I'd be happy.

Erika: Now it's time.. Mochi! mochi! mochi! It's a little ice cream wrapped in rice.
Ali: Why is everyone wrapping everything in rice? ugggh.
Jun: You have to taste the green tea. the strawberry is good too. mango's good too. but in my opinion the green tea is good. Mango, chocolate
erika: what's your favourite mochi, Jun?
Jun: green tea.

Erika: They can't give us so much food..
Jun: We can save the edimade though. I remember Martha Stewart having something about making edimade. I'm like, you can't make that!
Erika; YOu don't like the sweet shrimp?
Jun: I don't like the sweet shrimp.
Ali: My parents don't eat sushi. We don't have sushi places where we live. You have to drive an hour to go to a sushi place. But they do go. I get so mad when they because I don't go. My brother would never eat sushi there. So this is like really hot... and .. oh!
Erika: If someone would offer you 10000 dollars to eat that whole thing, i dont' think you could.
Ali: Oh that smell is terrifying.
Rob: I'm FULL!
Ali: Dude, these are like FRIED .. FRICKIN... CRAYFISH!
Jun: I just had the equivalent of a sushi deluxe.
Ali: Oh god... hooo!
Rob: I'll throw that away after.
Ali: I want the ice cream. Try it all. They're just little balls?
Jun: Uh huh.
Ali: Ice cream? ice cream balls. There's chocolate, green tea, mango, and strawberry.
Ali opens up a pack. "OH cool! fun packs"

Rob: Erika, throw me a strawberry please.
Ali: I don't see any rice.
Jun: It's rice paper. edible rice paper.
Ali: Look at you go, woman.
Jun: I'm gonna save this for later.
Ali: sounds good. Is it good? Oh you eat with your fingers?
Jun: Yeah.
Ali: Oh it's really soft.
Rob: Ali you're gonna love it.

Ali tries it.

Rob: don't give me that face!
Erika: You have to take a bigger bite, not a baby bite. I love fried ice cream.
Jun: Oh green tea, that's so good.
Ali: I wanna try one of each.

Sep 05 2003 20:08, Fri SleeplessOnLI   Link
Jun estimating BB spent $300.00USD on Japanese food tonight. Rob agrees, "Oh, yeah...Oh, yeah!" Ali can't believe it. NT

Sep 05 2003 20:10, Fri Quench   Link
They are saying that this was a very expensive dinner.
Ali saying no way it couldn't cost that much.

I could go fishing and get some rice and it would cost 10 cents

Robert and Erika are telling no it's an art.

Sep 05 2003 20:13, Fri Quench   Link
Ali says Ewwwwww what is that Erika goes Roe. Ali - Roe what is that
Robert says have you had Caviar. Ali says no I don't like Caviar.

They are now talking about the reproductive organ - ovary - Erika tries it. She says it tastes strong. Ali reaches. Erika says No you don't want to try that.

Sep 05 2003 20:14, Fri SleeplessOnLI   Link
SR please ... HGs bring leftovers to SR. Jun is ready for Veto now - SHE HAS FISH POWER! NT

Sep 05 2003 20:15, Fri Quench   Link
Jun - I am ready for Veto now I have fish power. NT

Sep 05 2003 20:16, Fri Quench   Link
Ali and Erika brushing their teeth. Jun relaxing in the chair by the basin. Rob pacing like crazy in the LR NT

Sep 05 2003 20:16, Fri Silas   Link
Jun is sad to see all this food all go to waste

Jun: Oh yes this is so good. I'm so happy right now. When I close my eyes it feels like I'm back in New York.
Jun: this is the reason why I wanna eat sushi. Mochi!

Erika: They spent good money on this dinner.
Jun: Yes they did. yes they did. I'm sure that their sushi platter was like 100.
Ali: You serious?
Rob: Oh yeah.
Jun: And the teriyaki, and edemame, and fried prawn. I'd say close to $300.
Ali: No way.
Rob: Yup.
Ali: For this s**t?
Jun: It's an art.
Ali: Looks like it.
Rob: I didn't try the green tea.
Jun: I'm too full right now.
Rob: You know, this girl needs a bib. She's got pieces of food on her.

Erika: I got mochi powder on me.

Rob starts to dump things outside.

Jun: It's such a waste.
Rob: It's better than not having enough, right?
Jun: There are people who are starving now.

[i guess the houseguests can't keep their food, or can only keep certain food]


Jun: Mmm.. this strawberry is good.
Ali: Guys, this is my first Japanese meal! I had fish.. no wait, I didn't have fish.
Jun: NO it was close.
Ali: It's a start. Ohh.. i'm so full.
Rob: You want the lemons, or...
Jun: No.
Rob: The rice, you want it?
Jun: Yeah let's hold on to the rice.

Rob starts to do cleanup.

Erika: Jun are you done with your plate?
Jun: I think so.
Ali: that's nasty! What is that?
Jun: It's called ROE. R-O-E.
Erika: It's like caviar.
Ali: I don't like caviar. There's so much I can deal with. Like, those ovaries and those seaweed wrap..
Jun: Yeah the first time I tried it I'm like "It tastes like sex". Even if I don't eat it, I'll order 5. It tastes like liver.
Ali: Ugh.
Jun: No you don't wanna go near that stuff.
Ali: It gave me a headache thinking about it.
Jun: It's like very strong.
Rob: It's like monkfish liver.

Ali is reeling over, possibly from fullness or disgust.

Jun: Don't throw up. I put the rolls in the bridge.

Jun: I can't believe how much food we're throwing away. Unbelievable.
Erika: We ate a lot of it though.
Jun: Storage please.
Rob: That was good right?
Ali: Very good.
Jun: I'm ready for veto now. I have FISH POWER!
Erika: <Laughs> that's a little scary. Fish lady.

Jun: Thank you big brother!

Jun is guessing the people in the sequester house are not getting this food, but are getting a lot of good food such as burritos...

Sep 05 2003 20:19, Fri Quench   Link
Jun and Robert doing their teeth now. Robert says
he is going to the DR to find out when it starts

Sep 05 2003 20:24, Fri Quench   Link
Robert comes out and tells Jun that BB wants them to wear their bathing suits
Jun - your kidding right?

Robert - yes

Jun - I just ate 10 lbs of fish

He goes tell Ali and Erika. They fall for it. And they follow him out to the LR. He tells them he is joking

Sep 05 2003 20:27, Fri Quench   Link
Erika says she is going to wear a sturdy bra.
Jun says remember the photograph veto and we didn't get a chance to change and we were locked in the sand room.

Robert wants to know if they would check for their mics. He says that outside he would check the collar of his shirt for his mic.

Ali readjusts her mic saying she is going to attach it to her bottom lip.

They are joking about Bob (Jun's bob not camera bob) and her saying Bob please to not obstruct your mic

Sep 05 2003 20:31, Fri Quench   Link
Jun talking about when she was younger she almost drowned
Ali says that she almost drowned also but she was fine.

Jun says not me I was traumatized.

Ali takes over telling about her experience how she got caught under a raft. And her mother taught her that if she went down under water that she should jump up from the bottom and she kept doing it and kept hitting her head on the bottom of the raft.

Then she tells a story of when she went waterskiing and how the T-Bar got caught between her legs and she was dragged with her head and torso under the water behind a boat.

Sep 05 2003 20:33, Fri Quench   Link
Alison regals the crowd with a story of a guy getting sliced by a propeller
from a boat. Both Jun and Erika are get queasy.

They say to change the subject.

The lights got dimmer. It's like mood lighting.

Sep 05 2003 20:35, Fri Quench   Link
Jun and Ali whispering about the Veto comp. Thinking it will be balance
not strength. Maybe graceful movements, balance and then questions at stations.

Erika comes back from the hallway. She still has her headache.

Robert is shaving.

Sep 05 2003 20:40, Fri Quench   Link
BB: The veto competition will be in 50 minutes. The women are all rushing to do makeup NT
(heard wrong thought it was 15 should have been 50)

Sep 05 2003 20:41, Fri Quench   Link

Sep 05 2003 20:43, Fri Quench   Link
Back - Still watching them put on make up. Jun making funny faces in the mirror.
Ali applying make up to her eyes (without Erika's intervention)

Robert asking Ali if she is putting on shoes.

Ali says she is going to go barefoot. I work better in these kinds of competitions. (She doesn't know)

Sep 05 2003 20:50, Fri Quench   Link
FOTH Beautiful lights on the moat in the front yard. NT

Sep 05 2003 20:52, Fri Quench   Link
Back They are waiting in the LR. Ali in WC. NT

Sep 05 2003 20:53, Fri Quench   Link
Erika gets Robert a pair of Pink Socks.
Pink socks. No one will see them.

Sep 05 2003 20:56, Fri Quench   Link
So Robert has his new runners on that he got in his HOH basket NT

Sep 05 2003 20:57, Fri Barb   Link
Veto now in 90 minutes. NT

Sep 05 2003 20:59, Fri Quench   Link
BB: Good evening HG's the Veto competition will be in 90 minutes
Robert - 90 Minutes ????

Erika - They must be falling behind

Robert should I go ask them ?

Brief FOTH. Back and Alison is doing leg warm ups in the hall way

Robert comes back out and says BB says Artwork takes time so it's between 60 and 90 minutes

The biggest thing will be when we first go out. It will be something we have never seen

Sep 05 2003 21:17, Fri Quench   Link
E J R are in the LR relaxing. Ali is doing stretches in the bathroom area.
She is limbering up for this competition. She is crying while she is doing this. Erika comes down the hall and she hears her coming. She stops stretching and sits with her back on the tub.

Sep 05 2003 21:19, Fri SleeplessOnLI   Link
Erika now taking Advil - "tylenol sucks" - E: sneeze, sneeze-something in this house. Ali: yeah for 24hrs. already. NT

Sep 05 2003 21:20, Fri Quench   Link
Erika still has her headache and wants to get some Advil.
Jun calls out to Ali - Lend me one of your shorts.

Feed 2 is doing close ups of Ali and Donnie photographs on the hallway dresser.

Sep 05 2003 21:23, Fri Quench   Link
What the competitors are wearing tonight
Ali - White sleeveless shirt Red shorts, bare feet

Robert - Grey tank top White sweat pants Pink socks and his new runners

Erika - Baby blue crushed velvet sweatsuit, slippers for the moment

Jun - Black shorts, Blue t-shirt , cardigan, white socks and runners

Sep 05 2003 21:31, Fri Quench ParentRootLink
Update - Erika has now put on her socketts and her blue runners. NT

Sep 05 2003 21:40, Fri Quench ParentRootLink
Update - Ali now putting on her socks and runners. NT

Sep 05 2003 21:24, Fri Quench   Link
Alison has not stopped moving. She is doing stretches dance moves
She is definitely warming up her muscles.

Sep 05 2003 21:36, Fri Quench   Link
Ali starts to sing Erika joins in and poof FOTH NT

Sep 05 2003 21:39, Fri Quench   Link
Back now and they are playing a rhyming game. Didn't last very long.
They are all sitting in the LR. Alison grabs her socks and runners

Sep 05 2003 21:50, Fri Quench   Link
They have been filling in the time talking about the past HG's
Robert asking Jun about toe and finger nail colour. Should it match if you go out?

Ali laughs. She thinks it's funny he is asking that.

Jun tells him that if you have a shiny pink on your fingernails then you should have a pink on your toenails but not the same shade.

Sep 05 2003 21:54, Fri Quench   Link
Ali is hoping that it will be a laser tag kind of competition. Last one living will win Veto.
Jun doesn't like that. She doesn't even like to play hide-n-seek. She gets scared when someone is coming after her or she has to go after someone else.

Sep 05 2003 21:57, Fri Quench   Link
Jun and Robert have gotten up to look at the pics on the memory wall.
Erika resting. Ali doing her nails.

Robert saying to Jun it was weird you coming in that door (front door) after the VMA.

J- You're telling me

R - you came through that door twice

Erika now says she is too tired to compete and can they do this tomorrow. Ali looks up from doing her nails.

Sep 05 2003 22:01, Fri augie   Link

Sep 05 2003 22:02, Fri Quench   Link
Robert and Erika talking about a guy named Vern who signed a
release. Erika talking about before the show and how he was informed and to get him to sign the release then


Sep 05 2003 22:12, Fri Quench   Link
10 minutes of FOTH and the beautiful water is still shimmering in the pool out front NT

Sep 05 2003 22:20, Fri Dreamer   Link
BB John: HG's the veto competition will begin in 60 minutes NT

Sep 05 2003 22:20, Fri Quench   Link
They are back. All still sitting in theLR
They are asking Rob to go and ask if this is for real.

Erika - hopefully this is not a joke.

BB: HG's the Veto competition will be in 60 minutes.

Erika gets stupid about the announcement and says is the competition about how many times you are going to say when the competition is.

Ali Yells This is HorseShyt This is Horseshyt

Sep 05 2003 22:22, Fri Quench   Link
A lovely shot of the FOTH. Now back
Robert sitting on side of tub.

Ali resting on couch.

Erika sitting on couch.

Jun heads to the WC.

Sep 05 2003 22:24, Fri Quench   Link
Jun whispering to Rob in the bathroom area
They are practicing the order of HOH comps and winners and POV comps and Winners.

They are whispering so low.

Sep 05 2003 22:28, Fri Quench   Link
Ali now whispering to Jun. Erika went to see Rob in the bathroom
Ali - When we get out there, I will say to Robert not to go for the Veto.

A - I will look at him and hope he will understand what I mean. and then you and I can go after Erika

A - We have to win this veto

Sep 05 2003 22:33, Fri joannie   Link
Hamsters are getting impatient. Ali: "You've had f'ing eight hours to make it f'ing pretty!" NT

Sep 05 2003 22:33, Fri Quench   Link
Robert asks Erika if the internet will see the competitions
E - No not the competitions nor the meetings but they will see the outcome

E -They do know about it because we talk about

J - They will know when they see me tomorrow and hanging in the corner that I did not win Veto

Sep 05 2003 22:34, Fri Quench   Link
Erika goes to the Bathroom Robert follows
Ali starts to whisper to Jun asks if she is ready and the Erika is nervous because she is making jokes.

Mostly just mouthing words.

Sep 05 2003 22:36, Fri Quench   Link
Floodlight on the door to the FOTH NT

Sep 05 2003 22:51, Fri Quench   Link
15 minutes into the groovin sounds of BB-FOTH music NT

Sep 05 2003 23:14, Fri Quench   Link
1/2 hour comtemplating the stones that make up the wall of the FOTH. NT

Sep 05 2003 23:47, Fri Quench   Link
One hour of counting the planks that make up the walkway to the FOTH NT

Sep 05 2003 23:48, Fri silly_kitty3   Link
FOTH--must be endurance game for HG's & viewers NT

Sep 06 2003 00:05, Sat Quench   Link
They are back very briefly then FOTH ... The comp is completed they are inside the house. NT

Sep 06 2003 00:07, Sat Quench   Link
Ali saying something about what was written -Original Nominees.
and she says she got all farked up

Sep 06 2003 00:08, Sat bruhe   Link
ali cleaning table on feeds 3 and 4... jun in SR on feeds 1 and 2 NT

Sep 06 2003 00:09, Sat SleeplessOnLI   Link
Rob asking what did take 4 fn hours to set up? (sarcastically) NT

Sep 06 2003 00:10, Sat Quench   Link
Ali sprayed the table with something.
Roberts says something in the kitchen

Ali said I don't care right now I don't give a sheet.

Robert says about the Next HOH. Will it be live and how many parts

Erika says I shouldn't say anything because I am going to be here.

Sep 06 2003 00:11, Sat Quench   Link
Erika asks Ali - Do I have to pack? Ali says everyone has to pack BB told me that. NT

Sep 06 2003 00:11, Sat SleeplessOnLI   Link
Jun has "surface wounds" NT

Sep 06 2003 00:11, Sat bruhe   Link
from all indicators ali has won the golden power of @$##$% veto NT

Sep 06 2003 00:12, Sat joannie   Link
Ali: "Gettin' them things in was hard." NT

Sep 06 2003 00:12, Sat Quench   Link
Ali says she has never had to pack. She came into this game saying to herself
That she would never have to pack.

Sep 06 2003 00:12, Sat SleeplessOnLI   Link
Ali not complaining - assuming she has won since she is making reference to not having to pack. (Take this post with a grain of salt. NT

Sep 06 2003 00:14, Sat realityrita   Link
Erica and Rob looking none too happy NT

Sep 06 2003 00:15, Sat SleeplessOnLI   Link
Jun breaks the ice bye asking "I wonder what luxury will be?" BB requesting Ali to DR. E: You better take your medallion. NT

Sep 06 2003 00:15, Sat joannie   Link
"Alison, please go to the DR."
Rob about Ali: "She's going to the finals."

Sep 06 2003 00:16, Sat SleeplessOnLI   Link
Confirmed by HGs - Ali won PoV NT

Sep 06 2003 00:16, Sat Quench   Link
BB: Alison Please Go to the DR. Erika - Take your Medallion. Jun says
What was so different about it Diamond Veto. What was so special about it. It was clear plastic not medal like the other one.

Sep 06 2003 00:17, Sat SleeplessOnLI ParentRootLink
E&J jesting with Ali - don't break it. (Meaning, it is cheap "Diamond Veto" plastic.) NT

Sep 06 2003 00:16, Sat BBwannabe   Link
Robert told Erica that she is in the final two no matter what NT

Sep 06 2003 00:16, Sat bruhe   Link
it is clear. ali won veto from conversation. put it up on the board. (as much as i hate saying that) NT

Sep 06 2003 00:16, Sat joannie   Link
Erika: "Sorry, Jun." NT

Sep 06 2003 00:17, Sat BBWhat   Link
Erika, Jun and Rob in living room
BB: Alison, please go to the diary room.

Erika: why am I not surprised... You vote, you're the only vote...

Jun: I like the metals better. It felt good holding that diamond for four seconds.

Rob: she's going to the finals... If she wins, she's going to take you. If you win, you get in. You're looking good.

Erika: I'm sorry Jun.

Rob: I swear to god I wanted to cry.

Jun: I don't feel like talking right now.

Erika: I knew it, she'd come back and bite us in the ass. We should have got her out.

Rob: Erika, that's done now.

Erika: I know.

Sep 06 2003 00:17, Sat Quench   Link
Robert saying to Erika that you are going to the finals. Jun is sitting right there.
Robert wanted to cry I just didn't want this bull sheet.

Erika is doing what if's and could have gotten her out earlier in the game but Robert saying that what is done is done.

Jun - Dammm

Sep 06 2003 00:18, Sat SleeplessOnLI   Link
Rob getting upset that BB should have FN did it over ... "Like she said ..." FOTH NT

Sep 06 2003 00:18, Sat joannie   Link
Rob: "They should f'ing do it over..." and FOTH NT

Sep 06 2003 00:18, Sat Quench   Link
Erika saying I had you and Jee in my hand and was running and I saw...
Robert cuts in and says that was Bullsheet. They should have done it over.


Sep 06 2003 00:19, Sat Anonymous   Link
seems Ali won POV NT

Sep 06 2003 00:37, Sat Dreamer ParentRootLink
Jun goes to the Dr . . Ali, Rob and Erika are in the LR
Rob: I feel bad for her (referring to Jun)

Ali: I do too

Erika: Ali do I have to pack? (It's obvious she wants to know if she's staying)

Ali: Everybody has to pack

Erika makes a noise like she is shocked

Ali: They'll make you pack and it's not my doing. I wouldn't make you pack

Erika: I didn't pack last week

Ali: You didn't? I didn't know that. You sneak

Erika: I'm like ~I'm not going to pack

Ali: They told me . .I feel bad . .they told me to put my sh*t by the door and I didn't

Rob: I know you didn't

Erika: I put my stuff by the door but I didn't pack

Ali: Sorry John still love you

Sep 06 2003 00:19, Sat ktan   Link
Rob: "F'in Ali's going to the F'in final, probably going to win too." NT

Sep 06 2003 00:20, Sat SleeplessOnLI   Link
E, R & J sitting on LR couch - Rob: "FN Ali is going to the finals." Ali in DR. NT

Sep 06 2003 00:20, Sat Quench   Link
And they are back - Robert:
Farking Ali

There is stunned silence around the LR.

Sep 06 2003 00:21, Sat Quench   Link
Jun - I would have rather lost having a good time rather than thinking it was right or wrong FOTH NT

Sep 06 2003 00:22, Sat Quench   Link
Erika says it again
I had Jee and Alison in my hands and saw Jun running up the stairs and thought good.

Jun says yes then we would have been happy....

Erika starts to say something then FOTH

Sep 06 2003 00:22, Sat joannie   Link
Erika: "It's not fair, though, that they lit it up..." and FOTH NT

Sep 06 2003 00:22, Sat SleeplessOnLI   Link
Everytime E,J or R begin to discuss - BB goes to FotH. NT

Sep 06 2003 00:23, Sat Anonymous   Link
Something happened in the competition that wasn't fair to Jun, they think they should have restarted the comp.
BB goes to foth every time they start talking about it.

Sep 06 2003 00:24, Sat BBWhat   Link
Erika, Jun and Rob in living room
Rob: that's bullshyt, they should have done it over. They said...


Jun: I saw a cameraman on the roof. They ignore us like we're nobody.

Rob: Fk'n Ali's going to the final and is going to win too. It's too bad.



All talking.

Erika: I had Jee and Erika in my hand when I was going up the stairs. That was cool.

Jun: ahhhh. <sighs>

Erika: it's no fair though--


Sep 06 2003 00:26, Sat Anonymous   Link
Still FOTH [mad] NT

Sep 06 2003 00:46, Sat Quench   Link
We are now at 10 minutes FOTH NT

Sep 06 2003 00:54, Sat Quench   Link
They are back. Ali and Erika whispering in the Bathroom area
Someone who wins the final HOH should win.

Jun is pissed she stomps by

A-Robert is sooo mad.

Robert comes in.Says to E and A you can use my HOH if you want to collaborate.

Sep 06 2003 00:55, Sat Quench   Link
BB: Robert please put on your microphone. BB: Jun please go to the DR NT

Sep 06 2003 00:58, Sat Quench   Link
Ali and E whispering. again Then Robert comes in.
Robert did you say to Jun I am sorry

Yes I did. Because I felt sorry for her because she is going.

Jun says it's not over yet she could talk to Ali.

Erika saying you know where my loyalities lie.

Ali saying that you know I didn't want you out I didn't put you up twice.

Sep 06 2003 00:59, Sat SleeplessOnLI   Link
Rob to Ali - "you saved yourself - whoever you take out has to leave." NT