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Sep 06 2003 01:00, Sat Quench   Link
Ali sees it as her fault that she gets to vote but it sucks because it's
one less vote for her at the end.

Robert says it's not your fault. I put you guys up I was the HOH

Ali says yeah I suppose you would see it that way.

Sep 06 2003 01:01, Sat Quench   Link
Ali - And if I were to win AC then it would be the shortest call because
it would be "Hey Donnie it's me Alison"... then hang up.

Sep 06 2003 01:01, Sat SleeplessOnLI   Link
Ali admitting that if she won AC, and she would call Donnie, she would have the opportunity to say, "Hi Donnie, it's Alison.", and he'd hang up. NT

Sep 06 2003 01:02, Sat realityrita   Link
Alison "I have to be real smart about this @hit: NT

Sep 06 2003 01:02, Sat BBWhat   Link
Rob, Erika and Ali in washroom
Ali: Robert come here.

Rob comes in.

Ali: did you say to her, goodbye?

Rob: yeah, I said sorry, you're probably gone. I shouldn't have said that, I wasn't trying to be mean. She's like, it's not over year. You guys can still campaign. She told me...

Erika: Jun said...

Rob: you know how I feel, at the end, whoever win... I feel bad, I shouldn't have said that. You have to do whatever you have to do.

Ali: I think you (Er) should have my loyalty, cause you have mine.

Ali rats out Jun, about Jun telling Ali that Jun and Erika talked last night in hallway, and Erika running away when Ali came out.

Ali laughing about losing another jury vote.

Rob: people have to vote, so she will vote. They should be mad at me, because I put two people up. You did what you had to, to save yourself. Whatever she says about alliances, that's rediculous, I'm by myself. If you two have something, that's cool.

Ali: I know you're winning America's Choice, Erika.

Erika: why, because I'm a dork.

Ali says that if she won AC, Donny would just hang up on her, it'd be a waste.

Ali: I ain't packin' though, that's all I fk'n care.

Robert: the diamond veto.

Ali: damn, I have to real smart about this shyt, no offence Erika.

Erika: Al!

Sep 06 2003 01:03, Sat realityrita   Link
Erica "You're not going to vote me out" Alison "I told you about my dream" NT

Sep 06 2003 01:03, Sat SleeplessOnLI   Link
Ali to Erika: I thought you would have voted me out. E: I told you I wouldn't, I'm loyal to my alliances. NT

Sep 06 2003 01:05, Sat BBWhat   Link
Ali and Erika talking in washroom
Ali: I thought you were going to vote me out Erika.

Erika: why would I do that?

Ali: I'm just being paranoid.

Ali suggest she was asked leading questions in the diary room.

Ali: were you guys, like, talking about campaigning.

Erika: you know where my loyalty is.

Sep 06 2003 01:09, Sat SleeplessOnLI   Link
Jun in DR. A,E,R thinking tomorrow night Greek food. Rob wants Cuban food. Ali reminds them that they have 3 days left of their choice foods. NT

Sep 06 2003 01:09, Sat realityrita   Link
E "Alison if you are going to vote me out, let me know so I'm not surprised" NT

Sep 06 2003 01:11, Sat realityrita   Link
Ali - "Jun is too **cking smart to keep in the house" Er - "So does that mean I dumb" NT

Sep 06 2003 01:12, Sat SleeplessOnLI   Link
A: J is smart! She'll find a way. As much I hate to be stuck in a house with an ex-couple. E: Yeah, I know. NT

Sep 06 2003 01:13, Sat realityrita   Link
Jun - "they took 2 of our lawn chairs" NT

Sep 06 2003 01:14, Sat SleeplessOnLI   Link
Rob promising Ali "on a boring Sunday night", he will dance with Erika. NT

Sep 06 2003 01:15, Sat SleeplessOnLI   Link
Girls saying BB messed up their letters, budget material, everything sharp. NT

Sep 06 2003 01:16, Sat realityrita   Link
About the competition - complaining about it at night and the letters were in red and things were sharp NT

Sep 06 2003 01:16, Sat SleeplessOnLI   Link
Jun taking Tylenol PM because her cuts hurt. R&E say no. Ali says yes. Jun's legs will sting in the shower, pool. NT

Sep 06 2003 01:18, Sat SleeplessOnLI   Link
Robert was #4 in the PoV comp. NT

Sep 06 2003 01:20, Sat SleeplessOnLI   Link
Appears to have been a comp where they answered "Ali/Jack" (A was right) E guessed Dave/Jack. NT

Sep 06 2003 01:21, Sat SleeplessOnLI   Link
Rob thinks that Ali will be knocked out by the PMs. Ali says she will stay awake all night, like in college. Jun reheating food. NT

Sep 06 2003 01:36, Sat Jet   Link
Ali and Jun whispering in BR. Can't hear much, but Ali tells Jun to just stay cool and both are smiling at each other NT

Sep 06 2003 01:37, Sat ktan   Link
There will be a luxury competition today. Most patio furniture has been removed. NT

Sep 06 2003 01:43, Sat Jet   Link
Jun and Ali in BY talking about Erica and Rob having an alliance. Sounds like they are still sticking with each other to get E and R out. NT

Sep 06 2003 01:44, Sat Jet   Link
Now talking about getting Ericka out this week. Both bad mouthing E and R. Of course we never know who's lying with these two NT

Sep 06 2003 01:46, Sat BBWhat   Link
Jun and Ali talking outside.
Jun: they're like putting their heads together right now. They're making it too obvious.

Ali: Foolish.

Jun: I was, like, Robert, don't be so sure... It's confirmed, they want to take each other.

Ali: gay. Gay.

Jun: I can't believe how much assed we kicked tonight.

Ali: we schooled tonight. We'll do it again next HOH.


Jun: Erika was trying to be good in with me, just in case I won... Oh my god, did you see how Erika ran (last night in hallway)... he was trying to protect her.

Ali: I called him out on it.

Jun: he put her outside trying to listen to us (Ali made that up, to Jun, last night).

Ali: now I feel like a dumbass that I didn't get rid of her before.

Jun: doesn't matter we'll get rid of her this week.

Ali: Robert and Erika talking right now. This is rediculous, why would I be in the house with a couple? I would love to get rid of them now. We've got this planned for next week.

Jun: they have no idea how f*cked they are. When Rob won (HOH) I wasn't even worried.

They are mocking Rob's performance in the veto comp tonight.

Ali: how many comps have you thrown?

Jun: a few.

Ali: me too. The one with the video, I waited a whole minute.

Erika comes out.

Jun: we're talking about the competitions, and how bad Rob did.

Sep 06 2003 02:04, Sat SleeplessOnLI   Link
FotH for the past five minutes. Interrupted E,J&R on patio. Ali said she was going off to bed prior. NT

Sep 06 2003 02:12, Sat SleeplessOnLI   Link
Back from FotH. A&E in bed. Jun in W/C. Rob in HoH. G'nite. NT

Sep 06 2003 02:35, Sat Jet   Link
All HG's sleeping. Looks like no more drama tonite. Nite all. NT

Sep 06 2003 05:25, Sat Anonymous   Link
Jun just used the bathroom without a trip to the sink, it's too late in the game to care about that facade. NT

Sep 06 2003 10:40, Sat JulieH   Link
Erica up...went to back in bed NT

Sep 06 2003 11:07, Sat Vaseflower2000   Link
still asleep at 1:00 EST. NT

Sep 06 2003 11:37, Sat JessicaRabbit   Link
All are up and congregating in the kitchen living room area.
Jun making breakfast.
Erika putting things away.
Ali sitting on couch drinking a coffee drink of Robert's.
Rob sitting on couch in HOH robe.

They are on inside lockdown for Luxury Comp. They have seen what looks like a big chainlink fence outside.

Sep 06 2003 11:46, Sat Vaseflower2000   Link
ju is at the sink and rob,ali and eri are at the table eating. NT

Sep 06 2003 12:01, Sat Vaseflower2000   Link
ju in kitchen and eri is laying down on the living room couch. NT

Sep 06 2003 12:09, Sat ktan   Link
Luxury competition is scheduled for 12:30pm PT NT

Sep 06 2003 12:18, Sat Quench   Link
HG back in their beds. But you can distinctly hear a chainsaw in the background. NT

Sep 06 2003 12:19, Sat JulieH   Link
A little bit ago Jun was in the kitchen and Ali came up to her whispering something about how shocked E and R will be and how Rob hates both
Alison and Jun. Jun nodded but didn't say much. I think she was afraid of listeners by the way she behaved. Then she told ali that she was going to go lay down and try to get some sleep.

Sep 06 2003 12:35, Sat JessicaRabbit   Link

Sep 06 2003 12:37, Sat Anonymous   Link
Camera changes to what looked like the BY with a closeup of a big push button. NT

Sep 06 2003 12:42, Sat Anonymous ParentRootLink

Sep 06 2003 12:52, Sat JessicaRabbit   Link
They are back
Erika sleeping in bed
Rob sleeping in HOH
Jun adjusting boobs in hall mirror. (Bathing suit top)
Ali brushing teeth

Sep 06 2003 12:54, Sat JessicaRabbit   Link
BB just woke Rob up. Luxury must be starting real soon. NT

Sep 06 2003 13:19, Sat JessicaRabbit   Link
Since no one is updating, I will pass this along.
Rob is in DR. Houseguests chose balls #ed 1-4.
Rob 1
Erika 2
Jun 3
Ali 4
Then Rob went into DR. Luxury comp will be starting very soon. (BB had said 12:30 earlier.)

Sep 06 2003 13:23, Sat JessicaRabbit   Link
FOTH, but as far as feeds Rob is still in DR. NT

Sep 06 2003 13:24, Sat JessicaRabbit   Link
FOTH over, and still no Rob. NT

Sep 06 2003 13:29, Sat FuggyBootnling   Link
Women chatting on couch, speculating about Luxury...
Just assorted topics. Talking about how they may be winning computers. None of them like Macs.

Ali says that Jun reminds her of Amy from last year. Erica chimes in with a "I like cheese, all KINDS of cheese!' in an exaggerated Amy voice. They all laugh at this - she does it well.

Brief FOTH, still just women on couch. Ratbert not there...

Ali now talking about singing at a baseball game in front of 70000 people. That she was very nervous. Erica isn't listening to intently. Erica goes toward the bathroom, muttering a few assorted lines from GNR's "Welcome to the Jungle" under her breath.

They are all back on the couch at BB's request...

Rat: "Are you ready for the best luxury competition you have had???!!!??"

Rat: "The prize blows EVERYTHING away!!"

posting before it starts....

Sep 06 2003 13:35, Sat Vaseflower2000   Link
foth and they all have striped tops on. NT

Sep 06 2003 13:36, Sat Vaseflower2000   Link
they looked outside and it looks like a prison. ali said she had a dream and it looked somewhat like this. foth NT

Sep 06 2003 13:37, Sat FuggyBootnling   Link
They are dressing up in black and white stripped prison uniforms...
Ratbert knows what the prize is, and can't wait to see their reaction. He is just beaming!

Ali: "These pants are so goofy."

The women yell out they want to take off the prison pants. FOTH. They still have them on, so BB said no.

They even have little caps on. Ali: "I feel like a weiner!"


BB asks them to stop chewing gum. Ali: "How can you tell we are chewing?"

BB: "You have a microphone on! We can hear that!"


Now they are outside...some sort of cages with chain link fences and tubes to crawl through, according to Jun.

FOTH so posting...

Sep 06 2003 13:40, Sat Vaseflower2000   Link
they are dressed like prisoners. all stripped shirts,pants, and hats. NT

Sep 06 2003 13:41, Sat FuggyBootnling   Link
They are sitting waiting their cute little jail outfits!!
Looking at things in the BY. Ali sees balls and chains. They are speculating it will be difficult.

BB asks Rob to check something. Then FOTH (funny - you don't usually hear this much banter between the HGs and BB. It's kinda odd.)

Sep 06 2003 13:41, Sat Vaseflower2000   Link
they get to ride in a blimp over LA if they complete the course. NT

Sep 06 2003 13:44, Sat ktan   Link
The HGs are very unhappy about the prize for the comp. NT

Sep 06 2003 13:45, Sat Anonymous   Link
Ali: "Previous shows get cars... we get a FOTHing blimb!"
None of the girls are interested in doing the challenge... the prize being a blimp ride over Hollywood and other parts of L.A. Ali: "This is worst than laundry." Now BB is having Rob re-read parts, no doubt with instructions to the girls to applaud. And THEY DO! (All of this predicted and written in real time.)

The applause from the girls was not enough. Rob: "What were you expecting?" Now back to FOTH. No doubt to re-do it AGAIN.

Sep 06 2003 13:45, Sat raven1   Link
All dressed in stripped prison suites, and the grand prize!
A trip ride for two on the Goodyear blimp....they are not to happy about the prize. LOL

Sep 06 2003 13:47, Sat Quench   Link
Competition Rules
We have been stuck in the BB house for 64 days Now is our chance to escape the BB house. You must pass over famous walls and you will win a flight over Los Angeles in the world famous Good Year Blimp.

You put on your ball and chain.
First - Go through the swamp (pool)
Second - Force Field - Bungee Wall
Third - Barbed Wire - Through mud
Four - Sewer Pipe to the outside
Five - 2 Security Gates
Then press on the Button to record your time

The 2 HG's with the fastest time will go on a ride in the Good Year Blimp.

Sep 06 2003 13:48, Sat FuggyBootnling   Link
Jun: (laughing hysterically!!!!) "Who wants to go on a f**kin' blimp ride??!!??"
There is lots of laughing here. The women are incredulous. NONE of them seems at all happy about it. They really kinda think it's stupid.

We get lots of FOTHs. They want them to cheer as Ratbert reads the description. He gets through it, and...the women can't even fake enthusiam!! Jun is still just giggling away. Erica comments they will have to do laundry tomorrow. Yet another FOTH, for a little while...

Sep 06 2003 13:49, Sat Quench   Link
The HG's are not thrilled about going through
the mud. Ali complains about the Laundry challenge they had. Erika says we will need laundry after this competition.

Ali doesn't want to go on a Blimp. Robert wants to go. Just to go somewhere out of the house.

The producers are FOTH several times and come back to Rob repeating the rules and the ending for TV. He flubs it a couple of times but when he gets it right the women are not cheering loud enough. So FOTH yet again.

Sep 06 2003 13:55, Sat Anonymous   Link
The competition begins "Run Forrest Run!"
No doubt the reaction you will see on Tues show will be the stuff done in FOTH.

Jun to Rob: "Run Forrest Run! Run through the pipe! The pipe is calling!"

Sep 06 2003 13:55, Sat avichaiyl   Link
roberts time 1:58 NT

Sep 06 2003 13:57, Sat Anonymous   Link
Strangely during Rob's run...
They only show the clock and the girls egging/mocking him on on all four feeds. Apparently Rob's having trouble. Ali: "Dude, you're a mess." (Could just be the mud she's referring to.) Now FOTH for now seeming reason (heard a BB producer start to talk).

Sep 06 2003 13:58, Sat Quench   Link
Robert's time 1:58 NT

Sep 06 2003 13:59, Sat Quench   Link
Alison says Erika you make one hot jail bird. Then she says
I can't believe the ball is a piece of sheet.

Now we see Erika in the pool

Sep 06 2003 13:59, Sat Anonymous   Link
They're not showing Erika's turn either... only clock and reactions on feeds NT

Sep 06 2003 14:00, Sat Quench   Link
Erika's Time so far is 2.24 NT

Sep 06 2003 14:01, Sat Anonymous   Link
Ali and Jun doing a "wave" to cheer on Erika... tone in their voice says no one cares about this lux comp NT

Sep 06 2003 14:01, Sat Quench   Link
Erika's final time 2:49 NT

Sep 06 2003 14:01, Sat ktan   Link
Erika is going slow but Ali and Jun is saying she's moving like a "cheetah" and other words of encouragement in a less-than-thrilled tone. NT

Sep 06 2003 14:02, Sat Quench   Link
The clock won't stop Erika pounds the daylights out of it. 3:06.. You can see
it move backwards then FOTH

Sep 06 2003 14:05, Sat FuggyBootnling   Link
Can only see Jun and Ali "cheering" Erica on, but it's plain from their comments...
That she isn't trying at all. Going as slow as possible. Jun just can't stop laughing, and Ali isn't much better. Ali calls the ball and chain "The worst idea EVER!" They mock cheer Erica on - sarcastic tone to "Goooo Erica! Goooo Erica!!"

They are pretty much just handing this thing to Rob I think.


Sep 06 2003 14:05, Sat Quench   Link
Jun is up next. Erika is out of her wet, muddy outfit. BB decided 2:49 was Erika's final time. NT

Sep 06 2003 14:06, Sat Quench   Link
BB: On your mark get set go
Jun: jumps in pool you can hear her... Oh NO I am trying to escape the BB house ... Oh help me

Jun: Ewww Gross...

Ali yelling gogogogogogogoogo

Yelling from Jun

Sep 06 2003 14:07, Sat Quench   Link
Jun's time 1:20 NT

Sep 06 2003 14:08, Sat Quench   Link
You can hear Jun's breathing very hard. and Laughing.She is filthy NT

Sep 06 2003 14:08, Sat Anonymous   Link
M: "How much time will this filler make for a future episode?"
Okay, the "M" is "Me." But Jun is screaming, "Oh my God, help, help!" As she hits water. Again, we only see the clock and reactions on the feeds. Jun: "Oh my God, let me in, let me in."

Final Jun time: 1:20

Sep 06 2003 14:08, Sat FuggyBootnling   Link
Jun is really mocking this as she makes her run...
Jun yelling as she starts "OH MY GOD!!! I HAVE TO ESCAPE FROM THE BIG BROTHER HOUSE!!!"

But she makes it through quickly...but then just stands there, doesn't hit the button to finish. FOTH. Rob records her time (sorry, didn't catch it)

Sep 06 2003 14:09, Sat Quench   Link
Ali - BB: on your mark get set go
Jun - Bob is going to get you...

Jun - Do it for your pen pals on the outside

Ali - yelling and banging into things

Sep 06 2003 14:09, Sat Anonymous   Link
Ali wins with 1:02 NT

Sep 06 2003 14:09, Sat Quench   Link
Ali's time 1:02 NT

Sep 06 2003 14:09, Sat Quench   Link
Ali and Jun win the Trip NT

Sep 06 2003 14:51, Sat realityrita   Link
A camera was focused on a cell phone sitting on a table (not sure where the table was located) NT

Sep 06 2003 15:04, Sat realityrita   Link
Robert is telling Erica that her mother is okay because her brother is taking goodcare of her just as his family is doing the same for his daughter
(Erica is pouting and Robert is trying to cheer her up)

Sep 06 2003 15:06, Sat realityrita   Link
Robert just announced that the Blimp ride is tomorrow NT

Sep 06 2003 15:06, Sat ktan   Link
Rob informs Ali and Jun blimp ride will be tomorrow while AC will be tonight. NT

Sep 06 2003 15:09, Sat realityrita   Link
Erica - "I want to talk to my mom so bad to see if she is " R-"talk to Sean..he will tell you, I have" NT

Sep 06 2003 15:45, Sat mommamia   Link
Girls eating. A lot of tension at the table. Rob in shower. NT

Sep 06 2003 16:22, Sat babyblue   Link
Ali sleeping. E/J & R all talking in kitchen about the youth of the cast this year
Feeling this year's game, in the beginning, had to be played in an emotional manner due to the youth of the larger majority of the original cast (who are now gone, w/the exception of A).
Erika, Jun & Rob talking about how well they feel they have 'represented' for their age group. That this is an "adult's game". That Ali has only managed to get this far because she is so wicked.

Sep 06 2003 17:07, Sat Dreamer   Link

Sep 06 2003 17:24, Sat cutiecat   Link
Rob won America's Choice. NT

Sep 06 2003 17:24, Sat HappyInTulsa   Link
Rob won call from daughter NT

Sep 06 2003 17:26, Sat DC1   Link
F3 Robert goes into the HOH room alone...grabs the brown honey bear and throws himself on the bed..sobbing uncontrollably... NT

Sep 06 2003 17:27, Sat DC1 ParentRootLink
BB pans to 2 pictures of Roberts Daughter Alana in the HOH room-then back to Rob-before he went into HOH he told Er he didn't know she would cry. NT

Sep 06 2003 17:28, Sat DC1 ParentRootLink
Meaning his daugher...she evidently cried on the phone when he talked to her and this is tearing Robert up.... NT

Sep 06 2003 17:42, Sat ktan   Link
BB tells Rob to go to the DR. Short FOTH and then returns to the women in the kitchen. NT

Sep 06 2003 18:07, Sat lolashowgirl   Link
cameraman following Erica with "butt shots" as she walks around the kitchen NT

Sep 06 2003 18:42, Sat ktan   Link
Ali says she and Jun leave for blimp ride at 10:30am tomorrow and will be gone all day. NT

Sep 06 2003 18:42, Sat realityrita   Link
Ali says they leave for the Blimp ride at 10:30 a.m. tomorrow morning NT

Sep 06 2003 19:09, Sat BBwannabe   Link
Robert teasing Ali about the blimp ride. Ro says, "Ali, have you ever seen
the movie 'Black Sunday'?"
Ali: "Shut the f*** up! I already don't want to go on the fu***ing blimp ride!"
Ro: You have to
Ali: I know but I rather do it blindfolded

Sep 06 2003 19:12, Sat BBwannabe   Link
A few minutes ago: Rob and Er in the BY. Rob tells Er that she's so lucky
because she has ??? to be friends with. He only cares about seeing ??? when he gets out.
(Anyone catch this?)

Sep 06 2003 19:15, Sat BBwannabe   Link
Er and Ro in the BY
Er: Tomorrow is Sunday and we'll do some Salsa dancing
Ro: Yes! We'll dance our asses off!
Er: We'll make up some new moves
Conversation Changes
Er: I was credited 50 seconds for my balls coming undone (must be refering to a competition)

Sep 06 2003 19:24, Sat BBwannabe   Link
Er and AIi in BY. Ali telling Er that the next HoH is a two part like last year.
Ali is implying to Erica that she will be keeping Erica this round and that they will both be competing next week. (hmmm. Now what do you wanna bet she tells Jun the same thing)

Sep 06 2003 19:35, Sat Silas   Link
Erika and Rob in the backyard, talking
Erika: Do you notice that Rob?
Rob: Yeah I do.

Erika is bouncing what appears to be a basketball. Erika is in the front yard with Rob.

Rob: I dont' remember last year that many diary sessions. How much do you hear form the people, a lot or no?
Erika: I think it's narrative. Like, "I saw this huge obstacle course". It's like narration. WE narrate the day.
Rob: So they don't get our whole diary room session?
Erika: No because then it'd be a super boring show. Like something would happen in the house, then cut to a diary room session. Isn't that how it works?
Rob: I don't remember hearing anything .. except..
Erika: LIttle bits and snippits. Like you would see Danielle. One down, 10 to go. and then it would cut, that is it. you know?
Rob: Who said that?
Erika: Danielle.
Rob: She said that?
Erika: I was scared of her. And she'd sit on that chair and then go like ... "8 down... three to go". LIke she's the executioner.
Rob: That's what Dana said. Yeah I don't know where she got that from.
Erika: Crazy.

Rob: She got mad at Justin once because, if he got HoH he wouldn't put you up.

Rob explains how her discussions with Dana had gotten her p**sed off. Then when they didn't mention Ali she got p**sed off and left.

Erika's bouncing the basketball again. Rob's doing some sort of workout with the dumbells.

Erika: A lot of birds around here.

Erika takes another shot.

Rob: Funny how you don't see that many crows here. I mean, you don't see them more either. Somebody else said that too. These people that are from here don't see that many crows.
Erika: Yeah we have tons of crows.
Rob: Then Jee asks why you have so many and I go, that's normal.

Erika takes a few more shots with the basketball.

Erika: I feel like there should be some more people here.

Erika's explaining how they were telling her in the diary room about the ride and blimp.

Rob: Yeah I'm surprised they made us be honest about this.

Erika's saying how she wasn't excited in the good year blimp, and asked if she had to act excited or not.

Erika: How can you even compare that to the VMAs?
Rob: It's outside in the house.
Erika: There's no Britney Spears or a red carpet in the blimp! There's no Destiny's Child in the blimp!
Rob: Wait til you come back then talk to me.

Sep 06 2003 19:47, Sat Silas   Link
HGs talk about Jee and his character
Jun is inside the house alone, Ali is sitting on a chair outside, Erika bouncing a basketball, Rob walking beside the pool.

Jun goes outside, saying something was at 7:30 instead of 8:00.

Rob: I put your clothes next to the circle room. The bikini and towels I think.
Jun: Oh yeah thank you.

Rob's working out with the dumbells.

Rob: Hey um, is it a big deal for Korean men to date outside of their race?
Jun: Korean men don't really date outside their race because they know what's expected, and know they don't deliver. I've read articles in asian magazines.

Rob says he and Justin was teasing Jee regarding something about the subject of dating outside of his race.

Jun: As far as preference he's definitely not the typical Korean. Korean girls are like, we expect a lot so we give a lot. But he's all about hispanic girls.
Erika: He's an international player. Somehow I don't see Jee as that type. With his velvet rope, cigarette... yeah right, you put him in a room of real non-korean woman ...
Rob: It's not about money, she's not like June. We're like, anyone would love 5,000.

Rob's saying they would say things to p*ss him off, regarding winning the money, and making it clear that Carmen isn't it for the money.

Erika: He seems sheltered.
Rob: That's a good word. Isn't he jun?
Jun: He's not so much sheltered, as he hasn't done anything. He grew up in Queens when he came to this country, his family never went on vacation, he's never been to other countries, other cultures. IN that way he is sheltered.
Rob: Right right.
Jun: That's the problem. he hasn't been anywhere yet. Jee.. he never leaves f**king queens. Everything he needs is in Queens. Everything's cheaper in Queens.

Ali: Maybe he can't just afford.. I mean, he drives a minivan. He obviously can't, I mean I'm sure if he could I'm sure he'd love to. Because he says he tries to take Carmen to trips. They went to Niagara falls, dominican republic.
Rob: He still wouldn't want to feed Carmen to a nice restaurant.
Jun: He'd save that money and go to red lobster.. and not go to a 4 / 5 star restaurant. He thinks he wouldn't be keeping it real by doing all that stuff.

Ali's talking about how some certain camera is being used or not.

Jun: We have an hour to dinner.
Rob: <laughs>
Jun: I mean no offense, but the girls he lines up is not quality.
Rob: "I got 'em lined up, and they're not Korean either" (imitates Jee). I mean, what the f**k was that?

Rob: That's why he calls him twinkies "Yellow on the outside, white on the inside". You're a shallow twinky, that's what he used to say.
Jun: He used to love calling me shallow.

Ali: We leave at 10:30 in the morning [the blimp ride, that is]. We're gonna be gone for a while.

Rob: I dont' think you'll be gone all day.
Jun: I think it's gonna be 2 hours.
Ali: I think I'm gonna wear jeans and tanks.

Jun and Ali's thinking about wearing hoochie shorts.

Jun: They're gonna be filming us so we gotta look good.
Erika: Remember last year for the boat ride..
Rob: Jason got all dressed. He wore a collared shirt.. like a polo, and nice pants.
Erika: Look cute; cute casual. Cute cas..

Alison starts to jump rope.

Sep 06 2003 19:55, Sat Silas   Link
Jun talks about her relationship with Jee and why it didn't work
Jun is telling the houseguests how Jee kept calling her shallow, and the reason why none of their friends keep in touch with them is because she's so shallow, then Jun says how they were his friends first. Jun talks more about her relationship, and how she says she wants to move on.

Jun: And when he called me shallow, I said I would call him anything I want too. Justin would be like "shut up Jee, shut up" and he never would. I just got so sick of it.

Ali asks Jun to borrow some clothes.

Rob: What are we supposed to do about lunch tomorrow?
Jun: I'll cook.
Rob: Jun can you please do something about tomorrow?
Ali: We have greek left over too.
Jun: "I'll just make a casserole and you kids can just put it in the oven" (in a deep voice)

They start talking about food.

Jun: Helloooo. I know what liver tastes like.
Jun: Yours was actually oyster and brussel sprouts.
Ali: So there's like three clubs in competitions.
Erika: Well that f**king ball and chain kept falling apart.

Ali talks about how Rob's buzzer wasn't working.

Jun: I was getting nervous for them.
Ali: Oh my god what are they going to do.
Rob: I'm surprised it hasn't happened on a live show.
Erika: It happened a lot.
Jun: Storage....
Rob: Already?

Rob goes inside the house.

Jun: I think he and Carmen will be happy for a long time. He'll need someone younger that he can control. He was possessive in what I can wear. For the most part I had the money and control the finance. So he felt less of a man I guess. Carmen's younger and he can be the man. Dude I was crazy.. I was fat when I was with him. I'm like, I'm not going anywhere. He was like, why are you wearing that? Who do you wanna wear that for? I mean, everything V-neck, he would want me to change. He'd want me to cover my butt with my shirt. He was always like that. He was so weird! And we were both virgins and stuff. Yeah, our marriage would have never worked.
Rob: f**k no.
Jun: He used to tell me he'd be a stay at home dad, and he'd bring home the bacon. That would freak me out, when he said things like that. His mom expected to live with us, and I was supposed to give her a garden in the front yard... they were like planning our future for us. I was like, no way, you're crazy. She's doing fine I heard. She definitely needs some guidance.
Rob: She seems tough though.
Jun: That family, he should have been the girl she should have been the boy. Just like in my family; I should have been the boy. [whatever that means; i might have misheard]

Sep 06 2003 20:41, Sat JulieH ParentRootLink
2 things... 1)Jun said that jee wanted to stay home with the kids and let her bring home the money. And, 2) jun was saying she
worried about Jees sister but she heard that she was doing ok but needed some guidance. Jee's sister should have been the boy and Jee should have been the girl. Alluding to the fact that Jee's sister is a strong person.

Sep 06 2003 20:11, Sat Silas   Link
More houseguest talk...
[pre-note: it was way too fast for me to keep up]

Rob talks about Spike Lee and some movie, and how he could have possibly "saved his life" [alison joked about this].

Jun mentions something about a clothing store across the street from where she used to live.

Ali: Was it nice?
Jun: I wouldn't buy anything from there. They asked what I thought about being in those jail clothes..

Jun: I was like, good year blimp ride and ... what?
Rob: That only happened with the girls. Justin would have loved it, Nathan would have loved it, all the guys would have liked it.
Ali: We're on that f***ing blimp.
Erika: I had a helicopter ride, that was cool.
Jun: I was like, you need to give us more than a f***ing blimp ride.
Erika: You're probably gonna fly over the outer stadium...
Jun: I've never even been to L.A.
Erika: You'll like it. You'll see the ocean...
Rob: The Hollywood sign.
Erika: From my street I can look outside and see the hollywood sign.
Rob: They say that's the second most popular sign in the world.

They then ask what's the first. Rob says he doesn't know.

Ali: Yeah but what would be first?
Jun: I'm trying to think of something in New York.
Rob: Another popular sign: Welcome to Las Vegas.
Ali: Isn't there one like on the road, like area 51.. something about UFO's have been spotted here.. like a green sign.
Erika: I haven't seen it I don't even know about that.

Alison starts to skip rope, Jun steps inside the house, Erika's sitting outside.

Erika: It's so funny when there was a blimp outside my house.

She says how her dog was barking at it.

Erika: It was really low.
Ali: I'm so f**king lazy.

Ali: Done with all your stuff on the bench?
Jun: Yeah.
Ali: okay.
Ali: Our pool is really clearing up.
Rob: Yup.
Jun: Is that the last luxury?
Ali: yup.
Rob: Are all the competitions done as far as food?
Ali: I think there's only one competition one. Danielle and Jason didn't compete for food.
Jun: That's cheesy. We didn't get s**t this year.

Rob: You don't think any cash at all this year?
Erika: No.
Jun: My girlfreind's gonan die laughing that I got a f**king ride on the blimp.
Ali: Oh my god yeah they will.
Jun: It was so funny that you were excited about it. And I'm like Rob's excited, and I'm like that can't be good.
Rob: I mean it's pretty cool, going on the ride.
Ali: We're all just like, YEA... oh my god are you kidding me? I was flatout p**sed.
Jun: If they had said I'd skate for 5 hours on Rodeo.

Ali: They made me go at 9:30, and then I had to be back at 11. The only thing I got with my money was Starbucks.
Erika: Just to get out.

Jun: what time did you go? 6?
Erika: Yeah it was later.

Someone mentions how they got out at 4:35.

Erika: I can't believe they woke you up to do that.
Ali: That's when I saw the Sheraton with the hilton hat. They had a headset. "yeah there's always cheesy shows around here" (imitating somebody). No f**king clue.

Rob: Gee, a lot of things could have happened. i could have done a city walk.. I mean i always know people. See all that stuff I would have picked on. It's very possible for us to see the two same people.

Rob: Justin went by himself.

Ali: The handler went with 3 of us: Me, Amanda, and this black girl.. the handler took the black girl.
Jun: I took the elevator up and walked. It was so f**king close.
Ali: YOu didn't take the shuttle?
Jun: I saw this blond curly-haired b*tch and said I'm not gonna go on the shuttle with her. That's right you stupid skank are you watching??

Ali says how her boyfriend looked up reality shows and mentioned how they always take good looking girls. Ali's saying how Justin looks so good on TV.

Ali: Donnie's gonna have a frickin' heart attack.

Sep 06 2003 20:20, Sat Silas   Link
Food has arrived
Jun is skipping rope. Erika is on her back relaxing. Alison is standing up lifting weights. Ali looks up at the sky and comments about the plane with Jun.

Rob: I wonder when they're gonna fly out.
Jun: Yeah the blimp.
Ali: I heard it flies straight up, then starts putting. I'm gonna be like (making barfing noises).
Jun: I wonder if there's gonna be anyone else with us. I wanna bring Jonah with me.
Ali: Probably Sean.
Jun: I told them like, yeah I'm defeating the purpose of being in this house. Because I'm going out.. again.
Rob: That's not bad..
Ali: What time is it Rob?
Rob: 7:15.

Feed three shows a closeup of what looks like various food. The camera pans across the food in circular containers (in storage).

Jun starts to jump rope again.

BB says something about dinner being ready. Houseguests proceed inside the house.

Erika: Mmm you smell that?
Ali: Yeah man!
Rob: What, food?
Jun: Yup!

As they all enter, they simultaneously says "whoaa!!!". They stack a bunch of containers inside storage and carry it outside.

Rob: Again,
Jun: All the food in the world!

Jun: Fruit Salad...

Rob: What is this?
Jun: It's like yogurt... it's salty.
Jun: Storage room please? Thank you.
Erika: This is a lot of food again. You're gonna have lamb?
Ali: Yeah.

Jun: OH. Calamari.
Erika: OH, hello.
Ali: Is it good?
Erika: Mm hmm.. Mm mm mm.
Rob: You guys save me some food, okay? (points to food) that looks good.
Jun: I'm not a lamb eater.

Ali says how she likes lamb.

Sep 06 2003 20:52, Sat joannie   Link
FLASH Rob volunteers to do dishes NT

Sep 06 2003 20:54, Sat joannie   Link
Erika shooting baskets alone in the BY
The others are inside, eating, talking, and laughing.

Sep 06 2003 20:55, Sat joannie   Link
Jun whispering to Ali: "Erika's kicking herself in the a$$!" NT

Sep 06 2003 20:57, Sat joannie   Link
Ali: "How can American be f'ing in love with Robert???"
Jun: "Cuz he has a kid. That's the only thing."

Sep 06 2003 21:00, Sat joannie   Link
Ali: "I liked Danielle last year. She was my favorite person."
Ali says that Danielle did all the hard work, and Lisa just won because she wasn't dirty.

Sep 06 2003 21:53, Sat Jokerette   Link
Allie: i didn't keep Jack around as it would have f'd you over too
As she talks to rat.

Rat: I assumed when jee left it's me against you 3. I needed to win this hoh. If I lose next week =i= lost. If this week I was in their position, I'd feel I was 1 week away from finals. Of course I want to win. But there's no keeping shyt from people at this point.

Al: everyone wants to go to finals and win.

Jun feels sick, says she's working out drunk.

Sep 06 2003 21:54, Sat BBWhat   Link
Rob and Ali talking in washroom
Rob: you are you more intimidated by?

Ali: if I win next HOH, nobody.

Rob: Is that what you're wondering about, if..

Ali: I'm just wondering about being up against each person.

Rob: Just pretend if it was you and Erika in the finals, or you and Jun.

Ali: I already did.


Rob: yeah but, if you look at it that way (losing a vote), it happens all the time, we have to vote them out. Whoever wins next HOH I'd lean more towards. But it's not one of those two, that's what I'm trying to say.

It's real hard to understand Rob's point. He seems kinda outclassed compared to Ali, in thinking jury vote strategy.

Ali: If I'm out and Jun's in finals, I'd vote for Jun. Jee would also and...

Rob: pretend it's you two. I'm going by who's winning the next two. Come on, you have to give it where it's due. Don't try and say where I am. I was mad at you last week, but I'm a man.

Rob saying that he won't necessarily vote against Ali, if Rob was in the jury. They are now going over who would vote for who.

Rob: I know Justin would be fair. Nate would be fair. I know I'd be fair.

Ali: I would be too.

Rob: let's think about if you're up there. If I'm out next week, I won't be mad at her for voting me out. You gotta go with your gut feeling.

Ali: what's your gut feeling. You don't know what you would do if you were in my spot.

Rob: no, I can't. I'm looking at how each person's played. We know who's got HOH, who's got veto. Now we have to think about what the jury thinks. If they want a certain person, you have to take the other person.

Ali suggests there are some jury members who are dead set on who they would vote for, and not vote for. Ali praising Jun's game skills.

Ali: I'm answering myself (Jun a threat). Now what do I do about that?

Rob: this is the way I look at it, if it was me and Justin, you gotta be honest. If feel that if it is the only way I could win the game, he can't be mad at you. Don't keep him kissing your ass, because you would be sick of it.

Ali: did you see what I did. Today after the luxury comp, Erika was like, don't talk to her. That makes me hate that shyt.

Rob: you gotta, you know... The reason why I wanted you out, I know you actually do have votes. You have done good in the game. I'm thinking logically. When you needed to win, you did. When you said I'm not packing my bags, I love that stuff. I'm being real about who's played the game. I'm just telling you to help you. I'm not mad about being f*cked over. Just think about who you don't f*cking want to go against... Jack has never told me once he wanted Ali out.

Ali relays the time she overhead Jack and the boys in the hot tub.

Ali: I could hear the whole conversation. I know you wanted Erika out. I think Jack and Jee had an alliance. Erika and I caught them talking once together in the pool, you could tell it was about the game. If he (Jack) wouldn't have got you out, Jee would have. I really don't care right now if you had an alliance with either of them.

Rob: I was thinking if I won HOH, I had a chance. If I don't win next HOH, I'm gone.

Rob glad he had the chance to get in the finals, rather than being evicted earlier.

Ali: that makes sense. Everybody want to go to the finals.

Jun comes in.

Ali: was Erika going to vote me out. Honestly?

Rob: no.

Talking about eating and exercising. Digesting.

Sep 06 2003 21:57, Sat Jokerette   Link
Allie and Jun
Jun says if he's smart.. Allie says we were running through everything. Jun says you should stay out of it. Al: He wasn't telling me what to do. He flat out told me he'd never take me to finals.

Allie goes outside. Says she wants a clock. Rob asks if Jun took it, no she was inside.

they are laughing. Jun is pooing, er says. Rob wonders if Jun heard what they said, though they didn't say much. He wants them to have heard. Er and Allie agree, nothing to hide.

Bounce with the ball. ACK

Sep 06 2003 22:01, Sat Jokerette   Link
rob wants to see footage of blimp and allie's face
She says it won't be pretty. She'll be flipping.

Er asks them what they were saying, if it was good.

Allie says it's none of your business, this is an a/b convo to you. You never heard that? Asks er if she's drunk. er says you like it when I'm drunk.

Er: When I start hitting on the camera you be careful.

Now rat is laughing: stuck with 3 drunk women. Allie says poor robert. Hates women, hates drinking, stuck in the house.

Er is tipsie. LOL She's playing with a camera, which goes in and out. SHe yelps "Don't touch me there!"

Er now drinking right out of the bottle. They are cracking up.

Sep 06 2003 22:04, Sat Jokerette   Link
Worst picup line Jun heard:
Don't you know the best part of Caucasian is "Asian?" Now they're howling.

Er: umm, gosh. they're all cheesy. OMG you're so gorgeous. Come up to me, know I'm going to slam you, just be real.

Alli: this guy in bar stands on stool next to me. Here here! I would like to thank you mam, she looks up. For bringing your breasts. I about shyt my pants.. it was in NY. I wanted to die.

Er: I would have died laughing, 'take me now'!

Sep 06 2003 22:50, Sat Jokerette   Link
Ali: I don't know what to do
Robert doesn't want me to say what I'm going to do. But I don't want someone to leave disapointed. I wanted to sit and say here's my reasons..

Er: I want to be totally honest. If you need her strategically, keep her. DOn't want to get in way of you keeping money. I never tried to get you out of house

Al" I don't trust her... er says she won't say what Jun said About Allie. but the relationshop er and allie had was genuine. I won't plead to you. If you want to keep me keep me.

Al: I am worried about getting dicked over in long run. Er: I won't dick you over.

Sep 06 2003 22:51, Sat Jokerette   Link
Now ab workout inside. Allie and Er. NT

Sep 06 2003 22:55, Sat BBwannabe   Link
Ali and Jun working out...Discussing something about both of them seeing something and
how both Ali and Jun knew that Ro and Er have an alliance.
Ali: I knew it from the second week
Ju: Yeah!
(Then bashing Erica big time)
Erica walks in convo change
Jun leaves
Ali: I don't know what I'm goign to do Wednesday
Er: You do whatever you have to do to be safe
Ali: Well..
Er: If you need to take her with you to the end to win, then that's what you need to do. I totally understand because you are hear to win and pay off your college
Ali: I just don't think that Jun would have saved me (this part went a little fast for me to keep up)She would have taken me down
Er: I'm not going to get into the backstabbing shyt. You guys go ahead and do what you need to do. But I won't get into (???). That's not my style
Er: I was not going to take you out. I care about you. I've been honest with you and loyal to you. You will see it in the diary room that I really like you and consider you as my little sister.
(Ali doesn't quite know what to say)
Er: You do what you need to do to take care of yourself

Sep 06 2003 22:58, Sat BBwannabe   Link
Er Jun and Ro BY. Erica and Jun saying that they didn't want to come onto the show to
have all their personal stuff be shared.
Er: I don't want people to know how I was in bed...Even though I'm great(says this with a laugh and then looks at Robert)I was wasn't I Rob.
(Earlier in the conversation Erica was talking about that she won't play the game dirty to win. Missed quite a bit so hoping someone can jump in)

Sep 06 2003 23:00, Sat Jokerette   Link
Er: that would be more valuable to me than money
She's talking to rat. There was a lot of foregiveness between you and I. I won't leave saying wow I didn't learn. I can forgive and ex.

Jun: I would rather have had strangers. Er says yes. Jun says it would have been more interesting, more areas of country er says LA and Ny. And that it wasn't the BB she signed up for

Jun agrees. Er says intereact with pepole. Jun: LIke survivor which I know I couldn't handle. Would have rather people from around the US. The ex BS messes up your game.

Er: Its been fine since rob and I cleared the air. Jun: I'll never see Jee again. People is America get to see my dirty laundry. Erika agrees: I didn't sign up for people learing how I was in bed. Right Rob? He doesn't respond.

Er: You know what I mean. Expect the Unexpcted was motto. Jun: this show was supposed to be about 12 strangers. Not 10 exes and 3 suckers.

Er: I was , like, I wasn't dissapointed to have someone in the house, but I didn't have the exp I thought I'd have. Jun and Rob agree about the ex thing: they culdn't strip down walls cause someone in house had so much history.

JunL: if Jee wasn't in this house you'd have seen my shallow side much more. You'd have pickedit up on your own rather than told by Jee.

Er: Rob and I we didn't have bad breakup, but after it got bad. Two sides of truth.

Rob: why does anyone need tofind out? We aren't getting back to gether.

Er: I will have to justify all the shyt I've done, why do I have to do this with strangers and why not with everybody?

Jun: they should have done 6 and 6. Er agrees, people with exes were at disatv, and stress. Jun says they'd have a lot more hookups. I wouldn't touch an ex, though Dana did

Er: I wouldn't hook up with RObert arond. Jun: we're adults.

Allie comes back and says Ralph said thank you. Er says he said to tell them he wasn't fired. They say he was just on vacation.. this is BB they're talking about, and of course, FOTH

Sep 06 2003 23:04, Sat BBwannabe   Link
More Er and Jun
Er: The couples were at a disadvantage. It should have been 6 and 6 and that would have been fair.
Jun: I'm not going to see Jee after the show
Er: Hooking up with someone's ex is just not cool. I wouldn't want Rob to hook up with someone in front of me and I wouldn't do the same. It's disrespectful.
Ju: They could have had a lot more hookups if they hadn't had the ex thing

Jun leaves conversation changes:
Er explains to Rob that Ali cornered her about Wednesday and she told her that she (Ali) needs to do whatever she feels she needs to do.
Rod: I'll work on her some more
Er: Jun's filling her head. I've never tried to go after her

Sep 06 2003 23:04, Sat Jokerette   Link
Ro: I'm sorry I fvcked up your experience (to er)
She says it was still good tho it wasn't what she thought it would be. She's glad they talked and had their truths and foregiveness. She and Rat are alone.

Er: It sucks that little biotch won the veto. Rob agrees.

He says he had a good talk with her.

Er says she also had talk with her. Rob says he makes allie answer her own questions. his next step is to push her more. He pushed Jun a bit stronger, why she shouldn't be there. But slowly, he says. Er says right, right.

I told her we can talk everyday about it b/c I don't want her pressured. that way I know what she's going through.

Er: Jun's filling her head w/stuff. She's so impressionable. She's smart, she's evil. I never liked Allison. Never tried to go after. I was reluctant.

Sep 06 2003 23:05, Sat mkemp   Link
Erika and Jun
in BY talking about the "X" factor. they think if BB was going to bring in ex's they should have had everyone with an "ex" instead of only a few of them, it would have been more fair. Jun says they would have had a lot more "hook-ups" if their ex's weren't there.

Jun is back in LR exercising with Ali again. Rob and Erika in BY talking at table. Erika telling Rob how Ali came out saying she doesn't know what to do.

Eri says Jun is filling Ali's head with stuff, she's so impressionable".
Ali's very emotional (Erika's words. not mine)
She's gonna think you and I have an alliance (Rob and Erika)
Rob saying she does not think that, don't worry.

Sep 06 2003 23:06, Sat mkemp   Link
Rob making Erika promise him she wouldn't/won't take Ali to the finals NT

Sep 06 2003 23:07, Sat Jokerette   Link
Er: Allie is emotional I knew there was something wrong
She said nothing wrong. Whatever jun feeding her is working. Ro says we'll see, I'll find out.

er: basiclaly she'll think you and I allied.. ROb says no, she hasn't asked. She asked if I care. Even if I have an allience with you.. but I don't. I'm gone next week.

So do NOT. (tell her)

Promise me you won't take her to end, ro says to er. I don't want to get screwed. I don't want "Sorry Rob I promised her." Er says I am NOT going to take her. Orginallyt hat was the plan but not after last few days. I thought she'd say Jun out of here but no nono."

Ro: what about me and you? Er says originally everyone wants allie in finals you can win with her. SHe's been treating me like shyt all day. I'm like fvck her, whatever."

Sep 06 2003 23:11, Sat Jokerette   Link
Allie: talking about rat: if it came to Jun and Er who would you take?
She's talking to Jun. SHe said she told him she'd never vote for Jun. He agreed. He said nothing stops her. He says he would vote for Jun over Erika. Ellie says it makes her feel better.

Jun says fvcking erika. Allie says fvcking robert. All this hate hate shyt is BS. That biotch from LA won't last. Allie laughs. LA Blood on their shoes.. only way she won HoH you gave it to her. You could have nailed her twice you didn/t she thinks she's going to finals.

JunL: it goes to show you don't have to be fake to win. Allie says I love you talk BS in DR, it's cool. I talked shyt on Jack and Dana and that was it.

Jun: they asked me if I was upset you won veto. I said it was me or her it doesn't matter. (about er) they think they're so smart.

Al: I told Nate, er and rob have had alliance since beginning, you'll see. Jun says yep and they're final 4.

Sep 06 2003 23:15, Sat BBwannabe   Link
Jun and Ali back in the living room trashing Erica (again)
Ali telling Jun what Erica said to her. Ali saying that helped so they (Ju and Ali) don't look like the evil stepsisters.
Ali: I don't want Rob to win anything
Jun and Ali: F***ing bi***!
Jun: They live in LA and don't tell me that they aren't friends
Ali: F***ing Robert is out next week
Jun: Last year there was a f***ing LA bi*** that won. Not this year!
Ali: I told Nathan when he was leaving that Rob and Erica have had an alliance since the second week. (Hmmm did Robert not vote to evict Erica twice???)
Jun: She's in his room all the time. She totally f***ed us, and she F***ed herself.Does she think that we're that f***ing dumb?

(It's the same crap different feed. These two have F*** as every other word)

Sep 06 2003 23:15, Sat Jokerette   Link
Jun: he's not good at secret meething, when they talk i hear
They are worried. Al: I don't want him to win anything.

Jun says robert hates eveyrthing, why doesn't he leave. He hasn't done shyt but ride on others coattails. Allie says Er no better. No vetos, no nothing.

Jun: he should be embarassed. Allie: if they find out he gets TWO A/cs there has to be a reason behind it. that sux. We have to get him out. Jun: but allie and Jun got soemthing together. I can't understand. Why do they make it so obvious and then deny it? it doesn't work when you spend so much time together, don't tell me you made up. Er told her he had to go. Jun said you don't have to be fake anymore.

Allie: she told me before rob won HoH.. they'd target Jun. She said that to me, I didn't think anything. I didn't think he'd win Jun: she played so safe. Now she's picked robert and she's fvcked. he has now power. She left us and went to him. Allie says she's stupid. We've been the 2 strongest players since beginning of the game.

Jun: did she not realize? I told yo I'd pretend to hate RObert. They think our hate for each other.. it was gone long ago.

Allie: that was week 6. that's when it was right time for us to... And she asks if Jun was shockled when she asked alliance. Jun said no. perfect timing. Couldn't have done it earlier.

Sep 06 2003 23:34, Sat BBWhat   Link
Jun and Ali talking
The girls are saying that Erika doesn't need the prize money, she has a rich mother, and that LA bartenders make alot of money, plus she gets $60 an hour for pilates instruction.

Ali: I'm 23 years old, I'm not a baby.

Jun: she's totally trying to play that. What's she saying about me?

Ali: she put her Japanese thing around her pillow as a going away present. She thinks she's so f*cking smart.

Jun: ...we did it (teamed with Erika) only because it was our smartest move. And she was worried about us. She was like, I don't know if those girls would vote...

Ali: she was like, you won't vote against me? My god! Who does that shyt.

Jun: that last week she was up against Jack, she was driving me crazy. She'd come up to me in bed and would be like (in baby voice) is everything all right? She's trying to act all vulnerable.

Ali: she'd watch this thing on the internet. Go into chat rooms days ahead of time. She's sick.

Jun: she really wants it, and is so concerned about whether the internet people like her. They are f*cking sitting at home and never leaving their houses anyway. [Hey!]

Ali slams Erika for being a mother's girl, and having dogs.

Sep 06 2003 23:38, Sat BBWhat   Link
More Jun and Ali talking
Jun suggests that when the jury sits down and think about it, they'll be relatively fair with their votes. Jun points out that they have a number of days until the eviction, and that Erika will pull the heavy artillary out. Jun can see the stress on Ali's face.

Jun: It's all in your eyes.

Ali: that's so funny.

Jun: (mocks Erika talking) You're 33, man.

They need to take a poop.

Sep 06 2003 23:43, Sat BBWhat   Link
Rob and Jun talking outside.
Jun saying she and Ali were slaming people inside.

Rob: I needed to tell her what I had to tell her. I wanted her to know I wasn't straight with her when I was going out with her. I cheated on her when I was a drunk. I know that no woman should put up with that.

Jun: that's good. At least you got that, out of this experience.

Rob: I got that, we'll see what else.

Jun: I got laughed at for having "I love Jee" written on my ankle...

Michelle saw that written on Jun, and announced it out loud. Must have happened weeks ago.


Jun goes to washroom.

Rob: you finished drinking?

Jun: no, I'm gonna finish that.

Sep 07 2003 00:01, Sun Dreamer   Link
Erika talking to the camera: Come on guys, that was good tv..wasn't it?~ I was crying and everything

*video here

Sep 07 2003 00:18, Sun SonOfAbraxas   Link
Erika and Rob saying they would vote for Ali over Jun to win the game. NT