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Sep 23 2003 01:08, Tue Anonymous   Link
Girls in bed. NT

Sep 23 2003 01:08, Tue ktan   Link
Jun took a shower after working on her abs. Both girls now asleep. NT

Sep 23 2003 03:50, Tue Anonymous   Link
They are both still sleeping ofcourse NT

Sep 23 2003 09:33, Tue CoffeeGal   Link
F2 are sleeping still...... NT

Sep 23 2003 10:08, Tue Vaseflower2000   Link
both girls still getting their beauty rest. NT

Sep 23 2003 11:33, Tue Anonymous   Link
Still sleeping! NT

Sep 23 2003 12:20, Tue Anonymous   Link
Jun is up. NT

Sep 23 2003 12:21, Tue n2deep   Link
Juns up and to the wc NT

Sep 23 2003 12:37, Tue Vaseflower2000   Link
J is up and dressed -in the bathroom putting on her make-up. NT

Sep 23 2003 12:39, Tue Vaseflower2000   Link
J is now at the kitchen sink NT

Sep 23 2003 12:54, Tue Anonymous   Link
Jun sitting outside. Ali still in bed. NT

Sep 23 2003 12:56, Tue Vaseflower2000   Link
J is now sitting outside by herself. NT

Sep 23 2003 13:04, Tue Vaseflower2000   Link
j back in the kitchen chopping something up.then closing up bag. NT

Sep 23 2003 13:12, Tue Anonymous   Link
Jun making an omelette. Ali still in bed! NT

Sep 23 2003 13:17, Tue Vaseflower2000   Link
J is still in the kitchen now frying up her eggs and putting them on a plate., NT

Sep 23 2003 13:25, Tue Anonymous   Link
Ali outta bed. NT

Sep 23 2003 13:39, Tue Anonymous   Link
Girls eating their omelettes at kitchen table. Ali talking about dreams she had about Donnie. NT

Sep 23 2003 13:50, Tue Vaseflower2000   Link
A is excited to pack and go home. NT

Sep 23 2003 13:53, Tue Vaseflower2000   Link
J is painting her nails and A is starting to pack. NT

Sep 23 2003 14:22, Tue Anonymous   Link
Jun tanning. Ali in dr. NT

Sep 23 2003 14:27, Tue Anonymous   Link
Ali out of dr; still packing. NT

Sep 23 2003 14:58, Tue Anonymous   Link
Ali/Jun tanning. NT

Sep 23 2003 15:43, Tue normsm8   Link
J & A still in back yard tanning.
A- Asking J if Dana will punch her at the wrap party?
J- No I think she'll ignore you.

Sep 23 2003 15:54, Tue normsm8   Link
J outside eating and A yelling " I want to go home." NT

Sep 23 2003 16:04, Tue normsm8   Link
A asking J if She thinks between Wed. & Sat. they will have any free time. J - " No I don't expect anything." Not much talking going on. NT

Sep 23 2003 16:13, Tue normsm8   Link
A talking about getting her hair done when she gets out. Also how cool her nails are and she can't wait to show her mom them. NT

Sep 23 2003 16:33, Tue normsm8   Link
A & J talking. (J doesn't have her mic on so it's hard to hear her.)
A-I don't know what I to buy when I get out of here. She names a few stores she is going to.
J- I'm going to get some Louis Vuitton hand bags. I also want a diamond crested watch.
A- I don't have a where a watch.
J- That's because your 23.
A is now talking about her mom's diamond watches.
A- Maybe I'll get me some diamond earrings. No maybe I shouldn't waste my money, I'd probably lose one.

A- I'm going to make Donnie buy me that locket. If he doesn't he's gone.
J- Maybe he doesn't have the money.
Girls have gone inside and now bashing the evicted HG.

Sep 23 2003 16:36, Tue normsm8   Link
J has gone to take a nap. A is going to wash her clothes. NT

Sep 23 2003 17:08, Tue normsm8   Link
J is snoring & A is tanning NT

Sep 23 2003 17:30, Tue Sillygirl   Link
A cleaning the kitchen. J sleeping. NT

Sep 23 2003 17:53, Tue normsm8   Link
J is still sleeping - A is is the shower. NT

Sep 23 2003 18:35, Tue Rockymtnvu   Link
Ali is out of the shower and doing her nails in the orange chair in the bathroom. Jun is up and getting dressed in the bedroom. NT

Sep 23 2003 18:35, Tue Anonymous   Link
Jun/Ali in the bathroom; Jun doing Ali's nails. NT

Sep 23 2003 18:36, Tue normsm8   Link
J is up and doing Ali's nails. NT

Sep 23 2003 19:04, Tue Anonymous   Link
Jun washing dishes. Ali lying on couch. NT

Sep 23 2003 19:30, Tue Anonymous   Link
Jun/Ali in living room. Jun doing puzzle, Ali laying on couch drinking a beer. NT

Sep 23 2003 19:38, Tue normsm8   Link
Food came & the girls are excited.. then FOTH NT

Sep 23 2003 19:38, Tue Anonymous   Link
Dinner time for the girls courtesy of BB. NT

Sep 23 2003 19:49, Tue normsm8   Link
J telling A that she makes all her dates buy her flowers and if he doesn't she won't see him again. NT

Sep 23 2003 19:52, Tue normsm8   Link
J telling A that she doesn't give it up easily because if she did the guy would be like this is the elixar of life. NT

Sep 23 2003 19:58, Tue Anonymous   Link
Ali saying that David, then Nathan were the worst for people bad mouthing in the diary room. NT

Sep 23 2003 20:31, Tue Anonymous   Link
Ali telling Jun about a DJ she knew...
"A DJ I knew at a club loved me; he was really fat, called him flounder, and he lost 100 pounds to go out on a date with me and I said no". Jun saying that's mean.

Sep 23 2003 20:44, Tue Anonymous   Link
Ali saying something about a movie in diary room. NT

Sep 23 2003 20:52, Tue Anonymous   Link
Ali and Jun discussing movies that were out this summer; then saying to Jun "catch my drift" and Jun agreeing. NT

Sep 23 2003 20:54, Tue Anonymous   Link
Ali: "I hope someone loves me after this, I don't even care who right about now". NT

Sep 23 2003 20:58, Tue Anonymous   Link
Ali shaving her feet sitting on edge of tub. Jun sitting in chair continuing her pedicure. NT

Sep 23 2003 21:06, Tue Anonymous   Link
Ali: "Do you realize Dana is 28...
and at the time I was 22 and she wanted to beat me up. Gay a$$ motherf*cker with issues! Probably stole kindergarterns lunches and lunch money when she was in grade 6. One time she said she was gonna find my family".
Jun saying Dana flipped out on her too, know where she lives etc.
Ali: "Crack head, piece of sh*t, mantroll! What is her problem?"

Sep 23 2003 21:08, Tue Anonymous   Link
Now Foth. NT

Sep 23 2003 21:51, Tue Anonymous   Link
Still Foth. NT

Sep 23 2003 22:43, Tue Anonymous   Link
Feeds back. Girls in bathroom. Jun says she's not going to workout, taking a break. NT

Sep 23 2003 22:44, Tue ktan   Link
Feeds return. Ali is in WC and Jun applying something on her face. NT

Sep 23 2003 22:52, Tue Anonymous   Link
Ali back to shaving feet. Jun doing her nails. Said movie was good, scary but not that scary. NT

Sep 23 2003 23:00, Tue Anonymous   Link
Jun/Ali bathroom convo...
Jun saying she has alot of her Mom's features and street smarts; got her flat feet and book smarts from her Dad.
Ali: "My Mom has no titties. My Mom's an A (size); she's a baby!
Everything I got is from my Dad's side; blonde hair, blue eyes, boobs. My Mom is so little, you'll see when you see her".

Sep 23 2003 23:07, Tue Anonymous   Link
BB announces tomorrow is the last day. Jun/Ali screaming "YEAH!" NT

Sep 23 2003 23:11, Tue Anonymous   Link
Jun: "Bob better come. I think I'll cry if he's not here"....
Ali: "I won't cry if Donnie isn't here".
Jun: "He(Bob)promised me he would be the one to come get me".
Ali: "Donnie won't be able to come; too busy. Even though he won't be there I'll still be mad at him".
Ali saying she's going to workout in the morning.

Sep 23 2003 23:22, Tue Island_Girl   Link
Ali to Jun: "If you ever come to Pittsburgh I'll show you a whole lot of nothing.
Maybe I'll work at Citibank; I'll request a booth next to you".
Jun: "You can work in the legal department.
Ali: "Sounds like a great time. They just sit there and watch, that's their job?"
Jun doesn't think she'll have her job when she goes back; wants to get into marketing/sales. Says she can sell ice to an eskimo.
Jun says something about rich fans donating and Ali chimes in says, "Any rich fans out there want to donate me alotta money for nothing?"

Sep 23 2003 23:26, Tue Island_Girl   Link
Ali: I wish we had Tylenol PM. I think they gave us champagne instead of Tylenol PM. NT

Sep 23 2003 23:30, Tue Island_Girl   Link
Jun telling Ali when she first came in the house she thought bathroom door was a bedroom door...
Jun: "I thought Nathan was cute so I just went in there".
Ali: "He wanted me to sleep with him in the same bed!
Whenever we were taking pictures and stuff he was all up in my back".
Brief foth, came back with Ali laughing saying they got played now back to foth.

Sep 23 2003 23:34, Tue Island_Girl   Link
Girls sitting in bathroom. Jun painting her nails; Ali watching. NT

Sep 23 2003 23:45, Tue Island_Girl   Link
Jun telling Ali how her and Bob use to send care packages to each other...
Ali: "Donnie woke me up once with a rose and he thinks he's mac sh*t for it! I would like sh*t like that. If sh*t isn't different when I get out, it's not happening!
Jun telling Ali to be fair.
Ali: "He's (Donnie) never been anywhere. We went to Mississippi to see his great grandmother and went 4-wheeling and there was a pig in the middle of the road. It was crazy!"
Ali now telling Jun how Donnie cheated on her. They broke up for awhile, then there was Justin for awhile. "It's kinda like crazy you know what I mean?"
Jun: "Sounds it".
Ali: "Things do need to change, he needs to be less protective/possesive. He needs to chill the f**k out. Makes me think what he's doing being so jealous, I'm not doing anything.
Jun: "It's awesome when we talk like this".
Jun then yelling, "Did you hear that Bob, it doesn't need to end!"
feeds timed out...posting

Sep 23 2003 23:48, Tue Island_Girl   Link
Foth NT

Sep 24 2003 00:04, Wed Island_Girl   Link
Feeds back. Girls in bed talking. NT

Sep 24 2003 00:14, Wed Island_Girl   Link
Ali/Jun bedroom convo...
Ali telling Jun about how Donnie lied about his age for 6 months. His birthday is August 3, her August 7th. They met at the bar, and Ali thought he was 21 because he was drinking.
3 months later, he told her parents he was 21.
Then Ali get an im (instant message) from a girl named April, Donnie's ex. April was telling Ali she must be a real loser to date someone 2 years younger.
Then Ali asked to see Donnie's license, he said he had it taken away because he got an underage for drinking.
Ali then asked Donnie's roomate how old Donnie was and he said he was 19.
Ali: "I was so pi*sed, stil can't believe it!"
Jun teling Ali Jee lied about his age too because he thought Jun wouldn't give him a chance if she knew he was younger. Ali saying that's what Donnie's excuse was too.

Sep 24 2003 00:15, Wed Island_Girl   Link
Ali: Best tv moment was when the b*tch (Dana) put me up on the block, got taken off and then won Hoh!" NT

Sep 24 2003 00:19, Wed Island_Girl   Link
Jun telling Ali how Nathan called her a snake...
"when he gets nervous he starts to cough and choke (Jun making choking sounds)and turns red".
Ali: "He's always red, beet red".
Ali now saying how Justin wanted Ali to tell Nathan to quit acting like a baby "and then he got mad at me because I told him!"

Sep 24 2003 00:21, Wed Island_Girl   Link
Both girls saying their heads hurt, now foth. NT

Sep 24 2003 00:24, Wed Island_Girl   Link
Feeds back. Girls in bed and quiet. NT

Sep 24 2003 00:32, Wed Island_Girl   Link
Jun telling Ali she is feeling sick; wants to throw up. NT

Sep 24 2003 00:39, Wed Island_Girl   Link
After a trip to the bathroom to throw up, Jun grabs some soda and sits in living room. Ali joining her. NT

Sep 24 2003 00:41, Wed Island_Girl   Link
Ali having some ice cream and razzing Jun for eating all the chocolate ice cream. NT

Sep 24 2003 00:47, Wed Island_Girl   Link
Jun: "I'm making myself sick; I'm scared, have to go back into the real world"...
Ali: "This game is over as far as I'm concerned, I just wanna go home. I wanna go home so bad I don't think I will see Donnie for a week because I won't wanna leave my house".
Jun keeps saying she's sick; "I'm dying; I have the chills"(etc). Now they are talking about girl/boy names.

Sep 24 2003 00:53, Wed Island_Girl   Link
Ali/Jun convo;
Ali: "We do look really evil in this house right now but to the rest of the world there is so much more worse out there.
Jun: "Bob and I had a fish, his name was Mr.Fish, he died on Superbowl sunday, somebody must have done something because he was fine that morning but after everyone left he was floating sideways".
Ali talking about her teddy bear hamster.