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Sep 07 2003 01:33, Sun BBWhat   Link
Rob and Erika talking in HOH room
Erika: he's kind of a womanizer.

Rob: that doesn't mean he's an *****.

They are talking about TV shows. Three's Company, I Love Lucy.

Sep 07 2003 01:38, Sun John_DK_ ParentRootLink
Note, they are in LR not HoH. NT

Sep 07 2003 02:34, Sun Grins   Link
Erika telling Jun & Robert that the DR told her not to talk about Scott in the house anymore. NT

Sep 07 2003 02:51, Sun fitty_little_me   Link
Jun/Erika/Robert in the LR: They discuss the Scott incident
Jun talks about how they were worried about Scott when he got into a tiff with Jun the day before his expulsion. They were going to complain about him earlier, but decided to hold off until another outburst occured. And low and behold, he went nuts and started throwing the chairs. Jun mentions how impressed she was with Nathan confronting Scott during the pow wow after it happen (remember Robert explaining his actions?) Nathan said something like "You always say your sorry. Your scaring the women and that's not acceptable." She didn't expect him to bold enough to stand up to Scott. Then she relates that the DR asked her to educate Alison and Michelle when they freaked out about possibly contracting Scott's genital warts. The DR told Jun "you a little older and more educated, could you please reassure the others that they're fine?" She agrees to do so. She jokes (I think) with Erika and Rob that she came back to them and screamed "Oh my god your totally going to get it!" ( Lots of Laughing at this comment) All agreed it was riduculous that those young girls burst into tears immediately after Scott revealed his disease.

Sep 07 2003 02:53, Sun fitty_little_me   Link
Houseguests go to bed. Good night. NT

Sep 07 2003 03:19, Sun davidmichelle   Link
Erika gets out of bed, the feeds don't follow her movement but it sounded like she opened up a packet of pills to help digest her dinner.
After Erika gets back in her bed, Jun speaks aloud, "Erika, my tummy hurts."

No response from Erika even though she's ruffling around with her blankets.

Jun tries again, "Erika."

No response.

Jun once again, "Erika. Erika, do you hear me?"

Nothing. Looks like a long night for Jun with digestive problems. Robert is still fussing around in the HOH bed, so he's still awake as well.

Sep 07 2003 10:04, Sun TheBigSista   Link
zilla up and brushing teeth, rat stirred but asleep, ali and erika spark out NT

Sep 07 2003 10:45, Sun TheBigSista   Link
ali up and out of the shower - getting ready for her day on the blimp NT

Sep 07 2003 10:47, Sun Carminkri   Link
Ali & Jun up getting ready for Luxury reward....Jun is
trying on different outfits, can't decide what to wear. Jun is complaining on how her shirt used to fit differently...she says.."I'm so going on a diet". Ali is running around in her towel. Erika and Rob still sleeping.

Sep 07 2003 10:50, Sun Vaseflower2000   Link
ali in bathroom putting on her make-up. NT

Sep 07 2003 11:07, Sun Carminkri   Link
Robert is finally awake & then called immediately to the diary room~ NT

Sep 07 2003 11:09, Sun Vaseflower2000   Link
ju is dressed in black.rob is now up. NT

Sep 07 2003 11:20, Sun Vaseflower2000   Link
ali is also dressed in black. in bathroom finishing her hair. NT

Sep 07 2003 11:42, Sun ktan   Link
Ali and Jun have left the house for their blimp ride. NT

Sep 07 2003 11:42, Sun realityrita   Link
Jun & Ali called to Diary Room & Erica gets up just as they leave NT

Sep 07 2003 11:49, Sun ktan   Link
Oops, Ali and Jun exited the DR. They haven't left yet. NT

Sep 07 2003 11:53, Sun ChiPrincess   Link
Jun and Alison said they were leaving by the back door. Now FOTH. NT

Sep 07 2003 11:57, Sun ktan   Link
Rob/Erika escorting Ali/Jun to the BY door to exit to the blimp ride. NT

Sep 07 2003 12:56, Sun joannie   Link
Rob trying to convince Erika not to give up, she still has a chance to get to the final 3
Erika looks defeated. She knows she's toast.

Sep 07 2003 12:59, Sun joannie   Link
Rob: "Ali feels safe with you. She TRUSTS you." NT

Sep 07 2003 13:10, Sun FuggyBootnling   Link
LOTS of conversation between Ratbert and Erica
They have been talking almost non-stop for more than an hour. Lots and lots of convo about how they can convince Ali to keep Erica in the house, trying to anticipate her thought process, how to approach her, what to say. Also intersperced with how they can't stand her. Erica does that she likes certain things about her, and could have some sort of friendship with her. Rat is not so convinced - he commented at one point that just hearing Ali's voice in the morning sets his teeth on edge. Erica agrees to a point, saying that she talks too loud, and then contrasting that with the peace there is in the house now.

That's a synopsis of what I've heard for the last hour...will now pick up with more detail...


Sep 07 2003 13:25, Sun FuggyBootnling   Link
Erica and Ratbert from 12:10 BB Time...
Rat is working on more angles with Ali - working on the angle of Jun saying something bad about Ali. How he won't volunteer it, but if she asks, he'll tell her.

Rat goes to the bathroom. As he's there the point to be made about this whole convo is that it's very relaxed, animated, and just kind of...placid. But with determiniation at figuring out how to keep Erica in.

Rat comes out...washes his hands...goes back to the LR where Erica is sitting silently.

Erica zoning out and looking at the fish. "It's nice and quiet around here...a good quiet."

Speculating on HOH. Erica says it's "gotta" start the night of the live show.

Trying to figure out the timeline. Ratbert somehow figures it's one week from this Wednesday that it's over. Wondering if the person leaving next will go to the sequester house. Erica thinks so...still a fair amount of time left.

Rat: "I said in the beginning it would be sh*tty to be the third person...but I'm not going to regret it."

Comfortable silence. Both still sitting in the LR.

Erica: "It's nice not having them here! I mean it' nice! Ali would be screaming."

R: "When she (Jun) talks about guys the way she does...that is classless for me, I wouldn't look at her for anything other than hooking up. That's the way she really is...that's so...unbelieveable to me."

E: "I think it has a lot to do with being heavy for a time, lot of insecurities. I think being 192's to cover the fact that" she's insecure about certain things. "That's why she puts people down so much...makes her feel better about herself."

Ratbert agrees.


R: "So how many hours do you think they will be (up there)?"

Erica thinks maybe three hours.

Rat says there's lots going on - go over a football game, Dodger stadium. They aren't exactly sure when they will be back.

Sep 07 2003 13:31, Sun FuggyBootnling   Link
Rat and Erica from 12:20 BB Time...
Convo continues. Broken by certain stretches of silence.

R: "I could just go on the blimp and have fun." Wondering if they will be able to see the blimp.

They go outside to look. No blimp. Erica: "We get a lot of camera time today!"

R: "Who would have ever thought in the first week we would have had this house to ourselves?" Erica laughs. She tests the water in the pool - it's warm. She is going to get on her suit.

E: "I feel, like, no stress."

R: "When I put up Ali, I told her 'I don't give a sh!t who leaves' " Thinking this threw her off about the fact that he wanted Ali out...especially considering "Jun is going to tell her stuff."

Erica is folding clothes in silence, so posting...

Sep 07 2003 13:40, Sun FuggyBootnling   Link
Rat is outside, so...
Erica is saying to herself (or in a sense to us!) "I have the Big Brother house to myself. It's so weird!!"

She comes out of the WC with her black bikini on. Checks herself out in the mirror. Goes into the kitchen.

R: "Can you put some block on my back?" as Erica walks outside.

E: "I was just saying to myself 'I'm in this house by myself.' It was really tripping me out."

She applies sunblock to Rat's back. Now he applies some to her back...really rubs it in.

Suddenly, their animated convo is down to small talk and comfortable silence - damn! So posting...

Sep 07 2003 13:52, Sun Silas   Link
Erika just said to Rob, "If you win, I want 20 grand in cash" and Rob said "You got it." NT

Sep 07 2003 14:02, Sun Dreamer   Link
Erika to Rob: Wouldn't it be funny if the blimp popped and they fell out of the sky and died?
she said it was a joke~

(Ed note: very sick joke)

Sep 07 2003 14:06, Sun FuggyBootnling   Link
Erica and Ratbert playing in the pool
Just enjoying the sun. The point needs to be made that there is PALPUBLY less tension in the house than there has been since...I don't know...maybe ever.

Rat saying if he wins Erica has to take him out. Erica: "If you win, I want $20000 in cash, just to keep up on my bills."

E: "The girls should be coming back any minute now." Rat is not so sure. Erica: "I'm not sure where the blimp would start from."

Rat says they will have different perspective on dealing with people once they get out. "I think of my friends, and I don't know one of them that could do this."

Rat figures his time would be beat, because Jun and Ali wanted to make sure of having time together.

They think they hear the blimp...the motor that runs the props on it, that is.

Rat: "I'm being very honest..."

Erica: "If you win HOH..."

Rat: "I'll win."

More speculation on how the votes will fall. Rat: "I really don't care" because he will be there with Erica.

E: "If I won next week, and took out Ali" people will appreciate that. He's been hammering this point home all afternoon - how the person who takes out Ali will look good, because she is so despised.

R: "I think of all the stuff you and I have done, so we get there AND we take Ali out?" He thinks that would be great.

Hard to follow...convo going all over the place...

R: "The last HOH will probably be the hardest. Whoever wins that has a really good shot." (ed: Gee, ya think??)

Silence, so posting...

Sep 07 2003 14:22, Sun Silas   Link
Erika and Rob decide to have lunch then eat outside
Erika and Rob in the pool, talking.

Erika: Honestly I don't know how much I would have trusted Jun.
Rob: Yeah, me not 100%, but I didn't wanna push it because she'll think I have something. You really don't know with her.

Erika agrees.

Rob: Jun's the one that obviously wants you out because it would have been you. If you wanna know Jun campaign, that way I got that against... like, she wanted me to try and do something about it.

More silence follows.

Erika: It would have been kinda cool if they set lunch up for us.
Rob: That'd be nice.

[too fast for me to keep up here]

Erika: Yeah, Asian Akita[sp?] will be awesome! Why don't you go send me, I'll go pick it up myself.
Rob: I thought I was gonna eat the lunch too.
Erika: There's the mein, there's a bunch of stuff.

More silence. Lots more silence. Erika is floating along in her pink flotation device.

Erika: I'm getting hungry.
Rob: I know.
Erika: You too? Wanna have a little lunch?

Both Erika and Rob get out of the pool.

Rob: I think that might have a hole in it? [flotation device]
Erika: Ya think?

Erika: I heard someone say blimp. [she thought she did]
Erika: I'm sure they'll call us if there were.

Erika takes her blue and white towel and wraps around herself.
Rob is outside, wrapped from the waist down in a yellow towel then steps inside the house.

Erika: I wanna eat outside, you wanna eat outside?
Rob: Yeah, of course.

Erika puts some sort of food [looks like noodles] in a green bowl for herself. She helps herself to some, then puts the bowl in the microwave. Rob comes in and takes a plate.

Rob takes out what looks like Doritos.

Rob talks about grabbing hummus, and Erika asks if he wants white or brown bread.
Rob takes out cucumbers and asks if they are old. Erika says she doesn't think so.

Sep 07 2003 14:23, Sun ktan   Link
Blimp flying over BB house now!!! NT

Sep 07 2003 14:24, Sun ktan   Link
F1 has FOTH shot of blimp. A text message scrolling across the marquee on the blimp. NT

Sep 07 2003 14:29, Sun ktan ParentRootLink
Now F4 has the view of the blimp from FOTH. NT

Sep 07 2003 14:24, Sun Silas   Link
Erika and Rob decided to eat outside and wait for the blimp.

Erika: What are they gonna talk about, I don't care.

Rob: Get the pita, knives, napkins... I got the pita, tuna, everything.

Rob: Erika!!

The blimp arrives

Rob: Oh my god!
Erika: What does it say?
Erika: Now that we make it to the final 4, congratulations big brother 4 houseguests we're flying high now that we made it to the final four!


Sep 07 2003 14:24, Sun bruhe   Link
the blimp flies over the house with a message congrats we made it to the final four NT

Sep 07 2003 14:32, Sun ktan   Link
A helicopter is accompanying the blimp. Rob asks if it's from Channel 9, Erika said yes. NT

Sep 07 2003 14:32, Sun Silas   Link
Erika and Rob have fun watching the blimp.
Erika: Damm, I wish I had a cmaera. I hope somebody I know takes a picture of that.
Erika yells, "Hi!!!!!!!!!!"

Erika: I'm sure they can see us.

Erika yells louder, "Hi!!!"

Erika starts to cheer, Woo!!!

Rob: Oh my god. That was awesome.
Erika: I think it might be cooler for us.
Rob: Do you know how cool it is for us? We get to see the sign!
Erika: Ali!! wooo!!! Final four!! (jumping up and down)

Erika: Come on Rob, jump up and down!
Erika starts to do a little hoppy dance.

Erika: Back to lunch. I heard the motor when I was inside. Sweet! That was cool!
Erika steps inside. "Oh god. I need to get sunblock in the eye". then starts humming to herself.

Erika talks to the camera: "Awesome guys; that was cool." and gives a thumbs up.

Erika steps outside again.

Rob: Look at that, are you crazy?
Erika: I told you!
Rob: Right now I'm scared for them.
Erika: It's so cool that they're circling us.

Rob waves.

Erika: I wanna swing the towel over here.

Erika swings the towel in circles. "Yay!!!!!" while looking at the blimp.

Erika: She's probably like, why is she swinging that towel around? We've got binoculars.
Erika does more towel waving. "Yay!!!" Rob starts to copy her.

Rob: So was that their flight?
Erika: Yeah. Go around L.A.. I wonder if they're sick. All I know is the Jun is losing her cookies.
Rob: I know. No way I can be in that thing. I don't know why I thought I'd want to win that.

Rob: oh my god they're right over us.
Erika is yelling, "Hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Erika is yelling, "HI!!! big brother!!"
Rob: What's the helicopter doing them; filming them?
Erika: I don't know.
Rob is yelling, "Are you throwing up!"
Rob: What is that, channel 9 up there?
Erika: Yup.
Rob: No way i can be in that.
Erika: I told you! Why do you think I wasn't excited? Not good with flights, not good with motion sickness.
Rob: I think we had the best seat in the house. It was better for us to be here, right? Safer?
Erika: <Laughs> Not puking.

Rob: That was kind of cool; that message to us man? You know they're loving it up there. I mean, they're scared as hell.

Erika: Are they coming again?

Sep 07 2003 14:33, Sun FuggyBootnling   Link
They are now both waving towels about...
Hoping Ali and Jun can see them. Erica: "I wonder if they're sick? All I know is that Jun is losing her cookies."

Rat: "Oh my god, that's right over us!"

Both are grinning...

Rat: "What is that helicopter doing? Probably filming us. What is that, Channel 9 up there?" Erica: "Yep."

Rat: "It was better for us to be here...safer." Erica: "Not puking."

Rat: "That's really cool, that message to us."

Erica: "I know Alison is terrified...she HATES flying!"

Sep 07 2003 14:40, Sun Silas   Link
Rob and Erika watch the blimp and think Ali and Jun must be throwing up
Rob: Now, I bet you anything, they got sick.
Erika: I know. Alison is terrified; she hates flying! Watch, we'll see them talking about us, jumping up and down.
Rob: That's scary man.
Erika: I know!

Rob: That's nice.

Rob goes inside the house to get some pepsi, then steps outside again.

Rob: They're passing again! Like, right over us. Congratulations; final four, and hopefully final 3.
Erika: Who knows with that kid.

Rob raises his Doritos bag on his left hand, and his plate on his right hand to the blimp.

Rob: She'll wonder what I'm doing.

Erika: They literally came right over us.
Rob: Right. You know they're going right over us.

Rob is waving toward the sky again.

Rob: It's coming again!
ERika: All I know is taht both of them are sick.
Rob: They'd have to be.

Rob: You know what? It is a prize for all of us.
Erika: WAtching it? Mm hmm. That was cool.

Man at FOTH in white cap walked through feed 4.

Rob: Right over our house.

Rob: Oh look at this camera.
Erika: Ow, I got sunscreen in my eye! It's killing me.

Rob: Erika that thing's Tiny! That little thing under it?
Erika: Yeah. Look at it too, rocking?
Rob: Hell no!
Erika: Hell no!
Rob: I'm scared! I can't believe I'm in there. This is the closest I've ever been. See Ali?
Erika: no.
Rob: Third window.
Erika: Shut up.
Erika: They're probably not even watching us, they're puking.
Rob: Look at the way it goes down
Erika: I know! It's like this the hole time, it's like this.
Rob: Oh, dude.. they're dying! You see that?
Erika: And if it looks like that to us, can you imagine what it feels like? Look at it!
Rob: I know there's no freaking way.
Erika: I seriously would be completely throwing up at this point I think. I mean I don't go on boats; I hate boats. Do you like boats? Are you okay on boats?
Rob: Yeah.
Erika: Bigger ones, but not little ones.
Rob: My cousin just got one.. a big big yacht. No, I don't go on that crap. I go on stuff you don't feel.
Erika: Right.

Sep 07 2003 14:49, Sun Silas   Link
More blimp talk between Erika and Rob
Rob: I'm seriously happy that I didn't go. I mean, I'm not kidding. It was fun seeing that sign, because we never would have got to see that sign.

Erika: I didn't think they'd circle us 10 times. For sure Ali's s***ting her pants.
Rob: There's no way you can not be. No matter who you are. I'm telling you that thign looks scary to me, just flying over us. There's no way, just no way. And I don't think it's one of those things you get used to either.
Erika: You can either do it or you can't.
Rob: Right.

Rob crunches on more Doritos.
Erika: Here it comes again.
Rob: What is that white thing up there? Like a leaf floating.
Rob: That was fun right?
Erika: Uh huh
Rob: We've had a great day. Peaceful, we know they're up there..

Erika: I guess it's really nice not to have them here.
Rob: And no planes flew by this time. They stopped the flight pattern. A plane could have done that while the blimp was there.
Erika: I think the plane's higher.

Rob: I would not go on that thing no matter what. If people give me a chance, no .. no way.

Erika: Nothing to change your mind.
Rob: NOthing about it looks safe. Nothing about that thing looks safe. It looks too heavy, the way it turns..
Erika: To me it's that it doens't look safe, it looks like I'm not going to be able to handle it.. the motion. I was in a helicopter and it was alright. I don't know what a blimp feels like.

Erika: And Jun wore heels. What a dumba**. I'm like, why the f are you wearing heels?
Rob: That was a good lunch, eh?
Erika: Yeah that was a good one.

Erika and Rob start to gather everything and clean up.

Rob: YOu think that they think we're miserable?
Erika: No, I think that they think we're scheming or planning.
Rob: I know! There's nothing to plan, know what I mean? There's nothing to plan. I really don't.
Erika: They're totally gone now.
Rob: Yeah.
Erika: That was cool, that message.
Rob: That was cool not going for.
Rob: So now what? Think that was the end of their trip or starting it? I think they were starting it. You don't think so?

Sep 07 2003 15:04, Sun Silas   Link
Erika and Rob conversation.. Rob is hoping one of them wins
Erika: I can still hear it.
Erika: Well that was a little excitement for today.

Erika: They're probably like, "They're so gay down there with the towels! They're so gay!" When I saw how she was dressed, I was like why is she wearing that? I would have worn what Ali wore.

Rob: That was cool right?

Lots of silence follows.

They then talk about "Justin's Question". They talk about Michelle. I'm like "jaws are gonna be dropping when Michelle is evicted".

Rob: It's one of those moments I'll never forget. That's where me and Justin came out and say "that was the best move ever". what got me mad was people saying bye to me. I'm like oh mother f***er don't say bye to me I'm not gone.

Rob was saying how mad he was, and not saying "Don't say goodbye". Nathan said goodbye to me, Ali said goodbye to me.. Jun said goodbye to me.
Rob: And look at me now? All those mofos are gone. Nathan plays on emotions and whatever. So that's what got us pumped up. Us 5 were not supposed to make it everywhere, and some of us made it far; Jee made it far, Justin made it far. For any of us to make it that far, is amazing.
Erika: you were only targeted in week 3. Dana changed the whole game.
Rob: I'm saying it's an accomplishment. But when they were saying bye to me, I was like who do you think you are? And everybody that's said bye to me is gone except Ali.

Rob is still talking about how he doesn't regret getting Nathan out, begging Robert to save him.

Rob is saying how that was a fun part of a game, most shocking thing that happened in the game [michelle's eviction, I think].

Erika: WE both kicked a** in that last HoH.
Rob: I was thinking about that last night.
Erika: The part of the game she lacked the most was knowing people.
Rob: I thought about last night thinking we don't have a chance, but I was thinking a little bit of everything, we are way smarter than that, there's a little bit of physical and didn't study more on who was nominated... i'm thinking about stuff..
ERika: I'm a much bigger threat to her than Jun [ali]. She doesn't look at second. Ever.
Rob: But... I think we have a good shot. I do think that but don't wanna be left out .. if you don't win or I don't win. Obviously, if you don't win and I don't win, then I'm screwed. No, I'm not saying she's going to kick anyone's a** it's that I don't want it to be her. I totally know you're smarter, and in physical too. I'm not even saying that... physically I think you're better shape. One day we were talking about the girls in the house [plan flies overhead; can't catch what rob's saying]

Rob: He said density.
Erika: No I said capacity.
Rob: and they were saying Ali, that girl at 30, is going to be a fat girl. I was saying Michelle's pushing density. Michelle is, Ali is, and Jun is. that means 5 more pounds, they're big. And it shows.. ali gained weight.
Erika: And so did Jun.
Rob: They loved that. They were laughing, those two. If they can stay that way, they're cool. Just like in the movie.

Sep 07 2003 15:16, Sun Silas   Link
Rob talks about who he'd be happy for, then seems like he's flirting with Erika

Rob: I know one thing that's gonna change. if Ali wins this and I leave, I am gonna vote for you and push my boys to go my way. Those boys will go any way I want. I have to convince them so.. you're gonna have mine and a couple more because I know how to talk out there. So don't worry about that, if Ali wins it. Hopefully she doesn't and we don't have to worry about. When I say that I win that. I dont' care if I lose to second to you or anybody. To me it's worth it if it's any prize. And I'll truly be happy for you, only you. If it's not me, it's you. There's no other way. I can't say I'll be happy for Jun and Ali. If it's Justin I'd be happy. People like that... Dave I would be happy, Jack I would be happy. Because what you're doing is, you feel with Ali.. that's all game.. you're doing great. What she's doing is the other extreme; winning competitions; we doesn't know how to talk to people, make alliances...

Erika: I know.

Rob: I give it to you on that, because it's easy to do what you have to do but stay with your alliance. You had to go in and out, talk to these girls. I didn't do that. But I feel so good cuz I told both of them.. I knew me and you would end up alright.

[stream timed out here.. sorry]

Rob: I'll throw you in the water.
ERika: no.
Rob: why?
Erika: Because I don't wanna get your hair wet.
Rob: You know it's only hair.

Erika: Maybe you can't swim cuz you're drinking too much pepsi.
Erika: Think they'll come in this door? (points to the BY door)

Rob: Oh how long til they left the house?
Erika: About an hour. They probably just drove to where the blimp went off. Maybe they went up around 1:00? They came over at what.. 1:15?
Rob: I didn't look at the time.
Erika: Maybe Big Brother will play us some salsa music.. from the outside.
Rob: I'm serious.. we still look good together. We still dance really good together. People go nuts and start turning.
Erika: I hate that.

Erika: I don't think blimp rides are more than an hour. I think it becomes unfun. It becomes like, I have to get somewhere.
Rob: Your arms are dark. Your shoulders are dark but aren't burnt.

[I think Rob is subtly flirting with Erika here]

Erika: Here it comes again!
Rob: Are you lying?
Erika: It sounds like it.
Rob: It's not gonna come again.

Rob is saying "What's wrong with that." [not sure what he's refeering to]
Rob: I can't believe that. I know why too.

Rob: It's not coming again.
ERika: Maybe they'll just drop them off right here. Jun and her stupid a** shoes.

Sep 07 2003 15:33, Sun Silas   Link
Rob says how he doesn't admire qualities of the other BB girls except Erika, then thinks about throwing her in the water
Erika: It's so weird I woke up this morning at 7:00 and it's so dark. None of the cameras moved..

Erika: Are you okay?
Rob: Yeah I'm just umm...

Rob yawns then sighs.

Rob: That's great. Wednesday we know if we're gonna win. Or if Ali wins it, you two..

Rob is joking maybe the blimp is on its way back.

Erika: Do you think they had a good time?
Rob: I think they might have had a good time. I think yeah.. they got sick.
Erika: I'm gonna say.... Jun got sick and Ali was scared. That they're gonna say they had a really good time.
Rob: What's your prediction for her right now?
Erika: That I might kick her out later. [didn't catch who they referred to]
Rob: I need to get out of this house, think straight again.
Erika: Shut up.
Rob: You know we're always going to be friends right? If I feel anything different, don't worry we'll work on it.
[getting communication errors here.. missing parts of conversation]

Rob: It's f**king bull**** in the veto there.

Rob and Erika are complaining about the diamond veto and how the holder was able to get Erika up.

Erika: It changes everything; it's silly.

[more communication errors.. missing crucial parts of conversation where Rob is saying what Jun told him]

Rob: She would have put me and Ali up.
Erika: I'm kind of glad I didn't win it because I didn't wanna put anyone up. I was kinda hoping there wouldn't be a veto; that put a damper on my day.
Rob: It would have been different if you had won. I would do what you guys are doing; find a way to stay this week. You're right about the HoH. Had nothing to do with nominations.
Erika: Basically you won HoH, and basically they should have said, any one of you can go.

Helicopter flying overhead.

Rob: That was cool they gave us a congratulations sign.

Rob: Every girl in this house, man.. there's not one quality I like about them. Except you, but I already know you.
Erika: There were only 5.
Rob: Yeah but none of them was worth s**t.

Rob is thinking of throwing Erika in the water again.

Rob is asking if Erika will be p***ed if she gets thrown in the water, then Rob gets called into the Diary Room.

Rob: Be happy about the blimp ride!

Sep 07 2003 15:43, Sun Anonymous ParentRootLink
The part of the convo about what Jun told Rob was: that before he won HOH he was talking to Jun about him going next... and she told him: You're not the one who is next to go (ed: her and Ali wanting E out next)

He asked E if she was part of any plot to get Ali out and she said no...

Ding Ding Ding Erika: There's the Ali/Jun alliance handed to you on a silver platter... can't you figure it out yet???!!!???

Sep 07 2003 17:04, Sun bruhe   Link
robert wants erika to agree to give him a huge big kiss if one of them wins the next hoh lol NT

Sep 07 2003 17:05, Sun shellbelle77   Link
rob to erika "if we're the final two, at the end I'm giving you a big long kiss" NT

Sep 07 2003 17:06, Sun joannie   Link
Rat and Erika are in the BY. Ali and Jun aren't back yet NT

Sep 07 2003 17:11, Sun joannie   Link
Rob in WC, urinating loudly. In lieu of hand-washing, he sprays deodorant under his arms NT

Sep 07 2003 17:13, Sun bruhe   Link
feed four on back yard door to the outside... here come jun and ali i think :) NT

Sep 07 2003 17:14, Sun joannie   Link
Erika: "They're here."
Feed four shows back door

Sep 07 2003 17:15, Sun joannie   Link
Nothing happens. Erika: "Maybe they're not here." NT

Sep 07 2003 17:15, Sun shellbelle77   Link
erika "have you ever seen anyone eat as much as those two girls? they're pigs." NT

Sep 07 2003 17:20, Sun bruhe   Link
ali and jun emerge from the back door. with blindfolds. NT

Sep 07 2003 17:20, Sun bruhe   Link
jun said she got sick on the blimp ride. NT

Sep 07 2003 17:20, Sun joannie   Link
They're back! NT

Sep 07 2003 17:22, Sun joannie   Link
Ali: "We have a stalker!" Some guy at the Goodyear blimp place was lurking around taking pictures of them NT

Sep 07 2003 18:18, Sun SleeplessOnLI ParentRootLink
Ali:"Fat&sweaty,behind tree w/camera behind his back" E:"Press?" A&J:"NO! An Internet Stalker that knew we were there! Was the only one." NT

Sep 07 2003 17:22, Sun bruhe   Link
ali and jun got cameras for pictures and saw an internet stalker..
some fat guy at the goodyear blimp place was taking pictures of them behind bushes and jun took a picture of them. they said they figure no one else was there and he didnt look official like press.. so they think it was a stalker

Sep 07 2003 18:08, Sun SleeplessOnLI ParentRootLink
Limo ride:Ali saw a cool, old fashioned gray car. Erika asks,"Jay Leno?" A&J,"YES!" Jay waved back to them. NT

Sep 07 2003 17:23, Sun bruhe   Link
ali and jun saw jay leno in the car ride NT

Sep 07 2003 17:23, Sun bruhe   Link
"there was a hot pilot" .. lol but he had bad teeth. and a fiance NT

Sep 07 2003 17:24, Sun bruhe   Link
the girls talk of the ride...
about how close the helicopter was getting to them.. how the blimp inside was like a minivan.. jun said ali got most of the cam time because june was puking.
went by playboy mansion, merv griffins, dodgers stadium.... it was about a 3 hr ride.

Sep 07 2003 17:25, Sun joannie   Link
They flew over Merv Griffin's mansion, Playboy mansion, Dodger Stadium, etc NT

Sep 07 2003 17:25, Sun bruhe   Link
takeoff was bouncy... big bounces and then the ship points straight up and takes off... and jun got sick lol NT

Sep 07 2003 17:26, Sun bruhe   Link
the girls couldnt read the lights from inside the blimp so they were excited to hear what the message was. NT

Sep 07 2003 18:05, Sun SleeplessOnLI ParentRootLink
GY Blimp's electronic sign said something similar to: "Congrats to BB4s Final Four HGs. You're Flying High". E&R clearly recited back to A&J. NT

Sep 07 2003 17:32, Sun bruhe   Link
ali describes what it looks like just outside the bb house...
its all the lot, they are at the corner of the studio and all the competition stuff is stored just outside the house. there is a lot of parking spaces around them. ali took pictures of all the areas. (love to see them). they were waving to people on the highway in the limo (like leno and some kids). they ate lunch in the car on the way back.

Sep 07 2003 17:33, Sun bruhe   Link
the blimp pilot asked for and got autographs from the girls lol NT

Sep 07 2003 17:35, Sun TheBigSista   Link
ali is telling erika and rat how the plot is laid out, sounds like zilla was sick for the entire journey,
ali was learning how the blimp flies - the pilot called her chipper as a bluejay whilst zilla slept in the back, the channel 9 chopper got too close and the pilot told the chopper that one of the guests did not like how close the chopper got. they were asked for autographs. the limo driver was the same one as zilla had for vmas = pilot took a shine to zilla, ali asked lots of questions. talked about going over bb house.

rat concerned about when they passed them!

Sep 07 2003 17:36, Sun joannie   Link
Robert: "Don't we have a beautiful downtown?" Ali: "Not really." NT

Sep 07 2003 17:40, Sun joannie   Link
Erika: "We've been outside all day except for our hour-long DR session each!" NT

Sep 07 2003 17:41, Sun bruhe   Link
ali and jun got to meet the Big Brother voice that wake them up and call them around to DR etc. NT

Sep 07 2003 17:44, Sun TheBigSista   Link
blimp inside was ali, zilla, pilot 2 camera and 1 audio - ali was given a spare mike!!! NT

Sep 07 2003 17:46, Sun TheBigSista   Link
ali saying that when the limo drove up to blimp they asked audio guy if they should get out and he nodded yes, so they left the limo laughing!!.
(ed. i guess it was the closest to human contact they had had in a while)

Sep 07 2003 17:48, Sun TheBigSista   Link
zilla on f3 changing into her frumpy clothes NT

Sep 07 2003 17:49, Sun TheBigSista   Link
ali saying how people were lined up at the blimp area to see them!! NT

Sep 07 2003 17:49, Sun realityrita   Link
Ali said there were people lined up at the fence when they got off the airship.. NT

Sep 07 2003 17:49, Sun TheBigSista   Link
ali quietly dissing zilla for sleeping in the blimp!! NT

Sep 07 2003 17:50, Sun Shadow46and2   Link
Now Jun is saying she didn't actually puke on the blimp, but was nauseous. Said she didn't want to because it would make everyone else get sick. The air from the windows being open helped. NT

Sep 07 2003 17:50, Sun TheBigSista   Link
erika 'i knew jun would get sick............its called karma' rat 'i was gonna say that!' NT

Sep 07 2003 17:53, Sun TheBigSista   Link
zilla has fixed herself something to eat (ed, she couldnt have been that sick) NT

Sep 07 2003 17:55, Sun joannie   Link
Jun on sofa eating a bowl of cereal
all that hurling must have made her hungry

Sep 07 2003 18:01, Sun TheBigSista   Link
ali taking a nap NT

Sep 07 2003 18:11, Sun shellbelle77   Link
rob and erika on autographs
rob: its funny that someone asked ali for her autograph. we are just on a TV show.
erika: so?
rob: it's not like we are going to be on TV next year
erika: you don't know that
rob: everyone in LA has been on a reality TV show, it's not a big deal anymore, do you know anyone whp's been ona reality TV show
erika: yeah
rob: so do I
erika: it's just because we live here you think that. the thing is, once they are on a show they all move out here. i think it does matter a lot in America.

Sep 07 2003 18:12, Sun TheBigSista   Link
erika dissing zilla.....
saying can you imagine wanting to campaign so hard knowing that your gonna get sick but just to get time alone with her

(anyone else think that erika is a BIG hypocrite?)

Sep 07 2003 18:39, Sun TheBigSista   Link
rat 'i cant believe they say leno' erika 'i saw him all the time when i was in beverly hills' NT

Sep 07 2003 18:50, Sun TheBigSista   Link
f1 and f3 on zilla sleeping, f2 and f4 on ali sleeping NT

Sep 07 2003 19:49, Sun TheBigSista   Link
a quick tour of the feeds...
f1 rat picking nose in shower
f2 erika asleep in hammock
f3 zilla asleep in blue room
f4 ali asleep in orange room.

Sep 07 2003 20:04, Sun TheBigSista   Link
everybody up - time to chow down NT

Sep 07 2003 20:11, Sun Vaseflower2000   Link
everyone at the table eating. NT

Sep 07 2003 20:12, Sun SleeplessOnLI   Link
HGs eating Cuban food. Ali trying different foods again. Not much talk, excitement like previous ethnic food nights. Jun's mother eats dessert 1st. NT

Sep 07 2003 20:16, Sun SleeplessOnLI   Link
Everyone so quite. Rob asks A&J if they still feel the pills (Dramamine). Both answer "yes." Rob finished eating. NT

Sep 07 2003 20:37, Sun SleeplessOnLI   Link
Dinner clean up - Rob working out - Erika in shower (with bathing suit on.)
Not much going on after they have eaten their Cuban food.

Ali: I can’t believe how many cultures have rice in their dishes.
Erika: Yeah.
Jun: Well – yeah – look at me.
Ali: Even at the food court, in the mall, if I get Chinese food … (rice).

No real excitement about the food tonight. A&J are exhausted and Rob ate very quickly. He did have some sort of 'thick' beverage. Consistancy of a Yoo-Hoo. Didn't catch the name or flavor of it.

Ali: I’m so tired.
HGs talking about having motion sickness. Rob asks why Ali would take a Dramamine if she doesn’t normally get sick.
Ali: Dude, thank G*d I did.

Ali asking where the GYB’s electronic sign was on the blimp. Erika explaining above them, but under the blimp. Sign said something to the effect of “Congrats to the Final Four BB4 HGs. You’re Flying High!”

Ali: The pilot does not watch BB.
Ali & Jun: John (BB) has been trying to get the GYB as a BB luxury prize for three years.

(Earlier Ali mentioned that they maintained 1500 feet near the airport, and the pilot wanted to do a ’to and go’ or a swoop down above the runway, but the tower said it was too busy and they needed to wait a bit longer for the clearance. A&J said forget it, and the blimp continued along. Ali thinks the highest they went was 2000 feet in the air. Erika has repeatedly said that it was just as much fun for them, to see A&J and the blimp pass over the house. They couldn’t believe how low the craft was, and the Channel 9 helicopter was soooooo close. Ali was loving it, waving hello to the media. Poor Jun was in the back sleeping because she was so nauseas.)

Ali asking Erika how it was to hang with Robert all day long, alone.

Erika: Really quite, by the pool – felt like a vacation. Ate lunch, watch the blimp in the backyard, it was nice.
Jun: Like, who gets a blimp in their backyard?
Erika: Exactly.
Erika: Nice day, very relaxing … very relaxing.

Rob working out. Girls cleaning up dinner, washing a few dishes.

Erika taking a shower with her bathing suit on.

Sep 07 2003 20:53, Sun Joannie   Link
Jun with a watering can, watering every plant in the house NT

Sep 07 2003 20:56, Sun SleeplessOnLI   Link
Erika getting out of shower - feeds switch to R in BY, and Jun puttering in kitchen.
This is so boring, not sure why I'm posting it!

Erika showered with towel over the shower door. Ali looked like she was going to fall asleep again while sitting on the chair.

Standard chit-chat. Erika asking if there is more hair conditioner.

Erika asking how cute the pilot was.
Ali: 5’11’
Erika: Brown hair?
Ali: Yeah, curly.
E: Aviator glasses on?
A: Oh yeah!
E: Sexy, right?
A: He was soooo Tom Cruise in Top Gun!
E: Tan?
A: Oh yeah! E, you would have loved to take pictures with him.

Ali explaining that the pilot said if it was to crash, or if it was to have a leak, it would take a really long time to crash. (BTW, we had one crash near to where I live … Republic Airport, Farmingdale, NY – a “Gulf” blimp. Hit a house during the mid-90s.)

Ali: No locks on the doors! Couldn’t believe it!

Ali asking if Erika was near the pool when they flew over. She had seen one person by the pool; one by the patio.
Ali: It was hard to see, but I saw one skinny person by the pool, and another one by the patio.

Notes: Jun had said earlier that they were able to see the pink raft quite clearly. While reviewing Dreamers video clip, you could see Rob waving a Dorito? bag and Erika was waving a blue/white towel.

Sep 07 2003 21:03, Sun SleeplessOnLI   Link
Shoot - missed a R&E convo - caught him saying to E, "Alright, go inside ... I don't want Ali catching us." NT

Sep 07 2003 21:06, Sun joannie ParentRootLink
Erika told Robert that he should work on ALi, telling her that if she takes out Jun, who is a strong player,
that would be considered by the jury as a strong move.

Erika: "Don't call her a hero, because she might already hear that from Jun."

Rob: "Keep talking. Keep talking. That is a really great idea."

Sep 07 2003 21:14, Sun bb_fan_de ParentRootLink
Also that the jury would appreciate anybody who evicted Jun. NT

Sep 07 2003 21:06, Sun SleeplessOnLI   Link
All feeds now on Rob silently (sniffling) on hammock with his "thick" beverage. Sneezing now. E to DR. NT

Sep 07 2003 21:10, Sun joannie   Link
Ali and Jun lying on the couches. Both look zonked out. Erika is in the DR NT

Sep 07 2003 21:14, Sun joannie   Link
Jun: "I feel sick." Rob: "Like a cold coming on?" "No, dizzy." NT

Sep 07 2003 21:15, Sun joannie   Link
Rob and Ali alone in LR. Rob trying to work on her NT

Sep 07 2003 21:17, Sun joannie   Link
Rob: "Go with your feeling." Ali: "I don"t have one. Whatever I do, someone is going to be mad at me." NT

Sep 07 2003 21:22, Sun joannie   Link
Now Rob and Ali are in the HOH room and...FOTH NT

Sep 07 2003 21:25, Sun joannie   Link
Ali: "If you were controlling my vote right now, who would you want out?"
Rob: "It would have to be Jun. Of course that's why I put her up."

Sep 07 2003 21:29, Sun joannie   Link
Ali: "If the final 2 were you and Erika, I would vote for you because of some sh*t I saw her pull the other night."
Ali: "I saw her run and hide in the bathroom when she was talking to Jun. She said she thought I was you."

Sep 07 2003 21:32, Sun joannie   Link
Ali: "But do I just surprise them? Am I that cruel?"
Rob says it's too early to tell the person who's getting voted out.

"Wait until Tuesday or Wednesday, and just sit them both down."

Sep 07 2003 21:36, Sun joannie   Link
Ali about Erika: "I would shove my foot so far up my a$$ if I lost to her in the finals." NT

Sep 07 2003 21:36, Sun SleeplessOnLI   Link
Ali asking Rob who he would vote for in the end ...
Jun asking Ali how much she hates when people kiss up to Ali during her pageants.
Ali: Did I do that to you? (Kiss up to Jun.)
Jun: No, we were real, when we weren’t on the same side, it was clear.
Ali: The whole going after the veto makes me sick especially if I knew how cold hearted she was. Only time she turned on me was with Dana.

Ali: my hair is so fried
Jun: yeah, we have to go home and condition our hair.
Ali: why can’t we do it here?
Jun: back home - scalp massage
Ali: I never had a massage
June: You deserve it after this

Ali: I’m tired as sh!t.
Jun: Dude, he was asking me about HoH when (whisper). I told him we get to cast a vote at the end, that’s it.

Ali: I’m going to keep telling him that HoH is not the day of the live show. That way if it is … he will be caught off guard.

Jun: I feel dizzy … if I close my eyes.
Ali: Yeah, me too.
Jun: I feel like puking.

Feeds on Ali lying on blue couch with her legs on the top. Jun curled over on the orange chair – goes to the WC to throw up?

Rob joins Ali.

Rob: You can compete for HoH next week, and then we vote that person out.

Ali: I have to make that decision
Rob: I know, you have to.
Ali: you got so lucky
Rob: believe me I know that, but you ...

Rob to Ali: You are unsure – go with your feeling – but don’t kill yourself. It is only Sunday.

Ali Who do you want to face?

Rob to Ali: You are the only one I don’t want to face. You’re the toughest one. Who do you think the Jury would be happy about you getting out?

Al: Jun.

Rob: I know, I was just thinking. If the jury sees you taking her out, lets just say that, if the jury saw you take her out … If I was in your position … if you took her out … if I was the jury, I would like that you took her out. I look at that, and I look at the final competition. If it’s endurance, then Erika will kill it.

Ali; If smarts, then Jun. Who do you think is playing a better game?
R: You think it’s Jun? – I know they play differently. I came from the DT, you came from Jun, Erika the Jack alliance.

A: How about between Erika & Jun in the end, how will you vote?

Rob: Them two? Trying to think … OK but, OK but if, seriously Ali, my final decision … who got them up there? Did Jun or Erika get them up there? Here is what I’m saying … without winning this HoH … if Jun or Erika … it’s was easy for us when I was in an alliance. I would vote for Erika because she stayed in the game long enough, and won HoH when needed.

A: How about Me & Jun?
R: I would vote for you.

Rob: If Jun & Erika, I would vote for Erika. You had to win a lot more HoH to stay there. I would have to go with... this is the thing, cause you know what I think? You against anyone would win. I’m being fair.

A: You should be, but …

Rob: The jury members are saying she did what she had to do. Don’t take yourself out of it just yet Ali. You have a good shot … you will get there - 2nd – don’t be surprised if you don’t win first. Not about you pissing off Dana. If I were you, better your chances on …. FOTH.

Sep 07 2003 21:38, Sun pixiegirl   Link
Feed scan- F1 & F2 Showing Erica on hammock and Jun in bed, F3 & 4 Ali and Rob talking in HOH NT

Sep 07 2003 21:38, Sun joannie   Link
Ali says that it was cool during the whole blimp ride that Jun never talked about the game once. NT

Sep 07 2003 21:39, Sun joannie   Link
Ali: "I know what I'm gonna do. I'm going to sit them both down and tell them that neither one of you is safe." NT

Sep 07 2003 21:44, Sun joannie   Link
Rob: "So what are your reasons for keeping Jun and voting Erika out?"
Ali: "Uh...I fear her vote."

Sep 07 2003 21:48, Sun joannie   Link
"Alison, please go to the DR." NT

Sep 07 2003 21:51, Sun joannie   Link
Rob joins Erika in the BY. "I just saved your f'ing life!" Erika: "What happened??"
Rob: "We went over scenarios and things, but just leave her alone. Don't bother her about anything."

Rob: "I changed her mind about three times."

Sep 07 2003 21:52, Sun joannie   Link
Rob is so pumped up about his award-winning performance. "I'm not worried about anything!" NT

Sep 07 2003 22:06, Sun avichaiyl   Link
rob says to erika to promise to take him to vegas if she's not dating anyone
they can go dancing, eat good dinners

Erika said, don't you remember the last time we went to Vegas?

Rob: What the mirrors on the ceiling

Er: NO!! We broke up!

Rob doesn't remember..

Erika jogs his memory.. separate seats on the plane ride back..

They laugh..

He remembers, but doesn't remember why they broke up.

She says, it just wasn't workin'.

Erika tells Rob to stop picking his nose (LMAO)

Rob asks Erika what about Miami.. Erika: NO!!!

Rob promises to hook Erika up if he wins first prize. But says Erika better not change her (phone) number if she wins..

Sep 07 2003 22:06, Sun Anonymous   Link
Robert asking Erika to...
go to Vegas with him, as long as she doesn't have a boyfriend etc. They will go out for nice dinners, go dancing. Erika is saying, "HELLO! We broke up!" (Apparently Vegas was where they broke up).
Now asking her why they broke up. She says because it wasn't working. Also telling him to quit picking his nose.

Sep 07 2003 22:12, Sun SleeplessOnLI   Link
A telling R that Jun threatened Ali's vote in the finals if she voted her out ...
R; Do you think you can beat her in a physical? (Jun)
A: Yeah, we could.
R: We would smoke her.

Ali & Rob speculating that the final comp will be endurance.

A: Jun was flying out there during the last veto comp.
R: Yeah, but both E & I were not carrying the ball (and chain.)
A: How about the video comp? Jun did it in a tube top! Grant it, I beat her. And I waited there. Really depends upon the comp.

A: If Jun won the last HoH,
R: Don’t go by that – what do you think NOW?
A: I’m stuck between a rock & a hard place.
R: So, Jun threatened your vote, huh?
A: Yeah, she said … If you vote me out – (this was before veto) – I wouldn’t vote for you in the end, man.

R: Talk to me tomorrow … see how you feel.
A: It will probably happen Wednesday before – 2 minutes before the live show.
R: Oh, it’s live, huh?

Ali to DR.
R: How sh!tty is that?
A: Jun did you go to the DR?
J: Yeah
A: Did you throw up?
J: Yeah a little bit.

R to E now in BY – You owe me so much. More than crustation(?) You owe me. I just fn killed her … I let her talk … every scenario. Who would it be? Right now it would be Jun. (Airplane overheard.) It looks done.

R: Don’t bother Ali – she is sick of it.
E: I won’t
R: Oh, I know you won’t.
R; We are alright with everything. I’ll give you advise, don’t bother her.

Rob asked Ali to “Give me a reason why keep Jun.” – Rob said I think she didn’t come up with one. She didn’t come up with a reason.

She says it’s 50/50 right now. E loyal, E has been this, our alliance is strong, we had that … I told her go by that, go by that, you know what I mean. But, we are cool Erika, right?
E: That was an award winning performance, huh?
R: She would have gone either way. She told me how Jun threatened her vote.
R: I did sh!t for you. You don’t know. I put myself so that I would vote for you, so I covered you, and I mentioned Justin … that he would too. Jun pulled things out of her ass, like the luxury. She never said anything bad about you. Whatever, she’s … let’s put it this way … I’m not worried at all.

Erika telling Rob that he was a little chubby in the belly when he got to the BB house. Rob keeps on asking. “Was I was the most improved?” Erika says, “Oh definitely, better than Jee. You have the better frame for it.”

Rob mentioning how either Ali or Jun was saying that Erika drives and Expedition and she doesn’t need the money.

Erika spotting Rob while he works out.

Rob: If you win, and if you don’t have a boyfriend – you take me to Vegas for the weekend. I don’t care about gambling. We’ll go to dinner – we’ll go dancing at XX for two days.

Erika: Remember the last time we went to Vegas?!?

Rob: What? Mirrors on the ceiling?

Erika: Laughing – Hello, Rob … last time we were in Vegas … we BROKE up. (Was her birthday. He does not remember why they broke up and she calls him an a$$hole. Rob doesn’t remember. She reminds him that they flew back home in separate rows, separate seats across the aisle from each other on the plane. He laughs. Now he remembers. But can’t remember why! Erika – It just wasn’t working.

E to R: Stop picking your nose:

R: OK, so we’ll go to Miami for the weekend.

Sep 07 2003 22:14, Sun avichaiyl   Link
More past relationship stuff and other random bits (Erika & Rob)
Trip to Chicago..

Erika fell asleep on the way there, Rob says she woke up right before they landed, and he had to talk to the "stewardest guy" the whole time.


Erika points out a window they fixed in the BY. "Totally clear not scratched up at all"

The more Jun talks to her (Ali) the more she (Ali) gets pissed.

Erika says she's not going to talk to her about it anymore, nothing she can say or do to change her mind anyway.

Erika in the hammock, looking like she is falling asleep, Rob sitting on the patio furniture, thinking of something to talk about (?) and drinking coffee

Rob tells Er that Ali said Ali & Jun didn't talk about the game once (on the Blimp ride)

Erika: Really?

Erika; I swear you couldn't pay me enough money to get on that blimp. Says they both would have been sick.

Rob: I'm not into that sh*t

Erika: I was talking to John today, he says the level of expectation of this cast, they think they are on the price is right. Erika tells john, but you gave away a car, John says only once.. talk about giving away money.. John says it makes the show look cheap.. Erika: but the good year blimp? John: it took us three years to get the good year blimp..

Erika tells rob she is going to go dry her hair now.. says thank you to Rob for his hard work, goes inside..


Sep 07 2003 22:15, Sun avichaiyl   Link
a very friendly says to Erika, "Could you come to the Diary for a minute" Er: "Is it punishment" BB: "No... Thanks" NT

Sep 07 2003 22:21, Sun avichaiyl   Link
Ali & Jun
Talking about Rob & Ali convo..

Ali says she was saying more bad sh*t about her (Jun) then Rob.

Relays, Rob said Jun played a kick ass game..

Ali tells Jun she can't save Erika a third time and have her beat her.

Says to Jun that she rocked the sh*t out of the house and thinks that someone who played the game as hard as her should win (Jun).

Says she told DR that Erk is sincire and nice and gave her advice, but realizes she's never helped her in the game.

She knows that Jun would take her (Ali) b/c she KNOWS she will lose against Rob (Ali goes thru the votes) So she KNOWS Jun would choose her.

Ali walks out (mid convo, kinda weird, think she is checking to see where Erika is)

Ali and Jun say they will look for attitude changes in Erika.

Ali says she doesn't care about first prize, she just wants to get in the finals, and she is not sure that they aren't in an alliance (Er & R)

Now talking about what they saw on the blimp.. reliving..

Jun goes to the diary room..

Sep 07 2003 22:26, Sun SleeplessOnLI   Link
Ali & Jun chit-chat ... And A&J's blimp pictures expected after Jun gets out of DR ...
A to J: Rob said you played a kick a$$ game. I’ve given her HoH and I’ll never save her again. I respect you Jun, as a player. I think it should go to someone who played the game. And if not me, than you.

J: If he takes Eirka, I will be disappointed.

A: I realized in DR that Erika has been nice, but never helped me out. She is supposed to be in our alliance. Now you, if you and I …

(Ah, feed interuption!)

J: Jee would never let down the DT down.

A: Nathan hates you. He won’t give you the vote.

J: I’m telling her that I’m voting you out.

A: Yeah, Rob sat there and said that Erika will rock in endurance, and she is smart. But if I knew 100% that she would take me to the finals, then maybe. To me, if you are in the final two, then you win.

J: And then you go home.

A: What do you think happened when we were gone?

J: They talked all about us.

A: Not once did you talk to me about the game while in the blimp. It was so nice. Being in LA for my first time ever, for three hours – we saw everything!

(Ali has pictures of the hotel too. She wants to see how close the BB house and hotel are to each other. She has pictures of the BB house, the cities, the Hollywood sign, J&A near the blimp, in the limo. Both Ali & Jun had a 24 exposure camera each. Pictures to arrive after Jun leaves DR.)

Jun going to DR.

Sep 08 2003 06:56, Mon I_Should_Be_Working ParentRootLink
Conv boils down to Ali counting votes off to Jun to determine who would stand the best chances against whom in the final two. (Following this??)
She decides that Erika would have a better chance with the jury in the finals if she were up against Rob, but that Jun would stand a better chance against Ali, and would therefore be more likely to keep her promise to Ali to take her to the finals if she won HOH.

(If Erika won the next HOH, she would be more likely to take Rob to the final two because the jury votes would benefit her more if she were up against Rob than they would if she were up against Ali, but Jun would more than likely lose in the final two against Rob, so it would be foolish for her (Jun) to take Rob to the final two.)

Counting votes, Ali decides her best chances to getting to the final two are by sticking with Jun.

The last thing they said to each other as they got off the bed:

It's got to be me and you.

Sep 07 2003 22:27, Sun avichaiyl   Link
Rob & Ali
Ali asks Rob how Erika is..

R: She is okay, she's worried, but she's cool about it..

A: Erika knows how i am, if people push me, i;ll go to opposite way.. I'm a little ***** like that.

A: the diary room called me unpredictable..
argues she is not.. just think like she would and come up with a logical conclusion..

A: Jun is sick.. she went to the diary room and they are giving us our pictures..

the house, Staples, Dodger, the city, the pilot, Jun & I in the blimp, in the limo, Hollywood sign, Universal.. They each got a whole camera...48 pictures..

Convo moves into the house...

Tells Erika that they're pictures are coming in as soon as Jun gets out of the DR

Rob is excited they might see his house!

Ali asks Erika if she is drinking tonight.. Erika: I don't think so..

Rob makes hand signs at Ali (can't decipher)

They got pictures of the "stalker".. don't know if they will get those pictures back.

Says the stalker is probalby watching them right now, happy they are talking about him.

Sep 07 2003 22:34, Sun SleeplessOnLI   Link
Rob asks how long Jun will be in DR? Ali said a long time. BB asking about blimp ride, and veto again ...
Ali: I love when they tell me to say this, but put it in your own words.

HGs: Yeah.

Erika saying that the blimp was really noisy ... "errrrrrrrrr". We kept thinking it was coming back. E: "Oh, I hear it again ... but it was my imagination."

Erika blow drying her hair. Ali saying how cool LA was to see. Ali was really, really mad at Jun. "I was pissed. She didn't talk to me. The way it was set up, the pilot was right there - it was pointless. I wanted to get out. I didn't care where it was(?). I had a lot of stress."

Sep 07 2003 22:43, Sun fitty_little_me   Link
Someone in the DR said to Erika (and some of the others)
"I'm not sure what your expectations are, this is not the Price Is Right." (in reference to complaints about lame luxury prizes) Erika response was, "well, you did give away a car and money last year, I figured you would atleast raise the bar this year."

Sep 07 2003 22:44, Sun SleeplessOnLI ParentRootLink
And John (BB) said that giving away prizes like that, cheapens the show. NT

Sep 07 2003 22:45, Sun SleeplessOnLI   Link
Rob all excited because the girls took a picture of Silver Lake. That is where he lives. - PICTURE TIME! NT

Sep 07 2003 22:55, Sun SleeplessOnLI   Link
BB removed the aerial shots of the house.
Ali: This is Universal. Here is our hotel. (Sheraton?)
Rob: Downtown, baby!
Dodger’s Stadium. Hollywood sign. State balls?

Ali: Jun is so cute!

Ali didn’t have any BB house pictures. Jun looking – NOPE! BB took the house pics away!

Erika: So I get no pictures of guys, huh?

Rob recognizing XX Blvd.

Ali pointing out the helicopter near the Hollywood sign. She LOVED the helicopter. Sooooo cool.

Ali showing them the wheel – how John the pilot moved it forward to go up, and back to go down. (Had two pedals on the floor to move left and right.)

Awww, Rob called to DR.

Erika pointing out that she lives somewhere ... here.

Erika saying "It is so lame - I wanted to see other people!" She was hoping to see hot guys.

Erika now telling Jun about the "Price is Right" conversation. Where Erika tells BB1 had a car, BB2 had XX, BB3 had ... and what do we get?

Girls tired ... yawning.

(Me too - g'nite folks.)

Sep 07 2003 23:14, Sun SleeplessOnLI   Link
The best part was when the Air Traffic Controllers said, "Hi Ali & Jun!"
Rob asking again how the blimp ride was. He still can’t believe that you go straight up. Ali demonstrates … like a rollercoaster.

Ali commenting how she saw competition materials outside of the house.

Oh, earlier … Ali said to Erika that the Passions lot (US daytime soap opera bldg.) is not where they originally thought it was. They had heard a “party” going on there a few weeks ago.

No bathroom in the blimp. Jun saying it was horrible. Ali liked it. Jun thought the bottom of the blimp was as large as the BB house … not the little “minivan” that it was. Rob & Erika thought there would be a bar and a restaurant on board.

Rob and Erika very glad they didn’t go. Both agreed earlier that it was really nice for them to see LA … since they already live there.

Ali – Don’t knock the blimp. They didn’t serve peanuts … but.

They gave Jun airsick bags. She didn’t think they were big enough.

Blimp circled BB house at least 3 times. They were all concerned that the helicopter would crash into the blimp since it was so close. Ali was concerned about her hair looking alright for the media. Ali thinks that Channel 9 helicopter will give BB footage. Erika is suspecting her Mom watched the news tonight. (BTW, while reviewing all the wonderful PICS at Joker’s – you can see the ball camera … the eye in the sky camera the blimp had attached.)

Ali had her whole body “out” of the blimp. Regular windows. She was hanging out, 1500 feet out. Rob said he saw her. He saw black, a black spot … turns out it was Ali. (He knew it!)

Ali asking if the cameras were on Rob & Erika while her and Jun flew over. – (Ah … of course! LOL)

Erika heard BB techs on the roof … she mentioned to Rob that she thinks the blimp will fly over. Rob didn’t think so. As soon as Erika heard activity on the roof – she went running and there they were.

Ali thought the coolest part was when Burbank Airport spoke to the blimp (radio) and the air traffic controllers said, “Tell Ali & Jun we said Hi!” They needed clearance to fly over that airspace.

Talk about Home Depot - Staples - Ali also mentions the Queen Mary - towards Long Beach. She also confirms that the GoodYear Blimp has three blimps currently within their US fleet - California, Ohio and Florida. Now Rob sees that it was a big deal. Jun - "Yeah for them! Not us!"

(Sorry, HGs talking out of sorts and I’m tired.)

Sep 07 2003 23:41, Sun SleeplessOnLI   Link
Erika blow drying her hair again? Not sure why. Jun said she wanted to go to bed. Rob just asked Ali if she was tired, and she said not really. NT

Sep 08 2003 00:12, Mon SleeplessOnLI   Link
Rob discusses AA with Erika ...
Jun asking Rob how he likes HoH after waiting the whole season. He loves it. Rob says, “How can anyone go back to sleeping out here?” Jun, “Yeah, the privacy, the darkness.”

Jun can’t believe it is 11:00pm PT. (Actually 10:48pm.)

Ali reminding Erika that the sprinklers are going on in about 10 minutes and her “blankie” is out there.

Rob talks about “Three’s Company” … the TV show. Recaps episodes. He likes the show. Erika doesn’t remember.

Jun in kitchen. Ali jumping rope on chess board/bb court. Rob standing next to pool. Erika snuggled up on the hammock. (Perhaps that is why Ali told Erika her blankie will get wet?)

Rob asking Erika if he should take a Tylenol PM. Erika doesn’t think so, but Rob reminds her that there are no competitions tomorrow. Erika says that it would be OK then.

Switch feeds to Rob & Jun in Kitchen. Jun is making “Fat (phat) burgers”? Rob grabs a drink and he's back outside with Erika & Ali … as he exits he asks Ali, “Ali, are you ready for the fat burgers?”

For some reason, the HGs did not put their Cuban food in the SR immediately after eating tonight. Still sitting there on the kitchen island - piled high. (Appeared as if they didn’t really enjoy it as much as they expected. Although, Rob said it was from a 4 star Cuban restaurant. Jun said No way.)

Erika in kitchen with Jun now.
Erika to Jun: I hate the way it turned out. This sucks.
J: If it makes you feel better, I’m not making it a “I hate Erika type of thing.”
E: I know – It’s like … whatever.

Jun continues to make the fat burgers – Ali lifting weights (side bends). Rob suggesting the pool is warmest today. Ali thinks it’s all the chemicals. (LOL)

Sprinklers going off … Ali likes the one in the corner because it is busted.

Rob: Tylenol PM … should I take two more and see what happens?
Erika: NO, stop taking that crap. Part of your sobriety, you can still take that crap?
Rob: It is over the counter …
Erika: Yeah, but so is beer and wine.
Rob talking about how he used to dip (chewing tobacco)

Rob: It works, I’m busting my ass – some people need AA 2x a day. I don’t go to meetings anymore. Not that I don’t need it. .. I’ll go if I know I need to go. I read the book. Saved my life. Some people need it more. I said, If I get straight, and get rich … working, family … I’m not ready for a relationship. If anything, it would be coke … but not. Alcoholics are really smart people. Something inside of you steers you … 30 meetings in 30 days. I did 2 or 3 a week. Some I talked, some not.

Erika asks if he has a sponsor. Rob said yes … but it’s not like you would call him. I told Jee … you think you can’t have a b-day, you can’t go out, you can’t do this, that without a drink. Now, I’m all around it, I serve it …

Rob: I don’t take Niquil. (LOL – Krista!)

Erika: I’ve seen Mackenzie Phillips talk …
Rob: Yeah, and she’s drugs too (co-dependant)
Rob: Yeah, no names. You know who else I’ve seen … the “Salsa King” … he can’t even drink coffee.

Erika: I always told you.
Rob: Yeah, and it means a lot from someone like you. That is why I always wanted to call you. You didn’t see it then.

Jun still doing the fat burgers …

Rob saying, You have to go through sh!t to appreciate things. You can do anything to me. As long as I’m sober, I am happy. You can take away everything, and I’ll get it back … and I have. I don’t want to do it again.

E: You’re baby will thank you later.
R: Yeah, I know that. My psychiatrist tells me that. I drink too much Coke (Cola)

E: You miss your boys?
R: Of course ...

Sep 08 2003 00:21, Mon SleeplessOnLI   Link
Ali freaking "Huge Black Widow:" Bug spray in hand. Rob said no more spray. Ali said it won't kill spiders because it is ant killer. NT

Sep 08 2003 00:31, Mon SleeplessOnLI ParentRootLink
Rob will not step on it because he doesn't want to go in the house with the toxic bug spray on his shoes.
A asks if E wants to have a funeral, the animal lover that she is.

Ali amazed at the web. OMG! OMG!

Both E & R say that Ali is crazy with the Raid.

Ali: He's going to kill us all. AH, there are a bunch of ants - sprayyyyyy.

Erika says it really looks like a full moon tonight. Ali says, "Well, it's almost October."

Ali leaves ...

E to R: I think I hate her.

R: Laugh - You are the best.

E: She is a lunatic dude. Something is seriously deranged with that child. Her mother must have tortured her as a child.

R; Yeah.

J: Choking on spray. Dude ... smell it?

A: It will go away in a day.

E: Rob, will you get me some more wine please.

A: I'm not leaving my shoes outsides - bugs live in corners and dark places.

R: (Refills Erika's wine.) Wow, that smells bad (Raid). The look on your face. That was funny. That's it, I'm putting the Raid in storage, I'm locking it down.

Looks like Ali & Jun are about to do sit-ups in the LR. Erika still on hammock with her blanket. (Rob sure to be in the BY any moment.)

Sep 08 2003 00:40, Mon SleeplessOnLI   Link
Rob telling Erika that there is nothing to talk about anymore (in general ... to A&J, and each other.)
Rob to Erika – Ali will do the opposite.
E: You can’t pressure someone like that.
R: Whatever they think, you can’t … no reason, no nothing. Oh sh!t … we forgot to do our dancing!
E: They didn’t give us music.
R: I’ll ask it for it one of these days.


R: You good?
E: Yeah, relaxing.
R: thinking about home?
E: No, I have nothing to talk to them about at this point.
R: I was telling Justin in the spa, there is only so much. I can’t tell you about my day … the chick falling, or what happened on the freeway. Nothing to say. Same thing here. No news articles, no tv, nothing to talk about … nothing, not a damn thing. Jee & Justin knew that is why I was alone. I was around important people and now this. They talked about smoking pot … that was 12/13 years ago for me. You know. What can we teach them? It’s all BS. It’s past the talking – lets’ get past Wed. What are you going to do, campaign? It shouldn’t go a whole week at this point. What is going to change tomorrow – Tuesday – nothing. One more day passes.

Meanwhile, Erika has said “right” after everything he says.

Rob mentions Ground Hog Day.

Ali & Jun doing sit ups … Erika getting cold, going inside onto the couch.

Rob staying outside.

E: You know where to find me ... huh huh. AH, it smells like Raid.
R: Don't touch anything - just touch the door.

Sep 08 2003 00:55, Mon SonOfAbraxas   Link
Erika alone with Rob in BY - "I'm ready to go home." NT