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Sep 22 2003 01:32, Mon Megabyte   Link
BB Tells the HGs the lights will go out in 1 hour. NT

Sep 22 2003 02:15, Mon frustratedposter   Link
ali and jun in LR
discussing various parts of the game

ali wants to know what jun's fav physical comp was

jun liked the camera thing and the big pictures

ali hated duckball, and quoridor

they thought snake in the grass was interesting

jun thought quoridor was intesting

ali's fav mental comp was where was jun

ali's worst luxury was the mime

coolest was foam. but hated the prize

fav veto was jun's and the diamond veto

jun's fav HOH comp was prob who said it. ali agrees. ali liked the chum, even tho it sucked, it was cool. jun says it was the first one. they say they didn't know anything then

jun says everyone paired up. ali says that nate and she only paired up cause they sat next to each other. ali had an alliance with justin by then

jun loved the set for duckball, but the game was lame. ali thought the pinata set was great too

something about the clambake. they think the ball one was probably hilaious on tv

jun up and off to WC

Sep 22 2003 02:21, Mon Knowledge_Seeker   Link
(Following from a little earlier when they couldn't sleep & got up): NT

Sep 22 2003 02:23, Mon Knowledge_Seeker ParentRootLink
Ali says the Sequester House has music & other things.(Angry):"Why should the losers get more stuff than us?...Oh, I forgot - we get the money!" NT

Sep 22 2003 02:26, Mon Knowledge_Seeker ParentRootLink
Jun says it's weird that Justin & Jack called her "June Bug" bec that's what they call her at home. NT

Sep 22 2003 02:28, Mon Knowledge_Seeker ParentRootLink
Ali says Robert & Erika weren't willing "to play the game" while Nathan & Dana did & Jun says that Jee would rather
bond with the boys than play the game.

Sep 22 2003 02:35, Mon Knowledge_Seeker ParentRootLink
Jun says that Jee thinks he's "Ghetto Fabulous" but "was really a thug." NT

Sep 22 2003 02:37, Mon Knowledge_Seeker ParentRootLink
Jun says Jee had "anger management issues" bec she was the bread winner NT

Sep 22 2003 02:39, Mon Knowledge_Seeker ParentRootLink
Ali on Jack: "When he talked about the game he turned into Mr. Psycho." Jun: "Jack waited a little too late & we screwed his game." NT

Sep 22 2003 02:41, Mon Knowledge_Seeker ParentRootLink
Ali says only the Internet - not the TV audience - know how they really are. NT

Sep 22 2003 02:47, Mon Knowledge_Seeker ParentRootLink
Ali: Erika wasn't innocent person she claimed to be. Jun: "Yea,all those late nite chats with Robert...he'd have taken a f_n hand job from her." NT

Sep 22 2003 02:51, Mon Knowledge_Seeker ParentRootLink
Ali says Robert took extra condoms & wonders who he'd use it on. "I can't see anyone having sex with him." NT

Sep 22 2003 02:53, Mon Knowledge_Seeker ParentRootLink
Ali: "If Donny & I don't get together I probably won't have sex with anyone for years." NT

Sep 22 2003 02:57, Mon Knowledge_Seeker ParentRootLink
Ali says she doesn't get sex urges or "go thru shakes" if she doesn't get sex. NT

Sep 22 2003 03:02, Mon Knowledge_Seeker ParentRootLink
BB is trying to cheer them up (my analysis) by playing on speaker: "HGs, please assemble in the (?) room for the weekly house meeting." :) NT

Sep 22 2003 06:12, Mon JulieH ParentRootLink
She said no sex for 2 years or until she gets married maybe NT

Sep 22 2003 06:10, Mon JulieH ParentRootLink
Jun said "Jekel and Hide" and the Ali agreed with that NT

Sep 22 2003 06:08, Mon JulieH ParentRootLink
Ali said that Jee said that he was "getto fabulous" and Ali said that he was a thug NT

Sep 22 2003 02:23, Mon frustratedposter   Link
there must be more
jun goes off to WC and ali keeps discussing comps. says there must be more that she's not thinking of

they head in to the Love Room and climb in to bed. ali is still talking very loudly, as usual. nothing of import, just chitchat

jun complaining about getting her period. says she gets extra horny when she has it. ali thinks that's such a tease

jun telling story about being drunk, having crazy sex, and passing out in the BR cause she was so loaded. had scratches on her back from the door. ali laughs

they appear to be trying to sleep

Sep 22 2003 02:39, Mon frustratedposter   Link
both in bed now. all quiet NT

Sep 22 2003 10:04, Mon Fritomade   Link
Ali and Jun still snoozing NT

Sep 22 2003 12:07, Mon pharmfour   Link
They're up!! Taking care of morning rituals NT

Sep 22 2003 12:27, Mon pharmfour   Link
Jun cooked breakfast......Ali starting jigsaw puzzle NT

Sep 22 2003 12:47, Mon Anonymous   Link
Jun washing dishes. Ali cutting up her tie dye shirt. NT

Sep 22 2003 13:03, Mon Anonymous   Link
Ali sitting at kitchen table with the bead kit. Jun tanning outside. NT

Sep 22 2003 13:09, Mon Anonymous   Link
Both girls outside tanning. NT

Sep 22 2003 13:35, Mon Anonymous   Link
Foth. Girls were again talking how bored they are, nothing to do and Jun is ready for a nap. NT

Sep 22 2003 13:39, Mon Anonymous   Link
Feeds back. Ali saying to Jun..
"I wanna be adopted first, you asian babies get adopted first".
"You f**ckers come over here, get all the money and get all the men cause your exotic looking".
Helicopter flies over and Ali says she wants an LAPD shirt.
Both girls tanning; Jun saying it's way too hot.

Sep 22 2003 13:42, Mon Anonymous   Link
Ali still tanning. Jun in bed, looking at something and sighing. NT

Sep 22 2003 13:43, Mon Anonymous ParentRootLink
Looking at pictures of her and Bob. NT

Sep 22 2003 13:47, Mon Anonymous   Link
Ali back to the beads on kitchen table. Jun napping with pictures of her and Bob right beside her and her penguin underneath her chin. NT

Sep 22 2003 14:13, Mon Anonymous   Link
Lockdown. Jun up and back outside. Now Foth. NT

Sep 22 2003 14:17, Mon Anonymous   Link
Feeds back to girls outside tanning. NT

Sep 22 2003 14:37, Mon Anonymous   Link
Girls talking about Michelle...
Jun: "I don't know when she'll grow up".
Ali: "Do you think ever"?
Jun: "She's like 19".
Jun: "Everything she's ever done was on a dare".
Both saying the lettuce bikini's were fun; how it was a surprise for everyone.

Sep 22 2003 14:39, Mon Anonymous   Link
Jun talking about Nate:
"He never shared his snacks; he's such a jacka**.
Even if you try to act different, your true colors will show through.
He doesn't know how to be a man man yet, he's such a brat".

Sep 22 2003 14:41, Mon Anonymous   Link
Ali thinks Jack was too "goofy" to be an ex-FBI agent. NT

Sep 22 2003 14:47, Mon joannie   Link
Ali: "Dana always lied about EVERYTHING, looking back on it." NT

Sep 22 2003 14:49, Mon Anonymous   Link
Girls talking...
Ali about Jack: "I don't give a f**k what he says, he threw that sh*t". Jun agrees, like "oh please, he has to assess everything before he goes through with sh*t; how could he do so f'ning bad"?
Jun: "He was killing everyone is practice. He threw all the mental questions too"; Ali totally agreeing.
Jun: "Robert tried for his life to win things".
Jun: "I think Nate always tried to win".
Both girls saying they liked each other better than Dana; "she always lied".
Now talking about Dana and Justin, wondering if the two of them formed their own alliance.
Feeds timed out...posting.

Sep 22 2003 14:49, Mon joannie   Link
Ali: "I never lied about anything for the first four weeks...until the Dana thing..."
Jun: "We lied to the guys by telling them we were with them and going against the "dark side." We totally lied."

Ali: "OMG! I guess I've been lying the whole time."

Sep 22 2003 14:56, Mon Anonymous   Link
Jun on Erika: "She thinks she's professor of Big Brother because she's banging someone from BB1 who knows sh*t". NT

Sep 22 2003 15:00, Mon Anonymous   Link
More Jun on Michelle:
"They probably threw her iq tests away; she probably doodled on them. Never got past her name, sex, age and security number; probably had to call her Mom everytime".

Sep 22 2003 15:09, Mon joannie   Link
Jun: "I wanna go inside." Ali: "I hafta pee." They must still be in lockdown mode
Ali: "I might as well work out now if we're gonna have the movie later."

Sep 22 2003 15:16, Mon normsm8   Link
J & A outside trying to figure out who will be there for them when they get out of the house.
A- I'll be hurt if Donnie doesn't show up. No I know he won't be able to. He has football and school.
J- I think Bob & my brother will be there.

Sep 22 2003 15:37, Mon joannie   Link
Lockdown is over. Both girls head to the bathroom. NT

Sep 22 2003 15:41, Mon joannie   Link
Ali: "I'm gonna make myself an Arts and Crafts."
She heads outside with a craft kit, a beer, and a Gatorade.

Sep 22 2003 15:43, Mon joannie   Link
Ali takes a swig of beer. "That cold-a$$ beer tastes f*cking great!" NT

Sep 22 2003 15:51, Mon joannie   Link
Jun: "They're probably giving us the movies that the sequestered people don't want."
Ali: "Probably."

Jun: "They're more important than us. We're getting their leftovers."

Ali: "Yes, Jun, but we're still the stars!"

Sep 22 2003 15:54, Mon Bilbo   Link
Ali mentioned something about her stinking and Jun says:
You don't stink, actually you were the only one in this house that didn't stink. Justin stank, don't see how Dana rubbed up against him all the time. A few minutes later she said Robert stank too and Ali said "yeah, robert always smelt like ass"

Sep 22 2003 15:55, Mon joannie   Link
Ali: "I think they're going in and out of our house cuz I just heard a door close."
Ali: "Someone's probably somebody walking with them, though, cuz my sh*t's still in there."

Jun: "Probably."

They think the evicted HG are in the house.

Sep 22 2003 15:59, Mon joannie   Link
Ali: "When we get out of here, promise me you won't follow the Atkins Diet." Jun: "Not? Why?"
Ali: "Cuz he's DEAD, that's why. And it wasn't from old age!"

Sep 22 2003 16:00, Mon Bilbo   Link
Ali to Jun: when you get out of here promise me you won't go on Atkins diet.
Jun asks why and Ali says cause he's dead, duh. If it was a good diet he wouldn't have died.

(ed: DUH, ali, he slipped on ice, fell and broke his head. Had nothing to do with his diet)

Sep 22 2003 16:03, Mon joannie   Link
Ali: "Tell me a joke." Jun: "Do you know the Mommy Mommy jokes?"
Jun: " 'Mommy, mommy, why do I keep running around in circles?' 'Shut up, you f*cking brat, before I slam your other foot to the floor!'"

Ali: "What???"

Jun: "'Mommy, mommy, I don't want to visit grandma!'' Shut up, and keep digging!'"

Sep 22 2003 16:19, Mon Anonymous   Link
Ali saying she wants to go to Ireland or Scotland after BB..
also needs to find a billionaire husband or a boyfriend that looks like Paul Martell.

Sep 22 2003 16:23, Mon Anonymous   Link
Ali asking Jun if she has had sex at work. She said yes,in a graphics designs room; very quick and hot. NT

Sep 22 2003 16:25, Mon Anonymous   Link
Ali: Donnie's job is to clean grocery stores at night...
His friends Uncle has a business. Jun thinks it's sad, he can't help it; too busy with football.
Ali: "I'm sure he could if he tried". He constantly needs attention, the male version of me but I'm more so".

Sep 22 2003 16:31, Mon Anonymous   Link
Jun on hammock. Ali sewing beads into tie dye shirt; still on lockdown. NT

Sep 22 2003 16:37, Mon Anonymous   Link
BB announces lockdown over. NT

Sep 22 2003 16:49, Mon Anonymous   Link
Jun in bed. Ali eating outside. NT

Sep 22 2003 16:58, Mon normsm8   Link
Both girls taking a nap now. NT

Sep 22 2003 19:10, Mon Rockymtnvu   Link
Jun is in the BY cooking some meat on the grill. Ali still asleep. NT

Sep 22 2003 19:18, Mon Rockymtnvu   Link
Ali is now up. Jun calls to Ali from kitchen, Ali did you hear that? Who the foth is that?
(I didn't hear anything)

Jun goes in SR to put up watermelon and FOTH

Sep 22 2003 19:21, Mon Rockymtnvu   Link
Ali now in shower and Jun alternating between the kitchen and BY. NT

Sep 22 2003 19:43, Mon Rockymtnvu   Link
Ali is out of the shower. Both girls are in the kitchen preparing their plates.
Talking about cheese, Bed Bath and Beyond, and other stores. Ali brings up a cooking store that Jun would love and she would be like what the h*ll is this crap.

Sep 22 2003 19:49, Mon Rockymtnvu   Link
They are discussing salads. (no kidding)
Jun says she likes a salad with avacado and egg.

Ali says she has never had a salad with avacado in it til BB.

Then they say something about being on BB's schedule, I think Ali said that the Internet either starts or ends at 10. Then Ali notices that the fish are back.

Sep 22 2003 19:53, Mon Rockymtnvu   Link
Both girls are eating salads in the LR. Very little convo about stuff like liking tomatoes. And then FOTH NT

Sep 22 2003 19:55, Mon Rockymtnvu   Link
Feeds did not come back but music stopped Ali said I knew we can't watch it and music comes back on. NT

Sep 22 2003 20:06, Mon ktan   Link
FOTH as the girls watch a movie in the LR on the plasma screen (movie title unknown). NT

Sep 22 2003 21:19, Mon Anonymous   Link
Still a dark foth. NT

Sep 22 2003 21:45, Mon ktan   Link
Feeds return with Ali in the WC and Jun putting food back to the kitchen and heading to the bathroom. NT

Sep 22 2003 21:47, Mon ktan   Link
Apparently the movie the girls viewed was one Jon Kroll (BB4 producer) directed. It was called "Menno's Mind" NT

Sep 22 2003 21:58, Mon Anonymous   Link
Girls working out. Ali screaming: "Tomorrow is packing day!" NT

Sep 22 2003 22:24, Mon Anonymous   Link
Jun was going to put "Joey's Head" on the bbq (Erika's pinata); now foth. NT

Sep 22 2003 22:25, Mon Anonymous   Link
Feeds back. Ali saying Joey lives and Jun tosses it to the ground and sprayed it with water. NT

Sep 22 2003 22:44, Mon Anonymous   Link
Ali asking Jun about mp3's; how to download, where to download songs etc. Quick foth and now saying it's illegal and laughing. NT

Sep 22 2003 22:52, Mon Anonymous   Link
Foth. NT

Sep 22 2003 23:17, Mon MomMomMerri   Link
Still FOTH! NT

Sep 23 2003 00:32, Tue Anonymous   Link
Feeds back. Ali in bed. Jun doing sit ups/ NT