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Michael and Janelle Play Chess - valentine
10:40PM 07/07/2005
Kaysarism> you just figure someone as good looking as you is not at smart as everyone else....its just not fair NT - Hypnotoad
10:41PM 07/07/2005

Janelle is a liar - BrookeBBFan
10:52PM 07/07/2005

what are eric and james - Anonymous
10:55PM 07/07/2005

Beau and Sarah talk about housemates, "I have to vote Ashlea out" - Hypnotoad
10:55PM 07/07/2005

Gumball Machine in the Kitchen - valentine
10:56PM 07/07/2005

Jennifer says she wants drunk janelle in bed w/ her tonite - BrookeBBFan
10:58PM 07/07/2005

rachel and ivette look at spy cam NT - AmyFromCanaduh
10:59PM 07/07/2005

HOH Cam is in Motion - valentine
11:00PM 07/07/2005
kind of cool conversation - BHnoah
11:11PM 07/07/2005

Jennifer and Ivette find secret spy screen - BrookeBBFan
11:00PM 07/07/2005
rachels hoh not jen its rachel i believe NT - AmyFromCanaduh
11:06PM 07/07/2005

In the HOH Rachel has some kind of remote control in her hand - Disneyisme
11:00PM 07/07/2005
They are laughing Ivette saying "we should have come up here earlier - Disneyisme
11:02PM 07/07/2005

Ivette and Rachel are talking about the Noms, saying again that - Disneyisme
11:07PM 07/07/2005

Rachel in HOH sez: It is illegal to lean over the rail, it said so in the manual. NT - tvshopgal
11:09PM 07/07/2005

april and beau talking about kaysar, michael, and the large alliance - Hypnotoad
11:11PM 07/07/2005
the person--"who will vote with their heart"---is janelle. She wont commit to vote out kaysar because Ashlea is probably her partner NT - Hypnotoad
11:13PM 07/07/2005

Cheese Michael - valentine
11:18PM 07/07/2005

Janelle is Drinking Her Fifth Glass of Red Wine - valentine
11:20PM 07/07/2005

Janelle Snorted and Wine came Out her Nose - BrookeBBFan
11:24PM 07/07/2005

A few of the girls (sleeping in the gold room) were telling Beau how drunk Janelle is and how she - Disneyisme
11:26PM 07/07/2005

Most of the HG asleep - BrookeBBFan
11:27PM 07/07/2005
Michael appears to be drunk NT - tvshopgal
11:31PM 07/07/2005

michaelism - Hypnotoad
11:29PM 07/07/2005

Michael says "We have to get these bitches out: - BrookeBBFan
11:30PM 07/07/2005
edit: that was howie NT - Hypnotoad
11:31PM 07/07/2005
Sorry that is Howie .... my bad. - BrookeBBFan
11:31PM 07/07/2005

Chess and flirting between Janelle and Michael NT - erniebert
11:31PM 07/07/2005
What are they saying? NT - Liann
11:34PM 07/07/2005
Michael says Howie's favorite word is "I," and his second favorite word is "me." NT - FrodoLass
11:54PM 07/07/2005
Not really vocal - Chunga
11:41PM 07/07/2005
Some of the chess conversation - tvshopgal
11:40PM 07/07/2005

Kaysar says to Howie "I wonder what time it is?" Howie says around 11:30 - Disneyisme
11:31PM 07/07/2005

Howie promises to vote Ashlea out--tells kaysar "he has his back" - Hypnotoad
11:33PM 07/07/2005

Kayzar - Howie - BrookeBBFan
11:36PM 07/07/2005

Sexy Panties - Howie - BrookeBBFan
11:40PM 07/07/2005

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