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Sep 24 2003 01:03, Wed Island_Girl   Link
More convo:
Ali had a mouse and her family had a love bird (Snuggle Puss); Meow Meow (Ali's cat)scared it to death.
Her brother had a bird, a parakeet...the bird would hump it's ladder because it was attracted to the fake bird in cage; cat eventually ate the bird.
Ali/Jun listing off animals they hate. Ali saying she misses Meow Meow. Jun saying she likeds cats when they are kittens. Ali saying about Meow Meow: "She was sh*t head of a kitten. Little fu*king bastard cat would shoot out of the door all the time; little bit*h didn't want any toys but would climb the couch!"

Sep 24 2003 01:04, Wed Island_Girl   Link
BB announces: "Attention hg's, tomorrow is the live show. Please look your best". NT

Sep 24 2003 01:13, Wed Island_Girl   Link
Jun: "My tummy hurts, my head hurts, can I have some Tylenol PM's?" NT

Sep 24 2003 01:16, Wed Island_Girl   Link
Jun/Ali still in living room; talking about growing up. NT

Sep 24 2003 01:22, Wed Island_Girl   Link
Jun on winter sports...
"I don't wanna snowboard or sh*t like that, I can't break a nail. I'm the one who's in the skin tight snow white ski suit, sitting by the fire, drinking hot chocolate".

Sep 24 2003 01:23, Wed Island_Girl   Link
Jun saying her head hurts and goes into Diary Room; Ali lying on couch. NT

Sep 24 2003 01:25, Wed Island_Girl   Link
BB gives Jun some excedrin but won't give her any Tylenol PM's because she said they think she has a drug problem. NT

Sep 24 2003 01:30, Wed Island_Girl   Link
Ali asking Jun if Bob calls up at night, even late at night, Jun saying yes and Ali saying...
Donnie calls her up just to make sure she's alone. Ali is like, "Dude, I'm at my parents house!"
Ali saying again things better change or she's gonna get herself a (something, missed it) boy, she likes them ethnic.

Sep 24 2003 01:47, Wed SonOfAbraxas ParentRootLink
Filling in the blank - Ali says she'll move to Florida to find a latino boy. NT

Sep 24 2003 01:35, Wed Island_Girl   Link
Ali asking Jun what to say to Donnie...
Jun saying she won't help, do what comes natural. Ali saying if it's natural then it would be "why the f*ck aren't you here? Dude I have a bad feeling, mark my words, bad feeling, bad".

Sep 24 2003 01:40, Wed Island_Girl   Link
Girls back to bed....
Jun: "I hope I wake up, if I die in my sleep..."
Ali: "Your not gonna die from a fricken headache".
Jun: "What a cruel world".
Ali: "Oh god I'm anxious, nervous, excited...should be good".
Jun: "Ya"
Ali: "Will you remind me to workout tomorrow morning?"
Jun: "uh huh"

Sep 24 2003 01:44, Wed Island_Girl   Link
Girls sleeping. NT

Sep 24 2003 02:41, Wed Knowledge_Seeker   Link
Jun upset about pending situation with Bob. Ali consoles Jun with nuturing,understanding comments:
(after silence while they're both in bed)...
Ali to Jun: "Are you alright?"
Jun: "I didn't need to express my love for him on national television."
Ali says he should appreciate such a genuine, heartfelt show of true love.
Ali: "U don't need a man second-guessing U: No matter matter how."
Ali says I'm sure he will (understand) "& if he doesn't...U oughta boot his ass to the curb...
There are plenty of guys out there who would love you & accept you the way you are."
(more understanding comments from Ali)
(Silence.) (Note: I thought they would both nod off but Jun gets up from bed.)
Ali/Jun mumble something between them.
Then Jun leaves bedroom & goes to rest on couch in front of plasma screen.
She's holding & looking at a picture of what looks like her & Bob. She sighs.
She then keeps taping on the picture with her nails.

Sep 24 2003 04:58, Wed valentine   Link
For the Last Time,
the HG are sleeping. Both the girls are laying on striped sheets, Allie on her left side hugging her elephant, and Jun on her back with her blanket draped around her, sleeping bag style.

Camera 4 is kind of like a nightlight, and shines down the hallway outside their bedroom.

Twenty-four hours from now, the camera crew and the girls will be friends.

Sep 24 2003 05:16, Wed joannie   Link
Ali and Jun asleep in their beds
...with visions of $$$$$ no doubt dancing in their heads!

Sep 24 2003 10:12, Wed Anonymous   Link
Jun up to use the bathroom, now back to bed; Ali still in bed. NT

Sep 24 2003 10:31, Wed Anonymous   Link
Jun up and back to the bathroom; Ali still in bed. NT

Sep 24 2003 10:40, Wed SoftTail   Link
Jun went back to bed NT

Sep 24 2003 10:54, Wed Anonymous   Link
Ali up and to bathroom. NT

Sep 24 2003 10:56, Wed Anonymous   Link
After a quick look outside, Ali back to bed. NT

Sep 24 2003 11:10, Wed Ginger   Link
both girls in bed sleeping..but I hear sounds in the house like someone moving around NT

Sep 24 2003 11:11, Wed Ginger   Link
Ialso hear very faint talking in the background...can't understand what is said NT

Sep 24 2003 11:12, Wed Ginger   Link
girls now awake and talking quietly NT

Sep 24 2003 11:18, Wed SoftTail   Link
Ali is back up again NT

Sep 24 2003 11:30, Wed Anonymous   Link
Ali cooking something to eat; Jun still in bed. NT

Sep 24 2003 11:37, Wed Dreamer   Link
Ali trying to cook pancakes . .she keeps burning them, eating them or throwing them away
She has the fire way too hot!

Sep 24 2003 11:39, Wed Anonymous   Link
Foth NT

Sep 24 2003 11:43, Wed Anonymous   Link
Ali in bathroom; Jun still in bed. NT

Sep 24 2003 11:51, Wed Dreamer ParentRootLink
Ali changed into her workout clothes . .now she's doing a little packing NT

Sep 24 2003 11:50, Wed MomMomMerri   Link
Ali doing some more packing NT

Sep 24 2003 12:01, Wed SoftTail   Link
Jun is up brushing her teeth NT

Sep 24 2003 12:04, Wed Dreamer   Link
Jun to BB: Why are you guys kicking me out? NT

Sep 24 2003 12:07, Wed Dreamer   Link
Jun: I need my heart medication
Ali: Yeah, right

(Jun told Jee months ago that she takes heart meds, she wouldn't tell him why though)

Sep 24 2003 12:11, Wed SoftTail   Link
BB told them to "idiot" pack all their things NT

Sep 24 2003 12:18, Wed Dreamer   Link
Ali to Jun regarding the dishes: Why are you washing all of those? We're leaving. . .
Jun: Cause I'm stressed

Sep 24 2003 12:22, Wed Dreamer   Link
Jun to Ali: I can't leave Ali, just leave me here NT

Sep 24 2003 12:29, Wed ktan   Link
Many staff members (and two cameramen) plus a camera attached to a robotic arm are at FOTH. Practicing HGs exit and reunion with family. NT

Sep 24 2003 12:41, Wed ktan   Link
Most staff members have left the FOTH area. Several doing maintenance. NT

Sep 24 2003 12:49, Wed ktan   Link
The stand-in HGs were rehearsing a group shot at the front door before feeds returned to the love room. NT

Sep 24 2003 12:59, Wed ktan   Link
From the convo, Ali and Jun are prepared to defend their actions when the HGs enter the house. Appears BB let them know the jury has seen the tapes.NT

Sep 24 2003 13:05, Wed Knowledge_Seeker   Link
Ali learns that HGs will be entering BB House tonite: Ali to Jun: "Dude, I'm gonna get f_n reamed...holy sht!" NT

Sep 24 2003 13:06, Wed ktan   Link
Jun warns Ali there will be an outside lockdown and tells her to use the bathroom before lockdown. NT

Sep 24 2003 13:11, Wed ktan   Link
A staff member adjusts the LR furniture while Ali and Jun are on lockdown. NT

Sep 24 2003 13:27, Wed ktan   Link
No audio on any feed as Ali works out with the free weights and Jun suntans on the lawn chair. NT

Sep 24 2003 13:28, Wed Knowledge_Seeker   Link
Ali tells Jun some of the comments she said about Erika...
"She's (Erika) is a 33 year old never-has-been who needs to pose in Playboy as a last ditched attempt... Her fake boobs look like aging (?)...She has an eating disorder & she fakes her crying too. Give her the Emmy now!"

Sep 24 2003 13:33, Wed ktan   Link
The quad feed is now suffering from tech. problems on F1 (top left) and poor video quality. NT

Sep 24 2003 13:35, Wed Knowledge_Seeker   Link
Ali tells Jun what she said about Robert...
Ali on Robert: "He's a failure is his family so he had to come on this show (to prove himself) He's in the service industry to serve people...not the other way around."

Sep 24 2003 13:38, Wed Debra_Kadabra ParentRootLink
These comments are from Jun to Ali. Not Ali to Jun NT

Sep 24 2003 13:37, Wed Knowledge_Seeker   Link
Ali tells Jun what she said about Jack...,
"He's an old pervert & I can run circles around him...
He gives fictional stories because he's an old senile Bastard."

Sep 24 2003 13:48, Wed Anonymous   Link
Ali: "So much for privacy.
I wonder how many of them laughed in their hotel room?'
Jun saying she is mad knowing Jury watched tapes.
Al: "No matter what we only have to deal with it for 20mins at the most.
Holy sh*t I'm so glad I'm not there".
Jun admitting to Ali the her and Jee had an alliance. Ali saying she knew it all along.
Ali: "See you are worse than me, you had an alliance and then you got rid of him!"

Sep 24 2003 13:53, Wed Anonymous   Link
More Ali/Jun convo...
Jun now saying all the fights with Jee were staged; but the big one in the kitchen was real.
Ali saying the fight with Justin was staged.
Ali: "They are gonna hate you more than me, well Nathan will hate me more than you; your bad!"
Jun saying she talked crap about Jee in the diary room. Had to be careful in the house because she never would have bonded with Robert and Justin if she was mean to Jee.

Sep 24 2003 14:03, Wed Anonymous   Link
more ali/jun...
Ali: "They are gonna know you threw that last hoh comp. It was funny".
"Did you know Justin thought that way about me, not trusting me?"
Jun saying Justin said Ali was alot fun in their relationship but a compulsive liar in the game.
Ali: "I never lied to him outside of the house".
Ali: "I bet Erika went off in the dairy room".
Jun: "F*ck her".

Sound isn't very good, finding better feed...posting.

Sep 24 2003 14:09, Wed Anonymous   Link
Ali: "I don't want to hug anyone that comes in the house"...
Jun: "If someone offers a hug I will", Ali agreeing that is what she will do too.
Ali: "Hope they check them for weapons when they come in, this is not gonna be pretty".
Ali: "If I can handle this bullsh*t I can handle them".

Sep 24 2003 14:13, Wed Anonymous   Link
Jun yelling Allisons gotta pee

Sep 24 2003 14:13, Wed Anonymous   Link
Lockdown over. NT

Sep 24 2003 14:20, Wed Anonymous   Link
Trip to the bathroom for the girls, now Jun back outside tanning. Ali lowering inside shades. NT

Sep 24 2003 14:24, Wed usagoldenstill   Link
jun tells ali about jee "that's what i wanted to do, humiliate him on national tv." NT

Sep 24 2003 14:37, Wed Anonymous   Link
Girls outside...
Ali and Jun both calling Justin a "stupid gullible a@@hole, he's such a dork".
Ali: "I give you the weiner (could have been winner as sound is terrible but knowing Ali..) of the dream team".
Ali: "I'm really disappointed in Justin"; they are both saying how Justin and the dream team got played.

Jun: "I didn't expect sh*t from anyone or anything, it's all yourself"; Ali saying it's the same way for her.

Sep 24 2003 14:39, Wed Sillygirl   Link
Jun: "I did not play with as much honesty as they thought I did!" NT

Sep 24 2003 15:25, Wed JulieH ParentRootLink
Jun was saying to ali that after Justin had made a comment durring the question / answer session suggesting she played with honesty, that she had said
back to Justin "I did not play with as much honesty as I could have."

Sep 24 2003 14:44, Wed Anonymous   Link
Ali to Jun:
"You might have been worse than me; it's probably pretty close, we're still here".
Ali asking Jun if she lied; Jun: "I didn't lie too much; who f'ning cares, it's a game".
Jun: "It's a huge difference, we are walking outta here with money and because of that we can have our heads held high".
Ali tanning; Jun mentioned making something to eat and went in the house.

Sep 24 2003 15:15, Wed Anonymous   Link
Ali/Jun convo...
"I thought I was gonna get it worse but I think you will get it too".
Jun: "I don't give a f*ck".
Ali: "Of course you don't, your gonna be rich".
Ali: "If Dana says a smart comment I'm gonna say act your age".
Jun saying she will drop dead, to give her some kind of warning before Ali does that.
Ali saying what she is gonna say to Dana: "Dana I've given you six weeks about this moment why don't you do better".
Jun: "That's a good one".
Ali: "Jon told us everything because he wants us to be prepapred to fight back".
Ali: "Now we don't have to be nice or pretty".
Jun: "It's awnnnn!"
Ali saying stuff about Dana: "cause you tried to make out with Justin and your queer, you stare at yourself in the mirror and your not pretty".
Ali: "we are going out sharp and pretty".
Ali saying if Nathan asks about her gay comments: "I'm sorry Nathan, I should have let you come out of the closet on your own. I told the world you were gay before you could".
Ali to Jun: "Sh*t is gonna go down, you know it!"
Ali: "People who voted are gonna regret it, too late now!"
Ali assuming, almost positive Jun won by a vote of 7-0 because jury won't know what sh*t Jun did and Ali thinks it's cool.
Ali: "Be ready they are gonna say sh*t to you; you have to know what's coming Jun".
Jun saying she was traumitized when Jon told them about the jury watching the tapes.
nNow both saying it's the "witch trials".
Ali: "I wanna go out of here with the last word and give Justin a piece of my mind".
Both saying it's no fair they didn't get to watch tapes.
Ali: "Regardless of your vote, I'm walking outta here alot richer that you"; "that's why America loves to hate us; witty and quick".
Ali: "If they say stuff about Donnie or Bob be prepared" and Jun saying she will get arrested; "don't bring sh*t up like that"; she will make whoever cry, "don't bring out the New York in me".
Jun: "If someones p*sses me off, I'll say see you outside and I'll hit them over the head with a fire extinguisher".

Sep 24 2003 15:23, Wed valentine   Link
Jun is Doing Some Last Minute
packing in the bedroom. She has put on her green competition polo shirt over her patriotic bikini, and is emptying the dresser drawers and piling the contents in small, neat stacks on the bed.

Allie is struting around wearing a bikini and placed some items in the storage room. I guess they put packed items in there for the crew to pick up.

Allie remembers some of the horrible things she said about Justin in the DR and is summarizing them for Jun: I said he was filthy and smelled disgusting. I said he never washes anything and it grosses me out.

Now Allie is recovering from the trauma on a lounge chair in the backyard.

Neither girl is anywhere near the primping stages yet.

Sep 24 2003 15:26, Wed valentine   Link
Allie Asked Jun For Advice
on what to do if someone makes her so mad that she just can't respond.

Allie: What will I do?? Dude, you know that is going to happen.

Jun: If someone says something like that to me, I'll just say I'll see you outside later.

Allie: Yeah, with half a million dollars!!

Jun: Or I'll say, I'm going to be the bigger person and not respond.

Allie nods, that's pretty good.

Jun, strutting off: Or I'll just say, you're a fuc*ing hypocrit. NEXT!

Allie: Ha ha. I love that one.

Sep 24 2003 15:31, Wed valentine   Link
Jun is Still Stacking and Folding
and being somewhat Jee-like as she packs. She is shaking her shirts in the air and them folding them at sholder level before re-folding them on the bed.

I had no idea Jun had all these clothes in the house. I wonder if she can fit into her jeans now.

Sep 24 2003 15:44, Wed valentine   Link
Allie is Agitated About
what BB apparently just told them during a brief FOTH.

From what I can tell, they were told to prepare for an outdoor lockdown of app. 2 hours.

Allie is very worried about not having enough time to get ready for the show after the lockdown. By my calculations, they will be able to go back in around 4:45, and will have only 1:15 to get ready.

(Ed Note: That is not long enough for two girls and one bathroom, especially considering the TV exposure.)

Allie: Dude! We have to look cute tonight. Really pretty.

Sep 24 2003 15:48, Wed valentine   Link
More Backyard Chatter
The girls lay out during the lockdown and continue to shoot the breeze.

Allie: I just know Nathan is going to say something. (about Allie saying he was gay in the DR). I'll just say, you're right Nathan, I should have just let you come out on you own!

Jun: Ha ha.

Allie: I just know you are going to say some sh*t and I am going to crack up during the show. And all this time I thought you were so honest! You even lied to me after the show was over!!! That's so funny.

Jun is wearing her Dolce and Gabbanna black dress and high slingback heels tonight.

Jun: Let's just get this over with!!!

Allie: I'm so nervous.

Jun: It's only 4 hours away.

Allie: I'm glad you're nervous too.

Sep 24 2003 15:51, Wed valentine   Link
Jun Think BB Did Allie a Favor
by showing the HG the tapes.

Jun: Now, they may hate me more than they hate you.

Allie: Maybe, but not likely.

Jun: Me and Erica may get into a fight.

Allie: Really, you think so?

Jun: Yes, I said she was a be-otch so many times. I called her so many names.

Allie: Well, would you rather have half a million dollars, or have people like you?

Jun: Exactly.

Allie repeats once again what she will say when Nathan brings up the gay stuff.

Jun: And that's when I will start rolling on the floor.

Sep 24 2003 15:56, Wed valentine   Link
Allie: Jun, What Do You Think Robert is Going to Say to Us?
Jun: I say, you need to take an English as a Second Language Class and then come over here and talk to me about it. And learn what Cuban is.

Allie: I might ask him what Cuban is!

Jun, in a "slow" voice: Cuban is the best island ever.

Allie: Dude, if I start that you need to finish it.

They discuss how upset Jack may be about what was said about him.

Allie: Maybe he'll say, how can you call me a pervert when I have children? And then I'll say, you're a child molester then.

Allie: What will I say Jun? I need help.

Jun: Just say, Jack, I can't defend myself. I was just calling them as I see them.

Jun: Allie, we are going to go down as the biggest bit*hes in television history.

Allie: Erica will say, how dare you use your fake tears in this game? I'll say, how dare you use your fake boobs? At least my fakeness came naturally.

(Ed Note: I would LOVE IT if these girls were this sassy on the live show. I doubt it, but I would LOVE IT.)

Sep 24 2003 15:59, Wed Anonymous   Link
Ali/Jun convo...
Ali: "I know Nathan is gonna say something and I really will pull up 'your right Nathan I should have let you come out of the closet on your own'. Jun your my only friend and I thought this whole time you were honest; even when the game was over you were still lying you little sh*t; that's f*cking cool".
Ali: "I'm f'ning nervous dude".
Jun: "It's only 4 hours!"
Jun: "I'm nervous".
Ali: "I know Dana is gonna gang up on me".
Jun: "I think they did them a favor showing them the diary room, they will hate me more than you".
Ali: "You think?; ya probably".
Ali asking Jun what Robert will say and Jun says that if he says anything bad she will say "Robert take english as a second language at school and then talk to me".
Ali: "Jack will say something to me for saying he's an old, senile pervert". Ali will say, "Jack I'm sorry, I call it like I see it".
Ali: "Oh my god, I'm gonna hear from Jack, Dana and Nathan".
Ali saying Erika is gonna say she used fake tears and Ali says she will say "you used fake boobs to get on the show" and Jun saying "look down and tell me about fakeness b*tch".
Ali: "I'm gonna tear them all up, I'm gonna make them cry, that's my goal and then I'm gonna walk out of here laughing".
Ali: "Jack was a pervert wasn't he?"
Jun: "Uh huh"

Sep 24 2003 16:00, Wed valentine   Link
Allie: Dude, They've Been in Hotels for a Week Now
all by themselves in each room, bored to tears. They are going to be so pissed off.

Jun: Yep.

Allie: They don't know how much we are going to fight back. They have no idea.

Allie: Jack is going to be so pissed at me. But was he or was he not a pervert Jun?

Jun: Yes, Jack WAS a pervert. And Nathan WAS gay.

Allie: And Justin WAS stupid. And Erica WAS fake. And Jee WAS fuc*ing in love with Carmen every second.

Sep 24 2003 16:03, Wed valentine   Link
FOTH. Two people were sitting outside the house. NT

Sep 24 2003 16:10, Wed Anonymous   Link
Ali talking about how dirty the pool is. Now foth. NT

Sep 24 2003 16:14, Wed Island_Girl   Link
Feeds back. Girls tanning and BB music playing in the house; still on lockdown. NT

Sep 24 2003 16:16, Wed valentine   Link
Wierd FOTH.
A cameraman was standing in front of the house with two guys and a girl. It looked like they were blocking the shots for the show. One of the guys seemed very happy and was dancing around, shaking his a** while they worked. He was "stirring the soup".

I think he was doing that because the BB theme music is apparently being broadcast in the backyard where the girls are laying out.

I'll bet they are trying to ensure the girls can't hear the production proceedings.

Sep 24 2003 16:52, Wed Anonymous   Link
Girls still on lockdown and BB music still playing inside. NT

Sep 24 2003 17:36, Wed Anonymous   Link
Girl chatting while still on lockdown...
BB music has stopped playing inside so can hear them again...

Ali: "Do you think Dana is gonna wear her pretty dress?"
Jun: "She should wear that wallpaper top we all hated".
Ali: "Dude, she was so mad I told her it looked like wallpaper".
Jun: "Even Robert said it looked like wallpaper".
Girls talking about the clothes they wore growing up.
BB telling them about an hour and 15 mins to get ready, then saying it's all about you! Quick Foth and a ton of people on front steps.

Sep 24 2003 17:37, Wed Knowledge_Seeker   Link
They just showed a quick shot of FOTH with all the HGs (or stand-ins) on steps with Julie in front of them. NT

Sep 24 2003 17:40, Wed Knowledge_Seeker   Link
John was talking to both girls on loudspeaker (I guess telling them to be patient). NT

Sep 24 2003 17:45, Wed Knowledge_Seeker ParentRootLink
Ali asks John: "Is it still our show?" (didn't hear his comment). Ali say she has "It's All About Me" on her license plate, Also says...
"the best part of the word "Caucasian" is "asian'"

Sep 24 2003 17:41, Wed valentine   Link
Allison Was Chomping At the Bit
to get in the house.

BB: Not yet, Allison.

Sep 24 2003 17:47, Wed Island_Girl   Link
Foth NT

Sep 24 2003 17:49, Wed Dreamer   Link
Ali and Jun are back inside . .Ali is taking a shower and Jun is packing NT

Sep 24 2003 17:49, Wed Island_Girl   Link
Feeds back. Lockdown over. Ali furiously brushing teeth and now getting in shower. NT

Sep 24 2003 17:52, Wed valentine   Link
Someone Has Left Dirty Socks
on Jun's clothes in the BR!!!

She is pissed. Allison said there was a knife laying next to her nail polish.

Allie: Dude, that's a fuc*ing threat. This is fuc*ing war!!!

Jun is not happy.

Sep 24 2003 17:57, Wed Dreamer ParentRootLink
Ali's cat was in the garbage can and smelled like tuna fish
Ali wonders if anything was stolen

Sep 24 2003 17:53, Wed Anonymous   Link
Jun has a HUGE suitcase!!! NT

Sep 24 2003 18:02, Wed Island_Girl   Link
Ali out of shower, Jun still packing! NT

Sep 24 2003 18:10, Wed Dreamer   Link
BB using a stern voice: Alison put on your microphone . . Ali: Um keep people out of my sh*t and maybe I'll do you a favor
Ali to Jun:Dude, It's going to be fu*king ugly!

Sep 24 2003 18:11, Wed Island_Girl   Link
Ali: "I'm not hugging any of them when they come in"...
Jun: "They threw bag my of jewlery. What if there was something valuable in there, like what the f*ck is that?"
Ali: "I know Nathan threw out my cat".
Jun in shower; Ali putting on makeup.

Sep 24 2003 18:24, Wed Island_Girl   Link
Jun out of shower toweling off hair and Ali blow drying hers. NT

Sep 24 2003 18:27, Wed Dreamer   Link
Jun and Ali are going to pretend that they saw tapes too
(getting better second by second!)

Sep 24 2003 18:33, Wed Dreamer   Link
Jun is shaving her legs NT

Sep 24 2003 18:35, Wed Island_Girl   Link
Girls bathroom convo...
Ali: "It's going to be bad Jun, I hope your as ready as I am".
Jun: "I don't care how much money I leave with I just wanna get to say what I want. We should bluff, tell them we saw sh*t too so your not the only ones". Ali agreeing to do that too.
Jun: "and say to Robert, I'm an evil whore remember?"
Ali: "They wanna scrap, we'll scrap!" Jun say, "Yeah, just give me a minute to take my heels off".
Jun mad at the BB producers because they let the x hg's touch their stuff. Ali asking Jun if her black outfit looks good, Jun says yeah and Ali asks if it makes her look fat and Jun says black is very slimming.
Ali again saying she's so mad, "we'll just get them when they get in here".
Ali saying that Jun better be ready for comebacks and Jun saying, "Don't worry about me my little sugar puss!"
Ali: "If they wanna do this, we can do this. They are gonna try and gang up but I will shoot them down!"
Jun: "Maybe if they earned a spot here they could have had the right to touch our sh*t but they didn't".

Timed out..posting.

Sep 24 2003 18:37, Wed Island_Girl   Link
BB announces 30 mins till live show begins. NT

Sep 24 2003 18:39, Wed Island_Girl   Link
Feed 1 showed shot of roof of BB house, now all feeds outside in backyard. NT

Sep 24 2003 18:48, Wed Island_Girl   Link
Ali outside lifting up blinds. NT

Sep 24 2003 18:49, Wed Island_Girl   Link
Ali back in house. All feeds still on backyard with no sound. NT

Sep 24 2003 18:58, Wed Island_Girl   Link
Foth with sound NT

Sep 24 2003 18:58, Wed ktan   Link
The final FOTH... NT

Sep 24 2003 19:12, Wed ktan   Link
A few men were carrying some black rectangular plastic at FOTH. NT

Sep 24 2003 19:26, Wed ktan   Link
Cameraman plus woman holding wires sitting at FOTH. NT

Sep 24 2003 19:39, Wed Island_Girl   Link
Jury enters the house. NT

Sep 24 2003 19:47, Wed Island_Girl   Link
Camera crew and Ali's parents at the foth to greet her with flowers. NT

Sep 24 2003 19:48, Wed Island_Girl   Link
All feeds now at the backyard of BB house. NT

Sep 24 2003 20:01, Wed Liann   Link

Sep 24 2003 20:04, Wed M3gabyt3   Link
Colour bars on feeds with theme music. NT

Sep 24 2003 20:04, Wed madman   Link
feeds have switched to color bars and CBS BB USA NT

Sep 24 2003 20:05, Wed bidz_yo   Link
A quick flip from BOTH to FOTH where the 12 HGs were doing publicity photos
Then they switched to the Living Room (sans MIME)

Now its the CBS BB USA on all 4 screens


Sep 24 2003 22:47, Wed Speedster1   Link
There was one last shot of all the houseguests out front before the feeds switched
Right after the show they went to front of the house for about 10 seconds where the Houseguests were finishing up taking group pictures and it looked liked family members (could've been staff) of the houseguests were walking over to them and then they cut to couch inside and then the color bars and CBS BB USA

Sep 24 2003 23:04, Wed ktan   Link
Feeds are now totally black but the BB theme is still going. NT

Sep 24 2003 23:17, Wed Jokerette ParentRootLink
Ktan is final updater for this BB4 season! :) NT