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Sep 11 2003 01:10, Thu ktan   Link
So now it's only Robert that's still moving about tonight.
House lights dimmed. He finds the girls sleeping in the love room. Goes outside, puts clothes in the dryer. Now over to bathroom to check his face in a mirror. Looks at memory wall while putting on a shirt. Walks outside to backyard where the HT is still on. So he turns it off. He's waiting for the dryer to beep. Heads to WC but only to check for something in there. Rinses a cup and fills it with water to drink.

Back outside on the edge of the pool. Walks over to a damp BBall court (where HOH comp was held tonight). He completes the round trip back to the patio. Goes inside to kitchen and rinses out his cup. Stares at memory wall again. Slowly walks around dining area before he once again goes outside. Has arms crossed. Obviously, not much else to do while he waits for the dryer to beep.


Sep 11 2003 01:34, Thu ktan   Link
Still waiting for the dryer to beep.
Rob has been reading the letter from Elena at the cluttered dining table. Then he went to the bathroom to annoyingly blow his nose. Back outside. There is a brutal grey patch where no grass is growing beside the Bball court near the hot tub. [Time for some spray paint, BB.] He sets the dryer again, so more waiting. Now Rob rummages through his toiletries in the bathroom for his toothbrush and brushes his teeth. Checks face in mirror [or is he checking his nose?]. Looks at memory wall for the umpteenth time [whereupon I noticed the head from Erika's pinata "Joey" still there, next to the dresser]. Some more pacing around, then decides to sit down in front of said wall.


Sep 11 2003 02:11, Thu ktan   Link
The dryer finally beeps.
During the interim between this post and the previous post, Rob has simply paced around the BY while drinking a glass of water. He reset the dryer twice. Now he gathers the clothes and goes back inside to the kitchen to microwave some leftover pizza from tonight. Of course, since he ate food, he has to brush his teeth again. Now sits back to look at the memory wall.


Sep 11 2003 02:22, Thu ktan   Link
Rob gets up to use the WC. He takes his shirt and shorts off leaving on only his boxer briefs before going to bed. All HGs now asleep. NT

Sep 11 2003 02:35, Thu frustratedposter   Link
F2 taking a tour all around the house, while the other cams are on each of the sleeping HGs NT

Sep 11 2003 07:32, Thu deedee744   Link
Jun is up! Just made a cup of tea. NT

Sep 11 2003 07:37, Thu nojobny   Link
Jun is sitting on the couch reading the laminated directions for the coffee maker. NT

Sep 11 2003 08:27, Thu kepp   Link
Ali is up too,sitting in LR with Jun,discussing Donnie,Jee,Justin... NT

Sep 11 2003 08:37, Thu kepp   Link
Jun giving Ali advice on going to law school next fall... NT

Sep 11 2003 08:43, Thu lacycatherine   Link
Ali and Jun in LR talking about Ali's cat ..
Ali says that her cat can talk "Not words..but when I talk to her she replies with meow".

Sep 11 2003 08:47, Thu lacycatherine   Link
Ali and Jun talking about Erika ...
Jun reminding Ali about a conversation that Erika had..saying that 2 of the people from Temptation Island are friends with Erika. Neither one of them seem real impressed with that. Jun says that she (Erika) is 33 and her only claim to fame is (then you hear mumbling and they are whispering). She mentioned something about winning $20,000.

Sep 11 2003 08:49, Thu kepp   Link
Ali and Jun trashing Er's wardrobe... NT

Sep 11 2003 08:49, Thu lacycatherine   Link
Now they are making fun of her (Erika) clothes ...
talking about different pieces of Erika's wardrobe. Then Jun remarks "What the F*ck is up with that?!?"

Sep 11 2003 09:06, Thu CoffeeGal ParentRootLink
They also talked about
HOW ugly Erikas dog is and Ali said if she saw it on the side of the road she would kick it or throw bones and jun said she dislikes animals altogether.....and jun is allergic to cats...

Sep 11 2003 08:51, Thu lacycatherine   Link
Jun and Alison talking about the comp last night...
Saying that when Julie said that it was going to snow Jun thought "How cool" thinking that it was going to be a light snow (LOL). Then they are laughing saying that America was probably enjoying watching them.

Sep 11 2003 08:57, Thu kepp   Link
Jun and Ali back to bed... NT

Sep 11 2003 11:17, Thu frustratedposter   Link
ali reading next riddle:
You have three picnic baskets filled with fruit. One has apples, one has oranges, and the third has a mixture of apples and oranges. You can not see the fruit inside the baskets. Each basket is clearly labeled. Each label is wrong. You are permitted to close your eyes and pick one fruit from one basket, then examine it. How can you determine what is in each basket?

Sep 11 2003 11:20, Thu Anonymous ParentRootLink
If they solve the riddle they win meal of their choice and they have to answer by 9pm. NT

Sep 11 2003 11:22, Thu nojobny   Link
Ali is sitting in the liviing room reading the
rules for a food comp. It says:

Answer the following questions correctly and you will win the meal of your choice for dinner tomorrow evening. But, you must answer correctly by 9:00pm.

You have three picnic baskets filled with fruit. One has apples, one has oranges, and the third has a mixture of apples & oranges. You cannot see the fruit inside the baskets. Each basket is clearly labeled. Each label is wrong. You are permitted to close your eyes and pick one fruit from one (ali's head is in the way) examine it. How can you (ali's head) is in each basket?


Sep 11 2003 11:27, Thu Anonymous   Link
The complete riddle says....
Answer the following question correctly and you will win the meal of your choice for dinner tomorrow evening. But, you must answer correctly by 9:00pm!
You have three picnic baskets filled with fruit. One has apples, one has oranges, and the third has a mixture of apples & oranges. You cannot see the fruit inside the baskets. Each basket is clearly labeled. Each label is wrong. you are permitted to close your eyes and pick one fruit from on basket and examine it. How can you determine what is in each basket?

Sep 11 2003 11:33, Thu frustratedposter   Link
ali remains on the couch, staring off in to space
jun and rob still sleeping

Sep 11 2003 11:36, Thu nojobny   Link
Jun is up, Ali says she's already figured out the riddle. Rob calls out to the LR from bed to find out the time. NT

Sep 11 2003 11:40, Thu Dreamer   Link
BB: Alison, please go to the DR NT

Sep 11 2003 11:55, Thu Katfsh   Link
Jun & Ali in kitchen, laughing at Rob, who is jumping rope outside...
saying, "all of a sudden he decides to work out now?" They think he's trying to get in shape for Part 2 of HOH comp.

Sep 11 2003 11:58, Thu Anonymous   Link
Jun thinks if second HOH is mental he won't stand a chance but if it's physical, he might win against her. NT

Sep 11 2003 12:05, Thu Katfsh   Link
Ali figured out riddle...
Take 1 fruit out of basket marked Apples&Oranges. If it's an apple, then that basket must really be Apples, the one marked Oranges then has to be really Apples&Oranges, and then the one marked Apples must be really Oranges.

If an orange comes out, then it's Oranges, the one marked Apples has to be Apples&Oranges, and the one marked Oranges has to be really Apples

Sep 11 2003 12:11, Thu Anonymous   Link
Ali telling Robert tomorrow (Friday) is Lux. comp; Saturday is America's Choice and Sundy part two of HOH. NT

Sep 11 2003 12:53, Thu Katfsh   Link
HG's are cleaning - almost no conversation. NT

Sep 11 2003 13:23, Thu Anonymous   Link
Robert telling Ali...
that he will take her to finals if he wins HOH. Promised Justin not to take Jun and thinks it will be more fair to take Ali.

Sep 11 2003 13:32, Thu Anonymous   Link
Robert to Ali: "Erika is smart but not as smart as you. Just because she's lived longer doesn't mean sh*t to me". NT

Sep 11 2003 14:26, Thu normsm8   Link
HG talking about their families. NT

Sep 11 2003 14:29, Thu normsm8   Link
HG waiting for food and now talking about where they have travelled to. NT

Sep 11 2003 15:15, Thu Vaseflower2000   Link
ju,ali and rob all sitting at the kitchen table. NT

Sep 11 2003 15:19, Thu Vaseflower2000   Link
ju is still eating. i think they made a reference to 9-11. could not get through on the phones. NT

Sep 11 2003 16:02, Thu Vaseflower2000   Link
rob in the bathroom and girls out side working on project.(i can not figure out what it is) NT

Sep 11 2003 16:09, Thu Anonymous ParentRootLink
Mosaics NT

Sep 11 2003 16:11, Thu Vaseflower2000   Link
rob sitting in chair and girls working on project. rob says can you imagine
what this place would look like if it were three guys left in the house now.

Sep 11 2003 16:14, Thu realityrita   Link
The project are StoneCraft stepping stones..They are setting marbles into what looks like 3 concrete forms NT

Sep 11 2003 16:27, Thu Vaseflower2000   Link
we have foth NT

Sep 11 2003 16:45, Thu Vaseflower2000   Link
ali and ju laying out in the sun. rob in kitchen fixing something to eat. NT

Sep 11 2003 18:10, Thu Anonymous   Link
Robert saying how Erika
tryed out for many other reality shows, but didn't try out for Survivor. Nathen tryed out for Bachorette, but didn't make it.

Sep 11 2003 18:29, Thu Dreamer   Link
Jun: You know if Erika thought her as* could sing she would be signing up for American Idol 2
f*ckin junkie of f*ckin tv

Rob: She tried out for everything except Survivor. She tried out for the Bachelorette, too

Ali: She wants to try out for the Amazing Race . .wait what?

Jun: What?

Rob:She tried out for the Bachelorette. That's what I overheard but I don't know

Jun: I'm not surprised

Rob: She wants tv time, baby, tv time

Ali: F*ckin Bachelorette

Rob: You know Nathan tried out for the Bachelor . .eh?

Jun: And his as* said that he made it to the finals. Pluuuuuuuuuuuease nigger, you ain't got no job, you ain't got no house, you ain't got nuttin

Rob: He said he made it to the finals

Jun: Plus they did that special where they showed all the guys from the finals and I didn't see his as*

Rob: Oh that's right

Jun:He must mean the quarter of a quarter finals. You have to have something to offer these girls, besides dental floss. I still don't understand what I did to him to deserve dirty socks in my bed

Rob: Oh you forgot to tell Erika to tell him . .to see . .oh not that he would know

Jun: I'm sure she'll mention it. It's not like I ever cursed him out or stabbed him in the back. I didn't do anything

Ali: He might not of really put them there on purpose

Rob: Yeah that's the thing I was thinking

Jun: Under four sheets

Rob: What do you mean under four sheets?

Jun: I had four blankets on that bed. That's why I was like freezing and I use to use . .I had the sheet, I had the blue blanket, the green Dana's fleece blanket and then the orange army shlt. It was under all four layers

Ali: I don't know. . . I mean . .I just can't see

Rob: Nathan was a messy guy

Ali: He was messy

Jun: Why would he do it in my bed?

Ali: What if he really didn't do it on purpose?

Jun: I'm gonna give myself the benefit of the doubt and say he did do it on purpose

Sep 11 2003 19:11, Thu joannie   Link
Jun and Ali in HT. Rob shooting baskets. NT

Sep 11 2003 19:15, Thu joannie   Link
Rat; "I'm not going to eat until the sushi gets here. A couple more hours..." NT

Sep 11 2003 19:38, Thu Rockymtnvu   Link
Robert in BY. Jun and Ali in bathroom, Jun in shower. Jun says I don't think Erika has enough room in her body for all of her internal organs NT

Sep 11 2003 19:41, Thu Rockymtnvu   Link
All 4 feeds now on Robert playing basketball in BY. NT

Sep 11 2003 19:46, Thu Rockymtnvu   Link
All 3 in BR, Rob is getting ready to take a shower. Ali is hungry. They figure about an hour until food arrives. NT

Sep 11 2003 19:50, Thu Rockymtnvu   Link
Ali and Robert in kitchen. Jun heads to bedroom to get dressed. NT

Sep 11 2003 20:03, Thu Rockymtnvu   Link
Ali and Jun are cleaning kitchen. Just a lot of small talk about different foods, grams of and fat, and something that Jun is going to try to make. NT

Sep 11 2003 20:05, Thu Rockymtnvu   Link
Ali calls Erika a f***in wh*** says she hid my Raid. Jun says remember when she flipped out because she thought I took her prison pants? She found
them and said silly me and never apologized.

Ali says I hate her more and more.

Sep 11 2003 20:06, Thu bruhe   Link
ali cursing erika over and over about taking her ant spray.. plus...they see something..
military jets are overhead for some reason (ed. i dont even know either) and they are commenting on how they are flying and maneuvering. ali is wondering what is going on.. they know its 9/11 but they are wondering if its connected or something.

Sep 11 2003 20:06, Thu Anonymous ParentRootLink
Ali to Jun about Erika: "The more I think about it, the less I like her." NT

Sep 11 2003 20:10, Thu Rockymtnvu ParentRootLink
Finally a Southwest jet flies over. Robert says feel better. Ali says Yeah. Ali says she would never fly on 9/11. Robert laughs at her. NT

Sep 11 2003 20:12, Thu Rockymtnvu   Link
Jun says she wouldn't fly on 9/11 either. NT

Sep 11 2003 20:13, Thu Vaseflower2000   Link
ju standing in kitchen and rob and ali at table.taking about veto. NT

Sep 11 2003 20:14, Thu Rockymtnvu   Link
They are talking about the jury house. Ali wonders if they got to see the eviction live. Jun says that is too much of a luxury. NT

Sep 11 2003 20:18, Thu Rockymtnvu   Link
Ali says she didn't eat the first few days in the house, she was too nervous. Robert says he doesn't even remember the first few days. Then Ali starts
talking about Erika just pushing her food around on her plate, that she was too d**n skinny.

Sep 11 2003 20:21, Thu Rockymtnvu   Link
They are talking about Scott & Amanda about how they can't believe they were engaged.
Jun- he bought her a 2 carat ring, that's good.

Ali- she told you that?

Jun- yeah, she gave it back

Ali- aank that's wrong

Sep 11 2003 20:23, Thu Rockymtnvu   Link
Ali is saying that Scott scared her because he would look at her out of the corner of his eye. NT

Sep 11 2003 20:24, Thu Rockymtnvu   Link
They are all hungry. Rob and Ali in dining room, Jun in kitchen. Rob yells come on Sushi. Ali says 23 min wait. NT

Sep 11 2003 20:27, Thu Rockymtnvu   Link
Now all 3 around dining room table wondering if they'll be mobbed at the airport. NT

Sep 11 2003 20:29, Thu Rockymtnvu   Link
Ali is talking about when she flew to LA with her handler. Some guy asked why she was going to LA. Her handler said... and FOTH NT

Sep 11 2003 20:33, Thu Rockymtnvu   Link
Back from FOTH and they are in the storage room collecting food in styrofoam containers. NT

Sep 11 2003 20:35, Thu Rockymtnvu   Link
Robert says tell me it's not the bomb, Ali tell me it's not the bomb. Ali says a little reluctantly, yeah. NT

Sep 11 2003 20:37, Thu Rockymtnvu   Link
Robert calls Ali sushi girl. Ali says um-hm I'm starving sushi girl. NT

Sep 11 2003 20:38, Thu Rockymtnvu   Link
Robert put too much of something hot on his food. Got up quick and ran into kitchen.
Ali- are you alright?

Rob- whoo! that f***in hurt!

Sep 11 2003 20:52, Thu Rockymtnvu   Link
All 3 talking about how good the food has been. Robert says no way they can go back to McD's now. NT

Sep 11 2003 20:54, Thu Rockymtnvu   Link
Robert is asking Ali about her family. She says that on her father's side they are the only ones that live away from the others.
In Jeannette (PA?) there is 2 or 3 blocks of all Irwins.

Sep 11 2003 20:57, Thu Rockymtnvu   Link
Robert says he could not imagine not living near an ocean. Ali says I know (huh?) then says they have a lake. NT

Sep 11 2003 21:03, Thu Rockymtnvu   Link
They are laughing about last night's comp with the snow and how it hurt. Ali and Jun say that America was laughing at them.
Ali says they beat us down.

Sep 11 2003 21:06, Thu Rockymtnvu   Link
About last night's comp, Ali says her dad was probably saying don't let go of that f***in key girl, her mother was saying they're hurting her, my baby
and her brother was probably laughing at her and has her in slo mo falling on her butt.

Sep 11 2003 21:08, Thu Rockymtnvu   Link
They are laughing about Michelle when she was nommed and Justin told her she was just a pawn and she asked him why can't it be you? NT

Sep 11 2003 21:09, Thu Rockymtnvu ParentRootLink
Jun says she was so naive. Ali says that's why she was a pawn we can't put one of our own up. NT

Sep 11 2003 21:10, Thu Rockymtnvu   Link
Ali and Robert tell BB the dinner was good. NT

Sep 11 2003 21:12, Thu Rockymtnvu   Link
Robert asks the girls how much money do you think we saved on clubs while here. Jun says and on b day gifts. Ali says about $600 NT

Sep 11 2003 21:13, Thu Rockymtnvu   Link
Robert asking the girls when was the last time they had sex. Ali not since Justin. Jun says March 14. NT

Sep 11 2003 21:20, Thu Rockymtnvu   Link
When BB contacted Ali she told her mother she had a chance to win half a million
Her mother thought she was going to be on Survivor. Robert says you would have been good. Jun says I would not have survived.

Sep 11 2003 21:23, Thu Rockymtnvu   Link
Ali says what was your first impression of Jack?
Jun- I thought he was a hick.

Robert- I thought he was going to be extremely smart.

Ali- I though he was a child molestor

Sep 11 2003 21:25, Thu Rockymtnvu   Link
When Ali first met Jun she thought she was a cute little asian chick. She was p*ssed she thought Jun was younger than her NT

Sep 11 2003 21:34, Thu Rockymtnvu   Link
Jun and Ali are talking about Nathan
Ali- he cheated on his first girlfriend.

Jun- Really he told me he always got played by girls. If he's the golden boy he should be getting plenty of bootie.

Sep 11 2003 21:39, Thu Rockymtnvu   Link
Jun and Ali are talking about what kind of comp the next one will be. Jun says she knows the pressure is on her. Ali says she wants it all, the HOH.
Jun says she still doesn't want to be the one to kick out Robert.

Sep 11 2003 21:40, Thu Rockymtnvu   Link
Jun says Robert is stupid if he thinks either of them are taking him. Ali says he asked me to basically. NT

Sep 11 2003 21:44, Thu Rockymtnvu   Link
Jun asks Ali if she was there when Erika was saying she was sexually attracted to Robert.
Ali says that's nasty.

Jun says no way she would have his babies, that Robert thinks he is so handsome because he has 2 eyes a nose and a mouth.

Sep 11 2003 21:46, Thu Rockymtnvu   Link
Jun says she could see how Erika would be plain looking without her boobs and no make up.
She says there are fake boobs all over tv now and it's annoying.

Ali says but we are well endowed.

Jun says you don't have to worry about that.

Sep 11 2003 21:48, Thu Rockymtnvu   Link
Jun says she and Ali are more middle class and Robert is way up there. NT

Sep 11 2003 21:53, Thu Rockymtnvu   Link
Jun and Ali are telling each other that when BB started asking them who they would want to take
to the end that they both said each other.

Ali- that is cool as sh**

Sep 11 2003 21:57, Thu Rockymtnvu   Link
Robert came in from BY and is in the shower, Ali under blanket laying on couch, Jun in kitchen. No conversation. NT

Sep 11 2003 22:04, Thu Rockymtnvu   Link
Ali and Jun talking about last nights snow comp
jun thought that Rob would hav elasted longer. She says "that's some crazy f**kin LA sh**"

Sep 11 2003 22:05, Thu Rockymtnvu   Link
Ali says 1 more week and we're home. Jun says she can't wait to go home. NT

Sep 11 2003 22:09, Thu Rockymtnvu   Link
Girls talking about Robert in comps
Jun says he is physically f**ked by you and mentally f**ked by me.

Ali says yeah

Sep 11 2003 22:21, Thu CougarSpy   Link
Jun and Ali continue to talk about competitions.
Jun and Ali continue to talk about competitions.

(I’m slow, but here are some bits and pieces of their conversation)

Jun says that her brain works faster than his (Rob).

Jun says that competitions are preplanned. Jun thinks next completion will be physical and mental and that Robert can’t concentrate on two things at once.

Jun – Your in finals and can ***** him over.

Jun – I can’t give him credit for his HOH.

Talking about Clambake from hell and when Erika had HOH.

Ali – It was ***** that she would ever say that about Justin. Instead of helping…That was a poor acting job.

Jun – What a bitch after saying something about she set us up.

Jun – I’m so home sick.
Ali – I was thinking about how I would lay at home and just watch TV.
Jun – That’s what I mean, all the little things.

(lost audio)

Jun heads off to WC. Ali still lying on couch in LR. Not sure where Robert is.

Sep 11 2003 22:51, Thu CougarSpy   Link
Jun back in LR with Ali. Also Rob/Ali talk while Jun in DR.
(This is the jist off what was happening. I missed some of the details and the wording might be a bit altered.)

Jun back in LR with Ali.

A few more words of dissing Erika.

Jun – They better not fuckin call me in.
Ali – It must be….. I want to work out.

Jun – Yeah, pretty much.

Ali and Rob in WC. Ali putting on shoes.
Ali – Lets’ see how these new tennis shoes work for me.

Rob/Ali – Something about Jun going in next. They will go in after that (to DR).

Rob – *****
Ali – They make my feet look big. Has she said anything to you Robert? She has talked to me about finals.
Rob – Do you get pissed off when she says things like that.

Ali – (laughing) He’s putting on his mike.
Rob – About what she did to Jee and don’t think she deserves to be in the finals.

Rob – Saying how they (Jury) don’t want to see Jun in finals. How bad she talks about Erika.

Ali – It pissed me off today when she said Nathan was stupid.

Rob – Don’t believe for a minute that she would take you to the finals. Jun does not deserve to be to be in the finals. He says that Erika won’t vote for me. She doesn’t want to have people say you voted for your old boyfriend. He says he thinks that Ali will get

That she does not deserve to be in t eh finals.

Ali – I’m pissed at Jun for telling me that the competition was meant for me because it was not mental (early Ali says it felt like Jun insinuated she was a moron)

Ali – She (Jun) told me we played a similar game and that pisses me off. I didn’t’ say nasty things about people in the DR or sneak around the house.

Rob - ……that’s why I am not going to take her.

Rob – I told myself in the shower, that I have to win (next competition). Something about on principal alone…..I can’t believe….I am going to take the better player if I win. ….. I’m not going to take Jun…that is why I have to win. I want to secure it. Rob says there is a good chance that you will be in final two.

Ali – We aren’t sure of that.

Robert – He goes back to telling Ali that he is going to take her. He doesn’t want or think Jun deserves to be in the finals. I’m not going to give her the ***** game. I want to take some who is worthy. I think you are ***** worthy…..Taking Jun to the finals is the easy way out and taking a free trip. I don’t want to see Jun get 50 thousand. Robert rants on about people in the house like Ali. He likes Ali. We are talking about game and who is the best player. You are the best player in the game.

I’m not taking someone to the final that doesn’t deserve it. If I win last HOH I deserve to win. That means I won two back-to-back finals.

Ali – Jun wouldn’t take you to the finals. She would pick me because she things everyone hates me and she would win. She wouldn’t take you, because she thinks you have the jury vote to win.

Ali – I’m in a different position. If I win next HOH I will probably not win against either of you. You heard Jun tell me that if I vote her out, she would not vote for me.

Rob – goes on about would you want to see her win when so many others in the house deserved it more.

Ali – Did you ….
Rob – Yeah, I went over where everyone was from….ect.

Jun comes out of DR.

Ali – Jun, how long were you in there? About 15 minutes?
Jun says it was about HOH….

Ali gets ready to go into the DR. She asks Jun if her feed look big in these.
Jun heads outside and Robert still in WC.

Sep 11 2003 22:59, Thu CougarSpy   Link
While Ali is in DR, Jun is outside on chessboard jump roping. Robert is inside. A plane can be heard overhead that almost drowns out the sound
of Jun’s panting and the whirling sound of the jump rope.

(I don’t think there will be any conversation until Ali comes out of DR. Robert said in conversation with Ali, that he did not want to talk to this beetch).


Sep 11 2003 23:11, Thu John_DK_   Link
Ali 2 Jun: Why do you think Rob removed his hands so quickly from key yesterday?
Jun: He didn't think he had a chance against you.

Ali: Really, I just don't hope he thought we made a deal, b/c I'm not going to take him to the finals.

Sep 11 2003 23:33, Thu CougarSpy   Link
Another plane goes overhead. Jun still outside wondering around and occasionally jump roping. All fees on back yard, so Robert’s whereabouts is
unknown (I think he went to DR).

[this is bits and pieces of the happenings and convo]

Ali comes outside.
Ali – It’s kind of nice outside.

Ali/Jun – Talking about how Robert got off key shortly after Jun left. Ali saying she hopes he didn’t’ think she made a deal with one. Jun says that Robert got off because he knew that Ali was stronger and would have beat him. Maybe he was trying to conserve his energy.

Jun – I feel great about who we kept in the house. Every body is smarter and faster.
Ali – Shiet yes. Dude, my shins are all messed up.

Ali stretching. Jun jump roping.
Jun - I have to train.

Ali on weight machine lifting weights with her legs.

Ali – What’s wrong?
Jun – Just thinking.
Ali – Huh?
Jun – Just reviwing things in my head.

Jun _ I so want to crush him Sunday.
Ali – You will. (pause) I know you will.
Jun – Should we make it a surprise and not tell him. I don’t want to back.

Something about big @ss suitcase.

Ali – I think our DR conversations were similar. Maybe the same but only coming out of a different mouth.

Jun – There is no fuckin way….Why couldn’t that stupid beetch put down 1000. She knew who she was dealing with.

Jun talking about the day of eviction and how Erika knew she was guilty???

Ali – I kept telling Erika that I had to do what was best for me.
Jun – Erika that she would stay because she was more trustworthy than me.

Ali – Act now cry later?????

Ali – Dude….do you want to tell him before? If you win on Sunday, do you want to him?
Jun – I don’t know, I don’t want him to campaign. We can both tell him the same thing, that if he doesn’t win the HOH that we are not taking him.

Ali – I don’t give a shiet if he is mad at me.
Jun – I think he will campaign and pull out all kinds of *****.
Ali - ….I’ve had my mind made up for four weeks that I was going to take you. You believe me don’t you? Then something about I don’t care about how we tell Rob.

Ali – Dude, we are doing abs tonight, right?
Jun – ya…

Jun – Dude, He is going to stop leaving cups out here with coke in it.
Ali – Gross…there are so many…..Are they still alive? We need more raid. D@mn ???? There is like a trail. Jun, check this out.
Jun – What?

Robert comes out.

Jun – You got to stop leaving cups out.
Ali – You should of fuckin seen this….Rob…go ask for some Raid. (Robert heads inside)

Jun talking about how Erika would knock the ants off her glass and let them fall the ground.
Ali – Just don’t’ mention her name around me again. I fuckin hate her.

Ali – Thank you. Oh my god they are all over. They are jumping ants. Dude, dude.
Jun – They are going to wonder about who hates animals more.

Jun said they asked her about that in DR. Jun said that she would just watch Ali kill them. Ali says the fuckin animal lovers probably hate her. Ali then says if she knew they had raid, she would have fuckin sprayed Buddy too (The pet spider).

Ali saying she is ***** glad they game them ??? (referring to new tennis shoes). Jun comments about them being some type of style.


Sep 11 2003 23:38, Thu Anonymous   Link
Spider in the backyard. Ali was screaming at the top of her lungs, sprayed it madly with raid and ordered Rob to kill it...
Jun asked how big it was and Ali said that the spider was so big that he puts black widows in his wheaties and eats them for breakfeast.
Robert shaving. Ali doing laps around backyard and Jun jumping rope; continuing their talk on spiders.

Sep 12 2003 00:00, Fri ktan   Link
All three HGs (even Robert!) are working on their abs in the LR. BB turned the sprinkler on in the BY. Rob, however, can't keep pace and quits. NT

Sep 12 2003 00:26, Fri trish   Link
Jun telling robert how her parents had a vegtable and fruit market when she was growing up but they sold it so he could get a job that had good health
care benefits her father got a job because he could speak korean and english then rob chimed in with how he speaks spanish and it helps him to comunicate with all the bus boys and other staff he takes care of.

Sep 12 2003 00:59, Fri trish   Link
as we approach midnight in BB land we find Ali and Jun in bed but still chatting and robert alone in the BY NT