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Sep 16 2003 01:22, Tue rosebud52   Link
J: I am F'd up. A: One more day, (long conversation)
J: Word

June is in shower, ali brushing her teeth and Robert pacing in the yard.

Later in by: A: Hey Robert have you ever taken Elena ice skating? R: what? A: have you ever taken Elena figure skating? Of course feed switches to J in shower.

Ali now sitting in bathroom waiting for J to finish shower, J says she can't take the smell of chlorine. J says she is tired and drunk asks where the man of the house is. A says outside pacing. J: word? Ali: word. J: he is p*ssed he has no control over what is going to happen to him, the two b*tches have the control.

J: I hate him.

A: I miss my man, big time. Dude, I cannot wait to make out.
J: can't wait for my man to paw my titty
A: first time ever sexually frustrated, wanting person of opposite sex to give her the look, the look of wanting her. He better do everything right when I get out of here.
A: I wonder if my dude is over than week one yet. Bitch better recognize (talking about Donnie) that she is hotter than any other girl in PA.

I am not getting every single word but most of it.

A: I never liked Nathan, I only made out with him because I had to.

J and A talking about how adorable Michelles face was but did not have complete package. J: to be a woman you have to have the complete package. M was dumb and a bunch of other stuff I couldn't make out.

A: I hate this house. I hate these people. J: They turned down the lights, they must want us to go to sleep.

Robert is still pacing in the backyard.

Robert in bathroom with A now. R: So we have to pack tomorrow huh? A: apparently. R: Are you going to pack your gnome? A: no

R now gone. A: He just asked me if I was gong to pack my gnome, he really thinks I may go. Her and J laugh.

J: Jee used to hate me talking raunchy or when I hit him or hurt him he would say owww what are you doing. He liked to be the aggressor. He must say to Carmine be a good girl. R, A and J laugh.

A: What about you and Ericka? R: first time at my dads house, he was gone for the weekend.

R: Are you on the pill? to ali. not now she said.

R: Are you on the pill? to June. About 17 but there were a couple mistakes. A: couple mistakes? J; I was one of first to try abortion pills. I was painful. The morning after pill. I told my mom I had food poisoning. Just real life stuff.

A: My favorite shirt: Don't hate me because I'm beautiful but because your boyfriend thinks I am.

All three talking about who has slept in what beds in the house.

A: Do you guys ever remember me sitting on Jees lap? J: Yeah it was for a joke to freak Jee out. A: I think it was blown out of proportion. J: they asked (DR)? A: Yup

R checking dryer.

A: Sweet dreams robert hope you don't f*ckin suffogate.

Sep 16 2003 01:34, Tue John_DK_   Link
Both girls in bed sleeping, Rob wandering back and fort on the chess board... NT

Sep 16 2003 01:46, Tue John_DK_ ParentRootLink
Rob in WC (with audio...) NT

Sep 16 2003 02:03, Tue John_DK_   Link
Rob goes to the bedroom, then to HG pics looking at them, 0:49 outside, 0:50 inside, 0:50 outside blows nose...
0:51 chess board, 0:53 dryer machine, 0:54 chess board, 0:57 blows nose, 0:59 brushing teeth. 1:00 WC (with audio) and finally 1:02 in bed.


Sep 16 2003 02:30, Tue John_DK_   Link
Cam2, Rob on WC, has a piece of paper, going to blow nose?,Cam1+2 changes with Cam3+4(!) back in bed. NT

Sep 16 2003 02:39, Tue John_DK_   Link
Rob in bathroom, blowing nose again, in WC blow nose, back to bed, continues sniffling. NT

Sep 16 2003 05:23, Tue Strange_Brewster   Link
ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ all still in bed NT

Sep 16 2003 05:33, Tue SaphireLady   Link
Still sleeping NT

Sep 16 2003 10:39, Tue Sarah   Link
Quick run through the feeds
F1 - Jun rolling and sighing... about to get up
F2 - Ali sleeping under covers
F3 - Rob sleeping under covers
F4 - Sleeping couch

Sep 16 2003 10:51, Tue SleeplessOnLI   Link
Ali up and out of the WC. NT

Sep 16 2003 10:54, Tue SleeplessOnLI   Link
Creepy BB voice whispers "Good morning" and then "anxiety filled" FOTH music! <chills> NT

Sep 16 2003 10:59, Tue SleeplessOnLI   Link
Ali goes into SR and retrieves a piece of paper (riddle?). Goes back into bed. Appears to be reading it in the dark. NT

Sep 16 2003 11:02, Tue SleeplessOnLI   Link
Jun now getting up. R still in bed. Ali back to bed. NT

Sep 16 2003 11:08, Tue SleeplessOnLI   Link
Don't think the HGs guessed yesterday's riddle correctly. Jun saying "Oh sh!t". Ali now reading todays riddle ...
Something about 5 jars and contaminated pills. (Sorry, busy working and I didn't catch the riddle.)

BB makes it's daily "Good Morning HGs ... It's time to get up for the day."

Ali & Jun continue to discuss today's riddle. Rob still under his covers.

Sep 16 2003 11:10, Tue SleeplessOnLI   Link
J: I am so sexually frustrated. I need sex. Ali: I'm scared to go home. I don't want to face Donny. NT

Sep 16 2003 11:15, Tue SleeplessOnLI   Link
Lights on in the house. Both girls called to DR briefly. (meds) Rob still sleeping. Girls moving about. NT

Sep 16 2003 11:22, Tue bouvluvr   Link
Exchange family pictures
Girls agree to exchange their personal family pictures as insurance that they are not voting eachother out.

Sep 16 2003 11:43, Tue Katfsh   Link
Both girls packing, not saying much. NT

Sep 16 2003 12:15, Tue SleeplessOnLI   Link
Rob still in bed. A&J packing-general chit chat. Ali has a lot of room in her bag. Now FOTH. NT

Sep 16 2003 12:18, Tue SleeplessOnLI   Link
Returns to HGs lowering inside window screens. Ali "all done" packing. Rob now awake. NT

Sep 16 2003 12:28, Tue nojobny   Link
Rob to the girls: I'm taking the rest of these..
.. meaning the condoms.

Ali: who do you think you're going to be doing?

Rob: No, nobody, but even for later, I'm going to need them.

Sep 16 2003 12:30, Tue nojobny   Link
Exchanging clothes
Rob asked for a a pair of panties from Jun (!!!!)

He's offered to sign some of his Armani tank tops to the girls.

Not sure what he want's from Ali

Sep 16 2003 12:32, Tue nojobny   Link
Rob now making the same threat to Ali that he did to Jun
If I leave the house, i'm the only one with credibilty in the house

I can have the jury go whichever way I want and you'll come in 2nd place.

I'm good at that, people listen to me.

I'm not America's Choice for nothing.

Sep 16 2003 12:33, Tue SleeplessOnLI   Link
Jun called to DR and said she is "not ready to do the farwell stuff yet" She is putting on lipstick. Rob sort of threatens Ali ...
Rob has packed the Old Maid cards and has asked Jun for her panties. He is signing a tank top for each of the girls.

Rob asking Ali not to tell Jun ...

Rob: One thing I'm absolutely sure of - if i go out there, and I'm on the jury, it will go my way. You win comps and I'm not "America's Choice" for nothing. If you throw me out, you WILL get 2nd place! I've got the votes on my side. Not doing it because ...

I love you, I like you - whatever happens tomorrow, I'm going to be happy. If I stay, I will be extremely happy. Want you to think about it - you don't even have to tell me. I know you know the right thing to do. Taking her is kind of crazy. I know you are smarter to do the right thing. I'm not even stressed.

Ali: That's cool.

Talk changes to packing.

(Note: I *think* he has a collection of the girl's panties for EBay. Sleepless is Clueless here!)

Sep 16 2003 12:35, Tue nojobny   Link
BB has started to call the HG in to record their 'good-bye' tapes. Jun went in first. That's what gave Rob the opportunity to 'threaten' Ali. NT

Sep 16 2003 12:37, Tue SleeplessOnLI   Link
As soon as Jun returns, Ali tells her what Rob just said to her. Jun stating that Rob did the same to her. NT

Sep 16 2003 12:38, Tue nojobny   Link
Ali is done packing. Well, that was quick.
Rob: what about all that stuff?

Ali: It's going in my BB bag

Rob: what about all your make up?

Ali: all packed up. Ali then walks around the corner to the WC and fiips Rob the bird so he can't see, but it's defintely seen on camera.

Sep 16 2003 12:50, Tue Vaseflower2000   Link
A and J are really disgusted with R and his superior attitude. He has told both
girls now that he will sway the jury to vote against whoever, boots him.

Sep 16 2003 12:51, Tue Vaseflower2000   Link
girls say we all have to pack. J tells R she is packing all of it-does not want to risk leaving
anything behind.

Sep 16 2003 12:54, Tue Vaseflower2000   Link
R tells J he was so excited last night he could not sleep. only 1 week left. NT

Sep 16 2003 12:57, Tue Vaseflower2000   Link
R outside cleaning pool. NT

Sep 16 2003 13:15, Tue nojobny   Link
Ali laying out. Jun putting on sunblock. Rob wandering in and out of the house and in and out of the fridge. NT

Sep 16 2003 13:25, Tue nojobny   Link
ali & jun in the BY. Rob making a BLT. No one is talking NT

Sep 16 2003 13:28, Tue NathansHarem   Link
Another famous Jun-ism... Rob can lick my ass...
and then kiss his mother with that mouth. (In reference to Rob trying to play girls against each other)

Sep 16 2003 14:52, Tue Anonymous   Link
Ali/Jun tanning. Rob packing. NT

Sep 16 2003 15:24, Tue Vaseflower2000   Link
R is done packing and now outside with the girls. J is getting mad at the dryer. NT

Sep 16 2003 15:25, Tue normsm8   Link
Jun tanning. Ali in the pool. Rob sitting at outside table. Noone is talking. NT

Sep 16 2003 15:46, Tue Vaseflower2000   Link
R taking another one of his showers. NT

Sep 16 2003 15:48, Tue normsm8   Link
Girls in LR doing abs. Robert showering. NT

Sep 16 2003 15:52, Tue Vaseflower2000   Link
girls working out in living room. NT

Sep 16 2003 15:55, Tue SleeplessOnLI   Link
A few moments ago, Jun rubbed her body sweat all over Rob's (comforter) bed while he was in the shower ... blowing his nose. NT

Sep 16 2003 16:04, Tue normsm8   Link
Ali & Jun done with there workout. They are getting food to make lunch. NT

Sep 16 2003 16:18, Tue normsm8   Link
Rob is outside starting the BBQ for burgers. Girls in the house bashing Rob.
They are talking about their goodbye speeches they made to Rob.

Sep 16 2003 16:30, Tue normsm8   Link
R is in DR. Ali is sunning and Jun is doing wash. Noone is talking NT

Sep 16 2003 16:32, Tue Anonymous   Link
Robert really thinks he's staying...."One more week, girls. One more week, right Jun?" he said NT

Sep 16 2003 16:34, Tue normsm8   Link
R out of DR. Ali called to DR. Rob told Ali to take a tissue. said he wasn't expecting it. then told her he was joking.
R to J : One more week.

Sep 16 2003 16:45, Tue normsm8   Link
Ali out of DR talking with Jun about BF's. Ali said she is F***ked. Jun going on about Bob and how they aren't together. NT

Sep 16 2003 16:51, Tue normsm8   Link
R back to watching burgers cook. A back to tanning, J in kitchen, No one is talking. NT

Sep 16 2003 17:02, Tue normsm8   Link
Lunch is ready, everyone is eating. NT

Sep 16 2003 17:13, Tue normsm8   Link
HG eating and talking about the evicted HG.

they are wondering if Dave is watching BB. They are all discussing how Jee was acting like HOH was a big deal.
Now there on Dana, and how if she hadn't won HOH she would of been gone because everyone hated her.

Sep 16 2003 17:21, Tue normsm8   Link
HG started talking about the mime and how much they disliked him. Ali said she hates him more than life itself.
Then The HG got into talking about todays puzzle. Ali said she wasn't going to even try and figure it out. That if she's evicted whoever is left in the house can starve.
Ali then stated " Someone's not going to be a happy camper tomorrow."

Sep 16 2003 17:33, Tue normsm8   Link
Ali laying down for a nap. R outside pacing. J gets gum and talks with A about packing. NT

Sep 16 2003 17:36, Tue normsm8   Link
A saying how much she hates R and J says I know. Now there talking about R never doing laundry. A" ewww how gross."
A going to sleep. J left the room.

Sep 16 2003 17:48, Tue normsm8   Link
A & j in bedroom talking about how R has no clue to what is going to happen to him tomorrow. A is trying to figure what to say to R when he voted out.
A- should i start off with the names he called us and then say something like this.. We are young women & our fathers are at home watching. How would you like someone to call your daughter those names.
A to J- Are you ok?
J- Yes
A- Are you nervous?
J- No
A- He won't go nuts on me will he?
J- You me like hit you?
J No he wouldn't do that.
A- I want to embarrass the hell out of him tomorrow.

Sep 16 2003 17:55, Tue normsm8   Link
A- in bed. J- is packing. R- is on hammock. Noone is talking. NT

Sep 16 2003 18:03, Tue normsm8   Link
Girls in bed. R outside pacing. NT

Sep 16 2003 18:29, Tue normsm8   Link
A & J still in bed, R is playing BB. NT

Sep 16 2003 18:59, Tue normsm8   Link
Girls still in bed. R still outside pacing. NT

Sep 16 2003 19:34, Tue normsm8   Link
A is up and in shower. J is still sleeping. R just came in WC talking to A about ants to kill. NT

Sep 16 2003 19:35, Tue SleeplessOnLI   Link
Ali in the shower. Rob comes in to tell her about bugs outside near BB court(?) NT

Sep 16 2003 19:49, Tue SleeplessOnLI   Link
Ali out of shower, in front of mirror. Rob in kitchen, and Jun is still sleeping. NT

Sep 16 2003 19:53, Tue SleeplessOnLI   Link
Lockdown outside. R: Bring the Raid, I'll tell you that much! NT

Sep 16 2003 19:54, Tue FuggyBootnling   Link
How to capture this action packed scene of drama before me???
I have Quad On...

Jun is sleeping. Ali still in the shower.

Ratbert is pacing...out in the backyard, now in the kitchen. Picking at his nose. No talking, no doing nothing, just him...pacing. He's been doing this all day. Pacing back to the BY. Pacing the BY. Looking up into the sky. He sniffs. Paces to the table. Paces away from the table. Stops. Looks up. Resumes pacing.

Breaking news...Ali now brushing her teeth on F1. Running the water inbetween, as people often do between successive brushes.

Rat has paced inside. Ali, in towel, blows her nose.

Ratbert in kitchen, just standing. Picking nose.

Ah!! On F2 Jun stirs and sits up. She gets out of bed and buzzes about the love room.

Now comes out to LR. Total silence.

Jun goes to bathroom. Ali is in there. Jun says "No rush." and sits down.

(Yep folks, that's what's happening.)

Oops! Backyard LD.

Sep 16 2003 20:16, Tue normsm8   Link
J & A sitting on couch. R is getting into bathtub NT

Sep 16 2003 20:16, Tue SleeplessOnLI   Link
Jun has a dream ...
(Sorry, been busy watching BB and Joe Schmo Ö)

R: Jun, we have a continental breakfast outside. (HGs talking about something prior.)

J: Maybe they are setting up breakfast for us.
R: yeah, maybe we have presents in there.
J: maybe the producers chipped in $5 each and bought us pizza.
J: I hope Daniel is hot man, the D word. (??)
FOTH Ė return to HGs opening up window shades.
A: Iím having ice cream for dinner tonight.
J: You can have stir fry
A: Iím actually not hungry for dinner tonight.

HGs go inside
R: Anything new? (Meaning: do you notice anything different once inside after the lockdown.)
A: No
R: Iím going to find out what hotel we are staying at. (Premiere)
J to A: Is he fn stupid? Heís so annoying. He thinks he is a star.

Rob back:
R: He (BB) knows and such Ö (Guess they didnít tell him.)

Ali on the couch, Jun and Rob moving about the kitchen.
ďSomethingĒ is going to give Jun a heart attack.

J to A: What is up with you?
Rob joins Ö He is going to take a bath. They discuss when they should eat dinner. They ate at 4pm. (7:10pm now)

Jun has a dream about Jack Ė family camping trip and Jack brought a girl (step-daughter?) Jun: Jack touches (someone) Ö and we had to take him to jail.
J to A: Itís all your fault! (Ali implying that Jack is something he is not!)

A: You canít tell me he doesnít look like a child molester. (I donít want to transcribe this! Trying to be impartial here.)

J: What did he ask you Ö (Rob)
A: Oh, the ants.
J: Oh, the ants Ö I thought the end. He was asking a million questions outside and I had just woke up. I was like Ö dude, shut the F up.

All feeds now on Rob sitting in the bathtub while it fills up.

Sep 16 2003 20:18, Tue Kat   Link
More of the girls calling Jack a molester.
Rob in bathroom. Jun tells Ali she had a dream where Jack was on a boat & there was a little girl who was supposed to be Jack's stepdaughter. In the dream the little girl says that Jack 'touches' her. Then Jack is taken away by officials.

Then Ali proclaims, laughing, "Jack is a child molester!"

Sep 16 2003 20:21, Tue SleeplessOnLI   Link
All feeds on Rob in bathtub ... water running, bubbles developing. NT

Sep 16 2003 20:30, Tue SleeplessOnLI   Link
Girls talk about fighting in High School ...
A telling J about some kind of hoax at school
J: our lunchroom was separated by two sides, and in the middle was a common area. One side was the XX side and the other, well Ö
A: I know exactly what you are saying.
A: I always sat with the hockey team. It was so segregated. Our football team hung out together and not the rest of them.
J: I donít know what it is Ö an unwritten role.
A: Yeah, just in HS.
J: Iím sure after Sept. 11th they did it after a while. (??? Missed it!)
A: Do you see a lot of fights?
J: every once in a while, I had two fights. Crowds of people. Our school, then a hill with tennis courts. On the hill, after school. One physical fight with a Chinese girl and those b!tches are scary. I didnít want to fight her. We were cool up until Junior year. Someone wrote in 2nd period on the desk, message from me to her Öand she was there at 8th period. I didnít write on the desk. (was a set-up) Asked the teacher to move me. Turns out she couldnít fight. She was a gangster and depended upon weapons and sh!t. I hit her in the chest and that was about it. I hate fighting. Iím great with my mouth. But fighting. It has to be serious sh!t to come to blows. OtherwiseÖ
A: The only time I was in a fight was when Donny came over Öand those two bitches.
J: When I comes down to punching someone, you would rather not.
A: I donít think I ever fought.
J: Jeeís sister would always fight. They would get jumped Ö all the time. She knows how to fight dirty. Those are the girls I donít want to fight. Once you start it becomes easier and easier. Jee was proud of it. My sister can fight! She should be proud to score high on her SATs, (etc.)

Ali talks about ice cream.

Sep 16 2003 20:42, Tue SleeplessOnLI   Link
Jun asks the camera man if he has a ...
(I'm being such a tease tonight - sorry! But she REALLY said this!)

Do you think he is leaving?

J: No he wants to stay and be famous.
J: Dude, youíve got ice cream on your sweatshirt.

A teaching J about carbohydrates (labels on food). Ali tells her that ďthey are not bad. They are not complex carbs. Usually it would say Ö complex or monocarbÖ.Ē
J: Damn, that smells good.
A: OMG it is Ö so good. We havenít had ice cream since week 3!
J: yeah forever.
A: Since before Jee.
J: I was having my chocolate cookie dough. My week 9.
A: I didnít have any.
A: I was wk 6 because Erika was HoH> Remember I ate all her cookie dough.
J: Oh yeah, I remember you picked it out. I kept eating it and eating it.

J: I hate it when he calls us over here.
A: I know, like we are his b!tches.
A: He is //// panic house since he screwed Erika. I donít know why. He probably told her it was his a$$. How much you wanna make a bet?
A: Really, and she told you that?
J: It has a deck that looks out over land and sh!t.
A: really, huh.
J: My parking spots where horses? WTF?
A: oh, yeah the horses.
J: this is like delicious right now.
A: uh huh
A: cause we havenít had it and we are treating ourselves.
J: like sex.
A: uh huh.
A: when you and Erika were outside by the BB court and I told you.
J: I find it very hard to believe anyone finds him sexy. The thought of him jacking off makes me sick. And someone asking him about it? (AC)
A: probably some a$shole asking him.
J: I hate pencil d!ck$ .. (repeats louder into mic.) Camera man, you donít have one of those do you?_
J: Ahh,
A: laughs Ö (camera man must have motioned NO!)

A to DR. Jun cries out that she is having ICE CREAM, Her first ICE CREAM IN THREE WEEKS!

Sep 16 2003 20:46, Tue SleeplessOnLI   Link
Rob out of shower. Now getting ready to lift weights. (Guess we can expect another shower.) NT

Sep 16 2003 20:57, Tue SleeplessOnLI   Link
J: He is the monster you guys created. I called him Frankenstein in the DR.
Came into a convo:
J: I hear you are jealous with Rob winning all AC. (About an evicted HG.)
A: Yeah
J: He is the monster you guys created. I called him Frankenstein in the DR. Iíll be very honest with Julie. I will shoot him down. Heís my personal piŮata and sh!t.
A: I canít wait.
J: Yes, it is true that Ali and I have fallen in love and now we are the best of friends.
J: Rob and I will end up sitting in there because you will be in HoH. (R&J at dining room table while A is being interviewed by Julie.)

A: What will I do?
J: She will probably ask you questions. Julie will ask, you came in here with these actions (and such and such.).
A: All right, sucker Ė let me break it down for you Ö sniffley, male chauvinistic pig Ö since he walked in that door. Iím about to send you back out that door with the same thing you came in with Ė nothing. In a way, this worked out so perfectly, he needed to learn a lesson. What better lesson to stay in this house, with no one around and leaves with nothing. I will destroy him and he will haaatttteee me!
J: He will be like Dana. Like he tried to F with you and you Fíd him right back.
A: oh, ohh ohhh ohhhh
J: Iím going to be so excited tomorrow, I donít know if I would sleep.
A: Itís not even like a real comp tomorrow.
J: I know,
A: Do I have to say anything to you or do I direct the whole eviction thing to him?
J: To him
A: Oh good, cause I didnít want to.
A: Dude, I told them that, that tomorrow eviction was going to be Ö (not kidding, feeds timed out and the Jun was up, off the couch once refreshed.)

Sep 16 2003 20:59, Tue SleeplessOnLI   Link
Jun now preparing dinner (didn't answer riddle last night).Ali on couch, & Rob walking about inside. In the middle of working out. He's all packed. NT

Sep 16 2003 21:24, Tue Sharky   Link
A in presence of Ro: Ju, if something happens and you & I are here next week, let's dye my hair red
Rob said "yeah, dye it red" and then had a far-away look on his face. Silent by kitchen table for a few minutes.

Sep 16 2003 21:24, Tue SleeplessOnLI   Link
A: Jun, what are you wearing for the season finale? J: I don't know-whatever is not wrinkled. Everything is packed half the time ...
Jun preparing dinner. Ali at the bar working on her mosaic stepping stone(?) Rob walks in and asks Ali if she was ďgoing to take this?Ē (Didnít see what he offered. Memorabilia? More EBay stuff?) Rob just walking around. All silent. Rob in WC now. Ali still cleaning her stones. Jun figured out a way to clean the cement from the mosaic stones the other day. Rob out and fiddles in the BR. Walks back into the common area. Still no talking. He goes into ďhisĒ BR and glances at his web site mock-up. Camera catches a close up of Robís picture with the words MAN above his face and the words Ö ďof theĒ underneath. (LOL, didnít see the word ďHOUSEĒ!) Puts it back under the bed next to him and comes back past the girls (still silent) and stops at the kitchen island. Jun was outside cleaning up Ė now joins Ö Rob leaves back to his BR and ?? (something under his own bed.).

A: Should I work on that logic thing or F it?
J: F it!
A: Yeah, because if you are evicted tomorrow night Ö then I donít want to XX
J: Yeah, its not that important.
R: Yeah, it is the last week.
R: Do you think they will go wrap?
J: No, I donít want to go to the wrap party?
A: See, I want to go to the wrap party.
J: I donít want to go.
J: I will say goodbye to Justin.
J: I will let Jack squeeze my left boob. I donít care. I wonít see them afterwards so why will I bother. Why? SO I can thank them for stabbing me in the back 24/7? I doubt outside of this house that anyone of them will call me.
A: Iíll call you.
J: OK, Iíll give you 1-900 Pizza Boy!
A: I called you a sexy cxxt.
J: I called you a ???
A: Robert called us everything, and I we know about it.
R: I got caught calling everyone everything and Iíll hear it outside.
A: your daughter
R: Iím sorry, but Iím not going to say it was not me, Iím a prick sometimes. I donít regret anything in here.

Rhythmic noise coming from the house.
(Had to stop and check my speakers, thought it was my nephew (guardianship) downstairs!)

A: Iím sad about this.
J: It has to happen or we will never go home.
R: I thought it would be bad with two people. To be here for an FN week. Do you really think it will be a week. He made is sound like it will be a week.
A: Season finale, the 24ht, the whole week.
A: Jun what are you wearing?
J: whatever is not wrinkled. Everything is packed half the time.
A: What about the dress they gave you?
J: The Dolce & Gabbana? Hell no, Iím saving that for the XX!

Talk about staying for 2 million. Jun says no way. Finally she say, all right for 2 million. Rob says not one other BB cast likes to be there (final three.)

Sep 16 2003 21:38, Tue SleeplessOnLI   Link
Jun serving dinner. Think chicken stir-fry with rice. NT

Sep 16 2003 21:47, Tue SleeplessOnLI ParentRootLink
A: Justin just wanted to b@ng her once or twice (Dana) ... Now FOTH. (Opps. wrong spot - text inside)
J: How about Jee? He would chew 80 times before swallowing.
Jun imitating Dana at the table. She talks with food in her mouth.
J: OMG, My mother would smack me.
A: Justin didnít care about that. He just wanted to bang her once or twice! How did the food not fall out? Did she have lips?
R: I tell you, if she would fix her hair, she would be all right. We know her in sweats. But that night, when she fixed her hair. (laughs) I know she will be all right.
A: I thought there were prettier people to be on the show.
J: I donít think she was here to be pretty. She was here to be psycho.
R: Everyone here are not what they say.
J: They do those psyche evaluations and they know who wouldnít get along.
R: She should have never hooked up with Justin. If she knew how to play the game, then she shouldnít have done that. She wanted to rip Jeeís head off for listening to music. She hated him.
A: She was here three weeks. She doesnít know any of us to be mad at us.
R: It was her world, it was her BB world.
R: I tell you what, I didnít want to be put up against anyone other than Dana that week. Everyone wanted her a$$ out.
J: Uh huh.


Sep 16 2003 21:40, Tue joannie   Link
HG's sitting down to dinner. Rob: "So, this is a zuccini?" NT

Sep 16 2003 21:43, Tue joannie   Link
Jun complaining about how Dana used to chew with her food with her mouth open
so you could see all the food.

Ali: "How does she keep all the food from falling out?"

Rob said Dana could be "really cute" if she dressed up and put on make-up.

Jun: "She wasn't put here to be pretty, she was put here to be psycho."

Sep 16 2003 21:55, Tue joannie   Link
Ali and Robert talking about how great Dave was. Jun: "I want to know why he hated me." NT

Sep 16 2003 21:57, Tue joannie   Link
Jun: "My head hurts." Ali: "Only one more day, Jun." NT

Sep 16 2003 21:59, Tue joannie   Link
Ali: "I won't even have my apartment when I get out! I'll have to go live with my parents for a few weeks" NT

Sep 16 2003 22:04, Tue joannie   Link
Ali wants be be a Lakers Girl. "Or Atlanta Falcons, or Dallas Cowboys..." NT

Sep 16 2003 22:06, Tue joannie   Link
Ali tells Rob that Justin has glasses. Ali: "They're like Mr. McGoo glasses. Big and thick!" NT

Sep 16 2003 22:06, Tue SleeplessOnLI   Link
Ali saying how cute Dave was. How she wants to be a NFL dance girl ...
Rob saying that Ali really wanted Dave. She really liked his sense of humor. Jun says that his teeth were too big. Jun thinks he was over the top. Ali says that Justin is more of a verbally funny guy. Dave was more a wild type of guy Ė hanging on the punching bag and kicking balls over the BB wall. He was cute though.

A: Twice he got me. FN twice he got me.
J: Thatís very clever.
A: Yesterdayís puzzle we could have gotten if we took 20 minutes.
J: Yeah, but we wanted to nap. F it.
A: He was hot, donít get me wrong, he was really hot.
J: He treated me like sh!t. (Dave)
A to J: I canít believe you called me and Nate the golden couple.
J: Yeah, both have blond hair, all-American.
A: ewwww
A: I like him, donít make fun of Nathan.
J: He hates me. Trust me. He told the guys no matter what they should not keep me in the game. I was sneaky and a snake. Why? Because I wasnít in his fan club.
R: laughingly agrees

J suffering from a migraine. Her head hurts.
A: Only one more day, Jun.
A: I could have jumped through the DR the other day.
R: What?
A: The producer I was talking to Ö FOTH
A: He is quick. Dude is funny as sh!t. He is like my brother.
R: He is a genius. (Talking about a BB producer.)

J: I canít believe we are walking around with all these lights and cameras.
A: When you go home you will be in the dark.
R: NO shadows in this house. Everything set up perfectly, 360.

A: I donít even have an apt. when I get back. I have to move back to my parents house for a week or two.
R: No, Ali Ö stretch it out.
A: Hell no, I will go to Pittsburgh and stay there. I will call my friend Ryan and tell him I am going to stay there. Ben is from XXville and he lives four blocks away so I can go there. John is like a cousin, but not technically a cousin. His uncle is my dadís best friend. I can just call him and Ö
A: I have to call my work.
J: F retail, you can always find another
A: I have to wait until Sept. Iím just going to earn money and not sit on my a$$. Iíd like to help my dad do paralegal stuff.
A: The states suck a$$.
R: Whatís that? You trace states, good money. (Iím clueless to Aliís reply)
R: Good, work for you Dad.
A: I could get recertification and teach aerobics. Was thinking about applying to NFL league dance teams. Iíd be like a Laker girl.
R: Do it Ė what would it take?
A: A little hair and make-up and shake my a$$
R: Do it Ė do it in cities where you want to live like the Lakers. Thatíll be sweet though.
A: Dallas Cowboys. They are stupid though. They donít even dance. They just look pretty.
R: Do you practice?
A: Four hours a night. Itís a lot of sh!t.

Girls getting ready to work out. Ali saying that they ďbusted the ice cream.Ē Jun is ďgoing to do some packing Ö you know, pack pack pack Ö FNing pack pack pack.Ē

Talk about Justin having to wear glasses and he wonít wear them.

Sep 16 2003 22:09, Tue joannie   Link
Ali: :I have to say, this is one of the best experiences in my whole life." NT

Sep 16 2003 22:14, Tue joannie   Link
Ali to Rob: "You packed already? EVERYTHING?" NT

Sep 16 2003 22:17, Tue joannie   Link
Ali reading Rob's luggage tag. "This luggage belongs to Robert Roman, BB4..."
Ali: "You'd better not leave this tag on at the airport or this bag is going to get snatched!"

Sep 16 2003 22:20, Tue joannie   Link
BB: "Alison, please go to the DR." NT

Sep 16 2003 22:24, Tue SleeplessOnLI   Link
Jun's has PILES of clothes strewed on the flr. btw. 2 beds. (Screen Cappers to the Rescue ... It's a must see!) NT

Sep 16 2003 22:25, Tue joannie   Link
Jun in Love Room packing. Her bed is stacked with piles of folded clothing. NT

Sep 16 2003 22:30, Tue joannie   Link
Rob to the DR. Jun tells Ali that Robert threatened her again.
Jun: "I feel like a battered wife."

ALi: "OMG!"

Sep 16 2003 22:32, Tue joannie   Link
Ali: "OMG! It's gonna be BAD!"
Ali: "I'm gonna f*cking rip him up nationally--INTERnationally, tomorrow!"

Sep 16 2003 22:35, Tue joannie   Link
Ali: "I can't believe he threatened you again! He does this everytime I get called to the DR!" NT

Sep 16 2003 22:35, Tue joannie   Link
Jun to DR. NT

Sep 16 2003 22:39, Tue joannie   Link
Ali zips all of the logic problems into her suitcase. Rob: "Good idea."
Ali: "I'm gonna show them to my daddy and see if he can do it."

Sep 16 2003 22:42, Tue joannie   Link
Rob to Ali: "Did you leave me a nice goodbye message?" Ali: "Yes."
Ali: "I left everyone a nice message. I left Jun one too. We don't know. We just don't know..."

Sep 16 2003 22:46, Tue joannie   Link
Jun out of DR. Ali runs to her and reports that Rob didn't talk to her about anything important while Jun was gone. NT

Sep 16 2003 22:48, Tue joannie   Link
Jun changing into her work-out clothes. NT

Sep 16 2003 22:52, Tue joannie   Link
Rob asking the girls "I wonder if we're in magazines, like the ones at the check-out stand,
like Entertainment Weekly..."

Jun: "I don't know..."

Rob: "I just hope someone saves them for us." (LOL! Don't worry Rob!)

Sep 16 2003 22:56, Tue SleeplessOnLI   Link
Two conversations within the past hour.
9:12pm BB time Ė Rob leaves for the WC.

Ali remains in the kitchen. A to J: Hey d!ck face?!?
(mumble from the blue room.)
A: Ah ha Ė you answered!

Ali joins Jun while she packs. Rob mentions that it is a lot of sh!t to pack Ö still! (BTW, HGs have until midnight to put their extra luggage into the SR.)

Jun has a clear plastic garment bag laid out on the bench across from the DR/SR. Ali & Rob questioning where it came from, the garment bag. (Itís big and nobody was allowed to pack luggage like that.) A&R together: ďThey let you bring a garment bag?!?Ē Jun said, No Ö Rob said: From the VMAs?!? Jun nods yes.

A few minutes later:
A: Jun, you know that dress Iím going to wear tomorrow night? Is it too summery?
J: No, it's last time you can probably wear it. (That whole ďNo white after Labor DayĒ thing.)

Rob asks Ali Ö twice Ö How come you didnít wear any dresses, ALI?
Aliís reply Ö Because I didnít XX, ROBERT! (toucheí - was funny to hear the bantering.)


9:27pm BB time Ė Jun has piles, and stacks of clothing (6!) on the floor between two beds. More piles on her bed. She is trying to fit all this into her luggage Ö

Jun telling Ali, that Robert said: ďYou know, this is the last time Iím telling you.Ē
J: ďI told him ... 'I know! I heard you the first and the second time! Ö Ali, he treated me like I was a battered wife, and like, I'd be scared of him.Ē (Jun's analogy-don't read into it.)
A: OMG, OMG Ė Jun!
J: I could beat the sh!t out of him
A: This is getting ridiculous, Jun.
J: (said something I missed Ė something important.)
J: That is why he is pissed at me.
A: And he can threaten me, that a@@hole.

Back to the girls. They are in the bedroom Ė eating chocolate, I think! Definitely sharing candy wrappers with each other. Jun was grabbing treats out of a little bag.

(AliCat & JunBug seem to be crossing that line lately. Unfortunately, MHO is finding its way into the updates.)

Sep 16 2003 23:05, Tue nojobny   Link
Because there's nothing to do in this house...
Ali: I'm putting a piece of watermelon on the edge of the BB court and when all the ants come over, I'm gonna Raid the sh*t out of them.

Rob: You I was just thinking about doing that (Ed: yeah, sure.) You know what, because there's nothing to do in this house, I'm going sit over here and watch them come over.

Sep 16 2003 23:26, Tue nojobny   Link
On her never ending quest to rid the earth of bugs. Ali has located the main source of the BB BY ant infestation...
Ali: Found it. They're coming from down here. Their home is underneath the hotub. She summons Jun over to bring her ammunition... her trusty can of Raid.

(Ed: Perhaps Ali can get an endorsement contract with Raid when she leaves)

Sep 16 2003 23:47, Tue John_DK_   Link
Ali about her evict speak to Rob: Jun, I'm just going warn you, I will be crying, but it will be angry crying...
And do you mind if I mention Rob's treats against you. Jun o/c not.


Sep 16 2003 23:56, Tue Anonymous   Link
J: Rob wants me to make him pancakes in the morning. A: Dude, let me spit in them.
J: No way!
A: Why?
J: Because the producers won't let you.
A: Why? Why not?

Rob peeks his head out the door. Asks the girls where the mop is.
Ali: The SR.
Rob: What do I have to clean, the floor, the tub and the toilet.
Jun: Yeah, and the shower and the sink.
Rob: Yeah ... laughs.
Ali: It's going to take you a while. That is why it's your only job.

Prior to this, when the girls first told him to go clean the bathroom, he said that he does windows ... and the bathroom? The girls reminded him that he is XX (or the outgoing) HoH.