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Sep 15 2003 05:45, Mon Strange_Brewster   Link
ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ all over the house NT

Sep 15 2003 10:53, Mon ilsa   Link
HG's still sleeping, some loud thumping/clunking sounds in background.
Sounds like BB is either doing maintenance or preparing something in the back yard to me.

Sep 15 2003 10:54, Mon ilsa   Link
Good morning HG's, it's time to get up for the day. NT

Sep 15 2003 10:57, Mon Vaseflower2000   Link
J is up and went into storage closet. NT

Sep 15 2003 11:08, Mon Vaseflower2000   Link
J ask A if she would like some pancakes. A so no thank you. NT

Sep 15 2003 11:10, Mon Vaseflower2000   Link
R is now up and putting on his clothes. NT

Sep 15 2003 11:36, Mon nojobny   Link
HG are finishing up breakfast & are reading the next puzzle. NT

Sep 15 2003 12:07, Mon nojobny   Link
F1&4: Ali is napping on the couch. F2&3: Rob is checking the Ph in the pool. Jun not visible on feeds. NT

Sep 15 2003 12:08, Mon nojobny ParentRootLink
Oops. There she is. They just pulled back on the LR cam so you could see Jun on the other side of the couch. NT

Sep 15 2003 12:21, Mon nojobny   Link
HG are on an outside lockdown after brief FOTH NT

Sep 15 2003 12:24, Mon nojobny   Link
Rob is laying on the hammock. Ali is doing windows in a bikini. Jun is laying out on one of the chaise chairs NT

Sep 15 2003 12:33, Mon Dreamer   Link
Alison went for a quick dip in the pool then poured beer all thru her hair
now she is sunning.

Sep 15 2003 13:01, Mon nojobny   Link
Jun has now flipped and is on her back. Ali is floating on the raft in the pool. Rob is sensibly in the shade. All are dozing. NT

Sep 15 2003 13:16, Mon nojobny   Link
Rob's still dozing. Ali is doing laundry & rinsing her hair. Jun is sitting @ the table. Ho Hum NT

Sep 15 2003 18:02, Mon Dreamer ParentRootLink
1:05 pm today Ali and Jun discusss Robert's phlegm that was floating in the BR sink
Jun: Oooooooooh god I can't even think about it,it makes me sick. That's why he cleaned it cause he knows that it was his. I didn't go near that sh*t.You didn't go near it

Ali: I'm like what is this in the sink

Jun:That was sooooo nasty. . .(she starts making gagging noises) I feel like throwing up

Ali: Just wait till he showers today. When he showers I am going to come and get you. We are going to stand here and we're gonna wait . .and he goes . .(Ali shows Jun how Robert blows his nose in the shower) without a tissue and blows it right down the drain

Jun: Fu*king A

Ali: It's the grossest thing you'll ever experience in your entire life.

Sep 15 2003 19:42, Mon Dreamer ParentRootLink
1:35 pm today ~Jun and Ali discuss telling Rob he's not going to the finals (long)
Jun: I want him to have a miserable last 2 days in the house then to have a good one

Ali: We are going to make him miserable. We will make him miserable you know that right?

Jun: Ummmm hmm . .I want him to have a miserable last 2 days cause he has been doing this whole game like he's 'the man' . .so f*ck him. I want him to have a miserable 2 days knowing he is going home

Ali: When are we going to do this? Dinner?

Jun: Lets do it now

Ali: Ok . .I'm scared

Jun: Do you want me to do most of the talking?

Ali: No I'll talk . .let me talk. What do we say?

Jun: Ok I will say . . Rob, you and I have talked, Ali and I have talked. I don't know if you and Ali have had a chance to talk but I'm sitting you down and Rob I'm telling you that whatever happens on Wednesday if I win HOH I can't win against you and that will be a bad game move and I'm not going to start making bad game moves on my part.

Ali: Right

Jun: I'm gonna say that you told me I would win against you and we both know that's not true and um I'm gonna say if I take Ali that would be a better game move for me

Ali: Ok

Jun: If you can't understand that then I lose your vote and I am sorry that you can not be a fair voter. Then you can say . .

Ali: Yeah!

Jun: Rob you know if you were in the final with me and you won HOH I know you wouldn't take me and besides there is no way I could win events and you would have a better chance against Jun. We'll tell him that it's 99% chance . .or do you not want to do the talk at all?

Ali: I'll talk

Jun: No I mean do you not want to sit him down?

Ali: I don't know . .I'll sit him down

Jun:Cause I don't want go thru the whole like faking packing sh*t and whatever cause if I stick a fu*cking comforter in my suitcase and he moves it, it's gonna fly across the room. Wow it's empty

Ali: Maybe we should tell him that day, that morning

Jun: Why?

Ali: I don't know I just don't want him to turn like now if we tell him there is no way we are keeping him, that either of us are keeping him . .he's not going to be cool with us

Jun: Exactly . .and I don't fu*king care. Do you care?

Ali: I don't care but we have to live with him for 2 more days

Jun: What do you think he'll do?

Ali: That's why I am saying we should just tell him Wednesday morning. Like so he can't be rude to us, so he can't talk sh*t on us in the DR, so he can't . . .

Jun: Let him talk sh*t on us, he'll look bad

Ali: Yea . ..

Jun: I don't know . . you don't want to do it?

Ali: I want to tell him but I want to tell him but maybe we should .. .wait. If he's gonna keep threatening you and sh*t we should tell him now. You know what I mean?

Jun: Exactly

Ali: Like you don't want to have to go thru that sh*t. I don't want him to even talk to me on Tuesday

Jun: Exactly . well then he's gonna be in a foul mood and we're gonna be spunky mood and why should we have to live that way?

Ali: Although, although just think of all of the consequences . .if you and I are sitting here and whatever and we win the last HOH and whatever and they are doing the q and a period before that and he knows that he is leaving, his as* could say anything to Julie about us . . anything on national television. Look at it that way

Jun: and you're saying . .

Ali: Cause you know he is gonna be like I've had to live with these b*tches for the past 2 weeks

Jun: Right . .do you care?

Ali: I don't care but at the same time I know my temper I won't fu*king sit there and like . .yea Julie.I'll be like f*cker . .I would kick off my sandels and say 'let's go'. I don't know, I don't know, I don't know, I don't know. I want to tell him but I think we should wait a day unless he keeps talking

Jun: He is planning on talking to you tomorrow

Ali: So maybe we should tell him tomorrow morning or like afternoon so he doesn't need to bother. Maybe when he approaches me I' ll be like alright .. hold that thought Jun ~ come here. Just think about how he is going to turn around and change if we tell him right now when there is 2 days he knows that he is gonna live here. Remember Nathan? How Nathan was when he knew he was leaving? Not good. Remeber Jee . .when Jee knew he was leaving .. . not good. What makes you think that Robert would be any different?

Jun: He'd be worse

Ali: Do you really want to deal with that? When that happens they campaign harder. Right now he 's like campaigning but he's not campaigning really hard

Jun: Why don't we tell him when we get our suitcases from the SR? We'll sit him down . .

Ali: We'll put him right over here . .(points across the room)

Jun: We've all got our suitcases Rob and we are just trying to tell you that you should make sure you are fully packed. Ali and I aren't packing

Ali: I think that's a good idea

Jun: Ok

Ali: As long as he doesn't change . .you know what I mean? That's the only thing I am concerned about

Jun: We have to worry about him being an as*hole all day today and tomorrow half a day cause they put the suitcases into storage like in the afternoon

Ali: What do you mean being an as*hole? You don't think he'll be more of an as*hole if he knows that he is going?

Jun: That's what I mean

Ali:So let's just wait till we get our suitcases. I think that will be the best bet. Don't you?

Jun: Ok

Ali: I don't know . .do you agree? I don't want him f*cking lying. I just think he'll be like ~ you aren't thinking things clearly, then he'll start to campaign. You know what I mean? I don't want to hear him at all, Jun, I really don't

Jun: I hate him, I fu*king hate him. I hate him for threatening me

Ali: That is some f*cked up sh*t

Jun: See I was thinking during the live show having to say what I have to say to him like how dare he threaten me and then I am thinking bout him leaving this house hating my guts

Ali: I'm gonna say it or shouldn't I?

Jun: No you should just say that it was the smartest game move for you to go up against me

Ali: It's not even that . .I was just going to tell him I don't like the way he snuck around behind my back, I don't like the way he pretended the whole time that he didn't want to be here and in reality he wanted to be here. I don't think he deserves the money so I'm gonna evict him. That's what I was gonna say if I won HOH when it was my turn to pic who is evicting. I wasn't going to be nice about it. There is nothing nice to say to him. He is rude. He is a piece of sh*t

Jun: I hate him

Ali: I'm sick of his bullsh*t stories, his bullsh*t lies, his bullsh*tting us

Sep 15 2003 15:00, Mon Michelle_OR   Link
Jun is chomping on her gum, Ali is laying in bed, Robert is showering. NT

Sep 15 2003 15:03, Mon Vaseflower2000   Link
girls are resting and R is in the shower. NT

Sep 15 2003 15:15, Mon Vaseflower2000   Link
R is now out of the shower. NT

Sep 15 2003 15:39, Mon Vaseflower2000   Link
A is now up and R is sitting at kitchen table. NT

Sep 15 2003 15:39, Mon Dreamer   Link
Ali is up from her nap . .she is taking a bath NT

Sep 15 2003 15:40, Mon Vaseflower2000   Link
A taking a bath with her bathing suit on. NT

Sep 15 2003 15:50, Mon Vaseflower2000   Link
J is now up went to see A and left. NT

Sep 15 2003 15:52, Mon Vaseflower2000   Link
J now back in bed-R is still sitting outside. NT

Sep 15 2003 15:56, Mon Vaseflower2000   Link
A came outside to sun and R went inside. NT

Sep 15 2003 16:23, Mon Vaseflower2000   Link
R is in the kitchen and both girls are outside. NT

Sep 15 2003 16:31, Mon Vaseflower2000   Link
they are allm outside and can not figure out today's riddle. getting frustrated. NT

Sep 15 2003 16:57, Mon Vaseflower2000   Link
A doing her wash and R and j went in to use WC. NT

Sep 15 2003 17:40, Mon Dreamer   Link
Jun and Ali talk to Rob about Elena . . .
Jun says that Elena will be a woman in 5 years.

Ali: She is gonna be a pimp

Rob: I don't even know .. like my sisters 19 and I still think that she is a virgin, I know she's not but that's how much I don't want to know sh*t about it

Ali: Are you going to give her like a rule?

Rob: Huh?

Ali: Are you going to give her like rules and stuff about like guys?

Rob: Yea . .I mean she knows, she is gonna know how I am. I'll tell her, she knows, she knows how . .like my sister knows.

Ali: Are you going to let her have a boy spend the night?

Rob: What?

Ali: Are you going to let her have a boy spend the night?

Rob: No, I mean we don't do that for my sister. No I don't believe in that. I don't care if she stays out but . .but I don't do that sh*t in my house (Hmmmmmmmm?)

Ali: How about . .

Rob: No but I'm not going to be that way like she could go out . .

Jun: Are you doing lunges?

Rob: Huh?

Jun: What were you doing right there?

Rob: No nothing . . just stretching

Jun: You were just stretching . .ok I was gonna say

Rob: No,no, no . . .no I'm not going to be a pri*k. I'm just going to let her do what I did - - you know what I mean? I'm not going to be a pri*k

Ali: Right

Rob: I'm not going to be . .I've seen girls especially me, I've seen Cuban girls that got held in the house. You know what they do when there're out? They tear up

Ali: Oh really?

Rob: Oh hell yeah . .these girls are like ~I can't go out I'll sneak out . .you know how it is

Jun: Then they end up getting pregnant

Rob: Yeah so I don't want that to happen

Sep 15 2003 19:03, Mon Strange_Brewster   Link
Rob ranting to Jun about him and her need to be in the finals NT

Sep 15 2003 19:09, Mon Strange_Brewster   Link
Jun tells Rob....
You never know what is going to happen in this game.

Rob tells her they all need to pack, because he may not be the one leaving. He says EVERYONE better be packing. Nobody should be getting cocky. He said he would not want to be in Juns position.

Rob said he has some type of feeling. He doesn't know what will happen.
They both talk about how Ali chokes when she is asked questions and how she should be able to do better because she does pagents.

Sep 15 2003 19:12, Mon Strange_Brewster   Link
Rob now outside putting water in HT and Jun is looking in the mirror and doing her nails NT

Sep 15 2003 19:23, Mon Strange_Brewster   Link
Jun now in bed, Rob in kitchen, then back to BY. No sign of Ali. May be in DR NT

Sep 15 2003 19:26, Mon Strange_Brewster   Link
Ali now in bed with Jun. All sound feeds are of Rob still??? NT

Sep 15 2003 19:29, Mon Strange_Brewster   Link
Ali still in bed with Jun and now crying. Rob outside sniffing, may be crying also. NT

Sep 15 2003 19:56, Mon Strange_Brewster   Link
All 3 now getting ready to eat dinner. NT

Sep 15 2003 20:37, Mon Anonymous   Link
Rob crying. Knows he gone Wednesday NT

Sep 15 2003 20:43, Mon joannie   Link
Rob in shower. Girls on couches complaining about Rob. Jun: "It's his third f*cking shower today and he still smells like slut." NT

Sep 15 2003 20:48, Mon joannie   Link
Ali and Jun freaking out because they just heard Rob blow his nose in the shower!!!
Jun: "I bet he'll do it at least one more time before the shower's over!!!"

Ali: "F*cking cokehead! F*cking nasty!"

Sep 15 2003 21:17, Mon Anonymous   Link
We are the final two ....we did it ..... update
Feed 1:Ali on couch - Feed 2: both girls on couches - Feed 3: Robert in shower - Feed 4: Jun on couch.

Girls are discussing the possibilities of what next week will bring, maybe photo ops, maybe letting them watch the shows etc blah blah

Cursing out Robert because he is cuban etc

Ali: it would crack me up when Robert would talk to dana in spanish and dana's only response was "si si" (yes)Ali said she would poop her pants laughing ...that is an attractive thought.

Jun: it would be really cool if they gave us a video postcard for free
Ali: it would be cool if they would give us anything
Jun: I hope the cuban mafia doesn't come after us ...blah blah ...
how dare he call Denise Richards nobody. He seats them and picks up their forks , he is a bus boy, bus boy. Ali: he isn't even that he got fired.

Ali: Rat said Erica makes more money than him as a bartendar. Now suspicion on what Rat really does do ..... they are not sure.

I wasn't even listening for him to blow his nose again did you? Jun: no
Ali: I never imagined that this house could get so boring. Jun: me either

They are boring me to death sorry .... post later

Sep 15 2003 22:05, Mon ktan   Link
Ali asks what Rob wants to tells her. Rob insists on waiting until Wed. Ali getting more p*ssed off. NT

Sep 15 2003 22:12, Mon Dreamer   Link
Both Ali and Jun are pissed at Rob: Don't f*cking talk to me-I will go and physically pack his sh*t myself NT

Sep 15 2003 22:12, Mon ktan   Link
Jun is warning to Ali that Rob had better not f'in talk to her. She is threatening to throw him over the wall. NT

Sep 15 2003 22:13, Mon bruhe   Link
jun just said "elenas butterfly? im sorry that bitch can forget about that f-ing butterfly. ill tear that sh-t apart" NT

Sep 15 2003 22:16, Mon ktan   Link
Rob is sitting in the bathroom silently comtemplating his position as a lame-duck HG. NT

Sep 15 2003 22:17, Mon Dreamer   Link
Ali: I want to cry right now cause I am that mad~! NT

Sep 15 2003 22:33, Mon bruhe   Link
ali again goes for the racial thing. "i vote to evict your sorry mother F=ing cuban ass" NT

Sep 15 2003 22:35, Mon John_DK_ ParentRootLink
And Jun: No speaking English, your father should have stayed in Cuba, and so on. NT

Sep 15 2003 22:39, Mon Knowledge_Seeker ParentRootLink
Ali: " I hate him so much...I would lick Dana's toes compared to him!" NT

Sep 15 2003 22:34, Mon Knowledge_Seeker   Link
Ali to Jun: "I plan to humiliate him (Robert) on national television...He has no idea what I'm gonna do to him." NT

Sep 15 2003 22:37, Mon Knowledge_Seeker   Link
Jun says that Robert is good at lying bec he's had to make up so many stories every time he's had to ask his father for money. NT

Sep 15 2003 22:47, Mon rosebud52   Link
June - We thought this would be the easiest week and its the
most difficult because we have to deal with garbage like that (Robert). A few minutes ago June said "Does he not know who he is dealing with!".

Now talking about exercise, Robert has come outside.

Sep 15 2003 22:51, Mon rosebud52   Link
Robert goes back inside, Ali says "Was that not
hilarious", because they didn't say a word to him.

J: Im not f'in talking to him tonight if I can help it.
A: I know
J; He must feel the iceiness in the air.
A: you think
J: yep

They continue exercising.


Sep 15 2003 23:02, Mon rosebud52   Link
A: June, you ok? J: Yeah, I was just thinking. A:OMG, OMG
OMG. What are you thinking about. J: about him. A: I think he is a compulsive liar. J: He can't keep track of his lies anymore. A: I don't know what to do about this. Jee didn't know, Justin didn't know what a compulsive liar he was. Ericka knew. He is going to go back and make up all these lies. J: No one will believe him, A: Yeah, right.

I missed a few things they said during this about who he lied to when.

Girls are still outside exercising during this conversation while Robert is relaxing in the bathtub.

Sep 15 2003 23:09, Mon rosebud52   Link
J: Its 10 oclock, he's taking a bath. a: He's never done that before.
Girls going inside. Talking about headaches and how hot it is inside.

A: You and I used to get along when Michelle was here (until something about Dana). J: Dana said you weren't teaching me exercises right. A: She's crazy, thats my f'in degree.

A: Um, lets do the up, two, three, down. Ready, Go.

Sep 15 2003 23:22, Mon Darlene   Link
Why Ali & Jun are so mad at Rob.....(happened around 9:00 p.m. BB time)...
Jun went outside to jump rope. Ali & Rob were on the couch talking. Not sure who brought it up, but they talked about past weeks. Ali asked Rob if he threw any competitions. Rob said he couldn't say, but he did throw some veto comps when he didn't need them and he also didn't want to get any comps. (HOH) in the beginning of the game. He asked Ali if she threw any. She said the times she got the veto is when SHE really needed..and that Nathan got it for her also. She said that she has played the best in this game, that she played the hardest and that she even pulled $hit out of her a$$ when she needed too. (i'm trying to remember all of conversation since it did happen an hour ago--but so far this is some of what was said). They started talking about the sequester house. ali asked if Rob thought they were happy there. Rob said that they are as happy as they can be...but they would probably be happier with their families. Spoke about the evicted HG's on the beach, having fun, etc. Ali said they are probably talking to their families. Rob said that they cannot talk to thier families because then their families could tell them who to vote for. Ali agreed. During conversation of jury house, Jun walked in and heard them and then walked back out to jump rope.

A little while later, Ali went into the bathroom, (I think), and Rob went out to back yard. He told Jun word for word what Ali had said about winning vetos, playing the best and hardest in game and pulling $hit out of her a$$. Jun said that Ali was cocky. (Rob might have used this word too, but I didn't hear him).

Ali came outside, Rob went inside. Jun told Ali everything Rob said but she told Ali that she does NOT believe anything Rob says because she heard them talking about jury house. Ali is DENYING ever talking anything about the game to Rob...and flat out lying to Jun that anything was said about that she told him about winning vetos, pulling $hit out of her a$$ and being the best player and the one who played the hardest.

((This is why they are fuming with Rob right now and bashing him and everything and anything about him.))

Sep 16 2003 08:01, Tue Darlene ParentRootLink
Ali was also mad because Jun told her the word "cocky" was used to describe Ali. Jun told
Ali that Rob said, "Ali is so cocky". (ed. note: I honestly do not know if Rob did say this, but I DO know that Jun said to Rob, "She is so cocky!!".)) Ali was acting like she was fuming! She kept saying, "That pisses me off! He really said I was cocky??? Am I really cocky??" Jun kept egging her on to confront Rob. Ali told Jun that Rob was going to tell her something on Wednesday before voting(?) (this is already mentioned in updates). Jun told Ali to go in the house and ask Rob what he meant by that and to tell her now!! Ali went in and asked Rob, but in a friendly way, not confrontational like Jun wanted, but Rob said he didn't want the 2 girls talking so he would wait until Wednesday.

((ed. note...I remembered I left all this out while I was in bed last night trying to sleep. If it is already mentioned..sorry I repeated.))