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Sep 18 2003 06:02, Thu nojobny   Link
The ladies(?!!) of the house are still sleeping. NT

Sep 18 2003 07:06, Thu CoffeeGal   Link
They are up talking they are going to do Letterman while going thru Alison HOH basket of goodies... NT

Sep 18 2003 07:07, Thu nojobny   Link
Early to bed and early to rise. The girls are up drinking coffee and noshing out of Ali's HOH basket in the LR NT

Sep 18 2003 07:42, Thu CoffeeGal   Link
Jun and Alison talking about the Xhgs,,Jun saying that sometimes even if you hate someone you have to give them the credit
they deserve.....Alison says No I don't know about that.....
Talking about how great a game they played and how sneaky Erika was

Sep 18 2003 13:39, Thu Dreamer ParentRootLink
More morning talk . . . (long)
Missed the first part of conversation~
Ali: Better than me

Jun: I think that is for alot of the people. I think that your still here they hate you, the fact that I am still here they hate me not b/c we're bad people

Ali: Just b/c we played better

Jun: We played in a way that was so . . . .we took alot of risks

Ali: Phuck yeah

Jun: You know what I mean and they didn't they tried to play it safe and whatever and so they hate the fact that we took risks and we're still here. You can't take the safe route in this game b/c you'll get squashed. Phucking Michelle she was slaughtered like a phucking lamb. It would have happened eventually cause she was always like the nice safe one

Ali: Uh huh . .right

Jun: You have to take risks in this game

Ali: You and I like this is how I see it . .like there is one side of the wall and the dark side of the wall and you and I wedged ourselves in between and just rode it to the top

Jun: Yeah

Ali: It's the only thing that we did

Jun: Yep and we kept our alliances strong enough but not to strong that we could wiggle our way out of it

Ali: Yep . .exactly. If you are on both sides then whatever

Jun: Each time I left a side I was like phucking very honest. Like when I left the 8 and went with Dana and the guys I told Jack the next morning cause he was like ~are we to assume that you switched sides? Something like that and I was like Jack you're not dumb and I'm not dumb, obiviously I switched. Then when I switched again I told Justin that and Robert and Jee like I'm sorry but this is the move I had to make

Ali: See I never really switched sides. That was the only thing that was different than you and I. You made official like game switches, I just stayed right in the center

Jun: You made both sides think you were with them

Ali: Ah...huh . .

Jun: Right . .that's the thing when I was with them I was still with Jack and Erika. But then I would go back to them and tell them everything Jack and Erika told me

Ali: Oh really? I did that too

Jun: Most of it . .I would tell them most of it. The thing is in this game if you tell somebody you know, someone offered me a deal and I said no they believe that then not telling them that at all then later them fining out that someone offered you a deal.

Ali: Right

Jun: I always offered more information than I had too

Ali: The only . .I wasn't offered any deals

Jun: Jack and Erika wanted to go to the final 4 with me and Jee. I'm like you must be phucked . .I'm not taking Jee to the final 4

Ali: I was never offered any deals. I was very honest . . well they asked me to put up Dana and Justin . I was like I'll put the up no problem but then I realized that they would get rid of Justin. I called them in my room the night before and I was like I know if I put up Dana and Justin you guys are going after Justin, I want Dana out, Justin is not going up. Jack is like you are making a big mistake and I'm like no I'm not. Justin's not after me, you're after Justin~ when your HOH you put him up. He was like alright, we'll do what you want

Jun: That was the best thing you did, you had to do that

Ali:If she would have stayed I would have been phucked

Jun: She would have come after you with a vengence

Ali: Not even that she would have come after me she could have turned the whole house upside down and make them all go against me

Jun: The thing is no one respected her enough for that but she would have been like very hard to deal with, to live with everyday. She would have made you miserable

Ali: Yep

Jun: When there is that many people in the house everyone wants everything to remain calm and peaceful. That's why I made up with Jee but I was like

Ali: See with Dana I never really hated her at first. I didn't. You'll see me in the phucking DR like my alliance is with Dana and Jun and I am staying strong with it. She was probably cursing me up and down. One morning she woke up and hated me. I really think she did

Jun: I don't know when the phuck it happened. I honestly if I retrace everything I have no idea when that happened

Ali: I don't either. I don't know what set her off. I don't know if it was b/c of Nathan cause it wasn't b/c of Justin . .I mean she said it was b/c of Justin meanwhile while she's sitting there giving me that nomination speech how we don't like each other b/c of Justin da, da, da, da . .Is that what she said there?

Jun: No didn't she say it was . . . .

Ali: Our relationship

Jun: That she didn't trust you

Ali: It was b/c of Justin she said

Jun: Oh really

Ali: Yeah I think so

Jun: I don't remember

Ali: Yeah cause Justin . .I'm thinking dude, I don't want his little stubby ass. Like why is there a problem? He's my 'X'. I didn't want him here, you can have him. She still hated me

Jun: I don't know why she played the game that way

Ali: Dude what I wanted to do was just make an alliance with the strongest player. That way they were targeted before me. That is what happened with Nathan. I thought Nathan was right away the strongest player in the game. I made an alliance with him. Once he was taken away I was like Jun is next even though Justin was really strong, you were the unobivious strong. So I went with you

Jun: See that is what I think Jack told Erika to align herself with me. But then that didn't work and you ended up doing it. That's why Jack is going to probably be pissed at Erika too, like you moron. She phucking made an alliance with Robert of all people

Ali:Yeah . .I'm sure he wanted to get her vote out there too

Jun: Yeah . .you have to play, you have to be focused in this game. Once you lose your focus that's when you get phucked. That's what happened with everybody here

Ali: I think so

Jun: Jee lost focus of the game cause he was trying to play it for people who didn't give a sh*t about him. Then Jack lost the game b/c he underestimated us, he should have focued on what was important

Ali:Yeah I can not believe he did that

Jun: Nathan lost focus cause he started taking everything personally and got so paranoid. Like everyone lost focus. You cannot lose focus in this game

Ali: Yep . .I agree

Jun: But then at the same time you also have to be able to like adapt if things change or go crazy

Ali: Phuck yeah

Jun: Like how it just flip flopped every week you have to adapt. Like people asking advice like what should I do if I ever get on (the show), I am gonna be like . .dude you are on your own, you know

Ali: Phuck yeah . .they always asked me what my strategy is and I'm like~~ I don't even know who is in the house how could you possibly strategy? I was like~ I'll tell, you one thing, I'm not doing the under the radar bulls*it that happened last year

Jun: Everyone did that last year

Ali: I was like not me, phuck that. I knew that's what happened and people who did that were targeted. I still don't. . was Jee really mad at me? Or was he just pissed that I made a good move for myself?

Jun: He was jealous

Ali: Cause I thought I don't know I tried to put myself in his position and at first I was like damn you phucked me over but at the same time you'd be like that was so good on your part

Jun: Right

Ali: But I guess the difference is him and me . . like I could admit when it was an awesome move for someone else

Jun: I think that he and Robert just disliked you so much personally and Robert fed him so much bullsh*t about you that he started hating you more than he should have

Ali: Why? What did Robert say about me?

Jun: Just like everything . .you know all the things . .just like every little thing

Ali: Things that he probably doesn't even know

Jun: Like made up anyway

Ali: He is so dumb

Jun: If I sit back and think about all the things he said to me half of them are lies but so easy to believe

Ali: Oh yea . .hell ya

Jun: Especially from him . .but he was always like I don't care about the game. So when the dude says something why would he lie? Why would he make up *****? You know . ..

Ali: He did always do that

Jun:Always, always

Ali: Do you think Erika is happy that he is out of here or sad

Jun: The thing is when you make an alliance with somebody and they end up staying and you end up going . .you feel like damn ~ what did I do wrong? You still want to be there instead of the person you made the alliance with. So I am sure she is happy that he is gone now. She feels like he doesn't have an advantage over her

Ali: I'm sure when he walks in that door she'll be like HA! ha!

Jun: I wonder if they find out before or if they just knows when he walks thru the door?

Ali: Probably when he walks in

Jun: They probably shoot the whole thing of people entering the house

Ali: I bet they do

Jun: All phucking 'creamed team' is united. He is going to go back there and be like America loves me, I was on the internet chat, they asked questions about us and the dream team . . .oh gawd I can't take it. I can't take it. You know he doesn't want to go to the premeire with you

Ali: I don't want to go with him

Jun: He was like choose tween you and me . .I'm like phuck you, I don't want to go with you either. I thought you were going to win that. I had no phucking chance

Ali: I thought I had a phucking shot

Jun: I can't throw for sh*t

Ali: I got the 1st one

Jun: He phucking went boom, boom boom and it was over

Ali: I was like sh*t . .and then he picked me and I was like . .. . . . . . thanks . .

Jun: I would just rather watch the movie and not go to the premeire with him

Ali: I'm not going to see him. He was like ~ I couldn't take her. I'm like really? He was like yeah with all the sh*t she did I don't even want to know her after the show. I knew he was lying

Jun:OMG . . . . . He said the same thing to me

Sep 18 2003 08:07, Thu nojobny   Link
Ali: Dude, it's only 7:00. That's the ealiest I've ever been up in the BB House NT

Sep 18 2003 08:15, Thu nojobny   Link
Well, the mood lighting is back on & the girls are back in bed. NT

Sep 18 2003 08:27, Thu CougarSpy   Link
6:17 - 7:17 am BB time – Girls sitting in LR talking
6:17 - 7:17 am BB time – Girls sitting in LR talking

(I was in chat typing some of the things the gals were saying this morning. It is incomplete, but has some of their conversation. I missed many lines here and there, but I’m sure you can fill in the blanks. I’m glad they went back to bed. I have things to do today.)

Ali - that was so funny about you....sheets ....and they were brown.
Talking about how Robert showered everyday, but never washed his sheets
Ali - That is going to be brought up at rap party

Jun - even up until that time, he was counting on me to take him
Jun - saying she threw last competition, and Robert said okay and he still likes her
still thought Ali would vote out Jun and not him
Ali - first indicator of our alliance is when we threw out jack...that was huge

Jun - You already knew I was putting you on the block.....
Jun - Jee doesn't realize that I really hated him and wanted him dead...I didn’t want him in the house

Ali - I liked him as a person, but no one wants to spend three fuckin months with her ex or watch him hook up with someone else
Jun - be ready for some really harsh questions. Nate will probably say, “Why did you play me? Dana...why did you...?”

Ali = I won't be able to handle it...
Jun - They got their asses booted...they are no better than us
Erika will be were trying to get rid of me....
Ali - the only thing I told her was I'd like to stand in the finals with her. The only thing I promised her was that if she was on the block and I got veto and wasn't I would take her off the block

[[06:39] <Cougar> Jun/Ali back to bashing rob and now Erika. Now talking about how well they played the game.
Jun - we kept our alliances strong but not strong enough
Jun - I was honest when I switched alliances
Ali - I stayed in center and let both teams think I was with them.... where Jun always told when she switched alliances and why she did

Jun - Erika and jack wanted to be in final four with Jee and I. I hated Jee and wanted him nowhere near the final four.
> Jun - someone would have been hard to live with... Must be Dana
Ali - I didn't hate Dana at first...
Jun - I don’t' know when the ***** it happened
Ali - I don’t' know what set her off (earlier that she woke up one day and hated me)
Jun said Dana told her that she didn't trust Ali

Ali saying she hated Justin's skinny little ass and didn't want him
Ali - I wanted to make an alliance with the strongest person so they would be targeted and not me
Jun talks about how everyone lost focus in the game, and how you have to learn how to adapt

7:00 am BB time
Ali – We played very similarly by staying in the middle. I had things I had to overcome
Jun –

Ali – Robert and I were very honest with each other. That we would never take each other to finals
Jun – then he had to change his tune.

Jun – I can’t believe he sucked so bad. He can’t run and think at he same time.

Erika is probably kicking herself in the ass for giving him the final HOH. That she didn’t want to be the bad guy.

Ali – I don’t mind being the bad guy as long as I am standing in the end
Jun – he was fuckin standing over your ass when you were packing, he was fuckin standing over my ass when I was packing.

Jun – He really thought he was staying.

Ali – When Dana put me up with Jack, I knew I was going. I had to win the veto or have someone take me off the block. The same thing when Robert put you and I up. I knew I had to win the veto or I was going. Erika and I had an understanding and we would have voted for each other in the end, but I think she would have voted me out.

Ali - That was hard… (I think talking about voting out Erika)

Ali decides to work out. (She doesn’t but instead goes back to bed)

Ali – Dude, it’s only 7 o’clock. This is the earliest I have been up in the BB house, ever.

A bit more chatter….

7:18 am. It appears both Ali and Jun went back to bed.

(This is kind of sporadic. I was in chat, when someone mentioned what I was feeding them, was not covered in updates. It’s the same old stuff of knocking the ex HG’s, their superb game playing and stuff).

Thanks to Bilbo, this update was made possible.

Sep 18 2003 10:17, Thu Anonymous   Link
Girls still in bed sleeping. NT

Sep 18 2003 11:18, Thu CougarSpy   Link
10:15 am BB time. Jun wakes and stretches. She heads to WC and does her duty. After flushing, she washes and dries her hands. Jun goes back to bed.
She appears a bit restless at first and settles down. (Ali is still sleeping with no movement)

Sep 18 2003 11:33, Thu Vaseflower2000   Link
girls are still sleeping. NT

Sep 18 2003 12:24, Thu Vaseflower2000   Link
girls are still sleeping. NT

Sep 18 2003 12:59, Thu Anonymous   Link
Jun is up. NT

Sep 18 2003 13:06, Thu Anonymous   Link
Girls up; brushing teeth etc. NT

Sep 18 2003 13:11, Thu CougarSpy ParentRootLink
12:00 BB time Jun and Ali up and in bathroom (brief converstation)
12:00 BB time Jun and Ali up and in bathroom.

(Like always, I only catch part of the conversation. Here it is).

Jun – This is great. We a can wake up any time we want too.
Ali – We don’t’ have to worry about that crazy Robert.

Jun – That’s because we are finalist, and they want to do interviews.

Jun – I want to go home
Ali – No *****.

Ali something about we should just be able to go home and that she would gladly fly back.

Jun brushing teeth and Ali washing face.

Feeds go to outside...

Sep 18 2003 13:06, Thu Vaseflower2000   Link
j and a are both in the bathroom. NT

Sep 18 2003 13:11, Thu Vaseflower2000   Link
feed just showing pool and rest of backyard. NT

Sep 18 2003 13:26, Thu Vaseflower2000   Link
A outside laying in the sun. NT

Sep 18 2003 13:29, Thu Vaseflower2000   Link
j doing the dishes. NT

Sep 18 2003 13:31, Thu CougarSpy   Link
12:15 - 12:30 pm BB time. Girls in bedroom talking about pudding. I think Jun said vanilla and Ali rice pudding.
12:15 - 12:30 pm BB time. Girls in bedroom talking about pudding. I think Jun said vanilla and Ali rice pudding.

(some of the BB happenings and conversation)

Ali – I would like to watch our competitions again.
Jun – (mumbles something)

Ali comments about seeing someone in window????

Ali heads out to kitchen and Jun crawls back in bed.

Ah, Jun changed into her bathing suit. That is why she was under her covers. Jun walks into kitchen where Ali mutters something, and then heads to bedroom and puts towel around her waist. Ali is now in her bikini too.

Ali – This is crazy stupid.
Jun – ???
Ali – (???) No one to conquer.
Jun –(as if she is talking to BB) We don’t feel comfortable with no one to kick out of the house. We don’t’ feel comfortable being together?

Ali lays towel on lounger and lies on her back. Jun heads inside and out and lays out on a lounger too.

(missed a few seconds but Ali and Jun mentioned something about the fans wanting to see them in the house??? And something about Robert.

Jun – To frickin bad. He needed to go people. (Jun talking to us again)

Jun gets up and heads back inside (she can’t stay still this afternoon). She is at sink with the water on. I hear banging at sink.


Sep 18 2003 13:51, Thu CougarSpy   Link
12:31 – 12:50 pm BB time. Ali and Jun cleaning out fridge.
12:31 – 12:50 pm BB time. Ali and Jun cleaning out fridge.

Ali joins Jun inside doing dishes and cleaning out fridge.

Jun - Did he really pack everyone’s glasses?
Ali – What a retard.

Jun – They didn’t let me in. (Ali is trying to open some door)

Jun mentions to Ali about cleaning out the Tupperware.
Jun – He always wanted to save ***** that he didn’t eat. He always wanted to save….save…

Jun – Did you hear that?
Ali – Yup.

Short FOTH

Ali – I have no idea how he does this. (as she puts some garbage in trash)

FOTH music and now FOTH….Jun was left in kitchen and Ali walking down hall. FOTH ends shortly with Ali in SR.

Ali – Yeah, we got games….Jun will you play with me.
Jun snickers as she joins Ali in SR.

Jun or Ali – Oh gross.
Ali – Oh good god. (sounds like she is dragging something out)

Jun – It was stuck all over me.
Ali – I’m going to throw up.
(I couldn’t see what they were talking about)

Ali heads to WC and washes hands and fixes hair in mirror. She is not putting in a new trash bag. That must have been why they were grossing out about.

Jun – Is that all old *****.
Ali – Yea.
Jun – Cool.

Ali – Is there catsup in there? Catsup in there? How about hot sauce.

BB – Ali, Please come to diary room.

Jun is by counter with jugs of mild and juice.

Ali comes back after a few seconds…

Ali – We can load fridge with whatever we want.

BB - Ali Please come to the diary room.

Ali whines – Why? I just went.

Jun continues to scrub down empty fridge. Ali complaining about why she has to go back to DR. Jun makes a comment about something they eat a lot of and ran out of. Ali finally goes to DR. Jun continues to wash out fridge.


Sep 18 2003 14:00, Thu CougarSpy   Link
12:55 pm BB time – BB - Jun, please come to diary room. Ali had come out, I missed the few words they exchanged. Ali had a drink/now OS lounging. NT

Sep 18 2003 14:59, Thu CougarSpy   Link
1:10 – 2:00 pm Gals talking about questions from HG’s.
1:10 – 2:00 pm Gals in kitchen talking about questions from HG’s.

(This is some of their ramblings…Somewhere in this conversation, Ali says we should quiz each other on the what questions that might ask.)

Gals in kitchen talking about the questions. Jun telling her it will be okay because she is a pageant queen. Jun also feels like the questions will be really bad.

Jun – I can see Jee being pissed off.

They are going to be back there telling each other the ***** we said about them.

Ali – I can’t do it.
Jun – Yes you can, just keep smiling.

I can’t imagine Justin being mean. I think he will just ask why we did things

Ask about what are greatest regret is.

Ali – I can’t do that. It’s not me…I don’t have any regrets

Jun – It’s like when you go on a job interview. You have to tell them what they want to hear.

Ali – I’m not going to be able to do this. I can’t lie about saying I have no regrets. I don’t have any. Robert would be good at this.

Jun – You don’t have to lie. You can tell half-truths. …..
You can say to Jack that you would like to have gotten to get to know him better as your biggest regret.

Jun – I have had some hard questions in the market place. Like why you want to leave a job after 8 months.

Ali – I’m really scared.

Sound like the questions will be asked without the HG’s present so they will not know if their answers are convincing or not.

Ali talks about Dana. How she didn’t start hating Dana until I found out she hated me.

Tuna fish.

Ali – The only thing I can think of is when Jee was HOH and they wanted to put up Dana. I was in the room.
Jun – But why would she pinpoint you? Interesting.

Jun – it’s going to be interesting. I can tell you that.
Ali – It’s going to be mean. I’m scared. Are you going to be dressing up.
Jun – Of course I am. It’s going to be aired.

Ali – The only way I really used him, is when I found out he was one of the strongest in the house I aligned with him.

Jun – Says that the ones that left will say Ali used Nate. Especially, Jee and Robert, about the way you sat there and told them you used everyone else in this fame.

Ali – I told Nate he didn’t have to use veto on me, but Nate said he was using it on Ali to save himself.

Jun – Don’t’ call anybody on anything they say. Be very accommodating.

Ali – I’m really scared. I’m like …now. I really don’t want to see them Jun.
Jun – The only time we see them is when we enter and exist.

Jun – I bet I will get the question from someone about whether I like to cook or not. I like to cook but also used it as strategy.

Ali – They are going to cream us.

Ali – Thank you.

During this entire conversation, Ali sounds like a young child when she talks.

Jun – Oh *****, I think I threw away the coffee filter thingie.

Jun – I guess no more coffee for me. I will have to drink tea.

(long pause)

Jun – I’m going to expect the worse and hope for the best.

Girls are now outside. Ali eating something at table. Jun was hosing something down, but is not back in kitchen.

Jun - Jack is going to ask me why I voted him out.
Ali – Really.
Jun – Jack always really trusted me.

You mother foo, you fukin threatened me. You all need to get off your high fuckin horses and admit you lost the game. Unless you want to compliment us, don’t say ….

Now Ali is back to if Nate asks her if she played him. I didn’t play him, I aligned with him.

Jun – I think that is what we need to do, is be honest.

Ali – If he asked about her kissing him to use Veto on him, she will say she kissed him when he was HOH. Ali saying she did that (kiss when HOH) for future……Jun calls that a nest egg.

Talk about Ali never switched sides……Jun…..

Jun said the DT stopped trusting her and inviting her to the meeting when she left the cage competition early.

Ali talking about Jack now. How they wouldn’t listen when she told the DT she was uncomfortable with him.

Jun - That was their fatal mistake. They were to full of themselves.

Why do you deserve the money and not Jun? Why do you deserve the money and not Ali? This might piss each other off and they still have to live together for another four days. (Sounds like questions and answers will be on Saturday) Ali asks Jun what she is going to say. Jun says she has to think about it.

Something about Nate not knowing what was going on (I think with Michelle vote).
Talk about Robert and how he wasn’t’ mad when Jun switched alliances.

Jun says Erika was sneaky her last week. That when Jun asked, Erika would say go see Robert, which Jun says she never did. Ali comments that Erika always said she was safe.

Ali talking about having to say why she deserves the money over Jun is a totally different game and is going to be awkward. Jun tells her to list the things she did.

1:50 pm BB time
Ali - You coming out?
Jun – Yea.
BB this is a lock down. Please pull down shades…
Ali – Why?

Girls on inside lockdown and complaining about having to stay around until Saturday. They are invited to bring to guest.

Ali saying again if Donnie’s game is early enough that maybe he could come to wrap party.

Jun doesn’t think Bob will be able to come do to work. September is the month they do financial reports.

Talk about Donnie again and how he could get out there.

Posting –

Last post for me…
Their conversations have been pretty repetitive for days.

Sep 18 2003 15:06, Thu CougarSpy   Link
2:05 pm BB time. Jun and Ali on inside lockdown. FOTH begins. All feeds on backyard. Dang, back to Ali and Jun talking about USA. NT

Sep 18 2003 15:13, Thu Vaseflower2000   Link
A is outside sunning herself and J is in the kitchen. NT

Sep 18 2003 15:15, Thu Vaseflower2000   Link
both girls now outside. BB tells j to put on her mic. NT

Sep 18 2003 15:46, Thu Knowledge_Seeker   Link
I think the HGs are practicing their answers to potential questions from the Jury. NT

Sep 18 2003 16:08, Thu Vaseflower2000   Link
J in the pool and A in the chair-both sunning themselves. NT

Sep 18 2003 16:26, Thu valentine   Link
Jun And Allie Are Laying Out,
Allie in her brown bikini laying on the pink raft, Jun in her orange Hawaiian print bikini in a lounge chair, munching on an apple.

Lots of silence, punctuated with random conversation.

Allie says that they won't get home until Sunday.

Jun: Yeah, you'll have to reschedule your appointment. How many days in September?

Allie: 30.

Jun: I need to call work by next Tuesday.

Allie: Why?

Jun: To find out if I have a job.

Allie: You will. Why wouldn't you?

Jun: Finance is so conservative. And I've been running around here half naked. And I've said some crazy sh*t, too.

Allie: Amy was in finance.

Jun: No, I thought she was in real estate.

Allie: Maybe you're right.

Silence, and planes flying over.

Jun: I'm daydreaming about home.

Allie: Me too!! I'm thinking about Donnie and football games. What are you thinking about?

Jun: Being in midtown with all my friends. I'm thinking also of all of my gay friends giving me sh*t about all the stuff I've done.

Jun finishes her apple and goes in the kitchen to throw away the core. Then she goes to the WC.

Sep 18 2003 16:34, Thu Vaseflower2000   Link
J is now in the storage room. A outside. NT

Sep 18 2003 16:42, Thu valentine   Link
Unable to Stay Away From Food,
Jun is back in the kitchen, mashing up something in a shiny silver bowl. Is she making tuna salad?? Guacamole? We'll know soon.

Allie comes in the house with a towel wrapped around her and asks if she needs help. She doesn't.

Allie sits on the floor in front of the coffee table and is messing around with one of the games they got--it has a series of wooden-looking shapes. She is wearing her Tiffany charm bracelet.

Jun can't believe that they are going to be trapped in the house for seven days.

Jun: We should go over to the J-word's house for dinner.

Allie: What?

Jun repeats herself.

Jun: We could have dinner with his wife and kids.

Allie: I'm sure he would love that. He loves each and every one of us.

(Ed Note: Who is the J-word? Or was it J-Bird?)

Sep 18 2003 16:43, Thu Vaseflower2000   Link
A sitting on Lr couch and J chopping something in kitchen. NT

Sep 18 2003 16:54, Thu valentine   Link
Jun: I Want to Go Home!!!
Allie, without missing a beat: Me, too.

Jun wraps a towel around her waist and goes over to Allie, who is struggling with the new game. She has been putting a series of green poker chip-like shapes around in different combinations, alongside some wooden triangles.

Allie: This sucks.

Jun, laughing: You look like a kid on Christmas Day. You opened all your presents and threw them around everywhere. Now you're sitting and playing, having snacks for Christmas.

Allie starts explaining the rules to Jun, who is holding a striped plastic cup.

Jun, murmering: John, what are we going to do with you?

She starts to play with Allie.

Sep 18 2003 16:57, Thu valentine   Link
Allie's Snack
A bottle of orange GatorAde and a can of Planter's cashews.

Watch those calories there, girl.

Sep 18 2003 17:02, Thu valentine   Link
Jun: I Don't Think I Can Do This for Seven Days,
she says as she pushes back from the coffee table. She was arranging the poker chips in the new game, and sat back and looked at Allie with a half-smile on her face.

Jun: I'm going to go crazy.

Allie: I know. Jun, you're great to look at, but we're going to go nuts.

Jun: I know.

Allie: What do you want to do?

Jun: Go to sleep. I really want to eat all of your HOH snacks.

Allie: Go ahead.

Jun: I can't.

But she does take one thing from a noisy cellophane bag. Looks like a pretzel stick.

Allie, sarcastically: I want to play with the Mime!!!

Sep 18 2003 17:04, Thu valentine   Link
Fudgesickles, Pita Bread, and Rice Pudding
are what Allie wants to eat.

Jun: Ribs.

Jun just went to the storage room door and was denied entry. She is ready to chow down out of boredom. This seems like a kinder, gentler version of Jun. Almost sweet.

Sep 18 2003 17:33, Thu valentine   Link
Two Bored Girls
The girls have moved back outside.

Jun laid in a lounge chair for a little while, and has now moved to the hammock. She is wearing shades and is partialy covered by a towel.

Allie was in the hot tub alone for a little while, and is now laying face down on a lounge chair. She looks like she is going to sleep.

When they were inside, Allie yelled out to BB that they could give her the $50K now and send her home. She said she didn't even want the $500K because she was too bored.

Jun didn't seem to believe her.

(Ed Note: They need booze and a racy video. We need entertainment, too. Or let Marcellas and Amy check in for the weekend.)

Sep 18 2003 19:41, Thu valentine   Link
Jun's One Regret
was having that blow-up with Scott. She didn't want to be that way in the house, but then she was aggravated by fighting with Jee.

Jun: Thank God Scott didn't last. He would have fuc*ed everything else.

Allie asked Jun what she thought Dana's problem in the game was. Jun said she couldn't hide any of her emotions, and she couldn't stand to not know what was going on. She "totally took everything personal".

Jun: It's not like these were horrible people, they were just horrible in this game.

Jun said that Dana couldn't stop saying she hated Allie. Allie didn't want to keep saying that she hated Dana. Jun said she didn't, and that Dana started it. The guys couldn't stand to be around her, because she kept bitching about you.

Jun: Nate made a huuuugggge mistake trying to turn the house against me. I didn't react, and give him the reaction that he wanted. I just agreed. He got really frustrated and his face turned red.

Allie: If he had just stayed calm, he could have made it.

Jun: Yeah, if he was calm and cool, the guys might have kept him in the game. He got pissed because Justin started defending me.

Sep 18 2003 19:42, Thu FuggyBootnling   Link
Jun says good things about Jack...
They were talking about Jack, and how he played the game. Jun: "He was at a real disadvantage, being so much older" and thinks he did really well in the game. Ali doesn't think so "he didn't win s**t." But Jun points out that he couldn't really win much, because "he was already a target anyway" plus "he was a calming influence."

Though Jun does talk about how Jack at one point was seething because the Stooges were considering keeping Nate over Jack at the final eight. Jun heard him say "The Stooges...those f***ing pussies!!" It shocked Jun at the time, and Ali is surprised he would say that. But they're's not really a negative on Jack.

Sep 18 2003 20:42, Thu CougarSpy   Link
Jun on Chess floor jump roping. Ali is at weight lifting machine doing various leg and arm lifting. NT

Sep 18 2003 21:08, Thu Verbalgirl   Link
The girls are watching "Unfaithful" w/Richard Gere/Diane Lane. All 4 feeds focused on pool, but movie audio is clear NT

Sep 18 2003 22:41, Thu calgal   Link
we now see the foth NT

Sep 18 2003 23:09, Thu Anonymous   Link
Feeds back. Ali/Jun working out; wanting to go home, various comments about the movie. NT

Sep 18 2003 23:42, Thu Anonymous   Link
Ali in shower. Jun washing dishes. NT

Sep 18 2003 23:57, Thu Anonymous   Link
Jun now in shower. Ali out, dressed and brushing teeth. NT

Sep 19 2003 00:15, Fri Anonymous   Link
Ali laying bed. Jun folding clothes; talk of what they are going to wear for Saturday. NT

Sep 19 2003 00:23, Fri Anonymous   Link
Girls in bed...
Ali asks if Jun is gonna bash her. Jun says only if question/s is specifically about Ali, will she bring her up but not in a bad way.
Ali: We play so similarly!
Ali: I just don't wanna talk in front of them.
Jun isn't nervous to face the jury, Ali is.
Now talking about the movie, how they didn't like the ending.

Sep 19 2003 00:27, Fri ktan   Link
F1: Jun sleeping. F2: Long shot from LR leading to bedrooms (in color) F3: Alison sleeping. F4: Night vision shot of love room door. NT