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Sep 12 2003 01:54, Fri John_DK_   Link
About 1hr ago, girls went to sleep, Rob up, brushing teeth, sitting in front of HG pics & now sitting in LR NT

Sep 12 2003 02:05, Fri John_DK_ ParentRootLink
Rob in bed. NT

Sep 12 2003 06:14, Fri frustratedposter   Link
all HG sleeping, F4 is showing back yard NT

Sep 12 2003 09:38, Fri whatsuprobsnose   Link
all HGs still sleeping NT

Sep 12 2003 10:24, Fri Vaseflower2000   Link
rob is up and heading to the bathroom. ju also awake. NT

Sep 12 2003 10:30, Fri Anonymous ParentRootLink
Ali/Jun are up. Rob back to bed. NT

Sep 12 2003 10:38, Fri Brandy   Link
Alison And Jun going over another Riddle they have gotten NT

Sep 12 2003 10:39, Fri Vaseflower2000   Link
ali and ju in bathroom just chatting NT

Sep 12 2003 10:44, Fri Vaseflower2000   Link
ali says put all red in one jar and all blue in the other jar. then says that may not work
would end up50-50.

Sep 12 2003 10:45, Fri Vaseflower2000   Link
still trying to figure out riddle. NT

Sep 12 2003 10:47, Fri Vaseflower2000   Link
the riddle has something to do with marbles and putting them in two jars. NT

Sep 12 2003 11:07, Fri Dreamer   Link
Jun: Rob, half an hour till luxury NT

Sep 12 2003 11:07, Fri Vaseflower2000   Link
ju sitting on couch eating. talking now with ali about food. 1/2 hour to lux. NT

Sep 12 2003 11:09, Fri Vaseflower2000   Link
ju at kitchen sink and ali on the couch. NT

Sep 12 2003 11:12, Fri Vaseflower2000   Link
ju and ali touching up make-up. NT

Sep 12 2003 11:19, Fri ktan   Link
A lone gift box with bow tie on top in the Bball court was on feed 4. NT

Sep 12 2003 11:27, Fri whatsuprobsnose   Link
rob holding mouthwash in mouth for incredibly long time NT

Sep 12 2003 11:34, Fri Vaseflower2000   Link
ali telling ju she was very short in junior high. all the girls taller than her. rob in kitchen getting a drink. NT

Sep 12 2003 11:44, Fri whatsuprobsnose   Link
Ali about robert
Dude his hair cracks me up in the morning....
now her and jun talking about differences in roaches

Sep 12 2003 11:45, Fri whatsuprobsnose   Link
HGs deciding what to wear for luxury comp I think NT

Sep 12 2003 11:46, Fri KimM   Link
Ali: "Dude! Scott's a f*ggot!"
Jun and Ali have been talking about past HGs...looking at pictures. Nate doesn't look good in pics. Rob's eyes look good. Someone's hair looks like a hedgehog. Etc...

Ali also says she hated Scott. Earlier she called him a "f*cking queer."

She said she hated everyone when she saw them...thought Erika was a mole. She thought the 13th player was going to be a mole.

Now they've gone in the LR wher Rob has been sitting alone. Girls are changing or thinking about it. They're waiting for the lux. comp.

Sep 12 2003 11:46, Fri ktan   Link
HGs told lockdown is over. They see the blue gift box in BY. NT

Sep 12 2003 11:46, Fri whatsuprobsnose   Link
rob outside looking at huge wrapped present with red bow NT

Sep 12 2003 11:47, Fri whatsuprobsnose   Link
rob wants to open package
he does and person jumps out...a mime with white face

Sep 12 2003 11:47, Fri KimM   Link
There is a MIME in the box in the BY NT

Sep 12 2003 11:48, Fri Vaseflower2000   Link
rob open lid of big box with ribbon wrapped around it. NT

Sep 12 2003 11:48, Fri whatsuprobsnose   Link
HGs laughing hysterically at mime NT

Sep 12 2003 11:49, Fri whatsuprobsnose   Link
Mime out box
HG trying to figure out what he's miming to them

ali: OMG that thing is scaring me, I don't like this

Sep 12 2003 11:49, Fri whatsuprobsnose   Link
Mime has phantom mask on NT

Sep 12 2003 11:50, Fri whatsuprobsnose   Link
ALi: this is the worst logic problemI've ever had to solve NT

Sep 12 2003 11:50, Fri nojobny   Link
the mime is trying to give them clues to their lux comp. NT

Sep 12 2003 11:50, Fri KimM   Link
The Mime is out of the box and moving around the BY. He's giving clues to their lux. prize.
Ali keeps screaming. The mike has on a weird mask. Ali: "Oh my god. that thing's scaring me."

HGs are supposed to be trying to figure out the puzzle, but are mostly just staring in shock.

Sep 12 2003 11:51, Fri whatsuprobsnose   Link
Mime still trying to give clues
Ali: he's hanging himself, he's checking for lice

jun standing by mime, mime pointing at ali

Sep 12 2003 11:52, Fri Vaseflower2000   Link
they just keep laughing at the mime-can not think of what it is- NT

Sep 12 2003 11:53, Fri whatsuprobsnose   Link
jun with mime in the grass, now all by pool
Cirque du Soleil

Sep 12 2003 11:55, Fri whatsuprobsnose   Link
they think they are going to see Cirque Du Soleil tonight NT

Sep 12 2003 11:57, Fri whatsuprobsnose   Link
Ali: give him (mime) cup of water he's sweatin NT

Sep 12 2003 12:01, Fri ktan   Link
Now the HGs are miming baseball. NT

Sep 12 2003 12:03, Fri whatsuprobsnose   Link
They know it's something with water NT

Sep 12 2003 12:03, Fri candysnm   Link
Now he is rowing a boat and apparently Ali does not Speak mime. NT

Sep 12 2003 12:04, Fri whatsuprobsnose   Link
Mime is fishing...he got a big one NT

Sep 12 2003 12:10, Fri candysnm   Link
He has them in a circle bouncing back and forth a red balloon NT

Sep 12 2003 12:15, Fri whatsuprobsnose   Link
mime put top back on box NT

Sep 12 2003 12:16, Fri candysnm   Link
he is jumping rope NT

Sep 12 2003 12:25, Fri annabana   Link
The mask is now off the mime and the mime is climbing it appears.
(Alison says he's hanging himself)
The mime brings Jun over and is acting out something with her.
(Alison says he's checking for lice)
The mime has something and sits it on his finger, a hair maybe, then hands what he had on his finger and puts in on Juns.
He moves.... He's climbing of liftnig something else.
(One of them say that they are going to Cirque DeSoeul -spelling)
Maybe there is a trapeze, then a drum roll
(Jun says now he's doing CPR )
He puts his elbow out and Jun walks off with him.
(she says thank you)
ACK, timed out
The mime is now.....standing with his arms crossed them gets something, not he needs help. He has Rob help him close the present and waves to them and picks up a pretend cup of water and pours it on Robert's head (the girls laugh)
*This is really hard to describe, he's all over the place*
Now the mime is sorta chasing Alison around Robert... He puts his arm out again and Jun and he go and sit down....he sits back in the lounger with Jun in the other one.
He gets up and appears to be holding a paper
(Jun says that it's apaper, he's reading a newspaper)
He walks over to Ali to try to show her the pretend paper.
(Jun laughs and says give him money)
He gets something and starts chasing Alison with it (A glove maybe)
He is all over again
(SOmeone says someone is going to come out of that door)
Alison gets him a drink of REAL water...he drinks it then drinks it then is back to mime stuff...
He moves over to pretend he's lifting weights. (All the kiddies are sitting and now watching)
He's throwing something at Robert, Robert pretends to catch it, then gets up and starts playing catch with him. He wants a batter and goes to get ALison (Robert is the catcher now)
The mime shows Alison how to hold a bat and takes the place as the pitcher (mime)
Jun is up next to bat and pitch and the mime looks over the wall....and he gets Jun to run the bases.
(Robert says they aren't even close to figuring it out, Alison says to look in the box. One of them say Sea World, but Robert says it's too far. Jun says an aquarium, Robert says too far. They think water, climbing)
He's now rowing a boat...and rowing and looking out and calling out...
A cruise, Robert says. Jun says what does that have to do with baseball. Robert says water, big fish.... The mime has something that he's dangling...he puts on a hook and tosses out his line....and is waiting.... and waiting..
Robert says where is he fishing.
He has a fish (the mime) it seems. He's got the fish, the fish is pulling back... the mime needs help or he's going to fall. (Robert tells Alison to help him, she won't)
The mime is looking in the pool...and lifts out something.
(Robert asks what is that? The girls say they aren't sure)
He seems to get a bucket and he walks to Alison to soak her feet, then dump out the bucket.
Robert says what do you think? Alison says put him back in the box (LOL)
He's now spreading something on the ground and then goes to turn on the *pretend* hose to water. He sprays all of them
(Robert says that Ali is trying to figure it out. He walks over and holds his hand over his heart. Jun says Ali is breaking his heart)
AHH, he's back to the cagey thing and climbing..
He's sad, he's glad, he's pointing and walks over to get a ... balloon.
He starts squeaking it and then walks around.
(Robert says, BB we have an intruder LOL)
He pulls back on the balloon tie and it goes bang. He's now moving something around and the balloon is taking off with him.
(I know this has to read like I've been ummm, taking some incorrect medications, but it's watching like I'm taking some incorrect medications lol)
He needs them all to stand up... They form a circle and then starts popping the balloon up back and forth around the group (They are all laughing)
The balloon falls to the ground and POPS.
He takes Alison over and opens a door and she goes inside. He shuts the door.
(Alison asks if she is in a cage) and he shakes his head yes. He gave the key to Robert... Robert lets out Alison and the mime gets up and looks around the cage (that isn't there lol)
He walks around the present and opens the lid back up. They all look inside.
They read the clue again....and ask, one ticket or three, he shrugs

Sep 12 2003 12:30, Fri SleeplessOnLI   Link
A: I don't want to play anymore. Do we have to feed him, live with him, evict him or what? NT

Sep 12 2003 12:36, Fri SleeplessOnLI   Link
Mime making HGs play basketball w/him (no ball) BB: HGs, please put the protective ... if playing BB. NT

Sep 12 2003 12:37, Fri ktan   Link
Ali attempted to go into the DR but BB won't let her. NT

Sep 12 2003 12:52, Fri SleeplessOnLI   Link
Mime has girls singing the "Star Spangled Banner". Rob announced them as if opening a sports event. NT

Sep 12 2003 12:58, Fri ktan   Link
FOTH then the mime scares Jun by surprising her as she enters the house. Ali is showing pictures of the HGs. NT

Sep 12 2003 12:59, Fri ktan   Link
Ali is leading a tour of the house with the mime. NT

Sep 12 2003 13:00, Fri nojobny   Link
Ali to Mime: See, these are our best friends, we voted them out of the house. NT

Sep 12 2003 13:03, Fri Vaseflower2000   Link
mime now looking in refrig-ali asks do you want some chips? NT

Sep 12 2003 13:04, Fri Vaseflower2000   Link
ali being very gracious to the mime. NT

Sep 12 2003 13:12, Fri SleeplessOnLI   Link
Jun wants to go inside and make lunch. HGs getting tired of this. Cannot guess answer. FOTH NT

Sep 12 2003 13:14, Fri SleeplessOnLI   Link
Ali wants to put him back in the box and give him back to BB. (Appears mime indoors talking with BB.) NT

Sep 12 2003 13:14, Fri ktan   Link
The mime went into the DR. Could heard a short greeting between Jim and the mime before the audio cut. NT

Sep 12 2003 13:15, Fri DC1   Link
Ali:Dude I say we put him back in the f'n box and give him back to BB. Rob: I was over him in about 5 minutes.Ali: I was over him before he got out NT

Sep 12 2003 13:29, Fri nojobny   Link
Mime is back in the BY. He appears to be painting something. NT

Sep 12 2003 13:45, Fri SleeplessOnLI   Link
Girls telling mime they have no TV, only Old Maid, etc. Mime says no. J:You can't make him play. A: He's our toy! NT

Sep 12 2003 13:48, Fri Vaseflower2000   Link
rob by pool,ali and ju in chairs and the mime goes up to different ones. NT

Sep 12 2003 13:53, Fri SleeplessOnLI   Link
J to BB: I'm really sorry we haven't like the last two LuxComps, but it is getting scary now and we don't want to have lunch with him.
She is whispering this directly into her microphone.

J: C'mon guys, give us a break.

Jun lounging on chaise in BY. Robert & Ali are near the pool. Mime following them - not saying much (LOL) - not acting out futher clues at this time. Just sort of messing with them.

J: Are you guys dancing?
A: Back off Mime Guy!
A: Stoppppppp (whining voice). Go away. You are freaking me out. Get in your box!

Mime imitating Ali's every more, following her.

A: Go, get in (into box).

Ali runs and jumps onto of Jun still sitting chair. She is screaming. Mimes got his face RIGHT next to them.

Chasing her again ...

A: Sound is not going to be happy with you! (Because of her screaming into the mic.)
A: Robert, he is making me flustered.

Still no further clues. Mime just bustin' Ali's chops.

Sep 12 2003 14:09, Fri SleeplessOnLI   Link
HGs around pool, dangling feet into water. Mime nudges Ali, Ali pushes back
This goes back and forth and Jun is laughing.

Now Mime laying down next to them, clapping his hands, like ... what's next?

Ali just gave the camera her middle finger!

A: All in favor of evicting the Mime say "Aye"
J&E: Aye!

Mime playing drums on R&J's heads.

No clues going on here. Mime is trying very hard to annoy Alison. Not particularly bothering with Jun or Rob.

HGs aren't even asking questions like they were before.

All they know for sure is that the Luxury Competition is tonight.

They tell him to find the door. Mime picks up his duffle bag and waves goodbye. Jun says, "Say hello to Mrs. Mime for us."

Mime drinks water ... and then comes back to the pool. He is not leaving. Now he's sharing Doritos with them - no one is eating because he had put Jun's flip-flop in the bag earlier.

Not much going on. It is looking like he may be there for the duration.

Sep 12 2003 14:25, Fri SleeplessOnLI   Link
Mime wears bizarre mask and chases Ali who was hiding in (or next to) bed.
HGs still with feet in pool. Mime just hanging out with them. HGs discuss what they ate for breakfast and what time it could be. Rob suggests that it is about 1:00pm. (1:10pm.)

R to Mime: This is what we do everyday, Mime. (nothing.)
J: It's MR. Mime to you! (towards Rob)

Mime keeps making reference to paddling a boat as he walks around the pool. Not sure if this is a clue or it's his way of moving around ... pretending to be on water.

R: I think I'm going to throw you (in the pool), Ali.
Mime gets up like he's going to toss her. The look on Ali's face! Of course, the Mime doesn't.

Rob in pool. Jun & Ali on patio. Rob asks the girls to throw the Mime in the pool. Jun laughs and says no. She kind of seems to be enjoying this. Jun mimicks BB: "To swim one mile ... you have to swim XX laps in the BB pool." Ali is still very annoyed. Not smiling or laughing. Rob is being a good sport. Jun exclaiming that she is hungry ... it's lunchtime.

Mime picks up bag again ... makes like he is leaving.

R: Bye ... say Bye Ali. (Ali ignoring.)

Mime does not leave yet again. Now he is in the house with the girls. Ali wants to get in the storage room and Jun says "it smells like Doritos in there. Someone has been eating."

OK, this is getting weird! Ali hiding in bed. Mime puts on this really bizarre mask and comes after her. (HOPE someone gets screen caps.) Ali is screaming for Jun but she does not come rescue. Mime chasing her around the house now. Jun preparing lunch. Rob in shower.

Sep 12 2003 14:26, Fri Vaseflower2000   Link
mime followed everyone back into the house. he now is in the bathroom with A. NT

Sep 12 2003 14:35, Fri SleeplessOnLI   Link
Mime drops eggs on the kitchen floor ... mixes in pancake mix - making a mess.
Mime attempting to help Jun prepare lunch. He took an egg out the fridge and went into the bathroom area where Ali and Rob are. Think he was looking for Ali (was she hiding in the desert room?) He doesn't find her so he comes back to the kitchen.

Ali to BB: F you guys for this ... F you guys for this!

As Jun is cutting up raw chicken, Mime washes his hands and then comes over to the cutting board and plays with the food. Ali: Jun, don't use that chicken!

Mime grabs more eggs. Ali: Dude, you already messed up with Doritos, don't mess with our food. Mime drops eggs on floor.

A: Man, I hate this guy!
J: OMG, he is making a complete mess in the kitchen! (He's tossing powdered ingredients (pancake mix) all over.)
Mine jumps onto the kitchen island and acts like a monkey. Jun runs to get Rob out of the shower.

Mime hid chicken above the counter and Ali ratted him out to Jun. She says, "C'mon - bring it on ... outside" (Like she was going to duke it out with him.)

A: You've lost all eating and drinking privileges in this house. What are you doing? Don't break anyting! Do we have any rope? Let's tie his a$$ up!
A to J: Dude, I'm sorry this happened in your kitchen.
A to Mime: You should be cleaning this!

LOL, Mime chasing Ali around with raw chicken. She thinks he took her soda. She says, "Man, I hate him already!" She suggests that he go get his microphone.

Sep 12 2003 14:50, Fri SleeplessOnLI   Link
Ali makes the Mime lunch so he will sit down and eat ...
A: Dude, don't play with knives - it is not funny.
She is offering the Mime lunch ... "Are you hungry? I'll make you lunch. This way you will sit down."

Mime wants the crust cut off his bread, but wants Rob do to it. Rob: Laughs, "Oh sh!t" laughs.

Ali: This is fresh tuna not that packaged sh!t. If you throw it on the floor it will be WWIII.
He wants his sandwich cut up into fourths.

Ali attempts to get him over to the table so he sits down and stops annoying them. It doesn't happen.

Throughout, Jun just kind of looks at him with a smile on her face. Rob too. Ali is verbally abusive to him, yells a lot and he seems to be feeding off of it - annoying her moreso.

A: Dude, what are you doing? We only have one of those (avocado). (He throws it over her head.) Mime-boy! Quit it! We don't get more.

Ewww, Mime took a cutting board with food on it and put it under Ali's bed covers. She retrieves it and he continues to follow her.
A: Dude ... Dude ... QUIT TOUCHING THIS!

(Note: I'm not sure how much more *I* can take of this... between Ali yelling and the Mime being obnoxious. If no posts, then its the same old, same old. Doesn't look like this guy is going anywhere for the time being. No clues offered, no questions being asked.)

Sep 12 2003 14:59, Fri SleeplessOnLI   Link
Rob sits alone on the ledge of the bathroom tub. He is now annoyed at the Mime. A&J in kitchen with Mime. He is trying to iritate them. NT

Sep 12 2003 15:03, Fri SleeplessOnLI ParentRootLink
Rob eating his tuna sandwich in the bathroom area, alone. Trying to stay away from Mime. NT

Sep 12 2003 15:06, Fri Kaz ParentRootLink
The Mime served Rob his lunch in the WC. At first Rob said no, then he started eating it and didn't thank him. NT

Sep 12 2003 15:08, Fri Knowledge_Seeker   Link
Ali (disgusted) says: "I'd prefer to have Dana here!" NT

Sep 12 2003 15:11, Fri Vaseflower2000   Link
a tells mime he is not spending the night in there with them. NT

Sep 12 2003 15:14, Fri Anonymous   Link
Rob tries to go to Diary room. Camera nods "no." NT

Sep 12 2003 15:14, Fri Vaseflower2000   Link
rob can not take it. now mime on back of couch where A is laying. NT

Sep 12 2003 15:17, Fri SleeplessOnLI   Link
Mime has Desert Room key
Ali is so annoyed. Keeps yelling, "Stop, dude, don't touch it." Jun is basically ignoring him and puttering about.

Mime picks up chicken.
Ali: Juuuuunnnn, he's got your chicken!
Mime "asks" Jun if he can help
Jun: Not now, in an hour we'll cook it.
Mime nods OK and puts chicken in the fridge.
Jun to Mime: Did you put the cover on the chicken?
Mime: Nods no.
Jun: It is very important to cover the chicken ... (and she proceeds to place cover on bowl.
Mime: Behind Jun's back, shakes head like he is sticking his tongue out at her. Nah, nah, nah na nah. Jun laughs.

Rob joins. "This is the funnest day so far" (sarcastic)
Ali: I would rather have Dana here!

Ali to Jun: He ate half a banana and half a tuna sandwich.

HGs begin to discuss the food comp. riddle.

HGs asking Mime questions.
Rob speculates that this is so bad that it is probably part of HoH! Mime pats Rob's head and then his own. Hmmmm?
Jun or Ali ask him if he is sleeping there. Mime shakes head No.

Mime has the Desert Room Key ... post to follow.

Sep 12 2003 15:18, Fri SleeplessOnLI ParentRootLink
Desert Room - 2 will win a private screening of "Runaway Jury." A&R: This sucks! NT

Sep 12 2003 15:19, Fri ChiPrincess   Link
Said they would give the HG's a preview of the movie. Now FOTH. NT

Sep 12 2003 15:19, Fri Vaseflower2000   Link
two of them will get to see a movie by John Grisham that does not open in
theaters until oct.17th.

Sep 12 2003 15:19, Fri simen   Link
Movie is Runaway Jury NT

Sep 12 2003 15:24, Fri Lovebug   Link
They get to pelt the mime with velcro balls for comp!! NT

Sep 12 2003 15:25, Fri Lovebug ParentRootLink
First one who throws and sticks 3 balls to mime wins. NT

Sep 12 2003 15:27, Fri Sunflake ParentRootLink
I heard that there was only one winner and they get to choose who watches the movie. NT

Sep 12 2003 15:30, Fri Lovebug ParentRootLink
my mistake - only one winner. Thanks. NT

Sep 12 2003 15:28, Fri Lovebug   Link
Mime has changed into a velcro suit, and gets to run around while balls are being thown at him. NT

Sep 12 2003 15:30, Fri Lovebug   Link
Rob has won! Ali continues to throw balls at the mime! Now FOTH NT

Sep 12 2003 15:31, Fri ktan ParentRootLink
As winner, he selected Ali to watch the movie with him. NT

Sep 12 2003 15:32, Fri Anonymous ParentRootLink
He also won a trip to the red carpet premiere of the movie in October. NT

Sep 12 2003 18:23, Fri Anonymous ParentRootLink

Sep 12 2003 15:31, Fri Anonymous   Link
Robert won think he takes Ali to watch movie with him not sure who he picked NT

Sep 12 2003 15:33, Fri Lovebug   Link
Mime is leaving, Everyone saying thank you to him. NT

Sep 12 2003 15:33, Fri SleeplessOnLI   Link
Mime leaves the BY - says goodbye to all HGs. NT

Sep 12 2003 15:34, Fri Vaseflower2000   Link
they all tell the mime goodbye. NT

Sep 12 2003 15:34, Fri ktan   Link
BB says movie will be at 6:00pm NT

Sep 12 2003 15:34, Fri Anonymous   Link
Movie at 6pm tonight. NT

Sep 12 2003 15:34, Fri Lovebug   Link
BB: The movie will be at 6pm. NT

Sep 12 2003 15:36, Fri Lovebug   Link
HG's talking about all the food and spices the mime had dropped on the floor, Jun said she was P*ssed. NT

Sep 12 2003 15:37, Fri SleeplessOnLI   Link
Ali & Rob discussing how she knew he was wearing the Desert Room key ...
Earlier, Ali was playing with the Mime and she noticed that he had some type of necklace under his shirt. At first she thought it was a microphone. She asked to see it. Mime wouldn't let her. Rob suggested that it was a crucifix. Still no answer from Mime.

Now, Ali & Rob are piecing together that the Mime was wearing the Desert Room key all along.

Rob is excited about the movie.

Sep 12 2003 15:39, Fri Lovebug   Link
Jun eating, Ali in kitchen saying the mime f'n destoyed this place. NT

Sep 12 2003 15:41, Fri Lovebug   Link
Both Rob and Ali get to attend the movie's premier in Hollywood - both very excited. NT

Sep 12 2003 15:43, Fri CougarSpy ParentRootLink
Rob – That’s so cool. It’s going to be money.
Rob – That’s so cool. It’s going to be money.

Rob continues to talk to Ali about the premiere and how they will meet Gene Hackman and others.

Sep 12 2003 15:47, Fri SleeplessOnLI   Link
BB is flying Ali back (3wks after BB?) ....?
Feeds return to Rob all excited about Ali. He says "it is going to be at the Kodak Theater, red carpet and sh!t." Have no idea what this is about. Says that it will be great for her and she'll love it.
(<<<<-No BB or Runaway Jury premiere listed.

R: It is weird seeing someone else in this house. I don't like it.
R: We all hate it.
All saying they were scared of him.

Sep 12 2003 15:49, Fri SleeplessOnLI   Link
HGs mention that the Mime smelled like body odor. Rob: I just want to make sure that you guys knew it wasn't me! NT

Sep 12 2003 15:51, Fri SleeplessOnLI ParentRootLink
Earlier all were mentioning how hot the Mime must have been in the sun, running around, long sleeves/pants. He worked hard. NT

Sep 12 2003 16:07, Fri Anonymous   Link
Ali laying on couch. Jun in bathroom. No sign of Robert; maybe in Dairy room? NT

Sep 12 2003 16:12, Fri Vaseflower2000   Link
J andA going to take a nap. both in their beds. NT

Sep 12 2003 16:12, Fri joannie   Link
Ali and Jun lying down in the Love Room. No sign of the mime. NT

Sep 12 2003 16:12, Fri Anonymous   Link
Brief shot of Robert still in Diary Room. NT

Sep 12 2003 16:21, Fri SleeplessOnLI   Link
Rob in DR - Ali napping w/blue elephant - Jun puttering around the house. NT

Sep 12 2003 16:27, Fri Vaseflower2000   Link
J on the couch and A sleeping. do not see R NT

Sep 12 2003 16:32, Fri SleeplessOnLI   Link
Rob out of DR. Mentions that the cameras "really watch us now." (Less people, more cameras following them around.) NT

Sep 12 2003 16:34, Fri SleeplessOnLI   Link
Rob telling A&J that the premiere will include ... airplane/limo ... both can bring a guest. NT

Sep 12 2003 16:36, Fri SleeplessOnLI ParentRootLink
LOL! Rob said BB asked if he thinks that they can put up with the Mime during the premiere. NT

Sep 12 2003 16:37, Fri SleeplessOnLI   Link
Jun suggesting that A&R should dress up for their movie preview tonight. Said she'll just be in the BY. NT

Sep 12 2003 16:39, Fri Vaseflower2000   Link
R outside around the pool area. NT

Sep 12 2003 16:49, Fri Vaseflower2000   Link
R switting outside-girls sleeping. NT

Sep 12 2003 16:54, Fri Vaseflower2000   Link
feeds just show R sitting on chair backyard and J sleeping. R sounds stuffed up. NT

Sep 12 2003 17:18, Fri Rockymtnvu   Link
Ali is up and in shower. Robert still in BY and Jun still sleeping. NT

Sep 12 2003 17:23, Fri Vaseflower2000   Link
R is in the bathroom-girls still sleeping. that's it. NT

Sep 12 2003 17:24, Fri Rockymtnvu   Link
Ali in shower, Rob now in BR they are talking about who they will take to the movie premiere in Oct NT

Sep 12 2003 17:27, Fri Rockymtnvu   Link
Ali says maybe I'll bring my sister.
Rob- oh yeah

Ali- I know you want to meet my sister.

Rob- Maybe I'll bring my brother.

Now they are talking about how they will have to dress up. No jeans.

Sep 12 2003 17:28, Fri Rockymtnvu   Link
Ali thinks BB will do their make up and hair like they did Jun's for the VMAs, because they have to represent. NT

Sep 12 2003 17:33, Fri Rockymtnvu   Link
Ali says I hated that mime, what was the worst part for you?
Rob- how he kept hanging out after it was over.

Ali- I know he made me so mad.

Sep 12 2003 17:38, Fri Rockymtnvu   Link
Robert telling Ali that he knows Gene Hackman and Dustin Hoffman will be there.
Now he is explaining to Ali how a premiere works. That all of the stars and their friends will be there.

He and Ali will have fans there. We had better look our best.

Sep 12 2003 17:39, Fri Rockymtnvu ParentRootLink
Robert is saying they will be interviewed. Ali says I am so excited. NT

Sep 12 2003 17:40, Fri Rockymtnvu   Link
Robert is telling Ali that they will be in the newspapers. NT

Sep 12 2003 17:42, Fri Rockymtnvu   Link
Robert and Ali agree that they should not bring dates to the premiere.
Ali- because there will be times when they will want just us together.

Sep 12 2003 17:48, Fri Rockymtnvu   Link
Ali says they are setting up the movie then wakes up Jun. NT

Sep 12 2003 18:05, Fri Rockymtnvu   Link
All in BY talking about the mime. Saying that Justin and Erika would have liked it.
Ali- I tried to be nice.

Rob- I got mad because he was in our house.

Sep 12 2003 18:06, Fri Rockymtnvu   Link
Ali- a mime is a clown that can't talk.
Jun- Yeah and he didn't make any balloon animals

Robert- I'll bet he was glad he was on national television.

Sep 12 2003 18:09, Fri Rockymtnvu   Link
Jun says the Mime wanted to talk and asked the camera if he could.
Rob- to Jun thank God you were calm not like us or we wouild have been 3 a**holes. This is something the other HGs are going to laugh at.

Sep 12 2003 18:12, Fri Rockymtnvu   Link
Ali says she hit the mime in the face twice with the balls. NT

Sep 12 2003 18:14, Fri Rockymtnvu ParentRootLink
There must have been camera men in the yard with them. Robert says he looked at him and said get me out of here and the camera man laughed at him. NT

Sep 12 2003 18:22, Fri Rockymtnvu   Link
All 3 in the BY, a lot of silence. Once in awhile some talk about the mime. NT

Sep 12 2003 18:37, Fri ktan   Link
F2 is panning the desert room now set up as a movie theater. NT

Sep 12 2003 18:48, Fri Rockymtnvu   Link
We're back after FOTH and all 4 feeds on Jun in kitchen, the movie must have started. NT

Sep 12 2003 19:07, Fri SleeplessOnLI   Link

Sep 12 2003 19:12, Fri SleeplessOnLI   Link
Feeds back with Jun eating dinner at table by herself. Other 2 feeds on SR door. NT

Sep 12 2003 19:12, Fri SleeplessOnLI   Link

Sep 12 2003 19:13, Fri SleeplessOnLI ParentRootLink
Sneaks out of DR or SR door behind Jun. She sees him in kitchen sink window reflection and gasps. J: so you are back, hi. NT

Sep 12 2003 19:22, Fri SleeplessOnLI   Link
Mime entertaining Jun ...
Jun was walking around the kitchen – cleaning up after her dinner. All of a sudden the Mime pops his face into the BB house from the SR. He sneaks into the LR, and Jun jumps and gasps as she sees his reflection in the camera windows above the kitchen sink.

Both sit on the LR couch.
She asks the Mime if he can speak. He gestures No.
Mime doing the usual. Jun says that she is lonely.

J: “The kids are watching a movie.”
M: Eating popcorn and then suggests that A&R are kissing. Jun gets grossed out and says “No way!”

The look on Jun’s face! tee hee … She doesn’t know what to make of it.

J: We don’t even have a board game to play.

Mime asks Jun to stand up and follow him (mirror reflection) He placed one hand up, Jun to follow. He is teaching her various “Mime moves”.

Sep 12 2003 19:32, Fri Strange_Brewster   Link
Jun playing with the Mime, Ali and Robert are not around NT

Sep 12 2003 19:41, Fri Ogini   Link
Mime immitates Robert's facial touching obsession NT

Sep 12 2003 19:46, Fri SleeplessOnLI   Link
Mime drinks beer from martini glass, Jun from the can ...
They are reviewing the HGs photos on the wall. Jun describing each HG with a few words … Dana, she was a bit crazy. Erika, she had big b00bs and is Robert’s ex.

Now going outside. Jun being very cordial. She asks him if he likes our house and he nods yes. J: Yeah, it’s all right.

He mocks taking a picture and has Jun posing. She did a few “cover girl” stances.

Mime pointing to various things in the backyard – laundry, hammock. He asks where the basketball is, and Jun says “I don’t play basketball. I’m a girl, I play like this” (dainty.)

Now he is on the chess board (chess pieces gone) and he jumps a few squares. He’s got Jun “walking a dog”. She plays along.

Back indoors. She is being very kind – giggling, saying “Thank you” a lot … when he opens the door for her, etc. Both leaning against the kitchen island – talking about lunch/dinner. He offers Jun some food and she said she “can’t because she is on a diet.” They heard A&R and Jun says, “They are having a good time.”

He makes believe he is watching TV also. Jun says, “It is not as fun … no.” He leads her to the bar area and they look at the mosaics they made yesterday. Sits her on the couch and he asks where his vest is. He thinks Ali took it. He thinks he left it here so they begin to look for it. They look at Elena’s photograph and continue their search. Jun gives him something and he makes it disappear (magic). Placing something on their elbow and then trying to catch it. Back to the LR. He sits on the table in front of her. She asks if he is staying for dinner … “We are having Indian.” He fans his mouth as to imply Indian food is hot. He’s checking out her feet. “I like pedicures.” (LOL – I just realized that I don’t need to reference who is speaking and who is not!!! Never transcribed a mime before!)

Did you have fun today? You did? That’s good. We weren’t too mean to you? That’s good. We are crazy. Un hum – she is tough. How about Robert – what do you think? Ah ha – he is very frustrated. Laughter from Jun – Mime picking his face, nose, etc. He suggests that Jun is kind and even tempered.

Jun: Yep, that’s me. Who Me? Yeah, I love to cook, yeah … (she begins to whisper her words at this point. Mime talk?)
She thinks they can hear A&R again. Mime under the plasma screen trying to listen. He’s doing whatever it takes to entertain her.

She asks if he has kids. Mime has a 9 year old girl who plays soccer.
Jun: How cute! I want kids too. I want three! Are you going to have anymore?
Mime says maybe. (Kind of boring chit-chat.)

Sep 12 2003 19:53, Fri joannie   Link
Jun and the mime are playing ping pong on the kitchen island. Jun giggling and laughing! NT

Sep 12 2003 19:54, Fri SleeplessOnLI   Link
J: How do you know so much – do you watch us?
J: Did you talk to them in the DR?
M: nods yes
J: Did they ask you questions?
M: no
J: They always ask me questions. It is just me, Ali and Rob now. The rest are gone. No tv, no music.
J: We just eat (miming) and sleep (miming) … (he is rubbing off on her!)
M: Do you clean?
J: Yeah, we clean and work out – that’s about it.
M: Doing sit-ups on the floor.
J: How do you know so much?
M: Waters plants
J: Yeah, I water plants.
M: Picks up bug spray.
J: That’s Ali – she doesn’t like bugs.
M: Picks up fuzzy, furry pillow.
J: That’s not real.
J: We clean windows (motion of cleaning glass)
J: How do you know so much – do you watch us?
M: Doing hand puppets. Now Jun is following him on an imaginary rope into the kitchen.
They talk about drinking coffee and Jun says that she tries not to drink it.
M: Leads Jun into the Bathroom area and points to tub.
J: Shows him the curtain. And tells him that it is “bad (privacy) – look there is a camera right here too.”
You can hear a bit of sound coming from the Desert Room and Mime tries to listen.
Back near the kitchen island. Getting ready to play ping-pong – with a REAL ball. Jun laughing and being quite gracious.

Sep 12 2003 19:56, Fri joannie   Link
Jun: "Do you know how long you're going to be here?" Mime looks at his pretend watch and shakes his head no. NT

Sep 12 2003 19:59, Fri joannie   Link
Now the Mime has Ali's stuffed elephant. Jun: "I think we should put it in here. Just the trunk. I'll say I did it."
Mime puts the elephant's trunk into a vase in the LR.

Sep 12 2003 20:00, Fri bruhe   Link
lol now the mime puts cups all over ali's bed and they cover it with the quilt. this is after he
went directly to ali's bed as if he knew right where the elephant was... he took it and shoved it trunk first into a vase.

Sep 12 2003 20:01, Fri bruhe   Link
hes leaving he came to set up pranks and then leave lol NT

Sep 12 2003 20:02, Fri SleeplessOnLI   Link
Mime exits through DR door ...
J: Do you know how long the movie is – two hours?
M: I don’t know.
J: We made these candles the other day.
J: Look, we have to solve these riddles to get dinner. We solved this and we got Japanese food, and solved this for Indian. We have this and we asked for a BBQ.
Mime spills out his beer and washes his martini glass. Puts it in the closet. Puts the can in the recycling bin – all with Jun’s direction.
M: has an idea
J: I hope it is good.
M: gestures to be quiet and Jun follows him into the Love Room. He takes Ali’s elephant and Jun suggests that they place the trunk of the stuffed animal into one of the vases above the fireplace. Mime goes along with it. Grabs the cat and puts it behind a red pillow, on the couch across from SR/DR. Mime brings a tray of blue cups and places them on the foot of Ali’s bed. Jun pulls the covers over to conceal them.
J: Good job!
M: Gestures that he has to go.
J: Aw, thank you for keeping me company.
M: On one knee, kisses Jun’s hand and stands up to give her a hug.
J: You’re awesome
M: Exists into the Dr.

Sep 12 2003 20:02, Fri joannie   Link
Mime disappears into the SR. NT

Sep 12 2003 20:03, Fri Vaseflower2000   Link
J putting things away in kitchen. NT

Sep 12 2003 20:08, Fri SleeplessOnLI   Link
Camera focusing on Rob's BB picture being gone and Ali's picture backwards. NT

Sep 12 2003 20:25, Fri SleeplessOnLI ParentRootLink
Learned that R's pic is behind A's-gesture of them kissing while watching the movie. NT

Sep 12 2003 20:10, Fri SleeplessOnLI   Link
Jun relaxing in a chair (bathroom area) - directly across from the Desert Room. NT

Sep 12 2003 20:13, Fri SleeplessOnLI   Link
Camera spans Ali's (hidden) cat and the elephant in the vase. Can hear Ali yell out in reaction to movie. Jun in DR. NT

Sep 12 2003 20:14, Fri bruhe   Link
i heard ali since all feeds were on jun and it was a womans voice....
perhaps reacting to the movie ... a climax or shocking event or outcome. nevertheless, jun then got up and walked into the dr as if directed by some unseen force where a staffer was there to welcome her.

Sep 12 2003 20:15, Fri Goddess200xxx   Link
Jun gets up and says Hi to someone and then FOTH. NT

Sep 12 2003 20:40, Fri SleeplessOnLI   Link
Feeds back but no Jun. F1&2: BY - F3: SR door - F4: Dining room/LR view. NT

Sep 12 2003 20:45, Fri SleeplessOnLI ParentRootLink
Jun now out of DR. Walked back to the bathroom chair. Rob & Ali finished in DR. Can see darkness. NT

Sep 12 2003 20:46, Fri realityrita   Link
Looking at the feeds now with no one around & just not too long ago there were people everywhere NT

Sep 12 2003 20:47, Fri Vaseflower2000   Link
ali tells ju movie was good. ju tells ali the mime came back. NT

Sep 12 2003 20:49, Fri joannie   Link
The desert room door opens! "Jun!" yells Alison.
Jun tells Alison that the mime came back! Jun: "He hid some of your stuff. He stayed for an hour!"

Robert wants to know what happened. Jun: "He taught me mime tricks. He said you guys were making out in here!"

Ali: "He hid my stuffed animals!!?? That f*cking b*stard!"

Sep 12 2003 20:51, Fri joannie   Link
Ali yelling at the top of her lungs. "I HATE THAT MIME! I HATE THAT MIME! WHERE'S MY KITTY CAT!!!???" NT

Sep 12 2003 20:52, Fri joannie   Link
Robert and Ali say that was the BEST movie> Robert wants to know the name of the Puerto Rican actor. "I want to meet him." NT

Sep 12 2003 20:56, Fri joannie   Link
Ali freaking out big time. "OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! THE WALL IS COVERED WITH ANTS!" Ali is spraying Raid all over the wall by the HOH room.
Robert: "OMG! There's a whole trail of them going out here!" Now Ali is spraying the outside wall. Ali: "Why do we have such bad ants?"

Sep 12 2003 20:59, Fri joannie   Link
Robert and ALi keep talking about how great the movie was. Robert: "It made you tired watching the movie becasue you had to use your mind."
Ali: "It felt good."

Jun: "Well, I got to hang out with the Mime!"

Sep 12 2003 21:04, Fri SleeplessOnLI   Link
A&R out of Desert Room ... Jun tells them about the Mime visit
Ali had a peanut butter cup and some XX?
A: OMG, it is so funning good.
R: Look at our pictures (he noticed the shelves.)
J: I can hear you guys laughing?
A: Could you really? It was really, really good - really good.
J: The mime came back.
A: He did? That is why you have white paint on your face.
J: - describes how he scared her. tells her of the pranks.
R: - listening to girls. When, when? He's still here.
J: No, he stayed for an hour.
R: It would have scared the FN sh!t outta me! Tell me again, where was he?
J: - recounting the horror of the surprise visit!
R: What did he do?
J: Nothing, taught me mime tricks.
R: - moves his picture back.
J: He said you guys were making out.
R: Really?
R: That ba$tard was back?
A: (yelling) Why was he back in our house. Dude, I hate that mime!
J: I think they brought him back because I was so nice to him. Do you see your elephant?
A: (yelling) That ba$tard! I hate that mime! G*d! she notices the cups in her bed. OMG - I hate the mime, i hate the mime, i hate the mime! Where is my cat? He hit my cat. Dude, I hate that mime, I hate that mime! (Cleans up cups from bed.)
A: Have you guys seen my cat stuffed animal? He probably took it.
R: Did you see what he did to Ali's bed?
J: No
A: He had all these cups in my bed.
J: No, did he? That is what he was doing! He had me stay here. (Lies!)
A: WHere is my cat?
J: I don't know - he had me stay here while he was doing things.
A: Ants! OMG, OMG, OMG - tons of ants - all over the wall (near SR/DR wall all the way to fireplace) Where is my Raid?
J: In the LR. (Ali outside looking in cabinet.
R: Oh $hit!
A: OMG, they are all over the wall, dude!
R: Don't do it near the there. Move the pillows.
R: How long was the movie Jun?
J: You guys went in 10 to 6
R: Oh $hit! A whole trail of ants.
A: - spraying away and asking where her cat is.
A: - no outside spraying BY wall. She apologizes for spraying so much.
R: It's cold tonight. AMazing, watching a movie, you get tired because your mind is working. It's so cool.
J: Yeah, but I was with the mime.
R: I would have been pissed.
A: I would have been really, really mad.
A: Why are they all over our house (yelling). Dude, I never thought that woman was a good actress until this movie (Rachel)
R: She is a great actress.
A: She was really good in this movie. Really good. They twisted the sh!t outta this movie. Nobody knew.
R: Makes you want to go out in the real world again.
A: My father wouldn't be like that. (Lawyer)
A: If he knows both parties, he would not take the case.
R: Tomorrow we've got AC, right?
A: I'm hungry
R: I wonder what the hell the mime has been doing the whole time.
J: He knows a lot! He kept talking and he didn't talk back(LOL) He knew we watered the plants, we do sit-ups, we clean.
J: He was making fun of R - pacing in BY.
J: He was shaking his head (gesture) about you Ali.
J: He opened a beer and shared one with me.
R: He fn had a Bud, that's cool.
J: He taught me mime tricks. He has a daughter.
J: He pointed to Dana's picture and I was like she is nice. ANd he made a gesture like she was crazy. Scott's picture - he made a gesture like he was crazy. Michelle - I said she was dumb and he made a motion like she had a nice body.
J: Dude, he scared the sh!t outta me.
A: I would have ran into the DR and told them to turn off the movie and get them out here until he left. Uh, Rob's here - I heard a thank you.
J: I didn't mind (that he was here)
J: He came to the kitchen to get the beer and I was like - DON'T TOUCH ANYTHING. He was cool about it.
HGs back inside.
A - spraying the inside BY wall. She found where they were coming in.
J in W/C?
A - spraying.

Sep 12 2003 21:04, Fri joannie   Link
Ali on her knees spraying the baseboard by the fireplace. "Oh my god! Oh my god! B*stards!" NT

Sep 12 2003 21:08, Fri ktan   Link
Jun finally finds Ali's cat behind the orange futon. Needless to say, she is irate at the mime. NT

Sep 12 2003 21:11, Fri joannie   Link
Jun: "I really wanted some down time, maybe hang out in the hot tub, but I had to entertain our guest..." NT

Sep 12 2003 21:15, Fri SleeplessOnLI   Link
Food arrives - (boring chit chat inside)
Ali on a quest to find the cat. Lots of complaining. She thinks he took it.
J: I don’t think he really took it.
J: Oh, dude – she found it under the pillow.
A: Jun, I hate him – I hate the Mf… Thank you for finding it.
A: That Fr – I’d kick him square in the nut$ if I could.

(Strategy talk
J: Did you think that Rob would take you?
A: Oh yeah – good move.)

HGs around kitchen island. They ask if Jun wanted to know about the movie and she said no. They talk about how good Dustin Hoffman was.
R notices flies.
J: Whenever we are locked out – we always come back to flies. Have no idea what BB does.
J reenacts the horror of seeing the mime behind her.
R: BB turning off the lights early on us lately. It used to be 3, then 2, 1 now midnight.
J: I really was looking forward to downtime, maybe the hot tub, and I had to entertain our guest.
J describes how she cleaned off her mosaic stones.
J: He lost his vest in the house.
R: No, he packed it.
J: Yeah, I thought so too.
R: Where did he leave from?
J: The Dr.
R: Do you think they’ll show him on the TV show.
A&J: Oh yeah
J: He’ll probably get some jobs after this … some b-day parties.
A: Fn mime!
A now cleaning her mosaic stones
R playing basketball.

A to J: What do I wear to a premier, dude?
J: Well, they are going to give you clothes – FOTH

R reminds Ali to wash her hands before she eats (bug spray)
Food arrives.

Sep 12 2003 21:20, Fri joannie ParentRootLink
Indian food tonight. NT

Sep 12 2003 21:18, Fri SleeplessOnLI   Link
Lot's of "what's this" from A, some from R. Jun answers all. NT

Sep 12 2003 21:31, Fri SleeplessOnLI   Link
Whoa! Quad FOTH to single FOTH - Quad to single - Quad stuck on single! NT

Sep 12 2003 21:33, Fri SleeplessOnLI   Link
Tomorrow we get BBQ food ... (boring chit-chat inside)
R wondering why THAT movie?
R: Does America know that we saw that movie.
J: Yeah, I read “Runaway Jury” when I read the instructions.
R: Oh $hit, cool.

R: I had a really long DR session today.
A: Yeah, we all did.

A: Tomorrow we are getting BBQ
R: What is that? What is BBQ?
A: Chicken, ribs, corn on the cob.
R: Oh no – BBQ is only good right off the grill. (Take out no good.)
A: We can probably switch it.
R: No, we had everything else.
A: Well, we have three more days to solve. (food riddles)

R: Jennifer Beal looks fn slamming still.
A: Yeah, she doesn’t really talk but ..
R: She doesn’t have any wrinkles. She was 20 when she did Flashdance. How old is she now.
R: Dustin Hoffman is a short little guy, huh? Gene Hackman towers over him.

HGs talk about actors and movies. Brief FOTH. Brief glimpse of HGs. (Oh, Quad Cam went to a single, dark shot of Robert. HGs still eating at dining room table. – posting.

Sep 12 2003 21:44, Fri SleeplessOnLI   Link
One camera feed stuck on Rob ... and only Rob ... follows him around.
HGs speculating AC
R: - doesn’t want to talk on the internet.
J: Who do you want to see win a laptop?
A: Who do you want to see live in a bug-free room?

We are only able to watch the “Rob” cam. Only one feed working and they are following around Rob. He is washing dishes. Feeds very dark.

A: (yells) Why are we living in hell? Why are you torturing me?

Ali now helping Rob with dishes. They complain about flys being in the house.
R&A discuss the movie and then FOTH. (Think Jun was out of the room.)

Feeds return to Ali getting ready to work out. Talking to Rob about the mime.
A: He was paid to annoy us.
R: If we would have really enjoyed it, he would have stayed for a long time.
A: Hell yeah!

Rob working out now. Stretching - getting weights ready to lift.

Sep 12 2003 22:04, Fri SleeplessOnLI   Link
Chit-chat ...
Cool – F3&4 on Ali and Jun.

J: They took you away for two hours – you guys can zone out and watch a movie. That is awesome.
A: I almost always fall asleep while watching a movie unless it is really, really good. I love to cuddle and watch movies.
J: Me too.
A: Do you still do that with Bob?
J: Well, not when we watch movies. But when I would sleep over, he will hold me.
A: But you guys don’t hook up.
J: We kiss and hug. We know we love each other.
A: Was it him that wanted to break up.
J: Yeah, thing was I was prepared to give him the same talk. It’s been three years and it’s been wonderful. Next to come is engagement and marriage and I’m not sure I’m ready for that and I don’t want to hold you back.
A: I hate that! Seriously, that is what happened with me and Justin.
J: But you really weren’t …
A: You can’t get anymore boyfriend than Justin. (He was very jealous and protective.) The words “She is my girlfriend” could never come out of his mouth. His friends would ask and he would say, “She is at home.”
J: Why does he have a problem with that word?
A: Cause he dated a girl for 10 years and she went crazy on him. She is engaged and getting married this year.
A: Not his problem. His dad has lived with a woman for 7 years and they are not engaged or married. So, it’s in the family.
J: He said he would marry by the time he is 40.
A: He did not. He better find himself a widow.

Talking about flies again.
J: Maybe they should get us the scented spray.

A: I wonder what Donnie is doing?
J: ???
A: Donnie is probably not my boyfriend anymore, sweetheart.

J: Dude, I don’t think I can take Rob talking about the premiere for the week.
A: Urgh!
J: He is totally going to be your best friend now. I was getting annoyed. I woke up and heard you guys in the bathroom.
A: Yeah, he was talking about who we should take.
J: Yeah, and you’ll hang out.
A: Believe me, when I get out of my limo … (going to run away from him.)

J: It’s a good thing he won this luxury. DR asked me who he would take. I told them that the smartest thing is to take Ali. I wouldn’t be jealous – just maybe wanted to see the movie. They said I didn’t do good. I’m not athletic. Not like we could have hurt the mime with them (velco balls). Maybe if they were heavier.

Talk about HoH.
J: I don’t care if I have to bleed. If it’s mental … I don’t want any chance for him to …
A: You are only competing against one person – you can do it.
J: And that one person happens to be useless.
J: BB can’t change the comp to make it easier for him. It’s all set.
They wish BB showed them the HoH comp from BB3. They don’t recall BB2 either.
J: No wonder Erika said I will give you the last one.
A: What do you mean?
J: She would have given you the first and then she would take Robert in the 2/3rd.
J: If I were him, I would take you too. It is about winning for him, I think. At the same time, he has a special thing for you. He thinks I’m a sneak b!tch, but the thinks you are also, but Justin’s ex too.
A: He’s a FN d!ck.
J: And he thinks he is all innocent. He played behind Justin. He played it up like Justin was this good guy. He always told Dana that he would go next week. I don’t care, I don’t care.
A: Why?
J: So no one knew he really wanted to stay. That is why she switched from the O8. That’s why Dana was like, why the F am I going up and he is not.
A: What week?
Rob comes in the LR - Ali talks louder.
A: Dude she is crazy. (Dana) I handed her that HoH the week she put me up. She turned on me. I thought she was putting others up. So, I turned on her.
J: (bad mouthing Rob – talking about previous noms, etc.)
J: He is cocky. He is stupid. He thinks I'm in love with him.
A: I think you would have Rob 4-3 in the end.

Sep 12 2003 23:16, Fri frustratedposter   Link
Out in the BY
NB: text in [] is my comments/opinions

jun jumping rope, ali working out

rob goes in to wash out a glass

ali was just commenting that the only reason she wants to go the the preimier is to meet the producers [came in late, so not sure if she means so she can work with them?]

jun comes in to the house. rob and jun discussing the smell in the house, and that there is no way to get it out. the only thing they could do is open the door, and then all the bugs would fly in

ali [noticing she is along] goes in to the house

r: dirty bastard was touching all our food
a: the watermelon, we need to throw out the watermelon. his finger were in it
dirty rotting bastard

j: i can't believe his daughter is only 9
r: what do you think, he was 40?

jun says maybe a second marriage. now they are complaining about the mess he made

j: i said, dude, you threw all the ingredients for a cake on the floor

ali griping. jun saying that ali likes her personal space. for jun, it was the kitchen

r: he pissed us off

jun goes out to continue jumping rope. rob and ali follow shortly

r saying he wouldn't care if one of them took a bite of his sandwich, but that dude!

ali calls him an *****

now discussing how the whole thing timed out. they figure there was a schedule. rob mentions recognizing the key around his neck, cause they played in that room. jun saw the key but didn't put it together

r: so the purpose was to piss our f'ing asses off

jun says she complained about that in the dr

something lands on the chessboard/court. jun says what is that? ali screeches. they say it must be some kind of a bat.

a: to j: you done for the night?
j: no, i'm going to do some legs then i'm done
are we going to do abs?
a: i don't know, i should make myself work out

ali talking about who before would invade her space. says it was nathan. and she gave him sh1t

now laughing about what he did to each of them to piss them off

ali mentions him chasing her around the pool. jun told DR that ali was going to hit him. rob thinks it was fun for america, but not for them

rob says that BB knew what he was going to do. well, maybe not everything.

jun says it was all choreographed

a: jun and i sang the national anthem with the f'ing deaf bastard

r: oh my god, he had us doing some really stupid sh1t

a: dude, i hated him. i don't hate people, but i hated the f'ing mime

rob and jun discuss what he got paid. rob guesses $800

r: it got worse when he came in our house

rob jun wonder why it bothered them. was just an extra person. jun says it's like it's our house now. we don't want people just coming in


ali telling them how she knew it wasn't a cross, it was a key

f: so how many hours did we spend with the prick?
it was 2 hours, 2 and a half?
j: dude, are you kidding me? they woke us up at 11, 11:30. we spent like 3 hours with him. and i had an extra hour

jun says he told him after all we went thru, you have to be back here.

jun sees a spider web. rob goes to look. says there are babay spiders floating down.


j: they're haveing babies while we are in here

a: i'm f'ing itching

j: i get that way too

Sep 12 2003 23:22, Fri frustratedposter   Link
more banter
NB: text in [] is my comments/opinions

r: so he was here three f'ing hours.. a long time

jun on workbench now. ali and rob just standing around, watching

rob heads back into the house, ali follows him in

rob in kitchen picking at his armpit. ali in the WC washing her face with some peroxide or something

r: so i wonder what we have after america's choice? remember?

jun saying something about dinner in the BY with Justin Timberlake or some big event. or some picnic lunch on the grass with ???

discussing what they didn't do yet from last year. ali says they did video postcards last year, and haven't done that yet

they are saying they only get them up early when it's on a schedule

r: i think it's something, um, i don't know what it is
we'll find out when they ask the question

a: we should bet on it

r: you don't think it's something where we leave the house?

j: nto this late in the game. they won't risk it

r: it's f'ing a week away. they think we're gonna leave?

ali now working with freeweight, and stretching. jun still doing legs on bench. rob sits and watches

a: more weeebbbs!

Sep 12 2003 23:26, Fri frustratedposter   Link
babbling continues
NB: text in [] is my comments/opinions

r: when jee left at that time last year, who left last year then?
j: marcellas
r: who left when erika left?
r: justin left in who's place? roddy?
a: chiara
r: dana left right away, after michelle. she left right after michelle. but she doesn't count
j: for someone that tried so hard, she left so fast

rob mentions it was everyone too. no alliances

rob wants them to do a movie screening once a week. jun says that's an awesome idea. rob thinks this thing is too long, and that those two hours helped a lot. says it was nice in the desert room, looks like a theater. says it was very cool

rob heads inside. ali still stretching, jun on lounge chair in yard

Sep 12 2003 23:29, Fri frustratedposter   Link
the tired houseguest
NB: text in [] is my comments/opinions

jun ali talking about being tired. say that the mime was so emotionally draining that they are just worn out

rob comes out, jun tells rob why they are so tired.

ali starts to jump rope

rob thinks the mime and then the movie is making them tired. ali says they didn't do anything all day, and they are tired. rob feels the same way, but says he never feels tired

rob paces around the yard. jun now inside

[feeds freezing, may have to reboot]

Sep 12 2003 23:44, Fri frustratedposter   Link
staring,, walking, pacing around
NB: text in [] is my comments/opinions

ali walking BY, going over the competitions. working on veto possible questions now. how, how many, in what order, etc

rob in WC washing up.

jun in LR laying on couch

a: out of seq HG, how many have not had a veto? 3, erika, jack, justin

now she moves on to evictions. order, what week, etc

rob comes out.

a: what up, homey?
r: i'm tired too
a: no sh1t
r: it would be a perfect night for a tylenol PM
perfect night for it. there's nothing tomorrow, right?
a: just america's choice
r: i'm gonna tell jun

r goes in to ask jun. she doesn't want to, makes her too groggy next day. now talking about the tiles, and rob wonders how he's going to take it home. jun tells him to pack in BB bag, between shirts

ali still walking, now going over the families of all the HGs. brothers, sisters, etc. who has steps. names of family, kids.

rob and jun discussing how much time is left. they hope it's over soon. rob asks how many days in sept. jun doesn't know. rob goes to ask ali. she tells him 30

rob figuring out when the premier will be. figures that ali has to fly back two weeks after she leaves the game. ali doesn't mind. rob can't wait for that carpet. something to look forward to, and it's not the game, and it's outside. rob telling ali all the great places they will go after. rob saying to make sure if she brings brother that he has ID and lots of bucks, cause he knows all the great places. ali confused, thinks he means you need a lot of IDs. rob would prefer that ali brings her sister. he has a brother for ali to go with. they will all get along, and have some fun

rob now standing near the workbench, ali still walking, jun still on couch

rob wondering what time it will start, cause he knows where they can go for dinner before. rob asks if they told ali the name of the hotel they will be staying. ali says no. rob says he will ask in the DR. whatever hotel it is, he will know it. tells ali she needs to look da bomb. ali says she will, she'll try. dude it's gonna be fun

rob says then we go to all the VIP clubs. big bucks, right in front, you won't be waiting.

jun is staring blindly into space, has a sad look no her face

Sep 12 2003 23:55, Fri frustratedposter   Link
it's SOOOOOO long!
NB: text in [] is my comments/opinions

rob in LR with jun now.

rob bitching about the BB half way point announcement. what the F was the point of making that announcement. they are upset that they extended the show. rob saying that it's gonna be 80 days by the time they get out.

j: it's sooooo long!
r: it is long
j: it's a 1/4 of a year, a 1/4 of a year. we missed out on the best part of the year
r: look at the best part, we will be winners
h: if i'm a winner, i'm going away somewhere hot

meanwhile, ali still walking the BY, quiet now

rob now talking about how dana got the best, 10 weeks of doing nothing in a hotel

rob says that something else you don't notice, maybe jun does, everyone on the house has a personality, that you can recognize. dana didn't have that. dave didn't either, he was good looking. jun thinks if michelle lasted, she'd have been known as the valley girl

rob saying most of them had a personality. but dana didn't, you could put her right here, and no one would notice. but he says, not us. people will know and remember us

rob thinks if scott had lasted, he would have been like josh.

jun sighs

Sep 13 2003 00:04, Sat frustratedposter   Link
ab class and tylenol PMs
NB: text in [] is my comments/opinions

r: jack wasn't like the old bastard last year
j: he was more physically fit than half the guys here
r: but i liked that bastard last year
j: he just wanted to fit in
r: quoting Jack "so what do you think rob? what do you think ali?

jun saying he was different in the morning. he would be right there every morning, first thing every morning. he'd hear her flipflops, and he'd be right there every morning

a: what would you talk about
j: just about how we would NEED [thnx julie] each other in the future. erika did the same, but she was smarter, she'd give me BS one liners. but jack just loved toaling
r: what time are we gonna pop our tylenol PMs?
a: we should do it soon
r: jun, what time is it now?
a: whall i bring you a glass of water?

jun in WC, ali goes to get water and the pills.

a: where are they robert?
r: in the batheroom, in the cupboard, in teh actual toilet
jun comes out, hands them to ali

a: thanks

ali dispenses the pills, and bring rob his

r: how many you taking? you only take one?
a: they knock me out. and i'm already tired
r: jun, it's 11 you said?

rob says that they hit him fast. he was talking one night and it just hit him

ali and jun start ab class

discussing different dinners. jun got sick off the greek food, but not the indian. ali got sick too, she hated that *****

rob sits on couch as girls start situps

they do 50 situps, then on to heel touches. rob makes some joke about working out. then the girls move on to hip swings. rob goes into BR and reads his letters. jun starts to moan "oh, yeah" as they work out

[this will be boring, will add more if anything happens]

Sep 13 2003 00:17, Sat JulieH ParentRootLink
Jun said "Jack said how we would NEED each other in the future" not Meet :o) NT

Sep 13 2003 00:53, Sat John_DK_   Link
Ali & Jun in bed talking, lights off, Rob sitting in front of HG pics. NT

Sep 13 2003 00:55, Sat frustratedposter   Link
ali and jun say after this they are crashing
NB: text in [] is my comments/opinions

rob saying that no one that knows any of them are surprised that they made it this far. ali says her mom thought she'd be first one out. rob says no, not really. people that really know them, family, brothers, close friends won't be surprised. ali wonders if justin is surprised that she is still there. rob doesn't think he is. and jee isn't surprised that jun is still there.

j: dude, how many was that?
a: a lot
j: that was way more tha 150
a: lets just do the ?? crunches and call it quits
dude, i'm gonna throw up that tylenol PM
j: that feels so good tho
a: doint abs hurts but feels so good

ali asks jun if she took any. then they decide one last set and they go to bed

they finish up the workout

r: we did get sun today
a: yeah, we did

they say they got sun while that mime bastard was there

ali tells jun abs only take 13 minutes. they thought it was more like 30.

rob tells jun again they got burned today. ali again says she hated that f'ing bastard

rob offering jun extra comforters. says no reason that anyone should sleep cold in this house

ali in mirror, says she really got burned. rob agrees. says he needs to use more sunblock

rob asks jun if she ever went to the pool in the beginning. jun says never did

ali washing her face.

rob asks if she ever stepped outside the hosue. jun tells him to shut up, she layed out, but didn't want to be out with dana. she never played chess. jun reminds him that he didn't want to talk to jun in the beginning, and that dana brought them together. jun says dana spent all her time inside, because she wanted to be with justin all the time. jun says she lost ehr as a friend a long time ago cause she would always be looking for justin. ali says she called justin out on it, when he told her that she never talks to him. she told him you know your girlfriend hates my f'ing guts.

now talking about erika freeking out and having to go to the DR cause she coudln't handle commotion. talking about michelle throwing ketchup and mustard and ranch dressing all over everyone outside, and erika couldn't take it

a: dude, i'm beat!

rob singing the praises of tylenol PM [OTC is no better for addicts, dude]

rob doing what ifs. what if justin and ali hooked up again. etc. ali says that they did have an alliance

jun in shower now. rob/ali sitting in WC chairs chatting.

a: dude, it has been all about the vetos this game

rob now talking about a movie a week would be great. have nothing to do with the game. two people could win one a week, every week in the game. or even have it in the LR for the whole house. ali says that would be cool

rob says he used to wonder when he watched the shows how they would get excited about silly things.

rob says he told the DR that the premier was great, but the guy was too much. almost not work it. glad he didn't go any longer

now ali and rob complaining that they get them up too early. ali wants them to let them sleep until 1 or 2. they hate being so tired they can't go to sleep. talk about the wake up time last year. rob wonders who the best guy was last year. ali thought roddy was sniveling and sneeky. not walking about marcellas, and that it was crazy that he was in their back yard.

ali and jun trying to figure out how long they worked out tonite. both brushing teeth sitting down. rob pacing around the kitchen. rob wonders how jee spent so much time brushing his teeth. says he wasted 40 minutes every day just brushing. ali says justin had nice teeth. says you can see thru them, like hers

jun mentions her teeth got a lot whiter since she stopped smoking.

rob looks at a reeses cup, and asks about hershey, pa. jun and ali explain that there is a town called hershey. rob asks if it's a family or a city. the girls explain that it was a family and they named the city after them. tell him about the park, and the hershey kisses street lights. rob is amazed that there is a town like that. they tell him the park is a big amusement park. rob asks if it's like 3 generations or something? ali and jun say it's more than that

ali not talking about taking flights, and if you buy the headphoens for the movie, that after the movie, they ask trivia questions. every time there's a question about hershey. jun never buys headphones, cause she takes dramamine. jun says they always tell her you can bring them back for the next flight, but she would never remember

the HGs are heading off to bed. rob takes one more walk outside into the BY

jun and ali in bed, talking about how rob doesn't know anything about any questions. erika told him he needs to, but it's too late.

ali asks if they should reivew. jun thinks she's ok. ali asking how she reviews, what she concentrates on. jun thinkss she knows the comps, but she's been working on things like how many HOHs began with G. saying that rob doesn't know anything about amanda or michelle. they are discussing family names for them now. jun asks ali what justin's bros names are. ali says brian and nate. but they are not real brothers. brian is real, nate is a step brother. jun says that questions were about the house, then paddles are about the people. says they could do a cube thing. jun is trying to rpepare herself for everything. ali asks if they next two are gonna be about people. jun thinks they could, they haven't had them yet. ali says they had one when she gave up HOH. jun says but that was more like favorite things, not about family and stuff. and lsst year they did that.

discussing erikas bros and sis. ali doesn't think that step family is real family and doesn't count for anything. dana is an only child, as is david.

more family questions. rob still pacing, but starts to head back inside.

they hear rob in WC. start talking about how they better not close down the love room. rob heads toward the BRs, but sits in the hall for a while, staring at the pictures on the memory wall

a: you tired yet?
j: mmm, hmmm
a: me too

rob gets up and heads to the blue room., then back to the kitchen. he heads back outside and blows his nose

the girls are quieting down

[and i'm fading, and my eyes are blurred now, so no more updates from me. anyone else?]