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Sep 08 2003 21:25, Mon nojobny   Link
HG all laughing b/c they show clips of Er wearing her hat b/4 they burn it! NT

Sep 09 2003 01:52, Tue Spastic   Link
FOTH .... oops, back again NT

Sep 09 2003 02:17, Tue friskat   Link
coming in late
I haven't posted but have noticed that no one else has filled in the gaps Jun and Allison are asleep and Erica and Robert are awake in the living room chatting not much game stuff posting

Sep 09 2003 02:22, Tue friskat   Link
talking about america's choice
How Robert won both america's choice and how he loves his daughter (erica and rob talking) and how Erica has to pack and stuff

Sep 09 2003 02:29, Tue frustratedposter   Link
Ali/Jun in beds in LR; E/R in LR still talking
NB: text in [] is my comments/opinions

Erika is asking if the exes thought it was weird it was just the 5 of them coming in

rob says no, they were told that they were just coming in late

er: did you have any idea that the original 8 were after you

rob says that no, they didn't realize it at first

pause in conversation

e wants to know if he thought they looked different on TV. Rob says no. Erika says so that's how you see me? like it was on tv

erika now saying she misses her hat. "give me my hat! the hat!"

e wonders if rob thought the comps would look the way they did. rob says no, he didn't. E thought it looked wierd

discussion now on how different BB1 was, and that it was a flop, so $hapiro took over

brief FOTH

another lull in the conversation

now discussing R getting both America Choice. erika says all the world knows you love your daughter. they all had to call in twice for her to win them

e says she has to wash her stuff, and pack

e discussing what Julie Chen may ask her. wonders if she'll ask how it was spending th eday alone with your ex in the house

e thinks she looks 6' tall on TV. she looks tall and lanky

rob agrees

e says she can't help it, it's how she was built

now discussing who the fourth one left that was, decide it was amy. they think getting to 4th is qtuie respectable

they are saying they are the last exes in the house, and that the war continues

rob goes to kitchan for some water, then back to the LR, leaving his dirty glass on the kitchen island

when he returns, e says that she is tired, and says goodnite to R. she wasnders off to BR, and rob heads to the WC

Sep 09 2003 02:35, Tue frustratedposter   Link
things quiet down
NB: text in [] is my comments/opinions

r comes out of WC, heads to basin to wash his hands. a quick stop in the kitchen for some more water, then he takes his galss to the HOH room

E is settled in to a LR bed, and looks to be drifting off quickly

R is climbing in to his bed, and rearranging his pillows.
he lays in his side, and looks to be a little restless, but settles down rather quickly

the action for the night may be over, so


Sep 09 2003 03:16, Tue frustratedposter   Link
erika back up, sitting on the floor (near the Memory Wall)
NB: text in [] is my comments/opinions

she isn't saying anything or moving. just sitting with a worried look on her face

large pile of clothing on floor next to her.

[is she realizing for certain now that she is gone, and not feeling happy with it??]

Sep 09 2003 03:20, Tue frustratedposter   Link
erka returns to her bed, lies on back looking in to the air NT

Sep 09 2003 07:23, Tue ankt   Link
all hgs sleeping NT

Sep 09 2003 10:49, Tue nojobny   Link
they're still sleeping. NT

Sep 09 2003 11:17, Tue Anonymous   Link
2nd wakeup call from BB. Jun up and in bathroom. Ali now out of bed getting batteries. NT

Sep 09 2003 11:18, Tue I_Should_Be_Working   Link
Jun up, brushing teeth, Ali up and in storage room NT

Sep 09 2003 11:44, Tue I_Should_Be_Working   Link
Ali and Jun whispering in kitchen about Rob
Gist of conversation:

Ali asked Jun if she had discussed Ali's 'speech' with Rob because Rob had come back to Ali and complimented her on it as a 'speech'. Jun looked surprised and said 'no' (this is in ref to the 'apology' Ali made to Jun and Erika at dinner the other night and that she won't make up her mind until she absolutely has to on Wednesday night)

Both discussed Rob and how neither wants him in the final two, that he hasn't done anything to get to where he is in the game except align himself behind a bigger target (Erika)

WHISPERING (DANG!) about what the next competition could be, that Rob would be thrown off by Erika leaving, something about endurance, that they hope it's first, something about Rob knowing everyone in the sequester house because they were his friends, something about one of the traditions being hanging on to the key--Ali would give a speech telling Jun and Rob to go ahead and let go, because she WILL NOT let go. Jun said that then she'll let go.

Something about Erika wanting Jun's vote and now trashing Erika's reactions to watching herself on TV--that she's really skinny and this is her big break. Jun and Ali think she looked bad on TV, but they think that Erika thought she looked good.

Jun: She's going to really hate me.

Ali: Erika asked me yesterday if Rob still talks bad about me. I said no, she said, Ok, good. See, she's really insecure about all that crap and she's still thinking about it.

Jun called to DR.

Comes back.
Jun: Betcha Rob is staring at us through his window. He's up.

Ali called to DR.



Sep 09 2003 11:52, Tue I_Should_Be_Working   Link
More Ali and Jun.
Jun chopping vegetables. Ali had given her diet advice and told her she had to lay off the potatoes, bread, chips and sugar, but that she could eat fruit (not sure what diet she's prescribing...)

Jun talks about a dream she had about wearing tan leather boots with brown string and hoping it's a premonition about the upcoming fall fashions. She can't wait to go shoe shopping.

Ali washing dishes. Breaks a glass. And swears she knew ahead of time she was going to break it.

Jun: You're a freak.

Ali walks outside with the broken glass

Jun: (to herself) OH, Yes, you are.

Ali comes back in and Jun tells her that Justin had told her that Ali had premonitions that came true, they talk about the time Ali called Nate getting the Veto, Ali getting HOH and Dana leaving, all after Ali pronounced that that was going to happen.

Ali: You know I called this last veto too? (Apparently in the DR)

(Someone in the DR) said that they thought at first that this was the first one that she had called and gotten it wrong, but then it was the way Ali called it.

Rob up and in the bathroom.

Sep 09 2003 11:53, Tue I_Should_Be_Working   Link
Jun pouring pancake mix in a bowl. Ali: what are you doing? Jun: This is for Rob--I'm going to be good. NT

Sep 09 2003 11:55, Tue I_Should_Be_Working   Link
Discussion of dinner
Yesterday Jun went to the storage room to get menus for today, but they wouldn't let her in so she took a nap. They don't know what they're having for dinner tonight.

Sep 09 2003 11:57, Tue I_Should_Be_Working   Link
Erika up. Rob nose honking. Ali eating. Jun cooking (sorry folks, I just report what's happening, I don't make it so...) NT

Sep 09 2003 12:03, Tue I_Should_Be_Working   Link
Erika comes in from outside. Now making coffee. Comments that summer definitely over. NT

Sep 09 2003 12:05, Tue I_Should_Be_Working   Link
Rob to Jun: What were you doing up this morning?
Jun: I had to pee.

Rob: You had to pee? And then you went right back to sleep?

Jun: Uh huh.

(Strange interragation...)

Sep 09 2003 12:06, Tue I_Should_Be_Working   Link
Erika: I haven't seen my roots in 12 years. At least I can see I'm not gray. NT

Sep 09 2003 12:09, Tue I_Should_Be_Working   Link
Jun: I never read labels before I came here.
Rob: What do you mean?
Jun: fat grams, calories
Rob: Who taught you that?
Jun: Alison, Nathan
Erika: But it's not about fat grams and's about portion control
Jun: I have a problem with that.
Erika: I know. You could really eat anything that's in this refrigerator. Just not five portions of it.

Sep 09 2003 12:13, Tue I_Should_Be_Working   Link
Erika and Jun alone in the kitchen. Erika: I really think I'm the one leaving here this week.
I'm almost ready to go. I can use a week's vacation. I can masterbate whenever I want.

Jun: I can't believe that Ali is the one that gets to decide this. All the time we tried to get her out of here.

Erika: I honestly think she'll want me out of here for one specific reason.

Jun: Robert

Erika: No, I think she thinks I'll vote for her.

Jun: Yeah, she likes you like a big sister, to talk to...clean her room...

Erika: But...I probably won't. (vote for Ali)

Erika: If I had just one frickin hours.

Sep 09 2003 12:14, Tue I_Should_Be_Working   Link
Erika: If I leave this week, I can say I did my best. I never threw, I tried to protect my alliances Jun starts to sing 'I did my best' and FOTH NT

Sep 09 2003 12:18, Tue I_Should_Be_Working   Link
Erika: She's in a predicament, because you want the person you vote out to vote for you.
How do you do that?

Jun: Cry.

Erika: That works?

Jun: Not really.

Erika: How ironic, she really thinks she has both our votes. Don't think I'm not going to be doing some stuff with the jury!

Jun: I hate these live shows when you're up on the block. It's like when you're at the GYN with your feet in stirrups waiting for him to come in and just get it over with, but then you're like, no wait!!!

Sep 09 2003 12:19, Tue I_Should_Be_Working   Link
Erika: (joking about what to say to Ali after being voted out) OK, you don't have my vote. NT

Sep 09 2003 12:22, Tue I_Should_Be_Working   Link
Rob comes through the room, conv. switches to the comps they watched last night
Erika: I'm so glad they didn't show Rob wiping his butt with my hat.
Jun: Yeah, I think he went a little over the top with that. Funny though.
Erika: thanks for breakfast Jun, it's really good.
Jun: I took your advice and ran with it.

Discussing portion control and stress eating.

Jun: All this stress, what can I do? I usually smoke
Erika: Yeah, no, don't do that.
Jun: Or have sex
Erika: Don't do that either...

Sep 09 2003 12:26, Tue JessicaRabbit   Link
Jun just blamed her starting to put on weight on Dana stressing her out during her HOH. NT

Sep 09 2003 12:28, Tue I_Should_Be_Working   Link
Erika: I come from a funny situation myself.
My mother was heavy, my father was a stick. Obviously I take after him. My mother has always had to fight it. She became a Weight Watchers coach. I know about portion control from her.

Jun: My mother is also putting on weight in womanly places. My problem is stress eating. I got huge when I was with Jee. And I could tell from the videos that the week I started gaining in here was the week Dana was HOH.

Erika (I'm abbreviating here, they're way ahead of me, sorry!): In the outside world, I'd probably think she was a cool person.

Jun; not me. Can you imagine her going to get gas or something and something just doesn't go right?

Sep 09 2003 12:29, Tue I_Should_Be_Working   Link
Jun outside whispering to Ali, recounting discussion with Erika NT

Sep 09 2003 12:31, Tue I_Should_Be_Working   Link
Jun: She's trying to pump me for information. Ali: Did she say anything about voting (jury) Jun: No....I don't think she's ready. NT

Sep 09 2003 12:33, Tue I_Should_Be_Working   Link
Jun: If it were me and I had to choose between Ali and Erika,
I'd choose to get rid of Erika. I know Ali would never forgive me, turn the whole f*ckin jury against me.

Sep 09 2003 12:34, Tue I_Should_Be_Working   Link
Erika now outside. Ali asks her to play rummy. NT

Sep 09 2003 13:33, Tue listex   Link
Ali is telling Jun how pissed she is...
because Erika must have said something to Jun about Ali not "really" applying for the show and that someone like that should not win. Ali said she spent more time than most of them applying and flew out two more times than anyone else. Ali: "the fact she still considers me a kid, well these kids are running f'n circles around her". (Ed note: Jun is doing a great job of pushing Ali's anger buttons over this.)

Sorry, I posted this in the PX first - should have gone here.

Sep 09 2003 13:34, Tue deedee744   Link
Ali telling Jun she want to punch Er out when she gets out of the DR NT

Sep 09 2003 13:39, Tue listex   Link
Jun and Ali sitting in LR chatting...
Jun: "Erika told me she's not going to talk 'game' with you anymore." Ali: "Well, it's probably because I told Robert I was sick of hearing it from both of you all". Jun: "I'm going to tell them that I don't want to leave a 'goodbye' message for you (Ali) because that is so stupid." Ali: "If you don't know by now what I'm doing, then you haven't thought it through". (She is saying this to Jun so I assume she is meaning Erika will go.)

Sep 09 2003 13:48, Tue listex   Link
About packing: Erika says Jun and she have to pack 'for real' this time. NT

Sep 09 2003 13:49, Tue Anonymous   Link
Rob: I want to go in there and find out if Jun's leaving
Erika: no, don't push her

Sep 09 2003 13:50, Tue Anonymous   Link
Jun/Erika sunbathing in BY NT

Sep 09 2003 13:50, Tue listex ParentRootLink
...very quiet. Seems a bit uncomfortable. NT

Sep 09 2003 13:55, Tue whatsuprobsnose   Link
Erika says ants have gotten into the coffee
She said she's not a bug killer!!

Sep 09 2003 13:56, Tue whatsuprobsnose   Link
Erika gets in pool...oooh chilly and Jun's bikini top is
about to fall off...she untied the strings

Sep 09 2003 14:06, Tue whatsuprobsnose   Link
girls outside jun in pool
Jun on raft in pool unties her straps again, exhibitionist?
Ali looks deep in thought, Erika's eyes closed

still talking about the video from last night
Jun saying they make her look serious when she's just joking.

Talkin about jack's noisy pants
Erika : you could hear them from a mile away


Sep 09 2003 14:07, Tue whatsuprobsnose   Link
erika said she didn't like jun's yellow leather dress
the one she wore on the eviction show with dana, but she liked the fishnets

Sep 09 2003 14:08, Tue whatsuprobsnose   Link
ER: "Women Dress for Women"
Er: you guys are gonna keep talkin such S**t about my hat...
Jun: after you leave...

Sep 09 2003 14:10, Tue whatsuprobsnose   Link
Jun making fun of michelle's valley girl voice
saying they totally portrayed her the way she really is

Sep 09 2003 14:11, Tue whatsuprobsnose   Link
ER- so weird that we forget julie is part of the show lol NT

Sep 09 2003 14:12, Tue whatsuprobsnose   Link
Ali: when julie walks her thighs are like totally apart NT

Sep 09 2003 14:21, Tue whatsuprobsnose   Link
pinata talk, best moments, amanda talk...
jun; i loved making pinatas I can't believe we had to destroy them
er; best moment was making movie, making pinata,
ali; i wonder how long amanda would've lasted
jun; i can't see her mentally as that much of a threat but she would've lasted awhile. dave went early but he would have gone sooner or later, more sooner than later

Sep 09 2003 14:22, Tue whatsuprobsnose   Link
ali's potty mouth almost as bad as dana
talkin about former houseguests

Sep 09 2003 14:24, Tue whatsuprobsnose   Link
girls talkin about how ex's were screened
saying producers asked about exes and if there had been any domestic violence

Sep 09 2003 15:12, Tue CoffeeGal   Link
BB told HGS to wear comfortable clothing for HOH comp, tomarrow night and also That
Ali will be VOTING LIVE.....She is nervous she says....and Jun called it the BB4 and Ali show,,,,

Sep 09 2003 15:12, Tue gypsy888   Link
Ali just came from DR and found out the eviction would be live. Ali will have to evict the person in front of everyone. Jun told her it would be the A
Ali show. This is making Ali very nervous. She is definately upset by knowing she has to do this live in front of the others rather than in the security of the DR.

Sep 09 2003 15:15, Tue bruhe   Link
erika making a puzzle, robe in hammock, jun in kitchen tinkering, ali laying out. zero convo NT

Sep 09 2003 15:19, Tue bruhe   Link
robert looks deep in thought sitting on the hammock...
he has a drink... is more agitated than his normal figiting.. and when he doesnt play with his nose as much i figure something is heavy on his mind.
erika is unenthusiastically making the puzzle and does not look happy at all doing it.
Jun is still puttering around the kitchen and making something to eat
Ali appears to be comfortable laying on her back in the sun.
Not one word has been spoken in 15 minutes

Sep 09 2003 15:20, Tue bruhe   Link
erika finishes the puzzle, announces this. jun congrats her. er said it took her two days.
now she goes back to the WC . everyone else doing the same thing as before.

Sep 09 2003 17:01, Tue Rockymtnvu   Link
Rob, Jun and Ali in BR. Jun is giving Rob a manicure. Ali is laying on the carpet on her stomach. Talking about the video and how HGs looked NT

Sep 09 2003 17:03, Tue Rockymtnvu   Link
Ali yells to BB Will someone give me my key back? Meaning her BB key. NT

Sep 09 2003 17:07, Tue Rockymtnvu   Link
Robert wants BB to give them the schedule for the rest of the game. Jun doesn't think they will.
Robb wants to know how long they have left.

Sep 09 2003 17:13, Tue Rockymtnvu   Link
Rob is sitting in the backyard, Erika is sleeping and Jun and Ali have just decided that they are going to take a nap. NT

Sep 09 2003 17:19, Tue Rockymtnvu   Link
Instead of going to lay down Jun and Ali are whispering in the LR.
It's difficult to make it all out but the jist is that they are planning on playing head games with Robert, talking to him about going shopping and how long they have left in the house.

Sep 10 2003 07:57, Wed nojobny ParentRootLink
What Ali & Jun were planning:
If it was the 3 of them (Rob/Ali/Jun) in an endurance HOH, they were going to drive him mad to make him quit early. They were going to talk about everything that they thought would upset him - shopping, girly stuff.

Ali even suggested that they lie about how much time they have left in the house, that they've got at least 2 more weeks.

Sep 09 2003 17:23, Tue Rockymtnvu   Link
Now all 3 girls are laying down. Erika is stirring a bit. Robert still in backyard. NT

Sep 09 2003 17:27, Tue Rockymtnvu   Link
Erika is up. Checks herself in the hallway mirror and then goes to WC. NT

Sep 09 2003 17:33, Tue Rockymtnvu   Link
No sign of Erika yet. Robert is pacing the giant chess board in BY and sniffling. NT

Sep 09 2003 17:40, Tue Rockymtnvu   Link
Robert and Erika in BY talking about BB past shows and how long they were in the house.
Robert says by his calculations it is over next week.

Sep 09 2003 17:54, Tue John_DK_ ParentRootLink
Also, he said that BB will tell them all about when it ends, tomorrow, then FOTH NT

Sep 09 2003 18:36, Tue Anonymous   Link
3 girls napping. Robert pacing the backyard. NT

Sep 09 2003 20:02, Tue Anonymous   Link
Dinner time. Chinese food. NT

Sep 09 2003 20:25, Tue Vaseflower2000   Link
rob is in HOH room on the bed-ju still eating her dinner and eri and ali are cleaning up. NT

Sep 09 2003 20:54, Tue joannie   Link
Robert asks Ali to cut his hair. Rob: "Let's do it tonight. It's f*cking boring."
Ali says lets do it now, outside on the basketball court. Go find the scissors.

Sep 09 2003 20:57, Tue joannie   Link
Jun sitting outside. Erika lying on the couch inside. Both staring into space. NT

Sep 09 2003 20:59, Tue joannie   Link
Now Erika is outside shooting baskets while Ali cuts Robert's hair. NT

Sep 09 2003 21:00, Tue joannie   Link
Jun and Erika go inside to pack. NT

Sep 09 2003 21:04, Tue joannie   Link
Erika and Jun kid around as they putter around the bedrooms throwing their stuff in piles. NT

Sep 09 2003 21:11, Tue joannie   Link
Meanwhile, out in the BY, Ali and Robert talk game.
Ali: "You know, I'm not the type of person to rub things in people's faces, but when I won Veto, Erika gave me the biggest hug, right in front of Jun. I thought that was SO rude."

Rob: "I SAW that."

Sep 09 2003 21:15, Tue joannie   Link
Ali: "I figure the person that wins the last HOH will win the game."
Rob: "I know. That's what I think too!"

Sep 09 2003 21:16, Tue joannie   Link
Ali (whispering): "Here comes Erika." Erika comes outside. Conversation changes. NT

Sep 09 2003 21:16, Tue CoffeeGal   Link
ALI just ROBERT she is keeping ERIKA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!She said she will talk to Erika after JUN leaves..
She was talking while cutting roberts hair, she was speaking to him about erika dropping to her knees after veto it really pissed her off she said and she will tell Erika after JUN is GONE...............

Sep 09 2003 21:22, Tue joannie   Link
Robert declares his haircut PERFECT. Ali: "And with f*cking kitchen scissors!" NT

Sep 09 2003 21:25, Tue joannie   Link
Now Ali is in the Blue Room, watching Jun pack. Erika is packing in the Love Room. Both are trying to decide what to wear tomorrow. NT

Sep 09 2003 21:36, Tue dianasto51   Link
Erika saying she went to bb2 wrap party said she knew someone
who knew someone/

Sep 09 2003 21:37, Tue joannie   Link
Erika says she went to BB2's wrap party. She said it was at Belly.
Erika: "I was talking to Monica about Nicole. And, whoa, she HATED Nicole! But on the show, they made it seemed like she liked her. But Monica said, no, I HATE that f*cking b*tch!"

Ali: "REALLY?" ...and FOTH

Sep 09 2003 21:37, Tue joannie   Link
"Jun, please go to the DR." NT

Sep 09 2003 21:39, Tue FuggyBootnling   Link
Erica talking about the fact that she met BB2's Monica...
She said she was at Belly when she met her (ed: GOD this show is incestuous!!!!) and Erica got to talking to her about Nicole.

Erica was shocked - really - to learn that Monica HATED Nicole, that she drove her nuts, and so forth. Erica was surprised - she would not have known from watching the show.

(note: This is the difference between watching the show and watching the feeds)

Sep 09 2003 21:40, Tue joannie   Link
Jun comes back with a candle-making kit. Jun to Erika: "Here's your going-away present." Ali : "Shut up!"
The girls are digging through the candle kit.

Sep 09 2003 21:41, Tue Anonymous   Link
Erica in blue room watching June pack and said she was at the cast
party for BB2. She knew someone who knew someone who knew someone else
who called her on her cellphone and invited her to Belly's (little bar
that Mike from BB2 worked). She said she wasn't there long however, she
did speak to Monica. Ali & June yelled it's AWwwwnnnnn. Erika says Monica told her she hated that mfer bitch Nicole. She was confused because they didn't edit the show that way. She continued to tell
the story and get foth.

Sep 09 2003 21:44, Tue joannie   Link
Rob gets out of the shower. Ali: "We got a candle-making kit. It's for HOH tomorrow. Whoever has the prettiest candle..."
Jun: "Whoever has the most burns."

The candle-making stuff is spread out on the living room table.

Sep 09 2003 21:49, Tue joannie   Link
Girls in kitchen heating up the wax. Erika shakes the pan. "Just like Jiffy Pop!" Ali: "What's Jiffy Pop?"
Jun: "She's too young."

Sep 09 2003 21:51, Tue joannie   Link
Ali: "Jun, where was this candle-making stuff when Justin was around?" They snicker. NT

Sep 09 2003 21:54, Tue joannie   Link
While the girls busy themselves with candle-making, Robert lies in the bathtub. NT

Sep 09 2003 22:18, Tue FuggyBootnling   Link
The women work on candles.
Jun is reading the box as Ali works away on mixing up something.

Ali: "We gotta start stirring." Jun: "Yeah, at 180 (degrees)"

Ali and Erica looking over colours of wax. Ratbert last seen in the tub in the bathroom.

Ali reading the box for directions..."We could do vanilla green, red violet, blue violent." Ali yells "I'm COLOUR GIRL!!" Erica's body language leaning the against the kitchen counter is tense with Ali's loud tone.

Trying to figure out what colours to make the candles. Very muted, not too enthusiastic. It's almost like they don't care, they just are doing it for something - ANYTHING!!! - to do.

Jun recalls when Jack would get mad during games of Uno. Not in a malicious way, kind of fun joking way. Ali: "I liked him...I just never want to be around him again." Ali talks about how he was the same age as her father.

Jun is eating something. Sits down. Others still working on the candles. Ratbert nowhere to be seen. Guess he's not the crafty type.

Small talk about putting together the candles.

Ali is stirring a small pot on the kitchen counter. I believe they are trying to figure out the proper dyes to add to get the colour they want in the wax.

Erica: "How come they always give us extremely messy, messy things to do?"

Erica is putting in some dye. Jun: "Kill that sh!t!" She puts it in. They check the colour. I think they have the wax ready at the right temperature, and are now pouring it to surrond the wicks.

They call to Ratbert "Hey Robert - we're making candles!"

Jun: "Yeah - we have to hold onto the wick." Ali laughs (I do too!)


Sep 09 2003 22:30, Tue Jokerette   Link
Allie from the DR
They asked her to say something about the candle. She was in a hurry to get back to hers, so she said "Just tell me what to say."

They did, she repeated it and they let her out.

Sep 09 2003 22:34, Tue Jokerette   Link
Allie, bc she was in dr, her candle set with no wick
So she's playing with the wax and pouting. Erika talks baby talk to her to cheer her up, then suggested they make wax penises.

Allie's is small, she says "this is the size of Justin's winky dink" to which er says tmi (me cracking up!)

Sep 09 2003 22:42, Tue Jokerette   Link
Alie made her own candle.. looks almost rude
Jun says what the heyell is that? Allie says she molded it. She has blue hands. (The wax is dark, dusky blue and smells like vanilla.)

Allie yells that the fish are upside down, Er says they look cool like that. Swapping feeds.

Sep 09 2003 22:47, Tue Jokerette   Link
Jun: they've been told to wear something comfortable for HoH tomorrow
she is packing. She thinks she has more stuff than when she came in.

Robert is on the couch, looking totally bored. Er is outside in middle of chess game, working out in her pink outfit.

Sep 09 2003 22:54, Tue Jokerette   Link
We outside dancing, snapping fingers
She's quite good. Cameramen, bored, zooming in on her feet. Ballet. She talks to self: oh that's good.

Allie comes out and yells its cold. She goes to the weight lifting thingie. Then decides to jump rope, after saying "cannot jump rope or I'll get stabbed in the back."

Cameraman now flickering the lights on them outside... makes for a neat shot, and Erika says how weird it was they flickered the lights. Hah!

Sep 09 2003 23:01, Tue Jokerette   Link
Allie and Erika told to cover the windows, they do so
Robert comes out as Er is dancing.

Er says how difficult working at a barr is, while it looks so simple. You're working your ass off. (Ed: so that's what happened to hers. HAH!)

Allie talking about a dance movie 2 years ago, er says Center Stage. They agree the acting was bad but dancing good. Bring it On they both liked. She did the dancing, Er says. Then it turns out Allie talking about Save the Last Dance. Allie has the hots for the black guy, Mkie(?) Er says.

He's in Scream, Robert says then says no.

Er is wondering who the black dancer was in Last Dance. Allie sys he's done some movies. Er says not bigtime. Allie says he's a new movie just came out and he's hot.

Er sits down. Allie yowls and says she's in a whiney mood. Er asks if the candles dried. Er says the ones with the lids have indents, and Robert is looking for a black widow.

ER talking about an army of ants.. breaks into song and someone says NO! (Kudos!)

Jun says she has everything stacked but her clothing has reproduced while she was there, and she hasn't even put in the shopping spree stuff yet.

Sep 09 2003 23:06, Tue Jokerette   Link
allie, working out looks funny.. er says what's wrong
Allie says she's thinking. wonders what her family is thinking. She says she doesnt like how they make her say shyt in the diary room and... FOTH

Sep 09 2003 23:09, Tue Jokerette   Link
Allie misses even her little brother
That's how you know you miss home, she says. Er nods.

Er says she's so bored she's watching her jump rope (funny, so are we.)

Robert is reading something in HoH on f3 and f4.

Sep 09 2003 23:11, Tue Jokerette   Link
Jun talking of chess board and infamous it became bc of the
T or D game and that's when things went Boom with Scott.

Allie says Nate apologised to her for saying he'd pick Nathan on top. That he couldn't say her (allie) in front of everyone. Jun says he was falling in love with her (Mich).

Jun says maybe he thought you were bg and gf in his brain. She says no, bro and sis.

Sep 09 2003 23:13, Tue Jokerette   Link
Discussing VC Andrews books now... Flowers in the Attic
Still they're outside. Allie says she's read one book in her entire adulthood since she was 15Jun says what about school? she says I got answers from period before me's answers for quizzes and I got movies.

Jun says college? Allie said all writing. Communications, pro writing. No Lit. (JEEEZ) Hell no lit, I wouldn't read if I was paid. Er says I know. Allie says "So boring!"

They're coachin Jun through leg lifts.

Sep 09 2003 23:16, Tue Jokerette   Link
Allie, flat on back, yelling help.. help.. get me out of this house
(whining). Robert comes out. Allie says she's waiting for uFO to beam her out, she hates this place.

Ro says bb will tell them exactly when a person will be voted out, and Hoh, then he enters house.

Er now counting in French. Repeatedly. LOL

Allie still in middle of chess on back. Er now in packing, and still un-deux-trois (ROFL)

Sep 09 2003 23:20, Tue Jokerette   Link
Allie to Jun: he thinks your leaving
She says oh really? Yes, when I did his hair. Jun says she hates him.


Sep 09 2003 23:20, Tue woodgirl   Link
she'll hate as it's tons and tons of reading...but i guess she'll just watch the movie instead for her exams...:)

Sep 09 2003 23:41, Tue Jokerette   Link
Rob: allie if they offer you acting stuff will you come out?
Hell ya! Rob: justin will be pissed you're staying with me. I think it's bigger than any other year, a lot of stuff will come out of this. You're good on camera. If you want to go for it..

Ali: I'd LOVE to. He says she'd have to move, she says she'd do it. All of a sudden the backyard seems bigger, she says.. the chess pieces gone. He says the people gone too.

Sep 10 2003 00:07, Wed Anonymous   Link
Ali telling Robert...
Saying her parents were mad at Donnie because he got into a fight with a quarter back and in the middle of it, Ali got thrown down the stairs but she was ok. Also found out he cheated on her because the girl he cheated with, told her. Now it has gotten better with her parents, staying over at their house with Ali, going out to dinner, playing cards etc.
Ali/Jun now doing abs class; Robert lying on couch watching; Erika in shower.

Sep 10 2003 00:09, Wed Anonymous   Link
Jun doing her orgasmic workout. Robert smiling and telling Erika as she walks by that this is a GOOD workout. NT

Sep 10 2003 00:36, Wed Anonymous   Link
Erika doing puzzle; Rob watching. Ali in shower. Jun sorting, trying on her clothes. NT

Sep 10 2003 00:36, Wed Anonymous   Link
Jun told by BB that they can't chew gum anymore. NT

Sep 10 2003 00:40, Wed Anonymous   Link
telling Ali there's a place in Vegas where you can bet on anything and everything and Jun bets Ali that there is a bet on who leaves tomorrow. NT

Sep 10 2003 00:41, Wed Anonymous ParentRootLink
Jun telling Ali that there is... NT