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Sep 14 2003 01:00, Sun Rockymtnvu   Link
Robert says do you guys really think that any of your guy friends really don't want to FOTH you.
Jun says well some. Ali says says oh I know they want to FOTH me.

Then Robert says well your boyfriend's girl friends don't mean anything because he has you. If he cheats on you, that is like a slap in the face you should never forgive that.

Sep 14 2003 01:03, Sun Rockymtnvu   Link
Robert asks would you rather give a guy your number or get his number?
Jun- I would rather get his

Ali- I would rather give mine out

Jun- It's for safety reasons I don't want my number all over out there.

Sep 14 2003 01:05, Sun Rockymtnvu   Link
Jun says, Alright kids I'm going to bed. Ali- I think I'll join you. NT

Sep 14 2003 01:13, Sun Rockymtnvu   Link
Jun and Ali in bed, lights out. Lots of yawning and calling Robert a freak.
Discussing whar kind of comp tomorrow's HOH challenge will be.

Ali tells Jun to take her time.

Jun says Robert is always looking at the sky or his feet, he's a freak.

Jun says she doesn't see how they can review anymore and then they start to review past HOHs and comps.

Sep 14 2003 01:17, Sun Rockymtnvu   Link
Ali says I want you to win tomorrow.
Jun- I have to win tomorrow. I want you to believe in me Ali.

Ali- I believe in you Jun (little girl voice)

Then after a long pause Ali says I need to wash these sheets.

Sep 14 2003 01:19, Sun Rockymtnvu   Link
The girls are asleep and Robert is pacing the giant chess board in the BY. (Looks like that is it for tonight) NT

Sep 14 2003 01:30, Sun Rockymtnvu   Link
And now all 3 are in bed. NT

Sep 14 2003 05:12, Sun valentine   Link
All of the HG Are In Bed,
but it doesn't sound like Robert is sleeping. He has been clearing his throat and breathing very loudly. Tossing and turning.

This must have disturbed Allie, because she just pulled the covers over her head.

Three cameras on each of the HG, and camera #2 is a shot of the pool and backyard. The backyard is lit up like it is mid-afternoon, which seems unusual at this point and time of day.

Perhaps related to today's competition?

Sep 14 2003 09:42, Sun Dreamer   Link
BB has turned the lights on in the house NT

Sep 14 2003 10:10, Sun valentine   Link
All Still Sleeping
but the lights in the LR on on. No more pool view or noises from Robert.

Sep 14 2003 11:02, Sun Vaseflower2000   Link
J is up and in the bathroom. NT

Sep 14 2003 11:03, Sun valentine   Link
Jun is Up And
is listlessly stomping around in her slipper/flip flops. Long sleeved black shirt and a pair of her little bloomers/shortie shorts, or whatever they are.

She looks bored already. I'll bet she is already depressed about not being able to eat all day.

Sep 14 2003 11:13, Sun valentine   Link
No Sign of Life (Jun) Anymore
I think she went back to bed in frustration and boredom.

Sep 14 2003 11:17, Sun Vaseflower2000   Link
R asks J what time is it. NT

Sep 14 2003 11:17, Sun valentine   Link
First Wake Up Call From BB
and only Allie jumps out of bed. Robert asks her to turn on the light please as she is leaving the room.

Jun got back up, too, and is in the SR getting fresh batteries.

Sep 14 2003 11:20, Sun Vaseflower2000   Link
A is now up and putting clothes on in the bed. NT

Sep 14 2003 11:22, Sun Vaseflower2000   Link
J and A in the bathroom. A asks J -how did you sleep? NT

Sep 14 2003 11:24, Sun valentine   Link
Allie Woke Up Wearing
one of the little two piece nighties that she won in the Shopping Luxery. As she gets up, she flashes us with her buttcrack, adjusting the shorts to pull them down as low as she can.

On her way out of the bedroom, she touches Robert who is still under the covers. Either his back or his rear end. Robert pulls the covers down and turns to see who did that.

Once he found out, he pulled the covers back up and turned over.

Sep 14 2003 11:29, Sun Vaseflower2000   Link
A and J in bathroom and A is reading today"s riddle. NT

Sep 14 2003 11:34, Sun joannie   Link
Rob gets up. Pulling on blue shorts over his black skivies.
Goes into WC. FLUSH

Sep 14 2003 11:35, Sun Vaseflower2000   Link
J is in the kitchen and A in bathroom area with riddle sheet on her lap and
is puzzled over the riddle.

Sep 14 2003 11:36, Sun Vaseflower2000   Link
A reads riddle to R-riddle has to do with light switches. NT

Sep 14 2003 11:36, Sun joannie   Link
Ali trying to figure out the riddle.
There are three light switches controlling the light in a room at the end of a hall. How can you determine which switch controls the light in the room while only making one trip to the room.

Or something like that.

Sep 14 2003 11:42, Sun Vaseflower2000   Link
A is still reading over riddle on piece of paper. She tells R she will figure it out. NT

Sep 14 2003 11:50, Sun Vaseflower2000   Link
J is at the stove and A and R are at the table. A eating a bowl of cereal. NT

Sep 14 2003 11:55, Sun Vaseflower2000   Link
R and J now eating breakfast. R says he loves it J had asked if he liked it. NT

Sep 14 2003 12:15, Sun Vaseflower2000   Link
A blow drying her hair. Told R she thinks she has to be outside with them when he and J do the comp. NT

Sep 14 2003 12:26, Sun Vaseflower2000   Link
J looking at website picture they recieved. R blows his nose and we have foth NT

Sep 14 2003 12:41, Sun Vaseflower2000   Link
A putting on her make-up and J in bedroom.R was in the kitchen and left. NT

Sep 14 2003 12:48, Sun Dreamer   Link
Jun and Rob checking out their web site posters . . (Rob thinks a 12 year old did his)
Jun: Dude, this does not look like you

Rob: I know it doesn't

Jun: Isn't that weird?

Rob: I don't even know when that was taken

Jun: I don't know. You had your shirt off so it could have been anytime. Dude, you look awesome in this one

Rob: I know, I like that picture

Jun: Me, too

Rob: I really like that picture that they have there


Jun: Who do I think they came from?

Rob:How old?

Jun: Ummm

Rob:Twelve year olds?

Jun: Defintely

Rob: Like it's different

Jun: Defintely, defintely

Rob: Like I'd rather have um something done by BB then them . .. Ohhh OMG I wanna... you know what I mean....right?

Jun: Yep

Rob: It's just different things and I'd rather like

Jun: It is totally different

Rob: Yeah and I'd rather make a difference on somebody's life or somebody that says man my brother's an alcoholic if he can do it I can do it . .whatever

Jun: Right

Rob: That means more than you're cool . .you're whatever

Jun: The age groups you can tell are different between yours and mine

Rob: Yeah, yours of course. Yeah what they write about you is the writing itself is ....

Jun: Right they talk about my intelligence

Rob: Yeah, exactly

Jun: And my independence

Rob: Exactly . .I got it all totally different. You can tell like . . .which is cool I had some people on the internet ask me about that drinking and stuff so . .you know what? That's cool enough

Jun: If you can give someone motivation

Rob: Yeah exactly


Sep 14 2003 13:04, Sun Rockymtnvu   Link
Talking about Dana
Ali- I have never met someone so childish

Jun- she can't help it. She got mad at me when I cooked for him.

Ali when she said he (Nathan) isn't one of us, I wanted to deck her.

Sep 14 2003 13:05, Sun joannie   Link
Jun: "I thought the internet people didn't get to watch our competitions." Rob: "They don't watch them. They just know." NT

Sep 14 2003 13:08, Sun Rockymtnvu   Link
Rob- I'll bet Scott had a big following
Jun- all the crazy MFers

Sep 14 2003 13:09, Sun Vaseflower2000   Link
three of them sitting on the couch talking about Scott and his behavior. J dream about Jee. NT

Sep 14 2003 13:09, Sun joannie   Link
Robert: "I bet Scott has a lot of fans, too. The crazy m*f*cker."
Jun: "But he was only on the internet for about two days. He used to go up to the camera, and AARG."

Sep 14 2003 13:11, Sun Rockymtnvu   Link
All 3 are dressed, sitting in LR and waiting for instructions to begin the comp.
Talking about other HGs and the house decor.

Sep 14 2003 13:13, Sun joannie   Link
Hamsters sitting in the LR with their tennis shoes on, ready for the competition to begin. Getting impatient. NT

Sep 14 2003 13:15, Sun joannie   Link
Ali: "Kick the boys out of the BY, we are ready." NT

Sep 14 2003 13:18, Sun joannie   Link

Sep 14 2003 13:22, Sun joannie   Link
HG discussing the riddle. Ali: "I like my answer. You just go up tto the f*cking door and open it, and leave the door open. That's my answer.
That's f*cking logic."

Sep 14 2003 13:43, Sun Richy ParentRootLink
Re: HG discussing the riddle. Ali: "I like my answer. You just go up tto the f*cking door and open it, and leave the door open. That's my answer.
Quoted from Joannie:"There are three light switches controlling the light in a room at the end of a hall. How can you determine which switch controls the light in the room while only making one trip to the room.

Or something like that."

Sep 14 2003 13:37, Sun Vaseflower2000   Link
they are really bored-just about ready to fall asleep. NT

Sep 14 2003 13:46, Sun Quench   Link
Ali comes out of the DR and gets them to pick the numbered balls. Ali was told
by BB that she isn't allowed to see their competition. She will just have to wait inside until they are done. and we get FOTH

Sep 14 2003 13:47, Sun Knowledge_Seeker   Link
PART 2 of HOH Comp has just started. Allison not allowed to watch it. NT

Sep 14 2003 13:47, Sun Knowledge_Seeker ParentRootLink
...and we get FOTH NT

Sep 14 2003 13:47, Sun Dreamer   Link

Sep 14 2003 14:21, Sun joannie   Link
"Romantic Guitar" FOTH NT

Sep 14 2003 14:39, Sun joannie   Link
Feeds are back!
Robert at table sniffing, Jun chopping something.

Sep 14 2003 14:41, Sun Vaseflower2000   Link
J in the kitchen and R at the table. A talking about the lite switch riddle. NT

Sep 14 2003 14:42, Sun joannie   Link
HG's still trying to figure out riddle. Ali says that they're not dimmer switches. NT

Sep 14 2003 14:48, Sun joannie   Link
HG's want Mexican food tonight, but first they have to solve the riddle.
Rob: "You can solve it Ali."

Jun: "Ali, we're counting on you!"

Ali: "When are you guys gonna f*cking solve a puzzle. I've solved all of them so far. I wonder if any of the other HG's could have solved them..."

Sep 14 2003 14:52, Sun valentine   Link
Actually, Rob is the One
Who started the whole Mexican food thing.

Rob: Mexican! I want Mexican! Crab enchiladas, beans and rice.

Jun: We have to figure this out first. Good luck with that Allie.

When we came back from FOTH, Jun and Robert were discussing the competition. Jun was saying that she wanted to use her right hand because she was right-handed.

Neither of them seems very happy. I don't think they know who won. Allie isn't talking about it either.

She is obsessed with solving the riddle and is being very aggressive and obnoxious about it.

Sep 14 2003 14:54, Sun joannie   Link
Lockdown is over. Robert goes outside. NT

Sep 14 2003 14:54, Sun Goddess200xxx   Link
Jun won. She just said she killed Rob in the competition!!!!!! NT

Sep 14 2003 14:55, Sun joannie   Link
Jun and Ali jumping up and down in the kitchen. "Dude, we're GONNA WIN!!!" NT

Sep 14 2003 14:56, Sun Goddess200xxx   Link
Ali and Jun are going crazy saying they are gonna win money. NT

Sep 14 2003 14:56, Sun valentine   Link
Jun Won!
Robert went outside to do the pool chemicals, leaving the girls inside to scheme.

Jun: I killed him. I fuc*ing killed him. Before the competition even started, Robert was like, Jun, can I ask you a question. I said, BB, can Robert ask me a question? BB said no. I didn't want him to ask me anything. When I saw what the competition was, I knew I would win. And I wanted to get started.

Allie and Jun are celebrating and squealing: We got him! We got him!!

Sep 14 2003 14:56, Sun joannie   Link
Ali: "He knows he's done." Jun: "He's so f*cking done!" NT

Sep 14 2003 14:57, Sun joannie   Link
Ali: "When should we tell him?" Jun: "After dinner. Or sooner?" NT

Sep 14 2003 15:00, Sun valentine   Link
Allie and Jun Don't Want to Deal
with Robert's "fuc*king campaigning" all week.

Jun is making a pasta sauce and just dropped the noodles into boiling water.

Allie: You're not going to eat that, are you?

Jun: No, I'm not going to eat that sh*t.

Allie: Me either.

Jun: You're not?

Allie: No. I'm going to make a tuna sandwich. Do you eat a lot of pasta at home?

Jun: Yeah. That's the problem.

They are going through all the threats he is going to make to each of them to get him to keep him. They don't even want to hear it.

Sep 14 2003 15:01, Sun joannie   Link
Jun: "He's gonna threaten us separately." Ali: "Let him threaten me. That will make me want to vote him out sooner!" NT

Sep 14 2003 15:02, Sun joannie   Link
Ali: "Sorry, America, we just shot your pretty boy out of the f*cking sky." NT

Sep 14 2003 15:03, Sun Goddess200xxx   Link
Ali said "sorry America we just shot your pretty boy out of the sky" NT

Sep 14 2003 15:05, Sun joannie   Link
Jun says that Rob tried to make a deal when they were alone before the competiton. NT

Sep 14 2003 15:05, Sun valentine   Link
Allie: Dude, I can't Believe That He Tried To Talk To You
Jun: I know. Before the competition, he knew he was fuc*ked, so he wanted to make a deal while you weren't standing there.

Allie: Oh I hate him! I hate him!!

Jun: He is messing with the wrong freaking girls.

Robert comes back in, whining about how hot it is outside.

Sep 14 2003 15:08, Sun valentine   Link
Answering Robert's Questions, Jun
tell him she eats out almost every night at home.

Jun: I have work stuff to do, or I have dates. When I was with Bob, I would have everything ready at 8:00 when he came home. He would take the leftovers in to work the next day and all of his co-workers would be jealous, saying, give me a bite of that sh*t. They would all be eating their sandwiches and Bob would heat up one of my dishes in the microwave and it would smell so good to those guys.

When Jun's brother comes to town he stays with Jun, because it is too stressful at his parent's house.

Sep 14 2003 15:33, Sun nojobny   Link
Rob: If you watched this show from the outside, this was an FN great show. NT

Sep 14 2003 16:10, Sun CUTiger   Link
Alli and Jun to inform Rob of his ousting after dinner. NT

Sep 14 2003 17:13, Sun Vaseflower2000   Link
R outside and A is in the bedroom looking at website picture. NT

Sep 14 2003 17:16, Sun Vaseflower2000   Link
J is now looking at the same website picture. NT

Sep 14 2003 17:52, Sun Vaseflower2000   Link
R is in the shower and J and A are resting. NT

Sep 14 2003 18:01, Sun Vaseflower2000   Link
R now done with his shower and outside playing basketball. NT

Sep 14 2003 18:47, Sun Vaseflower2000   Link
J says they are getting Mexican for dnner. A up and in kitchen with R. NT

Sep 14 2003 18:50, Sun Vaseflower2000   Link
J back in bed her head hurts. A and R are outside. NT

Sep 14 2003 18:55, Sun Vaseflower2000   Link
A is now in the hottub and R walking around outside. NT

Sep 14 2003 19:03, Sun Vaseflower2000   Link
we have foth NT

Sep 14 2003 19:17, Sun CUTiger   Link
Rob threatens Jun
Rob says the best chance for somebody to beat alli in the final mental compettiotion is Jun so Rob know what she had to do. make a promise to Alli I'll take you. you take me. yadda yadda
Rob says this is the last time I talk about it. I know you kick ass and win this. And winning that last HOH. If you win, you win the whole game. If you don't take me I have to go out there and screw things up so you don't win. So as far as influecing the jury, I can get to erica, justin, jee.
If you win and take her you're gonna get second. IF you win and take me you have a shot at first. I'm not going to tell Alli anything.
jun What if i lose HOH.
Rob I don't see how. You're the smartest girl in this house.
Jun she's not stupid.
Rob I knew i didn't have a chance against her. I told Alli consider me for the finals. I didn't make a deal. She can say anything. I don't believe her. Rob says before Part 2 he was going to tell her he would throw it. There's no way you can take her. You me and Erica discussed it. Rob says he's going to mess whoever kicks him out....their chances of winning. That's why he's won America's Choice..He has a lot of sway. Can talk the talk. He's not cocky though. He's trying to reason with Jun. If you do what I think you're gonna do.
Jun: When John just congratulated me Alli said "John she's lucky she didn't have to go against me."
Rob: You are the smartest person. You win this. Alli gonna talk to me about this. I might say I threatened you once. The threat that i've given you. it's real but I don't want to do you like that. People do listen to me. They love me. I do have the power. You can win this.
Jun: That's a lot of pressure. She has memorized everything.
Rob: I think she has stuff in memory, but not emotional. It'll be like "who took their eviction the hardest?" Rob told DR that he stands a better chance if Jun rather than Alli takes him. If you don't win, it'd be a freak thing like misunderstanding question. Is she [Alli] still in spa? Jun I have confidence. I'm not going to tell Alli anything. you keep your deal. I will wait til Tuesday to tell Alli that I talked to you. I don't care what she has. She won physical thing. I thought you'd win but you ***** up. You know what's the right thing to do. Even if i didn't threaten you.... You don't have to worry I won't tell her anything. That's why she keeps staring at me wondering why i'm not sad.
Jun: mmmm hmmm.
Jun in bedroom alone: Well that was very very interesting.

Sep 14 2003 19:40, Sun CUTiger   Link
Jun tells Alli
Something along the lines of telling Alli that Rob had a discussion with Jun. No specifics. Alli got angry. Jun said calm down, I gotta go to the diary room [to talk about Competition #2].
Alli now sitting in hall counting votes, while looking at pictures of evicted.

Sep 14 2003 19:41, Sun Vaseflower2000   Link
A looking at hg's pictures on the wall. NT

Sep 14 2003 19:42, Sun realityrita   Link
Ali is sitting in front of the memory wall trying to figure out the votes NT

Sep 14 2003 20:01, Sun Dreamer   Link
Rob: Come on, call my as* in (he wants to go to DR) NT

Sep 14 2003 20:05, Sun CUTiger   Link
Jun tells Alli more
Jun said that "Ralph" said he was the mime.
Alli. Well I loved him, but not anymore if he was the mime.
Jun walks by photos "All of them are gone. Sigh. Just memories."
Alli "Crazy *****."
Alli files nails in bathroom. Jun in kitchen messing with pots.

Jun tells Rob what Ralph said. And FOTH.

Sep 14 2003 20:15, Sun DC1   Link
Rob to Jun: She is scared, she thinks she's lost. She sat in the Jaccuzi & wouldn't talk..she knows she's done.... NT

Sep 14 2003 20:15, Sun Anonymous   Link
Robert is really working Jun
Rob won't shut up. He's telling Jun to not trust Ali, Jun has to win the HOH competition. Jun not saying much, just listening to him go on and on.

Sep 14 2003 20:18, Sun Anonymous   Link
Ali is out of DR, Jun telling Ali everything R just said NT

Sep 14 2003 20:22, Sun realityrita   Link
Jun is telling Ali one lie after another..and Ali is buying it.. NT

Sep 14 2003 20:26, Sun Quench   Link
Jun spilling to Ali the conversation Rob had with Jun
Ali interjecting - I can't win against him.

Jun - He is using everything against me right now. He is threatening.

Ali - I will not have the votes to win this thing so let me kick him out.

Ali - He would have told you that he would have thrown comp #2

Ali - Why doesn't he understand that no-one wants to talk to him.

Ali thinks that he isn't going to go to the SH because the others will be flown back here instead.

Jun warning Ali to play it cool.

Jun - Now I know what you went through when Jee and Rob threatened you.

Ali - let me take him out !!

Jun - He is trying to tell me what happened with Erika.

Whispering - I hate him, he's so conceited.

Jun - He thinks he's the man because he won AC.

Ali - They won't fly him out for 2 days. They will keep him here.

Jun - I want him out

Ali - So do I.


Sep 14 2003 20:31, Sun Quench   Link
Jun - He said I know you girls.
Jun - He said you are very easy to read.

Silence now. They are po'd

Ali - I want to say to him as he is going out the door "Gotcha"

Jun - He thinks we are still girly and bitchy at each other.

Ali - He should do the math. Did you say you were going to take him.

Jun - Hell no!

Jun - He asked me if I understood that he was threatening me. He thinks that he was so strong.

Ali - Even if we didn't have a deal we could not have won against him.

Jun - He has no idea. He said to me did you see how I whooped Ali's ass during this past week.

Jun - He has no fning idea.

Sep 14 2003 20:34, Sun Quench   Link
Jun telling Ali that the final HOH
is hers because Jun doesn't want to deal with it.

Ali wants to kick his ass out of the house.

Ali is completely pissed. She is telling Jun not to leave her alone with him because she is going to do something to him

Now they are acting out how Robert moves and paces.

They go into the SR to get the food with Robert and saying it was definitely Ralph that was the mime

Sep 14 2003 20:34, Sun realityrita   Link
Jun is playing Ali like a fine tuned violin..She is telling half truths turning Ali against Robt. & also told Ali she can win HOH so she can throw Rob

Sep 14 2003 20:34, Sun Knowledge_Seeker   Link
Ali to Jun: "Don't leave me alone with him (Robert)...or I will kill him." NT

Sep 14 2003 20:35, Sun CUTiger   Link
Jun finally spills all.
She was looking at the wall pissed off. She's stressing.
Jun: She told Don.
Rob: right now I just walked by her and she wouldn't even look at me. Shes stressed. She'll ask me in a couple days. IT comes down to what I said You have to win this for all of us. I think it'll be a lift up an answer.
Jun: She chokes?
now they're talkign about past HOH's.
Rob: She didn't throw HOH you won. No way.
Jun: I thought they did to win HOH the next week.
Rob: No way. Do what you have to do normally. I just have this confidence. Don't look at it more important. If anyone's gonna choke it'll be her. Don't answer until it's the right answer. Smoke her.
Jun: hee hee
Rob: I wasn't gonna do ??? LAst thing I was gonna do was say "Allison I'm not taking you to the finals." I already had a speech prepared. Not only will you win it, you'll win the whole thing. Alli's so scared.
Jun: She's nervous.
Rob: Alli said three days ago. She thought you'd throw the second one. I forget why she said it. She's nervous as hell. She won't even talk. I want her to worry about it more every day. I'm gonna say assume I'm leaving. If she does say anything I'll say i'm leaving. Make her feel better. I don't see anything you're weak at right now. OTherwise I'd tell you to study. *****. I need you to win this. I hope you don't think she's automatically going to take you. You do not know. I mean I don't have anything with her. I know she switched her mind You Erika. You Ericka. She's so easy to read. I can tell you what she's thinking. I know when she's lieing. Like Justin said it's so easy to tell. But Jun you got this thing down.
Jun: I dont' wanna jinx this thing
Rob: Calm down. treat it like a normal competition and calm.
Jun: She thinks i'm intimidated by ehr but i'm not. I'm always calm before a competition.
Rob: Don't be scared of her.
Jun: I'm not. She thinks that.
Rob: You think I like her? She doesn't do ***** to me, ever. You have a good chance. I feel better with you than Erika or anybody going up into the fianls. That damn diamond veto. That ***** us up bad.
Jun: I know.
Rob to Alli: Am i next?
Alli: yah probably. He's got our food. He's waiting for us all to go in. Rob in diary room


Jun repeating stuff.
Jun: I'm so angry. Calm down.
can't retype all this stuff.
Jun said Rob threw her off by saying he knew she has a deal with Alli. Jun says that Rob is sneaky.
He's so conceited (about winning America's Choice.)
Jun says she knows nobody's going to listen to him.

Jun says she asked him what if i lose? he said he'd talk to Alli on tuesday.
He thinks Alli's nervous about tuesday.

jun "He ***** threatened me!"
Alli: Then I'll win. You know i don't have the votes. and I'll get him out!
Jun: He says he planned it all. to throw competition and all.
alli convincing Jun that she'd beat Alli.
Alli says they don't even know if he'll be with them.
Because they'll be flying back. nobody will believe him.
Feed timed out.
Jun says play it cool. "He threatened me!"
alli. He said he would never vote for me. Let me take him out!
Jun IT's all yours. I have no doubt. And he said you said that I'd throw the final competition. [I heard Alli do it]
Alli: No way. He's ***** crazy! think about this he leaves Wednesday. They're not going to fly him out there and then three days back.
Jun: He thinks i'm going to win against him. He thinks he knows me. HE knows that jun and all hate each other.
Alli. I'm gonna break his face.
Jun: He says he can read you. I'm like no,
Alli. I would love for him to talk to me. I won't let him know that I know this *****. then he'll be surprised.
Jun: Can you believe how cocky he is?
Alli: And that I'm not going to take you? If he sits down and looks at the votes, he'd know.
Jun: He knows. It's his last chance. He has no power.
Alli: Did you tell him you'd take him?
Jun: Hell no. I just told him I understood what he was saying.
Alli: I don't understand why did he ask you if you understood.
Jun: He wanted me to understand his threat. I was silent the whole time though I'd throw something out every now and then. He was crazy and pacing around the place. He'll get home and see we've had a deal for three weeks He has no idea how smart you are. HE asked if saw how we'd whipped your ass.
Jun: IT doesn't matter she throws ***** when she needs to and he said no she doesn't. He has no idea.
Alli: He;ll see how much ***** i threw. What do you want to do on wednesday? I want him out! And I want to do it.
Jun: Oh it's totally yours. I have a headache.
Alli: Don't leave me alone with him because I will kill him. I'll drown him. I hate him. I guess I'll be nice to him.
Jun: Why?
Alli: I guess I don't have to.
Jun: he threatened me. he thinks he can get away with this. He was flailing all around getting all dramatic.
Rob comes out of diary room with food.
Girls joke around with him about Ralph being the mime. "We're not supposed to talk about it" And they talk about food choices.

Sep 14 2003 21:10, Sun ktan   Link
Ali and Jun are in the LR (once again) looking at their webpage poster boards while Rob is in the backyard HT. NT

Sep 14 2003 21:16, Sun CUTiger   Link
John told them to "Not reveal votes yet" meaning can't tell Rob he's out.
But they're not too clear on it. apparently John asked them why they'd want to tell Rob now.
and Foth cuz too much chatter about John and BB's guidance.

Sep 14 2003 21:25, Sun Sunflake   Link
Jun & Ali tell each other not to pack (they won't vote the other off if each wins HOH). They promise each other that their plan will happen. NT

Sep 14 2003 21:41, Sun ktan   Link
Ali yells over the HT noise that BB wants Rob to go into the DR. As she turns back indoors, she says out of earshot from Rob, "F'in Cuban fa**ot" NT

Sep 14 2003 21:42, Sun Knowledge_Seeker   Link
Ali says to Jun about Robert: "F_____n" Cuban Fag*t!" NT

Sep 14 2003 23:17, Sun trish   Link
Rob won a baby diapering contest at a baby shower once that he went to with his mom
ed note sure glad i spent money to watch this

Sep 14 2003 23:25, Sun Dreamer   Link
Jun just said that Jee was born in a hut NT

Sep 14 2003 23:27, Sun fitty_little_me ParentRootLink
Jun says the words (born in a hut)were exactly what came out of Jee's mouth. NT

Sep 15 2003 00:05, Mon Knowledge_Seeker   Link
Ali to Jun: "We should get F__k_n Emmys for pretending to like him! (Robert)" NT

Sep 15 2003 00:56, Mon Dreamer   Link
Jun and Ali are in bed . .Rob is sitting at the kitchen table (pretty dark) NT

Sep 15 2003 00:59, Mon saboteur ParentRootLink
Rob sitting at the kitchen table crying,wiping his eyes! NT