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Sep 08 2003 07:13, Mon ilsa   Link
All HG's snug in their beds. NT

Sep 08 2003 08:12, Mon SleeplessOnLI   Link
Prior to R&E going to sleep last night, they had fun asking each other TV show trivia questions ...
Ali and Jun were sleeping. Erika and Rob were on the LR couch. Erika was drinking wine. Basic trivia. Rob was mostly asking them to Erika. They got along very well, and this went on for quite awhile.

Unfortunately, only the ones she got wrong stick out in my head.

R: Who was the skinny kid, the neighbor, from Family Matters?
R: Can't remember either. Starts with an E.
E: Skippy! (Urkle)

R: On Alice, there were three waitresses - Alice, Flo and who else?
E: Oh, she looks like my mother ... Thelma. (Vera)

E: What were the names of The Brady Bunch's animals?
R: Hmmmmm?
E: Fluffy the cat and Tigger (Tiger) the dog.

(BTW, BB did not interfere with their trivia game at all. Remember a few years ago, BB would answer questions the HGs were stumpped on?)

Sep 08 2003 10:01, Mon CoffeeGal   Link
HGS still sleeping! NT

Sep 08 2003 11:14, Mon nojobny   Link
Yes, they are still sleeping. (Though Er seems to be somewhat awake and debating if she wants to leave her bed) NT

Sep 08 2003 11:20, Mon Anonymous   Link
BB: "Good Morning Houseguests. It's time to get up for the day". NT

Sep 08 2003 11:26, Mon Anonymous   Link
2nd wakeup call. Jun is up, got batteries and now in bathroom.. Everyone else still in bed. NT

Sep 08 2003 11:43, Mon Tristin   Link
Erica up...looks like she's going to do some laundry...Jun taking stuff out of SR to make food...Ali in bathroom brushing teeth..Rob still asleep NT

Sep 08 2003 11:58, Mon Anonymous   Link
Jun making breakfeast. Erika making coffee. Ali outside snoozing. Robert still in bed. NT

Sep 08 2003 12:40, Mon Anonymous   Link
Breakfeast over. Ali tanning. Robert checking pool/hot tub. Erika/Jun cleaning up kitchen. NT

Sep 08 2003 12:55, Mon Anonymous   Link
Ali/Jun tanning. Erika in hot tub. Robert sitting outside. NT

Sep 08 2003 14:00, Mon Lovebug   Link
Update" Ali in pool floating around, Rob in HOH picking nose, Jun sunning, don't see Er...No one is talking at all! NT

Sep 08 2003 14:09, Mon I_Should_Be_Working ParentRootLink
Erika in Diary Room (Jun, Rob and Ali have speculated that she's in there with the "shrink" because she's been in there so long.
Rob says that he had spent an hour with her recently (this morning?)

Sep 08 2003 14:30, Mon Vaseflower2000   Link
ju is in the kitchen,ali doing laundry, rob adding water to pool, and eri sitting in chair outside. NT

Sep 08 2003 14:33, Mon Vaseflower2000   Link
they discovered a huge beetle. NT

Sep 08 2003 14:49, Mon Anonymous   Link
Ali doing laundry. Erika in hot tub. Rob sitting outside, picking. Jun puttering in kitchen. No conversation taking place. NT

Sep 08 2003 15:31, Mon joannie   Link
Ali to Erika: "What are you doing?" Erika: "Just looking at the spot on my throat."
Erika saying that she saw a doctor in the DR (?) Ali: "You saw him?" Erika: "Uh huh."

Sep 08 2003 15:33, Mon joannie   Link
Erika and Ali are sitting in the bathroom chairs. Erika is tweezing her eyebrows. NT

Sep 08 2003 15:34, Mon joannie   Link
Erika looking at her mouth with a hand mirror. "I've got a little pearl in my throat." Ali: "It's gotta be good luck!" NT

Sep 08 2003 15:59, Mon Silas   Link
Houseguests eat burgers and talk about how they'd love to watch competitions on TV
Jun and Ali are eating inside, Rob is outside.

Jun: She's so scared that I might not give her the vote.
Ali: She thinks she's winning.

Jun: She shouldn't f**king assume anything in this game.
Ali: I'm just gonna say guys ... I'm not picking one person over another. If you wanna know how I'm voting, put yourself in my shoes and see what would be best for me.
Jun: And she can vote whatever way she wants. Because it's f**cking your decision.

Ali: Hurry up with the burgers or I'm going to eat all the vegetables.
Jun: It should be done soon.
Ali: Slap a hunk of cheese on mine will ya?

Ali exists to the BY.

Jun: You want corn .. on the cob?
Erika: Sure.

Jun is in the kitchen.. she looks like she's preparing stuff. Erika is in front of the mirror. Ali and Rob are talking outside.

[cutting away from the quad feed and going to the back yard feed 3]

Rob's barbequing something outside.

Ali: you eating outside too?
Jun: Yeah.
Ali: Did you get veggies? Mmmm..

Rob: These two are yours [refers to what is on barbecue]. Can I put it on now? The cheese?
Ali: Yeah.

Rob is eyeing the grill carefully.

Rob: <calls out> Ali?
Ali: Yay!! Thank you.

Ali grabs his burger.

Rob: What are you going to put on it?
Ali: Ketchup; lots of ketchup.
Rob walks over to Erika.
Rob: Like it? It's not overcooked?
Ali: Mmm hmm.

Jun asks Rob for cheese. Erika enjoys her burger. Then grabs a napkin and wipes her hands and mouth. Erika's wearing a pink polka-dot bikini.

Rob: Thanks. It's going to melt in about 2 seconds. I'm the hot dog vendor...
Ali: Dude what is that noise?
Jun: I don't know.
Ali: I'll bring up the rear.

Jun says she can't eat a lot of breakfast.

Rob: Jun what are you having?
Jun: Chicken <something>.

Ali: Someone turn off the alarm.
Erika: I know, it's really annoying.
Ali tells Robert she loves the burger, that it's "Frickin' great. Thank you."

Ali: What competition would you most likely see on TV?
Jun: I don't know. I wanna see the veto. I can't wait to see Jack.
Ali: I wanna see the fire pit. That was funny.
Jun: Very funny.
Erika: It's going to be even funnier when we see it.
Ali: The slime will be funny. Nobody knew each other
Jun: But we were touching each other all over the place.
Ali: The foam was fun.
Jun: I don't even wanna talk about the balls.
Ali: I do!
Erika: The Niagara balls.

Sep 08 2003 16:10, Mon Silas   Link
Some blimp talk
Ali: Having a picnic lunch.

Ali takes a bite out of her burger. Jun eats something I can't recognize from tupperware.

Rob: Can you hand me a napkin please?
Erika: Yeah.

Erika gets up.

Rob: You have corn?
Ali: No. I'm eating vegetables though.

Erika comes back and hands Rob a napkin.

Ali: The burgers are good. REally good.

Erika: What's she eating over there?
Ali: Methala [not sure what that is]
Erika: Those fried things?
Ali: mm hmmm

Rob mentions how he wants to see the footage of something.

Erika: The two floaters are floating
Ali: Who started that floater thing?
Rob: I don't know if it came from last year, or..
Erika: I think it was Jack.
Jun: I'm the navy, floaters go from person to person.
Ali: I heard it from Jack.
Jun: Like floater to me is like when you get temp jobs..
Ali: I know we go back and forth each time.

Rob: That blimp was loud too.
Erika: It was overkill after the 4th time. I was like, "Alright Hi." I was like, can they see us?
Rob: That helicopter was a trip.
Erika: That was a trip.
Ali: He was where from we are to where the camera is. And doing that in air with a balloon? That was like crazy.
Erika: Yeah when I saw that I was like, what is that helicopter doing?
Jun: I don't want to get sick and die all in one day.
Rob: You guys landed where you took off?
Ali: That landing was better than the landing on an airplane. And it was much harder. But it was much nicer. And it was like the circle..

Ali was mentioning how big this circle was.

Ali talks about the guys standing around not even being nervous while the blimp was landing.

Ali: And they tie it all up. They put those big heavy boxes... is that what it was?
Jun: No it was solid steel.
Ali: It's enclosed but windows.
Jun: There were no seatbelts on the whole thing.
Ali: have you ever been in a jeep? You know how thin those doors are? That's how thin they were.
Erika: Like a tuna can. So they can fly right up.
Ali: And I wa slike how many times does the bloody blimp hop? and he's like none.
Rob: YOu did ask that?
ali: yup.
Rob: You never asked him about the black hyundai? blowing up.. called Black Sunday? About a blimp that caught in fire.
Jun: Jee would have loved it. Justin would have loved it.
Rob: He would have. Those two guys would have loved it.
Ali: Our f**king ex girlfriends are up together!! (imitates Justin and Jee)

Sep 08 2003 16:19, Mon Silas   Link
Ali gets warned that a cricket is behind her, and she runs to find the bug spray
Ali: I'm in a really s***ty position, guys. I told Robert I came in the game by myself and am going to leave this game by myself no matter what happens. So I hope you understand what I have to do. To be honest I don't know what I'm doing yet.

Rob: You didn't finish your burger huh?
Ali: You had a hot dog. She had two hot dogs.. and a burger. (talks to Jun). You had the ice cream.
Rob: Yeah, Jun had something else.
Jun: That was the week after f**king pb&j.
Rob: People don't realize how hard it is. Jun thought it was a big deal.
Jun: NO I didn't. I was scared s**tless.
Jun: She was hungry and I was fine. I was like, I can't get up. She was still working out; I was like carry me.
Ali: I mean we had McDonald's and I had mine.
Rob: What's funny was that I was gonna eat much, I was thinking me and Nathan can handle it. I was like, come on, I don't even eat. I bet you guys aren't the ones who complained.

Ali: Justin didn't get to have pb&j.
Rob: Justin ate like a damm king every night.
Jun: And his midnight snack.
Ali: And you me and Jack are the only ones who had it once. Dana had it twice.
Rob: and the s**tty week.
Jun: She got screwed [Dana].

Rob: That p**sed you off when he was sneaking a turkey. I told him not to do that. I couldn't stop him when he started offering you that.
Jun: Jee would start to run around talking to the gnomes half the time.
Jun: Jee's not really the brightest fold of the bunch.

Ali: Yours was the first gnome, mine was the third.

Jun: I doubt they would dispense hundreds of dollars for shipping gnomes.
Jun: It was very cool. And then Marcelles comes.. I was so excited.
Ali: We didn't know him but we knew him.

Rob sees a cricket behind Ali, telling Ali not to look behind.

Ali runs. [author's note: hahahahaha]

Jun: Run! Run!
Ali: Give me my ant spray! Oh my GOD!
Rob: I don't even know where she put it.

Ali grumbles.

Ali: Where is it?
Jun: He's gone anyway. He jumped away.

Erika: There's a beetle. Is it there?
Ali gets up and starts walking away again.
Ali: Where the f**k is my bug spray? I can't...
Jun: You should make your own home made bug spray.

Sep 08 2003 16:21, Mon I_Should_Be_Working   Link
Ali apologizes to Jun and Erika
and tells them she wishes she weren't in the position she's in. (She had told Jun in the kitchen that she was going to make this speech...) She doesn't know what she's going to do until she's talking to Julie Chen.

Met with stony silence as the other three avoid eye contact and continue to chew.

Sep 08 2003 16:22, Mon I_Should_Be_Working   Link
Ali is flipping out because she can't find the bug spray. Inside Jun tells Ali that Erika hid the spray. NT

Sep 08 2003 16:23, Mon I_Should_Be_Working   Link
Ali: How was my speech? Jun: It seemed unplanned. Ali: Great! We don't want either one of them to know she's going... NT

Sep 08 2003 16:26, Mon I_Should_Be_Working   Link
F*ck'n wench better return my SPRAY!!! NT

Sep 08 2003 16:27, Mon Silas   Link
Rob asks Jun about rice pudding, Ali can't find the bug spray
Jun: that was a nice lunch. Time to take a nap.

They all laugh.

Ali: Where the f**k is my bug spray?
Rob: Maybe it's in the storage or something.
Ali: You put it away.
Rob: you serious Jun it's nap time for you?
Ali: Seriously I need it.

Ali frantically asks the other houseguests where it is and to be serious. They all don't know.

Rob comments about his pot belly.
Erika: I didn't call you pot belly you had flab.
Ali: Gone.
Rob: Where'd you leave it?
Ali: Outside. I'm gonna cry!
Erika: you're out of your mind. You're crazy lady!
Ali: I can't go out right now.

Erika gets on the hammock and starts rocking.

Ali and Jun start talking inside and talk about throwing Rob off. That f**king wench better give me back my bug spray.

Jun likes it when Ali kills the bugs.
Ali is looking everywhere for the bug spray inside the house.

Jun talks about cooking with Rob. Rob asks if Jun knows how to make rice pudding. Jun says no.

Jun: I can probably look it up. Everybody loves rice pudding.
Rob: You mind if I'm done? She doesn't really know, you know what I mean? I feel sorry for the both of you guys. Because it's gonna come to that day. Because, not knowing is bad, know what I mean? If I were you, don't stress because there's nothing you can do.
Jun: I know.
Rob: There's nothing you guys can do about it.

Ali is outside again.
Rob: Did you find your bug spray?
Ali: No.
Ali is now on her stomach tanning.

Sep 08 2003 16:39, Mon Silas   Link
Jun mentions how the final four are representing big cities. Rob splashes around
Ali talks about how tall the pilot John was. They guess 6 feet.

Jun: Yeah he was about 6'2". He was a big dude. He wasn't married though.
Rob: Is that the one who asks you for autographs?
Jun: Yup.

Rob: You sign any at the VMAs?
Jun: No.
Jun is now in a relaxed position, almost ready to take a nap.

Rob says how there's some competition tonight.
Jun: Yeah. I'm not gonna eat anything until then.
Rob: So without a car in new York, let's say you go out a lot.. how much od you spend a month on transportation?
Jun: Umm...
Rob: More than 500 a month?
Jun: No.

Jun says she spends a little under a 100 in cabs.
Jun: So it's about 400 a month.
Rob: No it can't be $30 a month.
Jun: Oh hell no. You can go anywhere in the city, because it's 10 dollars each way.
Rob: That's cool.
Rob: So most of your friends don't drive?
Jun: No.
Rob: It's not a big deal that I don't have a car. With 20 friends, only 4 or 5 would have a car. And that's because they don't live in the city; they live in Queens.

Rob: Dana drives right?
Jun: Yeah, because she lives in Queens.

Jun: Dana's not good representation at all. With this whole X bulls**t.
Rob: All the big cities are representing the final 4.
Jun: right.
Rob: Michelle's from Boca, right?
Jun: Yup.
Rob: Florida.

Rob jumps in the pool, then dunks himself underwater and back out again. Gets out, then jumps back in again.

Rob: From the old Ball and Chain,

Rob splashes backward in the water again.

Ali is outside again.

[hard to hear conversation with all of robert splashing.]

Sep 08 2003 16:55, Mon Silas   Link
Ali dries clothes, Jun asks to go to DR, Erika and Rob have some small talk

Jun says she'd be embarassed if she was him [not sure who she's referring to]

Rob: Maybe he won't be embarassed.
Jun: Because he's always like, "At least it was real." I mean yeah; being real's not going to get you that job that you want.
Rob: Oh my god. <laughs> How can he say that?
Jun: Hell yeah, I would be embarassed.
Rob: Justin's fake.. there's nothing you can say about it.
Jun: We were all dying laughing though; all of us. The thing is, no one would say that on national television. They'd say it smells bad. They wouldn't say "stank like butt". That is soooo ghetto.
Rob: <Laughs> It is.
Rob: I don't picture you guys ever together.
Jun: No?
Rob: Not on this show.. not ever.
Jun: it's funny how some things never change. Like when he makes errors when he speaks and I correct him, he goes yeah yeah yeah. We used to do this when we were dating.
Rob: Yeah, he told me that.
Rob: He broke up with you at 21 or 20?
Jun: 21. It was before his 21st birthday. He was 20. I broke up with him in July, his birthday's august.

Rob: YOu don't wanna try mexican food again?
Ali: no.
Rob: we're running out of choices for tomorrow. We're running out of 4 star choices.
Jun: We could always do Italian. But if it's 4-star, don't get a spaghetti and meatballs. Get some good s**t. Not you, I'm talking Big Brother.
Rob: Yeah, I know what you're saying.
Ali: What if we had mongolian?
Jun: I'm going to ask them.
Rob: About what?
Jun: ABout 4 star restaurants they do have.

Jun: Diary room please..

Ali: Aren't you hot Erika?
Erika: No it's perfect here in the shade.
Rob: Are you gonna watch?
Erika: Yeah.

Alison is trying to dry out some clothes, then she takes these pants and it gets stuck. She adjusts it so that the pants fit through.

Erika is suggesting Rob eat some more of something he wants.

Rob: It's always warm after 3 or 4.
Erika: Yeah. Today's a perfect day.

Sep 08 2003 17:06, Mon Silas   Link
Rob asks weight loss/muscle gain questions to Erika and Ali.
Rob: That plane's pretty cool. up there.
Erika: Oh yeah. Like a private jet.

Ali mentions something's in only 5 more minutes.

Rob: you know how you make decisions and second-guess? You know how you know you regret it but when it comes down to it you have to make that decision? That's what I feel. I know it doesn't help, but that's what I'm thinking.
Erika: I just wanna mentally prepare myself to go.
Rob: Yeah I know.

Rob: What time is it?
Erika: I'm not sure.

Something is beeping.

Erika: Isolated. Alone from everything.

Rob: When you lose weight do you lose fat or muscle first.
Erika: Fat.
Ali: Where'd Erika go?

Ali: If you still work out, you lose fat. If you don't, you lose muscle. Like, if you do have muscle and don't work out, they lose muscle. That's why people who have muscle who have a little bit of fat.... if I were to work out more now, I would look bigger because it'll bulk up first and then lose the fat.
Ali: What are you trying to do Robert?
Rob: I just wanna lose body fat. I wanna be a low percent.
Ali: You are a low percentage.
Erika: That's how you know. YOu're already lean; you don't need to lose any more weight.
Ali: You just need to bulk up more.
Erika: You're lean; you're fine.
Ali: What you would do is (ali starts pinching various parts of Robert to determine fat percentage).

Ali: They have calibers but I don't know how to do it now.
Erika: YOu just need to eat a s**tload of protein and work out.
Ali: Focus on getting as much protein as you can.
Erika: Yeah.
Erika: The ironic thing is he has to eat a whole lot more.
Ali: Yeah I know; that's funny.
Ali: Is Jun still in there?
Erika: She's sleeping.

Ali says Jun was supposed to go in the diary room but doesn't know if she actually did.

Sep 08 2003 18:42, Mon joannie   Link
Erika shooting baskets, Ali in hot tub, Jun curled up in bed
No sign of Robert

Sep 08 2003 18:42, Mon joannie ParentRootLink
Robert's in the hammock NT

Sep 08 2003 18:44, Mon joannie   Link
Now Erika's in the bathroom trimming her own hair NT

Sep 08 2003 20:08, Mon CoffeeGal   Link
Dinner is served,,,Shrimp scampi ,clam chowder, salad, garlic cheese bread, stuffed filet of salmon, Lobster tails..carrot cake NT

Sep 08 2003 20:09, Mon nojobny   Link
Jun opens a container and gasps: Oh! Pecan pie. Carrot cake. Oh, go away! NT

Sep 08 2003 20:12, Mon nojobny   Link
Rob: Oh, do you know long an hour in this house is? I can't believe we're going to watch a movie for over an hour, then FOTH. NT

Sep 08 2003 20:14, Mon nojobny   Link
It seems that the HG have
Just seen a video of what the show into looks like.

They're all commenting on how different they looked and the evicted HG.

We look better on TV!

Sep 08 2003 20:15, Mon nojobny   Link
Ali: How did Justin look? I didn't see him b/c I was looking for myself. NT

Sep 08 2003 20:21, Mon nojobny   Link
They all agree that Nat didn't look that good on tv. Rob: everyone looked good except Nate
They're all trying to remember what night the clips are from.

We all look so happy.

Ali: They must have shot that b/4 you all come in .... no offense (she says to Rob)

Ali or Er: I really don't remember that night.

Rob: I don't either, I blocked out the first two weeks

Jun: I think initally we were all mad but then we all sat down and started to talk and laugh for like a minute. That's probably where they got that from.

(Ed: sorry this is all over the place, that's how fast they were talking over each over.)

Sep 08 2003 20:22, Mon nojobny   Link
The HG are watching a video of the show... the chum HOH comp NT

Sep 08 2003 20:33, Mon nojobny   Link
HG just watched lux comp for hot tub & now are watching food comp w/the potatoes. HG are laughing and making comments NT

Sep 08 2003 20:38, Mon joannie   Link
Now they're watching the duck ball competition NT

Sep 08 2003 20:39, Mon nojobny   Link
Now it's devil duckball time... they're laughing about the cheesy music being played. Er: They're focusing about me b/c I was nominated.

Rob: Yeah, it looks like you were worried.

Jun: You can really hear Jee's accent.

Sep 08 2003 20:42, Mon nojobny   Link
Rob just can't seem to recognize Jee's voice. Rob: Who is that announcing? NT

Sep 08 2003 20:44, Mon joannie   Link
Girls swooning over David. "He's soooo cute!" NT

Sep 08 2003 20:46, Mon nojobny   Link's the Burger King Paratroopers food comp.
Jun: It's so dramatic.. we're going to war

They're all laughing about the BK.

Ali: That was Take 7!

(ed: they kept having Dana re-read the BK part b/c the guest weren't excited enough when it was annouced)

Sep 08 2003 20:48, Mon nojobny   Link
All HG: OH NO!!! Spin to Win lux comp
Rob: she's a horrible HOH too.


Rob: she just reads it. She weak. She's the weakest one.

Sep 08 2003 20:53, Mon nojobny   Link
Oh that did not look good! Er talking about how 'touchy' Nate was when she won the lux comp.
Ali: I wanted to high five him and he goes and hugs me.

Sep 08 2003 20:54, Mon joannie   Link
Ali about Dana: "She sucks! And she's ugly on TV!" NT

Sep 08 2003 20:56, Mon nojobny   Link
Jee gets all the funny lines. HG are watching the Niagra Balls Veto
Rob: Dana is just a horrible HOH. Dana is uglier on tv.

on video: Jee "My nuts" Everyone laughing

Sep 08 2003 20:59, Mon nojobny   Link
Ali: Oh I hate this comp! Jun: I didn't do anything, I just stood there. It's the laying pipe food comp.
They laughing about them struggling to put on their jumpsuits.

Jun: She she's cute (talking about Ali reading directions as HOH)
Rob/Er: yeah, she's good.

Sep 08 2003 21:01, Mon nojobny   Link
For the feedless: F1, F2 & F3 are showing the HG and their reactions to videos. F4 is showing the comps they're watching. NT

Sep 08 2003 21:03, Mon nojobny   Link
Rob: OH YES.. its the menu comp. Slice & dice! NT

Sep 08 2003 21:07, Mon nojobny   Link
The HG are laughing at insane everyone looks. Ali: oh good they cut out the part with my ring. NT

Sep 08 2003 21:09, Mon nojobny   Link
Ali: what next. Er: The foam.... It appears on the the screen and everyone screams. Ali: oh I'm scared. NT

Sep 08 2003 21:12, Mon nojobny   Link
Er: Oh see how they fuzzed it up. (to cover up the nudity). A shot of Er. Jun: Er you are not happy! NT

Sep 08 2003 21:13, Mon nojobny   Link
the next title appears and eveyone screams. Rob: yeah, I've been dying to see this. The eyeball! It's clam bake from hell! NT

Sep 08 2003 21:16, Mon nojobny   Link
Everyone laughing at Justin's reaction to his meal. NT

Sep 08 2003 21:19, Mon nojobny   Link
As Ali spits her food back into her plate with a big line of drool.. Er says -"That's sexy" NT

Sep 08 2003 21:20, Mon nojobny   Link
Next up: Fashion Fire pit NT

Sep 08 2003 21:27, Mon nojobny   Link
The HG are shopping. Rob says on the video (Come on Jee!) Er: You're always yelling @ Jee. NT

Sep 08 2003 21:31, Mon nojobny   Link
HG react to seeing Marcellas in their BY during the Gnome Menace.
Rob: Hey that's cool, they showed a clips of the old show.

(ed: They show Marcellas' gnome falling but not breaking)

Er/Rob: Everyone looks good on TV

Ali: I dont

Rob; No, you look good, you look hot

Er: You look good

Ali: I look fat!

Er: No you don't

Sep 08 2003 21:34, Mon joannie   Link
Jun: "I need to diet. My face looks like a big fat dumpling." NT

Sep 08 2003 21:36, Mon joannie   Link
Jun: "I'm definitely the b*tch of the show." Erika: "No you're not! You're funny!" NT

Sep 08 2003 21:38, Mon nojobny   Link
The screen is black...
Er: oh no, is that it?

Rob; I just want to see the intro one more time

Can we see it again?.... They wait... and the fish come back up.

Jun: My face is so round, I look like a big dumpling
Ali: I look so fat

Rob: No you dont you guys all look so hot. To me you all look great.

Er: Is that it? Is that an hour?

Rob: Dana & Nate were the worst HOH

Jun: I'm such a b*tch. Snotty and materialistic.

Er: No you're not. Rob: No you're not.

Er: You're so funny.

Jun; Really? Ok, you've helped my ego.

Ali: the intro is the bomb
Rob: I loved it

Rob: You see how she (Dana) is even as HOH? It's not about us making her look bad, it's just how she is. She negative about everything.

Sep 08 2003 21:40, Mon nojobny   Link
Ali: I look l like a big pork chop! NT

Sep 08 2003 21:43, Mon nojobny   Link
Ali: The best quote:
Jun saying:

"Knee pads? I don't wanna play this game."

(in reference to Niagra Balls comp)

Sep 08 2003 22:04, Mon nojobny   Link
After the video
The HG all talked about their favorite parts and how fat or ugly they looked.

Talked about how bad Dana & Nat were as HOH and how much better Nate looks in person.

they did the dishes and then headed outside.

Now, Jun i jumping rope. Ali working w/ dumbells. Rob working out and Er in & out of the house.

Sep 08 2003 22:53, Mon Carminkri   Link
Robert in HOH jamming to his music...(it's pretty funny watching him) on the
other three feeds Jun jumping rope, Erika playing basketball and Ali is kinda just standing there...(she had been jumping rope previously). Now Jun and Ali doing jumping jacks. All making small talk.

Sep 08 2003 22:58, Mon Carminkri   Link
Ali & Jun doing sit ups in living room....Erika doing a puzzle. NT

Sep 08 2003 23:15, Mon Anonymous   Link
Jun/Ali outside continuing workout. Erika inside putting together puzzle. Robert on hammock. NT

Sep 08 2003 23:51, Mon ktan   Link
Spiders all over the place
It begins with a black widow in the backyard near a plant spotted by Ali and Rob goes to find the Raid. Rob asks Erika where it is and she says it's in one of the drawers outside (while Ali threatens to attack Erika if she had hid it). Ali says the Raid is running low.

Back inside, Ali is at the dresser by the front door when she suddenly screams. Another spider! Rob runs over to the dresser and kills it. Ali said it was about to jump into her open mouth.

Sep 08 2003 23:52, Mon Anonymous   Link
Hg's watching the bb video again. NT

Sep 08 2003 23:52, Mon ktan   Link
The HGs gather for an encore showing of the opening titles and most of the food/veto/lux comps. F4 is showing the comps. House lights dimmed. NT

Sep 08 2003 23:59, Mon ktan   Link
Funny! BB rewound the part where Ali passed the chum smell onto Nathan just after winning the right to become the first HOH. NT

Sep 09 2003 00:00, Tue ktan   Link
BB is having fun rewinding and replaying some of the cheekier moments of the comp video. NT