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Sep 10 2003 02:39, Wed Anonymous   Link
Erika up and wandering around, Ali just got up and went pee NT

Sep 10 2003 02:40, Wed Anonymous ParentRootLink
both back in bed now NT

Sep 10 2003 09:37, Wed nojobny   Link
Asleep on all feeds NT

Sep 10 2003 10:46, Wed whatsuprobsnose   Link
Girls moving around in beds
Jun got up and went potty, then out to kitchen and back to bed
Rob still zonked out in HOH

Sep 10 2003 10:51, Wed whatsuprobsnose   Link
Er up now and in bathroom NT

Sep 10 2003 10:57, Wed whatsuprobsnose   Link
Er in BYgoes to lay in hammock looks like she's going back to sleep out there NT

Sep 10 2003 10:58, Wed Anonymous   Link
Erika laying on the hammock covering her face - I guess from the sun. NT

Sep 10 2003 11:15, Wed nojobny ParentRootLink
Everyone else is still in bed asleep. NT

Sep 10 2003 11:15, Wed whatsuprobsnose   Link
bb announced a lockdown ...HG have to be inside it looks like..with shades pulled...but Erika is only one up. Jun up now and helping with shades

Erika in bathroom still keeps rubbin her face
Jun in bed

Sep 10 2003 11:23, Wed whatsuprobsnose   Link
Er in kitchen cleaning up stuff on the floor NT

Sep 10 2003 11:26, Wed whatsuprobsnose   Link
Jun brushing teeth, washing face NT

Sep 10 2003 11:33, Wed whatsuprobsnose   Link
erika tense
she's picking up stuff and said something to Jun about it being all over the house ( I didn't catch what)
ER"what the hell, do I look like the maid?"
jun goes back to bed

Sep 10 2003 11:39, Wed whatsuprobsnose   Link
Er still cleaning ...everyone else going on 12 hours of sleep NT

Sep 10 2003 12:35, Wed Vaseflower2000   Link
eri up and eating on the couch. NT

Sep 10 2003 12:37, Wed whatsuprobsnose   Link
almost NOON at BB and Jun, Ali and Rob ASLEEP NT

Sep 10 2003 12:44, Wed whatsuprobsnose   Link
robert awake, hand under cover
He's obviously taking care of business

Sep 10 2003 12:48, Wed whatsuprobsnose   Link
Rob finished with self pleasure seems to be back to sleep NT

Sep 10 2003 12:50, Wed whatsuprobsnose   Link
finally talkin in house 11:51 am bb time
er is talking to the cameras and telling jun to sit with her

ER "put it on so she can see..."

Sep 10 2003 12:51, Wed whatsuprobsnose   Link
ali up on couch, rob finally up NT

Sep 10 2003 12:52, Wed whatsuprobsnose   Link
erika gone insane
talking to the camera
"why are you messin me with me, mess with alison now"
then she sticks her tongue out at the camera

Sep 10 2003 12:53, Wed whatsuprobsnose   Link
ali said she couldn't fall asleep last night
said it was because Er was snoring.
Talking about when they went to sleep....jun said it was 1:05 when she took her pill
Ali said she was already in bed,
ER..yeah you were laying in bed

Sep 10 2003 12:55, Wed whatsuprobsnose   Link
ali thanks erika for cleaning tells her she did such a nice job
then off to brush teeth and make bfast
Jun is eating in the LR now
talking to ER...Er saying the maid came

Sep 10 2003 12:56, Wed whatsuprobsnose   Link
talking about reusing pot they used to make candles
erika saying it's not a total loss, that they can just heat it up and wipe it out

Sep 10 2003 13:00, Wed whatsuprobsnose   Link
jun and erika making fun of michelle again NT

Sep 10 2003 13:04, Wed whatsuprobsnose   Link
ali and rob in the BR chairs in silence...
I'll be back later, someone else take over

Sep 10 2003 13:14, Wed Vaseflower2000   Link
all in living room just chatting about -oops foth NT

Sep 10 2003 13:38, Wed Vaseflower2000   Link
ju and ali in the bathroom,ju giving ali a pedicure. NT

Sep 10 2003 13:42, Wed KittyKitty   Link
All 4 feeds are on Jun doing Ali's toenails while a gnome looks on. NT

Sep 10 2003 13:47, Wed SleeplessOnLI   Link
E in shower (w/bikini on&towel over door), Rob cleaning windows above tub, A&J sit in bathroom chairs. No talk. NT

Sep 10 2003 13:47, Wed jaylight   Link
Rob washes inside windows ali toes are drying and erica is in shower NT

Sep 10 2003 13:51, Wed RavenLaRue   Link
Robt walks into WC area and starts
cleaning. Ali is siting in Orange chair, staring into space. Jun left the area. No discussion between Ali and Robt, right now. Robt is actually cleaning the camera windows.

Erica (?) in shower.

Still, no one has said a word.

Ali is now staring in the direction of the shower. She got up and is now in the area near the baskets.

Squeeeeak! the windows are clean.

Rbt asks Erica if she feels good. She answers, "yeah."

Two shots f-1 and 3 are of closed WC door. Ali just walked across the room and entered wc. She said something about "clean" but I couldn't make it out.

Ali is out of WC and washing her hands, only rinsing really.

She's picked up her mic and is headed back toward the kitchen.
Robt continues to clean. He keeps glancing toward the shower, where E is scrubbing away on her bod.


Sep 10 2003 13:56, Wed KittyKitty   Link
Robert just asked Erika if she wanted to "hook up" in the sequester house, then she
said, Oh I was just kidding around about that. He then said, well can we just be respectful of each other until the end. Then......(something else I didn't hear) hooking up... Erika said, I'm not going to pull a Dana.

Sep 10 2003 13:57, Wed SleeplessOnLI   Link
Erika: I"m not going to pull a "Dana"
Shower water stops. Rob, who was near the front door cleaning windows, goes into the bathroom area to ask Erika ...
Rob: What are you going to wear tonight?
Erika: Blue two piece, I think?

He continues to clean windows and comes back ...

R: Yesterday, (something something) hooking up at the sequester house.
E: I was kidding!
R: Can we end the show and then ... whatever?
E: There is no one to hook up with anyhow ... who Jee? I was being sarcastic. I'm not going to pull a Dana.
R: I know - I really didn't hear you anyhow, I was walking by and overheard you.

Sep 10 2003 14:01, Wed RavenLaRue   Link
I missed the first part of this convo, but Robt asks E if they can end the show
the way they are now. Something about Erica joking to A and J about hooking up in the sequester house or possibly about trashing Robt when she's there. She tells robt "it was a joke" He says because if you did that, it would make it really bad for me. She says again IT WAS A joke. She also says So! when Robt says it would be bad for him. She says who am i gonna (couldn't hear word) Jee???? She says, don't worry. I am not going to be like Dana. He says, I know you're not. I'm just saying. Robt goes back to cleaning windows. Erica leaves area.

Robt now says, OMG in response to something Jun says but I can't hear her. All cams are on area where robt is. Now 2 cams are on Jun in WC area. She's at the sink, looking thru her orange container. Now, she's back in kitchen and ont o LR area. Cams all back in Robt's area. He's in the dining room area now. still, just cleaning a way. Jun's back, going thru dining area back into WC area. She' crossed back again from WC but can't see her. Two cams on empty WC area

Sep 10 2003 14:07, Wed RavenLaRue   Link
Robt is still cleaning glass - he's now in the hall near the love room. all feeds on him.
Girls are no where to be seen.

Oops, there's jun
Robt asks, You all packed up?
Jun: finally! It took me two days. My suitcase is the size of a F'in ______ (house?)
Robt says it will take him two hours to finish what he's doing.
and we go to FOTH

Sep 10 2003 14:09, Wed RavenLaRue   Link
We are holding at FOTH, now. NT

Sep 10 2003 14:22, Wed SleeplessOnLI   Link
E talks to R about missing his daughter.
Back from FoTH at 1:14pm

E, in bed, asks Rob if her picture is up there.

R: ?? (Y or N)
E: My picture of my mom and Joey. Joey ... Joey. Gosh, I miss them like crazy. I can't imagine how much I miss my dog(s), compared to how much you miss your daughter.
R: I'll never do this again. I think of Dani last year. If she can do it, so can I.
E: True - that's right, she had babies. I think they were a little bit older though.
R: Rob, I did the whole freaking house. (cleaning windows)
E: You are finished?
R: Yeah
A: Thanks, Robert.

Erika in bed with wet hair. *Think* Ali in same room because I just heard her voice.
Rob emptying out the garbage, walking back and forth in the house ... now preparing something to eat.

No sign of Ali or Jun - although, just heard a brief audio of the shower.

Sep 10 2003 14:25, Wed RavenLaRue   Link
Back from FOTH and
Robt is cleaning
Ali in bed and Eri in other bed
E says, "Joey, I love you"
E says she misses her dogs so much, she can only imagine how robt misses his daughter.
E says D did it last year.
Robt finishes cleaning. Ali says "thanks, robt."
F 2 and 3 on ali in bed
F1 and 4 on robt walking thru house.
Ali gets her elephant to snuggle with. she's rolled over and is getting comfy-settled in for sleep
Robt throws trash in SR and wanders back to kitchen. E now on 1 and 3- a little restless. The lights bother her~she covers her eyes.
Now, she's got her peepers open. She can't sleep. blinking her eyes and thinking.
Robt is eating chips-doritos maybe?
Erica is resting her hand on the side of her head-she's covered with the blue comforter.
all feeds now on Robt as he goes to WC area and back. Jun may be in the shower.
2 and 3 back on E

Robt's looking in the 'fridge. finger in nose. cleans out ear. finger in nose again.
He grabs something our of fridge. a tub of something. he's eating whatever it is right out of the container. Seals it back up and puts it back in fridge.

E is flopping around a bit on the bed. She pulls comforter over her head. she's wriggling around under it. Feeds change to ali. back to erica. She tells cam to quit looking at her. she now covers her head with green blankie. She's flopping around again.
we go FOTH

Sep 10 2003 14:37, Wed SleeplessOnLI   Link
Still FOTH
More of the same activities prior to FOTH.
Rob preparing lunch and camera on Erika while relaxing in bed.

Finally audio!:
Erika to camera: "Stop looking at me." (This while changing her clothes under the blanket.)

Believe Ali still may be in bed, Jun getting out of the shower ... and Rob eating lunch.

Extended FOTH, so posting.

(BTW, Yesterday the HGs were told to wear comfortable clothes for tonight's HoH. It is rumored that there will be NO practice for this competition. No clue as to why the FOTH.)

Sep 10 2003 14:37, Wed MomMomMerri   Link
FOTH again NT

Sep 10 2003 14:46, Wed RavenLaRue   Link
Couple of guys at FOTH. looking a something. they exit stage right almost as quickly as they came. still FOTH NT

Sep 10 2003 15:34, Wed joannie   Link
Still FOTHing. NT

Sep 10 2003 15:36, Wed SleeplessOnLI   Link
Feeds back with R in shower, E packing? and A&J reading BB paperwork-they "have to answer by 9pm." NT

Sep 10 2003 15:38, Wed joannie   Link
Feeds back. Ali and Jun are in LR looking at a piece of paper. Ali: "This is tonight?"
I think Jun says, "We have to answer the questions by nine." (!?)

Sep 10 2003 15:39, Wed joannie   Link
Robert in shower, Erika in Love Room packing. NT

Sep 10 2003 15:41, Wed joannie   Link
Jun whispering so quietly I can barely hear her. Ali answers with an extra loud: "I DON'T KNOW." NT

Sep 10 2003 15:43, Wed joannie   Link
Erika joins Ali and Jun in the LR. By the way, Jun is wearing only a towel, filing her nails. NT

Sep 10 2003 15:45, Wed joannie   Link
Jun: "You start with 4 and 4 balls..." Erika: "You definitely have to start with 4 and 4..." NT

Sep 10 2003 15:45, Wed realityrita   Link
They are talking about balls..both light & heavy ..must be a way to figure it out mathamatically but they aren't sure NT

Sep 10 2003 15:47, Wed joannie   Link
Erika: "Well, it looks like regular food for the week." Then she mutters, "For those of us who stay." NT

Sep 10 2003 15:47, Wed Sunflake   Link
The girls ponder what they've read and Erika mentions they'll be eating regular food for the week. NT

Sep 10 2003 15:50, Wed NathansHarem   Link
Apparently their food comp riddle is:
Suppose you had 8 billiard balls, and one of them was slightly heavier, but the only way to tell was by putting it on a scale against another. What's the fewest number of times you'd have to use the scale to find the heavier ball?

Sep 10 2003 15:56, Wed Anonymous ParentRootLink
Three: Weigh four against four.
Take the heavier side and measure two against two.
Take the heavier set of two and measure them against each other.

Sep 10 2003 16:02, Wed calan ParentRootLink
Two Times!
Weigh 3 vs. 3 (leave two out)

If one set of three is heavier then the other set of three, weigh two of the heaver set against each other (leave one out). If one is not heavier then the other one then the third you didn't weigh is the winner.

If both sets of three are equal in the above, then weigh the two you first left out and one will be it.

Sep 10 2003 16:00, Wed kanichol ParentRootLink
Answer to the riddle.
The answer is 2 times. What you do is weigh 3 balls against 3 balls leaving 2 to the side. If they do balance, then the heavier one is one of the two on the side which you figure out just by weighing the two against each other. If the scales don't balance, then take the heavier 3 balls. Weigh 2 balls, placing the other ball to the side. Again if they balance, the other ball is the heavier one, if it doesn't balance, you know the answer.

Sep 10 2003 16:02, Wed jaylight ParentRootLink
2 weighs on a balance scale
weigh 3 against 3
if same weigh other 2
if one of 3 pick heavier
then weigh any 2
if equal heavy one is in hand

Sep 10 2003 16:04, Wed marybeth ParentRootLink
Once by the way this is worded
"but the only way to tell was by putting "IT" on a scale against another"

my guess anyways!


Sep 10 2003 16:53, Wed coffeebug ParentRootLink
the riddle says "what the FEWEST number of times..."
...meaning, if you lucked out, you would only have to use it ONCE!!

Sep 10 2003 17:09, Wed Jet ParentRootLink
That's what I think too. NT

Sep 10 2003 15:51, Wed joannie   Link
Ali: "It's quarter to three? I don't have to shower til four." Erika says something like "drink water?" Jun and Ali: "No, don't drink water." NT

Sep 10 2003 15:57, Wed joannie   Link
They show the puzzle to Robert. "We have to solve it in only 2 weighings? Where are the balls?" Ali: "There are no real balls." (Duh) NT

Sep 10 2003 16:02, Wed SleeplessOnLI   Link
BB giving daily riddles to HGs for food comp. For tomorrow nights choice of meal, they have to solve a math riddle involving balls.
Feeds back

Ali & Jun sitting in LR on couch review paperwork from BB(?) They mention that whatever it is, has to be “answered by 9:00pm tonight.” None of the following makes sense - sorry.

Erika: Singing “Cheddar Popcorn” and offers some to Ali.
Ali: No, thanks.
E: I’m hungry.

Jun: 4 and 4 – which one is the heaviest?
A: that is not right.
J: we definitely have to start 4 and 4.
A: yeah
J: why can’t you … (filing nails)
J: 4 and 4, 2 and 2, and the two heaviest.
A: I know we are only allowed to do two. Can we use Newton’s Apple theory (?) to see which one falls the fastest?
A: I don’t know.
J: Don’t touch it.
A: It hurts.
J: If that is what you want, I’ll give it to you. (NO idea what they are talking about.)
A: Promise.
J: Yeah.
A: Swear.
J: FN A … cuticles grow overnight. (Still filing nails.)

Erika joins them
E: Uh oh … someone was messing around dancing.
A: Yeah but I was xxxxxx
E: xxxx balls.
E: wouldn’t you just split it up 4 and 4 and then xxxxx
J: yeah
E: but if you get xxxxx … you have a 50/50 chance
A: there’s got to be another way.
J: when you get rid of the heaviest, then you are stuck with the three lightest
E: Can you do it in ways? … (or did she say wings or waves?)
E: There has to be a way to figure this out mathematically though.
E: There is an “E” on the bottom of my shoe.
A: What size shoe are you?
E: Size 9 – actually, I’m in between 8 ˝ - 9. I can’t get it off. That’s the trick – who can get their shoes off first.
A: I don’t have to shower until 4pm.
J: Asking her if she is going to be drinking water. (Perhaps referencing endurance challenge.)
J: Did you decide what you are going to wear?
A: Maybe my denim slacks.
J: Oh yeah, they will go with the blue.
J: Are you stressing?
A: Yeah.
J: About tonight?
A: No, I’m stressed about the food. I don’t understand how that is possible.
J: 4 and 4. Read this, (to Rob) This is for tomorrow’s dinner (food comp). John said there will be regular food for the week, but if you get it right, you can choose your dinner meals. 4 x 4 first to see which group has the heavier ball.
R: Billiard balls?
A: No regular balls.
J: Why not 3 and 3 and hold the others in your hands.
E: It will be so slight and you can’t tell with your hands. We need a mathematical figure with a scale. This is for fun actually, if we get it right, we will get the meal of your choice.
R: Only two weighings.
E: This is one of the easiest?
J: Yeah
E: I'm scared!

Sep 10 2003 16:05, Wed jaylight   Link
erica : how about 3 and 3 NT

Sep 10 2003 16:12, Wed SleeplessOnLI   Link
BB gave them new "tennis shoes" for tonights HoH comp (I think!)
E: How about 3 and 3, leave 2 out … the heavier from that 3 … add one of the balls that you held out … then you will know. See where I am going with this? If they are even, then you know this is the heaviest ball. If not, then … I don’t know, I just lost it.
E: Sh!t, they are screwing with my head, Jun! I do think you will figure it out by not having to weigh it. It’s all coming to me now, Jun … my little brain … right … little pea head.
E: (something about a) worm.
E: Ali do you have a clip?
A: xxxxxxx
E: Really?
J: That’s what happens with the clips, they fall behind the …

Rob joins Jun and Ali on the couch. Erika blow drying her hair.

A: Oh sh!t, I forgot the whole middle of the routine when I did it. (Hmm? Did she dance during FOTH?)
A: They didn’t give us new shoes last time.
R: This is the last HoH, so they want to give everyone new shoes and make it (fair?)

Posting … If they keep up with the 3x3, 4x4, 2x2 talk … I don’t think I can transcribe it.

Sep 10 2003 16:22, Wed SleeplessOnLI   Link
A to J about R and tonight's HoH comp: I’m gonna tear him up – eat him up and spit him out
A: are we allowed to wear jewelry for this comp?
R: they won’t tell me sh!t
J: probably about comfort – they told us to wear comfortable clothes.
R: maybe it’s sitting in a tree or something. Sitting somewhere.

Rob up “getting that chair out” from somewhere.

J: I swear to G*d, if that is what it will take. I trust you and I know you’re all about the game.
(Your going to kill me but I got a phone call during this time! Sorry!)
A: I should eat something.
J: There is tons of grilled chicken. Should we sauté them with the grilled veggies that we had with the hamburgers.
A: Yeah
J: Nail talks – how dark the color is.

J: He is not leaving us alone, he is pacing.
A: he’s like, I can’t break dance because of the game.
J: I’m like, buckle down, buckle down. Someone is coaching him.
A: Give up now. I’m gonna tear him up – eat him up and spit him out.
J: do it
A: I will plow his ass, I will xxx him so hard he won’t get up. Dude, this will be the most xxx comp, I swear.
J: don’t get hurt
A: I won’t, I won’t.
J: Dana is going to be cursing my name. (not sure why)
J: Sit down Rob, you are making me nervous.
R: I can’t. …. Ali, will you shave the fuzz on the back of my neck.
R to J: Are you nervous about tonight?
J: Yeah
R: (something about) Tennis shoes
J: They are ugly man. I’m leaving them here.
R: Did you pack up your gnome?
J: Yeah
R: Remember you did Nathan’s toes? They stayed like that for two weeks.
J: Yeah
R: FN four us for a live show!
J: I gotta pee and I just did my FN nails.

Ali back in bed. Erika still doing her hair. Rob on couch. Jun to WC.

BB: Erika to the DR.

Sep 10 2003 16:30, Wed SleeplessOnLI   Link
Opps - sorry - FOTH for a few minutes now. NT

Sep 10 2003 16:41, Wed ChiPrincess   Link
Still FOTH. NT

Sep 10 2003 16:54, Wed ChiPrincess   Link
Hasn't changed. Still FOTH. NT

Sep 10 2003 17:05, Wed ChiPrincess   Link
For the feedless: No we haven't fallen asleep. Still FOTH. NT

Sep 10 2003 17:14, Wed ChiPrincess   Link
Yup. Still FOTH. (BTW -- I keep adding comments because you aren't allowed identical posts.) NT

Sep 10 2003 17:34, Wed ktan   Link
Music restarted on FOTH. Was silent for some time. NT

Sep 10 2003 17:35, Wed wm000   Link
They changed the Music.
Change of Music it's something Jazzy

Sep 10 2003 17:35, Wed ktan   Link
There's jazz music on FOTH!!! NT

Sep 10 2003 17:40, Wed ktan   Link
Now a classical piano piece airing over FOTH. NT

Sep 10 2003 17:43, Wed Anonymous   Link
theyre back NT

Sep 10 2003 17:43, Wed SleeplessOnLI   Link
Feeds back! NT

Sep 10 2003 17:44, Wed Anonymous   Link
E dress for comfort... Hope Julie likes it NT

Sep 10 2003 17:46, Wed Anonymous   Link
R brushes his teeth.... again NT

Sep 10 2003 17:46, Wed SleeplessOnLI   Link
No talking. R brushing teeth; E putting on makeup; Ali in shower. J in towel, in chair. NT

Sep 10 2003 17:50, Wed ktan   Link
FOTH, but heard a string piece briefly, then the usual BB4 theme music. NT

Sep 10 2003 17:52, Wed Chica417   Link
Rob said "I got some bad news...not just me...everybody will hear it tonight...what's the worst F***ing thing you can think of"..then FOTH NT

Sep 10 2003 17:52, Wed ktan   Link
Back to jazz music at FOTH. NT

Sep 10 2003 17:52, Wed Knowledge_Seeker   Link
FOTH music now back to playing jazz music NT

Sep 10 2003 18:01, Wed Dreamer   Link
Ali and Jun are applying make up . .Rob is pacing back and forth in the LR NT

Sep 10 2003 18:19, Wed Dreamer   Link
Ali to Rob: Robert 10 minutes till I do your face . . .
Robert wears makeup

Sep 10 2003 18:27, Wed SleeplessOnLI   Link
What they are wearing ...
Rob: Beige khaki pants/light blue t-shirt
Jun: “Stretchy” beige pants/black t-shirt tucked in
Ali: White t-shirt/and I *think* jeans that are cut so low in the back, you can see her panties.
Erika: Christmas “present” pants/Vegetables t-shirt … UPDATE: Baby blue pants/baby blue hoodie. Her bra was locked up in the SR (where the extra luggage is stored) and BB would not allow her to retrieve it. We do not know if she ever got her bra. Hard to tell, if you know what I mean! ;-)

Erika still in slippers. Jun mentioned she was going to switch into her new sneakers afterwards.

Rob now sitting on LR couch. Nope, now walking around the house.
Ali doing her hair.
Jun eating.
Erika walking around from bedroom to bathroom.

Sep 10 2003 18:29, Wed SleeplessOnLI   Link
Erika needs her bra from the SR - clothes packed in extra luggage. They won't let her in ... (for now.) NT

Sep 10 2003 18:32, Wed SleeplessOnLI   Link
FOTH with classical music. 29 minutes until showtime! NT

Sep 10 2003 18:36, Wed SleeplessOnLI   Link
Feeds back with Ali still doing hair - Rob still pacing. Erika out of WC in baby blue pants/hoodie.NT

Sep 10 2003 18:41, Wed SleeplessOnLI   Link
HGs were told about the extra week. Rob explaining to the girls. NT

Sep 10 2003 18:46, Wed Sunflake ParentRootLink
He told the girls "John told me in the DR and I wasn't supposed to say anything, but f*ck it" NT

Sep 10 2003 18:47, Wed Peeps   Link
Ali just put something in one the girls bags!
If you can figure out whose bag it is...Then I guess we will know who's she's voting out!

Sep 10 2003 18:54, Wed Anonymous ParentRootLink
It was a small and grey material..TankTop?She put it in a black duffle bag NT

Sep 10 2003 18:48, Wed Anonymous   Link
omg.....bizarre horror suspense music with foth NT

Sep 10 2003 18:49, Wed SleeplessOnLI   Link
FOTH. 11 minutes until showtime! NT

Sep 10 2003 18:50, Wed Anonymous   Link
piano music for foth that reminds me of silent movies NT

Sep 10 2003 19:48, Wed ilsa   Link
Still playing wonderful, beautiful classical guitar on FOTH (Thanks BB!!) NT

Sep 10 2003 19:51, Wed SleeplessOnLI   Link
HoH set up in BY (from TV show) looks like ...
Very quick glimpse!

Three barns(?) attached ... sort of like a clover formation, (or the way the DPoV staircases were positioned), with a water tower of some sort connecting them in the middle. The tower rises up above the three bldg. structures.

Jun had changed into her sneakers and was wishing she had put on sweat pants for the live show. She did not see the set-up when she made that comment. Was immediately following Erika's exit.

Sep 10 2003 19:53, Wed SleeplessOnLI ParentRootLink
Correction ...
Looks like dog houses. They are standing on the roof and placed their key into the familiar round key holder.

Sep 10 2003 19:59, Wed SleeplessOnLI   Link
Snowing ice chunks onto HGs - Ali in t-shirt: Jun has on a shawl, Rob in sweatshirt. All yelling "ouch!" NT

Sep 10 2003 20:01, Wed SleeplessOnLI ParentRootLink
Large hail (snow balls) chunks raining down upon HGs, and then stopped. Show over - waiting for feeds to kick in. NT

Sep 10 2003 20:03, Wed bruhe   Link
still foth.... NT

Sep 10 2003 20:06, Wed bruhe   Link
they are back now... on my feed audio only and foth on screen now visual. they talk of the balls quiz NT

Sep 10 2003 20:06, Wed SleeplessOnLI   Link
Ali's hand off key - discussing the ball riddle for tomorrow's food comp. J&R holding tight with two hands. NT

Sep 10 2003 20:08, Wed SleeplessOnLI ParentRootLink
Whoa! MAJOR CORRECTION - One hand remains on the key. Ali was explaining the riddle with one hand - I "ass"umed! NT

Sep 10 2003 20:14, Wed SleeplessOnLI   Link
Jun is glad that she did her nails because BB will be doing close-ups of her hands. (hard to post-internet traffic) NT

Sep 10 2003 20:15, Wed Silas   Link
HOH Endurance competition - up to 7:13 (PST)
HOH Endurance competition.

The houseguests are talking about two things.. one being heavier than the other. Sounds like it was some dinner competition. They talk about winning some sort of dinner.

Ali: We got it! We get dinner.

Rob then asks if anyone looked at Ali.

Rob: But Erika will be fine once she walks out.

Rob says he's been in the snow but not in the middle of a storm.
Rob: I'm never in the snow so you guys have a big advantage.
Ali: When it happened [snow falling] it hurt!
Rob: Thank god I put on a sweater! I would have been done.
Ali: f**king fake a** snow s**t.
Ali: I mean, we have to stand on the roof.. I had to stand on the roof.

Rob is saying how he would have been freezing in 10 minutes if he was in the pool endurance competition last year.

Rob: That's what it was cuz they were saying it's waterproof.
Ali: I knew it was something different because they wore bathing suits last year. We got sneakers..
Rob: I was kinda right, I said we were going to be elevated, up on something.
Rob: I'm very very happy right now, we have a long way to go.
Ali: Yeah.
Rob: You know, you made amends with Erika. And then, she's like, do you think you would rekindle something, and I'm like absolutely not. We're gonna hang out and dance, but taht's about it. And then she said "I heard you call them bitches ... how do you feel" and I'm like I admit it, I said this all in anger. And then, a prediction.

Rob mentions his discussion with Julie and him being superstitious. Rob says he doesn't feel good about everything.

Rob: But she said, bitches, tramps, sluts ... on national TV. But she was cool.

Jun is saying how the snow hurt her.
Ali: Last year they did thunder [for sounds], so.
Jun is humming the nutcracker song.

Jun: Oh my god can you imagine when we get home, we get brown leaves....
Rob: Here it's the same. It's cool.
Jun: They're gonna do a closeup of our hands. I'm glad I did my nails.
Ali: We all did.

Plane flies over.

Rob: On the plane, they're like saying what are these three people doing with the keys on the houses?
Ali: They didn't show the second competition last year did they?
Rob: They just showed the start, and that's it.
Jun: And we were wondering why..
Ali: Cuz I said.. the first person that was out...

Ali is saying that she's glad she peed.

Sep 10 2003 20:18, Wed SleeplessOnLI   Link
Snow chunks! Ali wearing a pink hoodie & does not have it covering her head (yet.) HGs bend over, faces down when it spews! That was a quick one. NT

Sep 10 2003 20:23, Wed bidz_yo   Link
Jun: "We can sing anything we want because the internet can't see competitions!" ... starts singing... Jazzy FOTH (LOL, duh) NT

Sep 10 2003 20:23, Wed Silas   Link
HOH Endurance Competition - up to 7:21 PST
Rob: Erika played a good game. I'm very glad at what she did.

Snow starts to fall.

Jun starts to laugh. The houseguests are covering.

Jun and Ali start saying "Ow!".

Jun: Okay you guys need to work on the chunks. Nothing bigger than my fist please? F**king eh?
Ali: Well we're not gonna have pretty hair days after this.
Jun: You guys are having fun there.
Ali: I'm glad I have a little brother who used to beat the s**t out of me.

Ali: s**t I used to skate with no sleeves, no mittens.... every 15 minutes though.
Ali: Guys, whenever that snow comes, hold it like this, then we can just wipe it off.

Jun: What the f**k?! Why does it have to be so hard?
Rob: It's better for them if it stays on us.

Rob: Look at the corner; it's frozen.
Rob: You have to jump off, you can't even think about going down slow.
Ali: Holy s**t. (ali starts laughing).

Ali: I bet they're saying, look at these three a**holes holding onto their key with money. While they get pegged in the face with .. (starts laughing).

Ali: <glances up> Oh not again. Everytime I hear that f**king motor..
Jun: Coming again?
Ali: No.

Houseguests hear a motor starts to run. They get ready to duck for cover.

Rob: you know what I'm about to say? That's how people are gonna let go when [the motor runs]. That's how it's gonna happen. Or freezing my hand on this tree.
Jun: F**king cheap a** ...

Jun: Oh my god imagine if I wore that dress? I'd be freezing.
Ali: Oh my god...
Jun yawns.

Jun: We can say anything we want, because the internet is not allowed to watch competitions. [boy is she wrong about that!]
Jun: <singing> "It's the road ahead is not so ea-" [FOTH!]

Sep 10 2003 20:31, Wed SleeplessOnLI   Link
Finer (more normal looking) snow fell on HGs this time. Few chunks mixed in. NT

Sep 10 2003 20:33, Wed Silas   Link
HOH Endurance competition - up to 7:35 PST
Jun: I want some hot cocoa with marshmallows.

Ali: Sing again. So somebody comes back and yells at us.


Ali: Listening for that damn machine.
Jun: I hate that machine. Hit me square in the middle of my shoulders. Ow!

Jun yawns again... long.

Jun: Do we really have to pee our pants?

Ali says something blocking out the smell.

Jun: Good idea.
Ali says she wore her old ones.

Rob glances up.
Rob: S**t. Is it coming over?
Ali: No.

Jun: You might wanna work on the shaving a little more.
Ali: Make it a little shaved! Cause I'm going to have a black and blue eye.
Rob: John said he's going to tell us the schedule. When everything was.
Jun: He lied.
Rob: No he's gonna tell you guys.. he said I'm gonna tell the whole house.
Rob: Erika didn't vacuum did she?
Ali: Nope.

Machine gets loud again. Snow starts falling; houseguests duck their heads in cover.

Jun: Ow! Ow! Ow! <laughing> You guys wanna hurt us. <singing> Why do you wanna hurt us?
Ali: That's better though.
Jun: Ow! It's going down my booooo-bies.

Ali: Alright then.
Jun: Okay that wasn't too bad. That was a lot more.
Ali: you know it was shaved.
Rob: That was horrible. Oh s**t; my pocket got full.
Ali: My pocket got full too. Yelling, "We hate you!"
Jun: What kind of job do you have? To throw ice on people?
Rob: It's gonna be an 8 hour long thing.
Jun: OH it's running down my back. Oh it feels so good!
Ali: Oh, I just chipped a nail.

Sep 10 2003 20:35, Wed SleeplessOnLI   Link
After each snowfall, HGs clean the key holder, their heads etc, and kick the snow from their dog house roofs. (Making it more slippery.) NT

Sep 10 2003 20:36, Wed Rapunzelorg   Link
Girls singing Star Spangled banner.. rob seems annoyed NT

Sep 10 2003 20:37, Wed SleeplessOnLI   Link
A&J singing "Star Spangled Banner" NT

Sep 10 2003 20:45, Wed Rapunzelorg   Link
snow coming NT

Sep 10 2003 20:46, Wed Silas   Link
HOH Endurance competition - up to 7:44
Rob: Oh s**t. Oh my god! We're getting some slippery stuff here! You know what's happening right? The house is freezing.. now it's turning to ice. You feel a ring right?
Ali: Yup; just like a ring.

Ali: Ooh it went down my butt crack! Heeey! A cube went down my butt. My buuutt. Michelle. MICHELLE! I MISS MICHELLE!

Jun and Ali are making fun of Michelle's "dumb blond" talk, about how much she'd explain.
Ali: I don't keep track of how long we've been here, about 45.

Jun and Ali are singing the national anthem (US). [not FOTHed!]

Rob: You both together sound good.

Jun and Ali finish the national anthem.

Jun and Ali: ... and the home of the... brave.
Rob: You can do a duet at the minor league games.
Rob: I didn't know you both together sounded like that.
Ali: That's cool.
Jun: After every hour when we get bored..

Ali: Well, if you get thirsty you can go lick yourself.
Jun imitates Julie reading out the Christmas line before this competition.
Ali: I'm glad there's another competition for another shot.

Ali: That was cool how it collected in my pocket.
Ali is emptying her pockets of the snow.
Jun: You should see how calm it is when the snow comes.... I'm like ahhh!!

Ali: i used to hate wearing these pants to work...
Jun: I wonder if we'll get more goodies in the last week..
Rob: Jun, I think we might get the web pages. I really think we're gonna get that.
Ali: We get to pick what dinner we want for tomorrow.
Jun: We should do that.
Rob: s**t..sushies again?
Ali: Yeah I like sushies.
Jun: We need to tell them they should chill out with the portions though. I don't like to see wasted food.
Rob: So this is what took all day, huh?

Ali is telling Rob that even if he left now, he'll have another chance.

Rob: Yeah and you can mess up one..
Ali: And still win the last prize.
Ali: hear that s**t shaving? been a while huh?
Rob: What?
Ali: Since we got bombed?
Ali: <hehehe> Bundle up kids!
Rob: We can go this to our key, and put our head down, and we'll get covered.

Snow starts falling again.

Ali: Oh that one did tons o' good.

Sep 10 2003 20:47, Wed SleeplessOnLI   Link
Snowfall lasting 1:34 minutes - key holder loaded with snow. Jun exclaiming - wahoo this is fun! NT

Sep 10 2003 20:54, Wed ktan   Link
We are one hour into the HOH comp. NT

Sep 10 2003 20:55, Wed joannie   Link
Robert: "This sh*t is thick on our houses!" NT

Sep 10 2003 20:56, Wed joannie   Link
Robert: "Holy sh*t! I almost fell off that time!" NT

Sep 10 2003 20:56, Wed Silas   Link
HOH Endurance Competition - up to 7:54

Jun: Yeah! Good!
Ali: Good one.
Rob: Hold on .. my hands..
Ali: Frozen!
Jun: OOhh yeahh.. this is fun!! This is what I signed up for! F**king eh good.. s**t.

Houseguests start rubbing snow off themselves.

Rob: OH my god ...

They seem to be taking a long time getting the snow off themselves. Ali is stamping her feet and it's making an ice cracking sound.

Ali: Wasn't that lovely? Hey did you guys see the blizzard?
Rob: That one came more.. every time there's a lot more? Or is it just us?
Ali: no it just seems that way.

Rob blows his hand to warm it up.

Ali: Good; now I don't have to wash this for ya.
Jun: Look what the cat dragged in. Throw in some whiskey.

Jun: It'll still be warmer than how we feel.
Rob: Oh, defrosting the hot tub.
Jun: It wans't big brother changing the hot tub. IT was Erika.
Rob: She's such a good f**king liar. she's so good at it.
Ali: I would turn it down
JUn: she was putting it to 75. I'm like, are you crazy?!

Ali: Haha! Your camera's gonna get all wet!

Ali: Oh your hair's soaking wet. [talking to Rob].

Jun says she's been in a band, but not like a rock band, a high school band.
Ali: That's cool.

Ali says she played when she was younger.
Jun: When the snow's coming down it's like the worst thing in the world but it's fine again.
Rob: Yeah it's bad when it's going down.

Ali: What's so funny Robert?
Rob: That I told Justin I won't be cold. They'd use snow instead of rain [he said].
Jun: I'd rather it snow than rain. BEcause it would be drenched. Makeup running down our faces..
Rob: Rain right now would be worse. We'd be freezing our a** now.
Ali is saying how much the snow hurts.
Rob: Look at you; you have 3 inches of snow on you.
Jun: Do you think it'll be bad enough when it'd be piling up on our roofs. Then we won't be able to know where the roof is..
Jun is humming nutcracker suite again.
Rob: Holy s**t! I almost fell off right now.
Jun: Dude you're gonna hurt yourself.
Rob: I'm trying to scrape this s**t off so I can have some roof left.

Sep 10 2003 21:00, Wed Rapunzelorg   Link
Snow Coming! Cover your head! NT

Sep 10 2003 21:00, Wed joannie   Link
Here it comes again! NT

Sep 10 2003 21:02, Wed Rapunzelorg   Link
Ali "We Look Like Retards" NT

Sep 10 2003 21:02, Wed SleeplessOnLI   Link
1:17 minutes. A says they look like r3tards. R's head is frozen. Brushing off, etc. NT

Sep 10 2003 21:04, Wed Rapunzelorg   Link
Snow fell for 1 min 30 sec.. from 11:00:15 to 11:01:45 NT

Sep 10 2003 21:06, Wed Silas   Link
HOH Endurance Competition - up to 10:04
FOTH goes on with some non-jazz music.

Jun told Erika that she was going to leave Alison alone.

Jun: That was a weird speech Erika did.
Ali: was mine okay?
Rob and Jun: Yeah it was.
Rob: YOu have been saving her a**. It's unbelievable. I'm saying, it would have been alright, but you would have given it to her. Erika told me that too; she told me I think it's me, I'm like I really don't know who it is.
Ali: I think she knew when I started crying.
Jun: I was gonna cry.
Ali: I was gonna cry regardless but I guess she thought I wouldn't.
Ali: She was mad. That's okay.
Rob: No I don't think so. I think she was ready to go.
Jun: Did you hear her when she came out of this door?
Rob: She's like "get me out of here!" I think they get over that.. quick.

Snow starts to fall again. (7:58). Houseguests duck their heads.

Jun: Ow. The chunks again.

Snow stops.

Ali starts to laugh. "we look like f**king retard!"
Rob: I'm serious! My head's f**king frozen. Holy S**T! I can't even move this s**t. Okay okay... try to take this...

They start getting the snow off themselves. Ali is shaking her head. Rob is reaching for his back.
Rob: Oh no!
Ali: What?
Rob: There's f**king ice down my back.

Ali does the stomping thing again to her roof.
Jun: It's not even freezing.
Rob: That's what I'm saying it's so big now. Is your thing getting wet?
Ali: What thing?
Rob: Your sweaters?
Ali: oh yours is soaked. The kind of sweater you have doesn't absorb water.. err, absorbs water.
Jun: I have chunks of ice in my hair.
Ali: I can feel cold in my a**.
Ali then makes some comment about cold s**t.

Jun's doing some more yawning, Ali's doing some more stomping.
Rob sighs, then FOTH.

Sep 10 2003 21:06, Wed joannie   Link
Jun keeps tapping her nails on the key in a very irritating fashion. NT

Sep 10 2003 21:13, Wed SleeplessOnLI ParentRootLink
Asking A&R if they think there will be close-ups on her hands because her friends will recognize her nice nails. Girls have icicles in hair. NT

Sep 10 2003 21:15, Wed Rapunzelorg   Link
Surprise! It' Snow Time! NT

Sep 10 2003 21:16, Wed Rapunzelorg   Link
Big Chunks pounding thier heads ; NT

Sep 10 2003 21:16, Wed SleeplessOnLI   Link
0:50 seconds - starting up again ... NT

Sep 10 2003 21:17, Wed SleeplessOnLI ParentRootLink
Add'l 0:34 seconds - starting again! NT

Sep 10 2003 21:18, Wed SleeplessOnLI ParentRootLink
Add'l 0:27 seconds. They are upset now, calling BB a$$holes. NT

Sep 10 2003 21:16, Wed Rapunzelorg   Link
Even more snow, NT

Sep 10 2003 21:17, Wed joannie   Link
Chunks of ice falling down. Jun and Ali: "Ow!" Jun: "F*ckers!" NT

Sep 10 2003 21:17, Wed Rapunzelorg   Link
even more... Woo hoo! NT

Sep 10 2003 21:18, Wed Rapunzelorg   Link
Ali "are you finished yet?" (yelling) NT

Sep 10 2003 21:20, Wed Silas   Link
HOH Endurance Competition - up to 8:17 PST
Rob: I know, my hands are frozen.
Ali: Really?
Rob: I mean it doesn't hurt yet.

Rob blows on his hand to warm it up.

Jun says how she didn't wear her good shoes because she might ruin them.

Ali: that's a really good idea.
Jun: turntec.. what the f**k is turntec? (Jun glancing down at her shoes).

Jun is saying how, if her mike falls off, she's like "I'm not gonna go get it".

Rob: We're up pretty high, too.

Jun's doing some beat on her key with her fingers.
Jun: Do you think they do a closeup on people's hands in this game?
Ali: Probably.
Jun is saying how Ali's hands are light.
Jun: They're super light. They're frozen.

Jun: Imagine if I fell and my pinky broke? Because I had it like this and... that would have been some ... s**t.
Rob: Oh .. you guys have some ice cubes in your hair.
Jun: I had like chunks on the bottom.
Rob: I know, I can see.
Jun wishes there was a mirror around.
Ali: Nope. No mirror.

Ali: really cold..
Rob: You cold yet?
Jun: I'm getting slowly drenched.
Jun: I bet you the pool water would be warm. I'm getting into the hot tub today.
Ali: Ooh, that's a good idea. And later we can get candles.

Rob: OUr houses are co-vered in snow. Ice blocks.

Now Jun is doing the stomping thing.

Jun: f**kin' frozen...

Snow is falling once more.

Jun: ohhhhhhh!
They all duck for cover.

Rob: Aww.
Ali: Ow!
Jun: ow! Ow, ow! f**kers!

Snow stops.

Ali: That f**king stung!
Rob: Aww, f**k.
Ali: That hurt.

Motors runs and snow starts falling again. Houseguests seem to have got caught by surprise.

Ali: Whoa whoa chill out boys. Take a break!

Snow stops.

Ali starts calling them a**holes.

Snow starts.

Ali: Whoa whoa, whoa whoa! Owww! they're like little needles!

All houseguests duck for cover again.

Snow stopped.

Ali: Are you sick! s**t!
Jun: Okay.. okay.. f**king eh.
Rob: I can't even feel my f**king hand.
Ali: This is f**king ridiculous. Right?
Jun: Dude, this whole thing is covered in snow.
Ali: I don't have a house anymore. I have a fricken mountain.. a snowpile.

Ali is saying how Rob's getting frostbit.
Rob: It's like purple.
Jun: Sorry dude.

Ali: What the hell was that three ... part ... snow!

Sep 10 2003 21:20, Wed Rapunzelorg   Link
Rob " I can't even bend my fingers" NT

Sep 10 2003 21:20, Wed SleeplessOnLI   Link
Girls telling Rob his fingers are white, worst sweater to wear. J's pants falling down. A's hair visibly wet. Feeds DARK! NT

Sep 10 2003 21:21, Wed joannie   Link
Ali throws a chunk of ice onto the table. "Look at that! I just pulled that out of my a$$! I'm not even kidding!" NT

Sep 10 2003 21:23, Wed SleeplessOnLI ParentRootLink
Earlier post: Ali wearing jeans, very low cut in back that her panties were showing. T-shirt not tucked in, NT

Sep 10 2003 21:21, Wed Rapunzelorg   Link
Rob " I think I am done" NT

Sep 10 2003 21:22, Wed Rapunzelorg   Link
Jun is gone! NT

Sep 10 2003 21:24, Wed Sharky ParentRootLink
FOTH and when it comes back June is walking into the house. NT

Sep 10 2003 21:23, Wed joannie   Link
Jun is out! NT

Sep 10 2003 21:26, Wed Rapunzelorg   Link
Robert quit NT

Sep 10 2003 21:26, Wed Sharky   Link
Rob gettting assurances from Ali that she take him to the finals - He says he will definitely take Ali to the finals if
he wins HOH. Ali says she is 99% sure that she is taking Robert but she tells him she is not certain.

Robert said "done" and got off of his "house""

Sep 10 2003 21:26, Wed Knowledge_Seeker   Link

Sep 10 2003 21:27, Wed SleeplessOnLI   Link
Ali wins at 7:26pm BBTime. NT

Sep 10 2003 21:28, Wed Silas   Link
HOH endurance competition ends - up to 8:26
Ali: Woo! Look at that.. I pulled that out of my a**.. I'm not even kidding.
Jun: Eww.
Rob is saying how he's done.
Jun: My pants are falling down.
Rob is saying how his hands are white.

Rob: I think I'm done.
Ali: Dude it hasn't even been 2 hours yet. They didn't think we'd last two hours. Because they have us 9:00 to do the riddles. This one was a hell of a lot harder than the last one.
Jun: Yeah.

FOTH, with lovely fast piano music.

FOTH is off. Jun is off and walking inside the house!

Rob is asking Ali to take him.

Ali: Okay how about this: if I win the final hoh the last part, then 99% I'll take you. But not 100% It's a big thing for me.
Rob: I'm not asking you to make me a promise. I'm telling you that I'm giving you the promise. I'm taking you no matter what. I'm not saying it to affect your position. That's one of the reason why I didn't want Jun here.
Ali: One of the reasons why Jun is here is because you or I can't win against Erika. So I had to do what's smart for both of us. I got so mad at her; we were sitting there. she was talking about her sneakers to ERika and I was like I'm gonna put her up.
Rob: I saw you! I thought that changed your mind.
Ali: Honestly? It did for a minute. tehn I got mad at Erika's speech. The fact that she felt so comfortable, made me so mad.

Rob: Okay I'm done.

Rob jumps off the roof!

Ali: OKay I'm here. Do I have to stay here all night?


BB: Ali?
Ali: Yeah? Can I get off?


Ali: Do I take my key? Or do I leave it?


Sep 10 2003 21:28, Wed ktan   Link
Total comp time: 1 hour, 33 minutes NT

Sep 10 2003 21:29, Wed Sharky   Link
Ali asking June when she took her hand off and June said, I think it was when the 2nd . . . FOTH NT

Sep 10 2003 21:36, Wed SleeplessOnLI   Link
HGs eating PIZZA!
Ahhhhh … can’t post. Busy site y’all! Joker’s ROCKS!

Once inside, Jun is very concerned about Robert’s back. (He is bare chested.) It is very red and she can’t believe that she had such a “bad reaction to that.” She suggests he sees a “medic.” Ali tells him that “you just need a hot shower.” Both tell him that he is not used to (northeastern/mid-atlantic) weather.

Ali brushing hair. Asks if they changed out their batteries yet.
Jun screaming her hair is a mess and whispers something to Ali in the Bathroom. She then processed to clean the mascara gunk out of the corners of her eyes.

They all sit down to eat dinner. Ali saying telling Jun, “Dude, they have that vegetarian sh!t again.”

Sep 10 2003 21:40, Wed SleeplessOnLI   Link
A to J: Doesn't he realize I can't win against him? He's such a sneak. NT

Sep 10 2003 21:40, Wed joannie   Link
ALi and Jun alone in kitchen. Ali: "I swear I'm taking you. I swear on my f*cking life!"
Ali: "Doesn't he realize that I can't win against him?"

Ali: "He gets 2,000 allowance..."

Sep 10 2003 21:40, Wed Silas   Link
Ali is the winner; after rob leaves the room, Jun and Ali talk about Rob and strategy

Inside the house:

Ali is clearly the winner. Rob takes off his shirt, and Ali is suggesting Rob takes a hot shower, after looking at his back.


Jun: To us it's nothing.
Rob: It f**king hurts.
Jun: And your back is all red, I don't even understand. I think you need a medic for real.
Rob: Why?
Jun: BEcause your back. That is NOT normal. I can't believe your body reacted like that.
Ali: You okay Robert? Why don't you go see a medic just in case?
Jun: Look at his back I can't believe his body reacted like that.
Ali: I really think you should take a hot bath. I really think you should.

Rob: Oh my god.

Ali: Did you guys switch out your mikes already?
Jun: Yeah I already did.

Ali calls Jun over.

Jun: OH man my hair's a friggin' mess!

Jun and Ali start whispering amongst each other something. Jun is looking in the mirror.

Jun: These sweats fit loose around me than they did 2 days ago.

Ali asks if Jun wants any beer or alcohol. Jun says she is good, that Ali can get whatever she wants.

Rob is sitting eating. Sounds like Jun is cooking up something.

Ali: We're not eating pizza today?
Jun: I'm gonna pick the toppings.
Ali: Feeling better Robert?
Rob: My hands are still kinda numb.


Ali: Jun they have this vegetarian s**t again.
Jun: wha wha what?
Ali: vegetarian pizza?
Jun: cool.

Ali is loving her pizza. She then offers Rob a bite; rob refuses.

Jun sits down with Ali and Rob. They're all eating pizza.

Rob: I'm so hungry.
Ali is conveying to Jun what Rob told Ali. About a deal they made.
Jun: After having called you a tramp. And he didn't even apologize.
Ali: And he said he did it out of anger?

They're saying that's no excuse.

Ali: To even say that is so disrespectful.
Jun: I f**king hate him.
Ali: You can totally kill him.
Jun: Even if it's physical I'll still kick his a**.
Ali: Then it'll be you and me against each other. We always promised that.
Jun: This is going down how we planned it would.

Jun: I took both hands off because I had my shaw. Then after leaving him, he was f**king like, I can't do it. He was f**king shivering.
Ali: I was fine, you were fine.
Jun: Our hands aren't even red.
Ali: I want the HOH. You know I will take you; I swear on everything in my life.
Ali: <whispering> and he doesn't know that we knew.
Jun: I know, he has no idea.
Ali: I was almost laughing when he said that. Don't you realize I can't win against him?
Jun: A total sneak, man. He thinks he can leave goodbye a whole f**king game, and walk away with the whole f**king 500 dollars.

Sep 10 2003 21:49, Wed joannie   Link
Rob suggests that Ali ask the DR about the HOH comp. schedule.
Ali to Rob: "What did the medic say about your back?"

Rob: "He put some stuff on it. Said if it's not better in 45 minutes..."

Sep 10 2003 21:50, Wed Silas   Link
Houseguests eating pizza, Ali realizes the competition is 3 parts
Jun and Ali are really whispering amongst each other. Then Rob walks in.

Ali: Next thing you know we're all off. They made me wait out there.
Rob: Who?
Ali: John and them.
Ali: YOu can eat pizza.
Jun: I'm not going to.
Ali: It's not bad.
Jun: It's hard.

Jun: is taht what happens after you're not accustomed to snow.. at all?
Jun and Ali are discussing how they're not even cold.
Jun: MY hands are warm.

Ali: i thought we'd last a little longer.

Ali whispers something to Jun.

Ali is realizing how the HOH competition is tomorrow.

Ali: I never really thought about it.
Rob: Unbelievable.

Jun is saying how nauseous she was.

Jun asks Rob to pass the salad.
Ali: I was nervous I was sick..
Rob: I wonder how Erika felt when she was going.
Jun: Maybe she didn't wanna hope, and be disappointed?
Ali: Piping hot pizza, and boom. Aww man..
Jun: I really never get pizza at all.
Ali: You guys got papa john's?
Jun: We don't have it in New York. I've had it in Boston; it's already; thinner and flimsier?
Ali: Thick actually.
Jun: REally? I had thick papa john's.
Ali: The sauce is weird.

Jun: There's no avocado in it.
Ali: Yeah.
Rob: no guacs in it.
Jun: guacs.

Rob: What'd you say? You did it?
Jun: I thought that second one was...
Rob: And why? Because you were looking down and just messed up?
Jun: I got my shaw ... I don't know I gotta watch the video tape.
Ali: I'm sure they'll show it.
Rob: Show your face and your hair.
Ali: There's pinapple on pizza.
Jun: Awesome.

Ali: I never knew it was three parts though.
Jun: They probably won't air either. They never did before.

Ali wants to know the schedule.
Ali: What'd the doctor say about your back?
Rob says the doctor said to wait 45 minutes if it's still bad.

Ali: What was that thing about throwing the chunks of ice for like.. 10 minutes in a row? That hurt; started to sting like needles.
Jun: I can feel it going down my shirt.

Sep 11 2003 04:58, Thu Anonymous ParentRootLink
Jun didnt say the pizza was hard, she said it had too many carbs. allie proceeds to tell her that the thing about carbs is you have to cut them all
out if you are going to diet that way.

Sep 10 2003 21:55, Wed joannie   Link
FOTH accompanied by crazy silent-movie music! NT

Sep 10 2003 21:56, Wed joannie   Link
Now it's jazzy FOTH! NT

Sep 10 2003 21:57, Wed joannie   Link
Sunday is part 2 of HOH comp. Robert vs. Jun! (Ali has to sit out) NT

Sep 10 2003 22:00, Wed SleeplessOnLI   Link
J: I'm glad Julie mentioned that I didn't talk to you about the game, in the blimp, to make Erika feel better. A: Yeah. NT

Sep 10 2003 22:03, Wed Silas   Link
Eating over; more conversation between HGs
Ali: Can we find out about the HOH's? Sean said he'd give us our schedule.
Jun: You know they're listening.

Ali is talking about some food she eats called "heart attack on a bun".

Jun: damn I don't wanna unpack.
Rob: Do you gotta unpack all your stuff?
Jun: i think I might wear the same f**king stuff for the rest of the days.

Jun: Yay! I get my bed back tonight.
Rob: That's right. I'm surprised you gave up that bed.


Ali: I would love to get in the hottub.
Rob: Damn, so Monday's eviction.
Ali: were you unpacking?
Jun: Just a few things in my big brother bag.

Ali: So this last HOH, everybody has to pack.
Jun: I'm glad Julie said I didn't talk to you about the game in the blimp.
Ali: Yeah.
Jun: So like another two weeks...
Ali: Well we all have to pack on Wednesday.
Jun: Oh I ain't unpacking that takes too long.
Rob: Yeah exactly.

Ali: Dude luxury.. that's going to be pretty cool.
Rob: He said something.
Jun: He said it's not a possession. It's luxury, which means like.. a masseuse?
Ali: Haircut?
Jun: That'd be awesome. But they might not because they'd risk talking to us.
Rob: They'd know though.
Jun: Oh.. I don't think they'd do any more trips outside of the house..
Jun: Maybe it'll be a group thing for all of us...
Rob: It's gotta do with web stuff. People thinking about you.
Jun: LIke your fans...
Rob: Yeah; that'd be pretty cool.
Ali: That could be America's Choice.
Jun: True. It's gonna be either video phone talk or.. instant message chat.
Rob: Well who'd want that? I hope you guys get that for sure.
Jun: It might be like last year.
Ali: I don't even care.
Rob: exactly. it's at the point where, who gives a s**t.

Sep 10 2003 22:06, Wed SleeplessOnLI   Link
Ali saying she is fine. She was prepared to go all night. R tells A that E is not mad at her(them) He knows her face! NT

Sep 10 2003 22:08, Wed SleeplessOnLI   Link
R dissing E saying she really didn't clean. Girls defend, esp. last few wks. R laughs abt how J saying: I miss Jee taking out the trash. NT

Sep 10 2003 22:12, Wed Silas   Link
conversation update up to 9:10
Ali: Dude.. my finger hurts. why do my fingers get f**ked up during every competition.
Rob is laughing how he has to take Tylenol PM, and saying how Ali and Jun are lucky.

Rob: John's like, it's not all it's cracked up to be is it? I was like hell no. Yeah, he's funny.

Jun: Three very smart but stubborn women.

Rob: i coudln't have taken another one of those things. [snow falling]. My fingers are still numb, look?
Ali: I'm fine; I really could have been out there all night. I was prepared to go all night.
Rob: I know you were.
Rob: Erika wasn't mad at you. I know her; I know her face. She wasn't mad at you. I think she's going to be a fair juror. I know her.. more than any of you guys. She gave me that look like she understood; I wouldn't just say that. I *KNOW* her face. By winning this, this already worked in your favor.

Ali: Dude, you're not drunk yet!
Jun: Don't worry I'm drinkin'. Sorry what did Erika do that we had to pick up?
Rob: She didn't do a damn thing. She didn't wash dishes.
Jun: Yeah she did. She only did it recently. She cleaned this morning.

Ali: I'm really thinking about desert. I'm thinking peanut butter, ice cream...
Rob: I can't believe you said Jee would "take out the trash!"
Jun: I know I won't get America's choice.. because they all hate me.
Ali: It's so not me. Why would it be me?
Rob: It depends what it is?
Jun: If it's a postcard...
Rob: Now I know how they think. I hate how I get all that stuff. It made me sad when Erika was crying about the f**king call. I didn't want that but I knew it was gonna happen and she kept crying...

Rob says he got the feeling it's going to be him again. Erika was crying like she was ready to talk to her mom. Rob says he was feeling bad.

Jun: I didn't think she thought she'd get it twice.
Ali: i didn't think they'd allow us.
Jun: But it is America's Choice.
Ali: Right, and I would do the same.
Rob: Yeah but you know what they should do? This is gonna keep happening if it was me. What i'm saying is that they should do different things.

Ali says she'd want the instant message. Jun says she wouldn't be able to because she's be crying.

Rob: Last year wasn't 12 weeks I can tell you that much.

Rob: Erika's probably on her flight ... to Cancun.
Ali: do you think that's where she's at?
Rob: That one is, I just got that feeling.
Ali: I've never been to Mexico. I've never been anywhere to the United states except Niagara falls.
Rob: Do you think they're having that much fun in sequestering?
Ali: Well, ya never know....
Rob pours Ali some alcohol.

Sep 10 2003 22:14, Wed SleeplessOnLI   Link
A: I'm FN buzzing my face off right now. NT

Sep 10 2003 22:21, Wed Silas   Link
Ali is drunk. Rob thought Ali was going to take Erika with her for sure the next week
Ali: Man when I thought the snow was coming I didn't think it was gonna hurt.

Jun was thinking it was all going to be pretty... not leave welts and stuff.

Rob: Erika had to go in blue sweats!
Ali: Oh s**t.

Rob: Jun?
Ali: I'm f**king buzzing my face off right now.
Rob: Jun!!
Ali: Jun!!!!!!!
Jun: What's up?
Rob: Jun? It did cross my mind that if you walked out, no more pancakes. I was like, f**k! I was looking at the kitchen and thinking, what are we doing with Erika?

Rob is saying how Erika doesn't know how to cook.

Ali: Want some red wine? Dude I'm f**king retarded right now. I feel flimsy. Sorry! Can we have vanilla ice cream?
Jun: Yeah it's vanilla icing right now. It's not vanilla it's chocolate it is.... it is vanilla.
Ali: Yeah!

Rob: Taht's weird! So whoever gets HOH on wednesday gets it for a couple .. minutes?
Ali: That's gay! That's so f**king gay!
Rob: The competition's Wednesday.
Jun: It's probably quick.
Rob: The questions, and you're only HOH for one day? Because the next week is for two people.
Jun: ... so , everbody has to be packed.
Rob: Why everyone? Isn't it between... there's two that compete for the last one... that <then Rob realizes something>.. oh.

Jun: Everybody is all packed up.
Ali: <singing> All packed up, nothing else to do.. remember that group? 311 (three eleven)?

Ali's saying she was in 10th grade.

Ali: Anyone want vanilla ice cream?
Jun: no thank you.
Ali: I don't understand why not. This is the first time I had ice cream in like.. two weeks. And you know I want the peanut buttah! Dude our star spangled banner was nice.
Jun: Yup.
Jun: How many carbs in the peanut butter?
Ali: I'm gonna say 7.
Jun: I'm gonna say 12.

Rob: so there is no HOH.
Ali: Robert you get your own room again tonight.
Rob: Sucks.
Jun: They wont' close it off or anything, right?

Rob: What I was thinking in my head.. if there was anybody going to break that thing, it's Jun.
Jun: I'm not superstitious like you.
Rob: That's why it works, and I thought you'd break it. I was thinking about that too .. that eviction bed. It's funny how you don't know what's going to happen in this game. I swear, I thought last week Erika was going to win something. I thought you and her had something that no one else had. I thought you were taking Erika next week no matter what. [talking to Ali]. I really thought .. that was something i didn't know about. I was thinking f**k man, people are gonna take her to the finals.. I know that.
Ali: I told her from week 2.. if I had the chance I'd take her to the final 2


Sep 10 2003 22:29, Wed SleeplessOnLI   Link
A pissed at J. Jun told "John" that she would change her sneakers after E leaves. (She slipped in front of E-prior to live show) NT

Sep 10 2003 22:49, Wed Grins   Link
Ali and Jun telling Robert that Erika told them she went to the BB2 wrap party. Robert grins and says you know why? Know her boyfriend is? And then
we get FOTH

Sep 10 2003 22:49, Wed ktan ParentRootLink
J.A. was mentioned just before FOTH. NT

Sep 10 2003 22:50, Wed Liann ParentRootLink
Rob held up 1 or 2 fingers reflecting a number and then FOTH NT

Sep 10 2003 22:49, Wed AprilAnn   Link
FOTH Just as Rob tells the girls that Erika was at the BB2 wrap party because her boyfriend is... FOTH NT

Sep 10 2003 22:54, Wed Speedster1   Link
Rob was telling Ali & Jun who Erica's Boyfrend is then FOTH
Ali was talking about Erica saying she went to BB2 Rap party and Rob said "Do you know why"? Do you know who Erica's boyfrined is? Then FOTH. (like we don't already know who it is :-))

Sep 10 2003 23:25, Wed ktan   Link
HGs are HTing, rehashing the game in general, nothing we haven't heard already. NT

Sep 10 2003 23:35, Wed Dreamer   Link
Ali talks about Dave getting in bed with her the night before he left
Ali: For a vote? I voted for him anyhow to stay . . . I didn't want Jack to stay.

Sep 11 2003 00:30, Thu ktan   Link
Jun has left the HT and took a shower. She drags her luggage into the love room and puts on some clothes, then heads to BY. NT

Sep 11 2003 00:34, Thu ktan   Link
Rob is left alone in the hot tub as Ali takes a shower. While outside, Jun told him it sucked that she had to unpack and return the suitcase to BB.NT

Sep 11 2003 00:50, Thu ktan   Link
More Rob and Erika trashing by Ali/Jun. Ali says she won't talk strategy with him and won't approach him.
If Rob does try to talk to either Ali or Jun, they agree to tell each other about their convos with Rob.

Now they're in bed but they won't let the subject die down.

Ali: We're almost done, let's just make it to the end.
Jun: Word.

Now both going to sleep, knowing that they don't have to get up tomorrow. They thought that BB expected the competition to go longer.