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Sep 19 2003 05:04, Fri Strange_Brewster   Link

Sep 19 2003 10:43, Fri Rockymtnvu   Link
Both girls are still sleeping. There is some bumping noises on the audio but no movement on the feeds. NT

Sep 19 2003 11:34, Fri Vaseflower2000   Link
J up and dressed. NT

Sep 19 2003 11:40, Fri Vaseflower2000   Link
j is in the bathroom. NT

Sep 19 2003 11:51, Fri Vaseflower2000   Link
A and J both in living room. A says to J so what's new. J had some dreams last night. NT

Sep 19 2003 12:10, Fri Vaseflower2000   Link
A is now in the kitchen. NT

Sep 19 2003 12:12, Fri Vaseflower2000   Link
J reading of the grocery list of what A wanted. Fruits, rice pudding, Pepperoni NT

Sep 19 2003 12:13, Fri Vaseflower2000   Link
J now working on the tile puzzle in the living room. NT

Sep 19 2003 12:15, Fri Vaseflower2000   Link
A in the kitchen cooking while J sits and works on puzzle. NT

Sep 19 2003 12:18, Fri Vaseflower2000   Link
A still cooking and J in bedroom. (we keep going to foth) NT

Sep 19 2003 12:20, Fri Vaseflower2000   Link
J looks at what A is cooking and goes ohYummy! A says you do not have to eat it.
A asks J if she put her luggage back in storage.

Sep 19 2003 12:23, Fri Vaseflower2000   Link
J puts what A cooked on her plate and smells it. looks like eggs. She thanks A. NT

Sep 19 2003 12:24, Fri Vaseflower2000   Link
A asks to get into the storage room. NT

Sep 19 2003 12:26, Fri Vaseflower2000   Link
J and A now outside. NT

Sep 19 2003 12:45, Fri Vaseflower2000   Link
both girls laying outside and sunning. NT

Sep 19 2003 14:01, Fri Anonymous   Link
Girls sitting outside on lockdown. NT

Sep 19 2003 14:02, Fri Rockymtnvu   Link
Both girls are in the BY. Jun moaning I want to go home. Ali yells, this sucks.
Jun says the camera shook itself no.

Sep 19 2003 14:04, Fri Rockymtnvu   Link
Lockdown is over. Jun is opening shades. NT

Sep 19 2003 14:05, Fri Anonymous   Link
Ali saying Robert...
looks better in black and white (his picture on memory wall) but he "still looks like an f'ning dork".
Jun: "That's not saying much for him though".

Sep 19 2003 14:07, Fri Rockymtnvu   Link
Jun says ice cream time and then I'm taking a nap. Ali asks chocolate or vanilla. NT

Sep 19 2003 14:10, Fri Rockymtnvu   Link
Ali says this is the most unhealthy lunch I've ever had. Jun says no it is healthy we are getting 2 food groups,
calcium and protein.

Jun- We're having ice cream for lunch because we can. Because we are winners. Winners get what ever they want.

Sep 19 2003 14:17, Fri Rockymtnvu   Link
Both girls eating ice cream in LR. Very little convo. Finally Ali says this is so boring I bet at the other house
they have DVD players and video games.

Jun says they need a good lawyer. Mr. Irwin if you are watching could you make a few phone calls.

Sep 19 2003 14:22, Fri Rockymtnvu   Link
Ali says we have been doing so good, eating healthy and today we blew it.
Jun- ice cream's not that bad.

Ali- how do I look?

Sep 19 2003 14:25, Fri Rockymtnvu   Link
Done with ice cream Ali laying on couch, Jun doing dishes. Ali says the sequester house must be so much better.
Jun- Yep

Ali- That's okay it will be worth it.

Back to no convo

Sep 19 2003 14:37, Fri Rockymtnvu   Link
Jun is in kitchen prepping steak for tonight's dinner, Ali laying on couch staring off into space. No conversation. NT

Sep 19 2003 14:42, Fri Rockymtnvu   Link
Jun says she doesn't want to nap yet. She is going to nap later. Ali says she is going to lay out and goes out to BY.
Jun is finishing in kitchen.

Sep 19 2003 14:42, Fri Rockymtnvu ParentRootLink
Now Jun laying on chaise in BY. NT

Sep 19 2003 14:45, Fri Rockymtnvu   Link
Ali- Do you think they will let us call home from Wed to Sat?
Jun- No

Ali- You don't think they'll let us call home?

Jun- I'm not expecting anything. For us the game is over.

Sep 19 2003 14:48, Fri Rockymtnvu   Link
Now both girls are laying on their stomachs side by side in the BY on chaises. No convo happening. NT

Sep 19 2003 15:03, Fri Rockymtnvu   Link
The girls switch. Ali now laying on back, Jun floating in pool. Ali declares, BORING!
Jun says this is the vacation from hell that never ends.

And we are back to silence.

Sep 19 2003 15:18, Fri Rockymtnvu   Link
Jun is now laying on her back on a chaise and Ali I think is buffing her feet under the outdoor shower. NT

Sep 19 2003 15:20, Fri Rockymtnvu ParentRootLink
Ali now in pool. NT

Sep 19 2003 15:21, Fri Rockymtnvu   Link
Ali asks Jun how come when you get a tatoo they don't give you novacaine?
Jun- Novacaine?

Ali- Well morphine or something.

Sep 19 2003 15:34, Fri babyblue   Link
BB voice: "Alison, Dana, Jun
Please take the precaution of selecting something to leave behind for the 'memory wall'"
The girls laugh, say "What was that?"
Then: BBVoice: "Dana" "Dana" "Dana"
Jun: Hah-ha! That was for you! (Ali).

Sep 19 2003 15:45, Fri Anonymous   Link
Ali/Jun get a kit to make necklaces and earrings (also tie dye)...
Jun saying "What if it affects us, not being silver but wire?" Looks at the camera and says, "I don't wear wire".

Sep 19 2003 15:49, Fri Anonymous ParentRootLink
Also get various fruits, rice pudding, pepparoni, kalbasa, breakfeast sausage, rice pudding. NT

Sep 19 2003 16:02, Fri Anonymous   Link
Ali sitting at table making earrings for Jun (who will not wear them). Jun at sink, getting ready to make to "hooters wings"...
Ali: "This is the worst idea ever. These beads don't even fit, I'm so depressed. They give us ***** to do but it doesn't even work; it's so mean".
Jun: "I'm sure they didn't do it to be mean".

Sep 19 2003 16:20, Fri Rockymtnvu ParentRootLink
Jun says they should give the camera guys some time off and she and Ali could serve them some Hooters wings. NT

Sep 19 2003 16:41, Fri normsm8   Link
Jun's in bed. Ali is outside making tye dye shirts. NT

Sep 19 2003 17:12, Fri calgal   Link
Jun is awake lying on the lounge chair in the backyard while allison continues to tie dyeNT

Sep 19 2003 18:28, Fri nojobny   Link
The girls are in bed sleeping. NT

Sep 19 2003 19:31, Fri Sunflake   Link
Jun and Ali still sleeping. NT

Sep 19 2003 19:41, Fri Sunflake   Link
Jun and Ali awaken from naps. Jun in bathroom. Ali playing with her hair. NT

Sep 19 2003 19:53, Fri Sunflake   Link
The girls after a nap. Jun very depressed. Ali may maim herself.
Jun & Ali in kitchen area. Ali is drinking something. Ali heads to hit the head and Jun mumbles something about just wanting to go home (audio is hard to hear). Ali agrees with her.

F1 & 2: Jun returns to bed, holding her forehead.

F3 & 4 :Ali coming out of bathroom and into kitchen, standing at the island, drinking something. Looks in fridge. Pulls up shades along back wall. Ali asks "Storage please" twice and is let into the storage room where she gathers items from the fridge and proceeds to the kitchen.
Ali: What are you doing weiner?
Jun: I'm laying here until I die.
Ali - yelling: Get UP
Jun: I'm too depressed, I wanna go home.
Ali- yelling again from kitchen: Come on dickweed, get up, let's make our salads and get up. This is the worst pepperoni ever...

Jun gets out of bed and is in the bedroom. Ali continues to scream for her to get up.
Jun: I am up! I phuckin hate my life, I just want to go home, is that too much to ask?
Ali: (mumbling something about the pepperoni can't hear, audio is muffled, switching to feed 4.)
Ali: ....that's kinda gross
Jun: At least they got you Hormel.
Ali: At least we don't have anything to complain about.
Jun: Yeah we do. (wants to go home)
Jun goes on to suggest they tell Dr. Zachary they want to kill themselves Ali hopes this will get them prozac.
Ali hollars to Jun (who has headed into bathroom): If we could get Dr. Horowicz, I'd cut off my pinky toe.
Jun: (inaudible)
Ali: you don't like him? Why?

Sep 19 2003 20:01, Fri Sunflake   Link
Back from FOTH.. Frustration reigning....
Jun goes into storage (something about checking chocolate pudding). Ali is sitting at the table, gets up, cleans up island.
Ali: And?
Jun: Lots of sugars in there, not that I'm surprised.
They talk about making the salad. Does Ali want chicken in it. Ali whines, "I want to go home, this is absolutely awful. What did we do to deserve this treatment?"
Jun: Apparently win this contest.
Ali: The wierdest part is that they gave us these toys to play with and they don't even work together.
Jun: I don't want the toys or the beads. They can stick the beads up their ass and have fun trying to fish them out.
Ali complains about the beads again. Calls something a "piece of plastic $hit- your craft guy is brilliant (very sarcastic).
Both are miserable. Jun is eating pudding. Ali getting frustrated, says, "I am so mad right now."
Jun agrees.
Ali: (about beads) I don't know what I'm making.
Ali: I'm gonna cry.
Ali: But you can't even do that in the diary room anymore.
Jun: Uh huh. (in agreement)
silence - Jun done with her snack-pac pudding. Ali playing with the beads. Jun gets up, sighs heavily, throws out trash.

(Got to go, family car issue, hope someone else can take over)

Sep 19 2003 20:17, Fri Rockymtnvu   Link
Back from FOTH
Ali is at table, Jun at kitchen island.

Jun says I know that we won but I didn't know we would have to put up with this sh**.

Jun asks Ali if she wants something. Ali says "no thank you" very short.

Jun says what about pepperjack cheese? Ali says "yes thank you" again very short.

Sep 19 2003 20:22, Fri Rockymtnvu   Link
The girls are asking BB for a movie.
or to watch their comps, or the movie they made.

Jun says can we watch the birthday video of John (BB guy) when he turned 13?

They both comment about that they are not allowed to go into the DR anymore.

Ali says to BB will you tell that woman to put on our competitions please?
Then to Jun why can't we watch our competitions?

Sep 19 2003 20:27, Fri Rockymtnvu   Link
Ali and Jun in LR
Ali- I don't know how they can be so uncaring.

Jun- maybe our loyal internet viewers will write in.

Ali- We don't have any viewers right now.

Jun- Uh huh. Our fans are loyal.

Sep 19 2003 20:31, Fri Rockymtnvu   Link
Ali- they did not do this last year. Jun- nope
Ali- or did they?

Jun- not for 4 days


Ali yells- oh this is awful. Then quietly- Is today Friday?

mumbling from both

Jun whining- baby get me out of here, I won't to go home, I won.

Ali- Dude can't they just (something) our money and just let us be on our way? I really don't care.

Sep 19 2003 20:37, Fri Rockymtnvu   Link
Ali- we have a whole week, it shouldn't be a whole week. F**k the wrap party. They have to make a show for Fri too.
Jun- do people really give up their Sat night to watch?

Ali- H*ll no

Jun- I wouldn't give up my Sat Night. Then asks if Ali thinks Justin and Dana are together.

Ali- he hates her, she hates him too. Doesn't she see that is a problem?

Jun- Some people don't know if you don't tell them.

Ali- I feel bad for her, she really vernable (sp?). (Pause) We can't sit here and look at each other all night. This is wrong.

Sep 19 2003 20:41, Fri Rockymtnvu   Link
Ali - Wah, wah, wah Jun- this is crazy.
(no kidding there are long pauses of silence between these tid bits of conversation)

Now Ali whistling then starts to sing Jeremiah was a Bullfrog. Brief FOTH

Sep 19 2003 20:44, Fri Rockymtnvu   Link
The girls were talking about not being able to go into the DR anymore and....... FOTH NT

Sep 19 2003 20:54, Fri joannie   Link
Ali: "They can't even give us a f*cking movie!" Jun: "I'll even watch John's home porn!" NT

Sep 19 2003 20:55, Fri Rockymtnvu   Link
Jun- omg I think I am going to kill myself.
Ali- That would be a good thing, then I would win. Then yells- people on the internet audience get us out of here.

then starts to sing, brief FOTH. Comes back Ali- I don't even care anymore, brief FOTH. Come back to Jun laughing.

They are saying that BB won't even give them a rerun movie.

Ali then says she is going to repeat everything Jun says and does this for a little bit.

Sep 19 2003 20:57, Fri joannie   Link
Ali: "This is even worse than Western Psych. That's the place outside Pittsburgh where all the crazy people go."
Jun: "Have you been there?"

Ali: "For CLASS!"

Sep 19 2003 20:59, Fri joannie   Link
Ali: "What are they gonna ask us? They've already got their minds made up!" NT

Sep 19 2003 21:03, Fri joannie   Link
Ali: "It's only 8:00, dude!" Jun: "Kill me!" Ali: "Kill me twice!" NT

Sep 19 2003 21:05, Fri joannie   Link
Jun: "This is the wrong week. Not when I'm PMS-ing. The WRONG week, people!" NT

Sep 19 2003 21:09, Fri joannie   Link
Jun is washing dishes. Ali is in BY on chaise lounge. NT

Sep 19 2003 21:28, Fri Dreamer   Link

Sep 19 2003 21:38, Fri ktan ParentRootLink
Prior to this FOTH, Jun wanted to ask BB a question. NT

Sep 19 2003 22:33, Fri Bert   Link
Some bathroom chat from memory
Ali & Jun were in the bathroom talking. Ali asked Jun if she's ever go on vacation with her parents. Ali said she would. Jun said no. Jun mentioned how she went on vacation with her parents last summer, up the east coast, I think. Harbor City? She said her mother tried to give her a curfew. She was 27 at the time. Jun said her mother talks to her in Korean. She said her mother wouldn't give her the satisfaction of speaking in English. Jun's father speaks to her in English. Jun's parents go to Korea once a year. Jun hasn't been since she was 3 (I think). She'd like to go to Korea.

Jun talked about having an accent when she speaks Korean. Ali asks her what kind of accent. Jun said a JAP accent. I believe they were talking about a Jewish American Princess accent. Jun used an example of how her accent sounds. She pointed out the time she said, "I don't like gefilte fish" during the clambake from hell. Jun couldn't believe how she sounded.

Ali told her she is a brat, then Jun said Ali is a brat. Then they went back and forth with "you're a brat" for awhile and I think they settled on Ali is a brat, Jun is a snot. Ali asked what Nate is. I believe Jun said an idiot. She said she couldn't believe he taught school and didn't know how to pronounce words. She said he has a terrible vocabulary. She said that tomorrow she'll try to speak slowly and in simple sentences to him (when they get asked questions by the jury).

Sep 20 2003 08:57, Sat Dreamer ParentRootLink
(More bathroom chat) Ali: What's Nathan? Jun: He is a dumba*s . .. he is a walking stalk of corn
Ali: A walking stalk of corn

Jun:He is a walking corn on the cob

Ali: He is a handsome corn on the cob

Jun: Yes but small teeth

Ali: He has very small teeth, too small teeth

Jun: What is up with that?

Ali: Can you get your teeth enlarged?

Jun: You probably could, but that would be alot of money

Ali: Pretty gay . .I guess he could get caps on his teeth

Jun: That's what I am saying .. that would be alot of money. Then he probably wouldn't speak right

Ali: No?

Jun: Then he probably wouldn't speak right

Ali talking to camera~ You still can't see 'em . .what the hell are you looking at? Quit it! . . <back to Nate talk>You always said he was stupid. He wasn't that stupid

Jun: I think he is

Ali: Why?

Jun: Because his vocabulary sucks and he doesn't know how to pronounce words.

Ali: Yeah

Jun: He would pronounce them incorrectly all of the time and I don't understand that

Ali: Pawtatoe

Jun: What's that?

Ali: Pawtatoe

Jun: I don't understand how he could . . and innuendo he would say inndouendo . .like how do you become a teacher if you don't know how to pronounce words? He even said it all of the time that I spoke better English that he did. Like I don't understand

Sep 19 2003 22:36, Fri Bert   Link
Now they're working out. Jun jumped rope for a short while, then said, "Holy f'n sh**, I can't work out. I'm too depressed." ...
Jun went to sit on a patio chair. Ali chimed in that this is awful, no one should ever have to go through this. Now silence.

Sep 19 2003 22:48, Fri Bert   Link
Jun doing jumping jacks, Ali on weight bench ...
Ali spots some tennis shoes, asks who they are. Jun said Robert's. Jun asks if they should burn them. Ali said yeah.

They're both having trouble getting into working out. Ali says it's not stress, it's flat out depression. Ali said they're gonna have to seek therapy when they get out. She said, this is ridiculous.

Now Jun is talking about smoking cigarettes. She just said she is seriously about to start smoking. Jun said there are cigarettes in the house. She had some stuffed into her bag. Probably stale as hell. Ali tells her not to smoke.

They both feel like crying all the time. Jun said she might have to talk to Dr. Zachary. Then Jun says that because she (Dr.) works for CBS, she'll just remind Jun it's a few more days, sweetheart. Jun says, "I can't do this. I have to leave the house. This is some sick, sick sh*t. The game is over now, they should just let us go."

Jun does sound on the verge of tears. She's taking some Tylenol PMs. Ali asked her how many. Jun joked 8. Jun actually took 3.

Sep 19 2003 22:51, Fri Anonymous   Link
Ali says to herself "great, leave me in here with a f**king manic depressive. NT

Sep 19 2003 22:51, Fri Bert   Link
Jun is now walking through the house crying (now crying in bed). Ali outside on the weight bench. NT

Sep 19 2003 22:52, Fri Anonymous   Link
Jun in bed sobbing. Ali outside working out. NT

Sep 19 2003 22:55, Fri Bert   Link

Sep 19 2003 23:14, Fri Anonymous   Link
Jun sitting up in bed; sniffling, sighing; Ali came in asked if she was ok and said she would be outside if Jun needed her. NT

Sep 19 2003 23:17, Fri Vaseflower2000   Link
A outside jumping rope. J on bed crying and sighing. NT

Sep 19 2003 23:22, Fri Vaseflower2000   Link
J crying continues. A is still outside. NT

Sep 20 2003 00:04, Sat Lawyerman   Link
Ali finally comes in and talks to Jun.
Jun told Ali that if she was in the room during her meltdown, Ali would probably be too scared to sleep in the same room with her. Ali says she had no clue Jun was melting down so bad.

Jun says BB asked her how many Tylenol PM's she took because they were worried about her. She took 3 pills.

Ali mentions, "At least we get to watch The Amazing Race tomorrow." It sounds like they will get to watch this year's The Amazing Race series. They both mention that Rob's friends are on that show.

Sep 20 2003 00:17, Sat Lawyerman   Link
After Ali basically tells Jun it's okay to cry, BB turns down the lights and both go to bed. NT