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Sep 17 2003 02:14, Wed ktan   Link
Jun got up! She goes to the washroom, gets a glass of water, and sits in the dark LR. NT

Sep 17 2003 02:21, Wed ktan   Link
Jun is back in bed and now Ali gets the Tylenol PM (which was also what Jun took). Ali is in bed as well. NT

Sep 17 2003 07:44, Wed ilsa   Link
all quiet. NT

Sep 17 2003 10:34, Wed Anonymous   Link
The 3 still sleeping. F4 is doing close-up of Ali/Donnie pic and Ali's pinata of Donnie. NT

Sep 17 2003 11:19, Wed Anonymous   Link
HG still asleep NT

Sep 17 2003 12:02, Wed Anonymous   Link
Rob up and brushing teeth. Jun/Ali still in bed. NT

Sep 17 2003 12:05, Wed Anonymous ParentRootLink
Jun and Ali now up. NT

Sep 17 2003 12:21, Wed Anonymous   Link
Ali eating cereal. Rob waiting for Jun to finish making pancakes. NT

Sep 17 2003 12:56, Wed jaylight   Link
outside on lockdown hg hear bb theme song inside NT

Sep 17 2003 12:59, Wed Anonymous   Link
HGs in the yard, on lock-out, listening to BB theme music, they were asked to stay away from the house due to something audible going on, inside. NT

Sep 17 2003 13:23, Wed Anonymous   Link

Sep 17 2003 13:27, Wed Anonymous   Link
Back from foth. Still on lockdown and BB music still playing inside. NT

Sep 17 2003 13:38, Wed Anonymous   Link
Rob very impaitent with lockdown; yelling, "COME ON!" Jun saying she's gonna get sunstroke. Now foth. NT

Sep 17 2003 13:42, Wed Anonymous   Link
Back again from foth and still on lockdown outside with bb music playing inside. NT

Sep 17 2003 14:01, Wed Anonymous   Link
Music has stopped inside. They are waiting for the door to be unlocked. NT

Sep 17 2003 14:11, Wed Anonymous   Link
Lockdown over; back in the house. NT

Sep 17 2003 14:17, Wed Anonymous   Link
Robert to Ali:
"No matter what we are still gonna be friends. If I leave, I won't hold anything against you".
Ali: "It's a game, don't worry sweety".
Jun in DR. Ali laying down.

Sep 17 2003 14:21, Wed normsm8   Link
A & J in BR talking about how much they hate R and that theres only 5 hrs to go. Then FOTH NT

Sep 17 2003 14:23, Wed Vaseflower2000   Link
R in the bathroom and ju is in the kitchen. NT

Sep 17 2003 14:24, Wed Anonymous   Link
Robert cleaning bathroom....
Brief convo between Ali/Jun when Jun came out of DR. Jun said to the extent (missed most of it) that she told the DR that she wanted that "Cuban F**K gone". Ali saying that she told the DR that she "F'n HATES Rob" and whoever in the DR said that she has expressed the clearly.

Sep 17 2003 14:24, Wed joannie   Link
Jun washing dishes, Ali dusting, Robert cleaning bathroom with spray bottle. NT

Sep 17 2003 14:27, Wed joannie   Link
Ali to Jun: "Where's the other bottle of red wine? All of our alcohol is gone. Why would they take all of our alcohol?"
Jun: "Maybe they're having a party tonight."

Sep 17 2003 14:31, Wed joannie   Link
Jun: "I'm starving. And fruit's not cutting it." NT

Sep 17 2003 14:34, Wed joannie   Link
Ali: "The house smells clean." Jun: "It's about to smell like bacon." NT

Sep 17 2003 14:37, Wed joannie   Link
Rob's now swabbing the bathroom floor. Ali is vacuuming.
Jun is making up a salad and a big batch of bacon (so much for the diet).

Sep 17 2003 14:49, Wed lzipper   Link
DETAILED report of 2 interesting interactions
Ali is lying in bed and Robert comes over and says to Ali that if he gets evicted, he won't hold it against her or anything in terms of their friendship. Ali assures him that she won't either, that of course they're still friends. He says that he's gonna go talk to Jun, and I think he said that he was gonna say the same thing to her. As he's walking out, Ali calls after him, "it's a game, sweetie. Don't worry." Robert: "No, I'm not worried, it's just that if I do get evicted-" Ali: "Don't worry. I think the same way Justin does. It's just a game." (you know, sometimes I believe that she means it, too.)

Ali lies there by herself for a minute, and then Jun comes in and closes the door, and reports what Robert just said to her when he found her in the bathroom.

Jun: "Robert comes to me and says: 'it's gonna be like last week-are you gonna be ready? You better be ready.' So I said, 'Robert, did you clean the bathroom?' (they both laugh) then they talk about how they can't wait till he's gone, they hate him, etc.

Ali gets up, and they are all buzzing around the house cleaning. Robert asks questions about how to clean the bathroom and the girls answer, and then complain to each other about why can't he just f*in' figure it out on his own. Ali and Robert continue cleaning - Ali in the LR and Ron=berrt in the Bathroom, and Jun sits down on the couch and goes into "I'm so stressed, I hate him so much." and how she is too stressed to wait for him to be gone. Ali tells her it's just a few more hours, and now is not the time to "lose it".

Jun tells Ali - "Tell me everything he says to you, OK?"
Ali: "OK" (When she JUST spoke to him and is keeping it to herself!)
Then, as an afterthought, Ali: "Oh, sh**, he's still gonna come to me with a final plea..."
Jun: "yeah..."
Ali: "when do you think he'll do it?
Jun: "probably when I'm not around." (duh)
Ali: "Let's try to make sure that doesn't happen, kay?"

They go back to talking about mundane stuff, like how the LR looks so empty, etc, then Ali vacuums, Jun cleans more stuff in the kitchen, and Robert is mopping the floor in the bathroom.


Sep 17 2003 14:50, Wed joannie   Link
Jun is on the sofa eating her salad from a mixing bowl. Ali lying down on other sofa.
Rob still swabbing. No one talking.

Sep 17 2003 14:57, Wed joannie   Link
The only sound to be heard is Jun crunching on her salad. NT

Sep 17 2003 14:59, Wed joannie   Link
Jun stressing about HOH part 3. She talks about Ali giving her "the signal" and then "I'll just let go."
Sounds like she's going to throw the comp to Ali.

Sep 17 2003 15:02, Wed joannie   Link
Rob and Jun are in the kitchen. Ali watches intently from the LR NT

Sep 17 2003 15:04, Wed joannie   Link
Jun: "I'm going to put my suitcase in the SR." Ali: "Good idea. I'll get mine." NT

Sep 17 2003 15:11, Wed lzipper   Link
Ali and Jun switch pictures as a sign of their pact
They decided yesterday (?) that as a sign of their agreement to take each other, when they packed up they would each pack the other's family photos so that the only way they would be able to see the pictures during their last week is if they are the last 2 there.
There's Always room for a little mistrust...

Sep 17 2003 15:22, Wed Vaseflower2000   Link
J and A in bed resting and R in shower. No towel up on shower door and we can see his naked bottom. NT

Sep 17 2003 15:32, Wed Vaseflower2000   Link
R is now out of the shower. NT

Sep 17 2003 15:47, Wed Anonymous   Link
Ali/Jun still napping in bed. Rob had a bite to eat, now sitting outside. NT

Sep 17 2003 15:47, Wed Vaseflower2000   Link
R is sitting outside. girls are sleeping. NT

Sep 17 2003 16:12, Wed calgal   Link
Robert is outside pacing around the pool and the girls are sleeping NT

Sep 17 2003 17:32, Wed Anonymous   Link

Sep 17 2003 18:19, Wed homer   Link
still FOTH NT

Sep 17 2003 19:16, Wed Elika   Link

Sep 17 2003 20:03, Wed bidz_yo   Link
Feeds back
Both celebrating!

Ali yells, "That was a hard competition to throw!"

Then they rag on how dirty Rob's sheets are.

Sep 17 2003 20:20, Wed Vaseflower2000   Link
they wish they did not have to stay in the house for this next week. they wish they could go
somewhere and then come back.

Sep 17 2003 20:33, Wed Vaseflower2000   Link
foth NT

Sep 17 2003 20:39, Wed Vaseflower2000   Link
J sitting on the couch by herself. NT

Sep 17 2003 20:43, Wed SleeplessOnLI   Link
In regard to DR sessions - A: I said, “Thank you for cleaning the pool and stuff.” That is about ALL I said that was nice.
The girls reaction to seeing Jee & Justin video taped during the Final HoH Completion:
J: We have way more control – of course, we are still here. We have way more control.
A: He looked fat! (Justin) The little fn pork chop! Jee’s hair looked raunchy!
J: Isn’t there a point in this game when we didn’t have to see them anymore?
A: Yeeaaahhh?!?

A: Rob didn’t even ask, “Why did you put zero?” I put ZERO, you put 1 MILLION!
J: He doesn’t think anyone throws competitions.

Girls talk about their ex’s saying they have “souls.” Ali thinks Justin purposely wanted to throw her off. She thinks he may have answered wrong on purpose.
J: He’s clever. Some of those questions, I wasn’t too sure. You may be right.
A: Am I wrong?
J: No, a couple of those questions I thought you were going to just right run along. (Ahead of Jun.)

A: 75 days or one day with the mime, what is that?!? (Julie’s question to Ali.)
J: (laughs)

J: Dude, we are going home with money... (singing repeatedly.) I love that he is gone and he suffered. It was the ultimate male chauvinist pigs nightmare!
J: Yeah, but you ended it by stroking his ego. (Ali’s eviction speech.)
A: You think?

A: If Donny was watching, he is no longer watching. OMG, that was funny. (The X-Factor questions.)
J: OMG. get me out of here. Why do we have to stay for the week? Why do they get to stay in the sequester house? I want a vacation!
A: Yeah, and they can call us back. For real, send us to Hawaii. They get a vacation, we don’t.

Jun unpacking some things. Girls laugh when they pass each other in the house.

J: Oh G*d, I don’t want to unpack.
He called me Momma!
A: Just fn kidding.

Girls on the couch guzzling beverages. Ali and Jun playing with the markers and dry erase boards.
Jun writes something and waves her board and says, “Hello, NY … Hello, NY!”
Ali drawing stick figures of her and Donny. A sun in one corner, and half of a tree on the other side.

J: When is sushi coming here?
A: We are hungry.
BB: Announcement muffled.
J: Why do we have to do this anymore?

In response to BB’s announcement:
A: Why can’t it be just … “It’s a lockdown!”
A: Why is it … “Alison” … “Jun” … “This is a lockdown!”
J: We are done! Damn!
A: Whoooooooooa!

A: I just want to go home.
J: Me too. I don’t want to be here.
A: uh um.

Girls now on the chairs J: I didn’t want him to underestimate my intelligence. Feeds were acting up during their convo about their DR sessions.
A: You didn’t go there did you?
J: I said pick two bitches in the house, and it may not go for you.
A: I said, “Thank you for cleaning the pool and stuff.” That is about ALL I said that was nice.
J: We are done.
A: Damn, I am ready to get out and go home. I’ll do just about anything. That sounded like … (plane overheard.) Jun, do you hear that? (Girls noticing loud plane above.)

Sep 17 2003 20:43, Wed Vaseflower2000   Link
there dinner is coming early tonight. NT

Sep 17 2003 20:45, Wed Vaseflower2000   Link
A is putting some of her things back into cabinet. NT

Sep 17 2003 20:48, Wed Vaseflower2000   Link
A cleaning up her old room. NT

Sep 17 2003 20:57, Wed SleeplessOnLI   Link
Ali hanging with herself ...
Ali unpacking some of her items into the dresser near the front door. 3 feeds on Ali – 1 of an empty bathroom tub. She returns to the bedroom and strips the sheets off of her bed … shakes it out … and tucks it back in again. (Bet she’d like that Laundry Luxury right about now!) Tosses the comforter back on and puts pillow cases onto her pillows. Throughout this process, she sprays a fabric refreshener onto the pillows, comforter, etc.

She proceeds to straighten the LR up after the Live Show. Pillow being retossed onto the couch. She is still wearing her Live Show clothing and stops to look into various mirrors. Just staring and sighing to herself. She blots her face with a tissue in the BR mirror. Mouthwash … general refreshing.

She just reattached her Shopping Spree Luxury necklace and sits on the couch, quietly. (No words have been spoken in the house. Lot’s of sighs, and moans while Ali is moving about.)

Sep 17 2003 21:00, Wed Vaseflower2000   Link
A asks J why she did not go for HOH. J says because R would have wanted her to take him.
A knows that does not really seem right. has a puzzled non-believeing look on her face.

Sep 17 2003 21:07, Wed FuggyBootnling   Link
Jun just mentioned he asked the DR if Ratbert would go to the sequester house...
And apparently they said yes. He won't spend a whole week there, but he will be present for a few days.

Sep 17 2003 21:14, Wed SleeplessOnLI   Link
About having to see the Jury again - A: No, last year, they all came back into the house and put their key back into the box.
7:57pm BB time:
Jun comes into the room, “I’m hungry”
A: Why didn’t you…
J: I’m wasn’t going to take him. Of course I wanted too (win HoH), but because I am a competitor. That last comp, they might think, “Well Ali won the last HoH and I was thinking about votes, so I thought, OK … take it.”
A: No body wants to the last HoH because they have to pick the last one.
J: Last year it was Jason.
A: Is there anything you regret in this game?
J: nope
A: I think I could have been nicer in my speech to Robert.
J: Like, wasn’t it enough that I was sending him home?
A: You think? I’m surprise America liked him so much.
J: I know
A: I don’t get it.
A: I’m so angry.

Jun munching.

A: I’m so shocked at Justin’s answers. Actually if you make yourself a guy .. I can understand.
J: exactly, he has to go back to the guys.
A: The whole XX and XX thing.
A: I am surprised that he thinks I’m ugly now.
J: No, he’s just not attracted to you anymore.
A: I guess you are right. I just think that he was throwing me off.
J: I think BB is just asking them questions about their ex’s … like another answer for a competition, and (it’s was taken out of context.)

A: I would rather that I don’t see these people before, during, or after the vote.
J: I don’t want to see them.
A: Yeah, we have to put on our happy faces.
J: You think they will be here. No, they are going to be in a different room.
A: No, last year, they all came back into the house and put their key back into the box. Everyone is together.
J: I don’t remember all that.

Girls still waiting for dinner. They gross themselves out by talking about how dirty Robert's sheets were. General chit-chat on the LR couches. They both feel at this point, why should they have to stay there. They want to get it over with ASAP.

Sep 17 2003 21:21, Wed Anonymous   Link
A: Someone from the internet will you hire me when I get out of here? Yeah, I'm screwed. Maybe I can sell myself on the corner ... NT

Sep 17 2003 21:22, Wed bidz_yo   Link
Ali pleads to the internet
"Would somebody out there hire me for a job since I won't have one when I get out!"

Then she makes some comment about selling her body! LOL

Sep 17 2003 21:28, Wed FuggyBootnling ParentRootLink
She said something about being hired out as a $20 whore. NT

Sep 17 2003 21:34, Wed ktan   Link
The girls enter the SR and gasp as they see a basket usually found in the HOH room. Looks like it's the last HOH basket for Ali.
Ali's wiping away tears as she reads a letter sent to her. She gets snacks, a photo, and elephant slippers.

Sep 17 2003 21:52, Wed FuggyBootnling   Link
Jun: "Dude, if I knew it was an offical HOH I would have thought about it a little more"
Ali: "That's alright." Ali is reading an rereading the letter.

To Ali was reading the letter in the SR, she was breaking into tears. Jun stood beside her, her arm around her shoulders, reading with her, also smiling.

After the reading, Jun hugged Ali. Ali babbled in utter joy for a minute...then fiercely hugged Jun. They both were smiling.

Picking up the narrative...

Ali: "Jun I love you...I always said I whouldn't say that about anybody in this house...thank you!!"

Jun: "*laughs* No problem!!"

Wondering still when the food will arrive. Ali just gushing about her family...about stuff going on with them, things about her mom. Through it all she is ecstatic - tearful - that Donnie is talking to her parents.

Ali: "We can do whatever we want right now!"

Dinner has arrived. Jun is impressed. "They cooked this up...and the presentation??" Ali laughs "The presentation?!?"

They go outside...pop a bottle of champagne given to them.

They toast "To US!!!!!!!!!!!"

They are totally happy...comments from them both "This is awesome" "We got them all!"

It would seem they are having sushi. Ali trying to build on her knowledge of last time, asking Jun about what's in the food.

Sep 17 2003 21:53, Wed Anonymous   Link
Ali pops the champagne cork and in unison - 'To US!" NT

Sep 17 2003 22:01, Wed Anonymous   Link
Ali talks about her ltr. from home-from everyone. The "Tribune", her local paper has a column "Ali Watch". NT

Sep 17 2003 22:05, Wed FuggyBootnling   Link
They are enjoying the meal...
Talking over the food...Ali eating with her fingers, Jun of course using chopsticks very well. Ali likes the crab...Jun comments that the overall taste of the food tonight is "not really fishy."

As they eat I want to record the fact that right before Ali got called to get her letter, they were talking about how they couldn't have handled being there with just about anybody else. Ali: "If you were here with Jee!!" She laughed. Jun shuddered and said "Or here with Erica." Ali didn't like that. Jun: "Or here with could have done that, but you wouldn't have liked it." Ali agrees. Nate...ambivalence on, at least from Ali...Jun didn't really say. Jun: "And Dana would have drove me nuts."

Picking up on dinner...

Ali: "It's so cool I got a letter from my whole family!" They have noted that the letter is dated August 13 (or the 11th...anyway, in August)

Jun is ready to try "the raw stuff."

Ali: "Damn, my dad talked about the lettuce bikini."

Jun still absorbed with the food. Ali has stopped eating.

posting for now...

Sep 17 2003 22:12, Wed Anonymous   Link
A: This game took tolerance and a lot of being fake. NT

Sep 17 2003 22:13, Wed Anonymous   Link
A: Who is your fav HG? J: Probably Justin. A: Me too. NT

Sep 17 2003 22:16, Wed FuggyBootnling   Link
Ali: Why did they pick him? (Rob, for three ACs)
Jun speculates because America already knows Ali and Jun...she weakly says "maybe to get to know more about him."

Ali: "I can't imagine any American viewer wanting to know more about him."

Jun: "Why him?"

More talk about food. Ali is picking at bits of food. Jun still eating heartily.

Jun: "Wasn't it annoying when Robert used to go to the DR to ask stupid questions?" Like about what hotel they would stay in for the premiere.

Ali asks "Didn't you think you would be here at the beginning?" Jun says "Ummmm...yeah." Ali says the same.

Jun: "I'm sure everyone did. I'm sure Nathan did."

Jun: "There's a difference...there's thinking it and doing it."

Jun says this game "took everything"...communication, patience, endurance.

Jun: "Erica had a good sense of humour...I hope that's how she is on the outside."

Jun: "Her excuse was that she didn't know that Rob would be here...but that's *****, she knew he would be here." Ali says she didn't get a good vibe from her.

Ali asks who was her fave HG. Jun says Justin. If not in the show, Ali ask who...Jun says Justin. Ali: "I would have said you."

MAJOR pouring out of strategy now...can't keep up...have to post...

Sep 17 2003 22:28, Wed Anonymous   Link
A: Irwin backwards is "Win Ir" get it? That's my Dad's license plate, our family motto. My BB entry. NT

Sep 17 2003 22:36, Wed Anonymous   Link
Ali turns on the "mood lighting". She walked out of her BR and into hallway and flicked a switch
Apparently, they have a bit of control of the lighting. Jun wants to sleep, so Ali thought she would put on just the subtle hanging light. She turned off all the others. Turns out BB didn't like that and turned on all the overhead lights.

Jun said she is tired. She had one glass of champagne. Ali had two. Jun in WC, and Ali in bed rereading her letter for the 2nd time in the last 15 minutes.

Sep 17 2003 22:39, Wed Anonymous   Link
A: OMG, I can't believe Candace Otto is Miss PA. There must have been sh!t after that. FOTH. NT

Sep 17 2003 22:41, Wed DC1   Link
Ali: I can't believe it my mom got a new job....she's at the high schools now and I bet she...
hates it. Jun: yeah? why? Ali: she loved being at the Elementary schools...she called her kids her little bastards, but not there only at home.

Sep 17 2003 22:41, Wed Anonymous   Link
Both girls in bed. Ali reading her HoH ltr from home. Jun reviewing her web stie mock up poster board. NT

Sep 17 2003 22:45, Wed Anonymous   Link
A: What do you think was your best move throughout the whole game? J: Making an alliance with you. NT

Sep 17 2003 22:50, Wed FuggyBootnling   Link
9:30 BB Time, and they are settling down to bed!!
Ali is more awake, but both seem really emotionally drained from the day - the final three, getting Robert out...everything.

Jun was in the bathroom but now is back. Reading her webpage again, in bed. Lights are on the bedroom. Jun had turned them off earlier, but then turned them back on. Ali reading and rereading her letter, leaning on the bed with an eleplant under her elbows.

Silence. Bot just reading in their beds. Jun has her glasses on.

Ali: "Isn't it amazing that people love us?" Jun laughs.

Jun: "They do know us...they are watching us."

Ali wondering at how pageant fans just hold up sticks of her. How this is different. Jun: "They watch us on the internet, they watch the DR, they know us." Or she MIGHT have said "They think they know us."

Ali asks what Jun's best move in the game was. Jun says "My alliance with joke." Ali agrees. li says her best move was when she got herself vetoed by Nathan.

More silence. Both reading.

Ali: "his whole thing seems so surreal to me...yeah, I see cameras looking at me, but it doesn't register that this gets broadcast all across America."

Ali: "Would you do it all again." Jun: "No....once is enough." Ali laughs.

Jun: "e both want to try to have a normal life."li: "If that's possible."

Jun puts on aneyemask (ed: when did they get these???) and huddles under the covers. Ali goes to the bathroom. Lights now off in the bedroom.


Sep 17 2003 23:07, Wed FuggyBootnling   Link
Lights are out in the love room. They are trying to get to sleep, and it's before 10:00 PM BBT
Jun is sighing a lot, tossing and turning. Ali is more silent.

They are going to sleep early because they each agreed it was an "emotionally draining" day. They both seem tired, especially Jun, while Ali has received a certain boost from getting the letter.

(ed: My gut tells me they could get up late at night and talk...we'll see)

Sep 17 2003 23:09, Wed ktan   Link
F1: Jun asleep. F2: Door to love room. F3: Ali asleep. F4: Plasma screen with the aquarium screensaver. NT